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STYLE The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. Whether it’s the hub of creative cuisine, a place for friends to gather or a nexus for the family to grow up around, your kitchen  is the focal point of your home. That’s why it’s important to have a quality, stylish and long-lasting surface as the showpiece of your space. Flexible seamless design, earthy, natural colours, contemporary style - a Satinera™ solid surface benchtop has all the right ingredients to create a stunning kitchen. A video introduction to DuPont™ Satinera™. Scan with QR reader to watch


Made from natural minerals and high-performance acrylic, Satinera™ is a revolutionary material that is non-porous, resisting stains and bacteria so perfect for kitchen benchtops. Satinera™ can be formed in almost any shape seamlessly, is long lasting and renewable, so the surface can be repaired if need be.


The natural strength of Satinera™ solid surface makes it a hardwearing surface tough enough to stand up to the everyday realities of a busy home. Yet its elasticity means that it’s more forgiving on your breakables. This incredibly durable material is also heat and stain resistant and with proper care will outlast almost any other type of kitchen benchtop. 


Unlike most other benchtop material, Satinera™ solid surface can be renewed. Chips, dents or scratches can be cut out and filled restoring your benchtop to its original condition. No need to replace it, simply call the repair man who will come to your home and restore your benchtop to its former beauty. How’s that for peace of mind?


DuPont™ Satinera™ is one of the most flexible and versatile materials available today which means the design possibilities for your kitchen are endless. Why settle for conventional benchtops with straight lines and hard edges when Satinera™ can be bent and sculpted into flowing curves and rounded corners.


Satinera™ solid surfaces are joined together using a special adhesion process which means there are no open cracks or joints in your kitchen benchtop. This not only makes the area much easier to clean but creates a seamless continuous flow across your kitchen benchtop.


Satinera™ is non-porous which means that bacteria, mould and liquids cannot penetrate the surface leaving a cleaner and healthier kitchen benchtop. And the signature seamless design and fully integrated sinks means there are no crevices to trap dirt and old food reducing the areas for germs to breed.

Everyday wear and tear, including light scratching, may be exhibited. Scratching is not considered a product defect and hence not covered by the DuPont 10-year warranty.


Natural Colours The subtle, earthy tones of the Satinera™ colour pallet are inspired by nature and are designed to complement any décor.   To ensure your colour selections are right for your home, request a 50mm colour chip at any Masters store or order online from




Satin White




Satinera™ solid surface is created for a lifetime of easy care. Good looks combined with functionality are the core of a versatile kitchen. Not only does a kitchen boasting Satinera™ look sleek and stylish, its nature makes it ideal to handle everyday use. For every day care, simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge. For full care details, request a Care & Maintenance brochure from a Masters Kitchen representative or download it from

CREATIVE DuPont™ Satinera™ is one of the most flexible and versatile materials available.

With a Satinera™ solid surface, the design possibilities for your kitchen are endless so you can use your imagination to create a kitchen design unique to you.

SEAMLESS Satinera™ solid surface kitchen sinks provide unparalleled, hygienic workflow coupled with stylish natural design. Satinera™ moulded kitchen sinks can be seamlessly installed into your benchtop to create one smooth, continuous surface. With no undesirable cracks or open joints, the sinks are more hygienic, durable and visually impressive.  Traditional sinks, such as stainless steel and ceramic, can be installed with a Satinera™ solid surface benchtop – either top mount or under mount. However for a totally seamless finish, a Satinera™ solid surface kitchen sink is definitely the way to go.  Made of 100% acrylic, this high performance sink is resistant to stains and scratches and its smooth curved lines make cleaning a breeze. Choose from the oversized-single basin (Model SB958) or the double basin with half sink (Model SB971). All Satinera™ sinks come with a pop up plug and if you would like draining grooves next to your sink/s, they can be machined into your kitchen benchtop. Request a Sink Fact Sheet from a Masters Kitchen representative or download it from

Satinera™ solid surfaces are practical. The contemporary finishes and amazing versatility of a Satinera™ solid surface benchtop create stunning yet practical kitchens that will serve you for years to come. Your investment in a DuPont™ Satinera™ solid surface benchtop includes design, measurement and pricing, template production, benchtop fabrication, installation and finishing. Also included is DuPont’s 10 year warranty, a Satinera™ solid surface bread/serving board and repair piece for future renewing.

How Masters can help DuPont™ Satinera™ solid surface kitchen benchtops are available exclusively from Masters. Ask your Masters Kitchen representative for an obligation-free quote. Talk to your Masters Kitchen representative about the benefits of incorporating DuPont™ Satinera™ into your kitchen project. Your Masters Kitchen representative can provide you with a colour chip to help make your colour choice.


At your service.

10-year peace of mind. Year after year, with proper care, SatineraTM solid surfaces will remain as beautiful and elegant as the day it was installed. Dupont is so confident in the quality of SatineraTM they offer a 10-year limited warranty on all product and installation*.

Continued satisfaction makes SatineraTM a leader in solid surfaces. Our future relies on our ability to meet your needs with the highest quality products available.

Register your warranty certificate. To ensure your SatineraTM benchtop and sink has years of worry free use, please ensure you complete your DupontTM SatineraTM solid surfaces Warranty Certificate and return it to Dupont or its authorised representative. Your new SatineraTM surface will then be registered in our national warranty database for your peace of mind. Quality Network. The team of Dupont certified fabricators and installers are continually trained in the latest Dupont techniques for working with SatineraTM solid surfaces. Our team strives to always deliver the highest levels of quality and customer service. *

We strive to ensure your experience with SatineraTM is enjoyable and memorable. Please do not hesitate to contact Dupont or its authorised representative if you have any queries, concerns or compliments about your new SatineraTM solid surface.

Refer to the warranty document for full terms and conditions of the 10 year limited warranty.

1300 766 144 /dupontsatinera






Copyright Š 2011 DupontTM. All rights reserved. The DupontTM Oval Logo, DupontTM. The miracles of scienceTM are trademarks of E.I. du pont Nemours and Company or its affiliates. SatineraTM solid surfaces ismade exclusively by DupontTM.

Dupont Satinera Product Brochure  

Made from natural minerals and high-performance acrylic, Satinera™ is revolutionary material that is non-porous, resisting stains and bacter...

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