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Filitsa Kounias

About me: I would say that I am a North Queenslander with a European heart. Whilst my husband and I did live on a Greek Island for a few years, I am a true Townsville local. I love this city. That is one of the reasons I started the Instagram account @townsvillelovesyourbusiness – I really hope you are following? I am a business owner myself and have a vision that if Townsville could ‘kill it’ on social media, our city would be the place to come for business and fun. I run a law practice (Kounias Lawyers) and a social media consultancy business (Green Apple Marketing). I don’t take myself too seriously, I definitely laugh at myself (you should check out @thelawlady while you’re at it).

BAG I love the idea behind the llani label of recycling tyre tube, it was a no-brainer that I should have this bag. I would love it if everyone thought about wasting less and recycling more. The bag also makes a great talking point. “Hi, I like your bag…..thanks it used to be a tyre tube.” COFFEE CUP Trying hard to reduce the waste I make in the world – one coffee cup at a time! My sister gifted me this Gloria Jeans cup because she knows how many coffees I drink a day (that information is confidential). GOPRO Had to have it. You know, for when I go surfing, jetskiing or snowboarding. COFFEE CARDS I have a stack of these because most of my business is usually done over coffee. Oh look I have some freebies! THANK-YOU CARDS OMG I love these. They’re the perfect size to write a little something on and leave it behind for someone to find. WORRY BEADS My husband brought these back from his last overseas trip. For me, they are more like thought beads. If you see these in my hand it means I am thinking really hard. GREEN APPLE My friend Mitra is always reminding me to take care of my health and wellbeing. She is the inspiration behind the Green Apple brand and my business partner. She also throws a green apple at me now and then – I have learnt to catch them instead of ducking.


DUOMagazine August 2017 @duomagazine

IPHONE I run both my businesses from my iPhone, I manage numerous Instagram accounts including my own and you will often see me snapping photos like a maniac on it. If you ever see me without my iPhone please check that I am ok. PIPSILK SCARF I wear a lot of black so a colourful scarf can change my whole look STORYTELLER PENCILS Why write with a boring pencil. Mitra found these for me, she knows I like to tell stories. NECKLACE Mum brought this back for me from the Greek Islands a few years ago. It is usually around my neck but from wear and tear it’s sometimes in my bag between link fixups. In Greek we call the eye, the Mati. For me, I wear it for protection and good luck. HAIR PRODUCT This stuff is sensational. Dani at Meraki Hair introduced me to it. Now it lives in my bag. Yep, I have greys and I cover them. PHOTO Taken on an overseas holiday we had many years ago. Time for another holiday I think. LIPPIE I’m always running from one meeting to another (ok from one coffee to another) so a good lipstick is a must. Anna from Anna’s Skin and Beauty helped me choose this one, it’s called Trophy Wife, she knows I like a laugh. PERFUME According to my children, I deserved this. JOURNAL I designed these journals for my clients. Inside, the journal is filled with blank pages so that you can write your own story. I always carry a few in my bag as I am always giving them away – we all have a story in us. Stay tuned for my bestseller!

Duo Magazine August 2017  

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