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JEWELLERY BY DESIGN Until February 28, 2017

Individual retailers/companies have provided all information including prices, descriptions, quality, quantity and origin. All reasonable care has been taken to ensure the information is correct at the time of publication, however no warranty is given as to the accuracy of the information. The information may change from time to time without notice. Individual retailer terms and conditions apply with each offer. All competitions close on Tuesday February 14 at 12 noon, with draws or judges decisions made at 1pm. Full terms and conditions are available at



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DUOMagazine February 2017

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make some really positive impacts on other people’s lives. So we walked into Strand Newsagency with her (our) ticket in hand. Not a good sign. Taped to the front of the counter was a hand-written sign proclaiming they’d sold (only) the Division 2 winning ticket. That meant they hadn’t sold the Jackpot winning ticket i.e. ours was not the Jackpot winning ticket. Ok, better give us one for tonight then.

Lotto. Be in it. I’d hate to think how much my wife and I have spent on Lotto over the years. Sure, ‘you’ve gotta be in it to win it’ but so far we’ve been putting into it much more than we’ve been winning it - but we’ve been close a few times. My entries are registered because I have THE Player Card in my wallet. This means I expect a phone call from Golden Casket every night (except Sunday) to say I (we’ve) won the Jackpot. At time of writing they haven’t called yet. Now my wife, Stacey, doesn’t have a Player Card so when she buys entries they pile up in her purse until we check them at the newsagent. We always imagine there’s a big winner in there just waiting to be discovered. I’m sure you know the feeling of expectation when you have a handful of entries to check. We stand at the counter waiting to hear that ‘winner’ chime come from the register. Sometimes there’s no sound but sometimes she’s (we’ve) won $15.35! Yep, you can tear those losing ones up and give us some more thanks. Remember the $55M Jackpot the other month? No phone call for me (us) from Golden Casket (again) but Stacey revealed she had an entry in her bag from Strand Newsagency. We were still in it! We worked out that we’d split the $55M down the middle. $27.5M each. After the necessary personal adjustments (weight loss, health improvement, new bags and shoes) there’d be more than enough to


DUOMagazine February 2017

We did get really close once. One Saturday, I’d (we’d) forgotten to buy an entry for that night’s Gold Lotto. We were running out of time so on the way to the Cowboy’s game we stopped at Kirwan Newsagency on Forest Avenue. I was standing at the counter getting a Super QuickPick when I noticed a sign for syndicates. Whenever I see a sign I believe it’s a sign that I should do it. So I bought a ticket in a syndicate as well. No phone call from Golden Casket that night either but on Monday morning there was a big story in the Bulletin that locals had won! It was a ticket sold at Kirwan Newsagency! It was a local syndicate... even better they hadn’t contacted all the winners yet! We were jumping out of our skins but, for some reason I can’t remember now, I couldn’t get to a phone to call them straight away. They’d each won $13,000. For most of the day we were dreaming about what we would do with the money. It was later in the afternoon when I got to a phone and called. The first thing I said was “I think you’re looking for me.” To which the lady on the other end replied; “No love, it was the regulars’ syndicate. Yours didn’t win.” “Ok, thanks.” So close! The funny thing is we were going nuts over $13,000 then and now we’re planning what we could do with $55M! Hope you enjoy this month’s edition and your lucky numbers come up. Scott Morrison Publisher


Scott Morrison Joan Fanning Stacey Morrison Marco Della Valle Courtney Frank Leah Barnes Rachel Dean

FOR ALL EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES FOR ALL ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Kylie Davis, Rachel Licciardello, Courtney Frank, Warwick Powell, Marco Della Valle, Lucy Abbott PHOTOGRAPHY CONTRIBUTORS Matthew Gianoulis, Josephine Carter, Andrew Rankin TELEPHONE 07 4771 2933 READ DUO ONLINE AT DUOMagazine is published monthly by Intrepid (NQ) Pty Ltd ACN 107 308 538 113 Boundary Street Townsville PO Box 1928 Townsville Qld 4810 Telephone 07 4771 2933 Email COPYRIGHT Contents of DUOMagazine are subject to copyright. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information in this publication, the publisher accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors, omissions or resultant consequences including any loss or damage arising from reliance on information in this publication. Expressed or implied authors’ and advertisers’ opinions are not necessarily those of the editor and/or publisher.

All of us at DUO Magazine are proud to support our local community with sponsorship and editorial contributions whenever we can. It’s our privilege to be able to give back to our community by helping to promote the positive development of our city. We’re proud to support these worthy organisations: Townsville Hospital Foundation Major Sponsor Townsville Enterprise Gold Partner Townsville City Council Together Townsville City Partner Townsville Picnic Bay Surf Life Saving Club Major Sponsor


Horo scope


Aquarius 20 JANUARY – 18 FEBRUARY

Having survived changes in recent months, you’re ready to call a time-out. But the planets say otherwise. Despite feeling tired, you must stay focused. Fortunately, you’re able to use the more pragmatic elements of your character and act accordingly. Others will be looking to you for leadership. Yet it’s not all hard work. Throughout the year, your libido is allowed more latitude to play.

Astrologer Tanya Obreza reveals what’s in the stars for you this month…







21 APRIL – 20 MAY

21 MAY – 21 JUNE

You’re known to have a powerful inner strength. In romance, expect a merger of love and intellectual interests – although, just for now, the emphasis may be on companionship. Improved money matters raise spirits. Start a new business or find a new job. It’s the right time of year to do it. There’s nothing to lose – and so very much to gain.

In February, the planets fuel your desire for status and prominence. You want to be noticed. Extra energy is aimed towards the achievement of goals. The downside: you’re less tolerant of interference. Still, little will be gained by mounting an assault. With patience and your own hard work, month’s end holds the promise of professional acclaim.

It’s a Taurean kind of month – all action and determination. Should you find yourself up against determined minds, stop and listen. You could learn from others’ opinions. By mid-February, social invitations become easier to accept. Later in the year, a growing curiosity might be satisfied by travel – or romance.

Plenty of your zodiac neighbours are either heading for the hammock or busy arguing the toss, so here’s your chance to overtake them. Indeed, things are going so well that you might even want to shelve professional aspirations for the time being, especially when unexpected detours hold the promise of new love or friendship.





22 JUNE – 22 JULY




A fairly courageous month for Cancerians, especially when it comes to new ventures. If you’re prepared and properly funded, you’re on the way to more appealing circumstances. But there’s still risk involved – so be sure you can afford the gamble. If plans are delayed by a lack of capital, don’t let this ruin a potentially fun time ahead. Not everything costs.

OK Leo, you’ve lingered on a particular decision long enough. Now, it’s time to do something about it. Sure, it pays to be prepared – and we all know practice makes perfect. The big question is: are you ready to give it a try? You’ll only know by taking firm action. If tensions do exist, they seem more to do with immediate family.

Don’t feel besieged if work is testing you. Not only are you being asked to recognise your worth, but also to stay patient. Dreams need time to become a reality. Thankfully, though, February is not about denial. With matters of the heart, it’s all systems go – but let love develop at an enjoyable pace. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to commit.

When it comes to fighting spirit, you’re fully armed this month. New solutions to old problems arrive in an instant. With this energy comes an uncompromising demand for recognition. Just don’t become so wrapped up in your own affairs that friends and family are left feeling neglected. Remind them that they’re appreciated and loved.







Endless conflict have recently chipped away at the Scorpio spirit. Not so now. Despite feeling weary or battle-scarred, you should find this a happier month. No longer the victim, you’ll be mounting sharper defences. There’s plenty of work ahead, but nothing you can’t handle. Should love interests mount a sneak attack, expect some friendly fire.

Early February may bring days when life’s usual courtesies are ignored. Feeling tired, energies bottom out. In direct contrast, the final weeks power up ambitions and encourage personal and professional conquest. Romantic liaisons draw out hidden passions and increase self-esteem.

Beware power struggles either at home or work. If confusion sets in again, listen to your heart – not your mind. The good news: great love happens when you least expect it. Indeed, special romance could gently stroll into your life, marking the beginning of long-lasting love. But be charmingly evasive if asked about your past. Just for now, anyway.


DUOMagazine February 2017

Like to have your own personal profile? If you’re interested in an in-depth astrology profile prepared by our favourite astrologer Tanya Obreza, visit

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Celebrating over 57 Years STOCKLAND & CASTLETOWN


Chinese New Year City Carnival on the Strand

What’s Going On?

10 February 6.30pm–10pm Strand Park 0409 275 488 Cultural performances and delicious food from different cultures, the Festival provides a platform for people to know more about the Chinese culture through lion and dragon dancing, music, dancing and food. Lion and dragon dancing is a Chinese New Year tradition. It is believed that lions and dragons can drive away evil spirits and at the same time bring good luck and prosperity to people.

RÜFÜS 25 February 4pm – 10pm Shamrock Hotel 4771 4531 After impressing audiences at some of the world’s biggest festivals RÜFÜS are on their most expansive Australian tour yet. The band are marking the one year anniversary of their gold accredited #1 album, BLOOM.

It’s all laughs with Urzila Carlson


8–18 February 7.30pm Townsville Civic Theatre 4727 9797 Turn the clock back to 1959 and join all your favourites Danny, Sandy, the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies from Rydell High. Get ready to Rock n Roll and sing along.

Fantasea Destination Adventure Women Mountain Bike Retreat 23-26 February Bungalow Bay, Magnetic Island 0425 796 042 This is your time! Three days of mountain bike skills, snorkelling, yoga, strength session, seminars, food and friendships all whilst discovering the hidden gem that is Magnetic Island.

10 February 7pm The Ville Resort-Casino 4771 4000 Urzila Carlson is a multi award winning Stand Up comedian who appears regularly on television shows in Australia – Have You Been Paying Attention and MC Comedy Up Late – and regularly features in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Urzila’s natural cheeky, straight up style will have you eating out of her hand the moment she takes the stage and you’ll want to be her friend.

Em Rusciano ‘The Try Hard Tour’ 18 February 7.30pm Townsville Entertainment & Convention Centre 4771 4000 The all-singing, all-dancing, allemoting, leopard-print clad warrior Em Rusciano did it. Em wrote a book! But the lawyers made her take a bunch

of stuff out. So she’s bringing the soundtrack to her youth and the stuff she took out, to you, live on stage. Expect laughter, singing, tears, snot, honest tales from her incredible life and learn the real names of the people she had to change to protect the guilty.

wed 1 MARCH

entertainment & convention centre tickets $99 * don’t pay extra


Townsville Entertainment & Convention Centre is the ONLY official ticket outlet for Suzi Quatro. *Plus service and handling fees


DUOMagazine February 2017

DUOMagazine February 2017


Celebrate our new service! Townsville to Toowomba and then onto Melbourne


Townsville Toowoomba Townsville


to to to

Book Now | 18000 627 747

Toowoomba Melbourne Darwin


from $179* from $199* from $249*

*subject to availability, taxes & other charges


Awesome Achievers


Stories from Australians of the Year Coming to Perc Tucker Regional Gallery this month, Awesome Achievers: Stories from Australians of the Year celebrates an inspiring array of talent, passion, achievement and triumph over adversity. THIS National Portrait Gallery touring exhibition features works drawn from the National Portrait Gallery collection along with works from private and institutional sources. Presenting a diverse selection of Australian of the Year recipients, the exhibition highlights our country’s complex and ever-changing national identity. This reflects the National Portrait Gallery’s purpose as a whole – to promote understanding and appreciation of Australian people and their identity, history, culture, creativity and diversity through portraiture. Since being inaugurated on Australia Day in 1960, the Australian of the Year Awards have recognised the endeavours of individuals from a wide range of fields and backgrounds. Awesome Achievers: Stories from Australians of the Year explores this by presenting eight thematic groups which include sporting fame,

Indigenous leadership, environmental activists and medical advocates. Portraits exhibited include those of Fred Hollows, Cathy Freeman, Tim Flannery, John Farnham, Lowitja O’Donoghue and Alan Bond. Awesome Achievers: Stories from Australians of the Year is showing at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery from Friday 24 February until Sunday 16 April. This exhibition is supported by the National Collecting Institutions Touring and Outreach Program, an Australian Government program aiming to improve access to the national collections for all Australians. For more information, visit Image 1 Ah XIAN Untitled (preparatory study for sculpture of Dr John Yu AC) 2003 Pencil on paper Collection: National Portrait Gallery, Canberra. Commissioned with funds provided by Marilyn Darling AC 2004


Image 2 Bill MCAULEY Cathy Freeman 1994 (2010) Type C photograph Collection: National Portrait Gallery, Canberra. Purchased 2010


Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Cnr. Denham and Flinders St Townsville QLD 4810

(07) 4727 9011

Image above: SAPUTRO (aka Hahan), Uji Handoko Eko, Indonesia b.1983, The Journey 2011, Synthetic polymer paint on canvas / Purchased 2011. Queensland Art Gallery Foundation / Collection: QAGOMA

DUOMagazine February 2017



THE program allows loyal customers of the theatre to enjoy discounts and also receive exclusive member offers and event invitations. An annual membership to the program costs just $10 and in return members receive a 10% discount off all council-presented theatre performances at Townsville Civic Theatre and Riverway Arts Centre. Some of the many theatrical highlights for 2017 include Queensland Theatre Company’s Constellations, Melbourne City Ballet’s adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow, Opera Queensland’s The Marriage of Figaro and the return of Queensland Symphony Orchestra with an evening of classical favourites. Council will also present a fantastic Children’s Theatre Season with shows designed to engage and entertain children of all ages, as well as another season of Morning Melodies. This year will see the reprise of the increasingly-popular Riverway Sessions, offering a great line-up of entertainment and dining in a cabaret setting, including musical satire Warm Waters, #FirstWorldWhiteGirls:Botox Party!, A Lady’s Guide to the Art of being a Wingman, Women in Docs, and a special performance by Burdekin boy Kurt Phelan, Phelan Groovy. Tickets to Riverway Sessions include gourmet tapas served before the show. Grab a copy of the 2017 Theatre Season brochure from council’s Customer Service Centres, CityLibraries, the Townsville Civic Theatre, Riverway Arts Centre or download a copy online from:

It Pays To Belong Theatre-goers are set to receive unrivalled value for money this year as Townsville City Council presents their 2017 Theatre VIP Membership program.

the north’s ultimate e vent guide >> >> >> >> >> >>


major e vents free e vents the atre and shows e xhibitions music and film family and kids

DUOMagazine February 2017

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A Journey Towards Positive Impact Meet two former North Queensland soldiers who are assisting ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Writer & Photographer Steve Whitfield

“I have never envied a person who lives an easy life”, Theodore Roosevelt. This statement has resonated with me for most of my adult life. An easy life does not test you, nor does it challenge you and a person’s true character is only revealed when they are uncomfortable, scared or situations are not going to plan, which profiles the reason many people avoid these situations. But these situations can be what define you. If you challenge yourself, challenge your routine and believe you can achieve, you may just find that you can! I spent just over seven years in the Australian regular army as a reconnaissance soldier. I had spent time training with other military units in Hawaii, Thailand and Singapore before deploying numerous times to East Timor and eventually Iraq. These experiences exposed me to a level of human suffering unseen in my previous life. When I


DUOMagazine February 2017



discharged from the defence force my interest in health care soon found me working as a paramedic in Queensland where I met Mick, another former soldier turned paramedic. We soon realised that the unique combination of our skills could positively impact others. In 2015 following the Nepali earthquakes, we founded The Wild Medic Project Inc, a not for profit project that deploys volunteer medics into remote communities in the Himalayas. After leading small teams into the remote communities that year, the project gained momentum and although we successfully deployed seven medical teams, it also exposed a flaw - we were terrible at fundraising. The experience presented an idea that we deliberated and it resulted in the founding of our second initiative, a grass roots expedition company called Earth Trails Expeditions. The initial

idea focused on providing expedition opportunities for ordinary people to experience an extra ordinary life changing adventure whilst the profit supported the wild medic clinics. The success allowed expansion into non-medical projects and five specific causes were identified for support by expedition teams. 1. Community Health: Mobile clinics, health screening, health promotions, first aid trainingw

don’t need to be medically qualified to participate either! It is just people doing good things for people. We guarantee that there is nothing predictable about our expeditions; they are dynamically ever-changing and not easy, but they are also life changing. For more information please visit or

2. Housing and Infrastructure: Health post construction, community toilet construction, community shelters, school classrooms 3. Education: English lessons, school stationary and supplies 4. Wild Life Protection: Animal welfare, endangered species protection, habitat protection 5. Ecosystem Restoration: Jungle replantation, rubbish removal, reef protection, sustainable farming In the beginning, we never would have believed that two former NQLD soldiers turned paramedics could be responsible for funding and staffing remote health clinics, leading expedition teams into remote areas or engaging infrastructure and ecosystem restoration projects, yet that’s where we find ourselves. The initiatives have been responsible for a wide range of projects that have positively impacted remote communities and it has only been possible by people taking a leap of faith and getting involved. Without the people on the ground we would just be a logo. The next two years will see an expansion into Mongolia, Timor, Nepal, Kenya, Norway and Kyrgyzstan and we challenge anyone reading this to sign up. We believe it is incredibly important to occasionally ‘circuit break’ routines and engage in a real adventure, particularly if your adventure promotes positive change in the community that you are visiting. Our next adventure is a crossing of Timor. The team will conduct Streptococcus screening in remote schools along the way to prevent the spread of Rheumatic Heart Disease, a major cause of child death in Timor, and you

Steve Whitfield is a former Townsville resident having attended Mundingburra State School and Pimlico High School before joining the Army. He now runs Earth Trails Expeditions with his mate Mick and both currently work as paramedics in Agnes Waters.

DUOMagazine February 2017



Where Are They Now? JAY PERY Gym Coach What’s your link to Townsville? I went to Pimlico State High School and trained at Gymnastics Townsville up until I moved to Brisbane for university. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found such strong passions in my life from an early age with gymnastics and engineering. I still work at a club in Brisbane as a gymnastics coach, which really levels me out from the stresses of studying and training. When I finish my degree in 2018 though I plan to focus solely on my engineering career. Where do you live now? I’m studying at Arizona State University (ASU) in Phoenix on a 12-month exchange program. Studying abroad has been something I’ve wanted to do for years and the fact ASU has such a remarkable engineering faculty and gymnastics team is just the icing on the cake. One of my main goals is to travel as much as possible for my career. How did you time in Townsville set you up for success? I had great role models growing up in Townsville. My parents were obviously a huge influence and my teachers at Pimlico also really gave me the tools I needed to succeed. My coach at Gymnastics Townsville, Daren Wolfe, made me set a high standard


DUOMagazine February 2017

So much talent, so little space to feature them all… that’s why we’re continuing our series on what former Townsville stars-in-the-making are up to now. Make sure you give us a call at DUO if you know someone we should be catching up with.

for myself and I can say that experience was invaluable. Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? I still come back to Townsville as often as possible to see family and friends. I miss going somewhere where everybody knows your name.

KATE GLOVER Photographer What’s your link to Townsville? I grew up in Townsville, went to Kirwan High School and then James Cook University. I worked for DUO for a time, photographed the Fashion Bash for a few years and was shooting a number of weddings and portraits in Townsville before I left for the Isa where my partner Ryan got a job. I got my break in the Isa working for the local newspaper, The North West Star, and eventually became a contractor for them when I left to pursue photography full-time. Living in the Isa gave me the opportunity to work in all types of areas of photography. Events, real estate, food, beauty, corporate work – you name it, I’ve shot it. I will tell anyone who will listen that they should spend a year or two (or more!) in the Isa. Where do you live now? Ryan took a job

in Brisbane last June and I originally refused to leave but the time has come to make the move. I’m moving to a suburb called Hamilton and my new apartment overlooks the river and is right next door to Eat Street Markets. My immediate plan is to ease into things in Brisbane, attend a few AIPP events (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) and get the ‘lay of the land’ so to speak. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? In Townsville, I received a great education and was able to build a strong foundation for future successes. I continued the Townsville Ink series in Mount Isa renaming it The Ink Project and raised approximately $7000 for local animal rescue group Paws Hoofs and Claws. Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? I travel back to Townsville all the time, as I still shoot a lot of Townsville weddings. I love that it’s always changing and each time I visit there’s something new and different to explore. I also love the variety of photo locations and how one spot can look completely different each time you photograph it. I was awarded an honourable mention in the 2016 International Photography Awards. The winning entry was in the Event: Wedding category and was a beautiful sunset shot atop Castle Hill.


SARAH BISHOP Actor/Writer/Director What’s your link to Townsville? I moved to Townsville when I was 14 after living on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait for six years. My dad is a marine biologist and got a job there working for GBRMPA. I finished my last two years at Kirwan High where I had an amazing drama teacher named Brad Jennings who really helped shape my interest in acting and theatre. Where do you live now? I’ve just moved into a place by myself in Bondi in Sydney and it’s heaven. Being from North Queensland and growing up on Thursday Island I’ve always felt better by the ocean. Bondi can get busy in the summer but most of the time it feels less like being part of a big city and more like being in a smaller closer community. Eventually I want to find a nice place to settle down somewhere rural and quiet. What does your work involve? I’m a member of Skit Box – an all-female comedy trio that does online videos like Activewear, TV, film and live projects. We just completed a sketch comedy series that’s currently airing on ABC TV on Wednesday nights and has just launched in the US called Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am. Outside of Skit Box I also work across other projects as a writer and

actor and I’ve recently started directing commercials too. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? I was involved in the Choral Society and Townsville Little Theatre, which is where I first started doing theatre, and I was also a cheerleader for the NQ Cowboys for five years so that’s come in handy for the comedy music videos we do now. Do you still come back ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? I come back maybe twice a year but I’d love to come back more. I love the nature there, hiking Castle Hill, visiting Reef HQ and my first stop is usually Cactus Jacks – I miss the crispy strips and the fajitas! On my next trip back I’m hoping to dive the Yongala.

MADDIE WHITING Journalist What’s your link to Townsville? I went to high school at Ryan Catholic College and at the time journalism wasn’t even on my radar. I actually wanted to be a forensic scientist. When it came to applying for courses at uni, I applied across the country but I quickly realised I couldn’t afford to move at just 17 years of age. So I applied to JCU in things I knew I was good at in school — two of which were media and English.

