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M o n t h ly N e w s l e t t e r Volume 18 • issue 3 - March 2014 From our Association Executive Information Regarding 4/1/2014 Monthly Dues Increase

Durango Area Assn. of REALTORS

As many of you are aware, an increase to your monthly dues starting April 1, 2014 was announced at Wednesday’s Quarterly Membership meeting. Monthly Dues for all REALTOR® members will increase from $55/month to $70/month starting on your April 2014 billing statement. Many of you have requested more information regarding this change and how your costs for services are broken out, and I’m happy to help clarify some things for you. Several factors have contributed to the need for this monthly increase, including but not limited to, the discontinuation of shared services, Increased cost of MLS product, increased cost of ancillary services such as the Tech Helpline, and the LAMPS membership management system, the need to repair/update the DAAR building, and the increase of general operations costs such as utilities, taxes, and travel costs. Rather than facing the need to take this money out of reserves, the board felt the most prudent financial strategy would be to implement a dues increase to cover the increased costs that up until this point the Association has been absorbing. Your last dues increase was in the year 2011 for $5/mo., and followed a very large drop in REALTOR® membership due to the recession. 2009 was our highest membership level, topping out at just under 400 members, and in 2011 we experienced a loss of membership of over 35% to 253 members. This year, with the implementation of Realist within the Paragon system, we will be experiencing an additional increase in product cost of 10% ANNUALLY for the next 3 years in order to pay for this new and exciting feature, which we feel you will find a major benefit to your MLS capabilities. Before the decision from the CREN Board of Directors to implement the Realist product software, cost of MLS product to DAAR was $18.50 per member per month. Our annual increases started in 2014, climbing to $20.35 mbr/mo and will continue to increase in 2015 to $22.39 mbr/mo, and in 2016 to $24.63 mbr/mo. Other factors of consideration include: - The loan on the DAAR building for the recent remodel is $150K, or $1548/month, which is roughly $6+/member. - CPI increases on LAMPS of approximately 3% annually - Cost of Tech Helpline is based on member usage- the more its used, the more it costs - Travel expenses such as airfare, per diem, and hotel accommodations continue to increase, as we continue to decrease our travel budgets - Shared Services relationships with the Four Corners and Pagosa Boards ceased as of the end of 2013, hence a realized revenue loss of approx. $40k annually We hope you understand that there was a great deal of careful consideration given by your leadership in the implementation of this increase. If you have any additional questions regarding the rationale for this upcoming change please do not hesitate to contact either myself or any of your DAAR Board of Directors as we want you to be educated and informed.

Amanda Erickson is the Assn. Executive of The Durango Area Assn. of REALTORS® You can contact her at 970-247-9604

DAAR Brown-Bag Series

Please join us on March 20th from 12 - 1 at The DAAR Office for our new and exciting education series...

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La Plata Economic Alliance Development Roger Zalneraitis

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Learn about current RHA programs and funding position, First Time Homebuyer Tax credits available through the State of Colorado.

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The Durango Area Association of REALTORS®

16th Annual Helping Hand Golf Tournament May 30th, 2014 at The Glacier Club Tee Time: 10:00am

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES  1st Place Prize Sponsor - $400  3rd Place Prize Sponsor - $200  2nd Place Prize Sponsor - $300 4 lunch tickets. Recognition in all adver- 3 lunch tickets. Recognition in all adver- 2 lunch tickets. Recognition in all advertisements including online. Sign placed tisements including online. Sign placed tisements including online. Sign placed at luncheon. at luncheon. at luncheon.  Hole Sponsor - $250 2 lunch tickets. Recognition in all advertisements including online. Sign placed at designated tee.  Event Sponsor - $100 Gift Cert. or Item Value 1 lunch ticket. Recognition in advertisements. Sign placed at designated tee. 1st come 1st serve to host an event, in which case representatives can be set up at the tee. Events Include: Men’s Longest Drive, Women’s Longest Drive, Longest Drive Everyone, Men’s Closest to the Pin, Women’s Closest to the Pin, Closest to the Pin Everyone and Longest Putt Everyone Name: (to appear in advertisements) ___________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________ City: _________________________ St: ______________ Phone: ______________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________ Event Sponsors, write in the event you would like to sponsor: ________________________________________________

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• Men’s Longest Drive • Women’s Longest Drive • Longest Drive Everyone • Men’s Closest To The Pin • Women’s Closest To The Pin • Closest To The Pin Everyone y • Longest Putt Everyone

FRIDAY, May 30th 10:00am Tee Time

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DAAR Charity Luncheon May 30th, 2014 at 2:30 PM Graciously Hosted By The Glacier Club



