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Double Cinema passes to Reading Cinemas to be won!















February 2016 Issue 117

the love issue Cover Story



22 THE MEN WE LOVE With their athletic prowess and dogged determination, these sports sensations are earning Townsville a reputation as game-changers.

46 WOMAN Kailis, Chandon and more

82 EWEN JONES MP Federal Member

48 MAN Issey Miyake, Sony and more

83 LEITH KENNEDY Roberts Nehmer McKee

53 TRANSFORMATION by Townsville’s Colours Hair, Beauty & Body

85 NICOLE STOTT-WHITING Catholic Diocese of Townsville



60 MY BAG Zita Siandri


62 MY STYLE Chelsea Pullinger

88 FOODRELIEF NQ Feeding the needy



67 GRANT COLLINS Clarity Hearing Solutions

90 TOWNSVILLE ENTERPRISE LIMITED Battling the big issues


92 TRENT YESBERG Regional Business Services

70 LEANNE SCOTT Core Nourishment

93 EWEN JONES MP Federal Member

71 PAUL PARKER Sportsmed NQ Physio

94 KAREN QUAGLIATA Northern Tax & Financial Services

Special Feature 110 BRIDE+GROOM DUOMagazine’s Prestige Wedding Feature February 2016

Feature Stories 12 BACK IN THE GAME Fifty years after their 1966 premiership win, the much-loved WEAs are re-forming 18 GROWING OUR REGION’S CREATIVE POTENTIAL A new report into the creative industries in Townsville 20 “DO YOU REALLY HAVE A DEATH WISH?” Dr Stephen Fairley’s book exposes diseases which are lifestyle related


72 PROFILE North Queensland Prosthodontics 73 INSPIRATIONAL Maria Sieben, Liezel Gordon, Martin O’Reilly, Mehmet Oztel, Simon Speed

08 PUBLISHER’S WELCOME 10 HOROSCOPES 158 FIVE MINUTES WITH... Four amazing locals tell us about themselves 169 LOCATIONS Where to find your DUO

DUOHome+Travel 38 BOOK EXTRACT Happy Home Outside by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau


DUOMagazine February 2016

Photography Matthew Gianoulis 0428 752 063 Makeup Cheree Steel Urban Miss Makeup 0418 796 897 Hair Harriet Tan Colour It Castletown 4772 7225 Outfits: Kyle YD Hamza suit, Brooksfield pleated shirt, Buckle bow tie all from Playtime 386 Flinders Street ON THE COVER Townsville 4772 4777 Big thanks to Kyle Feldt and Jessica Mr K Scuba Spandex Jessica Smith for being our dress from InTouch Boutique 007 Spectre impersonators Shop 49 Willows Shopping for our Double One 7 cover. Centre 4773 4446

95 INSPIRATIONAL Jessica Shuttleworth, Linda Leong, Keta Roseby, Luke Shanahan 100 WARWICK POWELL Sister City Partners 102 PETER BAINES OAM Hands Across The Water Founder 104 PHILIP JENKINS Benchmark HR & Industrial Relations

DUOArts+Events 106 WHAT’S ON Theatre, sport and more 108 SHANE FITZGERALD Articulate 109 TERRI BRABON TheatreiNQ

DUOFood+Drink 146 DIRECTORY 154 RECIPES The Happy Life by Lola Berry

Fairfield Health Central


Working together for your health. Fairfield Health Central is a group of health professionals all working together for your health. Conveniently located in Fairfield Central shopping centre, it’s your one stop location for all your health needs. Enjoy easy referral between Pharmacy, Doctors, Pathology, Dentists and Optometrists and extended opening hours including evenings and weekends. AMCAL FAIRFIELD CENTRAL Locally owned and operated by pharmacist Christine Richardson, the Amcal commitment is to help every customer achieve better health and wellbeing. Led by a team of experienced Pharmacists, they have been providing health advice, services and products to the local community for over seven years.

FAIRFIELD CENTRAL MEDICAL PRACTICE Fairfield Central Medical Practice is a dedicated group of health professionals and support staff who are committed to providing excellence in health care in a traditional family practice setting. You can access care when it’s needed by utilising online appointment bookings and the provision for same day emergency appointments and children’s priority care. GREENFIELDS OPTICAL Greenfield’s Optical is Townsville’s largest independent optometrist. They have been operating in Townsville for over a century with highly trained optometrists and a focus on providing patients with best practice Eyecare and advice. They also supply an extensive range of fashion frames, contact lenses, sunglasses and accessories for all ages.

THE TOWNSVILLE DENTAL CENTRE Practiced and caring dentists in Townsville. The Townsville Dental Centre’s practitioners guide patients towards a lifetime of optimal oral health with empathy and understanding. Our team applies the latest techniques and methods to determine problems and strives to provide the quickest, most inexpensive and most effective solutions. SULLIVAN NICOLAIDES PATHOLOGY Leading the way in pathology services. Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology is medically managed by specialist pathologists and a highly qualified team of scientists and other professionals. Underlying everything we do is our aim to deliver a highly professional and personalised service to our referring doctors to provide the best possible pathology care for their patients. Quality is in our DNA.


Fairfield Health Central is a group of Health Professionals all working together for your health. Conveniently located in Fairfield Central shopping centre, it’s your one stop location for all your health needs. Enjoy easy referral between Pharmacy, Doctors, Pathology, Dentists and Optometrists and extended opening hours including evenings and weekends.

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All you need is love. Love is all you need. Love, love, love. It must be February again because this is the issue we fill with things and people we love. It’s our chance for us to profile the Men We Love this month with eight of our local sporting sensations (from page 22) plus our popular 32 page bride+groom premium wedding feature (from page 110). It’s also the month with Valentines Day (February 14) when you take a moment (like you should more often) to tell someone you love how much you appreciate and adore them. For me that’s obviously my wife, Stacey. Now, it’s not that she expects something from me on Valentines Day (I try to make her birthday the big occassion but frequently fail) but this year I’m really going to surprise her. Don’t ask me how because I don’t know yet and I work better under pressure. But I intend it to be the one Valentines Day she will be able to say I remembered. This year, I’m seeing Valentines Day as something a bit broader than buying flowers, chocolates or a card (though I’m informed that all of these would be much appreciated). This Valentines Day I’m going to make the effort to get in contact with as many friends, who I’ve been ‘too busy’ to stay in touch with, as I can. Sure, some of these might be old girlfriends who will be delighted to hear from me after all these years, but they’ll also be some from my childhood who have been waiting for me to call them back again. They’re also the friends I’ve made along the way from being in Townsville for 31 years but haven’t seen at the cafes and restaurants I live out of. So, if you are one of my ‘forgotten’ friends (and you forgive me) please shoot me an email at I’d love to catch up for a coffee or a beer (your shout). Who and what I appreciate this month: Phillip Beard’s letters, Karen Quagliata and Trent Yesberg, Ray (for the sparkling pool), Gary and Roaman (for our lawn), the DUOMagazine team, healthy eating, rain, the fascinating city of Hanoi, Angelo and Sandra, our neighbours Tony and Lynette, Kings Road fish shop, Vietnamese Pho soup. Scott Morrison | Publisher


DUOMagazine February 2016

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Lendlease has partnered with Tourism Australia to bring Noma Australia to Barangaroo Sydney. The restaurant is located in Barangaroo’s Anadara building, a beautiful structure with floor to ceiling curved glass windows and views of the waterfront. Noma Australia spans over 500 square metres at ground level and encompasses a stunning dining room, outdoor lounge area and an extensive kitchen and prep area. The kitchen remains entirely open to the entry and dining areas, allowing guests to move past the Noma chefs as they work. Key elements of the spectacular restaurant interior include a floor of red earth, two native Australian Xanthorrhoea trees, woven pieces by indigenous artisans and, of course, a kitchen fitted out to the highest specification with every millimetre carefully designed. platinum sponsors

gold sponsors

February 2016 DUOMagazine



Horo scope


Aquarius 20 JANUARY – 18 FEBRUARY

There’s a delightful contentment to February that you should enjoy. Sure, there’s still wood to chop and water to carry, but your workload won’t seem so much of a burden. It’s also a romantic time. Mid-month, you instinctively put yourself in the right place at the right time. Talk to others, as they’re now more willing to listen.

Astrologer Tanya Obreza reveals what’s in the stars for you this month…







21 APRIL – 20 MAY

21 MAY – 21 JUNE

Arm yourself for a barrage of changes. But there’s no need to sort every problem yourself. Don’t be too proud to ask for help, especially from close family. Surround yourself with friends and loved ones – most should be in the mood for play. So why not mix business with pleasure?

It’s easy to forget that we are what we do. Tempting as it might be to fall in with others’ thoughts, February warns it’s up to you alone to set your schedule and priorities. Similarly, fixing past mistakes generally takes more than moments of quiet regret. This is a time for apologies and forgiveness.

If you value your own distinctive character, you should also respect everyone else’s. The question of responsibility versus freedom may crop up. Mistake commitment for chains, and you could find yourself permanently free. If that’s what you want, fine. If not, try a more conciliatory approach.

Romance makes its mark in a number of ways this month. Some fall head over heels. Others come to a confronting watershed. Either way, Gemini hearts beat with a new intensity. Singles have their flings, but also consider commitment. Couples are more willing to offer mutual support. But it’s late month that offers the finest carnal delights.





22 JUNE - 22 JULY




Cancerians finally tackle the backlog of work, but you’re not propelled solely by the work ethic. A more likely motivation is your longing for luxury, which needs financing. You may, however, find yourself battling with someone in a position of power. Venus compensates by offering a socially stimulating time. Friendships and romance feel less tethered.

You seem to have a few issues in limbo, which doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep. There must be a tidy way of finalising things, even if it means getting professional advice. But when strapped for cash, options can look decidedly limited. Still, there’s nothing like ridiculous odds and team effort to fire up ingenuity.

This month, there’s a strong emphasis on money and property. This period also brings you to a crucial emotional crunch. For a while now, you’ve been battling with uncertainty or restrictions. And you’ve worn it well. Late February finally offers the chance of fulfilment as a lover, child, parent or friend.

It’s not a month for sitting on the fence, Libra. A hard ask, because few truly understand how difficult it is for you to make up your mind. But you will need to choose your direction soon. Others want your commitment. But if they push too hard, you may simply opt for change of direction.







Like to have your own personal profile?

It’s a good thing your energy levels are in for a top-up, because February calls for every ounce of Scorpio strength. Despite the pressure, try to pace yourself and don’t push anything at the expense of your health. You’re meant to be feeling productive – not manic. Also beware double standards. Equal rights must also be extended to others.

February ambles along at a much slower pace, but this suits your present mood. You’re stepping into a gentler time, where you can do as you please in a low-key way. First on the list of things to do involves a gentle romantic reunion. If there have been any misunderstandings in relationships, the time’s right to kiss and make up.

Why can’t every month be this like this, with manna pouring down from the heavens? At the very least, others finally get to appreciate your efforts. With the cosmos ready to offer its stamp of approval, February is the time to pitch your projects to anyone willing to listen. Perfect. It’s surprising where that lucky break can come from.


DUOMagazine February 2016

If you’re interested in an in-depth astrology profile prepared by our favourite astrologer Tanya Obreza, visit



DESIGN TO PRINT Design To Print has recently launched an online wallpaper shop in mid-2015, following on from their vast experience as industry leaders when it comes to innovative marketing and design solutions. The online wallpaper shop allows you to have your very own custom wallpaper dispatched from their base in Melbourne within just 7 working days. Design To Print takes pride in featuring local artists and their work – creating a range of wallpapers from the ‘Artist In Residence’ collection. Of course you can upload your own designs as well. The latest exciting development at Design

To Print is their partnership with RMIT, offering BA Textile Design students the opportunity for a Work Integrated Learning program where the students design their own collection of wallpapers which are for sale on the website – allowing the design students to gain an invaluable learning experience, while also providing the students with a commission on each wallpaper sold. Design To Print uses only inks and repositionable fabric that are both washable and non-toxic, and the printers are also EcoSolutions Certified for peace of mind.

The uniquely beautiful and bespoke creations by the Melbourne based, German born lighting designer Volker Haug have seen an evolution of style since he began his business back in 2007. Volker’s work is distinctive in style and often features an unexpected material palette, resulting in an industrial, minimal, and playful aesthetic. He has cemented a strong reputation in the international design landscape with accessible products that burst with unique personality. The latest range is comprised of an elegant palette of metallic finishes, with unexpected twists to the minimal forms, marking a definite progression from the bright and colourful aesthetic for which he is known. The new capsule of designs utilises the latest in LED technology, while still being handcrafted by his team of artisans in their East Brunswick studio. An exciting end to 2015 for Volker included the induction of his eye-catching OMG Pendant into the National Gallery of Victoria, the installation complete with a short film showing the design & manufacturing process of this distinctive piece. Volker Haug will also be exhibiting at DENFAIR in Melbourne, 2–4 June 2016 and will be unveiling exciting new designs at the event.



In February 2016, Townsville city will kick start a year-long celebration, marking 150 years since being declared a municipality and we want you to join us.

T150 Variety Concert 2 April 2016, Townsville Civic Theatre

T150 4TOFM Pacific Festival 4-5 June 2016, The Strand and Jezzine Barracks

As the official date approaches, keep an eye out for more great T150 events by visiting or follow us on: Townsville City Council Events

an event Are you planning 16 with a or program in 20 flavour? Head Townsville 150 to www.townsv ls. for further detai

T150 Port of Townsville Gala Dinner Under the Stars

T150 Defence Force Air Show and Townsville Bulletin Sky Show

10 September 2016, The Strand

15 October 2016

p r o u d ly s u p p o r t e d b y


*Information correct at time of printing. Check council’s website for the latest event information.

February 2016 DUOMagazine




DUOMagazine February 2016


Back in the Game

Fifty years after their 1966 premiership win, the much-loved WEAs (West End Athletes) are re-forming to give Western Lions juniors the chance to play A-grade in the senior league. Words by Kylie Davis Photography by Sandra Heier Evensen WEST END ATHLETES can trace its roots back to 1924 and, under former Burdekin and Queensland player Ben Wall, won the premiership in 1966, 67 and 69 (losing the 68 premiership by one point). They continued to compete in Townsville District Rugby League (TDRL) through the 1980s, largely relying on local juniors with a few signed players, and in 1986 enjoyed a 40-0 win over Souths under captain-coach Alan Kilcullen. By the late 1980s, however, player numbers were dwindling and the WEAs effectively disappeared from TDRL in 1988.

February 2016 DUOMagazine



Fifteen years later, WEA was resurrected as the Western Lions Juniors (now 13 years old) thanks largely to the efforts of Steve Crowley and Andrew Munro. “We now have over 450 junior kids so the club has never been in a better position to make the move to the senior grades,” says club president Marc Kennedy. “It’ll be great to see kids I’ve known since they first started playing going on to senior competition and beyond.” Marc and the new committee have been busy signing players and the coaches and support staff are in place and have been meeting regularly to map out how they want the season to unfold. “Our goal is to build a club where everybody is welcome to come and play and there’s a good pathway for the juniors,” says head coach Tony Martin, who is excited to be back in the game after


DUOMagazine February 2016

a season off. He was previously with the University Rugby League Club, helping them win the grand final in 2012. “We’ve got a lot of strong juniors in the club, with 35 junior sides, and it’s a way to give them a destination instead of going to other clubs. We’re looking to play some really good hard football but we’re also looking to have a lot of fun off the field as well. “We have a panel of six coaches and we’re hoping to win a premiership within two or three seasons. We want to build the culture of a strong and aggressive football team, like we had in the 70s.” The club will cater for both sexes and all ages and there will be a launch to kick off the season in late March, followed by a home game on June 18

with juniors and seniors facing off on the footy field. Former WEA player, and president of the WEA Old Boys Association, Paul Fletcher says the inclusion of Western Lions into the senior league is exciting because it brings extra competition to TDRL, which can only be a good thing. “It’s fantastic to have something that was such a great part of my life return,” says Paul. “The Old Boys were formed to give a vehicle to past WEA players, committee members, coaches and supporters to maintain their friendships and give back to Rugby League, a game we all still feel passionately about through the Western Lions.” For more information about WEAs, please email


February 2016 DUOMagazine




DUOMagazine February 2016


“We have a panel of six coaches and we’re hoping to win a premiership within two or three seasons. We want to build the culture of a strong and aggressive football team, like we had in the 70s.” HEAD COACH TONY MARTIN

February 2016 DUOMagazine



Growing our region’s creative potential A new report into the creative industries in Townsville has provided an insight into this growing sector and its untapped potential for our city. THE Growing the Creative Industries in Townsville study, a two-year collaboration between Townsville City Council and James Cook University, has taken a close look at existing creative industry businesses in the city, their clients and the current supply and demand of services. It has found there is a great potential for growth with huge flow-on benefits for the city. Mayor Jenny Hill said while those involved in the creative industries were already key contributors to our local economy, growing and engaging with that sector could lead to significant investment and job creation. “As Townsville continues to expand, we need to look at opportunities to further diversify our economy,” Cr Hill said. “Townsville City Council has long supported investment in our local arts scene, believing it not only contributes greatly to the cultural life of our city, but also has the potential to positively impact our region’s economy. “Thanks to the digital revolution, the creative industries sector is one of the leading areas of economic growth in Australia and we need to ensure Townsville is taking full advantage of opportunities for new jobs and investment that comes our way.” Sectors surveyed included architecture, design, advertising and marketing, software and digital content and film. JCU’s Professor Ryan Daniel, Chief Research Investigator, said creative industries were a key part of the future economy and digital age and Townsville had an opportunity to lead the way for northern Australia. “Analysis of the supply and demand of our local creative industry has revealed in this research that more can be done to support creative service providers as a sector towards diversifying Townsville’s business and economic opportunities,” he said. “One of the many things we have learned is that there are a number of highly qualified and experienced creative professionals in the area, who also face some big challenges in their professional development and competition with firms outside of the area – mainly down south. “Local creative professionals must work hard to remain at the cutting edge of technology – and the data suggests they do.”


DUOMagazine February 2016

The report found that while the region was widely regarded as having the skills and expertise, around 22% of business was lost out of the area, including larger, higher paying jobs. The report makes a series of key recommendations for promoting growth within the sector. Importantly it outlines actions that are the responsibility of individuals and businesses in the local creative industries. These include forming an advocacy group to provide a voice for the sector, pursuing partnerships with other creative industry practitioners and promoting the unique characteristics of the local industry. Actions such as these are designed to address barriers associated with scale and distance experienced by the industry and enable businesses to bid on larger projects and expand their client base. The recommendations also outline a key role for Townsville City Council with six key points aimed at driving sector growth including: • T he formation of industry clusters and/or an innovation precinct in a strategic city-based location • Profiling high quality practitioners and further branding Townsville as a creative destination • Support for and leadership in attracting new investment from external parties • Support for using local specialists as preferred suppliers across the broader economy • Support for presenting innovation workshops, trade events and industry promotion activities specific to the creative industries • Development of a creative industries strategy. Since the release of the report a call has been put out to local creative industry businesses to establish a representative group to implement the recommendations. The group will meet early in 2016 to establish an action plan outlining key timelines and responsibilities. The full report is available on the council’s website or at


February 2016 DUOMagazine



“The food processing giants are desperate to keep you all in the dark. Their profits depend on it. The real poison in your diet is carbohydrate not fat.” DR STEPHEN FAIRLEY


DUOMagazine February 2016


“Do you really have a death wish?” What most people in our society don’t seem to realise is that the majority of the diseases which cause us premature death and disease are lifestyle related. They are a lifestyle choice, they are not a ‘given’. They do not exist in societies without our lifestyle. Words by Dr Stephen Fairley.

SURE there are many factors contributing to your risk. These include your genes, how much exercise you do, your diet and possibly even the type of bugs in your bowel. The factor which is relatively easily altered is your diet. I would argue it is also by far the most important factor in this equation. What doctors, dietitians and nutritionists have been telling us about diet for the last 50 years is very likely wrong and is at least partly to blame in causing our poor health as a society. They have been telling you to avoid saturated fat and cholesterol and to eat lots of complex carbohydrate! This is rubbish where the majority of you are concerned and this misconception needs correction as soon as possible. The so called food pyramid of ‘healthy’ eating is upside down. The food processing giants are desperate to keep you all in the dark. Their profits depend on it. The real poison in your diet is carbohydrate not fat. Excessive intake of carbohydrate of any type, not just sugar, out of balance with exercise, is directly related to numerous diseases which kill tens of thousands of Australians every year.

These diseases include diabetes, high blood pressure, raised blood fats, obesity, heart disease, strokes, kidney disease, gout, arthritis, sleep apnoea and polycystic ovarian syndrome to name a few. These are collectively called the Metabolic Syndrome. Many common cancers are directly linked to this syndrome including breast cancer, bowel cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, oesophageal cancer... do you want me to stop? I can go on. So don’t tell me you have type 2 diabetes because your mother or father had type 2 diabetes and it ‘runs in the family’. That’s rubbish. It is the same thing as you telling me that you are sunburnt because your parents have fair skin and consequently so do you. You are sunburnt because you went in the sun! Stop hiding behind your Mother’s skirt! You have diabetes because you have eaten too much carbohydrate. Type 2 diabetes is a carbohydrate poisoning syndrome, out of balance with exercise. If you don’t want diabetes, don’t eat carbs, but do NOT stop your medication without your doctors input.

My new book gives you the evidence and the science behind the claims and clear instructions about where carbs are hidden, how to avoid them and recipes to try. The rest is up to you. The book has been printed locally in Townsville and is available from many GP practices and the Townsville Day Surgery.

Stephen Fairley is a specialist Gastroenterologist who has been living and practicing in Townsville for 25 years. His interests include medical education, research and preventive medicine with a particular focus on obesity and obesity associated disease.

February 2016 DUOMagazine






DUOMagazine February 2016



Townsville Crocodiles, Captain, Point Guard Born and bred in Gulliver, 22-year-old Townsville Crocs Captain Mitch Norton went to Currajong State School and Pimlico State High. He signed his first contract with the Townsville Crocodiles at 18, after he’d just returned from representing Australia in the U19 World Championships. Mitch has high hopes for his team’s success in 2016. “Our goals are to play our style of basketball and be consistent,” he says. “With that will come lots of wins, resulting in a play-off push that all the Crocs fans deserve.” Not one to take losing laying down, Mitch says his hunger to improve his game is driven by knowing that his progress makes for a better team. “It’s been a privilege to represent my country on a number of occasions. Thinking about standing shoulder to shoulder with my best mates and hearing the national anthem playing gives me chills,” Mitch says. The sporting moment he’d most like to re-live is beating the USA at the 2013 World University Games in Russia, where he took out silver with current team mate Clint Steindl. “The feeling of beating the USA was unexplainable,” Mitch says. “It’s been a long road from being a seven-year-old helping out at Crocs training by sweeping floors to where I am today! I couldn’t have done it without a number of great coaches I’ve been fortunate to work with and the awesome support network around me. “My friends and family have always been there for me and I thank them.”

Milano Monza suit $249.95 Gloweave shirt $69.95 Imperial tie $34.95 Supplied by Playtime 386 Flinders Street Townsville 4772 4777

February 2016 DUOMagazine




Mendi Blackhawks, Captain, Prop Daniel Beasley will never forget his breakthrough moment in footy… he has a permanent reminder, a tattoo on his rear end! “As a 17-year-old playing for Brothers in the Cairns District A Grade comp, making a grand final against a team studded with NRL experience such as Todd Carney, the odds were against us,” Daniel recalls. “But in true underdog fashion we won the game and, in the club’s tradition, I was branded with the Brother’s leprechaun on my left cheek. From that game I earned a contract with the Cowboys U20s.” This year the Mendi Blackhawks captain and prop hopes to lead his team to a maiden premiership, going one step further than their success last year. “My personal goals include making the Queensland Residents side again and securing a first grade NRL contract,” the 23-year-old adds. “My proudest achievement so far was winning Prop of the Year in the Intrust Super Cup for 2015 but I’d also love to re-live the Queensland U18s match in 2010 at Suncorp Stadium, which was the curtain-raiser for Origin that year. “The atmosphere and the passion of the crowd were incredible as Suncorp crept towards capacity at the back end of our game.” Daniel grew up in a family of four, consisting of his mother Kate and younger siblings Caitlyn (21) and Callum (20). “We’re a very adventurous and outdoorsy family,” says Daniel, who admits he enjoys pushing the boundaries of what he and others believe is possible. “Our time together is usually spent exploring or chasing a rush, such as kayaking around the islands off Palm Cove, spearfishing or going for spontaneous road trips.” Since it’s DUO’s Valentine’s edition, Daniel has a special shout-out for his girlfriend, Mia Ohlin, who appeared on the front cover of DUO’s November issue. “Like all good relationships, it started through mutual friends and a game of trivia,” Daniel says. “I’d just like to wish a Mia a special Valentine’s Day and Happy Birthday, even though I’ll be up for a roasting from the boys for it!”

