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JULY 2016 ISSUE 122


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IT’S the vibe. Noticed in the last few weeks how much more positive we are all becoming? Good times ahead Townsville! MENTION to my mum that we’re going to Bunnings and she’s in the car ready to go in a flash. The other weekend I needed bulk light bulbs and a couple of outdoor sensor lights so my wife (Stacey), Mum and I headed to the Fairfield Waters branch for a change from Domain. There are some subtle differences in layout between each store so it took a few minutes to get our bearings. Despite ‘definitely’ not wanting any more plants, Mum started us off in the garden section. A shopping trolley and a few pots, mulch and plants later we found the lighting section and I started to figure out what we needed. Whatever happened to just 45W, 60W, 70W or 100W? It’s all lumen now. One thing I’ve learnt the hard way is not to go hardware shopping with my wife. For me it’s a spiritual experience. I relax. I look at everything. I take my time. What is that and how could I use it? No idea but I’ll buy it just in case. My wife wants to get the job done as soon as possible so you can imagine the tension this causes. On the other hand my wife loves fairy lights. She believes passionately that you can’t have too many (and we do have too many). After about 30 minutes or so I put six boxes of lights in the trolley in a variety of lumen, just in case. Now I’m looking for outdoor sensor lights. Please note here.. I don’t want the solar garden or pathway


DUOMagazine July 2016

type. They’re everywhere. I want two battery powered ones to stick (literally) onto the walls near the front and back doors so we can see the door locks. Not so elaborate that we need an electrician to install them. And not solar because, being under roof, they would never see the sun. So it’s battery powered sensor lights I’m after. The indoors boss (the wife) is getting frustrated by now. For the last half hour she has reconnoitered the warehouse so she is way ahead of me (dammit). She says I’m in the wrong aisle, the next one over has them. Not night lights I said. They’re not night lights she says. I hate it when she finds things first. This is my domain. I don’t interfere when she’s cooking (except to clean up). So she says we’ll meet you in floor coverings and they walk off. I go into the next aisle and spend another half hour deciding whether to lash out on the $19.90 ones or just the $10 ones. I play it safe, throw two of the $10 ones in my trolley and head to floor coverings. Glancing into the trolley, I notice there’s a few new items I hadn’t seen my wife put in. There’s picture hooks. Ok. There’s batteries. Still ok. But sitting in the middle of the trolley is a huge box of fairy lights! More @#!* fairy lights?! A few aisles from floor coverings and I‘m not having a very tranquil spiritual experience. Fairy lights! It’s about then I ask myself what happened to all of the light bulbs I’d put in the trolley? It’s not my trolley... I look around to see if anyone has noticed especially the owner of the trolley. I turn the trolley around and head back to the battery powered outdoor lights aisle. No one there so I leave the trolley sort of at the top of the aisle and head for the floor section again. A few steps along and I hear someone behind me say “here it is”. To the lady whose trolley I accidentally took on a trip, I’d just like to say sorry for the mystery and I hope you’re enjoying your fairy lights. Have a great month and please enjoy this our 122nd issue of DUOMagazine. Scott Morrison | Publisher


Scott Morrison Joan Fanning Stacey Morrison Courtney Frank Leah Barnes Elle Duggan

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Horo scope


Cancer 22 JUNE - 22 JULY

Deep cosmic waves shake the foundation of your life and bring opportunities for you to showcase your brilliance. This month, and much of the year ahead, is a time of power. Additional responsibilities may be required of you, but nothing you can’t handle. Your success should do more than just boost financial prospects. Passions also demand attention so, occasionally – ease up on the workload and let the love flow.

Astrologer Tanya Obreza reveals what’s in the stars for you this month…









Don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel like play. July whisks Leos from their work and lands them in a romantic playground. Indeed, where ever you aim your affections, there’s a strong promise of reciprocity. Finances, however, require more caution. Don’t assume everyone is as honest as you are.

July offers rewards, recognition and increased cash flow. Trust your intuition, calculate risks and let common sense lead you. A change of image is likely. By month’s end, love takes priority. Lose the dilemma of choosing between personal and professional obligations. Instead, have fun. If you can’t find love, find new friends.

You have been carrying the world on your shoulders for too long, Libra. Rest and realign, so that you feel on top of the world, rather than buried beneath it. Good fortune is coming your way on many levels this month, but you must stay ahead of the game. Best news? Finances goals draw nearer.

Right now, things are a little erratic, so making fixed plans might not be wise. You could also question your work/play ratio this month. If it’s all feeling unbalanced, you might see little point in putting in so much effort, which is why the cosmos encourages some time out. Travel, perhaps? Or lose yourself in love.









Though you’d prefer to shift into neutral, July asks that you look at ongoing issues. You’ve been doing it tough for some time. Illness, work pressures, family matters – too many demands have drained your spirit. Thankfully, better moments lie ahead. Late month offers financial opportunities, new love or renewed sentimental ties.

Instincts now tell you to step forward – but perhaps friends and family ask that you step back. Some may openly disagree with your values and ideals, while others simply refuse to keep up with your breakneck pace. Ignore their jibes and go about your own business. Professionally and financially, July is a crucial month. Choose, and act, wisely.

This month, there’s a strong emphasis on money and property. This period also brings you to a crucial emotional crunch. For a while now, you’ve been battling with uncertainty or restrictions. And you’ve worn it well. Late July finally offers the chance of fulfilment as a lover, child, parent or friend.

Here’s a month to get selfish, Pisces. Why shouldn’t you let a few ‘me first’ thoughts run through your mind every now and then? Of course, striking out on your own may not come easily. But whether physically, or simply in spirit, some kind of change seems imminent. It’s time to follow your true path. You may just learn to love it.





21 APRIL – 20 MAY

21 MAY – 21 JUNE

If you’ve felt overburdened lately, this month a benevolent cosmos lifts your mood. You’ll be busy at home, with an equally agile love life. While professional commitments still require your attention, social engagements no longer seem impossible to attend. Earnings increase, but so does expenditure. Go ahead, indulge yourself.

July brings a romantic treasure hunt, but as delightful as a new love can be – don’t lose your Taurean pragmatism. Also, stay alert to the risks of rekindled passions. Nostalgia may not only cloud your judgment, but leave you a tad too misty-eyed. At work, too, contracts and negotiations are just as contradictory, so take care.

July is a time of self acceptance. You finally come to understand just how special you are. As confirmation, the weeks ahead set out to reveal your true resilience and ingenuity. If there’s any conflict, look to relationships. Some planets continue to meddle. Outsmart them with compromise.


DUOMagazine July 2016

Like to have your own personal profile? If you’re interested in an in-depth astrology profile prepared by our favourite astrologer Tanya Obreza, visit


T150 Gala Dinner Promises Star-Studded Affair ON Saturday 10 September, Townsville City Council will celebrate the city’s 150th anniversary in style when it plays host to The Port of Townsville Gala Dinner Under the Stars. This special occasion will pay tribute to one of the biggest gala outdoor events ever staged in the city, the Longest Dinner on the Strand, which was held to officially open the Strand in 1999. Guests will enjoy a night of fine dining and entertainment featuring Australian music legend Daryl Braithwaite, Sydney show band Jellybean Jam and the Serenata String Quartet. Fine food will feature on the menu with some of Townsville’s top restaurants and chefs showcasing their culinary delights matched with the finest wines.

Restaurants will include Essentially Fresh, Michel’s Restaurant, A Touch of Salt, Chef on Call Catering, Seasoned and Jam Corner. Mayor Cr Jenny Hill said the gala dinner would be a unique event showcasing the best chefs from the region. “This will be a very special evening celebrating our city’s proud history and sampling the amazing dishes by the world-class chefs we have in our city,” Cr Hill said. “This will be a five-star event set to the backdrop of our gorgeous Strand. “It will be a very memorable night.” TOWNSVILLE CITY COUNCIL The BreweryPRESENTS will also join the city’s celebrations by crafting its own T150 brew which will be exclusively available on night for guests to enjoy.

Tickets for the event are $200. This is an 18+ event. To book your seat or table at the gala dinner event of the year visit





Daryl Braithwaite






platinum TOWNSVILLE 150 sponsors WWW.TOWNSVILLE150.COM


gold sponsors

DUOMagazine July 2016



It’s high action, family friendly, will make you laugh out loud and is happening in Townsville every month. Pro wrestling is attracting a growing fan base up North. Words Kylie Davis. Photography Matthew Gianoulis. IF you’ve ever heard of World Wresting Entertainment and Superstars like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena then you’ll have a good idea of what to expect at a Queensland Wrestling Alliance show. If not, imagine buff men in tight tights vying for championship belts in matches that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Some call pro wrestling ‘fake’, saying it’s all scripted and the matches are orchestrated and, yes, there are storylines and character profiles and if they didn’t rehearse people would get hurt. But there is no denying that Queensland Wrestling Alliance contenders take their fitness seriously. Take the newly crowned QWA Champion Australian Wolf (Mason Childs) for example. Mason goes to the gym twice a day, six days a week. He’s been wrestling for 14 years, has wrestled all around Australia and is currently getting ready for his third tour of Japan. “There’s a lot to pro wrestling, whether people interpret it as real or fake that’s up to them but there are a lot of skill sets you need to learn,” Mason says. “You have to have a high physical fitness level but we teach all that with time. We run classes every week and people (over 18) are welcome to join us and see if it’s for them.” Queensland Wrestling Alliance promoter Dean McLachlan says QWA has been alive and well in Townsville for 18 months now. “I took over from a company that used to be here and we’ve moved on in leaps and bounds with international guests from America and Japan,” Dean says.


DUOMagazine July 2016

“Pre-sale tickets are only $10 and we host matches once a month at the Greek Community Centre. Everyone is welcome. It’s a fun, family friendly atmosphere. People come to cheer, they come to boo, they come to laugh, they come to get involved. Everyone has their favourites – the wrestlers they like and don’t like – and the kids look at us like we’re superheroes.” Dean (aka game show host Rocko Rumblé) will be facing off against Joey Ryan from California at Magneticon ‘Clash of the Con’ this month. “It’s going to be an honour to wrestle him but at the same time very daunting to be in the ring with someone of his caliber,” Dean says. “He’s our QWA global champion and has won multiple championships all around the world so he’s very skilled.” QWA also has a tag team division with one of the duos making a name for themselves dubbed 6 till 2 because they both worked the same shift – 6am till 2pm. “We used to pass each other at 5.30am on the road in the morning and just be like ‘Hey, 6 – 2!” says Evan Shatte (The Tower of Power). “Right now we’re in a feud with the Alpha Males tag team. It’s all characterdriven. Whatever we can do to get a reaction out of people is what we’ll do.” For more information about the Queensland Wrestling Alliance, visit


IT’S SHOW TIME! DUOMagazine July 2016




DUOMagazine July 2016


DUOMagazine July 2016



Powering On ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ as they say, so when Richelle Carta (who has quadriplegia) fell pregnant, her husband Paul wasted no time inventing the 3in1 Powercot. Writer Kylie Davis. Photographer Matthew Gianoulis.


DUOMagazine July 2016

A typical 13-year-old, Richelle Carta enjoyed having a few friends over on the weekend for a swim in her parents’ backyard pool. But on the the 18th of November 1989 fun turned to fear when, after diving into the deep end of the pool with her friends, Richelle realised she couldn’t move. “I glided to the bottom then floated to the surface, still face down, thinking ‘I’m going to die and I don’t know if anyone will know I’m hurt’,” Richelle says. “My friends were waiting for me to surface, thinking that I was mucking around, but I wasn’t. I finally turned over with help and


realised I had swallowed a lot of water as I could only whisper… ‘I’m hurt… get me help’.” Richelle was taken by ambulance to the old Townsville General Hospital and soon after flown to Brisbane. She was admitted to the Spinal Unit, where she was diagnosed with quadriplegia sustained from a compression neck injury. “I had no idea what the consequences meant for me being so young,” says Richelle. “My injury uprooted my family, with my parents separating during my admission, and my mum needing to stay with me in Brisbane to provide daily support to me.” Richelle was in hospital for rehabilitation for the next 12 months, where she learned to function again from a wheelchair, with limited upper and lower body movement. The spinal unit became her new family, working tirelessly on her rehab program of physiotherapy and occupational therapy every day. When Richelle met her husband-to-be online in 2001, there was some initial trepidation. Paul was living in Ingham at the time, working for his parents designing and manufacturing cane transporter machines. She was living in Townsville. “Relationships are often challenging and one always thinks that people won’t see past your wheelchair and find out who you really are,” Richelle says. But on 11th August 2001 they arranged to meet in Townsville at the Sky Show and they got on so well that Paul began commuting back and forth from

Ingham for the next 12 months before moving to Townsville. Their relationship bloomed. “We got engaged in 2006 and I practiced walking with an aid in a straight line in the hope that I could walk down the aisle to my beloved husband,” Richelle says. “On 11 August 2007 my dream came true when I walked down the aisle. It was a beautiful day that will be in our memory forever.” When Richelle fell pregnant she knew she wanted to be a hands-on mum. While excited to be first-time parents, Paul and Richelle understood they would be faced with many practical challenges. They began talking about the nursery and care tasks and researching how they were going to manage. “I desperately wanted to be able to get our own baby in and out of the cot on my own,” Richelle says. “I wanted to make sure I had a safe place to put Bub in that I could independently access.” If Richelle couldn’t find a cot she could manage on her own, she would need to have a carer stay with her all day to support her with Bub… “We found a couple of cots that I wouldn’t put my own dog in as they looked like cages and some that had been modified but certainly wouldn’t have met the strict safety standards that Australia has for baby cots,” Richelle says. The time had come to take matters into their own hands and, fortunately, Paul has a very inventive mind. “Paul put tireless hours into designing a cot that looked the same as the ones you buy at the shops but is powered by remote to make it height adjustable,” Richelle says. “He built it using supplies from Bunnings and created a masterpiece that meant I could independently manage our daughter on my own.” And so the 3in1 Powercot was born – a design that Paul has gone on to patent in Australia and many countries internationally. The design allows the carer to raise and lower the height of the mattress using a remote control. It has passed and complies with Consumer Product Safety Standards in Australia, and is proving popular not only with

people with disabilities but also people who have back problems, health services, childcare centres and able-bodied parents who want a remote-controlled cot. In May Paul and Richelle travelled to Melbourne to launch the 3in1 Powercot at the ATSA Independent Living Expo, where it was received with overwhelming interest. “We have companies interested in becoming distributors of the cot in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, New Zealand and UK,” Richelle says. “Paul is now very busy with a team based locally manufacturing the Powercots for display and distribution in Townsville and beyond. People have commented that it’s such a simple concept it’s amazing no-one has thought of the idea before. It can help so many people.” Richelle and Paul now have two beautiful daughters – Isabella Claire (7) and Ariana Grace (2) and Richelle says she’s grateful for the experience she had to endure after her accident. “It made me the person I am today,” she says. “I coped and learnt to live with my injury in a positive way, challenging my abilities and not taking life for granted. I realised very quickly that I needed to be creative, understanding and patient.” It was this experience that meant Richelle knew, even at 14, that she wanted to help others to see their abilities, by becoming a Social Worker. A qualified Social Worker, she’s been working in the disability and rehabilitation areas for the last 16 years and is currently the Social Worker Team Leader for the Rehabilitation Unit and the North Queensland Spinal Service at Queensland Health. “I’ve always believed in myself and facing challenges with determination,” Richelle says. “I’ve achieved everything in my life through motivation, a positive outlook and support. It has been this support and encouragement from my husband, family and friends, that has enabled me to make my achievements such a success”. For more information on the 3in1 Powercot, visit

DUOMagazine July 2016



Rallying Trackside For Soldier On The Virgin Australia Supercars Championship chose Soldier On to be the charity partner for this year’s Castrol EDGE Townsville 400. a charity that benefits the Defence community. “Soldier On have assisted thousands of people across Australia as they have dealt with physical and psychological wounds from their service,” says Rachel, “and the Virgin Australian Supercars Championship is proud to contribute to Soldier On’s endeavours.” Brian Heilbronn, who is a Corporal in The First Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment is one of Soldier On’s Service Ambassadors located in Townsville. Tragically, Brian reached out to Soldier On in 2014 following the funeral of his Platoon Commander, Captain Paul McKay, who had lost his battle with PTSD and taken his own life. “It caught everyone off guard,” says Brian of his friend’s death, “and I wanted to stop it from happening again.”

Photo courtesy BMSPhotography

AT this month’s 2016 Castrol EDGE Townsville 400, staff and volunteers from Soldier On will be trackside selling merchandise, collecting donations and spreading the word about the work they do. Soldier On, which was founded in 2012 and supports veterans to take their first step on the road to recovery or their first step in the life after the Defence Force, was selected by Supercars to be the official charity partner of the highly anticipated event. They join the ranks of Young Diggers, Townsville Hospital Foundation and Ronald McDonald House North Queensland that have all been official charity partners in the past. Rachael White, Castrol EDGE Townsville 400 Event Manager, explains they chose Soldier On as the charity partner because they wanted to support


DUOMagazine July 2016

Inspired to help his mates and his generation of veterans, Brian set out to raise money for Soldier On. He also wanted to raise awareness of the different organisations available to help younger veterans. “People are unsure of where to go and where to turn to [when they need help],” says Brian, who is now a Service Ambassador for Soldier On. “I wanted my generation [of veterans] to know there are organisations out there that can help you.” In August 2014, Brian decided to run the marathon in the Townsville Running Festival. But if hitting the pavement for 42 kilometres wasn’t challenging enough, he decided to run it in 10 kilograms of body armour. Unfortunately, he was involved in a motorcycle accident a week before the event and had to pull out of the race due to injury. A mate stepped in and ran the race for him. Together they raised $9,000 for Soldier On. The following year Brian started the Paul McKay Memorial Shield, where soldiers from 1RAR, 2RAR and 3RAR raced against each other in the Townsville Running Festival. They raised a further $8,000 for Soldier On and Brian plans on raising more money again this year. John Bale, Co-founder and CEO of Soldier On, says it is people like Brian and organisations such as Supercars that allow Soldier On to work towards its mission of achieving the best reintegrated generation of serving and ex-serving men and women in Australia’s history. “Money raised helps us deliver more services to our wounded veterans and their families, such as access to welfare officers, psychologists and wellbeing programs,” says John, who is also an Afghanistan Veteran. “We also support veterans and their families transition out of the Defence Force by providing educational opportunities, employment support, CV assistance, volunteer programs and mentoring.”


Where Are They Now?

WINSOME DENYER Producer ABC’s Australian Story What’s your link to Townsville? I grew up in Townsville and studied a double degree of Journalism and Arts at JCU, with a major in French. In my final year at JCU I applied to do an ‘internship’ subject at ABC Local Radio in Townsville and felt very lucky to be accepted. Everyone at the ABC Townsville office took me under their wing and, when a new position of a ‘cross-media reporter’ was created, I got the job. It was great training because it required making radio stories, writing articles for the website, creating video stories, and taking photos. It also gave me the chance to get on the road and cover a diverse range of stories. Where are you now? After three years at the ABC I felt it was time to explore further afield and was successful securing a ‘producer’ role with the ABC’s Continuous News Centre in Sydney. By the time I accepted the job and moved, the Continuous News Centre had received funding to grow into the News 24 continuous TV news channel. All of a sudden I was learning how to produce live TV news bulletins, reporting live on TV on unfolding

events and even filling in on an occasional presenting shift in the studio. Then in 2012, an opportunity came up to apply for a ‘secondment’ to Australian Story, ABC TV’s long-running profile series. I jumped at it and was one of two people chosen. It was another steep learning curve, this time transitioning from live, fast-turnaround news, to long-form, complex storytelling. Three-and-a-half years later, I’m still on ‘secondment’ there. I’ve now been living in Sydney for six-and-a-half years. Initially I lived in the city, but have recently moved north of the Harbour Bridge, to the beachside suburb of Manly, where I live with my partner Jimmy, who is a graphic designer. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? Working in any regional area is a great training ground for anyone pursuing a career in the media. I was given a lot of freedom to pursue stories of my choice. Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? I still have my parents and lots of great friends in Townsville, so I try and go back at least once a year. I love the feeling of nostalgia and seeing the changes and the things that stay the same. Being able to get most places in 10 minutes and easily finding a park is bliss!

Recognise these familiar faces from Townsville’s talent pool? Wait till you hear what they’re up to now! MATT MULLAMPHY Owner, Harbourview Bridge Club What’s your link to Townsville? I was born and bred in Townsville, the youngest of six children. My childhood was busy thanks to my love of cricket, soccer and performing. My brother Sean taught me bridge at the age of 12, which also filled in many idle hours. I started in musicals when I was nine in the Summerstock Production of Sound of Music playing Kurt Von Trapp. Many productions followed and by the time I started in professional theatre I had appeared in 16 shows. New Faces was a big break for me and I was cast in a number of large musicals in Australia and overseas. It was wonderful to see the world working but I decided when I was 30 that I’d had enough of living out of a suitcase. I stopped in 1997 after appearing in the international cast of Les Miserables. I was fortunate to perform the role of Javert in several countries. I considered that going out in style. Where are you now? In 1997 I was offered a job teaching Bridge. It meant that I could stay


DUOMagazine July 2016

in Sydney and lay foundations. Bridge has always been a passion of mine so teaching was a logical step. In 2006 I started my own business, the Harbourview Bridge Club in Sydney, and we have 300+ members. Bridge has been kind to me and I’ve travelled the world playing. My best results have been a bronze medal in the World Championships as well as gold and silver at Far East Championships. I also take small groups around the world. We play a little bridge but most of the time we enjoy the countries we are in. This year we’ve been to Spain, Morocco, New Zealand and we’re about to go France, Canada, Alaska, Italy, Cuba, Panama Canal, Ecuador, Peru and Hong Kong. My partner, Bowie, and I live on Bondi Beach with our apartment only about 50 metres from the sand. We met when we were both working on Les Miserables. Bowie was in costumes and these days is a couturier showing twice a year at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? I have a fantastic family who taught me good values. I also learnt the benefit of good technique in my chosen

pursuits as Townsville always had a lot of talented people willing to give their time to help young people improve. Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? I still have many family members and friends in Townsville and it will always remain home to me. Four of my brothers and sisters live in Townsville as do an enormous number of offspring. On Christmas Day we had 40 for lunch.


EBONY BUCKLE Actor/Singer/Songwriter What’s your link to Townsville? I grew up in Belgian Gardens around the corner from Rowes Bay Park. Many a barbecue was had there. My life was filled with snorkelling at Magnetic Island, climbing the rocks to Cucumber Bay and camping wherever my parents decided to take us (often about a six-hour drive from civilisation!). Where are you now? I left Townsville initially to go travelling. My friend Kat and I went to America, Canada, Europe and the UK for five-and-a-half months. After that I went to the University of Queensland in Brisbane. I studied Classical Singing with Joseph Ward OBE and then moved to London to study Musical Theatre at The Mountview Academy. I have always felt, from a very young age, that I would live overseas and when I was offered a place to study in London I jumped at the chance. I am living the actor/singer life over here and have recently started my own singer/songwriter duo with my husband Nick Burns. We’ve started recording my EP and I’m absolutely loving the process. I work mainly in TV and theatre, having recently been a guest lead on the BBC show Doctors. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? Townsville is a great place to grow up as a budding performer. There are so many opportunities – I was involved with the Townsville Choral Society and NQOMT and performed in lots of their shows, including Les Mis (Cosette) and Bye Bye Birdie (Kim). There were also some very inspiring people around me, one being my music teacher at Townsville Grammar Cathie Neil. She was the reason I went on to study music and I have her to thank for so much. Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? I come back as much as I can which is about once a year / every two years. If there’s one thing I’d like to invent, it’d be a teleporter so I could go home whenever I wanted. I really miss my mum, dad and brother but we talk quite often and I know they’re always there. I love the people in Townsville and the weather! Coming home feels like I’m going on holiday.

DUOMagazine July 2016



share my passion for flying,” he said. Aviation College Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor, Tony Beauchamp said it is great seeing his son chase his dreams. “It is very rewarding to send anyone on their first solo flight and even more rewarding to watch your own son learn how to fly,” he said. Tony said Townsville’s abundance of sunshine makes for the perfect training ground for up-and-coming pilots. “Our students are also operating in controlled and uncontrolled airspace, including Class C military airspace. TAFE Queensland North General Manager, Joann Pyne said the next intake for the Diploma of Aviation is August 22.

The Sky’s The Limit Brendan Beauchamp loves flying and TAFE Queensland North is helping him to reach new heights.

FLYING is in Brendan Beauchamp’s blood. “My father is a pilot and as a young boy I really enjoyed watching aircraft on the tarmac. I think I was about eight years old when I decided that I also wanted to fly planes,” he said. Brendan’s father, Tony Beauchamp, is an instructor at Aviation College and the company has teamed up with TAFE Queensland North to deliver a Diploma of Aviation. Brendan is among the first students to enrol in the full-time, thirty-six week course and he will walk away with a commercial pilot’s licence when he graduates. “I have been involved in aviation for a while. In the past I have worked in baggage handling and airport security and now I’m really excited about upskilling and getting some cockpit experience,” he said.


DUOMagazine July 2016

Brendan is hitting the books to pursue his dream and change career. “I’m currently the Boarding Supervisor at Townsville Grammar School, so I’m pretty much a surrogate parent for students in years 8 to 10 but I have always had a passion for the aviation industry,” he said. Brendan said he is enjoying the hands on experience he is gaining from the Diploma of Aviation. “I left school ten years ago, so the idea of going back to study was a bit daunting but I am learning so much and gaining new skills, it is incredible. “My favourite part of the course is gaining flight experience. It is like a drug, you get addicted and hooked and you have got to go back for more. “I hope to one day become an instructor like my father. I’m keen to walk in his footsteps and to teach others and

“Aviation College and TAFE Queensland North work really well together, between the two of us we are delivering a great product. “Whether your passion is flying or childcare or even business, TAFE Queensland North has a number of diploma courses covering 16 industries to help people pursue their passion,” Joann said. To find out more about what is on offer at TAFE Queensland North please call 1300 656 959 or visit (RTO 0542)



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Affectionately known as ‘the island’ to locals, Magnetic Island is the laidback home of around 2500 happy residents and an epically diverse natural landscape. But to truly appreciate her in all her forms, you’ve got to go beyond the bitumen and explore via land, sea and sky.

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DUOHome+Travel | Book Extract from Bali by Design: 25 Contemporary Houses by Kim Inglis

Right The so-called blue hour shows Villa Issi in particularly dramatic mode. It also illustrates the talent of Hadi Komara, a lighting specialist based in Jakarta. His main priority was to make sure that the source of lights was not exposed, thereby keeping a flow of mood and ambience from inside to outside.

VILLA ISSI Reinterpreting Tradition Architect Budo Pradono, Budipradono Architects Location Seminyak Date Of Completion 2011

Designed by talented Indonesian architect, Budi Pradono, this home is a stunning combination of modern Western architectural elements and ancient Balinese principles. As such, it met the owner’s brief of being minimal and contemporary, all the while retaining a connection to the land on which it sits.


DUOMagazine July 2016

VILLA ISSI In general, Balinese architecture consists of separate pavilions situated around a courtyard, often with the plot divided into nine areas. Based on a set of cosmological orientations and ritual considerations that influence most aspects of life called sanga mandala, the kitchen is generally found at the front of the site, the private quarters at the back. Budi employs this organisational principle at Villa Issi, using the swimming pool as the central datum from which all the buildings radiate. There’s the main two-storey house, a smaller structure housing a gym and deck, and a single storey structure housing bedrooms at the back. The wow factor the clients wanted comes in the form of a singular secondary “skin” that hugs the upper storey and connects with the pool and courtyard in the form of a bridge. Made from GRC (glass fibre reinforced cement) and perforated metal sheeting, it is white and bright, yet also subtle and secretive, as it provides privacy at the upper level. Rendered with an organic tree graphic, it plays with the light on the west side of the plot, producing different shadows according to the time of day. Texture, light and space, as well as comfort and balance, were important to the clients, an Australian business couple who fell in love with Bali ten years ago and are delighted to have finally realised their dream home. They wanted the spaces to flow, one to the next , and boundaries between inside and out to blur. This is more than adequately achieved by Budi, as most rooms have attendant decks, and light and air are invited in from all sides. >


This is an edited extract from Bali by Design: 25 Contemporary Houses by Kim Inglis, photography is by Jacob Termansen (Tuttle Publishing). $39.99 available now Angus & Robertson Online

DUOMagazine July 2016


DUOHome+Travel | Book Extract from Bali by Design: 25 Contemporary Houses by Kim Inglis

The connection to Bali is furthered through the use of local materials– volcanic stone, andesite, sandstone as well as recycled ironwood and teak – all easily obtained on the island. Further cultural reference comes in the form of the entrance: masked by a series of walls with a water feature, visitors have to follow a set route from the road into the compound, with different parts of the villa revealing themselves in stages. Budi explains the reasoning behind this: “I wanted to interpret various community activities, such as Balinese processions, as a way of appreciating the space. In Bali, religious ceremonies always go through stages of change, so I wanted to bring people into the building as if in a procession. The last stop is the dynamic upper floor.” Interiors wise, Villa Issi is very easy on the eye. “I am always looking for balance,” explains one of the owners, “and usually I find it within opposites – black and white, calm and chaos, drama and serenity.” Here, a rigorous monochrome scheme, enlivened by bright cushions designed and printed by the owners and the odd colourful artwork, predominates, while high quality custom-made furniture is cleanlined and well finished.

