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AK A: Butch, Nif ty. You in three words: Punctual, black and white. Most treasured item: Grandfather’s gold pocket watch (1890). Why you get out of bed: Can’t catch a fish if you haven’t got your line in the water. Most memorable moment: Seeing the Grand Princess sail up the canal to Venice to start our cruise 2007. What you love about where you live: Friends and the weather! You always meant to: Learn to dance and do public speaking. You drive a: Mercedes-Benz C250 Where are you from: Bothwell, Tasmania (Central Highlands) Best dish: My mother’s lamb fritters. You wish… I’d come to Townsville 20 years earlier! Your biggest inspiration: Eric Morgan. I worked for him from 1970–1973. You’d change this about yourself: Learn to delegate more! Ideal dinner guests: Greg Norman and John Laws. Your must-have gadget: Pocket knife. The last book you read: Kokoda Wallaby. Your philosophy: Respect your elders! As a child, what did you think you’d be doing at this age: Hunting rabbits. Parting words: It’s a short life: live it well.

AKA: Mum and Mimmar, I don’t like to be called Nanna. You in three words: Enthusiastic, kind, positive. Most treasured item: My three children Danielle, Kayla and Steven. Also, my new grandson Cooper. Why you get out of bed: I get out of bed in the morning because I love my job, and the challenges and rewards of owning my own business. I love the people who I have in my life. I am a positive person and I am grateful for every day I get. Most memorable moment: I have many, but my most recent memorable moment would have to be the birth of my first grandson Cooper. What you love about where you live: Townsville is home to me, I couldn’t imagine anywhere else. I live in North Ward close to The Strand. I enjoy walking and it’s central to everything. You always meant to: When I was growing up, I wanted to be a nurse. But I can’t stand the sight of blood! You drive a: 2011 Mazda CX7 Luxury Sports Edition. Where are you from: Townsville born and bred. Best dish: My cobb loaf is always a favorite at family parties. You wish… I wish I could eat what I like, no exercise and not gain any weight. Your biggest inspiration: My dad who unfortunately passed away two years ago from cancer. On a professional level, my mentor would be Ian Weller who owned Daisy Fresh prior to myself and whom I worked for, for 18 years. You’d change this about yourself: I find it very difficult to say no. Ideal dinner guests: Tom Cruise, and my mum could cook a lamb roast… haha. Your philosophy: What goes around, comes around. As a child, what did you think you’d be doing at this age: I hoped to be successful in what ever it was that I pursued. And maintain and a strong relationship with my family and friends. Parting words: Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.

AKA: Ranger Dan. You in three words: Aussie, adventurous, funny. Most treasured item: My Jeep because it can get me to all of the places I love to go, and I am not a big fan of walking. Why you get out of bed: To inspire people to get closer to nature and want to protect our wildlife. Most memorable event: Driving to the tip of Cape York. I had always wanted to stand on the top of Australia, even when I was little so it was a dream come true. Experiencing the amazing landscapes and animals in that part of Australia is almost like traveling back in time. What you love about where you live: Townsville is such a great city to live in. It has everything that you need and is located so close to some of the most amazing natural places in Australia. We have some of the best wildlife in Australia around Townsville as well. You drive a: Jeep. Where are you from: Townsville born and bred. Best dish: Aussie Fried Rice. You wish… I could travel back in time. I’d love to see certain parts of Australia before people got to them, I would also love to walk amongst dinosaurs. Your biggest inspiration: Harry Butler and Sir David Attenborough. Both of these guys were doing the wildlife thing before it was fashionable. Their documentaries highlight the natural world, and they didn’t make it all about them, they focused on the animals and the amazing world around them. You’d change this about yourself: Be better at being on time. Ideal dinner guests: Sir David Attenborough, Steve Irwin, Hamish and Andy, and Delta Goodrem. Your must-have gadget: My pocket knife. I use it multiple times a day everyday. The last book you read: No Easy Day. As a child, what did you think you’d be doing at this age: I thought I would have joined the Army.


DUO Magazine June 2013  
DUO Magazine June 2013  

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