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Amanda Koppelman is a fifth grader at Nova University Private School with interests too diverse to mention all of them. A hip hop, tap, and jazz dancer, actress, and singer, Amanda has starred in such roles as Annie in Annie, King Triton in Little Mermaid, Jr. and Charlie in Willie Wonka. As a straight “A” student, Amanda has participated in Math Olympiad competitions and the National Spelling Bee. She is also a member of the Spanish Club and Kiwanis Kids. Amanda enjoys playing piano, recorder, violin, and ukulele. As a young philanthropist, Amanda has raised over $7,000 for Juvenile Diabetes towards Team Apetz “Brooke’s Warriors” over the past five years. She is in her 6th year as a Girl Scout and is now a junior in the Great Earth Service Unit.

Madison Piper,

having left Embassy Creek Elementary as a straight “A” student, is very excited to be a student at Pioneer Middle School. She is currently learning to play the piano and has performed in many plays in her elementary school Drama Club. She was the anchor for Embassy Creek’s school news program (WECE) and was selected by the Principal to be the exclusive announcer for the afternoon news. As a member of Future Educators of America, Madison tutors younger children with reading and has had the honor of having her first article published in Sports and Activities Magazine. She is also delighted to be a part of the Cooper City “Helping Hands” Program. As evening approaches, Madison, an avid athlete, enjoys playing soccer, a sport she has participated in since the age of four, including traveling with a team that recently won the Region Cup.

Logan Piper,

a 14-year-old at Cooper City High School, already has a proven track record of keeping himself immersed in many activities. On the Executive Board of the Student Government Association, on the 8th Grade Student Council, in DECA, and on the debate team, we wonder how Logan still manages to find time for his numerous hobbies. Logan is not only on the Cooper City High Golf Team and a member of the Cooper City Teen Council, he spends whatever spare time he has as a soccer referee for ages 5-17 for the Cooper City Optimist League and is a member of the Junior Golf Association, having won many first and second place trophies. Fishing, playing video games, and traveling are his favorite pastimes; and his professional goal is to become a civil engineer and actually design the objects of his most exciting hobby... riding roller coasters!

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The Thrill of Life Who Am I? blueapple Poetry Corner

Sports Superstar Kyle Lograsso: Tees off Against Retinoblastoma

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The Magically Mysterious Adventures of Noelle the Bulldog by Gloria Estefan


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Meditation Sparks Kids 43 Clothing Line ‘Green’ Buddhas For Babies

Health and Fitness Michelle Obama: “Let’s Move!”


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Rachel Wheeler: 52 13-year-old Rachel Wheeler raises a village


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4th Generation Organic Market: The “Raw Food Remix”

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Poet’s Korner The Thrill of Life By Logan Piper

Life is like a roller coaster With many bumps and cracks. It starts off fresh and full of power as it takes you to the top. Then you plummet to the ground Like there’s no turning back. With your body giving way as the ride controls your every move. You go through twists and turns, and loops and curves. You never know what’s going to happen next as you zoom through the sky. Taking a risk every step of the way, unaware of the outcome. Sometimes you get sick as the ride goes on like it’s never going to end. But then as you near the finish and you get all sad and unhappy, you know that the ride is over and people got off as new ones climb aboard.

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Who Am I? By Alyssa Jonas

Who am I? Some people may wonder, Well that’s exactly who I am, the daughter of wonder. When I come I bring thunder. I dream of soaring like that eagle in the sky and racing in the wind like that cheetah look in my eyes. I’m a child of laughter. Best known for it too. Who haven’t I been challenged by, my whole life is a zoo. Who am I? I lived on the moon, traveled to the sun and back, Studied everything I could, now that’s a fact. Overcame some fears As I worked for some years, As a friend For anyone who needed me Or thought their life was going to end. I seem to be cool and may walk with such stride But that’s just because I been trying to hide, From the pain and destruction, The hurt, don’t be trusting. Never thought things would happen this way, Guess when those people you grow up with grow up they be actin a way. But who am I? A winner never quitter. Will never bow down to your feet or kiss the ground cause I might get a splinter. Don’t know where I’m going, just know where I been been,

Taken down the road of shame and sin But just like Maya Angelou I will rise and rise again. And just like that lamb I will become a lion, nope a lioness. I am the best. You like my rhymes, well duhh But don’t be hacking none, Don’t know who I is well uh Get to asking something. But who am I, I am optimus prime, You see I stay on my grind. I am a civilization, You see I started this nation. I just got ya mind steady racing, But who am I you still may ask, Well remember this first. I live in my present, leave my future and don’t worry about my past. Who am I? The truth. Better hold me while you got me Cause I’ll be gone in a poof.

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Omari Hardwick Bluapple Poetry Corner

ne of the Jason Taylor Foundation’s newest programs, the Omari Hardwick bluapple Poetry Corner was established in October 2011 at the Jason Taylor Reading Room in Miramar. Actor and spoken word poet, Omari Hardwick, best known for his roles in films such as For Colored Girls, I Will Follow, The A-Team and Next Day Air, has partnered with the Jason Taylor Foundation to create the bluapple Poetry Corner, a free, comprehensive, after-school spoken word poetry program for middle school and high

school students. The curriculum, facilitated by Spoken Word Press, allows students to utilize critical literacy skills as a vehicle for self expression, both written and through performance. Omari Hardwick recently visited the bluapple Poetry Corner at the Jason Taylor Reading Room. Hardwick had previously worked with the students via phone conferencing and Skype, however this was his first opportunity to meet them in person for an in-depth, three-hour workshop.