Suit supplied by Country Road Townsville 4421 3400


DUOMagazine February 2016


GEORGE DALTON Northern Fury, Centre Back

Originally from the UK (a small village by the name of Brisley), only child George Dalton moved to Townsville with his family when he was a teenager. The 22-year-old now lives in North Ward and has earned a reputation for his sporting prowess. “A major moment for me, apart from making it into the Fury, was when we beat Brisbane Strikers 5-2 in front of a home crowd last year,” George says. “We’ve yet to make the finals in the National Premier League so that’s our biggest goal. Last year the squad recruited some excellent new local players that, in addition to a few old faces returning, has added a lot of depth. “Our first home game is on Saturday March 19 at 7pm at the Townsville Sports Reserve and it’d be great to have a big crowd to hopefully watch us defeat Ipswich’s Western Pride.” A very competitive person, George says that being a part of the Fury has motivated him to train and play harder. Off the field he’s busy completing a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology degree at James Cook University and has a job at Alpha Omega Health, a local gym run by allied health professionals. “I’m very happy with where I am right now in life and look forward to what the future holds,” he says. As for fellow emerging sports stars from the North that George is keeping an eye on, he names Braedyn Crowley, the brother of NQ Fury’s captain Jacob. “Braedyn recently had his first start with the A League’s Newcastle Jets and is an excellent example of what young sport stars from the North can achieve,” George says. “With a lot of hard work and training you will get noticed and given your chance.”

February 2016 DUOMagazine




Under 21 Hockey Queensland, Goalkeeper When a 14-year-old Mitchell Nicholson missed out on selection for the state U15 team he decided then and there to make sure he never missed out again. “I exercised, ate sensibly and trained my guts out,” says the now 18-year-old. “I didn’t miss out again!” The youngest of three boys (who were all goalkeepers at one stage), Mitchell’s father Warwick is also a state Masters player. And, if Mitchell looks familiar to you but you’ve never been to a hockey game, it could be you’ve seen him on stage when he and his mother Nancy acted together in the Townsville Choral Society production of Vicar of Dibley. Winning the U18 State Championships for Townsville in 2014 with his best mates in the #Barrafrogs Townsville team was a highlight for Mitchell, who went on to gain selection in the Under 21 Queensland side at the age of 17. “It was an extraordinary feeling to represent my state and one I hope to re-live again this year,” Mitchell says. “I’ve continued to work hard on improving my skills and fitness, to be the best version of myself I can be, and I’m grateful for the help I’ve had from my coach Peter Searston, Townsville Hockey’s Marc Pike and Synergy Gym. Born and bred in Townsville, Mitchell’s next mission is to assist his local team, Brothers Division 1 Men, in winning the competition this year. “It’s the 50th anniversary of the first Div 1 win for Brothers in 2016, so it’d be really special to be a part of that,” he says. “I also hope to make the U21 Queensland team again and then take out the national competition in Sydney in April.” Mitchell will also be part of other competitions such as Premier League, Open Men and Super League and is planning on putting in solid performances there too. “I’m working towards being a member of the Blades Queensland team and, ultimately, to be in the Kookaburras,” Mitchell says. Winning Townsville Hockey’s ‘Best Junior Male’ last year as well as the McLachlin Plate for Brothers Hockey ‘Best and Fairest Junior Boy’ were fantastic votes of confidence.

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KYLE FELDT North Queensland Toyota Cowboys, Winger The whole of North Queensland was screaming for 23-yearold Kyle Feldt when, in the last minute of the 2015 NRL grand final, he did the unbelievable and scored the try that took the Cowboys into overtime. The extension gave Johnathan Thurston the chance to kick a golden-point field goal, winning the team the premiership. “I was lucky enough to be there to catch the flick pass from Morgo, which gave me the opportunity to put the ball over the line,” Kyle says. “It was an indescribable feeling knowing that something I’d dreamt of as a little boy had just happened. The crowd erupted into the biggest cheer and it gave me goosebumps. My Mum, Dad and Uncle were in the crowd with my girlfriend Jess and I would’ve loved to see their reaction when I scored. I have a feeling they were just as pumped as I was. “I couldn’t believe the amount of people who turned out at the airport after the game and when we did the trophy tour. It’s amazing to see just how many people support us.” Kyle, who grew up in Deeragun and now lives in Kirwan, signed to the Cowboys academy when he was 15. He’s hoping for another grand final win for his team this year, while cementing his spot and enjoying an injury-free season. Jess also has her fingers crossed for a surgery-free year for Kyle. The long-time couple met on the school bus and these days enjoy spending time at Kyle’s granddad’s beach hut in Bluewater, hanging out with family and friends and occasionally going overseas. “Growing up in Townsville was great with both sides of my parents’ family here, so I’ve got plenty of support,” Kyle says. “And I’d really like to thank the whole of North Queensland, especially our Townsville fans and those in close surrounding areas, for their continued support and attendance to our home and even our away games.”

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TONY HAMPSON Queensland Country Cricket, Captain Locally, Tony Hampson has made a name for himself as a top-notch keeper/batsman for the Western Suburbs Cricket Club, where he also serves as Captain. Now a Kelso resident, he was born and raised in Monto, a small country town two hours south of Rockhampton. “Being named Australian Country Captain after all the hard work and effort I put in at training was a memorable moment,” Tony says. “My heart was racing when they called my name out and my smile was bigger than my face! It was an incredible reward for myself and all the people who’ve helped and supported me along my cricket journey.” The Australian Country Championships were held in Mt Gambier, South Australia, last month with Queensland placing third and Tony being named in the Australian Country team. “It’s a great honour to be named in the team for the second year in a row,” he says. At local competition level, the Western Suburbs Cricket team is eyeing the premiership. “We’re working hard on being accountable for our performance and ensuring all players contribute regularly to the team’s success,” Tony says. “Mentoring our younger players to reach their full potential is a key aim for 2016.” Driven by not wanting to let his teammates, family or himself down, Tony says he’s always striving to be a better person and player. “I’m very fortunate to have an amazing wife, Shaantel, who is beautiful, determined, smart and funny,” Tony says, adding that they have two “adorable” kids Montana (7) and Logan (3). “I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful, loving family.”

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DUOMagazine February 2016


February 2016 DUOMagazine



NATHAN PETERS Hermit Park Tigers AFL, Centre The ‘aha’ moment in sports for Nathan Peters came early when, as a 16-year-old straight out of high school, he was picked to make his debut at state level football, after only three years of playing the game. “I only used to play because my mates did, then to realise I was good enough to play at a high level made me really change my perspective of the whole game and my attitude,” Nathan says. Nathan represented North Queensland last year in AFL’s Queensland North versus South match and is looking to be selected at state level again this year. He also won the AFL Townsville Seniors Best and Fairest award for the whole league. “It was one of the most physical games of footy I’ve played, from being down by four goals at quarter time to finish up beating South Queensland by 35,” Nathan says. “We had two other Townsville players in the side, Ricky Sullivan (Thuringowa Bulldogs) and Jed Dunstan (Uni Hawks), who both played well. I’d really like to be a part of the North Queensland side to face South Queensland again, which would make it three from three since its inaugural game in 2014.” Locally, after Hermit Park Tigers won last year’s grand final against the Thuringowa Bulldogs the aim is to go back-to-back for the club in both senior grades. “Premierships are a big motivator in all sports, whether you ask JT or a suburban bowls player, they’ll always say they want to win the premiership,” Nathan says. “It’s because of the ecstatic feeling of being untouchable with the mates you play with.” Nathan, who lives in Crestbrook Mount Louisa with his partner Kyrie, is also in for a big year off the field. “We’re expecting our first child in July, which we’re both over the moon about,” Nathan says. “Most of our time together is spent planning for the future and the little one’s arrival.”

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ANDREW PARKER Townsville Brothers Rugby Union, Front Row Townsville’s own Andrew Parker was only 12 when he decided he preferred rugby union to league and he got serious about playing representative rugby at the age of 16. “I’ve been lucky enough to have had some really exciting and enjoyable times in sport,” Andrew says. “This has included a few grand final wins but I’d have to say I’d most like to re-live the 2013 Brisbane Premier Grade grand final where I played for Easts Tigers and we managed to take out the game in front of a packed Balymore stadium. “Being selected for the National Rugby Competition for the last two years has also been among my proudest moments.” Townsville Brothers were only narrowly beaten in the grand final last year and are determined to come back better in 2016 and get the win. “On a personal level, I’d love to have a full season of rugby and stay injury free,” Andrew says. “There’s also a tour going to New Zealand this year for the guys selected in the Queensland Country Heelers side so it’d be great to be a part of that side again.” When he’s not busy training and enjoying the view from his Strand apartment, Andrew likes getting together with his family for camping and fishing trips. “I’ve been lucky enough to play rugby with both my brothers as well, so that’s been a fun experience and one I’m sure Mum is excited to watch!”

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The Croc’s leaders of cheer You only have to spend a few minutes with the Townsville Crocs Cheerleaders to experience their passion and enthusiasm.

THEY turn, jump, kick and move in perfect time with each other. Their love of what they do is infectious. They are a team in every sense of the word. It takes days to choreograph a routine and hours are spent in the studio at Zoo Fitness learning and perfecting it. It is not until you see the squad at training that you appreciate the effort that goes into preparing and performing game day routines. It takes dedication and commitment from everyone involved. This year the squad consist of twelve, aged 17– –30 years, and includes students, retail assistants, a vet nurse, a HR manager, childcare worker and an accountant. Anna Hatzithomas is the squad manager and has been involved in different styles of dance since the age of five and at 15 joined her high school cheerleading squad. She started out in the junior Crocs squad before becoming a member of the main cheerleading squad, which she was a part of for three seasons. Anna’s love of basketball and dance saw her take on the task of bringing together a number of talented individuals and building a cheer squad in time for the pre-season Blitz. Anna says it is such a pleasure working with the squad and without the wonderful help and support of the choreographers, Hayley Barbagallo, Jasmine Glaister and Kerby Roberts she would not have got through the season. Being a cheerleader and a part of the squad is not just about turning up on game day and

performing a few routines, long before the first fans arrive, they join the many other game day volunteers at The Swamp and get things ready for tip off. There is an on court rehearsal, then they head to the foyer to help hand out game day freebies, collect charity donations and meet and greet the fans. Then it is game time and the cheerleaders get to work cheering from the sidelines and performing the routines that they have worked on throughout the week. This season saw the NBL games broadcast live on Fox Sports putting not only the cheerleaders in front of a wider audience, but also Crocs fans and Townsville. It has been an exciting season for everyone involved with the Crocs. The players, the coaches, the staff, the cheerleaders and all the volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes. February sees the Crocs take on the Cairns Taipans and Sydney Kings, and the squad is already working on something special to finish off the season. It has been a season that has seen an enthusiastic and passionate cheerleading squad support a young Crocs team at The Swamp. As the season draws to a close the focus will now be on what the next season will bring, and the squad are already working together on new routines. Dedication really is the hours put in when nobody is watching! Find the Townsville Crocs Cheerleaders on Instagram @tsvcrocscheerleaders

This page is proudly sponsored by passionate Crocs fans – Bamford Medical


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Pinnacles Gallery Applications Close Friday 18 March 2016

Exhibition Dates 13 May to 10 July 2016

Image: Roderick McNICOL The Late Blossoming of Jack Charles [detail] Archival Digital print 80 x 65 cm Acquisitive Prize Winner of the DUO Magazine Percival Photographic Portrait Prize, 2014. Collection of DUO Magazine

PERCIVAL PORTRAIT Painting Prize 2016

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Applications Close Friday 18 March 2016

Exhibition Dates 6 May to 10 July 2016

Image: Frank GIACCO Charles Blackman [detail] Oil on canvas 198 x 200 cm Acc no. 2014.0075 Acquisitive Prize Winner of the Glencore Percival Portrait Painting Prize, 2014 City of Townsville Art Collection

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Image from Happy Home Outside by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau published by Jaqui Small See the book extract from page 36 For Charlotte’s pizza recipe go to page 42


DUOMagazine February 2016

elegance EVERYDAY

New Finish. New Polyresin! Vogue Shutters with PolySatin finish are the safe and sustainable choice for the environmentally concious family. Custom made to measure in Australia, Vogue Shutters add a relaxed sense of luxury to virtually any room and will assure years of great performance.



Address: Unit 2/298 Bayswater Road, Garbutt I Phone: 4725 2527 Website: I Email: * Conditions apply. Five year warranty applies to shutter hardware. Visit for warranty document. Š Copyright 2013 Hunter Douglas Limited [ABN 98 009 675 709] C12236_HG_12.2015



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DUOHome+Travel | Book Extract from Happy Home Outside by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau

OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING Enjoying a meal together in a relaxed ambience – surrounded by good people – is part of the most joyful everyday magic moments in my life. It might sound shallow and a bit odd but I really have difficulties striking up a deeper friendship with people who do not enjoy good food and good wine… eating together is a special and quite intimate moment. You share a meal and a part of your life, while hopefully enjoying each other’s company at the same time.

Previous page Living outside is easy – mix and match old and new; keep it practical, fun and functional. Opposite Setting the scene is an important part of the outcome you wish for: an informal table setting perfectly suits a relaxed and chilled atmosphere.


DUOMagazine February 2016


February 2016 DUOMagazine


DUOHome+Travel | Book Extract from Happy Home Outside by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau


DUOMagazine February 2016


PIZZA PARTY When you are a big group of people and, in particular, a group of all ages, it’s fun to have a do-it-yourself dinner party. It creates a loose, happy and slightly hectic atmosphere that you just have to embrace … Small children are hard to keep focused – even if you all sit properly at the table parents are often running around after their small kids, who have no patience to sit. The older teenagers usually just want to eat and then seek their own corners as soon as possible. So with a mixed crowd like this it can be a good idea to create a build-your-own dinner. These meals demand a bit of preparation beforehand, but once guests have arrived – and you put everything on the table – the dice are thrown and you have the chance to just join the party and blend in with your friends. I have held quite a few pizza nights since my kids were little. We sometimes held pizza competitions as well – where everybody explained what they had tried to make and why. Like my friend who had dropped his pizza and claimed the reason for the lack of topping was that he tried to illustrate the world and parts of it without any food and other parts with too much food. We would all give points for taste, appearance and so on. And magically, when I added up the points, the kids were always the winners. My kids are bigger now, and do not fall for this kind of point system anymore. But pizza is always popular, especially among their friends. Left and above My favourite kind of table is long and full of friends of all ages. These ingredients will always be uppermost in my mind. And then come the fun extras… such as a table set with love, flowers and colourful plates. Involve your guests in the preparations – get them to hang up the lanterns in the trees. Everybody is happy to help.

February 2016 DUOMagazine


DUOHome+Travel | Book Extract from Happy Home Outside by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau

I love this relaxed and informal atmosphere – you get the chance to talk and mingle and have a drink while you are waiting for your turn. Some might need a bit of guidance as to how to construct the best pizza, the right one that just fits their taste. You can also step in to speed up the process a little. If you grab the role of the one who ensures a smooth and speedy cooking process, it can get a bit hot around the fire, but still fun and light-hearted. I prepare the pizza dough in advance, and the tomato purée mix, plus of course chop, slice and dice every topping I know will be popular. I mix garlic oil and some chilli oil – just ready to be drizzled on the crispy warm pizza. It’s a really good idea to buy some real pizza stones and put them inside your barbecue so you get really hot temperatures and are able to obtain a great crispy result. You must understand and enjoy that this kind of evening is rather chaotic and messy. No one really eats at the same time – only two pizzas are ready simultaneously. If you are willing to share you can cut them in small bite sizes and do that. If not, you eat in turns. Some people just want their very own personal pizza. Once the kids are done making their pizzas I usually make a few for sharing – this ensures that we all get a bit of food inside our stomachs, and do not just survive on wine.

CHARLOTTE’S PIZZA RECIPE This will make enough dough for 6 pizzas so just multiply by however much you need. YOU WILL NEED 650g strong white (bread) flour 7g sachet easy-blend yeast 2 tsp salt 25ml olive oil 365ml warm water HOW TO MAKE Mix the flour, yeast and salt in a large bowl and stir in the olive oil. Slowly add the water, mixing to form a soft dough. Knead for 10 minutes. Cover with a cloth and leave to rise for 2 hours. Knead again and shape into balls ready for your guests to roll out.


DUOMagazine February 2016

Left Ohhhhh – those summer nights. When I look at this image I can almost feel the atmosphere and I long for summer to come back. Everything and everybody looks even more beautiful at dusk. Opposite Pizza nights are the best – messy, loud and crazy kind of nights.

Extract and images from Happy Home Outside by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau published by Jaqui Small


Don’t you just feel like jumping into these pictures‌ happy memories are sometimes almost tangible. Even from a few photos you can feel the loveliness.

February 2016 DUOMagazine




See more from page 54


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Petals of love openwork charm $79

DUOStyle | Woman

DIVINE CALVIN KLEIN Make your partner see red for all the right reasons this Valentine’s Day with a little help from Calvin Klein’s latest underwear collection. Slip into something more comfortable? Yes please! $249.95 Available at Myer and David Jones

GIVE ME MOR Set the mood with MOR’s latest signature scent – Rosa Noir. Hypnotic rays of rose, carnation and lily of the valley exude through velvety notes to create a seductive floral fragrance. Perfume $69.95, candle $49.95

KAILIS INSPIRED BY CHINESE NEW YEAR Launching this month, the Kailis Divine Ruby Suite is a limited edition collection designed for Chinese New Year. It celebrates the Chinese auspicious colours, gold and red, and the hero of the suite is the Divine Ruby Pendant in yellow gold. $5460

DESIGNER JEWELLERY The latest collection from Miglio Designer Jewellery, Alchemy, mixes rose gold and silver and is manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. We like the Petite rose gold plated bangle embellished with Swarovski crystals ($79) and in silver ($49).


CHANDON CELEBRATES SUMMER Whether you’re cooling down after a long day at the beach or cranking up the heat at a barbeque, there’s no better way to toast the warmer weather than by popping a bottle of Chandon Summer’s limited edition sparkling wine. The bottle draws its inspiration from the classic beach umbrella’s nautical stripes. 750ml $32


DUOMagazine February 2016

Nancy Ganz, the number one Shapewear brand in Australia, has launched a body sculpting swimwear range. The fabric is 50 per cent elastane to provide high-level support and smooth lumps and bumps. Capri Shaping Swim Dress $199.95


Samantha Wills has become known as one of Australia’s most dynamic designers, having had jewellery featured in Sex and The City and with celebrities such as Rhianna and Lady Gaga wearing her pieces. Each piece of Samantha Wills jewellery is presented in a beautifully carved wooden box for real bohemian luxury.

Now at Silver Shop The Christian Paul story draws inspiration from Australia’s iconic beaches, where Founder Tim Caruana first developed an appreciation for the understated. He inherited his love of classic watches from his father who taught him that great style speaks volumes. This commitment to minimalism and affordable luxury can be seen throughout the Christian Paul range.

Stockland Townsville 4775 6077

DUOStyle | Man

CHILLSNER You’ll never suffer the insult of a warm beer again with Chillsner In Bottle Beer Chillers. Respect the beer. Set of two $59.95 Available at Myer



The Geophysic ® Universal Time watch enables simultaneous readings of the time in all 24 time zones by means of its mobile disc. $33,600

Meet the world’s first 4K Smartphone – the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. The Xperia Z5 Premium will upscale your favourite content to 4K, enhancing any native or third party videos or photos so you can view Netflix, YouTube or your holiday shots in rich, vibrant detail. $1199 in Chrome Available at JB Hi-Fi



Ultra-masculine, L’eau D’issey Pour Home blends a stimulating marine accord with grapefruit accents. 50ml $97 Available at Myer

Try your hand at spirits design via the Archie Rose website, where a custom application has been developed to guide you through the process. You can create a cask of your ideal whisky, choosing the base grain and malt, cask type and size through to smoke level and bottling strength. The final product even comes with your name on the bottle labels. From $4000 for a 20L cask.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN In an unconventional mix of leather, suede, and raw denim tweed, the Greggo Orlato Flat features a long, slender toe that adds a European touch. $1225 Christian Louboutin Sydney 02 8355 5282


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The need for speed Castletown’s speed dating event a fun way to hook up!


f you’re looking for a fun way to meet someone, then think about registering for Castletown’s speed dating event, presented in conjunction with 106.3FM.

If you’re lucky enough to get in, then you’ll be treated to a fun speedy dating experience that includes a glass of bubbly on arrival and some yummy nibblies before the fun begins! What will follow will be a speedy meeting session that’s bound to create some smiles! “We wanted to do something easy going and fun for Valentine’s this year’ said Castletown Marketing Consultant, Lorraine Marshall. “And we’ve had so much support from our centre retailers for this project, including our friends from Townsville Events who provided us with tables and chairs for the event and our table settings by Spotlight.” Participants in the Castletown speed dating initiative will have the opportunity to decide if they’d like to meet afterwards, and if both parties like each other, their contact details will be exchanged (with their permission of course). “Speed daters will also be able to enter to win almost $2,000 in jewellery from Michael Hill, a pair of ‘his and hers’ Ray Bans from OPSM valued at $598 or a pack of A by Arras, an Australian Sparkling wine from BWS valued at $198.“ said Ms Marshall. “We also have double movie passes from Reading Cinemas to give away.’ Seniors Dating Experience Seniors will also have an opportunity to enjoy the speed dating experience with special seniors speed dating sessions planned as well. Registration Head to the Castletown website for full details and to register for this fun event. February 2016 DUOMagazine



Fusion Candles & Diffusers

Available at:

Chez Belle

1 Patrick Street Aitkenvale QLD T: 07 47754447

Under new ownership. 100% Animal Cruelty Free Salon

$129 NEW CLIENT MAKE-OVER SPECIAL ½ head of foils, surrounding colour, toner, style cut, treatment & blowdry Find us on facebook! Open Tuesday–Saturday 186 Nathan Street Aitkenvale (next to Toms Tavern)

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Be coached and trained by Michael Mesiti Voted as one of the Best Educators in Australia

Want to enjoy a great career path as a Hairdresser or Barber? We have Full time or Part time study options available for you with flexible payment plans. Apprentices - We have some great training programs for you! Boot Camp training for apprentices for all disciplines Your choice of Workplace or On-Campus training available. Our Advanced Qualifications will help catapult you to new opportunities! • Colour and cutting • Barbering male and female • Hair extensions Educator Training - Gain real life experience in our Academy! The only Cert 4 in Training & Assessing in Australia that’s all about hairdressing!

Phone 4721 5090

133 Boundary Street South Townsville Academy and Training Salon Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm


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Terms and Conditions apply. Must be used on purchases $100 or more. Not for use on sale or layby items. Voucher must be shown in store on phone or tablet.

230 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park Phone: 4775 5144 |

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L’OREAL PARIS LAUNCHES NATIONAL MAKEUP DESIGNER CONTEST TO FIND A NEW MAKEUP DIRECTOR Do you dream of representing the world’s number 1* beauty brand? This year, L’Oréal Paris Australia is searching for its new Makeup Director, and it could be you! On February 1st 2016, L’Oréal Paris Australia will launch the first-ever nation-wide search for its new Makeup Director with the competition, Makeup Designer Contest. Throughout February, the beauty brand invites all makeup-artists, both amateur and professional, to submit their entry online for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to join L’Oréal Paris’ dream team of makeup designers on a coveted one-year contract as the new Makeup Director for L’Oréal Paris Australia. The top 10 entrants lucky enough to make it to the finale will be centre-stage at the hottest beauty event of the year, showcasing their looks in front of

an esteemed jury of industry experts – Beauty Editor Eleanor Pendleton, Makeup Artist and YouTube star Heidi Hamoud, official retail partner Priceline Pharmacy Cosmetics Buyer Emma Hogan, and Lauren Young, Marketing Director for L’Oréal Paris Australia. The finale event will be held in Melbourne on March 23rd. How to enter Entering is easy: Design your ‘L’Oréal Paris Look of 2016’ – a modern look that embodies the creativity, artistry and elegance of L’Oréal Paris. Film your howto video, upload to YouTube and submit your entry at The top 10 Finalists will be selected on creativity, personality, technical prowess and fit with the L’Oréal Paris brand… make sure you show us why You’re Worth It!

