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New Tiguan. Easy to forget it’s a family car.

The stylish new Tiguan has arrived, and with a sleek new design, advanced active safety features and a more spacious interior, it’s easy to forget it’s a family car.


Your Volkswagen Partner

Pickerings Volkswagen 607 Sturt Street, Townsville. DL3192679 Tel. 07 4726 5546


Uncompromising off road. Spirited on the asphalt. The new Amarok takes tough to another level with a masculine design, long list of new features, plus the availability of the new class-leading 3.0 litre V6 TDI engine.



59 DECEMBER 2016 ISSUE 127





32 B  ook Extract

108 T  rent Yesberg

The Tailored Interior by Greg Natale

52 Home Products 54 Maria Pandalai Destination: Vienna 57 Travel Products

DUOStyle 59 Woman House of Ezis, Lauren Marinis,

Regional Business Services

109 Profile MacDonnells Law 110 K  aren Quagliata Northern Tax & Financial Services

111 Profile WorkPac Group 112 Warwick Powell Sister City Partners 114 Townsville Enterprise Limited Aviation Attraction

Maude Studio, kikki.K

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Cover Story 12 At Your Service

Castletown Christmas 2016 19 December Issue Custom Magazine

65 Designer Interview X Nihilo 70 Talulah 79 Beauty Berry Christmas

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Highlights 97 I nspirational Leaders in Education+Training 116 10 Homegrown Businesses Making Townsville Proud

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Townsville Orthodontic Specialists

84 G  rant Collins Clarity Hearing Solutions 85 Lydia Rigano Fulham Consulting 86 Paul Parker SportsMed NQ 87 Shape Up For Summer

8 Publishers Welcome 10 Horoscopes 160 Five Minutes With… Four amazing local volunteers tell us about themselves

162 Last Word Seniors Creating Change


DUOMagazine December 2016

127 What’s On Theatre, sport and more 131 Profile Townsville Classic Films Club 133 Seen Community Training Australia Wear-A-Bear Day Morning Tea

134 Seen 2016 The Ville Resort-Casino Melbourne Cup Luncheon 2016

136 Seen 2016 Michels Melbourne Cup Luncheon

137 Seen 2016 Jam Melbourne Cup Luncheon

138 Seen Townsville Business Women’s Circle (TBWC) Inaugural Gala Evening

DUOFood+Drink 140 Profile

DUOCommunity 89 N  icole Stott-Whiting Catholic Diocese of Townsville

90 M  arco Della Valle International Psychic Medium



91 Courtney Frank DUOMagazine 92 Townsville Hospital Foundation High School Heroes

94 T  he Townsville Drop-in Centre Art A Life Saver 96 T  ownsville City Council The Mayor’s Christmas Tree Appeal

Josh Agostino from Hooch & Fellow

141 Christmas Cocktail Recipes Hooch & Fellow

146 Directory 150 Wine Sister Liz O’Connell Top Fizz for the Festive Season

152 Otto’s Christmas Lunch Recipes 154 Otto’s Christmas Dinner Recipes 156 Recipes Neil Perry’s Good Cooking by Neil Perry


in their various fields in Brisbane. They weren’t available so we were lucky to get Greville Patterson, Hugh Edwards and ‘Chook’ Fowle who did a great job for the three years we ran the competition and came to Townsville for every award night! The last award night was truly memorable for one particular reason. We held it at the Southbank Convention Centre in Palmer Street with truss staging and rock band lighting from Wild Gravity. ‘Industrial Glam’ you could call it.

Winner, winner... It’s awards time again! Maybe it’s a generational thing but it seems to me that everybody wins something nowadays. Many moons ago, when we were a humble advertising agency, we were honoured to win a stack of advertising awards (true, we had to stack them against the wall until one day we collected the certificates and gave the frames away). It’s pretty ironic now that in 2002 we jointly won the Bob Hale Award for the Best Campaign Across All Media at the NQ Multi Media Awards for the campaign we produced for Townsville Bulletin Classifieds! Kidding aside, that award still means a lot to me because Bob Hale was a mate of mine and an industry pioneer in Cairns and the TV commercial was shot and edited by another mate – the late, super talented Shane Edgley. Even before there was the NQ Multi Media Awards we decided to start our own awards competition and set up a small committee to run it. So small it was comprised of only me, my wife Stacey and the unsung hero of the Townsville community, Ray Dickson from the Bulletin at the time. We decided it would be as professional as we could make it so we produced a logo, competition booklet and certificates, then looked for judges and a venue. Awards are not only about the work but the experts who judge it, so for our judges we decided to ask some of the most respected leaders

By our third time of running the Awards the award presentation program was pretty slick but we decided this time, because of the number of awards and that winners waffle on, there’d be no acceptance speeches. Remember, at this time, we had to allow for smokers. They could only go for so long without ducking out for a durrie so we split the award handing out ceremony into three sections with two smoke breaks. The process was; call out winner’s name, they come up, assistant hands MC (young Ewen Jones) the award, Ewen hands them the award, they sit down. Easy. It was during the second smoke break and before the final award handout that the assistant said to me; “I think I mixed up the Awards!”. What to do? People were now back in their seats ready for the last section so Ewen asked all the winners to stand up. Everyone thought it was so that we could congratulate them again and burst into applause. When it died down Ewen asked the winners to check the name on their Award. Oops. Realisation quickly dawned and it was hilarious as winners around the room read their certificate then swapped with the correct award owner. Some people actually thought it was planned! Congratulations to this year’s award winners from all of us here at DUO. This is our Goodwill+Giving Issue so please give generously to those in need in our community and may you have a wonderful Christmas with those you love. Scott Morrison Publisher


Scott Morrison Joan Fanning Stacey Morrison Courtney Frank Leah Barnes Elle Duggan Rachel Dean

FOR ALL EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES FOR ALL ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Kylie Davis, Rachel Licciardello, Courtney Frank, Warwick Powell, Marco Della Valle, Chloe Chomiki, Lucy Abbott PHOTOGRAPHY CONTRIBUTORS Matthew Gianoulis, Josephine Carter, Shennen Lee, Andrew Rankin, Flicka Photography COVER PHOTOGRAPHER Matthew

Gianoulis 0428 752 063 MODELS Josephine

and Emil Carter

MAKEUP Kristin

Martin 0407 131 313

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DUOMagazine December 2016

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Horo scope


Sagittarius 22 NOVEMBER - 21 DECEMBER

Some of that old magic’s back, and not before time. Friendships assume a richer role during this glorious season, and love strengthens. This is what happens when the cosmos leaves you unsupervised – pleasure takes priority. For those more professionally inclined, you’re also given the advantage. Better still, you’re granted financial promiscuity.

Astrologer Tanya Obreza reveals what’s in the stars for you this month…









The festive season fires up your imagination. Ditto for energy. Just make sure that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Be careful of conflicts, but also use this chance to express unresolved anger. After the 21st, you’re tempted by new love. Daily concerns continue to be demanding, but a carnally charged Capricorn is an unstoppable force.

Slow it up, Aquarius. December asks that you let some of that stress fall away. There’ll always be commitments to worry over but, during the festive season – you should rediscover the art of play. You can also expect steady financial improvement, even a sudden windfall. If so, to deny yourself a few luxuries would be a waste.

If you’ve suffered any doubts about the direction your life has been taking, December should help you back on track. Ideas and plans come more readily. You could read more than usual, soaking in knowledge like a sponge. Travel’s a possibility, or listen up should you hear a foreign accent. An overseas traveller could become part of your future!

December is a gift in itself, and you deserve it. Look forward to a shower of love and pleasure. Festivities always encourage extravagance – but there’s no harm in stretching the bank balance. What’s the silly season for, if not to have fun? Those with time should make the best of a red-hot sexual magnetism that matches their present energies.





21 APRIL – 20 MAY

21 MAY – 21 JUNE

22 JUNE – 22 JULY


December finds you fuelled with an irrepressible optimism. As a result, windfalls and wild excursions are likely. Major planetary influences tempt you towards spending sprees or speculation (well, it is the silly season)!. But your real wealth lies in the goodwill of others. You love, and are loved. It’s group hugs all round.

Your career catches fire at years end, as you’ve impressed all the right people. Gemini’s have been hoping for something extraordinary to happen and finally, the cosmos creates a buzz around work and money. Unexpected turns of events in relationships won’t faze you either, as most of them will be to your advantage. Enjoy.

December promises pleasure and prosperity. Straight off, we find the planets busily organising your family agenda, though life could hardly be described as quiet. And while romance may have seemed slow lately, don’t fret. The cosmos has scheduled an amorous alarm call soon after the 21st. After the new year, rein in your spending.

The cosmos powers up your birth-chart, highlighting new love, intimacy or travel. If it’s a fresh start you’re after, make your feelings clear – there’s no better time to sweep away old and unwanted emotional debris. For the most part, though, the festive season is a time to revel in life’s delights.







Daily pressures intrude on play time, but it’s important that you finalise important business before the festive season. The planets bestow enough energy to end 2015 on a positive note, but there are some financial issues to contend with. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of new year joy to be had too.

If struck with wanderlust, heading to the other side of town won’t be enough to satisfy. You want to go the distance now, perhaps a romantic getaway or a journey overseas. Travel, if you can. If not, pick up a good book and lose yourself in tales of foreign lands. If that doesn’t do it, just enjoy the silly season.

Blame it on the party season or put it down to contentment, but your ambitions take an extended break this month. You’re in a more havingfun frame of mind. Of course, work pressures don’t disappear, but good cheer and pleasure hold far more appeal. There may even be a romantic replay.


DUOMagazine December 2016

Like to have your own personal profile? If you’re interested in an in-depth astrology profile prepared by our favourite astrologer Tanya Obreza, visit




e c i v Ser AT YOUR

Putting service above self, these local clubs are bringing the concept of goodwill and giving to life and making our community a better place. WORDS KYLIE DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY MATTHEW GIANOULIS

BARBARA BURNS QUOTA INTERNATIONAL OF TOWNSVILLE INC A group of friends who volunteer their time and talents to help our local community, the 25 members of Quota International of Townsville Inc are united in their purpose. “Quotarians create sound beginnings by empowering women, children, the deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired,” says Club President Barbara Burns. “In 1994, I was looking for a way to give back to the community and meet new people while having fun and that’s when Quota came into my life. Most people join our club because it’s a non-profit organisation offering opportunities to help others. They stay because they like the camaraderie they develop with other women who share their values and the satisfaction of making a difference.” Club members meet on the third Monday of each month (except for December) at the Rising Sun Hotel for dinner. Working bees are also held for causes such as filling emergency packs, which the club recently donated to the Townsville Hospital. Quotarians donated the first machines to test the hearing of all newborn babies in our region many years ago. “My finest moment was handing over the two portable hearing machines to the hospital, after the club had worked for eight years to raise the money,” Barbara says. “This meant our children could be identified from birth as hearingimpaired and treatment started earlier. Now, with the Cochlear Implant Clinic the babies and children don’t have to travel to Brisbane for treatment.” The club is also busy pricing lounge suites for the Domestic Violence Centre and supplies household items and children’s clothes and uniforms to women’s shelters. CONNECT NOW 4728 4945


DUOMagazine December 2016


LES KEANE DISTRICT GRAND LODGE OF NORTH QUEENSLAND IN his role as District Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of North Queensland, Les Keane ensures the ancient guidelines of the fraternity are observed. “Encouraging tolerance, integrity and self-development, as well as advocating community service, Freemasonry becomes a way of life for our members,” says Les, who joined in 1972. “As a District Grand Lodge we have some 500 members in the region of Proserpine to Ingham to Mount Isa and we’re governed by our state organisation, the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, headquartered in Brisbane.” On a mission to “make good men better” the District Grand Lodge of North Queensland supports a wide range of charities and community services. State-wide the Lodge’s charitable arm, Hand Heart Pocket, works to improve health, education and aged care outcomes as well as assisting in major disasters. Local causes have included the Freemason’s Leukaemia Village, Townsville Hospital Foundation, Flying Doctors, RSPCA and the Freemasons Park at Pallarenda as well as a vast range of smaller charities. “I’ve seen many very worthy events in my time but perhaps the most memorable was seeing our Masonic Home for the Aged at Kirwan develop into what it is today,” Les says. The Freemasons warmly welcome men (over 18) of all ages, races, religions, cultures and backgrounds. You must affirm your belief in a Supreme Being and your commitment starts from as little as two meetings a month. CONNECT NOW 4771 6284

CAITLIN SCOTT ROTARY CLUB OF TOWNSVILLE CELEBRATING its 90th birthday this year, the Rotary Club of Townsville has 43 active members who are part of a worldwide organisation with over 1.2 million members. Club President Caitlin Scott became involved in Rotary as a teenager when her dad invited her to assist at the Club’s annual food stall at the Townsville Show. From then on she regularly took part in Club events and in 2005 was sponsored on a Rotary Youth Exchange Program to Finland for a year – an experience Caitlin says helped shape the person she is today. After joining the Australian Defence Force and returning from tours of duty to Afghanistan Caitlin realised something was missing from her life… “I had served my country but missed serving the community so I joined the Rotary Club of Townsville in February 2014 and am proud to now be serving as the youngest president in the oldest club in Northern Australia,” she says. “As the oldest club in Townsville we recognise the importance of supporting the development of youth and most of our projects surround them.” These include the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) Program, the National Youth Science Forum (a Townsville student is sponsored to attend in Canberra) and Project Booyah. “Project Booyah is a leadership and mentoring program run by the Queensland Police in Townsville for high school students identified as being ‘at risk’ through truancy from school or dabbling in petty crime,” Caitlin says. “As Rotarians we provide the opportunity for participants in the program to gain communication, teamwork and social skills by working at our community events. They also complete practical qualifications by achieving a Certificate II in Hospitality through TAFE Queensland.” CONNECT NOW 0406 771 474

DUOMagazine December 2016


O U R V O L U N T E E R S | F E AT U R E DUOMagazine

PAUL RYAN THE ROTARY CLUB OF TOWNSVILLE SUNRISE INC FORMED in 1990, The Rotary Club of Townsville Sunrise Inc currently has 80 members and is one of 32,000 Rotary clubs throughout 168 countries worldwide that make up Rotary International. Club members meet at 7am on most Fridays at the RSL on Charters Towers Road in Hermit Park. The Club is currently working with the Townsville City Council to provide a number of location markers on Castle Hill’s more popular walking tracks. These will assist those injured, or those helping them, to provide an accurate location for a quicker response by emergency services. “We’re also working on creating a more family friendly recreation park in Kirwan,” says Club President Paul Ryan. “Lappin Park is located just off Kern Brothers Drive and this project will see more trees planted for shade as well as better facilities, including a barbecue.” Furthermore, the Club assists with electricity costs for Food Relief North Queensland, which helps the less fortunate by providing food via bonafide welfare agencies. From an international perspective Rotary provides financial assistance to allow polio vaccinations to continue in many affected countries and helps out with emergency shelters and supplies in cyclone/hurricane-affected communities. “If you join our club you’ll make many new friendships, some of which will last a lifetime,” Paul says. “Members are encouraged to attend meetings and assist in any projects they can. They’re also welcome to contribute to the many programs Rotary runs including Youth Exchange Programs, which involve international exchange of students.” CONNECT NOW 0429 144 921


DUOMagazine December 2016

GAY REBGETZ TOWNSVILLE CASTLE HILL LIONS CLUB WITH 65 members whose time with the club range from six months to 45+ years, Townsville Castle Hill Lions Club is a busy hub of activity. It is one of a family of 87 clubs located in the Lions District that extends from Sarina in Central Queensland to Papua New Guinea in the north and Mount Isa in the west. “The local club started in 1962 because several gentlemen wanted to do something constructive for the community of Townsville,” says Club President Gay Rebgetz. “They mowed lawns, held barbecues to raise money and donated to many deserving organisations. Over the last couple of years we’ve been deeply involved in assisting graziers through the drought. Many of our members have visited western towns with cattle feed, fuel and food vouchers and pamper packs.” The Club has also been busy raising funds for palliative care in Townsville. Gay, whose father was one of the founding members, joined the Townsville Castle Hill Lions Club four years ago. This year she became the first female president of the Club in 55 years and her son is now also a member, making it three generations of involvement. Meetings are held every second and fourth Wednesday of the month and anyone keen to learn more about the Club is invited to attend. CONNECT NOW 0419 640 956



MICK REILLY TOWNSVILLE LEGACY WITH a grandfather who was killed in World War II and a mother who, along with her seven siblings, were all Legacy Wards it’s easy to see why Club President Mick Reilly became a Legatee. Although Legacy itself was founded in 1923, Townsville Legacy formed in 1946 as a part of the national movement to look after widows and children of the soldiers who were killed during WWI or who died subsequently of war wounds. It grew from there to look after the families of those who have given their lives or health in military service. “Within our area, which is south to Bowen, west to the Queensland border and north to Ingham, Townsville Legacy and the local Legacy Contact Groups care for over 700 widows and families,” Mick says. “In Townsville alone there are over 500 widows and 30 children. We look to provide a point of contact, care and support for Legacy families including widows, widowers, adults with disabilities and children. Across Australia there are over 5000 volunteers caring for over 80,000 widows and families – a truly national team.” There is no requirement for defence links or military service regarding joining Townsville Legacy – just an interest in helping. From an hour a month to a day a week, all levels of commitment are welcomed. “Our Legatees and volunteers range from university students to people in their 70s and we’re currently looking at school volunteer projects to help us,” Mick says. CONNECT NOW 4772 7533

DUOMagazine December 2016


O U R V O L U N T E E R S | F E AT U R E

CLAUDIA TRAVE ROTARACT CLUB OF TOWNSVILLE A new initiative, the Rotaract Club of Townsville chartered in July this year after seeing a need in the local community for a younger branch of Rotary. The Club already has 25 members. “Our club aims to benefit our members personally and professionally, with networking and leadership opportunities,” says 21-year-old Club Vice President Timara Callaghan. “We also benefit our community through local and international projects.” The Club is currently involved in St Vincent de Paul’s Vinnies Refugee Assistance Program, where members visit the homes of refugee families to provide basic tutoring to children, as well as offer friendship and community interaction. Other upcoming projects include fundraising for Rotaractors Against Malaria and providing footballs to remote Indigenous communities. “Our club balances fun and fundraising and meets twice a month — once at James Cook University and and once online via Facebook,” Timara says. “Our members range from 18 to 30 years of age and are uni students, tradesmen, lawyers and other young professionals. We aim to benefit the community around us in a meaningful way, even if the benefit is small, such as a gift at Christmas.” CONNECT NOW 0448 196 797


DUOMagazine December 2016





AN original member of the Zonta Club of Townsville, which was founded in 1984, Beth Snewin is now Chair of the Service and Advocacy committee.

IF you are under 45, want to make a difference in your local community and enjoy doing service work like fundraising and organising events then The Apex Club of Townsville could be for you. Club President Caleb Vella joined in 2013.

“Joining Zonta has allowed me to work with women from a variety of professions and given me a way to assist women locally and in developing countries,” Beth says. “Our local projects — breast care cushions, post-op drainage bags, student encouragement awards, care packs and hampers – provide support for local women at difficult times. Hopefully by receiving our gifts they will know that other women are supporting them in their struggles.” Zonta Townsville has been coordinating the making of over 1200 birthing kits a year for 10 years. Countries across the developing world request the kits and local schools have been assisting with fundraising for the kits and assembling them. “We believe that involving students helps them gain a greater understanding of the difficulties others face with the things we take for granted,” Beth says. “It’s very sobering to think that the next person to open the kit will be a woman about to give birth. She may be alone or with a Traditional Birth Attendant, whose training has also been provided through the Birthing Kit Foundation. Sending off our first shipment of birthing kits to Cambodia was a big thrill.” This month Club members will also be busy packing Christmas hampers that will go to women and children living in shelter accommodation during the holiday season. Each hamper has items to provide Christmas lunch and meals for a number of days as well as decorations and gifts to help make their temporary home more festive at a tough time.

“I really enjoy working with other Apex members because they’re motivated, enjoy community service and know how to have fun while helping others,” Caleb says. “Our golf day this year raised about $16,000 for the Cure Starts Now — a charity set up by local businessperson Ren Pedersen to help find a cure for DIPG (an aggressive brain cancer mainly diagnosed in young children). Ren tragically lost his daughter to DIPG. “We hope our continued support of the Cure Starts Now will help it become a national charity that we can all be proud of saying was started in our very own backyard of Townsville.” The Apex Club of Townsville was established in 1954. It presently has around 25 members and is part of the national Apex organisation. The club meets fortnightly at a dinner venue chosen by the executive. The commitment expected of members is that they attend most of of the dinner meetings and help out with service work when family and work commitments allow. CONNECT NOW 3245 3730

CONNECT NOW 0437 716287

DUOMagazine December 2016











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T he Ca st leTown Tea m

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and shop CastleTown Christmas


19th Dec

9am - 7pm


20 Dec

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21 Dec

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22 Dec

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23 Dec

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24 Dec

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25 Dec

Christmas Day - CLOSED


26 Dec

Boxing Day - 10am - 4pm


27 Dec

Public Holiday - 10am - 4pm


28 Dec

9am - 5:30pm


29 Dec

9am - 9pm


30 Dec

9am - 5:30pm


31 Dec

9am - 4pm


1 Jan

New Years Day - 10am - 4pm


2 Jan

Public Holiday - 10am - 4pm

th st

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December 10 at 12 noon.

A truly amazing

THEY’RE SINGING IN THE STABLE If you missed out on the amazing presentation by STABLE ON THE STRAND singers and musicians last year, then come to CastleTown on December 17 and be prepared to be delighted! The trumpeters will herald the beginning of a superlative show in the Kings Rd Market (near Woolworths) as a procession of musicians and singers enter up the travelator to the centre. This is not to be missed.

December 17 at 11am and 1pm.

for festive food ideas Get creative in your kitchen this Christmas with beautiful ingredients from CastleTown. Kings Rd Market has all you need from locally sourced fruit and vegetables, to freshly baked breads, the freshest of meats and all your general grocery staples. All you need to delight at your table this festive season is available at CastleTown... and to start you off, here is a recipe that will have your family singing your praises!

Yummy Date, A pricot and Macadam ia Stuffing IN GR EDIENTS: 1 cu p of ch opped date s ¾ 1 cu p of ch opped m acad a mi a nuts ¾ 1 cu p of ch opped ap ricot s 3 cu ps of brok en up sta le brea d 1/4 cu p ore ga no 3 ta ble spoo ns of m elt ed butte r chick en stock (fo r bi nd in g)

Feeling hungry? CastleTown has a wide variety of food offerings across the centre should all that shopping leave you feeling peckish. From our diverse food court to the outstanding Kings Rd Market, there is sure to be something to please (and refuel) everyone!

JAMAICA BLUE Blueberry Honey Spelt Bar

MET HOD: Mix all of th e dry in gre di ents, in clu di ng th e sp ice we ll in a la rge bowl. Sp rin kle th e butte r acros s th e mi xt ure th en ad d chick en stock until mi xt ure stick s tog eth er. Th en stuff your bi rd or roa st an d cook as no rm al, rem em be rin g to allow for stuffi ng on cook tim e. If you lik e a lot of fla vour, fee l fre e to ad d m ore ore ga no an d so m e fre sh sa ge.

It’s beginning to

DONUT KING Royal Range

taste a

lot like Christmas! All the ingredients you need to make this recipe and plenty more are available at Woolworths in the Kings Rd Market.

JAMAICA BLUE Coconut Berry Smoothie

We all know that Aussies love our sport! Whether it be going to the footy, being proud parents and watching our kids on their sports days, or kicking back with a cold drink in front of the tennis or cricket - Australians love it all!

So join with us as we celebrate our SUMMER OF SPORT!

BOXING DAY ONE DAY ONLY... Make a purchase of $20 or more at CastleTown on BOXING DAY for your chance to receive your entry to win...


A TRIP TO BRISBANE TO THE BIG BASH CRICKET It’s your choice!! Both trips include airfares and accommodation and other bonuses. We will give away the remaining trip during our SUMMER OF SPORT in January. Simply bring your completed entry to the CastleTown SUMMER OF SPORTS desk located in front of Big W to deposit your entry. Terms and conditions apply - see our website for full details.


A NESPRESSO COFFEE MACHINE and PODS compliments of Jamaica Blue









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For your chance to win simply complete this entry and take to the JAMAICA BLUE store in CastleTown. Competition closes 12 noon, December 23 and will be drawn immediately after. Terms and conditions apply.

A BABY G WATCH compliments of Goldmark

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january 11 - 14 11am - 1pm daily

Join the Magnetic North Netball Association and compete in their Best-of-Ten basket shooting competition in the Target Forecourt of CastleTown. Heaps of prizes for different ages, parents and teams!


BACK TO SCHOOL EVENT january 18 - 21

Head into the Target Forecourt at CastleTown for the most amazing Back-To-School sales event. Make a purchase from any of the participating retailers and receive a SUMMER OF SPORT handball for the kids!


CHARMAINE BINNIE Business Manager, Bamford Medical MOST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS? 2005, the Christmas we nearly burned the house down. HOW DO YOU CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS? Long ago I stopped buying Christmas presents as I just can’t seem to get it right. Who wouldn’t appreciate a clay platter with fish decorating it (sister one), or a wooden Golliwog (brother), a Savage Garden CD (then boyfriend now husband), lava glass pendants (sisters one & two) and the list goes on. I briefly thought I could make Christmas presents (you know; soap, jewellery, candles, bathbombs). My experience ended with expensive supplies that took up precious space on the dining room table for months, then I realised it was Christmas Eve and no one was getting a homemade gift from me that year, or any other year.