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Golf Prodigy:

Kyle Lograsso Tees off Against Retinoblastoma By Cat Wagman


iewed from the gallery, many spectators stand in amazement as they watch 11-year-old Kyle Lograsso confidently approach the tee. From the power of his swing to the ease of his follow through, Kyle sends the ball flying high and long, straight down the fairway. With his father, Jeff, as his caddy, Kyle strolls down the fairway to take his next

shot, so he can put his ball even closer to the green and the waving flag marking the cup. Kyle first fell in love with golf when he was just a toddler. He discovered the Golf Channel and started mimicking the professional golfers, using the remote as his golf club. Later, his parents got him child-sized, plastic golf clubs, so he could practice in earnest. Little did

DUO “Do Unto Others� Magazine 15

“To honor Kyle’s triumph over Retinoblastoma, his parents established the Through Kyle’s Eyes Foundation, as a way to raise awareness about this deadly disease.” they know at that time, that Kyle was also experiencing a life-threatening medical condition called Bilateral Retinoblastoma, the most common form of eye cancer in children. By the time of his diagnosis at age two, the Retinoblastoma had already destroyed Kyle’s left eye to the point where it had to be removed; however, his right eye was saved through six months of chemotherapy. Through it all, the love and support from his mother, Regina, his father, Jeff, and his two older sisters, Kristen and Kaley, helped him heal and keep playing golf. To honor Kyle’s triumph over Retinoblastoma, his parents established the Through Kyle’s Eyes Foundation as a way to raise awareness about this deadly disease. And, with Kyle’s natural golfing ability, tournaments are a perfect way to raise research funds to find a cure while helping other families affected by Retinoblastoma.

13, 2010, at Pauma Valley Country Club in Pauma Valley, California. Kyle was stationed at the third hole, so he could shoot the hole with each of the foursomes as they played through. About ten minutes into play, Tim Hughes, President and CEO of Movers Specialty Service, Inc. (MSS), a top TKE sponsor, arrived. Kyle knew Tim was a good golfer, because he had seen Tim shoot a hole-in-one in a previous tournament. Just as Kyle was about to tee off with his 5 iron, Tim asked, “Remember what I did the last time?” Kyle said, “Yes,” then proceeded to send his own ball flying straight and true down to the green where it continued to roll right into the cup! (124 yards, par 3) Since then, Kyle has played in more charity tournaments such as the LPGA Pro-Am in Palm Springs, California; and his reputation as a golf prodigy continues to get national attention. On August 2012, Kyle played in the Mini British Open (VJGA) two-day tournament and placed first with a total score of 88. He also participated in the one-day TKE Fight Fore Sight 100 Hole Challenge and managed to play a total of 109 holes before he was done. Of the $90,000 that were raised, Kyle raised $70,000 through his own efforts, surpassing his personal goal of $50,000.

Kyle was only 8 years old when he played “The 100-hole fundraiser was actually his first TKE tournament on September Kyle’s idea,” said Regina Lograsso, “and 16 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

then when he got to 100 holes he just kept “keep praying, don’t give up, and fight even playing. He played 55 holes in bare feet. He had though it might be hard.” a few blisters and went to bed early that night. But he’s already planning for next year.” Along with MSS, other major sponsors of the Through Kyle’s Eyes Foundation ( include: Ernie Ball Music Man (Sterling Ball, owner); Cleveland Golf (Rodney McDonald, VP of Tour Operations); LoudMouth Golf (Alan Wallace, VP of Sales); and Legends Golf Club (Tim Somerville, owner). With Kyle leading the way, it is through the generosity of these sponsors and other donors that have helped TKE raise just over $400,000. This money helps to fund ongoing Retinoblastoma research done by The Retinoblastoma Center of Houston and The Eye Tumor Research Foundation, as well as assist family support organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Eye Foundation and Specs for Little Heroes (which purchases the expensive protective eyewear not usually covered by insurance). “It means so much when your child is a source of inspiration,” said Regina Lograsso, “and now, after such a busy summer and while his father, who is U.S. Marine, is away on assignment, Kyle is taking a break and focusing on his school work.” When asked what advice he would like everyone to remember, Kyle said,

“It means so much

when your child is a source of inspiration”

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Dr. Bernard S. Burton, DC. PA.

Valedictorian, Life Chiropractic College, 1993

BURTON CHIROPRACTIC Sunset Square Plaza 2045 North University Drive Sunrise, FL 33322 (954) 742-0332 FAX ( 954) 742-7344

Neck and Back pain Arm and Leg pain Scoliosis Allergies and Digestive problems Sports Injuries Auto Accidents

My daughter, who is now 14, has suffered from major allergy problems since she was 3 years old. She has never been off antibiotics longer than 3 weeks at a time most of her life. That week she had already been to her pediatrician, the EENT specialist, and an infectious disease doctor who checked her immune system. Afer 4 days of running from doctor to doctor, I was told about you. We talked that night

and made an appointment for the next day. That day was a turning point for my daughter. When we walked out, Rebecca felt all better. I never would have believed it. You

Sincerely yours, Lisa R.

Gentle Chiropractic Natural Healing Applied Kinesiology Cranial Technique Active Release Technique Nutrition Acupuncture

My son, who is now 12, had been complaining of back

pain for at least 3 years. I mentioned my son’s back

pain to Dr. Burton. Dr. Burton did a simple exam and advised me my son had scoliosis. After a short series

of treatments, my son is pain free for the first time in 3 years. To get the results Dr. Burton achieved with no surgery and no painful treatments is the greatest gift any parent can hope.

have changed our lives, you not only are a wonderful doctor you are a wonderful person.

• • • • • • •


• • • • • •

Monica S.

