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There are a lot of emotions that accompany organ donation, which is why Megan started Herd of Hope, the charity that supports organ recipients and donor families in regional and rural Australia. P23

Nicole has forged a music industry career with Colie, Neighbourhood Productions and Neck Of The Woods. Meet Nicole and Sam Wright on P18.

Her wonderful way with watercolours has earned Tina Maher a loyal following, encouraging her to pursue her art full-time. P21

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From Valium to Vera Blue




Recipe Book

Nicole Cross

Eat More Vegan by Luke Hines




Fighting Back






Grant Collins


Colourful Character




EduVision 2020


Karen Quagliata


Giddy Up


MultiGen Homes




Three Little Boys


Herding Hope


Guest Chef


Last Word


Clarity Hearing + Balance

Accounting & Super

Tina McDonough

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North Queensland Football

Tina Maher

Richmond Field Days and Races Megan McLoughlin

Elka Collective

Cooinda, Magnetic Island

Martin Locke Homes

Ty Samuel, Bridgewater

Premium Education Highlight DUO Magazine’s Bi-Annual Wedding Portfolio Jade Kennedy

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From retail, dining, relaxing or marina berths, we’re open. With boat ownership on the rise, so too is the demand for marina berths. Now is the time to guarantee for the future a prestige marina berth in one of Australia’s key aquatic regions, The Whitsundays. Port of Airlie’s marina arm C is ready for occupation offering 20, 25 and 30 metre berths. Other available sizes and benefits are: • • • • • • • •

10 to 20 metre monohull berths 16 to 30 metre multihull berths long lease term until 2108 experienced on-marina management team marina lounge, showers, washing and dryer car park passes and use of courtesy vehicle 7 day marina security / swipe access to berths fuel dock / used oil drop area on the marina.

For more information on renting or ownership of a marina berth at Port of Airlie, please call Andrew Forster on 0408 842 000.

Along with our marina berth offerings, Port of Airlie has available to berth owners and visitors to the region, a retail precinct right on the marina. Some of the services we have on offer are; • cafes, restaurants, bars and retail shopping • day spa and yoga studio • accomodation at Mantra Boathouse apartments • Whitsunday Transit Centre with bus & ferry terminal connections to the region. We look forward to seeing you soon at Port of Airlie, only a 2 minute walk from main Street Airlie Beach.

Port of Airlie Marina and Sales Centre F7, The Boathouse, Airlie Beach Qld 4802 1800 676 526 portofairlie.com.au

See you at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show from 21-24 May 2020. The information in this advertisement is subject to change and will not form part of any offer or contract. Any person must rely upon their own inquiries. While reasonable care has been taken to provide this information, the seller, the receivers and related parties accept no responsibility or liability if anyone relies upon it or for any loss, damage or claim suffered by any person.

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There are a lot of emotions that accompany organ donation, which is why Megan started Herd of Hope, the charity that supports organ recipients and donor families in regional and rural Australia. P23

Nicole has forged a music industry career with Colie, Neighbourhood Productions and Neck Of The Woods. Meet Nicole and Sam Wright on P18.

Her wonderful way with watercolours has earned Tina Maher a loyal following, encouraging her to pursue her art full-time. P21

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The Magazine of The North


ISSUE 158 MARCH | APRIL 2020 duomagazine.com.au

On the cover

Photographer: Matthew Gianoulis Model: Faith Duffy Makeup: Kristin Martin Hair: Troy Thompson Dress: Play by Avanti


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Welcome to our second issue for 2020. And isn’t the year flying already? We decided to title this issue Inspired! Not just because we love the word (and how it looks on the cover) but because we are inspired to approach every issue as an opportunity to do something we haven’t done before. It may sound cliche, but because we live and breathe DUO, we’re inspired to try to do something that challenges us. After 157 issues to date, it’s one way we’ve found to keep our creative juices flowing. But it’s not just the way we create the visual presentation of DUO that challenges us. With each issue, we somehow manage to find people who are inspiring in the real sense of the word. They are the ones that we want to tell their story in DUO, which is why you will meet many more of them than even our last issue. Women like Megan McLoughlin, whose charity Herd of Hope supports organ recipients and donor families in regional and rural Australia. Last year, Megan travelled more than 55,000 kilometres around Australia to visit families whose loved ones had donated organs. She provides them with a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. And in this issue, you’ll also meet Nicole Cross, Jade Kennedy, Tina Maher and Tina McDonough. These are local inspirational women who have each started their businesses and developed their dreams into successful careers. And in their way given back to the community that supports them. So I guess it’s more than a word on the cover. Enjoy your read, and I hope this issue inspires you to be whatever you want to be. Stacey Morrison Editor-in-Chief

Writers Kylie Davis Nicole Thomson-Pride Sarah Mathiesen Jade Kennedy Bek Barr Photographers Matthew Gianoulis Josephine Carter Insight Creative Jade Kennedy Telephone +61 7 4771 2933 www.duomagazine.com.au DUO Magazine is published bi-monthly by Intrepid (NQ) Pty Ltd ACN 107 308 538 PO Box 1928 Townsville Qld 4810

COPYRIGHT Contents of DUO Magazine are subject to copyright. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information in this publication, the publisher accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors, omissions or resultant consequences including any loss or damage arising from reliance on information in this publication. Expressed or implied authors’ and advertisers’ opinions are not necessarily those of the editor and/or publisher.