Where do you live now? I currently live in the big city lights of Brisbane and absolutely love it. There’s always something happening so you’re never bored. The lifestyle is a lot faster than Townsville and even now I’m still discovering suburbs down here that I’ve never even heard of and it’s been about a year-anda-half! What’s does your work involve? I currently work as a video producer/editor for News Corp Australia but am based at The CourierMail office in Brisbane. I shoot and edit video for online news publications owned by News Corp. In the long-term, I’d love to work on making crime documentaries similar to the Netflix series The Jinx. I’d also like to work with a sports team and travel with them to document their journey. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? Studying multimedia journalism in Townsville definitely set me up for a good career as it covered all mediums of journalism. I also had volunteer experience with a local television news station and sporting team that was priceless. Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? I come back for Christmas and love having the beach so close by in Townsville and the familiarity of the surroundings.

DUOMagazine February 2017



Kristy & Justin

The Proposal Some are private, others are public. Some are expected while others seem to drop out of the blue. Proposals. They’re as unique as the couples getting engaged and they make for good reading... Words Kylie Davis


DUOMagazine February 2017

Kristy Hammelswang and her partner Justin Bland were on an overseas family holiday cruising The Bahamas with her parents, great aunt, brother and daughters when Justin popped the question. On the day of the proposal they were one of the first groups to take a tender boat to Little San Salvador Island where the cruise ship staff offloaded a delicious lunch and plenty of alcohol. “We followed a bunch of them through to the main beach, Half Moon Cay, settled on two sets of covered cabana chairs and made a mad dash for the clearest blue water I’ve ever seen in my life,” Kristy says. The only person missing in the water was Justin, who’d grabbed the first bar guy carrying buckets of beer and downed two Bud Lights straight up even though it was only 9.30am. “I sat down on the chair in our cabana and fidgeted about with the ring in my pocket,” Justin says. “I had to eventually get Kristy’s dad Kev to get the girls out of the water so I could take them for a walk down the end of the bay before too many tourists showed up. When we neared the end of the main beach, there was a little white pergola and I pulled Tia and Ava back to tell them I was about to propose to Kristy, hoping they wouldn’t give it away (they didn’t). “When I caught up to Kristy, I felt an overwhelming calmness come over me – it was perfect, it felt right and this was it. I got down on my right knee and mumbled every single word I’d planned to say but she knew and said yes!”


Ashlie & Joel Joel Townson was planning to ask his girlfriend Ashlie to marry him on Christmas Eve or on their trip away to Airlie Beach but when, after four weeks of waiting, he got the call to confirm Ashlie’s ring had been finished he couldn’t wait. “When she finished work (Ashlie is a personal assistant to the leadership team at St Anthony’s Catholic College) I had to give it to her,” Joel says, adding that their fur babies Kendrick and Tyga (French bulldogs x pugs) were there for moral support. “When she least expected it I got down on one knee while she prepared champagne in our newly built home,” Joel says. “Seeing her reaction was satisfying. She couldn’t believe I chose the ring myself – she never expected something so out there.” The yellow gold ring from Michael Hill Jewellers has a circle of diamonds in the centre topped with a diamond in the middle and diamonds down both sides too. “The ring, the emotions, the shock all came so quickly and I burst into tears and grabbed him and said YES,” says 25-yearold Ashlie. “Having him ask in the kitchen of our very newly built home in Cosgrove also made it incredible. “Next is the big step of planning our wedding and starting our very own family.”

Cianna & Dean After the end of a long-term relationship, Cianna wasn’t looking for a husband when she met Dean McLachlan – she was just after a ballroom dance partner. “I’d given up on love and was focusing on me and my interests, so I sent out a message asking for a dance partner and Dean replied,” Cianna says. “He was handsome, fun, entertaining and charming – easily sweeping me off my feet.” Cianna’s interest in dancing was soon replaced by supporting Dean in his interest – professional wrestling. It wasn’t long before Dean started the Queensland Wrestling Alliance and for the opening show he had grand plans… “I’ve always been a huge wrestling fan and in 1992 the Macho Man Randy Savage got married on screen to Miss Elizabeth wearing a suit that made my eyes light up,” Dean says. “So I contacted my seamstress and she agreed to do her best to replicate it. Between sketches and screen grabs from Youtube and over 100 metres of white ribbon I think she did a fantastic job!” When Cianna stepped in the ring to sell some merchandise she got a surprise to hear Macho Man’s music start and smoke begin billowing in.

“Then Dean stepped out wearing a golden suit with white ribbon tassels and a hat with golden sequins,” Cianna recalls. “He got down on one knee and and asked me to marry him in front of a crowded audience. Then he introduced my sister and her boyfriend who he’d flown up from Brisbane to celebrate the occasion. My life is an adventure with him and I’m so glad he asked me to be be his wife.”

Sloane & Jeremy When Sloane and Jeremy Ness first discussed marriage, he told her that when he proposed, she’d never expect it and it’d be something big. He was right on both counts. “I hatched a plan to get Skydive Townsville to pretend Sloane and her sister Lisette had won a ‘Twin Skydive Promo’ and it worked a treat,” Jeremy says. “Sloane and I work in the same building and she came up to my desk bouncing after she received the call advising she’d won the promo!” In the days before the skydive Jeremy had to make excuses to get out of the house as Alison from Skydive Townsville and the couple’s friend Andrew helped him paint a 15m x 1.5m banner with the words ‘Sloane, Marry Me?’. On the day of the jump, Sloane and Lisette

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Chantelle & Justin

were driven off to complete the skydive, giving Jeremy time to set up red carpets, tables, chairs, champagne and the banner. “As my twin and I landed from our skydive, we were met with camera’s blazing and an applauding audience filled with family, friends and Strand-goers,” Sloane says. “We took our seats and sipped on our welldeserved champas, feeling like celebrities as we were being interviewed by Sky Dive Townsville for the ‘Twins Promo’. Or so I thought… The interview abruptly halted and I was ushered by the camera man to turn around to see ‘something’ behind me. “That’s when I heard an uproar and turned to see family and friends holding up a ‘Sloane, Marry Me?’ banner. For the first time in my life, I was lost for words and my eyes followed another red carpet where I saw Jeremy, my dog Busta and my dad standing by his side at the end of it. “In complete shock, I walk towards Jeremy and he bends on one knee and proposes. I say ‘YES!!!’ and he says ‘The entire day was planned by me, my love’.”


DUOMagazine February 2017

Chantelle didn’t take it too seriously when a psychic told her two big changes were coming up in her life, although when her partner Justin O’Neill was asked to join the Cowboys and move to Townsville not long after it was an interesting ‘coincidence’. Not sure when they’d be able to get away again once they moved to Townsville, Chantelle organised a Fiji New Year’s Eve escape for her and Justin. “I arranged everything so a proposal was the last thing on my mind,” Chantelle says. “We were having a really heavenly holiday with lots of little day tours with mud baths and waterfalls and other touristy things. And for New Year’s Eve we’d booked to join a gala dinner at the Hilton where we were staying. There were tables all around the oceanfront with marquees offering different types of cuisine. “I was taking photos of the 9pm fireworks and had my back to Justin when has asked if I thought moving to Townsville was one of the big changes the psychic had foretold. ‘Yeah I guess,’ I said, not really paying attention. “Then he said, ‘Well I’ve got the second big change for you…’ I think I subconsciously knew he was proposing but I didn’t want to turn around in case he wasn’t. When I finally turned around and saw him on one knee I immediately started crying from happiness.” Chantelle and Justin were married on 9 January 2016 and had their daughter, Giselle, on 27 September.

Elyce & Stevie King Social band member Stevie Mitchell had a sneaky plan to propose to his long-time love Elyce when they were on Magnetic Island... and family and friends were in on it. “We were staying on the island with my mum, brother and our two friends; Tim and Teish when they convinced me to go for a walk down Geoffrey Bay,” Elyce says. “Halfway through everyone started to bail – my brother needed cigarettes, Tim needed to use the toilet and Teisha ran back to the house to get her camera. Stevie continued to lead me down to the beach where my brother had snuck off to lay out a blanket and position a wrapped present and some Champagne. “It wasn’t until I opened the present that I realised what was happening. Stevie had wrapped a photo frame with a ring inside and a message that said ‘You’re already as crazy as a Mitchell, so hurry up, say yes and let’s make it official – will you marry me?’. “We got married in June last year at the Herveys Range Heritage Tea Rooms and we’re just about to buy a house.”


He Said Yes? Awww, love... there are so many ways to show it, but no gesture is quite like getting down on one knee and confessing your love. And if you’re nowhere near walking down the aisle – sometimes ladies, you’ve got to make it happen for yourself. WHO says women can’t get down on one knee and pop the question? And when you’re Queen for over 60 years, you can break the societal norm, all in the name of love. Queen Victoria, ruler of the United Kingdom and Ireland, not only proposed to a man, but that man was her cousin! This proposal gives true meaning to the phrase ‘kissing cousins’. If you catch my drift. From the 19th century to the 21st, technology has changed drastically, so why not pull a Kristen Bell, and use it to your advantage. The Frozen actress popped the question to her husband, actor Dax Shepard, via Twitter. After waiting for more than an hour for a reply – talk about suspenseful – he answered with a four-letter word that you can leave up to your imagination – accompanied with a yes!

It might not be surprising that singer Pink is the one who proposed to her daredevil husband. She did so in the most unusual way. Pink asked for motocross racer Carey Hart’s hand mid-race! As Hart began his third lap, Pink showed him a sign that read, “Will You Marry Me?” She followed up with a “I’m Serious” sign. After the proposal, she made him finish the race because she didn’t want to marry a loser. How could he be a loser getting a chance to marry the woman of his dreams? So, ladies are you ready to turn your frog into a prince? After all some of us are tired of waiting. Here are a few proposal ideas that are sure to get a “yes”. The states of Queensland and Victoria were named in honor of Queen Victoria, so why not use that anecdote as a part of your proposal. You might want to save the


cousin detail after he says yes – let’s not freak him out before the proposal. They say opposites attract, so why not take your man on a romantic weekend getaway to Magnetic Island to walk along the sandy shores. Once you’ve had enough time to collect yourself subtly mention how Queensland was named in honor of the great legacy of Queen Victoria, and how she unconventionally proposed to Prince Albert. Still a little nervous? How about writing the big question in the sand, before getting down on one knee? Or take a lovely road trip down to Victoria and in a similar manner pop the question on your way to the Great Ocean Road. Make a playlist with some of his favorite songs and end the playlist with a voice recording asking for his hand in marriage. After he accepts, enjoy the rest of your scenic drive with your fiancé. After all you do have to start the stressful process of wedding planning – or maybe leave that up to him. Though these proposals may not be traditional, this didn’t diminish the love that each couple had for one another. So, in the wise words of Beyoncé, if you like then you should put a ring on it.

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Changing Lives Through The Gift Of Quality Education The Cotton On Foundation started in 2007 with a small donation for a community in Southern Uganda. Today, backed by a committed team and the generosity of Cotton On Group customers, the Foundation is on a bigger mission to help end global poverty.

WAKING up knowing that 59 million children across the world won’t go to school today is what motivates Tim Diamond, General Manager of the Cotton On Foundation to go to work each day. Tim was engaged by the Cotton On Group back in 2006 to commence work on a philanthropic arm of the business. In November 2007, a partnership was formed with Mannya Village in Southern Uganda which led to the official registration of the Cotton On Foundation as a charity organisation. “With a simple donation to complete a healthcare centre in Mannya, we began a life-changing partnership for the people of Southern Uganda,” Tim said. Mannya was identified as a village in need as it was rife with HIV/AIDS, lacking education, basic infrastructure and healthcare facilities. At the time, it was deemed ‘Mission Impossible’ by the local diocese, paving the way for the Foundation’s work. In line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, the


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Foundation implemented four pillars; Education, Healthcare, Sustainability and Infrastructure, to guide and measure the work being undertaken. “These pillars provided the opportunity to prioritise projects and get to work. We started renovating the local school, working on a healthcare centre and looking for agricultural projects,” Tim said. At the heart of the Foundation’s work is the strong belief that extreme poverty can be changed through quality education. The Foundation has an ambitious target to create 20,000 educational places by 2020 and they are on track with over 5,000 places created to date. They are now setting their sights across the globe with the Foundation proud to have achieved and eager to expand on the below educational projects in Southern Uganda and South Africa; • The building of 93 new classrooms • Facilitating over 1,670 students sponsorships through the

Foundation’s sponsorship program • Providing over 1,100 education packs to learners and educators at Ethekwini Primary School • Distributing over 5,000 Desmond Tutu desks to children across 9 schools in the country In December 2015, the Foundation opened the life-changing Ross Landgon HIV Education Centre in the Rakai District, the birthplace of AIDS in Uganda. It is critical that healthcare centres are a part of the Foundation’s work because when students and families are ill, they are unable to attend school. The HIV Education Centre is the first of its kind servicing the people from surrounding communities in the ongoing fight against HIV. The Centre provides testing and treatment services including; HIV counselling, nutrition programs, pediatric HIV care, family support group services, sexual risk and education sessions and more. The Cotton On Foundation and Cotton On Body have also joined forces

DUOMagazine Nutrition Mission in Southern Uganda

Tim Diamond, General Manager of the Cotton On Foundation

School classroom in Uganda

to launch Nutrition Mission in Southern Uganda. This initiative educates women in remote communities over an eight-week period about the importance of nutrition, providing tools and knowledge to prevent undernourishment. Since launching Nutrition Mission in 2015, the following has been achieved: • $200,000 raised to fund the program • 460 participants have graduated • Over 2000 family and community members have benefitted from the health lessons learnt, practiced and shared • 40 graduates are now teachers within their own community, passing on the skills and knowledge to other women in the village While the Foundation’s work began in Mannya Village, it has grown to surrounding villages across Southern Uganda, South Africa, Asia and Australia. “We have a realistic approach in our efforts to change the world - we’re on the ground, rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. We make it possible for everyone to be an agent of change through accessible everyday products that go directly towards improving and providing quality education to young people across the world,” Tim said. The focus on quality education has led the Foundation to projects in Asia that aim to change the lives of the most vulnerable youth and are working towards building an education centre as well as student and teacher accommodation.

In the Northern Territory, the Foundation works with indigenous communities in Yirrkala and surrounding homelands on projects that aim to empower these communities through artistic and cultural knowledge, with 70 young people attending music workshops in the region currently. Over the last 10 years, the Foundation has successfully raised more than $50 million through the sale of product such as water, mints and tote bags across the Cotton On Group’s network of stores. It is from the generosity of customers and incredible retail teams that the Foundation is able to continue to invest in and support these global projects. “We engage our team members globally to become advocates, and we challenge them to be change makers. Our customers and supporters are part of the solution and together we create a tangible difference. Through this focus, we all are part of a greater movement to end poverty in our lifetime,” Tim said. Unlike other charities, 100 percent of proceeds from all Foundation products

contribute to empowering youth with quality education in communities across the world. Ultimately, the Foundation’s goal is to be able to change the statistic that 59 million children around the world don’t have access to quality education. Starting in Uganda and now working in South Africa, Asia and Australia, this is just the beginning and with continued support, the Foundation know so much more can be achieved. “For us, it’s about empowering youth to write a better future. When we get everyone involved, from retail to customers – we can do just that. We give our team and customers the opportunity to make a difference and their contribution is so important to help change people’s lives,” Tim said. CONNECT NOW

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Paris the City of Love Read our travel tips starting on page 40

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The Orchard, a community by leading residential developer Elements North Queensland, has well and truly delivered the perfect mix of contemporary living meets relaxed lifestyle. Situated in Jensen, just minutes from the recently completed ring road connecting to the CBD and major employment nodes of Lavarack, the Hospital and JCU, The Orchard is close to everything but far enough away to truly escape. Distinctive urban villages blend seamlessly with the natural surrounds and extensive park network to create a connected community designed with family is at its heart – a place that offers plenty of room to grow.

Stage One of The Orchard is on sale now, lots from $179,000. 1,000 - 2,400 sq m Available. Contact Pene Slogrove on 0439 749 700



4 6 Oxley Street, North Ward Townsville Qld 4810

DUOHome+Travel | Book Extract from Bold and Bright by Maira Serra Teixeira


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The city of São Bento do Sapucaí in São Paulo state has a long and venerable history as a religious town. Located in the Mantiqueira Mountains, it is blessed with a pleasant, mild climate and surrounded by dramatic craggy landscapes and rolling green pastures. The area is popular with lovers of adventure sports, hikers and climbers, many of whom come to tackle the highest peak in the area, the Pedra do Baú rock formation, which is 1950m / 6400ft above sea level. The owner of this house was taken with the idea of having a country retreat built on the mountainous slopes near the Pedra do Baú. She wanted a second home where she could entertain friends and family during weekends and holidays and asked celebrated Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha (winner of the 2006 Pritzker Prize and the Venice Biennale Golden Lion in 2016) to bring her vision to life. Paulo’s first design was for a tower about 18m/60ft in diameter and five storeys high. However the owner was not convinced and the plans were not approved. Many discussions later, they settled upon a new design – a long rectangular house made of concrete with a gable roof.

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DUOHome+Travel | Book Extract from Bold and Bright by Maira Serra Teixeira

This is an edited extract from Bold and Bright by Maira Serra Teixeira published by Ryland Peters Small RRP $69.95 Available in stores nationally.

It took almost two years to complete the project. The construction process was complicated and impeded by the remoteness of the site. All the building materials had to be transported via small trucks, as larger lorries were unable to negotiate the narrow roads leading to the plot. Almost all the materials were brought in from afar and the concrete for the house was mixed on site. The result is a long, low building that is raised above ground level yet fits snugly into the steep mountainside. To design the interior, the owner enlisted the help of architects Beth Forbes and Silvia Mascimento of Studio+, both ex-students of Mendes da Rocha. ‘I wanted the decor to be as clean as possible,’ explains the owner, who felt that the interior decoration and furnishings should not detract from the dramatic landscape seen from every window. Beth and Silvio were mindful of her requests when they designed the interior. It is elegantly functional with minimal furnishings chosen for their comfort and practicality. They selected a few stand-out pieces, but left the space deliberately uncluttered, allowing the vibrant green of the landscape to become the main decorative element.


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The owner’s favourite spot in the house is the living room - she revels in the sense of spaciousness and the huge glass windows overlooking the valley below. ‘The view from the living room is so beautiful, it’s like being in front of a piece of art,’ she observes. She also loves the pool area and says that standing on the terrace is akin to ‘being on the deck of a ship’. The house is certainly the main attraction here, but the garden is gradually evolving too. What were formerly bare, deforested fields are slowly being brought back to life by the owner, who has embarked on an ambitious programme of planting native trees, shrubs and plants around the building.



Internal Blinds • External Aluminium Awnings • External Fabric Awnings Aluminium Shutters • Cyclone Rated Shutters

Address: Unit 2/298 Bayswater Road, Garbutt QLD 4814 I Phone: (07) 4725 2527 Website: I Email:








bedroom bliss Set the scene for romance this Valentine’s Day by giving your bedroom a mini makeover.


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Big Picture Thinkers With the 40th anniversary of James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Station nearing, it’s fitting to share the story of the visionaries who established it. Their dedication has made millions of Australians safer in their homes. Article based on a paper by Prof George Walker. IN 1958 Bowen was hit by its first cyclone in 76 years. It caused major damage. A young Sydney architect, Kevin Macks, had just joined an architectural practice in Townsville and became involved in the reconstruction. He settled in Townsville and formed his own architectural company, never forgetting the destruction he’d observed in Bowen and the lessons learned. In 1963, when he was engaged by the University College of Townsville to take the 3rd year course in building construction and architecture, he was in the right place at the right time to make a difference. In 1964 a relatively young civil engineering academic from the University of Melbourne, Hugh Trollope, a Welshman by birth and still in his

30s, became the first Professor at the University College of Townsville with his appointment as the foundation Professor of Civil Engineering. He was a visionary who believed the fledgling engineering department could become a major centre of civil engineering research in Australia. It didn’t take long for Hugh and Kevin to become acquainted and together they were to produce the marriage of ideas from which the Cyclone Testing Station (CTS) was born. Big Dreams In 1970 the University College of Townsville gained its independence as the James Cook University of North Queensland, and in this capacity provided the home for the CTS. It was a time when structural engineering research was

ABOVE: In 2007, the Cyclone testing Station’s 30th year, research engineers (from left) Peter Kim and Ulrich Frye at work in the Cyclone Testing Station’s wind tunnel with then Acting Manager Cam Leitch. Photo: Fiona Melder.

synonymous with testing large structural components and assemblies, and Hugh Trollope was determined his Department would have the proper facilities to do this. With this in mind, he approached the Queensland Government Co-ordinator General, Charles Barton, arguing successfully that there was a need for a facility in North Queensland to test full scale bridge beams. In this he had the support of a local consulting engineer, John McIntyre, who had come to Queensland from New Zealand as a young civil engineer. By the mid 1960’s he was well established as the head of North Queensland’s largest local firm of consulting engineers. Not many bridge beams were tested, but the resulting strong floor facility was to prove invaluable for the testing of building components and sub-assemblies on which the CTS was to be based. By January 1970 Hugh Trollope had achieved his first ambition of establishing a major centre for rock mechanics research in Townsville and was looking for further fields of research in which his Department could excel. Nature answered in the form of Cyclone Ada, which hit the Whitsunday Islands that month. His response was immediate. Hiring a plane he inspected the damage taking with him George Walker to look at the structural aspects of the damage. Before he landed back in Townsville Hugh had decided here was the next big opportunity to do something unique. As he explained to George Walker, just as the 1960’s had been the decade of earthquake engineering research, so would the 1970’s be the decade of wind engineering research. Townsville could provide the lead in the study of cyclone-resistant housing and other low rise buildings. Less than two years after Cyclone Ada, on Christmas Eve, 1971, the citizens of Townsville sheltered in their homes as the city was pounded by Cyclone Althea. For most it was their first direct experience of a cyclone. When the winds died down, if their own home had not been seriously damaged, then they had only to look down the street and see other homes that had been.