TENNILLE MCKEAN Owner of Ministry of Hair MOST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS? I’d have to say we are organising it as we speak, because this year is our little girls first Christmas and I don’t think any year before is going to top her first Christmas. HOW DO YOU CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS? With family and a big feast of fresh seafood and a BBQ by the pool. Then maybe some afternoon movies in the air conditioning. SHANNON HARPER Owner of Strand Gourmet Meats MOST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS? Last year when both of my boys were old enough to understand Christmas and enjoy all the celebrations. HOW DO YOU CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS? The day starts very early with the boys excited by Santa’s visit, followed by cooked breakfast with great friends on the deck. Finish with a BBQ dinner with my wife’s family.

DR. ANNEKE SILVER Visual Artist and Art Educator MOST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS? The increasing commercialisation of Christmas, so strongly contrasted to the real message of Christmas – epitomised by the confusion between the iconic fat man in the red suit on the one hand, and the Nativity on the other – started to rankle us to the point that when the family grew up we decided to opt for a non-Christmas and wondered where in the world you could go for that. Our choice fell on nearby Bali, a predominantly Hindu island and we looked forward to serene gamelan music, (I am talking early 1980’s), quiet temples in the rainforest; small eating places behind the beach with nasi goreng or rijstafel, far away from shopping centres, frantic mothers and whinging kids.


DUOMagazine December 2016

DANIEL BIGNEY Owner of Stellarossa MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS? While I always remember Christmas with lots of snow when I was young in Montreal, my first Australian Christmas in 2005 is probably one of my most memorable. Up on Groote Eylandt it was one of my hottest Christmases ever, yet we managed to cool down with water fights which someone thought was worth bringing indoors. HOW DO YOU CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS? With my wife’s Italian and Spanish heritage, holidays are always a big family affair with lots of food. This year will be extra special as our daughter will be celebrating her first Christmas with all of us.


EFFIE MIHALIS Pharmacist / Manager Riverway Pharmacy, Rasmussen HOW DO YOU CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS? Being part of a large Greek family we revel in the opportunity to get together and celebrate with enough food to feed the masses. We have all sides of the family together with this year’s count at 32! Christmas Eve we go to my grandparent’s house to start the festivities. The eldest cousins take it in turns to dress as Santa and hand out the presents, ensuring we all get a photo on Santa’s lap. Christmas morning we go to church to celebrate with the extended community, family and friends. Christmas lunch we all come together to either my mum or aunties’ houses, complete with five meats and all the trimmings. Family and friends come and go throughout the day and it turns into a bit of an open house but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


SARAH NOFZ Manager, Bakers Delight Stockland (Kmart Centre) MOST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS? I come from one of those families where there is no such thing as a secret. If you do something stupid and someone knows about it then everyone is going to know about it. So Christmas Day is full of all these embarrassing little stories about everyone getting told. A few years ago it just seemed like story after story was coming out, to the extent that I literally felt like I had been doing sit ups all day with my stomach hurting so much from laughing. One of my cousins was ribbing me particularly hard when I took a large gulp of raspberry soft drink. Just as it was going down my throat I tried laughing at the same time. It wasn’t a good combination. I choked and made a fountain of red come out my nose all over everyone’s Christmas lunch. Luckily for me it just made everyone laugh harder. My mum’s white Christmas tablecloth still carries my nose spray stains to this day.

WARREN KELLY Health & Safety Professional, Townsville City Council and Volunteer Fire Fighter, Black River MOST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS? For me, a truly unforgettable Christmas was the Christmas 2001. Our family travelled the one hour journey from St Helens Park near Campbelltown Southwest of Sydney to a friend’s place in the picturesque and historic hamlet of Wilberforce in the Windsor District, north west of Sydney. Travelling the Old Northern Road we saw a large plume of smoke in the Blue Mountains. This plume was some 60km away and the breeze was not that big. Listening to the radio while enjoying the lovely Christmas lunch put on by our hosts, we heard that weather conditions had worsened. As I was a member of the Wilberforce Rural Fire Brigade, I got the pager call but couldn’t respond immediately as I had to get the family home. I would back up on the night crew. We drove back to St Helens Park that afternoon and by about 3pm we passed through Luddenham and there was nothing but black ash as far as the eye could see. The fire from that morning had literally carved a swathe through the pastures from Warragamba, Mulgoa and Wallacia through Luddenham and Badgerys Creek and a further 80km to the Royal National Park and to Bundeena on the coast. That image remains with me to this day. Whenever I sit down to Christmas Dinner, I remember the day fire marched from the mountains to the sea on Christmas Day 2001.

DUOMagazine December 2016




DUOMagazine December 2016


Game, Set, Match Tennis Townsville can now officially lay claim to being the best tennis club in Queensland after taking out Club of the Year at the 2016 Queensland Tennis Awards. Writer Kylie Davis Photographer Andrew Rankin IT’S been a big year for Tennis Townsville. Named Club of the Year at the 2016 Queensland Tennis Awards in Brisbane in October, the club has also recently completed a five-year upgrade. Winning the award is particularly sweet for the club as it has endured some hard times in recent years. “Damage from Cyclone Yasi in 2011 meant we had to build four new courts and in 2012 a further eight of our courts were overdue for resurfacing,” Club President Michael Kern says. “An additional three courts handed over to us from another club were declared unplayable and unsafe in 2013 and then 2014 saw a significant downturn in the local economy affecting our memberships and sponsorships.” All up, the club has spent almost a million dollars improving facilities, including new and resurfaced courts, extra seating and court lighting. The entire infrastructure upgrade was organised by Tennis Townsville’s Vice President, Vic Bayer, with grant funding from the Queensland Government, Tennis Australia’s National Court Rebate Scheme, Port of Townsville Rotary Club, a Tennis Australia loan and Tennis Townsville fundraising efforts and sponsorships. Vic was awarded the coveted Queensland Volunteer of the Year award for his efforts, which was the icing on the cake after Tennis Townsville won Club of the Year. The Club of the Year award was hotly contested among the 245 affiliated clubs, with Townsville winning ahead of other short-listed finalists based in South-East Queensland: Roy Emerson Tennis Centre,

Southern Cross Tennis, Matchpoint Tennis and Mooloolaba Tennis. “The award means a lot to Tennis Townsville because it demonstrates that through a team effort we can all work together to achieve great things,” Michael says. “Despite tough times, the management committee, staff, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, the government and other funding providers all joined forces and it’s resulted in an amazing outcome.” Tennis Townsville was established as the Townsville Lawn Tennis Association in 1911 on its current site at 32 Burke Street, North Ward. In 1995 it was


renamed Tennis Townsville Inc and there are few tennis clubs in Australia like it that can boast having had a male and female player in the top 10 Australian rankings. In September 2016, John Smith ranked 10 for men and Lizette Cabrera ranked 4 for women. Both were born in Townsville and were coached at Tennis Townsville by professional coach Wayne Hannah. “I was fortunate enough to be present court-side at Wimbledon in 2015 to watch John play in the first round of the Tennis Championships,” says Michael. “John reached a career high world ATP singles ranking of 108 in September 2015 and Lizette reached a career high world WTA singles ranking of 258 in September


DUOMagazine December 2016

2016, following her recent wins at ITF events in Brisbane and Tweed Heads.” Tennis Townsville caters for all standards of play, offering group coaching for children and adults, for beginners through to advanced players. “Children can start learning tennis as young as four with our ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program that uses modified courts, racquets and balls,” says Tennis Townsville Centre Manager Liz Jones. “Our December School Holiday Clinic will take place December 12 to 14 and is a great opportunity for children to try tennis for the first time.” Adults have a range of options, including social tennis, night fixtures competitions (women’s, men’s and

mixed), Over 35s, Fast 4 Tennis, Cardio Tennis and group or private coaching. Additionally, anyone can hire a tennis court, day or night. “The club has experienced a surge in numbers among members and tournament entries in the 12 months to 30 June this year,” Liz says proudly. “More than 900 people were registered at the club at the end of 2015 – a 200 increase on the same time the previous year. The club’s tournaments – the CQUniversity North Queensland Open and Ergon Energy Junior Championships – also attracted an extra 50 players.” With a strong focus on transitioning players from ANZ Tennis Hot Shots to regular competitions and fixtures, Tennis Townsville is a club to watch in Queensland’s quest to develop the next Grand Slam champion out of our home state. “While we’re enjoying a surge in interest and participation at the junior levels we’re also very keen to see the veteran members of our community (over 35s) coming down and joining in the greatest game of all,” Michael says. “Tennis is truly one of the sports that can be enjoyed from about four years of age through to the late eighties.” While completing its redevelopment, Tennis Townsville has also worked hard to help raise over $45,000 for charity in the past three years, partnering with local organisations such as the Townsville Hospital Foundation and Headspace. “Our next Charity Tennis Night will take place on March 24 next year and we’ll be raising funds to support the



Townsville Hospital Foundation,” says Liz. “We’ll be looking for local businesses to support the event by entering a team of employees or by donating a prize we can raffle. The focus of the night is on fun, so participants don’t have to be great tennis players. There will be prizes for the bestdressed team and opportunities for team building and networking with other local organisations.” Oh and did we mention Tennis Townsville is also in the running to win a national award?

“We’ve been selected as a finalist for the Newcombe Medal, Australian Tennis Awards, for Most Outstanding Tennis Club for 2016 and together with Vic Bayer, who has been nominated for the Volunteer of the Year Award, I’ll be attending the gala awards night in Melbourne,” Michael says. “I’ll let you know how we go!” For more information, visit

DUOMagazine December 2016



Where Are They Now? JACK GUSMEROLI Model What’s your link to Townsville? I grew up in Townsville and loved having all the benefits of a big city with the charm of a small town. As most Townsvillians know, it’s a community where everyone knows everyone. I went to Ignatius Park College. What does your work involve? I’ve shot for MYER, Barney Cools, INCU, Neue Luxury broadsheet and Vogue Australia and have worked for Tommy Hilfiger and am in the latest MARCS and Yd campaigns. Modelling itself is pretty straightforward and involves a lot of travel. I originally left Townsville to chase the dream of playing soccer. The opportunity to try modelling popped up back in February this year when I was scouted by my agent Ryan Hall. Where do you live? At the moment I live in Darling Point, right on Sydney Harbour. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? Townsville made me the person I am today. I moved out of home at the age of 16. It was the authentic and downto-earth personalities I grew up around that enabled me to become independent from an early age and truly appreciate opportunities.


DUOMagazine December 2016

So much talent, so little space to feature them all… that’s why we’re continuing our series on what former Townsville stars-in-the-making are up to now. Make sure you give us a call at DUO if you know someone we should be catching up with.

Do you still come back ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? I’m home every chance I get! I can’t go past Mum’s cooking, seeing my mates and the weather.

CHRISTIE MURRAY Milliner, Creative Director, CHRISTIE Millinery What’s your link to Townsville? I had an amazing upbringing in Townsville. I spent most weekends playing sport or going on camping trips and adventures with a big group of families. I went to The Cathedral School and studied both arts and science in my senior years. I decided I would become a physio, which is funny as I eventually left this to follow my true calling in the creative industries. What does your work involve? I’m working in my dream job as the Creative Director of my own headwear design and manufacturing company CHRISTIE Millinery. My passion for millinery was really set in stone when I went to an exhibition by master milliner Stephen Jones at GOMA on a trip back from Canada, where I was working as a physio. It sounds crazy, but I knew then that this was what I was meant to do. I went back to Canada and started researching how to study millinery in Australia. When my husband Zane and I

moved back to Australia , I commenced my trade at the Melbourne School of Fashion and the rest is history! We’re now living in Brisbane and it’s so nice to be back in Queensland after such a long time away. I have big dreams for my company. We just finished a really exciting collaboration with iconic Australian label CAMILLA where we did headwear for all their stores across Australia. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? Spending so much time in the outdoors taught me to be observant and inquisitive, resourceful and creative – all qualities I use on a day-to-day basis in my profession. Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? Yes, I will be back for Christmas actually! My parents and best friend still live in Townsville, along with my husband’s family. I just love walking along the river, climbing the goat track and going for a swim at The Strand and I’m dying to spend some decent time on Maggie Island.


ANNALISE HAIGH Business Development Manager for Luxury Resort Fashion Consultant What’s your link to Townsville? My parents made the decision to move to Townsville from Sydney because they thought they could give us a better life. They couldn’t have been more right. With my two little sisters, we went camping, rock climbing, sailing, hiking and canoeing all around North Queensland. I went to Pimlico State High School and my main goal was to become a lawyer, like my dad… which I did! What does your work involve? Right now I’m working in a role I never thought I would be in… I am the operations and sales/ business development manager for a luxury resort fashion consultant and distributor in Hong Kong. How did I end up here? It’s a bit unusual. I left Townsville at 20 to do my law degree in Sydney. After graduating, I worked at a top global law firm as a corporate lawyer for over six years. Then one day, at 29, I decided I needed to travel the world. I resigned and moved to Europe. My dad was sailing near France at the time so we decided to put down the mast and motor the French canals for three months – an experience I will never forget. Then, in the spirit of adventure, I moved to Chamonix in the French Alps

to do a ski season. It ended up being the most amazing experience of my life. It was in Chamonix I met my current boss (serving her cocktails in the bar I worked in). We stayed in contact and two years later she asked if I would move to Hong Kong to work for her. We are moving into winter luxury resorts next year – which as a snowboarding enthusiast I’m very excited about. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? It gave me a great education and a fantastic sense of freedom and adventure. Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? Now I’m living in Hong Kong hopefully I can get back a bit more. It’s so lovely going for walks on The Strand with my mum every morning or evening.

RICK DONALD Actor What’s your link to Townsville? I grew up in Townsville – swinging out of trees into Ross River with my brothers and next door neighbours was a blast! I went to Kirwan High and to be honest I didn’t love being confined to a classroom as I wasn’t the greatest academic. It wasn’t until my mum gave me the nudge I needed to join drama class that

I discovered acting was my passion. I was hooked from the first class. The idea of acting for a career didn’t sit well with guidance counsellors but my parents knew acting was everything to me and gave me the strength to chase that dream. There has been a lot of study (including at NIDA) and it definitely hasn’t been easy but Ive loved every bit of it. What does your work involve? I’ve just finished the second season of 800 Words and had a blast filming it. Getting to work with Bridie Carter and Erik Thompson is a lot of fun. (800 Words starts up again in early 2017.) I’m a keen storyteller and love writing, directing and all things film-making. I love soaking it all up – every bit of it. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? Living so far away from the major cities made me realise how disciplined I needed to be and how hard I needed to work to get a break in this industry. Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? I get back to The Ville as much as I can. It’s important to get back to your roots I think. Sometimes it’s hard with work but I will always get back for Christmas with the family.

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Tischenko Irina /



DUOMagazine December 2016

elegance EVERYDAY

New Finish. New Polyresin! Vogue Shutters with PolySatin finish are the safe and sustainable choice for the environmentally concious family. Custom made to measure in Australia, Vogue Shutters add a relaxed sense of luxury to virtually any room and will assure years of great performance.



Address: Unit 2/298 Bayswater Road, Garbutt I Phone: 4725 2527 Website: I Email: * Conditions apply. Five year warranty applies to shutter hardware. Visit for warranty document. Š Copyright 2013 Hunter Douglas Limited [ABN 98 009 675 709] C12236_HG_12.2015

DUOHome+Travel | Book Extract from The Tailored Interior by Greg Natale



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Cohesion A section from THE TAILORED INTERIOR by Greg Natale Multi award-winning interior designer Greg Natale is renowned for doing things differently – his is a bold, fresh and modern Antipodean style that brings the best of classic interiors into the 21st Century. His bold signature style juxtaposes clean lines with repeating geometric patterns, unadorned walls with highly embellished feature pieces, empty space with vivid splashes of color. At once contemporary, restrained, sophisticated and playful, Greg’s spectacular interiors integrate architecture, design and decoration to create visually breathtaking masterpieces. In this stunning, photographic collection, Greg guides us through finding the perfect hook, building a concept from the ground up, layering different elements for cohesion, embracing empty space, using colour and pattern to add the magical finishing touches, and giving an interior space that elusive je ne sais quoi.

Cohesion is about making sure everything flows and fits, with all the different elements coming together to suggest one seamless space. The main reason houses don’t come together properly is because people tend to look at things in isolation when they’re purchasing pieces and styling rooms. With interiors, you need to look at every element as part of one huge composition or collage, where each piece and every treatment has a role in the space and shares a relationship with the others. Cohesion is about context. I can break down the rooms I work on to just a few elements – such as a timber finish, a type of stone, a colour and a pattern – that I will repeat and reinterpret around a house. Try to establish links like this through your rooms – at the very least, ensure they share some consistent feature such as wall finish, flooring or colour. Learn when to stop styling and remove an element from a room, be that an extra colour or a jarring piece. By all means, get inspired by the works of interior designers, but never feel you have to re-create their look too literally – what suits their space isn’t necessarily right for yours. And keep referring back to your concept so you don’t go off track. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER I’d like to illustrate the principle of creating a cohesive, tailored interior by taking you through a room, step by step, and explaining my choices. I’ve chosen the master bedroom of the two-storey Melbourne house (pictured left), a large space that required a fair amount of layering to make it work.

STARTING POINT – Continuation Of A Concept The inspiration for this room was the tone already established downstairs, where the client had requested a dark, moody, sexy space that was warm and textural. In the study and living areas this was achieved through the use of timber, in panelling, bookshelves and slatted ceilings, and a palette of charcoal greys, mauves and burgundies with accents of teal and burnished gold. Upstairs we needed to create a similar feel while addressing the different demands of the space. INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE – The Walls And Floors The first step was to assess the space that would provide the canvas for everything that followed. The client wanted an open ensuite with a fireplace and a dressing room, which meant we needed to remodel the area a little. The existing configuration featured separate rooms, so the biggest task was to remove the wall behind where the bedhead now sits, opening up the room to the spaces beyond. On one side of the bedroom we installed a stunning grey and white marble slab with a fireplace inside, bordered in black; on the other side we installed custom veneer timber bookshelves in a dark cafe latte-stained American oak. Both elements

The Tailored Interior by Greg Natale published by Hardie Grant Books. RRP: $69.95.

DUOMagazine December 2016


DUOHome+Travel | Book Extract from The Tailored Interior by Greg Natale

drew on the textures and tones used in the formal areas downstairs. Next, it was logical to introduce charcoal walls similar to those downstairs, but, rather than paint, we used silk wallpaper to suit the softer mood of the bedroom. The wallpaper continues through the bedroom into the dressing room and the effect is sophisticated and sumptuous, providing another textural layer in the space. To enhance the look of luxe fabrics in the room, we also hung charcoal taffeta curtains, the elegant sheen of which stands out against the sheer white drapes behind. To highlight these areas and lift the room, we left the ceiling white, in keeping with the style downstairs, then we brought contrast through a black and white geometric carpet, which tied the colours together as well as adding interest and warmth. The following step was to choose and layer furniture to address issues of proportion, balance and contrast. PROPORTION – Layering Furniture In A Large Space We had a lot of space to work with, especially after removing the wall between bedroom and bathroom. While the plan was for an open feel, it was still necessary to ensure that there was enough furniture – and that it made enough of a statement – to fill the space. Large rooms require a good amount of sizeable pieces, otherwise they can feel empty and cold, which is the last thing you want, especially in a bedroom. The key piece of furniture in this space was the Minotti bed with its panelled leather bedhead, and the main challenge was to get its position right. Our solution to the room’s impressive size was to bring the bed in towards the centre, which had a few benefits. Firstly, the bed’s position gave it pride of place as a beautiful piece in itself; secondly, its orientation allowed for a view out of the windows to the garden beyond; and finally, it provided the opportunity to create smaller ‘breakout areas’ of furniture around it that would balance the room. Before addressing those other areas, though, we needed to complete the story of the bed – it couldn’t just ‘float’ in the middle of the room by itself. On either side we placed a Minotti bedside table and atop each a sturdy metallic lamp from Oluce,


DUOMagazine December 2016

which added a luxe gleam to the room. The tables widen the appearance of the bed, while their mirrored surfaces reflect the carpet in a stylish play on texture and pattern. By positioning all these pieces in the midsection of the room, rather than propping them up against a wall, we assigned them a stronger role in the space and really allowed them to shine. We added an ottoman in a textural black weave to the foot of the bed to extend its length further into the space. The varying heights and widths of bed, lamps, tables and ottoman form a sort of stepped interplay that brings a dynamic rhythm to the space, keeping your eye moving from one piece to the next. BALANCE – Layering To Compose ‘Breakout’ Areas Knocking out the wall behind the bed had opened up the space sufficiently to allow for a tightly edited array of furniture that would create a balancing effect between bedroom and bathroom. Behind the bedhead, we installed a custom-made desk, which sits neatly within the space yet in no way looks crowded. It delineates the two areas without impeding the flow. The aspect from the desk is the same as that enjoyed from the bed, while looking back from the foot of the bed offers an unobstructed view that continues all the way to the window at the end of the bathroom. Opposite the bed, the curved nook created by the windows and curtains provided another opportunity to establish a breakout area that would maximise the space. Here, we introduced a pair of teal velvet Minotti lounge chairs and grouped them with two structural silver-leaf side tables from Baker Furniture and two metallic Tom Dixon floor lamps. The effect is intimate and seductive, a private space for two that seems to reflect and enclose the sanctuary of the bed. Within itself, it’s a balanced composition and, within the larger space of the room, it balances the expanse of bed and ottoman, finishing the statement across the carpet in between. This is an edited extract from The Tailored Interior by Greg Natale published by Hardie Grant Books RRP: $69.95


Images from The Tailored Interior by Greg Natale

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STOCKLAND AND CASTLETOWN 4772 3223 ~ @cocohousehomewares on Instagram




festive flair

07 10

Make your dining room sing with a little Christmas bling.



06 03



01 Aksel 6 Light Solid Brass Pendant $895 02 Falala Bunting $29.95 03 Promenade Dining Table (190x105cm) in Mountain Ash $1199 with Frieda Dining Chair in Seafoam/Oak $169 04 Wreath Candle (two-pack) $20


DUOMagazine December 2016

05 Orion 5 Light Pendant in Brass with Amber Glass $595 06 Gold LED Pillar Candle $24.99 (Small) and $29.99 (Large); Alessa Gold Glass Pillar Holder $24.99 (Small) and $29.99 (Large); Natalie Gold Glass Dome $39.99 (Small) and $49.99 (Large)

07 Dot Cheese Platter (Moody Blue) $370 08 Small Resin Cloud Bowl (Moody Blue Swirl) $50 09 Resin Stone Servers (Moody Blue) $110 10 Delight Tapas Plates $9.95 each

Amaroo on mandalay

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e p a c s E Duo 2 People 2 Nights Only $220*

Amaroo On Mandalay 61 Mandalay Avenue Nelly Bay Magnetic Island For bookings and enquiries please call 07 4778 5200 *Per room twin share. Conditions apply. Offer available until 31 January 2017 unless extended. Ask about our special wedding and group packages.


DUOHome+Travel | Promotion

Diyana Dimitrova /

Ah Vienna!

What’s not to love about Vienna in the very picturesque country of Austria? Home to some of the world’s greatest artists, such as Mozart and Beethoven, Vienna radiates a classical and elegant vibe. This charming city lies on the Danube River and has become a favourite stop for the river cruise enthusiasts. And for a true white Christmas with all the bells and whistles, Vienna is the perfect choice.


DUOMagazine December 2016

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Personal Travel Manager | Townsville

Maria Pandalai

TravelManagers Australia

Palace Belvedere with Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria

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The outside of Christmas Market at Rathaus (Vienna City Hall)

RossHelen /

Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom

Saint Stephen’s Cathedral

Das Triest, where Sir Terence Conran combines imperial elegance with sober lines.

mikecphoto /

How to get there There are daily flights from Townsville, via Asia or the Middle East to Vienna and return. The quickest route is about 28 hours in total including ground time. Due to the lengthy journey, you may want to consider a stopover en-route. But once you arrive in the opulent city of Vienna, it will be well worth it.

When to go December is the ideal month to visit Vienna if you are wanting to immerse in Christmas festivities. If you prefer warmer weather, July to September has maximum average temperatures of 23 degrees, making it a comfortable visit. On average, June is the wettest month, so best avoided if rain is not for you. Vienna generally has a cool climate throughout the year.

Where to stay

My five favourite places to stay are; Hotel Palace Coburg is an elegant hotel, located in a historic building and walking distance to main attractions. With only 35 suites, this luxurious hotel is great for those seeking a personal touch. Not to be missed is the exclusive spa, jacuzzi, swimming pool and glorious sun terrace. Altstadt Vienna is a unique property as each of the 45 rooms and suites differ from one another, each claiming its own character. Some art focused, some classical, some contemporary, you’ll find one to suit your taste. For those wine buffs, Hotel Rathaus – Wein & Design will truly satisfy. The hotel houses over 450 top Austrian wines and each room is devoted to a specific Austrian winemaker, with some of their wines on offer in the mini-bar.


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Designed by one of France’s top architects, Jean Nouvel, the Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom is something else. Its influence of the nearby Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral makes it a masterpiece to be reckoned with. The Das Triest Hotel oozes history with its roots dating back over 300 years ago when it was the main station for the stagecoach route from Vienna to Trieste. Now it’s a centrally located hip hotel with an award-winning restaurant and a laid-back feel.

