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Beautified by Science Discover the power of dupont Solutions for Cosmetics.

DuPont is a market-driven science company bringing science-based materials, ingredients and technologies to leading cosmetics, fragrance and personal care brands.

Turn cosmetic dreams into realities For over 50 years, from formulations to packaging, DuPont science and innovations have allowed brand owners and end-users to ÂŤMake a StatementÂť with consumers. Science and innovations from DuPont help manufacturers and marketers differentiate their products. Discover now what DuPont can do for you.


The cosmetic industry provides consumers with products that delight and surprise them. Successful skin, hair and nail care cosmetics require ingredients that deliver proven performance and allow innovative formulations.

Value-adding ingredients DuPont not only provides ingredients that can customize the texture and feel of products, but also offers renewably-sourced ingredients which allow formulators to create sustainable products.

Natural glycol alternative

High performance polyol

DuPont Tate & Lyle Zemea® propanediol is the first 100 % natural glycol alternative approved by Ecocert™ and certified by the Natural Products Association (NPA). Made from corn sugar, Zemea® offers formulators many skin-friendly benefits such as no irritation or sensitization, enhanced moisturization, and excellent sensorial characteristics. Used as an humectant, emollient or natural solvent, Zemea® can be easily incorporated in formulations containing petroleumbased propylene glycol, butylene glycol or glycerin. It has been commercialized in over 200 natural and organic cosmetic and personal care formulations around the world. Environmental sustainability benefits include significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy consumption in its production (based on LCA data).

DuPont™ Cerenol® is a renewably-sourced alternative to petrochemical-based ingredients and belongs to a family of high performance polyols. The use of Cerenol® in cosmetic and personal care formulations provides a soft after-feel, superior disbursement, and helps achieve dramatic formula simplification, due to its viscosity building, moisturizing, lubricity and stabilizing effects – eliminating the need for many petroleum-based additives.

• • • • • • • • •

Zemea® is a registered trademark of DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products LLC

Ecocert™ and NPA certified natural High purity and colourless Lack of irritation and sensitization Excellent sensory aesthetics Enhanced moisturization Environmentally sustainable Antibacterial and antifungal properties Preservative-free 100 % renewably-sourced from corn sugar

• • • • • •

100 % renewably-sourced Multifunctional Petroleum and silicon free, ethoxylation free Low volatility Non skin irritant Simplified formulations which reduce use of chemical additives • Enhances sensorial properties


High quality aerosol propellant

Exfoliating powders

Cosmetic grade glycolic acid

DuPont™ Dymel® propellants are used as safe alternatives to smog forming and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) propellants. Because of zero and low VOC formulation potential, Dymel® propellants allow manufacturers to comply with national air quality standards.

DuPont™ Gotalene® powders are effective exfoliating beads that are well tolerated by the skin and available in a wide range of colours and particle sizes. They deliver skin health improvement benefits and therefore are ideal additives for applications such as face and body scrubs.

DuPont™ Glypure® is your best source of cosmetic-grade glycolic acid that is used in many cosmetics and other personal care products. It is the most popular active ingredient in anti-aging formulations with strong consumer recognition. Also, Glypure® adds proven effectiveness in hair care formulations by penetrating throughout the hair shaft, enhancing the softness, protection and manageability of both healthy and chemically damaged hair.

• Excellent solubility parameters • Reduction of Global Warming Potential impact of products • Can improve local air quality • Mixes with other ingredients easily

• Gentle and efficient exfoliation • Excellent skin tolerance • Improves epidermis cell turnover for healthier skin • Removes dead cells and smooths skin surface • Helps to unclog pores for a deep skin purification • Chemically inert • Easy to process and stabilize in formulations • Bio-based version also available

• Improves the appearance of sun damaged skin and fights skin aging • Improves elasticity and firmness • Also applicable for hair care and nail care • Effectiveness proven by clinical data • Easy to use and to stabilize in formulations • Contains no preservatives and is biodegradable

Respect for the environment and the most efficient use of resources throughout the product life cycle are important themes for all players in the value chain.

Sustainable packaging solutions Through comprehensive life cycle analysis, DuPont is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of packaging materials while ensuring a performance which is at least as good or better than current materials. DuPont offers a next generation product in terms of sustainable sources as well as energy consumption.

Renewably-sourced polyester DuPont™ Biomax® PTT is a new highperformance hybrid biomaterial that helps high-end packaging reduce its environmental footprint with no compromise on aesthetics and performance requirements. It contains up to 37 % renewably-sourced content and reduces environmental impact by eliminating costly solvent-based coatings. • Up to 37 % renewable content • Possibility to remove solvent-based coatings and reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHG) • Great scratch resistance • Excellent chemical resistance to common cosmetic and fragrance formulations • Good processability and easy flow in thin wall parts • Very glossy surface to provide attractive aesthetics • Naturally opaque to translucent, with good colourability

Durable packaging

Efficient image production

DuPont™ Tyvek® is a unique material which helps designers and packaging manufacturers devise a truly innovative packaging solution for the 21st century. The advantages that set Tyvek® apart from ordinary materials are its strong resistance to water, it‘s recyclability, it‘s “light as a feather” feel and a highly efficient environmental profile.

DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST is an easy-to-use hardware and printing technology that delivers flexo printing forms for high quality consistent printing, while ensuring the lowest environmental footprint. Cyrel® FAST printing forms provide a reliable standardized system combining high productivity with the shortest turnaround time from design to final package, fully supporting the sustainability and time-to-market expectations of brand owners.

