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Pickers Pedals Passions & Blunders

A Thirst for Nostalgia

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As Louis and Mitzi Cox enter The Coxes have their ol’ country store that since then consists of several buildings that acquired all types now house their business of of unique collection passions, I wondered promotional if I had stepped into a time signage. I asked machine. When I was invited in, I Louis other than could only compare their their first sign, collection to a kid in a candy what did he feel store and another collector describing the difficulty Pictured above is Mitzi and Louis Cox welcoming us into their very own personal General Store. smuggling a Baby Ruth candy bar into the Rice Diet at Duke was his most Thirst for Nostalgia University. valued sign? continued next pg I asked, ‘How did you do Hanging this? And what was the first above the Pickers Pedals Passions item that you acquired?’ Louis thermometer & Blunders is an eclectic pointed behind him at a mix of unique items, paswere (bread thermometer that signified the sions, events and barsigns with start of their collecting hobby gains and the people who cowboys) soon after they were married. love them. Our mission is ones that are Louis and Mitzi compared to provide more exposure not currently This RC Cola thermometer is everything to that first what launched Louis’s passion for sale that on a monthly basis for anthermometer. Old wives tales for advertisement signage. tique and collectible he indicated warns a person to never say dealers in order to connect just might be the most valuable thank you for plants if you want to consumers who want to and coveted advertising signs find those dealers. There’s them to take root, grow and known to collectors. always this unquenchflourish. I forgot to ask them if With building after building on able thirst to add to one’s they had thanked their friend for their personal property and collection and to find that introducing them to antiques and various booth locations in ever elusive item, whether collectibles. Granddaddy’s Antiques in it be a piece of period furBurlington, N.C and two niture, a doll, a tea pot, locations in Pigeon Forge, or a vintage piece of farm Tennessee of the highest and best equipment. We just want of its type general and garage to connect folks so that evmemorabilia, I realized I was eryone can buy and sell While Louis specializes in thermometer keeping company with a couple signage, above his original sign are three of the things that we all love. of very serious collectors. his most valued product signs. 1

Thirst for Nostalgia continued

The Coxes have spent over 30 years collecting and restoring what Pickers, Pedals, Passions, & Blunders recognizes as the best and biggest collection of authentic retail and automotive memorabilia in the Carolinas, if not the Southeastern US. Louis told us that even though he started with automotive signage, he quickly got into restoring old gas pumps. He explained that after EPA was created, many Mom-n-Pop gas stations simply closed up due to their inability to spend money cleaning up properties for new compliance policies. This actually launched the start of pickers and collectors restoring old gas pumps. As new partners with Tim and Deanie Marco, they took over ownership of Granddaddy’s Antiques, one of the largest antique malls in the region, Mitzi and Louis embraced working with the current dealers already in

We honestly thought we had stepped into a set right off of the old Mayberry television series when we walked into Mitzi and Louis’s General Store at their home in Randolph County. At the front door there was a Guest Registry book showing all the folks who’ve had the pleasure of seeing what it used to be like in the old days at a country store. The Coxes have hosted several tractor pull events and numerous car shows in the past

Even though my editor (Renee Warren) professes to not being a ‘gearhead,’ it was all I could do to drag her away from Louis’s 1964 Corvaire Turbo Spyder that was totally restored and had the original paperwork.

place and are looking for new dealers to come in and add to the great product offerings available. For those who long for simpler times, be sure to stop into Granddaddy’s. Dale

In the center of the Coxes’ recreated General Store sits a pot belly wood stove which was often the focal point for neighbors to gather around sipping coffee (or nipping off of a flask).


