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Unique Design and Advanced Features of Coil Feeders Coil feeders are designed to maximize the performance of coil feeders. The unique design and advanced features of the feeder helps maximize your productivity. Great attention is paid to the details of each unit. Following are some of the most widely used coil feeding systems along with their benefits. 1. Coil Feeders LF Series: LF series of coil feeding system covers up a wide range of capabilities and can handle materials of thickness 0.6 mm and width up to 1100 mm. a. Mid-Size Feeder LFA-L Series: This model accommodates materials ranging from 300 to 600mm wide and 3.2mm thick. The unit is often equipped with lever lock-type side guides, and the uncoiler comes packed with slide-type side guides. The feeder features to hold down the pressure calculation function even during the production phase. Easy adjustment of the height by means of hydraulic jack leads to shorter setup times and improved quality. The large apertures on either ends of the work rolls make it all the more easy to clean them, minimizing the risk of developing the scratches on the surface and thus boosting the lifespan of the equipment.

b. Mid-Size Large Coil Feeder LFG Series: It is a kind of shared HMI that only press manufacturer could provide. It is widely used to view the feeder operation information and change of feeder settings. The translucent aluminum covering of the frame results in improved operability as well as maintainability. It is easy to clean the work rolls for smooth and hassle free performance. Different range of models is available in single and double uncoilers c. Mid-Size Feeder LFA-G Series: The model accommodates materials ranging from 400mm to 600mm wide and thickness up to 6mm. It is easy to handle as the unique hydraulics free design makes use of electric power and air as the driving source. The coil feeder is easy to settle thanks to the implicit threading feature that allows for easy bending of the end of the coil material without taking help of any external tools. The unique easy adjustment feature of the feeder can free you from the laborious task of setting the thickness of the material currently being used. The automatic threading mechanism reduces the manual effort required for the threading operations from the uncoiler up to the die.

2. Coil Feeder Line: A wide range of choices are available to match different coil materials. On request of the customer, the feeder can even features like feed lines processing colored material, large sized blanking lines with the piler and more. They offer a wide range of automation from auto-threading the coil end to auto-rewinding. Large-size coil lines are available along with the various other general purpose equipments including uncoiler ES/ESR, straightened LS, cradle LM and more. 3. Roll Feeder F-3 Series: The compact design of the roll feeder makes it a favorite of many. Built-in control panel allows for easy operation via an intuitive touch screen. The F-3 series roll feeders automatically calculates the acceleration by simply feeding in the values of the feed length and the spm, the value of the acceleration can be found out. One can even control the speed of the acceleration. 4. Combined Uncoiler Straightener L Series: This series of uncoiler straightened features 13 work rolls with chrome plating. The straightened runs continuously, 24 x 7, preventing the roll from stopping when used in conjugation with the so called F series. The upper rolls can be wide opened for ease of maintenance. The L series processes strips ranges from 300 to 400mm wide. Further both single and double kinds of uncoilers are available in L series. With so many options available online, there are several coil feeders available online to meet the diverse business requirements. Choose a coil feeding system that helps increase the productivity of your business by manifolds. For more information find below information:

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Unique Design and Advanced Features of Coil Feeders  

Coil feeders are used for an array of applications. The article gives a glimpse at some of the prominent features and advantages of using di...