FIONA O’LAUGHLIN LIVE AT THE VILLE Saturday 18 April 2020 Catch one of Australia’s favourite comedians, Fiona O’Loughlin, as she brings her trademark dry wit to the stage at The Ville Resort-Casino as part of her latest national tour. Fiona has always had the gun to her own head in her searingly honest brand of comedy but watch out people of Australia. In this brand new hour of stand-up, Fiona decides it’s time to turn her weapon towards some other idiots. https://bit.ly/2HOsn0w

APARTAMENTO BYRON BAY The boutique St. Agni Airbnb stay introduces an interior aesthetic that – when coupled with the brand’s debut apparel collections – offers a comprehensive look inside the mind of Founders Lara and Matt Fells. Luxury gold hardware, hand-shaped timber features and a raw concrete staircase balance light and shade in a space that feels inextricablyconnected and independent all at once. bit.ly/32iiUYJ www.st-agni.com/

2020 TOWNSVILLE NORTH QUEENSLAND GAMES 10–13 April 2020 The North Queensland Games is the largest multi-sport event in regional Australia. The NQ Games is held biennial and shared between Mackay, Townsville and Cairns. The 2020 NQ Games will be staged in Townsville and surrounding regions and will be the 19th Games. There will be over 30 sports to choose from with an estimated 4000 plus participants to be involved. The 2020 Townsville NQ Games is an action packed weekend commencing with the official opening ceremony to be held on Thursday 9 April 2020. www.nqsports.com.au


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IN THE HANGING GARDEN | HOBART’S INNER-CITY CULTURAL PRECINCT Encompassing nearly an entire city block in the centre of Hobart, ‘In The Hanging Garden’ is a live music and cultural precinct which opened in 2019 during Mona’s winter festival Dark Mofo. Including the Odeon Theatre, Altar, Cathedral lawns, and a tiered beer garden, the precinct spreads over two levels of function space offering sheltered outdoor areas, permanent on-site kitchen operators, and a 24-hour specialty cafe/bakery with street frontage. inthehanginggarden.com.au altarhobart.com.au


nafa-tsv.com.au The North Australian Festival of Arts will present a curated program of national and international acts and showcase the vibrant artistic and cultural talent of northern Australia.


Festival of Chamber Music


NEWS NEW TOWNSVILLE EATS Townsville Eats occurs on the last Friday of every month and is themed to complement other events across the city. The event is a gathering of gourmet food and drink vendors, market stalls, live entertainment, open-air cinema and licensed bar area. Located in the heart of the CBD, this event provides a one-of-a-kind experience for the local community. For full details on upcoming events, visit https://bit.ly/2SU2jaJ

AN EVENING WITH WENDY MATTHEWS Saturday 4 April 2020 Spend an evening with the acclaimed Australian entertainer and ARIAAward winning singer as she performs live on stage for one night only in The Ville Grand Ballroom. Tickets $49. www.the-ville.com.au

We are hiring. Do you have what it takes to build a city?

townsville.qld.gov.au/jobs 12

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entral Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is one of the most common classroom hearing pathologies. Common signs of this disorder in children include: • difficulties following instructions • poor listening ability in noisy places • difficulty with learning at school, and • being distracted or easily fatigued at school. Central auditory processing refers to the efficiency and effectiveness with which our brains and auditory areas decode and use the information we hear. It’s essentially how well the ear talks to the brain and how well the brain can understand what it’s being told. When our brain and the auditory system works normally, we can pick out the important parts of the sounds we hear, filter out any noise, and fill in any gaps to make sense of what we have just heard. This complex process uses a wide range of skills to help us make sense of the sounds we hear. Skills like locating the buzz of our alarm clock in the morning, focusing on a conversation in a busy café, and clearly understanding a teacher in a noisy classroom. When something goes wrong in our brain and auditory system, the ability for us to make sense of the sounds can become impaired, even though we can still ‘hear’ the sounds. A disorder of the brain’s auditory system most commonly results in difficulty understanding speech in the presence of noise and could be the result of a Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD). It’s often difficult to identify the causes of CAPD. Everyone’s brain auditory system organisation is different, which means CAPD can affect everyone differently. Conditions, like chronic ear infections in children’s early years, could also mean they are at a greater risk of developing a CAPD. Children with CAPD are more likely to have behavioural, emotional, and social difficulties. Problems communicating and learning difficulties can impact the


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BY GRANT COLLINS Clarity Hearing + Balance

