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“The whole process is definitely not a solo responsibility! Part of being a production manager is making sure you’re surrounded by a great team. It’s a lot of working with other people who know their speciality, and bringing everyone together to deliver something amazing.” Katie describes being a stage manager as being someone who brings order to the chaos. Ultimately the stage manager is the boss once the show’s on the stage and it’s a huge responsibility that requires patience and initiative. Production management is, as Katie puts it, “a different beast altogether”. In this extremely important role, Katie takes on all of the peripheral work needed to get a show in front of an audience, freeing up the directing team to focus on managing the cast. An all-consuming position, production management isn’t limited to three or four rehearsals a week and can be an unforgiving and thankless job.

“You need to be thick-skinned, super organised, adrenaline fuelled, and immensely focused. Of course you also have to love it, because if you’re not having fun, it just becomes a chore.” “It’s far too big a job to be a chore.” But despite the hours involved and the potential for stressful situations, Katie wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her pathway to other people curious about theatre roles that aren’t in the spotlight. Her recommendations include getting involved in anything and everything behind the scenes to see what lights a spark. “It’s a bit of a process, but it’s such a great world to be a part of. Don’t hesitate, do it.”

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Duo Magazine August 2017  
Duo Magazine August 2017  

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