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20 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

Ethan Bortnick Pianist, Composer, Philanthropist By Cat Wagman

Ethan Bortnick has recently been given the honor of being included among the musicians featured in Esquire’s 80th anniversary issue, “The Life of Man” featuring the pictures of actors, athletes, musicians, politicians and presidents ranging in age from 80 to 1.


rom afar, Ethan appears to be another South Florida 12-yearold who enjoys playing with his

brother and cousin, whether it’s drawing, swimming,




or video games, or listening to music. However, Ethan is not your typical kid, especially when he sits down at the piano. From an early age, he knew what he wanted to do, and fortunately his parents recognized his aspiring talents when he began playing music, so naturally and by ear, after listening to his Baby Einstein DVDs and the radio. He started taking formal piano lessons at four, and he hasn’t stopped performing since. DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 21

While Ethan’s idea of a perfect day is spending time doing things with his family, his desire to help others is constant. His parents support him in all that he does, and together, opportunities to entertain have taken Ethan to places where many only dream of going. One thing people notice right away about Ethan is his down-to-earth attitude. While his musical repertoire has delighted audiences through his appearances on 22 DUO “Do Unto Others� Magazine

national shows, including Oprah, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Good Morning America; and on stages around the world, he is first and foremost a natural teacher and storyteller. Those that hear him speak and play, experience a sense of wonder and amazement of the hope, laughter, and joy that flows through him. He takes what he can do through his music quite seriously; and, as a result, his reputation as being one of the youngest philanthropists in the world is raising the bar for those who

“It was a wonderful surprise, that as part of her ‘Farewell Season,’ Ethan was named one of “Oprah’s All Time Smartest, Most Talented Kids.” think one person can’t make a difference. When asked how he chooses which charities to support, Ethan said, “My Dad helps me decide, and if I’m available, then I’m glad to play. It’s very important to do it.” An example is his recently completed an 18-city tour, sponsored by RE/MAX LLC, to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. To date, through his appearances at benefits and charity galas, Ethan has helped raise more than 30 million dollars for non–profits around the world. Ethan’s imagination, natural curiosity, and ‘just try it’ attitude continues to open doors. On a trip to Las Vegas, he asked his Dad, Gene, “Why aren’t there any shows for just kids?” That simple question led to a surprising invitation to become the youngest headline performer ever to appear at the Las Vegas Hilton Theater (July 22 and 23), on the same stage were Elvis Presley entertained. “Ethan’s incredible talent is truly amazing

at such a young age. As the youngest entertainer to headline in Las Vegas, we couldn’t be more proud to have him here,” said Ken Ciancimino, Executive Vice President of the Las Vegas Hilton. When asked what other advice would he give to kids, Ethan smiled and said, “Anything is possible. You have to try it to find out. If it doesn’t work, there are other things you can do that you are really good at doing.” Also, in recognition of what he has accomplished as a pianist, composer, and philanthropist, it was a wonderful surprise, that as part of her ‘Farewell Season,’ Ethan was named one of “Oprah’s All Time Smartest, Most Talented Kids.” Ultimately, after speaking with Ethan, I found him to be an inspiration. To be who you are. To love who you are and what you do. Be the best YOU, for there is no one else like you. Just as Ethan is Ethan.

To read more about Ethan in Esquire’s 80th Anniversary Edition click here DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 23

24 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 25

4th Generation Organic Market

The “Raw Food Remix” Written by Dwayne Stephenson


he days of Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan foods have finally met their match. The organic and raw food rock stars at the 4th Generation Organic Market and Café in East Boca Raton are returning foresaken taste buds and refilling eviscerated stomachs with their own take on the American & International culinary classics. And the best part is it’s all 100% exclusively organic.

generation of the 4th Generation Organic Market. She shared with me her awesome story and a taste of her incomparable cuisine. Here are some of my top picks from the delectable track list:

1) “New York, New York!” –“The Vegan Reuben” will transmute you to another day and time… nostalgic of a Manhattan deli I sat down with Ashley Litowitch, a part of in the locus of the city, effervescent and the ownership and the eponymous fourth aplomb with the sounds of Frank Sinatra’s 26 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

“New York, New York” resonating around you. The only difference is that instead of heartburn, indigestion, and despair erupting within seconds of the song’s cessation, you’ll feel conversely ready to “Let the good times roll!” 2) “Hey Mambo! Mambo Italiano!” – “Raw Pizza” Cooking pizza in an oven with temperatures higher than 118 degrees can obliterate the nutrients, leaving you and your meal feeling lifeless. That’s why 4th generation has re-imagined a pizza that both tastes delicious and will nourish and uplift your body. Raw and vegan scallions, cashew nut cheese, layers of enzyme rich zucchini, tomatoes, sprouts, and basil all on an Italian flax cracker. Buonappetito! 3) “Let’s Get Loud!” Raw Sweet Potato Enchiladas In the mood for Latin? 4th Generation is providing a tasty and sensible approach to one Latin favorite, the enchilada. Relish in the sweet, tasty tango of raw sweet potato(great source of iron, magnesium, vitamins B6, C, & D), probiotics, bell pepper, and nutritional yeast all rolled into one rollicking infusion, “Let’s Get Loud!”

vanilla, agave, and banana). For a quick boost, they also have wheatgrass, algae, and lemon ginger shots. “Anything that you can think of that you want to juice, we have it, and not only do we have it, it’s exclusively organic,” says Ashley. “Save the Best for Last!” -- From my experience, this is one of the best organic markets in South Florida. But what makes it so spectacular is not just the raw food; it’s the raw enthusiasm that Ashley and her team provide to everyone who walks in. They truly hope to see their consumers succeed in their journeys, whether it be vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or beyond. Ashley contends that she caters to “Regulars with food sensitivities and allergies who are dedicated to the market and to the green movement who know that there isn’t anyone else out there [100% organic guaranteed, all the time].” But don’t just take her word for it. The proof is in the Coconut Milk Pudding!

