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Extra-Curricular Activities: Summer Term 2018 Monday Rounders -JC Year 4 12.40–1.10pm Sports Hall/Field

Tuesday Rounders -JC Year 6 12.40–1.10pm Sports Hall Christian Union-BV Years 3 to 6 12.25–1.10pm Junior Hall

Lunch time



Karate*-Mrs CrossleyTombs Years 2-6 12.30-1.15pm Junior Hall

Ballet*- Mrs Ridley Year 1 12.30-1.00pm Junior Hall

Y5 Rounders-JC 12.40–1.10pm Sports Hall

Maths – Year 6-EB 12.50–1.20pm Room 52

Friday Junior Choir-RB Years 3 to 5 1.00-1.30pm Junior Hall

Yr5 and 6 Athletics 12.50-1.20pm Field

Tennis* Year 2- Mr Henderson 3.25–3.55pm Tennis* Year 3-6 4.00-4.45 Senior Hall

After School

Dance Club-SC Years 3 and 4 3.50-4.40pm Music room/Dance Studio Year 6 Play- EB 4.00-5.00pm Junior Hall

NB -

Tennis* Years 3-6 4.00 – 4.45pm Tennis* Years 6-9 4.45-5.30pm Sports Hall Junior Orchestra-RB Years 3 to 6 3.50-4.20pm Junior Hall Minimus Latin Club- Mrs Murray Years 5 and 6 4.00-5.00pm Room 3

Christian Union-BV Years 3 to 6 12.25–1.10pm Senior Hall Brownies* Years 3 to 6 4.15-5.30pm Junior Hall

Art Club-CH&SR Years 3 and 4 3.40-4.30pm Room 67/68

Cricket-GW Years 5 and 6 3.40-4.30pm Sports Hall

Cookery Club-CK Year 6 then 5 4.00-5.30pm New Cookery Room

Ballet* Year 2 - 3.15-3.45pm Year 3 - 4.00-4.30pm Years 4-6 – 4.45-5.45pm Junior Hall

Irish Dancing*-Mrs Hendry Years 3-6 3.45-4.45pm Junior Hall

Years 5 & 6-DS&KT Cross stitch 3.40-4.30pm Room 54

Cookery Club-KH Science Sparks- SG Year 4 Years 5 & 6 3.40-4.30pm 4.00-5.00pm New Cookery Room Senior Science Labs You DO NOT need to fill in a slip for lunchtime clubs: simply turn up at the first session to register. Clubs marked * are not run by the teachers: please do not apply for them on the attached form.

Extra Curricular Activities (Junior House)  
Extra Curricular Activities (Junior House)