Pickers Pedals Passions & Blunders Classified Items Photogravure Print by E. Renouf, c1881, price $350, Booth 185 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1) 54 piece Silverware Set in Box (silver plated), price $79, Booth 280 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1) Walnut Hall/Window Table, Knoxville Table & Chair Co. (orig. label), price $425, Booth 187 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 5701997 (wk1) Indian Motorcycle Sales & Service Sign, price $14, Booth 127 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1) Evinrude Outboard Motor Sign, price $145, Booth 124 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 5701997 (wk1)

Coca-Cola Sign “Refreshing New Feeling”, price $55, Booth 127 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1) Marlboro Sign, price $23, Booth 124 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1)

Coke Fountain Service Sign, price $45, Booth 127 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1)

Light Colored Wooden School Desks, price $375, Dark Colored Wooden School Desks (4 seats), price $425, Booth 164 at at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1) See something but have a question? Email or visit 3

Industrial/Commercial Size Adjustable Pipe Wrench, c1914, 4’ length, price $85, Booth 280 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1) c1930’s Restored Barber Pole, price $3,500, L. Cox at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1) Green & White Barber Chair, Koken, price $425, Booth 285 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1)

White Atlanta Wood Cookstove, price $295, Booth 75 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1)

Pickers Pedals Passions & Blunders Classified Items

Mitzi & Louis Cox decided to take a snapshot of what their own personal general store looks like and recreated a whole display in their antique mall, Granddaddy’s Antiques. Pictured above are a Coca-Cola sign stand for $225, Shell gas pump for $975, Shell air pump for $695, Fat Boys Speed Shop display rack for $145 (featuring misc. tins priced $12 and up), Shell wall mount cabinet for $60, and a Wurlitzer jukebox which is functional and ready for purchaser to fill up their favorite 33s & 45s vinyl records priced at $1,800.

Lorain Triple Oven, Grey Enamel, c.1926, price $595, Booth 204 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1) Variety of Kitchen Items, price ranges from $25 and up, Booth 280 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 See something but have a question? Email or visit

Harley Davidson Sign, price $95, Booth 127 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1) Wide Variety of Bottles, Cans, & Tins, prices vary, Booth 127 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1)


Framed Map of Virginia/ Maryland/ Carolinas, price $50, Booth 187 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1) Original 36 Prism Hanging Oil Lamp w/ functional chains, price $350, Booth 280 at Granddaddy’s Antiques, 2316 Maple Ave, Burlington, NC, (336) 570-1997 (wk1)

Pickers Pedals Passions & Blunders Classified Items

Inside Granddaddy’s recreated General Store are items from toys to signage to tins and many other items. Prices vary and a shopper could easily spend a couple of hours looking over featured items.


Passions Destination Calendar of Events Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance & Motoring Festival, Oct 29 - Nov 7, Hilton Head Island, SC,, 843-785-7469 or 16th Annual Memory Lane Exhibit at the South Florida International Auto Show, Nov 5th - 14th, Miami, FL - held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. For info: AACA South Florida Region’s Show Chairman: Mel Mann at

Not Your Average Schoolbus

The Sarasota Holiday Antiques Show and Sale, January 1-3, Sarasota, FL, Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. 801 N. Tamiami Trail. For info, 973-927-2794 or 973224-2797 or visit Richmond Antiques Spectacular & Antique Tool Show, Jan 2-3, Richmond, VA, The Showplace. 3000 Mechanicsville Turnpike. For info, Louis Jesse 804-462-6190 or Bob Taylor 804-769-8866.

Pier Antique Show, Nov 13 - 14, Pier 94, 151 West 25th Street New York, NY, 10001 Cameron, NC Antiques Dealers’ Annual Christmas Open House - all shops participating Saturday, Nov. 20 from 10am - 5pm, Sunday Nov. 21 from 1 - 5pm

I want to ride on that school bus! While most of us remember wooden school desks and plain Jane school buses, I came across a school bus that only a serious Gearhead could love. School may have been a place that Hot Rodders could not get out of fast enough. With that thought in mind, here are a few photos of a perfect school bus designed for fast exits...the full blown 403 Oldsmobile motor from a Toronado.