Top The owners have a shop in Seminyak called Platform 18/27, where Australian designs are manufactured and sold in Bali. Adding a splash of colour to the monochrome decorative scheme in the living room is a number of throw cushions, printed in Bali and available at the shop. The custom made sofas and ottomans were based on an Italian design, but were tweaked with dimensions and fabrics provided by the owners Middle, left The oversized dining table in blonde wood with steel supports was custom made to give a floating feeling, yet also has stability and integrity. Its light color matches the stools, benches and side credenza. Middle, right A combo of raw timber, stainless steel and black terrazzo gives the kitchen a textural quality. Realised by Jacques Hugen of C+R Creation, it was integral to the owners’ vision. Bottom Again, a black-and-white colour palette predominates in the superluxurious, generously proportioned bedrooms, all with walk in closets. Whimsical charcoal artworks were realised by a Balinese artist from the owners’ brief.


DUOMagazine July 2016

From top left to right: Wine Sign 30x30cm $45 Glasshouse Candles $42.95 Clock 100cm $295 Buddha 30cm $59 Circle of Friends $29 Ocean Painting 100x140cm $395 Cushion $39.95 Home Sign 60x60cm $89

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Smeg 2-slice Toaster $179 Maxwell & Williams Colour Basics Coupe Dinner Set 20 Piece $139.95

Caffitaly Capsule Machine $139 Marcato Atlas 150 pasta maker from $229 Smeg Victoria Built-in 60cm Double Oven (DOSPA6925) $3990


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elegance EVERYDAY

New Finish. New Polyresin! Vogue Shutters with PolySatin finish are the safe and sustainable choice for the environmentally concious family. Custom made to measure in Australia, Vogue Shutters add a relaxed sense of luxury to virtually any room and will assure years of great performance.



Address: Unit 2/298 Bayswater Road, Garbutt I Phone: 4725 2527 Website: I Email: * Conditions apply. Five year warranty applies to shutter hardware. Visit for warranty document. Š Copyright 2013 Hunter Douglas Limited [ABN 98 009 675 709] C12236_HG_12.2015

DUOHome+Travel | Technology

The Bluesmart Black Edition includes the following features: Location tracking Global location tracking powered by GPS and 3G SIM card based communication system Power USB charger with 10,000 mAh capacity – enough to charge a smartphone up to six times. The battery is compliant with regulations

Product Reviewer

Josh Blundell Redefined Marketing THE Black Edition Bluesmart suitcase pairs the award-winning technology from Bluesmart’s incredibly successful inaugural product, the Bluesmart One, which touts the only true GPS+3G tracking capabilities in the market, with a sleek design aimed for the savvy jet-setter that appreciates style and ease when travelling. The suitcase is designed with every detail in mind and rigorously tested to bring you a seamless and design-forward suitcase. The soft/hard hybrid exterior is made of a nylon and polyester combination, making the suitcase water and scratch resistant. The interior linings like silk to the touch, the fibers are individually dyed, and the design form fits the case to get the most out of the space. Highdensity microfiber protects the electronics from scratches, dust, and dirt. The removable mesh divider gives you control over how you want to pack. The suitcase pairs high-end style and function to meet the lifestyle of the tech-savvy traveller. “As the creators of the first smart luggage, we’re excited to pave the way for innovation and design by providing customers with the ultimate travel experience” says Diego Saez-Gil, CEO of Bluesmart. To pre-order your Bluesmart Black Edition, go to or shop instore at Strand Bags.


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Locking Airline / Customs Approved – Bluetooth-enabled remote locking, with automatic distancing locking Weigh Built-in weight sensors inform via app whether suitcase is within airline limits Convenience Additional pockets and tailored laptop/ tablet compartment to maximise internal storage that can fit any 15” device and easy removal, for airport security Ease Silent wheels and a reinforced bumper to make it as quiet as anything on the market Space Airlines regulation compliant carry-on size suitcase

Bluesmart Black Edition

A new design-forward smart suitcase for the tech savvy traveller.

Ocean or marina views, Twin and King rooms and suites available now Inspired by the traditional Queenslander and drawing on our tropical surroundings, the new Resort Rooms and Suites provide contemporary functionality at its most stylish.

Enjoy ocean views over the Coral Sea and to Magnetic Island or look to the marina, nestled in front of Townsville’s most iconic feature, Castle Hill.

To book now visit THE-VILLE.COM.AU or phone 4722 2333


Personal Travel Manager

Maria Pandalai

TravelManagers Australia

Photography courtesy Gold Coast Tourism

GOLDCOAST Say the first words that come to mind when you think of the Gold Coast, and most would say theme parks, white sandy beaches and surfing. But there is so much more to see and do in our Queensland counterpart. Add magical wilderness, adrenaline filled sports and a funky food and music scene to the mix and you have yourself a sensational cocktail of good times. 32

DUOMagazine July 2016



When to go The Gold Coast has clearly pulled the tall straw, boasting 300 days of sunshine a year – making it an ideal destination for outdoor activities. The hinterland area, is generally much cooler, especially in winter. Keep in mind that the summer months bring rain which can limit outdoor sightseeing and visits to the beach. Where to stay It’s almost certain that most people have heard of Surfers Paradise – after all, it is the central hub of the Gold Coast. Surfers Paradise is best for those wanting to be in the thick of the action with plenty of creature comforts and the beach at its doorstep. Broadbeach, Miami and Main Beach are not far behind, with their evolving dining and accommodation options. For somewhere more secluded, head to the Gold Coast Hinterland. My five favourite places to stay are; The Mouses House Rainforest Retreat, an enchanted rainforest retreat on the edge of Springbrook, great for couples seeking a romantic experience. Paradise Resort in Surfers Paradise is perfect for families, with its own waterpark, ice-skating rink, kids club and many more activities to keep the little ones amused. Binna Burra Mountain Lodge is perfect for a digital detox and views of Lamington National Park are quite remarkable. QT Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise will have you feeling like a celebrity with its chic design throughout and Californian inspired Stingray Lounge. Bel Air on Broadbeach offers a selection of beautifully appointed self-contained apartments, close to the beach and across from Pacific Fair shopping centre – great for shopaholics. WARNER BROS. MOVIEWORLD


What to do My five favourite things to do in the Gold Coast are; Day trip to the Gold Coast Hinterland. Only 30 minutes by car, it’s worth taking the trip to immerse yourself in this amazing part of South East Queensland. With its stunning national parks, fascinating bushwalking trails, delightful dining options, unique tree top walk and thrilling zip lining, the Gold Coast Hinterland will have you coming back for more. Undoubtedly the theme parks are the biggest drawcard for families. With the four theme parks being no more than a 25km radius from one another, it makes for a convenient family holiday. Dreamworld, Warner Bros. Movie World, Whitewater World and Sea World all offer something different to satisfy young and old alike. A whale watching cruise is a unique experience, operating from June through to the end of October. Imagine how surreal it would be to see the majestic humpback whales in their natural environment. A visit to one, or a few, of the many markets will have you mingling with the locals. The Village Markets, held the first, third and fourth Sunday of the month, is a great starting point for that unique find. These markets showcase women and men’s fashion, vintage clothing and handcrafted furniture, all accompanied by delectable eats and cool music vibes. With 57km of sun drenched beaches and guaranteed waves, who wouldn’t want to learn how to surf on the Gold Coast. After a lesson, you could be soon riding the waves like a surfing pro.


Eating out The Gold Coast has it covered when it comes to the dining scene. The café culture embraces the laid back coastal lifestyle that is Gold Coast. Elk Espresso in Broadbeach is a unique choice, known to offer breakfast and lunch grub in a funky café. For those seeking a spot to celebrate a special occasion or to simply spoil themselves, there are fine dining options galore. Modern Australian restaurant, Salt Grill located at the Hilton Surfers Paradise will not let you down. This dining experience is the platform on which celebrity chef Luke Mangan shares his talent with Queensland. The street food revolution is fast becoming very popular, with many night markets, food trucks and gourmet delis popping up along the coast. Check out Miami Marketta on a Friday or Saturday night. These markets offer foods of all nationalities and boast two bars serving boutique wines and locally brewed beer. Guaranteed to be a good night out. How to get there JETGO Australia operates services from Townsville to the Gold Coast and return thrice weekly. The early departure from Townsville at 7.30am allows for almost a full day in the Gold Coast. The departure from the Gold Coast at 2.50pm allows for last minute sightseeing. Maria Pandalai Personal Travel Manager TravelManagers Australia 0407 122 120

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BOUTIQUE APARTMENTS If you’re looking for a luxury serviced apartment for your next Melbourne get-away you’ll be interested to hear about 381 Cremorne. Recently opened, 381 Cremorne offers easy access to the city centre and there are one, two and threebedroom terrace or balcony apartments to choose from.

FAST DATA TRANSFER DESTINATION: DUBAI Ossiano Underwater Restaurant For a night of unforgettable romance, off the Grand Lobby of the Royal Towers in Dubai, Ossiano restaurant offers contemporary cuisine inspired by the sea and infused with modern Mediterranean flavours in a stunning setting in the underwater world of Atlantis.


With the rise of rich 4K content we’re increasingly relying on external storage solutions, while needing faster data transfer speeds and large capacity on multiple devices. The T3 solves this problem by enabling fast file transfers based on sequential read and write speeds of up to 450MB/s. From $199 for 250GB to $1249 for 2TB.

Fossil has designed this backpack with a special lining to protect the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in your credit and debit cards from any unwarranted scanning when you’re on-the-go. $199

EVENT: MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (28 July to 14 August, Forum Theatre) The programmers of the 65th Melbourne International Film Festival have scoured the world, and the nation, to bring you the best in international and local features, documentaries, short films and world premieres.


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Amaroo on mandalay

d n a l s I c i t e n g Ma

e p a c s E Duo 2 People 2 Nights Only $220*

Amaroo On Mandalay 61 Mandalay Avenue Nelly Bay Magnetic Island For bookings and enquiries please call 07 4778 5200 *Per room twin share. Conditions apply. Offer available until 31 August 2016 unless extended. Ask about our special wedding and group packages.

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Welcome To Townsville


Now is the best time to be in Townsville with our event season kicking off in force in July. It’s all action stations with the V8 Supercars and winter Racing Carnival giving trackside spectators a spectacular show; the Cultural Fest taking us on a culinary journey around the globe and so much more that we’ve created this Welcome to Townsville feature to guide you through what’s on offer. We are envied for our first-class lifestyle up North and now we’re showing the world why...

DUOMagazine July 2016



Things To Do

There’s no denying Townsville‘s street cred can’t stop/won’t stop thriving. Packing the perks of a city (hello fine dining and boutique shopping) minus the fast pace and zombie-like inhabitants, all the while sitting pretty between the reef, rainforest and outback, it shouldn’t come as a surprise why. So now that you’re here in the sunshine capital of the state, check out these 100 must-dos. Words by Ariana Potamianakis. 1. Grab a scoop of creamy deliciousness at Juliette’s Gelateria on The Strand. Actually, make that two and walk it off with a stroll from the rock pools down to the Marina.

but if you haven’t got your creds yet for this advanced dive, you can start from scratch and tick off all the certifications in one trip with Adrenalin Snorkel and Dive or Yongala Dive.

2. Make an entrance worth bragging about when you jump from 14,000 ft and land on the beach at The Strand or Magnetic Island with Skydive Townsville.

7. There’s no denying the SS Yongala is the main drawcard for keen divers, but if you’re a novice or you’re just keen to explore the underwater world some more, there’s the Gothenburg and wreck dives off Magnetic Island to keep you busy.

3. Become a master of the waves and winds when you learn to kite surf with Intheloop. 4. Couldn’t get the hang of it? Opt for a calmer approach to the waters with their stand-up paddleboard hire instead. 5. Head to the rooftop bar at glam-packers resort Rambutan to feast poolside on tacos, fried chicken, and lazy cocktails.

8. If you’ve got an appreciation for the arts, check out an exhibition at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery and Pinnacles Gallery. 9. Tuck into the best breakfast in Queensland as crowned by the Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering Awards for Excellence at JAM in Palmer Street. 10. Get a bird’s eye view of Townsville or ‘Maggie’ on a scenic flight with Red Baron Sea Planes. If you’ve got the nerve (and stomach) for it, ask the pilot to throw in some adrenalin-pumping manoeuvres! 11. Don’t forget your camera as you stalk the alleys and laneways hiding the city’s secret street art trail.

Tourism & Events Queensland

12. On the hunt for some new threads and homewares? Shop ’til you drop with this handy guide to the city’s best boutique shopping. 13. For a short and sweet cardio fix, hit up the Goat Track on Castle Hill (don’t let the first part of that sentence fool you, because your buns will still feel the burn).

6. Did you know one of the world’s Top 10 dive sites lies just off the coast of Townsville? The SS Yongala is a total bucket-list shipwreck,


DUOMagazine July 2016

14. Tick off an Australian wonder when you road trip two hours northwest of Townsville to Wallaman Falls – the highest permanent single drop waterfall in the country.

Tourism & Events Queensland


15. Try ice-cream and sorbet flavours made from almost every fruit you could think of at everyone’s favourite pitstop, the Frosty Mango. 16. Cross your fingers and hope to find a nugget when you pan for gold at The Miner’s Cottage in Charters Towers. 17. Make a day out of the outdoor gallery at the Jezzine Barracks. The recently renovated parklands has been decked out with a scenic coastal boardwalk, an ethno-botanical trail, and over 30 specially commissioned art installations commemorating the military and Aboriginal heritage of the site. 18. If you want to continue on the military history trail, pop in to the Army Museum. 19. Watch a cane fire burn in the sugar cane capital of Australia, Burdekin (crushing season starts in June and can run until the end of the year). 20. If you’re in need of a nature escape, head to the misty mountain village of Paluma, where freshwater crystal creeks and Wet Tropics Heritage-listed rainforest walks await. 21. Bid in a cane toad race on a Wednesday night at the Arcadia Village Hotel on Magnetic Island. It’s all in good fun and proceeds are donated to the Surf Life Saving Club. 22. If you love handmade crafts you must check out Renegade Handmade Markets. Featuring the very best in handmade items from local artisans, you’ll find an assortment of goodies on offer from crafts to jewellery, pottery to crochet. Held the second Sunday of each month 8am til 1pm at Marian School, Currajong. Visit for more. 23. Did you know it’s estimated over half the population of Ingham is of Italian descent? And what do Italians like to do? Eat. Or force you to eat. So beat them to the punch and stock up on continental delights at the Italian delicatessen known as Lou’s Food Emporium.

24. Celebrate all things Italian at the Australian Italian Festival 2016 on the weekend of 6–7 August at the Tyto Precinct in Ingham. It’s a fantastic event that promotes, showcases and celebrates the cultural attributes of Italian migrants and descendant’s in the Hinchinbrook Shire and Australia. Food, wine, cooking demonstrations, entertainment, market stalls, historical display, spaghetti eating challenge, greasy pole challenge, great toga race and much more. The 2016 entertainment will have acts such as fire twirling, 1RAR Band, Italian comedian James Liotta, tenor Paul Gulinello, MKR Chefs Martino & Luciano, Tango Kraze, Tom Jones and Tina Turner Tribute Show, The Rustica Project, CIAO Freestyle Dancers and The DeBellis Show Band and many more. 4776 5288 25. Don your best cowboy boots and join a tour that harks back to the days of Western exploration on a Texas Longhorn wagon safari tour aboard a traditional coach wagon filled with history! Located just outside the famed gold rush town of Charters Towers, you’ll join your hosts for a delicious Aussie bush meal of freshly-cooked damper and scones - as well as Texas style chocolate brownies - before embarking on an old-time journey aboard the wagon drawn by two powerful and beautiful Percheron horses. It’s the longest web address in history but you can get all the details from au/townsville/tours/texas-longhorn-wagon-tour-from-charters-towers/ texas-longhorn-wagon-tour 26. Get a hands-on encounter with creatures of the Great Barrier Reef at the world’s largest living coral aquarium, Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium. 27. Spend four days hiking through a smorgasbord of changing landscapes and habitats from rainforest to paperbark country on Hinchinbrook Island‘s Thornsborne Trail. But before you set off, make sure you double and triple check this packing guide. 28. Stock up on fresh produce and handmade knick-knacks at the Cotters and Willows Rotary Markets on Sundays. 29. Learn how to load and fire a six-pounder cannon at the star attraction of the Museum of Tropical Queensland, the HMS Pandora. 30. Ride bareback through the ocean on a bush to beach horse riding tour at the Horseshoe Bay Ranch on Magnetic Island. 31. Feed a freshwater croc and cuddle up to a dingo at the Billabong Sanctuary. 32. Thar she blows! Yes you can see whales with Townsville Whale Watching right up until late September. They’re a professional and highly qualified crew with degrees in Marine Biology who’ll guide you to the best hotspots to see humpback whales, and provide some behavioural anecdotes. The tour includes picnic lunch, soft drinks, snorkeling gear, stinger suits, sun screen and spray jackets.

DUOMagazine July 2016




Discover more about the history of Flinders Street – download the Townsville Tours and Trails app and take a journey into the past.


Head to the Cotters Markets every Sunday from 8.30 for an amazing selection of arts, craft, food and fun for the kids.

The Smizler, By Lee Harnden. Artwork commissioned in City Lane by Townsville City Council.


Townsville’s buildings are a canvas for talented local and international artists alike. Head to Townsville.qld. for more locations of city street art.

Cutting edge fashion outlets offering the latest styles from the catwalk.


Get up close and personal with the masters behind the wheel at the Townsville 400 Super Street Party! Head to Flinders Street on Thursday 7 July from 3.30pm for live entertainment and driver signings.


Townsville’s CBD has a tasty treat for everyone, from a la carte dining to healthy organic snacks, and everything in between!


Head to Palmer Street and Flinders Street East for an eclectic mix of restaurants, wine bars and night clubs.

Lisa Adams Revelation [detail] 2015, oil on canvas, 47 x 70 cm WINNER Glencore Percival Portrait Painting Prize 2016


Don’t miss the Glencore Percival Portrait Painting Prize showcasing the innovative work produced by local, national and international artists, Exhibition closes July 10.

For more information visit


33. For a quiet siesta with the best views of Magnetic Island and the Coral Sea, take a picnic hamper and a rug for a cool rest on the grass behind the Townsville Picnic Bay Surf Life Saving Club House on the Strand Headland. 34. From palms and pandanus to cacti and succulents, plant lovers will be in heaven exploring the city’s botanic gardens – Anderson Park, Queens Gardens, Dan Gleeson Memorial Gardens and The Palmetum – all within a 20-minutes drive from the CBD. 35. Have brekkie with the koalas at Bungalow Bay Village on Magnetic Island. As well as having a morning snuggle from these cuties, you can stuff your faces with an Aussie-style breakfast of jaffles and toad-in-a-hole (our version of eggs cooked in bread).

44. Go back in time to the gold rush era of Charters Towers on a tour at the Venus Gold Battery. 45. Take your camera on a landscape adventure through the farmlands and lush green canefields between Burdekin and Home Hill. Fun fact: On the way you’ll cross over the Burdekin River Bridge (also known as the Silver Link), which at 1,103m long is longer than the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 46. Tempt your taste buds at City Lane, Townsville’s New Yorkinspired laneway dining precinct, where you’ll find everything from a Mexican cantina and sushi bar to Italiano and paleo delights.

36. Go old-school on date night with a trip to Tors Drive-In Cinema in Charters Towers.

38. No boat? No worries! You can reel in a barra and learn how to wakeboard all in a day at the Barra Fun Park. There’s even an aqua playground for the youngins (and young at heart!). 39. Drink the infamous Kopi Luwak coffee – aka cat poop coffee – at the Heritage Tea Rooms for $50 a cup. Known as one of the most expensive coffees in the world, it is produced from coffee beans which have been digested by an Asian civet cat. 40. Grab a hearty chicken or beef pie or pastry and a coffee at Otto’s Fresh Food Market behind Warrina Cineplex. 41. Dine at the award-winning Kobe Restaurant (they won best steak restaurant in NQ at the 2014 Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering Awards for Excellence) before trying your luck at the casino. 42. Strike out (in the best way) at Kingpin Bowling.

Tourism & Events Queensland

37. Celebrate the rich history of Townsville on a walking heritage tour of the city.

47. Go topless (by car, that is) when you hire a moke and cruise around Magnetic Island. 48. Try Queensland’s best signature cocktail (as awarded by the Brisbane Times in 2015), The Fairy Floss Windmill, at Shaw & Co. It’s a deliciously zesty mix of vanilla vodka, elderflower liqueur, cranberry and apple juice, with a twist of lemon and topped with strawberry fairy floss. 49. Mountain bike through the open woodland and rocky shores of Cape Pallarenda on the ‘Under the Radar’ trail. 50. Two words: platypus safari. Why? Because Australia. The platypus safari at the Hidden Valley Cabins has a 98% success rate of spotting these duck-billed cuties, earning them the title of one of the top six places in the country to spot them by Australian Geographic no less. 51. If your secret superhero power would be to fly, then you need to book in a sesh with NQ Flyboarding ASAP and turn those dreams into a reality. 52. Catch a home game of the North Queensland Cowboys  – the 2015 NRL grand final champions!

43. Hop aboard Pilgrim for a sip and sail sunset cruise off Magnetic Island.


DUOMagazine July 2016

53. Discover the flourishing bommies and historical wreck relics that lie beneath the waters off Magnetic Island on these self-guided snorkel trails.


54. Unleash your inner Robin Hood in a game of Archery Tag at the XFire Games. 55. History doesn’t need a textbook when there’s the Charters Towers Historical Walking Tour. After just 1.5 hours, you’ll come away with a trivia master’s knowledge of the town’s golden days and a new appreciation for 1800s architecture. 56. Spot wild koalas when you hike to military history on Magnetic Island’s Forts Walk.

international DJs, and up to 3000 groovy souls, and plonk them all on Magnetic Island? A night that you may or may not remember at BASE Backpacker’s monthly Full Moon Down Under Party. 62. Pour your own brew at The TapHouse craft beer bar in City Lane. 63. Treat your pooch to a day of sun and sand at the off-leash Pallarenda Beach. 64. Bay hop to the local snorkel and fishing hotspots around Maggie on a half-day tour with Aquascene Charters.

58. Birdwatchers will be in paradise at the Town Common Conservation Park – up to 280 species have been recorded here, so be sure to keep a close eye at the bird hides and observation points along the Freshwater Trail. 59. Make like a local and get your caffeine fix from the funky Hoi Polloi Espresso Bar down Denham Lane. 60. The Ross River is the perfect backdrop for a weekend stroll or bike ride. Check out these maps for the different parkway circuits running from the CBD all the way down to Riverway. 61. What do you get when you combine body paint, fire twirlers,

Tourism & Events Queensland

57. Hop on a trike tour with Crikey Trikey Joy Rides, because as well as seeing the sights in style, it will be the only time you have a good excuse to wear a leather jacket in North Queensland.

65. Head to the TYTO Wetlands at dusk to spot the resident birds for which the wetlands was named after – the endangered Eastern Grass Owl (Tyto Capensis). Your best bet of spotting them is from the observation deck.

DUOMagazine July 2016



68. Sixty-two years ago someone thought, “I could swim that!” and so began the Magnetic Island To Townsville Swim. The next one is on 31 July. It starts at waters edge, in front of the Townsville Picnic Bay SLSC on Magnetic Island and finishes in front of the Townsville Picnic Bay SLSC Club House on the Strand Beach near the Strand Park jetty.

69. Rest assured you won’t actually find snappy reptiles at Alligator Creek, just crystal clear swimming holes and day hikes through the tropical rainforests of Mount Elliot. 70. The Townsville region ain’t just the breeding grounds of NRL champions, but also Australia’s most successful professional female golfer, Karrie Web. So if you’re passing through her hometown of Ayr, stop in for a round at her local golf club.

66. Take your fishing adventure to new heights when you scout the most elusive and untouched locations via helicopter with Nautilus Aviation. It’s an extraordinary experience. Take in the sights of Townsville’s amazing region. Nautilus Aviation has a wide range of flying options from helicopter combo’s deals, scenic flights, island visits, fly and fish experiences or have the helicopter for your own private charter experience. It’s all here at 67. Snorkel and dive the Great Barrier Reef to your heart’s content on a camp and dive safari to Pelorus Island with Remote Area Dive.


DUOMagazine July 2016

71. It’s not often one seeks out a giant carpet snake, but if you’re passing through Burdekin, you’ll want to take a look at this one. The 60-metre artwork is a depiction of Gubulla Munda, the Aboriginal totem and protective spirit for the Birri Gubba people. 72. You can always rely on The Strand for delivering hours of family fun. You could easy spend a day to and fro-ing from the Rock Pool and Water Park (eds note: closed until late 2016 for renovations) before cooking up a feast on the free BBQs. 73. Treat your better half to a night of fine dining in the CBD’s premier foodie strip, Palmer Street.

74. Indulge in a relaxing reiki massage at Hands in Harmony. While working out your pains and aches, hand and healing energy is used to loosen blocked energy so your mind and body are in a state of total relaxation and well-being.

Experience the difference

75. Meet the rock wallabies on Magnetic Island when you take to the national park walking tracks. 76. Most people know of the epic coastal and city views atop Castle Hill, but for the ‘bigger picture’, you can’t beat the Mount Stuart lookout. You’ll get the lay of the land with panoramic vision to the north and south of the region from Paluma down to the Ross River Dam, then east overlooking the city suburbs and offshore islands. 77. Kick up some dirt on a 4WD adventure to Ollera Creek. 78. Fish off the jetty at Picnic Bay. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a turtle or a dugong! 79. If it’s a night on the town you’re after, put on your dancing shoes and head to Flinders Street East. 80. From May to December each year, The Strand Night Markets light up the park on the first Friday of every month with live music, entertainment and a plethora of stalls, so bring the family (fur babies included) and get perusin’. 81. Vroom vroom your way to victory on the track at Pitstop Karting. (Tip: Go on cheap Tuesdays for $15 sessions!). 82. Fancy yourself as a singer? Or even if you don’t, why not enjoy a drink and a laugh at Karaoke Wednesdays every Wednesday from 10pm at Flynns Irish Bar on Flinders Street East. 83. After a mini escape that’s friendly on the hip pocket? Pitch a tent at Saunders, Balgal and Toomulla beaches for free!

Luxury Helicopter Tours Half Day / Full Day Tours Heli Fishing Experiences 84. So far we’ve covered Magnetic Island exploration by snorkel, boat and plane… but what about a stretched yellow Jeep? Adventure with Tropicana Tours and discover hidden bays you can’t access with the 2WD hire cars and learn what everyday life is like for the people who call the island home.

Flight Training Programs 07 4725 6056 WWW.NAUTILUSAVIATION.COM.AU


85. Fancy yourself quite the beer connoisseur? Then you’ll want to taste test the award-winning cold ones brewed around the clock (and metres away from you) at the Townsville Brewery.

learn the incredible history of Nywaigi Aboriginal culture and the role the Cassady family played in protecting their people during the European settlement.

86. Ahoy there, matey! Seafarers and nautical buffs will get a kick out of the Maritime Museum of Townsville. The small but impressive museum even has its own model boat building room and lighthouse (which was relocated from its original home on the rocky islet of Bay Rock). 87. Uncover the gruesome and spooky past of Charters Towers on a ghost tour through the old city center after dark. 88. Love World Wrestling Entertainment but thought you could only watch that type of thing on Pay TV? Think again! The Queensland Wrestling Alliance is bringing character-filled fun to Townsville with their monthly show all the family will love. 89. Fancy a pub with no beer…. outrageous, I tell you! But that was once the case for The Pub with No Beer at Lees Hotel in Ingham, made famous by Slim Dusty. Thankfully, this predicament is no longer the case, so head on over, grab a cold one, and learn the legend for which it got its name. 90. Spend two days trekking through ancient palm-filled gullies and open forests on the Wet Tropics Great Walk.

fun exciting unique

91. Travel back 45,000 years on a day tour of Mungalla Station and


Tourism & Events Queensland

92. From ballet and comedy skits to live music and art performances, if it’s a good night out in Charters Towers you’re looking for, you’ll find it at The World Theatre. 93. Whether you’re a lap enthusiast or err towards lazy lounging, when it starts getting hot (which let’s be honest is most of the year here in North Queensland), head to the Riverway Lagoons to cool down.