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Cyclone Althea demonstrated that there was a fundamental problem with house building construction in cycloneprone areas of Queensland. The damage generated the largest insurance loss from a single event in Australia up to that time. Two people were not surprised and they were ready to respond to it. Hugh Trollope responded by getting the ViceChancellor, Ken Back, to offer the services of the University to the Queensland Government for an investigation of the damage to determine the reasons for it and to make recommendations on changes in construction. Kevin Macks responded by organising the local building industry to tackle the inspection and repair of buildings using his experience from the Bowen cyclones 14 years earlier. The Queensland Government readily accepted the University’s offer and made a grant to facilitate the study. The report on the effect on buildings was published in March 1972. In general the severity of the damage was attributed to inadequate design rather than poor workmanship, and the principal mode of failure was identified as uplift resulting in either loss of roof sheeting or structure. It was recommended that research and testing of roof sheeting and fixing methods should be initiated as a matter of urgency. The need for education of the building industry on sound cycloneresistant building standards was also emphasised. Although it didn’t foresee the establishment of a special unit to achieve these recommendations, the report played a major role in creating the environment from which the CTS evolved. For the University the major direct outcome was the establishment of cyclone-related research, particularly in engineering but in other disciplines as well. Hugh Trollope was also keen to have a combination of structural and wind tunnel-based research and this led to the appointment of John Holmes and the construction of the University’s wind tunnel, which in turn led to the University becoming a leader in wind tunnel studies on low-rise buildings and particularly houses.


DUOMagazine February 2017

ABOVE: At the 30th Anniversary (from left) Prof George Walker, Kevin Macks, Prof Hugh Trollope and Neville Keating

The Defining Event On Christmas Day 1974 Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin causing the greatest destruction of any sudden onset disaster in Australia’s history. For those involved with the wind engineering research program at JCU, as well as many others, life would never be the same. Hugh Trollope’s first response was to contact the Acting Prime Minister, Jim Cairns, and offer the University’s services for investigating the damage. His second response was to send George Walker to Darwin. Tracy highlighted problems that had not been exposed in Althea, particularly the importance of racking strength and of fatigue loading in the vicinity of the fasteners of the recently introduced high tensile steel roof cladding – which had replaced the thicker mild steel roof cladding used up to the time of Cyclone Althea. It was clear that applying a piecemeal approach by just fixing problems that had been exposed, which had been the traditional approach to housing design for extreme events, was flawed. The major recommendation arising from the investigation was that houses in cycloneprone regions should be subjected to the same level of structural design for wind as was applied to the design of larger buildings.

At the time this was a revolutionary recommendation and there were many in the building industry who believed it was impractical. Through the influence of its senior engineering public servants such as Norm Sneath, the Commonwealth Government delayed all reconstruction until the necessary research and testing had been undertaken. It was the demand for testing created by this recommendation that led to the creation of the CTS. A Brilliant Proposal Even prior to Cyclone Tracy the recommendations arising from Cyclone Althea had led to an increasing demand for the University’s structural testing facilities that was placing significant demands on the academic staff. To cope with increasing demands, Hugh Trollope proposed a structural testing unit should be established with financial support from interested industrial organisations. The aim should be to assist in investigations aimed at reducing building costs as well as ensuring adequate safety. However it was not to be just a testing unit. It would also undertake relevant research and development. The proposal was endorsed in principle by the Vice-Chancellor, Ken Back, and Theo Wilkinson of Monier Colourtile Pty Ltd accepted responsibility for leading


ABOVE: John McIntyre

the lobbying effort. The CTS Interim Management Committee was formed to be responsible for raising funds, preparing a Constitution, and getting things up and running with Theo Chairman and Kevin Macks as Deputy Chairman. More than 10 other members joined the committee and every member became an enthusiastic contributor. The establishment of the CTS and its subsequent success owes much to each of them. By mid-1977, with approximately $60,000 raised, the Interim Management Committee appointed engineer Greg Reardon as the inaugural Technical Director and the CTS was born. A World Leader The CTS now enjoys a worldwide reputation for advanced wind engineering and its research engineers are often sought-after speakers at Australian and international conferences. It operates as a unit within the College of Science and Engineering at JCU Townsville and is self-funded, generating income through donations, commercial testing of building products and research grants. The CTS is guided by an Advisory Board drawn from a mix of industry, government, research and professionals from around Australia. This unique

In 2013 Dr David Henderson, Director of the Cyclone Testing Station, with engineering students (left) Aaron Phillips and Travers Searle, readied portable anemometers for deployment in cyclone season. Photo: Andrew Rankin

situation allows the CTS to follow its research objectives and provide independent expert advice to clients. As well as being a boon to the building industry, the results of CTS research have had a significant impact on the safety of homes in Australia’s cyclonic wind regions. Researchers deploy early in front of areas due to be hit by a cyclone in order to be immediately on the scene to assess wind

speeds and the damage caused. The team will also be responsible for testing the innovative design of the roof of Townsville’s new stadium to ensure it has the necessary strength to stay attached in the event of an extreme weather event.

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DESTINATION: TASMANIA Attention food-lovers... Festivale, one of Tasmania’s premier summer events, is on this February (Friday 10th to Sunday 12th). The three-day celebration is designed to showcase the very best of Tasmanian food, wine, beer, arts and entertainment. It’s staged in Launceston’s historic and picturesque City Park.

WHY CAMP WHEN YOU CAN GLAMP? Evoking scenes of 1930s-style grand touring with a healthy dose of luxe camping, Wington’s Glamping is the newest way to immerse yourself in Tasmania’s natural environment. On the banks of the Tamar River, three majestic safari tents house luxurious queen-size beds dressed in the finest Egyptian cotton linen. Vintage steamer trunks and Persian style carpets will transport you back in time to when camping was all about the glamour, complete with your own roaring fire. Oh and it’s only a day trip away to check out Festivale.

TABLET ORGANISER The slim Orbis Tablet Organiser ($19) will protect your tablet from bumps and scratches and store your chargers, USB cables, headphones and passport in the large front and back pockets. Perfect for carrying your iPad Mini or other 9in tablet.


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Next time you’re in Melbourne, be sure to visit the newly opened Carryology concept store in Fitzroy (417 Smith Street). Curating over 70 of the world’s leading travel brands you’ll find luxe labels like Mismo, Alchemy Equipment and Bellroy on display.

Tired of clothing shifting to the bottom of your case during travel? Say hello to Crumpler’s Vis-à-Vis luggage collection. It features a unique compression system that locks items firmly in place. For those who dare, a clear version of the style is available from $329 for 55cm cabin luggage.

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Paris – the city of love. Paris radiates romance and class in an understated way. It captures you and leaves you feeling breathless. Which is why, among other things, Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. With its influential history, passionate culture, amazing food and diverse art, you’ll almost have to pinch yourself when you step foot on the streets of this splendid city.


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Images from The Tailored Interior by Greg Natale

The Pont Alexandre III is a deck arch bridge that spans the Seine in Paris. It connects the Champs-ÉlysÊes quarter with those of the Invalides and Eiffel Tower. The bridge is widely regarded as the most ornate, extravagant bridge in the city. It is classified as a French Monument historique. Production Perig /

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Viacheslav Lopatin /

Personal Travel Manager | Townsville

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How to get there One of the most streamlined routes from Townsville to Paris is via Brisbane and Dubai or Abu Dhabi, vice versa, totalling 27 to 30 hours including ground time. There are also options via various Asian cities, which is ideal for those wanting to break the journey. If you’re already in Europe, there are many flights into and out of Paris and the rail system within Europe is excellent. For example, a two hour train journey from London, will have you arriving into Paris in no time.

When to go The best time to visit Paris is either in Spring, from April to June or Autumn, from September to November. July and August are high season being summer, however, with that comes the crowds. The warmest month is July and coolest months are December and January. May generally has most of the rainfall, with the flip side of February being the driest month.

Where to stay Paris is made up of 20 arrondissements, or districts, each with its own character and abundance of hotels. My top five favourite places to stay are; Victoria Palace – an appealing hotel close to Saint Germain. The rooms are tasteful with a grandness about them and the Junior Suites are impressive. Sofitel Paris Le Faubuorg, is an elegant hotel with a private garden, trendy bar and brasserie offering all the pastries you would expect – a great hotel choice for luxury seekers. Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel, as the name suggests, is 200 metres from the Eiffel Tower – ideal for those who like basic living, but with an


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amazing location. The Citadines Les Halles is perfect for a long stay with apartment style accommodation, equipped with a kitchen. Le A – a small boutique hotel with only 26 rooms with remarkable art, is a home away from home. It’s located in a quiet area close to the Champs Elysees. Be sure to check out the bar featuring a 19th century glass roof.

What to do What is there not to do in Paris? There is sightseeing galore in this charming city. My five top favourites are; The Eiffel Tower – Paris’s icon and one of the most recognised monuments in the world. Take an elevator to the top for a breathtaking view of Paris or have a meal at the restaurant located within. Moulin Rouge which hosts cabaret shows is sure to entertain. Marked by the red windmill on its roof and dating back to 1889, Moulin Rouge draws travellers worldwide. A cruise down the River Seine is a peaceful experience. See sights such as Notre Dame along the way and awe in the beauty that is Paris. For museum lovers, you can’t go past The Louvre, the largest museum in the world. You could easily spend a day exploring the many exhibitions and art, including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Champs Elysees is a famous 1.9km avenue, lined with stylish facades and leafy trees and what is described as “the world’s most beautiful avenue”. This grand avenue is renowned for its lovely restaurants, exciting entertainment, marvellous museums and boutique stores. At the top of Champs Elysees, visit the Arc de Triomphe, a national symbol to France.

It’s no surprise that the French love their food. And a food walking tour is an excellent means to sample the local dishes, whilst taking in the atmosphere of the city. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the escargot, i.e. snails, a delicacy in Paris. Cooked in garlic, butter and herbs, it’s a good way to start a meal. You haven’t had crepes until you’ve sampled the ones in Paris. Made with savoury or sweet fillings, these crepes are perfect for either a snack, dessert or lunch. Crème brulee would have be one of the finest desserts around. From the moment you crack the top layer of hard caramel, to the moment you take your first taste of the decadent custard, will etch in your memory forever. Whilst in Paris, you can’t not savour the French wine derived from the different regions of France such as Bordeaux and the Loire Valley. The perfect accompaniment to your delicious French dishes. Salute!

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Maria Pandalai Personal Travel Manager | Townsville TravelManagers Australia 0407 122 120



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KEEP THAT HOLIDAY FEELING Soft-washed colours mix with beautiful natural linens, cottons and delicate crepe gauze in Holiday’s Caribbean Life Collection, designed in-house in the small coastal town of Robe in South Australia. Every piece weaves together beautiful fabrics in hand-blended colour palettes and original prints.

GET NUDE LADIES Have you discovered Nude Footwear yet? Handmade from leather (and always leather lined) they’re effortlessly chic and timeless for wear from one season to the next. We love the Dakota style in nude, pale pink and leopard, to name just a few of the colourways available ($159.95).


SLIP INTO SOMETHING MORE COMFORTABLE Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Peter Alexander’s new Love Will Light The Way collection is full of slinky little numbers that make going to bed even more enjoyable.


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A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND Adorn everyday life with audacious sparkle? Yes please! We’ve fallen hard for Chopard’s Happy Diamonds limited edition watch ($64,940).

Line up senoritas, Spanish swimwear label allSisters is now available in Australia online. allSisters’ philosophy is to create comfortable, elegant and timeless pieces that complement the female body and respect the environment. Prices start from $60 for a bikini brief and $205 for a one-piece.

Christian Paul The Strand Luxe Watch $249; Von Treskow Big Mama Bracelet with Florin Coin $729

MIX IT UP Von Treskow Disc Earrings $65; Threepence & Quartz Bangle $165; Skagen Anita Watch $195

Von Treskow Oval Pendant Bangle $119; Skagen Gitte Watch $245

Von Treskow Panther Bracelet $329; Black Onyx Ball Crescent Earrings $195; Cluse La Roche marble watch $249

Aitkenvale Townsville QLD Shop 130, Stockland Shopping Centre Phone: 4775 6077 Email:


Model wearing Von Treskow jewellery available at SILVERSHOP stores and online.

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Jesse Escriva

Tell us a little about yourself? I’m originally from the Burdekin but have been living in Townsville for the past nine years. I’m currently working full time but looking forward to jumping into more study in the new year with CQU. In my spare time you’re more than likely to find me either running up Castle Hill (afternoons because mornings are way too hard), doing laps down at Tobruk Pool (trying to make sure no one I know sees me jumping into the pool wearing my budgie smugglers), down at Mum’s farm helping out around the place or eating my weight in food at a bar or cafe with friends. I consider myself a bit of an old man at heart as I love antique furniture. I’ve found and restored a few items such as chairs, bedside tables, hall way tables and a few other items that are sitting in pride of place throughout my apartment. Describe your style? Comfortable yet confident. Most treasured item? My Dad’s signet ring. Best feature? My Italian/Spanish tan – thanks Mum and Dad. It always complements an outfit. Labels you like? Sampson and Taylor (I basically own their entire wardrobe), Adidas and Aussie Bum. Who’s style do you relate to? I follow a few people on Instagram to get some inspiration but if I had to choose one who’s page I look at everyday, it would be Valentin Benet’s. You’d never wear? This is a hard question to answer because I’ve worn socks and Adidas slide sandals out in public before… but I have to draw the line at Crocs. They’re probably really comfy but they hurt my eyes. Wardrobe item you can’t bring yourself to part with and why? My Flux (Melbourne company) jeans. I bought them about 8 years ago and I haven’t been able to fit into them for about 4 years but they cost me a pretty penny and I can’t bring myself to give them away just yet. Meaningful last words? ALWAYS try on before you buy.

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you’ll love

Over $300 in services for just $170!

what’s in store GLASSHO

VALENTINUESE DAY GIFT ’S RELEASE! Venture into Bluebell Trading for beautiful clothing, jewellery, homewares, linen, sleepwear, baby giftware and more. Labels include; Boom Shankar, Lazybones clothing, Crabtree & Evelyn, Robert Gordon Pottery, Glasshouse Fragrances, Anna Chandler Designs, Annabel Trends.

280 Flinders Street Townsville City 4772 5366 Open 7 days


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Allover colour/unlimited foils, toner/treatment, eyebrow wax/eyebrow tint/eyelash tint, style cut/ blow wave, straight or curled finish.



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Willows Shopping Centre 4773 4446 Find us on Facebook

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With the dynamic styling of Emporio Armani design and the benefits of today’s wearable technology, Emporio Armani makes its introduction into wearables with The Emporio Armani Connected Hybrid Smartwatch. It connects to your smartphone’s music and automatically monitors sleep and activity. Hybrid Smartwatches start at $399.

The latest collection from Hugo Boss juxtaposes shiny and matte, textured and smooth, using the impact of light on different surfaces to create distinctive effects. Clean cuts and sharp silhouettes are the signature style. Suit shown $1299. Stockists (03) 9474 6304


STONY RESOLVE For its debut perfumery collection for men, Bulgari has taken inspiration from gem stones to create charismatic scents. The first three of the six signature scents that make up the Le Gemme collection have just hit counters at David Jones. Ambero (Amber) has a heart of Vetiver with its woody, deep, earthy essence; Gyan (Sapphire) has a heart of patchouli illuminated by nocturnal jasmine and Garanat (Red Garnet) is a dialogue between rose and incense. $407 for 100ml.

BRUTAL BEAUTY Triumph’s latest addition to the Bonneville family, the Bonneville Bobber, delivers all the hallmarks of a real bobber, with clean lines and low stance, sculpted tank and hard-tail look. Available in Ironstone, Morello Red, Jet Black and Competition Green/Frozen Silver. $18,000 (excl delivery) for the Jet Black and $18,250 for the other colours.


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Christian Louboutin’s new collection includes the ultimate boot — the Safacroc ($2195). This ranger boot in galet crosta leather and woven linen, with wrap-around buckle strap, offers a military look for the urban GI. Call (02) 8355 5252

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AYR 137 Queen St 4783 1361

*Conditions apply. May not be combined with any other offer. Not available with purchase of discounted offers or packages. Ask in practice for details.




230 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park | P 4775 5144 | shop online at

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Evon Downie About Me: I grew up moving all around Australia as my father worked in the mines. I’ve lived in most states in Australia. I have an older and younger sister and apart from having middle child syndrome my sisters are my best friends. My family moved to Townsville when I was ten and I have lived here ever since. I’m a primary school teacher and absolutely LOVE my job. I teach a year two class and each day brings a new reward. I have two gorgeous sons aged 7 and 8 who are full of energy and larger then life. Each day with them is an adventure (whether I’m up for it or not). My goal is to retire within the next five to ten years and be sipping wine overlooking the Mediterranean ocean… (more like the next 30 – 40 years as I have an online shopping addiction).

MY BAG was purchased last year in Melbourne on my annual Easter trip to Melbourne. I brought it from my favourite Alannah Hill Outlet shop on Brunswick Street. It is very large and strong which is everything that I need in a bag. PHOTO A family photo taken in Taiwan when I travelled there with my husband to pick up my sons to bring them home. HOW TO SPEAK MANDARIN A language that I had to learn very quickly. I’m lucky to have a good teacher. Similar to my Greek, however, I seem to know more swear words than other words. CHOPSTICKS from Chinese New Year. I will be spending it this year at my good friend and Chinese teacher’s home. Great food, amazing company and a culture that I love. SUNGLASSES I brought these in Haarlem (Holland) on Queen’s Day. I was there researching my husband’s family history. I had to purchase something orange to wear for the day - the colour of Holland. LIPSTICK Racy red. A gift from my older sister as she is the expert in all things racy and red. LONELY PLANET Paris, Phuket and Tokyo. The first thing that I do when I go overseas is buy the Lonely Planet Book and aim to do the top ten highlights. My favourite so far, a drink in The White Gorilla Bar, Rotterdam. I still have so many things to go back to these countries for. BALI BROCHURE I’ve booked two holidays to Bali this year. The first trip for a friend’s wedding and the second for a holiday with good friends. JAMIE FOX my only brush with fame. I’d been in Amsterdam for 10 minutes when I saw him get out of his limo. I was star struck for hours (still am) P.S. he still writes.


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ROSARY BEADS from my grandmother the last time I saw her. She was an amazing woman. I spent hours listening to her stories about her life of love and war. U2 CD One of my all time favourite albums. I find music very relaxing and good for the soul. KEYRING A gift from a friend’s work colleague who I met on a holiday in Japan. DRAWING FROM A STUDENT I love my job. There is so much honesty in children. I know if my outfit doesn’t match, if my hair and make-up are not up to a seven year old’s standard or if a dress does not suit me. SOCCER ENTRY STUB Saturday mornings are spent with a litre of coffee watching my two sons play soccer. SAINT GEORGE ICON Gift from my Grandfather on a holiday with my sisters to Cyprus. He took me to light a candle at his church in Lanarca where my mother was born – Saint George for his family Georgiou. DNA My recent family DNA results show that I am a classically well bred Cypriot engineered by nature to be amazing with no imperfections whatsoever (just saying). MY PASSPORT I try to always have an overseas holiday booked so that I have something to work for. WATCH My favourite watch from the Camden Markets that I bought with my cousin. RING A birthday present from my younger sister. Tiffany of course, by designer Paloma Picasso – because good taste runs in the family. BRACELET from mum and dad. Bought on holiday in Limassol where dad was born.



IN TOUCH BOUTIQUE Every occasion creates a memory! The staff at In Touch Boutique are there to help create your next memory with an outfit that matches the occasion. Formal Gowns, Mother of the Bride / Groom, Bridesmaids, Cocktail, After 5, Race wear, Casual, Accessories and Gift Vouchers, stocking sizes 6–26. Local stockists of Meimei, Lindy Bop, Renata, Vivid, Mr K, Laura K, Eve Hunter, Paparazzi, Desigual, Mariana Jewellery, with more to choose from. Monday–Wednesday, Friday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–9pm, Saturday 9am-4pm. Like us on Facebook. Willows Shopping Centre 4773 4446

Venture into Bluebell Trading, stockist of clothing, jewellery, homewares, linen, sleepwear, baby giftware. We cater for a large range of tastes and ages. Our brands include; Boom Shankar, Lazybones clothing, Crabtree & Evelyn, Glasshouse Fragrances, Robert Gordon Pottery, Anna Chandler Designs, Annabel Trends and much more. Open 7 Days Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm Saturday 9am – 3pm, Sunday 8am – 1.30pm. 280 Flinders Street in the heart of Townsville City. 4772 5366




Beauty bayside is located in Belgian Gardens and provides a range of Skin and Body treatments to get the best result in your skin no matter what your age. Our therapists aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin thus creating great skin and revising almost any skin condition. Book in for a consultation to see how we can help you and your skin. Shop 4/34 Primrose Street Bayside Shopping Centre Belgian Gardens 4771 2122 |

Combine, Create and Discover the magic of PANDORA. Select from our extensive range of more than 600 charms, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in sterling silver, 14 carat gold and twotone to express your personal style and create a collection as individual as you. Open Monday-Wednesday and Friday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–9pm, Saturday 9am–4.30pm, Sunday 11am–4pm PANDORA Townsville Shop 217 Stockland Townsville 4725 4755

Salon owner Tennille, would like to welcome you to her salon which she established 3 years ago. Tennille has been in the hairdressing industry for 18 years and attends many seminars to keep up to date with the very latest trends and techniques. Hairdressing is something she is very passionate about – there’s no better feeling than making another person feel beautiful. For Tennille her clients are much more than customers, they become part of the Ministry of Hair family. Open Tuesday to Saturday 1/117 Bamford Lane Kirwan 4755 1576

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Hanks Optometrists specialise in comprehensive eye examinations, prescription sunglasses and spectacles, contact lenses and eye health. They offer Cataract & Glaucoma Testing, Macular and Retinal Scans, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scan, Colour Vision Tests, Prescription Dispensing, Children’s Vision and finding any Diabetic Eye changes. Healthfund rebates and Medicare bulk-billing. Open Monday–Friday 8.30am–5pm 246 Ross River Road, Aitkenvale 4779 7433

Established in 2005, is a locally owned, family business specialising in children’s clothing & accessories. Planning a wedding? They have a large range of children’s clothing; exquisite flower girl dresses, communion dresses, page-boy suits, christening gowns, shoes and accessories! Stockists of character clothing, umbrellas, jewellery and gifts for your little ones. Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9am–5:30pm Thursday 9am– 9pm, Saturday 9am–4pm. Stockland Townsville (Kmart), Corner Ross River Road & Nathan Street, Aitkenvale. Like us on Facebook. 0417 033 611

At Avida we take the time to listen to your needs and ensure you receive the hairstyle and colour you deserve. While this process is happening sit back and enjoy a delicious cuppa and a home baked goody. Call in and see the amazing team at Avida Hair Design. Open Tuesday–Friday 9am–5pm. Saturday 8am–2pm. Open late by appointment. Shop 3/127 Eyre Street, North Ward 4420 3577




Browse our wide collection of contemporary brands including Najo, Palas, Kirstin Ash, Swarovski, Fossil Watches and more. Whether you’re searching for the perfect piece for someone special, wishing to commemorate a special occasion, or simply spoiling yourself, our friendly staff can help you choose that perfect piece. Open Monday–Wednesday & Friday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–9pm, Saturday 9am–4.30pm, Sunday 11am–4pm Stockland Townsville 4775 6077

As the biggest city and country outfitters in the North, Donohues offers quality products to suit all needs from the business person to men and women on the land. Donohues are jeans specialists with styles to suit everybody and are local stockists of R.M Williams, Akubra, Ariat, Levi and Wrangler. Monday–Wednesday, Friday 8.30am–5.30pm Thursday 8.30am–8pm Saturday 8.30am–3pm 230 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park 4775 5144

Renegade Handmade began in 2013 and includes a curated collection of locally made fashion, jewellery, gifts and homewares. The market is held on the second Sunday of each month at the Marian School, from 8am to 1pm. The Renegade Handmade Gift Shop features 70% locally made and now includes ‘Hello Handmade’ with a collection of Australian independent artists and designers. Open Monday to Friday 10am–5pm Saturday and Sunday 9am–3pm Warrina Arcade, Illuka Street, Gulliver 0477 900 222


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Inspired by Bobbi’s holistic approach to beauty, the Remedies collection consists of six treatments that target specific complexion concerns from dehydration to irritation and problem skin. Available at Myer for $66 each.