NOT KEEPING UP IN THE CLASSROOM? Your child could have a Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

development of self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. While these signs may be noticed early on, it isn’t until children are seven years of age that we can accurately diagnose a potential CAPD. The first step in testing for an auditory processing disorder is to conduct a hearing test. This is to establish whether the presence of a hearing loss may be a contributing factor. After determining the child’s hearing thresholds, we test more complex auditory processing skills. For children, we offer a screening test of your child’s spatial hearing abilities that mimic a classroom situation. Once we have the result of this test, we can then investigate your child’s auditory processing abilities and identify any potential presence of CAPD. While there is no single ‘cure’ for CAPD, there are several remediation strategies for children which can be discussed with your audiologist. These may include: • listening strategies for the classroom • active communication techniques for daily life • listening exercises or computer software programs to improve auditory processing skills; and • assistive listening devices such as Bluetooth microphones. Early identification and remediation of CAPD may potentially lessen the likelihood that any secondary problems may emerge. If you are concerned, schedule a consultation with your audiologist now to rule out or identify the nature of the problems. Grant Collins Principal Audiologist/Owner Grant is a passionate and tireless advocate for ethical and evidence-based hearing health assessment and treatment. Grant and his wife Sara started Clarity in 2008 in north Queensland and have now grown it to 35 clinics throughout the state. Clarity prides itself on ensuring you get the right, expert diagnosis and the best advice and recommendations to suit your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Clarity Hearing + Balance Call 1300 clarity (1300 252 748) www.clarityhearingsolutions.com.au

Start them off on the right foot Start their schooling right with a Clarity With a quarter of Queensland school

clinician will recommend a range of

children affected by some form of hearing

success-focused strategies including

issue, it’s never to late to help set them on

• listening strategies for the classroom

the right path.

• active communication techniques for

With a Clarity School-Readiness Hearing

daily life

Screen you can rule out or identify any

• listening exercises or computer

issues before they become a major concern.

software programs to improve auditory

Clarity’s clinical hearing screens for

processing skills; and

school starters and hearing screens and

• assistive listening devices such as

Auditory Processing screens for older kids

Bluetooth microphones.

can help identify and allay your concerns.

Talk to Clarity today and start the school

If an issue is diagnosed your Clarity

year on the right foot.

Independent Hearing Loss Experts and Audiology Specialists 1

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Call 1300 CLARITY or Mackay Townsville

4957 2000 4779 1566

Clinics also in: Ayr | Bowen | Charters Towers Collinsville | Hughenden | Ingham | Mt Isa | Proserpine Richmond | Sarina and more




one are the days where the banks are so willing to loan you a significantly high amount of money to invest, with options like an interest-only period for extended periods.

Who will look after the property? Are you sure you are leaving your hardearned assets in the hands of the most capable? It would be best if you did due diligence on this topic, as finding the right property manager is critical to the longevity of your property. Ensuring the property is maintained means you won’t have a hefty bill for repairs down the track. Insist on property inspection reports, and obtain copies of them. Diarise inspection dates in the future and follow up those with your property manager, even if they haven’t passed this information onto you. Yes, you (hopefully) have insurance (for damages or loss of rent due). Still, you shouldn’t have to go down that road if the property manager does their work per your arrangement.

Nowadays, the property market is tough in many locations across Queensland, but you have to take the good with the bad. The good. You have the perfect tenant; the ideal property manager; all costs are covered; you’re earning enough to pay for expenses and facilitate the debt; in a growing market. The bad. You have a tenant unable to pay their rent on time. Or have a property manager who fails to fulfil their contractual obligations; or your repairs become exorbitant, or worse, interest rates go up and or the property market declines. Hopefully, you’ve bought into the market at the opportune time. And perhaps, due to interest rate cuts, you are positively geared and possibly have cash left over even after tax. Hopefully, you’re not in that unfortunate trap of substantial debt with an old interest-only loan with no principal paid down. Where you find the value of the property has reduced due to a falling market. And those income tax refunds, let’s hope you put that towards your debt. Hopefully, if you are suffering such circumstances, you are surviving financially and can make your way back up. It all comes back to ‘Why?’. Why did you buy the property and was it for the right reasons? Did you buy the property merely to ‘save tax’? You are becoming a landlord. If you’re only starting and are merely buying to save tax, you might want to rethink that strategy. Have you done your research on the property? Is now a good time? Have you discussed this with which experts?


duoma ga zine.com. au

BY KAREN QUAGLIATA Accounting & Super

PROTECTING YOUR PROPERTY Anyone who owns a rental property will agree that it certainly isn’t a walk in the park.

Remember, if your tenant fails to pay any rental arrears, the property manager must notify you. They must not wait until the arrears become so excessive that the likelihood of rental recovery becomes diminished. When you find yourself a good property manager, work with them, stay in close contact and always seek out what you can do better as a landlord. This relationship will secure a good tenant, and this good income can secure you through tough times. DISCLAIMER: The information provided is general advice only. We have not considered your financial circumstances, needs or objectives and you should seek the assistance of a qualified advisor before you make any decision regarding any products mentioned. Whilst all care has been taken in the preparation of this material, no warranty is given in respect of the information provided and accordingly Accounting & Super Pty Ltd employees or agents shall not be liable on any ground whatsoever with respect to decisions or actions taken as a result of you acting upon such information.

Karen Quagliata Director The name, ‘Accounting and Super’ defines exactly what we do. Our firm is boutique style, meaning we only deal in a specific space, and that is small to medium enterprise and self-managed superannuation. We are a highly experienced team of accountants and aim to deliver quality, personalised service to our clients. Accounting & Super Townsville Office Level 1, Suite 3, 54 Denham Street Ayr Office 132A Young Street www.accountingandsuper.com

“Being a mumpreneur has given me the opportunity to be here with the boys and watch them grow.”