What to do My top five things to do in the enchanting city of Vienna are; The Christmas Markets, running from the 1st to 25th December are a sure winner. Check out the Alt Wiener Weihnachtsmarkt at Fryung, offering delightful items such as old school wooden toys, decorative candles and festive Christmas decorations. Another activity which is great to do during winter in Vienna is Ice Skating. Try the outdoor ice skating rink of the Vienna Association of Ice Skaters, spreading 6000 square metres between the Vienna Concert Hall and the InterContinental Hotel. One for the bucket list is a Mozart and Strauss classical concert in Kursalon Vienna, where you can see the hall where Strauss directed his orchestra and be mesmerized with the beautiful sounds of this era. A guided tour of the 317 year old Schonbrunn Palace, with its 1441 rooms, is a wonderful experience with its architectural and cultural importance. For The Sound of the Music fans, a day tour to the scenic town of Salzburg where the epic movie was filmed is brilliant and the surrounding alpine scenery will leave you breathless.

Eating out Think of Vienna, and think comfort food. A typical Viennese meal is Wiener schnitzel, veal schnitzel as we call it, where veal is covered in breadcrumbs and fried. Viennese cuisine is well known for its pastries, from sweet dishes such as apple strudel (apfelstrudel) to savoury options, such as cheese filled strudels (topfenstrudel). Goulash, although originating from Hungary, is a common meal in Vienna, a hearty meat and vegetables stew with spices that will hit the spot. Be sure to also try some traditional wine at a Viennese pub for a true dining experience. Brian Kinney /

Urban life Vienna, Austria

Maria Pandalai Personal Travel Manager | Townsville TravelManagers Australia 0407 122 120


SLEEP IN A STABLE… AND LOVE THE LUXURY Combining rustic pioneer charm with 4.5-star luxury, Outback Pioneer’s Homestead Stables are worth travelling to Longreach for. They are inspired by the stables and stable-boys’ quarters on a traditional outback station… but have cleverly incorporated every contemporary comfort and facilities for self-catering. Guests are also invited to enjoy a soak in an outdoor bathtub under the stars as part of the outback experience.

NAUGHTY WEEKENDER Mimco’s Naughty Weekender ($349) incorporates dual, expandable, zip pockets to allow for three different depths in case you need to pack heavy in a hurry thanks to a shopping spree. Photo: Matt Beard

LAPTOP BAG TO GO Handmade using top-quality leather, The Flawless Laptop Bag by Mary and Marie ($249) is the perfect travel bag thanks to its signature organiser section. The inside key clip means no more hunting to the bottom of your bag for keys and the mobile phone pocket and business card sleeves are handy too.

TRAVEL BUDDY IT’S CIRCUS TIME! The world-renowned Cirque du Soleil is performing another show-stopping extravaganza at Skygate in Brisbane (now till January 8). Enjoy dinner before the show and try the array of food at Skygate’s new alfresco dining precinct.

This electronic toothbrush from Sweden’s Bruzzoni Global is superstylish and convenient too as it comes with a waterproof travel bag. It’s from the Wall Street Collection and can be yours for $219.

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debasige /



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DUOStyle | Woman

LADY IN RED You’ll be the belle of the Christmas ball in a racy red number from House of Ezis. The Certainty Maxi pictured is certain to turn heads and is made-to-measure in the brand’s Brisbane-based design studio.

TIME OUT Part of the recently released Holiday 2016 collection, the Betty watch ($379) features a stylish mother-of-pearl dial and is set with graduated crystal indexes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find it under the Christmas tree…

HEEL APPEAL Australian-designed footwear label Lauren Marinis has dropped a much-anticipated new collection online. True to form you can expect beautifully finished pumps priced from $300 to $400. The collection was made in Southern Spain using handcrafted techniques.

MIRROR, MIRROR Featuring this season’s metallics trend, kikki.K’s new ‘Metallisk’ mirrored planners will help you get organised for a successful 2017. They’re $89.95 each and available in Copper, Gold and Silver with an 18 month perpetual calendar for an overview of your schedule.

BRING OUT THE BLING Disco Lizards, the latest capsule collection from Melbourne-based accessories brand Maude Studio, features light gold detailing and bejewelled decadence. We’re loving the Embellished Diamond Bag in Iridescent White for $350.

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DUOStyle | MyBag

Angie D’Arcy About Me : I am a proud Townsville girl who escaped when I was younger to travel the globe. But there is no place like home and came back to raise our family and be close to my folks. Having had a career in the media I chose to retire and concentrate on being a fulltime mum to our 4 children. Lily, Daisy, Poppy and Sam. With our eldest about to graduate and our youngest only in year 1, I have certainly ‘spread out the pain!” Our children have kept me very busy with their amazing sporting activities as well as being an advocate for our daughter Poppy and her disability. But I am most often not seen in the social pages but driving along Love Lane in our blue bus to school drop offs and Murray sporting complex! I love this city, the lifestyle it offers and I’m attempting to stay fit after a 20-year hiatus having competed in my first triathlon in August. MY BAG Country Road Brown leather satchel bag – a gift for no specific reason from my dad simply because he is the most generous man alive and I’m not ashamed to say that even at 43 – my dad still spoils me. (and my mum who got the same bag!) AMOUGE PERFUME from Dubai. It was a luxury my mum shared with me and even though it has long since run out I love the bottle and the amazing fragrance still lingers. LONDON FRIDGE MAGNET. Lily went to the UK on a Netball Tour last year with school and got this fridge magnet for me. I said don’t spend too much on presents – and she didn’t! GOLD BALL PENDANT NECKLACE from the Emirates. My mother, Dr Raasch worked over there for four years, when we went for a visit we definitely made the most of the gold souks! STILLA MATT LIPSTICK which is often stolen by my 17-yearold daughter. I take that as a compliment that she approves of my taste. APPLE WATCH By far the best present given to me by my husband. I love it! PACKET OF ELECTROLYTES A must when exercising in North Qld! APPOINTMENT CARDS for everything from the orthodontist, hairdressers, and Poppy’s numerous therapy sessions. I really should use my phone calendar more but I like the old fashioned bits of paper! PHOTO of my oldest girlfriends and me. BFFs for 30 years. Even though we’re scattered across the country I know I can ring or text them at anytime and its like we are together again. THAILAND TRAVEL BOOK Next year Lily is working there as a Gap student and is being


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‘delivered’ by myself and her grandmother – tough job but someone has to do it. iPAD As Poppy is non-verbal she uses a communication device to tell us what she needs or tell us about her day. It’s a vital part of hers and our lives. SPARE BIBS As Poppy still wears them I always have them handy. We had special ones made that are in her school uniform colours so she didn’t stand out wearing baby bibs as an 11 year old. Her dignity is very important. SCHOOL FORMAL TICKETS! Can’t believe our ‘baby’ is finally finishing school. It’s gone so fast but we are so proud of Lily and the amazing young woman she is becoming. COWBOY’S GRAND FINAL TICKETS from 2015, the most amazing sporting event I have ever been to! With a hubby who works for them, they’re firmly instilled in our home! We bleed blue, grey and gold. CORDLESS EAR PHONES AND RUNNING ARMBAND so I can go and exercise after school drop off. Sam’s latest READER. This is usually a book about bugs, reptiles or trucks. After having three daughters, a little boy in the house has certainly opened new fields of interest for us all. A few ROCKS given to me by our six year old, Sam. They are ‘treasures’ he finds at school in the sandpit and I am NOT allowed to throw them out (despite the fact I think they are actually bits of cement!) SHIN PADS AND MOUTH GUARDS Usually clean but Daisy always needs them for soccer, rugby, futsal or Oz tag. I wish she were as passionate about her math’s homework... but that’s definitely NOT my bag.






Aitkenvale Townsville QLD Shop 130, Stockland Shopping Centre Phone: 4775 6077 Email:




DUOStyle | Man



Coming in 2017, Harley-Davidson’s Softail® Deluxe model ($28,995) keeps it classy while bringing in some fat custom style of its own. Its iconic look includes Steel Laced wheels, chrome hubcaps and wide whitewall tyres, a nod to the ’50s boulevard look.

The Dualsenses Men range has just expanded to include Activating Scalp Tonic ($25.45). Featuring Goldwell’s recharge complex with guarana and caffeine, it stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, creating healthier hair.

CLOSE SHAVE The Body Shop’s Maca Root range was developed specifically to meet men’s skin care needs. Peruvian Maca Root naturally boosts energy to reduce the appearance of dull skin. This special Christmas kit contains the Maca Root Shave Cream 200ml, Razor Relief 100ml and shaving brush ($49.95).

SUITABLE ATTIRE Brisbane-based Urbbana designer Sam Abi’s latest SS16-17 collection takes inspiration from the blue/green water of Queensland’s coastline. Sam uses traditional tailoring techniques and works with the finest raw materials from Australia, Italy, Turkey and Portugal.

GET A GRIP Danish brand ECCO’S Mens Cool shoe ($289.95), made from soft yak leather, keeps water out and the outsole is grippy on uneven and slippery surfaces.


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Christmas PARTY SEASON ©DUOMagazine 2016

We wish all our fantastic customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See us for the latest collections from La Scala 5PM Contony JSong International Mei Mei Lindy Bop (Vintage style from England) Mr K, Laura K, Eve Hunter Vivid OPM Yesadress Darling (from England) Desigual (from Spain) and jewellery from Mariana and Cool Coconut

sizes 6–24 Willows Shopping Centre 4773 4446 Find us on Facebook

Shop Our Online Store 24/7 Now!


HANKS OPTOMETRISTS Hanks Optometrists specialise in comprehensive eye examinations, prescription sunglasses and spectacles, contact lenses and eye health. They offer Cataract & Glaucoma Testing, Macular and Retinal Scans, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scan, Colour Vision Tests, Prescription Dispensing, Children’s Vision and finding any Diabetic Eye changes. Healthfund rebates and Medicare bulk-billing. Open Monday–Friday 8.30am–5pm 246 Ross River Road, Aitkenvale 4779 7433

IN TOUCH BOUTIQUE Every occasion creates a memory! The staff at In Touch Boutique are there to help create your next memory with an outfit that matches the occasion. Formal Gowns, Mother of the Bride / Groom, Bridesmaids, Cocktail, After 5, Race wear, Casual, Accessories and Gift Vouchers, stocking sizes 6–26. Local stockists of Meimei, Lindy Bop, Renata, Vivid, Mr K, Laura K, Eve Hunter, Paparazzi, Desigual, Mariana Jewellery, with more to choose from. Monday–Wednesday, Friday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–9pm, Saturday 9am-4pm. Like us on Facebook. Willows Shopping Centre 4773 4446




This established salon of 16 years offers a relaxed and revitalising experience and a calming Sanctuary Garden. You will love your aesthetically designed hairstyle complimented by the most vibrant and rich colour. Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9am–5.30 pm Wednesday, Thursday 9am–9pm Saturday 8am–4pm 89 Thuringowa Drive Kirwan 4723 2114

Combine, Create and Discover the magic of PANDORA. Select from our extensive range of more than 600 charms, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in sterling silver, 14 carat gold and twotone to express your personal style and create a collection as individual as you. Open Monday-Wednesday and Friday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–9pm, Saturday 9am–4.30pm, Sunday 11am–4pm PANDORA Townsville Shop 217 Stockland Townsville 4725 4755

At Avida we take the time to listen to your needs and ensure you receive the hairstyle and colour you deserve. While this process is happening sit back and enjoy a delicious cuppa and a home baked goody. Call in and see the amazing team at Avida Hair Design. Open Tuesday–Friday 9am–5pm. Saturday 8am–2pm. Open late by appointment. Shop 3/127 Eyre Street, North Ward 4420 3577


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Best friends Jenny (left) and Dianti have joined forces to design quality leather bags.

Made To Last X NIHILO leather bags only launched in September but they’re already turning heads. The label is the brainchild of best friends Dianti Wulandari and Jenny Hsieh, who are based in Melbourne.

Why did you choose to focus on bags? JENNY: After the experience of working in apparel, footwear and accessories, I was frustrated with the idea of fast fashion as it is against the lifestyle I was living, which is minimalist. We did our research and found luxury bags have a longer ‘wardrobe’ life, making it sensible to invest in premium materials. DIANTI: We make sure our bags are versatile enough to be worn with different outfits and for many occasions. We’re very pleased that top-tier influencers have genuinely aligned themselves with our brand, resulting in organic growth over a short amount of time. Why did you decide on X NIHILO as the label name? JENNY: X NIHILO – short for Ex Nihilo – is a Latin phrase that means ‘creation out of nothing’. It signifies how we’ve come together creating this brand from 0% through the process of finding what we value in life.

See some of the latest X NIHILO collection on the next page >

Tell us about your first collection? DIANTI: What we offer is a range of visually refined bags that will suit strong women with different personalities. JENNY: Being able to build everything from the ground up and seeing our bag babies come to life has been extremely rewarding.

Whose idea was it to start the label? JENNY: We met during our time studying Master of Fashion at RMIT and really bonded when we spent three months on an exchange program in France. My father always encouraged me to start my own business one day and who better to start a business with than the smartest girl I know, right?! What strengths do each of you bring to the collaboration? DIANTI: Jenny had all the technical background required, as well as the industry knowledge. I brought the business acumen needed to build a sustainable venture, which I’ve found is sometimes lacking in creative start-ups. What are your hopes for the label? DIANTI: We are pouring our effort, love and passion wholeheartedly into this brand. We’re strong believers that you can achieve anything if you put your mind into it. Our vision for X Nihilo stretches beyond bottom line profit – we aim to inspire and empower women. JENNY: Always believe in your inner voice and never doubt your abilities to achieve your dreams. Beginning with investing in yourself is one of the best return on investments you can have. For more info, visit

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MILFORD $675.60

BANK $828.29


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DERBY $368.88

EIGHT $683.71


BANK $828.29

WILLS $670.20






Renegade Handmade began in 2013 and includes a curated collection of locally made fashion, jewellery, gifts and homewares. The market is held on the second Sunday of each month at the Marian School, from 8am to 1pm. The Renegade Handmade Gift Shop features 70% locally made and now includes ‘Hello Handmade’ with a collection of Australian independent artists and designers. Open Monday to Friday 10am–5pm Saturday and Sunday 9am–3pm Warrina Arcade, Illuka Street, Gulliver 0477 900 222

Established in 2005, is a locally owned, family business specialising in children’s clothing & accessories. Planning a wedding? They have a large range of children’s clothing; exquisite flower girl dresses, communion dresses, page-boy suits, christening gowns, shoes and accessories! Stockists of character clothing, umbrellas, jewellery and gifts for your little ones. Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9am–5:30pm Thursday 9am– 9pm, Saturday 9am–4pm. Stockland Townsville (Kmart), Corner Ross River Road & Nathan Street, Aitkenvale. Like us on Facebook. 0417 033 611

Salon owner Tennille, would like to welcome you to her salon which she established 3 years ago. Tennille has been in the hairdressing industry for 18 years and attends many seminars to keep up to date with the very latest trends and techniques. Hairdressing is something she is very passionate about – there’s no better feeling than making another person feel beautiful. For Tennille her clients are much more than customers, they become part of the Ministry of Hair family. Open Tuesday to Saturday 1/117 Bamford Lane Kirwan 4755 1576




Beauty bayside is located in Belgian Gardens and provides a range of Skin and Body treatments to get the best result in your skin no matter what your age. Our therapists aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin thus creating great skin and revising almost any skin condition. Book in for a consultation to see how we can help you and your skin. Shop 4/34 Primrose Street Bayside Shopping Centre Belgian Gardens 4771 2122 |

Browse our wide collection of contemporary brands including Najo, Palas, Kirstin Ash, Swarovski, Fossil Watches and more. Whether you’re searching for the perfect piece for someone special, wishing to commemorate a special occasion, or simply spoiling yourself, our friendly staff can help you choose that perfect piece. Open Monday–Wednesday & Friday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–9pm, Saturday 9am–4.30pm, Sunday 11am–4pm Stockland Townsville 4775 6077

Venture into Bluebell Trading, stockist of clothing, jewellery, homewares, linen, sleepwear, baby giftware. We cater for a large range of tastes and ages. Our brands include; Boom Shankar, Lazybones clothing, Crabtree & Evelyn, Glasshouse Fragrances, Robert Gordon Pottery, Anna Chandler Designs, Annabel Trends and much more. Open 7 Days Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm Saturday 9am – 3pm Sunday 8am – 1.30pm. 280 Flinders Street in the heart of City. 4772 5366


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Give your special someone an Avida Hair Design gift certificate this Christmas



R.M. Williams IPad Pocket $130 | R.M. Williams IPhone 6 Case $90 R.M. Williams Leather Wash Bag $170 | R.M. Williams Credit Card Holder $100 R.M. Williams 2017 Diary $20 | Adori Leather Notebook $55

230 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park | P 4775 5144 | shop online at

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MARQUEE A gentle glamour of luxurious laces and soft georgettes, Talulah’s Marquee collection offers an elegant array of drapery and feminine tailoring for the chic and confident woman. Make a statement this holiday season in Marquee’s effortlessly striking yet versatile pieces. @talulah_label


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Venture into Bluebell Trading for beautiful clothing, jewellery, homewares, linen, sleepwear, baby giftware and more. Labels include; Boom Shankar, Lazybones clothing, Crabtree & Evelyn, Robert Gordon Pottery, Glasshouse Fragrances, Anna Chandler Designs, Annabel Trends.


December de sirable s CRABTREE & EVELYN


280 Flinders Street Townsville City 4772 5366 Open 7 days

Glamour Photo Shoot

wash & blow wave by Techniques makeup & photo shoot by Janine White Photography only $150 PLUS a $50 voucher towards photos Christmas vouchers also available in store

DON’T CROSS-OFF YOUR OPTICAL BENEFITS AS WELL The year is going by & unclaimed op�cal health fund benefits don’t roll over into next year. If you don’t use your 2016 annual rebate, you lose it forever . . .


  

Hanks Optometrists Phone: 4723 2114 89 Thuringowa Dr, Kirwan

w w w. k i r w a n t e c h n i q u e s . c o m . a u 76

DUOMagazine December 2016

Aitkenvale: 246 Ross River Road Ph: 4779 7433

Ayr: 137 Queen Street Ph: 4783 1361


“Fit Your Own Oxygen Mask First” We’re all familiar with the concept that, in case of an emergency on board an airline, best practice is always to fit your own oxygen mask before assisting others. IT’S good advice. How can you be helpful to anyone else if you yourself are struggling for breath? So why do we accept this advice at 30,000 feet but so often fail to apply it to our lives here on planet earth? Self-care is an integral part of maintaining whole-self health and wellness. Making time to nourish and nurture your body, mind and spirit is essential to make it through this busy modern life in a calm and balanced way. The effects of stress on the body are well known. Stress is strongly linked to high blood pressure; anxiety; headaches and gastrointestinal upset. And, of course, we know that stress contributes hugely to inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

Here at Chrysalis we so often hear that our patients – particularly women – feel so depleted. Simply taking some time out to do something that makes you feel great can have innumerable benefits not only for yourself but for those around you. The results speak for themselves. Reduced irritability, a sense of calm and patience, and an overall happier and healthier outlook. Here are some tips to help you fit your figurative oxygen mask and help you breathe deeply again: 1. Schedule it in! Busy people live and die by their calendars. To begin, it can help to schedule self-care activities into your life. This might mean meditation, a massage or facial, exercise, or a catch up with friends.

2. Let your family and friends know your intentions! Often we don’t realise that those closest to us just want to see us happy and healthy, and will usually support our quest for physical, spiritual and mental oxygen. It’s time to let go of the guilt that often accompanies self-care! 3. Wean yourself off the stress. It can take time to adapt to not feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Sometimes it can be an uncomfortable feeling! Incorporate new behaviours slowly – even something simple (such as burning some essential oils or taking a few extra minutes to apply your skincare products) can create big improvements in your sense of wellbeing. Do you know someone who needs encouragement to take time out for themselves? Give them a gift voucher for a facial or spa treatment and let them know you support them looking after themselves! Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.

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DUOStyle | Beauty


DONOHUES As the biggest city and country outfitters in the North, Donohues offers quality products to suit all needs from the business person to men and women on the land. Donohues are jeans specialists with styles to suit everybody and are local stockists of R.M Williams, Akubra, Ariat, Levi and Wrangler. Monday–Wednesday, Friday 8.30am–5.30pm Thursday 8.30am–8pm Saturday 8.30am–3pm 230 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park 4775 5144

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Flower Girl & Page Boy

• holy communion • christening • character clothing • formal wear for little princesses & little princes Stockland Townsville (Kmart) Cnr Ross River Road & Nathan Street Aitkenvale 0417 033 611 and 0439 546 910 Find us on Facebook 78

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Chrysalis Medispa is a boutique skincare clinic, centrally located in Aitkenvale. Focusing on evidence-based medical aesthetics treatments in a warm, friendly environment, we truly believe in a personalised approach. Led by Dr. Peter Gianoulis, our team of skin specialists and registered nurses are able to offer a wide range of solutions for most skin concerns. Patients of all ages are welcome and most consultations are free of charge. Suite 1, 281-285 Ross River Road Aitkenvale 4779 2886


DUOStyle | Beauty

With its highly pigmented cream texture, Calligraphie De Chanel Hyperblack is an eyeliner unlike any other. In one stroke, it accentuates the eyes with intense, matte black that resists water and humidity.


YSL GEORGIO ARMANI New from Giorgio Armani Beauty, Lip Magnet liquid colour ($58) is lusciously intense. It’s available in 18 shades with an ultra-chic matte finish.

THE BODY SHOP A deliciously scented new formula just for Christmas, Frosted Berries Softening Body Butter ($24.95) leaves skin feeling soft. Balancing fresh notes of cranberry, blackcurrent and raspberry with white flowers, creamy praline and sweet vanilla, it’s a blissful way to relax after a busy day.

The secret to Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream ($55) lies in its formula: an undercoat base with ingredients similar to those found in skincare and an overcoat of pigments that wrap the lips in daredevil colour. Stockists 1300 651 991

SEPHORA The Wonderful Brush Set ($34) features three essential brushes for face and eyes housed in a travel-friendly red velvet pouch. The set includes a fluffy blush brush, foundation brush and eyeshadow brush.

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Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers design and create unique, timeless pieces of fine jewellery that reflect sophistication and distinction. Each individually designed and handcrafted piece uses only the finest natural gemstones and precious metals. At Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers you gain from the experience and reputation that this family owned and operated business has established since 1974. Visit our design studio to see the handcrafted difference.

8 8 D E N H A M S T R E E T, T O W N S V I L L E . P H O N E 0 7 4 7 7 2 3 6 2 2 G E M M O L O G I S T S • Q U A L I F I E D D I A M O N D G R A D E R S • R E G I S T E R E D VA L U E R S MEMBER


debasige /



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Grant Collins Clarity Hearing Solutions

What Are You Really Paying For? When it comes to hearing aid pricing and service provision, understanding the difference between ‘bundled’ and ‘unbundled’ packages is critical.

WHEN looking at treating a hearing loss with hearing aids, I’m often asked why there are large differences in pricing across different companies for the same hearing aids. If you were to scout the internet or visit several hearing providers you may find a large variation of pricing between companies on exactly the same hearing devices. However what the potential hearing aid candidate may not be aware of is the different service provision, or treatment package, that is included in the price of the hearing aid. The reason for much of this confusion is because there are now two methods of pricing within the audiological industry called bundled and unbundled. Until recently traditional hearing aid provision models were all bundled and you would pay a set price for the hearing aid and this included all the treatment and service provision for the life of the hearing aid. So as a hearing provider you had to calculate and build in the cost of five years and more of service provision and treatment into that cost. Because you are having to provide service and treatment for this period the hearing aid price may be quite expensive to encompass this. The problem with this model is patients think it is the hearing aids that are the expense, when in reality part of it can be attributed to the expense of the audiologist’s time to provide the service and associated treatment for 5+ years. Audiologists are health professionals with Masters level graduate credentials, so they have 5-6 years of university study followed by an intense internship period. The closest health professional to compare with is a dentist. In fact, in the United States, audiology is only offered as a doctorate so like a dentist when you graduate you are a Doctor of Audiology. We will eventually head down the same path

here in Australia. So in theory an audiologist’s time should be comparative to a dentist’s but unfortunately for us in reality it’s not even close. However our time is of some value. The other big issue is that if a hearing aid is lost or damaged close to the purchase date, you move away from the provider, or God forbid you pass away not long after the purchase, you have paid for all of these consultations that you never receive. To counter these potential inequities of lengthy service provision and to educate the consumer more on what the actual costs are when purchasing, many audiologists are now moving to an unbundled model. Unbundling consists of breaking down the clinical costs and making the patient/consumer aware of them, then providing flexibility in choosing the treatment methods to accompany the hearing aid purchase. For example we don’t actually make our income from a hearing aid sale now, we sell hearing aids for minimal costs (anywhere from $250) and then focus on charging an hourly rate for our consultation, or a treatment package that best suits your needs to accompany the hearing aid. So a reputable audiologist should provide a full costing breakdown of services associated with treating their hearing loss, including how many consultations it may take, and let the patient decide whether they wish to pay per consultation or package their treatment plan, which may cover unlimited consultations similar to bundled packages. I personally feel that this transparency is much more ethical and also significantly reduces the costs associated with treating hearing loss with hearing aids.

How did John save $11,850 on hearing aids? By spending $150 on a second opinion! John came to Clarity for a second opinion after having a free hearing test with another provider. The provider had told John he needed hearing aids and had quoted him $12,000 for the aids.

John booked a $150 comprehensive hearing test with Clarity. As tests began the Clarity audiologist knew something wasn’t right. John’s ears were blocked with wax. After Clarity

1300 CLARITY or 4779 1566 Hermit Park 266 Charters Towers Road | Condon 60 Beck Drive

suctioned his ears John had his hearing tested again. This time his results were normal. He didn’t actually need hearing aids!

At Clarity Hearing Solutions our focus is on treating hearing loss, not selling expensive hearing aids.

John saved $11,850 by getting a second opinion from Clarity.