Each petal of the pretty rose inside the Blush La Rose powder box ($100) is imbued with pearliser. Lightly brush it on your forehead, the bridge of your nose, the top of your cheekbones and lower neckline for radiant skin.


MARY KAY Part of the Runway Bold Collection from Mary Kay, the new limited-edition Mary Kay Eye Color Palette features five ‘Rock the Runway’ shades: gold, bronze, silver, blue and navy. Mix and match to eyecatching effect and dare to be dramatic by adding a hint of gold or bronze along the lash lines with the Gel Liner Duo. $70 for set, including Runway Collection bag.

BULGARI Rose Goldea, Bulgari’s new tribute to femininity, wraps precious Damask rose absolute with jasmine from Egypt. Its floral, fruity and fresh all at once. Available from Myer. $147 for 50ml.


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NAPOLEON For a sun-kissed glow, look no further than Auto Pilot Bronzing Skin Primer ($39). Apply it under your make-up and it will also infuse your skin with beneficial ingredients such as algae extract, sorbitol and antioxidant vitamin E.



Sense Of Wellbeing Mindfulness is the latest buzz word for creating wellbeing and mental and emotional balance. One of the best ways to practice mindfulness is to bring your attention back to your body and its connection with your immediate surroundings. We can utilise our five senses to heal, balance and reinvigorate ourselves.



Touch is the first sense we experience as babies. It’s incredibly healing, de-stressing and regenerative. Studies have linked therapeutic touch (such as massage) to better sleep and reduced irritability. Touch signifies security and calm, and can reduce stress hormones and raise “happy hormones”. By focusing on the immediate sense of touch – such as the gentle pressure of an experienced spa therapist’s hands – it becomes easier to feel mindful and connected.

The most primitive of the senses, smell connects us directly with our memories, emotions and instincts. Fragrance is intimately associated with so much of what we feel. For some people happiness is the smell of cut grass, and for others it might be clean linen or fresh coffee. Being cocooned in the scent of utterly divine essential oils is like a passport to healing.

Sound: All sounds produce physiological effects. A favourite piece of music immediately elicits a cascade of pleasure-producing chemicals in our brains. It’s arguably easier to get “lost” in sound than in any other sense. And we so rarely allow ourselves to sink into blissful silence. Ambient sound is a very powerful tool for healing.

Sight: Imagine changing gears for a moment and allowing your sense of sight to have some time out. How blissful it would be to lay in a darkened space, interrupted only by gentle flickering candlelight?

Taste: We all eat but how many of us really stop to taste? Mindfulness doesn’t need to be boring – it could be as easy as closing your eyes, letting the world pass you by for a moment, and really tasting that chocolate cake. Enjoying a moment of utter bliss is one of the best ways we can think of to create that ultimate sense of wellbeing.

Chrysalis Medispa Suite 6, 281–285 Ross River Road Aitkenvale Telephone 4779 2886 @chrysalismedispa

Exclusively at Chrysalis Medispa

SKINSPAHEALTH Suite 6, 281–285 Ross River Road Aitkenvale Telephone 4779 2886 @chrysalismedispa

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DUOHealth | News

TATT’S A GOOD IDEA Australian skincare brand Ink Nurse is a vegan skin remedy cream designed to rejuvenate faded ink pigmentation while serving as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial cream for new tattoos. Rich in vitamins A, C, D and E, the cream helps to relieve the annoying itch associated with new tattoos while restoring elasticity.

WONDERFUL WATERMELON Move over pumpkin and chia, watermelon seeds will be everywhere in 2017. Companies such as UK company Mello claim they are a protein powerhouse and are drying them and flavouring them naturally: mild chilli, roasted or lightly salted.



The Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition tracks laps and swim distance as well as steps, calories and sleep. It vibrates for call and text notifications and alarms and is also smart-button enabled to control connected household devices. $169.95.

Australia’s only dedicated food recall notification app, FoodRecallAus, is now out. Most food recalls are due to undeclared allergens. This app lets you know which packaged foods Food Standards Australia & New Zealand require removal of from supermarket shelves because of contamination.

BABY SOFT Sukin’s new baby range has been formulated to provide nurturing natural products for babies as young as newborns. Shea and cocoa butters, with sweet almond and avocado oils, provide essential fatty acids and a healthy dose of vitamin E for silky soft skin.

SMOOTH OPERATOR Tess Masters, aka online blogger phenomenon The Blender Girl, offers easy-to-follow recipes for smoothies, snacks, salads and more in her book out this month, The Perfect Blend $35.

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Grant Collins Clarity Hearing Solutions

Smart Hearing Technology Saves The Big Day In keeping with this month’s theme of weddings I thought I would talk a little bit about my personal experiences with having to solve problems associated with hearing difficulties on the big day.

MY wife and I are got married on 10 October 2010. Unfortunately, this day fell on the same day as the Bathurst 1000! Now my father-inlaw is probably the biggest V8 racing enthusiast I know so we had a dilemma on our hands. Fortunately, (and it is only fortunately in this instance), he is also partially deaf in one ear so I had already fitted him with an advanced hearing aid. Amongst other features, modern hearing aids now have wireless Bluetooth compatibility. This meant I could set up his hearing aid so it could receive live streamed radio wirelessly via Bluetooth. He could listen to the race live via his hearing aid and radio Bluetooth interface without anyone, especially my mother-in-law, being the wiser. Modern technology also helped my grandfather at my sister’s wedding. My grandfather was severely deaf from a life of working around machinery, shooting and serving his country. Unfortunately, because he left the treatment of his hearing loss too late, the damage to his nerves was too severe and he was unable to hear clearly from longer distances or in background noise. This made it impossible for him to hear the priest at the church, and the speeches and general conversation during the reception. To solve this problem, I set up an FM transmitter system to the microphones at the church and at the reception. Whenever someone spoke into the microphone at both venues the FM system sent the signal via FM radio waves directly to his hearing aids and all he heard was the person talking into the microphone as if he was talking straight into his ears. To get over the problem with hearing general conversation in background noise I also set up an FM system via a remote directional

microphone. He just pointed the microphone in the direction of where someone was talking and all his hearing aids picked up was the person he was pointing at. He told me he heard and understood almost every single word during the service and the reception and he normally picks up nothing. This was about 5 years ago and since then the technology has evolved even further. Instead of FM systems small Bluetooth lapel mics are now available, which you just clip to the collar of whoever you want to hear and it streams speech straight to the hearing aid. This is much easier than the FM system as Bluetooth just connects automatically without having to change the settings in the hearing aid. They are also much smaller than FM systems and less subject to electrical interference For some Bluetooth compatible hearing aids, you can also download an app to your mobile phone which allows you to use the phone as a remote microphone and stream back to the hearing aids. There is always something new on the market and if you have had trouble hearing in different environments before, now is a good time to revisit the new technology that may be able to assist you.

How did John save $11,850 on hearing aids? By spending $150 on a second opinion! John came to Clarity for a second opinion after having a free hearing test with another provider. The provider had told John he needed hearing aids and had quoted him $12,000 for the aids.

John booked a $150 comprehensive hearing test with Clarity. As tests began the Clarity audiologist knew something wasn’t right. John’s ears were blocked with wax. After Clarity

1300 CLARITY or 4779 1566 Hermit Park 266 Charters Towers Road | Condon 60 N Beck Drive


DUOMagazine February 2017

removed the wax John had his hearing tested again. This time his results were normal. He didn’t actually need hearing aids!

At Clarity Hearing Solutions our focus is on treating hearing loss, not selling expensive hearing aids.

John saved $11,850 by getting a second opinion from Clarity.

Call us today for your first, or second, opinion.

Model used. Based on real client experience.

For better hearing, the solution is Clarity. Clinics Queensland-wide |


Clinical Psychologist

Lydia Rigano Fulham Consulting

8 Questions Before I Do Did you know that asking 8 questions of your future husband or wife can help you establish a great life together?

ASIDE from popping the big question ask these 8 crucial questions because building a happy partnership for life can be more than aspirational. Spark honest discussions between you and your love with the following questions. 1. Are you all in? Why get married if you are not willing to put in the work? Enriched relationships involve ongoing, hard work that reap rewards. The willingness to work through the difficult times (unemployment, chronic illness, fertility issues, etc.) are what pull you through together into a stronger marriage. 2. Did your family throw plates, calmly discuss issues or silently shut down when disagreements arose? Disagreements are inevitable. Relationship success is defined by how differences are resolved. As we are all shaped by our childhood family’s dynamic, this question will tell you whether your partner may be inclined to repeat the conflict resolution patterns of his or her parents. 3. Will we have children and will you change the nappies? Do you both want children and if so, how many, when and how do you imagine your roles as parents? Also contemplate what you would do if you want children, but can’t conceive in the usual way. Would your partner want to financially and emotionally invest in fertility interventions if together you are unable to conceive? 4. What’s the most you would be willing to spend on a car, a couch, shoes? What is your partner’s approach to money? Prudent or reckless? Shared bank accounts and bills or separate? Who earns the money and who pays the bills? Disclosing debts is paramount – is my debt your debt? 5. Do you know the ways I say I love you? Understanding how your partner receives

and expresses their commitment nurtures the relationship in ways specific to you both. What of the five love languages; affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service or physical touch is most meaningful to your partner? 6. How important is sex to you? What sexual experiences are exciting and meaningful to your future spouse? How does your partner feel about pornography, flirting and expectations for sexual exclusivity? 7. How do you see us 10 years from now? Keeping the answer to this question in mind can help you and your partner to focus on your ultimate relationship goals and deal with conflict. Would your partner consider divorce if the relationship deteriorates or expect marriage to be for life? 8. Are there any ‘warning signs’? Ok, so this is a question you need to ask yourself ABOUT your partner. Have you any concerns about your partner drinking too much, using drugs, flirting or cheating, gambling, controlling you, telling lies? These are relationship red flags and, to save later heartbreak, must be dealt with before you walk down the aisle. Ignoring the warning signs or believing they will go away with time is a furphy – unfortunately, they never do. Couples often assume that because they love each other, they are of the same mind about big life questions but different experiences spark different perspectives. It’s worth asking the questions but if it feels too hard, then don’t do it alone. Working with a clinical psychologist can help build strong foundations for a happy life with your partner as you make wedding plans. Relationships can be tricky, but striving for what you both deserve is worthwhile. Life is too short to settle for anything less. #Best life.

WHEN A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP SEEMS MERELY ASPIRATIONAL. Our psychiatrists and clinical psychologists can help. Friendly. Private. Mental Health Hub. Let’s keep in touch | subscribe via our website for monthly resources to live your #bestlife @Fulham4BestLife using the hashtag #bestlife Fulham Consulting

5 Fulham Road Pimlico Townsville p 07 4728 5209 e DUOMagazine February 2017



Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Jess Brown Pure Core Nourishment

A Sexier 2017? 2017 is the Heart Year – it’s all about heart, love and health. So let’s start it with more than empty resolutions.

Yes! Let’s drink less, quit smoking and promise to start yoga, all very important. Let’s drink more water and try to go to bed earlier, start meditation and do our best to have breakfast every morning. Who doesn’t want a satisfying, healthy sex life? How many of us are honestly able to say that they are currently experiencing a fulfilling intimate relationship? Now this could include a relationship with yourself as well as a significant other. Your

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relationship with food. Your health. Your lifestyle. Your work – life balance, any relationship. Having a healthy libido requires your hormones to be balanced. Sure, most of us know men have testosterone and women have estrogen but did you know that your blood sugar, digestion, amount of sleep and stress levels play more of a role in your sex life than you may know. The foundations of health; digestion, blood sugar regulation, mineral balance, fatty acids and hydration play a starring role in how your relationships play out. A functioning digestive system enables your body to assimilate the nutrients that we need to run a ‘functioning’ body. We need the correct minerals and fatty acids to act as the building blocks for our cells and hormones. We require a hydrated, balanced well fed body to function optimally. Now when it comes to nutrition and libido, certain foods like dark chocolate, oysters and figs may come to mind, however there are many ‘sexy’ foods; • Fruits: bananas, strawberries, watermelon, avocados, oranges, guava • Vegetables: sweet potato, kale, spinach, broccoli, red peppers • Nuts: almonds, brazil nuts • Grass-fed beef and bone broths • Water • Spices: nutmeg and cloves The reason why these foods are said to enhance your sex life by increasing libido is simply because they give you a good hit of vitamin C, iron and collagen. This in turn helps strengthen your immune system which



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then helps out your main blood sugar organs; the pancreas, adrenals and liver. This results in a happier, healthier you which is very sexy. So while it’s a great idea to get as much of these whole foods into your diet all year (not just for Valentine’s Day), you need to also watch the foods that decrease your libido. These are the foods that stress your body and make you feel sluggish, bloated and very ‘unsexy’; • Trans fats and fried foods • Conventional dairy: milk, cheese (from factory farmed cows) • Sugar • Caffeine • Alcohol • Microwave popcorn • Poor quality protein (factory farmed meat) Focus on whole foods, as seasonally and locally as possible. Be kind to yourself this year. Put in the good foods so you get the good results. Take a long hard look at the relationships in your life. All of them. Nurture what nurtures you and surrender the rest. Make time for yourself and the things that you love. Make peace with food and get ready to embrace an awareness around the foods that make you feel alive and energised – this is not usually the foods that come in a packet. Alive foods make you feel alive and when you feel alive it starts to project out to the people around you. They start to feel alive too and when everyone is feeling like this, the world really can be a very lovely place to be.

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PCN has expanded to become TEAM PCN! All of our Nutritional Therapy Practitioners specialise in supporting your BIO INDIVIDUAL dietary needs using our unique in-house Functional Evaluation clinical testing. There is no one right diet for everyone. Let us help you find your HAPPY FOODS!

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Dr Desmond Ong Townsville Orthodontic Specialists

Clear Plastic Orthodontic Aligners The History, New 3D Digital Technology, Upsides and Downsides.

and SmileTRU TM, but the market leader by a significant margin is Invisalign®. Align Technology launched the Invisalign® product in the USA in 1999. It took an idea patented by Harold Kesling in 1962 to do fine detailing of tooth positions after braces and to retain them. Teeth on dental moulds had to be cut off by technicians, lined up perfectly in wax, then injected with natural rubber to make a double mouthguard that the patient chewed into. This process can now be done much more efficiently using 3D digital technology. A patient’s crooked teeth can be scanned, then virtually straightened using sophisticated software by computer technicians overseas. The orthodontic treatment plan is checked by your Orthodontist on a computer and once approved, robots using thermoplastic materials and lasers make a set of customised ‘clear aligners’ and shipped worldwide. These transparent pieces of custom-moulded plastic sit over the teeth and gradually shift the teeth. A typical patient uses 20–30 slightly different aligners during their treatment. It is a recycled idea using new materials and digital technology to help removable appliances to move teeth in most directions.

The Upside SMILE technology has come a long way since removable orthodontic appliances were first used on the Egyptian Pharaohs. Invisalign® is to clear tooth aligners what KleenexTM is to tissues – a brand. It is a testament to throwing a lot of money at research and development, but especially at marketing. There are a number of different brands of clear aligners on the market including Clear CorrectTM, ClearPathTM, TrulineTM

Clear aligners, such as Invisalign®, are one of the most popular alternatives to braces, but are generally best suited for adults with less complex orthodontic problems. There are obvious benefits of these so-called ‘invisible braces’, such as their subtle appearance and removability. They are also more hygienic because they can be removed when you eat and drink, minimising the risk of food getting stuck and making them easy to clean.

The Downside Faithfully wearing your aligners is absolutely CRITICAL! If you do not wear them (at least 22 hours per day), you will still have crooked teeth and be the proud owner of some very expensive bits of plastic. For a realistic view of aligners, please read 18 Things, I Wish I Knew Before Invisalign at forum/18-knew-before-invisalign Unfortunately, not every patient is a good candidate for clear aligner treatment. Some types of bite problems and tooth positions are not easily fixed, despite the impressive digital technology. Your time, money and efforts may sometimes be better invested in a comprehensive braces treatment. Your Orthodontist is able to determine whether clear aligner treatment will provide you with a predictably good outcome.

The Important Fine Print An Orthodontist is a registered specialist with both a dental degree and specialist degree (eight years of full-time university). Orthodontists can offer the full range of orthodontic treatment options. The digital treatment planning with any type of clear aligner treatment is extremely important. If this is not done correctly from the outset, problems often result. Orthodontists have the training, expertise and experience to manage this sophisticated technology, avoid problems and achieve the best outcomes. Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners uses amazing 3D digital technology. However, the technology still requires a skilled Orthodontist who knows when to use it, and most importantly, how to use it for your individual case. Disclaimer: Information and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors.

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For the Smile of Your Life Whether for cosmetic or functional reasons, our professional, qualified Orthodontists and their team of trained and dedicated dental assistants, technicians and administration staff will be able to assist you in any area. Call us today to find out how.

Dr Paul Hanrahan Dr Geoff Stanton Dr Linda Ton Dr Desmond Ong Your Orthodontists at Townsville Orthodontic Specialists are passionate about the results they achieve. We are committed to providing our patients with state of the art equipment and treatment techniques while making your treatment a positive and unique experience.

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Physiotherapist + Director

Paul Parker

SportsMed NQ

Shoulder Impingements So it’s cricket season again and you are having a game with the family in the backyard when your child hits a ball at waist height a few metres to your right...

YOU launch yourself horizontal trying to bring back muscle memory from 20 years ago! Instead, you come crashing down on an outstretched arm, the ball momentarily bobbles and then falls to the ground. You feel a burn in the shoulder, your pride has taken a beating and so you continue as if nothing has happened.


Over the next few days the shoulder hurts to lie on and is painful lifting above 90 degrees, especially doing the washing and putting away things above shoulder height. You decide to go to the gym to help strengthen as it feels weak, but you can’t push hardly any weight with bench press or shoulder press and the shoulder feels like it’s going to give way. The night pain becomes worse and the shoulder starts to feel stiff, especially reaching behind your back. This is one of the most common problems we see in the clinic – shoulder impingement. What exactly is impingement? The shoulder rotator cuff tendon becomes caught/ compressed between the bones of your shoulder. Does it need to be from trauma? No, impingement can occur from muscle imbalance or poor posture, but most commonly from repeated overhead activity and trauma. Do I need to have an X-Ray/MRI to diagnose? No, there are clinical tests to diagnose impingement, however in conditions that don’t respond, further examination is warranted (diagnostic ultrasound/X-Ray) to view the integrity of the muscles and structure. How do I treat shoulder impingement? The first step is to treat the cause. Is it from biomechanic issues (muscles too tight around the shoulder or muscles have weakened from pain or sedentary activity). Your Physio can prescribe exercises to target these areas and treat the cause. They can also tape your shoulder to give symptomatic relief and help weak muscles. The longer the shoulder pain has occurred, the greater structures it affects and therefore pain may extend up into the neck, around the shoulder blade and down the arm. Your physio

SportsMed NQ Physio we offer

• Expert Physiotherapy Services • Exercise Physiology • Clinical Pilates • Hydrotherapy • Treatment of Sports, Orthopaedic & Spinal Injuries

Medicare rebates available. Ask your Doctor how.

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• Remedial Massage


may need to treat these areas with soft tissue techniques/mobilisation. Should the exercises hurt? No, you may be doing them incorrectly or pushing too hard. How long does it take? It can take several weeks to months and sometimes complicated cases require surgery. You may be referred for a cortisone injection if symptoms are persistent, but this is not a cure. Often where people go wrong, which gives injections a bad name, is that the steroid helps with pain, but they don’t do their rehabilitation exercises to correct tight and weak muscles. Within 6–12 weeks pain can often return worse because they have re-aggravated their symptoms. Take home message: Start treatment early, the longer symptoms go on, the more compensation develops around the shoulder, the longer this will take to resolve. Avoid aggravating factors, i.e. sleeping on shoulder or activation above shoulder height. Exercises should not be painful (I hear my patients shaking their heads) some may cause discomfort, but after you have finished them pain should not linger nor movement worsen. There should be objective change with treatment/exercises. This means that if the shoulder is not improving, don’t keep doing the same thing. Look at getting a scan through your GP and ask for a second opinion. Be careful not to think you are 20 years old again and maybe you don’t dive ‘in’ next time!