Three Little Boys When mum of three sons Tina McDonough saw a gap in the market for boys’ wear, she solved the shortfall by starting her own business. When did you start your business? I started my business, Three Little Boys, from my home in Mount Louisa, Townsville, over six years ago after having our third boy and wanting to get back into something for myself. I’ve always loved fashion and noticed a big gap in the market for boys’ wear. A few years into business life I decided to start working with a graphic designer to design our own range of kids’ prints and women’s tees, which has been a major turning point in my business evolving. What’s life like as a mumpreneur? Having three boys (Ethan, 13, Blake, 9, and Kye, 7) makes for a busy household but my husband, Brendan, is very supportive and I love the flexibility of working from home. Being a mumpreneur has given me the opportunity to be here with the boys and watch them grow. Plus one of the most amazing things about running a small business is seeing your designs worn by your customers and loved by so many. That feeling is absolutely wonderful!

How does a typical work day unfold for you? A typical day starts with dropping the boys to school followed by posting orders at my local post office and grabbing a sneaky coffee on the way home. Once I’m home, I get the housework done then start packing orders at the dining table and doing my daily business routine, including making sure my social media is up-to-date. Over the years I’ve spent many hours on the phone and computer getting my business out there. It can take a lot of work but it’s worth it. Last year I won my very first business award at the AusMumpreneur conference in Melbourne – bronze in the customer service People’s Choice category, which was a wonderful feeling. Do you collaborate with other local labels? Yes, I’ve collaborated with locals including Wahboo Designs and Mildred, who are both local earring designers. Tamra from Wahboo makes our popular ‘Coffee Lover’ dangles, which are perfectly paired with our ‘Boss Mama Coffee Lover’ tees, and Susan from Mildred makes ‘Handmade Heart’ earrings to match our ‘Adore Cherish Love’ tee design. Other Aussie brands I stock include Olive + The Captain and new hats by KJH Surf. What tips do you have for aspiring mumpreneurs? Make sure you do your research before you start and always be unique in some way. Make sure you have a good support network around you and don’t forget to have fun. CONNECT NOW three-little-boys.myshopify.com

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From Valium To Vera Blue One North Queensland pharmacist followed her dreams into a successful career in the music industry – both on and off the stage – with her nationally recognised music project Colie, local business, Neighbourhood Productions, and local music festival, Neck Of The Woods. Words Jade Kennedy

left: Nicole Cross and Sam Wright at Neck Of The Woods Music Festival in 2018. NOTW is a family-friendly festival 30 minutes from Townsville showcasing local original music and top touring acts. below: Colie at her Bug On A Lamplight EP launch. Her second EP is due for release in April.

Photo: Constantine Create


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Photo: Elijah Clarke, Blurr

Pursuing a career in music was as natural as a foray into pharmacy, as far as Nicole Cross was concerned - it was all about passion.

Neighbourhood Productions is a production hire company specialising in live music and music festivals, providing production and staff for events and tours.

“I was a chemistry nut in high school, hence my move into Pharmacy,” she said.

“We just came off the back of Hotter Than Hell – which was a big one, and a hot one!” Nicole said.

“I do love working in the profession; however, my passion lies in music, so I had to follow that calling. I have been involved in the music industry in one way or another from a very young age.

“Over the next couple of months we have a lot going on in production world, including Boy & Bear, The Smith Street Band, The Black Sorrows and Groovin The Moo.

“This all started with my love of storytelling. Which began as a child inspired by my grandfather and his love of Australian poetry, in particular, Banjo Patterson. I have spent a large part of my life following my songwriting endeavours.” Nicole launched her latest musical project, Colie, (a childhood nickname) in late 2018, and released her debut EP in May 2019, with a second EP on the way early this year. In January 2017, Nicole co-founded Neighbourhood Productions, Neighbourhood Sessions, and Neck Of The Woods Music Festival, with her partner Sam Wright. “Neighbourhood Sessions and Neck Of The Woods were born from a passion to support local songwriters and provide them with a platform to share their stories with the community,” Nicole said. “I strongly believe that songwriters from regional areas deserve opportunities, and through the founding of Neighbourhood Sessions and Neck Of The Woods Music Festival, that was the key goal. One of my core values is to support and nurture local artists, and having so many inspiring artists around me constantly inspires me to create my music.”

“In the world of Neighbourhood Sessions, we have Bobby Alu in March and Kim Churchill in May. Then, of course, our biggest Neighbourhood Sessions event of the year, Neck Of The Woods Music Festival on the first weekend of July.” A confessed ‘active relaxer’, Nicole said her personal long-term goal is to see North Queensland become a place where original artists and music industry workers can build and sustain careers whilst living here. “We see, too often, local bands moving to metropolitan centres to pursue their careers or seek opportunities,” she said. “I think if we can continue to bring opportunities to Townsville and create our opportunities, artists/arts workers will start to feel like it is possible to remain regionally living while pursuing a successful career in the music industry, that their regionality isn’t holding them back. So, I have a big task ahead of me, and I won’t be going anywhere any time soon!”

