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Barbara Bush thrilled to have a full house By Malia Durbano Special to the Herald


othing is more important than family during the holidays,” said Barbara Bush, who has three children, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Even though her loved ones don’t live in Durango, they find a way to connect over the holidays. Bush has celebrated decades of Christmas in Durango, beginning with her very first one. She is one of the few residents actually born here. Bush owned a hair salon on Ninth Street near Main for 31 years while she was raising her children. Her eldest son, Steve, and daughter, Tammy, both live in Franktown, near Castle Rock. Daughter Sandy lives in Michigan. She has been blessed with eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Since Steve and Tammy live so close together, they usually meet at Tammy’s house for Christmas. “Tammy loves to decorate, and even has two trees,” said Bush. “I go a few days early and we It’s so like crazy.” much fun cook After all the presents are opened, Steve and his family come over and they have a big dinner midto watch afternoon. the little Dinner is usually “turkey and all the fixins.” Tammy always makes sugar cookies from a grandfamous family recipe passed down through her children husband’s family. Bush loves having the whole family together. be so “It’s so much fun to watch the little grandchildren excited by be so excited by Christmas.” biggest challenge is figuring out what Christmas. to Her buy everyone. “I buy gifts for my kids, give checks to the grandkids and buy something for the great grandkids.” She wishes she lived closer, because she gets to see all of them only a few times a year. “I should have moved up there to be near them, but I just love Durango,” she said. Since Sandy lives so far away, “I love it when she calls to ask me how to cook something special,” said Bush. “I talk to all my kids at least once a week.” This year will be different. The kids got together and made a plan. They notified her recently that they’re all coming down to Durango to spend the holiday with her. Sandy and her family are coming in from Michigan, “so I’ll have a house full for a few days. “They can’t stay long, since they all have to get back to work; but it will be wonderful to have them all together.” H

Barbara Bush of Durango describes family photos. LINDSAY ABSHAGEN/Herald

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Durango Living Holiday Edition 2012  
Durango Living Holiday Edition 2012  

Adding holiday cheer in Durango Colorado