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Keeping your skin in check Live, work or play in this gorgeous sunshine city? It’s time you got checked for skin cancer – no excuses!

Dr Helena Rosengren (front row centre) and her team: Back row Dr Elizabeth Stalewski Dr Robert Teunisse Front row Dr Alan Poggio Dr Jeremy Hudson with nursing and reception support staff

Living in Townsville there’s one thing we’re not short of – sunshine. But with our glorious weather comes harmful UV. The statistics show two out of three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70 and in Townsville our chances are even higher. “Townsville’s UV index is rated ‘extreme’ for several hours every single day of the year,” explains Dr Helena Rosengren, founder and principal at Skin Repair Skin Cancer Clinic and also cosmetic clinic SkinOvation. “Even in July, the coolest month of the year, the UV index is rated ‘extreme’ (above 6) between 11am and 2pm most days. Living in such severe UV conditions even short bouts of minimal sun exposure cause irreparable DNA damage that for many of us unfortunately results in multiple skin cancers including potentially life-threatening melanoma.” Dr Rosengren left general practice 13 years ago to focus on skin cancer medicine full time, and since then has lectured all over the country sharing her knowledge and vast experience with other doctors.


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“It is so inspiring to see people’s lives transformed in little and big ways when our proven treatments give them a fresh younger look.” DR HELENA ROSENGREN

Duo Magazine August 2017  

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