CONNECT NOW www.neighbourhoodproductions.com

below: Neighbourhood Productions’ Nicole Cross (lighting design) and partner Sam Wright (sound production) working DZ Deathrays, Dalrymple Hotel.

“…artists/arts workers will start to feel like it is possible to remain regionally living while pursuing a successful career in the music industry, that their regionality isn’t holding them back.” Photo: Constantine Create

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Declan thinks the future of football in North Queensland is bright. Football is, after all, the most participated sport in North Queensland and Australia. This year, more than 2,500 kids in North Queensland have signed up to play, with more registrations expected before the season kicks off. “We’re hoping to appeal to an even broader demographic this year,” Declan says. “We’re introducing a new girls league, as well as Walking Football for retirees and injured people who simply love the game.”

Fighting Back When North Queensland football teams take the field at the new Queensland Country Bank Stadium on Saturday, 11th April, it will be a moment of celebration and success. Last year’s floods significantly damaged football playing fields in Townsville. It left the local football community devastated and delayed the start to last year’s season. The General Manager of North Queensland Football, Declan Carnes, says there was in excess of half a million dollars’ worth of damage. “One of the playing fields was flooded with 75 centimetres of water, everything went under,” Declan says. “We had to rebuild grandstands, referee rooms and the canteen, as well as install new lighting.”


duoma ga zine.com. au

Declan estimates that such a project would usually take two to three years to complete. But with help from the local football community and supporters, they put in the hard yards and finished the recovery process in just 12 months. “I’m really grateful to everyone who pitched in and helped,” Declan says. “We had supporters like Carey Group who helped us write grant applications, as well as help us develop our three-year strategy plan to provide more value to members and get more people involved in the game.”

After battling through last year’s season following the floods, this year is about celebrating the spirit of the game and those who play it. Declan is hopeful they will pull a big crowd to the local derby game at the new Queensland Country Bank Stadium. He says this is everyone’s chance to come together and celebrate last year’s hard work, while also supporting football being played on the biggest stage in North Queensland. For more information or to buy tickets to the game at Queensland Country Bank Stadium, visit www.nqfootball.com.au.

When did you discover your talent for art?

Colourful Character

As a child, I was always making things and drawing, including in my school books! When did you turn your hobby into a business?

Her wonderful way with watercolours has earned Tina Maher a loyal following, encouraging her to pursue her art full-time.

Something clicked while I was at TAFE Townsville, where I studied painting, drawing and illustration. Sitting at a high desk illustrating just felt so right. I wasn’t sure how I could make it happen, but I was determined to end up with some form of creative business. The most significant catalyst was losing my mother to cancer in 2015. The grieving process moved me to start creating again and, as I created more art and began to share it, I kept hearing how, in some small way, it was making people feel good. By 2016 I was really focused on creating art, establishing stockists, attending markets and working towards getting my art out in the world to be seen. Then, at the beginning of last year, I left my part-time job at a pharmacy to pursue my art full-time.

“I wasn’t sure how I could make it happen, but I was determined to end up with some form of creative business.” What’s your working day like? Typically I start creating early in my home studio, which is light-filled and looks out to the garden. Most days I leave admin, packing orders and checking in with stockists until the afternoon. What’s your favourite medium to work with? Acrylics were the main medium I used initially, but then I developed a love for the layering process, which led me to fall madly in love with watercolours. There’s something fascinating in how they move, granulate and are quite unpredictable at times. It’s a challenge I really enjoy. What artworks have you done recently? I wanted to showcase Townsville’s resilience after the 2019 floods, so I did a large watercolour piece of a Townsville sunrise taken from South Townsville, especially for a Zonta Club Charity Auction. And I recently completed a large watercolour of a Townsville Queenslander home for a family gift. At the moment I’m inspired to paint nature and buildings mostly. I’ve also been fortunate to have great opportunities to share my art through displays at Botanical Style, The Drill Hall and the Renegade Gift Shop and markets. CONNECT NOW tinamaherart.com Words Kylie Davis Photography Insight Creative duoma ga zine.com . au



The Richmond Field Days and Races is an iconic North Queensland event that has been running for more than 35 years. This year it will be held on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June. Over the two days, you can expect to see around 150 exhibitors from a range of industries and businesses both big and small. There will be stands for agricultural supplies, bull studs, machinery and infrastructure, as well as fashion, lifestyle, food, health and homewares.

Giddy Up Richmond Field Days and Races is where the glamour of the races meets the fun-loving spirit of the bush.

