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DURHAM ACADEMY Record • Summer 2013 • Volume 40 • Number 2

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Alissa Makligh ’15 carries Morehead Montessori Elementary School student Elliot Kuehn during the Durham County Special Olympics Spring Games on April 26. Each Upper School student and teacher participates in the games in some way. Many, like Makligh, serve as “buddies” for athletes. P h o t o b y J u l i a W a l l

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Class of 2013 challenged to make a new game Seniors write about their experience at Durham Academy Elizabeth Parry wins George Watts Hill Community Service Award Community service — local or global — is a way of life for Cavs Brothers’ mission to clean up India’s drinking water offers lessons Financial aid endowment fund honors Ed Costello Finding inspiration in faces from the past What kind of a leader is Michael Ulku-Steiner? Special Olympics involves the entire Upper School Want to know what happened to the Lost Colony? Ask a DA fourth-grader! Tactics, strategies, attacks, gambits and decoys are all part of the game of chess Journey through China was a trip to remember ‘Always be on time and don’t forget to smile’ — Preschoolers’ advice to Ed Costello ‘A taste of the world’ lets preschoolers ‘travel’ the globe First-year faculty reflect on what it’s like to teach at DA Hershey Award recognizes French teacher Teresa Engebretsen Oklahoma! DA Upper School musical was far more than ‘OK’ DA Middle School performs Seussical Jr., The Musical Too young for a driver’s license, but driving a race car at 150 mph Trustees welcome six new members From the Green Alumni Stories: Distinguished Alumni Award winner Ward Nye ’81 • Alumni Board honors Ed Costello • $100,000 raised for Evergreen Campaign • Class Notes • Geoff Lamb ’86 • David Ravin ’89 • Andrew Tyson ’05 • Katherine Hodges ’12 • In Memoriam • 2013 Spring Regional Events • Alumni babies

Inside Back Cover Something to howl about Back Cover College choices for the Class of 2013 Mission Statement “The purpose of Durham Academy is to provide each student an education that will enable him or her to Photo by K athy McPherson

The Record is published bi-annually by Durham Academy Kathy McPherson, Record editor Linda Noble, designer Theo Davis Sons Inc., printer

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live a moral, happy and productive life. The development of intellect is central to such a life and, thus, intellectual endeavor and growth are the primary work of the school. The acquisition of knowledge; the development of skills, critical judgment and intellectual curiosity; and increased understanding are the goals of the school’s academic program.” DURHAM ACADEMY RECORD | SUMMER 2013 | WWW.DA.ORG


The Record (Summer 2013)  

The Record is Durham Academy’s biannual magazine.

The Record (Summer 2013)  

The Record is Durham Academy’s biannual magazine.