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Generation Spokesperson

Courtney Frank DUOMagazine

Love In The Millennial Generation You can’t put love in a category, you certainly can’t define it and you should absolutely never give up on it. Love is breathtaking and exciting and we’d all be lost without it!

TO everyone out there who is still searching for their one “big” love, let me tell you, you’re not alone. Maybe you’re looking for love, maybe you had love once but then lost it, or maybe you’re in a relationship and you’re just wondering where all the love went. No matter your situation, you should never give up hope that love will eventually find its way to you. If someone asked you how you would define love, what would you say? Would you say that love is a physical attraction, a common sense of humour or similar interests? Or would you say that love is a feeling? A bond between two people that is unexplainable, something no one else in this world could understand. Is it possible to define love? If you’ve ever been in love, you’ll know that it’s not all rainbows and kisses. It can also be passionate and angry and long sleepless nights. And that’s ok, that’s what it should be! Because when you care about someone so deeply, love

George Rudy /

shows itself in so many different ways. It’s all consuming, frustrating and intense; but it’s also beautiful, generous and surprising. But sometimes I think our generation gives up on love too easily. We tend to give up because we’ve failed to hold on tight and realise that love is something that has to be worked on. You have to invest yourself and give it all of your energy because love is precious and fleeting and something to be cherished. And when it comes to the Millennial Generation, I think that the problem is: people can promise to love you, but they can’t promise love itself. The generation that we’ve grown up in has given us all sorts of myths about love. There’s the ‘soulmate’ myth, which has taught us to search the world over to find the one single person we’re supposed to spend the rest of our lives with. And then there’s ‘love at first sight’ myth, which has built unreasonable expectations in our minds, and in my opinion, confused the definitions of love and lust. These things aren’t realistic and in order to truly let love into our lives, we need to shift our perspectives. Just because sometimes people suck and situations suck, doesn’t mean that love sucks! There’s a simple way to deconstruct everything and this is the one single reason you should never give up on love. And that’s because, love doesn’t only exist between two people in a romantic relationship. Just because you might not have love in the form of a significant other, doesn’t mean that love doesn’t exist in your life at all. Love is literally

all around you! It exists in the way you feel towards your friends, it lives inside people who are passionate about something, it’s in the hearts of people who care about others, and it’s the way you feel about your family. The Dalai Lama once said: “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” I couldn’t agree with something more. The Millennial Generation is just as capable of love as the generations that came before us. We are open to love in so many different ways; we’re more transparent with our opinions, we’re better at communicating our feelings and we’re one of the most compassionate generations to date. We’re not willing to give up on love, because we’re addicted to the chase! We’re excited about what’s coming next and who’s waiting for us just around the corner. So if you’re single, don’t give up on love this Valentines Day. Ever heard the old saying that love will find you when you least expect it? I’ve always found that to be true, for myself personally, my siblings, my parents and virtually all of my friends. Almost every single one of them found love when they weren’t looking for it. Love is a magical thing no matter what generation you belong to. Love gives us purpose and has the power to change everything. Have faith in love and when the timing is right, you’ll find the person you’re supposed to be with and everything will be right in the world. Stop worrying about what forever will look like and start focusing on right now.

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It Can Happen To Anyone Detective Inspector Kelly Harvey is a decorated police officer of 26 years. She’s also the sister of a man who killed his estranged wife. Words Kylie Davis Photography Andrew Rankin


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IT took Detective Inspector Kelly Harvey over a decade to tell the story of how her brother killed his estranged wife. At first she was apprehensive and said “No” when asked if she would talk about her experience. Now she’s told that story many times, most recently for Zonta’s International Women’s Day at the North Queensland club. “I reconsidered because I know we need to bring it out into the open and not just let it happen behind closed doors. And by speaking up I hope I can encourage more people to report domestic violence,” Kelly says. “Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. I grew up in a loving household and we were just like most families until something happened that turned our lives upside down.” The year was 1998 and it was meant to be the best year of Kelly’s life because she was getting married. In March, she

with them trying to figure out what had happened,” Kelly says. “He denied knowing anything about her disappearance at the time but later, after attempting to commit suicide, told police he punched my sister-in-law in the head resulting in her death, wrapped her in a blanket and threw her into the Nerang River.” Kelly’s brother was charged with murder and police searched the river but to this day have not found her sister-inlaw’s body. Her bother plead not-guilty to murder, was found guilty of manslaughter and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He was released after serving eight. “Since then I’ve seen my brother several times. He’s still a part of the family and he’s still my brother but that does not make what he did right,” Kelly says. “None of my family ever condoned what he did but we stuck together for my parents. I still find it hard to come to terms

In August 2015, Kelly moved to Townsville when she was promoted to Detective Inspector, Crime Services Group. Kelly has driven her investigative team to work closely with Queensland Health and the Women’s Centre, to develop new responses to sexual assault which, all too often, is linked to domestic violence. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of the Sexual Assault Response Team, a 24/7 joint agency offering immediate response to all sexual assaults. Other initiatives by Townsville police will include the commencement of a Townsville Domestic and Family Violence Integrated Response group later this year. “These initiatives will involve specialist police officers working alongside specialist community agencies on a case-by-case basis to assist in keeping victims safe and pursuing all avenues to hold perpetrators accountable,” Kelly says. “Access to the best referral agencies

“DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DOESN’T DISCRIMINATE. I GREW UP IN A LOVING HOUSEHOLD AND WE WERE JUST LIKE MOST FAMILIES UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENED THAT TURNED OUR LIVES UPSIDE DOWN.” went to the Gold Coast from Mount Isa where she was working as a police officer to finalise the wedding preparations and noticed her sister-in-law was acting strangely. “She was asking me to go out to the clubs, which was unusual for her because she had a daughter and didn’t usually go out. It wasn’t until later when I got back to Mt Isa that I realised it must have been because she had decided to leave my brother. Unbeknown to me, their relationship had broken down.” By the time Kelly went back to the Gold Coast, where her family lived, to get married in April, her brother had become emotionally unstable and disconnected. The whole family was offering him support but when Kelly was woken by police at 4am that July she feared the worst. “The police phoned to tell me my sisterin-law was missing and my brother was

with what he did. Things can never go back to the way they were. The victim’s family never got to bury their mother and daughter.” Kelly’s story is an example of the worstcase scenario of domestic violence – death – but a violent situation could be anything from a man belittling a woman to the extent that she feels worthless to fighting all the time or assaulting her. “Because of what happened in my brother’s relationship I’m a different person,” Kelly says. “I will never have a verbal argument with my husband in front of our children and I’m now dedicated to raising awareness of domestic violence.” This dedication includes advocating for improvements in the way police respond to domestic violence which, Kelly believes, involves working closely with partner agencies as this enables new innovative strategies to be identified.

will be provided to support families who experience domestic violence. The agencies involved will provide court support for victims, counselling to families, emergency accommodation, emergency relocation, security checks of homes and perpetrator programs for those who recognise they need help. “Domestic violence is a social issue that affects many people in our community, emotionally and financially. It’s an issue everyone needs to be aware of.” GET HELP NOW Is domestic violence affecting you? Call 1800 737732 (1800 RESPECT)

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Head Cheque Needed One in four young people across Australia experience mental illness each year but only one-third seek help, according to headspace Townsville, who needs our generosity to turn these figures around. SINCE headspace Townsville opened its doors in June 2008 demand for its services has been growing steadily. In the last 12 months alone, 1288 young people accessed the centre for counselling and support with many more engaging in the centre’s health programs and community events. “Our demand is high and growing each year,” says Centre Manager for headspace Townsville Kirsten Seymour. “We provide assistance with mental and physical health, drug and alcohol issues, employment and support around school, TAFE or university difficulties. “Mental illness is the biggest health issue affecting our young people and it impacts on their ability to engage with

school or employment and have satisfying relationships.” Sadly, there is no doubt that youth suicide is impacting our community on an escalating basis. “In the last 10 years there has been increasing rates across the country, which we haven’t seen since the mid 90s, and Queensland has the third highest rate,” Kirsten says. “It’s really important to know that professional help is available in the community and it’s effective in improving the mental health of young people. Be that through headspace or other counselling services, such as a school guidance counsellor or private practice psychology. “The best place to start is going to see a doctor. GPs can look at what is going

If you or someone you know is in need of immediate crisis or suicide prevention support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14. on both mentally and physically for the young person and assist in connecting them with the right help.” headspace Townsville has a GP on site, who provides mental and physical health care to young people – all bulk billed. They also have psychologists, social workers, mental health nurses and mental health occupational therapists who provide counselling sessions to young people. “All of our staff have specialised training in working with young people and are passionate about mental health and wellbeing,” Kirsten says. “We also offer workshops and education courses in schools and the community including Youth Mental Health First Aid, which is run regularly.”

LET US CarE for your unforgettable


• Choice of Cremation or Burial Options • We will collect from your home or Vet • Professional, compassionate, friendly staff • Memorial Crystal portraits or jewellery • Local family owned and operated Pet Heaven NQ City Office 20 Yeatman Street Hyde Park Phone 47 513 220


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Some of the signs of early/emerging mental illness to look out for include any changes in behaviour, eating or sleeping patterns and a low mood that lasts longer than a week. Also, if a young person is worrying a lot, often sick, missing school or work and withdrawing socially. “Talking is the best start,” Kirsten says. “Reassure the young person that they have support and help is available. Assist them in getting that help, whether it be looking at online resources together or taking them to an appointment. Let them know that things can and will get better.” While young people and their families can be referred to headspace Townsville by their GP or school, most access the service directly after hearing about it from family or friends. You can make an appointment by calling 4799 1799 or you can just drop-in during the centre’s opening hours, which are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You can also ask your current health professional for a referral to headspace Townsville. The centre relies on Medicare to assist in supporting the

costs of the clinical services so there are no out-of-pocket costs for any young people accessing their services. “Offering free support and services to young people in Townsville is so important and something we’re very proud of,” Kirsten says. “We receive some federal funding from the Department of Health that comes down through the Primary Health Network NQ but this is only seed funding and doesn’t cover the costs of all of the programs and services we deliver. “We rely on community funding and fundraising to be able to offer the wide range of programs and activities that we do.” These include headspace Townsville’s social and education group programs and this year they will be launching Shedspace (similar to a Men’s Shed but for youth). Young people will be able to come along to Shedspace and engage in woodwork, mental work and art and music activities. “The community support we receive is vital in terms of the number and type of activities we can run and ultimately how many young people we can help,” Kirsten

says. “We are also very grateful to the dedicated volunteers who make up our headspace Community Network. They run events and raise awareness of youth mental health and wellbeing as well as raising funds for the centre. CONNECT NOW headspace Townsville Corner Ross River Road and Thuringowa Drive, opposite Willows 4799 1799 SUPPORT HEADSPACE NOW You can give money to headspace via EFT National Australia Bank Account: headspace Community Network BSB: 084-970 Account No.: 84-705-1196 CREDIT CARD Phone 4799 1799 and ask for Kerrie CHEQUE Payable to: headspace Community Network Mail: Attention Kirsten Seymour, headspace, PO Box 4661, Kirwan 4817

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Tai Chi A Lifesaver A gentle exercise program for patients in the oncology ward is another Townsville Hospital Foundation success. THE Townsville Hospital Foundation receives many requests for help from the Hospital’s various wards. After all, the staff on the ground know what’s needed in their areas better than anyone. So when Ramana Butters, Nurse Unit Manager of the Oncology Ward, was receiving feedback from patients that they needed a gentle exercise program she turned to the Foundation for funding. “Thanks to the Townsville Hospital Foundation, and our community who donates to them, we were able to fund a trial 12-week tai chi program, which we hope will become a regular addition,” Ramana says. “Gentle exercise greatly improves mental health and the ability for patients to participate in such a program has been a wonderful addition to our ward.” Oncology patient Fergus Briskey and his daughter-in-law Tina are among the tai chi program’s devotees. “It can get really mundane on the ward. Fergus has been here for over four months and having something that breaks the cycle of going for scans and blood tests and chemotherapy is so important for him,” Tina says. “My husband and I were also


DUOMagazine February 2017

able to join Dad in the tai chi class and it was a good bonding experience for all of us. It was lovely to just be concentrating on hand movements and breathing while mentally leaving the oncology ward behind. It’s a positive experience for both the patients and the carers.” Tai chi instructor Susan Hall is particularly passionate about delivering the program as she has had her own battle with breast cancer and found tai chi helped turn her health around. “I discovered tai chi when I was a patient through a program offered by the Cancer Council Queensland,” Susan says. “The treatment really knocked me about. I was fatigued, my muscles and joints ached, fluid was building up in my body and I was too scared to go for a walk because if you’re going for a walk you’re going somewhere and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get back. “That’s why tai chi is so great. You can do it anywhere – even from a hospital bed.” Susan says doing tai chi improved her flexibility, mobility and state of mind and she’s delighted to be helping others discover its benefits. “The patients are

LEFT: Fergus Briskey and his daughter-in-law Tina say tai chi has been wonderful for finding peace of mind. ABOVE: Patient Grant Wood goes through some moves with tai chi instructor Susan Hall.

here for treatment and can’t leave. They can’t go and find a distraction. So by bringing the program to them it’s giving them something other than being stuck in bed,” Susan says. “Having that social interaction and connection with others who are going through a similar journey is also important.” Susan’s last scan at the end of November showed she is now cancer-free and she credits tai chi with helping her regain her full mobility. “Instead of just being bed-ridden and then it being a really hard slog to get back to health I was able to keep some muscle strength,” she says. “Even though the tai chi is really slow and flowing it does give the muscles a good work-out.” If you or your business would like to help the Townsville Hospital Foundation continue much-needed initiatives like the tai chi program, call 4433 1337 or email to discuss.



Marco Della Valle

International Psychic Medium

Look Out For The Signs When our loved ones physically ‘die’, it can often seem so final, what was once there before, no longer exists in our world. There are no more regular phone calls, or Sunday catch-ups, or just calling in for five minutes so the kids can say hi.

AS time moves on, we will often try to remember what our loved one’s laugh was like, what perfume they wore, what their voice sounded like and most importantly, remembering how much they loved us. All of these things can all flood our emotions and fill us with happy memories. Hopefully, after some time has passed, the pain of the loss heals, but this is not always the case for those who remain living without their grandparents, mums or dads, sons or daughters, husbands or wives, and even… our furry best friends. What remains is the memory of how those who have passed loved and cared for us and in my experience, our loved ones not only still love and care for us from the spirit world, they also still want to connect and let us know they are around.


DUOMagazine February 2017

When a soul leaves their physical body, they are no longer able to communicate with us in the same way as they did when they were in the physical. How could it? There is no body, and no longer has arms, lungs or even a voice box in which to pick up the phone and just chat. Our soul is simply made up of energy, and with that, spirit tend to get clever and communicate with us by various different methods and signs. You will sometimes hear people say that they often dream of their loved ones in spirit. Their memory of that dream is often very vivid and they can recall a great amount of detail from it ranging from what their loved one looks like now, to what they said to them. This is because when we are asleep our conscious mind is resting, making it easier for the spirit world to communicate without distraction or our analytical minds kicking in. As people, we are always being given messages from our loved ones, ranging from hearing songs on the radio, coins appearing around the house, numbers on car registration number plates etc. The list goes on and our loved ones are always ready to let us know that they’re around. I know my mother is always around me when I see 10:43 on a digital clock. October 1943 was her date of birth and it is one of the easiest ways she lets me know she’s around. Very recently, a close relative made his transition into the spirit world. When I went to the hospital to visit with him before his passing, I could see my mother standing directly beside my brother asking me to tell both my siblings that she is here and watching

over him. Because my brother and sister are not psychic as such, I asked my mother to show me some evidence in the physical world so I could show my siblings as proof of her presence, after I relay the message. At that moment, I walked around the room and sat down in front of the bed. As I looked up, imagine my surprise and delight that there was a sticker plastered to the bottom of the bed and on it printed in bold letters, my mother’s name. I asked a very clear and direct question, and she replied with a very clear and direct sign, quite literally. Although we are unable to talk with spirit the same way as we did when they were alive, we can still communicate back and forth, just in a different way. Remember to ask them questions and look out for the signs, because they will always be there when you want them.

Marco Della Valle International Psychic Medium The Beauty Hub on Flinders 209 Flinders Street, Townsville City 0428 753 689


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Business Administration Consultant

Trent Yesberg Regional Business Services

Finding Finance It’s not as easy as you might expect

EVERY week we hear of another story about how someone has been unable to secure finance. Whether it is purchasing a home, looking at a new building premises, purchasing a piece of equipment or just having working capital, finding finance is just not as easy as you might expect. The problem is, that by the time you speak to someone about securing finance, it is normally once you have your heart set on whatever it is you would like to purchase. This means that when you get knocked back, it hurts a whole lot more! Knowing what to expect from a finance application is half the battle. Being prepared with your information, such as financial documents and tax returns, having a clear ATO Portal. Being aware of your minimum deposit and trading history requirements can also assist you in your decision making. Finance can not be an afterthought – you need to be finance ready BEFORE you start making purchase decisions (aka shopping). There are a number of avenues you can pursue to secure finance. Each has its good and bad points and normally it comes down to what is the easiest, which isn’t always the best choice! Most people go to their bank. In theory you would think this would just make sense, after all they ‘know’ you. You have probably been banking with them for years. Well, unless you are relationship managed – your banking is predominantly handled by a computer system, requiring very little local input. Gone are the days when you would have a meeting with the Bank Manager to discuss your plans, review your financial position and leave with your mortgage that same meeting. The ‘Big Banks’ have a huge market share and access to many

products, but don’t believe that because you have banked somewhere for 10 years, that it means they will give you finance. Shopping between the big banks is a great option. And don’t just stick to the big banks either – there are a huge number of Credit Unions that offer fantastic products and friendly staff. They also have access to many specialised products that are unique to their business. Another new and exciting option is known as Fintech, short for Finance Technology. Australia is at the cutting edge of disrupting the finance market with common sense, easy to use online products. What these companies have created are Enterprise Level products that are accessible for all business sizes. Short-Term Working Capital in the form of a Revolving Credit Loan, Invoice Factoring and even Invoice Financing (borrowing against the value of your Accounts Receivable) are all available at the click of a button. You can even have a direct link into your accounting package (i.e. QuickBooks Online / Xero) all from the comfort of your home or office! It is an exciting time in the business arena. Technology is rapidly changing how we run our businesses and challenging the old way of doing things. Finding finance isn’t easy, but you can make it easier on yourself by knowing what is available to you.



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Karen Quagliata Northern Tax & Financial Services

Fiduciary Duty and The Trusted Professional

MARRIAGE is all about trust, as are the relationships with the professionals you engage. You put trust in your doctor, to tell you if you have an illness. You put your trust into your accountant, to ensure you have prepared your tax return in order. You put your trust into your financial adviser to advise you on the best way to, for example, invest your money.

What comes with that trust in any of these relationships is fiduciary duty (Latin term for trust is fiducia). This duty is the highest standard of care. The one who as this duty is referred to as the fiduciary, and the person to whom the duty is owed is referred to as the beneficiary (or principal). The fiduciary must act in the interests of that principal or beneficiary, rather than act for their own self-interest. An example of this would be: A client has a financial product, a certain managed investment that he enjoys, but needs specific advice on that product, such as needing some cash from that investment, so what part of the investment should he sell down. They don’t want to change the product, they just want some advice on it. A new adviser who is approached, must take reasonable steps to discharge the duty if he/she is unable to do any recommendation on that product. This could be that the product is not on their AFSL (Australian Financial Services Licence) holder’s ‘Approved Products List’ (or APL). Instead the adviser must disclose this and recommend that the client see another adviser who is able to recommend on that product, especially if the client is not interested in changing products. So from the adviser’s perspective, they are obligated to take into consideration discharging their duty when recommending to a client any product advice, if they are unable. A good point of reference here is www. The adviser needs to demonstrate at all times, that the advice is in the clients’ best interest and be prudent and consistent in the strategy/ies applied.

Things to look out for include: Do you have a detailed description and understanding of how the adviser is getting paid (commissions, asset-based fees and fee for service). Can the adviser even advise you on your current investments? If the advice you have been provided is complex, do you have a full understanding of what is being recommended? Is it dangerous advice? If other parties are involved, is there a conflict of interest? For example, are you divorced and is your trusted adviser handling both the affairs for you and the affairs for your spouse? If so, has the adviser disclosed this to both parties and offered an alternative? Is the adviser part of a one stop shop? Are there referral agreements in place with your trusted advisers and other professionals (e.g. accountants) that you don’t know about (i.e. do they benefit financially from any referrals they make). It certainly does not hurt to ask these questions. This is ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge and understanding that the adviser, or anyone you engage to work on your behalf, are working for your best interest, and not their own. That assurance is what is of utmost importance in these special, trusted relationships. Remember, it’s what the professionals are engaged to do is what gives that professional the automatic obligation to act in the interest of the person they are working for. The information provided is general advice only. We have not considered your financial circumstances, needs or objectives and you should seek the assistance of a qualified advisor before you make any decision regarding any products mentioned. Whilst all care has been taken in the preparation of this material, no warranty is given in respect of the information provided and accordingly Northern Tax & Financial Services Pty Ltd employees or agents shall not be liable on any ground whatsoever with respect to decisions or actions taken as a result of you acting upon such information.

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Founding Chairman

Warwick Powell Sister City Partners

Faster, Wider, Deeper The pace of change is only matched by its breadth and reach. I am talking about the ongoing transformations being driven globally by technology and automation.