It is not often you find such displays side-by-side, but that is because this is no ordinary event. Friday is about soaking in the wonders of the great bush. You can shop and stroll through the displays. There will also be the All Breed Bull Sale, featuring studs from local businesses and beyond. Then in the afternoon witness the highly anticipated Lawn Mower Derby. Friday night you can kick on at the Stockplace Cocktail Party. We guarantee live music and a whole lot of fun. But buy your tickets early because this event sells out fast. Then Saturday you are invited back for a high stakes day. You will once again have the chance to shop and stroll through the displays until just after midday. That is when we up the ante and start the races. As well as cheering along at one of the biggest race meets in North-west Queensland, you will also be treated to Fashions on the Field, Lolly Drop, Tug of War and the Ringer Challenge. If that hasn’t got you excited, we’re not sure what will. Keeping everyone entertained across the entire weekend is several great acts. The comedic duo, The Crackup Sisters, will have you laughing out loud. There will also be a Virtual Reality Experience, Magician and Brain Bus, as well as some excellent live music. Once the last horse has passed the post, it is time to kick back and enjoy the fully stocked bar and live band. This weekend is about having fun with friends, both old and new, and celebrating everything that makes the bush great. CONNECT NOW richmondfielddays.com.au

Photo: Trish Hudspith Photographics


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Herding Hope This International Women’s Day, Megan McLoughlin is the guest keynote speaker at the Soroptimist International of Townsville Inc. 2020 IWD Breakfast. Megan McLoughlin speaks from experience when she says that without hope, you have nothing. In December 2010, doctors told her she had just weeks to live unless she had a double organ transplant. The odds were stacked against her. The chance of a long life was slim. Then one morning, she received a phone call that changed everything. “I still remember receiving the phone call to say there was an organ donor. It was on the 20th December 2010 at 9:07am,” Megan says. “I thought ‘finally, it was my turn’. Then three seconds later my heart dropped because I realised that meant someone had died.” The inescapable truth about organ donation is that hope and heartache are inextricably linked. It normally takes death to give the gift of life. For that reason, there are a lot of emotions that accompany organ donation, which is why Megan started the charity Herd of Hope. Herd of Hope focuses on supporting organ recipients and donor families in regional and rural Australia. Last year, Megan travelled more than 55,000 kilometres around Australia to visit families whose loved ones had donated organs. She provides them with a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. “Whether your loved one has donated organs, or whether you have received an organ, the point of donation is just the beginning of the journey,” Megan says. “We need to acknowledge that people need support from that point onwards.” Providing that support to regionally-based Australians is the primary focus of Herd of Hope, and she hopes by coming to Townsville she can connect with organ donor families and recipients in the broader Queensland community. Megan says that women in regional Australia usually fulfil multiple roles in the family home and business. They are the accountant, nurse and empathetic mother. She wants to let them know that they are not alone. Words Nicole Thomson-Pride Photography Supplied

This International Women’s Day, Megan also wants to remind women not to put limitations on themselves. She is legally blind, had a double transplant and survived cancer, yet she believes she can do just about anything. She wants all women to believe that about themselves, too. CONNECT NOW herdofhope.com.au

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NEWS NEW KRISTIN MARTIN With over 10 years experience working in TV, film, editorial and bridal, Kristin has been recognised as a national finalist in beauty and makeup industry awards. A local Townsvillian, Kristin has developed her own style of flawless beauty suited to the NQ climate. Specialising in weddings and special events, Kristin will create a personalised makeup look for you so that you will feel comfortable and confident on your special day that will be remembered in your thoughts, photos and videos for years to come. www.kristinmartinmua.com

LOVELY LINEN Kardelen from Sweden, launched their new specially washed collections for bed, bath and table as ‘Lovely Linen’. HAMMAM towels are big enough to wrap up in and more absorbent than terrycloth – ideal for the beach, gym, yoga or spa. New for 2020... linen to wear... Airy Scarf in three colours extra long 215cm for cosy comfort. The more you use, live with and wash your Lovely Linen the softer and more beautiful it becomes – ‘a little wrinkle is a good thing.’ www.casaecucina.com.au

Meet the George & Matilda collection, Inspired by Australia, for Australia


TOWNSVILLE 246 Ross River Rd. Ph 4779 7433 AYR 137 Queen St. Ph 4783 1361


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Delvene Dress $289


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D i s c o v e r S H I F T, t h e A u t u m n 2 0 2 0 Collection from Elka Collective. A collection with a focus on craft and the harmony of effortless pieces in a natural palette.


Lena Midi Dress $349

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Greta Top $229 Carlotta Jean $189

Vera Top $189 Ingrid Pant $189

Aida Shirt Dress $249 Carlotta Jean $199


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Eleanora Jumpsuit $289

Maple Knit $199 Martina Sirt $229

Martina Long Sleeve Top $229

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COOINDA Magnetic Island


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COOINDA Magnetic Island The Client named this house ‘Cooinda’ – an indigenous word meaning ‘a happy place’. It is an apt name for this contemporary beach house for a large and enthusiastic extended family on beautiful Magnetic Island off the coast of Townsville, North Queensland. The large accommodation brief of the home has been distilled into a simple architectural form and materiality that sites well in the context of a Magnetic Island street. The key design move was to create a central, double height ‘outdoor room’ around which all of the functions of the house are arranged. This space creates connections between all spaces, and also becomes a key social gathering space. The greatest success of the scheme is the way in which it works just as well for a couple as it does for large family gatherings.

Architect Counterpoint Townsville, Australia www.cpoint.com.au

Builder Gedoun Constructions Pty Ltd Townsville, Australia www.gedounconstructions.com.au

Photographer Matthew Gianoulis www.matthewgianoulis.com


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“Our passion for building inclusive, step-free homes as standard and our experience in disability code construction and more recently Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA) has enabled us to create accessible multigenerational homes that are truly adaptable.”

