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Best of Friends Friends of the Durham Library Newsletter

Summer 2010

Friends of the Durham Library

2010 Annual Meeting

Joel and Jack Smith are with their book choic safely tucked away from the crowd es.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 7 to 9 p.m. Southwest Regional Library Auditorium 3605 Shannon Road, Durham NC 27707 All members of the Friends of the Durham Library are invited to attend. Annual Meeting Agenda

On Friday the gara ge is packed with shoppers . Friday, April 9, 3:55 p.m.: The lines are lo ng weather is beautifu and the l. Another successful book sal e! Pat Harriss and Ju dy Shepherd are happy about th e book sale. Fifty volunteers make the book sales rock!

7 p.m. Tour of the new Southwest Regional Library 7:30 p.m. Regular business meeting Election of Friends Board Officers for the 2010-2011 fiscal year Approval of 2010-2011 Budget RSVP and questions: Anastasia Bush, 919-560-0190,

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4/27/2010 12:20:57 PM

Humanities Programs at Durham County Library

Brought to you with support from the Durham Library Foundation. All programs are free and open to the public. MAY

and Comparative Literature at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, will discuss the origins of modern concepts of homosexual identity and culture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

GREEN HOUSE: THE STORY OF A HEALTHY, ENERGY-EFFICIENT HOME Tuesday, May 25, 7 p.m. Southwest Regional, 3605 Shannon Rd.

Deborah Christie, author of Green House: The Story of a Healthy, Energy-Efficient Home, will present a slideshow discussion on how she conceived of and built her Orange County home to be as eco-friendly as it is beautiful.

THE LITTLE GIRL WHO FOUGHT THE GREAT DEPRESSION: SHIRLEY TEMPLE AND 1930s AMERICA Thursday, May 27, 7 p.m. Southwest Regional, 3605 Shannon Rd.

Shirley Temple was one of the most famous movie stars of the 20th century. Dr. John Franklin Kasson, a current fellow at the National Humanities Center, will examine the child actor’s popularity in the context of the Great Depression.


QUEER LIVES & LITERATURE IN THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY Thursday, June 3, 7 p.m. Main Library, 300 N. Roxboro St.

To commemorate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month, Erin Carlston, associate professor in the Department of English

WHAT IS DANCE THEATRE? A CELEBRATION OF ADF Sunday, June 6, 3 p.m. Southwest Regional, 3605 Shannon Rd.

American Dance Festival Co-Director Jodee Nimerichter will give a behind-the-scenes look at ADF 2010. She will share details on the offerings of favorites like Pilobolus and the Paul Taylor Dance Company, as well as introduce extraordinary companies like Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company. Bring your questions about this fascinating art form and help us celebrate ADF’s 33rd season in Durham!

COMING-OUT STORIES IN LGBT LITERATURE Sunday, June 13, 3 p.m. Main Library, 300 N. Roxboro St.

To commemorate LGBT Pride month, Wendy Weber, lecturer in the Department of English at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, will discuss the pivotal role of “coming out” stories in gay and lesbian literature. The coming-out story continues to offer an avenue to explore individual and social pressures brought to bear on forming identity. Weber will discuss a variety of authors including James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Jamie O’Neill and Jeanette Winterson.

For more information, call 560-0268 or visit

HOW TO DONATE BOOKS: The Friends of the Durham Library welcomes donations of books, audiobooks, CDs and DVDs, except for: encyclopedias, magazines, cassettes and condensed books. You may take your donation to any Durham County Library location during regular hours. Please bring large donations (more than one box) to the Main Library garage on Tuesday morning between 9 and noon, when the Friends of the Durham Library are present and can help unload. For more info, visit:

Fall Book Sale — Friends of the Durham Library Find great bargains on gently used books Schedule: Friday, Oct. 1, 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. Friends members only—join at the door! Saturday, Oct. 2, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Everyone welcome. Sunday, Oct. 3, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. $7 Bag Sale Location: Main Library, 300 N. Roxboro St. For info call 560-0100. Check out year-round mini-booksales American Tobacco Campus, 334 Blackwell St. East Regional Library, 211 Lick Creek Ln. Main Library, 300 N. Roxboro St. North Regional Library, 221 Milton Rd. Parkwood Branch, 5122 Revere Rd. Stanford L. Warren Branch, 1201 Fayetteville St.

As of Saturday, May 8,

NC Collection hours will be as follows: Monday Tuesday - Thursday Friday

12:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Durham County Library Southwest Branch reopens as

Southwest Regional Library

Please join us for a Grand Open House Monday, May 24, 2010, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 3605 Shannon Rd.

2 Best of Friends Summer 2010

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4/27/2010 12:20:58 PM










(from top left to right) 1. Peggy and Floyd Hardy welcome a new member of the Friends of the Durham Library. 2. Channel 14 came to report on the sale. 3. Friends Board member Rob Rabb wants you to buy a Friends signature tote for just $10! 4. Ixchel Peralta, Maria V. Martinez and Grettel Peralta are taking home lots of new books for $7! 5. Bob Wilkinson is pleased that the rare books made record sales this year. 6. Fiction shoppers have many choices. As the apron says: So Many Books, So Little Time. 7. Thanks to Whole Foods and Harris Teeter, volunteer Elnora Shields is ready for Sunday’s $7 Bag Sale. 8. Tracy Johnson and daughter Ainsleigh find a shady spot to read together. 9. Barry and Franky from TROSA help customers and volunteers with the heavy lifting.