The prize The winner will be the recipient of an $80,000 prize-package including a one-year contract as the Makeup Director for L’Oréal Paris Australia, over $5,000 worth of L’Oréal Paris Products and a $5,000 Priceline Pharmacy gift card. Two runners-up will also receive over $5,000 worth of L’Oréal Paris Products and a $1,000 Priceline Pharmacy gift card. The L’Oréal Paris Makeup Designer Contest is open from February 1st – February 28th 2016. For entry details and competition rules visit

We’re delighted to welcome Shannon to the professional Sizzas team. 208 Charters Towers Road Hermit Park 4725 3533 Stockists of Redken, Image Skincare, BioPacific, Pureology and GHD


DUOMagazine February 2016


before Model and Secretary

Jessica Croft

Why did you decide to have the makeover? I said yes because I know without a doubt Carly and the girls will make me look and feel my most beautiful. Who couldn’t do with a kick on confidence? What’s the best feature of your makeover? My new hair! It’s an amazing mix of edgy and girlie and I just love it!

Hairdresser+Makeup Artist

Carly Frunks

Tell us what you did to achieve the style? First we lightened and highlighted the mid lengths to ends, we then used an ombre technique with De Lorenzo colours through the top and blended into alternate pastel and blonde toners on the ends. Lastly, we GHD curled and styled to perfection!

Transformation after

Tell us what you did to achieve this look? We lightly highlighted and contoured with our foundation application, applied a glittery smokey eye and a red ombre lip to finish the look.


Colours Hair, Beauty & Body 5/186 Nathan Street Aitkenvale Next to Toms Tavern Phone 4779 9694

February 2016 DUOMagazine




DUOMagazine February 2016


Get out the maracas, tambourines and conga drums! It is going to be a‌ red hot Latino Summer with Chantal Thomass!

February 2016 DUOMagazine




DUOMagazine February 2016


February 2016 DUOMagazine




DUOMagazine February 2016


February 2016 DUOMagazine



Zita Siandri ABOUT ME: Spent my early years living in pubs. No I did not take up drinking from an early age my parents were publicans. During high school I met my now hubby, Michael, my high school sweetheart. We have two beautiful children, Keely, 17 and Jake, 16. Been in our own cabinetmaking business for the last 17 years. I enjoy the simple things in life – hanging with family and friends also enjoy playing basketball, running and trail running.

MY BAG I love, love, love Oroton bags and this bag is my fave. My family brought me this bag for my last birthday. My motto is ‘the bigger the better’. MIMCO WALLET A recent purchase using birthday money. Again bigger the better. HAT I never exercise without a hat on. The Sun is not my friend. MY FITBIT My friend, Lisa and I started running when we turned 40 – go figure. Anyway, seven years on I have completed three half marathons and never go without wearing my fitbit when exercising. KEYRING My beautiful friend has just gone through breast cancer so I bought this keyring and have it on my car keys. AUSSIE OPEN TENNIS Took the family to Melbourne last year for the tennis. We are hooked. Love the tennis and love Melbourne! FALSE NAILS I always have Press’n’Go nails in my bag. Best things and so easy to put on. I cannot grow my nails because I play basketball so I fake it. REMOTE CONTROL This one opens the garage door of my house which my hubby has been renovating – I absolutely love it, especially the kitchen. READING GLASSES I’m still in denial. I don’t need reading glasses... well, that’s what I tell myself.


DUOMagazine February 2016

PK CHEWING GUM Always have a pack or two or three in my bag. FAMILY PHOTOS I have so many photos but this photo of the kids when they were little is my favourite. So cheeky. OVERSEAS HOLIDAY PHOTO In 2005 we took the kids to the UK, Europe and Ireland. Dad is from Ireland and the farm where he was born is still in the family. This photo was taken on the farm with their shamrocks. Planning our next trip soon. SUNGLASSES Never leave home without my Vogue sunglasses. As the saying goes – ‘if they are not on your face they should be in the case’. I live by that. iPHONE Use it more for taking photos. Love taking photos or being in them. Just ask my friends. I never pass up a photo opportunity. MARC JACOBS WATCH A favourite. Bought in Melbourne last year. I have a fetish for watches – I have many. GOLD BANGLE This means a lot to me as I had it made by melting all my jewellery down that I’d received over the years but didn’t wear anymore. Big sentimental value. GEORG JENSEN RING Absolute favourite and always wear it. The last puzzle piece I got was the diamond band my hubby surprised me with for my 40th. STATUE OF LIBERTY PICTURE This picture stays in my wallet. The New York marathon is on my bucket list. Just have to win Lotto first. POEM Michael gave this to me a very long time ago and it’s survived in my wallet for many years. So sweet and I love it.



Finding the perfect concealer to match your foundation can be difficult but Revlon ColorStay 2-in-1 Compact Makeup & Concealer features a perfectly paired cream make-up with a cream concealer that’s one shade lighter $34.95 Stockists 1800 025 488


A whirlwind of rose petals has been added to the signature bouquet of white flowers that Elie Saab Le Parfum is known for, along with a couture pink bottle to create the ‘Rose Couture’ version. 50ml $107 Available exclusively at Myer


Musk is one of nature’s most powerful pheromones, making The Body Shop’s release of Black Musk perfume oil just in time for Valentine’s Day a wise move. $32.95


Banish greys between hairdresser visits with JOICO’s new Tint Shot Root Concealer available in four colours: black, dark brown, light brown and blonde. $25.95 Stockists 1300 764 437


Achieving refined, defined eyebrows is a breeze with Napoleon Perdis’ new Couture Brow Kit. The portable palette includes brow powder and shaping wax $49


Unlike classic lipsticks, which are fixed in the tubes when cold, Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick lipsticks contains a 60 per cent concentration of oils that are poured in while still hot from the bottom upwards. This unique ‘back injection’ process creates the signature shine that bathes lips in gleaming colour. $57 Stockists 1300 651 991

February 2016 DUOMagazine




DUOMagazine February 2016


Chelsea Pullinger Tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m 22 and originally from the Burdekin, however carried out my high schooling years at a boarding school here in Townsville. I have recently become a Property Manager at Explore Property which is where I hope to progress with my career in the real estate industry. I love running Castle Hill and going to the gym, so it’s fair to say fitness is definitely my way to distress from the busy day in the office. Describe your style? To be honest I don’t really have a style I lean towards. I’m either in work clothes or gym gear but when I’m not in either of those I like to be comfortable so jumpsuits and summer dresses are a favourite of mine. Labels you like? Tigermist, Mishka, Baby Boo Fashion, Pepper Mayo. Best shopping trip? I think it was when I went to Europe last Christmas, there was so many different shops and boutiques over there that the shopping was endless so of course I ended up paying for extra luggage on the way home! Style guru? Michaela Waine – Tigermist model, Lara bingle and Blake Lively. Dress or shoes first? Dress first definitely! Most treasured item? Would have to be from my dad, which is a necklace that has my star sign on a silver coin. You’d never be caught wearing? Birkenstock Sandals. Wardrobe item you can’t bring yourself to part with? A dress my grandma bought me to wear for my Grade 8 Boarder’s Christmas Party.




COLOUR IT Colour It is a new generation salon concept catering for the time limitations of our valuable customers. We hold a ‘no appointment’ system as well as booking to benefit our clientele in a professional and social environment. Our team is made up of highly trained colour specialist technicians, who have been trained in precision artistic and stylists. We are located in Castletown Shopping World, Hyde Park. Open Monday–Wednesday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–9pm, Friday 9am–5.30pm and Saturday 8.30am–4pm. For more information regarding our services contact us on 4772 7225.Check us out on FaceBook.

As the biggest city and country outfitters in the North, Donohues offers quality products to suit all needs from the business person to men and women on the land. Donohues are jeans specialists with styles to suit everybody and are local stockists of R.M Williams, Akubra, Ariat, Levi and Wrangler. Monday–Wednesday, Friday 8.30am–5.30pm Thursday 8.30am–8pm Saturday 8.30am–3pm 230 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park 4775 5144




Home to De Lorenzo and Evo brands, Colours Hair Beauty & Body is a 100% animal cruelty free salon. We are made up of eight stations, two basins, a wax room, a new experienced owner, a full time stylist, a loyal apprentice and fresh and relaxing vibes! Come in and meet the Colours family, have a beverage from our drinks menu on us and enjoy! Find us on Facebook. Open Tuesday–Saturday. 5/186 Nathan Street, Aitkenvale (next to Toms Tavern) 4779 9694

Renegade Handmade began in 2013 and includes a curated collection of locally made fashion, jewellery, gifts and homewares. The market is held on the second Sunday of each month at the Marian School, from 8am to 1pm. The Renegade Handmade Gift Shop features 70% locally made and now includes ‘Hello Handmade’ with a collection of Australian independent artists and designers. Open Monday to Friday 10am–5pm Saturday and Sunday 9am–3pm Warrina Arcade, Illuka Street, Gulliver 0477 900 222

Sizzas Hair and Beauty studio have established a reputation for a high standard of service with a commitment to excellence. The experienced salon staff at Sizzas provide a range of services specialising in prescriptive facials, creative colouring and cutting, hair growth and scalp solutions as well as many other body and skin treatments. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am–5pm Wednesday 9am–8pm, Saturday 8am–3pm 208 Charters Towers Road Hermit Park 4725 3533


DUOMagazine February 2016





Owners Jodi and Tamara welcome you to visit their new look salon specialising in modern and professional hair and beauty services. From luxury surroundings to luxury products, the staff at Capelli can now pamper you from head to toe. Our qualified Beauty Therapist can treat you with a deluxe spa pedicure or relaxation massage in one of our private beauty rooms. Shop 13A North Ward Shopping Village 4724 5554

Combine, Create and Discover the magic of PANDORA. Select from our extensive range of more than 600 charms, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in sterling silver, 14 carat gold and two-tone to express your personal style and create a collection as individual as you. Open Monday-Wednesday and Friday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–9pm, Saturday 9am–4.30pm, Sunday 11am–4pm PANDORA Townsville Shop 217 Stockland Townsville 4725 4755




Browse our wide collection of contemporary brands including Najo, Palas, Kirstin Ash, Swarovski, Fossil Watches and more. Whether you’re searching for the perfect piece for someone special, wishing to commemorate a special occasion, or simply spoiling yourself, our friendly staff can help you choose that perfect piece. Open Monday–Wednesday & Friday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–9pm, Saturday 9am–4.30pm, Sunday 11am–4pm Stockland Townsville 4775 6077

Hanks Eyecare Plus specialise in comprehensive eye examinations, prescription sunglasses and spectacles, contact lenses and eye health. They offer Cataract & Glaucoma Testing, Macular and Retinal Scans, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scan, Colour Vision Tests, Prescription Dispensing, Children’s Vision and finding any Diabetic Eye changes. Healthfund rebates and Medicare bulk-billing. Open Monday–Friday 8.30am–5pm 246 Ross River Road, Aitkenvale 4779 7433

This established salon of 15 years boasts passionate, multi-award winning stylists and Townsville’s only Redken Certified Colourist – Elle Crouch. Offering a relaxed and revitalising experience and a calming Sanctuary Garden. You will love your aesthetically designed hairstyle complimented by the most vibrant and rich colour. Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9am–5.30 pm Wednesday, Thursday 9am–9pm Saturday 8am–4pm 89 Thuringowa Drive Kirwan 4723 2114

A family business since 1987 and boasting three generations of qualified beauty therapists, Chez Belle caters for all your beauty and skin care needs and specialises in Acne and Spot removal, IPL and electrolosis. Offering the latest skills and stock quality skin care products including: Madame Korner, Pelactiv, Opi Nail Products, Natural Compatibles Makeup, INIKA makeup, Linda Seidel Natural Cover Makeup. Open 9am–6pm weekdays 9am–4pm Saturdays and late night Thursdays. 1 Patrick Street, Aitkenvale 47754447

February 2016 DUOMagazine





DUOMagazine February 2016



Grant Collins Clarity Hearing Solutions

Marrying two loves! In keeping with this month’s theme of love and weddings, I thought I would talk a little bit about my personal experiences with having to solve problems associated with hearing difficulties on the big day.

A PROBLEM my wife and I have personally had to overcome involves my father-in-law and our own wedding day. My wife and I got married on 10 October 2010. Unfortunately this day fell on the same day as the Bathurst 1000 and my father-in-law is probably the biggest V8 racing enthusiast I know so we had a dilemma on our hands. He is also partially deaf in one ear and consequently I fitted him with a very advanced hearing aid. Amongst other things modern hearing aids now have wireless Bluetooth compatibility. With this technology, I was able to marry his love for racing with the love for his daughter by setting his hearing aid up so it could receive live streamed radio without any cords or leads. He could partake in the wedding ceremony whilst listening to the race live via his hearing aid without anyone, especially my mother-in-law, being any the wiser. Another example of where technology was used to help a hearing impaired person at a wedding was my sister’s nuptials. My grandfather was severely deaf from a life of working around machinery, shooting and serving his country. Unfortunately, because he had left the treatment of his hearing loss too late, the damage to his speech nerves was too severe and he was unable to hear clearly from longer distances or in background noise. This made it impossible for him to hear the priest at the church, speeches and general conversation during the reception. To solve this problem I was able to set up an FM system to the microphones at the church and the reception venue. So, whenever someone spoke into the microphone at both venues, the FM system

sent the signal directly to his hearing aids and all he heard was the person talking into the microphone as if he was talking straight into his ears. Furthermore most churches have induction loop systems installed which can also pick up the in-house microphones and transmit them directly to hearing aids that have telecoils. To get over the problems with general conversation, I also set up the FM system to use a remote directional microphone. He just directed the microphone into the general direction of where someone was talking and his hearing aids picked up clearly the person the microphone was directed at. He told me he heard and understood almost every single word in all the environments where he would normally have heard nothing. This was about five years ago and since then the technology has evolved even further. Instead of FM systems you can get little Bluetooth lapel mics which you just clip to the collar of whoever you want to hear and it automatically picks them up and streams straight to the hearing aid. This is much easier than the FM system as it connects automatically without having to change the settings in the hearing aid. They are also much smaller and less subjected to electrical interference which can occur with FM systems.

5 ethical principles for better hearing...

These days you can’t trust your hearing to just anyone. At Clarity Hearing Solutions we base your treatment on five simple, yet hard to come by principles. It’s what sets us apart. Try us today.

1300 CLARITY or 4779 1566

1 2

Accurate diagnosis: we only employ the best university Masters qualified and registered Audiologists. Evidence-based recommendations and treatment: we only prescribe treatment, hearing aids and features where there’s medical evidence it will actually help you.



Transparent pricing: our margins are the same across our entire range so there is no incentive to prescribe technology other than what is best for you. No sales commissions: we don’t reward our team for selling hearing aids. We reward good outcomes for you.


Independent since 2008: being independent we can provide hearing aids and implants from all manufacturers so you get the one right for your needs.

For Queensland’s largest range of hearing aids and implant solutions talk to us today for your first, or even your second opinion!

Hermit Park, 266 Charters Towers Road Condon, 60 N Beck Drive Also at: Ayr, Bowen, Charters Towers, Collinsville, Ingham, Mt Isa, Mackay, Brisbane Advanced Hearing Aid and Audiological Specialists

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Remedial Massage + Personal Trainer

Rebecca Vinson Wehll

Couples that sweat together, stay together! Scientific studies have shown that couples that support each other to live a healthy lifestyle are not only more likely to reach their goals, they have stronger, happier relationships.

DURING MY TIME as a personal trainer I have come across many different exercise behaviours among couples; some of them good, some surprising and some quite detrimental. For example, it has amazed me how many people work out in a different gym to their romantic long-term partners and how many of my clients really lack the support of their partners in their attempt to change their lifestyle and improve their health. So, does it matter? Science says yes! Partners can play a huge role in influencing whether their significant other will adhere to an exercise or healthy eating plan. In fact, scientific studies on middleaged diabetic patients have shown spousal support to be more important in determining exercise adherence than medical surveillance. A 12 month study that compared adherence to and dropout rates from a structured exercise program found that married couples had significantly higher attendance rates than married singles and substantially lower dropout rates (6.3% in married couples


DUOMagazine February 2016

compared to 43% in married singles!). I can only imagine how hard it is to get out of bed at 5 am to exercise when your partner sleeps in, to avoid alcohol when your partner drinks in front of you or to continue to eat healthy meals when your partner complains every time you serve salad or vegetables. Not only does exercising together improve our health, it also benefits our relationships. Couples who regularly exercise together report increased relationship satisfaction, increased romantic attraction to their partner and better sex lives. It’s no surprise as regular exercise improves blood flow and circulation, boosts testosterone levels, improves energy and libido and releases endorphins. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to exercise together when your fitness goals are very different to those of your partner, or if you are juggling exercise times around work and family commitments. One of the biggest mistakes I see in the gym is in women doing weight training with their partners. A five day split program is great for him to grow or sculpt muscles, but for a female trying to slim down, it is an extremely inefficient method of training. Under these circumstances, it might be best to head to the gym together, but to do a different workout routine when you get there. You can still motivate, inspire and help each other if you are not doing the exact same workout.

Alternatively, you could have a personal trainer draw up a program you can do together that will target both of your goals, or you could schedule some training days together and some training days on your own. If there is no way you can schedule exercise together, ensure you support each other to exercise alone. If you are facing resistance from your partner have a think about why, as you may be able to help to find a solution. Your partner may be finding it difficult to schedule exercise time around family or work commitments or may be struggling with stress or fatigue. You may be able to help by offering to take some of the load to free them up a little. As little as 15 minutes a day of exercise can add years to your life when compared to not exercising at all. Your partner may be lacking confidence. You can help by providing positive reinforcement. Be careful not to nag, as you are likely just to increase their resistance. Do your best to lead by example and be enthusiastic about the positive effects of exercise you are experiencing. You may just convince them to follow your lead! If you are one who is resisting making a healthy lifestyle change, take a step back and look at the big picture. Your resistance could be not only detrimental to your own health, but also the health of your partner, your family and your relationship. Maybe it’s time to grow up, step up, and do what is required to enhance your longevity.



Laurelyn Higgins Smile Dental

Gripping too tight? We all know how to brush and floss. Right? Here are some of the most often asked questions about the finer points of dental hygiene. What kind of floss should I use? It’s not so much what kind of floss you use but how and when you use it. Dental floss cleans where the toothbrush can’t reach – under gum-lines and between teeth. Hygienists recommend that you use it every day and avoid snapping it between your teeth. If you have a preferred kind that you like to use then stick with it because you’re more likely to use it. Have a chat with your hygienist about floss techniques and one-handed floss alternatives if you’re not crazy about string floss.

How often should I change my toothbrush? You should ditch your toothbrush at 2–3 months or sooner if your brush starts to resemble a shaggy dog. When the bristles are flattened or splayed, they can’t access the grooves and sweep away germs or food particles. Old brushes also harbour a lot of nasty germs. However, if your toothbrush is wearing away too quickly, maybe you should look at your technique. It’s not meant to be held with a Schwarzenegger grip.

Is it okay to use mouthwash?

Does whitening damage the teeth?

While it’s not necessary for a healthy mouth, it may be recommended for those with special needs. Mouthwashes with extra ingredients can make the difference for those who are at risk for tooth decay or dry mouth. However, here are a few things you should know: • Mouthwashes that contain alcohol can dry and irritate the mouth • You need to swish a mouthwash for one minute so the ingredients can work • It’s best to use mouthwash before brushing so the fluoride in toothpaste can soak in, or use it when you can’t brush

Whitening is one of the easiest ways to improve your smile. It’s safe if used in a healthy mouth as directed by your dentist. In some cases tooth sensitivity may be a possible short-term side effect but that can be easily managed. If overused or improperly used, whitening can cause damage to gums and teeth. Have a chat with your dentist for more advice and guidelines about whitening treatments.

As an adult, do I still need fluoride? The maximum benefits from fluoride are obtained in children’s teeth from the beginning of tooth development until tooth eruption. However, fluoride continues to promote enamel remineralisation, reduce tooth decay and inhibit decay bacteria throughout our lives. When you drink fluoridated tap water and use toothpaste or rinses with fluoride, you top up the teeth with minerals. Fluoride protection is particularly helpful for older adults at higher risk for decay from dry mouth conditions caused by medications or health problems. So the answer is… yup, you do. It’s not just for kids.

Do whitening toothpastes work? Most whitening toothpastes don’t actually penetrate the enamel and change the colour of your teeth. They have stronger polishing agents which can make your smile brighter by removing more surface stains from coffee, tea and red wine. The whitening toothpastes with small amounts of peroxide can eventually whiten but it will take time. However, whitening toothpastes can be useful to maintain your bright smile after a professional treatment.

For more tips and tricks please visit or

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Certified Fitgenes Practitioner

Leanne Scott Core Nourishment

Meet the ‘Love Drug’ that can heal your body! The many benefits of our bliss hormone – Oxytocin THERE IS a very special hormone in your body, called oxytocin, which helps to create the feeling of falling in love. However, the power of this bliss hormone may extend farther than we realise. Not only responsible for those butterflies in your stomach and sensations of euphoria, oxytocin influences the digestive system as much as it influences the brain. Oxytocin has been proven to having a calming effect astrointestinal inflammation to alleviate food sensitivities, autoimmune disorders, and even pathogenic infections. Designed to act like a psychological

buffer, we’ve been naturally wired to experience an oxytocin surge (or several) during moments of bonding with each other or our children. Oxytocin naturally enhances our inner sense of optimism, trust and self esteem. Not only does oxytocin enhance the mother-child relationship, it can also help to generate a strong bond between romantic partners. We experience a surge of oxytocin during an orgasm. Kind words or physical affection can also drive oxytocin levels up, enhancing the experience of what we identify as love and trust. Dr. Michael Gershon, author of The Second Brain tells how the brain in the head shares a unique connection with the brain in the gut – or our ‘second brain’. This is because the gastrointestinal tract is full of nerve cell networks, called the enteric nervous system. The enteric nervous system helps to regulate behaviour, much like the brain that belongs to the central nervous system. For example, serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for feelings of happiness and wellbeing. It is mostly made in the gut. In fact, the cells lining the intestinal wall produce approximately 95% of the body’s total serotonin. Like serotonin, Dr. Gershon has determined that oxytocin influences what is going on in the digestive system as much as it influences what is going on in the brain. In a 2010 study, Gershon found that oxytocin helps to cool gastrointestinal inflammation. Intestinal inflammation can not only cause abdominal discomfort, but it can also contribute to more serious disorders that


The Nourishing Table

Foundations of Health Dinner Seminars

Struggling with your thyroid, fatigue, hormones, auto-immunity, weight or chronic health conditions? Don’t miss this! Learn what really works for permanent long-term optimal health. Safely, healthfully!

involve the immune system, such as: • Food sensitivities • Autoimmune disorders • Systemic infections It has been found that even small expressions of support between family members and friends will stimulate the release of oxytocin. What this means is that love, trust, sincerity, and heartfelt touch can actually prompt the body to heal on a physical level. When oxytocin levels are stable and elevated, the physical body benefits as much as the mind. Other beneficial effects of oxytocin include: • Reducing levels of cortisol in the body • L owers blood pressure • I mproves gut motility and decreases intestinal inflammation. Because oxytocin and its receptors are found in the gastrointestinal tract, healing the gut needs to be an essential part of any program designed to heal mental and emotional trauma. Conversely, because our perceptions of our outer world have a huge impact on our inner world, the power of love may have far greater healing effects on the body than we have yet to fully realise.

Join International Speaker, NTA Instructor and DUOMagazine Health Columnist Leanne Scott and learn about the latest scientific breakthroughs and methods that help you quickly and permanently reclaim your health, your energy, and your life!

Wednesday February 3 at 6:30pm Wednesday March 9 at 6:30pm Paleo Café 383 Flinders Street Townsville Phone 4771 3895


DUOMagazine February 2016

Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc.® Foundational Holistic Nutrition Education


Physiotherapist + Director

Paul Parker

SportsMed NQ

Helping our loved ones. We often forget about how our injuries or surgeries can impact our loved ones – here are some tips to get us through it.