T H E F U T U R E O F FA M I LY HOMES IN TOWNSVILLE Multigenerational homes are emerging as the newest trend in housing design and construction in Townsville. Award-winning Townsville custom home builder and advocate for accessible residential construction Martin Locke Homes is experiencing a notable increase of interest in multigenerational homes.

As the name suggests, multigenerational or multi-gen living is where two or more generations live together under the one roof. It’s an age-old concept that has been adopted in European countries for centuries, modernised by current construction techniques and MLH’s thoughtful, accessible design features.

“The Federal Government’s annual survey on household trends (HILDA) recorded a notable trend in the increase in multiple-family households,” Ms Peters said. “With the ongoing challenges of housing affordability and accessing mortgage finance felt more keenly in the regions, the multi-generation living could be a solution for struggling home-buyers by sharing the financial burden with other family members or aging parents.”

Mr Locke said opening his Family 310 display home at Elliot Springs one year ago – Townsville’s first highly accessible multigenerational display – had helped his team open people’s minds to the opportunities presented by multigenerational living. “It’s encouraging to see that our vision to design and build a home that could help families live together while still maintaining their privacy and independence has helped inspire Townsville families to embrace multigenerational living,” Mr Locke said.

Master Builders Queensland Regional Manager – North Queensland Emma Peters said Martin Locke Homes’ experience was in line with a broader housing trend.


“...multi-generation living could be a solution for struggling homebuyers by sharing the financial burden with other family members or aging parents.” “I truly believe a home is more than just walls and a roof, when designed and built right, a home can create an environment that enhances the lives of those who live there,” Mr Locke said. “From building just one multigenerational home in our almost 10-year history, we’re now nearing completion of one in Elliot Springs, and currently working with at least five more families on their home designs to suit their unique family situations.

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Ty Samuel Bridgewater Townsville

BBQ CORAL TROUT AND ASIAN GREENS Serves 4 I chose this popular dish because it combines the best of our local reef fish with tropical Asian flavours. Together they are a perfect match for our North Queensland lifestyle.

Ingredients 800g coral trout fillets 1 bunch snake beans 1 punnet sweet cherry tomatoes 1 punnet shimeji mushrooms 2 bunch bok choy 50g roasted cashews Âź bunch Thai basil 2 tablespoons oil

Aromatic Asian Sauce 150ml kombu soy 100ml oyster sauce 30g Korean chilli flakes 100ml rice wine vinegar 200g dark palm sugar Pinch of bonito flake Pickle Ginger Sauce 2 small pieces fresh ginger 4 garlic cloves 1 small red chilli 200ml rice wine vinegar 200ml mirin ½ cup caster sugar

Instructions First, prepare your Pickle Ginger Sauce. Peel ginger. Thinly slice garlic cloves, red chilli and ginger. Place all ingredients into a saucepan on medium heat. Reduce heat slightly until sauce reaches a honey consistency then put it to the side. To prepare the Aromatic Asian Soy, combine all ingredients into a saucepan on medium heat and let it cook out for a total of 20 minutes. While that simmers away, prepare the coral trout and Asian greens. Cut snake beans into 3cm (from an Asian grocer). Halve the cherry tomatoes. Pull apart the shimeji mushrooms. Cut bok choy in half, separate the stem from the leaves and finely slice the stems.


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Next, prepare your coral trout. Cut coral trout into 4 x 200gm pieces. Heat your oven to 185degrees. Rub oil, salt and pepper into the fish. Place one side down onto the grill for a total of 4 minutes. Then put fish into the oven for no longer than 10 minutes. Heat a pan on high and fry off your shimeji mushrooms until they have some brown colour to them. Add snake beans and stems of the bok choy and cook for a further minute. Toss in your cherry tomatoes and cashew nuts then add 120mls of your Aromatic Asian Sauce. Cook for no longer than 3 minutes. Once you turn the heat off, stir in the green leaves of the bok choy. Place Asian greens with sauce on your plate with BBQ coral trout on top. Add a tablespoon of Pickle Ginger Sauce on top of the fish and serve with some fresh Thai basil.



Ingredients 4 large portobello mushrooms, stalks removed 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive, avocado, macadamia or hemp oil ½ teaspoon ground cumin ½ teaspoon sea salt ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper ¼ teaspoon smoked paprika 3 garlic cloves, very finely chopped

Avocado Chimichurri ½ bunch of flat-leaf parsley leaves finely chopped 3 garlic cloves, very finely chopped ¼ red onion, finely diced ½ teaspoon chilli flakes 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive, avocado, macadamia or hemp oil ½ teaspoon sea salt ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 2 lemons zest and juice 1 avocado, diced


Recipe extracted from Eat More Vegan by Luke Hines, published by Plum RRP $39.99 Photography by Mark Ropper.

Arrange the mushrooms in a shallow dish. Whisk together the balsamic vinegar, oil, cumin, salt, pepper, paprika and garlic in a bowl, then pour over the mushrooms. Leave to marinate for 10 minutes, turning the mushrooms halfway through to ensure they are evenly coated in the marinade. Meanwhile, prepare the chimichurri. Add the parsley, garlic, onion, chilli flakes, oil, salt, pepper and lemon zest and juice to a bowl and whisk well. Add the avocado and toss to combine. Set aside.