The only Marine Biologist guided Eco Adventure Tour on the Great Barrier Reef ! Get up close and personal with our majestic friends as they migrate up the east coast.


Small group sizes - 8 adults per vessel Very fast vessel to multiple locations Everything provided: Picnic Lunch, Soft Drink, Snorkeling Gear, Stinger Suits, Sun Screen and Spray Jackets

Whale Watching

Call us today on 07 4772 5800. For more info on Whale Watching, diving on the

SS Yongala Ship Wreck and vessel charter options visit

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Tourism & Events Queensland

94. Rise and shine for a morning paddle with Magnetic Island Sea Kayaks. Setting out from Horseshoe Bay, you’ll stalk the coastline, drifting over seagrass beds and coral gardens, before stopping at a secluded bay to fill up on a tropical brekkie.

95. Catch a sorbet sunset from the best spot in Charters Towers, Towers Hill. 96. Get a taste of the real-life fast and (not so) furious at the V8 Supercars Castrol Edge Townsville 400 as they race through the streets of Townsville 97. Big on beef? Experience first-hand the excitement of a live cattle auction at the Dalrymple Sales Yards. It might not be the first place on your sightseeing list, but with beasts worth more than a Mercedes, aren’t you just a little bit curious to see what all the fuss is about?  98. Ahoy there mateys! Learn to sail or just enjoy being onboard at the Townsville Cruising Yacht Club Wednesday Twilight Sail. Each Wednesday evening the TCYC holds a social Twilight Sail in the tranquil waters of Cleveland Bay. If you’re interested in becoming involved in sailing or just want to try it out, get down to the Club on a Wednesday evening. Remember you must register on the day. If you can’t get on a boat that night, keep trying! 99. Bliss out in your own private paradise at Orpheus Island Resort. It may be pricey, but with everything included in their luxe accommodation packages – gourmet meals, unlimited use of water equipment, and island tours and activities – it’s so worth it.


l & Dine Packa

Pilgrim Sip, Sai

100. Great views, cool drinks and stunning sunsets from the deck. Get ready for the week ahead and relax with live music at Sunday At The Bay at the Townsville Picnic Bay Surf Life Saving Club on the Strand every Sunday from 2pm.

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What’s On JULY

SOME LIKE IT HOT Stage Door Theatre Restaurant – Arcadia, Magnetic Island From 6.30pm every Friday and Saturday night until October 2016 You’ll be Puttin’ On The Ritz with this hilarious all-singing, all-new 1920’s crime comedy caper that’s the cat’s meow! Gangsters, gals and guns collide in a night of music and fun where the gin is cold, the piano’s hot and all that jazz! Enjoy a gourmet three course dinner and show. Box office is open between 10am and 4pm Tuesday to Saturday. 4778 5448

4TH SUNDAY FOLK MUSIC 3 July 2016 10am–12pm FREE Keeping alive the almost forgotten gems of Australian folk music, come and listen to the beautiful tunes of the 4th Sunday Folk Music group at Umbrella Studio. The 4th Sunday Folk Music group is a community based music group for professional, amateur, part-time and student musicians to get together, play and learn from each other in a social setting with the emphasis on but not restricted to Australian collected folk music. Most of the music is traditional music of Colonial and Post-Federation Australia collected in the 1950s–1970s from the old local musicians from rural and regional Australia. 4772 7109 CASTROL EDGE TOWNSVILLE 400 - V8 SUPERCARS 8–10 July Reid Park North Queensland is set for a huge weekend full of rock and race at the Castrol EDGE Townsville 400. The event features high octane Supercars racing through the streets of Townsville and with critical Virgin Australia Supercars Championship points on offer, the racing is sure to be intense. Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks will ramp up the on-track action, making their racing debut in North Queensland. Reserve your Grandstand seat for the best view as they race, jump and fly through the air. ICEHOUSE is set to rock the SuperTop on Saturday night, playing in North Queensland for the first time in over 20 years. Aussie rock outfit, the Choirboys will kick off the concert, bringing their anthem ‘Run to Paradise’ to the Townsville crowds. The Dunlop Series will also take to the streets as the rising stars battle it out in the breeding ground for the main game. Plus the V8 Utes Series and Sports GTs will roll in to Townsville to top off a massive weekend of racing. There is something for the whole family from the on track action to the trackside entertainment, the Supercars Paddock, Disney Zone and more. Children 12 and under receive free Trackside Admission with a paying adult. This is a weekend of intense racing and exciting entertainment not to be missed.


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You’re spoiled for choice with signature events in the cultural, sports, entertainment and music spheres bringing our city to life over the coming months. Even more reason to get outdoors and bask in the sunshine!

TOWNSVILLE HELICOPTERS JOYFLIGHTS V8 SUPERCARS CASTROL EDGE TOWNSVILLE 400 8–10 July 9am–4:30pm V8 Supercars, Townsville 400 Helipad (Townsville High Oval) Scenic Joyflights over the V8 track plus iconic Townsville locations. You have never seen Townsville like this before. Flights will depart and return from the ‘Helipad’, located at the Townsville State High School oval. This area will be within the designated V8 grounds and an entry ticket to the Townsville 400 is a pre-requisite. To claim your ticket, simply present at the Helipad check-in office where you will be booked on the next available flight. 0438027367 THE PARIS UNDERGROUND @ RIVERWAY ARTS CENTRE 8 July 7.30–9.30pm Riverway Arts Centre Thuringowa Central Enter the Paris Underground and journey through the dark delights of the city of light. Witness astounding acts of magic and illusion, spectacular tap dancing, brilliant burlesque, breathtaking aerials, quirky circus and song in a classic European cabaret and variety show. Draw the curtain on a stage that will darkly seduce and intoxicate with a moveable feast of magic, song, dance, burlesque, comedy, circus and cabaret. A blend of surprises and visual attractions of international renown. Rated M15+Paris Underground contains partial nudity and adult themes.

TOWNSVILLE STYLE OVER SPEED BLACK-TIE BIKE RIDE 9 July 2016 4.30–10pm Perfumed Gardens 81 Sturt Street City Riding your bike is an ad for cycling so do it in style! Style Over Speed is a traffic-stopping black-tie affair. Over 80 biking locals parade from town along The Strand, out to The Ville and back finishing with live music, a bar and a fashion parade by participants with their bikes. Have fun and get dressed up in your fanciest formal gear, match your handbag or man bag to your bicycle and come along! The ride is designed to encourage spectators to smile and cheer at their display because cycling is something to celebrate.


Frosty Mango For Everyone With its generous range of fresh fruit, handmade ice-creams, jams and more, Frosty Mango is a must-stop for travellers. Since 1989, Frosty Mango (located 65km north of Townsville on Bruce Highway) has been attracting tourists and locals alike.“We’ve become a real ‘must-see’ destination with visitors from around the world coming in because they were told by their friends back home that they must call in to Frosty Mango when they get to North Queensland,” says Alf Poefinger owner of Crystal Creek Farm and Frosty Mango. “Together with our adjoining Crystal Creek Farm, we produce over 35 types of tropical fruits, which are sold by Frosty Mango as well as being used in our products. We produce over 30 different ice-creams and sorbets, some with very special and rare fruits, like Black Sapote and the flower of the Rosella

Bush. We also make a large variety of jams with our own tropical fruits. ”All of Frosty Mango’s fruit sorbets are dairy-free, so they’re good for lactose-intolerant visitors, and some are also sugar-free for diabetics. “We cater for small and big appetites with fresh sandwiches made with your choice of fillings, wraps and pizzas, also in gluten-free varieties,” says Alf. “Our light meals include the ever-popular Mango Chicken, Jackfruit Curry and Mango Pancakes with fresh cream and Mango Sorbet. ”Milkshakes are made with whichever ice-creams and sorbets the customer desires, with the Mango Smoothie proving a firm favourite. There’s also a delicious selection of pastries in the cake carousel and coffee lovers

Life is

have the choice of many different styles. The huge Mango Man sculpture outside is great for taking selfies or just some pictures with the kids and all 34 different tropical fruit trees in the display orchard behind Frosty Mango are marked for easy identification. The secret of the Mango Man is in his red nose,” says Alf. “Rub his nose every morning and you’ll have a lucky day!”Some of the best restaurants in Townsville are using Frosty Mango products and it’s also a popular meeting place for the young and seniors alike. “People book us for birthday parties and club meetings for various social clubs,” says Alf. “And for others we have souvenirs and a variety of toys to keep the kids happy.”


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BLINDS FOR YOU LADIES RACE DAY 23 July 11am Cluden Park Racecourse Ladies it is your day, a day to dress to impress at one of Townsville’s most prestigious race days. Be a part of the Townsville Turf Clubs Winter Racing Carnival at the Blinds For You Ladies Race Day. Make sure you don’t miss one of the best days of the Townsville Winter Racing Carnival on the new $7 million World Class Race Track. Enjoy the simply unique and very popular Winter Racing Carnival at Townsville’s own Cluden Park Racecourse. A hugely popular race day that promises to be a day that you won’t forget offering everything from exciting local racing for the serious punter and not so serious punter, and for those who like to dress up and enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of racing the Blinds For You Ladies Race Day has it all. With seven live local races, air conditioned bars, fabulous food, lots of public seating as well as local bookmakers and on course TAB to take your bets on local & southern races. But that’s not all, there is great live entertainment where you can party on into the evening with some of the best local artists and acts live at the track. Children under 18 Free. Children must be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian at all time.


Mind You


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PALUMA PUSH MOUNTAIN BIKING ADVENTURE 24 July The Paluma Push is a point to point adventure mountain bike race. North Queensland’s glorious weather makes it perfect for those southerners looking to escape the winter chill. The ride starts in Paluma Village and winds its way through World Heritage rainforest to Paluma Dam, down into big timber and open cattle country and finishes at the historic tin mining settlement of Hidden Valley. The course consists of dirt road, old Four Wheel Drive tracks and sections of single track with some climbs and lots of fun down hills. The Paluma Push recreation course is approximately 42 kilometres long and is recommended for the novice to intermediate riders. The Paluma Push Competition Course is approximately 70 kilometres long and has extra technical sections, difficult climbs and descents to make it more of a challenge and is recommended for the more experienced and fitter rider.

AUSTRALIAN FESTIVAL OF CHAMBER MUSIC 29 July–6 August The natural beauty of Townsville and the North Queensland region in winter, along with its friendly people, wonderfully temperate weather and tropical ambience provides a unique backdrop for the Festival’s concerts and events. Entering its 26th year in 2016, the AFCM has developed an international reputation for its distinguished artists and innovative programming across a range of chamber music styles. The Festival is held over 9 days from 29 July to 6 August with approximately 25 to 30 chamber musicians appearing in over 30 concerts and special events in a variety of venues around Townsville.


MATER TOWNSVILLE CUP DAY 30 July 11am Cluden Park Racecourse Don’t miss the biggest race day of the year in North Queensland, with this year’s Mater Townsville Cup Day set to be one of the biggest and best on record. On the newly revamped $7 million racetrack this year we will celebrate 150 years of Racing in Townsville. The tradition continues with record crowds expected to flock to one of Townsville’s largest and most iconic sporting and social events with 2016 expected to be bigger and better than ever. It will be a huge day of racing, fashion, socialising, catching up with friends and enjoying some of the best trackside hospitality around. With high quality racing, this year again takes in a “Super Saturday” of racing on the new world class racing surface on a day like nothing else in regional Australia. A massive race program showcasing some amazing racing action and of course featuring two of North Queensland’s biggest races with the prestigious $100,000 Mater Townsville Cup, the time honoured $100,000 XXXX Gold Cleveland Bay Handicap. Enjoy 150 years of racing history with air-conditioned bars, local and TAB betting facilities, a wide range of outdoor entertainment and bar facilities, this of course on top of an exclusive, revamped and improved marquee precinct offering the best trackside racing views like never before, you will have one of the best days ever at Cluden Park Racecourse on Mater Townsville Cup Day. In line with Liquor Licensing requirements, this event is 18+ only. No persons under the age of 18 years will be permitted to enter the Townsville Turf Club under any circumstances.


THE MAGNETIC ISLAND TO TOWNSVILLE SWIM The Magnetic Island to Townsville Swim starts at waters edge, in front of the Picnic Bay SLSC, Magnetic Island and finishes at water’s edge, in front of the SLSC Clubhouse on the Strand Beach adjacent to the Strand Park jetty in Townsville. A total distance of 8 km. 2016 will be the 62nd year this event has been conducted and the 8th year the event has been ‘cage-less’. The swim is run by the Townsville Open Water Swimming Assoc. Inc. (TOWSA)



TYTO AMPHITHEATRE SUNDAY SESSION - LIVE MUSIC 4.30pm–6.30pm FREE Event With there unique sound and energy, it is hard core Ukulele music meets steamed folk/jazz/country, Halelujah Baby are a firm favourite in the north. Cool flute and lead guitar with beautiful rich harmonies accentuate songs composed by Anu Grace about love and life on the edge of transformation. Enjoy the afternoon, overlooking the picturesque lagoons at TYTO. BYO rug or chairs. Food and beverages are available for purchase. BYO alcohol in designated areas only.

AUSTRALIAN ITALIAN FESTIVAL 2016 6 - 7 August 10am - 3pm Tyto Precinct, Ingham The Australian Italian Festival began in 1995 and is is celebrated annually. A fantastic event that promotes, showcases and celebrates the cultural attributes of Italian migrants and descendant’s in the Hinchinbrook Shire and Australia. It has been estimated that over half of Ingham’s population has one or more Italian ancestors making it the ideal place to hold this event. It is a celebration of all things Italian – food, wine, cooking demonstrations, entertainment, market stalls, historical display, spaghetti eating challenge, greasy pole challenge, great toga race and much more. The 2016 entertainment will feature acts such as fire twirling, 1RAR Band, Italian comedian James Liotta, tenor Paul Gulinello, MKR Chefs Martino & Luciano, Tango Kraze, Tom Jones and Tina Turner Tribute Show, The Rustica Project, CIAO Freestyle Dancers and The DeBellis Show Band and many more. 47765288

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Photo: TheGoTownsville


TOWNSVILLE CULTURAL FEST 13-21 August 2016 Townsville Showgrounds Ingham Road,Townsville Beneath the clear and sunny winter skies of Townsville, Townsville Cultural Fest celebrates the depth and diversity of Australian culture with ever increasing jubilation. With this year’s festivities being the twenty-second anniversary, they are taking it to the next level. There will be 90 performing groups, 30 food stalls, nine days, four stages and 75 art/craft market stalls. Local and international acts will be offering everything from folk, rock and pop, to Indigenous Australian music, African drum troupes, Pacific Islanders, Middle Eastern and Latin dance groups. The event will start on August 17 with a massive parade of lanterns including exciting and decorated community and cultural entries, from Harmony Park (Corner Warbutton and McKinley Street). Festival activities will be from August 13 to 21. Registration of participants opens online from January and tickets are available online. 4772 4800

JAZZ AT THE HEADLANDS: A FESTIVAL THAT’S SWINGING BY THE SEA 14th August 11 am–5.30pm The Townsville Picnic Bay Surf Lifesaving Club and Townsville Jazz Club present an afternoon of great music for listeners to enjoy a relaxed Sunday afternoon, swinging to the sounds of some of best jazz and blues bands in North Queensland, overlooking the best views in North Queensland, on the Headlands of the iconic Strand at Townsville Picnic Bay Surf Lifesaving Club. Showcasing some of the great jazz musicians in North Queensland, the line up includes the Stokes Nicholson Big Band, the 1RAR Band and full day of jazz combos ranging from TRAD and Dixieland to Swing and Modern. Bring a rug, a chair to enjoy the views of the Strand and Magnetic Island in comfort. General admission $10 Kids under 16 free. Townsville Picnic Bay Surf Lifesaving Club 4724 4211


MCDONALD’S TOWNSVILLE RUNNING FESTIVAL Jezzine Barracks The Strand,Townsville The McDonald’s Townsville Running Festival includes a Marathon (42.2 kilometres) Half Marathon (21.1 kilometres), 10K Classic, adult and junior 5 k Run/Walk, 5 kilometre Corporate Challenge and Hero Run. Their AIMS accredited courses are fast, flat and hug the coastline as well as feature the 43rd Townsville Marathon - Australia’s second oldest race. All runners experience spectacular views of the Coral Sea, Magnetic Island and the Marina as they follow their tropical blue line and vie for AUD23,000 prize money. With a predawn start marathoners experience a breath taking sunrise over Cleveland Bay as they run along Townsville’s award-winning Strand Beach. Arrive early for the pre-race dinner, take in a Cowboys NRL home game and stay for the famous after-party. Treat yourself to a tropical winter getaway this August. Run Townsville and Explore the region. An event Run by Runners for Runners. 4751 6607


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OPERA QUEENSLAND: THE BARBER OF SEVILLE 17 August Townsville Civic Theatre Dashing Count Almaviva has lost his heart to the sassy young maiden Rosina. But Rosina’s guardian is determined to marry her himself until Figaro – king of charisma and silken style – leads the charge to unite the young lovers through a series of hilarious, ‘fool proof’ schemes. Will it all add up to a Spanish mission impossible? Get ready for a rollicking fiesta of sunny Spanish madness as Rossini’s celebrated, razor-sharp, musical wit is brought to life by director Lindy Hume and a fabulous cast of Queensland artists. 4727 9797

NORTH QUEENSLAND ELITE RODEO 27 August 1pm Hervey Range Rodeo Grounds, Alice River, Townsville The North Queensland Elite Rodeo is an Invitational event showcasing some of the best Rodeo athletes in Australia and Internationally. They will be competing for $50000 in prize money in Bare Back, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Saddle Bronc, Tie Down, Barrel Racing and Bull riding. 0417005930


SEPTEMBER SEALINK MAGNETIC ISLAND RACE WEEK 1– 6 September Magnetic Island Bringing together the excitement of competitive sailing and community events, along with the ambience of Magnetic Island each August, SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week offers an experience to remember. With top notch racing, live bands and partying galore, the shore side program of this annual regatta is sure to leave you wanting more year after year. You don’t need to be a competitive sailor to participate in this great event, there is something available for everyone whether it be jumping onboard a racing yacht or partying after dark with the crews at one of the social functions. 4772 1192

MAGNETIC ISLAND BAY DAYZ FESTIVAL 2 September – 2 October Magnetic Island bursts with 50+ events and activities during the month-long Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival each September. The program includes island-wide competitions, the Rotary Beer Can Regatta, Morleys Spring Equinox Fair, one-off cultural events, Talk Like A Pirate Day, Movies Under The Stars, Mega Markets, the very popular Sand Sculpture Competition and Oktoberfest which is set right on picturesque Horseshoe Bay beach. Each of the four main bays and beaches on the island has events over the month. There are also outdoor movies, live music, art exhibitions, gallery openings, environmental walks and talks, workshops, restaurant discounts, health and beauty discounts - you name it, the Festival has something for everyone! We advise you book your accommodation early. 47 785 646

SHAKESPEARE UNDER THE STARS - HAMLET 13–25 September Queens Gardens North Ward TheatreiNQ’s Shakespeare Under The Stars 2016 is William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Based on the popular Nordic legend of Amleth, Hamlet has endured as one of Shakespeare’s most popular tragedies. TheatreiNQ is taking it back to it’s roots with a Viking-era adaptation. Townsville’s beautiful Queens Gardens will one again play home to Shakespeare Under The Stars. Directed by Terri Brabon this production features James Raggatt and Townsville’s own Brendan O’Connor. Enjoy a magical night under the stars! 0467 245 478

DANCENORTH PRESENTS QUEENSLAND BALLET’S TUTUS ON TOUR 22–23 September 7.30pm Dancenorth Stanley Street City Queensland Ballet’s Tutus On Tour is a wonderful evening of ballet that brings together three outstanding dance works. Poignant and uplifting, Ershter Vals pays tribute to the resilience of the human spirit. Performed to music from the Jewish ghettos of World War II, it skilfully weaves classical technique with graceful folk dance influences. The award-winning Three Preludes is set to the rich music of Rachmaninoff. As two dancers fall in love, the growing intensity of their relationship is expressed through lyrical, emotive dance. The dazzling Verdi Variations pays homage to the elegance and grace of Russian classical ballet. This grand and beautiful piece enchants with gentle humour and thrilling technique. The performance will be followed by a Q&A session and an informal, engaging discussion about the works with Artistic staff and dancers. 4772 2549

BURDEKIN WATER FESTIVAL GRAND PARADE AND MARDI GRAS 3 September from 5.30pm Come along to one of the Burdekin’s biggest family events of the year. The Burdekin Water Festival Parade will be held in Queen Street, Ayr and will be followed by the Water Festival Mardi Gras with food and drink stalls, rides for children of all ages and local entertainment.

TOWNSVILLE CITY COUNCIL PRESENTS T150 PORT OF TOWNSVILLE GALA DINNER UNDER THE STARS 10 September Strand Park This unique Strand experience will be the black tie gala event of the year. This momentous occasion will pay tribute to one of the biggest gala outdoor events ever staged in the city, the Longest Dinner on the Strand, which was conducted to officially open the Strand in 1999. A Gala dinner under the stars featuring exquisite cuisine from Townsville’s top restaurants and chefs, fine wine, beer and exceptional entertainment with guest artist Daryl Braithwaite. 4727 9797 Find us on Facebook Badge

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ABCRA NORTH QUEENSLAND ZONE FINALS RODEO 24 September 2016 The Charters Towers Rodeo Association are proud to host the ABCRA North Queensland Zone Finals Rodeo in 2016. The Zone finals will see the top 10 competitors in each event tough it out for the end of year trophy buckles. An event not to be missed! All of this extreme rodeo action takes place under the covered arena at the Charters Towers Dalrymple Equestrian Complex. 0417 784 833

ANNUAL INLAND BARRA FISHING CLASSIC - CHARTERS TOWERS 25 September 6pm, 27 September 11am The Barramundi fishing tournament is held on the picturesque Burdekin River upstream of the Weir. This is a great family weekend with prizes up for grabs. Try your luck at catching that elusive inland Barra! Camping available at the venue. Charters Towers Weir, Weir Road,Charters Towers 4787 1640 /

LUXLUMIN - LIGHTING UP THE CITY 30 September – 3 October 81– 99 Sturt Street Townsville City For the second time, the Townsville community will have the opportunity to participate in an event which is hard to overlook. Luxlumin - lighting up the city, will transform the Central Business District into an outdoor gallery as the streets and buildings are covered with light, colour and moving images. Luxlumin will combine digital mapping, lighting design and live performance on 13 sites in the Townsville Central Business District to commemorate Townsville’s 150th anniversary. The history of heritage listed buildings and the stories of the people who occupied them will be revealed through projection and theatre as a celebration of our rich and diverse history. 4773 6377

OCTOBER T150 DEFENCE FORCE AIR SHOW AND TOWNSVILLE BULLETIN SKY SHOW 15 October 1 pm The Strand, Jezzine Barracks and Cleveland Bay The T150 Defence Force Air Show and Townsville Bulletin Sky Show will be the most highly-anticipated community event of the T150 Celebrations! The sky over The Strand will be abuzz with aircraft for the Defence Force Air Show which will commence at approximately 1pm on Saturday, 15 October. This aviation spectacular will feature a range of the Air Force’s latest aircraft in addition to iconic historic aircraft and warbirds from the past. As aircraft are confirmed, we will add them to this page. The flying programme for the Air Show will also be published closer to the event date. The Air Show will be followed by the Townsville Bulletin Sky Show which will commence after dusk and feature breathtaking fireworks that will ignite the sky.


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T150 RAAF OPEN DAY 16 October 10am–3pm RAAF Base Townsville Get a close and personal insight into one of the Air Force’s most important forward operating bases, RAAF Base Townsville. Entry to RAAF Base Townsville will be via the Ingham Road/Duckworth Street entrance. Gates will open at 10am with the Open Day concluding around 3pm. There will be free parking available with signs and parking attendants giving directions on the day.

TASTE THE NORTH 21–23 October Quayside Terminal Taste The North is a regional Performing Arts, Produce and Culinary Festival in North Queensland. Whether you are looking for cutting edge arts, cuisine or sampling stunning local produce there is something for all arts and culture connoisseurs. On Saturday, enjoy the Townsville BMW Performing Arts, Produce and Culinary Gala Dinner. An exclusive evening showcasing the talent and produce of North Queensland, set under the Breezeway at Quayside Terminal overlooking Magnetic Island and Castle Hill. Experience a Stella evening of fine food, champagne and wine while being entertained by local performing artists including one of Australia’s leading dance companies - Dance North. Pol Roger Champagne Sunset Cruise on Friday. Imagine sipping on French champagne while we cruise along The Strand, enjoy views of Castle Hill and Magnetic Island. Chefs from award winning JAM and Michel’s restaurant will delight you with with canapés created from their local produce. 4721 4900


Why Catholic Education Is Thriving In Townsville Catholic Education involves more than academic learning, it is about nurturing the individual academically, spiritually and emotionally in an environment which places value on the development of the students, enriching them to become sympathetic and contributing adults.

Catholic Education in Australia today is immense, with 1,731 Catholic schools across the country educating more than 765,000 students. In the Townsville Diocese, which extends north to Halifax, south to Proserpine and west to Mount Isa, there are 32 schools catering for more than 13,000 students. Schools come in all shapes and sizes including boarding colleges and city based schools, through to smaller schools in remote based locations. Kindergarten and/or Catholic Early Learning Centres are also offered at various school sites. With 1,200 staff employed by the Townsville Catholic Education Office across the region, Catholic education is a significant local employer and contributor to the economy. Catholic education provides faith-based learning, working with families to ensure their child receives a supportive, well-rounded education experience. Achieving quality outcomes for students and promoting the ongoing development of Catholic Education are important factors. A quality education is important and Catholic schools know that such an education occurs when an environment is safe, nurturing and

caring. Each of the schools have a unique spirit and all strive to shape and develop students to become compassionate and contributing members of the world and responsible stewards of our environment. “Catholic education is alive and well in the Townsville Diocese, with enrolments continuing to increase each year, “said Dr Cathy Day, Executive Director, Townsville Catholic Education Office. “Such growth is an indication of our strong commitment to providing for the needs of students in an inclusive, life-giving and supportive school community environment. We welcome people of many faiths and stages of their spiritual journey.” All staff share in the evangelising mission of Jesus and the Church as they endeavour to accomplish a mixture of faith, life and culture in the community. Catholic schools respect religious freedom in schools with more than one third of the children in Catholic schools not of Catholic faith, as parents are free to choose the qualities of a Catholic school, regardless of their religious beliefs. More than 70 new Catholic schools are planned across Australia in the next five years

to meet demand, including one at Shaw, Townsville. The Kindergarten to Year 6 facility on Dalrymple Road as part of the Greater Ascot development, is planned to open in time for the 2018 school year. The facility will feature the highest standards of education and learning environment facilities synonymous with Catholic schools across Townsville. Catholic schools are welcoming and open to all who seek a Catholic education. They are sacred places where spiritual life is nurtured and they provide a quality, relevant and holistic education. More information about Townsville Catholic education options can be found at:



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Townsville Insider


CBD+FLINDERS STREET+PALMER STREET Offering boutique shopping, Sunday markets and a wide variety of cafés, Townsville’s city heart is only a short stroll from Flinders Street East where the action picks up in the evenings as the pubs, bars and nightclubs come to life. Just across the river, on the city’s south bank, Palmer Street is lined with awardwinning restaurants and accommodation. 1. Tropical Travel & Accommodation 336 Flinders Street Flinders Square (Information Centre) Townsville City 4772 5800 Your one stop travel shop for information, advice and bookings. Tropical Travel & Accommodation can assist with tours and accommodation throughout Townsville, Magnetic Island and North Queensland. Whether you want a day to remember or a magical week away, Tropical Travel & Accommodation have the best options to suit your budget. 2. Stellarossa Expresso Bar 420 Flinders Street Townsville City Stellarossa Fairfield Central Stellarossa Stockland Townsville Coffee is our Passion. Food is our Love. Customers are our Life! Welcome to Stellarossa, Townsville’s newest cafe espresso bar. Come and experience the Stellarossa difference today with a full breakfast, lunch, pizza and pasta menu. 3. The Wild Goose Brews & Chews 137 Flinders Street Townsville City 4771 2799 Dismiss the worries of your day. Have a laugh or two and enjoy great gastropub food made with only the freshest ingredients... plus a great selection of wines, craft beers and cocktails to give you goose bumps! Open Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm. 4. The Howard Smith Building 224 Flinders Street East Townsville City A Few Beautiful Things 0435 857 546 for unique homewares, jewellery and handbags Mrs. Smiths’ Parlour and Studio 0435 857 546 for all your events and workshops Yoga in the Parlour 0421 421 921 Boutique studio for small classes and private sessions Hoi Polloi See us on Facebook For great coffee with atmosphere. 5. McDonalds 210 Ogden Street Townsville City McDonald’s Townsville CBD and New York inspired Burger Bar offers gourmet breakfast items, individuallydesigned burgers and thick-cut chips. The perfect

pit-stop for a coffee break, sit back and enjoy McCafe’s newest blend, while the kids play in the fully enclosed air-conditioned Playland. 6. Rambutan 113-119 Flinders Street East Townsville City 4771 6915 Right in the heart of the Townsville’s nightlife. With a relaxed rooftop Bar, Restaurant and Pool, it’s not just for travellers, it for locals too! Looking for a drink after work, dinner with friends or a room to stay the night. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. 7. The TapHouse City Lane Flinders Street Townsville City 4777 2301 “Tap into Something New” The TapHouse Townsville challenges the norm and offers a different way of thinking, tasting and appreciating speciality beers and ciders. Come and taste our unique craft beers selection and our gourmet tapas style lunch and dinner menu. Open 7 days. 8. Umbrella Studio contemporary arts 482 Flinders Street West Townsville City 4772 7109 Umbrella Studio contemporary arts is a not-forprofit, members based exhibition and studio space showcasing more than 25 different contemporary art exhibitions a year. The gallery hosts a variety of workshops and events as well as delivering projects to all parts of the community while supporting local artists, designers and creative talent in North Queensland and beyond. 9. Strand Emporium 202 Flinders Street East Townsville City 4772 0227 Amidst the beautiful heritage buildings of Flinders Street East sits Strand Emporium. Instore you’ll find fashion pieces for the bohemian spirit in us all, unique gifts, homewares, jewellery and individual lighting and furniture pieces. Our exclusive Interior Design service offers the latest fabrics from USA and Europe. 10. Zizzi’s Italian Restaurant 241 Flinders Street East Townsville City 4771 6000 Zizzi’s is a family owned and operated Italian

Restaurant conveniently situated in the heart of Townsville’s entertainment precinct. Enjoy delicious handmade gnocchi, lasagne, ravioli, gourmet pizzas and delicious desserts. Dine-in or takeaway. Fully licensed, family friendly, gluten free options. Group bookings welcome. 11. Bluebell Trading 280 Flinders Street Townsville City 4772 5366 Stockists of giftware, Crabtree & Evelyn, linen sleepwear, china, clothing, bathroom and baby products. 12. City Lane 383 Flinders Street Townsville City The dining scene in Townsville has come alive with Townsville’s first creative laneway precinct, City Lane, offering a bevy of dining options to tempt everyone’s taste buds. City Lane is a sophisticated, New York inspired precinct complete with street art, funky décor and an atmosphere to match! Dining choices include: Donna Bionda, Paleo Café, Shaw & Co., The Courtyard, Sakana, The TapHouse 13. City Arcade 101–108 Sturt Street | 373–385 Flinders Street Townsville City Townsville’s newest fashion, food and retail precinct and the light, bright shopping sanctuary should not be missed. Businesses include: Anytime Fitness, Sublime, Refinery Beauty Bar, Ecu, Bianco Lane, Exzibit, Textile, Melk 14. Hazel Mai 2/345 Flinders Street Townsville City Calling all clubbers and race goers, this is your onestop shop for a big day (or night) out. You’ll find Aussie labels like Mosaic, La Escada, Kalenta and Heart of the Glass as well as the exclusively stocked Melbournebased brand Mossman and Billini shoes. 15. Milou Dresshouse 9/358 Flinders Street Townsville City 0432 152 595 Forget the little black dress, this place has the little red dress, the little blue dress and every other coloured dress you could possibly want.

