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A Townsville North Queensland like never before Townsville North Queensland is set for a makeover

BETWEEN CBD beautification plans, innovative diving and snorkelling attractions, the largest lagoon in Northern Australia and major events set to blow your socks off – Townsville’s tourism landscape is positioned for a major transformation. A number of game-changing projects are currently in the pipeline for the region, each having the capacity to cement Townsville as not only a vibrant and culturally diverse destination to visit, but a highly liveable and dynamic city for its residents. 106


One of the game-changing projects currently in the pipeline includes an attraction that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the Southern Hemisphere, potentially attracting visitation from all over the world. Internationally acclaimed artist, Jason deCaires Taylor, has recently visited Townsville to scope a Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Underwater Art Museum for snorkelling and diving. Inter tidal art installations are planned for sites along The Strand and Magnetic Island with major underwater

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