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townsville 400 JASON BRIGHT TEAM BOC (HOLDEN) As a youngster Jason Bright was strongly influenced by his father’s love of everything motor sport. “My father was a car racing nut. I grew up going to the race track and following motor racing heroes like Peter Brock and Gilles Villeneuve. I guess if my father had followed football I probably would’ve become a football player,” he joked. For new father Jason, 40, whose son Lennox was born last year, it’s the variety on offer through motor racing that is the biggest attraction to the sport. “I like it because it’s not your average sport in the sense that there’s a lot to it – obviously the technical and engineering side, the driving and sports side, there’s also a lot of other aspects – sponsorship, marketing and I don’t mind trying to find sponsors as well. I mainly like the fact that it’s also got a good level of engineering and that plays a pretty big part.” Jason’s fiancée Lucy Peacock is the Brad Jones Racing Team’s public relations person and therefore attends most events. “We met through racing – she was working for another team and I brought her across – it’s good because if she didn’t work for us it would be a lot harder – it works much more seamlessly because she’s part of the team and the team is very understanding of that,” he said. “I think Lucy gets nervous more about the results side of things than the danger for me, she’s competitive like me, but she’s been around motor sports for most of her life. We’re racing in an era where it’s safer than 30 or 40 years ago. The tracks are a lot safer – the risks are less.” This is Jason’s 15th season as a full-time driver in the V8s but he has no plans to stop just yet. “I take it year by year – like any sport you have to keep performing – as long as I’m performing and able to make a living it’s a great series to be a part of,” he said. “This season is going very well – I’m currently fourth in the championship which is better when compared to the last few years. Age wise I think you can certainly be competitive until you’re 50 in this category and you have to still be fit enough and developing with the car – keeping up with technology. You have to work harder as you get older.”


As for juggling family life with a life on the track, this little family has it all worked out. “Before Lennox was born Lucy was at all the race meetings as well. Now we bring Lennox along – he has been to every race meeting except Perth this year,” he said. The couple also took their son on a six-week trip to the Austin 400 in Texas last month and subsequently to England for a short holiday. “Since Lennox was born I don’t have as much time as before he was born, but I’m loving being a dad. When you do have to go away and leave the family it hurts – you’re busting to get back. It certainly does change your life,” he said. In preparing for the Sucrogen Townsville 400, Jason said he and the team would look at the previous year’s race and look at what set up to use for the race this year. “We’ll do a track walk with the engineers and chat about each corner. Get the engineers to look at the track and get an understanding of the types of corners. Those routines prepare you for the weekend mentally. These are the things you need to do to ensure you’re making the right decisions and preparing for the scenarios you might encounter over the weekend,” he said.



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