4) “What’s Love Got to Do With It!” Take the hassle out of juicing, thousand dollar juicing machines, breaking down, cleaning up. 4th Generation has made juice making a lot less cumbersome and foreboding with an array of juices and smoothies that are always vegan and dairy free, served with a straw and a smile. My favorite is the Green Machine (hemp milk, green powder, maca, DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 27

OC Foundation By Max Mickenberg


icture this. It’s time for bed. Say good night to each person, pet, and stuffed animal in the house. Walk to the bedroom, 48 steps, must end on an even number, wait, is the back door closed? Go back and check. It is. Walk to the bedroom, 48 steps end on an even. Wait, when the backdoor was checked, did the front door maybe open? Go back and check. OK, front door is closed. Walk to the bedroom, 48 steps end on an even. Turn all the pillows facing the right way. Go into the bathroom and wash hands. Brush teeth. Okay, wash hands. Wait. Did I brush for 2 minutes? Brush teeth again for 2 minutes. Wash hands. Blow nose, really hard so I don’t stop breathing while I’m sleeping. 28 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

Wash hands. Go to the bathroom. Wash hands. Turn off light with elbow since hands are washed. Get in bed, eight steps end on even. Wait, did I flush the toilet? Go check. Yes, toilet is flushed. Wash hands. Turn off light with elbow. Get back in bed, 8 steps end on an even. Wait, did I say good night to everyone? Say good night to everyone again, just in case. Crazy, huh? No, it’s OCD. OCD, otherwise known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a term that a lot of people use to describe odd behavior that can’t be easily explained. OCD is not a disease, it is a disorder of the brain. There is a chemical in the brain called serotonin that affects someone’s reasoning skills, but experts think that a person who has OCD does not have the right amount of serotonin.

You most likely will not die from it, but sometimes the symptoms are so bad that they can cause great harm. For instance, being afraid to eat because you do not know where the food has been or who has touched it can cause starvation. It is believed that 1 in every 200 kids and as many as 1 in every 100 adults may have OCD. The OC Foundation (www.ocfoundation. org) is a not-for-profit organization that started about 25 years ago by people who were affected by the disorder. The goal of the OC Foundation is to support research into the cause of OCD and to help educate the public and health care professionals about it in order to be able to provide treatment options. Unfortunately, there is no cure for OCD because no one knows the cause. But as the OC Foundation grows and awareness in the community grows, there are more and more treatments available that help people control the symptoms. These treatments include different kinds of therapy and medication. Remember the description of OCD from my first paragraph? That was my routine every night. Although I have had OCD for several years, it was only a couple of years ago that I found out I had it. It felt like there were two people living in my body, Max and OCD. They fought all day about everything and most of the time OCD won. It was exhausting for me and for my family. Thanks to the OC Foundation’s research and the treatment options now available to me, I still fight OCD every day, but most of

the time I am able to win. Most of the behavior that happens because of OCD is from fear. Someone without OCD will lock a door and be comfortable. Someone with OCD will lock a door and then check it all night long because OCD tells them that there is a chance the door came unlocked. Fear of germs, fear of dying, fear of something happening to a loved one, fear of making a mistake, all of these things can cause someone with OCD to develop patterns of strange behavior or rituals to overcome these fears. Hour-long showers, rewriting the letter “A” until it is perfect, repeating phrases every night at the same time, checking appliances to make sure they are off are common behaviors of someone with OCD. There are actually many people that you all know who have OCD like, David Beckham, Howie Mandell, Jessica Alba, and Howard Stern. They all have OCD, but through treatment they have been able to become very successful and live normal lives. The OC Foundation provided my family and me with information about my disorder and helped us understand what we needed to do to treat it. I hope that the OC Foundation will eventually find the cause of OCD and find new and better treatments so that others can live better with their OCD as well. Please help support the OC Foundation’s efforts to find the cause, the cure and increase awareness for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 29

Suggested Reading List The Magically Mysterious Adventures of Noelle the Bulldog

Click Here to Purchase


book written by Gloria Estefan

or a young bulldog named Noelle, the joy of being adopted by her very own little girl is overshadowed by the worry that she won’t fit in to her wonderful new home.

What can an odd–looking brown pup possibly have to offer in a world where shimmering fish, glittering fireflies, and beautiful Dalmatians play games that Noelle’s short legs can barely keep up with? Five time GRAMMY Award winning singer and songwriter, Gloria Estefan’s first book for children is a heartwarming story. Exuberantly illustrated by Michael Garland, it captures all the worry of an outsider trying to fit in and all the joy of discovering that everyone has a talent that matters, and that true beauty comes from inside. To read more about Gloria and Emilio Estefan, click here

The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit book written by Octavia Spencer

Meet Randi Rhodes, the world’s first ninja detective! Mystery abounds in this delightful new middle grade series from Academy Award–winning actress Octavia Spencer.


eer Creek is a small town whose only hope for survival is the success of their Founder’s Day Festival. But the festival’s main attraction, a time capsule that many people believe hold the town’s treasure, has gone missing. Randi Rhodes and her best friend, D.C., are Bruce Lee–inspired ninjas and local detectives determined to solve the case. Even if it means investigating in a haunted cabin and facing mean old Angus McCarthy, prime suspect. They have three days to find the treasure…the future of their whole town is at stake! Will these kids be able to save the day? Read Starplus.Com Article On Octavia Spencer’s New Book. 30 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 31



hen I was 8 years old I walked into a Dunkin Donuts shop with my mom. We were ordering jelly doughnuts for a holiday when I spotted a pink doughnut. Pink being my favorite color, I knew I had

