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FINDING THE RIGHT PROPERTY MANAGER HAVING AN EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONAL PROPERTY MANAGER CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR INVESTMENT. HAVE YOU TAKEN DUE CARE WHEN DECIDING WHO WILL MANAGE YOUR VALUABLE ASSET? ISN’T PROPERTY MANAGEMENT JUST ABOUT COLLECTING THE RENT EACH WEEK? Definitely not. A professional property manager will also assist with marketing and tenant selection, managing maintenance and other issues throughout the tenancy such as rent collection and record keeping, lease renewals and of course communication between all parties to ensure all legal and moral obligations are met. AS A LANDLORD DO YOU KNOW ALL THE LEGALITIES AND RIGHTS OF THE TENANTS? Owning and renting an investment property is a legal minefield these days. Acts and legislation are constantly changing and penalties for not abiding by them can be severe. Using an experienced and professional property manager will make owning an investment property simple and will also give you peace of mind as they are up-to-date with current legislation and acts as well as market trends and conditions affecting your returns. HOW MUCH IS YOUR TIME WORTH? Managing a property can be time-consuming when you consider there’s not only rent collection to deal with but also open homes, routine inspections, receipting and keeping accurate records for tax and legal reasons. How will you fit it all in your day? What do you do when things go wrong, such as tenant arrears and other tenancy disputes? If you don’t have the resources or access to the correct information matters can become very complicated and costly. IS THERE A TAX BENEFIT? Yes, all property management fees, charges and commissions are tax deductible – speak to your accountant for professional advice in regards to your personal circumstances. WHY THINK PINK? Studies indicate that exposure to large amounts of pink can have a calming effect on the nerves, promote relaxation and neutralise disorder and at Think Pink that is exactly what we aim to do. With over 40 years combined experience in the property industry, property is what we love. Specialising in residential property management, we service all areas of Townsville. We take a professional and personal approach to all aspects of the role as we want our clients and customers to enjoy dealing with our office. And you can’t miss the pink ‘rent me’ signs – we will get your property noticed. Want some pink in your day? Call the think pink team on 4724 0577 or pop in to their office at 9 Anthony Street, South Townsville, for a chat and a coffee (they even have cupcakes to share).





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