Friends of the Durham Library Newsletter 3

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4/27/2010 12:21:03 PM

Thank you to these donors and Friends who supported the Durham Library Foundation, Friends of the Durham Library and Durham County Library. The list below includes those who made a donation in 2009 as well as current Friends members. Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Abbate Sakina Abdus-salaam Joanne Abel and Rama Mills Guenevere Abernathy and Michael Lemanski William and Katherine Abernathy Kevin Adair and Tamsin Simmill Kelly Adams Susan and Marshall Adesman Mrs. Judith B. Agnew Bob and Anne Aitchison Samuel Akpan and Kavita Gupta Susan Akse David and Meghan Albano Gail Albergo Anne Davis Alexander Jana A. and John B. Alexander M. Lynne Alexander Nancy Allen Mrs. Fleta F. Alston Jean Amelang Mrs. Kay Amos Janet Andersen Ms. Carol W. Anderson Jay and Saundra Anderson Ms. Jean Bradley Anderson Dr. and Mrs. William B. Anderson Robert and Phyllis Andrews Misha Angrist and Ann Rebeck Colleen and Bob Anna James and Frances Anton Virginia L. Anton The Appliance Center Aloudia Aquino-Lasam John and Nicole Archibald William and Patricia Armistead Carol Armstrong David Arthur Tatia Ash Robert and Patricia Ashley Mary Lou Athearn John and Sandra Atkins Vickie Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Atwater Mary Auen Skip Auld and Noreen Cullen Paul and Sally Austin T.E. and Susan Austin William David Austin Benjamin Bagley Mrs. Irene Bagwell Donna Day Baird Barbara Baker and Don Kritsch Frank E. Baker, Jr. Sheldon and Roslyn Balbirer Richard and Sarah Ball-Damberg Mr. Ralph Balzac R. L. Barab Dr. and Mrs. Franc Barada Carol Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Barnes Virginia H. Barrett Ted and Laura Barringer David and Kathy Bartlett Mrs. Betty Bass Christina L. Bates Jennifer Batterfield Sebastian Battle Elaine Bauman Duncan and Sara Beale Allen Bean Luci Bearon Clyde D. Beaty Melissa Beck Richard and Carol Beck Jeanne Behr Robert and Sue Behringer Joanne Belanger Mrs. Estelle T. Belcher Ms. Margaretta L. Belin Cynthia W. Bell Laura Benedict and John Morris Tony E. Bennett and Maureen E. Chew Florence K. Benson Ted and Elizabeth Benson Esther and Peter Bent Kenneth W. and Katherine T. Berger Matt Berger

Richard and Anne Berkley in memory of Ed Hodges Leah Berkowitz Sandy Berman in honor of the wedding of Kathryn Stewart and Ian Butler Mr. and Mrs. Pakis Bessias Dr. and Mrs. William Bevan Louise Bick Mrs. Marrie Bigelow Holly Biola and Steven Grambow Deborah J. Bishop Joan Bishop Mr. and Mrs. C. David Biswell Ms. Mary Charles Blakebrough Maryjohn Blanchard David and Patricia Blodgett Nancy Blood and Cathy Chandler Mrs. Ruth M. Blum Tolly Boatwright Mr. Harold Bobroff Joel Boggan Victor M. Bohacheff Jean and Bill Bohs Paul and Sarah Bonner David A. and Lynne C. Bookhout Mr. Robert H. Booth Julia Borbely-Brown Mr. Frank K. Borden Dr. and Mrs. Edward Bossen Lori Bowersox Dr. and Mrs. James Bowie Jim and Melinda Box John Boylston Mr. and Mrs. R. Boynton Barbara V. Braatz Peter and Michaela Brabec Barbara Branson Mr. and Mrs. Chris Brasier Ed and Marjie Bratcher Kristina Breagy Ms. Ginny Brendlen Blanche Brewer Kim Brewsaugh Larry Brichetto and Linda Wolffe Margaret Brill Martha Brimm and Richard Clark Dolores R. Brine Elizabeth Briner Mary A. Brogden Galen F. Brooks and David Voight Marian J. Brooks Spring Brooks Janet L. Broughton Mr. Eugene Brown Mr. and Mrs. Hay G. Brown Bobbie Walters-Brown Holly Brown Isabel Brown Mary Ann Brown Mary C. Brown Michael Brown Veronica Brown Dr. Walter M. Brown William J. Brown and Lee Butler Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Bruch in honor of Placide Barada Carole and Mark Bruhn Ms. Dorothy J. Brundage Betty C. Brunson Doris P. Bryan Sarah Bryan Mr. R. Kelly Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bryson Jr. Amy Buchanan and John Williams Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Buchanan Jr. Ms. Janice Buck Mr. and Mrs. Albert Buehler John Burness and Anne Williams Dickie Burnett Parthenia H. Burnette Mr and Mrs. W.L. Burns, Jr. Barry Burr Virginia M. Burrows Laura Burton in memory of Bill Joines Robert E. Bury Anastasia Bush Brian Butler

Wanda Butler Dr. John Butts Renee Bynum Rebeca Cabrera Jane Caffrey in honor of Ann and Bob Timmins Allison Cain Catherine and James Cajka James and Tommie Calhoun Shirley E. Callahan Stephen and Yvette Callender Betsy Ross Cameron Dorothy W. and Joseph E. Campbell Russ and Michelle Campbell Sharon Campbell Diana Caputo Richard Cardoza Joanne Carey Barbara Carney Carolina Godiva Track Club Charrice Carrington Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carrington Charlie Carroll Anne and Jack Carroll Jason, Heather and Jamison Carter Kathy Carter Kathy D. Carter and Fred A. Peterson Scott and Heidi Carter Nancy Cartwright Sue Caruso Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Carver, III Julius L. Chambers Mr. and Mrs. William Chappell Julie Chappell Gerardo and Courtney Chavez Celenzy M. Chavis Lewis A Cheek Anne Cherry Blair and Laura Chesnut Cherry Chevy Mrs. Harriet B. Childs Richard and Virginia Chorley Mrs. Barbara Chremos Mary C. Chrismon Mr. and Mrs. George Christie Kira G. Christmas Jennifer Clark Katherine Clarke-Keffer Dave Clarkson Mr. Howard Clement III Daniel Clever and Lara Ryan Tim and Wendy Cline John and Betty E. Clunie George and LaVerne Coan Jeannette Cobb Jim Coble Lynn Coble Brian P. Cody James Coe Mark and Brenda Coffman Harvey and Sandra Cohen Charity Cole Ruth Cole Charisse Coleman and Theodore Corvette Jeanne F. Coleman Jim Collins James and Carolyn Colsher Claudette K. Columbus Arline and O. Colvin Barbara Cone and Ellen Cone Roberta and Eddie Cone Dave and Renee Connelly Ted and Darry Conner Rita Conner Phyllis and Patrick Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Conroy Joseph P. Conte Linda Convissor and D. Bruce Guild Mike, Gail and Kim Cook Wesley and Frances Cook Robert Cooke Gretchen Cooley Vivian Cooper Ms. Jackie Copeland Anne Corbett Mr. Allen Cordts Mrs. Sylvia Corless