32 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

to have it. On my way home enjoying the delicious pink doughnut, I began to think to myself “everybody loves doughnuts why don’t they use them to raise money for a good cause?” That’s when I spotted a pink breast cancer license plate and thought to myself “pink license plate, pink doughnut!” That’s what they can raise money for! Breast cancer! And I began to wonder why I should wait for someone else to do it? What about me? So when my mother and I got home we went online and found the Susan G. Komen( race for the cure and contacted them. Within a couple of weeks they set up the Friends Asking Friends Program where I could make a team page and raise money and that is where the Love Lexi fund was created. The support from my friends and family was tremendous everyone was so supportive. I am now 15 years old and I have been raising money for seven years now, wow seven, I can’t believe it! It sounds so much longer than it felt. These last years have been a blast! I have gotten to meet the most amazing people and have touched the lives of so many. I remember receiving my first donation, even though it was from my nana, the feeling I had was absolutely amazing. I felt so good because I knew that was the start to helping others. I even received a letter from a woman

all the way in Indiana. She told me how much all I was doing meant to her, because she herself had breast cancer and seeing what I was doing gave her the will to fight for her life. That letter really touched my heart and gave me even more motivation to continue to raise money to fight this terrible disease. And so to date, I have raised over $50,000.

make a difference or its too hard, please know people can be more willing than you Recently, I earned the title of the Miss think to help and that anything you are truly Teen Florida Plus America 2012. I honestly passionate about you can do. believe it was the work I’ve been doing with the Komen Race for the Cure and my Art Can Love Lexi! Heal project that gave me the confidence to do it. And I can truly say it was one of the Postscript: best experiences of my life. I met the most Lexi was named Florida’s top High School volunteer amazingly smart, strong, and inspirational and honored in Washington, D.C. in May with a women who are doing incredible things for Prudential Spirit of Community Service Award. Of their communities. Not only did it give me a more than 28,000 nominations, one high school huge boost of self confidence, but gave me and one middle school student from each state a platform to talk about the fight for a cure were selected. This prestigious award is given for breast cancer. by the National Association of Secondary School As silly as it sounds, a pink doughnut was my inspiration, but inspiration can be found everywhere. It’s not what inspires you, but what you do with that inspiration. I chose to raise money; however, time is just as important. Lots of organizations need volunteers just as much as they need money. All in all, to anyone thinking they can’t

Principals and Prudential ( com). Lexi and the other 101 honorees were officially recognized at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and received $1,000. According to Lexi “it was three incredible days of VIP events I will remember the rest of my life. It was like the Academy Awards for kids doing great things and each person I met was as inspiring as the next! I’m just grateful to be counted among them!”

DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 33

34 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

Florida Vacation Rentals For further information on our fabulous “Island Paradise” vacations please visit our website or call: 954.410.9223 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 35

DUO Do Over

Embrace Girls After-School Classroom Gets Make-Over


ome Decor and Lifestyle Expert, Martin Amado spent a day at Lenora B. Smith Elementary School in Miami (Liberty City), Florida transforming the decades old school’s Girl Power! classroom into a 21st Century funky and fun place to learn, grow, and enjoy. Martin has donated his time and resources to make this a special place where girls in The Embrace Girls Foundation, Inc.’s (www. “All Girl All Power 36 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

After Academy” will look forward to coming to after a long school day for tutorial sessions, homework completion By Martin Amado and assistance, parent workshops, social and life skills training as well as fun times. Herb and Gloria Barker of Barker Animation Art Gallery ( at Gulf Stream Park, sponsored the room decor and the Miami Dade County Public School Systems funded the beautification project

that included painting, flooring, computers, and life experiences make great social decisions and do outstandingly well smart boards, and carpentry work. academically thus, Embracing their Girl Power! Learn more about our work visit us The Embrace Girls Foundation, Inc at or call us at Who We Are: 305. 779.3780. The Embrace Girls Foundation, Inc., (Embrace Girl Power! After School Lenora B. Smith Elementary School Programs and Camps) is a wonderful Who We Are: not-for-profit organization established in 2001 to empower little girls to be healthy, Our new pledged is the following: We are confident, and ambitious leaders. Where the Building Our Future: “A” School Under lives of these elementary and middle school Construction. Education is the tool that will aged girls are improved through academic build the future of our children, our families, tutoring, leadership, life, and character and our community. Lenora B. Smith educational training coupled with social Elementary is an active worksite where and cultural opportunities and exposure teaching and learning is happening every they might not ordinarily ever experience moment of everyday. We have asked that but, for their involvement in our innovative all of our stakeholders, teachers, students, organization that advocates and serves parents, and community members, gather young girls with a particular interest in those their best tools and ensure they are in optimal condition because it’s time to BUILD!! Our who are at risk. children deserve it, our parents need it and It’s a simple formula, girls who feel good our community will be all the better because about themselves, have positive mentors of our commitment and effort. DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 37

38 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

“Souper” Dooper Troopers


By Amanda Kopelman

orty girl scouts from several Girl Scout Troops in South Florida were invited to Color Me Mine in Aventura, FL to paint soup bowls. These soup bowls were donated to a charity called Life Net For Families(www.

families at no cost. All of the Girl Scouts participated not only by making soup bowls but by donating food items to Life Net. In addition to bringing food, we also helped stock the shelves assisting the volunteers who work at Life Net. After several hours of stocking food we departed and felt good about helping our community. And we look forward to returning to help Life Net and Life Net For Families is an organization their efforts to support the homeless families which provides food for homeless in our community. DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 39


