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What are the benefits of living in a smaller space? Smaller space, designed well, can provide for pretty much everything you need to live well, with less, more simply. Smaller space allows for greater interaction between people. Relief is an important aspect of well-designed small space, clear boundaries should be established to allow for sanctuary when needed. So the key benefits for you are living well, more simply, with less. What does ‘with less’ mean? Is it just an affordability thing or is it a more conscious lifestyle decision? Spot on. The importance of things diminishes when clutter impedes on the use and enjoyment of a space. I find this to be a particularly satisfying benefit of living in a smaller space. Creatively integrated storage design is important to ensure essential things have a home and are easily accessible. Less is not about affordability, it’s about what we need to live well, not what we think we need to live a life we’re told we should aspire to live. The simplicity of living in well-designed smaller spaces frees time for personal development, connection with friends, family and the natural rhythms of our surrounding environment. What impact do you think a project like this can have on the local community? We believe in using design as a tool to bring people together whilst providing sanctuary from the world when needed. By opening out onto the street we increase opportunities for connection and kinship. Provided sufficient layering is used to maintain privacy, design strategies can be used to increase incidental interaction and in doing so develop relationships with neighbours, build a sense of community and increase belonging to the moment and to each other. Having lived in 1 North Street for a little over four years now, we have been delighted by the chance encounters afforded by the design of the front yard. Too many houses in Melbourne turn their back on the street. I often imagine the kind of city we could live in if more houses were designed to embrace the street, rather than turn away from it.



“The importance of things diminishes when clutter impedes on the use and enjoyment of a space.” L I A M WA L L I S

top: Coastal Landscape Vibes. Interacting with the street and maintaining connection. bottom: To maximise integration with the street, the design for the front yard was designed with multiple layers, which filter this transition between public and private space.

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