At SportsMed

WITH VALENTINE’S DAY around the corner, this article is about what your partner, parents or friends can expect when you hobble through the door battered and bruised. Unfortunately injury and surgery are a part of life for many of us. With everyone being more active since the New Year, and sporting seasons about to kick off, the number of people you know with an injury will be on the rise. As physiotherapists we always talk to our patients about what they can expect for their recovery, but we often forget how our loved ones will be impacted. The most common things that will stop you from looking after yourself, and helping around the house, are crutches and slings – a slight limp or sore elbow isn’t going to get you out of it. Most commonly crutches and slings are used after surgery to protect repairs but are sometimes given to people to prevent the need for surgical intervention. Injuries we see that might need slings and crutches are: leg fractures; collarbone and arm fractures; ACL ruptures; bad muscle tears and ankle sprains. Thankfully these are usually only short term for a couple of weeks (except for fracture management). We can all appreciate the inconvenience of having to look after your fully grown partner – or ‘other’ child. Helping them shower, bringing them food (why do they eat so much?), cleaning up after them and driving them to their appointments. There are a few tricks to make sure they are as independent as possible. For people on crutches, give them a bag. When you are using two crutches you have no hands free to carry things. Having a bag

NQ Physio we offer expert

Physiotherapy services, Exercise Physiology, Remedial Massage, Clinical Pilates and Hydrotherapy.

lets you carry things around with you. Putting food in containers with lids and using a water bottle instead of a glass will also help. Showering can also be a pain and also a safety risk. The last thing you want is for them to fall and hurt themselves more so try putting a water proof chair in the shower so they can sit and wash themselves. Most importantly, they can still help out with meal prep, folding washing etc. so don’t hesitate to give them a list of jobs, just set them up at the table. Slings are less disabling but things just take a lot longer (have you ever tried dressing with one hand?). Your injuries have a huge impact not just on you physically but also emotionally, and your partner or support person is there with you through the whole thing and often feels really helpless not being able to do anything to help to take your pain away. So, as Valentine’s Day rolls around this year and you are debating what to get them, just remember who will be looking after you when you are injured or how much you appreciated their love and support through your injury or surgery last year.


North Shore Clinic

Bayswater Road Clinic 2 Park Lane Hyde Park Phone 4771 3650

50 North Shore Boulevard Burdell Phone 4774 2860

Open Monday–Thursday 7am–7pm Friday 7am–5pm Saturday 7am–12pm

Open Monday 8am–7pm Tuesday 7am–7pm Wednesday 8:30am–7pm Thursday 8:30am–5pm Friday 7am–5pm Saturday 7am–12pm

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Dr Anders Blomberg

Dr Ingrid Blomberg

Dr Brendan Mudge

Providing beautiful smiles for over 32 years North Queensland Prosthodontics provides general dental services, as well as specialist restorative dentistry, to help you achieve a beautiful smile. NORTH Queensland Prosthodontics is Townsville’s only prosthodontics specialist practice. For over 32 years, Dr Anders Blomberg has been helping patients achieve beautiful smiles and improve quality of life through the restoration and replacement of teeth. He specialises in complex restorative dentistry, including crown and bridgework, dental implants, dentures, and cosmetic dentistry. But what many people don’t realise is that North Queensland Prosthodontics also provides general dental services to help patients look after all aspects of their oral health. “We are the only prosthodontics specialist practice north of Brisbane” says Dr Anders Blomberg, who completed a Masters in Prosthodontics from the University of Adelaide in 1984. “But we don’t just provide specialist services, we also have two general dentists – Dr. Brendan Mudge and Dr. Ingrid Blomberg – as part of our dental team to help patients maintain all aspects of their oral health.” Dr Brendan Mudge has been part of the North Queensland Prosthodontics team for


DUOMagazine February 2016

three years. He brings over ten years of general dental experience in the far North, and in 2013 graduated from a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants) from the University of Sydney with Distinction. Dr. Ingrid Blomberg, on the other hand, originally trained as a Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist at the University of Queensland. She became qualified to perform routine dental treatments on children, as well as preventative oral health care for adults. However, after working for a number of years in South-East Queensland, Ingrid returned to study full time at James Cook University campus in Cairns; this time graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery as Dux of her year. She recently joined the NQP team. “Brendan and I provide complete oral health care, from maintaining the health of your mouth, teeth and gums, to teeth whitening or replacing missing teeth,” says Ingrid. “We help patients achieve their goals for their oral health – whether that is through routine maintenance or more complex treatment, if required.”

North Queensland Prosthodontics provides the following oral health services: • Routine examinations and cleans for patients of all ages • Fillings or crowns • Root canal treatment • Replacing missing teeth, including implants, dentures or bridges • Teeth whitening • Complete mouth rehabilitation, if required • Overcoming problems with the jaw joints (TMJ) North Queensland Prosthodontics is located at 52 Paxton Street, North Ward. The practice is happy to provide after hours care, including appointments on Saturdays and Thursday nights. To find out more information, please call 4772 3466 or find the team online at or on Facebook at

5of 4 7 3 r team


pe with 1 reserve. includes food & beverages!


When in doubt go Trekking

If you’re looking for a challenge, or a life changing experience, or simply wanting to develop your mental and physical fitness, Womens Wilderness Trekking will help you to build courage, confidence and resilience to trek some of the most incredible places, many of which are recognized as the best hiking tracks in the world.

WOMENS Wilderness Trekking, is an enthusiastic and encouraging environment to help support you on your journey to become trek fit and ready to take on your adventure as an independent trekker, including carrying your own back pack with all your trek provisions. Whether you’re trekking the high ridgelines of the West MacDonnell Ranges or the sweeping arid desert of the Flinders Ranges as a wilderness trekker, your experience will be truly unforgettable. Womens Wilderness Trekking will take the worry and hassle out of planning your trek so you can enjoy some of the most incredible places you’ll ever visit.

• Encourage independent trekkers • Improve your health and fitness • Passionate trek • Challenge yourself • De clutter, de stress, detox yourself • Adrenalin and thrill seeking adventure • Explore amazing scenery and places • Escape the pressures of day to day living • Have fun in supportive environment

Why trek with Womens Wilderness Trekking? • Treks designed by women for women • Small groups (10 max) with two trek leaders

The Womens Wilderness Trekking story Camillus and Gail are in their early fifties and have been friends since high school. They are passionate about remote locations, amazing scenery, trekking and having fun. Both are country girls with rural upbringings and after years of wandering and exploring the wilderness of Australia, have now joined together as Directors and Trek Leaders of Womens Wilderness Trekking.

They enjoy sharing their extensive experience with other women and together, lead small groups of a maximum of ten trekkers, to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Larapinta Trail in the Red Centre of Northern Territory, the Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound of South Australia. Gail has owned two successful travel agencies and travelled extensively throughout the world. After her time in the travel industry, Gail worked for many years in senior executive roles in the corporate arena. Camillus is a registered nurse. Their trekking adventures over the past eight years have taken them to New Zealand, Queensland, South . Tasmania, . Australia and the Northern Territory. They would be privileged if you would join them via on your next life adventure for real women, real challenges and real achievements.

New to trekking? Join us on 8 June for our introductory 4 day guided trek on the Larapinta Trail Northern Territory

2016 TREKS 29 May to 07 June Larapinta Trail 6 days on guided trek 08 June to 15 June Larapinta Trail 4 days on guided trek 09 Sept to 19 Sept Heysen Trail 7 days on guided trek

C O N TA C T U S 0456 526 719


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Show your love to those you care about. Visit us for a salt therapy treatment to ensure you and your family feel relaxed, calm and centred. Enjoy a natural therapeutic process that improves breathing, sleep, mood, energy and skin health.

To book call 4728 3328 112 Mooney Street Gulliver Find us on Facebook

*Offer must be purchased and used by 31.03.16

Special Valentine’s Month Offer

3 sessions only $75* Ask about our Adult + Child Packages



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Inspirational Leaders In Health + Fitness

Maria Sieben Owner | JMS Aquatics

Northern Beaches Leisure Centre 7–31 Erskine Place Burdell Telephone 4774 7593 Email


DUOMagazine February 2016

Maria and her husband Jon (triple Olympian and gold medallist swimmer) were living and working in Melbourne when the idea struck that they needed to combine their talents and start their own business. “Jon grew up in Innisfail and Ingham and I’m from Darwin so Townsville was like a coming home of sorts,” says Maria. “That was 2008 and the Northern Beaches Leisure Centre was being developed. When we arrived there were just four big holes in the ground – a perfect blank canvas.” After graduating high school in Brisbane, Maria obtained her Austswim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety and Bronze Swim Coach licences. She worked for Austswim and The Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSSA) while studying a Bachelor of Communications at Bond University. While on the Coast and looking to extend her skills, Maria decided to complete her Surf Bronze at Northcliff. “If I could patrol there under some of the choppiest surf conditions on the Coast I could do it anywhere,” says Maria, who had also made the Australian Country Water Polo Team and was runner up RLSSA Lifesaver of the Year. “After uni I returned home to Darwin and worked with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award as the NT Program Development Officer. At

the same time I was Chairperson of The Chief Minister’s Round Table of Young Territorians.” Due to her work with youth, community service and sport, Maria was a finalist for the 2004 Young Australian of the Year – NT and was later awarded the 2004 Young Achiever of the Year Award. At this time Jon had moved to Darwin and it was a game of mixed water polo that bought this dynamic team together. Under the umbrella of their company JMS Aquatics, Maria and Jon now lease the Northern Beaches Leisure Centre (NBLC), Kennedy Regiment Memorial Pool (Charters Towers) and their own North Shore Swim School. NBLC has gone from zero clients to thousands walking through its gates each month and it is the pairs’ compatible strengths and ability to collaborate that has built that success. “Together we dream up what’s next, we plan short-term and long-term goals, recruit new team members, train them and provide ongoing support,” Maria says. “I joke that I actually spend half the day in ‘my cave’ shuffling emails and accounts to keep the business side humming. But two days a week I escape ‘the cave’ and get back to my ‘trade’ – swim teaching. “My aim is to be able to help others feel the same sense of freedom and vibrancy I get from being in the water.”


Inspirational Leaders In Health + Fitness

Liezel Gordon Director and Clinical Psychologist OnBundock Counselling and Consulting

OnBundock Counselling and Consulting 61 Bundock Street Belgian Gardens Townsville Telephone 4724 0861 Email

A local as of seven years ago, Liezel Gordon and her husband and two children moved to Townsville from Africa because of the wonderful lifestyle, climate and work opportunities Townsville offers. Liezel studied both psychology and education at Stellenbosch University in South Africa before taking up a position as a school counsellor for five years. She then went on to obtain a Masters degree in psychology, followed by roles working in various settings, such as a hospital psychiatric ward, community clinic, university clinic, palliative care environment and for private organisations. “I’ve always had a strong interest in people, in getting to know and understand them and in being of service to others,” Liezel says. “For me, it was a natural progression into the field of psychology and I love it — there’s no other job I’d rather be doing.” The variety of work and range of people she meets in private practice appeals to Liezel, who has now been in practice for more than 15 years. When her family moved to Townsville in 2009, she began working at OnBundock, where she joined Suzy Dormer as a director last year. OnBundock has been in operation since 2001 and is a relatively large practice. Last year it opened a satellite office at JCUHealth General Practice and is now consulting from rooms there

as well as its Bundock Street location. “I believe strongly that every person deserves to live a meaningful, fulfilling life and I regard it as a privilege to guide people towards improved functioning and wellbeing,” Liezel says. “I work with clients of all ages, from children to seniors. Each client’s needs are unique and I use evidence-based strategies in working to understand the needs of every individual. “Clients’ ideas about their difficulties can range from thinking it’s an issue they’ve struggled with for so long that there’s nothing that can change it, to thinking that their issue is silly and insignificant, and it would be a waste of time talking to someone about it. All of those issues are relevant and positive change is possible!” While many people consult a personal trainer to work on their physical selves, too many ignore ‘personal training’ for the other aspects of the self. “I’d like to challenge any stigma there may be about seeking help for mental health or personal development issues,” Liezel says. “It’s very rewarding to address negative self-beliefs and help people practise self-care and kindness.”

February 2016 DUOMagazine



Inspirational Leaders In Health + Fitness

Martin O’Reilly Pharmacist & Network Dispensary Manager United Chemists Qld

United Chemists Kirwan The Avenues Plaza Kern Bros Drive Kirwan Telephone 4755 4311 Email


DUOMagazine February 2016

After growing up in Cairns, Martin O’Reilly relocated to Townsville to study pharmacy at James Cook University – a decision he often reflects upon and is very thankful for. After graduating in 2002 he decided that Townsville was his new home and worked at Metro Pharmacy before becoming registered after an intern year and six months spent honing his skills in the UK. “My time spent in the UK gave me a great appreciation for how advanced Australian community pharmacy is and the great health service available,” says the 35-year-old Townsville resident. Martin now owns his own pharmacy, United Chemists Kirwan, and is active in other roles in the industry. “I love my job. No two days working in the shop are the same and I appreciate the opportunity to meet so many different people and gradually learn their story and form trusting relationships,” Martin says. While Martin has a significant managerial workload he insists on being on the shop floor at the pharmacy full-time to remain in touch with customers. “The satisfaction in making a positive difference to people who are genuinely appreciative is extremely rewarding,” says Martin. “My staff also inspire me to be a better leader and constantly evolve in this aspect of my

life to better support them, in turn.” In his role as the North Queensland Network Dispensary Manager for United Chemists, Martin supports dispensary staff within a network of eight North Queensland stores. “From the outside the pharmacy industry may not look very interesting but I can assure you that it’s very dynamic,” Martin says. “We will see a shift from your local pharmacy being seen in primarily a supply role to being one that utilises the trained health professionals within for an increasing range of consulting, screening and lifestyle services.” Martin considers it a great privilege to be involved in a number of committees including the JCU Pharmacy Advisory Panel and the North Queensland Primary Healthcare Network (NQPHN) Clinical Council. “I appreciate the opportunity to share my passion and experience gained for positive outcomes at a higher level,” Martin says. “The NQPHN is making solid inroads into identifying and alleviating gaps in our healthcare system that will be firsts not only for Townsville but also Australia.”


Inspirational Leaders In Health + Fitness

Mehmet Oztel Dentistry Student Practitioner JCU Dental

JCU Dental Townsville Level 2 Clinical Practice Building 1 James Cook Drive Townsville 1800 028 998

Dentistry Student Mehmet Oztel’s aspiration to work in the health industry began in high school, when he realised he wanted to do something to help the community. “This coupled with the fact that I enjoyed science and biology meant medicine was the right way to go for me,” Mehmet says. After completing his medical degree Mehmet spent three years working at the Townsville Hospital in various specialities. It was when he began working in the surgical department that he found himself fascinated by oral and maxillofacial surgery. “I liked that it combined surgery with science and art, while making a significant difference in people’s lives,” Mehmet says. “At this point I realised I’d need to go back to university to study dentistry so I applied and was lucky enough to get a position.” Under the guidance of his supervisors at the JCU Dental Clinic in Cairns, Mehmet developed treatment plans, worked with patients and promoted oral health in the community. This year Mehmet will be undertaking clinical placement in the JCU Dental Townsville clinic. “Study at James Cook University and placement at JCU Dental are both vital aspects of dentistry. One allows you to build on your knowledge and understanding, while the other allows you to develop your practical skills.

“I have one more year to go before I finish dentistry, then I’ll apply for a training position in maxillofacial surgery.” Mehmet will then have at least four more years as a maxillofacial surgery registrar (training) before becoming qualified as a consultant. “It’s a long road from start to finish but I am enjoying the journey,” Mehmet says. “I’m looking forward to starting my training in maxillofacial surgery and working in a hospital again, where we work in a multidisciplinary team, interact with other allied health staff and treat very ill patients who are medically compromised. “I feel like I’ve done the job right when patients are not only happy with the treatment we have provided but also leave with a smile, feeling more comfortable and less afraid of visiting a dentist in the future.” Mehmet says his inspiration and drive to better himself comes from his family, who taught him the value of work ethic, respect and honesty. “I hope that I’ll be able to make a difference in the lives of the patients I treat by becoming a consultant who is patient-orientated and is able to provide experienced and empathetic care,” Mehmet says.

February 2016 DUOMagazine



Inspirational Leaders In Health + Fitness

Simon Speed Dentistry Student Practitioner JCU Dental

JCU Dental Townsville Level 2 Clinical Practice Building 1 James Cook Drive Townsville 1800 028 998


DUOMagazine February 2016

Following his parents’ footsteps into the world of dentistry was a natural progression for Dentistry Student Practitioner Simon Speed. “My passion and drive comes from my parents, who are both general dentists, and have had fulfilling careers. They are still passionate about dentistry and working well into their 60s,” Simon says. “I chose to study medicine after school and, when I was a junior doctor, developed an interest in maxillofacial surgery.” Simon is now working as an assistant doctor in oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Townsville Hospital while undertaking a clinical placement in dentistry at JCU Dental Townsville. In these roles he treats a wide variety of patients, ranging from car accident victims with facial trauma to those presenting with general dental problems. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Australia must hold degrees in both medicine and dentistry as the speciality is a combination of these two fields. Simon completed his medical degree in 2007 at the University of Queensland and has since worked as a medical practitioner in a variety of medical fields before settling on oral and maxillofacial surgery. “Once I hold dual degrees I can apply for the training program in oral and maxillofacial surgery, which will take four more years to complete after my graduation from dental

school. By the end, I will have completed three degrees and have studied for a total of 14 years,” Simon says. “It’s hard balancing life and work but I’m married to an amazingly supportive wife and we have a young daughter. While having a baby is challenging at times, it definitely makes it easier to get up at four in the morning as there is no choice!” Simon says working as a dental student at JCU Dental has been a fantastic experience. “We have amazing clinical demonstrators, as well as very friendly and approachable reception staff and dental assistants. There have also been many opportunities to undertake challenging clinical cases as JCU Dental has a hands-on approach to learning,” Simon says. “By working in the public system I’ll be able to provide complex treatment to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive this level of care. It will also provide the opportunity to educate the doctors and dentists of the future.”



February 2016 DUOMagazine



Federal Member

Ewen Jones

Seat of Herbert

Just because the signs are there… My witty asides were once a source of great amusement to all my children, but are now greeted with sighs, groans, and even pretending that they weren’t heard.


DUOMagazine February 2016

IT had to happen, I suppose. The signs were always there. But New Year’s Eve confirmed that I’m turning into my father. You seem to notice little bits and pieces along the way. My witty asides were once a source of great amusement to all my children, but are now greeted with sighs, groans, and even pretending that they were not heard. My two brothers and I used to (and still do) pillory our father’s mannerisms. From which card to play in Eucha, to the way he breathed when reversing a car, all was fair game. Neither my brothers nor I are handymen. While Dad was brought up on a farm and then was a stock and station agent, us boys have always lived in town. From Quilpie to Texas, to boarding school in Toowoomba, to Brisbane, the thought of actually having to do something filled us with wonder and dread, in equal proportions. Dad could get things done, but they were limited to the amount of soft wire and swearing he could get away with in the process. Each time had one certain outcome. Bits of bark coming off Dad and blood seeping out of his hands, shins, arms, ear, wherever. We would ask if it hurt, but he did not even seem to notice. This is what happens when men get on a bit. They get Old Man Skin.

New Year’s Eve, North Ward with the breeze, pool, and BBQ is a great place. I don’t wear thongs. I prefer deck shoes or bare feet. We were having a beer and I lazily scratched the front of one leg with the heel of my shoe from the other leg. I felt the delicious scratch as the itch eased without disrupting the conversation. I felt something in my shoe. It was the leg I had scratched. I looked down to see my shoe rapidly filling up with blood from a gash on my shin. There were three doctors in the conversation who looked at each other and agreed “Old Man Skin” as my life was ebbing away. I grabbed a few serviettes to stem the flow. My son, Andrew was in the pool beside where I was standing. I told him I loved him and to be good to his mother now that he was to be the man of the house. Still the blood pulsed from my leg. Still the doctors continued to talk self-managed super funds and wine fridges. I remained conscious, applied a band aid to stop the blood flow then got back to the party. Disaster averted no thanks to the medical profession. The conversation soon became a competition of the bluntest object our fathers had cut themselves with. My wife, Linda rolled her eyes. A happy new year but signs are there.


Senior Associate

Leith Kennedy Roberts Nehmer McKee

To Prenuptial or Not? Binding Financial Agreements, popularly known as ‘Prenuptial Agreements’ are not only used by the ‘rich and famous’.

A BFA is a practical way of protecting your assets in the event of separation or divorce. Yes, I make no apology, BFAs are practical not romantic. You can enter into a BFA before marriage, during marriage and even following separation or divorce to record your agreed property settlement.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of entering into a well drafted and considered BFA is you are able to document a binding arrangement

as to how your property will be dealt with in the circumstances of separation or divorce without having to argue it in Court. Litigation in the Family Court is costly, time consuming and can be incredibly stressful. A BFA can give couples security in knowing that the assets they owned prior to their marriage or commencement of their de facto relationship are safe from claim by their partner. Other benefits include: • Preserving the inheritance for children from a previous relationship • Protecting businesses and family farms for future generations • Giving greater weight to the higher earning income party • Providing certainty and avoiding dispute regarding property.

What are the disadvantages?

For a BFA to be enforceable it must comply with the strict technical requirements of the Family Law Act. Therefore, the main disadvantage of entering into a BFA is that it can be set aside by the Court if it doesn’t meet strict technical requirements and also in some other circumstances. For example, the agreement is obtained by way of fraud, there is a material change in the care arrangements for a child or there has been duress or undue influence when the BFA was prepared. If the BFA is set aside by the Court, the Court will then have the power to determine how your property will be divided. This could result in one of you receiving significantly less of the property than you agreed. The key to avoid having your BFA set aside by the Court is engaging an experienced lawyer who has extensive knowledge and experience of the technical

Caring for the legal needs of North Queenslanders since 1881.

requirements. Experience shows that well drafted and properly considered BFAs which involve second marriages or which make adequate provision for maintenance for the less wealthy party especially where children are involved are less likely to be set aside.

Tips and Considerations

• Do your research. Only engage a lawyer who practises or specialises in family law and has the knowledge of the technical requirements. • T he cost of preparing a BFA will set you and your partner back a few thousand dollars. A BFA is complex and requires expert advice. Cheaper is not always better. Cost will be an issue if you are planning your wedding. However, compare the cost of preparing a well considered and drafted BFA versus the possible loss if you pay for a BFA which could be set aside or the risk of not having one at all. • Give yourself and your partner plenty of time to consider the draft BFA. Avoid having the BFA prepared or signed just before your wedding. This will assist with any possible claim of duress in the future as well as a hasty BFA being prepared with significant matters overlooked. • Be clear about the object of the BFA. • Discuss the future with your partner as clearly as possible: Who will be the primary income earner? Will one of you work on a part-time basis or stay at home if you have children? Consider the possibility of employment losses, disabilities and possible inheritances. These considerations are the keys to having a relevant and binding agreement. A well considered and drafted BFA may well save you unnecessary heartache.




Level 1. 111 Charters Towers Rd Hermit Park. Telephone (07) 4726 5000

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Nicole Stott-Whiting Office of Life, Marriage and Family Catholic Diocese of Townsville

Whose day is it anyway? Once upon a time we would hear that a wedding day was all about the bride. Nowadays, we realise that a couple’s special day takes two.

MY husband and I have been married for 20 years in June (yes I feel very old!). When we became engaged and started organising our wedding I would sometimes hear the comment that it was the bride’s special day. I always thought this concept was just so bizarre. Why was it just my day? I wasn’t marrying myself. There was actually another person involved and why was it any more my day than his? It would become even more apparent when we would arrange certain details of the wedding like the reception, flowers, cake, etc. It often felt like all the possibilities and choices were directed toward me and my husband was just sitting on the couch for decoration. Of course, we soon made it very clear that both of us were making the decisions about our day rather than just the bride. Twenty years on, I am now in the age bracket where I currently don’t attend too many weddings. I sincerely hope that the concept of it being the bride’s day is long gone. When we think about it, the idea of a wedding being about one half of the couple makes absolutely no sense at all. A wedding is a very important and special stage in the development of the couple’s relationship and it is certainly not just about one person. Both people should feel that their ideas, thoughts and personal touches are being listened to and added into their day. Isn’t that a true reflection of a healthy relationship and partnership? I believe that part of the reason it can become about one person is that the emphasis can easily shift to the celebration part of the day rather than the most important aspect; the ceremony that signifies

Catholic Diocese of Townsville

Office for Life, Marriage and Family

the commitment of the two people. Couples, without realising, can become consumed with the cost, seating arrangements, location for the photos and flavour of the cake while actually skimming over the ceremony itself. The part of the day that really matters. There is a lot pressure these days to have the perfect wedding day (p.s – they don’t exist) and they aren’t talking about how healthy your relationship is. A wedding day is indeed a wonderful celebration of a couple’s love and commitment to each other but we can’t lose sight of which part of the day is most significant. Even if every bridal magazine tells us it is all about the dress! The best piece of marriage advice I ever received had nothing to do with the best place to find wedding shoes, flowers or jewellery. It came from the wonderful Priest who married us, Father Dave Lancini and related to our commitment to each other and the years ahead. Anyone married by Father Dave is usually presented with a shifting spanner during the ceremony. This shifting spanner is so simple but such a powerful symbol for the relationship. It signifies the continual adjustments that each person needs to make during their marriage. We still have our shifting spanner and are still using it in our marriage even after all these years. Thanks Fr Dave.