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Phone 970-247-9604 • Fax: 970-385-5205 Thank you for your support!! Proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit local charities. Last year we distributed funds to the following organizations: Volunteers of America, Women’s Resource Center. Del Alma, Four Corners Health Care Center, Southwest Safehouse, Healthy Kids, Durango La Plata Senior Center, La Plata Red Cross, Community Foundation (Scholarships), DHS After Prom Party, Women’s Health Coalition of SW. CO., La Plata Family Center Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Durango, Southwest Transitions Student Summer Literacy Program, The Pregnancy Center


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The 2013-2014 Durango Area Association of REALTORS速 Board of Directors: President / Kelly Kniffin / 749-3867 / President-Elect / Jim Wotkyns / 375-7005 / Past President / Denise Storm / 759-9819 / Vice President / Jerome Bleger / 759-1658 / Treasurer / Cathy Craig / 749-3986 / Director / Gabi Bergstrom / 946-7522 / Director / Linda Buzzalini / 259-6680 / Director / Nicole Perino / 259-6680 / CAR Director/ Jarrod Nixon / 769-0774/

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DAAR New Member Orientation - Mandatory for new members Date: Thursday, April 3rd Times: 9:00 am-12:00 pm Location: DAAR Office Instructor: Various Cost: FREE/ REQUIRED for ALL New Members

Please sign up online using your LAMPS login at New Member Orientation is designed to help the new member become familiar with the local, state and national association. It covers Fair Housing, Anti-Trust, DAAR Bylaws, MLS Rules and Regulations and Committee Participation.

NAR Ethics Date: Thursday, April 3rd Times: 1:00-5:00 pm Location: DAAR Office Instructor: Aaron Diem Cost: $45 CE: 4hours

Please sign up online using your LAMPS login at This course provides a basic review of the REALTOR ® Code of Ethics. You will be presented with relevant data to develop an awareness of the new broker relationships and the ethical considerations each presents. This 4 hour course fulfills the need for NAR quadrennial ethics requirements for both new and existing REALTOR members. (Quadrennial period 1/1/13-12/31/16)

Mold CLASS coming in April. More information to come:

Colorado Capital Bank mortgage Mike & Judy Malone 970.375.2265 970.749.1104 (Judy) Mike and Judy Malone 970.749.1101 (Mike) 970.375.BANK (2265)


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Important Updates and Reminders! Amanda & Jo Ann Out Of the Office

Amanda and Jo Ann will be out of the office March 20 - 26 while attending Association Executive Institute in Baltimore... please go easy on Jasmyn :)

Government Affairs Update- Durango Area REALTOR® Association CAR Director & GAD: Jarrod Nixon HB 1009 CAR has formally taken the position of SUPPORT on HB14-1009, Concerning Changing the Wildfire Mitigation Tax Deduction to the Wildfire Mitigation Tax Credit. The bill changes the wildfire mitigation income tax deduction to the wildfire mitigation income tax credit. An income tax deduction reduces a taxpayer's taxable income, the amount to which the tax rate is applied. A tax credit reduces a taxpayer's tax liability by taking a dollar-for-dollar reduction in what is owed by what the credit allows. The bill allows a landowner a credit of 50% of the costs incurred in performing wildfire mitigation measures, not to exceed $2,500. Any amount in excess of the landowner's tax liability in the year the credit is first claimed may be carried forward to offset the landowner's future tax liability for 5 years. This bill also comes out of the Wildfire Matters Review Committee. Policy proposals that are focused on educating property owners and incentivizing activities that reduce the risk of wildfire are more likely to have a long term impact. As of March 10th, this bill had passed the House Committee on Finance and is awaiting a hearing in the House Committee on Appropriations. HB 1125 CAR is supporting HB 1125, Concerning the circumstances under which a unit owners’ association may disclose contact information for members and residents under the “Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act”. Current law prohibits a Home Owners Association (HOA) from sharing the personal contact information of members or residents in a common interest community. This bill permits an HOA to publish members' and residents' contact information, provided the person gives the HOA prior written consent. This directly impacts those in HOAs in resort areas. Many times, unit owners don’t reside in the area, and would like to be easily communicated. Because this is an “opt-in” action, CAR supports this, as it will only help to increase communication amongst an HOA. This bill has passed the House and is calendared for Senate Local Government Committee on March 11th. HB 1136 CAR sponsored HB 1136, Concerning exempting a continuing professional education program that is approved by a state professional licensing board from regulation by the division of private occupational schools in the department of higher education, passed its first committee hearing last week, advancing from the House Committee on Education to the Committee of the Whole. CAR is running this piece of legislation due to a bill from last year that removed our exemption that enabled local boards and CAR to provide continuing education to non-members. This bill would restore our ability to provide continuing education to non-member licensees and other industry professionals. This bill passed the house on 2nd reading on Monday, March 10th. HB 1279 CAR is supporting HB 1279, Concerning the creation of a state income tax credit to reimburse a business for personal property taxes paid in the state. This bill establishes a credit against income taxes for a taxpayer who has less than $25,000 of personal property and pays personal property taxes. The