Bruce and Teresa Corliss Mrs. Arlene W. Corrigan Jorge D. Cortese Norris G. Cotton and Tracy Mancini Coulter Jewell Thames, P.A. Leonora S. Courtland Richard and Sharon Cowell Ellen and James Cox Dr. Richard L. Cox Mrs. Sarah W. Cox Denise and Al Craig Dr. George Crane Jr. Mrs. Lois R. Cranford Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes Craver Michael Creech Judith Creel Chris Crochetiere and Frank Hyman Page Crocker Mr. and Mrs. Alex Crockett Ms. Janice Croft Anna P. Cromwell Ms. Renae Crosby Kelly Cross Dr. Amy Csorba Audrey H. Cumberland Andrew and Amy Cummings Rachel Cummings Kathy Currie Peggy and Mark Currie Rebecca Currie Stuart R. Currin Andrew Cutright Jack and Jane Dailey Jeanette Dallas Dannette Daniels Jennifer Daniels Thaddeus L. Daniels Betty A. Danielson Sally Darkens Charles H. Darvin Erik Daubert and Lorraine Miele Mrs. Charles E. Davis Kathryn H. Davis Matt Davis Roman and Joan Davis Van Davis Mary H. Dawson Jane and Rich De Giacomo Don De Santis Judith Dearlove Debutante Ball Society Narda B. Decker Afua Dennis Helen Dennis Ann and John Deupree Sarah Deutsch Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss Devereux Emma Devine Monte and Gloria Dewey Barbara H. Dickinson Mary Jane Digby Ershun Diggles Charles Dill and Linda Davis Blaine and Melissa Dillon Leslie Dillon Tracey Dissel Joe Diver Karma Denise Dixon Wyatt and Caroline Dixon Bob Dolan Books Dollar General Literacy Foundation Mr. and Dr. Scott Doron Mr. Wilfred Drake Anne and Jim Drennan Helen Drivas Joan Drucker Lori Dueker John and Kathryn DuLaney Geoffrey D. Dunkak Jr. Rod Dunlap Elizabeth and Lawrence Dunn Michael Dunne Michael Durbin and Joan Monnig Durham Coca Cola Bottling Co. Durham Merchants Association Charitable Foundation Allison M. DuVal

Thank You!

4 Best of Friends Summer 2010

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This list includes gifts and memberships received 1/1/09 through 12/31/09. Please contact Alice Sharpe, 919.560.0193 or regarding any error or omission.

4/27/2010 12:21:03 PM

Cynthia and Cas Duval Anna M. Dvorak Phyllis B. Dworsky Frances Dyer and James Stewart David Dyson Lakisha Dzilah E.A. Morris Charitable Foundation Mrs. Jane N. Eakle Mrs. Andolia Eaton Mrs. George W. Eaves Ebonettes Service Club, Inc. John and Juliette Eck Peter and Pat Edge Julie Edmunds David N. Edwards, Jr. Edmond O. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Edwards Margaret Ehle Henry Ehrenhaft Richard Ehresman Heather Eisenson Christopher Eklund Barbara D. Eldredge Barbara Eldridge Mary E. Eldridge Rob and Cathy Elias Jim and Beth Elkins Vonda Ellis David Elstein Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Enberg Lucy Virginia Engelhard Tom and Cindy Engle Joseph English Jane V. Ennis Pamela Entzel and Kenneth Daniel Tom and Jackie Epperson Rheda Epstein Stanley and Carolyn Epstein Jeff and Patricia Erickson James Ervin Carol Ann Estes Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Estes Chris Eubank Sarah Eubank and Michael Reed Ms. Frances C. Evans Lourrae Ewbank Henry and Martha Fairbank Vernice Faison Lakesia Farmer Steve Farnsworth and Emily Vinson David Farrell and Satsuki Scoville Theresa Faulkner Annabell Fearrington Helmuts and Betsy Feifs Jeanne Feigler Oliver and Joanne Ferguson Jerome and Elizabeth Ferr Abigail Ferrance-Wu and Marcus Wu David S. Ferriero and Gail Zimmermann Sally Fessler and David Kirkpatrick Shirley Few Ms. Sudie Fields Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Filip Jane and James Finch FINRA Investor Education Foundation Maria Fischer Peter and Barbara Fish Joshua Fisher Samuel Fisher Marcie and Chantelle Fisher-Borne Sandra Fisk Gem A. Fitz-Henley Janet L. Flowers Maxine R. Flowers Donald and Pepper Fluke Willie L. and Patsy R. Fogleman Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. Foil, Jr. Folio Book Club Jane Forehand Chris Formy Duval John and Diane Formy-Duval Kerri Forney Fred and Kim Forthofer Nancy Fortini Ms. Judith Fortson Dorothy J. Foster Jill and Matthew Foster Gail, Grant and David Fowler Gregory and Elizabeth Fox Fox Family Foundation Marian Fragola and Jeremy Arkin Harriette and Larry Frank Michael M. and Ruth S. Frank

