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Are you overweight? Do you have? � Diabetes � Hypertension � High cholesterol � Heart disease

� Infertility � Fatty liver disease � Obstructive sleep apnoea � Polycystic ovary disease � Depression � Asthma � Arthritis

If you do, we can help you!

Obesity is now considered a chronic disease by the World Health Organisation. If you would like to achieve and maintain your goal weight, while improving your health, quality of life and life expectancy. Telephone: 1300 WEIGH LESS and start the conversations that will positively change your life.

If you are obese, then the chances are that you have exhausted every weight loss option available, to the point where it may seem like there are no alternatives. Dieting, exercise, and medication have long been regarded as the conventional methods to achieve weight loss. These efforts may be successful in the short term, but the results rarely last and weight is often regained with interest within one to two years. This translates into what is commonly called the “yo-yo syndrome”, where weight is continually gained and lost, increasing the probability of serious health consequences.

At North Queensland Obesity Surgery Centre, we’ll help you get there, and stay there. Our practice is a purpose built facility for the surgical management of morbid obesity. The long-term success of obesity surgery is dependent on having a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work together with the goal of providing safe and effective weight-loss surgery, comprehensive education, lifestyle modification, and ongoing follow-up and support. We utilise equipment specifically designed for bariatric patients including examination beds and weight scales. Laparoscopic procedures are performed at the Mater Hospital, Pimlico and endoscopic procedures are also performed at the Townsville Day Surgery. At times, procedures are carried out at other medical facilities.

“Imagine a pill, to be taken only once, which sent Type 2 diabetes into remission for most sufferers, that would reduce blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes whilst at the same time make practically everyone who takes it feel better and more able to be productive in the workplace and which would result in a later reduction in the risk of developing the majority of common cancers and would have a knock on effect of doing the same for an individual’s children, whilst actually saving us all money. This ‘pill’, is bariatric/weight loss surgery and it may be a solution you can have. You do not have to suffer with obesity. We will help you get there and stay there.”

You do not have to suffer any longer with obesity. Telephone: 1300 WEIGH LESS for a free information consultation. 41


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