Committed to enhancing life, relationship and family experiences through:

Programs Resources Counselling Information Sessions

For more information please contact Nicole Stott-Whiting on (07) 4726 3200 or

February 2016 DUOMagazine



Child Psychologist

Nicole Pierotti Babysmiles

Love your children enough to give them the gift of independence.

AT a local school recently I spotted a Mum walking with her three children to their car. There was Mum carrying three backpacks and other gear and there were the children carrying – nothing! I realised then that many mothers and children do the same thing. Teaching your children to look after themselves from an early age is one of the best skills a parent can give. At what stage do you then expect your child to be selfsufficient? The answer to this question is probably younger than you think. Children are capable of much more then we give them credit for or allow them to do. So unless you plan on carrying their bags for them to work one day, you need to teach them how to do it for themselves. The sooner they learn the better because you’re giving them the gift of independence. I don’t suggest children become slaves and run countless jobs for parents but that they are taught the fundamental and all important skills of looking after themselves. Independence. This means getting themselves a snack if hungry, packing their own lunch, tidying their room, choosing and selecting appropriate clothes, making their bed, and carrying their own bits and pieces. A child of three is able to do all these things and look after themselves. Yes, three!

So where do you start? It’s a good idea just to begin with one skill and concentrate on that. You may have several that you think need to be addressed but find an easy one to start with. Carrying school bags is an everyday one and can be extended to ballet bags, musical instruments, sports bags and the like. After reading this article simply explain to your child that from now on they will be learning how to carry their own bags and give examples e.g. take it from the front door to the car, car to the classroom etc. Tell them why. They’re learning to look after themselves and then be sure to tell them you’ll soon extend this to them packing their bags as well. When you first try this you may encounter some resistance as you are changing the game rules and the way things are usually done, however be persistent and within two weeks with continuity and praise they will be carrying their own bags and bits. It is our job as a parent to prepare our child for the world outside of ourselves. Try not to get caught up in thinking that “it’s easier if I just do….” or “the more I do for them shows how much I love them”. Sure it is easier in a way in the beginning but who does not think that in the long run? Independence is a skill for success.

With our fun, flexible and friendly courses,

you’ll love the person you become!



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Generation Spokesperson

Courtney Frank DUOMagazine

I think we should start dating again. In this day and age, with all the technology we have at our fingertips, the concept of ‘dating’ almost seems irrelevant. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’M GOING to go out on a limb here and say; when it comes to dating, my generation is pretty screwed up. I definitely don’t claim to be a dating expert; in fact, I’ve only been on a handful of dates in my entire life. But recently I’ve been paying more attention, especially to those younger than me and what it seems like to me, is that no one is actually dating anymore. I mean real, committed, no drama dating. These days ‘I’ll pick you up at 8 o’clock’ has turned in to ‘I’m running 15 minutes late’ which results in a quick text saying ‘I’m here’ when they arrive, instead of actually getting out of the car and knocking on the front door. The rise of social media means that Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have all become acceptable forms of flirting. If a guy ‘likes’ your Instagram photos on a regular basis, he obviously fancies you. A private message on Facebook occurs much more often than an actual compliment in real life. How did we get like this? Social media obviously plays a large part, but when did romance fly out the window as well?

The old saying ‘there’s plenty of fish in the sea’ used to be true when we actually went and met people in real life. These days, the possibility of love and romance is right at our fingertips on dating websites and apps. We can literally order up a date for a night out from Tinder, in the same way we can order a pizza from Domino’s. Everyone complains that romance is dead, but it really doesn’t have to be. Newsflash: romance isn’t texting instead of talking face to face and it isn’t sending a love heart emoji at the end of your text message. It isn’t watching them play XBOX while you sit in the background and it definitely isn’t changing your Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’. Romance might not be dead, but in my personal experience, it really needs reinventing. Of course, there are many people out there who are the exception to everything I’m saying. Couples who have found love the old fashioned way and who still believe in romance and courtship. Who haven’t settled for what they think they deserve and instead reached for something more. This is just my personal experience and I can only write what I know. I watch those younger than me grow up and I start to see more and more of these issues come to life. We are the comparison generation, we question our relationships and ourselves. We compare them to others. We’re never good enough, shiny enough or impressive enough. We only share the highlights reel of our lives on social media and not the money issues, stressful work situations, family problems and the feeling of never quite measuring up. This isn’t what we show to the world. How could we?

Somehow, we have stopped giving other people the chance to even meet us in person. A guy once messaged me on Facebook because a mutual friend of ours had uploaded a photo with me in it. He requested to follow me on Instagram before he had even learned one thing about me as a person. I mean seriously? Is this what ‘picking up’ has become? If so – I want out! In my personal experience, there are a lot of people who don’t want the commitment of a relationship but they don’t want to be alone either. Nobody wants to commit anymore – they don’t see the point. There is an endless pool of suitable candidates for you to choose from, so why settle for just one? Because of this, no one ever wants to be exclusive but they also don’t want their ‘person’ to be seen talking to someone else either. It’s pretty messed up and in the end, someone always gets hurt. Somewhere along the line these actions replaced real, authentic dating and I think it’s time to bring it back. The kind where 8pm really means 8pm, and everything is kind of awkward and uncomfortable, but also fun and spontaneous and exhilarating. I get it, it’s terrifying to go up to someone in a bar and introduce yourself but what have you got to lose? Who knows, they might even compliment you to your face! Sure, they might say no but at least you tried. And that’s more than everyone sitting at home swiping left or right on their iPhone can say.

February 2016 DUOMagazine



Trudy Lightfoot and Glenda Constable

Valued Volunteer Sue Smith

A fair go for all One of the many local not-for-profit organisations to benefit from a partnership with NQ Food Relief, Access Street Vans (Townsville) is dedicated to helping the needy, regardless of their situation. Words and photos by Kylie Davis. AFTER having been on an Access Van in Brisbane, 74 years young Rasmussen resident Trudy Lightfoot decided Townsville needed a similar service. “The first van went on the road in February 2008 and we’re very grateful to BM Webb, who is the main sponsor of Food Relief NQ and pays any purchases we make from them,” Trudy says. “Food Relief NQ Warehouse supervisor Toby Kelly and his volunteers always look after us and the importance of their help is immeasurable. They do it really tough themselves to have sufficient for their hampers and, as Townsville doesn’t have a manufacturing base, it’s hard to get enough donations to meet demand.” Access supplies sandwiches and beverages to the homeless in and around Townsville, as well as to boarding houses and people who’ve found themselves short of funds after paying their accounts. The van goes out Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and evenings. “Our three teams of volunteers (45 people)


DUOMagazine February 2016

would see about 120 people a week and are led by Glenda Constable, who has been with Access for nearly eight years,” Trudy says. “Food Relief NQ and Access are both blessed with brilliant teams who enjoy the time they give and are always shown appreciation.” Access thanks Woolworths for the food stuffs they provide via their Food Rescue Program; Dairy Farmers who supply milk three times a week; Twelve Oaks Poultry Farm who supply eggs so Access has curried egg sandwiches every week and Brumby’s Upper Ross, who not only supply Access with bread but also slice and pack it for them. “We’re also very grateful to Unique Unicorns Early childhood Development Centre, who not only supplied the first van but also keep us on the road, along with Calvary Christian Church through regular donations,” Trudy says. “All in all we find the manner in which Townsville businesses support us pretty wonderful. I could go on and on about the people who help us

from time to time either with monetary donations or, like Priestley’s Gourmet Cakes, food when they have an over-supply. You should see the homeless peoples’ faces when we hand them a piece of topquality cheesecake!” VALUED VOLUNTEER Sue Smith of Cranbrook has been volunteering for Food Relief NQ for over a year after hearing about the organisation’s work via her daughter, who works for Anglicare. Sue says it makes her feel good to give and she enjoys the social aspect of volunteering as well. JOIN THE CAUSE Food Relief NQ distributes more than 200,000kg of food to over 76 welfare agencies throughout North Queensland every year. To find out how you can help, call 4774 7620 or email



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DUOBusiness | Promotion

Battling the big issues In a year that mark’s Townsville’s 150th anniversary, the issues city leaders are battling aren’t too different from the ones our founders overcame a century ago and 2016 will be a year of significance in our history as city leaders deliver their united plans for progress. 150 YEARS AGO the founders of the city of Townsville were battling some major issues. There was drought, there was the struggle of attracting sufficient capital to build the local economy and there was a growing frustration within Townsville’s population of 80 people to find a voice at State and National levels. Life may have changed a lot since 1866, but some things remain the same. This anniversary year is a big year for Townsville and the wider region. On the back of the breakthrough success of the North Queensland Cowboys and the Townsville Fire there is an air of renewed enthusiasm and optimism following a year of significant challenge. Townsville Enterprise Chief Executive Officer Patricia O’Callaghan said this needed to be the year that all levels of Government worked with industry to secure funding for new projects and


DUOMagazine February 2016

support private enterprise to get projects over the line. The region is currently presented with strategic opportunities including the upcoming Local Government and Federal elections to accelerate and secure funding for new projects, funding and policy reform in a range of key areas. “The foundation that was laid by our persistent engagement around the Federal Government’s Northern Australia Agenda will come to fruition this year as the Government rolls out its development priorities. Water, energy and transport infrastructure complemented with progress in the areas of tourism and innovation is what is going to build this region and create jobs for future generations. This year must be the year all levels of Government work together to fund job creating projects for Townsville North Queensland.” “Projects like the Integrated Stadium and Entertainment Centre have received positive

support and the community is aiming to secure the additional funds needed to announce the start of the project this year. With the current state of the economy, now more than ever we need jobs and this project stands to deliver 550 jobs in construction alone. “With continual regulatory issues and legal loopholes delaying the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project over the last five years, we would hope this is the year this game changing project can announce a starting date. This will be the largest project the wider region has seen for decades and not only does it stand to deliver thousands of jobs, it has the potential to create $22B in taxes and royalties.” Next month the region plays host to the Townsville Futures Forum the region’s premier tourism and events industry development conference and Ms O’Callaghan said the event will be used to

DUOBusiness | Promotion

Opposite page left to right: Townsville Chamber of Commerce President Troy Popham Townsville Enterprise Chief Executive Officer Patricia O’Callaghan Townsville Mayor Cr Jenny Hill Townsville Airport Chief Operating Officer Kevin Gill Port of Townsville Chief Executive Officer Ranee Crosby

“Water, energy and transport infrastructure complemented with development in the areas of tourism and innovation is what is going to build this region and create jobs for future generations. This year must be the year all levels of Government work together with industry to deliver job creating projects for Townsville North Queensland.” PATRICIA O’CALLAGHAN

leverage the region’s experiences and attractions. “We will use the opportunity to promote our region nationally and internationally. We will build on our event led tourism strategy and grow a stable of events based on success stories such as the Australian Festival of Chamber Music, the Troy Dunn Invitational, the Townsville Tri Festival, and the Castrol Edge Townsville 400. With unemployment levels a topic of many conversations, city leaders are looking forward to the benefits of the merger of Ergon and Energex – with Townsville chosen as the State head office and a promise of up to 500 new jobs over the next ten years. Townsville Mayor Cr Jenny Hill said a number of job creating key projects were also in the pipeline. “The Federal election will provide an opportunity to push for some of our region’s big projects like the Integrated Stadium and Entertainment Centre that will kick-start the Waterfront precinct and boost confidence in Townsville and the region,” Cr Hill said. “With Northern Australia on the national agenda, there is also the possibility of further developing feasibility studies into the Hell’s Gate Dam proposal, with initial studies indicating this proposal could rival the Ord River Scheme in Western Australia. “The Hell’s Gate Dam proposal, or the raising of the Burdekin Dam wall, offer attractive options for the Federal Government to increase water security and agricultural outputs for our region. “Mining remains an integral part of our region and our economy, and with the Dugald River Mine, Adani’s project in the Galilee Basin, Rio Tinto’s South Weipa and CuDECO’s Cloncurry projects all progressing, our region stands to benefit from the employment these projects will create. “Central Queensland University has seen Townsville’s potential in our city and will begin constructing a campus in Flinders Street for up to 3,000 students. “The Wingate property development in

Rasmussen will provide 1,500 homes and valuable work opportunities for our tradespeople. “Townsville will have the King Street Precinct, an arts and cultural hub, the hinge that links The Strand to the CBD. “I do want to mention our city’s 150th anniversary celebrations this year and some highlights are the Pacific Festival in June, a Gala T150 Concert and Dinner in September, a series of Townsville Yarns events culminating with a blockbuster RAAF Airshow on 15–16 October. “Considering everything that has happened so far, 2016 still looks like a promising year for our city and region.” Townsville Chamber of Commerce President Troy Popham said their renewed advocacy charter has building business confidence at the top of its priority list. “Over the past 130 years the Chamber has encouraged the Townsville community to buy local and in these tough times we can’t shout that message loud enough. Buying local means you’re helping to keep locals in jobs, creating a sustainable future for the Townsville North Queensland region. With direct flights to Bali now taking off three times a week, Townsville Airport Chief Operating Officer Kevin Gill said securing additional international routes is a major focus for aviation. “Building on the work done in aviation to secure border protection services and the direct Bali flights, we are hopeful of securing new routes with New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Singapore. Townsville Airport and Townsville Enterprise recently conducted an online survey to gauge the interest in direct flights to New Zealand and with thousands of positive responses received we now have a good case to take to the airlines to fight for direct flights to Auckland.” Port of Townsville Chief Executive Officer Ranee Crosby said securing approvals and finalising business cases for future port infrastructure is vital to seeing the region reach its maximum potential over the next 150 years. “While there is capacity

within the port currently to meet short term trade growth, there is a long lead time to build significant infrastructure like ports. It is critical that planning gets underway now to cater for long term growth, and to provide certainty for companies investing into mines, agriculture and other developments in the region. “The final Environmental Impact Study for the Port Expansion Project will be finalised early in 2016, and the focus will be on starting Stage 1 to allow for larger vessels to access the port and the creation of two new berths over a five year construction period. Finalising the business case and delivery model for this project is high on the Port of Townsville’s agenda for 2016.” City leaders are also hopeful of upgrades to critical rail infrastructure to cater for predicted growth in exports and to improve urban amenities. “The proposed Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor is critical to providing direct rail access to the Port for longer trains, away from urban areas and will provide further opportunities for development within the Townsville State Development Area. Developing the business case for this job creating project is high on the agenda for 2016.” So with a united vision and a view to working collaboratively, city leaders’ advocacy efforts are centred around creating jobs and economic stimulus for the region. Ms O’Callaghan is looking forward to a promising 2016. “Underlying all of our activities will be the constant drive to sustain and create jobs and to grow our economic base. Townsville Enterprise may have only been around for 25 of the 150 years that our city has endured, but we pride ourselves on being a torchbearer for the issues that will always matter – building our economy, its diversity and resilience, and fighting hard for our city and region’s fair share. “

February 2016 DUOMagazine



Business Administration Consultant

Trent Yesberg Regional Business Services

Just keep pumping Cycling Lessons from Cuba (Part Two) IF you missed DUOMagazine’s January edition, my wife Shantelle and I went on a cycling tour through Cuba in November. Sure we are young(ish) and fortunately (almost ungratefully) have our health with no lingering injuries but we are not athletic people. Our preparation for the tour, where we would cycle approx 40km per day of varying difficulty (aka hills), consisted of… i.e. we didn’t prepare. Unsurprisingly, this was not the wisest decision either my wife or I have ever made. Interestingly one of the first stops on the tour was at a township called Australia. Jose, our tour guide, explained the name came

from the sugar cane farming history of the area (like much of Cuba) and its resemblance to the sugar towns of Australia. With its corrugated iron sheds, railway tracks and chimney stacks it was easy to see why and it certainly did not feel like we were on the other side of the world in ‘Fidel’s Cuba’. After leaving the Cuban Australia, we prepared for our first leg of cycling. Yes, there was lycra. Yes, it was extremely comfortable. No, it was not attractive, but if nothing else we looked the part! Our fellow tourists were clearly more experienced than us and therefore better prepared. Fortunately for us, however, there were varying degrees of prowess and we were able to ‘hold our own’ albeit in the middle/tail of the pack. Mostly tail. We befriended almost everyone on the tour, we had a fantastic group; four Aussies, five Irish and nine Poms. The Pommies were hilarious. [Little known fact: Cuba doesn’t have an animal whose bite can kill you.] This still didn’t stop the Poms freaking out everytime an insect flew near them. They certainly lived up to the label of whinging poms every meal time. Nothing however could deter the Irish. No matter how late the previous night had been for them, no matter how large the hills were, they attacked everything with huge smiles and a festive attitude. One particular day the thermometer hit 37° and with the yearly average humidity of 78%, even being a proud Townsvillian, it was bloody hot. Jose had told us to prepare for a rating of three (moderate hills, but no mountains). The Irish prepared themselves by staying out at a jazz bar till 4am enjoying a few Cuba Libres (this was a Wednesday

night). About 20km into our cycle, one of the Irish rode up beside me. They always gave us a head start each morning (they were serial cyclists) and would always finish well in advance of the rest of us. As he pulled up along side me in the ‘middle of the pack’ aka tail, I managed in between breaths to proclaim “I don’t know how you guys do it!” to which he responded “It’s all in your mind lad!”. Continuing pedaling “Cycling is all in your mind, you just gotta keep pumping. Let the gears do the work and you just pump, pump, pump. You’ll be right”. And with that, he powered ahead and off into the distance. At the time all I could do was scoff and think “Yeah, easy for you to say” but as I reflected throughout the rest of our cycling, his proclamation really sunk in and not just in relation to being on a bike. In business and in life, just like the hills of Cuba, both are full of ups and downs. You might not be the best ‘cyclist’ but you can always shift gears and just keep pumping. After all, it’s all in your mind lad. It’s all in your mind, you just gotta keep pumping. Let the gears do the work and you just pump, pump, pump.



DUOMagazine February 2016


Federal Member

Ewen Jones

Seat of Herbert

If we don’t profit, what is the point? When it comes to Government infrastructure, having a new road or bridge is not enough for a city like Townsville. We also need the jobs, the training opportunities and the profit from this work to remain in our city. I REMEMBER years ago when my older brother was part of an Industrial submission on behalf of the State Government Harbours and Marine Department. During his submission, the ombudsman stopped him with the question; “Mr Jones, you are not going to use the ‘it’s different in Queensland’ defence, are you?” My brother said “Yes, I am because it is different in Queensland”. There has never been a truer statement. We live in the only truly decentralised state in the country. Drive 350 kilometres from Melbourne and you are out of the state, double lanes all the way. South Australia and Western Australia are both one city states with only small towns outside their capitals. New South Wales has its population centred in the Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong triangle, all within 100 kilometres from each other. Outside of that area, the next largest city is under 50,000 people. Compare that to Queensland where you have Cairns, some 1,800 kilometres from the capital with a population of 160,000; Townsville is 1,400 kilometres from

Brisbane and has a population closing in on 200,000. Things actually are different in Queensland. Townsville, so far from the capital, with its diverse economy and industrial base is unique in Australia. That is why, when any Federal Government proposes infrastructure spending in the north of Queensland, I am asking that we take a different approach. The tender process has evolved from basic documentation in the 1980s to a very complex and expensive process today. The implementation of layers of qualifying criteria makes it virtually impossible for a Townsville firm to qualify for major Government work. While Government infrastructure is carried out all over the country using the same basic tender processes, it does not work in North Queensland. The current system is driven by centralised decision making by people who live and work in these same capital cities. So, they see first-hand the fruits of their labour each and every day. In the big cities, the system works. They see the people in their city go to these jobs and spend their money in their communities. They see the big companies occupy major city buildings and employ lots of people, in that same city. To them, there, it makes sense. The tender process reflects the working nature of their companies, businesses, and its people. But in Townsville, the system needs to be adapted. Decentralisation is expensive but worth it. Queensland is much more than a south east corner and a few fishing villages. Any system of delivery must recognise that. We have done so with Defence, ensuring the men and women who serve our country are deployed in areas where training can stimulate where they will serve. We have done it in Education with a University which has, as its charter, life in the tropical world. We’ve done it with Health with the Townsville Hospital being a full scale teaching hospital where high end medicine is practised across a wide range of fields each and every day. Why then, can we not deliver our infrastructure this way – with a view to life in a decentralised state? This is not about being more expensive. Nor are we asking to lower standards of accountability. The key for our development and future security is the ability to get the job done here by qualified people who can do the job as well as anywhere else in the country, and keep the profit and the jobs here. The key is to get rid of onerous company regulations which stop local firms from being able to qualify to tender.

Let me use, as an example, the combined Stadium and Entertainment Facility, proposed for our city. Despite the world seeing the lowest cost for steel in more than a generation, the estimate for this project has risen from $316 million to $375 million. This project has been eulogised as an economic opportunity for the North. If we just use the existing tender process, what can we expect? A southern based company, ticking every box on the tender check list, would be chosen. They’d have an EBA with a major union which would allow them to choose a couple of major sub-contracting firms to do the work, none of who would be substantially Townsville based. Chances are, there’ll be some jobs, at rates many refuse, for wages. Chances are we’ll be waving the profit goodbye as it too goes to the big cities. I’d not be making these suggestions if I didn’t believe that we could deliver value to the tax payer, training to our up and coming workforce, and a product the equal of anything anywhere else in Australia. Discussing this with other members of Parliament from regional Australia, it’s apparent to me that we, Townsville, are uniquely situated. We’re at the point where we can see the next step for our city’s economic evolution but we can’t get there because government systems are against them. While the main aim of Government infrastructure is to deliver the product, the secondary aim is to stimulate the local economy and drive the business sector to employ and train. No one doubts we can deliver this sort of infrastructure if the terms of the tender are amended to facilitate our local companies participating. No one doubts that local firms can deliver value to the tax payer if they can put themselves to work in their own city. No one doubts that locals will grab the apprenticeships, the extra jobs all the way from the boardroom to the pie van if they are given the chance. No one doubts that other local businesses will thrive if the profit from these jobs stays in our city and region. I’m asking for a major change to the way local, state, and federal governments do business. If we don’t fundamentally change the way we do business as governments, nothing will change on the ground. The tender process does not work in North Queensland. It will not work for us and we must find another way. That is what I want for my city.

February 2016 DUOMagazine




Karen Quagliata Northern Tax & Financial Services

Back in black Times are tough for businesses at the moment but there are ways and means of getting back on top.

The information provided is general advice only. We have not considered your financial circumstances, needs or objectives and you should seek the assistance of a qualified advisor before you make any decision regarding any products mentioned. Whilst all care has been taken in the preparation of this material, no warranty is given in respect of the information provided and accordingly Northern Tax & Financial Services Pty Ltd employees or agents shall not be liable on any ground whatsoever with respect to decisions or actions taken as a result of you acting upon such information.


DUOMagazine February 2016

YOU really have to love what you do to be in business because, when times are tough and cash flow is tight, that’s the only thing that will get you through. You need to stay motivated enough to turn your business around, to look inwards and reflect on what can be done to get the cash flow pumping once more. Times are particularly tough at the moment for businesses, both small and large, in our community (and beyond). Take the latest job losses at QNI for example. Not only is this a huge impact for that company in itself, but the flow-on effect to this community can and will last for years to come. This will impact the salary and wage earner, increase pressure on the household and affect those businesses that were also engaged to work for that entity. If the work is not around, what next? Go down the tube as well? Not without a fight if you have already poured your heart and soul into your business (not to mention the equity you have contributed as well). My advice is to fireproof your business. Consider if you need to diversify. Make sure that your service or product offering, if possible, crosses over into other avenues of revenue, so when one industry is down you have a buffer from another industry. Count your debtors and watch it daily. This is key to success. You need to be at the forefront, not leaving it to others to monitor what is your own. If you don’t know what is coming in, then you are not in charge of your business, regardless of the dollar value. If you know the ‘ins’ you can schedule the outs, you can cull or increase staff capacity and create improvements for increased turnaround.