Joyce Frederick Louise Freeman Marjorie Diggs Freeman Kent and Melanie Freeze Barker and Cavett French Suri and Stan Friedman Fujitsu Barbara and Jim Fyfe Steve and Maria Gadd Dale Gaddis Kathleen Gagnon Steven and Carole Gankiewicz Andres Garcia Nidia Garcia Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Gardner Jr. Brent and Amy Garner Prentiss Garner Robert Garni Dingji Ge Maeve Gearing Stephen L. and Carolyn R. George Linda Gerber Lara German-Dark and Cameron and Larry Dark Victor and Barbara Germino Maddy Gerrish Mr. and Mrs. James Geyer Mr. Joe Gibbs Susan Gidwitz and B. Gail Freeman Nancy S. Gilbert Glenn and Melissa Gillen Ms. June V. Gilliard Ms. Margaret A. Gilsenan Lisa Giragosian Lynn and Craig Glasheen Karin Gleiter Ms. Gale Glenn Ted Glick Donnie and Martha Glisson Karen Glynn Debbie Godwin and Meredith Godwin Suzanne and Cecil Godwin Sudershan and Aditi Goel Michelle Goldman Eunice Goldner William and Virginia Goldthorp Frederick Goldwater George and Jane Goodridge Shayne Goodrum James Gorenflo and Ellen Granger Libby and Mark Gorman Louise N. Goshorn George and Carolyn Goss Karl Gottschalk and Dorothy Pugh Christopher and Odile Gould Roslyn Grace Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grace Cathy Gracey and Steve Smith D. Gary Grady Sue Graham Graham Family Foundation Patricia Grandstaff Doug Grano Ms. Elizabeth Wade Grant John and Lucy Grant Terri R. Grant Judith and Raymond Grauer Marie H. Grauerholz Mary Iva Gray Nancy Grebenkemper Adiele Green Barbara Green Isabel Green Patricia Green and Boyd Daniels Rebecca Green Gary Greenberg Mark and Helen Greenberg Lee Greene Eric Griffin Gerald and Mary Ellen Griffin William J. and Carol Griffith Matthew Guidroz Farshid Guilak and Lori Setton Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Gunnells Karen Gunter Pat Gunter Anne Guyton and Mike Hays Beth Haberstroh Stacy W. Hagerty Nancy and David Haines HairRazor Salon Halcyon Book Club Mrs. Maidi Hall

Deborah Hallam David J. and Rose Halperin Pom Ham Betty Hamblet Mark Hamby Sue and Carl Hamill Jason Hamilton Brenda Hansen William Hansen and Jaime Danehey Mr. and Mrs. William Hansley Laura Hanson and David Cecelski Eric, Sara, Rory and Ali Hardin Perry Hardison Dr. and Mrs. Floyd Hardy Ms. Rachel A. Hardy Tom Harkins James Harlow Harriet M. Harman Dale and Phyllis Harmon Joanne Harrar Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Harrell Lizzie J. Harrell Mr. Carl N. Harris Jan Harris Joy and Rob Harris Patricia and Joseph Harris Phillip and Gerri Harris Susan and George Harris Harris Teeter Julian R. Harrison Mark and Beth Haskell Alycia Hassett Beth V. Hawkey Dr. Richard Hawkins and Ms. Trena Griffith-Hawkins Pathenia L. Hawthorne DeAnne Hays K. Wayne and Nancy Hays John and Mary Fry Haywood Margaret D. Haywood Christina Headrick Robert Healy Gail Heath Dan Heatherington Patricia and Phillip Hege Genette Henderson Pete Henderson Douglas and Nancy Henderson-James C.M. Herndon Foundation Duncan and Becky Heron Ed and Vera Herring Vicki and Ethan Hertz Lawrence and Jeanne Hervey Richard Hess Paul Hessling Peter and Janet Hessling Carol A. and James T. Hewitt Joe Hewitt Walter and Karen High Ron and Rachel Hilbert Mrs. Willie B. Hill David and Polly Hilsabeck Deann Hines Judith Hinton Phuong Hoang Robert and Doris Hochmuth Drs. Richard and Margaret Hodel Mrs. Betty Hodges William Hodges Pete and Sue Hoffman Chris Holaday Thomas and Jessie Holleman Hillary Hollinger Fleechia Holloway Mary Holtschneider James W. and Joanne Hooker Carol Hoppe Dan and Kendra Horn Melissa Houston Tom and Martha Howerton Mr. and Mrs. William Hudson Mike and Tracy Huening Tyler Huffman Robert and Patricia Hughes John Hunter and Amy Roussel Laurie Jahnke and Philip Hutchings III Julia B. and Hardy Hutchins Susan Hutchins Charlotte A. and Robert C. Hyer Fred and Pat Hyer Catherine Inghram Tricia Inlow-Hatcher and Anthony Hatcher Dr. and Mrs. Peter Irigaray

