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View PowerPoint on iPad 2? - 5 Methods for You to Choose Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., has announced the release of iPad 2 on March 2, news say the sales of iPad 2 will begin on March 11. Are you ready for an iPad 2? Once you get an iPad 2, you may have the desire to use it for presenting your great PowerPoint Presentations to your clients, friends and family members. However, PowerPoint presentations can't be used on iPad 2 directly, to solve the problems, there are some simple ways to have your PowerPoint slideshows displayed on your iPad 2. Let's walk through the following 5 methods to show you how to view PowerPoint presentations on iPad 2.

Method 1: Export PowerPoint slides as images Images can be viewed on the iPad 2 with the embedded photo viewer on iPad 2. The most common supported image formats by iPad 2 are JPG, B MP, G IF, and PNG . The following steps will guide you on how to save PowerPoint slides as images. For PowerPoint 2007: 1. Start up PowerPoint, and open up the presentations. Click the Office button ->” Save As” ->” Other Formats”. 2. At the pop-up window, select the Save As type, for example, choose JPG, and click “Save”. When PowerPoint asks whether you want to export all slides, select “Every Slide”. For PowerPoint 2003 & 2010: 1. Start up PowerPoint, click “File” -> “Save As”. 2. In the “Save as type” menu, choose “GIF” for example, and click “Save”, When PowerPoint asks whether you want to export all slides, select “Every Slide”.

Now you can import the slide pictures to your iPad 2. The limitation of this method is that animations, transitions, the sound and video clips will be lost. Method 2: Convert PowerPoint to video formats for playing on iPad 2 The iPad 2 provides excellent support for video playback. By converting PowerPoint to video formats, you can watch the PowerPoint slides on your iPad 2 easily. Also, you can upload it to video sharing sites like YouTube so that you can watch it online. Many PowerPoint to video converters provide the smart feature to convert PowerPoint presentations to iPad 2 supported video formats, like M4V, MP4, MOV. Take Moyea PP T to Video Converter for example. In 3 steps, your PowerPoint can be converted to an iPad 2 supported video formats. 1. Install the PowerPoint to video converter and import the presentations that you want to convert. Bath converting is available. 2. Select an output video format you need. You can also customize video profile parameters. 3. Click "Start" to convert the presentations to video. I prefer this method for it is lossless, the PowerPoint presentations displayed on iPad 2 is exactly the same as the original. Method 3: View PowerPoint on iPad 2 as P D F files The iPad 2 can read PDF files using a few programs designed for iPad such as CloudReaders or Easy P D F . You can use the FREE Moyea PP T to PD F Converter to transfer PowerPoint to PDF. Just like images, all the animations, transitions, the audio and video clips will disappear. Method 4: View PowerPoint on iPad 2 via PP T sharing sites The PPT sharing sites like and enable you to display PowerPoint presentations online. Take for example, for viewing your PowerPoint on iPad 2, you can upload your PowerPoint on When you open the URL provided by on iPad 2, you can view your presentations normally which has been converted to the iPad 2 compatible format. But it will not preserve the animations, the audios and videos. Method 5: View PowerPoint on iPad 2 using Keynote If you have Keynote installed on your iPad 2, you can open a PowerPoint file within Keynote, then use the Keynote functions to play your presentations. Third party programs like M ighty Meeting also let you view your presentations on your iPad 2. This application stores your PowerPoint presentations in the cloud and you can share them in online meetings and discussions from the web, tablet, or smart phone. All the 5 methods above can help you view PowerPoint presentations on iPad 2, which one do

you prefer?

5 Methods to View PowerPoint on iPad 2  

Microsoft PowerPoint formats are not supported by iPad 2. So in order to view PowerPoint presentations on iPad 2, here are 5 methods that en...

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