The New Years Antiques Show at the Birchwood Manor, Jan 1-3, Whippany, NJ, The Birchwood Manor. 111 North Jefferson Rd. For info, JMK Shows 973-9272794, 973-224-2797 or visit

The old front of the bus frame was discarded and the Toronado was attached. The Toronodo was well optioned with power steering and air condition, the drive train is front wheel drive that allowed the bus to be shortened and dropped. The bus is sitting on airbag rear suspension for a smooth lower ride. 6

Souped Up Bus continued next pg

Souped Up Bus continued

The Blown Bus looked right at home sitting in front of a Teacher Supply Store, but make no mistake...the high rise blower and huge drag slicks were unfamiliar and a little scary. There is just no telling what crazy vehicle one might find at the Henderson, NC Drag Car Reunion Show!

4th Generation Rat Rod Builder? One Can Only Hope When we cover different events, especially when there are youngsters in attendence, we are often contacted by parents and grandparents who are eager to tell us all about them and want us to send pictures we took of them so they have something for their photo albums. We were contacted by one proud mama of the youngin’ hanging out at his grandfather’s entry called ‘Stinky’ which was at the Henderson, NC Drag Car Reunion Show recently. We asked her to give us some info on her son and told her we’d be putting it as a follow-up story from last week’s edition. Imagine our smiles when we read Kim Smith’s comment about how her family is crossing their fingers that young Hunter will be a 4th generation Rat Rod builder! That’s what we like to hear! How the young ones will follow in their elders’ footsteps.

My son’s name is Hunter Wallace and we live in Roxboro, NC. He goes to North End Elementary School, and he is in Mrs. Millet and Ms. Walker kindergarten class. The man that owns the car is Hunter’s grandpa and his name is Robbie Wallace. His car is a ‘29 Ford with a 305 Chevrolet motor. Hunter has been going to car shows ever since he was a baby! We usually go to car shows every weekend from AprilOctober, and a couple in November. Hunter is always in the shop helping his daddy in the shop. His daddy is currently building a 30 sedan rat rod, and Hunter likes to help him build the rat rods. The black ‘29 rat rod that was beside Stinky, is Hunter’s dad. 7

He had an interview with Dennis Gage on that same day. Mr. Gage was very impressed with his car. Hunter really loves his cars, and at the moment right now, he can tell you some of the car types. A year ago, he really thought his middle name was Hunter ‘Hot Rod’ Wallace. His dad calls him Hot Rod. So one day his teacher ask him, ‘What’s your middle name?’ He tells her Hot Rod! Thought that was too cute! I just hope he will follow in his daddy’s papa’s, and grandaddy’s footsteps in building cars, and going to car shows. If he does, he will be the fourth generation in his dad’s family to keep this going. Fingers crossed!!!! Thanks again, Kim Smith

for all your classic automotive advertising signs 336.570.1997 (336) 586-0802



Hubbards Impala

Ausley’s Chevelle

Big Tony’s Chevelle

Hubbard’s Impala

Granddaddy’s Antiques


Carolina Classic Car Restoration 336.229.5852

Carolina Classic Car Restoration

Hinshaw Chevelle (336) 584-5613



The Go-To Experts for Car Restoration Services

Pickers Pedals Passions & Blunders Proprietary Reserve Offerings

1936 Plymouth Coupe

1938 Chevrolet 2 door Sedan Street Rod

Make - Plymouth 2 door Coupe Model - 1936 Engine - 350 C.I. Chevrolet 300hp Color - Torquoise Interior Description - Bench cloth seat with tan dash and door moldings, power steering, tilt wheel, air condition Exterior Description - Torquoise with chrome spoke wheels Price - $34,000.00

Make - Chevrolet automatic with air conditioner Model - 1938 Engine - 350 C.I. Chevrolet 300hp Color - Red Interior Description - Bucket seats, tan leather, power steering, brakes, air condition Exterior Description - Red with chrome rally wheels Price - $32,000.00

Serious inquires only, please! For more photos on any vehicle, please contact Dale Swiggett at 336.340.6299 or email him, All inquiries will be qualified prior to appointments made for viewing.