credit would be available for the next five income tax years. Any credit exceeding the income tax liability would be refundable. One of CAR’s long held principles is support of legislation which improves economic vitality and business competitiveness, including legislation that addresses economic development through the reduction or elimination of the business personal property tax. The BPPT reduces business investment and economic growth, and poses a competitive disadvantage for recruiting and retaining businesses and jobs in Colorado. HB 1279 is a step in the right direction toward reducing the tax liability of the business personal property tax and fostering renewed business investment and growth. This bill passed the House Committee on Business, Labor, Economic, and workforce development and is waiting to be heard in Finance. SB 008 CAR supports SB14-008, Concerning the Creation of the Wildfire Information and Resource Center in the Division of Fire Prevention and Control in the Department of Public Safety. The bill creates the wildfire information and resource center in the division of fire prevention and control in the Department of Public Safety. It is one of the bills brought forward by the Wildfire Matters Review Committee. CAR believes educating homeowners about how to mitigate risk on their properties is a targeted and reasonable policy solution which will have a much greater long-term positive impact and is more likely to change people's behavior towards wildfire prevention. As of March 10th, this bill has passed the Senate Committee on Local Government and is awaiting a hearing in the Senate Committee on Appropriations. SB 009 CAR has successfully amended SB14-009, Concerning a Disclosure of Possible Separate Ownership of the Mineral Estate in the Sale of Real Property. Current law requires that sellers of real estate disclose specified information prior to the final sale. For example, sellers must inform buyers when the property is located within a special taxing district, or is subject to assessments as part of a common interest community. This bill adds a requirement for sellers to disclose that a separate mineral estate may subject the property to oil, gas, or mineral extraction. The disclosure does not create an additional duty on the part of the seller to investigate. As introduced, SB-009 required by no later than January 1, 2015, the Real Estate Commission in the Department of Regulatory Affairs (DORA) to promulgate rules to implement the requirement. CAR does not believe that SB-009 will have the intended effect that the proponents believe it will. The Real Estate Commission’s Approved Contract to Buy and Sell already notifies Buyers that the surface estate may be owned separately from the underlying mineral estate, and further, advises Buyers that third parties may own interests in the mineral rights, giving those interests the right to enter and use the surface property. However, the bill has the support of both the House Speaker and Senate President, as well as the Governor, so knowing the bill is very likely to pass CAR’s Legislative Policy Committee set out to modify the bill in a way that is less likely to raise the liability of Realtors and Sellers. Working with stakeholders through this process, CAR successfully amended SB-009 which alleviated some of our concerns. The amendment clarifies that it is the Buyer’s duty to do their own due diligence regarding the investigation of whether a mineral estate has been split from the surface estate, and/or whether there could possibly be future Oil & Gas activity when the Seller has no knowledge about a split estate or whether there is potential Oil & Gas activity – which will be the common transactional situation. Furthermore, we are pleased to see the reference to “or near” on Page 3, line 1, amended to read “or adjacent”. Without this change we feared the “or near” put Sellers and real estate licensees in jeopardy because where they may not believe some existing, or planned, activity is "near" the property a buyer and their attorney could have a different definition of "near" and now they get to litigate what "near" means. Lastly, we applaud the Division of Real Estate's adopted amendment moving the effective date to January 1, 2016, which respects Real Estate Commission's two-year moratorium on forms changes.

As of March 10th, it had passed the House on Third Reading, and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. SB 103 CAR is monitoring SB 103, Concerning the phase-out of the sale of certain low-efficiency plumbing fixtures. This legislation is aimed at water conservation by phasing out the sale of less efficient lavatory faucets, showerheads, toilets and urinals and offering WaterSense-labeled fixtures in their place. WaterSense is the water equivalent to the well-known ENERGY STAR label. Receiving this label indicates that this fixture has met high standards for both water savings and performance. The proponents of this bill, Denver Water, have done a study on the amount of water savings this would effect in Colorado, and the conservative estimate in these calculations is approximately 13 billion gallons of water saved. Texas, California and Georgia have all passed similar legislation in recent years. One of the key aspects of the bill is that there is no mandate to retroactively fit existing properties. This bill simply phases out the sale in the state of Colorado of less efficient water fixtures. The phase out of lavatory faucets, showerheads, flushing urinals, tank-type toilets, and tank-type water closets must be completed by September 1, 2016. It has passed the House and is calendared for March 13th in the Senate Committee on Transportation and Energy.

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