Watch your spending. Do a cash flow. This can be as simple as noting your overheads, or those set expenses each month like rent, rates, fees etc. Take up estimates of variable expenses and note in your financial obligations the set payments you need to make to meet your debts. Always factor in GST in and out. The mistake many businesses make is that they bank the GST like it is their own, only to spend it and realise at the end of the month or quarter they are short of cash. If you follow your cash flow regularly, you’re then mindful of the expenditure and know what you can and cannot do. Is that extra spend a necessity, or is it a want? Can it wait? The variable costs are just that. Variable. So review, cull and revise often. Check your insurances, get quotes from other companies to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. Do this for every line item on your Profit and Loss Statement. Once you live by your cash flow, and have budgeted and forecasted your income, this becomes your business bible that you need to live and breathe by each day until you get back on top. It takes willpower, it takes motivation and, if it doesn’t kill you, will make you so powerful in business that you will never have to suffer cash flow problems in the future. Once you start making money again, you will remember why you are in business in the first place… and that should be because you love what you do. The plus should be that you are making a decent living from it, and the added bonus would be if you are making exceptional profits as well.



Inspirational Leaders In Law Highlight


February 2016 DUOMagazine



Inspirational Leaders In Law

Jessica Shuttleworth Principal Solicitor Shuttleworth Legal

Shuttleworth Legal 20 Walker Street Townsville Telephone 0459 959 825 Email


DUOMagazine February 2016

After being a solicitor for seven years, five of which were spent working in private practice in the areas of Family Law, Criminal/Traffic Law and Wills and Estates, Jessica Shuttleworth has decided the time has now come to launch her own business. Shuttleworth Legal will open its doors this month and is tailored to clients seeking a holistic approach to their legal dilemma. “As well as working in private practice I spent two years with a not-for-profit legal service. Over this time, I gained a wealth of knowledge in Family Law, including child protection and domestic violence applications while assisting vulnerable clients,” Jessica says. “My aim is to make my clients’ experience of the legal system as stress-free as possible by providing realistic legal advice that will guide them to finalise their legal matter respectfully and protect their future.” Jessica says she became a lawyer to advocate for people when they couldn’t advocate for themselves and she’s passionate about making legal assistance affordable. “Unlike some larger firms that tend to focus on what they can bill for on a client’s file, I focus on helping them to negotiate through the traumatic ordeal they’re faced with, and to move through the Court process as unscathed as possible,” Jessica says. “When you’re dealing

with something so precious as your children or your family’s future, you need to know and trust the person working on your case. My vision for my business is to provide a high standard of legal advice and to focus on how we treat our clients, providing a collaborative and holistic approach to their legal problems.” Jessica moved to Townsville from Atherton to study law at James Cook University. She now can’t imagine living anywhere else and is dedicated to serving the Townsville community. “I love that there is so much to do in Townsville, whatever you’re interested in. In one day I might enjoy an early morning session at Crossfit4810 in the city followed by coffee at Coffee Dominion, a lunch and cider watching the ocean at Longboards, and the excitement of taking in a Townsville Fire game at night.” “I’m dedicated to supporting the local community in Townsville and providing a service that its residents can be proud of. I will be taking on all types of Family Law, Criminal Law/Traffic matters and will be assisting clients with their Wills and Power of Attorneys.”


Inspirational Leaders In Law

Linda Leong Sole Principal McDonald Leong Lawyers

McDonald Leong Lawyers 85 Thuringowa Drive Kirwan Telephone 4723 5155 Email

Linda was born in Townsville and her parents and extended family have always been in business in Townsville. From her teenage years, Linda’s parents involved her in their consultations with their solicitor, which kindled her interest in the law. Linda was one of the first graduates in Law from James Cook University. At the young age of 24, she was the first from her graduating year to become a partner in private practice when she became a partner of McDonald Leong Lawyers. Since commencing with the firm, Linda has seen the firm grow from four employees to a firm now employing 16 staff. During this time, Linda was the managing partner and oversaw the growth of the firm. She became the sole principal of McDonald Leong Lawyers following the retirement of the Senior Partner, Mark McDonald, in May 2015. Linda is recognised for her outstanding advocacy skills and legal knowledge and is a source of inspiration for young practitioners. The mentoring of young solicitors is a passion of Linda’s and is not limited to her staff. Linda enjoys working with young solicitors and encourages the exchange of ideas and new approaches to legal issues. “Although I’m imparting knowledge, I also gain different perspectives from my interaction with other practitioners on matters we are working on.”

Linda is also a role model, particularly for female practitioners wishing to advance into management of their legal firm. Linda has been able to successfully combine the challenges of running a legal practice, managing her own case load and the demands of being a mother. McDonald Leong has a tradition of ‘growing their own’ solicitors with most of the solicitors in the firm commencing their employment while still undertaking their university studies. By the time they are admitted to practise, they are relatively experienced in the areas of law in which they have been working. “I’ve been lucky in that, over the past 20 years, the majority of these solicitors have remained with the firm,” Linda say. “It’s satisfying to see each of them develop into a competent solicitor with comments made by clients, judges and other solicitors about their abilities and professional conduct.” McDonald Leong Lawyers has been providing legal advice and assistance to the people of Townsville since 1993, with some clients having been with the firm for three generations. While Linda practises predominately in personal injuries, wills and estates, the firm provides services in conveyancing, family law, traffic infringements, criminal law, small business and commercial leasing.

February 2016 DUOMagazine



Inspirational Leaders In Law

Keta Roseby Partner Roberts Nehmer McKee

Roberts Nehmer McKee Level 1 111 Charters Towers Road Hermit Park Telephone 4726 5000 Email


DUOMagazine February 2016

After practising in Commercial Litigation for 10 years, Keta Roseby became increasingly interested in Employment Law and Human Resources. Today she practices almost exclusively in Workplace Relations ranging from employment contracts, to training, managing performance, restructuring and terminating the employment relationship. “My clients vary from businesses who regularly keep in contact with me looking to optimise their everyday workplace decisions to employers and employees who seek me out to assist in times of crisis,” Keta says. Keta regularly appears in the Fair Work Commission on unfair dismissal and adverse action cases and the Anti-Discrimination Commission. “I’ve got a strong sense of justice and equity but at the same time a commercial way of thinking through issues,” Keta says. “Being a lawyer in private practice really suits my strengths and allows me the opportunity to genuinely make a difference in people’s lives.” Townsville born and bred, Keta says Roberts Nehmer McKee’s lawyers are known for being trusted advisors. “Not only do our lawyers have very strong technical expertise in all the areas we practise in and operate with the highest levels of integrity, but we also understand that our legal advice must fit within the bigger

picture of our client’s business operations and personal life,” Keta says. “Legal advice in isolation can lead to bigger or different issues to deal with. This is where being part of a full service law firm really comes to the fore. For example, family law often involves commercial or property law issues and so we can ensure our clients get the expert advice on both counts.” Last year was a year of change and challenge for Keta who, while continuing her role as a university lecturer, worked hard at achieving that elusive work/life balance as a very busy practitioner and single parent. She was also thrilled to be invited to become a partner of the firm, a role that is demanding because it not only requires a high level of technical commitment, but also a proactive approach in the management of the firm. “Anyone can push their way to the front of the queue and announce themselves a leader, but leadership to me is not how you get there but what you do once you arrive,” Keta says. “I’ve found that a willingness, even a determination, to be mindful of the needs and hopes of others can be a powerful encouragement to them to follow the path that you would like them to take – for themselves, for the firm itself and, importantly, for the clients we serve,” Keta says.


Inspirational Leaders In Law

Luke Shanahan Partner wilson/ryan/grose Lawyers

wilson/ryan/grose Lawyers Level 1 15 Sturt Street Townsville Telephone 4760 0100 Email

Born and bred in Townsville, as a youngster with a taste for adventure, Luke Shanahan had not ever really contemplated being a lawyer. “Like a lot of high school graduates, I didn’t go straight to university. I did some globetrotting and had a fantastic time seeing the sights of the world,” says Luke. “It was during the final days of one such trip that I was sitting by a beach pondering what it was I would do with myself when I returned to Australia. I performed a SWOT analysis of myself and found I had the makings of a lawyer, so I enrolled in law school and have loved law ever since.” Luke began working at wilson/ryan/grose Lawyers in 2008 — drawn to the firm because of its long-established history in Townsville (now 120 years) and the formidable wealth of experience of its partners and practitioners. He is now one of 11 partners at wilson/ryan/ grose Lawyers, each of whom offers particular skills to ensure its future success. Luke is a partner in the family law team and is also the partner in charge of the firm’s insurance and injury compensation team. Luke says he enjoys the variety and challenge of practising in such diverse areas: “I can be dealing with a large and acrimonious family law property division in the morning, and in the afternoon be negotiating a settlement

of a complex medical negligence or worker’s compensation claim.” Appreciative of the fact that lawyers can influence myriad people and organisations, Luke is conscious of using his skills for the public good. He recently worked with a committee of other lawyers in successfully lobbying the State Government to change the laws in Queensland to secure greater rights for those injured while at work. “During my university days I was inspired by my lecturer David Haigh, who was formerly an Associate to a Justice of the High Court of Australia. He brought a practical and collegial approach to the law. I like to think that I’ve based my own practice on his example,” Luke says. “I also find inspiration in everyday people who help others without being asked to do so, and without any expectation of reward or recognition. “This is one of the reasons I feel privileged to be part of wilson/ryan/grose Lawyers. I have come to realise the firm makes a great contribution to our local community, for example by providing pro-bono advice on major community projects, and I’m excited to contribute to that work moving forward.”

February 2016 DUOMagazine


DUOBusiness | Observation

lives, the creative milieu of social life suffers from misery and poverty. Confronted by a fluid world of difference and otherness, we will be tested; and to suffer through the process is a distinct possibility. The uncertainty and contingency of this journey underpin the fragility of the processes of imaginative and creative production.

Founding Chairman

Warwick Powell Sister City Partners

iNQ: innovating innovation INNOVATION is all the rage. Yet, there’s a need to innovate innovation itself through a renewed understanding of what is at stake when communities reach out for the future-to-be. I’m going to speculate about some ideas as to how we may open up new, more productive ways of thinking about innovation – especially but not only – in regional contexts. In doing so, the unique dimensions of iNQ* – the North’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecology – can start to take form; and is why Sister City Partners ( was eager and willing to get involved as a foundational partner and centre operator. CHANCE AND DIFFERENCE As a shorthand for the quasi randomness of the creative production of individual and collective imaginations, innovation describes not a fixed state of affairs but, rather, a dynamic and fluid process of chance. It is the chance encounters of difference and otherness in our experiences that act as grist for the creative mills of human imagination. Innovation is, in this sense, an adventure of exploration and discovery in which the previously unknown possibilities of the world reveal themselves to us. For people to pursue such escapades, with the distinct prospect of failure, requires the courage and confidence that comes from a community of others who offer unconditional hospitality to the adventurer. Ideally, that is. The explorer learns about the possibilities of the world through the lenses of difference, rather than those of identity. Without difference in our


DUOMagazine February 2016

IT TAKES A VILLAGE The trust in chance that this idea of innovative practice and experience presupposes has uncanny parallels with how noted French philosopher Alain Badiou has thought about love. Badiou observes that: “In today’s world, it is generally thought that individuals only pursue their own self-interest. Love is an antidote to that. Provided it isn’t conceived only as an exchange of mutual favours, or isn’t calculated way in advance as a profitable investment, love really is a unique trust placed in chance.” If love is an antidote to the narrow pursuit of self-interest, and embodies the giving over to the dynamics of chance and the productive richness of encounters with difference, then in some senses, love is also the precondition for social creativity. By leading us to view the world from a position of difference, love opens up the prospect of – indeed, the very possibility of – creativity in a collaborative context. Collaboration required the experiencing of the world on the basis of difference, not just in terms of identity. Sameness sounds the death knell of creativity, just as rich difference fuels the imaginative faculties. Without otherness in our lives, the imagination machine is want of raw material. And one way in which otherness or difference enter productively is in a milieu that is itself hospitable to the presence of difference and the forment that it inspires. If, as Hillary Clinton once observed, it takes a village to raise a child, then perhaps it could be said that it takes a village to nurture innovators. Love, as the prospect of experiencing vitality in difference, is the enabler of creative exploration. Collaboration in this sense isn’t a mere “exchange of mutual favours”, nor is it calculated in advance “as a profitable investment”. As a stance or pure openness to the innovative possibilities of chance encounters, we can learn a lot about social creativity by reflecting on the experiences of love. INSURABLE OPPORTUNITY If the experiences of love’s encounter with chance helps us think about certain preconditions to the practices of innovation, then the question of chance itself must also find its place centre-stage. The proclivities of chance and the possibilities of failure inherent in the uncertainties of creativity are both the conditions of possibility of innovation and a bulwark against its realisation. Confronting this paradox sits at the heart of productive innovative practice. In mainstream (American / Silicon Valleyinspired) discourses around innovation, this paradox is confronted by the doughty entrepreneur.

In what is often tantamount to a Sisyphean “Groundhog Day” experience, the intrepid entrepreneur forsakes all in the pursuit of riches. Most fall by the wayside, consumed by the machine of venture capital and the pernicious activities of established tech behemoths. The entrepreneur-ashero is portrayed in popular iconography as he (and it is usually a “he”) who prevails against the odds. Here, the language of chance – “the odds” – comes back into frame. The assumption is that “the odds” are a fixed given; there is only one path, riddled with traps and pockmarked by the traces of failed entrepreneurs. The result of this game of chance, when the odds are rarely in your favor? The numbers are sobering:

• 95% of start-ups in the USA fall short of meeting expectations • 80% fail to see proposed Return On Investment, and • 70% liquidate and lose most or all investments within 3 years (Shikhar Ghosh, Harvard Business School) With failure rates like this, it’s no surprise that Silicon Valley began to promote the idea that failure is virtuous. Forget about the “walking dead” and the psychological impacts! Truth is, according to Shikhar Ghosh, “VCs bury their dead very quickly.” Surely, we can do better than this. This challenge is all the more critical in smaller populations, in which the size of the “imagination swamp” is a fundamental constraint. And there is a way in which we can do better. If indeed creative production is an encounter of difference, then the implied plurality of this moment also points us to ways to addressing the question of chance and its consequences. Rather than frame “the odds” as that of the intrepid solo entrepreneur traversing the tortuous terrain of voracious VC and private equity, a community can reframe the “game of chance” and address its consequences by thinking and governing innovation as a form of insurable opportunity. Insurance is usually associated with sharing the costs of reparations in the event of something going wrong. This is exactly how Swiss mountain villagers first mutualised the costs of reparations by agreeing to share in the costs of replacing lost cattle a few centuries ago. By treating innovation as an insurable opportunity, we can turn uncertainty on its head, and focus on developing mechanisms of gain-sharing its uncertain rewards. Costs and gains are, thus, shared within a village of innovators and entrepreneurs. If Badiou’s idea of love can tell us anything above the sociability of risky encounters with difference, it is that the rewards are greatest when we approach the encounter not on the basis that it is merely “an exchange of mutual favours”, nor calculate well in advance that the involvement is a “profitable investment”. Leave these preconceptions at the door, and give openness to innovation a fighting chance. Be open to the unexpected.

DUOBusiness | Observation

CONDITIONS OF MUTUALITY – THE INQ INNOVATION How, then, can these core ideas be translated into practice? We’re attempting to do this in North Queensland through the unique, communityinspired iNQ innovation and entrepreneurial ecology. A mutual-like community philosophy lays the foundations for iNQ’s approach to innovation and its realisation. Rather than pit the intrepid solo entrepreneur against the vast resources of the technological industry, a mutual structure provides the “village” conditions of nurturing and protection. Indeed, it is conceivable that each member of iNQ can be a co-partner in each others’ endeavours through iNQ itself. If innovative realisation is a matter of contingency, then it is a “numbers game” of sorts. While Silicon Valley plays at the global scale – in a league of its own really, small regional centres like Townsville (or North Queensland more generally, for that matter) are simply in a different league. Mutuality is a fair way of harnessing what numbers there are, to improve the odds so to speak. A recent report by the Chief Scientist provides data on high-tech start-up formation in Australia. On average, the evidence shows, one can expect one such start-up per year for every 12,000 persons. Because averages are what they are, the reality is that the relationship between population numbers and start-up numbers is non-linear. In other words, there’ll actually be more start-ups per 10,000 persons in larger places than in smaller places due to the concentration effects of cities. According to Deloitte research (2012) the startup scene in Sydney is 55% larger than Melbourne, 6x bigger than Brisbane and 8x bigger than Perth. Mutuality is the framework by which the disparate energies of difference can be harnessed and marshalled, particularly when your starting base is small as is the case in regional Australia. If innovative success is in part a function of

the emergence of the unexpected, then a mutual environment is also more likely to generate the unexpected through open encounters of difference. Of course, the mere placing of people in a room together isn’t sufficient to create the “buzz” of innovative and creative encounters. This is the myth of spatial reductivism. Rather, the “mood” that we seek can only be cultivated on the hallowed grounds of trust. Trust comes from a shared commitment to information sharing (confidence in mutual nondisclosure). We can call this the “mutual cone of silence” (sorry, Agent 86 but I couldn’t help it). Sharing of information also presupposes the sharing of social capital; confidence in non-circumvention underpins this willingness. The greater the frisson of difference, the more vibrant the mood is for creative production. Hunting as a pack also provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to assume a more meaningful stance vis-a-vis the world of capital. Rather than be compelled down the speed-dating path and to go “cap in hand” to voracious VCs and private equity fund managers, or practice the hackneyed “elevator pitch” in the hope of that “one chance”, a host of alternative funding mechanisms and instruments can be contemplated once we de-isolate the field of innovative production and activity. Institutionalised capital seeks risk-mitigated opportunities with sufficient scale to warrant transaction costs. Collaborative platforms of aggregated transactions tranches and project development pipelines can become meaningful destinations for local, national and global capital. iNQ offers just this kind of platform. Alain Badiou says that “love without risk is an impossibility, like war without death”. And so is the work of innovation. Both are perilous adventures, which require a tenacity to overcome hurdles and disputes. Love may be powerfully inter-personal as an experience, but as a community seeking to grasp the future-to-be, we must grasp what Badiou

describes as “the opportunity we are given to enjoy a positive, creative, affirmative experience of difference”. iNQ isn’t love; but it is an attempt to innovate innovation in ways that meaningfully grasp the profundity of difference in pursuit of common objectives.

*iNQ Central can be found in Central (near the cinemas, 520 Flinders Street) in space generously provided by Honeycombe Property. We’re also amply supported by Colin Ford at TAFE, where we will be found at the Pimlico Campus. As a village, its emergence has been enabled by the enthusiasm and passions of many including Joe Hoolahan, David Cole and those involved in Townsville Start-Ups. The contributions of Angela Banneman, Dirk Price and Lauren Heritage-Brand amongst others are also acknowledged. There’s a ‘wall of faces’ who’ve lent their support; check it out at

Warwick Powell is the founding Chairman of Sister City Partners, a regional not-for-profit investment bank with headquarters in Townsville. He brings almost 20 years of experience in global capital markets and project development and finance to bear on the challenges of creating regional resilience. He is an iconoclast who questions and challenges orthodox thinking. More information about Sister City Partners can be found at and Warwick is active on LinkedIn. Search him and hook up.

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Peter Baines


Hands Across The Water

Love comes in many different forms. I’VE just completed a bike ride through Thailand covering 1600km in 16 days and it’s something that I do every January. To think of starting my year any other way, just doesn’t make sense. The bike ride is in support of the charity Hands Across the Water that I formed in 2005, to support children who were left without parents following the tragic events of the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004. Eleven years on the charity now supports several hundred children across seven different locations across Thailand. One of the homes that we started supporting six years ago is a little drop of humanity called Baan Home Hug. It’s located an hour’s drive west of the rural town of Ubon Ratchatani in the north east of Thailand. Baan Home Hug is home to over one hundred children, many of whom have HIV and either do not know or have no connect with their parents. Many of the kids who without Baan Home Hug would not be alive today, were given up, left on a door step by those that should have cared the most, their parents. The bike rides that we do each January are a major step towards raising the funds that are required to keep Baan Home Hug and the rest of our homes operational. Riders come from a number of countries every year to ride in what is best described as a shared


DUOMagazine February 2016

experience that provides food for your soul. After a Christmas and New Year period of indulgence that seems to get a little more each year in my house, the timing of the rides in January is a way to recalibrate for the year ahead and again bring things back into perspective. Another benefit is the 1600km of riding helps to shred the christmas cake kilos I find each December. One of the reasons the ride is so successful and provides that important nourishment of our soul is one of our riders Mae Thiew. She is the founder and director of Baan Home Hug and there is no greater love than that which Mae Thiew has for her children. Her love for her children is so obvious to see when you are in her presence and she is surrounded by her children or when you look into her eyes when she speaks of them. There is a sparkle of unmeasurable love that comes into her eyes, it is unmistakably love of the strongest kind. She knows love, she knows loss and she knows heartbreak. The children, over the

last 30 years that Mae Thiew has run Baan Home Hug have given her all. For many years the resources at hand were such that she was unable to care for all the children providing them with the medicine they needed, many, too many lost their battle for life and gave Mae Thiew a very cruel lesson in loss and heartbreak. The type of loss and heartbreak that is only felt by the loss of a child. But, its the love of the deepest kind that sees her continue, in spite of such loss. Each January since 2011, Mae Thiew has joined me, along with many others, by climbing onto a bike and cycling down the banks of the Mekong River and in January of this year she repeated her feat of 2015 in riding the double, doing 1600km. She is not a well lady, she battles stomach cancer and over the last six years we have said a final goodbye several times, but each January she manages to find a way to ride again. I ask her “Why ride Mae Thiew, you’ve done it all now, you have nothing to prove

DUOBusiness | Sustainable Leadership

to anyone, why continue to ride when you are so unwell?” Her response “I do it for the children, to show them that I am strong and to show them they should work hard.” Her levels of residence and determination are off the chart when we measure them against our comfortable lives in Australia. But what trumps those qualities is the love that she has for the children. The children she has lost, the children that are in her care now and the children that she is yet to meet, but will over the coming years find their way to her. I watch her ride along some of the roads which are not the easiest to ride on. Some have pot holes and those pot holes have pot holes! I see her climb the hills and I see the struggle she must endure to make it through to the next water stop, but she arrives at every water stop with a smile on her face and a full heart. As we finished the first of the two 800km rides this year, we stopped as a group two kilometres from Baan Home Hug where we would ride to meet the children and I

asked each of the twenty one riders to reflect on their experience. When it came to Mae Thiew I asked her what was she feeling “I’m full” she replied, “full of love for the children”. Songs have been sung, books have been written and movies have been made telling the story of love and it’s many different forms, but the story of Mae Thiew and her love for her children, many abandoned by those who should have loved and protected them the most is surely love in its purest form. It’s a love with compassion, warmth, tenderness, and devotion. But it is not without discipline, sacrifice, respect and rules. She is the task master, the disciplinarian, the educator, the boundary setter and the chief giver of hugs. Depending on your measure, Mae Thiew could be the richest or equally the poorest of people you might meet. She has very little in the form of tangible assets to show of her life’s work. But she has a heart full of love and when the children who have been cast aside by their parents and society, look to

her, or reach to hold her hand, she is the richest person I know. Mae Thiew isn’t loved for what she has, but for who she is, and how she loves those that others choose not to. It is the perfect love story.

Peter Baines OAM became passionate for sustainable leadership after he took part in the natural disaster response team who witnessed the devastating effects of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. In late 2005, Peter established Hands Across the Water, a charity that raises funds for and awareness of Thai children who were left orphaned by the disaster. Today, Peter helps businesses build effective sustainable leadership while travelling the globe as a keynote speaker. Published by WILEY, Doing Good by Doing Good is available now in paperback RRP $34.95 from

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General Manager

Philip Jenkins Benchmark Business Solutions

Why we should learn to love our employees. ON the subject of love and its many and various forms, it has now become quite tricky in today’s world to figure out how one would and, increasingly should, navigate on and around the subject. Not that it’s ever been straightforward or simple! But boy, has there been a lot of coverage of late regarding PC*, not only in general but in particular with regard to intercourse between men and women. By intercourse I’m referring to the general meaning of that word viz., verbal dialogue. Ah ha! See what I mean? You were possibly making assumptions as to what I was actually saying and maybe even thought it was a double entendre.