Anne Iskandar Ms. Jane Isley Aubrey and Kathleen Jackson Melanie Jackson Myrna K. Jackson Naomi J. Jackson Sandra Jacobi and Peter Jacobi Robert and Barbara Jacobson Mary Jacques and Matthew Bouchard Deborah Jakubs Beth F. Jarrard Angela M. Jeannet Charles D. Jenkins Bob and Linda Jennings Mr. Dan Jewell John A. Jewell Dave Jimenez C. Jirikowic Bill Jirles Johns Family Bertha Johnson Betty J. Johnson Charles Johnson Erline Johnson Mrs. June R. Johnson Kurt A. Johnson and Gail Bradley Maureen Johnson Suzy Johnson Tracy Johnson William L. Johnson Nan Marie Jokerst and Martin Brooke Dr. and Mrs. W.K. Joklik Monica P. Jolles Charles H. and Ann Jones Ms. Marjorie M. Jones Rachel E. Jones Virginia Jones W. Burns Jones Mr. William B. Jones Willie Joe Jones Clarence and Karen Jordan Lisa Joyner Elaine Julius Michele A. Justice Jody Kahn Karen Kahoussi Nancy Kaiser and Guy Potter Freya Kamel and Michael Lamvik Daniel Kaplan and Marian Abernathy Ed and Linda Karolak Mildred Kasel Shawna Kautman Janet and Rita Keating Caroline Keizer Bob and Alice Kellar Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Keller in memory of Gay Howton Johnson Kenneth W. Kelly Lieselotte Kemper Toni and Scott Keplinger Melinda Killenberg Lauren Killion and Sharon Killion Dan and Mary Lou Kinder Malvern King Mark and Sandy King William O. King Tom Kirby and Barbara Hindenach Brigitte A. Kirk George and Kathryn Kirschmann Suzon Kister Hank Kistler Erhard Klar Aaron Klink John and Judy Knight Mrs. Sheila Knobeloch Aspasia and Kenneth Knoerr Charles Knowles George and Terri Koch Kathleen and Kristopher Koechling Dorothea Kohle Lynn Kohn Alice P. Kolacinski Michael Konvicka Regis and Louise Koslofsky Karen Kosowski Dr. Thomas Krakauer Gigi Krapels Mr. and Mrs. Norman Krause Richard Kravitz and Emily Feldman-Kravitz Dan Kren Gabriel Krieg Christy Krupa Mike and Carol Krzyzewski

k n a h T ! u Yo Friends of the Durham Library Newsletter 5

may_2010.indd 5

4/27/2010 12:21:03 PM

Mr. John Kuras Ms. Carol Kurtz Maureen Kurtz Michelle Kushnir Jason Kutchma Ms. Elizabeth L. Lacy Mur Lafferty and Jim Van Verth Tara Lake and Day Alaba Vicki Lamb Isa Lamerton Katherine Land Blanche Lane Dr. and Mrs. John W. Lane Allan and Patricia Lang Angelika Langen Anza Langley Steven Langley Frances L. Langstaff Juliann Lanser C.X. and Margaret Larrabee Rachel Larsen Ray and Geraldine Larson Tyre B. Lasitter and Anne C. Minnotte Melanie Laskey Jeff Laufenberg and Anne Sherman Kevin and Ellen Lavery Mrs. Edith Lawson Kathleen Z. and Douglas K. Lawson Tawanda H. Lawson Daniel Layman Iris D. Layne Arthur Lopez Ledesma, Jr. Billy D. Lee and Melissa Van Dyke Deborah Lee Dwayne and Nancy Lee Edwin B. Lee Joyce L. Lee Martha H. LeFebvre Sherri Lehde Nancy Y. and Philip E. Leinbach Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Gene Leonardi Apollo and Kristie Leonng Mrs. Pearl H. Levine Don and Sandy Levy Daniel Lew and Sally Kornbluth Margaret A. Lewis Ms. Ruth Lewis Lee Lichtenwalter and Wayne Schnackel Nathan Ligo Tonie Lilley Julia Linehan Josh and Amy Lingenfelser Mrs. Dorothy O. Lipscomb Adrienne Lithman Gertrude M. Little Bertha R. Livingstone Frank and Janet Lloyd John Lloyd Dr. and Mrs. Will London Caroline B. Long Renee Lord Colleen Loree Jean G. Losee Laura Louison Amy and Donald Loveland M. Camilla Low Doug Lowman and Cathie Vishnevsky Michael Lowry and Bonny Moellenbrock Roger and Leta Loyd Rep. Paul Luebke and Ms. Carol Gallione Patricia A. Luke Eddie and Magnoria Lunsford Alan and Debra Lydiard Kenneth and Sandra Lyles Judith Mace Dave and Rita MacMillan Jim and Tammy Macomson Suzanne Macuk Rick and Kendy Madden Lynn A. Maguire Gay P. Mahanna Main Street Film Company, LLC Thomas P. Mallaney Rosalie Mandel Paolo Umberto and Paula Jeannet Mangiafico Cindy Manieri Dorothy W. Manning P. Kelly Mansfield Patricia S. Manson Mrs. Myra C. Markham Diane Markoff James and Faye Marron Janet and Brian Marron Coralynn Marshall

Zermeena Marshall Cathy L. Martin Dawne and Kenneth Martin Mike and Julia Martin Christina and Jared Martinson Michael D. Martz Courtney Mathews Jacqueline Matthews Mr. and Mrs. John T. Matthews Gretchen and Joe Mauney Jim and Beth Maxwell Ed and Phyllis May Dr. James Oliver May Jr. Glenna Maynus Mary M. McArthur Teresa McBennett and Tom Shumaker Meredith McBride Ann and John McCann Margaret M. McCarty Jonell McClernon Hortense McClinton Thomas E. McCollough Patsy W. McConnell Ms. Doris Cooper McCoy Patricia Ann McCoy Ralph and Emily McCoy Joel McCrosky Paul McCubbins Mr. and Mrs. Dean McCumber Thomas and Linda McCurdy Ben and Lou McCutcheon Frances McDaniel Ruth McDaniel Mary Anne McDonald Nancy L. McDonald Michael and Belinda McFee Ellen Gartrell McGeorge George A. and Patricia A. McGinn James and Jacqueline McGrath Geralyn McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Philip McHugh Cathie A. McIntyre Aanessa McKain David and Betsi McKay Susan McKee Justin McLear Dr. and Mrs. Robert McLelland Laurie McLennan and Alexander van Nievelt Randall and Connie McLeod Mr. Kevin McMahon Mandi McMenamy Edith J. McMillan Rosalind McMillan Betty R. McNair Mrs. Carrie McNair Frank and Anne McNally Myrtle J. McNeill Katherine McNulty and Michael Kraus Mrs. Samuel D. McPherson John Alexander McRae Donald and Holly McRoy Cheryl and Andrew Means Christopher and Jenette Meldrum Brian Mellendorf Jim and Michele Meloy Myrna Memita Robert Merriam Mrs. Gertrude Merritt Cherry A. Messer Christie Messer A. Roger and Julie K. Messier Geoff Metcalf Bill Meyer Joel and Victoria Meyer Ruth Mary Meyer Sherry Meyers Kathryn Michael in memory of Mildred Michael Carol and J.K. Miller in memory of Joseph Franklin Bradford Dr. and Mrs. D. Edmond Miller Jon and Pat Miller Eleanor A. Minshall Bruce Mitchell Jack Mitchell and Becky Cary Vickie Modlin and Tracy Cox Frances and Robert Modrak Don Moffitt and Sidney Cruze Kathleen and Bob Mohar Debra Monnin Mike Monticue Yolanda Moore Charles A. Moose Harvey and Loretta Moose Mr. and Mrs. Robin Morey