Call us today for your first, or second, opinion.

Model used. Based on real client experience.

For better hearing, the solution is Clarity. Clinics Queensland-wide | DUOMagazine December 2016



Clinical Psychologist

Lydia Rigano Fulham Consulting

Christmas Unwrapped Christmas captures the imaginations of children... and stresses a lot of adults.

WHILE Christmas may inspire excitement and anticipation in children, it often triggers feelings of stress, worry or isolation in adults. Christmas can come with high expectations of perfect, happy families enjoying festive celebrations and gifts, but not everyone is able to live up to these ideals, for all sorts of reasons.

The expectations of the season are often a financial strain and for people who have lost a loved one, Christmas can intensify feelings of grief and sadness. Many in our community who live in separated, blended or step-families face the logistical and emotional nightmare of managing contact arrangements with children. Some have no-one to look forward to sharing the holiday. Meanwhile others feel pressured to spend time with family that they’d rather avoid! Whatever the reason for not being cheered about the upcoming season, there are ways we all can lessen the stress and maybe even turn up our joy.

1. Do acts of kindness. Let someone else have that parking space. Let the hassled mum who is shopping with kids go ahead of you at the checkout. Consider volunteering in your community. Doing ‘good’ is rewarding and it will make you feel good.

4. Put the kids first. If you have children, put aside ongoing adult conflicts in their interest. Think about Christmas as a day for the kids and focus on enabling their happiness.

5. Reach out. If you’re far from family or friends, you can stay in touch online or by phone. If you know someone who will be alone, invite them to join you for some of the time.

6. Set a budget (and stick to it!). Buying gifts or spending money is not the only way to express love or have fun. Increasingly valuable is offering the gift of time for people you care about.

7. Everything in moderation. Be mindful of your own tipping points when it comes to holiday indulgences. Know your alcohol and food limits. Listen to your own good sense and you’ll avoid waking up with regret, a hangover or an extra 3 kilos.

2. Be grateful. Research shows that gratefulness every day has enormous physical and mental health benefits. Being grateful boosts our immune systems, keeps us focused on the positive in our lives, and connects us with others. From now until the New Year think of at least three things every day that you are grateful for. Give yourself a fresh outlook for 2017 by cultivating gratitude in your life.

If you are dreading the thought of Christmas or are feeling emotionally distressed, then please seek professional help. Seeing a clinical psychologist can help you to feel better and find joy in the season and beyond.

3. Set realistic expectations. Accept that the people in your life are who they are and no one is going to change just because it’s Christmas. Put your energy into those who you care about and make you feel happy.

FIND JOY BEYOND THE SILLY SEASON Our psychiatrists and clinical psychologists can help. Friendly. Private. Mental Health Hub. Let’s keep in touch | subscribe via our website for monthly resources to live your #bestlife @Fulham4BestLife using the hashtag #bestlife Fulham Consulting 84

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PEOPLE can have problems with crooked teeth, jaw problems (including size and shape), broken and cracked teeth, dead teeth, gum problems and concerns about smile appearance. With any combination of these concerns deciding on the ideal treatment plan can be quite involved and requires the coordinated input of your family dentist as well as a number of specialist dentists i.e. a team approach to dental planning and treatment.



Dr Geoff Stanton Townsville Orthodontic Specialists

Specialist Orthodontics And Complex Dentistry Have you ever wondered how a complex dental treatment plan is determined?

A specialist orthodontist frequently has an important role in these complex dental treatments. Complex dentistry usually starts with your family dentist taking care of any decay, very importantly your gums need to be healthy, sometimes teeth require root canal therapy or removal (including wisdom teeth) and often teeth need to be straightened with orthodontic treatment prior to crown restorative treatment with or without implants. Also if the jaws are the wrong size and shape to satisfactorily align the teeth to give a great smile and nice profile, jaw surgery is sometimes required. This is achieved by a specialist maxillo-facial surgeon (oral surgeon).

Complex Dental Planning Townsville Orthodontic Specialists along with all the dental specialists in Townsville meet weekly to discuss complex dental cases. This type of case discussion meetings are quite rare in Australia due to time and geographic restraints in other towns and especially in capital cities. I feel very fortunate in Townsville that we have these planning meetings which have been held for approximately the past 35 years and believe

they help very much in reaching the best treatment plans with the input of the many specialist dentists in Townsville. I believe that we are servicing Townsville and North Queensland towns very well and we pride ourselves with being involved in very good treatment outcomes. Specialist orthodontists know when orthodontics would be helpful to be included in a complex dental treatment and when an alternative treatment mode will give a better outcome for a patient. As well as these more complex treatments, a specialist orthodontist knows the optimal time for orthodontic treatment for children, teenagers and adults in order to: • Create beautiful faces and confident smiles. • Help children and adults who are selfconscious about their teeth to smile confidently and proudly. I feel privileged to work with my professional colleagues and our fantastic staff and to work in a wonderful regional city with such a great community spirit. Specialist training in orthodontics was three long hard years (after five years of general dental training) and has allowed me to work in what is undoubtedly one of the best and most rewarding jobs in the world.

Introducing Specialist Orthodontists

Townsville Orthodontic Specialists

For the Smile of Your Life Whether for cosmetic or functional reasons, our professional, qualified Orthodontists and their team of trained and dedicated dental assistants, technicians and administration staff will be able to assist you in any area. Call us today to find out how.

Dr Paul Hanrahan Dr Geoff Stanton Dr Linda Ton Dr Desmond Ong Your Orthodontists at Townsville Orthodontic Specialists are passionate about the results they achieve. We are committed to providing our patients with state of the art equipment and treatment techniques while making your treatment a positive and unique experience.

17 Martinez Avenue | The Lakes | Townsville | 4775 4433

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Shape Up For Summer Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift shares five easy tips to help get you in shape for summer. SUMMER is here and the weather is heating up so now is the perfect time to start shaping up for the months ahead! Make the most of the longer daylight hours by getting active to help recharge your mind and body. We’ve got five easy tips to help get you started.

fit, there are some great apps that will help keep you motivated and provide inspiration for your workouts. Apps like 7 Minute Workout have a range of training sessions on offer that will give you a full body workout. Other apps like MapMyRun can assist with monitoring your fitness levels, distance covered and how many calories you have burned.

1. Walk the talk. Get out your active wear and head outdoors. Each day, schedule in time to go for a walk – whether you get up 30 minutes earlier to walk around your neighbourhood, or simply go for a short walk in your lunchbreak, walking is a great way to build muscle strength and maintain a healthy weight. Just 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every day will deliver noticeable health benefits, and 60 minutes can further reduce your risks of cancer and other chronic diseases.

3. Build muscle. Whether you decide to hit the gym to lift weights, or would prefer the privacy of your own home, weight training is an important way to improve your strength, balance, stability and even eliminate aches and pains. If you don’t have access to a range of equipment, simply get some dumbbells to use at home. These can be beneficial for working your shoulders, arms, chest and back muscles, leaving you feeling fit and energised.

2. Get tech savvy. While it may seem counterintuitive to use your smartphone to get

4. Get puffed. Add some cardio into your

that gets your heart rate up and improves blood circulation. Cardio not only helps burn off those unwanted calories, but improves the health of your heart, increases energy levels and improves metabolism, among many other benefits. Whether you go for a bike ride, run, swim or take part in a fitness class, cardio is a quick and effective way to get in shape.

5. Exercise incidentally. Hanging out the washing? Do a few lunges on your way to the washing line. Watching your favourite television show? Do stretches instead of sitting on the couch. Integrating small forms of exercise into your daily routine is easy to do and will help you feel fitter, stronger and healthier. For a healthy, balanced lifestyle, complement your fitness routine with a healthy diet. We know that at least one third of all cancer cases are preventable through lifestyle changes – including maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet, being SunSmart limiting alcohol and being active. More information about Cancer Council Queensland visit or call Cancer Council on 13 11 20.

workout routine. Cardio consists of exercise


Call 4771 2933 or email


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pain after doing the Hill, especially complaining of pain when running down it. Often the problem is intense pain or irritation of the knee cap due to the cap itself moving outside of it’s normal range at the front of the knee. This is made worse with squatting or running up and down the many stairs on the hill. So why does this happen?

1. People often lean back which shifts your centre of gravity backwards, putting more pressure on the knee.

Physiotherapist + Director

Paul Parker

2. The major problem with people exercising on the hill is they are out of condition and want to lose weight, but they are overloading their knees without preparation and therefore doing damage.

SportsMed NQ

Preparation Is Key This month we look at the old cliché of “you need to walk before you run” in preparation for your New Year’s resolutions.

IT is the festive time of the year where we indulge in too much food and drink and make many New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, to get fit, eat healthy, join a sporting team, get more of a work/life balance etc. One way many of us living in ‘The Ville’ start shifting those extras few kilos is to attack Castle Hill a few times a week, often with very little preparation. I see many clients with knee

At SportsMed

3. Poor biomechanics: This is probably the

pull of gravity. Keep your steps small and under you.

4. Strengthen the quads/thigh – do single leg squats. This will condition the legs to handle the strain of down hill running.

5. Run on the balls of your feet. Running down hill, striking midfoot or forefoot will keep you light and prevent you from overstriding and landing hard on your heel which increases pressure through the knee.

6. Have a video screening by your physio to analyse your technique and look at what areas you need to improve on before starting an exercise program. This will look at lower limb/ core strength, as well as flexibility of your hips and lower limbs.

greatest cause. We are all different and all walk/run differently, but if your knee rolls due to poor ankle and hip control you are at greater risk. Poor quad strength will also increase risk as you will fatigue much quicker.

Don’t be embarrassed to bring in your shoes, we have seen and smelt them all. The physio can give advice on if your shoes are appropriate, or if it’s time to progress them to yard shoes and invest in preventing injuries.

So what can you do to avoid ending up on the physio table?

So the old cliché “you need to walk before you run” is very important. There are many of us that don’t have great biomechanics or have wear and tear in their knees and should not run down hill in the short or long term to avoid doing permanent damage.

1. Good footwear is important to give good support and cushioning.

2. Don’t go straight to exercising the hill, start on the flat and progress. 3. Keep stride length small. Taking large steps puts more pressure on your knees and makes your quads work even harder to control the

NQ Physio we offer expert

Physiotherapy services, Exercise Physiology, Remedial Massage, Clinical Pilates and Hydrotherapy.


North Shore Clinic

Bayswater Road Clinic 2 Park Lane Hyde Park Phone 4771 3650

50 North Shore Boulevard Burdell Phone 4774 2860

Open Monday–Thursday 7am–7pm Friday 7am–5pm Saturday 7am–12pm

Open Monday 10.30am–7pm Tuesday 8.30am–7pm Wednesday 7am–3.30pm Thursday 8:30am–7pm Friday 7am–1.30pm Saturday 7am–12pm

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Gustavo Frazao /



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Nicole Stott-Whiting Catholic Diocese of Townsville

What Have I Learnt This Year? The end of the year is always a good time to look back, be grateful and learn from our recent past.

JUST for something different this month, I am going to split my column in half as I have too many things to write about! At this time of the year, my children are finishing school and I am always so appreciative of the year they have had in their class/homeroom and with their teachers.

Therefore, I would like to start my column by sending out a huge ‘Thank You’ to all teachers and school staff. My children attend Ryan Catholic College and we are continually blessed with a wonderfully caring and supportive learning environment that is reflected through every staff member at the College. I know that I am not alone in my experience. Teachers and schools provide so much for our children over many hours, days and weeks during their 13 years of school life. Some people, who may not know any teachers personally, may fall into the trap of thinking it is an easy job. They are sooo wrong. First and foremost, the teachers are there to teach a curriculum. Within this they have to really understand every student in their class to maximise their learning and understanding. This sounds easy in theory but not when you put it in the context of 30 individuals with different personalities, needs and abilities. Then there are all the other ‘hats’ that are worn throughout the days, weeks and months in the classroom. Most of the time, situations require many hats to be worn at the same time! I decided to have a little think about the hats required by teachers and school staff, and this is what I came up with: • Role model • Mediator • Mentor • Negotiator • Listener • Encourager • Innovator • Life coach • Communicator • Supporter • Nurturer • Organiser • Facilitator • Collaborator This list only skims the surface. If my word count was even double what it normally is for this column, I still would not have described them adequately enough. As another school year is finishing, please remember all of the wonderful work that teachers and school staff do for your child.

I would like to end my column by sharing my traditional ‘things I have learnt’ list. This year there are a few things that I think our world needs to be reminded of • Do not take anything in life for granted as you don’t know when will be your last day on earth. • Gratitude is still really important and needs to be taught to our children. • Never be too proud to say “I’m sorry” or “I made a mistake.” • Share your troubles, worries and concerns. Letting them build up inside only creates more problems. • Children do not need to be entertained all the time. They will survive being bored, just as we did. • No person is more important than another. • Some children these days are given lots of opportunities. If they are given every single opportunity, they will then think that is how life really is and won’t be prepared for when they are older and life doesn’t work that way. • Share your feelings with your loved ones all the time. Don’t let them ever forget how much you cherish them. • Children do not need to be given everything they want. They need to be able to deal with the word ‘no’ as they will hear it a lot as an adult. • Treat others as you wish to be treated. Such a simple statement but one that people seem to have so much trouble in following. • Savour every moment of life, no matter how big or small. As this is my last column, I would like to thank DUO and all the readers. I hope my words of wisdom have helped in some way. Merry Christmas!

I am the Light of the World. John 8:12

The Catholic Church invites you to start afresh with Christ this Christmas. For all Parish Christmas Mass times visit

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International Psychic Medium

Why Have A Psychic Or Mediumship Reading And What’s It All About? Have you ever wondered what a Psychic really is and what they can do for you? A lot of people get nervous, scared, skeptical or even dubious when it comes to even considering having a reading. ALL of these feelings are normal and sometimes a good thing, ahead of what can be a very insightful and healing experience. It’s important to have a level head when going into a reading and to keep an open mind about what information may come through. But it is equally important to understand how your Psychic is getting their information. Some people believe that when a Psychic is communicating with the spirit world, they have someone standing in front of them, seeing them and talking to, just like we see and hear each other every day. But this is not usually the case. To simplify; a Psychic is someone who basically uses their extra-sensory perception or ‘sixth sense’ to read energy. These senses come in the form of Clairvoyance ‘Clear Seeing’, Clairaudience ‘Clear Hearing’, Claircognizance ‘Clear Knowing’, Clairsentience ‘Clear Feeling’ and the least commonly known, Clairolfaction ‘Clear


DUOMagazine December 2016

them when they were younger. Or someone’s brother or friend explaining as to why they committed suicide when there were no apparent reasons beforehand. One of my favourite cases was when a woman came to visit me 30 years after her daughter’s passing. I was quickly aware of the bubbly and vivacious child as she made herself known to both her mother and myself. She gave specific evidence to pass on that only her mother knew as she kept a lot of the details private. After telling me all about herself and what she was like when she was alive, the young girl wanted her mother to know that she was often still around her and talked about how she knew certain things her mother still did. Like taking her baby clothes out of the drawers and laying them out in her room that hasn’t been remodelled after 30 years. This, along with other details including seeing her mum stay up late in the evening watching crime shows in the dark alone each night, was enough confirmation for my client to know that her daughter was indeed still very much part of her life and gave her comfort to know that her daughter was not sick, but very much vibrant and still around her after three decades had passed. There are many benefits to having a Psychic or Mediumship Reading, so give it a try. You will never know, unless you give it a go.

Marco Della Valle International Psychic Medium The Beauty Hub on Flinders 209 Flinders Street, Townsville City 0428 753 689

ArtFamily /

Marco Della Valle

Smelling’. Put together, these senses enable a person with Psychic abilities to communicate with those that have left the physical world and have passed into spirit. People come to me for a reading for a myriad of reasons. Whether they are struggling to find clarity or direction in their everyday lives, motivated by separation and divorce, buying or selling property, travel, career changes, redundancy, moving town or just suffering from constant anxiety – the list of reasons is endless and if your Psychic is experienced, they should be able to ‘tune-in’ and pick up on what you are wanting to discuss without you asking a single question. A lot of people believe that the number one reason someone meets with a Psychic is to find out whether they will ‘fall in love’ and meet their ‘soul mate’. This may be the case for a lot of Psychics, but for me, one of the biggest reasons people come to me is for closure after a loved one has transitioned into the spirit world, or in layman’s terms, passed away. It’s important to note that not all Psychics are able to do this however, because in order to connect with someone in spirit, the Psychic must also be a Medium. This is when the Psychic connects with the energy of someone in the spirit, and not the energy of the client, or ‘sitter’ they are meeting with. This is known as a Mediumship or what I like to call, dialling direct to the dead. A Mediumship Reading can be very healing for someone seeking closure from a loved one in the spirit world. Many times I have had someone’s mother or father come through from spirit and tell me what a firm handed, challenging person they were when they were alive and wanting to apologise to their son or daughter for the way in which they treated

tomertu /


Generation Spokesperson

Courtney Frank DUOMagazine

It’s Time We All Practiced A Little Gratitude The more that you speak and live what you’re grateful for, the more it will find you. If you want to have a happier and more positive life – gratitude is the key.

IT’S a Sunday morning as I sit down to write this column. The sun is shining, the sky is clear and the weather has that sort of unbearably sticky and hot feeling that is so quintessentially Townsville. It would be easy to complain about something, as it always is, but this morning I’m feeling extra thankful for everything in my life. And here’s why: today I started my morning the same way I have every day for the past two months. I wake up, and before I get out of bed, I reach over to my bedside table and take five minutes to write in a gratitude journal. I’ve been aware of the practice of gratitude for quite some time, but for a multitude of different reasons I didn’t actually start practicing gratitude until quite recently. About six months ago, my younger brother came home from football training and told our family about a man named Hugh and his company: The Resilience Project. My brother had spent that afternoon listening to Hugh

talk about three important things: empathy, mindfulness and gratitude. Hugh talked about practicing gratitude and the little things you can do every single day that can make a difference to how you feel. The very next day, my brother started writing in a gratitude journal that was given to him by Hugh. He would write the things he was grateful for and the things he wanted to achieve. Since then, he truly believes that this one simple daily practice has changed his life for the better. After seeing the changes in my brother, I purchased my own gratitude journal online called “The 5 Minute Journal”. Every morning before I get out of bed, I take five minutes to write in the journal and I do the same at night before going to sleep. The morning section of the journal has three separate sections: “I am grateful for…” “What would make today great?” And a daily affirmation: “I am…” At night, you recap your day by writing: “3 Amazing things that happened today” and; “How could I have made today even better?” I’ll admit that it was hard to get going in the beginning. It’s easy to lose interest and let laziness take over. In particular, it was hard for me to think of a positive daily affirmation when there seemed to be so many negative things going on around me. But I persisted because I wanted to make a positive change in my life, and now after just two short months, I can’t imagine what my day would be like if I didn’t start and end each day reminding myself that I have so much to be grateful for. I’ve realised, that every time I write the daily affirmation, I start to build belief in my mind. And with consistency, I can start to create change from within. But here’s the problem with the Millennial Generation – most of us, aren’t grateful enough. We’re selfish and we often take things for granted. We want everything and we want it now. We never take the time to stop

and smell the roses, we’re never 100% in the moment, we never realise what we have until it’s gone and we’re more negative than we are positive. We could all be better people if we just practiced a little gratitude. I’ve been so guilty of this almost my entire life. I’ve been so negative, so filled with worry and anxiety that I never realised that by being this way, I only attracted more negativity and anxiety into my life. I’m definitely not getting it right all the time; it’s a constant balancing act. If you asked me a year or two years ago, I would have told you the whole thing was a crock of you know what. But I wanted to be happier in my life, and practicing gratitude is doing that for me. I’ve learnt that if you focus on everything you do have and everything that brings you happiness, more of that happiness will come to you. The more you live what you’re grateful for, the more it will find you. So how can you bring a little gratitude in to your own lives this Christmas? First of all, start small and keep it simple. Allow yourself five minutes a day to write down the things you’re grateful for. Do this every single day so you can create a habit! Write everything down, so that it really sinks in; and then even when you’re having the worst of days, you can remind yourself that there is goodness in your world. Commit to this as a ritual and you’ll begin to see changes in your life, just like I have in mine! After all, grateful people are happy people, and couldn’t we all do with a little more happiness in our lives?

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Graham Dawson with Georgia on the convenience trolley.

Student volunteers Elise Rawlinson, Kyle Hemmett and Georgia Keyes.

High School Heroes Calling all high school students – the Townsville Hospital Foundation needs your help these summer holidays. THE Cathedral School student Kyle Hemmett (Year 10) says volunteering for the Townsville Hospital Foundation has been life-changing. He has aspirations to be a doctor one day and the experience has given him an insider’s view of how he can help make a difference. “I began volunteering at the Townsville Hospital for my Year 10 Work Experience Week. I got to volunteer in the emergency department, cancer centre, children’s ward, gift shop and on the buggies as well,” Kyle says. “Emergency was my favourite. I enjoyed taking people to find their family and friends so they could be there for them.” Kyle found volunteering so rewarding he’s decided to come back one day a week during the summer holidays. “We already have eight students signed up for the new summer holiday program and we’d love to have more over this period,” says Townsville Hospital Foundation’s Marketing and Volunteer Coordinator Megan King. “All of our volunteers are scheduled on for a four-hour shift and are buddied up with one of our existing volunteers


DUOMagazine December 2016

so they’ve always got someone to show them what to do. Most of our volunteers are retired and you really see them light up when they are introduced to new, young volunteers. It’s wonderful to see the interaction between the generations with both having so much to learn from each other.” Year 11 St Margaret Mary’s College (SMMC) student Georgia Keyes volunteered for the Townsville Hospital Foundation for the Run Townsville event in July and will be back for more this summer. “I like doing the trolley rounds and how I get to go to all the different areas and chat to everyone,” Georgia says. “I thought it would be very serious but it was really relaxed and I just got to be myself. It’s like coming to school — you’re hanging out with friends and swapping stories.” Georgia’s friend Elise Rawlinson, who is in the same grade at SMMC, likes volunteering in the children’s ward. “Most of the patients there are around the same age as me or younger so I can relate to them. At the start of shift we volunteers will go around and introduce

Ross Devine with Kyle on the buggy.

ourselves to everybody, have a talk and see if anybody wants colouring books or toys,” Elise says. “After that we hang out with the kids in the toy room so their parents can go and have a cup of tea. The only thing I really knew about hospital before was from TV so I expected it to be really dramatic. It’s a lot more calm and inviting and fun than I thought. “At first I was worried I might mess things up but you can’t do that. It’s just talking to people, hearing their stories and making their day a little bit brighter.” Call the Townsville Hospital Foundation on 4433 1337 to enquire about joining the summer holiday volunteer program.


Art A Life Saver A popular program at The Townsville Drop-in Centre Inc is using the universal language of art to turn lives around. Writer Kylie Davis Photographer Matthew Gianoulis A place where the homeless can go for food, a shower and judgement-free environment, The Townsville Drop-in Centre Inc in South Townsville also provides a range of programs. One of these is Sally Ebringer’s Art Program. The program began at The Drop-in Centre in February 2007 and over the years the group formed The Freedom Street Artists – a collective, as people come and go. The group have exhibited many times at the Umbrella Studio, the Cultural Centre and DanceNorth, to name but a few. Many ‘artists’ have sold their paintings with prices ranging from $20 to $800. “I love seeing the lightbulb moment in people participating in the art program – the moment they discover the joy of creating something new,” Sally says. The Drop-in Centre opens at 8.30am each morning from Monday to Friday for breakfast. At 8.45am on Wednesdays, three long tables are cleared and transformed into an art space. There could be five to 20 people in attendance on any given day.


DUOMagazine December 2016

“If I had a dollar for everyone who said they ‘can’t paint’, I’d be a millionaire – everyone can paint,” Sally says. “It’s just a matter of practice and learning to do better what you didn’t do so well in the first place. We’ve developed our own mantra, ‘If you don’t like what you’ve painted, just paint over it and start again’. It’s a mantra that spills over into other areas of life. The important thing is to have the courage to have a go. “I’ve seen people break the cycle of homelessness or go through rehabilitation and get a job, or a home, or get married and begin a family. These are the same people who drop in to see us from time to time to let us know how they are doing because being a part of the ‘brotherhood’ at the Centre was where they found the strength to start changing their life.” Sally remembers one young man in particular. Divorced from his wife, and having lost custody of his son, he was escaping the world through heavy daily drug and alcohol use. He began coming along to the Art Program and found that

not only did he love drawing, but he was talented at it too. “I can remember looking at him as he was admiring his skilled sketches displayed on the wall, then he looked at a tattoo on his arm that was of great significance to him and something monumental happened within him,” Sally says. “I didn’t see him the next day. I didn’t see him for weeks. He had gone to book himself in for rehabilitation that very afternoon. Several years later I had to call for assistance in my nursing job and was told, ‘We will have to get the supervisor’. “I waited a few minutes then was lifted up off my feet – it was the wonderful man who had once been broken. He is now married to a beautiful and loving wife, they have a baby together and he is reunited with his son. “These people are no longer measured in statistics that determine funding, yet these are the huge success stories.” For more information about The Drop-in Centre visit


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2016 Mayor’s Christmas Tree Appeal Needs Your Help Townsville City Council supports residents to celebrate the festive season when many find Christmas a worrying and lonely time. IN an effort to relieve that burden, the council runs the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Appeal. The aim of the Appeal is to raise funds to help the most needy in our community with that most basic need – food. Proceeds help to purchase food hampers through Food Relief NQ and food vouchers. This year, the appeal aims to raise more than $110,000 in cash, gift and food donations, which will be distributed through local non-profit organisations such as Althea Projects, Women’s Shelter, Salvation Army, Kith and Kin, Drop in Centre, Indigenous Groups, and many more. This year’s major fundraising activity is the $2 raffle, with 16 prizes up for grabs from the Escape Travel Gold Coast family holiday, to shopping vouchers at Stockland and Willows to family packs to Cowboys and JCU Fire

Experiences. Raffle ticket sales closes at 9pm on Sunday 4 December. The appeal closes Thursday 8 December when it will distribute all gifts to the charity organisations, but donations are welcome all year round. You can donate online now by visiting Townsville City Council’s website or bank transfer or by cheque. There are also a number of donation bins around the city for non-perishable food items or gifts. “I urge residents to dig deep and assist the appeal to spread some cheer this Christmas to those families really doing it tough,” Mayor Jenny Hill said. “We have received more requests for support at a time when the community may not have the means to contribute as much as they would have previously. “I encourage residents to grab a non-perishable food item or two when they do their weekly grocery shop, and place it in the red appeal bins or to help in any way they can.” Should you be in a position to assist, we invite you to contact the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Appeal at christmasappeal@townsville. For further information on how you can be a part of this years’ Mayor’s Christmas Tree Appeal, please phone 1300 878 001.