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CBD+FLINDERS STREET+ PALMER STREET 16. The Beet Bar 358 Flinders Street Townsville City 4724 0918 17. The Balcony Restaurant Upstairs 287 Flinders Street Townsville City 18. Gecko’s 280 Flinders Street Townsville City 4772 1377 A fun, colourful, quirky gift and homewares store that sells a vast range of children’s, women’s and mens gifts, cushions, lamps, clocks, wall art, jewellery, books, cards, toys, cool and funky home decor and garden accessories. ©Roslyn Budd (Budd Photography)

19. Cowboys Leagues Club City 335 Flinders Street Townsville City 4724 8000 Visit our award winning Club, the social home of the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys and the Best Club in North Queensland.

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Come and taste our unique beers and our tapas style lunch and dinner menu. Open 7 days. The TapHouse Townsville

City Lane Flinders Street Townsville City  47772301  Facebook: The TapHouse Townsville  Instagram: the_taphouse_townsville


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PALMER STREET 20. Grill’d 3 Palmer Street South Townsville 4976 9990 Grill’d Healthy Burgers Offering 100% grass feed, free range Beef, Chicken, Lamb or Steak with freshly baked bread every day. Come in and try their selection of sides including Sweet Potato chips. Fully licensed and family friendly. Dine in or take away. Made with Love. Open Sunday to Thursday 11am–10pm. Friday and Saturday 11am–late. 21. JAM 1 Palmer Street South Townsville 4721 4900 Winner of Australian Good Food Guide Chef’s Hat Award 2014 and 2015 With seasonally designed menus using the freshest produce from local suppliers, Jam consistently offers unique dining experiences that leave you coming back for more. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, modern Australian cuisine that is sure to impress. Open Tuesday–Saturday 7am–late, Sunday 7am–3pm.

22. Michels 7 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 1460 Michels restaurant is Townsville’s food destination. Modern Australian contemporary cuisine, crafted from local produce and seasonal ingredients. Michels can be enjoyed for a quick city lunch, family dinner or enjoy our degustation experience. Drop by Bar M for a light snack, glass of wine or cocktail. Michels is a relaxed dining and drinking destination, perfectly situated in the heart of Townsville’s restaurant hub – Palmer Street. Open Tuesday–Friday for lunch from 11.30 and Tuesday–Saturday for dinner from 5.30pm.

24. Le Val on Palmer 2/8 Palmer Street South Townsville 4721 1555 Get weekend ready with Le Val on Palmer’s fun, playful and youthful styles.

23. Maritime Museum of Townsville 42–68 Palmer Street South Townsville 4721 5251 The mission of the Museum is to preserve the maritime heritage of Townsville by collecting and conserving items and information of local, regional and national significance and by interpreting and displaying these collections as a service to the local community and domestic and international visitors. The highlight of the museum is the exhibition about the Yongala shipwreck and the bell is an almost iconic emblem.

26. The Australian Hotel 11 Palmer Street South Townsville 4771 5269

25. Ribs & Rumps 3 Dibbs Street South Townsville 4721 6088 25. Oaks Gateway on Palmer 2 Dibbs Street South Townsville 4778 9000

27. Cactus Jacks 21 Palmer Street South Townsville 4721 1478 Buzzing dining spot decorated with Mexican memorabilia, dishing up fajitas, nachos and margaritas. 28. IMC Steak House 17 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 3243

You’re invited to Townsville’s newest and most exCiting dining experienCe Burger Bar at McDonald’s Townsville CBd - 210 Ogden street, townsville City 4810 ®

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CBD+FLINDERS STREET+ PALMER STREET 29. DnA Restaurant 30 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 4888 30. Simply Tops Palmer & Plume Streets South Townsville 4772 3028 31. Lighthouse Bar & Grill 61 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 4452 32. Crown on Palmer 69 Palmer Street Townsville 4724 0405 33. Allure Hotel & Apartments McIlwraith Street South Townsville 4767 7997 34. Oaks M on Palmer 81 Palmer Street, Townsville 4771 4285

Tourism & Events Queensland

Relax, enjoy a coffee,and shop in casual comfort at Townsville’s own little FASHION CAFÉ



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YOGA IN THE PARLOUR Yoga to facilitate and maintain weight loss. A boutique studio offering small classes and private sessions. Follow us on Facebook. For bookings or call Vicki on 0421 421 921.

Cool, Calm &Collected Step into the Howard Smith Building on Flinders Street East and indulge your sense of style, taste and wellbeing.



Open 7 days. Entry via Flinders Street or the art filled Denham Lane. The Hoi Polloi offers an experience with a difference to the City. Great coffee with atmosphere! Follow us on Facebook.

An elegant intimate venue for events and workshops. Situated in a unique state heritage listed building in the historic area of Flinders Street East. Suitable for parties, long table dinners and weddings. Follow us on Facebook. For all enquiries call Anne on 0435 857 546.

A FEW BEAUTIFUL THINGS Open 7 days. A few Beautiful things is an eclectic mix of homewares, jewellery and handbags. Chosen for their beauty and individuality they are unique statement pieces gathered for our clients from around the world. So whether you are finishing an outfit or decorating your home A Few Beautiful Things has something for the person with the discerning eye. Follow us on Facebook. Contact Anne 0435 857 546.

THE HOWARD SMITH BUILDING 224–226 Flinders Street East Townsville

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family friendly - licensed - alfresco dining






When you dine in with us in July, just quote this ad*

*not available in conjunction with any other discounts 241 Flinders St, Townsville City

umbrella studio contemporary arts

Discover our maritime history

Come onboard and experience where North Queensland’s seafaring past meets the present. 42–68 Palmer Street South Townsville 07 4721 5251


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Boutique functions




Main Dining Room



A modern dining room with comfortable and luxurious finishes, great for intimate nights out with your loved one, shared table dinners or private weddings.

Above the restaurant, the loft enjoys city and river views, private entrance, 2 bars, garden terrace and stylish function room.

A beautiful private dining room available across breakfast, lunch or dinner for up to 18 guests.



Day conferences, business meeting, product launches

Weddings, anniversary’s, engagements, birthdays, baby showers








Townsville Insider








GREGORY STREET+EYRE STREET+THE STRAND Gregory Street, Eyre Street and The Strand are North Ward’s vibrant hub for fashion, food and coffee. Enjoy some alfresco dining, great coffee and superb shopping in unique and independent retail outlets. 1. Red Rooster North Ward 71 Eyre Street North Ward 4772 4749 Red Rooster Fairfield Waters 40 Stuart Drive Idalia 4778 4598 At Red Rooster we’re all about Chicken. That’s why we serve the most tasty, fresh and tender roast chicken in Australia. In fact, we believe our Roast Chicken is the best there is. If you love chicken, and you believe roast chicken is absolutely the best chicken there is, you will love Red Rooster. And now it can be delivered to your door! Open 8am–10pm and Delivering 11am – 9pm every day. Order online delivered


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2. She Creative 52 Gregory Street North Ward 4721 1110 The knowledgeable and experienced team at She Creative Hair offer a variety of colours, cuts, styles, facial waxing & tinting and are now delighted to introduce barber services by He Creative! Using top of the range Wella products, the team work hard to offer quality services at affordable prices. We are also proud to stock Cloud 9 styling irons. Open Tuesday to Saturday with late nights available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

3. Tide Cafe 46 Gregory Street North Ward 4431 0432 Fairfield Central Shopping Centre 47781600 Experience local fresh produce and delicious home made menu items. Locally roasted Bounce coffee with Misty Mountain milk from the Atherton Tablelands to bring you the freshest smooth tasting coffee. The chefs are always busy making menu items in house, from sauces to beans and home made rostis. Don’t forget to grab some Frosty Mango gelato from Fairfield Central as a treat. Open 7 days.


GREGORY STREET+EYRE STREET+THE STRAND 13. The Strand Newspower North Ward Shopping Centre Eyre Street 4771 3422

4. Vitti’s Cafe 42 Gregory Street North Ward 4772 3890 This independent coffee shop is passionate about food and good service in a casual atmosphere where customers can feel at ease and relax.

9. The Home Room Gregory Street North Ward (Next to Vitti’s Cafe) 0420 972 284 Townsville’s newest boutique homewares, gifts and locally crafted items.

5. GYO Japanese Restaurant 48 Gregory Street North Ward 4771 5151 Enjoy an authentic Japanese experience with genuine cuisine atmosphere and service.

10. Urban Loft 48 Gregory Street, North Ward 4724 5665 Kids clothes, jewellery, decorative cushions, linen and homewares, soaps and bathroom products.

6. Sweetbridge Larder 39a Gregory Street North Ward 4772 1527 More than a café, a deli, a patisserie – a food lovers journey in progress.

11. Coffee Works Gregory Street (Beside The Allen Hotel) North Ward 0499 026 621 Exceptional gourmet products and quality experiences. Boutique, Roastery and Chocolaterie.

14. McDonalds North Ward North Ward Shopping Centre Eyre Street 4771 3900

12. Capelli Hair Gallery 31-45 Eyre Street North Ward 4724 5554 A salon that’s full to the brim with friendly, professional Townsville hairdressers and beauty therapists.

16. Juliette’s 58 The Strand North Ward 4721 5577

12. Miss Sushi North Ward 31-45 Eyre Street North Ward 4724 5009

18. C-Bar The Strand Headlands Gregory Street 4724 0333

7. Funky Ice and Bubble Tea 48 Gregory Street North Ward 4772 0103 Specialises in cool shaved ice desserts and refreshing bubble teas. 8. Billie & Me 46 Gregory Street North Ward 4721 2963 A stylish little boutique offering beautiful clothing, accessories and jewellery.

Haircut Sir? She Creative Hair introduces

He Creative Barber Services Visit our Facebook page for our fabulous July Special Colour & Styling Packages for Women & Men from just $149!

13. Fuel Café North Ward Shopping Centre Eyre Street 4771 3422 Great coffee, breakfast, lunch and catering as well as organic and healthy take-away meals. 13. Brumby’s Bakery North Ward Shopping Centre Eyre Street 4772 3995

15. Seaview Hotel Grill 56 The Strand North Ward 4771 5005

17. Longboard Bar & Grill The Strand Headlands Gregory Street 4724 1234

breakfast lunch catering open 7 days



3/52 Gregory Street North Ward 4721 1110 |


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46 gregory street north ward 4431 0432 fairfield central shopping centre 4778 1600

JULY 2016





DUOStyle Need some retail therapy? Townsville and our near region is home to some of Australia’s biggest name retailers as well as boutique fashion, jewellery and design stores. From antiques to fashion, homewares and furniture, there’s an awesome range of places that will motivate you to shop, literally till you drop.

Photo Tourism & Events Queensland

Check out Townsville’s street art by both local and internationally renowned artists whose works you’ll discover placed around the city.


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DUOStyle | Woman

SARAH J CURTIS works with Ecuadorian artisans to source premium materials, specifically the toquilla straw, a favoured material of the traditional Panama, as well with Australian merino wool for Fedoras, to create the most sophisticated and durable headwear.

MARCS SPRING COLLECTION ISABELLE QUINN Perfectly imperfect, Isabelle Quinn is an Australian womenswear label for the romantic, the unconventional and the carefree modern girl. For the latest collection visit the online store at

Roll up, roll up and step inside the captivating Marcs Spring 2016 collection. A place where quirky prints, colourful styles and alluring textures dominate centre stage. Just like a juggling act, Marcs have created new styles that will knock you off your feet.

KAREN WALKER CLEAR Not only can you get your favourite sunglasses, but now you can have your favourite frames in clear lenses. These frames are designed to be fitted with prescription lenses. The lenses that come with the frames are clear placeholders.

2-IN-1 APPLE CHARGER The Belkin Valet Charge Dock for Apple’s watch and iPhone makes it easy to charge both your iOS devices simultaneously using just one cable. $129.95

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I F I N D T H AT S O M A N Y CLIEN TS A R E A P R E H E N SI V E A BOU T C OSM ET IC E N H A NC E M E N TS because of the unnatural and plastic looks that can occur in the hands of some practitioners.

Professionally and

personally speaking, I am openly opposed to this extreme and obvious look. These before and after images show clearly that in the hands of an experienced doctor, muscle relaxants, dermal fillers and medical grade skin treatments can result in a refreshed and youthful look, without any sign of cosmetic interference! Suffice to say, all treatments were non-surgical and easily and painlessly performed in our clinic. Surgery used to be the go-to for the ageing face, but now we have a multitude of ways to treat ageing so we can look how we feel‌ and no one will know how we’ve done it!


O P E N M - F 8 . 3 0 - 5 . 3 0 P M , S AT 8 . 3 0 -2 P M O R B Y A P P O I N T M E N T / T E L 4 7 7 1 5 8 9 8 2 5 2 - 2 5 4 S T U R T S T R E E T TOW N S V I L L E




everything skin

DUOStyle | MyBag

Ebony Russell About me: Born in Melbourne, our family moved to Colac when I was eight. I completed my Bachelor in Applied Arts at Monash University and a teaching degree at Melbourne University. I met my husband Sean in a bar – the old fashioned way. We celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary this September. Looking for a change and an adventure we followed his career to Townsville and have had the most amazing time raising our two daughters in the tropical sunshine and endless summer. I work at St Patrick’s College on the Strand and I’m a Visual Arts teacher running the After School Art Program at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. A ceramic based artist, I create sculptures in my art studio at home. MY BAG I just bought this shocker of a bag online. My 2-year-old Darcy is almost toilet trained and I can finally go back to having a bag all of my own! This bag has really divided my friends. It’s either loved or loathed. GIANT HAIR BOBBLE I’ve been making these hair clips and bobbles since my Honours year at university. I love enlarging the tiny clips that were so precious to me as a little girl. I wear my accoutrements of girlhood. Now I have to hide them from my daughters. MAKEUP My little sister is a makeup artist at Urban Miss Makeup and keeps me up to date with all the newest trends. FAMILY PHOTOS Our family is spread all over Australia and I have a sister living in Japan. We have lots of photos and FaceTime to keep connected. WEDDING ALBUM COFFEE TABLE BOOK Best day of my life. Marrying Sean is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Love him! DUMMY I wasn’t planning on giving my kids dummies until my Nunna* told me off for depriving my babies. You don’t argue with my Nunna. At three Darcy will say goodbye to her Dummie, until then I always have one close by. (*Nunna is Maltese for Nanna) DESK CALENDAR Mum bought me this desk calendar for my birthday last year. I love having a new artwork to look at each day and get really annoyed if I miss a favourite artist on the weekend when I’m away from my desk. SCHOOL KEYS Josephine my 4-year-old made the Ariel key ring for me with Hama Beads. I always have a craft project on the go with my kids. It’s nice to have a little piece of them with me all day.


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FRIDA KAHLO ORNAMENTS Kahlo is one of my favourite artists. I’d always wanted to go to Mexico and visit her museum. Sean took me there in 2011 just after we were married. These small ornaments were from the market in her village. DINOSAUR DESIGNS and EMILY GREEN NECKLACE, EACHTOOWN EARRINGS My three favourite Australian designers. I love to support Australian artists and I love to wear jewellery. The more colour the better. CLASSIC ROMANCE NOVELS I love classics romance novels. Jane Austin and Charlotte Bronte are my favourites. My friend got me hooked after watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice mini series. I watch it every school holidays now without fail. I love the social etiquette and language they used. PERSIMMONS I love the fresh local produce at Cotters Market every Sunday. Persimmons are a favourite. While they’re in season I always have one in my bag. BITOSSI CAT I collect 1950’s Bitossi Ceramics. I love the patterns and the famous Rimini Blue Glaze. It’s getting harder and harder to find. GALLERY GUIDE Teaching art in the gallery space at Perc Tucker each week is a real thrill for me and the students. We love linking the art lesson to the artwork and artists on display. I use the Gallery Guide to keep me in the know for future lessons. 80’S MUSIC The first time I laid eyes on Sean he was dancing to INXS. Australian 80’s music is one of his greatest passions and being a child of the 80’s I love it too. WEAVING I’ve been learning how to weave with my students. It’s quite addictive and meditative. I keep my weaving in my bag and work on it when I get a moment here and there.

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See the new styles to take you from day to night. See us for the latest collections from Mei Mei Lindy Bop (Vintage style from England) Mr K, Laura K, Eve Hunter Vivid Lovers OPM Renata (from Spain) BJC (Barbara Jane Collection) Yesadress Darling (from England) Desigual (from Spain) and jewellery from Mariana and Cool Coconut

sizes 6–24 Willows Shopping Centre 4773 4446 Find us on Facebook

DUOStyle | MyStyle


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DUOStyle | MyStyle

Kandis Orr

Tell us a little about yourself? I am 25 years old and originally from Sydney. I am lucky enough to work at Community Training Australia (CTA) teaching the Diploma of Early Childhood and Youth Work. Travelling has become a big part of my life as I have been given the opportunity to travel quite extensively with CTA. I am very spontaneous and love a good adventure. I enjoy meeting new and exciting people and will often befriend anyone I feel is a little quirky like myself. I love to keep fit and active and I’m addicted to all activities that require the outdoors and a little sunshine. Describe your style? I would describe my style as playful as it appears to be ‘thrown together’ but is actually a thoughtful combination of colours and patterns. I do prefer minimalistic makeup and accessories as well as clothes that are practical, comfortable and easy care. Labels you like? I absolutely love Bardot and when I feel like being a little feminine I will go and check out Forever New. Best shopping trip? When my partner and I travelled to New York – I dragged him around the city looking for the perfect outfit. Spoilt for choice. You’d never be caught wearing…? Joggers and jeans! I don’t really like animal prints either. Wardrobe item you can’t bring yourself to part with and why? I find it very hard to part with a good pair of jeans – I will wear them until they are starting to fall apart! Bardot jeans are a definite winner in my eyes. Shoes or dress first? Dress! Meaningful last words? You have absolutely nothing to lose by just being yourself.

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Everlasting Love Every year, on her mother Bette’s birthday, Keta (Roseby) and her mum would go to their favourite places and choose something special to mark the occasion. Although Bette passed away in 2012, Keta has found a way to carry on the tradition. TOGETHER with Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers, Keta Roseby is keeping her beloved mother Bette’s memory alive. “I visit Kim and Jay before Mum’s birthday with some pieces from her jewellery collection and we discuss potential new designs,” Keta explains. “I often mix in pieces or stones of my own. It allows me to continue to create memories with Mum and gives me a reason to look forward to her birthday.” Bette was the picture of elegance and grace with a real eye for beauty. She loved classical pieces and appreciated good quality. Not only did she value these attributes in jewellery, but she was also an accomplished seamstress and made many beautiful items from the finest of fabrics. 76

DUOMagazine July 2016

“I can remember her spending countless hours crafting and hand-sewing intricate details on her garments to ensure they were perfect,” Keta says. “Anyone who knew Mum knows she was the most giving and selfless woman. She cared for the elderly at the Masonic Village for 20 years. “Mum put her family before herself and so it took some time for her to build up her jewellery collection.” This year Keta and Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers have taken a pair of Bette’s earrings and a necklace that had similar gem stones in them and made a matching ring and earrings set using antique white gold left over from a previous remodel.

“I feel a real spring in my step when I’m wearing a special piece I’ve had made with something from Mum’s collection,” Keta says. There’s no question Bette was not only Keta’s mother but also her best friend. So it was difficult to comprehend when she was given the news that Bette had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in April 2011. “My son Jack and I had moved back into the family home and I took time off work to care for her and be there with her,” Keta says. “She passed away in July 2012. Many of my memories from that time are sad ones and it wasn’t fitting or right for our last memories together to be that way. That’s why, since she passed, I’ve been carrying on our tradition and celebrating the day she was born.” The earrings in the photographs are a combination of a number of pieces – some Keta’s and some her mother’s. “Mum had given me her simple pearl drop earrings for my milestone birthday a few months before she passed away,” Keta says. “I took the earrings in to Jay with some old jewellery and ideas of my own and the end result is a stunning pair of earrings that make me think of my beautiful, creative and elegant mum every time I wear them.”


Photography Insight Creative

Kim Bartlett has been Keta’s jeweller since she was a young girl. She has fond memories of taking a medal she won for highland dancing in to him to have an impression made so she could wear it on a necklace. “I’ve still got it today,” Keta says. “I love working with both Kim and his son Jay. It’s a local family business and so it’s a personal and meaningful experience. I trust them to be sensitive to the connection I have with my mum and respect the meaning behind what we’re doing.” When Keta collects the newly remodelled jewellery it’s an emotional experience, but she loves seeing the finished pieces and how her feelings and descriptions have been interpreted and expertly crafted into something of beauty. “Mum loved us doing things together so to be able to symbolise that ‘togetherness’ in an everlasting way is something she would be delighted to be a part of,” Keta says. “Making Mum’s beautiful but old and tired jewellery new again is one of the rare opportunities I have to breathe new life into our precious memories and keep them alive for the next generation.”

DUOMagazine July 2016


DUOStyle | Man

RISING STAR Actor Boyd Holbrook has been announced as the face of Diesel Parfum’s new fragrance for men to be launched next month. Boyd is known for his role in the Netflix series Narcos and is set to star as the chief villain in the next Wolverine installment.

4K FLAT SCREEN LG’s most luxe product currently on the market, the 65” Flat Screen 4K UHD OLED TV (65EF950T), has no backlight. This means it delivers pure black and with that comes explosive colour. $8999

FITNESS FAST TRACK MADE FOR MEN The Dualsenses Men home care range by Goldwell has just expanded with three new products designed 100% with men’s hair needs in mind.

Samsung’s new Gear Fit2 fitness band features refined activity tracking, GPS, water resistance and sleep monitoring. $289

MODERN SPORTSWEAR MEETS CLASSIC MENSWEAR Witchery Man’s autumn/winter collection is on trend with the creation of smart hybrid garments such as hooded knitwear and quilted shirts.

BRIGHT IDEA The Nanoleaf One doesn’t look like an ordinary light bulb because it’s the first light bulb to be made of PCB and folded origami style. It also contains the most advanced patented technology to ensure the highest energy efficiency.


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IN TOUCH BOUTIQUE Every occasion creates a memory! The staff at In Touch Boutique are there to help create your next memory with an outfit that matches the occasion. Formal Gowns, Mother of the Bride / Groom, Bridesmaids, Cocktail, After 5, Race wear, Casual, Accessories and Gift Vouchers, stocking sizes 6–26. Local stockists of Meimei, Lindy Bop, Renata, Vivid, Mr K, Laura K, Eve Hunter, Paparazzi, Desigual, Mariana Jewellery, with more to choose from. Monday–Wednesday, Friday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–9pm, Saturday 9am-4pm. Like us on Facebook. Willows Shopping Centre 4773 4446

Sizzas Hair and Beauty studio have established a reputation for a high standard of service with a commitment to excellence. The experienced salon staff at Sizzas provide a range of services specialising in prescriptive facials, creative colouring and cutting, hair growth and scalp solutions as well as many other body and skin treatments. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am–5pm Wednesday 9am–8pm, Saturday 8am–3pm 208 Charters Towers Road Hermit Park 4725 3533


donohues HATS $140



230 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park | P 4775 5144 | shop online at

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nevenka makes luxury eastern european inspired ready to wear & custom made garments nevenka is not only a tribute to love and loss; it’s celebration of all things feminine and beautiful. whether it’s a sensual draped gown or structured, tailored jacket, every piece has its own individuality.

nevenka aw16 collection is available for pre order now in store and online

life made by hand dress


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a wild soul dress

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my creator dress


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my creator dress

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JULY SPECIAL! Get ready for the V8’s with a new look! Receive 30% off your next colour service. Just mention this ad!

PH 4755 1576 | 1/117 Bamford Lane, Kirwan

The Sizzas team is delighted to welcome new Senior Stylist, Melissa to our professional team. 208 Charters Towers Road Hermit Park 4725 3533 Stockists of Redken, Image Skincare, BioPacific, Pureology and GHD


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ONE of the reasons that visitors and locals alike enjoy Townsville is that it’s bathed in sunshine year round. But the price we pay for tropical living is the toll it takes on our skin. There is irrefutable evidence that exposure to ultraviolet rays leads to severe skin damage. Loss of elasticity; lines; wrinkles; pigmentation; thickened, leathery skin; and more severe conditions such as keratoses and skin cancers. For those of us who have grown up in North Queensland, damaged skin is almost part and parcel of a tropical Townsville lifestyle. But we are seeing more and more patients in the Medispa who are turning to medical aesthetics procedures to reverse the damaging effects of the harsh Townsville sun. Laser resurfacing is one of the most popular procedures we utilise to treat solar damaged skin. Lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, thick rough spots – our Pearl and Pearl Fractional laser procedures address many different facets of premature ageing caused by UV exposure! The Pearl laser procedures are

Laser Focus On Ageing Skin By Chrysalis Medispa a physician-only treatment, meaning they can only be performed by a doctor with expert knowledge and training in the area of laser resurfacing. This is because they provide a deep, comprehensive, controlled trauma to the skin. The effect of this is similar to a deep peel. Over a period of one to two weeks, the surface of the skin dries up and is shed off, revealing a smoother, fresher layer underneath. The procedure stimulates fibroblasts in the deep layers to create new collagen and elastin, the structural fibres of the skin. This helps to strengthen elasticity and give a tighter and smoother appearance to the skin. Combined with customised skincare to use at home, the result is

quite astounding. Skin is left looking and feeling supple, soft and youthful. While the procedure itself is largely painless (except for a surge of warmth post-laser which lasts for about an hour), we do recommend around ten days’ downtime at home to allow the peeling and redness to settle. At Chrysalis Medispa we understand that undertaking laser resurfacing can be a big and sometimes scary decision. To that end, our patients are fully supported throughout their entire journey. Our fees for laser resurfacing include: - a comprehensive initial medical consult; - medical reviews following the procedure; - LED light therapy to speed and stimulate healing; - pre- and post-procedure skincare kits; - and consultations with our expert skin therapists both before and after the procedure. The best way to work out if laser resurfacing would be right for you is to book a consultation with Dr. Gianoulis. For appointments please call Chrysalis Medispa reception on 47792886.

