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School Enterprise Challenge Application Form 2012 Please complete this form and mail to by 30 July 2012 to register for the School Enterprise Challenge

1. School Details School Name: Address:

2. In which Region is your School located?      

Europe North America Latin America & Caribbean Africa North Africa / Middle East Asia Pacific

3. Teacher Details Teacher 1

Teacher 2

Name: Job Title: Email: Tel No./Ext:

Name: Job Title: Email: Tel No./Ext:

4. Did your School participate in the School Enterprise Challenge in 2011?  Yes  No

5. Please tell us a bit about your educational institution

Including: type of institution (e.g. school/vocational training centre), age groups that attend, what is taught, whether the students pay fees, etc.

6. How many students attend your institution?

7. Approximately how many students do you intend to involve in your enterprise?

8. How many staff (including teachers) are there at your institution?

9. What was your school's approximate income in USD last year? This amount should include any money given to you by the government, donors, or that is received in tuition fees

10. Do you have regular access to the internet? Do you have access to the internet at least once a week? If no, please provide details:

11. Existing Enterprises Do you have any existing school enterprises? If so, please give us some details below:

12. Incorporating the School Enterprise Challenge at your school How do you intend to run the School Enterprise Challenge in your school? E.g. as an extracurricular activity, part of Business Studies or Citizenship classes, as an Enrichment activity

13. Payment Details Please tick one of the options below  I have recommended the School Enterprise Challenge to another school and would like to enter free of charge  I have not recommended the School Enterprise Challenge to any other schools, and will make a bank transfer for the full amount of USD $100  I have a promotional code and would like to enter free of charge (please enter the code below) *Note: Discounts apply only if schools recommended sign up to the School Enterprise Challenge

Promotional Code If you were given a promotional code, please enter it below

14. Details of School Recommended Please list details of schools you have recommended the School Enterprise Challenge to below: School Name:

School Name:

Contact Name: Contact Email:

Contact Name: Contact Email:

15. Are you interested in developing a partnership with a school following Route 2?

 Yes  No

16. Are you interested in receiving text alerts?  Yes  No

17. Are you eligible for any of the country level School Enterprise Challenge competitions?     

Tanzania South Africa Paraguay Nicaragua Uganda

18. How Did You Hear About The School Enterprise Challenge? If you heard about the School Enterprise Challenge from a school or individual who has already joined the Challenge, please write their unique identification code below:

19. Any Questions? If you have any questions regarding the School Enterprise Challenge, please write them here and we will respond either via email or on our blog:

20. Terms & Conditions  I confirm that I have read and understood the Rules and Terms & Conditions on the School Enterprise Challenge Website, and agree to be sent email and text updates throughout the course of the Challenge

ď Ż I would like to be added to the Teach A Man To Fish mailing list to receive occasional updates on their work


Teacher 1

Teacher 2

Return Instructions Completed forms should be sent to Cheques should be made payable to Teach A Man To Fish and sent to the address below. All cheques must be received within 14 days of application.

Teach A Man To Fish 89-93 Fonthill Road London N4 3JH

Schools Enterprise Challenge  

Schools Enterprise Challenge 2012

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