Facing Christmas after you have experienced the loss of a loved one can be difficult. To help you cope, the Morley Family extends an invitation to come to our annual

Candle Lighting Ceremonies of Remembrance The Lakes Chapel, Morleys Funeral Home Two times are available on Monday 12th December, 2016. Afternoon Christmas Memorial Service at 2:00pm Evening Christmas Memorial Service at 7:30pm Guest Speaker: Fr. Dave Lancini RSVP by Friday 9th December on Phone: 4779 4744

2 Martinez Avenue, The Lakes, Townsville Telephone: 4779 4744 96

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Inspirational Leaders In Education + Training Highlight

DUOMagazine December 2016



Inspirational Leaders In Education + Training

Ben Dallimore IT Integrator Junior School / Coordinator of Data For Learning Junior School The Cathedral School of St Anne & St James

The Cathedral School of St Anne & St James 154 Ross River Rd, Mundingburra Telephone 4722 2000 Email


DUOMagazine December 2016

In any school week, Ben Dallimore can be found sharing the wonder of technology with his 400odd Junior School students. He may be teaching Prep students about augmented reality, taking Year 1 students swimming in the office fish tank with green screen movie magic, constructing squishy circuits with Year 2, 3D modelling insects with Year 3, or 3D printing, soldering and laser cutting with Years 4, 5 and 6. “Integration is key to my role,” explains Ben, The Cathedral School’s IT Integrator and Coordinator of Data For Learning, Junior School. “What happens in my technology lessons is very much intertwined into each year level’s classroom learning.” With a Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Education (Primary), Masters in Educational Technology and 19 years’ teaching experience under his belt, Ben is now receiving high praise for his work developing the school’s technology programs. As Coordinator of Data For Learning Junior School, Ben designs and develops data solutions to bring together classroom, NAPLAN and standardised teaching data, to inform teaching and ensure each student is growing as a learner. As IT Integrator, Ben’s IT lessons cover digital storytelling, coding, robotics, prototyping and digital health. “Our school is

proactive when it comes to technology,” says Ben. “I believe we’re among the leading Junior schools nationally.” Last year, a group of students from Ben’s computer club competed in Young ICT Explorers (YICTE) with great successes. Students Talia and Thomas (Ben’s son) tied first place for the Year 5/6 regional category, while young Drew won the Year 3/4 regional category and went on to win the inaugural national title. As a commitment to technology education, The Cathedral School has developed STEAM and STEM rooms within its Junior School, where students and teachers can access 3D printers, laser cutters, electronics, robotics and even a green room for media creation. “I’ve been teaching nearly 20 years,” says Ben, “yet I spend 80% of my week using skills I’ve acquired in the last two years, such as designing data solutions and coding across new platforms. “This is what the workplace is already like, and will be like for our students,” Ben explains. “Students need to be able to not only learn new skills, but to problem solve without the restrictions of their current knowledge base. “The mantra I often get the students to repeat is: ‘I don’t know how to do that – yet.’”


Inspirational Leaders In Education + Training

Robin Sprott Principal Northern Beaches State High School

Northern Beaches State High School Northern Beaches State High School Deeragun Telephone 4751 7111 Email

“Being a Principal is an honour and a privilege – and is the best job in the world,” says Northern Beaches State High School Principal Robin Sprott, who lists her ultimate job satisfaction as seeing her teachers and students succeed. “Our school was recently announced by The Weekend Australian as one of the 50 most improved secondary schools in Australia,” shares Robin, attributing the school’s performance to a shared commitment between teachers, students, staff and parents. “We are a vibrant, innovative, exciting school that focuses on the ‘Whole Child’ with an emphasis on building resilience. Our vision is for our students to have high expectations of themselves and others and aspire to achieve as global citizens.” The school’s 2016 School Opinion Data showed 100% of students’ parents indicated their child is getting a good education at the school and their child’s teachers expect the student to do his or her best. Robin describes Northern Beaches State High School as a rapidly growing school with around 770 students and more than 100 staff including 60 teachers. “Our teachers are some of the most talented and dedicated educators I’ve ever worked with,” promotes Robin, who has held various positions from teacher to Head of Department, Deputy

Principal and Principal in rural and metropolitan schools across Queensland. “Our many support staff are amazing too and are dedicated to making this the best place it can be for our students. “I have a high level of trust for my team, and take pride in building the capacity of leaders to perform way beyond what they believe are their capabilities,” Robin explains of her leadership approach for the past six years at the school. “I admit I have high expectations for my staff and students, but that’s because I recognise talent, challenge people and help them achieve.” A key personal success for Robin has been losing 52kg in the past 18 months, an accomplishment she says she never expected to impact the school community. “Parents, staff and students still comment on my weight-loss and fitness. It just goes to show – we are always leading, even when we don’t intend to or are expected to.” Robin admits it’s the future that excites her most about her role. “Our world is ever-changing and as educators we can make a difference each and every day.”

DUOMagazine December 2016



Inspirational Leaders In Education + Training

Daniel Clarke Principal Annandale Christian College

Annandale Christian College Annandale Telephone 4725 2082 Email


DUOMagazine December 2016

“All educators revel in those little moments when the ‘eyes light up’ and you see a student ‘gets’ it,” says Daniel Clarke, Principal at Annandale Christian College. “Those moments when I can connect with a student and help them make a change for the better, or learn a new skill, or become a better person makes the rest of the job – and all that paperwork! – worthwhile.” Daniel says teaching is in his blood. “Growing up, my father was a Principal and my mother was a teacher. After finishing school, at age 18, I went overseas to the Solomon Islands to volunteer and helped establish a school. This rich experience confirmed my love of education.” After completing his degree, Daniel worked throughout Australia as a primary school teach, primary school principal, K-12 principal, university tutor, and joined Annandale Christian College at the start of 2016. Annandale Christian College is a K-12 school, focused on Christ-centred education and creating an intentional community where every person – staff, student, parent – is valued and respected. “All of life is seen through the lens of our faith in God,” says Daniel. “This means that our Christian worldview is woven into the fabric of our teaching pedagogy, learning

programs, policies and procedures. Our staff nurture and challenge the whole child and their emotional, academic, spiritual and social needs in meaningful, authentic ways.” As Principal, Daniel leads the school’s 599 students and 108 staff including 69 teachers. “I have six team leaders who oversee different areas of the College, and I spend a lot of time working with them to inspire, enable and support them as we work towards achieving the school’s mission.” With 2016 coming to a close, Daniel says his students are excited about the learning possibilities the school’s new STEM Space (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) building will offer them. “People are doing so many incredible innovative and creative things in the College and it is important to recognise and show appreciation for their involvement. “I love it when students bring a problem and solution to me and I am able to empower them to be agents of change in the community,” shares Daniel. “The best thing about my job is seeing others succeed.”


Inspirational Leaders In Education + Training

Jacqui Francis Director Organisational Services and Capability Townsville Catholic Education

Townsville Catholic Education 2 Gardenia Avenue, Kirwan Telephone 4773 0900 Email

Starting out as a primary school teacher, Jacqui Francis has experienced teaching in front of the classroom’s whiteboard and now the boardroom too in her executive role with Townsville Catholic Education Office (TCEO). As Director of Organisational Services and Capability, Jacqui provides leadership of the organisation’s human resources, finance, information and communications technology, and student protection teams. With her career spanning various sectors and focusing on performance development and organisational capacity roles in Australia, PNG and Philippines, Jacqui now combines her classroom experience with her corporate experience to ensure TCEO’s 30-odd early learning centres, kindys and schools are positioned for success. To do this, Jacqui says she encourages regular interaction with school leaders and education specialists to understand each school’s challenges and aspirations. “The important business of our organisation is the quality teaching, learning and pastoral care of students that happens in our schools,” points out Jacqui. “It’s incredibly satisfying when I get feedback that our services have assisted the work of our school leaders and staff.” Essential to any schools’ success is of course the calibre of teachers interacting with students.

“We provide great support and professional development for our staff, so we look for people who are passionate about teaching,” explains Jacqui. “As we move into the future, teaching practices change, so we look for teachers who are enthusiastic about the nature of schooling in the 21st century. Ultimately, we are looking for those who have the desire to add value and make a difference to students’ lives.” The Townsville Diocese stretches 435,000 square kilometres across north and north-west Queensland; the area extends from Proserpine in the south through to Ingham in the north and extends west to Mount Isa. TCEO manages 17 primary schools, five secondary schools, six prep-12 schools, one prep-9 school and also six early learning centres and eight kindergartens. “Our Catholic schools welcome children from all cultures and backgrounds who genuinely seek to be part of a supportive, encouraging learning environment based on Catholic faith and values. Our schools foster a spirit of hospitality which allows all to feel included and supported,” shares Jacqui. “The most important aspect of Townsville’s Catholic schools is our values. Quality education occurs when an environment is safe, nurturing and caring.”

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Inspirational Leaders In Education + Training

Barry Horner Principal St Anthony’s Catholic College

Padua Campus (Prep–Year 6) Veale’s Road Deeragun Telephone 4751 7299 Email Assisi Campus (Year 7–12) Joanne Street Deeragun Telephone 4751 7300


DUOMagazine December 2016

“Education is the greatest gift you can give,” shares Barry Horner, Townsville native, educator with 32 years’ experience, and Principal at St Anthony’s Catholic College. “The exciting part about education comes in the challenges it brings, as every learner is different and we have to find a way to get the concept across,” explains Barry, who leads St Anthony’s primary and secondary campuses. “Being able to do this is a very special gift. Most of us have experienced at least one teacher – hopefully many – who gave us the lift we needed along our education journey.” Over his 32-year career with Townsville Catholic Education, Barry has held various positions including classroom teacher primary and secondary, pastoral leader, Head of Department, sports coordinator, religious education coordinator and Deputy Principal. “This has been a good apprenticeship to take on the role of Principal!” For the past three years Barry has led the 1250 students and 171 staff including 82 teachers at St Anthony’s, which is located on two campuses across 22 acres within Townsville’s Northern Beaches area. “I have lots of help!” he confesses of managing a large prep–year 12 school. “Our Parish priest Fr Giles Setter is an inspiration and great support to me; I have a large leadership

team of seven; a dedicated staff including school officers, administration, cleaners, teachers and maintenance staff; support from the Townsville Catholic Education Office; a wonderful College Board; Parents and Friends Association; and a student body willing to serve. “My approach to being a Principal is to tap into the strengths of the whole community to make the school even better.” Next year will mark 25 years for St Anthony’s. To celebrate this milestone, the school will hold a mass on Saturday 17 June followed by a celebratory dinner. “We would love any past students, staff or family to come along,” invites Barry. (Please contact the school office for information.) As for his vision for the school’s next 25 years, Barry says he’d like to see the college continue to flourish. “It is our goal to assist students to be able to thrive in their world. At St Anthony’s we believe this is developing their academic, physical, emotional, social and spiritual skills to handle all life can throw at them.”


Inspirational Leaders In Education + Training

Michael Conn Principal Ignatius Park College

Ignatius Park College 368 Ross River Road Cranbrook Telephone 4779 6022 Email

A former Ignatius Park College student himself, Principal Michael Conn (above, seated second from left) has experienced the College from every perspective. After commencing his teaching career as a fresh-faced Physical Education and Mathematics teacher at Ignatius Park, he progressed to various positions including St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace in Brisbane and as Assistant Principal at St Brendan’s in central Queensland. It was almost 15 years ago that Michael returned to Ignatius Park, this time as Principal. “I have the best job in Australia,” says Michael. “The greatest part though is seeing students develop their talents when given the opportunity to succeed.” Ignatius Park is a Catholic college for boys, in the Edmund Rice tradition, which centres on an inclusive community, liberating education, justice and solidarity and gospel spirituality. Today, the College educates 1120 boys across years 6–12, with a staff roster of 130 full-time equivalent positions including 88 teachers. Michael very much works on a ‘shared wisdom’ model of leadership. “I don’t believe that one person is given all the knowledge and wisdom to lead an organisation,” he says. “I know that by empowering leaders within the College who have the trust of staff members, who have the integrity to follow the College’s

mission statement and the work ethic to instigate transformational change, the College can build on previous achievements. “We’re fortunate to have a College leadership team who genuinely want what’s best for the boys,” continues Michael, referring to his senior supports of Brendan Stewart, Deputy Principal Studies; John Doolan, Deputy Principal Pastoral Care; Grant Rossiter, Deputy Principal Administration and Staff Development; Frank Clark, Deputy Principal Identity and Mission; Marg Hodgson, Deputy Principal Operations and Community Engagement; and Allison Elcoat, Acting Deputy Administration. Like anything though, the results are what matter most. “Many – actually most – Ignatius Park alumni have gone on to have successful careers, in whatever field or trade they pursue,” shares Michael, listing just a few former students; successful businessmen Pat Brady, Brad Webb and Adrian Gabrielli, Local Magistrate Steven Mosch, NQ Cowboy Michael Morgan, Sydney Rooster Aiden Guerra and Cronulla Shark Valentine Holmes (all three have played State of Origin and represented Australia). “Young men are a pretty simple type of creature really,” says Michael. “If you’re good at your job, show them you genuinely care for them and respect them as individuals, they will impress you.”

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Inspirational Leaders In Education + Training

Phil Oakley Townsville Campus Manager Community Training Australia

Community Training Australia 266 Ross River Road, Aitkenvale Telephone 1300 266 686 Email


DUOMagazine December 2016

Phil Oakley travelled the globe before landing in Townsville to take post as Community Training Australia’s (CTA) Townsville Campus Manager. The former banker completed university in his native New Zealand, before working for various banks in PNG, Australia, Indonesia and Africa where he established a new Development Bank for the Malawi Government. “This was a fantastic experience,” recalls Phil of the Malawi project. “My four German colleagues and I started off with no staff, no policies or procedures, no premises, and after six years had a bank with 360 staff and three branches that was recognised as one of the most successful development banks in sub-Saharan Africa.” His experiences working with people from all backgrounds eventually led Phil out of the banking world and into the education and training sector. “I had a life-changing realisation,” he admits, “I actually enjoyed working with people more than money.” CTA is a vocational education and training (VET) organisation, dedicated to training a skilled workforce for the rapidly growing community services sector, offering on-campus and remote courses. “The VET sector has been going through a number of significant changes over the past 12 months with more to come,” explains Phil.

“Unscrupulous providers taking advantage of vulnerable candidate-students have tarnished the image of VET training in Australia, a country widely recognised as having the best vocational training model in the world. “Employers need to have confidence that they are recruiting someone with a VET qualification that has true value,” he points out. “I’m proud to say CTA has a student completion rate of above 70% – which is nearly double the industry average.” To achieve these results, CTA deploys a simple, but effective approach; facilitate the best possible learning experience. “The more students enjoy and are stimulated by the environment we create, the more likely it is that the student will complete their course,” explains Phil. CTA creates the experience through access to student lounges, computers, Internet and tutors, regular sausage sizzles, frequent hosting of sector-related community events and professional development workshops provided to the public at no cost. “The best thing about my job is the people – CTA is a fabulous place to work, as well as learn,” says Phil.


Inspirational Leaders In Education + Training

Dr David Holmes Senior Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering James Cook University

James Cook University Telephone 4781 4244 Email

This year, Dr David Holmes, senior lecturer and program coordinator for Mechanical Engineering at JCU, was awarded a National Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. “This was wonderful recognition for the hard work I’ve put into my teaching,” says David, who embodies JCU’s focus on student learning and support. “My teaching approach focuses on embedding authentic, active and blended learning experiences into the design curriculum to prepare students for careers as practicing engineers,” shares David. “I focus much of my teaching around practical and real-world design projects that students complete in teams and learn the fundamental engineering skills they need in the process.” A former JCU student himself, David completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, before relocating to the highly-regarded Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA for two-and-a-half years as a postdoctoral associate, carrying out oil reservoir research. In 2010, David returned to JCU. His role today involves teaching several design subjects within the Mechanical Engineering degree, providing leadership and administration around the learning and teaching aspects of the degree, and carrying out research in his field.

“My research is in computer modeling,” explains David. “Presently, I’m focusing on the simulation of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) to develop tools that may help surgeons make more informed clinical decisions about the likelihood of rupture and when surgical intervention is needed. This involves taking patient CT scans, converting them into digital arteries, and simulating blood flow and the resulting forces to predict failure, much like we do for machines in traditional Mechanical Engineering design.” David also supervises the JCU Tec-NQ Racing (JTR) team. “This project involves having students design, build and race an openwheeled race car against other universities from around the world. It’s an example of the active project-based learning that I use and one that the students really love.” JCU prides itself on offering excellence in teaching and has received five stars for graduate job success from the Good Universities Guide for six consecutive years. “I assist my students by fostering excellent relationships with industry, and using these to incorporate many practical and authentic learning experiences into the degree, which makes our graduates truly job-ready,” says David. “Good graduates get jobs, so it’s my job as a lecturer to ensure the best graduates possible.”

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Inspirational Leaders In Education + Training

Brad Hastewell Manager Jobtrain

Jobtrain Telephone 4723 1666 Email


DUOMagazine December 2016

It was just over eight years ago when Brad Hastewell left his native UK for Sydney’s sunshine and surf. Starting a new career in recruitment, and despite the GFC, Brad claimed a spot as one of the top five billers in NSW for his company within his first year in Australia. Since then, Brad has worked in the recruitment and charity sectors and now taken post as manager at Townsville-based training company Jobtrain. “Throughout my career I have always worked for organisation’s that provide support to different groups of the community whether that is in the recruitment or the charity sector,” says Brad. “My father instilled in me when I was younger that you should never look down on anyone, unless you are there to help them up.” Jobtrain has been servicing the Townsville community for over 30 years, offering courses in computer, business, finance, training and assessment. The organisation has experienced many industry changes, and will soon relocate its office to a more central location. “As manager it is my role to empower the organisation, staff and course participants to be the best version of themselves, whilst fostering a positive and inclusive culture based around inspiring achievement,” explains Brad. “Our strength is that we can be flexible for both business and course participants to ensure

that the service matches their needs. “Currently, we are looking at new innovative ways to create the training needed to build a successful workforce. We recently added some additional courses including Certificate III in Individual Support and Certificate IV in Mental Health, which has put us in a position to work within the NDIS.” Brad says his career successes to date would not have been possible without collaboration, and he believes this is the key to success within the training industry also. “We want to support the community and I know that collaborating is a smarter way of working than in individual silos. “We have some participants who are trying hard to make a positive change in their lives and training can be a big initial hurdle,” explains Brad. “That’s why the most rewarding part of this job is seeing growth and success of our course participants. “My vision for Jobtrain is to be the most respected training organisation in Northern Australia. To achieve big, you first have to dream big!”


Ventura /


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Business Administration Consultant

Trent Yesberg Regional Business Services

All I Want For Christmas… My perfect business wishlist

AS we head into the silly season to round out another year (I swear they go past faster and faster) I thought I would help out anyone who was having difficulty in deciding what they wanted for Christmas. Whilst this is no Oprah’s Favourite Things, it will definitely bring a smile to any business owners face who is currently drowning in paperwork.

Shopify First on the list is Shopify, a powerful e-commerce platform that provides thousands of template online shopping websites. If you are not online, you are not in business! The

reason I love Shopify is that it is so easy to use and it includes an incredible amount of features that are designed to make it so easy for your customers to purchase your products or services. You can have a shopping cart, receive credit card and PayPal payments, track inventory and barcodes, create shipping forms and invoices, provide gift cards, discount vouchers and so much more. It integrates with plenty of other software like MailChimp (perfect for email marketing) and most importantly, online accounting software like the next product on my wishlist; QuickBooks Online.

payslips), provide a portal for your staff to update their details (bank/super etc), request leave, automatically pay superannuation, meet your ATO obligations with One Touch Payroll and my favourite – integrate the Fairwork Award relevant to your industry (think Hospitality, Retail Awards) so that it updates itself whenever a staff member has a birthday or the award itself changes? $6 per employee per month, no limits (no minimum staff numbers, no maximum staff numbers). Even better is that this is an Australian made product!

Entryless QuickBooks Online by Intuit With over 1.5 million users worldwide, this easy to use and time saving software helps manage all of the income, expenses and reporting needs of any business. While there are huge time saving features (automatically download your bank account transactions into QuickBooks Online to save data entry) the real reason that this is one of my favourite business products is that it is constantly evolving and enhancing and I don’t need to worry about upgrading or backing up data. Every time I log in (on any device, whether PC/Mac/Tablet or smartphone) I receive every single brand new feature and update, instantly. This is also the same when you need to pay your staff, using KeyPay.

KeyPay Payroll Software How much would you expect to pay for a system that allows your staff to Clock in and Clock Off (with photo capture), schedule rosters, email/SMS staff of their shifts (and

I work in the industry and I hate paperwork! That is why Entryless is on the list. Scan your documents to your custom Entryless email address (even get your suppliers to forward them directly) and use Entryless to upload the bill/receipt/invoice across into QuickBooks Online (including attaching the scanned copy inside of QuickBooks Online). Even better is that it remembers each of the suppliers, tax codes and accounts so you can just click to add! Even better again is that this awesome software is available for FREE, FOREVER and allows you to upload 300 bills per month. Pretty amazing right? You will notice that each of these products is cloud based (online) and they all integrate with each other. The reason this is important is because it provides flexibility (you don’t ever need to be at a single computer) but most importantly is that it reduces double handling, saving a heap of time and money. Which means you can buy whatever toys you like for Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone and here is to a fantastic New Year!



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DUOAdvertorial DUOBusiness

Risky Business In the business of managing conflict, commercial litigator and employment lawyer Jess Keir is all about understanding risk and getting results. AS a commercial litigator and employment lawyer, Jess Keir works with businesses and government, employers and employees, navigating the sometimes-boggy landscapes of unfair dismissal claims, enterprise agreement negotiations and contract disputes. “Litigation is about dispute resolution and managing conflict,” explains the MacDonnells Law Associate. “It ties in nicely with employment law, as I am regularly representing clients in the Fair Work Commission.” Born, bred and schooled in Townsville, including completing a Bachelor of Laws – Bachelor of Economics at JCU, Jess has built a reputation within her firm, and the legal community, as a passionate, knowledgeable legal mind and do-er. (As Jess says, “I thrive on getting the best results for clients.”) But if corporate lawyers are meant to be boring, self-serving and slaves to the office, someone forgot to tell Jess. Recently, Jess volunteered her legal skills to work with the Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House (QPILCH), a not-for-profit, community-based pro bono

legal service that provides legal advice and representation in civil matters to people who would otherwise have no access to a private lawyer. “Despite what people might think about lawyers, it is an immensely community focused profession,” Jess offers. “My firm supported me to work with QPILCH, where I was briefly seconded to the position of Managing Solicitor for the Townsville office. While there, I was blown away by the dedication of the local legal fraternity, barristers, lawyers and law students who help ensure people with legitimate grievances don’t slip through the gap.” Away from the office, Jess spends her time with husband Dave and one-year-old daughter Edith. “Even though we live in a modern society, most women still worry about the effect having children might have on their career progression,” admits Jess, who was promoted to Associate in 2015, one day before she went on maternity leave. “I couldn’t be more proud to work at a firm like MacDonnells Law, which has such an excellent culture of support and empowerment.”

Jess Keir | Associate MacDonells Law 4722 0220

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Karen Quagliata Northern Tax & Financial Services

Weighing The Worth Of Good Will Noone wants goodwill that turns bad on their balance sheet.


DUOMagazine December 2016

I have just had a conversation with my husband, asking him what he believes ‘Goodwill’ is. Coming straight from the cane paddock, he was like ‘Well if I had a harvester, and wanted to sell it, it would only be worth its book value, but if that harvester was attached to a 130,000-tonne contract, then that harvester would be worth a hell of a lot more wouldn’t it? That to me is goodwill.’ True, it would. So how do you protect that goodwill? I asked my husband, how often, when these harvesting contracts sell, does the original owner go back out to market, with a brandnew harvester, approach those old farmers, and take back the work? He didn’t want to reply to that. My point is, anyone can pay a lot of money for a business, any kind of business, and once you deduct the assets of that business, at the correct valuation, the remainder is goodwill. How much you pay for that goodwill depends on your market research and what you would consider reasonable. But what if that goodwill depended on relationships? And relationships that the existing owner has with the existing clients/ customers/farmers? Are there lots of little clients with simple, replicable arrangements, or is there just a few major customers/clients that maintain and possibly depend on a longstanding, significant relationship with the current owner? What you have to ask yourself is ’Can I replace the relationships that the current owner has? Can I be the person to take over that relationship and conduct business in the same way and, most importantly, can I sustain that relationship? The downside to goodwill (or badwill as my

husband would call it), is that those customers, knowing no better, follow the existing owner into their new business, that they set up down the road, at a later point in time. You have to be certain of a few things here. One, that you have a water-tight arrangement/ contract on purchase of that business that mitigates this potential loss of business/clients/ relationships. Two, you do your absolute best to replace that relationship with your own and offer better service/product. Three, that you do your due diligence before paying for the goodwill, that the value is reasonable, that the relationships are quantified, and that the risk of the clients/customers leaving is at an acceptable level. There is a lot of trust surrounding the word goodwill. Where there is money involved, there is also greed, and if you are spending your own hard-earned money on a business where you perceive some level of risk in your customers leaving, then you need to plan for this and work out how you will prevent these losses going forward. It may affect your bottom line, whether it is immediately, or down the track.