1940 Ford 2 door Coupe Make - Ford 327 C.I., automatic transmission Model - 1940 Engine - 327 C.I. Chevrolet 300hp Color - Red Interior Description - Bench tan, leather seat, tan dash and moldings, power steering, tilt wheel, power windows, air condition Exterior Description - Red with chrome spoke wheels Price - $42,000.00

1936 Chevrolet Pickup Truck Make - Chevrolet 2 door pickup Model - 1936 Engine - 327 C.I. Chevrolet 300hp, Chevrolet automatic transmission Color - Maroon with black fenders Interior Description - Tan bucket seats with black dash and moldings, automatic tilt wheel Exterior Description - Maroon with black fenders, chrome wire wheels Price - $26,000.00 9

Pickers Pedals Passions & Blunders Classified Items American Pond Boat, c.1920’s, price $6,500, Oak Street Mill Antiques, Cornelius, NC, 704.895.2653 (wk3)

Turn of Century Wakefield Wicker Baby Carriage, price $675, Oak Street Mill Antiques, Cornelius, NC, 704.895.2653 (wk3) Hoosier w/ flour sifter, price $450, Oak Street Mill Antiques, Cornelius, NC, 704.895.2653 (wk3)

Ebonized Curio Cabinet, price $825, Oak Street Mill Antiques, Cornelius, NC, 704.895.2653 (wk3)

NICE Oak Ringgold Iron Pot Belly Stove, price $1,100, Oak Street Mill Antiques, Cornelius, NC, 704.895.2653 (wk3)

Love Seat, price $625, Italian Florentine Trio of Stack Tables, price $160, Oak Street Mill Antiques, Cornelius, NC, 704.895.2653 (wk3)

t a e s e v lo L D S O Decorative Column (as shown in above photo), price $750, Oak Street Mill Antiques, Cornelius, NC, 704.895.2653 (wk3) Old Slot Machine, Monte Carlo, price $525, Oak Street Mill Antiques, Cornelius, NC, 704.895.2653 (wk3)

See something but have a question? Email or visit 10

French Artist Easel, price $325yh, Oak Street Mill Antiques, Cornelius, NC, 704.895.2653 (wk3)

Vintage Glass & Crystal Chandelier (rewired), price $485, Oak Street Mill Antiques, Cornelius, NC, 704.895.2653 (wk3) Tall Wood Armoire, price $1,600, Oak Street Mill Antiques, Cornelius, NC, 704.895.2653 (wk3)

Carved French Hunt Cabinet, price $1,495, Oak Street Mill Antiques, Cornelius, NC, 704.895.2653 (wk3)


Tips on How to Insure Your Stuff The following release from Chubb was available at the Antique Roadshow and will give collectors some good points to think about on insuring valuables. CHUBB POINTS TO CONSIDER REGARDING INSURANCE

1 2 3 4

Check your policy or ask you agent for your deductible. Find out if your contents are covered for "replacement cost". Be sure that you have "all risk" or "special perils" coverage. Inquire about a policy that provides broad coverage for

For new readers who were forwarded this from someone... make sure you OPT-IN to receive your own FREE copy of Pickers Pedals Passions & Blunders! Just email us requesting to opt-in.

losses that occur anywhere in the world. Ask about any exclusions that apply to items of "rarity or antiquity." Find out how a claim will be settled if you decide not to replace something or if you can't find anything similar.

5 6



Keep a journal that describes everything you know about each object you have insured: Photographs of the object that can be used in the event of loss, fire or theft. If there are specific

2 3 4 5 6

Pickers Pedals Passions & Blunders Proprietary Reserve Offerings

Nitro Harley Pro Fuel Make - 90� Puppet Chassis Model - Carbon Fibre Body Work Engine - 151 cubic inch OverKill Color - Red Accessories - Hydraulic lift starter, clutches, belts, plugs, beg. tires, etc. (everything w/ this bike goes!) Performance record - 60’ in 1.04.8, 1/8 miles in 4.35, 1/4 mile in 6.8 Price - $25,000.00 Serious inquires only, please! For more photos on this motorcycle, please contact Dale Swiggett at 336.340.6299 or email him, All inquiries will be qualified prior to appointments made for viewing.

Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends ...H. Jackson Brown, Jr. For only $14, run your classified item ad with us for 4 weekly editions. Email or, or call 336.340.6299 for details.

markings or details, take closeup photos as well. Dated receipts from the original seller or any pertinent documents to help identify age and provenance. Any letters, family snapshots or clip discussing or illustrating the object. These could be critical evidence to prove ownership. Written appraisals done over time for insurance purposes. Reports describing the date, extent and cost of any repairs or restoration work. [/lil] Know what your current in surance covers. Courtesy of Chubb Insurance


FOR SALE.... 1987 Avion Camper, 32 ft.

If you like Airstreams, you'll love an Avion! Hate to sell but I'm not using this and someone should enjoy it. Aircraft construction, new mahogany floor, cedar lined closets and bathroom, marble floor in bathroom, custom made built-in furniture (leather faced), dinette folds out into single bed, leather couch folds out to a double bed, has separate quarter berths w/ a center plug that can convert to a California king bed, outside awning, jawless crank windows w/ sun shades, full sealed bottom for easy towing, does have built-in stereo. Features new convection microwave, fridge/ freezer unit (never been used). Outer shade canopy is in great shape. A must see item but needs some vinyl finishing. Serious inquiries only please. Can email interior photos.


located north of Raleigh, NC For info, call 336.340.6299 or email Capital City Customs Inc. We strive to give your project a new lease on life while improving on the past!

Pickers, Pedals, Passions & Blunders is Now Reviewing Resumes for Commission Only Advertising Sales Reps in the Following Areas Adamstown, PA Maryland Eastern Shore Charleston, SC/Savannah, GA Washington, DC Nashville, TN Birmingham, AL Chattanooga, TN/Northern GA Myrtle Beach, SC Southwest VA St. Augustine/Daytona, FL St. Petersburg, Tampa, FL Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, FL New Orleans, LA Atlanta, GA We are looking for enthusiastic people with interest in Americana and travel. Photography, creative writing, internet access and basic computer skills are needed. No phone calls! All decisions will be based upon resumes and creative introductions. Send resumes to our PO Box in NC or email us, please! Dan Matthews 919.772.3005, cell 919.868.7128

on Vintage Airstreams, RV’s, Tractors & Custom Cars We are Equipped to Handle Most ALL YOUR RESTORATION NEEDS! w Custom Interior Design w Sheet Metal Braking/Shearing w Custom Louver Work w Steel Rolling/Tube Bending w Mig/Tig Welding w Chassis Repair/Replacement w English Wheeling w Custom Cabinetry/Upholstery

For info on our Display Ad sizes and rates, email or, or call 336.340.6299 for details.

For those of our readers who are looking for something particular, please contact us and we will do our very best to locate the object of your desire! 12

It Was Totally Worth It! A lot of you down-n-dirty Pickers out there will appreciate this particular story, which features a lesson to be learned for all out there who love to go digging deep in piles of stuff to find that one item for your collection or will cover your mortgage payment for the month. There are those out there who don’t mind (in fact, some relish it) stepping foot into a packed barn/shed/outbuilding to go hunting and pecking for what treasurers might be buried. This is what most know as the art of ‘picking.’ Here is a tale of just some of the pitfalls that can happen while on a treasure hunt. We happen to know a gentleman named Tim who loves to pick through any curb alert piles, doesn’t care what others think if he dives into a dumpster to rescue something that is being thrown away because the item might be an antique or collectible, and likes to pick over stuff that is stored away that needs a new home. Tim met a nice lady by chance at their town’s local garden center and their conversation turned to him stating how he wanted to find a few more items to finish off his garden, one being an old sundial. The woman replied that she had a barn full of stuff and thought that there was an old sundial buried in a pile or shoved into