REGIONAL economies like Townsville North Queensland are not immune from these forces. Rather, there’s every possibility that the North occupies a position where the velocity and violence of change is likely to be as great if not greater than many other parts of the country. And it is also likely that the pace of change is accelerating. THE BIG PICTURE Let’s start with the big picture. For at least the last 4 to 5 years, developments in computing and robotics have underpinned the emergence of new business models and processes. These challenge directly and indirectly established industries and their practices; the euphemism of ‘disruption’ has become something of a


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catch-all to describe the winds of change. Some celebrate the forces unleashed by these technological advances. Others are increasingly concerned by their social and human implications. Innovation is invoked as the pathway to salvation. If we as individuals and as communities are being compelled to adapt and change, then innovation is unavoidable. Innovation in its most basic sense is fundamental to our capacity to adapt to new circumstances by the creation of new possibilities. And yet, the dislocation that is being wrought by the emerging world of disintermediating platforms, the wits economy and machine-enabled labour replacement is causing deep concerns across our social fabric. Economic inequalities, hewn by among other things the unremitting forces of technological automation, and hastened by the absence of ameliorating civic institutions, have left our social landscape pockmarked with impoverishment, personal torment and social strife. Communities around the world have begun to react angrily to this accumulated plight. In the vacuum left by the lack of impact of conventional policy levers has stepped political forces promising to halt technology’s onward march, and protect the livelihoods of those disenfranchised. FALSE PROMISES Yet, there’s actually little that can be done to turn back the tide. Powerful global economic

forces will continue to drive the development and adoption of labour saving devices. Digital platforms will reshape supply chains, by dis-intermediating traditional middle men. Permanent jobs will continue to decline as a proportion of total employment. A very large number of jobs will be replaced with automated technologies, be they robotics-based or merely software enabled self-service. For thirty years or more, the Australian labour force has increasingly shed jobs described as manual-routine and cognitiveroutine. Repetitive activities and processes can increasingly have their labour content reduced and eventually replaced. The pace of change in this great transformation is only getting faster. Recent data from the American Robotics Industries Association revealed that in the first six months of 2016 alone, USA robotics technology vendors sold 14,583 robots worth more than $817 million around the world. The RIA further estimates that over 265,000 robots are deployed in factories right across the States, ranking it 3rd in robotics deployment behind China and Japan. The World Economic Forum recently predicted that automation will lead to the net loss of over 5 million jobs across 15 developed countries by 2020. This is an optimistic estimate when compared to the findings of an International Labor Organization study, which states that up to 137 million workers in developing countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam are at risk of being automated out of existence.

Nataliya Hora /

DUOBusiness | Observation

IDC recently published FutureScape: Worldwide Robotics 2017 Predictions. It estimates that by 2018 almost one-third of robotic deployments will be smarter than they are today, capable of collaborating with other machines and working safely alongside humans. A year later, the report predicts, 30% of the world’s leading companies will have employed a chief robotics officer; and by 2020, there will be a global shortage of skilled workers to work in the robotics sector. However, it’s also clear that for every job created by automation, several will be lost to it. Automation will create jobs, but nowhere near enough to replace the numbers that are displaced. REGIONAL IMPLICATIONS If these dynamics are buffeting economic systems right across the world, their impacts in regional Australia will, one suspects, be particularly acute. Let’s take two examples, one related to manual-routine and the other to cognitiveroutine jobs. On the first score, we now have roboticised bricklaying technologies that can lay 1,000 standard bricks an hour. This is equivalent to the work of two human bricklayers over 1-plus days. Put another way, Hadrian-X can do in one eight hour day (though of course, its ability to work won’t be limited to the ‘standard 40 hour week’) what would have taken over 80 man-hours of manual bricklaying to complete. If people are concerned about the cost of

housing, a 10-fold improvement in productivity in construction will make a big dent in the problem. In Townsville, the emergence of roboticised construction will impact the future of the local building industry. The construction sector has already been in cyclical decline over the past few years, but is likely to face structural contraction to its employment base over the next decade. If this does happen, there will be fewer bricklayers, to start with, working in Townsville (or elsewhere for that matter). As for cognitive-routine jobs, we need look no further than government-sector administration, which by definition is routinebased. Whether it’s the work of the local ATO, or Townsville City Council’s licensing and regulatory management functions, automated self-serve is likely to become the norm over the next decade. Completing and processing forms is something an algorithm can do quicker and cheaper than an office full of bureaucrats. The latest computer-based fiasco around Centrelink might raise concerns about accuracy and machine-error, but the end result won’t be an army of human administrators double-checking on the software. As the kerfuffle washes its way through the machinery of government, the end outcome will be even fewer people in compliance and administration. One would hazard a guess that at least 70% of all transactions between the public and the Townsville City Council are effectively cognitive-routine activities (in whole or in large part). With ongoing budgetary pressures, I, for one, will not be surprised if Council becomes the regional vanguard of procedural automation. And it won’t just be in cognitiveroutine jobs either where machines will replace people. A bunch of manual work, ranging from routine parks maintenance through to road repairs can conceivably be undertaken by robots of one sort or another. As a point of fact, one of the consequences of a comprehensive ‘smart cities’ philosophy is to enable rapid technological replacement of a vast number of jobs through a ubiquitous Internet Of Things network underpinned by modest levels of machine-learning. You don’t need machines that can genuinely emulate human cognitive capacity for machines to do a lot of what humans presently do. If you think automation will be contained to public sector administration and the odd blue collar job, you’d most likely be wrong. Mining is at the forefront of automation, so whatever growth we may see in new mining activity is unlikely to bring as many human

jobs as mining did in the past. Professional services firms, like accountancies and lawyers, will continue the automation of previously labour-intensive para-professional activities. Retailing and hospitality (hotels and restaurants) are already seeing robotic automation transforming employment profiles. As developments in robotic intelligence progress, expect to be greeted by a bipedal robot when you next visit a restaurant, or be confronted with self-check-in / self-pay in more and more venues as you already do at airports and supermarkets. If reduced aggregate employment is one likely consequence, the next direct implication is a radical change in the demand for physical floorspace. Cloud-based algorithms simply don’t need the 10m2 per office worker that has dictated town plans and CBD renewal visions. And with lesser employment, there’ll be reduced demand for residential accommodation. 21ST CENTURY JOBS The key to regional prosperity lies in its ability to transition to an economy that generates more non-routine cognitive and non-routine manual work. Promising to hold back the outflow of routine work is a fool’s errand, and a promise that cannot be fulfilled. Net growth in the regional labour force can only happen if there’s expansion in cognitive and manual non-routine jobs. Design and creative services and products, as well as growth in the high-touch experiential economy are areas that need to be nurtured. It’s here that we’ll see many of the good jobs of the 21st century. Whether they are found in regional economies or increasingly concentrate in the thick labour markets of large urban conurbations remains to be seen, and ultimately depends on how we as a community acknowledge the structural changes that are taking place and the forces that are driving and shaping them.

Warwick Powell is the founding Chairman of Sister City Partners, a regional not-forprofit investment bank with headquarters in Townsville. He brings almost 20 years of experience in global capital markets and project development and finance to bear on the challenges of creating regional resilience. He is an iconoclast who questions and challenges orthodox thinking. More information about Sister City Partners visit Warwick is active on LinkedIn. Search him and hook up.

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Left to Right: Zammi Rohan Director of 9Point9 Architects, and Mark Carter RPS General Manager – Townsville



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DUOBusiness | Promotion

THE $250 million question is on the lips of many Townsville North Queensland residents. Many of whom feel that this project has just been all talk, and wondering whether they will actually see this significant piece of infrastructure delivered to the region. To put it plainly… yes, the North Queensland Stadium is real. It will be built. Considerable wheels are currently in motion to see this project completed by the beginning of the NRL’s 2020 season. Just in time for us all to pull on the blue and grey and cheer on the mighty Cowboys in a state-of-the-art stadium.

Where to now? This project is all about local job creation and participation. It is anticipated that during the design and construction periods, the project will generate approximately 750 jobs. However, here comes the tough love… These jobs will not just land in the laps of local suppliers, businesses and sub-contractors. Townsville North Queensland businesses must be proactive in order to take advantage of the business opportunities the stadium construction will present.

“THE STADIUM IS BY NO MEANS JUST A VENUE TO HOST 12 NRL GAMES EACH YEAR. IT CAN POTENTIALLY PROVIDE EXTENSIVE NEW OPPORTUNITIES IN TOURISM AND EVENTS, SUCH AS ROOFTOP TOURS AND ZIP-LINING…” How to get a slice of the stadium pie? Those interested in acquiring stadium work must follow a particular formula to ensure they are at the top of the supplier pecking-order. To achieve this, businesses must register their interest and capabilities on the Industry Capability Network (ICN) Gateway. The ICN Gateway will be the principal supplier database utilised by the Managing Contractor chosen to deliver the North Queensland Stadium. From painters to concreters, port-a-loo suppliers to landscapers – if those businesses want the opportunity to potentially be involved, they must follow this procedure. The objective of the stadium project is to not only deliver a long-standing piece of infrastructure to better service a growing region, but more importantly, it’s about stimulating the local economy, maximising local outcomes and

providing much needed jobs at a time the region most needs them.

Stadium design & features Now let’s step back a bit and bask in the truly unique winning stadium design presented by the Cox Architecture led team in December 2016. The design is inspired by the tropical pandanus tree, featuring an open layout that makes the most of Townsville’s enviable climate - particularly through the inclusion of the much loved grassy hill. The 25,000 seat design, which has the flexibility to expand to 30,000 seat capacity in the future, has been designed to protect 80% of seats from rain, and will be built to withstand cyclonic winds. The stadium stands will feature inbuilt lighting to eliminate light towers that can be disruptive to neighbouring suburbs, as well as

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leading smartphone technology to ensure fans feel as though they are in the thick of the action. The stadium is by no means just a venue to host 12 NRL games each year. It can potentially provide extensive new opportunities in tourism and events, such as rooftop tours and zip-lining and serving as a world-class venue to lure nationally and internationally acclaimed bands and artists, and a wide variety of entertainment based events. James Cook University has indicated its interest in establishing a sport and exercise science facility on the stadium site, which would provide cutting-edge technology to students and local athletes. It’s all about bringing the stadium alive for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


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Local input At the time of the design announcement, it was revealed that two Townsville locals were chosen as consultants to work with the Principal Designer, Cox Architects, on the stadium design. Director of 9Point9 Architects, Zammi Rohan, and RPS General Manager - Townsville, Mark Carter, are a part of the winning design team, and are both graduates of the Townsville Enterprise Emerging Leaders Program. From the get-go, local employment opportunities were identified as a key focus; with it already off to a positive start with the inclusion of local lads, Zammi and Mark, playing an integral part in the stadium’s conceptualisation. The North Queensland Stadium will be an iconic

landmark in the North Queensland landscape a long standing legacy. Zammi and Mark will be a part of that legacy and are a great example of how local talent can be utilised on major projects. In order to achieve greater local involvement on major projects and reap the benefits of a strengthened economy, we must get behind our local chippies, sparkies and plumbers and encourage them to register on the ICN. There are certainly no guarantees, but in the current economic climate we’re in, why not give it a red-hot-go? What do you have to lose? It will be well worth the effort! Contact Townsville Enterprise on (07) 4726 2728 if you would like assistance or more information about registering your business on the Industry Capability Network Gateway.



Inspirational Leaders In Law Highlight


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Inspirational Leaders In Law

Garreth Turner Principal / Branch Manager | Shine Lawyers

Shine Lawyers Townsville 24–28 Ross River Road, Mundingburra Telephone 4431 2300 Email


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As a personal injury law specialist, Shine Lawyers Townsville’s Branch Manager Garreth Turner has dedicated his career to advocating for the little guy. “Clients who seek my assistance have often been injured through no fault of their own and as a result can’t work or maintain their jobs, can’t afford necessary medical treatment, or to even pay their day-to-day bills,” explains Garreth, who has specialised in this area since 2009. “Not only does that individual suffer, in many instances an entire family will suffer. “During these times, big insurers aren’t always interested in the little guy or their families. It’s my job to ensure my clients get looked after, their treatment is funded and they’re compensated for all losses now and into the future. “I can’t heal a client’s injuries, which will often last forever, but being able to settle a client’s claim and see them and their family be able to move on with their lives with some assistance is the next best thing.” Starting with Shine Lawyers in 2007, Garreth took on his firm’s major claims during 2011 through 2015, which included all catastrophic files north of Brisbane, classed as complex cases representing severely injured clients having sustained head or spinal injuries. In 2015 Garreth was then appointed as a

Principal of Shine Lawyers and took on the role of Townsville Branch Manager. Soon after, he was awarded the highest performing solicitor across the firm in 20152016. “The law is constantly evolving and so too are firms and practitioners. Shine is a progressive and forward thinking firm, and we have big plans for further developing our client service, interaction and access to compensation. “We offer extensive services, and we invest in our people to better their knowledge and skills. We also evolve our systems and procedures to ensure we remain ahead of the competition in achieving the best results for our clients,” he says. “My greatest satisfaction is the trust people place in me to deliver for them in their time of need. “My family might say I chose law because I like to argue, however I would say I like to advocate for what is right and for a just outcome. “And maybe I like to argue a little too.”


Inspirational Leaders In Law

Renae Stocks Solicitor | McDonald Leong Lawyers

McDonald Leong Lawyers 85 Thuringowa Drive, Kirwan Telephone 4723 5155

As Managing Solicitor of the Family Law team at McDonald Leong Lawyers, Renae Stocks assists clients with all aspects following the breakdown of a relationship including child support, property settlement and parenting arrangements. For Renae, who holds a Masters of Applied Laws (Family Law), 2017 marks her tenth year practising exclusively in Family Law. “Obtaining my Masters within 18 months and becoming an Independent Children’s Lawyer have been big achievements in my career together with being able to juggle working full time and caring for two young children!” Embracing her skills as an experienced lawyer, Renae enjoys mentoring young solicitors to develop their knowledge in Family Law, not only within the firm but also as a 2016 mentor for the Women Lawyers Association. “Family Law can be a challenging area in which to practice, because of the clients’ emotional turmoil and situations in which they find themselves during a relationship breakdown,” explains Renae. “Family Law is not just assisting clients with property settlement or parenting arrangements, you have to remain objective about the issues in each individual matter which can involve abuse between the partners or towards children, drug or alcohol addictions or mental health issues

just to name a few. I find that being able to identify and assist clients with all aspects of their relationship breakdown is fundamental in achieving the best result for them.” Growing up in North Queensland, Renae always knew she would return once she completed her law Degree at Monash University. “Whilst I enjoyed living in Melbourne, I love the weather and lifestyle in Townsville.” It’s this love for Townsville that motivates Renae to give back to her community. Professionally, as a committee member of the North Queensland Women’s Legal Service, and a Board Member of Access Support Services which provides support to people with disabilities. Personally, Renae donates her time to the Pyjama Foundation which assists children in foster care. “Being a Family Lawyer can be difficult and time consuming,” admits Renae. “I am lucky to be part of a quality Family Law team and enjoy the right balance between my work and home life with the support of the principal, Linda Leong who has mastered this balance.”

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Inspirational Leaders In Law

Paul Sterling Partner | MacDonnells Law

MacDonnells Law Level 1, 131 Denham Street, Townsville Telephone 4722 0220 Email


DUOMagazine February 2017

“Any time you can assist a client to right an injustice or overcome unfairness and adversity is a good day at the office,” says Paul Sterling, Partner at MacDonnells Law. With a career spanning three decades, Paul has had many good days. He started his career in his hometown of Townsville at a smallish firm, with exposure to all aspects of law and litigation, progressed to specialising in insurance and compensation law and today leads the MacDonnells Law Townsville litigation and dispute resolution team, working across insolvency, contract, property law, trade practices, insurance and compensation law. “I had a strong foundation for my career,” explains Paul. “Since my early days, I have worked for and with many excellent Solicitors and Barristers and learnt a lot from them – as much about the practice of law, professionalism, ethics and client service as about the law itself. The law changes but these things don’t. “Having acted for an array of corporate clients including insurers, retailers, developers and so on, the satisfaction you get from achieving a great outcome is hard to beat. I’ve had a few clients say to me over the years, “Thanks mate, this has really changed my life”. Those moments remind me why we do what we do for our clients, individuals or corporate.

“As an outcomes/results orientated person, most of all I enjoy getting the job done,” shares Paul, who holds a Senior Solicitor appointment with Lexon, the Insurer of Legal Practices throughout Queensland, and until recently sat on a Queensland Law Society Specialist Accreditation Committee of which he was one of the longest serving members. Away from the office, Paul is a regular on Townsville’s many walking tracks with his wife and two Border Collies. “Walking is a great way to both wind-up for the day ahead and wind down after the day is done. In the morning it’s me and the dogs, as I mentally map out the day. Our night-time walk is the ‘whole family’ – my wife Tanya, the Border Collies and I. “Professionally, I enjoy being part of a firm that offers the best of both worlds – a strong local identity and community connection, but with the resources of a State-wide firm with offices in three locations throughout Queensland.”


Inspirational Leaders In Law

Kate Pateman Founder, Director & Principal | KLP Family Law

KLP Family Law Level 2, 390 Flinders Street, Townsville City Telephone 4775 6667 Email

“My father always said I would be a lawyer,” recalls Kate Pateman who specialises in Family Law. “It was because I questioned everything and argued often – he was right and I still do!” Not only did Kate become a lawyer as her father predicted, she also founded her own firm specializing in Family Law, KLP Family Law, which celebrated five years last month off the back of a winning year. Kate was a 2016 finalist in the Chamber of Commerce NAB Young Business Person awards, and for the second consecutive year was nominated by her peers as a leading and recommended Family Lawyer and law firm in North Queensland. “Family Law is what I have been doing since being admitted in 2003,” says Kate, who is also the regional committee member with Family Law Practitioners Association (QLD) and Vice President for North Queensland Women’s Legal Service for her fifth year. “I still love it even to this day! The passion has never left me and I enjoy being able to help people and change families for the better by assisting parents navigate the difficult, and often emotional, process of divorce. “A lot of trust is handed over to me, and I take that very seriously,” stresses Kate. “There’s a generational cycle, which starts with the parents. Often, I educate my client on how to liaise with the other parent and achieve

a healthy and respectful relationship, which their children witness. This in turn shows the children what healthy relationships can be like, so they can have healthy relationships of their own. Then when the children have children the cycle continues.” As with any business, Kate says adapting to change is key to success. “We are a modern firm, we use text messaging, and we are open longer hours and on Saturday mornings because we recognise that people work or are busy with their kids 9 to 5. The atmosphere of the firm is also very different to the ‘traditional’ law firms – we have a lot of colour, there is a lot of pop culture on the walls and we even have ‘therapy dogs’ in the office who assist with clients’ stress and anxieties and to normalise what they are going through. “We’re conscious that people no longer come to us solely for legal advice – they can access that online. They are coming to us for support and an experience. And I’ve structured the firm so that people get that. You just have to look at our Facebook page to realise we are not the usual law firm – we really are changing the way Family Law is done.”

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Inspirational Leaders In Law

Phil Rennick Principal Lawyer | Rennick Lawyers

Rennick Lawyers 306 Ross River Road, Aitkenvale Telephone 4775 1700 Email


DUOMagazine February 2017

Phil Rennick’s career is truly a case of law and order. The policeman-turned-lawyer has established a reputation as a skilled criminal and family lawyer, with his firm Rennick Lawyers. After joining the Queensland Police Service in 1986 and training in Brisbane, Phil says he requested to return to the bush – preferably Warwick, Roma or Mareeba. “The QPS sent me to Townsville.” Over the next decade, Phil developed his investigative skills through his work and in-service courses, and became a highly trained detective. “When I turned 30 I asked myself, ‘What would I do, if I wasn’t a police officer?’ I enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce at James Cook University in 1997 and it opened my eyes to the world of tertiary studies; but after 18 months I realised Commerce wasn’t for me, so I crossed over to Law.” Admitted as a Barrister in 2004, Phil was a Senior Sergeant within the police by this stage, working in the Legal Services Branch in Brisbane. “My primary role was developing legislation before it went to Parliament. I also worked on the legal issues relating to the high-coverage extradition of Jayant Patel from the US.” Using his experience as a policeman and a lawyer, Phil became involved in Queensland

University of Technology’s mentor program, in two fields – Justice and Law. (He was recently awarded for 10 years’ service to this program.) In 2007, having just turned 40, Phil retired from the QPS to enter the world of private practice as a Barrister, taking chambers on the Sunshine Coast and practising in Criminal and Family law. “Criminal and family law go together well because they rely upon advocacy skills,” explains Phil. “There is a sense of achievement when you obtain a good result, because you’ve played a part in guiding a person through a tumultuous period of their life.” In 2012, Phil and his wife Michelle returned ‘home’ to Townsville, and established their family-run firm. “Rennick Lawyers is a small firm focused on Criminal and Family Law, but we also do conveyancing, wills and estates, business and commercial matters. “I’ve devoted my career to the law – first through the Police and now as a lawyer. It’s a privilege to be able to assist people at a time when they most need help.”


Inspirational Leaders In Law

Sam Cohen Principal | Cohen Legal

Cohen Legal 1C, 41 Sturt Street, Townsville Telephone 4721 0264 Email

As Cohen Legal prepares to turn one in a few months, firm founder and Principal Sam Cohen is preparing for growth. The modern law firm will this month add a third legal mind to its artillery. “Our point of difference is the firm’s straight talking, practical advice and service level,” explains Sam, who practises in building and construction payment disputes, contractual disputes, leasing disputes, property disputes, defamation, Australian Consumer Law claims and estate litigation. “I came to the law following 15 years in civil construction and engineering management and administration after studying via an employer scholarship program.” In 2008, Sam joined a large regional firm as a trainee in a skilled commercial litigation team. “With excellent mentoring and my previous background in building and construction, civil engineering and contracting works generally, I found myself advancing quite quickly. The skills and knowledge I had from my prior experience helps me to better understand my clients’ situations and needs, provide insight into the strategies available to them and allows me to communicate using a dialogue they understand,” says Sam, who graduated in 2009, was promoted to associate in 2012, senior associate in 2013 and partner in

2014 before establishing Cohen Legal in 2016. “We work with clients to identify the issues in dispute, how they arose and what risk mitigation can be put in place to prevent it happening again,” explains Sam. “We do this while working with the client to resolve the existing dispute. It’s a form of value adding; it can result in better success rates, lower fees and greater client satisfaction. I am always looking at costs versus benefits and what is the best outcome for the client commercially.” As well as growing her firm, Sam is currently President of the Townsville District Law Association, President of the North Queensland Law Association, a member of the James Cook University External Advisory Panel and a committee member of the Queensland Law Society Litigation Rules Committee and the Building and Infrastructure Committee. She may have come to law later in her career, but with a varied practice, a growing firm, and passion for the law, Sam has more than caught up. “I admit, I love a document-driven case, gathering evidence and developing an argument!” “Simply, I love my job.”