The information provided is general advice only. We have not considered your financial circumstances, needs or objectives and you should seek the assistance of a qualified advisor before you make any decision regarding any products mentioned. Whilst all care has been taken in the preparation of this material, no warranty is given in respect of the information provided and accordingly Northern Tax & Financial Services Pty Ltd employees or agents shall not be liable on any ground whatsoever with respect to decisions or actions taken as a result of you acting upon such information.


The Job Of Jobs With a six-strong team, consistency in service and good reputation for results, WorkPac Group has expanded its Townsville office to better serve the local workforce. DESPITE Townsville’s high unemployment rate, labour hire, recruitment and training company WorkPac Group has experienced consistent growth recently, and expanded their North Queensland team from three to six staff. “We have worked through recessions before,” explains Lis Kelemete, WorkPac Group’s Townsville Business Centre Manager. “The lessons we’ve learnt from past downturns have served us well and we recognise the needs when we see them. “In this tough economic climate, we take solace in the fact that clients continue to come to us based on our reputable service and we will always provide a knowledgeable and expert service in all aspects of personnel selection and recruitment no matter the size of the company,” says Lis. “We are consistent with our services and values, therefore our workload is consistent too.” The team of six includes Adrian Hayes, Regional Manager (Cairns-based); Lis Kelemete, Business Centre Manager; Renea Strathie, Business Development Manager;

Sharon McHenry, Business Centre Administration Manager; Katie McGee, Recruitment Coordinator; and Kalinda Hanna, Careers Officer. WorkPac has also partnered with registered training organisation Gold Training, to offer job seekers opportunity to grow their skill sets, and clients the option to up-skill their existing workforce. Lis says that while WorkPac is renowned for its presence within construction and mining throughout Central Queensland, her team also works with other classifications such as administration and office support, engineering, nursing, hospitality, manufacturing/transport and logistics. While the WorkPac team is heavily focused on matching compatible workers and employers, the company also cares about its people and community. “We recently raised $2000 for a client’s family whose daughter required major brain surgery,” shares Lis. “We also raised funds last month for a field team member (a labour hire worker out in the field) and his

family as he suffered a heart attack.” Last year WorkPac also sponsored the Special Children’s Christmas Party, and continues to sponsor the NQ Cowboys. “Keeping up the momentum of job hunting and maintaining a positive attitude throughout the job hunt is key,” offers Lis. “It’s important to always follow-up and build relationships with your local labour hire recruiter so that you are front of mind for any vacancies. Successful job seekers are proactive!”

WorkPac Group Shop 12, 36 Kings Road Hyde Park Centre 4759 4622

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DUOBusiness | Observation

Founding Chairman

Warwick Powell Sister City Partners

Bread And Circuses Ain’t Enough It’s clear the mob isn’t happy.

BREAD and circuses are no longer enough to mollify the anger and disenchantment of the working poor, the estranged middle classes and the downright poor. Obsessing about urban edifices will simply not assuage the deeply felt concerns felt by many – perhaps the majority – across our community. We need a new imagination and in my last piece for the year, I sketch out some elements of what that could entail. But before I do, some context is needed to explain why a new imagination is needed. DECLINE, IT’S NOT THE FIRST PLACE We’re not alone in experiencing economic decline. Detroit built a new hockey stadium and rented it at a bargain price when the Red Wings threatened to leave for the suburbs in the 1970s. The city built an expensive monorail system and the Renaissance Centre in the 1970s and 1980s in the face of economic decline. It has continued this ‘build and hope’ approach with riverfront and riverwalk


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projects in the old Downtown. It’s even building a new stadium, the Little Caesars Arena, for the hockey team. These edifices did change the look of the city, but not its economic fortunes. Industrial decline and the hollowing out of the city’s entrepreneurial ranks continued apace. In spite of these grand gestures, by 2008 Detroit’s per capita income had fallen to $14,976 or 54.3% of the national average. Before the GFC its unemployment rate was already 13.7%. During the 2000s, over US$9 billion was spent on Downtown and surrounding suburbs. In that decade, its population shrank 25%. Detroit’s population peaked in the 1950s at 1.8Mil. It’s now around 700,000, the same as it was back in 1910. In 2016 Michigan, in which Detroit is located, voted Trump. It had voted Democrat since 1992. OUR OWN BACKYARD Here in Townsville, if you’re not directly affected by the winds of change; of industrial shrinkage; of technological disruption and the ebbs and flows of the commodity boom-bust cycle, then surely you know someone who is. The raw numbers on joblessness, a shrinking labour force, declining real wages, rising insolvencies, growing debt delinquencies, social turmoil... these all reflect the brutal realities of a regional economy that’s no longer working for all of us. A once great regional economy is no longer great. The signs of economic transformation and decline in Townsville North Queensland became abundantly evident around early 2014. The turn for the worse, however, began towards the end of 2012 or early 2013. The regional economy was hollowing out before our very eyes. It wasn’t until the collapse of Queensland Nickel that the realities of economic mortality was finally felt and acknowledged. But, in many ways, it was too late. Fiscal catch-up couldn’t really plug the gap left by a 14% decline in aggregate wages and salaries in the regional economy. That’s $1.038 billion less annually in direct household incomes than was the case six years ago. The lessons of Detroit are there for all to see. EDIFICE COMPLEX American economist Edward Glaesner wrote of the edifice complex in his penetrating analysis of the rise and fall of cities, Triumph of the City (2011). He observed that the “tendency to think that a city can build its way out of decline is an example of the edifice

“NORTH QUEENSLANDERS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AN INVENTIVE BUNCH. THIS HAS BEEN BORN OF NECESSITY. IN A GLOBALLY CONNECTED WORLD, OUR DESIGN SENSIBILITY CAN READILY BE EXPORTED THROUGHOUT OUR REGION...” complex, the tendency to think that abundant new building leads to urban success”. He goes on to conclude that, “overbuilding a declining city that already has more structures than it needs is nothing but folly”. Townsville has an abundance of built infrastructure. In most aspects there’s overcapacity. Over 200 CBD retail stores are vacant; around 26% of CBD commercial space unused. A drive down Charters Towers Road shows the depressing realities of retail decline. Vacancies in the big box centres is also a feature, though centre managers are quick to fill space with car displays and furnished lounge retreats for weary window-shoppers. THE LONG HARD ROAD Glaesner powerfully argues that the road back for declining industrial cities is “long and hard”. This is because rejuvenation must take place by returning to the places of small-scale entrepreneurship and commerce that once underpinned their vitality and innovative spirit.  Successful cities are, in this sense, ultimately about the people that inhabit them. The way back to prosperity will require change without leaving our fellow citizens behind. More government investment will only make a difference if it can drive and support structural change with fairness. And it can only do this when it strikes a new compact with the community at large. New industries and platforms are needed.

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support New Manufacturing and existing manufacturing. I’m not just talking about solar and wind; we need despatchable capability and that means waste-to-energy and storage. Otherwise the risk of climate (read cyclone) induced power disruptions will remain high. Regional households spend almost $400Mil each year on energy; let’s harness that to build new regional industries. ■ New Manufacturing A batteries industry is entirely conceivable. We have lithium, cobalt and know-how. We have access to global partnerships in related supply chains through our work to try to revive QNI earlier this year. Such an industry dovetails nicely with North Queensland being a global centre of renewable energy excellence.

We must not turn inward and shut ourselves off. Rather, we must reach out more boldly to our broader region because that’s where the markets are. Northern Queensland (from, say, Mackay north) has around 500,000 people. Singapore has 5.7Mil, ASEAN as a whole 608.4Mil, Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta in South China 60Mil... getting connected to these places and their populations is an absolute must. Here are some suggestions: ■ Bio-Oil and Biofuel Refining Our own pyrolysis technology project could create 900 full time jobs in the harvesting and processing of natural feedstock from across the region. These jobs are skilled and low-skilled. The first 200 of these jobs could be up and running within 12 months, provided there were customers for the oil or the tri-geneneration outputs. (This is what our technology partner put forward recently to win the South Australian Government’s inaugural Low Carbon Entrepreneurship Award.) The downstream refinery would employ a further 250–400 people in jobs with knowledge and skills profile not dissimilar to many that were needed to run the Nickel refinery. ■ Renewable Energy This is an industry in its own right, and critically contributes to changing the cost structure and risk profile of energy to the North. We need lower cost energy to

■ Customised Manufacturing Not all manufacturing has to operate at traditional mass market scale. New technologies like additive manufacturing open up immense new opportunities for employment in the world of mass-customisation. What our region needs is public investment in shared services infrastructure (the gear) and a program to retrain and upskill our designers, makers and people who work with their hands. We can build this infrastructure as a PublicCommunity Partnership (PCP). ■ Food and Food Manufacture Technology can help us make better use of existing land and water resources. Whether a new dam is built or not we can actually grow yields, profitability and employment through the application of existing know-how and emerging technologies (robotics, sensors, etc.) with an eye on the growing export markets of Asia. Collaborative industry clusters and supply chains can enable the development of value adding and food manufactures, once we focus on building our pan-Asia trading and investment architecture. ■ City Cooling No, I don’t mean a ‘district cooling’ project (though that’s entirely possible – refer Renewable Energy and Bio-Oil above). What I’m getting at here is the need to cool the city down by a rapid expansion of natural and constructed canopies. This is a labour-intensive work scheme that can mobilise the army of unemployed and under-employed people across our city and deliver a lasting economic benefit. (There are plenty of studies that demonstrate the economic merits of city cooling through extensive canopies.)

■ Tourism Townsville has never seen itself as a ‘tourism city’. It needs to. Tourism is a human intensive sector. As it is working off a small base, there’s immense and rapid growth potential. We have abundant natural assets; what we need are the complimentary accommodation and logistics facilities and business models to create the platforms and channels that link us to the markets of Asia. About 5,000 people in Townsville already work in tourism; we need to double that in 5 years. ■ Design Knowhow North Queenslanders have always been an inventive bunch. This has been born of necessity. In a globally connected world, our design sensibility can readily be exported throughout our region in particular. We can certainly do a lot better in the commercialisation pipeline. This is about harnessing the commercial potential of our collective creative talents in all fields. We need to celebrate and acknowledge our designers and provide launchpads here and afar for them. I’m out of space. There are many other possibilities. The point is, these eight areas are achievable and can be catalysed with modest contributions of public capital to buttress the community and private capital that could also be mobilised. In some cases, all the public sector needs to do is become an anchor customer as firstmover catalyst. In other cases, it’s as simple as approving project applications. If someone wants to invest and do something, approve it and allow the funds to flow. If recent electoral results in the Northern Hemisphere tell us anything, it is that business as usual isn’t working for a lot of people anymore. We must and can do much better.

Warwick Powell is the founding Chairman of Sister City Partners, a regional not-forprofit investment bank with headquarters in Townsville. He brings almost 20 years of experience in global capital markets and project development and finance to bear on the challenges of creating regional resilience. He is an iconoclast who questions and challenges orthodox thinking. More information about Sister City Partners visit Warwick is active on LinkedIn. Search him and hook up.

DUOMagazine December 2016


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Hearing the thunderous sounds of a Boeing 737 fast approaching, you glance out your window to see the incoming red-eye from Brisbane, wondering whether today is the day the landing gear will have a brush with your car’s rooftop. Writer Lucy Abbott Townsville Enterprise Limited


DUOMagazine December 2016

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THE commute along Ingham Road, past the Townsville International Airport, can at times feel as though you are driving on the Airport tarmac. It has and will always be a special part of Townsville’s makeup. Driving north-bound along Dalrymple Road has a similar effect, where as you gaze into the distance, you admire VA375 descending into the sun drenched afternoon sky as it makes its approach to the city. The same nostalgia can be experienced taking off on JQ907, where you can appreciate the sun rising over Magnetic Island, lighting up the Coral Sea as you make the journey south. Not to mention the significance of hearing the magnificent Blackhawks routinely taking to our skies, loaded up with dedicated personnel embarking on training exercises to equip them with the necessary skills to defend our country and ensure our safety. Townsville North Queensland’s aviation community has a long and proud history in the region, both commercially and Defence orientated, that continues to go from strength to strength. Connectivity is one of the most crucial factors contributing to the foundations of a successful city. Townsville International Airport is the centre of North Queensland aviation, where in the month of June 2016, a total of 135,954 passengers boarded flights to/from Townsville, experiencing a 2.8% growth increase from June 2015. The local tourism industry is continually attracting more visitors to the region each year, as well as increases in the visiting family and friends market. It was a significant milestone for the region to see the Townsville Airport regain International status in September 2015, again opening up Townsville to the world by air. In the 12 months that flights between Townsville and Bali have been operating, over 40,000 passengers have flown this route. Connectivity does not just stop with Bali, with the flight allowing Townsville passengers to continue travelling directly to over 15 countries, including Dubai, Singapore and Japan. One would be hard-pressed to find a friend, relative or work colleague who hasn’t either flown to the destination or at least considered taking advantage of the cheap airfares and booking an inexpensive overseas holiday. Recently announced Toowoomba flights have also provided a welcomed boost to Townsville Airport’s offerings. This connection will provide an additional economic injection into the region from Darling Downs locals taking advantage of the tropical oasis only a short flight away. At the time of the announcement, it was widely

reported how thrilled Toowoomba locals were by the prospect of having a direct gateway to Magnetic Island and the Great Barrier Reef. This connection will prove a relatively inexpensive holiday to escape unforgiving Toowoomba winters, and on the other hand, a chance for Townsville North Queenslanders to relax by a fire and experience an actual winter. The recently signed Defence agreement between Australia and Singapore will not only prove to be beneficial for Townsville’s economy, but also provide the extra incentive to secure a direct flight connection between Townsville and Singapore. The Comprehensive Strategic Partnership will inject $1 billion into Townsville’s economy over the next ten years, and additional investment from supporting Singapore Army training over the next 25 years. This is an unprecedented agreement for not only Townsville, but also for Australia and Singapore. An estimated 14,000 Singaporean Defence personnel will be spread across Townsville and Shoalwater Bay as they complete training exercises for an extensive period. The agreement can also deliver opportunities of repeat visits from Singaporean troops following their conscription, as well as family and friends visiting the overseas based troops. Further international flight paths potentially on the horizon for the city include a direct link between Townsville and Auckland, New Zealand, and between Townsville and Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea. Significant inroads have already been achieved for a connection to Port Moresby, with Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, the Hon. Peter O’Neill, openly throwing his support behind

Air Niugini potentially operating between the two destinations. Opening up this flight route presents significant trade and investment opportunities for the Townsville North Queensland region. It will also provide ongoing economic benefits to the region’s tourism sector through increased visitor numbers and interest in the region. Townsville International Airport, Chief Operations Officer, Kevin Gill, has been working with all stakeholders to make increased connections a reality for the region. “Townsville Airport continues to work closely with Townsville Enterprise to develop both Townsville’s destination attractiveness and also deliver air capacity that aligns with the target markets Townsville Enterprise is pursuing”, Mr Gill said. “Growing international services forms part of this strategy, but the Airport also strongly supports Townsville Enterprises’ initiatives to attract more visitation from southern markets such as Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney”. The Townsville International Airport, Townsville City Council, and Townsville Enterprise have a strategic vision and action plan in place to identify and target new international and domestic flight routes. This vision will continue to be at the forefront of city leader’s endeavours to ensure Townsville North Queensland is accessible Australia wide and across the world. Continued growth in air connectivity will bolster the region, and firmly assert it as the economic powerhouse of Northern Australia and the true capital of North Queensland.

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Homegrown Businesses Making Townsville Proud



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STRAIGHT LINE NQ CONSTRUCTIONS They don’t come much more local than Brenden Plath, owner and building director at Straight Line NQ Construction. “Not many weeks go by that someone doesn’t connect my surname with the bakery that my Grandfather had in West End,” says Brenden, who was born, bred, schooled, trained and even married locally. After working with large construction companies and supervising multi-million dollar projects across Australia, Brenden and his wife returned to Townsville in 2009 with their first daughter on the way. “The time was right to start my own business.” Today, Brenden, through Straight Line NQ Construction, has established a reputation as a Queenslander and timber home construction specialist. “I started my career as a carpenter and my first professional love is still timber,” he admits. “I enjoy building timber frame homes and renovating classic Queenslanders. It’s great to see an old home spring back to life with a little hard work and sweat.” Specialising in renovations and house-lifts, new home builds and commercial fit outs and main-

tenance, Brenden’s experience running large construction teams in Brisbane and WA means the Straight Line NQ Construction team are also capable of much more.

“The best part about living and working in Townsville is the connection I have with the place,” reflects Brenden. “There is no better place to work and raise my young family.”

Recently, Brenden and his team have completed works at Lavarack Barracks including constructing a helicopter training tower with a 22 metre-high concrete climbing wall – “you don’t do that every day!” – and also recently delivered a large residential renovation to a North Ward home including installation of an elevator. Since its early days, Straight Line NQ Construction has grown to a team of four, and a crew of local tradespeople. “I’ve been engaging most of these tradesmen since Straight Line started seven years ago,” says Brenden. “It gives me great satisfaction being able to subcontract work to local tradies who have their own businesses and are supporting their families just like me.

Straight Line NQ Construction 0402 546 700

“Nothing is more important than local support for all trades in the construction industry. It is a very hard market and every dollar that is spent here helps the town to keep moving.” DUOMagazine December 2016



A&I PHYSIO For homegrown business A&I Physio, the health of patients isn’t the only company priority. Supporting a healthy community is on the agenda daily. “At A&I Physio, we take a thoroughly holistic approach to provide cutting edge physio and rehabilitation treatment to our patients and ensure their needs and medical outcomes come first,” explains Jenny Tucker, A&I Physio’s Director and Practice Manager. “As A&I Physio is a homegrown business, we want to give back to the community as much as has been given to us. The culture of the clinic is about the people, we felt the best way A&I Physio could achieve this, was to sponsor local sporting groups to provide not only much-needed funds, but also physiotherapy treatment, advice, guidance and programs throughout the sporting seasons at very discounted rates,” explains Jenny.

“Our Physios can often be seen courtside or fieldside at our local sports games treating players, and our Exercise Physiologists work closely with coaches, managers and players to develop technique and training programs that will best benefit their players.” This program has received a positive response from the local sporting fraternity, with multiple teams benefiting from A&I Physio’s support at any given time. Currently, the business sponsors Saints Netball Club, Townsville Brothers Junior Rugby League, Rebels Football Club Townsville, Townsville Hockey Association and Top Brand Cycles. With two clinics and 30 employees, A&I Physio is committed to Townsville. Jenny says there have been many times that the A&I Physio team has extended a helping hand to other clinics and patients needing support.

“Townsville, whilst being a large city, has more of a small community feel, where support and help is given where needed,” offers Jenny. “As a business we are able to provide assistance to people who have been through hardship, and offer some services as bulk billed for this reason. “Townsville is a wonderful place to live and work,” Jenny adds. “Our city offers a great climate, and outdoor lifestyle that lends itself conveniently to healthy, active living. “Our team has 10 staff born and bred locally and are an active lot. We are advocates for getting out and enjoying this beautiful city that we live in.”


A&I Physio (Accident & Injury Physio) 51 Fulham Road, Pimlico & 43 Thuringowa Drive, Kirwan 4727 1400


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BOQ CASTLETOWN Christmas cheer can come in all forms, and for some women in our community, opportunity through education is the ultimate gift. The BOQ Castletown Education Bursary, launched last month at the Townsville Business Women’s Circle (TWBC) Gala, will support women aged 15 years and over who live within Townsville or the surrounding district to expand their opportunities through education. BOQ Castletown owner manager Lisa Leonardi says it was an easy decision to support the initiative. “This bursary is a way for us to give back to the community that has supported our business for the past 13 years. BOQ is a franchise network, meaning BOQ Castletown is an owner-operated small business,” explains Lisa. “This particular project is a good fit for us, as the TWBC and BOQ have a shared vision of connecting for growth. We compete in a global knowledge economy so investing in our people, business and community to develop new skills is critical to achieving our bright future.” TBWC and BOQ launched the BOQ Castletown

Education Bursary on November 19, with the first call for applications now open. The bursary will operate similar to a grants program, with applicants asked to meet particular criteria and describe their educational need and associated costs with supporting documentation from a community member to validate their need for financial support. The bursary may assist an underprivileged high school graduate with the costs of her first year at university or TAFE; an emerging young talent with costs associated with travelling to represent the community in a competition or as a part of a particular community group or industry; an educated female refugee or asylum seeker to learn English; or support a stay at home mum reskill herself for the workforce. The bursary will offer up to $1500 per successful applicant, with $2500 already donated by BOQ Castletown. The first round of applications will close February 28, 2017 with the successful applicant or applicants to be announced in March.

Bank of Queensland Castletown 4760 1000

“We take pride in knowing we’re investing in the best assets our community has – our people,” says Lisa. “Education is power after all.”

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NEW HOME SOLUTIONS QUEENSLAND “It’s always a great privilege to be trusted by a family to build their dream home,” says Darryll Gilchrist, Owner and Manager at New Home Solutions Queensland (NHS). “Every home we build and every family we work with helps us to grow and continue to be the best we can be.” The Queensland Master Builders and Housing Industry Australia award-winning construction company is locally grown and proudly owned by Darryll and his wife Debbie, and Glen Baxter, who joined the business as a partner after 10 years as design and sales manager. “Our team is very customer and community focused, and we have a long-term plan to set industry standards with quality display homes, construction, customer retention and local community involvement,” says Darryll. “From your first visit to one of our display homes, through to completion of construction, our systems, team and focus are about best value, absolute best quality, honest communication and an enjoyable experience for all our clients.”


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The NHS team includes the three owners and nine staff including design team, draftsmen, estimator, site supervisor and an administration team. Darryll says part of the guarantee for NHS clients is that they will deal with highly experienced and qualified industry professionals to build a unique home designed individually for them, offer value for the home they build, give help at every turn, and actually enjoy the building experience.

who is prepared to give it a go, be honest and upfront with their way of doing business. This honesty and supportive attitude is a great credit to our community.”

“We are not a franchise,” points out Darryll, “we have worked hard to focus on local people, local housing requirements, that suit our local climate not Sydney’s. “Townsville is unique, and requires solutions that suit our climate and needs. “I’ve been in Townsville for 37 years, got married here, had children here and worked with a lot of incredible local people in that time,” shares Darryll. “I have seen it grow from a country town to the Great Country City it is now. “The local community is very supportive of anyone

New Home Solutions Queensland 24 Signature Drive, Fairways, Rosslea: 4728 3853 6 Featherwood Street, Sanctum, Burdell: 4751 8577


ELITE PROPERTIES TOWNSVILLE Boutique real estate agency Elite Properties Townsville was established with one simple growth strategy in mind – deliver the best, most personalised customer service possible and the business will grow organically. For company owner and principal sales consultant, Glenda Worrall (nee Gleadow), it was a strategy she knew would work because she’d been using the same approach for the 12 years prior to opening Elite’s doors almost nine years ago. “Personal relationships are everything in real estate,” says Glenda. “Real estate is a people business really, we just happen to sell houses! “I had a client many years ago who was selling her home and moving to a retirement village with her husband. I would arrive at her home on a Sunday for an open inspection, and she would have a cup of tea ready for me, and a box of baked treats to take home to my four children. “Since then I have sold for her son and her daughter, and I’m currently selling her 93-year-old sisterin-law’s property. I turned up for the open home, and there was a box of shortbread and a note, ‘For

old time’s sake’. I still visit her and her husband at Carlyle Gardens. “It’s these relationships that make real estate rewarding, and the reason this business has continued to thrive,” reveals Glenda. Today, the Elite Properties Townsville team is made up of seven people – the sales team, Glenda and Nick, a property management division headed by Glenda’s husband Chris and consisting of Vicki and Kirstie, and a support team of Julie and Zoe.


“You’re only as good as the people who work around you,” admits Glenda. “Most of the team have been here long-term, which I see as being a good thing,” says Glenda. “We have a solid, experienced team, and an excellent culture.” Glenda says loyalty extends beyond clients and employees, and also to Townsville as a community. “Supporting local businesses is so important, down to where you buy your office paper! “Loyalty is one of the most important things in life and in business. I believe that if we stay loyal to our local businesses, we will be strong as a city.”