Caraline Pierce:



araline Pierce is a girl with a big heart and even bigger ideas. She is burdened by thirsty people around the world. Few people realize that 1.4 billion people are without clean water and they suffer not just from thirst but disease and poverty. Caraline took action. She has worked hard for over a year to get a deep water permanent well in an underdeveloped area of the world. Through her website, t-shirt and wristband sales, she did it! With the help of many good and caring friends, Caraline has raised $10,000. The well is being built by Samaritans Purse in South Sudan. Caraline very much wanted to go and see the project, but because of the danger in that area it is not possible. She plans on continuing in her fundraising efforts. She is researching areas of need and deciding where her heart will lead her next! 40 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

Please visit at to learn more about this young lady who has such a big heart for others and see how you can help be a part of her next project. You can make a tax deductible donation to this project at:

Statistics • Every 20 seconds someone dies from a borne illness or from the lack of water. • An American taking a five-minute shower uses more water than a typical person in a developing country slum uses in a whole day. • The equivalent of 12 jumbo jets full of children die everyday from sanitation related diseases. That’s a child every 20 seconds! Please help!

Live2Give Campaign


n January 2007, when Tyler Martínez was 7 years old, he spent several months in critical care at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital (www. After falling critically ill overnight, Tyler was diagnosed with Short Term Bowel Syndrome and spent the next four months in the PICU and pediatric units undergoing several major surgeries, treatments, and recoveries. Being hospitalized turned out to be a life changing experience for Tyler. While treatment and surgery was able to help Tyler physically, it was the support he received from the pediatric teams and the therapy pets that helped him emotionally. He realized how important it was for other sick patients to be given the same care and attention. Once Tyler was discharged from the hospital, he made it a personal mission to find ways to give back to the PICU and pediatric units.

a special way to spread happiness and give sick kids the determination to fight through their illness. Tyler and Carlee, a devoted friend who often visited him at the hospital, created the Live2Give crusade. Live2Give not only touches the lives of patients at the hospital, but the staff and medical team as well. On every visit, Tyler and Carlee bring toys, cookies, and gifts in a little red wagon to all patients and staff members in the pediatric units at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital. Tyler and Carlee are currently raising money for new TVs and DVD players through bake sales and other fundraisers.

Tyler is a great role model and an advocate for sick children. He has become an inspiration to the staff and patients at the hospital. In the midst of his own pain, Tyler spent time developing special bonds with Tyler loved the visits from the therapy other kids, his “favorite doctor,” Dr. Puglisi, dogs and decided that when he got better, nurses, and therapy dogs. These ties that he would return to visit other sick kids with Tyler has made will last far longer than his his own therapy dog. After he recovered, he stay at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital. immediately became a volunteer for ShareA-Pet, but this was just the beginning for For more information or to donate or Tyler. His next big mission was the birth volunteer to the Live2Give Campaign, please of the Live2Give Campaign that he created contact Shannon Martinez at tstcmartinez@ when he was 9 years old. The foundation is DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 41

Books and Grannies By Susan Chester Fine


y daughter and two young grandchildren lived with us for quite some time. It was our greatest pleasure to have these beautiful children with us and still is when they come to visit. “Thanks” to my cancer and a bit of a reduced energy, my husband did most of the babysitting when my daughter needed help. But my favorite time of the week was Saturday mornings…my daughter was in school and Mark was on the golf course. After breakfast, Jonah and Eva and I would go up to our cozy den and look over the book shelf. We’d cuddle on the couch and start 42 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

reading. They’d each have picked out a stack, and I’d alternate his selection and then hers. I’d read Pajama Time and Dr. Seuss in my best sing-song. I’d quiz the kids on colors, counting and Olivia’s Opposites. I’d scare them with my booming Fee Fie Foes when Jack was almost discovered by the Giant. And I’d shed a couple tears when they picked out books that my own children had loved…The Muffin Muncher, Tell Me a Mitzie, and the Adventures of Benjamin Bunny. Sharing books – along with cuddle time – with the grandchildren is certainly a precious gift to me. I know it is for them as well.

Kidz Fashion

Meditation Sparks Kids Clothing Line ‘Green’ Buddhas For Babies


he new line of 100% organic children’s clothing founded by Tara Dickinson called “Nirvana Mama” includes super-cute onesies, tees, hats, and bibs all made from organic cotton, eliminating the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. The fabrics chosen are made with 100% certified organic cotton yarns grown from nongenetically altered seeds and nourished without the use of chemical fertilizers.

gifts with others. These are not just baby clothes; these are the beginning of a healthier future.

After living on an ashram for 30 years, Dickinson had the idea for the clothing line spark during a meditation session. After using iron-on applications to design clothing for friends, she decided it was time to share the well-received

The team focused on two of the most well known and loved icons in the world, Eastern Zen master and originator of the peaceful movement, Buddha and the Hindu god Ganesh who is recognized around the world as the benevolent

The original art is simply divine. Nirvana Mama has images you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Drawn purely on the ‘joy’ and ‘happiness’ of childhood, Dickinson and artist Jaya Frank created iconic images that are completely blissful. The goal is to inspire others to connect with their own personal joy and happiness.

DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 43

elephant-headed god granting good fortune and blessings for all creative endeavors. With designs like “Happy Buddha”, “Joyful Ganesh” and the Sanskrit “bliss” for adults, these Nirvana Mama organics are hard to resist. What’s all the hype about organic anyway? Traditional Cotton uses modified seeds and more usually have a one crop year after year cycle. This equals soil striped of nutrients and requires an abundance of water. Dangerous chemicals are applied to the crop including pesticides which are toxic and five of which have cancer-causing effects. The spray then drifts to farms, wildlife, and population in the area. Organic Cotton uses pure seeds, builds strong nutrient dense soil through crop rotation, and retains water more effectively. Weeds are physically removed through good old-fashioned hand hoe. No harsh chemicals are used. When it’s time for the crop to rotate, instead of spraying the crop again with chemicals, Mother Nature does its work through a freeze and the process starts all over again. The importance of Organic Cotton for children is an eco-conscious decision that promotes health and safety. And because they are finished using environmentally friendly low impact dyes, parents can feel good about helping the planet and their child at the same time. Every child deserves the best and Nirvana Mama is making it easy to go green with kids. Priced at $12-$34, this sustainable collection in infant to toddlers sizes can be found at www.