Gas for road trip, $7 Lunch on the road, $6 Tetanus shot at a Doc-in-a-box, $75 Antiobiotics, $36 Antique sundial for garden... PRICELESS

Sequence of events - found the old barn full of ‘stuff,’ walked in and eyes fixate on something catching sunlight, walked over to inspect item, big black snake falls from overhead beam landing on top of Tim. He immediately headed for the door while trying to extract himself from startled black snake and catches his hand on a rusty nail sticking out of support post, has to go get a Tetanus shot, but his mission is accomplished and he has a free antique sundial. Ends up with the perfect finishing touch for his garden.


a corner somewhere and he was welcome to it. If he didn’t mind driving out to her place in the next little town, then he could simply have the sundial since she had no use for it. After exchanging contact info, Tim finally made time to drive out one Sunday afternoon after grabbing some lunch. Upon arrival, the lady pointed to her outbuilding and told him where she thought he should look. Tim opened up the door and saw all kinds of stuff the woman and her late husband had accumulated over the many years. While looking over mounds of stuff, he noticed something giving off a small sliver of sunlight and made his way over to the corner where he knew he should look for the sundial. Sure enough, there it was catching the last bit of sunlight. He could see it would need cleaning up but would be perfect for his garden. As he retrieved it and stepped back to inspect it, a huge black rat snake fell out of the above rafters and onto Tim. Well, most folks aren’t fond of snakes if not in total fear of them. Tim was no exception and he basically panicked and ran for the barn door trying to throw the reptile off of him. While doing so, he caught his left hand on an old rusty nail protruding from one of the wooden support posts which ripped a chunk of skin and flesh out. Tim didn’t feel any pain or notice any bleeding until after he had dislodged the snake from his shoulders and arms to throw back into the woods. After composing himself and catching his breath, Tim picked himself up off the ground and realized he needed to tend to his Totally Worth It continued pg 15

Letter from the Editor... In just a few days it will be one Our landlord told us the story inside. Being curious, I did peek of my most favorite holidays, of how he was raised in this house and laughed when I saw some Halloween. As a child, I loved and that his family had bought it copper tubing and a few dusty dressing up and trying to devour from a very well known character Mason jars. In retrospect, I half of my candy before getting who was a farmer/moonshiner should’ve let my curiosity get the home. Thanks to my parents, I from a neighboring county. best of me and gone ‘picking.’ was kept in check. As I became During the Roaring ‘20’s But I was raised right and an adult, Halloween parties respected my landlord’s were the norm for me, several request to leave the shed be. of which I hosted. During our festive party, One party was most one of our guests pulled me memorable. My late husband to the side and told me that and I had just moved into a he would love to come back wonderful old house that sat to visit us and show us some on 5 acres inside Raleigh, of the books that sat on the NC’s beltline. The two weeks shelves. A few he thought leading up to our infamous were collector’s items, Halloween party was spent in possibly out-of-print and awe at all of the old books that maybe a few that were actual lined the many book shelves. first editions. In one of the bedrooms sat an I was raised to respect old walnut four corner post books, that they were the keys bed. In another bedroom sat a to higher knowledge. It was very old chair that had seen hard for me to imagine better days but had a someone leaving behind a wonderful frame, just waiting whole library! One book was for someone to reupholster. about antiques and I spent This house had a back-tomany enjoyable hours reading back stone fireplace so we and learning. enjoyed a fire nearly every So, this Sunday I plan on night in our living room and heating up a pot of hot The ladies at Oak Street Mill had a wonderfully spooky then in our bedroom after we booth set up in the front of their store to greet all shop- chocolate and curling up with retired for the evening. But pers as they entered the building. It looked very similar a good book. One that one of the most unusual things to how I decorated my foyer many years ago for my combines mystery, intrigue, about this particular house Halloween party. The only thing the ladies didn’t have history, myth, and ‘old and that would’ve made it complete was a cast iron was the fact that nearly every cauldron with some dry ice creating smoke. moldy’ things. Yep, it’s a date room, with the exception of with me and Dan Brown’s The the two bathrooms, had an Prohibition was the birth for Lost Symbol. exterior door to the outside. We many a Speakeasy. It just so thought that was the oddest thing. happened that this house was one Renee Warren is the Just a couple of days before we Editor of Pickers of Wake County, NC’s finest. The Pedals Passions & threw our infamous Halloween property sat on the outskirts of Blunders. She grew bash, our landlord came by. We Raleigh and at one time had up around antiques asked him about the house’s wonderful manicured gardens, as and collectibles while living in both history and its very unusual well as a ‘reading room.’ NC & SC but just design. We also asked about the Out back, the old shed was wishes she had paid more attention to books and other items left crammed full of stuff but we her grandmothers about their love of anbehind, just assuming it was the were warned not to go digging tiques and collectibles. Her favorite category is anything Asian or Oriental. previous tenant’s. through the mounds of stuff 14