Deanne Morgan Keith Morgan and Karen Hassett Maggie Morgan Omayra Morillo John Y. Morimoto T.C. and Becky Morphis Jim and Sherry Morrison Guy Moseley Mr. and Mrs. David Moser Wendy Caye Moses Mary and Bill Moss Pam Moyer Cynthia and Brendan Moylan Joe and Ann Carole Moylan Mary Mudd Dr. William and Cecilia Mull Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Mumma Martha Mundy Charlene and Jim Murphy Deirdre L. Murphy Kay and J. Ray Murray Patricia P. Murray Betty and Paul Mushak A. Wendell and Martina Musser Mary Jo Muzzey Lewis H. Myers Ms. Peggy Myers Stephanie Myers Noreen A. Naiman Joe Natale Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Naylor NC Humanities Council Dolores Neill Teresa Nelson-Romero and Angel Romero Ruiz James and Linda Neustadt Melinda Newlin Elizabeth and Wes Newman James and Saundra Newton Vince Newton Rand Neyland Lenny Ng Janice Nicholson Charles Nickelson Bruce and Sheila Nicklas Sonja M. Nielsen Kim Niemi Mary Ann Nilsson Grace Nordhoff and Jonathan Beard John D. Nordstrom Marge Nordstrom Rhonda and Robert Normandin North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company Andrew Norton Melissa Norton Yvette Norton Michelle Nowlin and John Tallmadge Mr. Bob Nudelman George Nye Julie Blume Nye Owen and Annette Oakeley Terry and Elizabeth Oas Richard Dottie Oates Family Ms. Rosemary Oates Jay Oberski Theresa and Christian Oertel Michael O’Foghludha and Linda Daniel Nancy Christine Oien Michelle Old in honor of Lou Bray and Wendy White Hensen Richard and Jean Oline Billy and Eve Olive Lois Pounds Oliver Tim Oliver Ade Omisade Julie Omohundro Mr. Gerry O’Neill Only Burger Opensource Leadership Strategies Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O’Shea Tina and Michael Oshinski Patricia Osten Karen Otsea and Joseph Neff Mr. and Mrs. Robert Otterbourg Norman and Roberta Owen Marcie Pachino Michael and Patricia Pacilio Stephanie, Luna and Yoda Padilla Patricia N. Page Peter Palma Richard A. Palmer Sari Palmroth and Ram Oren Dinah Parker Joanna M. Parker Pamela D. Parker

Glenn Parks John Parton and Ann Sundberg Patanjali’s Place Sydnor Patrick Mr. and Mrs. Dick Patton John and Kathryn Paup Myrick and Schquthia Peacock Mark and Melissa Pearce Kathleen Moeller-Peiffer Arlene and David Pellow Prof. Norman E. Pendergraft Dr. Bettye K. Penick Mrs. Martha S. Penny Mr. and Mrs. Wade Penny PEO Chapter BD Therese Perera Beverly H. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. William H. Perkins Christopher and Teresa Perrien Mr. and Mrs. Richard Perschel Alyssa and Robert Perz-Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Peters Patricia Petersen and Douglas Young Howard Petote and Melanie Norton Mrs. Catherine Petroski Don and Ann Pettus Mr. and Mrs. Leland Phelps Harry P. Phillips and Kathleen McGraw Kevin Phipps Noah Pickus and Trudi Abel Piedmont Restaurant Idell Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pike and Rebecca Bepi Pinner Lori Pistor and Terry Allebaugh Alice and Kyle Pittman Loren Pittman Adeline K. Plumer in memory of Erwin Plumer Christina Pogoloff David Polewka Michael Pollock Lynn Poole Ruth and Fred Porter Alan and Harriet Portnoy in honor of James and Sally Coughlin’s 50th wedding anniversary Jennifer and Hollis Posey Dr. Herbert Posner Sandy and John Poston Elizabeth Page Potter Paula Poundstone Mr. and Mrs. E.K. Powe Marty Powell Richard J. Powell and C.T. Woods-Powell Rosetta Powell Sherry and Ron Powell Ms. Stephanie C. Powell Jack J. and Joan Preiss Dick Pretty Penny Price Deb and Scot Pritchard Mark Proctor Drs. Alan and Nancy Proia in memory of Shirley Ford Joines Mr. John Prosseda Karen Prus and Lewis Carson Lali Pshyk Chi Dees Pulley Dikki Putilin Ms. Alician V. Quinlan Marilyn Quinlan Dan and Veronica Quinn Edward Quinn Robert and Merry Rabb Rod and Sara Radtke Rashad Rahman W. Kenan and Nancy Rand Dale and Phyllis Randall Doajuan Rao Sonia Rapaport Dr. Carla Gene Rapp John D. Rash Mohammad Rashdi Richard Rawling Daniel Read and Maria Mangano J. Milton Read, Jr. Ms. Floalice Reaves Ellen and Ken Reckhow John B. and Lieselotte Reckless Jeff and Wendy Reece Joyce P. Regier Douglas J. Register Dotty Reid Kristine Remlinger Gladys H. Rennick