44 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

Miami Children’s Hospital

Kidz Volunteer Oportunities

3100 SW 62nd Ave. Miami, FL 33155 (305) 662-8225 Price: cost of uniform Hours: Mon to Thurs – 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fri – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Minimum Age to Volunteer: 14

If your child has an interest in the medical profession or just wants to find a way to help out less fortunate children, then this is the perfect opportunity for him or her. Volunteers ages 14 to 15 provide office support for the staff at the Miami Children’s Hospital, and volunteers 16 years old and older provide office support with limited interaction with the patients. Potential volunteers must first apply, buy a uniform and attend an orientation. Opportunities are offered in August, December and May.

Dolphin Foundation 3101 Indian Creek Dr. Miami Beach, FL 33141 Hours: Mon to Fri – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Save the dolphins and the manatees by clearing debris in Miami Beach canals. There is no minimum age requirement, so kids of all ages may participate with parental supervision. The only requirement for this yearround opportunity is that you commit to at least three hours of service. High school students are eligible for a college credit for participating. DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 45

health & Fitness

Active Schools are on

the MOVE with Michelle Obama!


hildhood Obesity may slowly diminish over the next five years to come, with the help of our First Lady, Michelle Obama! Children are about to become healthier one school at a time with the federally recommended 60 minutes of activity daily. Let’s Move has launched the Active Schools program to get 50,000 schools more active with Nike’s $50 million dollar investment to help fund and create active environments for kids. The official announcement was made on “The Dr. Oz Show” by Mrs. Obama. The initiative will allow school principals, teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and students to be “school champions” for their school community! Joining the ranks to step forward as a Physical Educator is Celebrity Fitness Trainer, SusieQ, who will bring the popular “Watch Your Mouth! Food Fight!” characters with her for many kids to meet during this

46 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

exciting national campaign! SusieQ believes that we have an obligation to make things easier for kids to make the right choices; while teaching them to “Eat the Rainbow” (not candy!). Making a lasting contribution towards the Active School program is exactly what SusieQ FitLife plans to provide with a big upcoming announcement on the www.SusieQFitLife site that will impact many children across New York City and beyond! Students from the PS. 197, School Project Aspire Scrubs Club; have already received a glimpse of the FitLife excitement of what SusieQ and America’s favorite TV Psychologist, Dr. Jeff Gardere can deliver! Moderate and vigorous daily exercise can improve academic performance, enhance concentration and increase problem solving skills for adolescents, according to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Many children are living a sedentary lifestyle of spending 7-9 hours a day in front of a TV set, computer screen and video games,

with little to no exercise. Mental resilience can improve the personal health of kids within our community, once our youth are provided with the tools to “Get a FitLife!” Surprisingly, only 1 in 3 children are active on a daily basis with only nine states requiring recess in elementary schools. Physical Education is currently offered in 2% of high schools, 4% of elementary schools and 8% of middle schools. Changes need to be made in order for kids to release the excessive natural energy they have through activities that can help them stay clear of trouble. Michelle Obama explains “It’s about all of us coming together to make being active a way of life for our kids. Anyone, in any community, can become a champion to bring physical education back to their school.” Thank goodness for the growth of the Let’s Move three year campaign and the new Active Schools program on

stay healthy, while reaching their potential goals. “Let’s Move!” has also improved school lunches and emphasizes the importance of eating natural and unprocessed foods. In New York the PS.244 School is the first to create an all-vegetarian menu of tofu, spinach wraps and the kids are enjoying it! Spending cuts have occurred within many schools completely eliminating physical education for classroom instruction. “Good health is not an add-on to a good education. Our children need to be healthy to be prepared to learn, and we know active students are better able to engage in the classroom and excel academically. We need more of our schools creating environments that promote physical activity and play and encourage our students to get moving” says Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. Test scores can improve with the smallest amount of activity to keep any child motivated in school.

Young children spend a significant amount of time in school, hence the importance of Anyone can become a “school champion” by why this program focuses on the school becoming a good example for any child! Let’s environment as a key place for students to Move! Watch Your Mouth and Get a FitLife! DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 47

health & Fitness

Michelle Obama “Lets Move” Iniative By Amanda Koppelman


ichelle Obama wants everyone to be healthy. So should you! Do you like to play with video games, your ipod, your ipad, your television, or any other electronic devices? Do you play a sport or like to ride your bike? If you like to play a sport then you will stay on the healthy side. It is very important to eat healthy such as vegetables and fruits. Also, it is important to exercise well and get a lot of sleep. Michelle Obama is trying to recruit children from age 6-17 to get at least a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise time daily. She also would like children to eat healthy. Mrs. Obama made a campaign 48 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

on childhood obesity. She was joined for the announcement by gymnasts Dominique Dawes and Gabby Douglas, sprinter Allyson Felix, tennis player Serena Williams and decathlete Ashton Eaton, along with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Also present was paralympian, Sarah Reinertsen, spokesperson for the Challenged Athletes Foundation (www., who was the first woman to complete the Hawaiian Ironman competition, one of the toughest endurance events in the world, on a prosthetic leg. To learn more visit


DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 49

What’s Your Backpack Doing to Your Back? By Amos Daré, M.D., FACS


ow much does your backpack weigh? Did you know that if it weighs more than 15 percent of your body weight it could be causing lasting damage to your back? Taking care of your back as a young person is important to avoid problems later when you are an adult. You don’t want to be one of the nearly four out of five people who is suffering from back pain. You probably have no choice but to carry a backpack for school, so here are a few hints to follow to help make sure your backpack doesn’t hurt your back.

