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23 July – 23 August

You’re ready for enchantment and a whole lot more excitement. Fortunately, the cosmos agrees. With quite a few zodiac neighbours still struggling, there are very few people around to disrupt your birthday plans. Take this time to strengthen work strategies. New friendships also appear promising, as do financial prospects.

Astrologer Tanya Obreza reveals what’s in the stars for you this month…












24 August – 22 September One particular project rules August’s agenda. Ideas become more intense as your spiritual and intellectual awareness deepens. Virgos seek broader horizons through knowledge, travel or meditation. Others recognise your talents, and welcome you into a new work arena. In turn, their assistance boosts a past slump in confidence.

22 December – 20 January With the cosmos ready to offer its stamp of approval, it’s time to pitch your dream projects to anyone willing to listen. You may be surprised where that unexpected break comes from. If there’s a romantic pause after the 8th, not a problem – it’s just a matter of logistics. Soon after, you can clear the diary space for carnal delights.

21 April – 20 May You’ve been doing it tough for some time now, Taurus. Illness, work pressures, family issues – too many demands have drained your tired spirit. No wonder you’ve scuttled behind closed doors. Still, we must assume that better moments lie ahead. And they do. August offers amazing opportunities. The greatest gift? Growing self-confidence.



23 September – 23 October Many around you don’t seem to be in a rush to go anywhere, which means it’s up to you to hurry them along a bit. For anyone else, this would be a big ask, but not for charming Librans. Just make sure you take time out after the 26th for Venus’s little erotic treat. The pursuit of pleasure should be denied no one – least of all you.

21 January – 18 February Here’s a month when one detour leads to another. Couples might want more independence, but be sure to give others the same freedom. Singles can expect love that’s short and sweet and for now, that’s the way you like it. Should the planets argue for a career change, don’t ignore them. Be grateful for any timely guidance.

21 May – 21 June The cosmos gives Geminis a head start this month by stirring motivations. Only the heavens know where all your extra energy will come from, but why question a good thing? Just get on with the business of being a marvel, and busy yourself with what motivates you. Your career possibilities expand, as does your financial outlook.

24 October – 22 November There’s always someone who’ll try to nudge you into a reluctant corner, which isn’t usually a problem for headstrong you. After the 8th, welcome help arrives in the form of a lunar eclipse – which encourages you to revise personal boundaries. As the borders change, so will the rules, and unwelcome protagonists find themselves ousted.

19 February – 20 March Money and work play a strong role in August, and the outlook is positive. There may be painstaking paperwork involved, but even that won’t phase you. At play, an old love could be rekindled. And though you may feel warmed by the familiarity of an old flame, if you’re serious about the present – don’t surrender to the past.

22 June – 22 July Sometimes we have to live through situations that we don’t understand, but if we look deeply, or wait long enough, a reason for that experience will usually reveal itself. This is especially important to remember when we feel directionless. Life is full of buried treasures. Chances are, you’re sitting on some hidden gems right now.

23 November – 21 December Focus on your successes Sagittarius – there have been plenty of them. Sure, you may feel like the proverbial wallflower every now and then, but people love you. Remember this as you step into August’s social whirl. Even if someone’s not playing by the rules, ignore their pettiness and head for friendlier ground.

21 March – 20 April Last month burdened you with delays and restrictions. A welcome reprieve arrives with August. Socially and professionally, you’re a natural. The cosmos boosts intellectual stamina, even if it does occasionally come in the form of challenge. You’re also presented with new playmates. If any caution is needed, it’s still likely to involve finances

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Duo Magazine August 2017  

Every month, DUO captures the unique spirit of our region and grabs the attention of our community.

Duo Magazine August 2017  

Every month, DUO captures the unique spirit of our region and grabs the attention of our community.