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That's right. This little story is about acronyms. Or TLSIAA if you want to use an acronym. I've been in meetings with some local government departments lately and they're full of them. Especially government department titles. If you're out of the loop you can sit there trying to imagine who is BECA or DTFTWID*. Answers are at the bottom of this column. I can understand why you'd abbreviate the name of a department that has seven words in it but I'm lost when it comes to company names. During my life in advertising I've come up with a few names especially for land developments and high rise apartments. And if you've ever had to do it you'll appreciate how hard it is to be unique. But when you get it right, the last thing you want is for someone to reduce it to a couple of letters. There's been a bit of an epidemic of this sort of thing in recent years. You'll see a sign for FBC, for example, on a van and then in small letters under will be Fred Bloggs Construction. I reckon there's possibly a few FBCs in the world. Check it out. It's everywhere in every industry. Look at law firms and advertising agencies. (This is a real shame. You work hard to become a partner and you just become a letter in an acronym). Even the people who make that chicken I'm not allowed to eat have just three letters. The banks went for it a few years ago, NAB, ANZ. Then there's the ABC. I should mention here that DUO isn't an acronym. Or it could be if you think about it. It's because we're time poor of course. We don't have time to waste saying or writing all the words. And is this anywhere more obvious than text messaging? 2G2B4G, 4COL, LMTCB*. I had to look these up on Google and there are hundreds more. But where I think we've gone too far is restaurant menus. Seriously. When I read a menu I like to understand what it is I'm ordering. It started with GF. Apparently we are all allergic to wheat now (apologies to those who are) and it's a given, along with V (for vegetarian). But it was EVOO that stumped me. I'll always remember that moment when I asked the waitperson expecting something exotic. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Really? We can't write that? Have a great month and hope to see you in one of our top Townsville restaurants.


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*Answers: BECA Business Events Council of Australia DTFTWID Department of Tourism, Fair Trading and Wine Industry Development. 2G2B4G (Too Good To Be Forgotten), 4COL (For Crying Out Loud), LMTCB (Left Message To Call Back) LOL :-)

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