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DUOStyle | Beauty

CHANEL With luminous colours, the Summer 2016 Makeup Collection by Chanel invites you to luxuriate in the summertime. Exclusive Creation Les 4 Ombres $98, Les Vernis Culte nail polish $41, Levres Scintillantes lip gloss $49 Stockists (02) 9900 2944

CLINIQUE Lightweight and non-greasy, Clinique’s Take The Day Off Makeup Remover Stick balm won’t leave a filmy residue on your skin. $33



Go beyond the surface and target premature ageing and sun damage all at once with Napoleon’s new Skin Elixir Serum Broad Spectrum SPF15. $59

BENEFIT Ready, Set, BROW! is an invisible shaping and setting gel to hold brow hairs in place and lock on make-up for 24hour staying power. $42

VALENTINO An irreverent evocation that layers Indian Jasmine, Myrrh and Leather gives Valentina Myrrh Assoluto an impression of mysterious familiarity. Limited edition 80ml $165 Exclusive to Myer


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NORTHERN SKIN STUDIO Northern Skin Studio sets a new benchmark for a holistic facility. A skin & beauty clinic that has a medical program, operating under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Services offered are laser, skin peels, skin cancer surgery, cosmetic injectables, plus traditional spa and beauty treatments. Customised packages to meet your needs, medically and holistically, so you achieve the ultimate in skin rejuvenation and health. Open Monday–Friday 8.30am–5.30pm, Saturday 8.30am–2pm 252–254 Sturt Street Townsville 4771 5898


This established salon of 16 years offers a relaxed and revitalising experience and a calming Sanctuary Garden. You will love your aesthetically designed hairstyle complimented by the most vibrant and rich colour. Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9am–5.30 pm Wednesday, Thursday 9am–9pm Saturday 8am–4pm 89 Thuringowa Drive Kirwan 4723 2114


FULL HEAD WEFT EXTENSIONS $550! Now stocking Showpony Hair Extensions

Offer includes: • consultation & style design • full head extensions (one weft) • pre application treatment • extension application • haircut • two week review


Shop 13A North Ward Shopping Village 31–45 Eyre Street North Ward Appointments 4724 5554

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As the biggest city and country outfitters in the North, Donohues offers quality products to suit all needs from the business person to men and women on the land. Donohues are jeans specialists with styles to suit everybody and are local stockists of R.M Williams, Akubra, Ariat, Levi and Wrangler. Monday–Wednesday, Friday 8.30am–5.30pm Thursday 8.30am–8pm Saturday 8.30am–3pm 230 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park 4775 5144

Chrysalis Medispa is a boutique skincare clinic, centrally located in Aitkenvale. Focusing on evidence-based medical aesthetics treatments in a warm, friendly environment, we truly believe in a personalised approach. Led by Dr. Peter Gianoulis, our team of skin specialists and registered nurses are able to offer a wide range of solutions for most skin concerns. Patients of all ages are welcome and most consultations are free of charge. Suite 1, 281-285 Ross River Road Aitkenvale 4779 2886

Owners Jodi and Tamara welcome you to visit their new look salon specialising in modern and professional hair and beauty services. From luxury surroundings to luxury products, the staff at Capelli can now pamper you from head to toe. Our qualified Beauty Therapist can treat you with a deluxe spa pedicure or relaxation massage in one of our private beauty rooms. Shop 13A North Ward Shopping Village 4724 5554




Hanks Eyecare Plus specialise in comprehensive eye examinations, prescription sunglasses and spectacles, contact lenses and eye health. They offer Cataract & Glaucoma Testing, Macular and Retinal Scans, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scan, Colour Vision Tests, Prescription Dispensing, Children’s Vision and finding any Diabetic Eye changes. Healthfund rebates and Medicare bulk-billing. Open Monday–Friday 8.30am–5pm 246 Ross River Road, Aitkenvale 4779 7433

Salon owner Tennille, would like to welcome you to her salon which she established 3 years ago. Tennille has been in the hairdressing industry for 18 years and attends many seminars to keep up to date with the very latest trends and techniques. Hairdressing is something she is very passionate about – there’s no better feeling than making another person feel beautiful. For Tennille her clients are much more than customers, they become part of the Ministry of Hair family. Open Tuesday to Saturday 1/117 Bamford Lane Kirwan 4755 1576

Renegade Handmade began in 2013 and includes a curated collection of locally made fashion, jewellery, gifts and homewares. The market is held on the second Sunday of each month at the Marian School, from 8am to 1pm. The Renegade Handmade Gift Shop features 70% locally made and now includes ‘Hello Handmade’ with a collection of Australian independent artists and designers. Open Monday to Friday 10am–5pm Saturday and Sunday 9am–3pm Warrina Arcade, Illuka Street, Gulliver 0477 900 222


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Photo Tourism & Events Queensland


Townsville has many great walkways and bikeways throughout the city. Download Council’s Townsville Active Travel Guide from www.townsville. health-and-exercise/walking-andcycling-trails then get out and see our fantastic city on foot or bike. The Strand Jetty (pictured) is a great spot to pause on your journey of discovery.

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we have learned firsthand from the people who come to us for support.

Clinical Psychologist

Lydia Rigano Fulham Consulting

5 Myths About Psychological Therapy There’s little stigma in going to the doctor when you feel sick, but what about seeing a clinical psychologist to talk out problems or gain an ally to manage mental illness? PEOPLE who go to a clinical psychologist are finding a treatment for their mind, behaviors and emotions – the same way a doctor treats your body – yet they may face unfair assumptions about why they are going or what they must be like as a person. The following are 5 common myths and misconceptions that

Myth 1. Therapy is for really messed up people. In our experience, the people that come to therapy are just everyday people, trying to get on with everyday life. We see people from all walks of life, professions and backgrounds. The truth is, if you are alive, then it is inevitable that you will suffer or struggle to deal with something at least at one time in your life. Some concerns may seem mild, like the young office worker who is experiencing career dissatisfaction. Other problems seem catastrophic, like a mother grieving the loss of her child to suicide. There’s no rule that says your problems have to cross a certain threshold of severity before you can seek professional support. Myth 2. The psychologist (or other people) will think I’m crazy. Some people worry that a psychologist might think they’re crazy. Firstly, ‘crazy’ is loaded with negative judgement and therapists aren’t there to judge anyone. Secondly, ‘crazy’ doesn’t really mean anything – it’s not a technical term and no-one ever gets diagnosed as it! Myth 3. Therapy will involve dredging up the past. Delving into the past has its place, but most therapy focuses on the ‘here and now’ and in finding practical ways to address current problems. It all comes down to the person’s reason for attending. For instance, if a man comes to therapy because he’s had a string of failed relationships, it would be reasonable to ask about his past to understand why he keeps

repeating his relationship patterns. However, if a woman has developed a sudden fear of driving after a recent car accident, she might need some straight-forward strategies on how to regain her confidence behind the wheel and delving into her past wouldn’t be necessary. Myth 4. Talking (therapy) doesn’t help OR I’ve been before and it was a waste of time. There are some dodgy therapists out there and not all therapy is equal. But there are also some very good, highly experienced clinical psychologists who have undertaken specialised, postgraduate training in assessing and treating a wide range of psychological issues with evidence-based techniques – this means their techniques have been demonstrated to make a difference. And sometimes, you might have to meet more than one therapists before you find the ‘right fit’. Myth 5. Therapy goes on forever and costs a lot of money. Psychological therapy is timelimited and you should be given an estimate of how many sessions will be required to work on your therapy goals. The number of sessions will depend on the reason for attending and many issues begin to resolve within six sessions. A session typically last 50 minutes and may be held weekly or monthly. Any fees should be discussed and Medicare and some private health funds offer rebates. Seeing a clinical psychologist is just one way to seek support and there’s nothing weak, weird or desperate about it. And sure, therapy isn’t for everyone, but at least the choice is there.

Think better. Feel better.

HIGHLY EXPERIENCED, FRIENDLY, WELCOMING, PRIVATE MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE. If you or someone you know is thinking about seeing a private Psychiatrist of Clinical Psychologist, please call us to discuss what you need. 5 Fulham Road Pimlico Townsville | PO Box 289 Hyde Park Qld 4812 | p 07 4728 5209 f 07 4728 3089 e 90

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Grant Collins Clarity Hearing Solutions

Vrroom-Proof Your Hearing With the V8 Super Cars looming this month, give a little thought to the protection of you and your family’s hearing if attending the event.

EVERY year I have several queries regarding whether it is safe to take children to the V8 Super Cars track and what sort of preventative measures can be taken. Firstly, everyone (regardless of age) should be wearing hearing protection of some description at certain parts of the track. In previous years, noise levels approximately five meters from the track have reached up to 115dB. To put this in context, noise levels are measured in units called dB A, which takes into account the anatomy and physiology of the human ear to attenuate sounds in the speech areas that range from 250Hz to 8000Hz. General conversation levels are around 65dB and a safe level for noise exposure is 85dBA for eight hours. For every 3dB over 85dBA that you are exposed to, you need to halve the amount of time you can safely spend near the noise. For example, 88dBA is four hours safely, 91dBA is two hours, 94dBA is one hour and so forth. Going by this calculation the safe period of noise exposure to 115dBA is approximately 15 seconds. Of course the further away from the track the lower the dBA levels are and the longer the period of time that can be spent in the noise. Engines and motor noise are particularly deceptive with the amount of damaging noise they produce. People mistakenly think that short, sharp, loud bursts of high-pitched noise such as rifles, hammering, loud drums or music, and even nail guns, do the most damage to your hearing as they create the largest amount of discomfort to the ear. Although they most certainly do cause damage to the ear, by far the more dangerous and common noises to damage the ear are constant low-pitched machinery and motor noises, which seem much softer to us.

The human ear is tuned to focus on sounds that are within the human speech range, which is generally mid-high pitched sounds. For example two sounds, a low-pitched sound and a high-pitched sound, can be exactly the same volume yet perceptually to the human listener the higher-pitched sound will seem louder. So people mistakenly think that because the noise doesn’t seem that loud to them then it isn’t damaging the ear and they continue exposing themselves to dangerous levels of noise. Further care should be taken with children’s hearing trackside as they have such acute hearing some sounds may seem much louder to them. So what are your hearing protection options? There are several options available to protect your hearing. Probably the best source of hearing protection are the protective ear muffs as they provide over 30 decibels of protection, do not occlude the ear canal so fungal and bacterial infections are not spread or harboured, are easily slipped on and off, and advanced ear muffs have noise-cancelling features similar to hearing aids that not only reduce environment noise but still allow speech to be heard. However who really wants to walk around the V8s wearing big ear muffs? Probably a more practical source of hearing protection for the V8s is noise ear plugs. If possible use disposable ear plugs and throw out after each use. For children who may have ear canals that are too small for the usual ear plugs then ear putty is a good alternative that allows smaller ear canals to be sealed. Once again, ensure they are disposed of after each use.

The world’s smallest wireless hearing aid is here! Invisible. Comfortable. Now with Bluetooth. And now at Clarity! Starkey SoundLens IIC, the world’s smallest invisible removable deep canal IIC (InvisibleIn-Canal) hearing aid now comes with Bluetooth. Clarity will custom mould and fit the SoundLens to sit comfortably deep in your ear, so only you know they’re there. Although tiny, the SoundLens Synergy comes loaded with all Call Clarity Hearing Solutions on

1300 CLARITY or 4779 1566

the leading technology you expect from larger hearing aids including Bluetooth connectivity. Amazingly small and remarkably powerful you’ll also be surprised at the affordability of the SoundLens range. Call Queensland-owned Clarity about a Starkey SoundLens hearing solution for you.

For better hearing, the solution is Clarity.

Townsville | Ayr | Bowen | Charters Towers | Collinsville | Ingham | Mt Isa | Palm Island

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Remedial Therapist, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist

Rebecca Vinson


Livin’ Hot To Fight Mental Illness Stigma Castle Hill, a Townsville icon, and exercise come together this month in the perfect partnership to fight the stigma surrounding youth mental illness and suicide. MENTAL illness and exercise are two topics that are very close to my heart. Many people are surprised to learn that I have battled mental illness for much of my life. At 15 years old I was diagnosed with anorexia. I weighed 30 kg. I experienced immense self-hatred, was suicidal and I self harmed. I was hospitalised at 16 and then progressed into a cycle of anorexia and bulimia that lasted many years. I have lived with and been working through at times very debilitating depression and anxiety ever since. Only a couple of weeks ago I weaned myself off antidepressant medication after 18 years of treatment with the goal to try and manage my mental health naturally through diet, exercise, relaxation and nutritional and herbal medicine. I am not ashamed. Now, as a personal trainer, I help people manage their mental health every day. Sure, many people come to see a personal trainer for weight loss or to change their body shape, but I would argue that just as many come into our business to help improve their mental health. Exercise has been shown to increase brain serotonin levels. Serotonin plays a role in appetite, sleep, mood and libido and deficiencies in serotonin levels or function have been linked to depression. Two studies


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carried out over 16 weeks found exercise to be comparable to antidepressant medication in its effectiveness against mild to moderate depression. For those with major depression, exercise has proven to be an excellent adjunct to other treatments such as medication and behavioural therapies. Social exercise can help decrease feelings of isolation and loneliness and can act as a distraction from worrying or negative thoughts and the effects of regular exercise on body composition can help to increase self esteem. Exercise also has immediate benefits. Endorphins are chemicals similar to morphine that are released by our nervous system and pituitary gland in response to exercise (as well as stress, fear and pain). Endorphins block pain and cause a sensation of pleasure. They are responsible for the post-workout high that people rave about and are the reason we can have clients walk into the gym in tears, have a personal training session and walk out smiling! All kinds of exercise exert the same benefit on our mental health and evidence suggests that exercise does not need to be intense to be effective. A simple outside walk is all that is required. In fact, long-term excessive, overintense exercise may actually be detrimental to our mental health. Although generally a positive stress, exercise IS a stress on the body and if performed excessively without adequate rest, can lead to adrenal fatigue and overtraining syndrome with symptoms such as lack of energy, recurring muscle injuries, impaired sleep and ultimately anxiety and depression. People who already have high

emotional stress levels are at an increased risk of developing overtraining syndrome. Exercise is an invaluable tool in the management of mental illness. A balanced mental-health targeted exercise program should incorporate both endorphin releasing, enjoyable moderate to high intensity exercise (around an hour on most days is recommended) and low intensity cortisolreducing, mindfulness based exercise like yoga and meditation.

One quarter of all young Australians aged 16 to 24 currently have a mental illness. Almost 1000 Townsville residents will take to our beautiful Castle Hill on Saturday 23rd July at 9am for HOT-FM’s LIVIN Hot on the Hill, a 24 hour endorphin-pumping marathon to promote #HEALTHYLIVIN, #ACTIVELIVIN and the #ITAINTWEAKTOSPEAK slogan. You can support the cause by heading to

Wehll Personal Training – Massage – Nutrition Inside Snap Fitness Little Fletcher Street, Townsville City 0411 377 677


Certified Fitgenes Practitioner

Leanne Scott Pure Core Nourishment

Health Is In Your Own Backyard Many of us search the world to find those that can help us achieve the health that we desire yet few of us realise the ability to achieve health awaits us in our own ‘back yard’.

MOST of us do not realise that our ingrained core beliefs about who and what we are are formed in the first five years of life. These first five years are entirely controlled by our subconscious which controls development and reasoning and of course can be attested to by any parent. And because of that fact, our core

inbuilt programming also operates very much like a five year old child, very literal and very much lovingly built to please. Therefore, if you are focused on what is wrong with your health, “I’m sick, I’m unwell.” your subconscious is only more than happy to prove you are right. Transforming our health always, at some point, becomes about transforming our own internal conversation. Your intentions will always assist you in taking greater control of the health you desire. So here is how we can all start to turn it around.. DEFINING INTENTION A working definition for intention is: ‘to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim.’ Lacking intention, we sometimes stray without meaning or direction. But with it, all the forces of the universe can align to make even the most impossible, possible. TRANSFORMING FEAR AND DOUBT INTO HOPE AND POSSIBILITY Use intentions to transform the conversation around dreams from fear and doubt, to hope and possibility, followed by action and results. Without our dreams all we have is our present reality. Reality is not a bad thing. We have to know where we are so we can design the appropriate strategy for getting to where we want to be. The challenge is our attitude around ‘reality’ and what being realistic has cost us. Often that’s our passion and joy, our hopes and dreams.. WHEN SHOULD YOU SET AN INTENTION? You could set an intention every day. Your intention could be to get healthy and physically fit, or to spend more quality time with loved ones. It can be specific and about something in particular or more like a quality, such as to be more relaxed or involved with life.

STUDY NUTRITIONAL THERAPY and make a real difference

SETTING INTENTIONS TO FULFILL ALL YOUR DREAMS Intention can be used for community or social issues, global events or (literally) in your own backyard. And this is not a new concept. For decades athletes have been utilising the mind and visualising their goals to achieve success. SO HERE’S HOW YOU BEGIN Before you get into or out of bed, set your intention for your health. This is not a wish or a want. Make this your reality now, even if you have to fake it until you make it. “I’m healthy, restored and recovered.” Quantum physics tells us that what was once considered ‘woo woo’ is now our reality. We’re built on particles of energy and that energy (which builds thought) creates our reality. SO HERE ARE FOUR INTENTIONAL STEPS TO BEGIN TO CREATE THE HEALTH YOU DESIRE 1. Get clear about something you want – think it, visualise it, write it down 2. Make your mental intention your reality now: I AM healthy, I AM happy, I AM the weight I want to be. 3. Share your intention with someone in a way that will supportively hold you accountable. 4. Acknowledge and visualise gratitude. We are all just quantum particles of energy that have been granted the privilege of a human experience. That experience (all of it – good or bad) builds the amazing soul that you are. Give thanks for that in some small way every day. This is the essence, the fundamental core, to health. For some it has taken a lifetime to figure this out but it can begin by simply peeling back the layers to create a profound transformation. As they say; “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Be at the leading edge of nutrition in Australia with the highly-respected Nutritional Therapy program from the NTA. Registration is open NOW for our nationally recognised Nutritional Therapy Practitioner™ online program starting October 2016.


Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc.®

Foundational Holistic Nutrition Education DUOMagazine July 2016



Is it only ‘just’ snoring? Are you one of 45% of adults that occasionally snore? Or 25% that snore habitually? If you are, there’s no doubt you feel the brunt of family and friends’ jokes! But jokes aside, snoring can be serious business. Not only can your snoring affect the sleep of your partner, but as many as 80% of snorers suffer from the condition Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and don’t know it. OSA involves recurring episodes of airway obstruction, caused by the relaxation and sagging of the tongue and airway muscles, with pauses in breathing of 10 seconds or more at a time. People with OSA may stop breathing from 30 to 300 times a night. OSA sufferers stop breathing for extended periods, multiple times a night. They receive lower amounts of oxygen in the blood, causing the heart to work harder, as well as hormonal changes that disrupt normal bodily function. Common signs and symptoms of OSA include: • snoring • gasping, snorting or choking during sleep • daytime sleepiness • waking not feeling refreshed • poor memory and concentration

OSA is linked to many seriously concerning health statistics: • Patients with OSA have about a 7-fold higher risk of death and heart disease, regardless of the severity of the disease, age or history of heart problems. • 65-80% of stroke patients have OSA. • 90% of OSA patients have high blood pressure. • Untreated severe OSA results in an estimated 20% reduction in life expectancy. Scarily, this is a greater reduction in life expectancy than smokers. • Only 5% of people who suffer from OSA have been diagnosed and are being treated. Luckily there are many treatment modalities for OSA. Often, it is appropriate to use multiple treatments at once.

• weight gain or difficulty losing weight • frequent urination during the night • morning headaches, often associated with teeth grinding and clenching during the night • depression, anxiety and mood and behaviour changes

 Suite 2, 132-134 Ross River Rd, Mundingburra  4755 2055  

These include: • CPAP devices (continuous positive airway pressure device) • ENT surgery to clear upper airway resistance • positional appliances • sleep hygiene • weight loss • oral/dental jaw re-positional appliances

How can North Queensland Family Dental help you? Working with a local sleep clinic, we can perform a home sleep test, conducted in the comfort of your own bed. If these test come back positive for OSA, a sleep physician will diagnose the severity of the condition and advise on the appropriate course of treatment. For those with mild to moderate sleep apnoea, a dental appliance is often the recommended course of treatment, with equivalent reduction of apnoea events compared to that of CPAP. For more information on how we can help you finally have a good night’s rest, call us for a consultation on 4755 2055.


Healthy Gut - Healthy Immune System! By Envision Health’s Leigh-Anne Simms YOUR gut is where you absorb all the nutrients you need to supply your body with energy, it manages up to 70 percent of our immune system and is considered the ‘second brain’ which makes your digestive system central to your overall health. But did you know that there are close to 2kg worth of bacteria in your gut? That’s literally millions upon millions of tiny micro-organisms living and growing in your gut right now – collectively called gut ‘microbiota’. These beneficial bacteria encourage healthy digestion and support an efficient immune system, keeping any undesirable bacteria at minimal levels. However, if the ‘bad’ bacteria begin to outweigh the ‘good’ bacteria this can lead to

dysbiosis or microbial imbalance and can present with digestive symptoms such as constipation, wind and bloating, or immune conditions such as recurrent infections, eczema and allergies. Rebalancing or maintaining a healthy microbiota in your gut can be achieved by consuming probiotic rich foods such as saurkraut and kombucha and supplementing in the form of a ‘prebiotic’ and a ‘probiotic’. The term ‘probiotic’ literally means ‘for life’, so by looking after your gut microbiota you are looking after your overall health. As a healthy gut will help improve your immune system, getting right microbial balance in your gut is fundamental

to your overall health, speak to your qualified naturopathic practitioner about which probiotic combination is the most suitable for you, to help overcome your gut and immune system concerns.


Call 4771 2933 or email

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DUOCommunity Every weekend you’ll find a market spread throughout the city and suburbs of Townsville including Cotters Market (pictured) held every Sunday morning in Flinders Street, City.

Cotters Rotary Markets Flinders Street, Sundays 8.30am–1pm. Willows Rotary Markets Willows Shopping Centre car park, Sundays 7.30am–11.30am. Magnetic Island Friday Night RSL Markets Arcadia, Fridays 5.30pm–8pm. Horseshoe Bay Markets, second and last Sundays 9am–2pm. NQ Farmers Markets North Shore Town Centre Burdell, Saturdays. Cotters Market Handmade Arts and Craft Precinct, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, third Sundays 8.30am–1pm. Bushland Beach Markets, first and third Sundays 8am–1pm. Balgal Beach Market Beachside Fisherman’s Landing, first and third Saturdays 8am–1pm. Label Traders Market Mundingburra State School, third Sundays 8am–12noon. Renegade Handmade Market The Marian School, second Sundays 8am–1pm. Strand Night Markets Strand Park, first Fridays 5pm–9.30pm. Carlyle Gardens Arts & Crafts Market Carlyle Gardens, first Saturdays 9am–12noon. Riverway Moonlight Markets Pioneer Park, first Fridays 5pm–9pm.


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Photo Tourism & Events Queensland




Nicole Stott-Whiting Office of Life, Marriage and Family Catholic Diocese of Townsville

Have We Lost Our Compassion?

The ability to be compassionate to another human being seems to be diminishing before our eyes. When did we stop caring so much?

WHEN I was growing up in the suburb of West End, I can distinctly remember the feeling of being surrounded by a caring group of neighbours. I knew that different adults in the street were always keeping an eye out and ready to help if need be. It didn’t matter who we were. We were community and that was all that mattered. I really miss those early years. Fast forward to now and it feels so different. I am not suggesting for one minute that there is no care or compassion in our communities but there has certainly been a deterioration in this area of our lives over time. Our communities are now seeing less compassion than in years gone by. Once upon a time everyone would know their neighbours and there would always be a wave, hello or short conversation at the end of the day. People helped one another. People knew what was happening in other households and therefore knew when a little support, a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on was required. Not so much anymore. Nowadays, we are less concerned about the person next door and more concerned about not wanting to be disturbed by anyone. No one really wants to be inconvenienced by someone else’s problem or misfortune. Now we hear less of, ‘I’d love to help’ and more of ‘what’s in it for me?’ or ‘why should I?’ Workplaces are also a great example of diminishing compassion. I must start by saying very clearly that I am not discussing my own workplace. I am extremely lucky where I work, as every day I feel valued, supported and genuinely cared about. A rare gem these days. I know that over the last couple of years I have heard people talk about situations where their employers and workplaces have shown very little compassion in very real situations

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that any person could find themselves in. There seems to be an air of suspicion or annoyance rather than respecting the other person as a human being, having empathy for their predicament and realising that the situation could easily be happening to them. These are very real life situations such as caring for a sick or aging parent, children experiencing difficulties or a sudden illness or injury that any one of us could be dealing with at any given time. Unfortunately for some people they are made to feel that these situations are nothing more than an imposition. Our sporting clubs and community associations are seeing this lack of compassion through their dwindling numbers of volunteers. People want the sport or service but don’t feel that they should be contributing through volunteer work or other types of assistance. Some people believe that they simply shouldn’t have to help, particularly if they have paid money for the sport or service. Money being exchanged seems to make some people think that they don’t need to help in anyway even though it is common knowledge that the existence of these types of sports, associations or groups are heavily dependent upon people volunteering their time and energy. We seem to be very quick to judge as a society at the moment but slow to act. If I was being really cynical I would also say, quick to lay blame and slow to care. I’m not sure when the compassion and care started to fade but I hope it comes back soon. For it to come back though, we must role model care and compassion, so that our children know what care and compassion actually looks like. They can’t act with compassion if they don’t know what it is.

He knows that we can be truely happy if we listen to His voice and live the vocation chosen especially for us...

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Juanita and Brodie Johnstone

15-year-old Brodie Johnstone

Sole Purpose The countdown is on to Run Townsville on July 17, to help raise much-needed funds for the Townsville Hospital’s paediatric unit. THOSE who walk, run or roll around Run Townsville’s 6 or 12-kilometre course along Riverway on Sunday July 17 will be making life more comfortable for patients like 15-year-old Brodie Johnstone. Brodie was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis from his heel prick test at eight weeks old. Just 20 years ago, it was rare for a child with cystic fibrosis to survive beyond their teens. Thankfully, research has increased the quality of life and more than doubled the survival rate for kids like Brodie with cystic fibrosis. “We’re in hospital every three months for routine medication and physio treatment but, unfortunately, if Brodie becomes unwell he’ll be admitted more frequently,” says Brodie’s mother Juanita. “We’re currently on our third admission this year with a total of nearly two months altogether in hospital.” The regular hospital stays make it difficult for Brodie to keep up with schoolwork as the paediatric unit rooms don’t have a computer or the Internet and


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Brodie can’t leave due to the risk of crosscontamination. “Brodie’s case worker at Kirwan High emails through work for him to do at the hospital but we have to print everything out and do it the old way,” Juanita says. “The fundraising from Run Townsville is important for upgrading the rooms so kids like Brodie don’t fall behind in their schoolwork. Adding TVs to the rooms would be great as well since patients are often in for a long stretch. “Every year, Brodie travels to Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for a full check-up and it’s amazingly advanced there. The staff here in Townsville are just incredible but the facilities do need upgrading.” Plans are in place for a children’s ward makeover, including adding a large family room, but more money is needed to make it happen. Events like Run Townsville help turn the dream into a reality one step at a time. Brodie and his family will be taking part in the 6-kilometre family walk and

encourage those who can’t make it on the day to register online as a virtual runner from as little as $24. Townsville Hospital Foundation General Manager Judy Higgins says hopes are high for a record-breaking number of participants this year with 4000 the target. “We are thrilled that Run Townsville 2016 is again an event where 100 per cent of registration fees remain local, as all the funds are dedicated to the Townsville Hospital Children’s Ward Redevelopment. The Townsville Hospital Foundation is so grateful that Townsville is one of five Australian cities chosen as part of Cotton On’s Run Australia 2016 campaign. We are asking the entire Townsville community to support this extremely worthy and local cause by registering to participate on the day, or as a virtual runner if you are unable to attend.” To find out more about Run Townsville and how you can register, visit


Survive And Thrive Lydia Gah considers herself lucky to have escaped domestic violence with her life. Now she’s doing everything she can to help other women back in Papua New Guinea through her Survive and Thrive PNG program… and she needs our help.