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Olga Pink /



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Jessica Sepel is a qualified Sydney nutritionist, author, health blogger and wellness coach. You may recognise her from her beautiful recipes – she is the voice of very active Facebook and Instagram profiles featuring daily food inspiration and health mantras.

Tell us about the creation of your new recipe book out on February 17 and the approach you’ve taken? This book is very close to my heart and it focuses on topics I really truly think people are struggling with; body image, dieting, disordered eating, thyroid problems, low energy, poor digestion and weight balance. I think everyone is feeling confused and overwhelmed by all of the health information that is being thrown our way. This book clears the confusion and demonstrates how easy and practical living the healthy life can be. Tell us about your old harmful regime that you overcame using your ideas in the book? I was weight conscious, not health conscious. I was living off cans of tuna and Diet Coke – ‘skinny foods’. I was over exercising every day and putting my body under an enormous amount of stress. I was calorie counting each meal and feeling terrible amounts of guilt after each meal. I would follow every fad diet there was. Can you give an example of one of the key obstacles you had to overcome and how you did that? I had to give up dieting to live a wholesome


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balanced life. And focus on giving my body a lot of love and care. I had to rebuild my relationship with myself and my body – a huge challenge. I did this through learning about how the body works (during my nutrition degree) and through a lot of therapy. The JSHealth community also healed me in a lot of ways. Healthy/wholefoods food heal me every day. What was the breakthrough for you re finding a new way of healthy living? That the diets never did any good – for my weight or health. I had suddenly just had enough of torturing myself. Attending lectures on nutrition was a huge breakthrough for me – I was learning about the body and food in a holistic way and realising how badly I was treating my own body. Describe your food/fitness routine now? It changes – depending on how my body is feeling. I am so in tune with my body now that I make choices based on how I FEEL. I am committed to eating wholefoods – just clean wholefoods. I avoid any foods that are hard to digest – such as gluten. I avoid anything toxic and artificial such as soda – and all packaged foods. But I also believe in indulging moderately. Deprivation only leads

to overeating and bingeing. I exercise moderately and mix it up – a lot of yoga, nature walking and barre classes. I also enjoy 1-2 rest day – without the guilt. And I truly have never felt better. What was key for you in healing your relationship with food? I used to think of food as ’will this make me skinny or fat’. Now I think – how is this food going to nourish me and make me feel well. I gave up diets for life. I committed to eating with balance – because this is what works long-term. When I began eating wholefoods and gave up toxic diet foods – I just felt so well and energised. I felt like I could do everything and anything. I started feeling so good about myself. See – wholefoods actually heal our body image too. It wasn’t one specific moment – it happened over the course of a few months when I realised that this is the only way. What are some good first steps for people to take? You just have to start seeing health as a forever lifestyle. It is not a short term phase/ fad. You deserve to feel good every day, forever. You have to give up dieting – and commit to a wholefood diet. You have to

try and do everything with balance in mind. I think taking care of our stress levels is a very big step in the right direction when it comes to health. We are making better food and movement choices when we are not so stressed. I go into depth on how to reduce stress in my books. How has your body changed from the old you to the new you? My body just feels well. My energy, sleep and digestion totally transformed. My skin cleared and my hair is thicker than ever. My weight balanced out. But I also changed my mindset around weight – I don’t need to be a skinny rake to feel loved/appreciated/accepted. I need to feel good in my clothes. I need to feel energised when I wake up. How does it feel to have your book coming out? It feels surreal. My second book means a lot to me personally. I feel humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to help make the world a healthier place. This is what I was meant to do.

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DUORecipe Jessica Sepel’s Living the Healthy Life

LEMON HERB FI S H I N A BAG SERVES 2 PREP TIME 35 minutes, including cooking 2 x 180 g white fish fillets, skin and bones removed (snapper, barramundi and John Dory are my favourites) 1 lemon, thinly sliced a handful of mixed rosemary, oregano and thyme leaves or 1–2 tablespoons mixed dried rosemary, oregano, thyme and parsley 2 tablespoons olive oil Celtic sea salt and ground pepper chilli flakes, to taste (optional) 8 baby tomatoes, halved 1 garlic clove, sliced

Preheat the oven to 180°C (160°C fan-forced) and line a baking tray with baking paper. Tear off a 30 cm piece of baking paper and lay it flat on the prepared tray. Place the fish fillets in the middle of the paper. Top the fish with the lemon slices, fresh herbs, olive oil, salt, pepper and chilli flakes (if using). Scatter over the tomatoes and garlic. Take each corner of the paper and fold into the centre to form a bag, then seal it. Bake for 15–20 minutes or until the fish is cooked through. Break open the bag just before serving so you and your dinner date can enjoy the fragrances it releases. Spoon all the wonderful juices over the fish – you don’t want to miss a drop.

Recipes extracted from Living The Healthy Life by Jessica Sepel. Available now. Macmillan Australia RRP $39.99


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DUORecipe Jessica Sepel’s Living the Healthy Life

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DUORecipe Jessica Sepel’s Living the Healthy Life

DUORecipe Jessica Sepel’s Living the Healthy Life

MANGO CHIA ICE-CREAM One weekend my mum came up with this amazing concoction. We couldn’t get over how delicious it tasted – like summer in a bowl! Enjoy it as a healthy dessert on a hot day or try it for breakfast. SERVES 4 PREP TIME 1 hour 10 minutes, including soaking ½ cup chia seeds coconut milk, almond milk or filtered water, for soaking, plus extra if needed 2 cups frozen mango cubes 2 tablespoons Greek-style yoghurt or coyo 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon, plus extra to serve 1 tablespoon maple syrup or raw honey, plus extra to serve mint sprigs and chopped raw almonds, to garnish (optional)

Soak the chia seeds in enough milk or water to just cover for 30–60 minutes or even overnight. Place the soaked chia seeds, mango, yoghurt or coyo, cinnamon and maple syrup or honey in a food processor and blend until smooth, with the consistency of a soft ice-cream. You may need to add more milk or water to make it really smooth. Drizzle with a little extra maple syrup or honey and add a sprinkle of cinnamon. Garnish with mint sprigs and chopped almonds, if desired.

Recipes extracted from Living The Healthy Life by Jessica Sepel. Available now. Macmillan Australia RRP $39.99

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A TOUCH OF SALT Winner of Australian Good Food Guide 2017 Chef’s Hat & 2017 Readers’ Choice Award Perched on the edge of the Ross Creek, within Townsville’s CBD, family-owned restaurant A Touch of Salt serves up waterfront views from its al fresco deck and air-conditioned interior. Renowned for quality and creativity, the restaurant delivers an exquisite dining experience and a reputation for foodie festivals, intimate events and as a venue or caterer for weddings and functions. LUNCH: Wednesday–Friday from 12pm. DINNER: Tuesday–Saturday from 6pm. 86 Ogden Street, Townsville City 4724 4441

From the pastures of Central Queensland to the lush valleys of Northern Tasmania, the Independent Meat Company (I.M.C) Steakhouse showcases some of the finest produce from farmers around Australia; guaranteeing tender, juicy steaks of the highest quality. The I.M.C.’s 10 select beef cuts showcase that ‘great’ and ‘Australian’ need not be ‘expensive’. The I.M.C. also has a well-stocked wine and craft beer bar and monthly showcase steaks. Bookings welcome. Dinner Only 7 nights 5pm–late. 17–21 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 3243


WILD GOOSE BREWS & CHEWS The Goose vision is simple, kick back and relax and have a gander around. Dismiss the worries of your day at our convenient location on Flinders Street East. Have a laugh or two and enjoy great gastropub food made with only the freshest ingredients. Plus a great selection of wines, draught beer and cocktails that are sure to give you goose bumps. Open 7 days a week Monday 3pm–1am, Tuesday–Friday 7am–1am, Saturday–Sunday 3pm–1am 137 Flinders St East. 4771 2799


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Fuel Cafe in Belgian Gardens is known by coffee lovers for its own special blend of coffee beans and perfect Bezerra 160ml coffee. It also delivers a delicious menu for breakfast and lunch with indoor and outdoor dining. There’s a great selection of healthy take-away meals including a gluten-free and lactose free range. Try your favourite blend made with our house made Almond or Soy milk. Catering is also available. Belrowes Place, 49 Bundock Street, Belgian Gardens 4721 2101



Luxe Room


Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner service.

Stunning private dining, seating 6 to 18 guests.

Our first floor boutique function room with views across the CBD, river and hills. Catering for up to 50 sit down or 100 cocktail.






Grill’d • Townsville • 3 Palmer St • 4976 9990

Townsville 3 Palmer Street - 4976 9990 -


ens d r a G n a i Belg π

Breakfast Lunch Take-away Meals Catering

Organic Healthy Gluten Free Lactose Free

HOUSEMADE Soy Milk Almond Milk Turmeric Latte

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4721 2101 | 0447 338 689


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21 Palmer Street 4721 1478



COCKTAILS flinders st. townsville.

call 4721 5705



Cannon Park Shopping Centre 4723 7839

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KOBE AT THE VILLE Kobe’s delicious menu has been designed to feature premium cuts from Australia’s finest beef brands as well as other contemporary culinary delights such as locally-sourced seafood, pork, lamb, chicken and vegetarian options. Enjoy a relaxed dining experience in modern décor. The restaurant is perfect for special occasions, business dinners or just a relaxing evening out. Open for dinner 7 nights a week from 6pm. For more information visit, or for bookings call 4722 2222 or email

The Cactus Saloon has three great levels, all with their own unique bars, sensational food and excitement. With an authentic smoker oven, Texas BBQ style slow cooked ribs have never been tastier. With our new range of succulent meats we also offer takeaway lunches and late night dining. Experience Townsville’s home of Cocktails, BBQ and Craft beer. Lunch: Tuesday–Sunday Midday– 3pm. Dinner: Tuesday–Sunday 5pm–9:30pm. Late Night Menu: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 9:30pm–Midnight. 237 Flinders Street Townsville 4721 1708


JAM Winner of Australian Good Food Guide Chef’s Hat Award 2014 and 2015 With seasonally designed menus using the freshest produce from local suppliers, Jam consistently offers unique dining experiences that leave you coming back for more. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, Matt Merrin and his team deliver modern Australian cuisine that is sure to impress. Jam is also perfect for your next private function or event, with elegant dining locations ‘Loft by Jam’ and ‘Luxe by Jam’. Open Tuesday–Saturday 7am–late, Sunday 7am–3pm 1 Palmer Street South Townsville 4721 4900


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Situated on The Strand, this unique waterfront venue enjoys panoramic views of Magnetic Island and Cleveland Bay. The versatile venue can be hired for business meetings, corporate workshops, social events and private functions. As one of Townsville’s premier wedding venues, with an indoor outdoor space, it offers couples the perfect venue for your special day. Open to the public for Sunday at the Bay with live music from 2pm Sundays. 80 The Strand, North Ward, Townsville 4724 4211





OTTO’S FRESH FOOD MARKET Townsville’s first market place providore of specialty foods and gifts. Freshly baked artisan breads, fresh quality produce and meats direct from local farms, as well as everything else you need for the gourmet’s kitchen! Drop in for breakfast or lunch to enjoy a coffee, frappe, smoothie or cold-pressed juice as well as a famous pie, pretzel sub or snack lovingly prepared by our in-store chef. Open Monday–Saturday 6am–7pm, Sunday 8am–4pm 3-5 Illuka Street, Currajong (behind Warrina Cineplex) 4759 1755

Our Mission comes down to 3 words: Burgers made good. We offer 100% grass feed, free range Beef, Chicken, Lamb or Steak with freshly baked bread every day. Come in and try our selection of sides including our Sweet Potato chips. Fully licensed and family friendly. We’re even happy for you to make your own! Dine in or take away. Made with Love. Open Sunday to Thursday 11am–10pm. Friday and Saturday 11am–late. 3 Palmer Street, South Townsville 4976 9990


MICHELS CATERING Winner: ‘Caterer of The Year’ & ‘Best Venue Caterer’ Indulge your taste buds and experience a divine menu created by Michels Catering for your next function… wedding, corporate, BBQ, party, soiree… Michels Catering has evolved into an ’on-trend’ catering company with a strong customer focus, making it one of the regions most versatile and respected caterers. Michels award winning team caters to an array of palates and dietary requirements (food allergies, gluten free, vegetarian/vegan), offering a diverse range of delicious fare, sure to impress. 7 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 1460


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Coffee is our Passion. Food is our Love. Customers are our Life! Welcome to Stellarossa, Townsville’s newest café espresso bar. 3 locations: 420 Flinders Street, Fairfield Central and Stockland. Come and experience the Stellarossa difference today with a full breakfast, lunch, pizza and pasta menu. 420 Flinders St and Fairfield Central are also licensed. Known for our 5 Star Speciality Coffee, you know you need to come in and try it, you will enjoy! Find us on Facebook to keep up to date. Stellarossa 420 Flinders St, Stellarossa Fairfield Central, Stellarossa Stockland Townsville



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S H I L PA & A R J U N A T O A C C O M M O D A T E B O T H O F T H E I R C U LT U R A L B A C K G R O U N D S , S H I L PA N A R U L A A N D A R J U N A S O M A S U N D A R A M H A D T W O W E D D I N G S O V E R T H E S PA C E O F A W E E K .

Two weddings in a week – one Christian, one Indian – brought cultures together to celebrate the union of Shilpa Narula and Arjuna Somasundaram. “We had an Indian wedding in Townsville with a Mehendi night and morning ceremony at Shilpa’s parents’ garden and lunch reception at the Picnic Bay Surf Life Club on the Strand,” Arj says. “This was followed by a Christian ceremony and reception in Brisbane the following weekend.” The couple wanted a casual feel for the wedding in Townsville, as so many family and friends had come from overseas and they wanted to focus on spending time with everyone. “There’s a part of the traditional ceremony where the bride’s sister hands me a wreath of flowers but the two of us didn’t really know what the custom was or how it worked,” Arj says. “It turned out, in accepting it, I came very close to accidentally marrying Shilpa’s sister! The family reactions in trying to stop us in time were pretty funny.” Shilpa’s favourite colours – red and gold – set the celebratory tone and after a morning ceremony and lunch on the beach, the celebrations were finishing up as the sun set. “We had a really great time. I think everyone does, regardless of how much work it takes to pull off, which is pretty easy for me to say since I

W O R D S • K Y L I E D AV I S


did a much smaller ratio of the work,” Arj jokes. Arj credits his salmon-cooking skills with ensuring the initial proposal was a success. “To cook a salmon well has always been a bit of an ambition of mine. I have these memories of a salmon dish my mum used to make, where oven-roasting seemed to unlock this really fantastic flavour in the fish. But then every time I personally try oven roasting, it never turns out quite as good,” Arj says. “So this night, I got some advice from the local fishmonger and went skin side down first, medium-high heat, watched for it to cook about halfway through then flipped it, turned down the heat and let it finish off for a couple of minutes. Now I prefer the crispy skin better than my mum’s version. Anyway, Shilpa ended up saying yes to the proposal not long after! “I just wish someone had told me that the terms ‘fiance’ and ‘fiancee’ refer respectively to the male and female of the engaged couple and are not interchangeable!” All jokes aside though, Arj shows his true romantic colours when he says of their decision to marry: “Even after four years together, despite all the time we’d spent with each other talking about every possible topic under the sun, I never wanted to leave her side and she equally always wanted to stay.”


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Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers design and create unique, timeless pieces of fine jewellery that reflect sophistication and distinction. Each individually designed and handcrafted piece uses only the finest natural gemstones and precious metals. At Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers you gain from the experience and reputation that this family owned and operated business has established since 1974. Visit our design studio to see the handcrafted difference.

8 8 D E N H A M S T R E E T, T O W N S V I L L E . P H O N E 0 7 4 7 7 2 3 6 2 2 G E M M O L O G I S T S • Q U A L I F I E D D I A M O N D G R A D E R S • R E G I S T E R E D VA L U E R S MEMBER



High school sweethearts Erin Studd and Chris Baldwin met in Grade 11 and it was love at first sight. “I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her that she was The One,” Chris says. Erin agrees: “There was no doubt in my mind that I would marry him one day. He keeps me sane and is the perfect balance to my personality. We really are Yin and Yang.” While the eventual wedding was as expected, the proposal itself was not… “Unbeknown to Erin I’d been trying to plan the proposal in great detail but that changed quite quickly when she thought it would be funny to change her Facebook relationship status to ‘Engaged’,” Chris says. “So I pulled the car over and proposed with a makeshift ring from some plastic I found in the car. Not exactly how I pictured it but it’s our story now!” Hairdresser Erin (25) and electrician Chris (26) wed at Byron View Farm in Byron Bay in front of 70 guests. The look was ‘sophisticated rustic’ with touches of metallic gold and copper and the flowers, by Bower Botanicals, set the scene. “The flowers were the central part of my wedding – I had a hanging installation over the bridal table and bar, and generous runs of

W O R D S • K Y L I E D AV I S


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arrangements on my table and my arbour,” Erin says. “We had beautiful rich arrangements of reds, purples and maroons, with hints of pink and fresh foliage. All the flowers you can imagine from roses and anemones to tulips and thistles and they were all stunning.” Erin wore a made-to-measure plain white gown with no detail as she’s “not very girly” and the creation by Mariana Hardwick in Melbourne was exactly what she had envisioned. “My mum and her partner bought me an antique bluebird brooch that was pinned to my bouquet for ‘old’ and my maid of honour lent me her ring for ‘something borrowed’,” Erin says. “My favourite part of the day was getting photos after – so many happy moments with my new husband and our beautiful friends. It was a nice breather after the ceremony, especially since I cried like a baby during the vows!” Having the photos taken with the idyllic surrounds of Byron Bay as the backdrop was also important to the couple. “I’m so happy we chose a destination wedding – it made everything feel so much more exciting,” Erin says. And Chris agrees: “If I had to do it all again I wouldn’t change a thing.”



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When 23-year-old soldier Jackson Beehag relocated to Townsville from Sydney, it would be a year before his high school love Katie Tulk would join him. “I realised I couldn’t let her go,” Jackson says. “When we moved in with each other and got our puppy Thor I knew I wanted her to be my wife. I proposed on the beach on Christmas Eve on the way to dinner with all of our family, who were waiting for us to celebrate our engagement.” More than 150 guests gathered in the Hunter Valley for the wedding, which was styled by the couple’s good friend Megan Napier of Material Girlz Event Styling. “Megan helped us create an elegant and glamorous theme using silver, ivory and hints of purple,” Katie says. “For our flowers we just wanted something simple and elegant so we used white/ivory roses and baby’s breath.” The ceremony and reception were both at Cyprus Lakes Golf & Country Club in the Hunter Valley New South Wales. “We chose to get married at Cyprus Lakes, Hunter Valley, because of the picturesque surroundings and the amazing venue that overlooked the lake and golf course. What more could we ask for than delicious food and wine paired with even better

W O R D S • K Y L I E D AV I S


company to celebrate our special day?” Katie wore a vintage-inspired gown from a small boutique on the Central Coast designed by Madeline Gardener. “My favourite part of the dress would have to be the lace. I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on,” Katie says. “And because Jackson is a Star Wars fan I mad my own Star Wars-themed garter.” The wedding cake was a three-tier butter cream cake with each layer a different flavoured mud cake – chocolate, white chocolate and caramel. To get the dance floor action going, Katie and Jackson had a secret plan… “We surprised our guests with undercover waiters from Dauntless Movement Crew who preformed an acrobatic show to kickstart the party,” Katie says. “A magic moment was when Jackson asked his mum for a mother-and-son dance while my father and I had our first dance. He surprised his mum with a single red rose and asked her to join him on the dance floor. “I’m lucky that I can call Jackson my best friend and now my husband. I knew he was the one for me as he would always challenge me but was always there for me no matter what. Most importantly, he makes me the happiest girl in the world every single day!”

P H O T O S • M AT T H E W G I A N O U L I S

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Plumber Jason Ede (29) and beauty therapist Margot Power (27) got engaged after eight lovefilled years together and the proposal was worth the wait. “Jason had arranged a surprise weekend away… I had no idea where we were going! The weekend included a chopper ride to Orpheus Island, a six-course dinner over the ocean with stingrays and reef fish swimming below, a picnic on a private bay and a proposal on the beach at sunset,” Margot says. Margot and Jason looked into nearly every venue in Queensland to find the perfect setting to say ‘I do’. “We looked everywhere from Townsville, Magnetic Island and Port Douglas to the Sunshine Coast, Maleny and Hamilton Island but nothing felt right,” Jason says. “We wanted a day that was intimate, special, relaxed and very ‘us’. We decided our home (property at Nome) felt like a very natural choice. We had the ceremony in our garden under a large gumtree.” Pre-drinks, canapes and lawn games followed in the garden and the reception was held in a marque in the backyard. “Everyday we get to look at the beautiful old gum tree where we said our vows,” Margot says.

W O R D S • K Y L I E D AV I S


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After trying a few bridal gowns on Margot knew she wouldn’t be able to find the perfect dress for her in a dress shop, so she decided to design her own. “I sourced all the fabric and had the dress handmade by local dressmaker Chris Chappell,” Margot says. “I just loved the detail of my dress, especially the hand-embroidered tulle skirt. I ended up with the most stunning personalised dress that truly reflected me.” The colour theme for the flowers were whites, greens and soft pinks with a pop of mulberry. “Our florist was Flowers by Flourish and I gave Anitra a brief to work with and let her creativity run wild,” Margot says. “One of my favourite details was the flower garland she made for our gumtree at the ceremony. It was truly exquisite and it took Anitra four hours to construct!” Margot did her own make-up after spending years doing other bride’s wedding make-up and the weather gods were looking out for the couple. “There was a week of on and off rain leading up to the wedding and then the weather cleared on our wedding day,” Margot says. “On the wedding night, as the last of the guests left, it started to rain and a huge storm followed.”



