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Shower Curtain Rails COLLECTION

Our collection of handcrafted shower curtain rails add a traditional charm and style to many bathrooms whilst remaining functional. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, this range caters for all tastes. A charming addition for any bath or shower needing a unique and functional element‌

Vogue 63


Vogue 64

shower curtain rails COLLECTION

SCR1.1 H: 1275 W: 625 D: 325

SCR2.1 H: 1238 W: 675 D: 338

SCR3.1 H: 1700 W: - D: -

Vogue 65

shower curtain rails COLLECTION

SCR4.1 H: 37.0 W: 37.0 D: -

SCR5.1 H: 30.6 diameter W: - D: 13.4

SCR6.1 H: 37.0 W: 25.2 D: -

Vogue 66

07 Vogue Shower Curtain Rails pdf