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Glass And Mirrors Supplier in Singapore

Using glass and mirrors as focal points in a room is becoming increasingly popular in the world of interior design. Interior design is so much more than giving your home a fresh coat of paint and changing the furniture around.

It is more about making the best use of what you have to produce a room that is not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but that also cleverly reflects you and your own taste.

Obviously decorating comes into the equation, but you also have to add the right kind of fixtures and fittings that should fit in harmoniously with the colour, lighting and theme of your home.

Above all any room should be designed with the safety of its occupants in mind. Fortunately it is possible to find glass that is both beautiful and incredibly tough so these days, glass and mirrors can be used for everything from tables to staircases; we are limited only by our imagination.

Naturally, the end purpose of the room will dictate whether or not it is practical to make extensive use of glass and mirrors but nevertheless, even on a smaller scale they can add a whole new dimension to your interior design project.

One of the advantages of both glass and mirrors is that they can blend in very well with other types of materials and enhance existing fixtures and fittings and of course they also help create a bright and airy atmosphere.

Mirrors for example, can be so much more than just functional accessories; they reflect a lot of light and create an illusion of space, which is particularly beneficial if a room is small.

Light travels right through glass so a well positioned glass panelled sideboard or other piece of glass furniture set off with subtle artificial lighting or placed where there is a lot of natural sunlight could enhance the overall appearance and ambience of a room and again, create an illusion of space.

Utilising glass panels in doorways can increase the amount of natural light entering into a room in the first place. Glass and mirror is versatile too; it can be etched, frosted or even stained to add decoration and style.

Together, glass and mirrors in the right light can create an air of elegance and sophistication and rooms can be transformed from dull and dreary to bright and beautiful.

There are literally countless ways of using glass and mirrors as furniture pieces or accessories to enhance the appearance of any room and of course to mirror your own individual style. In order to get the right look for you, the one that will reflect your own style, you first have to identify what your style is.

Popular styles include traditional, modern, country, minimalist, retro or even a contrast of styles. Regardless of which style you want to go for, glass and mirrors work well with any of them. Pay attention to what have other people done with glass and mirrors that you could imitate or expand on to create your own effect.

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Glass And Mirrors Supplier  

Duraslide is an innovative glazing & stainless steel industry in Singapore. We specialize in Manual/ Automatic glass door,Glass works such a...

Glass And Mirrors Supplier  

Duraslide is an innovative glazing & stainless steel industry in Singapore. We specialize in Manual/ Automatic glass door,Glass works such a...