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upgrade qualification

Want to your current to a childcare * for just $830?


*$830 is a co-contribution fee. This is a Higher Level Skills program funded by the Queensland Government. Upskill to CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.


WAKING up in Goroka general hospital in the Eastern Highland Province of Papua New Guinea in 1991, Lydia Gah couldn’t remember how she got there. But she does recall her former husband, a Papua New Guinean, kicking and hitting her before pouring boiling water over her head. “After that the decision to leave was easy,” Lydia says. “While in my hospital bed I called for the police to come and take my affidavit because I couldn’t sit up to write. I faced him in court for dissolution of our marriage and custody of our two children and won.” Lydia’s ex-husband had beaten her before but not like this. She had wanted to leave him but says her Christian upbringing and belief that marriage was for life and the prevailing stigma about domestic violence and divorce lead her to stay in the marriage for 12 years. After seven years of being a single mum, Lydia met her current partner Phillip Bell, a British-Australian who was teaching at a technical college in PNG at


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Call 4771 2933 or email


the time. They had a child of their own and moved to Brisbane in 2000. PNG remained in Lydia’s heart but it wasn’t until she visited her sick father in her home village of Baikakea on New Britain Island in 2013 that she decided to do something about what she observed there. “I saw the living standard hadn’t changed much in the local villages even though developments are happening there and so I thought ‘What can I do?’. That’s why Lydia founded the Survive and Thrive PNG project in mid 2013 after resigning from her overseas job and returning to Townsville. With the generous donations she received, she has already sent a shipping container of clothes and school resources to PNG with the beneficiaries including Bialla Rural Health Centre (mother and baby packs), eight local community villages (clothing), female students (sanitary pads) and the Baikakea Primary School (school resources). Having taken a personal loan against her existing mortgage to send the first

shipping container, Lydia could certainly use some help with covering the costs of rental of a storage unit, purchasing another 20ft shipping container and its transportation to PNG. Businesses and the public are also invited to donate fabric for the women to make their own clothing, along with towels, sheets and school resources. “Some people ask how this is helping women in domestic violence situations because, on the surface, it may not look like it is,” Lydia says. “But I know the culture and the system and if I were to give any form of assistance directly to abused women, it would only cause their husbands to become defensive towards my intervention. Also, women themselves would be reluctant to accept the donations as they would feel they were being singled out as victims of abuse. So the best way is to make it a community donation where everyone in the village receives something. “Clothes give the women a confidence boost and mean they can go to the market and sell produce. They are also

able to clothe their children so they can go to school. School resources help the children go further in their education and hopefully get a job, eventually sending money back to their mothers in the village.” Lydia says the education she received as a child in PNG was her saving grace and she went on to gain a Masters degree in Social Work. “I would also love to raise enough funding to offer a Financial Literacy Skills Training Program,” Lydia says. “This has the potential to empower women to go into small non-formal business ventures so they can pay for their children’s school fees and contribute to the everyday expenses of running their homes.” For more information, email Lydia either at or via Facebook at surviveandthrivepng

Please consider a Funeral Plan as an important part of your Financial Planning

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Whether it’s for you or a loved one, pre-planning funeral arrangements makes a lot of sense. You’re making choices at a time when you can think clearly and you can lock in the cost if you choose. Talk to us about pre planning your funeral. With 55 years of experience, we offer a secure funeral plan that will give you Peace of Mind. P 4779 4744 A 2 Martinez Ave Townsville E W

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Generation Spokesperson

Courtney Frank DUOMagazine

Wanderlust, Where Are You? Travel was never high on my priority list, but it should have been. That’s why I’ve decided to make a change.

I never really caught the travelling bug when I was growing up. I’ve always been the kind of person who has a set idea about what they want their life to be like. When I was a teenager, I wanted to finish high school, move to a bigger city, go to university, graduate from university, land my dream job and find the guy of my dreams. Whilst I did move to Brisbane, graduate from university and land my dream job, there were a few bumps in the road that slightly derailed some of my plans. Life has a funny way of doing that to you. When I look back at the teenage girl I was then, I realise that there was one simple thing I’d left out on the journey to living a fulfilled life: travel. For some reason, it never entered my mind that travelling could be the answer I was looking for. I definitely don’t regret any of the decisions I’ve made in order to get to where I am now, but for me, real life kicked in pretty fast after leaving university. I moved from Brisbane back to Townsville, landed a wonderful job, rented an apartment and tried my hardest to be a proper adult. And somehow, the thought of travelling and seeing the world never really made it on to the priority list.


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Travelling in your 20’s is so common these days; it almost feels like a rite of passage that I’m missing out on. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve seen some incredible places. I’ve ticked Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia and Fiji off the list, but looking back now, I realise that I never fully appreciated those places. I didn’t understand how important travelling was, how much it can enrich your life and expand your horizons. One of my best friends has travelled to over 20 different countries and it’s safe to say, she definitely has the travelling bug. For her, visiting new places and experiencing different cultures has always been high on the priority list. When I asked her why she travels her answer was this: “Ever since my first overseas holiday at age seven, I learnt that travel really opens your eyes to how other people live and it broadens your outlook on the world. I’ve always believed it’s something worth spending your money on.” When I see her passion for travel and her desire to visit new countries and explore new cultures, it really inspires me to make a change in my life. I’ve realised now that it might be time to re-organise that priority list… At the end of this month, I will be 24 years old. And while 24 is not old by any stretch of the imagination, I think it’s time that I start making travel a higher priority in my life. And I want to encourage anyone else in the same position as me, to do the same. So I want to put my travel dream out there. I want it to be in print, so that in 5, 10 or 15 years time, I can be held accountable for what I said I wanted to achieve. So here it is… I have always dreamed of someday moving abroad to work and live and my dream is New York City. Don’t ask me why, I’ve never even been to America so it’s not like I went

there once and loved it so much that I wanted to move there. Maybe it’s too many years of watching Sex and the City, Friends and Gossip Girl; and maybe I’ll get there one day and it will be nothing like I imagined. But somewhere along the line, I became addicted to the city that never sleeps. I long to be anonymous in the Big Apple, stand on the Top of The Rock and take in the view; watch the sunrise over the Brooklyn Bridge and go running through Central Park. I want to rent a stupidly expensive shoebox apartment and catch the subway to work. Is it ridiculous to think something so clichéd could potentially make me so happy? We’re always going to make excuses, trust me I’ve used every one in the book. You have no money, you’re scared of going alone, you worry about losing your job, you worry about what could happen to you in a foreign country. We all make excuses not to do things when the thought of it scares you. Here’s the thing though – there’s never going to be a right time, you’re never going to have enough money and you can’t predict the future. So you might as well just take the plunge! So, to all Generation Y and Millennials, my advice is to put your goals in front of you. Talk about them to others; plan for them, save for them. Everyday I’m reminded by my goal and looking forward to the future. And from one 20-something year old, to the many of you out there, it’s time to adopt a ‘better late than never’ attitude. That’s what I’m going to do and I hope you do too. “I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question.” – Harun Yahya


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Karen Quagliata Northern Tax & Financial Services

Have You Set A Winning Game Plan For Your Business?

ONE thing we can say about us in this region is that we are a pretty tough bunch. We have had our share of tough times and the trend for some (not all), is a steady decline in their figures from 2014 to 2015 due to the economic climate we are in. Those that haven’t seen a decline, well you are doing something right. You obviously have found your niche, are servicing your customers well, scrutinising every expense item and staying on top of your obligations.


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I often think of running a business as being very much like playing a team sport. There are so many variables, but the key stand out is your strength, and your strategy. Speaking of toughness, my eldest daughter just recently started playing for an all-girls soccer team (Fury Girls) here in Townsville. This child is strong, meaning she can and is not afraid to get the ball away from several larger male players, quite successfully. Many times I have seen her boot that ball, and those opponents go flying. This shows me that she has the defence skill, that toughness that you need in a team sport. Her coaches have described her as tenacious, tough and a good defender, which of course I am very proud of. What she is developing now is strategy. The ball skills are improving with each game, but it’s the learning of ‘being in control of the ball’, which is part of this overall process. Being in control means that while you possess the ball, the opposing team are unable to score a goal. It’s one thing to be strong in business, but it’s also so important that you have a strategy and be in control at all times. This is what sets you apart from your opposition. One strategy of offensive soccer is that all players should ensure passing and moving, meaning you should never just stand still on offense. The same applies to business. Rest on your laurels and get complacent, especially during tough economic times and your opposition can scoot right past you. A good defensive soccer team will learn to communicate and form walls of defence, to protect against the offense. This strategy makes it harder for your opponent to get the goal. Makes sense, just like it does in business. It’s not only understanding the revenue and expenses of your business, but scrutinising

your balance sheet. What makes up your business and how you deal with the core of your business with a view to where your future lies? How and where do your competitors fit in, and what you can do to make sure you are the stand out because you are in control. For example, do you know the effect of your debtors to your overall top line sales? Do you handle your creditors in the most efficient way? Have you dealt with your debts, obtaining the lowest possible interest rate on your obligations to free up just that bit more capital in your business? Do you have a long term goal and are you actively working towards making those goals a reality? Once you put the two together; the strength of your business and the best strategies in place (something that your accountant should be helping you with) not only will you have full control over your business but you may hinder your opposition by outshining them and you will be the one kicking the goals.

The information provided is general advice only. We have not considered your financial circumstances, needs or objectives and you should seek the assistance of a qualified advisor before you make any decision regarding any products mentioned. Whilst all care has been taken in the preparation of this material, no warranty is given in respect of the information provided and accordingly Northern Tax & Financial Services Pty Ltd employees or agents shall not be liable on any ground whatsoever with respect to decisions or actions taken as a result of you acting upon such information.


Townsville is supported by many organisations whose sole purpose is to facilitate new business opportunities, provide advice and create new relationships with complementary businesses. If you are looking for new opportunities, wanting to grow or maybe start a new business here are some great places to start.

Business Administration Consultant

Trent Yesberg Regional Business Services

Working With Townsville Open for Business

TOWNSVILLE is a diverse economy, supported by many varying industries. From the vibrant micro business cosmo, medium and larger enterprises through to the National and Government operations, being one of the largest regional cities we have a fantastic spread of opportunities. Tourism, Agriculture, Technology, Education, Professional Services, Trades – the list is vast with no shortage of opportunities for anyone willing to have a go. Now there is no denying that Townsville has seen better times, but if you want to look in the rearview mirror – that is your prerogative.

TOWNSVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Townsville Chamber is an a-political and financially autonomous organisation working to continually improve business conditions in Townsville. They work collaboratively with all levels of government, with other representative bodies, as well as the private and public sectors, the Chamber’s greatest asset is its independence. As the voice of local business and industry the Chamber’s purpose is to “make business connections”. It offers networking and promotional opportunities, information to improve business, and represent the membership to more than 100 groups at the local, state and national level. TOWNSVILLE SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE The TBDC delivers a range of subsidised advisory services and fee for service business advice, including development, marketing, finance, planning, record keeping, policy and procedures, coaching and mentoring, across the commercial lifecycle from Start Ups through to developing and well established businesses. Whilst the Centre operates a membership model, it also operates a business incubator, with a capacity to host up to 34 small business tenancies at a time.

INQ – INNOVATE NORTH QUEENSLAND iNQ is all about nurturing the North Queensland region’s innovators, creative makers and entrepreneurs. It consciously brings together imagination on the one hand and the idea of production on the other. It is a framework in which risks and rewards of imagining new possibilities can be shared fairly, because we know that effective and successful innovation happens when people find ways to meaningfully collaborate. TOWNSVILLE ENTERPRISE Townsville Enterprise is the peak Economic Development organisation, Regional Tourism Organisation and Convention Bureau for Townsville North Queensland. Townsville Enterprise has been the key driver in attracting major investment to the region from zinc refineries to the V8 Supercars. Townsville Enterprise ensures that the region benefits from investment and economic prosperity, tourism opportunities and the business events and conferences market. TRADESTART – TRADE & INVESTMENT QUEENSLAND Trade & Investment Queensland is the government’s global business agency, assisting exporters to break into emerging and established markets, and promoting Queensland as the perfect place for an AsiaPacific headquarters. This is just a handful of the organisations who can assist you. Regardless of the size, industry, type, existing or new business that you have there is definitely someone in Townsville who will be able to provide a guiding hand in your endeavour.


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Keta Roseby

Roberts Nehmer McKee Lawyers

The Short Cut Through The Fair Work Maze Employment law has become a maze of legislation, regulations, awards and industrial instruments; a real trap for any inexperienced player. The topic most feared is that of termination of employment.

THE two questions I’m regularly asked when employers are terminating their employment relationship with an employee is, firstly: If they’ve worked for less than 6 months I can just sack them for any reason and they can’t make a claim to Fair Work, right?

Wrong. It’s a common misunderstanding that Unfair Dismissal claims are the only claims employers need to be concerned about when terminating the employment relationship. This is not the case. The Fair Work Commission has jurisdiction to hear claims for Unfair Dismissal, Unlawful Dismissal and Adverse Action. In addition, employees may have grounds to take action against their employer in the courts for breach of contract. For example, an employer dismisses an employee who has been employed for only 3 months because the employee regularly takes Mondays off as sick leave. The employer may think that this is okay because the employee has been employed for less than 6 months and so the employer is supposedly safe from legal action. Danger! The employee, whilst being unable to bring a claim for Unfair Dismissal, can nevertheless bring a claim against his employer for Unlawful Dismissal or Adverse Action. The dismissal is unlawful as the employee was dismissed because he was temporarily absent from work because of illness or injury. The maximum compensation that can be awarded to a successful employee is 6 month’s wages (up to $69,450). The dismissal is also a case of Adverse Action. If you haven’t heard of Adverse Action claims, I assure you, you’re not alone. Adverse Action claims arise when an employee exercises a workplace right (e.g. taking sick leave when they are injured or ill) but they then suffer adverse action for exercising that right (e.g. they are dismissed). Adverse Action claims can cause significant difficulty for employers because of the reverse onus of proof: the employer must prove that adverse

Caring for the legal needs of North Queenslanders since 1881.

action did not occur, rather than the employee having to prove that it did. In addition, unlike Unfair Dismissal and Unlawful Dismissal, the compensation that can be awarded to the employee is uncapped. Further; penalties of up to $54,000 for a corporation and $10,800 for an individual can be ordered in addition to the employee’s compensation. In short, a case of Adverse Action can prove to be horrendously expensive for an employer should they be required to pay both compensation and penalties. For small business where there are exemptions to the requirement to pay redundancy pay, the second question I’m often asked is: Can’t I just make them redundant? No. The trap is where the redundancy is not genuine; the employee has a claim for Unfair Dismissal. To be a genuine redundancy, it must satisfy 3 criteria: the position must no longer be required to be performed by anyone, any obligation to consult with the employee has been complied with and no other position exists within the organisation that the employee could be redeployed into. Where ‘redundancy’ has been used as a tool to terminate the employment relationship and it’s not genuine, it can end up an expensive exercise following a claim for Unfair Dismissal. Again, 6 month’s wages (up to $69,450) is the maximum award. What’s the moral of the story? There are very costly traps for making mistakes in this area. If you’re looking to sack an employee or reduce your number of employees more broadly, please get expert advice before you act; it will almost certainly save you significant amounts of money, as well as the stress associated with defending a claim in the Fair Work Commission.




Level 1. 111 Charters Towers Rd Hermit Park. Telephone (07) 4726 5000


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Managing Director

Christian Gordon 360 Cre8ive Enterprises

Social Media – It’s All About The Content

THE rise of social media has turned the business world on its head. Gone are the days whereby the only way to communicate your message was through electronic and print media. These forms of traditional media offer impressive mass market reach and some level of market segmentation, however there is little way to track direct engagement with the customer. Traditional media still has an important role to play, however the rapid evolving of social media is where businesses of all sizes and types should also be.

Social media offers businesses the opportunity to engage directly with their customers in real time, in a 24/7marketplace. It is an extremely targeted marketing and communication tool available at your fingertips. Simply put, there is no better way to engage with your customers in a highly targeted way for a zero or minimal financial investment. Each social media platform has its strengths and uses. The trick is to find the platform that best suits your business and then build that into every facet of your business and marketing plans. However, just because you know how to use social media, does not necessarily mean you know how it use it well in a business context. Being on Facebook in a purely social sense is one thing, using it and other social media platforms effectively for serious business is another. The trick is content. Bold, interesting, conversational, social, emotive, innovative – the content you post should reflect the personality of your business. It is easy to use the analogy of a shop. Your website is your online version of your physical store. Your social media platforms are the conversations you have with your customers. So where the website offers information, prices and contact details, the Facebook page (for example) provides the chat – and this conversation is your content. It creates excitement about the product, provides special offers and sales and gives customers the opportunity to view video, read relevant articles and see what others are saying about their experience. It’s all about keeping your customers (your social media followers) interested. Your social media followers have opted to follow you and the challenge is to keep them engaged. When

they are engaging with you they will not only research and purchase, they will also act as social influencers by sharing your posts with their friends and commenting on their experiences. Today’s consumer looks for more than what an advertisement tells them. They look for credible reviews, peer experiences and other research to influence their buying decision. Conversely, you will know when your customers are not interested or engaged as they will ‘unlike’ or ‘unfollow’ you. The reality is that first impressions count and today’s customers are increasingly expecting businesses to have a social media presence. A social media presence gives the impression that your organisation is contemporary and accessible. It becomes available to the customer whenever and wherever they choose to access their information. In fact, research shows that customers are opting to visit social media sites before they visit an organisation’s website. This is a significant and growing trend and yet another strong reason to ensure your business is active in the social media marketplace. “Fish where the fish are” is a common expression in terms of marketing and this is extremely relevant when it comes to the use of social media. Know your market and their social media habits. Ensure your business is in the face of your customers 24/7 by using social media and integrating it throughout your organisation. Build a social media plan with a goal in mind. Whatever your goal, the content of your social media – the conversations you are having with your customers through this channel – must reflect the personality of your organisation. Generate relevant and great content and watch your business grow!

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Managing Director

Simon Pressley Propertyology

Mum-And-Dad Australians Are The Lifeblood Of Australia’s Rental Accommodation

FEDERAL, state, and local governments are flat out trying to fund the Nation’s essential infrastructure let alone rental accommodation. The percentage of Australian residential dwellings that are funded by governments has shrunk to a miserly 2.9% per year. Mumand-dad property investors need to continue to be encouraged to add to the rental pool of Australia’s growing population. According to official ATO records, 30% of all Australian residential dwellings receive rental income. The other 70% of dwellings are occupied by the owner (whether mortgaged or debt free). For as far back as history books can take us, Australian governments have not had the capacity to fund properties that make up the rental pool for what has become the fastest growing population in the developed world. Governments can’t manage to fund essential infrastructure such as roads, hospitals, ports, and public transport.


DUOMagazine July 2016

Approximately eighty (80) years ago, the then federal government came up with an initiative to encourage those private citizens in Australia who did have some capacity to fund property/s that would add supply to the growing demand on Australia’s rental pool. The incentive effectively treats such (investment) properties as a ‘business’ in that there is an asset which receives income. Just like a more conventional business, the owner is entitled to claim all expenses associated with running that business. Big companies like Coles, BHP, and Commonwealth Bank claim their expenses as do small businesses like the local hairdresser. Property investing is essentially a business which provides accommodation / shelter. Over the years, the term ‘negative gearing’ has been adopted. The tax policy applicable to accommodation businesses (property investment) is consistent with all other

businesses and share investing (refer margin loans). With more and more financial pressure placed on government budgets each year and a reluctance to increase taxes to raise more revenue, governments have become increasingly less able to contribute funding to add extra properties to Australia’s rental pool. Official ABS data dates back to the early 1980s. Between 1984 and 2005, the public sector (governments) were responsible for funding only 5.2% of all dwellings supplied. That means that the private sector (aka ‘mumand-dad investors’) funded the remaining 24.8% of the total 30% of properties in Australia’s rental pool. Fast forward to the most recent decade (2006–2015), the public sector’s contribution to Australia’s rental pool has shrunk even further to a miserable 2.9%. Moreover, there is eighty (80) years of Australian history to highlight the importance

DUOBusiness | Observation

of negative gearing to Australia’s economy. Not only does the tax policy play an important role with easing pressure on rental accommodation, it also encourages mumand-dad Australians to invest. Households that don’t invest sufficiently during their forty-five years spent actively in the workforce (age 20–65 years), place added pressure on government budgets by becoming reliant on a taxpayer-funded pension for their remaining twenty-five years (age 65–90 years).

Simon Pressley is managing director of Propertyology, an REIA Hall of Fame inductee, property market analyst, accredited property investment adviser and buyers’ agent. Propertyology works exclusively with property investors to purchase properties in strategically chosen locations all over Australia. For more information about property investments visit

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DUOBusiness | Sustainable Leadership


Peter Baines


Hands Across The Water

The Importance Of Celebrating Learning to Sing

AUSTRALIANS, we like to celebrate our victories that’s for sure and we hold our heroes up to acknowledge their achievements as long as they receive their applause with humility. Because as quick as we are to acknowledge those who succeed we will knock them right back down if we think they are not gracious in their victories. It’s not hard to think of sporting personalities who are endeared and loathed by the public. It’s often less to do with what they achieve on the sports field and more to do with how they conduct themselves once they step back across that white line that separates on-field and off-field. Have we seen a crop of Australian men’s tennis players who are disliked by so many because of how they conduct themselves more than the current few? Yet our female tennis players go about their work with grace and humility. The line can get a little blurred between an overt celebration of what has been achieved and ending up with a label of someone who is more than a bit ‘up themselves’. But it’s important to take time to stop and reflect on what has been achieved and celebrate. Often in business the celebration of results


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achieved starts at the top and can become diluted as it filters down to those who have contributed in a very meaningful way to the final outcome. Spending a good part of a year involved in the identification of those who perished following the tsunami that hit South East Asia on Boxing Day of 2004, I got to spend time in Thailand in the immediate aftermath of the disaster and returned several times on rotations that were generally a month in duration. One of the least glamorous roles that was required to be performed, come to think of it there wasn’t too many glamour roles at all, was the moving of bodies from within the shipping containers where they were stored up to the area that served as the examination rooms. Often this role was left to the Thai soldiers who worked at the site. Given a body number they would go into one of the 110 shipping containers we had located at the site and entering the container, which ran at minus 8 degrees Celsius, they would search for a body which was within a blue plastic body bag. Finding the body bag with the corresponding number they would then lift the body down off the shelves and place it onto a trolley to move it from one end of the site to the other. The soldiers repeated this time after time, day after day, week after week. There would

be close to 5000 bodies identified during the process which accounted for a lot of body movements in between the shipping containers and the examination areas. Some of the bodies would be moved three or four times. Unlike those of us who flew into Thailand with a known deployment duration the Thai soldiers worked at the site for months on end. They would work twelve hours a day and at the completion of their shift they slept in tents which were located at the site. Some of them did this for months without knowing when their rotation would finish and when they would see their families again. The impact of the repetition of their work, the seemingly endless supply of bodies to move and without an end in sight to their rotations, many of them lost their enthusiasm for what they were doing and this had a significant impact on the overall process we had in place. The Thai soldiers performed the least technically challenging role at the site, without a doubt. We had forensic pathologists, odontologists, biologists and police specialists from around the world. But when the Thai soldiers lost their enthusiasm for their work the whole process we had in place started to fall apart. The increased time it took them to get the bodies from the shipping containers up to where the

DUOBusiness | Sustainable Leadership

identifications and repatriations took place, meant that the entire process started to slow and our productivity decreased. The importance of what I took from what I was observing was twofold. The first was that if we don’t value the contribution of everyone who is involved in the process then we are at risk of achieving far less than otherwise might be possible. The second lesson I took from it was the value of celebrating victories. The Thai people are incredibly beautiful and they are incredibly patriotic. They love everything about their King, Queen and the Kingdom of Thailand. At 8am each morning at the site, the Thai soldiers would stop their work and line up to sing their Thai national anthem. All the international teams would line up behind them while they sang. The Thais would sing with their shoulders back and strong booming voices, but when they finished singing I would see the physical change in them. Their shoulders would slump forward and they would often skulk away under the palm trees until I went over to encourage them out. The impact of their lack of motivation was

having a significant impact on the productivity of the site and it was concerning me. As the Leader International Site, I felt responsibility for what was occurring. So, as the Australian team, we did what was the natural thing to do. We learnt to sing the Thai national anthem – in Thai. One particular morning, as the Thais started singing, the Australians whipped out their song sheets and started singing along in Thai. Everyone of the soldiers spun around with a look of amazement on their face. Did we sing the national anthem well? Hell no. Did it matter? Absolutely not. Did it have the desired effect? You bet it did. Motivating people is about buying into what is important to them with honesty and integrity, it has less to do with money. The Thais were motivated to support the Australians because we connected with something that was so important to them and we did it with sincerity. But we also found a way to celebrate the victories. Every time a body was returned to a family or to a member of the country from which they came, there was an appropriate acknowledgment of the

work that was done. It’s hard to celebrate in those circumstances but it’s incredibly important to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of all. Take time to reflect on your achievements and victories, celebrate often and find a way to celebrate a little bit louder when it’s the success of others.

Peter Baines OAM became passionate for sustainable leadership after he took part in the natural disaster response team who witnessed the devastating effects of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. In late 2005, Peter established Hands Across the Water, a charity that raises funds for and awareness of Thai children who were left orphaned by the disaster. Today, Peter helps businesses build effective sustainable leadership while travelling the globe as a keynote speaker. Published by WILEY, Doing Good by Doing Good is available now in paperback RRP $34.95 from

Hello. This is the time to learn, to grow. This is the time to make a change.

I’m Cindy O’Shea. The Bookkeeper you’ve been looking for. Call me on 0407 679 696 and let me focus on your books so you can focus on your business.

