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Unlike most pharmacists, who specialise in healthcare areas such as wound management, travel medicine or infant health, Adam Chinotti went on to become an expert in the field of treating sleep apnea. “I love talking to patients and hearing their stories,” says Adam, owner of the Healthy Sleep Solutions practice on Ross River Road.

From diagnosis to long-term management and care for sleep apnea suffers, Healthy Sleep Solutions can help you sleep easy.

“Some of the most severe sleep apnea patients I’ve met have snored so loud the neighbour two doors down complained of the noise or have nodded off to sleep in the shower. To meet these patients when they’re in a state of exhaustion and poor health and be able to help them regain their quality of life is very satisfying. I’ve also saved a lot of marriages where snoring was an issue!” Adam and his team at Healthy Sleep Solutions are able to perform Medicare-funded sleep diagnostic studies where you can take home diagnostic equipment to complete the analysis in the comfort of your own bed. “Our practice uses independent sleep and respiratory specialists to diagnose the patient and then we assess each case via telehealth consultations,” Adam says. “We strive to keep our waiting list under a week and deliver diagnostic results to patients and their doctor within a fortnight. The patient is able to begin the specialist’s recommended treatment immediately after diagnosis.”

A great night’s sleep

The Healthy Solutions team pride themselves on educating patients about their condition and treatment. They are able to commence patients on CPAP therapy trials, supply and service CPAP medical equipment and there’s a specialist physician CPAP review available for aviation, commercial driving and work medical clearance. “As part of a national network of clinics, we’re able to supply DVA-funded CPAP equipment to veterans, Closing The Gap support to eligible Indigenous patients and maintain competitive prices for concessional, general and pension patients,” Adam says. “Our purpose-built facility also means we have multiple practice rooms and several technicians on hand. You’re welcome to drop by without an appointment and see a technician, have your equipment checked, browse our new CPAP equipment and have any parts replaced.”

Photo right: Christine Registered Nurse (RN) and Sleep Tech Adam Chinotti Owner/director, Pharmacist, Sleep Tech

Healthy Sleep Solutions 272 Ross River Road, Aitkenvale 0423 402 569

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