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Trustees Welcome Six New Members THE DURHAM ACADEMY BOARD OF TRUSTEES WELCOMES SIX NEW MEMBERS: Demetra Kontos, Tom Pfeil, Garrett Putman ’94, Karen Rabenau, Jamie Krzyzewski Spatola ’00 and Charlie Wilson ’89.

• Demetra Y. Kontos earned a B.A. in

• Karen Rabenau is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate

government from the College of William &

of Hollins College and holds a J.D. from the

Mary and an M.A. in political science from the

University of North Carolina School of Law. She

University of Richmond. She worked in Virginia

is a partner with Twiggs, Strickland and Rabenau,

state government prior to moving to Durham, and since 2004 she has been a teaching assistant

Demetra Kontos

Karen Rabenau

P.A. in Research Triangle Park. She has served as co-chair of DA’s Innisbrook fundraiser, a member

in the Lower School. She has been chair of

of Parents Council and a volunteer with The

DA’s annual benefit auction, faculty chair for

Evergreen Campaign and the annual fund. The

the annual fund and is president of Parents

Rabenau-Harpole family includes DA students Gil

Association. She is the mother of Michael, DA

Mebane, a rising second-grader; Lauren Harpole,

Class of 2012, and Alexi, a rising junior at DA.

a rising eighth-grader; and Caroline Harpole and Tom Pfeil

Jamie Krzyzewski Spatola ’00

Sydney Harpole, rising sixth-graders.

• Tom Pfeil holds a B.S. in business administration (marketing) from the University of

• Jamie Krzyzewski Spatola ’00 is a graduate

Florida and an MBA (concentration in marketing)

of Durham Academy and holds a B.A. in English

from the University of Texas. He is founder and

from Duke University, an MBA from Cameron

managing partner of The Link Group, a marketing

University and an M.A. from Duke. She is a writer

research company with offices in Atlanta and Durham, and has worked in marketing research at

Garrett Putman ’94

Charlie Wilson ’89

for Mental Floss, Inc.; secretary of the Emily K Center Board of Directors; administrator for

Procter & Gamble and The Coca-Cola Company. He has been a

Duke Basketball Camp; and vice chair of the Duke Memorial Weekday

member of the DA communications committee. He is the father of DA

School Board. She has been president of DA Alumni Board and was a

students Alex, a rising fifth-grader, and Evan, a rising second-grader.

member of the Head of School Search Committee. She is the mother of John David, 3 1/2, and Mackenzie, 17 months.

• Garrett Putman ’94 is a graduate of Durham Academy and Wake Forest University, and he holds an MBA from Duke University. He is a

• Charlie Wilson ’89 is a graduate of Durham Academy. He earned

marketing director at GlaxoSmithKline and is president of the SEEDS

a B.S. in civil engineering from N.C. State University and an M.S. in civil

Board of Directors. He has served on the DA communications committee

engineering/construction management from the University of Texas.

for two year and is the president of the DA Alumni Board. He is the

He is vice president of C.T. Wilson Construction Company. He is a past

father of DA students Will, a rising first-grader, and Wesley, a rising pre-

president of the DA Alumni Council and served on the DA Board of


Trustees from 2005-2007 and 2009-2011. He is the father of DA students Charlie, a rising seventh-grader, and Anna Catherine, a rising fifth-grader. DURHAM ACADEMY RECORD | SUMMER 2013 | WWW.DA.ORG


The Record (Summer 2013)  
The Record (Summer 2013)  

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