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Photo Budd Photography

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Townsville North Queensland The Economic Engine Room of Northern Australia

Investors – it is time to pay attention as Townsville North Queensland is on the brink of an unprecedented transformation with recent Government announcements and global alliances catapulting the region into the international spotlight. The second instalment of Opportunity Townsville North Queensland gives insights into why there has never been a better time to invest in the commercial hub of Northern Australia. TOWNSVILLE North Queensland is a region heading towards rapid growth. With all levels of Government committing to one of the largest infrastructure projects in a generation, the Integrated Stadium and Entertainment Centre, combined with a $2.2B international deal between the Singaporean Government and the Australian Defence force, of which $1B is directly for Townsville, and the recent release of a regions focussed State Budget, the coming years for Northern Australia’s largest city are looking bright. This is largely as a result of a united front presented by city and industry leaders on what the region needs to unlock its potential – and Governments are listening. Over the past 18 months, political leaders at every level have recognised Townsville North Queensland


DUOMagazine July 2016

as the economic power house for Northern Australia and have acknowledged the significant opportunities facing the region on a global scale. Highlights include achieving international status for Townsville Airport, bringing the headquarters of Energy Queensland to Townsville and support across three levels of Government to deliver the Integrated Stadium and Entertainment Centre. At the same time, international visitation levels are up and we have secured multi-million dollar funding commitments from both sides of Federal Government for major water and transport projects. Townsville North Queensland is continuing to grow and attract major development. With GRP (Gross Region Product) sitting at $13.5B

up $398M from August 2015, it is a region of great drive, vision and potential. Opportunity Townsville North Queensland is a publication produced by Townsville Enterprise that tells the story of how this vision is coming to fruition. The recently released annual catalogue of the region’s development pipeline, paints a robust picture of the region’s economy. Townsville Enterprise Chief Executive Officer Patricia O’Callaghan said the organisation’s flagship publication reveals a positive story about the region’s fundamentals and prospects for future development and will be used to sell the destination as a place to live, work, study and invest. “Townsville North Queensland is on the cusp of a major transformation which will

DUOBusiness | Promotion

Townsville North Queensland is on the cusp of a major transformation which will see unprecedented opportunities, locally, nationally and internationally. With three tiers of Government committed to delivering one of the region’s largest infrastructure projects, a global alliance with Singapore and Government budgets focussed on regional Australia – there has never been a better time than now to invest. Patricia O’Callaghan

see unprecedented opportunities, locally, nationally and internationally. With three tiers of Government committed to delivering one of the region’s largest infrastructure projects, a global alliance with Singapore and Government budgets focussed on regional Australia – there has never been a better time to invest. “The publication shows that Townsville North Queensland is a place that has the fundamentals right: industry diversity, population growth and high quality infrastructure and services. “It shows that Townsville North Queensland is a place with great advantages: world class research institutions, leading technologies in agriculture and tropical science and, perhaps most crucially, one of the most enviable lifestyles in Australia. “Opportunity Townsville North Queensland adds to this picture by demonstrating that the region has a robust development pipeline. “In the past two years, 51 major projects with a total value of $1.34B have been delivered, including the Bruce Highway Southern Access Corridor – Stage 1, the Townsville Hospital Expansion Stages 3 & 4, Port of Townsville Berth 8 upgrade, Townsville Turf Club redevelopment, KFSU – Stage 1, Magnetic Island Waste Transfer Station and the North Ward Shopping Village expansion.” The Integrated Stadium and Entertainment Centre has investors already looking at the opportunities within the Priority Development Area, a 97Ha zoned parcel of land along the city’s waterfront where Governments have agreed to accelerate and streamline development processes to fast track the urban renewal of the CBD. “The CBD Urban Renewal Strategy is a blank canvass for investment and a once in a generation opportunity. Never again will investors have a green field opportunity in the CBD such as this that is supported by all three tiers of Government. “We know that during construction alone, the Integrated Stadium and Entertainment Centre will create 1,600 jobs. The flow on effects for the retail sector are yet to be seen but Opportunity Townsville North Queensland indicates that nation-wide the sector is expected to grow by 106,000 jobs

and we would hope to see some of that growth across Townsville as a result of inevitable CBD transformation following the development of a new entertainment precinct. The project pipeline doesn’t stop there. Currently there are 75 projects, worth $5.0B, under construction in the region. 41 of these projects or $3.9B worth are privately funded and continue to maintain jobs for locals. Soon, there will be another project to add to that list with the $380M Integrated Stadium and Entertainment Centre gaining support from all three levels of Government. There are also another 41 projects totalling $8.2 B which are progressing towards full approval and turning the first sod. The publication also highlights that the region’s output continues to soar. “The report also shows that our GRP reached $13.5B in 2016 – on a per capita basis, this is comparable to the Gross Domestic Product of Australia’s capital cities. “Another positive is that of the 19 industry sectors in our region, no one sector is responsible for more than 15% of output. This demonstrates the diversity and resilience of the Townsville North Queensland economy.” Opportunity Townsville North Queensland also highlights the various aspects which cement the region as the commercial hub of Northern Australia. The northern Queensland region boasts some of the best coal, gas, biofuel, solar, wind and hydro resources in Australia, which brings with it mining, infrastructure and opportunity. Maintaining and creating more jobs and resources in the energy sector is vital to the region’s potential. The merger of Ergon and Energex is set to create the largest energy company in Australia, Energy Queensland, worth over $24B with its headquarters here in Townsville. Having Townsville the home of Energy Queensland will bring not only jobs to the Townsville region but will also put the town on the map. A $1.3B expansion at the Port of Townsville and redevelopment of Berth 10 will see more cruise and military ships and increased trade opportunities, cementing the Port’s vision to be Northern Australia’s major trade gateway. Renowned as Australia’s largest military base, home to over 17,000 personnel and their families, Townsville is a proud Garrison

City with the Defence industry one of the foundation stones of the region’s economy. With Defence set to spend $500M on infrastructure in the region over the next five to ten years and the Singaporean Government investing $1B into Defence infrastructure which will house 14,000 Singaporean troops for up to 18 weeks per year for a quarter of a century, the opportunities in Defence and supporting services are unprecedented. In terms of investment the region has a chance to showcase the opportunities for Singaporean investment into agriculture, mineral exploration and residential and commercial property. A lot of these troops are businessman and there are very real prospects that they may return following their period of Nation Service to do business in Townsville North Queensland. The publication also shows why Townsville North Queensland is not only a great place to do business, it also offers a diverse culture – an inspiring sports scene with the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys and Northern Australia’s only female professional sporting team, the JCU Townsville Fire; an exciting events scene from the Castrol EDGE Townsville 400 to the Australian Festival of Chamber Music to a full Winter Racing Carnival at the Townsville Turf Club; combined with a relaxed lifestyle and successful corporate community. The comprehensive resource will be distributed across the Nation and can be viewed at

• GRP sitting at $13.5B up $398M from August 2015 • 51 major projects totalling $1.34B delivered in the past two years • 75 projects, worth $5.0B, under construction • 41 projects totalling $8.2B which are progressing towards full approval and turning the first sod • 45 projects totalling $1.6B investment ready and seeking funding • $1B committed to Defence infrastructure

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so that we are willing to part with our hard earned to gain a glimpse of it, to be touched by it, even if only fleetingly, momentarily?

Founding Chairman

Warwick Powell Sister City Partners

The Experiential Economy

IN one of the early scenes in The Matrix, Neo is seen putting something inside a small box, which has the appearance of a book. This ruse is, indeed, as old as the hills but the Wachowski Brothers (or Sisters as they now are) didn’t stop there. The book-cum-box has the cover of Simulacra and Simulation, a philosophical meditation by one of France’s leading 20th century intellectuals, Jean Baudrillard. This modest act of ‘product placement’ spoke directly to The Matrix’s core philosophical conundrum: are we living in a real world, or merely in a simulation? And if so, how can we tell and does it matter? The quest for rich life experiences is making something of a comeback. In another sign of the paradoxes of the digital era, where ‘virtual’ is fast becoming ‘real’, people – many people, so it would seem – are rapidly abandoning the simulacra in preference for the messiness of the analogue world. What is it that attracts us to the unruly cadence of this world, so much


DUOMagazine July 2016

WONDERMENT IN A SECULAR AGE The attraction of mystery and the unexpected seems in part at least, to provide some sort of an answer. In our secularised culture, as Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor has described in his magisterial A Secular Age, perhaps these perfunctory encounters with the messiness of analogue is our own version of wonderment. God – or the Gods – may have been abandoned, and the science of the Enlightenment may well gird us with a certain hyperbolic certainty, yet this turn to embodied encounters with our world speaks of a pilgrimage of sorts. Human beings are nothing if we aren’t embodied beings for whom the world elicits a sense of wonderment. Just as technological development seems to have taken us to the apogee of detachment, where our being-in-theworld is mediated by screens and data, we see all around us a yearning for the ‘full Monty’. The world in which we are immersed titilates all of our embodied senses. Of course, in our era, we strongly privilege the sense of sight. Indeed, much of our cultural production and business artefacts are premised on the centrality of sight above all else. Books, screens, reports, maps, blue prints … these are all largely visual encounters. Even the way urban designers and architects approach space is very much underpinned by the primacy of the visual. Yet, we now appreciate – or at least are beginning to (again) appreciate – the powers of our holistic senses. In this, we yearn to revivify our being through the activation of our subordinated senses of touch, taste, smell, and sound. EPICUREAN SENSIBILITIES Take food for example. Food not only has to look great, but we are increasingly sensitive to its olfactory allures, not to mention its effects on the palate. Taste and texture are integrated moments in our ‘epicurean lexicon’. As if these aren’t enough, the grandees of culinary provocation, like the bespectacled Heston Blumenthal, are now introducing elements of sound into our gastronomic experiences. We taste as much with our eyes, our mouths, and our tendrils as with our ears. And in some contexts, we taste with our hands as we tear away at a roast rib on the bone, or crack through the shells of a fresh-caught crustacean. The spectacularisation of food culture is, so it would seem, a sign of our 21st century

quest for wonderment. Encounters with culinary creation, however, don’t need to be as spectacular as a Blumenthal to evoke a refreshed attachment to our earth. Indeed, the Epicurean sensibility of ‘less is more’ also beseeches us to find the wonder in the simple, via a considered engagement with what is before us. The Slow Food movement speaks to this modality of wonder-search. Whether it’s spectacularised hedonism or the genteel explorations of Slow, our encounter with food seems to attach us to the richness of the world in its entirety. SHARED EXPERIENCES While embodied experience is in one regard a singular moment, belonging to individuals alone, such experiences are rarely devoid of collective context. Here, I talk of the presence of atmospheres and moods, which go to the ultimate realisation of joys as we open ourselves to the rich wonders of the experiential world. Sure, we can eat alone; and sometimes, are beguiled by the seduction of our singularity. Alone, we are more in touch with our world than ever before. Our senses are at their most acute, without the distractions of crowds. Pure tête-à-tête. Yet, we also crave the joys of sharing our culinary experiences. Food draws together crowds, in special moments, of shared communion. Brought together around the dining table, food elicits laughter, chatter and levity from those present. Indeed, the experience of food is all the richer for the atmospheres that are created when food draws people together. Our encounters with food are both real, but also serve a metaphoric purpose. If food can fulfil a secularised quest for wonderment, what other experiences does it speak to, which can not only contribute to a life worth living but also (as if these two are diametrically distant!) deliver on communal aspirations for material betterment and renewal? POP UP EVENTS An experiential economy has the potential to bring life to areas of our civic existence that have been dormant for too long. As old downtowns lost their lustre, and with it their joie de vivre, as the irrepressible forces of suburban big box retailing obliterated urbanity as we once knew it, the toolkit of experiential wonderment may offer glimpses of a futureto-be. If food has the power to draw people together, then – perhaps – it is the key with which we release the atmospheric Gods that have been absent from our downtown

Matej Kastelic /

for far too long. But surely, it would be too much to place such a burden on the humble blandishments of food. Or maybe not! Consider food the provocation, the catalyst, whose frisson is embellished by atmospheres that titilate our full array of embodied senses. Let us revivify the downtown by spiking its otherwise bland and dreary vistas with splashes of colour, noise and smells. Those soulless shadows, of empty shopfronts and shadowy alleys, evoke the possibilities of life. Embellishments that focus on the creation of transformative moods and atmospheres work with what there is, and what we bring to the table creatively. Modest interjections, if and when sufficient in number, have the potential to generate refreshed moods of exploratory openness to new possibilities, as well as invest into our bricks and mortar new rhythms and beats. But lest the wonderment potential of the collision of the worlds of food, art and entertainment be stillborn. Rendering it predictable would place an immediate mocker on the thought. Mystery contributes to anticipation, and anticipation goes to pre-event atmosphere. Permanence is predictability’s tacit bedfellow, so let’s compel our interjections to moments of tangential and ephemeral provocations and, dare I say, inducements. Revel in the temporary! Nooks and crannies of unused, even abandoned, spaces punctuate our downtown landscape. They beckon experimental jolts, provocations, explosions. Our zombie-like downtown is calling out for a Bohemian reclamation; it’s time for our senses in their

wholeness to be provoked, for us to rejoice in the noise, the colour and the smells of ‘alley festivals’. ESCAPING THE DIGITAL? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! As we reclaim our downtown, and inject life through spot-fires of art-food-performance frisson, can we ultimately escape the grip of the digital? In any case, whether we can or cannot, one must wonder whether one should. As much as our secular wonder-quest sees human beings reach for the analogue, the digital is both unavoidable for the most part, and at the same time, holds the potential to further enrich our embodied experiences. Let’s face it, without our digital device at hand, many these days feel as if they are going the ‘full Monty’. Our immersed experiences of analogue’s messiness often only makes sense when it is parsed by a parallel digital interface. Parsed, not substituted is the key here. New digitally-parsed world immersions are what the emerging developments in ‘augmented reality’ are all about. Augmentation is neither a mind-altering experience nor an escape from the messiness of being fairly and squarely in-the-world. Rather, it enables us to explore heretofore familiar worlds in refreshing ways. But, perhaps, it’s also more than that because augmentation platforms are not only ready to hand, but are increasingly ubiquitous across geographic and national boundaries. Shared augmentation possibilities are possible, which open us up to previously unexplored places just as it brings strangers closer to our own places.

DUOBusiness | Observation

URBAN ACUPUNCTURE The CBD is neither central nor, in some respects, the main business focus of the city. It is on the eastern edge, and employs 7,000 out of a city-region workforce of 105,000. It’s endured a zombie-like existence for at least 2 decades, whereby life support does little to overcome the persistent and chronic symptoms of decay: commercial vacancy rates that have hovered between 20-30% for 20+ years. Something different is necessary. We, the people, must reclaim our downtown as a Creative Commons that we work on and work with. And thus, urban reclamation is an art of experimental revification. Via the experiential economy frame, our urban landscape is thus transformed into an interactive embodied tableau. Together with the possibilities of digitalised augmentation, we can imagine and curate experimental interjections that concoct moments and places to enrich our explorations of urban landscapes. We do this once we introduce the ingredients of art, food and noise into our disused nooks and crannies. Transient ‘pop up’ festivals, which mash all these provocations in temporary interjections – much like the insertion of an acupuncture needle to adjust the flows and rhythms of bodily energies, as first imagined by Manuel de Sola Morales, a Barcelonan architect and urbanist – hold the hope of breathing life into our otherwise zombiefied urban landscape. The CBD can be transformed as places that make possible the raising of the spirits and, through embodied and augmented encounters, the rediscovery of wonder through the transformation of atmospheres. Welcome to the new CBD: the Creative Bohemian District.

Warwick Powell is the founding Chairman of Sister City Partners, a regional not-forprofit investment bank with headquarters in Townsville. He brings almost 20 years of experience in global capital markets and project development and finance to bear on the challenges of creating regional resilience. He is an iconoclast who questions and challenges orthodox thinking. More information about Sister City Partners visit Warwick is active on LinkedIn. Search him and hook up.

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DUO Magazine Percival Photographic Portrait Prize Until 10 July Pinnacles Gallery Riverway Arts Centre 4773 8871 Glencore Percival Portrait Painting Prize Until 10 July Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Flinders Street City 4727 9011

Sam SCOUFOS Portrait of a Greek Man and Son 2015 (detail) 120 x 80 cm Giclee print


DUOMagazine July 2016

Photograph Bryce Jepson


Another Night On Earth With Bree Tranter The long-awaited debut solo album from a Townsville native. ETHEREAL singer-songwriter and striking multi-instrumentalist Bree Tranter is an unstoppable musical force. Hailing originally from Townsville, Bree has been omnipresent in the Australian music scene since 2009 – boldly recognised as a vocalist, flutist and keyboardist for the now disbanded but revolutionary indie-folk outfit The Middle East, she has since built on their legacy and firmly established her own unique space as an independent solo artist. Having already created rich playing history in support tours of her own for Jarryd James, Passenger and Oliver Tank, she currently works full-time as a multiinstrumentalist for Matt Corby, helping to tour his debut full length record Telluric on a global scale. Bree has also worked as a session musician for Thelma Plum,

Emma Louise, Passenger and Jordan Ireland (The Middle East) in the past. True to her ever-growing trajectory, her highly anticipated debut full-length solo record Another Night on Earth is now available digitally and soon to come 12” vinyl. Written and recorded over the course of two years in nine different studios across Australia, this album is the pinnacle of Bree’s current and established musical identity as both a front-woman, visual artist and songwriter. She borrows sounds and lyrical themes that far exceed the boundaries of an Australian or genre-specific influence, to form a unique project in the cultivation and convergence of music, sex and love through bold selfexploration. Another Night on Earth is an enchanting and beautifully crafted

offering that ebbs and flows between lush, angelic dream-pop and hushed, glitchy electronica. Over the course of 11 songs, the album morphs between two distinct moods. A series of hypnotic downbeats, luscious keyboards, atmospheric synthesizers and drum samples are hypnotically arranged such that you are powerless to Bree’s siren vocals, and epitomize the primal velvet undertow to the A side of this record, but this musical journey really comes to life in Bree’s latest single Tuesday Fresh Cuts through the introduction of a sprawling live band consisting of close friends in music; Michael Haydon (Drums, The Middle East), Matt Corby (Bass) and more. The band takes a stand behind Tranter like a family in this record, composing and collaborating with Bree to form the upbeat body language and drive that brings record home. Commanded always by the chilling honesty of what is no doubt Bree’s most striking vocal performance to date, the combination of these elements with Tranter’s keyboard and flute compositions is something to call truly progressive. Bree reinterprets what is the true potential of her unique voice, as she illustrates pure honesty in some bone-hollowing climaxes, and tender gut-wrenching messages of self-discovery, higher consciousness, ego and ownership, and how they all interweave to form her own every-day struggles in music, sex, and love. iTunes artist profile: com/au/artist/bree-tranter/id471084919 Spotify: artist/6bW0oROcD3ubzfJdQCISCW

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Extreme Beauty Student Makeover At TAFE The Creative Vision Awards at TAFE Queensland North was a whirl of colour and creativity. THE Beauty Showcase, celebrated its eleventh year on Tuesday, June 21. The event saw more than thirty Diploma of Beauty Therapy and Certificate III in Beauty Services students show off their skills. TAFE Queensland North teacher, Lizette Hansen said the students spent weeks preparing for the Creative Vision Awards. “They were allowed to choose any theme they wanted to, so we had comics, draculas, corpse brides, ballet dancers, jokers and unicorns. “It was amazing to see the students’ imagination and creativity blossom. We were really proud with the quality of work they produced,” she said. Ms Hansen said the showcase forced the students to prove that they have what


DUOMagazine July 2016

it takes to create the whole package. “The beauty students not only had to be responsible for their model’s makeup but they were also in charge of hairstyling, costuming and nails,” she said. The students had their designs judged by an expert panel that included a salon therapist, photographer and makeup artist. Student, Jessie Whitmore came out on top, winning with her comic design, Casey Voss came in second place followed by Hetti Towers in third. TAFE Queensland North General Manager, Joann Pyne said the Creative Vision Awards can open up all sorts of doors for the beauty students. “It helps them with their portfolio and resumé and it also gives them the chance to be recognised by industry professionals.

Winners with their creations Left to right: Casey Voss, Jessie Whitmore, Hetti Towers

“The showcase helps the students build confidence and it demonstrates their creativity and well-rounded skills to potential employers,” Ms Pyne said. Anyone interested in finding out more about studying Beauty at TAFE Queensland North should call 1300 656 959 or visit (RTO 0542)


Monkey Baa Theatre Company and Townsville City Council present

The Peasant Prince IN April, the award-winning theatre company for young people, Monkey Baa premiered The Peasant Prince, a new Australian play based on the incredible story of Mao’s Last Dancer. Following the international success of his autobiography, Mao’s Last Dancer, Li Cunxin authored The Peasant Prince, a children’s picture book based on his memoirs. In close development with Li, The Peasant Prince was adapted and written by Monkey Baa Creative Directors, Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge and Tim McGarry, who also provides direction. Aimed at ages six and over, the play begins as a young Li Cunxin is taken from his small rural village in northern China to study at an elite dance academy

in Beijing. Although the training is grueling, he is inspired by dreams of a better life for both him and his family. When a famous ballet master from the USA visits the academy, his life is changed forever. “It’s always my hope that my life experiences inspire young people to follow their dreams and to take advantage of the boundless opportunities in their lives,” said Li. “I think my story proves that with hard work, dedication and determination, anything is possible. You can be successful in anything, if you are

willing to go that extra mile.” Exploring themes of belonging, motivation, loneliness and hope, The Peasant Prince will inspire young people to overcome fears and follow their dreams. Presented by Townsville City Council, The Peasant Prince is appearing at Riverway Arts Centre on 25–26 July. Tickets are $15 each and $12 for groups of 10+. For information and tickets, visit

The Martin Gallery: Images of an Era 15 July – 14 August perc tucker regional gallery Images of an Era presents a selection of works previously exhibited at Townsville’s Martin Gallery, which closed its doors in 1988. The Martin Gallery was the city’s first professional platform to show work from nationally-renowned artists alongside artists from within the region. Presented as part of the city’s T150 Celebrations, this exhibition is a celebration of the role The Martin Gallery played in developing North Queensland artists and their professional networks, as well as stimulating an appreciation for art and collecting in Townsville.

Australian Festival of Chamber Music Queens Garden Concert The 1812 again! Sunday 31 July, 3pm queens gardens, north ward Enjoy a free concert in celebration of T150, co-presented by Townsville City Council and hosted by Steve ‘Pricey’ Price. Featuring Tasmin Little, Barrier Reef Orchestra, Valda Wilson and the Band of the First Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR Band). Be delighted with performances of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, John Williams’ Theme from Schindler’s List, Delibes’ Les Filles de Cadix and much more.

John Coburn, Desert Ceremony [detail] 1984, oil on canvas, 176 x 244cm. Gift of John Coburn (the Artist), 1985. City of Townsville Art Collection. Photograph by Holly Grech-Fitzgerald.

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Join in all the fun, tours, events and entertainment at TYTO – art, culture, nature, knowledge EVENTS Movie Magic HOME Family Movie Night Rated PG Friday July 1 from 6.00pm FREE Event When Oh, a loveable misfit from another planet, lands on Earth and finds himself on the run from his own people, he forms an unlikely friendship with an adventurous girl named Tip who is on a quest of her own. Through a series of comic adventures with Tip, Oh comes to understand that being different and making mistakes is all part of being human. And while he changes her planet and she changes his world, they discover the true meaning of the word HOME. TYTO Amphitheatre Sunday Session - Live Music Halelujah Baby are back at TYTO! 31 July 4.30pm–6.30pm FREE Event A firm favourite in the north, with there unique sound and energy, it is hard core Ukulele music meets steamed folk/jazz/country. Cool flute and lead guitar with beautiful rich harmonies accentuate songs composed by Anu Grace about love and life on the edge of transformation. Enjoy the afternoon, overlooking the picturesque lagoons at TYTO. BYO rug or chairs. Food and beverages are available for purchase. BYO alcohol in designated areas only. TYTO Amphitheatre

EXHIBITIONS NAIDOC Exhibition 1 to 31 July Daily 10am–4pm. NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievement of Aboriginal, Torres Strait and South Sea Islander peoples. Hinchinbrook NAIDOC Week exhibition will showcase


DUOMagazine July 2016

the artistic talents of local, regional and national Indigenous artists. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, there will be opportunities to participate in a range of activities and to support our local Indigenous community. TYTO Regional Art Gallery 31st Battalion – The Kennedy Regiment mini Museum Daily 10am–4pm. The collection showcases a compilation of published works, periodicals, military records, photographs, writings, ephemera and artefacts sharing the history of The Kennedy Regiment, including the 31st Battalion, 31/51st Battalion and the 2/31st Battalion and their role in the Australian military narrative. The Museum honours and celebrates the 31st Battalion – The Kennedy Regiment and the Spirit of Gallipoli in the 100th year anniversary. Hinchinbrook Shire Library

TOURS TYTO Wetland Tours Wednesday and Saturday 9am Adult $15pp Child 5–14 $5pp Discover the Wetlands and learn about some of the 240 bird species found at TYTO. Conditions: minimum numbers or by appointment, group savings available. TYTO Information & Wetlands Centre Sugar Tracks Free Display: Daily 10am–4pm Paid Tour: Tuesday and Saturday 10am. Adult $25pp Child 5–14 $15pp. Conditions: minimum numbers or by appointment, group savings available. A journey that brings to life a yesteryear that shaped the great pioneering cane communities of Hinchinbrook. Meet at Hinchinbrook Shire Library

Anu Grace and Halelujah Baby

MARKETS Hinchinbrook Market Day Thursday 7 July, 8.30am–1.30pm Enjoy the morning or pop in over lunch to wander through this collective of regional delights, from fresh produce, local preserves and baked goods, to original works by local artisans and craft enthusiasts. Chat to farmers, watch demonstrations, take part in workshops and purchase unique gifts or keepsakes. Bring the kids and keep them busy with an activity, exchange your old books at the free book exchange or just enjoy live music and have time out. TYTO Parklands off Macrossan Avenue, Ingham.

WORKSHOPS NAIDOC Week Silk Screen Printing and Boomerang Painting Sessions 6 July. 1pm–4pm Celebrate NAIDOC Week 2016 at TYTO! Get creative and paint a Boomerang to take home and bring your own t-shirt (not provided) to have it screen printed with a vibrant Indigenous themed image. Two fantastic activities facilitated by local artists. Bookings essential. TYTO Regional Art Gallery

All dates and times are correct at printing. For up to date information please see our Facebook page or the website. All listings subject to change without notice. There is more happening at TYTO every day. Please go to our Facebook page for further details.

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Adult Short Story Winner Local author, Ian McIntosh, is the winner in the adult category for the 2016 CityLibraries Townsville Short Story Competition, sponsored by the Queensland Writers Centre and Townsville Writers and Publishers Centre. Ian wrote Bindal Boy, the story of a young man caught in thick mangroves, under the watchful eye of a leathery old crocodile.

Bindal Boy

Author Ian McIntosh Ian McIntosh is a former Rodeo Clown and Rodeo Cowboy. In 2014, Ian had a successful crowd funding campaign to publish his first book Watch Out For The Bickie Monster, which became a number one selling children’s book at the Angus & Robertson Bookshop in Townsville. Ian now conducts book readings, author talks and creative writing workshops around the region. He launched Junior Writers Club to help children between 8 and 12 years old develop their writing skills. He said the short story competition challenged him to write in a different style to his children’s books.