Elite Properties Townsville 279 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park 4725 8181

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CENTACARE NORTH QUEENSLAND “Centacare North Queensland has been at the forefront of the delivery of counselling, care and family support services to individuals, families and communities in north and northwest Queensland for almost 40 years,” explains Centacare NQ Executive Director Peter Monaghan. “We are an organisation with a strong inclusive community focus; and we pride ourselves on being innovative and responsive in addressing the needs of the community.” On average, Centacare NQ assists 10,000 individuals each year. While the organisation is best known as a provider of counselling services, it also offers a suite of services under its many programs, covering disability support, family support, mediation and family dispute resolution, gambling help, education and courses, community engagement and support, and professional development. Importantly, Peter points out that 100% of all funds raised and donations received by Centacare NQ go back into North Queensland. “In times of economic downturn, or perhaps more positively, when a community is looking at opportunities to reinvent itself and redefine its identity – locals need to support locals,” stresses Peter. “We are in some ways the quiet achiever,” he says of Centacare NQ’s fundraising approach, “we don’t affront people with advertising campaigns but prefer our actions and word of mouth referrals to do the talking. Peter says his 170 staff are the agency’s greatest assets and ambassadors. “We have staff who are at the cutting edge of best practice in areas of child safety, trauma, supervision, assessment and support services. People come because they know we deliver.” The Centacare NQ team operates out of 10 sites across North Queensland and the Gulf Country, including 70 Townsville-based staff, and with outreach to eight towns in the region. The organisation’s programs are varied, ranging from the comprehensive Family and Relationship Counselling program, which is one of the many programs available to anyone and everyone, to the referral-only ROSA Counselling Intervention Service – a program that works with children who have been abused or neglected and require a referral from the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. Peter invites anyone needing support to contact Centacare NQ to discuss services available. “We want the Townsville community to remember that when times are tough, they don’t have to go through it alone – we are here to help.”

Centacare North Queensland 410 Ross River Road, Cranbrook 1300 NQCARE


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NQMIS & NQOSC Establishing North Queensland Minimally Invasive Surgery (NQMIS) in 2003, Dr Samuel Baker and Dr John Avramovic saw an opportunity to provide modern tertiary surgical care to the people of Townsville and North Queensland. Minimally invasive surgery, or laparoscopic surgery, also known as keyhole surgery, is a modern surgical technique in which operations are performed using small incisions to offer patients less discomfort and quicker recovery times. “Over the past 13 years we have pioneered minimally invasive surgical techniques and have done some of the largest numbers of minimally invasive operations in Australia,” explains Sam. Today, NQMIS has grown from two to five specialist surgeons, and operates on patients travelling from as far away as Boulia and Winton up to Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Comprising NQMIS is Dr John Avramovic who specialises in oesophagus, stomach, pancreas and liver surgery; Dr Samuel Baker who specialises in advanced laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery and obesity surgery; Dr Sally Meade who specialises in breast, thyroid and parathyroid surgery; Dr Jason Boldery who specialises in breast, adrenal and colorectal surgery; and Dr Mark Zonta who specialises in skin cancer, melanoma and soft tissue tumor surgery.

In 2007 Sam and John established a second purposebuilt surgical facility, North Queensland Obesity Surgery Centre (NQOSC) in response to the developing obesity epidemic. To date, they have performed over 1000 operations and procedures on patients at NQOSC. “Obesity is now considered a chronic disease which requires lifelong follow up to prevent recurrence,” says Sam. “With surgical weight loss, and post-surgery support, patients with type 2 diabetes can be put into remission avoiding life-threatening complications such as heart attack and stroke. “John and I spent over 12 months planning a multidisciplinary team,” Sam recalls, who with John enlisted, psychologist Margaret MacDonald (Lifegiving Psychology Resolutions), exercise physiologist Dale Agnew, Synergy dietitians, bariatric physician Dr Maree Poggio and bariatric nurse, Marina, to support NQOSC patients. “With surgery we can decrease our patients’ risks of dying from obesity-related complications by over 30% over the long-term and extend their life expectancies.

North Queensland Minimally Invasive Surgery (NQMIS) Mater Medical Centre, Fulham Road, Pimlico 4725 2833

North Queensland Obesity Surgery Centre (NQOSC) Mater Medical Centre, Fulham Road, Pimlico 1300 WEIGH LESS

“Surgery offers exceptional results, but beyond surgery our team is committed to helping patients maintain those results.”

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NORTH QUEENSLAND RETINA “When people are referred to me they are often very frightened about going blind,” says Dr Ian Reddie, retinal specialist and owner of North Queensland Retina. “To be able to help these people when they are very vulnerable and scared is a real privilege and a great responsibility.” As an ophthalmologist and subspecialist Vitreoretinal Surgeon, Ian performs surgery on the retina – the light-sensitive tissue inside our eyeballs – to treat conditions like detached retina. “The retina is very delicate tissue and as a consequence the surgery is also very precise.”

North Queensland Retina Suite 1, 132-134 Ross River Road, Mundingburra 4775 6686

He also specialises in medical retina, treating non-surgical disorders of the retina such as macular degeneration and diabetes. “The range of work I get to do is really very broad; in a regional area you have to be at the top of your game.” The Townsville Grammar School graduate (class of ’87) spent a decade studying and practising law as a commercial litigator in Brisbane before he pursued a lifelong desire to be a doctor. To become a subspecialist retinal surgeon, it took Ian another 13 years of study, specialist training and exams, including a highly competitive Ophthalmology training programme at Prince of Wales Hospital


DUOMagazine December 2016

in Sydney, where Dr Fred Hollows had been based. “I wanted to be a vitreoretinal surgeon – this is surgery deep inside the eye. Only a handful of people around Australia are able to do this type of surgery, and I knew from my experiences in Townsville [Ian spent time at Townsville Hospital’s eye department in 2005 working under Dr Graeme Kelly, whom he later joined in partnership at Townsville Eye Care] that the NQ community badly needed local access to retinal surgery – and not have to be transferred to Brisbane when dealing with often time-critical retinal disease.” As the only fellowship-trained medical and surgical retina specialist based permanently in Townsville, Ian supervises eye specialists in training. “They arrive from Brisbane, where their studies are based, and they get to see how good life can be in a regional centre, both professionally and personally.” This is the reason Ian says he himself returned to North Queensland, the region that helped shape him. “I wanted to serve the community by bringing a unique set of skills to the area. “Also, the more of the world I saw the more I realised how special NQ is.”


DR SIMONE PAGE Dr Simone Page says she loves working with local families as a GP. Her private practice at The Stanton Centre in North Ward provides all general practice care needs, including family medicine, women’s and children’s health including antenatal care and childhood immunisations, sports medicine, skin checks, mental health care, employment medicals and WorkCover rehabilitation. “My ambition in medicine was always to supply quality medical care,” says Simone, who also supervises medical students as way of giving back to her community and industry. “I believe in taking extra time to communicate with my patients so they fully understand their medical conditions and health care needs. “I’d like to think that I’m approachable and down to earth and make visiting the doctor a less daunting experience.” As a former WNBL Townsville Fire player, Townsville Flames State League player, and previous Australian junior basketball representative, Simone knows too well the importance of early injury intervention, rehabilitation and keeping generally fit and well. “I understand the complexity of family life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” she says, “so my passion is to work with my patients to implement suitable health care programs that are sustainable. As a sportsperson myself, and with a post-grad in Sports Medicine, I have a strong focus on general fitness, as well as injury management and rehabilitation.” A Townsville native, Simone graduated from Townsville State High School and completed a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at JCU before completing her General Practice and Post-grad studies. While operating her private general practice the past four years, Simone has also taken on the role of medical physician for the Open Australian Women’s Basketball Team (Australian Opals). She has travelled the world with the Opals, supplying medical care to players and staff throughout the World Championships, Olympic Qualifiers, and most recently, at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. “I’ve been extremely blessed to travel the world with my career, but the thing I love most is living and working in Townsville – because it is home,” she admits. “I think sometimes we forget how lucky we are to live here; we need to take the time to enjoy the beauty on our doorstep.” That’s doctor’s orders.


Dr Simone Page, General Practitioner The Stanton Centre, Level 5, 31 Leichardt Street, North Ward 4772 2344

DUOMagazine December 2016



DOYLE STAR MOTORS With his three sons working alongside him, Doyle Star Motors owner and Head Technician Martin Doyle is now “proud Dad” as well as boss. Specialising in Mercedes Benz passenger and light commercial vehicle servicing and repairs, Martin established the family business in 2006 following his 40-plus year career working as a Mercedes Benz Factory-trained technician on luxury vehicles in his native UK, then in Australia when he emigrated to Townsville in the early ‘80s. As the Doyle boys reach adulthood, the workshop has grown from Martin to eventually include all three sons – Sean, Conor and Lachlan. “Sean is our Leading Hand,” explains Martin, “he loves something difficult to fix and really hits his straps when diagnosing an electrical problem and solving it. Conor is in his fourth and final year at TAFE, he is an award-winning apprentice having been selected by TORGAS as the Mechanical Apprentice of the year in 2014 and 2015, and received a TAFE Queensland Merit Scholarship in 2015. Lachlan, is doing a school-based apprenticeship; he will be moving into grade 12 at Ignatius Park College next year and he too is showing real talent.” “Martin always hoped the boys might work with him,” adds Martin’s wife Colleen, who is a Townsville City Councillor. (Martin is quick to cut in: “Colleen is not allowed near the place though – she always tries to tidy up my desk!”) Colleen explains that while the boys had never expressed interests in becoming Technicians, they always had an aptitude for anything that required the use of their hands. “You could hand them some wood, a hammer and nails and they could produce something exceptional even at an early age.” It seems small business is also in the boys’ blood, with Sean and Conor also owning the Hoi Polloi Café. While they work at Doyle Star Motors Monday through Friday, Sean, Conor and Lachie can all be found working at the café on weekends. “Our family owns the Howard Smith Building in Flinders Street East, which houses not just Hoi Polloi Café, but other small start-up businesses,” explains Colleen. “Locals supporting local businesses – start ups and established businesses – helps our city to thrive.”

Doyle Star Motors 367 Woolcock Street, Garbutt 4755 2133


DUOMagazine December 2016



Yuliya Evstratenko /


DUOMagazine December 2016



Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous Until 9 July

Da Vinci Machines Until 12 February

What’s On: December THEATRE + CONCERTS Townsville Little Theatre presents David Williamson’s Birthrights 7–9 December 7.30pm 10 December 2pm and 7.30pm PIMPAC

TAPA on Broadway 8–10 December 6.30–9.30pm Townsville Civic Theatre 4727 9797

Spirit of Africa Night Extravaganza 10 December 6–10pm Carlyle Gardens 0410 597 370

New Year’s Eve Concert presented by NQOMT 31 December 8.30–11.30pm Townsville Civic Theatre 4727 9797

EXHIBITIONS Postcards from the North and South 2016 3 December–20 February Gallery 48 postcards-from-the-north-southgallery-48/

Emerging Artists from TAFE Queensland North – Pimlico Campus Until 11 December Perc Tucker Regional Gallery 4727 9011


Free and Foreign Subjectivity Jordan Grant Until 5 February Perc Tucker Regional Gallery 4727 9011

Da Vinci Machines

Until 11 December Silvia Ditchburn Fine Art Gallery 4724 3953

Until 12 February Pinnacles Gallery Riverway Arts Centre 4773 8871

150+ Years of Australian Military Uniforms

Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous

Until 11 December Hut 28 Jezzine Barracks 4779 8037

Until 9 July Museum of Tropical Queensland 4727 9011

Open For Business: Influential Business Families Of Townsville’s Past


12 December 7–8pm CityLibraries Thuringowa Central 4773 8811

Presented by Townsville City Council 4 December 5pm Reid Park FREE event

Generation: Sister City Partners Umbrella Members’ Art Prize 2016

Carols by Candlelight

The Hive Up Late Flinders Street East opposite The Museum of Tropical Queensland 9 December 5–9pm

Townsville Hospital Foundation Christmas Gala Ball 10 December 7pm Townsville Entertainment & Convention Centre 4771 4000

Free Swim Day 11 December 9am–3pm All council pools FREE event

Real Life Heroes: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services 14 December 10–11am CityLibraries Thuringowa Central 4773 8811

Until 16 December Umbrella Studio 4772 7109

Picturing Townsville Until 22 January Perc Tucker Regional Gallery 4727 9011

Townsville Turns 150 Until 29 January Museum of Tropical Queensland 4727 9011


DUOMagazine December 2016

Real Life Heroes: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services 14 December

Riverway Movie Night

New Year’s Eve at The Ville

The Good Dinosaur 16 December 7.15pm–9pm Riverway Lagoons

31 December 8pm–1am The Ville Resort-Casino 4771 4000

Stable on the Strand 2016 18–22 December Stand Park 4774 4542

PBR New Year’s Eve Extreme Bull Charters Towers

Suitcase Rummage

31 December 7pm Dalrymple Equestrian Centre 4724 0218

18 December 9am–1pm City Lane

Full Moon Down Under Hello Sunshine New Year’s Eve

Christmas Day Breakfast 25 December 9am The Ville Resort-Casino 4771 4000

Christmas Day Lunch 25 December 12-3pm The Ville Resort-Casino 4771 4000

New Year’s Eve Celebrations

31 December 5pm BASE Backpackers Magnetic Island 18+ event


Image ©2015 John de Rooy Photography


Carols by Candlelight 4 December 5pm


Bushland Beach Markets, first and third Sundays 8am–1pm.

Balgal Beach Market Beachside

Street, Sundays 8.30am–1pm.

Fisherman’s Landing, first and third Saturdays 8am–1pm.

Willows Shopping Centre car park, Sundays 7.30am 11.30am.

Mundingburra State School, third Sundays 8am–12noon.

Cotters Rotary Markets Flinders

Label Traders Market

Willows Rotary Markets

Renegade Handmade Market

Magnetic Island Friday Night RSL Markets Arcadia, Fridays

JCU Townsville Fire

and last Sundays 9am–2pm.

The Marian School, second Sundays 8am–1pm. Strand Night Markets Strand Park, first Fridays 5pm–9.30pm.

Shore Town Centre Burdell, Saturdays.

Saturdays 9am–12noon.


10 December 7pm v Melbourne Boomers Townsville Stadium 4727 9797

Presented by Townsville City Council 31 December 7pm–12.30am Strand Park

Horseshoe Bay Markets, second

Carlyle Gardens Arts & Crafts Market Carlyle Gardens, first

NQ Farmers Markets North

Riverway Moonlight Markets

Cotters Market Handmade Arts

Pioneer Park, first Fridays 5pm–9pm.

and Craft Precinct, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, third Sundays 8.30am–1pm.

Free Family Swim Day

sunday 11 december, 9am – 3pm Enjoy free entry to: >> Kokoda Memorial Pool >> Long Tan Memorial Pool >> Northern Beaches Leisure Centre >> Tobruk Memorial Baths

Have a fun day at the pools! 1300 878 001 What’s On Townsville


Friday 16 December, 7.15pm, Riverway Lagoons

ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE ROAD CHIP Friday 20 January, 7.15pm, Riverway Lagoons

Bring your togs and towel, cool off and enjoy free movies on the big screen! What’s On Townsville Proudly sponsored by:

DUOMagazine December 2016


DUOArts + Events

New Year’s Eve

The North Queensland Way Welcome in the New Year in a traditional, relaxed, no-fuss, North Queensland style! Townsville City Council’s annual New Year’s Eve celebrations are being held across three locations: Strand Park, Riverway and Magnetic Island. NEW Year’s Eve revellers both young and old are invited to celebrate under the stars and watch the fireworks displays, closing out the year with a bang. Those celebrating the New Year at Strand Park will enjoy a Pictures in the Park movie screening, scheduled to begin at 7.15pm, daylight pending. The first fireworks display will begin at 9pm off the Strand Park foreshore, with another spectacular round of fireworks at the stroke of midnight.

A wrap-up video celebrating this year’s T150 Celebrations will also be shown on the night. New Year’s Eve marks the end of Townsville’s 150th year as a municipality and the T150 Celebrations. Over the year we have celebrated this milestone with events such as the T150 4TOFM Pacific Festival, T150 Yarns Series, Port of Townsville Gala Dinner Under the Stars, T150 Variety Performance and the T150 Defence Force Air Show and Townsville Bulletin Sky Show.

At Riverway, there will be a movie screening on Riverway Oval of Disney Pixar’s UP, amusements, market stalls and a breathtaking fireworks display at 9pm. Those on Magnetic Island will also be treated to a fireworks display at 9pm from Nelly Bay. The earlier fireworks displays at 9pm are perfect for those who aren’t able to stay until midnight but still want to celebrate the New Year. There will also be plenty of entertainment on offer for families with young children. Food vendors will be on site at the Strand and Riverway selling food and beverages. Come along and join in the family-friendly fun this New Year’s Eve! For more information about Townsville City Council’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, visit

Da Vinci


Pinnacles Gallery, Riverway Arts Centre 13 November 2016 – 12 February 2017 For more information go to

presented by official drive partner


DUOMagazine December 2016

proudly supported by


An Oldie But A Goodie

Some of the best films that will ever be made have already been made and the Townsville Classic Films Club goes out of its way to ensure people watch them by screening films that are at least 30 years old. Writer Chloe Chomicki

FADE in... 50 film buffs are inhabiting Denham Lane lounging about on sofas, folding chairs and bean bags outside Hoi Polloi café watching classics like La Strada, His Girl Friday or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off... that’s the Townsville Classic Films Club in action. The brainchild of screenwriter Mark Enders and his partner Lauren Reichard, the Club began in 2013 with a showing of 1969’s Age of Consent to a “small but enthusiastic” audience. Since then word has spread about the fun fortnightly screenings and audience numbers have grown steadily. “By coming to our screenings rather than new-release movies, cinema-goers are saving money, enjoying a more relaxed atmosphere and watching a film that has stood the test of time,” Mark says.

“They also have the opportunity to share their ideas about the film with others – there’s no other experience like it in Townsville.” This year the Townsville Classic Films Club screened 25 films. These included 1949’s Passport to Pimlico, a British comedy that follows residents of London declaring independence when an old treaty is discovered, and 1952’s Mandy, a British drama about a mother striving to give her hearing-impaired daughter a better life. “We’ve also had special guests such as well-known directors Bruce Beresford and Paul Cox attend screenings,” says Mark, “along with film editor Anthony Buckley, filmmaker Andrew Pike and film critique David Stratton. Some of our Club members were lucky enough to walk away with signed books, movie posters and DVDs.” >

DUOMagazine December 2016



Mark’s passion for film was inherited from his dad Colin, who took him along to see see classics such as 1926’s The General and 1948’s Bicycle Thieves. “I began to appreciate that there’s a huge back catalogue of amazing films I’d never seen and I’ve kept looking ever since,” Mark says. “While at first our movie-lovers only came

out to see films they already knew of, now they are starting to trust our programming and are willing to watch relatively unknown titles. Their reward is that these are often the most powerful films they’ve ever seen. “Our goal is to engage a generation of cinema-goers who may have otherwise missed these films and show them these classics on the

big screen, where they were meant to be seen.” The curtain has closed on the last of the Club’s screenings for 2016 but the Townsville Classic Films Club crew is currently working on a new line-up for 2017. Keep an eye out for screening alerts at



DUOMagazine December 2016


Community Training Australia Wear-A-Bear Day Morning Tea



CTA Campus Josephine Carter Photography Bandi the Bear, mascot for the Townsville Hospital Foundation, made plenty of new friends at the Wear-A-Bear Day Morning Tea held at Community Training Australia’s Townsville campus. Since its inception in 1989 the Foundation has raised funds to provide the key extras that make a difference to patient and visitor care at the Townsville Hospital. 1. Fay Barker, Toni Mehigan 2. Judy Higgins, Bandi The Bear 3. Tim Pamflett, Renee Richards, Markus Fritsch 4. Scott Morrison, Phil Oakley 5. Danielle Bow, Amber Pollock 6. Kelly Lenning, Kandis Orr 7. Raylee Sutton, Renee Goodwin, Christine Wright 8. Lili Fleming, Blair Turner 9. Ellana Botham, Jaimee Bode 10. Ashleigh Davis, Cassandra Pecchiari


3 6

7 5




DUOMagazine December 2016



The Ville Resort-Casino Melbourne Cup Luncheon The Ville Grand Ballroom Shennen Lee Photography Guests enjoyed a three-course meal, prize giveaways and a fashion parade between sips of champagne and watching the Melbourne Cup. Congratulations to Nicholas Griffin (DUO Magazine Best Dressed Male), Melissa Thomson (DUO Magazine Best Hairpiece) and Breanna DeMaria and Michelle Lazzaroni (joint winners DUO Magazine Best Dressed Female).





1. Shannyn Pool, Greer Halloran 2. Reegan Wass, Annissa Miller 3. Yasmin Timms, Jasmin Macdonald, Mikhala Cousin 4. Coral Gilmore, Erica Keam 5. Bianca and Ben Moon 6. Gelorma Lapico, Kirran Jonsson 7. Sophie McCallum, Kate Harley 8. Colin Priestland, Peta Johnston 9. Anna Harvey, Nadine Mewissen 10. DUO Best Hairpiece WINNER Melissa Thomson

6 5





DUOMagazine December 2016


10 12


13 15 14


11. DUO Best Dressed Female JOINT WINNER Breanna De Maria 12. DUO Best Dressed Female JOINT WINNER Michelle Lazzaroni 13. Erica Sperring, Katie Marks 14. Karina Freeman, Jordana Hoyle 15. DUO Best Dressed Male Nicholas Griffin 16. Jenny Bishop, Terry Henningsen 17. Kristi Izod, Danni Keogh, Mel Britton 18. Jess and Ian Graniglia 19. Cathy Fairburn, Charlene Buronaccorso 20. Narelle Kong, Amie Nee


19 20


DUOMagazine December 2016




2 Michels Melbourne Club Luncheon Michels Flicka Photography Pol Roger champagne on arrival put guests at Michels Melbourne Cup celebrations in a merry mood. Some even left the four-course luncheon with a Pol Roger gift basket to keep the party going.


1. Mikaela Houghton, Judy Oats, Kya Faust 2. Sarah MacElroy, Emily Thompson 3. Lisa Ingliss, Danielle Turek 4. Victoria Tonner, Melanie Blanco 5. Rebecca Pascoe, Paula Hay 6. Alice Searle, Jodie McLeod, Ashleigh Travers-Jones 7. Melissa McLean, Margot Stanton, Di Popham 8. Tiffany Smith, Kimberley Fergusan 9. Sandra Bird, Wendy Chin 10. Amy Baskerville, Jen Jones





9 8



DUOMagazine December 2016


1 Jam Melbourne Cup Luncheon JAM Flicka Photography A four-course luncheon, Spring Racing cocktail, sweeps, raffles and prizes for best dressed were all part of the fun at JAM’s Melbourne Cup day celebrations. Part proceeds from the event went to JCU Townsville Fire.


1. Emma Lyster, Kate Walduck, Lesley Haussmann 2. Donna Astbury, Andrea Gedling 3. Joeleen Poggioli, Natasha Hoskin, Kasey Bloomfield 4. Kylie Anderson, Tammy Tyrell 5. Sally Pendreigh, Liz Buckley 6. Debra Lebreux, Cindy Strano 7. Kieran Halley, Matt Merrin, Paul Abercrombie 8. Rachael McCully, Cath Rule 9. Alexandra Murdoch, Alyssa Davies 10. Jill Cason, Teri Humphreys, Michelle Morton






9 10


DUOMagazine December 2016



Townsville Business Women’s Circle (TBWC) Inaugural Gala Evening 2 Allure Events Josephine Carter Photography


The Townsville Business Women’s circle held its inaugural Gala Evening at Allure Events with leadership guru Gillian Fox presenting a key note. Since kicking off in December last year, the TBWC has held 27 events across the region and raised over $4000 towards North Queensland’s first education bursary for women.



1. Isis Symes, Kari Arbouin 2. Richard Gernon, Brooklyn Handley 3. Gillian Fox, Lisa Banks 4. Heidi Avolio, Rachelle Foley 5. Danielle O’Toole, Narelle Quick 6. Stacey Jackson, Madison Jackson 7. Jason Stephens, Lisa Leonardi, Richard Gernon 8. Rachalann Jones, Miranda Hamilton 9. Andrew and Natalene Carter 10. Paula Tapiolas, David and Janine Kippin




9 8


DUOMagazine December 2016



Akasha /


DUOMagazine December 2016



DUOAdvertorial DUOBusiness

New Kid On The Block Table service, a rotating cocktail list and a small, intimate venue make Hooch & Fellow a refreshing addition to Flinders Street’s nightlife. And that was exactly bar owner Josh Agostino’s intention. THE Flinders Street bar strip has a new kid on the block, Hooch & Fellow, where friends, aka fellows, gather to drink alcohol, aka hooch. As the main fellow behind the bar, owner Josh Agostino has earned his stripes, or more appropriately earned his cocktail strainer, with a string of top shelf accolades. Josh has worked in the bar industry for over 15 years, throughout Australia and in “insanely busy London cocktail bars”. Locals may recognise him though as former Heritage Bar manager who masters a mean cocktail. He’s won regional and national cocktail competitions, and a national flair bartending competition. Josh says his biggest honour though was winning Best Regional Bar in Australia at The Australian Bartender Magazine Awards in 2013, while managing Heritage Bar. Earlier this year, he went out on his own, creating Hooch & Fellow, a small bar with its own flavour. To start with, it offers table service, with no reservations needed and no set cocktail list. “Not having a set cocktail list enables us to create a unique experience for our guests each time they come in,” explains Josh.


DUOMagazine December 2016

“We use fresh seasonal ingredients, sourced locally, which we mix with high quality products. Rotating cocktails entices our guests to try new things and perhaps discover products they wouldn’t normally order. “Alcohol is expensive these days and people more and more are looking for a better experience when they go out. Hooch & Fellow is a place for groups to meet up and have a few drinks before or after dinner or before heading to a larger late night venue.” Hooch & Fellow also offers a growing whisky menu, the “largest gin range in Townsville” plus high quality beer, wine and all that you’d expect from a true small bar. “We have introduced cocktail masterclasses for groups of 10 to 20,” adds Josh. “These classes are good fun and you get to drink your creations, making them well-suited to hen’s parties, birthday celebrations, Christmas parties and team building exercises.” Hooch & Fellow is located in Flinders Street East, and open Tuesday–Saturday, 5pm till midnight.