• Tyvek® is 100 % recyclable • Primary energy consumption, CO2 and process emissions are less than cardboard • Lightweight, very flexible • Tear resistant, ensures contents stay hermetically sealed • Water resistant • Available in a wide range of colours including gold, silver and pearl effects • Distinguished “touch and feel“ • Withstands outdoor exposure

• • • • •

Extremely rapid access time Excellent ink transfer Superior printing uniformity Higher durability for long print runs High exposure resolution results in better quality reproduction • Image relief is clean and sharp • Solvent-free system


The world of beauty is a realm of dreams where luxurious textures and subtle perfumes tantalize the senses. Breaking traditional codes through innovative design and shape is necessary to capture the imagination of consumers.

Innovative packaging solutions DuPont takes luxury packaging to new levels by combining diverse effects with function and durability. From pouch films to cap seals and bonding resins, from printing technology to authentication labels, our products use state-of-the-art technology to create the most efficient, cost-effective and beautiful cosmetic packaging products in the market today.

From design dreams to Surlyn® realities

Decorative technologies

DuPont™ Surlyn® is a remarkably clear plastic that can be used to replace glass. Unlike other clear plastics, Surlyn® is highly resistant to scratches, to chemicals and oils, it is unbreakable and it offers unique packaging options for perfumes and cosmetics. Amazingly versatile, Surlyn® can be moulded into complex shapes and parts of uneven thickness that rival the clarity and chemical inertness of glass. It can be easily coloured, frosted, metal-plated, printed and hot stamped and it can provide a smooth and silky touch.

Create deep, eye-catching, intricately patterned decorative effects for scratch resistant cosmetic plastics, such as compact cases and lipsticks, through a proprietary technology of dye sublimation using DuPont™ Crastin® and DuPont™ Delrin® (semi-crystalline polymers).

• Unique clarity, high gloss, pleasant, warm touch • Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance • Superior chemical resistance • Tough, unbreakable • Thick and complex parts, many options for decoration • Can be coloured, metal-plated, printed and hot stamped • Optimized part cost with no secondary operations required

• • • • •

Diversity and durability of decoration Broad range of design Suitable for small quantities in production Design flexibility Function integration (clips, springs, snap-fits, push buttons…)

High barrier amorphous nylon

Anti-counterfeit technology

DuPont™ Selar® amorphous nylon barrier resins are used in demanding solvent-based applications to combine luxury aesthetics, sustainability and performance requirements. In bottles, jars and other rigid structures, Selar® PA offers the crystal clarity of glass, but with lower weight and better impact resistance. Typical market applications are waterproof mascaras and nail polishes.

With a unique and personalized design, the DuPont™ Izon® label not only enhances your brand, but is also a complete layered solution with the best in class overt and covert platforms. It offers you traceability on the origin of your product, as well as peace of mind towards the genuineness of the branded product your customer purchases.

• • • •

• Brand enhancement with personalized label • Differentiated product from competition • Brand protection with patented technology and layered, customized solutions • Protection against counterfeited products / parts, guaranteed genuineness, reduced liability, brand confidence / empowerment in minds of consumers

Gloss and scratch resistant surface Excellent solvent and chemical resistance UV blocking properties Easy to colour and to varnish, good printability and metallization • Design flexibility



There is more to a brush than meets the face. Filaments are the critical factor to deliver quality and performance for a wide range of cosmetic applications.

Performance filaments DuPont provides world-class engineering and manufacturing expertise to ensure you get the right brush for all your cosmetic products. From long-lasting nail polish brushes to smooth application mascara brushes and natural-feel facial brushes, DuPont Filaments have the product knowledge and expertise to meet all your product needs.


Premium filaments for powder brushes

Filaments for limitless variations

DuPont™ Natrafil™ replicates the effect of natural hair in powder brushes with patented technology that has been tested and proven. This technology creates a structured surface that optimizes the pick up and release of makeup powder. Natrafil™ uses science to solve polymeric challenges and thereby addresses natural hair imperfections related to hygiene, supply and quality. With DuPont™ Natrafil™ brush manufacturers can meet the needs of cosmetic brands and bring distinctiveness in powder brushes.

When it comes to mascara and nail brushes, DuPont™ Tynex® enhances the ability to design versatile and innovative products with specially engineered filament shapes, textures and colours to meet specific product development requirements. With variations in flexibility, stiffness or softness, DuPont has filament configurations to perfectly compliment your entire cosmetic brush line.

• No animal treatment issue • Combines the reliability of synthetic and the properties of animal hair without risk of contamination • Luxury feel and softness • Can be blended with other synthetic filaments to achieve the right effects, feel, touch, and design of the brush

• Freedom of design • Limitless variations of flexibility, stiffness and softness • Tailor-made solutions


By bringing The miracles of science™ to cosmetic ingredients and technologies DuPont helps its customers outpace the competition.

Beautified by Science Beauty products are increasingly sophisticated and require advanced technology to enhance the look and feel of cosmetics. As a scientific pioneer, DuPont effectively supports the science of beauty by enhancing the appearance and performance of your product.

FEEL THE VALUE DuPont provides ingredients that enable you to customize the texture and feel of products for cosmetic innovation.


OPEN YOUR MIND TO NEW PACKAGING IDEAS DuPont takes luxury packaging to new levels by combining diverse aesthetic effects with function and durability.


TAKE YOUR BRUSH TO NEW PERFORMANCE LEVELS DuPont provides world-class engineering and manufacturing expertise to ensure you get the right brush for all of your cosmetic products.


ience Science

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