So over to the workplace. I don’t believe I’ve seen so much reporting, comment and opinion as has been in the press over the last few weeks on behaviour in the workplace. Now you really know why this time of year is called the ‘silly season’. Real news is slow so news media resorts to writing silly articles about silly people behaving ‘badly’ in the workplace. Then overlay that with plenty of political correctness and there you have it. Recently we’ve been amused (or maybe the word is bemused) by the coverage in the press and broadcast media about some politicians and sporting identities with regard to comments they made about each other. As we have witnessed, it doesn’t matter anymore whether one is in a public place, on air or in private, a comment or an action can very quickly be communicated on that ‘other media’ (read social media) and be misinterpreted or re-interpreted at will. So what does all this mean? Well, social media is not subjected to a spell check or edited and posters are invariably anonymous. Much of the comments are not well informed nor actually understood by the communicators. It may be deliberate misinformation or defamatory. In the workplace it doesn’t matter anymore what was intended by a remark or a behavior — it’s how a comment or action is perceived by the recipient that may be contrary to what was intended. Some people hold the view that the workplace has become so politically correct due to a plethora of policies and procedures around privacy, codes of conduct, ethics and Work Health & Safety that it’s just not ‘safe’ to be there anymore. So what is going on in workplaces? Not

much that is different to before. We human beings keep doing the same thing. What that means is we continue to work things out through trial and error. A common cliché is that we learn more from our mistakes than our successes. However, in the modern workplace, that’s become more dangerous and costly. It’s interesting that the famous American football coach, Vince Lombardi said “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary”. So we need to do our homework. We need to know our people and if we don’t we need to start doing something about that. A modern workplace needs to be aware of the costs of hiring and firing as well as the costs to motivate, retain and develop their employees. And that is after you’ve spent time implementing a robust orientation plan (nowadays called Onboarding). This is costly, particularly if you don’t get it right. As your business is about being profitable it’s important to understand the cost of people to your business. Get it right and you improve productivity, culture and values in your organisation. So learn to ‘love your employees’ and you will see the positive results on your bottom line. (*PC – Politically Correct)

DOES YOUR BUSINESS NEED A HAND? Now more than ever, every business needs a hand to find the right people. Then they need a hand to manage them to their best. Not only can Benchmark give you a guiding hand with that, they also provide HR systems, audits and plans as well as business mentoring and coaching. They can also provide solutions with Industrial Relations and Employment Law. As your local Human Resources experts, Benchmark can tailor a HR program to benefit your business. If you need a hand (and today who doesn’t) contact Benchmark on 4772 0233. 350 Stanley Street Townsville 4772 0233 or 0414 858 502


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What’s on this month EVENTS Fantasea Cruising Magnetic Destination Adventure with Steve Moneghetti and Clint Robinson 12–14 February Magnetic Island Riverway Movie Night – Inside Out 19 February 7.15pm Riverway Lagoon 1300 878 001 North Queensland Extreme Off Road Challenge 19–21 February Mafeking Road, Charters Towers 0421 497 033

THEATRE+CONCERTS TheatreiNQ presents What is the Matter with Mary Jane? 4–13 February School of Arts Theatre 4772 2549 Guy Sebastian “You…Me…Us” Tour 6 February 7pm Townsville Entertainment Convention Centre 4771 4700

Townsville Choral Society presents Annie 10–12 February 7.30pm 13 February 1.30pm 7.30pm 14 February 4pm Townsville Civic Theatre 4727 9797 The Mikado – Morning Melodies 17 February 11am Townsville Civic Theatre 4727 9797 Elvis – If I Can Dream 20 February 8pm Townsville Civic Theatre 4727 9797 Lonnie Lee – Morning Melodies 23–24 February 11am Townsville Civic Theatre 4727 9797 The Searchers 25 February 8pm Townsville Civic Theatre 4727 9797 Ross Noble – Brain Dump 27 February 8pm Townsville Civic Theatre 4727 9797

EXHIBITIONS George Gittoes: I Witness 12 February–27 March Perc Tucker Regional Gallery 4727 9011 Townsville turns 150; the old and the news Museum of Tropical Queensland 15 February–29 January 2017 4726 0600 Screengrab7 International Media Arts Award Until 28 February Riverway Arts Centre 4773 8871 Freshwater Saltwater: Existence Until 28 February Umbrella Studio 4772 7109 Theatricalise Until 28 February Umbrella Studio 4772 7109

SPORT NBL Townsville Crocodiles 11 February 6.30pm v Cairns Taipans 13 February 6.30pm v Sydney Kings 4771 4000

WNBL JCU Townsville Fire 12 February 7pm v Dandenong Rangers Townsville RSL Stadium 4727 9797

MARKETS Cotters Rotary Markets Flinders Street, Sundays 8.30am–1pm. Willows Rotary Markets Willows Shopping Centre car park, Sundays 7.30am–11.30am. Magnetic Island Friday Night RSL Markets Arcadia, Fridays 5.30pm–8pm. Horseshoe Bay Markets, second and fourth Sundays 9am–2pm. NQ Farmers Markets North Shore Town Centre, Burdell, Saturdays. Cotters Market Handmade Arts and Craft Precinct, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, third Sundays 8.30am–1pm. Bushland Beach Markets, first and third Sundays 8am–1pm. Balgal Beach Market Beachside Fisherman’s Landing, first and third Saturdays 8am–1pm. Label Traders Market Mundingburra State School, third Sundays 8am–12noon. Renegade Handmade Market The Marian School, second Sundays 8am–1pm. Castle Hill PCYC Markets Sundays 7am–11am. Arcadia Markets Arcadia Hotel, every Wednesday and Friday 5pm–8pm.

Dive into The Swamp this month to watch the Crocs wrestle the Cairns Taipans and the Sydney Kings! Live and Dangerous!

Thursday 11 6:30pm | Crocs vs Cairns Taipans Saturday 13 6:30pm | Crocs vs Sydney Kings Snap up your tickets at Proudly supported by Bamford Medical and DUOMagazine


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Bell Shakespeare’s Othello




Wuthering Heights

Townsville City Council launches new theatre loyalty program THEATRE-GOERS are set to receive un-precedented value for money this year as Townsville City Council announces its new 2016 Theatre VIP Membership program. The program allows loyal customers of the theatre to enjoy discounts and also receive exclusive member offers and event invitations. An annual membership to the program costs just $10 and in return members receive a 10% discount off all council-presented theatre performances at Townsville Civic Theatre and Riverway Arts Centre. Some of the many theatrical highlights for 2016 include Queensland Theatre Company’s Quartet, shake & stir theatre co.’s adaptation of Wuthering Heights, Melbourne

experience it

International Comedy Festival Roadshow, Opera Queensland’s The Barber of Seville, and the return of Bell Shakespeare with Othello. Council will also present a fantastic Children’s Theatre Season with shows designed to engage and entertain children of all ages, as well as another season of Morning Melodies. This year will see the reprise of the increasingly-popular Riverway Sessions, offering a great line-up of entertainment and dining in a cabaret setting, including Faulty Towers the Dining Experience, The Paris Underground, Doll, and An Evening with Groucho. Tickets to Riverway Sessions


include gourmet tapas served before the show. And as if the theatrical offering wasn’t enough, Townsville City Council is also pleased to have Essentially Fresh on board as its new event catering partner. Award-winning chef Michel Flores, formerly of Michel’s Restaurant, will offer patrons more than 40 years’ experience and the latest concepts in catering. Grab a copy of the 2016 Experience It Live Theatre Season brochure from council’s Customer Service Centres, CityLibraries, the Townsville Civic Theatre, Riverway Arts Centre or download a copy online from

> arts > culture > events


The Underarm

12 March, 7.30pm townsville civic theatre

18 March, 2pm and 7.30pm, 19 March, 7.30pm townsville civic theatre

Retired opera singers Reggie, Cissy and Wilf have been put out to pasture in a country retirement home. What keeps the trio raging against the dying of the light is headlining the annual gala concert marking composer Verdi’s birthday.

This is the story of two brothers ripped apart by the most infamous act in trans- Tasman sport. As adults, they are reunited at another test clash in Wellington. What results is a tumultuous ride through sport, politics and the ugly side of broken families.

Quartet is a devilishly funny journey into old age told with tenderness, grace, hope – and above all, no self-pity.

The Underarm is a riotous and hugely entertaining show that has tremendous appeal to those who don’t ordinarily attend theatre.

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1 Image 1 Troy EMERY Something I overheard 2013 Polyester pompoms, polyurethane mannequin, glass eyes, plastic earliners and hot glue 48 x 45 x 18 cm Acc. 2014.0091 Gift of Troy Emery, 2014. Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. City of Townsville Art Collection Photograph: John Brash, image supplied by Martin Browne Gallery, Sydney. Image 2 Tim STORRIER Reflected blaze line 2013 Synthetic polymer paint on canvas 91.5 x 305cm Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program City of Townsville Art Collection Photograph: image courtesy Philip Bacon Galleries

Manager Gallery Services



With more than a little love…

The large majority of works acquired into the City of Townsville Art Collection each year are donations, whether they be direct gifts to the Collection, or made via the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. MOTIVATIONS for gifting artworks vary; from collectors seeking the financial incentives through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program, to wanting to ensure treasured artworks are properly cared for and loved by the community for years to come, to a passion for the region and a shared vision to see Townsville continue to grow as a culturally sophisticated capital of the north. With more than a little love from our benefactors, the last 18 months has seen the most considerable growth of the City of Townsville Art Collection in living memory. A total of 522 acquisitions, with the vast majority of these works entering the Collection as donations [494 in total], either directly from artists and collectors, or via the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program, now form part of our cultural legacy.


DUOMagazine February 2016

The Cultural Gifts Program is an invaluable incentive for Australians to donate items of cultural significance to their public art galleries, museums, libraries and archives for the enjoyment of future generations. Works that have entered the City of Townsville Art Collection via the program in 2014/2015 included a major painting by noted Australian artist Tim Storrier, a work by contemporary sculptor Troy Emery which proved highly popular whilst on display at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, and the largest ever gift of artworks to the City of Townsville Art Collection, totalling 454 works by Australian and International artists. Undoubtedly the most prized single artwork that was gifted is Tim Storrier’s Reflected blaze line – a 91.5 x 305 cm synthetic polymer paint on canvas artwork. This is the first work by the noted Australian artist to enter the City of Townsville Art Collection to the value of $225,000. The work was proposed as a gift to the City of Townsville Art Collection by Philip Bacon AM, whom attended the annual Philip

Bacon Guest Lecture and WOW, World of WearableArt launch and exhibition in 2015. Impressed by the cultural sophistication of Townsville and the initiative shown by our region to secure such a unique exhibition, Philip kindly offered to facilitate the gift of this major work to the Collection by Tim Sorrier. Tim Storrier (1949 – ) has works exhibited in the National Gallery of Australia and the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York. His works are included in all major Australian state and regional gallery collections and a number of leading private collections and now Townsville calls home to one of his personally treasured works from his private collection. Encouragingly the next 18 months is shaping up to be no exception as numerous benefactors look to Townsville as “the cultural capital of the North” and seek opportunities to ensure that they can contribute in our transformation from a regional town to culturally diverse and sophisticated city.


Artistic Director

Terri Brabon THEATREiNQ

The Showmance!

Working in the theatre, professional or amateur, forces its participants to become extremely close-knit in a very short space of time.

PORTRAYING complex human emotions requires actors to be intimate and vulnerable with each other which tends to rapidly increase the rate at which relationships grow and offers a fertile ground for romance. Often, when working on a show, rehearsals and the people in the production become your entire world. Known as ‘The Showmance’, relationships form in the rehearsal room and thrive in the now, the present, with no real thought of the past or the future. Often these relationships won’t even make it to opening night. Some will end a few weeks after closing, while the rare few will exceed all expectations and evolve into ‘real-life’ partnerships. Often Showmances occur between two actors who are also playing lovers on-stage, however, I have known it to occur between actors playing brother and sister and even father and son. And even though your Romeo and Juliet might have the hots for each other, don’t think for a second that this will translate on to the stage. I have witnessed real-life couples as Romeo and Juliet with less chemistry than those that can’t stand each other. Dating a co-star can be extremely tricky. If the relationship doesn’t last the length of the production then there is always the risk of either party engaging in another Showmance with another cast member creating a bitter three-way feud that can tear a cast list into two camps. Now, many people date people they work with, but not many still have to kiss each other nightly at 8pm! Showmances are not only restricted to actors. Backstage can be a whirlpool of longing looks, stolen kisses and broken hearts.



I will not lie to you and say I have been immune to the lure of a Showmance. Talent is extremely attractive and it’s not hard to fall for someone whose work you really admire. I have fallen for actors, dancers, singers, conductors, pianists, you name it. But I am one of the lucky ones who can say that my Showmance has evolved into a 15 year relationship. We have worked on 36 productions together in that time so I guess you could say we just keep having Showmance after Showmance. Whatever it is, it works for us. So this Valentine’s Day, I salute my Showmance partner and all those who have ever experienced a passionate Showmance. Long may we throw caution to the wind!

Terri Brabon with her longtime Showmance partner Brendan O’Connor

th e Ma tt er wi th Ma ry Ja ne ? at byisSancia WhStory Robinson Written by Wendy Harmer Directed by Terri Brabon A f u n n y & i n s p i r i n g t a l e o f s e l f- a c c e p t a n c e 4-13 February / School of Arts Theatre BOOKINGS - / 4772 2549

Performance rights for SCENES FROM WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH MARY JANE exclusively licenced by HLA Management Pty Ltd, PO Box 1536, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 (

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DUOMagazine February 2016



hen Toby Ostler suggested to his girlfriend, Josephine McCulloch to ride the ferris wheel on the famous pier in Santa Monica, Josephine had no idea Toby was about to

pull out a diamond ring and propose when the ferris wheel stopped at the top. She didn’t even need to hear his question – for Josephine, it was an absolute ‘yes’. Josephine and Toby had met six years earlier while both living in Brisbane. As soon as they were introduced through mutual friends the sparks started to fly. They both had so much in common, especially their love for travelling. And that’s why a travel themed wedding was the perfect fit for Toby and Josephine’s big day on Saturday, 3rd October last year. “Toby and I both love to travel,” explains Josephine McCulloch. “So we themed the day from the start with touches of travel inspiration. Our wedding invitations were made to look like a postcard from Magnetic Island, and we ordered a special ‘passport’ stamp that had our names and wedding date on it that sealed our invite envelopes.” Both the ceremony and reception were held at Cockle Bay on Magnetic Island. Keeping with the travel-inspired theme, the seating chart was a world map with each table as a country and the wishing well was an old vintage blue suitcase. Even the wedding car was inspired by travel. Paul from Grill’d Townsville loaned them his Grill’d Kombi for the weekend. And don’t forget the menu, the travel theme even extended to the food served, which was a buffet full of Mexican and American food to reflect the places they would visit on their honeymoon. “Do the Honours made both our cake and the buffet, which was amazing,” says Josephine. “People are still telling us that our wedding had the best Southern Fried Chicken ever.” But it is not just the food people will remember. It would also be hard to forget how beautiful Josephine looked in her Carla Zampatti wedding dress. It featured a high see-through neck, silk flowers, a low back and a shorter skirt. “The very first bridal magazine I bought had my dress featured in it and I immediately loved it,” explains Josephine. “The detailing on the front, with the silk flowers, was beautiful, and being an outdoor wedding, having the shorter length in the front skirt made it much easier to dance and move around.” The bridesmaids wore different styled dark navy dresses, with nude shoes and boho earrings, while the groomsmen wore bone coloured suits with navy accents and brown shoes and belts. Toby’s cousin, Ella MacMillan was the photographer on the day as her gift to the couple. “Ella was amazing,” says Josephine. “She was everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and being family, we were all so relaxed and the photos are all so natural.” As for the most magical moment of the day, Josephine says she’ll never forget the emotion of standing at the end of the aisle and seeing Toby. She had been so nervous in the morning that she had knocked over three glasses of champagne while getting ready. But in that moment when she first saw Toby all the nerves went away. And as soon as she was holding Toby’s hand, an incredible calm came over her.

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DUOMagazine February 2016


February 2016 DUOMagazine





DUOMagazine February 2016

Whatever style of bride you are we will make your dream vision a reality by creating beautiful hair and make up for your special day. Our boutique city salon is the perfect location for you and your bridal party to start the day where you will be treated like a princess and are guaranteed to leave looking like one. Phone 4724 5554 for your complimentary consultation. North Ward Shopping Village Eyre Street Noth Ward 4724 5554 WWW.CAPELLIHAIRGALLERY.COM.AU




ason Smith and Jordan Haslberger both knew

created my own wedding dress, which Jo from Jo’s

each were “the one” when they stayed up the

Wedding brought to life,” says Jordan. “It turned out

whole night talking on just the second occasion

perfect. My favourite part was the colour, it was a light

they had ever met. Despite attending the same

champagne colour with ivory overlay.”

high school, they didn’t really know each other and had

Renee from Irresistible Desires Creative Studio did a

never spoken until a mutual friend introduced them at

wonderful job of capturing the magic moments, such as

a party four years ago. As the saying goes: the rest

when Jordan and Jason first saw each other at the end

is history.

of the aisle. Jordan says they chose Renee because

The couple married on Saturday, 6th September 2015

they liked her style of photography, plus she was great

in front of 70 guests on Magnetic Island. The ceremony

at making them feel very comfortable.

was held at Alma Bay and then family and friends

And what was the wedding cake like? “Amazing,” says

celebrated in to the night at the reception at Peppers

Jordan. “It was ombre with ruffles with two layers. One

Blue on Blue.

layer was butter cake and the other layer was chocolate

Jordon looked beautiful in a one-of-a-kind wedding

cherry mud cake.”

dress. She had taken ideas from dresses she had tried

But when it came to planning the big day, there is one

on, as well as ones she had seen online and in bridal

thing Jordan wishes someone had have told her: “Book

magazines, to create her perfect dress. “I had tried on

everything way in advance, or you may not be able to

a few dresses and got some ideas [elsewhere] then

get the places you want.”



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February 2016 DUOMagazine


Say more than, “I do” It’s a day to celebrate and a moment to cherish.

Express your feelings for each other with one of our exquisitely crafted wedding rings.

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8 8 D E N H A M S T R E E T, T O W N S V I L L E . P H O N E 0 7 4 7 7 2 3 6 2 2 G E M M O L O G I S T S • Q U A L I F I E D D I A M O N D G R A D E R S • R E G I S T E R E D VA L U E R S MEMBER



DUOMagazine February 2016




February 2016 DUOMagazine





DUOMagazine February 2016



hen tradesman, Thomas Bauer

vintage looking lace, but it also had the beading at the

saw high school teacher, Rebekah

top to make it look really different.”

Tipping dance on stage one day, he

Bek also wore a headpiece to match the jewels on her

knew there was something special

dress, as well as a long veil because that’s something

about her. Only problem was Rebekah didn’t quite feel

she had always wanted. Her shoes were from Forever

the same way about him. She says Tom was interested

New and her beautiful bouquet was from The Townsville

in her way before she was ready for him. But Tom never

Flower Market.

gave up. He says he just knew she was the one, and in

The vintage theme was also very much on display at

time Bek started to feel the same way and knew there

the reception with props such as old parasols, vintage

was something different and special about him.

trunk cases and Bek’s father-in-law’s vintage ute. These

The couple married on Saturday, 5th December 2015

props were also used in the photos, which were taken

in a vintage-inspired wedding. The ceremony was held

by Ricky Ebel Photography. Bek says she was very

at Riverside Gardens Amphitheatre while the reception

excited for the wedding photos because she and Tom

was held at Riverside Gardens Community Centre. On

had absolutely loved their engagement photo shoot.

their big day, with many thanks to family and friends,

And she wasn’t disappointed. “Ricky and Sarah make

their wedding looked exactly like Bek had imagined.

the wedding process really easy and lots of fun,” says

“What I loved about the day was looking around at all

Bek, who has also had many friends use Ricky Ebel

the decorations,” says Bek. “What I had imagined and

Photography for their own weddings. “Their photos

planned had come to life.” Bek had lots of help from

captured every part of our day perfectly.”

family and friends in pulling off her dream wedding.

As for the other important decision of the day – the

Bek’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Shona and

wedding cake – it was made by Paper and String. It was

Jessica Bauer, made the bridesmaid dresses, while her

a white chocolate mud cake with a cookies and cream

father-in-law, Michael Bauer designed the ice cream

filling, decorated with fresh flowers and a beautiful cake

cart. Her mother, Robyn Tipping and family friend, Fiona


Page pulled together the programs and signage, as well

Everything combined, from the wedding dress and

as the backdrops, chair decorations, table decorations

bridesmaid dresses to the decorations and the family

and fairy lights for the reception.

and friends who attended to celebrate the day with

And even more beautiful than the decorations was Bek

them, made Bek and Tom’s wedding even better than

dressed in an Alred Angelo wedding dress. Bek knew

Bek ever could have imagined.

she wanted a lacy dress and something that looked

And her advice to future brides is simple: Have the

different from the typical strapless, sweetheart look. And

wedding that you want. “There are so many cool,

her wedding dress was certainly very different to all the

different ideas out there that can make your wedding

other dresses she had seen.

really different and personal,” says Bek, who has

“The dress was so different that I wasn’t sure I would

absolutely no regrets about her wedding. “It is so worth

like it, but once I had it on I fell in love with it,” explains

the effort you put in to make your wedding everything

Bek, who almost walked past the dress on the rack

you want it to be. A lot of effort was put in [to our

without trying it on. “I love that the whole dress was a

wedding] and the day turned out perfect for us.”


February 2016 DUOMagazine


after 6 months

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JBD Diamond Centre Castletown 07 4772 1001 |

Tropical Weddings your way with Rydges

With 2 unique hotels and stunning surroundings Rydges Tradewinds & Rydges Esplanade Resort Cairns invite you and your guests to celebrate your way with us Let us make your special day everything you imagined it could be For bookings or to view the hotels call 0740 530343 or email


DUOMagazine February 2016

Epicurean Wedding at Jam

Create your personalised, contemporary wedding at Jam Corner with the stunning city lights & river as the ideal backdrop while enjoying award-winning food & wine. Picture your perfectly romantic Sunday afternoon wedding: your guests relaxing upstairs on the balcony soaking up beautiful views as they enjoy cool beverages & canapés while you’re having your photos taken.

Whether you choose a stunning cocktail party or intimate sit down dinner, we are passionate in providing seasonally inspired menus with the highest level of personal & professional service, tailored to suit your individual taste. Sundays are the perfect opportunity to book out the entire restaurant & first floor exclusively for your Big Day.

You arrive & are welcomed with champagne as you begin to mingle with your friends & loved ones. Afternoon rolls into evening as you & your guests move downstairs for a private dinner including carefully selected entrées, mains & desserts, punctuated by speeches from loved ones. The evening continues upstairs with dancing & further celebrations.






DUOMagazine February 2016


February 2016 DUOMagazine





DUOMagazine February 2016



hen Keegan Death married Matthew Church on Saturday, 8th August 2015, she wanted a fun, relaxed, vintage inspired wedding – and that’s exactly what she got. The ceremony

was held at the Rainforest Lawn in Queens Garden, while the reception was held on the deck of the Townsville Yacht Club. The newly weds even made a grand entrance to the reception, arriving by boat. The relaxed, authentic wedding was not only a reflection of both Keegan and Matthew’s personalities but also of their relationship. The couple met in Year 8 at high school and developed a strong friendship. They even attended their school formal together and then started dating a few weeks after school finished. And they’ve been together ever since. “Matt would say we just winged it,” says Keegan Death. “That’s his motto. He told the celebrant he would ‘wing’ the vows if he forgot what to say [during the wedding ceremony].” As well as ‘winging’ it, Keegan and Matthew threw away some of the traditions on their special day. There was no first dance. Keegan didn’t place a wedding band on Matthew’s finger. And there was no formal sit down dinner. “We didn’t have a first dance as we don’t normally dance and wouldn’t have felt comfortable having everyone stare at us,” explains Keegan. “[And] Matt doesn’t wear a wedding ring, he has a tattoo instead, so I didn’t put a ring [on his finger] at the ceremony. We also had a cocktail reception because we didn’t want a formal sit down dinner.” And Keegan advises brides-to-be to throw away traditions if you don’t want to do them. One tradition Keegan did keep was wearing a white wedding dress. But true to Keegan’s style there was no tulle or diamantes. Keegan looked stunning in a Grace Loves Lace dress. She says what drew her to the dress was how simple it looked overall, but how detailed, delicate and romantic it looked up close. “I love that my dress really reflected me as a person,” says Keegan, “and my everyday style.” As for special accessories, Keegan wore a beautiful bracelet from The Silver Shop that her bridesmaids gave to her as a gift. It had a personalised engraved charm saying ‘I do’ with her and Matthew’s initials and their wedding date. It was such the perfect gift that she wears it every day. When it comes to perfect moments from their big day, Keegan says nothing resonates more strongly then the magical feeling of marrying her soul mate in front of all their family and friends. And it was Ricky and Sarah from Ricky Ebel Photography who had the all-important job of capturing all those magical moments with family and friends. Keegan says she chose Ricky Ebel Photography because she loved their style – natural, fun and romantic – just like her and Matthew. “We could not have asked for two more loving, friendly and talented people to shoot our wedding,” says Keegan. “They made our whole bridal party feel so relaxed and comfortable.” PHOTOS • RICKY EBEL PHOTOGRAPHY WORDS • NICOLE THOMSON-PRIDE

February 2016 DUOMagazine


Say I do... In one of Townsville’s spectacular outdoor settings >> Anderson Gardens Wellington St, Mundingburra

>> Magnetic Island Beaches >> Palmetum University Rd, Annandale

>> Queens Gardens Corner of Gregory and Paxton St, North Ward

>> Townsville Beaches

Queens Gardens Laura & Marc Morio Tella Photography

Other stunning settings include: >> >> >> >> >> >> >>

Anzac Park Rotunda – The Strand Burke Street Headland – The Strand Tobruk Headland/Foreshore – The Strand Perfume Gardens – CBD Soroptimist Park – Rowes Bay Walter Nesbit Park – Palleranda Black Weir Park – Kirwan

>> >> >> >> >> >>

Raintree Grove – Riverway Rossiter Park – Aitkenvale Monument Park – Douglas Loam Island – Rasmussen Apex Park – Kelso Paluma, and many more... Tella Photography

Owl & Otter Photo

queens gardens gerard & christine judge

“We chose an outdoor setting to create a casual feel that allowed both ourselves and our guests to relax and enjoy the ceremony.

anzac park angus & amelia ryan

“Anzac Park was great because it was a combination of tropical gardens, the incredible fig trees, the marina and architecture across the road. My Grandpa loved the Anzac history there too.”