Hooch & Fellow 181 Flinders Street East, Townsville City 4721 0225 hoochandfellow/


HOOCH & FELLOW CHRISTMAS COCKTAIL RECIPES The cocktails we’ve chosen are a combination of traditional Christmas flavours combined with cocktails that are made for a North Queensland Christmas! We use a lot of fresh juices behind the bar including apple, orange, pear, strawberry, watermelon, papaya, pineapple and guava depending on their season so we wanted to celebrate that here. A WREY IN A MANGER


30ml Lillet Rouge

40ml Havana Club 7yr old

15ml Wrey + Nephew OP rum

15ml Grand Marnier

30ml fresh pressed pineapple juice

20ml 5 spice + cocoa nib + coffee bean syrup

15ml ruby red grapefruit juice 15ml lime juice 15ml sugar syrup Pineapple fronds garnish This cocktail was made especially for DUO. It uses Lillet Rouge, a wine based aperitif. Drinks using these types of ingredients are currently trending around the world with people looking for lower alcohol options. That being said we matched it with 63% overproof rum just to balance it out. F O R T I FI E D FL I P 30ml Averna 30ml Pedro Ximenez sherry 30ml spiced plum sauce (star anise and cinnamon)


1 dash Aztec chocolate bitters Burnt orange peel Dehydrated orange wheel garnish This is an in house favourite. A few local bartenders request this ‘off the menu special’ regularly, so we have to keep the syrup on hand at all times. It is Cuba’s finest rum Havana club aged for 7yrs to add extra depth and richness matched with the orange flavour of Grand Marnier then tied all together with a housemade syrup containing Chinese 5 spice, cocoa nibs and fresh ground coffee. Served in a cinnamon smoked glass.


C U C U M B E R C A N DY C A N E 40ml Hendricks gin 10ml Aperol

1 whole egg

10ml elderflower liqueur

Grated chocolate and nutmeg garnish

60ml fresh pressed watermelon juice

This drink is a much more traditional Christmas flavoured cocktail. We used Averna, a low ABV Amaro from Italy, matched with Pedro Ximenez sherry that has delicious raisin flavours and combined it with a spiced plum sauce made with star anise and cinnamon. Finally we add a whole egg to make it a flip and give it that real custard-esque mouthfeel.

10ml lime juice


15ml sugar syrup 1 dash of grapefruit bitters Cucumber ribbon and mint garnish FRESH! This is the most refreshing drink on the list by far. Refreshing with a very subtle bitterness that makes you constantly go back for more. It combines the sweetness of watermelon, elderflower and Hendricks gin with the citrus from the lime and bitterness from the Aperol and grapefruit bitters to make a well balanced and pretty drink.


DUOMagazine December 2016






Includes a gourmet 3 course dinner, a 5 hour premium beverage package & entertainment by Abbey Road!

Package includes a nights accommodation, 2 tickets to the NYE Ball, 2 welcome drink vouchers, 2 $5 Match n Play casino vouchers and late check out at 12noon!

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL | Phone: 4771 4000 Monday - Friday 9am to 4.30pm | ONLINE: In person: at the TECC Box Office Monday - Friday 9am to 4.30pm Subject to availability, change & cancellation. ^Guests must be 18+ to attend event or book package. Group bookings must be made in a single transaction to allow group seating allocation. Seating is at tables of 10. Tickets purchased online incur a $3.00 per ticket internet booking fee. Credit card bookings incur a 2% fee. Credit Card phone sales also incur $3.50 per ticket transaction fee. *Room rate is based on Deluxe Hotel room. Upgrades available. Fees apply. Packages are valid 31 December 2016. Event tickets are valid for the scheduled event in Townsville only. Prepayment required at time of booking. Bookings are non-cancellable and nonrefundable. Vantage Rewards member’s discounts not applicable. The Ville practises the responsible services of alcohol.



OTTO’S FRESH FOOD MARKET Townsville’s first market place providore of specialty foods and gifts. Freshly baked artisan breads, fresh quality produce and meats direct from local farms, as well as everything else you need for the gourmet’s kitchen! Drop in for breakfast or lunch to enjoy a coffee, frappe, smoothie or cold-pressed juice as well as a famous pie, pretzel sub or snack lovingly prepared by our in-store chef. Open Monday–Saturday 6am–7pm, Sunday 8am–4pm 3-5 Illuka Street, Currajong (behind Warrina Cineplex) 4759 1755

Our Mission comes down to 3 words: Burgers made good. We offer 100% grass feed, free range Beef, Chicken, Lamb or Steak with freshly baked bread every day. Come in and try our selection of sides including our Sweet Potato chips. Fully licensed and family friendly. We’re even happy for you to make your own! Dine in or take away. Made with Love. Open Sunday to Thursday 11am–10pm. Friday and Saturday 11am–late. 3 Palmer Street, South Townsville 4976 9990


THE SURF CLUB Situated on The Strand, this unique waterfront venue enjoys panoramic views of Magnetic Island and Cleveland Bay. The versatile venue can be hired for business meetings, corporate workshops, social events and private functions. As one of Townsville’s premier wedding venues, with an indoor outdoor space, it offers couples the perfect venue for your special day. Open to the public for Sunday at the Bay with live music from 2pm Sundays. Townsville Picnic Bay Surf Lifesaving Club, 80 The Strand, North Ward, Townsville 4724 4211


DUOMagazine December 2016

Paleo Cafe is a revolutionary health food store and café based on the most logical philosophy for optimal health, the Paleo Lifestyle. Comprising of good-quality lean meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables, seasonal fruit, nuts, seeds and berries, the Paleo Café Menu is 100% gluten free, dairy-protein free and sugar free. Open from 7am – 4pm Monday to Saturday and from 7am – 3pm Sunday City Lane, 373-383 Flinders Street Townsville. 4771 4045

A DESTINATION Michels restaurant is Townsville’s food destination. Enjoy modern Australian cuisine, crafted from local produce and


be enjoyed for a quick city lunch,

Offering an alternative dining & drinking destination.

a business dining venue, family

Bar M’s cocktail list has been

dinner or enjoy our degustation

created to complement Michels

experience. Michels is a relaxed

cuisine and capture the essence

dining and drinking destination,

of Michels, which is simple

perfectly situated in the heart

sophistication. The cocktail

of Townsville’s restaurant hub -

selection has all the traditional

Palmer Street.

offerings along with some

seasonal ingredients. Michels can

innovative, must try cocktails. Bar M also offers an impressive selection of French Champagne, Australian sparkling wine, premium imported & local wines,


spirits, as well as a range of

Michels catering has been Townsville’s leading caterer for nearly two decades.

imported & local beers.

The secret to Michels success is consistency – always creating memorable events through innovative cuisine and seamless service.





JAM Winner of Australian Good Food Guide Chef’s Hat Award 2014 and 2015 With seasonally designed menus using the freshest produce from local suppliers, Jam consistently offers unique dining experiences that leave you coming back for more. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, Matt Merrin and his team deliver modern Australian cuisine that is sure to impress. Jam is also perfect for your next private function or event, with elegant dining locations ‘Loft by Jam’ and ‘Luxe by Jam’. Open Tuesday–Saturday 7am–late, Sunday 7am–3pm 1 Palmer Street South Townsville 4721 4900

The Cactus Saloon has three great levels, all with their own unique bars, sensational food and excitement. With an authentic smoker oven, Texas BBQ style slow cooked ribs have never been tastier. With our new range of succulent meats we also offer takeaway lunches and late night dining. Experience Townsville’s home of Cocktails, BBQ and Craft beer. Lunch: Tuesday–Sunday Midday– 3pm. Dinner: Tuesday–Sunday 5pm–9:30pm. Late Night Menu: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 9:30pm–Midnight. 237 Flinders Street Townsville 4721 1708


MICHELS CATERING Winner: ‘Caterer of The Year’ & ‘Best Venue Caterer’ Indulge your taste buds and experience a divine menu created by Michels Catering for your next function… wedding, corporate, BBQ, party, soiree… Michels Catering has evolved into an ’on-trend’ catering company with a strong customer focus, making it one of the regions most versatile and respected caterers. Michels award winning team caters to an array of palates and dietary requirements (food allergies, gluten free, vegetarian/vegan), offering a diverse range of delicious fare, sure to impress. 7 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 1460


DUOMagazine December 2016

From the pastures of Central Queensland to the lush valleys of Northern Tasmania, the Independent Meat Company (I.M.C) Steakhouse showcases some of the finest produce from farmers around Australia; guaranteeing tender, juicy steaks of the highest quality. The I.M.C.’s 10 select beef cuts showcase that ‘great’ and ‘Australian’ need not be ‘expensive’. The I.M.C. also has a well-stocked wine and craft beer bar and monthly showcase steaks. Bookings welcome. Dinner Only 7 nights 5pm–late. 17–21 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 3243





Luxe Room


Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner service.

Stunning private dining, seating 6 to 18 guests.

Our first floor boutique function room with views across the CBD, river and hills. Catering for up to 50 sit down or 100 cocktail.



The Jam team would like to wish everyone a

Champagne ON US


Merry Christmas We a r e t a k i n g a l i t t l e b r e a k between 24th December - 12th January and look forward to seeing you in the new year.


TOP FIZZ for the Festive Season

The festive season is here and those party invitations are coming in. People often say don’t bring a thing (but of course you absolutely should). Here are 6 of the best: Value Drop Pizzini Prosecco, 2016, King Valley, VIC, $20 Grant Burge Pinot Noir Chardonnay Sparkling, NV, Australia, $25

Pink & Rosey Bird in Hand Sparkling Pinot Noir, NV, Adelaide Hills, SA $25

Boutique & Regional Clover Hill Vintage Brut, 2012, Northern Tasmania, $40

Splurge & Impress House of Arras Grand Vintage, 2007, Tasmania, $60 Pol Roger Brut, NV, Champagne, France, $75 WHETHER it is just pre-dinner drinks or a full sit down feast, champagne or sparkling wine is a great choice. And if your host already has cocktails or wine flowing and it doesn’t get opened, it seamlessly becomes a gift without anyone getting offended.

In Australia, the best bubbles come from cold places which means Tasmania rules the fizzy roost. You can also get great Italian style Proseccos from cool climate areas like the King Valley in Victoria.


ABOUT WINE SISTER Wine Sister Liz O’Connell has over twenty years experience in the wine industry in Australia and California. She is a wine buyer for private clients and writes for online and print publications.


Townsville 3 Palmer Street - 4976 9990 - 150

DUOMagazine December 2016

Grill’d • Townsville • 3 Palmer St • 4976 9990



DUORecipe Otto’s Christmas Lunch

Otto’s Christmas Lunch Recipes

Greg’s Maple, Orange & Port Ham Glaze Ingredients:


Cloves for studding

1) Score and stud ham with cloves

1 cup maple syrup ½ cup freshly squeezed orange juice

2) Mix other ingredients in small pan over low heat to combine and thicken

½ cup vintage port

3) Bake ham at 160 degrees and glaze frequently

2 tbsp Dijon mustard

4) Add extra glass or two of vintage port for chef

Freshly ground pepper

Lunch Table Spread (above) • Glazed ham (see recipe) • Christmas Summer Salad (see recipe) • Bread rolls • Peach flan • Fresh fruit


DUOMagazine December 2016

DUORecipe Otto’s Christmas Lunch

Sandra’s Christmas Summer Salad Serves: 8 Ingredients: 5 handfuls of greens of your choice e.g. baby spinach. For something different try snow pea tendrils or watercress. 6 figs (cut into 8 pieces each) 2–3 cubes Meredith Dairy Marinated Fetta (crumbled) 1 punnet of blueberries ½ pomegranate

Method: 5) Choose a nice flat serving tray to layer your salad on 6) Place your washed and dried leaves on the bottom 7) Place cut figs on top 8) Crumble the feta cheese over the figs 9) Top with blueberries, walnuts, red onion slivers, pomegranate and micro herbs 10) Just before serving drizzle a good quality Verjuice over the salad and give it a hit of black pepper

1 cup of walnuts (slightly crushed) Slivers of red onion Snow pea sprouts to garnish Verjuice Black pepper to taste

All ingredients are available from Otto’s Fresh Food Market Illuka Street Currajong (behind Warrina Cineplex) 4759 1755 DUOMagazine December 2016


DUORecipe Otto’s Christmas Dinner

Otto’s Christmas Dinner Recipes

Don’s Brandy & Cranberry Gravy Serves: 10



1) Pour juices from the roasting pan into a jug. Discard fat from surface, reserving ¼ cup.

120g butter, chopped 3 strips lemon rind 3 sprigs fresh thyme 1 garlic clove 2 tablespoons lemon juice 3.5 cups good quality chicken stock

2) Return reserved fat to the pan over medium heat. Add flour. Cook stirring for 1–2 minutes or until it bubbles. Remove from heat. 3) Gradually whisk in brandy, remaining stock and pan juices. Stir over medium heat until gravy boils.

¼ cup plain flour

4) Stir in cranberry sauce. Boil, stirring for 5–7 minutes or until gravy thickens slightly.

¼ cup brandy

5) Serve with turkey.

¼ cup cranberry sauce

DUORecipe Otto’s Christmas Dinner

Heidi’s Traditional Turkey Stuffing Dinner Table Spread (above) • Turkey (see stuffing recipe) • Knodel (German Potato dumplings) • Red Cabbage • Gravy (see recipe) • Poached pears with cranberry • Christmas Biscuits All ingredients are available from Otto’s Fresh Food Market Illuka Street Currajong (behind Warrina Cineplex) 4759 1755

Serves: fills a size 40 turkey



1) Rinse turkey inside and out under cold running water, pat dry with paper towel.

200g beef mince 200g pork mince 100g chicken liver (finely chopped) 1 brown onion (finely chopped) 2 eggs 1 bread roll 2 tbsp tomato ketchup

2) Soak bread roll until soft then squeeze water out to remove all excess liquid. 3) Add all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix with hands until well combined. 4) Stuff turkey, tie legs, tuck wings. 5) Any excess filling can be turned into stuffing balls and baked.

2 tsp mustard 1 hand full parsley (finely chopped) Salt and pepper to taste

DUOMagazine December 2016


DUORecipe Neil Perry’s Good Cooking

Warm salad of haloumi, grapes, olives and pomegranate with lemon vinaigrette

Serves 4 All of these wonderful flavours together make for a very exciting salad. I do love warm haloumi, but this salad is also great at room temperature using crumbled feta instead.

Ingredients 120 g (4¼ oz) seedless flame grapes, on the vine Seeds of ½ pomegranate 40g (1½ oz / 1/3 cup) pitted Ligurian olives 40g (1½ oz) baby rocket (arugula) 1 small handful mint leaves 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 350g (12 oz) haloumi cheese, thickly sliced 2 teaspoons Za’atar

Lemon vinaigrette 1 tablespoon lemon juice 60ml (2 fl oz / ¼ cup) extra virgin olive oil Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Method To make the lemon vinaigrette, whisk the lemon juice, olive oil and seasoning together. Images and recipes from Neil Perry’s Good Cooking by Neil Perry (Murdoch Books) $49.99

Remove the grapes from the vine, wash and cut in half. Place in a bowl with the pomegranate seeds, olives, rocket and mint. Heat the olive oil in a non-stick frying pan over high heat. Pan-fry the haloumi for 1 minute on each side or until golden. Add the vinaigrette to the salad and toss to combine. Divide the salad and haloumi among four serving plates and sprinkle with the Za’atar. Serve immediately. Note: Za’atar is a Middle Eastern ground spice blend that typically contains dried thyme, sumac and sesame seeds.


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DUORecipe Neil Perry’s Good Cooking

DUOMagazine December 2016


DUORecipe Neil Wholefood Perry’s Good From The Cooking Ground Up


DUOMagazine December 2016

DUORecipe Neil Perry’s Good Cooking

Chilled lemon soufflés

Serves 6 These are fun little mousses that are set above the rims of the ramekins to resemble soufflés. The amount of gelatine makes them very delicate. They could never stand up if turned out, and that’s what makes them so delicious – the texture. Serve them with a dollop of whipped cream.

Ingredients 2 titanium-strength gelatine sheets 185 ml (6 fl oz / ¾ cup) lemon juice, strained 4 large free-range eggs, separated 150 g (5½ oz / 2/3 cup) caster (superfine) sugar 1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest, plus extra to serve 250 ml (9 fl oz / 1 cup) thick (double) cream Icing (confectioners’) sugar, for dusting

Method You will need six 125 ml (4 fl oz / 1½ cup) glass dishes or ramekins. Cut six strips of baking paper about 2 cm (¾ inch) wider than the height of the dishes and 2 cm (¾ inch) longer than the circumference. Wrap a strip of baking paper around each dish to form a collar and secure with kitchen string. Soak the gelatine sheets in cold water for 5 minutes to soften. Remove from the water and gently squeeze to remove the excess. Put the lemon juice and gelatine sheets in a small saucepan and stir over low heat until the gelatine has dissolved. Remove the pan from the heat and set aside. Images and recipes from Neil Perry’s Good Cooking by Neil Perry (Murdoch Books) $49.99

Put the egg yolks, sugar and lemon zest in a small heatproof bowl and place over a saucepan of barely simmering water. Whisk constantly until the mixture is thick and pale, then add the lemon and gelatine mixture and whisk well. Remove from the heat and sit the bowl in a dish of iced water, stirring occasionally until cool. Use an electric beater with a whisk attachment to whisk the egg whites in a small bowl at high speed until soft peaks form. Gently fold a large spoonful of egg whites through the egg yolk mixture, then fold in the remaining egg whites until just combined. Whip the cream until soft peaks form, then fold it through the lemon mixture. Spoon the mixture evenly into the prepared dishes and refrigerate for at least 3 hours. When you are ready to serve, remove the string and paper from the soufflés. Dust with icing sugar, sprinkle with lemon zest and serve.

DUOMagazine December 2016





VNQ is a volunteer resource centre and our core purpose is to promote volunteering and linking people to suitable volunteer opportunities. The referral officers and admin team rely on information technology to provide our service to community but have limited resources. We are only a small IT team but it is a rewarding experience when we are able to resolve challenges ourselves. How long have you been volunteering? 18 months. Why do you volunteer? We moved to Townsville in early 2015 and it was difficult to find employment. After 'staying at home' for several months I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and depression. I was caring for our two year old son but found I needed additional mental stimulation and decided to 'get out' and volunteer. I contacted Volunteering North Queensland to find a not-for-profit organisations that needed IT support. Their previous IT Volunteer had recently moved town and so I was hired on the spot. My IT skill was mainly working with niche technology whereas VNQ required more generalised skills to cater for day-to-day IT operation. Working at VNQ has widened my horizon and skills and given me a purpose. What do you enjoy most about volunteering? I’d never previously volunteered even when I could afford the time. Even though I knew there were many struggling to make a living, I had considered volunteering a luxury. Now, I feel good about contributing to the community while at the same time developing new skills. I have also found and enjoyed the sense of camaraderie and knowing everyone is working to the best of their ability without expecting financial reward. I’ve met interesting new new people and realised that the volunteer community is much larger than I expected. Donate now at:


DUOMagazine December 2016

Townsville Street Chaplains Inc. is a Christian ministry outreach service run by volunteers from across the churches of Townsville. We’re ordinary people from across all Christian Church affiliations who volunteer to support the patrons of the night club precinct. We provide a listening ear to all and safeguard vulnerable people during peak operating times. We assist with the operation of the Rest and Recovery Tent, in partnership with Anglicare North Queensland with whatever assistance is required – water for rehydrating; first aid; provision of bunks for ‘sleeping it off’; wheelchair assistance to the R&R tent; calling paramedics; just listening and supporting in a way that helps to calm and settle agitation etc. Chaplains patrolling the precinct often discover patrons in need of assistance. How long have you been volunteering? I first joined the Street Chaplains in 2011 and some time later was invited to become a Board member. In December 2013 I was elected President and Chair of the Board of Management of Townsville Street Chaplains, a position I currently occupy. Why do you volunteer? My role as the ecumenical officer for the Catholic Diocese made me appreciate the value of working together in a collaborative way with the other Christian churches in Townsville. I also was drawn to the opportunity to engage in a hands-on ministry that simply saw a need and stepped up to do something about it. What do you enjoy most about volunteering? The knowledge that one is actually helping someone and that we work together as a finely tuned team. The Chaplains and the R&R workers are very valued on the street and receive many statements of appreciation that come not only from the patrons, but also the police, the security and the paramedics. Donate now at:


In this Goodwill+Giving Issue we’re delighted to present four of our local volunteers who do so much to help our community. If you think someone should be featured in the future please email



I volunteer with the Townsville Hospital Foundation on the Front Enquiries Desk and Courtesy Buggy service. Between myself and the other 120+ volunteers we service over 10 different areas of the hospital offering assistance and compassion to the patients, visitors and staff that visit the Townsville Hospital daily. The Foundation also runs a number of different fundraising events monthly including BBQ’s which I help with regularly. How long have you been volunteering? I started with the Townsville Hospital Foundation in May 2015 but have volunteered for a number of organisations previously. Why do you volunteer? I like to be able to give back and to help people. When I first migrated to Australia, I had $5 to my name so I know what it means to offer assistance and kindness to those in need. I first heard about the Townsville Hospital Foundation through my father in law who was a volunteer with them. After hearing his stories I decided to become a 'yellow shirt' volunteer myself. I am in my comfort zone when I can help people, it is in my genes. What do you enjoy most about volunteering? Meeting new people and helping to direct them around the hospital either on foot or via buggy. It is rewarding to know that we are making their experience at the Townsville Hospital that little bit easier. I also thoroughly enjoy spending time with and getting to know the other 120+ volunteers that work for the Foundation. Donate now at:

St James Retirement Village is run by the Churches of Christ and provides a lifestyle that enables residents to remain independent while living in a secure and supported environment. They embrace a diverse team of volunteers of all ages, genders, nationality, religion and skills who work together to assist the residents. How long have you been volunteering? Nearly 12 months. Why do you volunteer? I came to Australia from Holland and love the Townsville lifestyle. Aussies have been good to me and I’m happy to give something back by volunteering. After I got a redundancy package and finished my own home maintenance I had nothing to do. I contacted Volunteering North Queensland and they sent me to St James Village to find out more about the position. It was just what I wanted to do and I’m now volunteering two days a week as a handyman helping the residents to do the odd jobs they can no longer do. What do you enjoy most about volunteering? Volunteering can be much more enjoyable than you might think. Interacting and helping the residents gives me a sense of fulfilment. I really enjoy the friendship and working with lots of different people. I now have interesting things to talk about with my family and friends when I get home. Volunteering gives me a goal. I find it rewarding to use my woodworking and maintenance skills to fix fans, change light bulbs and do all odd jobs for the elderly people who are no longer physically able to do them. But I also do special jobs like making ramps to help people in wheelchairs more easily access their homes. I’ll do anything to help the village including setting up for social functions and activities. My advice to anyone who is bored or lonely is to get in touch with VNQ and find a volunteer job. Donate now at: DUOMagazine December 2016



Singing Brings Us Together As Christmas approaches, Seniors Creating Change is focused on sharing festive cheer with some of our most isolated citizens – the elderly.

SENIORS Creating Change burst onto the scene in 2011 in a big way with a ‘flash mob’ at Stockland Shopping Centre’s food court. “We all stood up, peeled off our baggy tops to reveal our red Seniors Creating Change T-shirts and started singing the classic civil rights movement song If I Had a Hammer,” says group coordinator Jane Andreassen. “Our debut lead to requests for future performances across North Queensland!” Founded and supported by the Townsville Community Legal Service, Seniors Creating Change is a grassroots group with the common cause of empowering seniors and ending elder abuse. “In 2007 the Queensland Government funded the Seniors Legal and Support Service (SLASS) to provide legal and support services to seniors experiencing or at risk of elder abuse,” Jane says.


DUOMagazine December 2016

“SLASS is a multi-disciplinary team that take a holistic approach to client work, using promotional activities like Seniors Creating Change to raise awareness of issues facing seniors and promote the free help available.” As well as singing in public places to raise awareness of the root causes of ageism, Seniors Creating Change sing at many of our local nursing homes, sharing music and laughter with residents to combat social isolation. “Many residents in nursing homes have little to no family visiting them and can often experience extreme loneliness,” Jane says. “When they see us perform the smiles say it all and it isn’t long before they join in on the fun.” This festive season you’ll find Seniors Creating Change singing at Blue Care Mt Louisa, Carinity Fairfield Grange, Glendale Aged Care, Life Without

Barriers’ Christmas party for seniors and the North Townsville Community Hub’s Carols by Candlelight. Today the group consists of 70+ members with a core group of 35–40 people attending on a regular basis. “Seniors Creating Change is a powerful role model for our community and a means for building and maintaining social relationships for members,” Jane says. “It’s a stress-free environment and this is key to the group’s sustainability.” CONNECT NOW People 60+ are welcome to join Seniors Creating Change. To ask about joining, or if you are interested in having the group come along and perform at an event, call Jane on 4721 5511. For more information visit or seniorscreatingchange



$149 BOOK NOW 1800 101 533

• Engine Oil & Filter change • Multi-point vehicle inspection • Safety Check • On-board computer diagnostic check • Check all fluid levels • Road test report



Introducing the world’s first premium compact convertible SUV. Featuring Land Rover’s new InControl Touch Pro Infotainment system and the very latest Terrain Response technology. The new Range Rover Evoque Convertible is perfectly adapted to the city. Book your test drive today and conquer the urban jungle.

Townsville Land Rover 52 Duckworth Street, Townsville Drive responsibly on and off-road.

Tel: (07) 4726 7777

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