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KordaMentha Accelerate Townsville Launch The Wild Goose Brews and Chews Josephine Carter Photography Townsville’s up-and-coming accountants, lawyers and bankers came together at this event to launch KordaMentha Accelerate, an initiative that focuses on connecting the next generation of professionals in the Townsville region. 1. Alanna Berryman, Chris Meehan 2. Ben Teitzel, Russel Campbell 3. Kiara Bonassi, Krystelle Quabba 4. Shaylee Crisp, Jessie Dykstra 5. Johanna Gatti, Jessica Miller 6. Taleesa Wood, Lauren Stathooles 7. Amanda Sartor, Brigitte Van-Lieshout, Clare Bosworth 8. Brendan Cahill, Chris Meehan 9. Kellie Hopkins, Meagan Hutchison, Timara Callaghan 10. Hannah Wilkinson, Matthew Keating.

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DUOMagazine April 2017


DUO Magazine April 2017  
DUO Magazine April 2017  

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