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SAM SCOTT-YOUNG managing director orthotech orthopaedics

What’s your link to Townsville? I was born in Townsville –one of seven children (five girls, two boys) to the late Dr Norman Scott Young and Mrs Olive Scott Young (83 and still kicking). My parents were very prominent in Townsville. My father was superintendent of the Townsville General Hospital and also Liberal Member for Townsville. Mum was involved heavily in politics and generally causing trouble. You may remember her nickname ‘Pothole Olive’ from when she sat in a pothole to protest the Council wasn’t doing their job properly. I thoroughly enjoyed growing up in Townsville, with its freedom, and have held on to so many great friends. I had an extremely colourful education in Townsville, firstly at Townsville Grammar School (Grade 8), Pimlico State High School (Grade 9), St Therese’s College Abbergowrie (Grade 10), Marist Bros Ashgrove Brisbane (Grade 11 and 12) and repeated school back at Townsville Grammar. So you could say I did a full circuit. The greatest thing about my schooling was starting my rugby career at Marist in Grade 11 and making the Australian Schoolboys Rugby Team from Townsville Grammar in 1985. Where are you now? In 1987 I got in my $1500 rusty Mercedes and drove to Brisbane seeking fame and fortune on the Rugby paddock. Being in amateur sport, I didn’t quite make the fortune! That year I met the most beautiful girl in the world, Donna, who I couldn’t let

JACK HERMAN scholarship student

What’s your link to Townsville? I grew up in Townsville — it’s a great place to grow up. You can’t beat the weather! Where are you now? I study and play soccer for my college (Presentation College) in Aberdeen, South Dakota. I had a trial for scouts who put me on to US coaches and I was lucky enough to receive a partial scholarship. I’m studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science and I’m aiming to use this to become a health advisor who designs meal plans and fitness training programs. I plan to have a great season with the team and finish out the final year of my degree. I miss the Townsville sun. The winters are long and cold in South Dakota. It can

go of. We’ve been very happily married for 26 years and have three beautiful geniuses – Isaac 23, Angus 20 and Louisa 18. Brisbane has become our home and, as we travel extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand and the world it’s always nice to come back to a medium-sized city. As my family have all been involved in medicine, it followed that I would set up my own company, Orthotech Orthopaedics (in 1992). Orthotech is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for 20 companies providing education and support to the orthopaedic, spinal and neurosurgery surgeons. We have staff in every capital city throughout Australia and New Zealand and, in fact, are servicing quite a number of prominent doctors in Townsville. May I say the level of skill that the Townsville community has in orthopaedic and spinal surgeons is second to none.

How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? When I left Townsville as a youngster, I didn’t know what was ahead of me, so I just held on to the confidence that I was taught growing up by my Townsville mentors. During my Rugby career I came back home to deliver a Queensland jersey, or Wallabies socks, to people who had supported me along the way. They know who they are and I will be forever grateful. I have a saying that success is fleeting, and that the moment you think you’ve made it, you’ve lost it. You have to keep backing up every day. Do you still come back to Townsville to visit? Absolutely, I’m up there every couple of months. I could certainly come to Townsville more often if the orthopaedic surgeons would book more of my equipment!

get down to -20 degrees plus wind chill. It’s quite a body shock when I get back to the Townsville heat. What’s happening with your personal life? I have a girlfriend of four years who I met in Townsville – Ao Jones. We Skype a lot! She and my mum, Lisa, have been over to visit me and are coming back in October for my final game. I couldn’t have done it without their support. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? My time as a junior for Rebels Football Club was a great training ground. I played under 6s to senior grade. Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? I come back to Townsville every year between semesters to look for work and catch up with my girlfriend, family and friends. DUOMagazine August 2017


Duo Magazine August 2017  

Every month, DUO captures the unique spirit of our region and grabs the attention of our community.

Duo Magazine August 2017  

Every month, DUO captures the unique spirit of our region and grabs the attention of our community.