50 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

• Backpacks should be made out of light weight material and have heavily padded shoulder pads, a lumbar support cushion, multiple pockets and a waist strap. • Younger children should wear backpacks designed for smaller body sizes. • If possible, use a roll-about backpack. • Carry your laptop and other electronics in a separate case or bag. • Use a backpack that is properly sized for your body. • Never carry a book bag on one shoulder only. • Position it high on your back so you’re not leaning forward or putting pressure on your shoulders. If you are experiencing back pain that doesn’t seem to go away, ask your parents to take you to a physician who specializes in back health to make sure your spine is healthy.

Dr. Daré is a South Florida Board Certified neurosurgeon educated at the Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn. He began his career as the medical director of neurosurgery at Wellington Regional Medical Center. He founded Palm Beach Brain and Spine in West Palm Beach in 2004. With a focus on a non-fusion and minimally invasive approach to neurosurgical treatments, Dr. Daré handles patients with a wide variety of spine disorders, including whiplash, degenerative spine diseases, herniated discs, spinal cord injuries, muscle strain, sciatica, osteoporosis, fractures and tumors. For more information about spine health, contact Dr. Daré at 954-764-6116 at his Coconut Creek office, which is located at 4848 Coconut Creek Parkway, Suite 200, Coconut Creek, Fla. 33063 or visit Additional Palm Beach Brain & Spine offices are located in Wellington (561-844-0120), Delray, Miami and Stuart.

DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 51

REAL 13-year-old


Rachel Wheeler raises a village


By Rachel Galvin

t may take a village to raise a child, but is it possible that a child can raise a village? If that child is 13-year-old Rachel Wheeler, then the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Just four years ago, Lighthouse Point resident, Rachel Wheeler had a goal to help rebuild a village in Haiti that had been decimated by the devastating earthquake. Today, she not only raised enough money ($167,400) to build 27 two-room homes in what has been named Rachel’s Village, but has raised $132,000 to build the replacement of the Ecole Reap de Morel basic school, which was also destroyed during the disaster, and fill it with school supplies. She went to Haiti in March for the school’s inauguration. With 350 kids enrolled, the school is at full enrollment.

president for Food for the Poor. He spoke to the Lighthouse Point Chamber about the programs the nonprofit organization does for Haiti and asked the members to pitch in. He was talking about how a mere $2600 can buy a house, a fact that astonished Wheeler. Her mom, Julie, said, “She was surprised that it only took $2600. [A two-room home with access to sanitation costs $6,400]. Mr. Mahood had given her a replica of a house, stories and pictures of children and houses. We cried when we looked at them. She said ‘Mom, we have to help this man. He is doing God’s work.’ Michelle Green from the Chamber had her come to the Chamber, suggesting that she get 13 $200 donations, which would build a home, and then do that 13 more times and call it Rachel’s Baker’s Dozen.”

Her philanthropic idea began in April 2009 when Wheeler had met Mr. Robin Mahood,

Julie thought this was a great idea and so they went. Rachel gathered her thoughts and stood

52 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

on a chair to read to a full audience of Chamber members about what she would like to do. She came prepared with 15 pre-addressed envelopes in which donors could place money for the cause. She raised enough to build two houses that night. When Mahood saw her efforts, he asked her mother if Rachel might be interested in not just building 13 houses, but 25 duplexes, a whole village, which would require $130,000. Julie was hesitant at first, wondering if her then 9-year-old would be up for the challenge. But when she told Rachel about it, Rachel jumped at the chance. The efforts stepped up a notch, including lemonade stands, making pot holders to sell and other moneymaking ideas; a press release

went across the country. “It caught the eye of an organic cherry farmer in Washington state,” said Julie. “He has a 9-year-old named Rachel, too, who has also helped people in Haiti.” The first crop of the farmer, she explained, was always donated to charity of their [the ‘workers’] choice. When Rachel’s cause was chosen, the first crop went to her Haitian effort to the tune of $48,000. “It was the biggest crop they ever had. That was a huge boost,” said Julie. It was during her first trip to Leogane village that she decided to build a school there. “When I go to Haiti and to my village,” said Wheeler, “I see so many happy faces and little children running around and DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 53

Rachel Wheeler cutting the red ribbon.

playing with each other. I want to change Haiti for the next generation of people – to let them have a place to live and have a family that is happy, healthy and safe.” People around the nation have noticed Wheeler’s efforts. She was voted one of the Top 11 Kids Who Made a Difference in 2011 by the Huffington Post and was named one of America’s top ten youth volunteers for 2011. In 2012, she was voted a Huggable Hero by Build-a-Bear. These are just a few of the accolades bestowed upon her. Her new goal is to build 20 more homes. When the people who donated the land the school was built on saw what positive impact it had, they decided to donate more in order to build more homes. Now, Rachel, who is entering 8th grade at North 54 DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine

Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek, is seeking donations again to create even more happy faces in the village she helped to create. To support Rachel’s efforts, visit her page at or make checks payable to Food for the Poor. Include source code SC#82561 on the check in order for it to go to Rachel. Checks can be mailed to Food for the Poor, 6401 Lyons Rd., Coconut Creek, FL 33073. All gifts are tax-deductible. Besides being a journalist, Rachel Galvin has been involved in the film industry for over 10 years as an actor, producer and more. Check out her blog/ networking portal at or

DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine 55

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