“See that over there my boy? That’s your totem. Strong, cunning, graceful and patient, like that crocodile; that’s what you will grow up to become, if you are willing to learn the ways of your ancestors.” Edrick and his grandfather Fred were down on their haunches hiding in mangroves. They were ankle deep in soft, slushy, grey mud that gave off a pungent odour reminding Edrick of the musty stench of rotting fish. Even though they had only walked a short distance, mud had somehow managed to amble its way up the full length of Edrick’s gangly legs before recklessly leaping out across his brand new T-shirt as if it had been fired out of a scatter gun. “What was I thinking?” pondered Edrick, as he surveyed his mud speckled new shirt. As Fred and Edrick peered through a thick tapestry of tangled, green mangroves, a majestic salt water crocodile silently meandered its way down the salt water estuary. His scaly, muddy, charcoal coloured tail swept rhythmically from side to side, pushing ripples out across the water before they ran out of momentum and faded secretively and silently back into the slow flowing waterway. The old Croc was moving downstream towards the mouth of the estuary. Perhaps the born hunter was instinctively heading that way in order to position himself in readiness for an ambush. Very soon there would be barramundi returning through the narrow inlet on the incoming tide in search of a feed of mullet. If not

on the lookout, an unsuspecting barra may become the crocodile’s next meal. “I reckon he’s about fifteen foot long,” whispered Fred authoritatively as he squinted and cupped his right hand across his wrinkled forehead to block out the sun’s glare. “See there, how his tail looks a little bit stumpy?” Fred pushed his chin forward, nodding his head slightly upwards in the direction of the crocodile’s tail. “That could mean that he got in a fight with a bigger crocodile and came off second best,” said Fred. “He might have won too,” he reasoned. “Or maybe he’s just a rough, old, ugly fella that was born all beaten up like me”, he jabbered with a grin, before releasing a soft nasally snicker. Edrick smiled as he discretely looked Fred up and down. He mused that the aging warrior must have been through a few battles in his time. Fred’s body displayed many marks and scars. Most noticeable was the scared stump on his left hand that represented the remnants of where his little finger once resided alongside its 4 remaining counterparts. Edrick recalled how Fred had previously relayed with great gusto and embellishment the colourful account of the day he bid farewell to this diminutive digit. Fred was a natural story teller. He had an uncanny ability to make even a mundane happening sound like an epic adventure. The story about losing his finger was no exception. One evening around a campfire, Fred had narrated

DUOMagazine July 2016



to Edrick and a group of other Bindal youngsters that he had been out checking crab pots near the mouth of Alligator Creek on that fateful day. It had been a particularly fruitful venture for Fred and his fellow hunters. On that day, many crabs had disregarded their cautionary instincts and mindlessly clambered their way into the wire mesh pots in search of food. Lured in by the enticing smell of succulent fish frames, they scrambled in, one after another, only to find that they could not escape after eating their fill. Before long the pots were crowded. After a while, the fishermen returned to retrieve the submerged pots. Pulling on the ropes, they dragged each heavily laden mesh pot up off the muddy creek bottom and in towards the bank. The men clapped and cooed as each pot broke through the murky waters surface to reveal an abundance of shimmering, dark green, speckled crustaceans, cluttering their claws and scampering about on top of each other. About a kilometre away at Fred’s camp, family members could hear the faint sounds of cheering, clapping and cooees travelling in on the breeze from the vicinity of the creek. Instinctively, they gathered together some tea leaves, salt, alfoil and a billy can or two and headed off towards the creek. Shortly after, guided by the back and forth of cooees, the group rendezvoused with the happy fisherman. A shady tree was located, some wood collected and a fire started in readiness for a feast. As the raging fire diminished and settled into a bed of hot orange coals, a cut in half flour drum was filled with water and placed in the centre of the coals. Surrounding coals were then mounded up against the water filled drum to hasten the boiling process. During this time, captured crabs would be removed from the crab pots, placed into big metal buckets and sat in the shade. As soon as the water was boiling, the bucketed crabs would be carried over to be poured into the pot to cook. These events were a way of life for Bindal people. Everyone enjoyed a good feed of crab and a pannikin of billy tea. “You can’t beat it,” Fred proclaimed as


DUOMagazine July 2016

he told the story. “Bugger that fast food tucker; it’s got no flavour. Give me bush tucker any day,” he fervently stated. As he told the story, Fred had conveyed to Edrick and the boys that on this particular occasion he was pouring the content of one of the buckets into a boiling drum of water. A big buck had decided that if it was to be his final moments alive, before plunging into the unsurvivable deathly heat of the drum of boiling water, he would go out fighting. As the gamely buck slid towards his watery grave he somehow managed to latch his vicelike claw on to the unsuspecting Fred’s dangling finger. “I couldn’t work out what was going on,” Fred stated, wrinkling his forehead. “All of a sudden I felt a big pain in my finger,” he continued. “Then I looked down.” When he looked and saw the clawed menace clamped defiantly onto the base of his little finger, Fred let out a trumpeting bellow. He fell to the ground and rolled about as he wrestled and wrangled with the big angry buck. The buck held fast with one claw as he attempted to latch onto any part of Fred with his other flailing claw. Two of the other fishermen rushed to Fred’s aid, pushing him onto his back. One man secured the free claw whilst the other quickly bashed the desperate crab with a rock. Fred told how he laid on his back in the dust with both of his knees pulled up to his stomach, grimacing and clutching his mutilated finger. “It hurt like you wouldn’t believe,” reflected Fred in a way that caused the listeners to clasp their own hands as if they were somehow experiencing the same pain that Fred had felt. His two rescuers attempted to pry the now bodiless claw from Fred’s mangled finger. They carefully broke one side of the gripping claw just enough so that Fred’s finger could be released. The smashed remnants of the dead, clawless crab lay off to one side. The crab had managed to escape the pot of boiling water and was now too smashed up and covered in dirt to be eaten. So in a way he had won. Fred kicked at the remains as he staggered over to the base of a tree before

dropping to his knees. He felt faint as he plucked up the courage to look at what remained of his little finger. Fred had told Edrick and the other boys that his finger was almost severed clean off in the incident. He described how another fisherman cut through the remaining skin with his pocket knife. Fred gritted his teeth, pushed his clenched right fist hard into his forehead and closed his eyes tightly as the fisherman amputated the dangly remains from the rest of his hand. Then they wrapped the jagged wound with a make shift bandage torn from Fred’s sweaty, dirty shirt. “Later on I used my finger for bait and caught a big old Catfish,” Fred had boastingly stated when re telling the story. Edrick was never sure if that part of the story was actually true or not. There were numerous other scars and marks in various locations on the old man’s body. Fred said that he couldn’t remember how most of them occurred. He didn’t mind though. He said it meant that he could make up a new story every time someone enquired. Edrick’s mind was drawn back to the present with a feeling of discomfort in his legs and back. He had been squatting for some time now and his young bones and muscles were starting to burn and ache. He shifted his weight onto his left leg and shuffled back in an attempt to alleviate the soreness. Edrick moved as carefully and quietly as he could. He knew that any noise or sudden movement he made could cause the crocodile to disappear under the surface of the water. If this eventuated, it would no doubt attract a disgruntled glance and disapproving grunt from his grandfather. Edrick froze mid shuffle as Fred suddenly turned and looked directly at him. “Did I do something wrong?” he thought as he tried to read the contorted expression on his grandfather’s aging face. With eyes that implied a depth of wisdom and knowledge that only someone who had lived a lifetime could possibly convey, Fred looked upon Edrick as if he was about to reveal an ancient secret to him that he dare not miss. He paused for a moment as if to build anticipation and


create suspense. Then, in a muffled voice, only moderately louder than a secretive whisper, the wise old elder looked deeply into Edrick’s eyes and declared, “He knows we are here you know boy. That Crocodile is watching us now”. Trying to hide the sense of eeriness and trepidation he was feeling, Edrick gulped. Although they were on the opposite side of the creek and a good distance back from the water’s edge, Edrick knew all too well how quickly this old relic of the river could move. Just then, a chill shot up Edrick’s spine. He suddenly recalled another occasion when he and Fred had been out together. On that particular occasion, Fred and Edrick had been standing by a river bank observing another crocodile sunning itself on the opposite bank. Just as Edrick had thought how glad he was that the old crocodile was way over on the other bank, Fred had casually interjected that it would be the crocodile that you don’t see that ends up getting you. Edrick remembered how he had taken a couple of rather large steps backwards up the muddy bank in order to remove any possibility of an ambush from the “one he didn’t see.” With that thought in mind, Edrick quickly threw his gaze searchingly towards the water’s edge that connected with the muddy bank only about three metres in front of their so called hideout. His thoughts began to run wild. ”There could be a crocodile hiding just below the surface right in front of us,” thought Edrick. They were a reasonable distance back from the water and somewhat protected by the thick coverage of the mangroves. But, Edrick suddenly felt as vulnerable as a turtle hatchling attempting to flounder its way to the beckoning ocean before having its journey and life threatened by one of the many adversaries that lay between the remnants of its egg shell and adulthood. Edrick’s mind was racing. Without warning, a hidden monster of the deep could explode out of the water faster than a snake strikes at its unsuspecting prey. The man eater could be upon him before he and his aging grandfather had time to subtract their feet from the sticky,

suctioning mud and make their escape from within the twisted and mangled mangrove trap. Suddenly, as if the moment had been pre planned by nature, a school of mullet erupted from just below the surface of the water, directly in front of where the two humans were hiding. Startled by something bigger, or perhaps just to break the monotony of their perilous existence, the mullet darted off in several directions making a noise like someone throwing one hundred river stones as hard as they could at the water. Splash, splash, splash, splash! Edrick’s entire body shuddered and then tensed. In his panicked state, he attempted to scuttle back and make a hasty retreat before he became the next meal of the man eating beast that he imagined at that very moment was hurtling towards him faster than his lanky, spindly legs could carry him away. But, as if to play a cruel joke on him, the sticky mud gripped mercilessly to Edrick’s feet, causing him to momentarily lose his balance and almost plop straight down into the rancid, soggy muck. Fred had remained almost completely motionless throughout the ordeal that lasted approximately one entire second. Edrick quickly recomposed himself, trying to act as if nothing had happened. Fred cupped his hand firmly over his mouth in an attempt to suppress his desire to laugh uncontrollably. A garbled snicker somehow compelled itself through the corner of his dry lips. Fred removed his hand from his mouth, shook his head and gave a condescending snicker. “What you doing boy?” he grumbled, as he shook his head and looked at Edrick, who now sported a sheepish expression on his face. Fred then turned to face back towards the water. “He’s gone now boy,” he said calmly. Edrick looked to where he had last seen the crocodile. Sure enough, there was no sign of him. “He’s probably still right there, where he went down,” said Fred, motioning again with the forward movement of his chin and tilting back of his head. Edrick searched with his eyes to see if he could pick the spot where the crocodile had submerged. “Right there

just in front of where that tree branch is hanging over the water,” pointed Fred with his spindly black index finger. “You wanna swim over and check for me boy?” asked Fred in a jovial tone, a wry grin on his face. “Bugger that Grandad,” gasped Edrick as he stood up to relieve the discomfort he was feeling from squatting in one position for so long. “He’s still watching us you know boy,” uttered Fred as he rose to rest his hand on Edrick’s shoulder. “Don’t ever think that a crocodile doesn’t know you are there. That’s when you will get into trouble.” Edrick gave an acknowledging nod. “Come now boy,” said Fred in an upbeat, cheerful tone. “Let’s head back to town. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit hungry”.

You can read the 2016 CityLibraries Townsville Short Story Competition winning stories on the Townsville City Council website:

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Townsville North Queensland Emerging Leaders Graduation The Banquet Centre

After 14 months of mentoring by high profile business and community leaders, 19 business and industry professionals were joined by 80 guests to celebrate at the Graduation Gala Dinner for the 2015-2016 Townsville North Queensland Emerging Leaders Program – a leadership program run by Townsville Enterprise. Photography Megan MacKinnon



1. Jeremy Murphy, Patricia O’Callaghan 2. Pat Brady, Ashley Finn 3. Lisa and Chris Banks 4. Adrian Gabrielli, Jaqui Gillespie 5. Dallas Davison, Peter Wheeler 6. Kari Arbouin, Angela Bannerman 7. Emma and Scott Piper 8. Melissa Van Der Haak, Ranee Crosby 9. Zammi Rohan, Lewis Ramsay 10. Dirk and Stacey Price






10 8



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Mercedes-Benz Townsville Coupés & Canapés


Guests enjoyed a glass of ice cold champagne overlooking a breathtaking view, gourmet canapés and a selection of outstanding Mercedes-Benz coupés. It was a great way to celebrate the end of the working week and a chance to see the latest Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicles. Flicka Photography 1. Helen & Jaco Van der Merwe 2. Amanda Peppas, Mitch James 3. Peter and Christine Allen 4. Ian Murphy, Roy Manning 5. Bruce and Mandy Elliot 6. Karen Sharp, Michele Hyde 7. Adrian and Rebecca Pascoe, Jeff Pascoe 8. Phensri and Len Rutledge 9. Jodi and Dalan Tamblyn 10. Barry and Maree Tognola, Peter McCann

4 3



7 8



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St Patrick’s College Winter Gala

Rydges Southbank Convention Centre The St Patrick’s College Winter Gala welcomed past students, current families and friends to celebrate the College’s rich history and strong alumni. The Women’s Career Network was launched at the event, a program that invites past students to become career mentors to current senior students. Flicka Photography




1. Donna and Albert Beric 2. Josh Kassulke, Georgia Blackman 3. Ebony Russell, Addie Jones 4. Yana Hurst, Benita Bowles, Camilla Robson 5. Annie Van Homrigh, John Gilmore 6. Emma Manning, Sarah Middleton 7. Andrew and Paulina Skerman, Christopher Zagami, Courtney Rogers 8. Joanna Pacey, Michelle Emanuel 9. Rebecca and Clare Rowan 10. Jenny and Terry Fanning




9 8



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Townsville BMW Taste The North Festival Launch

The Surf Club on The Strand


JAM Events launched the 2016 Townsville BMW Taste The North Festival with a beautiful luncheon on The Strand. Guests enjoyed stunning weather and a great afternoon of food by JAM, wine and live music by the fabulous Amy Zaghini. Flicka Photography


1. Nicola Pound, Samara Johnston 2. Naomi and Ben Collings 3. Andrea Boles, Lesley Haussmann 4. John and Jan Nelson 5. Lucy Fogarty, Carl Fester 6. Evelyn De Almeida, Justine Christie 7. Diane Ruhl, Bec Smith, Paul Abercrombie 8. Raelene Zollner, M.T. Lehmann 9. Tracey and Brendan Lew 10. Joan and Dawson Wilkie


4 7 5



8 10

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TPBSLSC 89th Annual Dinner The Surf Club on The Strand

Members, family and friends enjoyed the 89th annual presentation of awards at The Surf Club on the Strand. CanapĂŠs from Catering by Michels, music by Sunday Blue and drinks from the The Surf Club bar made for a good night for all. Flicka Photography




1. Rochelle Crowe, Lauren Thorley 2. Ashleigh Murphy, Chris Ede 3. Paula and Gary Morgan 4. Peta and Danielle Soutar 5. Glen Cox, Deanne Dowker, Jack Paterson 6. Faye and Mick Cawley 7. Bethany and Elizabeth Heyer, Fiona Hardy, Lara Braddick 8. Darrin Bragg, John Sadd 9. Liz Kerr, Casey Chalkley, Shannon Morgan 10. George Clarke, Lachlan Parker


7 6




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10 9


DUOFood+Drink Townsville’s six main dining precincts (Palmer Street, Flinders Street East, The Strand, Gregory Street, The Precinct and Cannon Park) offer the same quality dining experiences you could expect in any of Australia’s capital cities.

Photo Tourism & Events Queensland

Palmer Street (pictured) is home to a number of award-winning restaurants and is considered the ultimate place for wining and dining.

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KOBE AT THE VILLE Kobe’s delicious menu has been designed to feature premium cuts from Australia’s finest beef brands as well as other contemporary culinary delights such as locally-sourced seafood, pork, lamb, chicken and vegetarian options. Enjoy a relaxed dining experience in modern décor with stunning views to Magnetic Island. The restaurant features a private dining room, perfect for business dinners or special occasions, seating up to 20 guests, overlooking the built-in wine cellar. Open for dinner 7 nights a week from 6pm. For more information visit, or for bookings call 4722 2222 or email


DUOMagazine July 2016

Fuel Café in Belgian Gardens is known by coffee lovers around town for its own special blend of coffee beans and its perfect Bezerra 160ml coffee. It also delivers a delicious menu for breakfast and lunch. With indoor and outdoor dining, it’s the perfect place to catch up with friends for coffee and cake. For those on the run, there’s a great selection of healthy take-away meals. Catering is also available. Belrowes Place 49 Bundock Street Belgian Gardens 4721 2101


If you’ve been looking for a culinary experience, look no further. Make your next function a culinary success with Catering By Michels. Corporate, wedding, private parties, conferences – Your style. Your choice. Anywhere. Anytime. TEL 4724 1460




STELLAROSSA Coffee is our Passion. Food is our Love. Customers are our Life! Welcome to Stellarossa, Townsville’s newest café espresso bar. Now open in 3 locations, 420 Flinders Street, Fairfield Central and Stockland. Come and experience the Stellarossa difference today with a full breakfast, lunch, pizza and pasta menu. 420 Flinders St and Fairfield Central are also licensed. Known for our 5 Star Speciality Coffee, you know you need to come in and try it, you will enjoy! Find us on Facebook to keep up to date. Stellarossa 420 Flinders St, Stellarossa Fairfield Central, Stellarossa Stockland Townsville

Situated on The Strand, this unique waterfront venue enjoys panoramic views of Magnetic Island and Cleveland Bay. The versatile venue can be hired for business meetings, corporate workshops, social events and private functions. As one of Townsville’s premier wedding venues, with an indoor outdoor space, it offers couples the perfect venue for your special day. Open to the public for Sunday at the Bay with live music from 2pm Sundays. 80 The Strand, North Ward, Townsville 4724 4211


Call 07 4771 2933 or email


dens r a G n a i g l Be ard and North W


Breakfast|Lunch|Catering Organic and healthy take-away meals ©DUOMagazine 2016



DUOMagazine July 2016

420 Flinders Street Licensed Corporate catering Open from 6am

Fairfield Central Licensed Full restaurant menu Open till late

Stockland Traditional espresso bar CafĂŠ menu Open 7 days







z 134

21 Palmer Street 4721 1478 DUOMagazine July 2016



COCKTAILS flinders st. townsville.

call 4721 5705



Cannon Park Shopping Centre 4723 7839



Award Winning


E N J O Y J A M - B R E A K F A S T, L U N C H O R D I N N E R




JAM is the place to be for breakfast in Townsville with our unique menu and great coffee.

Try our lunch special menu, includes either a glass of selected wine, Townsville Premium or San Pellegrino water.

Experience amazing North Qld produce on our winter menu, our Gourmet Traveller Awarded Wine List offers over 100 + bottles.



Day conferences, business meetings, product launches.

Weddings, anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, baby showers.


07 4721 4900 | WWW.JAMCORNER.COM.AU



JAM Winner of Australian Good Food Guide Chef’s Hat Award 2014 and 2015 With seasonally designed menus using the freshest produce from local suppliers, Jam consistently offers unique dining experiences that leave you coming back for more. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, Matt Merrin and his team deliver modern Australian cuisine that is sure to impress. Jam is also perfect for your next private function or event, with elegant dining locations ‘Loft by Jam’ and ‘Luxe by Jam’. Open Tuesday–Saturday 7am–late, Sunday 7am–3pm 1 Palmer Street South Townsville 4721 4900

From the pastures of Central Queensland to the lush valleys of Northern Tasmania, the Independent Meat Company (I.M.C) Steakhouse showcases some of the finest produce from farmers around Australia; guaranteeing tender, juicy steaks of the highest quality. The I.M.C.’s 10 select beef cuts showcase that ‘great’ and ‘Australian’ need not be ‘expensive’. The I.M.C. also has a well-stocked wine and craft beer bar and monthly showcase steaks. Bookings welcome. Dinner Only 7 nights 5pm–late. 17–21 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 3243


MICHELS CATERING Winner: ‘Caterer of The Year’ & ‘Best Venue Caterer’ Indulge your taste buds and experience a divine menu created by Michels Catering for your next function… wedding, corporate, BBQ, party, soiree… Michels Catering has evolved into an ’on-trend’ catering company with a strong customer focus, making it one of the regions most versatile and respected caterers. Michels award winning team caters to an array of palates and dietary requirements (food allergies, gluten free, vegetarian/vegan), offering a diverse range of delicious fare, sure to impress. 7 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 1460


DUOMagazine July 2016

Our Mission comes down to 3 words: Burgers made good. We offer 100% grass feed, free range Beef, Chicken, Lamb or Steak with freshly baked bread every day. Come in and try our selection of sides including our Sweet Potato chips. Fully licensed and family friendly. We’re even happy for you to make your own! Dine in or take away. Made with Love. Open Sunday to Thursday 11am–10pm. Friday and Saturday 11am–late. 3 Palmer Street 4976 9990








14 August



n with the in associatleioJazz Club Townsvil

FROM 12.30 pm

CLUB G IN V A S E IF L F R U .c S c s Y l A s B b p C I t N @ ts PIC TOWNSVILRLTEH WARD 4724 4211 even


D NO N A R T S E H T 0 8

DUORecipe Seasons to Share by Jacqueline Alwill

Zucchini Pasta With Prawns, Chilli And Lemon GF / F / SF

Serves 2 Zucchini pasta, also known as ‘zoodles’ or ‘spirals’, has become one of the best alternatives to wheat-based pasta due to the neutral flavour of the zucchini and its ability to hold its shape and soak up delicious flavours. There are plenty of tools around to make these zoodles, but you don’t need fancy equipment or skill of any sort to get started. Simply use a vegetable peeler to make long thin strips of zucchini, then either keep them wide or stack them and cut lengthways into thinner strips.

2 large zucchini (courgettes) 3 tablespoons olive oil 6 raw king prawns, peeled and deveined (tails left on) 1 garlic clove, finely chopped 1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest

To make the zucchini pasta, either use a spiraliser or follow the instructions in the introduction above. I prefer my noodles slightly thinner as I find they catch the flavours a bit better, but go with what you feel most comfortable with to start and progress to thinner noodles as your confidence improves. If you want to make these earlier in the day, they’ll keep well in the fridge until you’re ready to cook them. Bring a large saucepan of water to the boil. Cook the zucchini noodles for 1 minute then remove from the pan and drain well. Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan over a medium heat. Then add the prawns, garlic, lemon zest and chilli and cook, keeping everything moving around the pan, until the prawns just start to change colour. Add the drained zucchini noodles and toss well to combine. Gently stir through the lemon juice, rocket, grated parmesan (if using), and a good pinch of salt and pepper, then serve immediately.

teaspoon finely chopped red bird’s eye chilli (seeds removed if you don’t want the pasta too spicy) 2 tablespoons lemon juice a small handful of rocket (arugula) leaves 60 g (2 oz) freshly grated parmesan cheese (optional) sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Recipes and images from Seasons to Share by Jacqueline Alwill. (Murdoch Books) $39.99 available now in all good bookstores and online.


DUOMagazine July 2016

DUORecipe Seasons to Share by Jacqueline Alwill

DUOMagazine July 2016


R E C I P E | B ESeasons N ’ S M Eto ATShare B I B Lby E B Y B E N O ’Alwill DONOGHUE DUORecipe Jacqueline

Raw Almond Caramel Slice GF / F / SF / V / VG

Makes 24 slices, 2 per person You might be surprised to learn that the nutritional profile of this caramel slice is incredibly diverse. The nuts and seeds used here are rich in omega-3 and amino acids, there is just the right amount of natural sweetness with a hint of vanilla, and the delicious clean caramel gets a touch of endocrine support courtesy of the Maca powder. This can be made well ahead of time and stored in the freezer for up to two weeks.

Base 60 g (2 oz/ cup) walnut halves 40 g (1 oz/ cup) almonds 125 g (4 oz) Medjool dates, pitted (approximately 7 dates) 2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted 3 tablespoons raw cacao powder 1 tablespoon linseeds 1 tablespoon chia seeds 2 tablespoons rice malt syrup Raw caramel

Combine all of the base ingredients in a food processor and blitz to a crumb, or until a paste is formed if you prefer a smoother texture for your base. If you need to loosen the ingredients to assist with blending, add a touch of water. Line a square 20 cm cake tin with baking paper, then spoon the base mixture into the tin and evenly spread it around. Place in the freezer while you prepare the caramel and topping. Place all of the raw caramel ingredients, except the chopped almonds, in the food processor and blitz until a smooth caramel-like texture forms. Take the base out of the freezer and spread the caramel evenly over the surface. Sprinkle over half of the chopped almonds, then return to the freezer. To finish the slice, make the chocolate topping by melting the coconut oil in a small saucepan on a low heat. Once the oil has melted, remove from the heat and add the rice malt syrup and cacao powder. Whisk well to create a smooth melted chocolate. Pour this molten chocolate over the slice, then spread it out evenly over the top and finish by sprinkling over the remaining chopped almonds. Return to the freezer and allow to set for approximately 4–6 hours. Serve straight from the freezer.

70 g (2 oz/ cup) almond butter 2 tablespoons hulled tahini 2 tablespoons rice malt syrup 75 g (2 oz) Medjool dates, pitted (approximately 4 dates) 2 teaspoons vanilla paste or extract 1 teaspoon Maca powder 115 g (4 oz/ cup) chopped almonds Chocolate topping 3 tablespoons coconut oil 3 tablespoons rice malt syrup 3 tablespoons raw cacao powder


DUOMagazine July 2016

Recipes and images from Seasons to Share by Jacqueline Alwill. (Murdoch Books) $39.99 available now in all good bookstores and online.

DUORecipe Seasons to Share by Jacqueline Alwill

DUOMagazine July 2016



five minutes with:


I’m renowned for: Speaking my mind, sometimes without a filter! I tend to provide honest feedback, without even being asked for it. My family in particular love this quality I have. The song that describes me best is: Nothing specific but given I’m a 70s model – I love any 80s music. Raffles and Bank Night Club days... Oh, the memories. As a child I always… wanted to be a jockey! We lived at the racecourse and I loved horses. My grandfather was a ‘casual’ jockey and encouraged me to do the same. When we moved from there, my views changed. When I’m alone in my car I think about: My day, the family, which child needs to go where, will I have dinner ready at a time that enables me to do the washing and folding and get into bed before 11pm, so I can drag my butt out at 4.30am for training for the Townsville to Cairns charity bike ride.


DUOMagazine July 2016

My favourite day is: Sunday – down time. It’s when the whole family is home for dinner together. One thing I can’t live without is: All my merry men. They constantly drive me insane, but I love them all to bits. Last gift I gave someone was: A Melbournean Beagle called Nigel for my son Adam’s 8th birthday. Best advice I’ve been given: Treat people with respect. I practice this in both my work and personal life. The best day of my life (so far): I have three. Yes, when all my boys were born. Two celebrities I’d like to dine with: Hamish & Andy. I’m often laughing on my own in the car listening to them. Anyone driving next to me must think I’m a loonie. The motto I live by: Live for the moment! My husband is always cranky with me because I never plan ahead despite my previous role in Event Planning! I can organise others well – just not myself.


AKA: Little Pocket Rocket. I’m renowned for: Being a workaholic and making the best Chilli Prawn according to my partner Kurt. The song that describes me best is: I don’t really have one but my favourite song is Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez. As a child I was always… up to mischief with my sister and giving my parents a hard time. If I had a superpower it would it be: To be able to cure cancer, and help poor people, especially the people back in my country, the Philippines. When I’m alone in my car I think about: How lucky and grateful I am to be here in this amazing country I now call home. Right now I wish I was… with my family back in the Philippines eating fried banana, playing Madjong and singing Karaoke. My favourite day is: Pay day LOL! One thing I can’t live without is: My favourite pillow and my eye mask.

In five years from now I hope I’ve… paid off my mortgage and retired whilst travelling and experiencing life to the fullest. Last gift I gave someone was: Paid off my daughter’s car. Best advice I’ve been given: Work hard for the things you want in life. My biggest regret: I don’t have regrets. Life is too short. The best day of my life (so far): When my two beautiful daughters were born. Two celebrities I’d like to dine with: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The motto I live by: If you believe, you can achieve. That’s my motto!


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AKA: Marjie. I’m renowned for: Having a happy go lucky personality, friendly nature and easy to get along with. The song that describes me best is: I’m such a eighties girl it would have to be Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. As a child I always… was a tomboy. I grew up in a large country family and the outdoors was my playground. If I had a superpower it would it be: To touch a book and instantly consume all its material. When I’m alone in my car I think about: Everything! I find it a good time to process what is going on in my life. How to better myself. Right now I wish I was… at a day spa. Nothing better than a full body massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. My favourite day is: Sundays. I get to go to yoga, stretch and unwind from the week. Just being one with myself, it’s such a great feeling not having to

think about lists or jobs to do. One thing I can’t live without is: My Bichon puppies. They bring so much joy and pleasure and they love unconditionally no matter what is going on in my life. In five years from now I hope I’m… Healthy and happy and content, cruising around Australia in a caravan with my hubby and my puppies. Oh and of course drinking a nice wine! Last gift I gave someone was: A gorgeous bouquet of flowers to my beautiful friend in Melbourne for her birthday. Best advice I’ve been given: To do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. I feel this every day I go to work, working with children is such a privilege I don’t feel like it’s a job. The best day of my life (so far): The day I married my husband. He’s my rock and I couldn’t imagine life without him. The motto I live by: Everything happens for a reason.

AKA: KJ. I’m renowned for: being a problem solver. The song that describes me best is: Bob The Builder theme – Can He Fix It, Yes He Can. As a child I always… was very inquisitive. If I had a superpower it would it be: Invincibility. When I’m alone in my car I think about: Family and friends. Right now I wish I was… doing exactly what I’m doing now. My favourite day is: Monday, when everything starts fresh again. One thing I can’t live without is: My wonderful family. In five years from now I hope I’m… still involved in IT development and still travelling overseas whenever possible. Last gift I gave someone was: Orthopaedic writing chair for my father. Best advice I’ve been given: Perseverance does not know defeat.

My biggest regret: Not spending more time in Memphis when I was there for a couple of days. The best day of my life (so far): The day my son was born. Two celebrities I’d like to dine with: Bernie Sanders and Tim Ferris. The motto I live by: To thine own self be true.

DUOMagazine July 2016



Uncovering Townsville’s Underbelly When writer Ariella Van Luyn first came to Townsville, the first thing she did was go looking for stories… juicy stories… ARIELLA Van Luyn has wanted to be a writer since she was 10. Nineteen years later, her dream is finally coming true: Treading Air, her novel of historical fiction set in the underbelly of Townsville, is launching in bookstores this month. After completing a PhD in creative writing at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Ariella was lucky enough to score her dream job lecturing in writing at James Cook University. Her PhD looked at historical fiction, and featured short stories based on true events in Queensland’s history, like the imprisonment of the unionist shearers who almost started a civil war in the 1890s, and the blowing up of the communist party headquarters in Fortitude Valley in the 1980s. During her research, she’d learnt how to uncover little-known stories from the past. “I wanted to start another novel, and


DUOMagazine July 2016

be inspired by the place I’d just moved to,” Ariella says. “So I was looking at the digitised newspaper articles from the Townsville Bulletin and other newspapers. That’s when I found the story of Lizzie O’Dea.” Lizzie O’Dea lived in Townsville in the 1920s. She spent a lot of time at the back of the Causeway Hotel. Now an off-theleash dog area at the back of Officeworks on Boundary Street, in the 1920s that part of town was a notorious red light district. “Lizzie’s story struck me,” Ariella says. “The newspapers described the way she would go up to men in bars, give them a hug, say ‘Will you buy me a drink, Dad?’ and if they didn’t, she’d steal their wallets. She was mischievous, subversive, and living on the fringes of society – the kind of character I’m drawn to.” Ariella spent over three years working

on the novel and it’s been a rocky journey. “In the novel, Lizzie’s journey to find freedom and independence reflects my own,” Ariella says. “This means the line between fact and fiction can be blurry. I had to assure my mum when I sent her the manuscript that I’m not a prostitute from the 1920s!” Ariella wrote the first draft of the novel at an artists’ residency in Portugal. When she was writing in an old stone church converted to a studio, and surrounded by other artists, she realised she wanted a life filled with love, transformation and creativity. “That was a really important moment,” she says. “It helped me to not give up.” Ariella is grateful to her editor at the independent publisher that picked up her novel. “Without Kate, the novel wouldn’t be what it is. She really understood what I wanted to achieve.”



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DUOMagazine July 2016  

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