k n a h T ! u Yo

6 Best of Friends Summer 2010

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4/27/2010 12:21:04 PM

Randy and Cathi Reynolds Shelley and Ty Rhudy Lynn Richardson William Richardson Merle Umstead Richey James B. and Alice Richmond Carl Riddle Timothy Riggs and Carolyn Coolidge Right Track Academy LLC John and Minnie Riley Kristine and William Ritter Jane B. Robbins DECEASED Patricia F. Robbins Sylvianne Roberge Ms. Geraldine Roberson Mr. and Mrs. Ben Roberts Al and Marcia Roberts RADM and Mrs. H. B. Robertson Marie B. Robeson Karen Robinette Kimberly T. Robinson Linda and John Robinson Rufus and Myra Rochelle Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Roddy Susan Rodger and Thomas Narten Alaina K. Rogers Ann Rogers Holly Rogers and William Price Ralph and Elizabeth Rogers Elizabeth P. Rollins Mrs. Frances P. Rollins Melissa and Michael Rooney Pat Roos Mrs. Pearl S. Rorie Carl M. and Lu W. Rose Christine Eckermann Ross Martha Sally Ross in memory of John L. Sally, Jr. Susan Ross and Tom Hadzor Rotary Club of Durham #6099 Wendy Rountree Kevin, Linda, Jeana, and Martha Routh Mason Rove Bob and Sandra Weston Rowe Gina and Paul Rozier Catherine C. Ruane Dr. Judith Ruderman Patsy Rumbley Sarah Russell Jerry and Barbara Ryan David Rzeszotarski Linda Saaremaa Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Saltzman Dr. and Mrs. Charles Sanders Ben and Jennifer Sanford Diane D. Sanford Tim and Peggy Sanford Cheryl Saper Frank Sargent and Dudley Sargent Caroline and Louis Sasser Holly Schaefer Margaret Schaeffer Linda and Hank Scherich Steve Schewel and Lao Rubert Nancy Schiebel Sharon and Larry Schlesinger Evelyn Schmidt Kristine Schmit Ms. Jacquelyn Schobring Denise Schreiner Virginia J. Schreiner David and Margaret Schultz John and Barbara Schwartz Ms. Martha Scotford Myra Scott Phillis Scott Veronica and Ricky Scott Beverly and Harold Scroggs Rick and Georgie Searles BJ Seitzer Janet and George Seiz William E. Self Philip Semanchuk Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans Marion M. Sessoms Bonnie B. and C. William Sessums Walter and Florence Shackelford Sandra Shane Judith R. Shapiro Roman K. Shareef and Theresa Ryan Alice Sharpe Linda C. Shea Ms. Gail Sheedy

Robin Sheesley John and Michaele Shelton Judith T. Shepard Louise McKoy Shipman Al Shpuntoff Margot Shurgot Jonathan and Meghan Sides Stephen Sides James and Mary Siedow Mrs. Rochelle Silver Charles Silvia Robert and Jenny Simchock Fern Gunn Simeon Molly Simes Crystal E. Sterling Simmons Jessica Simo Murray and MiTia Simpson Sara Simpson Lois Sims Margaret R. Sims David and Olivia Singleton David and Lois Slade Robyn Sloan Rick Sloane Emily H. Sloop Mrs. Kathryn Small Rosa Small Amanda Riley Smith Beth Craddock Smith and Cabell Smith Bettie Johnson Smith Craig and Vicki Smith Debra Smith Diane Smith Eleanor Smith Gary Smith Geoffrey and Kathleen Smith Barbara Smith Gilbert and Wendy Smith Joel and Barbara V. Smith Mr. Walter D. Smith Ashanti Smith-Watson David and Christine Sokal Mr. and Mrs. Guy Solie Tove H. Sonberg John and Maureen Soper Deborah Sorin Wendy and Steven Sorin Jane K. Sorrell Ms. Jane Arnold Spanel Mrs. Sally M. Spears Dr. Benjamin F. Speller, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Spock The Sprague Family Laura C. Spray Dr. and Mrs. Charles Spritzer Clare Stadler Mr. D.T. Stallings Maria Stalnaker Bettina Stanger Tim and Courtney Stanion Kimberly Stanley Catherine Starkweather and Daniel Oldman Aviva Starr and Sherry Samuels David Stein and Deborah Horvitz Sondra G. Stein Liz and Al Stelzenmuller Joeanne and Clyde Stephens Madeline Stewart Mrs. Roxie Stewart and Debra Stewart Mrs. Cathrine Stickel Karen Stinehelfer Mrs. Ann M. Stock Mr. and Mrs. Stone Dennis Stonebraker Jon and Debra Stonehouse Robert and Roxada Story Janice D. Stratton Andy Straube Mark and Kathleen Straube Ralph and Drusylla Strickland Mrs. Barbara Strohbehn Janice Stroud Patricia Q. Stubbing Archie Stubblefield Jane and Vincent Stubbs Brian Stull and Sejal Zota Gary and Ellen Schrader Stutts Lynn Summers Diana Sun David Susco Allen and Barbara Swartz Phil Sweigart and Karen Landis Rob Lamme and Sandy Sweitzer