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DUOMagazine February 2017



Ask about our Exclusive Bridal Party Treatment Packages. Call 47 727 214 to book yours.

Shop 154 Castletown Shopping Centre | Phone 47 727 214



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Living proof that shy guys can have a win, John Reid was relieved when Jessica Roncal agreed to a date. “That was back in 2011 and I was working behind the counter of an indoor sports arena when I noticed Jessica playing netball on the court because of how beautiful and tall she is,” John says. “It took me six months to work up the courage to talk to her…” Fast-forward to November 2015 and John had grown brave enough to propose. “I knew that Disneyland is Jessica’s favourite place, so I thought what better way to ask her to marry me than at the Happiest Place on Earth? How could she say no?,” John says. The couple were standing in front of the Disneyland castle at night when John got down on one knee and asked her to marry him in front of everyone. Their wedding followed a year later – at the Disneyland Hotel of course – with the ceremony taking place at the Rose Court Garden, followed by a reception at Sleeping Beauty’s Pavillion. “The highlight of the day was when Cinderella’s Carriage arrived to pick me up and take me to the Rose Court Garden,” Jessica says. “Words cannot describe the breath-taking beauty of the carriage and the big white horse

W O R D S • K Y L I E D AV I S


pulling it along. Even just thinking about it takes me back to that moment and how it made me feel … it was just wow!” Another wow moment was when Mickey and Minnie made a surprise appearance during the cutting of the cake. “None of our guests knew they were coming, so seeing everybody’s faces when they walked in was just magical.” Jessica found her “My Big Fat Greek Weddingstyle” dress in Townsville, at BellaDonna Bridal Shop. “All the boof and tulle was just beautiful and I loved the way it swayed from side to side because I had a big hoop underneath,” Jessica says. “It had a jewelled bodice and the skirting had glitter all though it so it sparkled. I felt like a real princess!” Jessica’s bouquet was made from white roses with diamontés sprinkled through the bouquet and the wedding cake was a three-tier red velvet cake with a chocolate and white ganache filling and white fondant on the outside. Finishing it off Disney-style were the words (in silver writing, on each tier) – And They Lived Happily Ever After – and Mickey and Minnie cake toppers. “A wedding of your dreams can come true – mine did,” says Jessica. “For me it really was a fairytale to remember.”


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ANNA & GEOFF W H E N A N N A B U G E J A’ S C O U S I N C O N V I N C E D H E R T O T R Y O N L I N E D A T I N G A F T E R A F E W W I N E S , L I T T L E D I D S H E K N O W T H E L O V E O F H E R L I F E , G E O F F PA R K E R , WO U L D B E H E R FI R S T ( A N D L A S T ) DAT E.

“I only signed up for a bit of fun,” Anna (then Bugeja) says of her decision to try online dating at her cousin’s suggestion. “A few months later, in October 2012, Geoff was messaging me and asked me out to dinner. I had a look at his profile, which said his ideal woman would be someone into all things fishing and outdoors, and had a laugh thinking I was the total opposite of what he was after. “But I went to dinner with him anyway. Good decision! When I got home that night my then housemate said ‘I can tell by the smile on your face you’re going to marry him’. He was right! I’ve now become a fishing and kayaking pro.” Four years later, 30-year-old civil designer Geoff and 27-year-old pharmacist Anna said ‘I do’ at St Joseph’s The Strand Catholic Church. “I found my wedding gown at White Lily Couture in Brisbane. It was meant to be as the dress itself is called ‘Anna’ by Augusta Jones,” Anna says. “I had Anna customised by adding a lace-sleeved jacket and crystal belt that were altered to become a seamless part of the dress.”

W O R D S • K Y L I E D AV I S


DUOMagazine February 2017


The 100 guests who attended the reception at Rydges Southbank Palmer Street were wowed by a fairy light canopy across the whole ceiling. The flowers were also a wow factor as Geoff collects and grows succulents. “My favourite colour is orange so I wanted bright orange flowers mixed with succulents. Renai and her team from Townsville Flower Market were fantastic working with Geoff’s hundreds of succulent cuttings,” Anna says. “We also had potted succulents in teacups (all done by Geoff ) as favours for our guests. We’re still getting messages and pictures proudly showing off how they’re thriving at their new homes.” For Geoff, the most memorable moment of the day was when Anna walked down the aisle, stood up at the alter and held his hands with a huge smile on her face. “Before that I was nervous and anxious, waiting for the cars to arrive and making small talk with the priest,” he says. “I remember the moment Anna held my hands all of my stress disappeared and I felt happy that ‘we had made it’.”




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WINNING WEDDING SMILES M A K E S U R E Y O U R P E A R LY W H I T E S A R E R E A D Y F O R T H E B I G D AY W I T H A L I T T L E H E L P F R O M T H E D E N TA L H E A LT H P R E C I N C T A T BUSHL AND BEACH. Wedding planning can be stressful, with so many appointments to cram into a short time frame. One of the few local dentists to stay open late, the Dental Health Precinct is open until 7PM Monday to Thursday, making it easy to fit in some pre-wedding finessing. “We see many brides and grooms for teeth straightening and whitening before their big day,” says founder of the Dental Health Precinct Dr Vikram Vasisht. “We can also assist with more comprehensive make-overs. My special interest lies in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, oral rehabs and implants. “I don’t treat just teeth, but humans. Psychological well-being of the patient is the primary goal.” Dr Vikram’s family played a pivotal role in his determination to become a dentist. His parents encouraged him to pursue higher education and acquire additional clinical skills. “My uncle, Dr Mohan CV, was also influential in my decision to enter dentistry,” Dr Vikram says. “His signature statement that I now follow is to be consistently precise with every single case and treat every patient with the utmost respect.”


DUOMagazine February 2017

Dental Health Precinct is a small business and the whole team cares for each other and the business as their own. They have an excellent rapport with patients and are mindful of helping the local community as a whole. “We’re a one-stop shop for the dental requirements of the whole family and offer state-of-the art modern dentistry with a personal touch,” Dr Vikram says. “Our services include preventive dentistry, gum treatment, surgical dentistry, fillings, crowns, veneers, root canals, replacement of missing teeth, straightening, whitening, implants, mouth guards and oral rehabs. We also offer sedation dentistry for nervous patients.” A huge fan of North Queensland’s lifestyle and warmer climates, Dr Vikram was drawn to Townsville after a chilly Sydney winter left him yearning for the sun. “I moved to Australia for a sea change and to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle,” he says. “I’m passionate about helping the local community through modern dentistry and attend courses and seminars year-round as well as investing in the latest technology for the patient’s benefit.”


Precinct HEALTH PRECINCT Shop 2, Bushland Beach Plaza 267–289 Lionel Turner Drive 4788 0111





YO U R W E D D I N G, YO U R WAY AUTHO RISED M ARRIAGE CELEBR ANT LEENA COUT TS IS F O C U S E D O N B R I N G I N G T H E W E D D I N G , V O W R E N E WA L O R C O M M I T M E N T C E R E M O N Y Y O U H AV E A LWAY S I M A G I N E D I N T O R E A L I T Y. Growing up, Leena Coutts lived across from a country church and when she, and her sisters, saw a wedding ceremony they would bubble over with excitement. Back then, it was all about the bride and her beautiful dress. Now, as a marriage celebrant, it’s all about getting the couple to express their wishes and to create a ceremony that reflects their personalities and relationship. Arriving in Townsville in 1985, Leena worked at accounting practice Hungerford Hancock and Offner, where she met her husband to be, Bruce. “We got married on Christmas Eve of 1995 at a little country resort called The Homestead on the Atherton Tablelands,” Leena says. “It was the perfect country setting – lush gardens with wildlife everywhere and an open-air restaurant where we held our reception. Waking up Christmas morning surrounded by family and friends was just magical.”


DUOMagazine February 2017

Finding a celebrant who could communicate and had a gift for eloquence was important: “I remember having so many ideas and not knowing where to start,” Leena says. “We were fortunate to find a celebrant who listened to what we wanted and was able to blend our ideas into a ceremony that exceeded our expectations. When organising a wedding for a friend, Leena found she had a flair for nuptial planning and Marry Me North Queensland was born. While she’s based in Townsville, Leena can travel anywhere you wish to perform your ceremony. “There are few life events as happy as your wedding day and to be a small part of that occasion is truly joyful and humbling,” she says. “More couples are personalising their vows and setting the scene the way they want it, departing from the traditional wedding format and locations. We are also seeing more involvement from family members and friends as part of the couple’s ceremony.”

One wedding that stands out in Leena’s mind integrated four cultures with a bride from an Italian/Greek background and groom with New Zealand/Cook Island heritage. “All four cultures were represented in the ceremony and when the bride and groom joined the Cook Island dancers at the conclusion of the ceremony for a Polynesian blessing, it was just beautiful.”


MARRY ME NORTH QUEENSLAND 278 Ross River Road Aitkenvale 0437 774 068

Everything you need


"This love, is like wildfire, And to my word now I'll be true, I can't stop this breaking loose This love, is like wildfire, Like wildfire" [Seafret]

CEREMONY VENUE The Paper Grove, TYTO Parklands VIBE Rustic Country VERDICT We always wanted an outdoor wedding... and the backdrop of TYTO Wetlands was perfect for us - Sarah & Bryce


4776 4726

TYTO is owned and operated by Hinchinbrook Shire Council


Celebrate your Special Day at The Club The North Queensland Club is the exclusive wedding and function venue located in the heart of the city, where old world charm meets the contemporary. The perfect venue for your wedding reception, the North Queensland Club has seating for up to 100 guests, delicious tailored menus, extensive beverage options, friendly and professional staff, onsite carparking, and popular accommodation houses nearby. For more information please contact Amy on 4771 2250 or

146 Denham Street Townsville

The natural choice for your special day Herveys Range

HeritageTea Rooms Picture your wedding in the cool, natural bushland of Hervey Range. Our beautiful heritage-listed tea rooms and surrounds offer you a unique ambience and a stunning backdrop for your ceremony, reception and photographs.

Contact us for a wedding package today.


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Email | Phone 4778 0199 37 Thornton Gap Road, Hervey Range |

Wedding Paradise Found...

the perfect selections for a perfect day in the Whitsundays

Ceremony & Reception


Resort Accommodation

The Palm House - The Palm Pavilion The Palm Gardens - Up to 200 guests

1962 “Splitty” Kombi - Seats up to 7 Wedding transport - Wedding photos

Studios, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom luxury cabins Over 15 onsite activities - Botanic-like gardens

25 - 29 Shute Harbour Road, Airlie Beach • Email: • Ph 07 4948 5400


. to the view . to Mission Beach . to Castaways Resort & Spa

Say ‘I DO’


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t: (07) 4068 7444


The beautiful refurbishment of our popular functions venue is very nearly completed. We’ve designed it to be the perfect location to bring your family and friends together to celebrate your special day. We invite you to call our professional events team to help you plan the reception of your dreams.

Townsville RSL 139 Charters Towers Road Hermit Park Telephone 4759 9500

Seagulls Resort is a multi-award winning privately-owned four star property on the seafront at tranquil Rowes Bay and set amongst tropical gardens. • Walk down the aisle to our garden gazebo • Beautiful garden marquee or air conditioned function room • Stunning photo opportunities in lush garden settings with the beachfront nearby • Professional event management team to help create your perfect day • Plated, buffet or cocktail menu options • Six styles of accommodation from spa suites to family rooms.

Seagulls Resort 74 The Esplanade Townsville Phone 07 4721 3111 Free Call 1800 079 929


Book your 2017/1 8 Wedding in Febr March this year an uary or d 3 complimentary receive fin food platters at yo ger Pre-Reception Dr ur* inks . *Booki ng must be made and deposit received by 31.03. 17.

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Your Space to Create Mrs. Smiths’ Parlour and Studio is an elegant intimate venue for events and workshops. Situated in a unique state heritage listed building in the historic area of Flinders Street East. Ideal for parties, functions, workshops, long table dinners and boutique weddings Follow us on Facebook. For all enquiries call Anne on 0435 857 546.

The Howard Smith Building 224–226 Flinders Street East Townsville

Would you like to feel more comfortable at your next

Try the Intragastric Balloon, a non-surgical device to hasten excess weight loss for 10 – 30 kgs over a 1 – 6 month period. Day surgery procedure.

Phone 1300WEIGHLESS 142

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Flower Girl & Page Boy Visit us at our new location at Kings Rd Market - Castletown Townsville’s Wedding Flower Specialists

Call Us Today To Schedule Your Complimentary Bridal Consultation 4772 3330

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Castletown Flower Hut

• holy communion • christening • character clothing • formal wear for little princesses & little princes Stockland Townsville (Kmart) Cnr Ross River Road & Nathan Street Aitkenvale 0417 033 611 and 0439 546 910 Find us on Facebook

Over $300 in services for just $170!


Allover colour/unlimited foils, toner/treatment, eyebrow wax/eyebrow tint/eyelash tint, style cut/ blow wave, straight or curled finish.



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five minutes with: Elise Higginson EMERGING YOUNG ARTIST


I’m renowned for: Being so happy. I love to be happy and excited. Life is exciting. The only person who can make you happy is yourself. The song that best describes me is: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship. As a child I always… copied my Dad and pretended to do sales demonstrations. Before the days of Infomercials my Dad used to travel the showgrounds selling all sorts of amazing products. I used to copy his demonstrations of Bamix, pens, fry pans and knives and put on my own shows. Sales was destined to be my career as I come from a family full of salespeople. My most memorable holiday was… my honeymoon to Thailand when we were caught up in a political coup. My favourite day is… Monday. Everything can start on a Monday. You really can do anything you put your mind to. One thing I can’t live without is: My family. I’ve been blessed with a great life. In five years from now I hope I’m… helping thousands of families each year get all their school needs conveniently from The School Locker. I hope I am still happy, successful and living with Mike and the kids in a house that has an ocean view. Last gift I gave someone was: Norwex. I always give the gift of Norwex. Everyone should be able to live their life without harsh chemicals. The biggest influence in my life was/ is: My husband and my mother. My husband Mike is so smart, clean and funny. I learn to be a better person everyday because of him. My mother gave me inner strength and to never be intimidated by anyone. Someone famous I met: Difficult to answer without sounding like a name dropper. Working for Village Roadshow I ran a store at the Gympie Muster. My team and I were having drinks outside our caravan and had a great time talking to a nice guy called Keith, a singer from Caboolture. I had no idea he was Keith Urban who soon took the world by storm. The motto I live by: If you’re not with me you’re against me.


DUOMagazine February 2017

AKA: Louie Bear. I’m renowned for: My colourful vibrant abstract paintings which have often been exhibited in galleries around Townsville. I had my first solo art exhibition Unleashed Creativity in 2014 at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. Also my recent success with Flying Arts Alliance which is an organisation that runs the Queensland Regional Art Awards – a visual arts competition and exhibition for established and emerging artists living in regional and remote Queensland. I’ve had three major successes with Flying Arts. In 2011, I received the People’s Choice Award and in both 2014 and 2016 my paintings were chosen for the touring exhibition around the state. As a child I always… loved to write poems, paint, sing, dance and dress up and put little skits on. But I also liked to get messy with my art and still love this to this day. My most memorable holiday was… going to Brisbane to collect my prize for winning the People’s Choice Award at the Queensland Regional Art Awards. It was a voucher for $750 to spend at the Brisbane Art Shed. I was like a kid in a candy shop! Right now I wish I was… making the big time! I’d love to travel around Australia and the rest of the world with my art! I’d love to be an artist in residence and publish a book of poems and my paintings. My favourite day is: When I have a paint brush in my hand and I’m producing new work. I have to be covered in paint too! Music in the background, a cold drink and I’m a happy girl. In five years from now I hope I’m… achieving my dreams. It’s hard being an artist today. I’m free spirited and being mainstream isn’t my thing. I don’t want any regrets and think I never tried. The biggest influence in my life was/is: My mother. She helped me so much growing up as a kid with disabilities. I found it hard to understand the world around me but she always made me feel loved, special and helped me to achieve my goals. Love her… hugs.


We’re blessed with so many talented and interesting people that we introduce you to four local characters each month. If you think someone should be featured just send an email to:


AKA: I wish it was ‘The Boss Lady’ but mostly it’s just Nim. I’m renowned for: I would love to say it’s my winning personality and stellar listening skills – but more likely it’s my indecisiveness, ability to quote movies, and my incredible sticky date pudding. The song that describes me best is: Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast – I do love to entertain! As a child I always… adopted stray cats, read a lot and got my three older brothers into trouble. My most memorable holiday was… Europe last year. We did a Mediterranean cruise. It was the best time of my life and fuelled my passion for travel even more. Right now I wish I was… Snorkeling off the beach of Gili Trawangan, Indonesia, or shopping my way through the streets of Florence, Italy… I can’t decide! One thing I can’t live without is: My husband… oh and my paw paw ointment, it’s literally the best lipgloss ever. In five years from now I hope I’m… living somewhere cold, surrounded by my family – or possibly overseas… who knows! Last gift I gave someone was: I gave my best friend new towels for Christmas. Boring I know, but my creativeness tends to run out by the start of the festive season. The biggest influence in my life was/is: My family, friends, and local church. My mum especially, she’s always tried to teach me that it’s more important to be kind than to be right. The funniest thing that ever happened to me was… too many to count, but I do love to laugh, even if it’s at myself. Someone famous I met was: Uh… is it sad to say John Howard? Two celebrities I’d like to dine with: Melissa McCarthy and Tom Hardy. She’s hilarious and he’s just… gorgeous. The motto I live by: I believe it’s important to know yourself and what makes you happy, but I also try and live life not just for myself. I’ve always been happiest when those I love are happy. Also, coffee… coffee is my motto.


AKA: Em. I’m renowned for: Being dependable. I always get the job done. The song that describes me best is: Being married to a muso I don’t get control of music played at home. But in my car it’s Michael Bublé or ABBA really loud – oops showing my age. My most memorable holiday was… can I have two? Singapore with Mum before she became unwell – we made some magic memories. And a white Christmas in Japan with my family before the children got too old to hang with Mum and Dad. My favourite day is: Friday. I had a boss who always said good things happen on Fridays and no matter how tough the week had been we found something good would happen on Fridays. Still to this day I like to reflect back on the week and it is also the day for drinks with family and friends. In five years from now I hope I’m… planning for my retirement as I’d be unemployed because they’d found a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. The biggest influence in my life was/is: My mother. She always believed in me, encouraged me to do my best and stood by me when times got tough. The funniest thing that ever happened to me was… when I first arrived in Townsville and went camping by the Houghton River. Nobody told the newbie (me) about sandflies and every single part of my body was bitten. Not a happy camper and I‘ve not been back no matter how good the mud crabs are. Someone famous I met was: Alan Jones at my nieces wedding in Sydney and Rolf Harris many years ago in Darwin. Two celebrities I’d like to dine with: Jamie Oliver – I’ve watched this man since very early days as a bachelor and love what he’s doing for food. Dalai Lama – just to be in his presence and to experience his calmness would enrich my soul. The motto I live by: The Power to Choose. At any time you can choose to alter the direction of your life!

DUOMagazine February 2017


Image: Bo Flores Photography


Going For Gold

MEGAN Groves began competing as a bodybuilder in 2009 at the age of 39. By 40 she had won her first national title and she now has 11 national titles and six world titles under her belt. “If there’s something you want to achieve, something you truly believe in, then go after it,” says Megan. Although she’d been an aerobics instructor for 10 years and was reasonably fit, Megan had put on weight after having her two children and was eating poorly when she discovered bodybuilding. “I decided to give weight training a go,” Megan says. “I started working with a personal trainer at my gym and eating healthier and was seeing results when my PT mentioned the idea of doing a bodybuilding competition. I was very unsure about this as I’d never even been to one before and had no idea what it was all about.” Still, it was a goal to work towards to


DUOMagazine February 2017

keep motivated so Megan set her sights on her very first bodybuilding competition here in Townsville and managed to place second. She then travelled to the Gold Coast to compete at the Queensland State Titles where she placed third. “After that I knew competing in bodybuilding was something I loved to do and I was determined that not only would I do it again, but I would do it better,” Megan says. After placing first in last September’s INBA Tropix in Townsville in the Women’s Open Bodybuilding division, Megan went on to take out the division in Brisbane and Sydney. The icing on the cake was winning the same division at the IFPA Pro Elite World Championships in Kansas City last November. She’s now taking a year off competitions to allow her body to recover but has her sights set on competing again in 2018 at the International Pro Elite World

Image: Bo Flores Photography

Proof that dreaming big and going for it pays off, 46-year-old mother of two won not one but two national bodybuilding competitions and a world title last year. Writer Kylie Davis

Championships to try and reclaim her title. She’s also now busy running her own personal training business, called Synergy PT, which she operates out of Snap Fitness Aitkenvale. “Finding a love of weight training and competing has brought such positive changes in me, both mentally and physically,” Megan says, adding that her family are a huge support to her while she is competing. “Through competing I’ve learned so much about myself and realise that I’m stronger and capable of so much more than I used to give myself credit for. I want to help others to realise their potential too.” @SynergyPtTownsville



$149 BOOK NOW 1800 101 533

• Engine Oil & Filter change • Multi-point vehicle inspection • Safety Check • On-board computer diagnostic check • Check all fluid levels • Road test report

will you be mine?

Introducing the All New Astra. From just $23,990 Drive Away. Make it yours this Valentine’s Day.

Tony Ireland Holden 52 Duckworth Street - Townsville (07) 4726 7777

DUO Magazine February 2017  

Every month, DUO captures the unique spirit of our region and grabs the attention of your community. We’ve been doing it for a decade, makin...

DUO Magazine February 2017  

Every month, DUO captures the unique spirit of our region and grabs the attention of your community. We’ve been doing it for a decade, makin...