We enjoyed wandering around the different areas of the gardens to capture the natural light and beauty of the surrounds in our photographs.”

Photobase NQ

Postle Photography

anderson gardens scott & kayla broodbank

“I really wanted to be married under a big beautiful old tree and Anderson Garden has them in abundance. Having the ceremony at Anderson Gardens meant there was plenty of shade for my guests and beautiful natural light which always helps when capturing the perfect photo.”

palmetum rod & erin shields

“We are both gardeners and love the outdoors. The peacefulness, open spaces, immaculate gardens and beautiful weather made our special day perfect.” Tella Photography

Visit to download the Townvsille City Council Ceremonies Guide or call 1300 878 001. Owl & Otter Photo





aitlyn Woulleman-King and Anthony Marsillio

Kaitlyn also looked beautiful in a lace dress from Bella

were 23 years old when they exchanged

Donna in Townsville. She says her favourite part of the

vows at Mission Beach Holy Spirit Church

dress was the high neckline that was see-through lace,

on Saturday, 11 April 2015. Anthony says in

as well as the low V-Line back. “I loved the intricate lace

the lead up to their wedding he often got asked: “Why

details,” says Kaitlyn, “and the pearl buttons that ran

are you getting married so young?” But he says the

down the back of the dress.”

answer was simple – Kaitlyn is the girl of his dreams.

As for something old and something borrowed,

“Kaitlyn loves animals, which is a winner in my books.

Kaitlyn wore her Grandmother’s pearl brooch that her

Kate loves fishing, which will make it easier to get boats

Grandfather had given her in the early 1960s. And in

later in life. She is [also] willing to get her hands dirty

a sentimental touch, Anthony wrote Kaitlyn a poem on

on the farm and is definitely not scared of a hard day’s

the soles of her wedding shoes a few weeks before

work,” says Anthony. “And on top of that she’s my best

the wedding.


The wedding cake was made by one of Anthony’s

And it is not like they hadn’t known each other for long.

aunties, who is in the cake business and specialises

Anthony and Kaitlyn’s history dates back to attending

in wedding cakes. She made them a three-tiered cake

the same Kindergarten when they were just four years

that had a chocolate mud cake layer on the bottom,

old. But it wasn’t until High School – two week’s after

caramel mud cake layer in the middle and a vanilla mud

Kaitlyn’s 15th birthday, to be exact – that these two

cake layer on top. “She put some of our table centre

started dating. And they have been together ever since.

piece flowers on the tiers as decorations,” says Kaitlyn.

After becoming husband and wife at Mission Beach

“As well as a cake topper of two people sitting together

Holy Spirit Church, family and friends celebrated their

with no shoes on.”

wedding at Mission Beach Resort.

The photographer was also someone Anthony knew

“The wedding reception was absolutely beautiful. I

well – Dominic Cavallaro Photography. Anthony and

had hired a lady to help me decorate the reception

Dominic had lived across the road from each other

room with roof draping and vintage ornaments,” says

growing up, which made him the perfect choice for the

Kaitlyn, who is a Year 1 teacher. “Our colour [scheme]

big occasion. “He did everything I asked plus more,”

was called ‘periwinkle’, it was made up of lilacs, baby

says Kaitlyn. “He and his girlfriend Veronica came up

blues, creams and whites.”

with lots of fun and creative photo ideas.”



DUOMagazine February 2016


February 2016 DUOMagazine





DUOMagazine February 2016

I’ll be your dream, I’ll be your wish, I’ll be your fantasy. I’ll be your hope, I’ll be your love, Be everything that you need. Truly Madly Deeply [Savage Garden]


VENUE TYTO Amphitheatre, Parklands and Piazza VIBE Rustic Vintage VERDICT It was absolutely everything we had imagined – Joe & Kerri


TYTO is owned and operated by Hinchinbrook Shire Council


DUOMagazine February 2016





Licensed Bar & Restaurant Open from 9.15am

A La Carte Dining

Thursday and Saturday from 6pm


nday from 9 May 22 am–1p All Futu m re

Brides Welco me

Carlyle Restaurant & Bar 60 Beck Drive Condon

Just behind Carlyle Gardens Administration Building For all enquiries and bookings please call 4773 5793



Meet our Wedding Specialist

Passionate Unique Modern Professional

Podium Hair & Beauty Studio 1 Ogden Street Townsville City Appointments 4724 2488 email

February 2016 DUOMagazine




CHOCOLATE IS THE ANSWER Who cares what the question is?


DUOMagazine February 2016


A night in with ATTORI







Attori sings classic & contemporary favourites in the style of Vegas Legends but without the connections to the mob! 6.30PM START • DRINK ON ARRIVAL • $110PP • BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL




Come and enjoy our now air conditioned restaurant & delicious new menu! BREAKFAST • LUNCH • DINNER • EVENTS


4721 3111 •


Call 07 4771 2933 or email


DUOMagazine February 2016

& coffee

award winning di bella roasted coffee. 5 star arabica beans. extensively trained baristas. 420 Flinders Street Licensed Corporate catering Open from 6am

Fairfield Central Licensed Full restaurant menu Open till late

Stockland Traditional espresso bar CafĂŠ menu Open 7 days



JAM Winner of Australian Good Food Guide Chef’s Hat Award 2014 and 2015 With seasonally designed menus using the freshest produce from local suppliers, Jam consistently offers unique dining experiences that leave you coming back for more. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, Matt Merrin and his team deliver modern Australian cuisine that is sure to impress. Jam is also perfect for your next private function or event, with elegant dining locations ‘Loft by Jam’ and ‘Luxe by Jam’. Open Tuesday–Saturday 7am–late, Sunday 7am–3pm 1 Palmer Street South Townsville 4721 4900

Our Mission comes down to 3 words: Burgers made good. We offer 100% grass feed, free range Beef, Chicken, Lamb or Steak with freshly baked bread every day. Come in and try our selection of sides including our Sweet Potato chips. Fully licensed and family friendly. We’re even happy for you to make your own! Dine in or take away. Made with Love. Open Sunday to Thursday 11am–10pm. Friday and Saturday 11am–late. 3 Palmer Street 4976 9990


MICHELS Michels restaurant is Townsville’s food destination. Our guests enjoy modern Australian contemporary cuisine, crafted from local produce and seasonal ingredients. Michels can be enjoyed for a quick city lunch, a business dining venue, family dinner or enjoy our degustation experience. Drop by Bar M for a light snack, glass of wine or cocktails – anytime. Michels is a relaxed dining and drinking destination, perfectly situated in the heart of Townsville’s restaurant hub – Palmer Street. Open Tuesday–Friday for lunch from 11.30 and Tuesday–Saturday for dinner from 5.30pm. 7 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 1460


DUOMagazine February 2016

Fuel Café has opened at North Ward Shopping Village. Our award winning chef delivers a sensational menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s a selection of delicious deserts and cakes to have with our renowned Bounce coffee. We also offer takeaway meals. The venue is licenced and offers a reserved area for functions with specialised menus. This would be the perfect place to hold your next private event. Open 7 days. North Ward Shopping Village 4772 4545


I.M.C. STEAKHOUSE From the pastures of Central Queensland to the lush valleys of Northern Tasmania, the Independent Meat Company (I.M.C) Steakhouse showcases some of the finest produce from farmers around Australia; guaranteeing tender, juicy steaks of the highest quality. The I.M.C.’s 10 select beef cuts showcase that ‘great’ and ‘Australian’ need not be ‘expensive’. The I.M.C. also has a well-stocked wine and craft beer bar and monthly showcase steaks. Bookings welcome. Dinner Only 7 nights 5pm–late. 17–21 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 3243

STELLAROSSA Coffee is our Passion. Food is our Love. Customers are our Life! Welcome to Stellarossa, Townsville’s newest café espresso bar. Now open in 3 locations, 420 Flinders Street, Fairfield Central and Stockland. Come and experience the Stellarossa difference today with a full breakfast, lunch, pizza and pasta menu. 420 Flinders St and Fairfield Central are also licensed. Known for our 5 Star Speciality Coffee, you know you need to come in and try it, you will enjoy! Find us on Facebook to keep up to date. Stellarossa 420 Flinders St, Stellarossa Fairfield Central, Stellarossa Stockland Townsville


OTTO’S FRESH FOOD MARKET Townsville’s first market place providore of specialty foods and gifts. Freshly baked artisan breads, fresh quality produce and meats direct from local farms, as well as everything else you need for the gourmet’s kitchen! Drop in for breakfast or lunch to enjoy a coffee, frappe, smoothie or cold-pressed juice as well as a famous pie, pretzel sub or snack lovingly prepared by our in-store chef. Open Monday–Saturday 6am–7pm, Sunday 8am–4pm 3-5 Illuka Street, Currajong (behind Warrina Cineplex) 4759 1755


DUOMagazine February 2016

Located on the seafront amongst three acres of lush tropical landscaped gardens – Seagulls Resort is the perfect backdrop for any occasion. Enjoy a memorable dining experience featuring Chef Wee’s signature dishes and style. Dine al fresco on the deck by the pool, or relax in air-conditioned comfort indoors. Winner of more than 35 tourism awards ranging in categories from Garden to Accommodation and Restaurant. Open seven days for lunch and dinner. 74 The Esplanade Belgian Gardens 4721 3111




RAMBUTAN Townsville’s newest hotspot Rambutan’s rooftop bar and restaurant features a Southern American inspired BBQ menu with 16-hour slow cooked meats produced by an imported Pit Smoker. Celebrity Head Chef Wylie Dean displays a colourful array of rustic delights set to take your palette on a wild journey. From 12 inch Po’boys to good ol’ fashioned fried chicken enriched with an explosion of flavours guests are spoilt for choice. Having trouble deciding, let our chefs take care of everything with our Chef’s Banquet from 6pm nightly starting at $30 per person (minimum 10 people). Open 7 days 11am–late. 113–119 Flinders Street Townsville 4771 6915

The Cactus Saloon has three great levels, all with their own unique bars, sensational food and excitement. With the addition of an authentic smoker oven, Texas BBQ style slow cooked ribs have never been tastier. With our new range of succulent meats we also offer takeaway lunches and late night dining. Experience Townsville’s home of Cocktails, BBQ and Craft beer. Lunch: Tuesday– Sunday Midday–3pm. Dinner: Tuesday–Sunday 5pm–9:30pm. Late Night Menu: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 9:30pm–Midnight. 237 Flinders Street Townsville 4721 1708


KOBE AT THE VILLE Kobe’s delicious menu has been designed to feature premium cuts from Australia’s finest beef brands as well as other contemporary culinary delights such as locally-sourced seafood, pork, lamb, chicken and vegetarian options. Enjoy a relaxed dining experience in modern décor with stunning views to Magnetic Island. The restaurant features a private dining room, perfect for business dinners or special occasions, seating up to 20 guests, overlooking the built-in wine cellar. Open for dinner 7 nights a week from 6pm. For more information visit, or for bookings call 4722 2222 or email


DUOMagazine February 2016

Paleo Cafe is a revolutionary health food store and café based on the most logical philosophy for optimal health, the Paleo Lifestyle. Comprising of good-quality lean meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables, seasonal fruit, nuts, seeds and berries, the Paleo Café Menu is 100% gluten free, dairy-protein free and sugar free. Open from 7am – 4pm Monday to Saturday and from 7am – 3pm Sunday Located in City Lane 373-383 Flinders Street Townsville. 4771 4045

VA L E N T I N E ’ S W E E K E N D D I N I N G Treat your loved one at The Ville


AQUA BUFFET Head to Townsville’s favourite buffet.

For a decadent star to Valentine’s Day.

Open breakfast, lunch and dinner Sunday 14 February

Sunday 14 February from 11am

BREAKFAST $34.90pp

3 course brunch

LUNCH $29.90pp


2 Seatings: 5.30pm -6.30pm & 7pm - 9pm

DINNER $46.90pp

WINE & DINE IN ESSENCE Enjoy the intimacy of Essence with our special 4 course dinner. Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 February from 6.30pm Glass of sparkling on arrival $89.00pp

To book phone 4722 2333 or for more information visit Subject to availability, change & cancellation. Bookings Essential. The Ville practices the responsible service of alcohol.


Palmer Street, Townsville Call: 47 243 243

Take your pick from Townsville’s home of Cocktails, BBQ & Craft Beer • Texas BBQ style • Succulent slow cooked ribs • Authentic Smokehouse

• Late night dining • Takeaway lunches • Melt in your mouth


237 Flinders Street East, Townsville City | Book now or place your order Call 47 215 705

behind warrina cineplex

find us on facebook

R E C I P E | B EThe N ’ SHappy M E ATLife B I Bby L ELola B Y Berry BEN O’DONOGHUE DUORecipe

I’m well and truly into salmon, not only for its umami flavour but also for its amazing omega-3s, which are crucial for cardiovascular and brain health, among other things. This recipe is super quick and easy because it uses smoked salmon. Try to get fresh dill if you can, but don’t worry if you can’t. Instead, use 1 teaspoon of dill flakes in the omelette mixture and serve with a sprinkle of chopped parsley, chives, chervil or whatever fresh herb you have to hand.

Salmon, Kale and Dill Omelette 5 eggs ¼ cup almond milk 2 cups chopped kale leaves (stalks removed) small handful of dill, chopped (save a few sprigs for the top) salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus extra to serve 60 g smoked salmon, sliced ½ cup crumbled feta Combine the eggs, almond milk, kale, dill and seasoning in a bowl and give them a good old mix-up. Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a frying pan over a medium heat. Pour in half of the egg mixture and cook for 1–2 minutes, or until the base has firmed up but the top is still gooey. Arrange half of the salmon and feta on one side of the omelette and fold the other side over the top (or place the salmon and feta in the middle of the omelette and fold four edges into the centre like an envelope). Cook for a further minute (pop the lid on the pan if you like), or until the salmon and feta are heated through. Remove from the pan and keep warm while you repeat with the remaining egg mixture, salmon and feta. Serve with a drizzle of olive oil and a few dill sprigs. Serves 2 This is an edited extract from The Happy Life by Lola Berry. Published by Plum. RRP $39.99


DUOMagazine February 2016

The Happy Life by Lola Berry DUORecipe

February 2016 DUOMagazine


DUORecipe The Happy Life by Lola Berry

Quinoa is all the rage at the moment because it’s such a highly nutritious, gluten-free option to use in place of grains. I find white quinoa works well for any recipe, but I love to use the red and black varieties for savoury stuff (they have a stronger flavour and take a tad longer to cook). We’ve just started growing white quinoa here in Australia, which is awesome. Try to use homemade chicken stock if you can – it tastes so much better and is better for you!

Mushroom, Chicken and Quinoa Risotto ¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil 1 leek, trimmed, washed thoroughly and sliced 1 onion, sliced 2 garlic cloves, crushed 4 thyme sprigs, leaves picked 4–6 Swiss brown mushrooms, sliced 1 ½ cups white quinoa, rinsed 3 cups chicken stock

I love the warming twang of the turmeric in this smoothie – you just know it’s working its antiinflammatory and antioxidant magic on you. If you like, you can cover any leftovers with plastic wrap and refrigerate to have the next morning. It may change colour a tad, but it will still taste unreal!

Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie 1 frozen banana or 2 frozen mango cheeks 2–3 cm piece of ginger, peel left on and scrubbed (or ½ teaspoon ground ginger) 2–3 cm piece of turmeric, peel left on and scrubbed (or ½ teaspoon ground turmeric) 1 tablespoon LSA ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon, plus extra for dusting 1 tablespoon coconut oil 2 cups almond milk Pop all of your goodies into a blender jug and process until lovely and smooth. Pour into glasses and top with a sprinkle of extra cinnamon. Serves 2


DUOMagazine February 2016

salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper 4 chicken thighs, chopped into chunks Heat 2 tablespoons of the olive oil in a large saucepan or stockpot over a medium heat. Add the leek, onion, garlic and thyme and sauté for 2 minutes. Add the mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes. Stir in the rinsed quinoa and the chicken stock and simmer, uncovered, for about 20 minutes, or until the quinoa is cooked (its little ‘tails’ will pop out and it will triple in size). Meanwhile, heat the remaining olive oil in a frying pan over a medium heat. Season the chicken with salt (it helps it go crispier) and fry for 5–7 minutes, turning regularly, or until golden. Serve the quinoa and mushroom ‘risotto’ topped with the crispy chicken and finish with a good grind of black pepper. Serves 4

The Happy Life by Lola Berry DUORecipe

February 2016 DUOMagazine



five minutes with:

Narelle Strange

Graeme Tate



AKA: Rellus. LushLash for my luscious eyelashes. I’m renowned for: My consistent laughter and conversation. It’s uniquely abundant. The song that describes me best is: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. As a child I always… Found money. The only upside of always having my head down all the time. And drove my parents and sisters insane with my excessive talking. If I had a superpower it would it be: Flying, so I could visit my sisters in the UK or my Mum whenever I felt like it. All my family live away and sometimes the distance is massive. When I’m alone in my car I think about: How icy cold my leather seats are when they are set on 17.8 degrees. Right now I wish I was… Just sipping a few pina coladas, I just hope I don’t get caught in the rain. My favourite day is: Any T-day. My mate Lenny Roberts taught me to love the T-days, best days of the week Tuesdays and Thursdays. One thing I can’t live without is: This is sooo easy for me, but it has to be two things – totally my mascara and my eyebrow


DUOMagazine February 2016

pencil. I love those things. In five years from now I hope I’m… still living the dream. Last gift I gave someone was: It’s a bit easy as we have just had Christmas, I brought my son a new TV and furniture for his bedroom. Best advice I’ve been given: The harder you work, the luckier you get. My Nana taught me this years ago. She was such an inspiration to me. She passed away at 96. She also taught me how to live a great life in general. My biggest regret: No regrets. Everything I’ve done has got me to where I am today. The best day of my life (so far): The day I had my gorgeous boy.. He is now nearly 17 years old and is still the Golden Child. Two celebrities I’d like to dine with: WHAT! Only dinner? Gosh, well, I will still say Jason Statham, because everyone likes a nice view. And Victoria Beckham because at least I know she won’t eat my dinner… we could maybe share a prawn or a piece of lettuce. The motto I live by: The happiest girls are often the prettiest.

AKA: Boss (by my staff}. I’m renowned for: Enjoying cooking for friends and family. The song that describes me best is: Simple Man by Noiseworks. As a child I always… wanted to be a Chef. If I had a superpower it would it be: The power to heal. When I’m alone in my car I think about: Rather than thinking, I like to listen to music. Right now I wish I was… on holidays. My favourite day is: Saturday afternoon golf. One thing I can’t live without is: My golf sticks. In five years from now I hope I’m… on a golfing holiday playing at Pebble Beach in California, USA.

Last gift I gave someone was: Christmas gifts to my children and too many to mention. Best advice I’ve been given: Always give 110%. My biggest regret: Working too much and missing out on my children’s sports and activities. The best day of my life (so far): In 1985 when living in Perth, being Junior Pennant Captain and leading my team to victory. Two celebrities I’d like to dine with: John Farnham and Daniel Craig. The motto I live by: Enjoy what you do.

“My favourite day is: Any T-day. My mate Lenny Roberts taught me to love the T-days, best days of the week Tuesdays and Thursdays.” NARELLE STRANGE


We’re blessed with so many talented and interesting people that we introduce you to four local characters each month. If you think someone should be featured just send an email to:

Shannon Johnston

Daimon Martin



AKA: Shan. I’m renowned for: My laugh. The song that describes me best is: That is a hard one as most songs are very relatable and some are just good to groove to. As a child I always… fought with my sister. That’s just what siblings do. If I had a superpower it would it be: The superpower from the movie Jumper! I would love to be able to ‘Jump’ from place to place! When I’m alone in my car I think about: Apart from the singing… I usually think about ‘what’s next?’. Right now I wish I was… scuba diving in the Solomon Islands. My favourite day is: I actually don’t have a favourite day. I like to take each day as it comes and no two days are the same. One thing I can’t live without: Water! Hydration is the key and everyone enjoys a good swim! In five years from now I hope I’m… somewhere on a beach in the South Pacific enjoying the culture. Last gift I gave someone was: Well Christmas just went by so the last gift I gave was to my niece. I gave her a plush Triceratops toy.

AKA: Silvabeats. I’m renowned for: Harassing people to listen to my music even though I haven’t released anything in a while! Don’t worry – more soon! (See what I mean?). The song that describes me best is: Weird Al Yankovic’s White And Nerdy. A funny white boy walking to a great beat! As a child I always... annoyed my parents and neighbours by playing my drum kit. It was a Peace brand but all it did was disturb the peace! If I had a superpower it would it be: To be able to travel through time. Back to the 90s to wear my hammer-pants! When I’m alone in my car I think about: Playing on stage at a huge live concert like Coachella... and fuel prices. Right now I wish I was... in my home studio either working on my own music or something for the wonderfully talented people I like to work with. My favourite day is: Any day I am not working and can spend some time with my wife and dogs. One thing I can’t live without is: Music, even if I am stuck on a desert island you can bet there will be a xylophone made from sea shells before I build a shelter.

Best advice I’ve been given: Be nice to your mum. My biggest regret: Never regret! Only learn. The best day of my life (so far): I have a few best days! The birth of my nieces and nephew, my sister’s wedding and more! Two celebrities I’d like to dine with: Hugh Jackman – he seems so down to earth and has a great sense of humour. Carl Pilkington – that guy is a crack up! The motto I live by: Today I will punch my fears in the face – Long Distant Love Bombs.

In five years from now I hope I’m... free from working for others and living off my own investments and business. Last gift I gave someone was: A trip to Bali for my wife – a great idea because I went too (for security). Best advice I’ve been given: Just start now. If you keep waiting until you are ready, you will never be ready. My biggest regret: Pursuing education in fields to get a decent job rather than fields I have a passion for. It’s never too late as last year I achieved a Cert III in Technical Music Production and loved every second of it. The best day of my life (so far): How can I go past my wedding day? I got to spend time with all of my favourite people – I only wish it was someone else’s shout! Two celebrities I’d like to dine with: Diplo to pick his brain about music production (he’s involved in everything right now) and Tom Green who seems immaturely funny but looking closely he’s an amazingly creative artist (check youtube, he did a flash mob in the 90s before there were flash mobs!). The motto I live by: When words fail, music speaks.

February 2016 DUOMagazine



Where you can find your DUOMagazine Here’s just a sample from the over 400 locations where you can pick up your copy... Every month, twelve thousand copies are distributed to over 400 outlets throughout Townsville as well as Mount Isa, Ingham, Ayr, Home Hill and the QANTAS Club at Townsville Airport. In addition 600 copies are picked up by miners on Alliance Airlines flights every month. Many readers send copies of DUO to friends and relatives, especially those visiting or moving to Townsville. With an estimated 45,000+ readers of the printed version each month and more than 33,000 additional visitors to the online magazine, DUO Magazine boasts the largest circulation of any North Queensland monthly magazine/online publication.

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DUOMagazine February 2016

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Profile for DUO Magazine


DUO Magazine is Townsville’s favourite monthly lifestyle publication. Now in our eleventh year, DUO Magazine is the independent glossy local...


DUO Magazine is Townsville’s favourite monthly lifestyle publication. Now in our eleventh year, DUO Magazine is the independent glossy local...