Mrs. Susanna Swoboda Joyce and Howard Sykes Edward Synowiez Dr. Naren Tambe Tweedy Tattersall Cecelia S. Taylor Julia Wheeler Taylor Robert and Holleigh Taylor Sandy Taylor Mrs. Kay Taylor Alan B. Teasley Amie L. Tedeschi Mr. and Mrs. Dillard Teer David Temple Craig Tenaglia Jennifer Tenor Sara Tepfer and Joseph Carrao Dr. Marcel Tetel and Ms. Julie Tetel Andreson Toni Tetterton Clarke and Alice Thacher Donald Blanke The Book Exchange The Tourist Club Priscilla J. Theriot Theresa Thiel Mrs. Carolyn Thomas Ed and Estelle Thomas Parke Thomas Mr. Gene Thompson Margareta Thompson Steve and Judy Thomson Jon and Shannon Thornburg Mrs. Carolyn I. Thornton Lula G. Thorpe Michael and Margarita Throop Steve Thurston Lori Tibbits Mr. and Mrs. Larry Tilley Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Timmins in memory of Chris Rasmussen Josette Tissaire Tobaccoland Kiwanis Foundation, Inc The Tobias Family Barbara Torian Amelia Tosti and Dieter Hutter Patricia Towne Mr. and Mrs. William Townsend in honor of Elizabeth Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Townsend Jr. Barb Trapp-Moen Terry Trickler Michael Trinastic Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Trost Patricia Tucker Ms. Carolyn Turner Mike Turner Dale and Lou Turske Stan and Marilyn Ulick Pamela B. Umstead Mary Umstead in memory of Jean Umstead Steve Unruhe and Jennifer McGovern Up to Date Club Grace U. Upchurch Margaret and Dean Urban Urban Libraries Council Queen Utley-Smith Martha Erwin Uzzle Laura Valentine Dory Van Duzer Linda Van Le Barbara VanDewoestine Kevan VanLandingham and Debara Tucci Andre D. Vann Mrs. Latelle E. Vaughan Betty P. and James Venable Sylvia Venturini Angela Verdone Verizon Patricia B. Vincent Jane and Steven Vogel Carol Vollmer Kristen Wagner Monica Wagoner Mrs. Margaret Wainwright Anthony and Elizabeth Walker Craig A. and Carolyn M. Walker Julie L. Walker Bonnie and Dick Walt Mrs. Carol Ann Walters Louie M. Walters, Jr. Les and Carol Walton Calvin and Suzy Ward Ms. Carmen I. Ward

Mary Albert Ward Seth L. Warner Kathleen Warren Sue Wasiolek Bruce and Gail Waters Eric Waters Elizabeth H. Watkins Sandra Weakly Mrs. Mary G. Weathers Mrs. Hazel G. Weeks Kathi Weeks and Michael Hardt Sally and Don Weil Dr. and Mrs. J. Brice Weinberg Richard and Clarice Weinberg Gennifer Weisenfeld and Derek Jones Alex Weiss and Li-Lan Hsiang-Weiss John Weistart Nancy C. and Fred G. Welfare Stuart Wells Wentworth & Leggett Peter and Gail Westlin Emily Wexler Robert and Johnnie S. Wheat Andrew Wheeler Mrs. Selena W. Wheeler The Honorable and Mrs. Willis Whichard Mr. and Mrs. George Whitacre Lynn E. Whitaker Allison White in memory of Joseph Ancrum Cindy Whittington Whole Foods Giannina Wiegand Charles and Allyson Wieland Ms. Terry R. Wiethe Martha Wilaby Ann Wilder Tom Wiley Yael and Doron Wilfand Robert and Mary Wilkerson Jean and John Willard Gladys Williams and Steven Asher Harriet P. Williams James Williams Sharon Williams Ms. Winifred Y. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson Danielle Wilson Erin Wilson Joe and June Wilson M. Dee Wilson Nathan Wilson Thomas and Nancy Wilson Mark Wingfield John J. Winterscheidt Edmund Wise Ronald Witt Allen and Diane Wold Betty Wolfe and Charlie Tucker Richard Wolfe Nikolay Wolff Roberta Wood Mike and Sarah Woodard Judy Woodburn Mrs. Grace H. Woodlief Mrs. Elsa E. Woods Ann Woodward Susan Wright Janis Wurl Sha Yang Jo Yang Beverly Yaple Karin Yoch Eileen Youens Mrs. Frances Young Kristin and Martin Young Perry Young Richard E. Young Dr. and Mrs. Robert Yowell Todd C. Zapolski Margaret Zealy Len Zeller Virginia Zeller Brad and Cheryl Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Zinn Angela and Greggor Zoltners Sheva Zucker

Thank You! Friends of the Durham Library Newsletter 7

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Friends of the Durham Library Membership:

Become a member of the Friends of the Durham Library or renew your membership:

Name Phone Address City

E-Mail Zip

Type of Membership: Memberships expire in one year (except Life memberships) q Family $25 q Adult $15

Please make your check payable and mail to Friends of the Durham Library, PO Box 3809, Durham, NC 27702. Questions: Anastasia Bush (919-560-0190 or

q Senior (over 65) $10 q Sustaining $50 q Youth (18 and younger) $5 q Patron $100

q Life $300 q Additional gift of

Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 1-888-830-4989. The license is not an endorsement by the State.

Donations of $25 or more to the Foundation include membership in the Friends of the Durham Library.

To Make a Donation to the Durham Library Foundation:

Yes, a stronger library makes a stronger Durham. Here’s my contribution! q $30 q $50 q $75 q $150 q $250 q Other


Phone Address City

Please make your check payable and mail to Durham Library Foundation, PO Box 3809, Durham, NC 27702. Questions, bequests & other planned giving needs: Alice Sharpe (919-560-0193 or

Donate online any time at

(as you would like to see your name listed in our Annual Report) E-Mail Zip

Nonprofit org. U.S. Postage PAID Durham, NC Permit No. 312

P.O. Box 3809 Durham, NC 27702

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Best of Friends - Summer 2010  
Best of Friends - Summer 2010  

Friends of the Durham County Library Newsletter