Totally Worth It continued

wound. He took his bandana and wrapped up his hand so he could go retrieve the sundial (all the while looking warily up at the rafters for more lurking snakes). Tim appeared at the woman’s back door and asked if he could wash off his hand. Afterwards, the lady commented that she didn’t think he would need stitches but asked when was the last time he had gotten a tetanus shot. The look on his face made her emphatically state that he needed to go get one immediately. So, Tim packed the sundial into his SUV and headed for the first Doctors Urgent Care he could find on his way home. After get-

ting his hand properly cleaned up, disinfected, bandaged, and a Tetanus shot, Tim made his way home with his new treasure. He pulled into his driveway, got out, and put the sundial on his garden bench. He then went into his kitchen, came out with a cold beer and popped the top. After situating the sundial onto the pedestal in the center of his garden, Tim propped up his feet to sip on his beer and reflect upon the day’s events. He told us that he came to the conclusion that after a roadtrip, wrestling with a big black snake, suffering a blow to his masculinity for freaking out and having 10 years shaved off his life,

Letter from the Publisher...


Pickers Pedals Passions & Blunders Lesson for the Week... Expect the unexpected while picking in less than ideal conditions and environments. And stay current with Tetanus vaccinations.

Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector's passion borders on the chaos of memories... Walter Benjamin

It Takes Two Types of Gloves As a passionate boater, primarily a sailor, the misconception of a navy sport jacket and light blue seersucker striped pants and a pair white bucks is totally unrealistic. A pair of coveralls, rubber gloves, and face mask is needed to drain your motor and generator oil is much more realistic. When I walked up Garrett St. in Henderson, NC amidst about 1,850 cars at the Drag News Reunion the pride of ownership was consistent to every car owner. The hours which were spent in bib overalls and work gloves were most likely a hundred times more than the few hours and dozens of white gloves that I saw dusting off their pride and joy vehicles. Yes, it does take two types of gloves. Plus, a good set of coveralls - of all sizes.

a humbling doctor’s visit, money shelled out for a Tetanus shot and antibiotics, it was still totally worth it. Tim managed to get a great looking antique sundial for his garden, for free no less. Well, maybe not for free after all it cost him in the end.

Pickers Pedals Passions & Blunders is a NC-based publication. Mailing address... PO Box 578 Rolesville, NC 27571

Dale Swiggett is the Publisher of Pickers Pedals Passions & Blunders. He grew up in the Triad area of NC and has backgrounds in textiles and real estate development. But his passions include history, travel, waterfront culture, and gets weak in the knees over classic automobiles. 15

Publisher... M. Dale Swiggett 336.340.6299 Editor... Renee Warren 919.880.5217 rtwdesigns@embarqmailcom Website coming soon!

Pickers Pedals, Oct 27, 2010  

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