Heat a barbecue grill plate to mediumhot or place a large chargrill pan over medium-high heat. Transfer the mushrooms to the barbecue or pan and cook for 4–6 minutes, turning halfway through and brushing over any remaining marinade as you go, until they are caramelised and a deep golden brown. To serve, divide the mushrooms among plates and top generously with the avocado chimichurri.

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Sandalford Winery


With over 20 years of industry experience in Townsville, Troy is an in-demand stylist. He has worked with and learnt from some of Australia’s leading hairstylists including Sharon Blain, Kevin Murphy, Richard Kavanagh, Paula Hibbard, Dee Parker Attwood and Cameron Rains. Troy is well known and has a passion for hairstyling from classic styles to avant-garde for photo shoots, runway and weddings. Troy is also a Wella Professionals Master Colour Expert and uses this knowledge to create individual hair colour for his clients. 0437 786 657

27 March – 5 April 2020 Adelaide & Regions Tasting Australia presented by RAA Travel is Australia’s premier eating and drinking festival held across ten days in South Australia. For the first time, experience Tasting Australia Airlines, a two-day tour flying you from Brisbane to SA’s premier wine region McLaren Vale. Find out more about this unique package here: www.tastingaustralia.com.au

ZAFFERANO PERLE BOWL Zafferano make seriously good handmade coloured glassware, wine glasses and dinnerware. Murano glass is recognised as one of the most coveted symbols of style and status across Europe. But today there are fewer of the island’s glass-makers due to the economic woes of the past decade as Murano lost out to other parts of the world for the high volume commercial work. Not content on being a museum to a lost craft, the remaining Murano glassblowers are revolutionising the industry and rekindling their artisanal tradition. www.casaecucina.com.au


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GROOVIN THE MOO Sunday 3 May (Long Weekend) The original regional touring music festival, a three weekend journey of road-tripping and memory-making moments, Groovin the Moo is the perfect way to explore paths less travelled with your mates, with plenty to experience both on the way to, and at the event. Each event showcases what makes these regions special – a combination of communities, artists, local food and beverages. gtm.net.au/townsville/

PREMIUM EDUCATION HIGHLIGHT duoma ga zine.com . au



Love, Serve and Shine Focused on providing students with a responsive learning environment, Southern Cross Catholic College (P-12) empowers pupils to become productive community members.

Southern Cross Catholic College is an innovative and contemporary P-12 College. The College Mission is to provide an excellent education to students through meeting their learning, social and spiritual needs. The College motto ‘To Love, To Serve, To Shine’ encapsulates the inclusive, co-educational school where standards of behaviour and academics are high, learning is life-long, people are valued, and faith development is a serious endeavour. In 2019, the first group of Year 12 students graduated from the College. “It was certainly an exciting time, working with the Year 12 students as they completed their education and progressed to the next stage of their life,” says College Principal Greg Cameron. “This particular group of Year 12 students have set an extremely high academic standard for future groups to aspire towards. Every student who graduated achieved their Queensland

left: L-R: Jin Torrington, Brooke Roberts, Jeremy Cordery, Southern Cross Catholic College Principal: Greg Cameron, Caitlin Smalley, Liam Leonardi


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Certificate of Education (QCE) and a Vocational Education and Training qualification. “As well as this, every student who wished to gain an OP for tertiary entrance received between an OP1 and OP13. Those are outstanding results, and we are very proud of all our graduates. These results did not occur by chance. Each student was tracked, encouraged and supported throughout their Senior Schooling journey. “Our College has wonderful, professional, dedicated staff and comprehensive processes to ensure students feel supported and are provided with a variety of opportunities and pathways to achieve their goals.” On top of this, the College engaged Dr Judy Smeed during the 2019 academic year. Dr Smeed is an expert in educational data and has supported the College staff to continue to strengthen the academic program. Dr Smeed’s analysis highlighted that Southern Cross Catholic College was the strongestperforming Catholic school in the Townsville Diocese based on their 2019 NAPLAN testing results. “Continual improvement is always the goal of a school. We don’t want our students’ learning progress to stall,” Principal Cameron says. “Through Dr Smeed’s input, we have created further strategies to extend our learning and teaching program in 2020. This is further supported by the Townsville Catholic Education personnel and the Diocesan-wide strategic focus on the development of all its teachers.

“This year is indeed going to be an exciting year, particularly after the outstanding work of our students and staff in 2019. But it’s not only the academic results that are impressive. Without genuine care, demonstrated in the relationships between staff and students, I don’t believe the academic results would be anywhere near where they are. “The College invests time, effort and resources into facilitating opportunities for these relationships to form and the impact is not only a positive contributor to student academic achievement, but it also leads to their social, emotional and spiritual development. The end goal is young people who will go out into the world after school and be positive contributors to their communities.”

above: L-R: front: Archer Smith, Jeremy Cordery and Brooke Roberts (College Captains), Mia Labelak middle: Kyle Gibbs, Maria Daniel, Keely Bloom, Tyler Shaw back: Clayton Tozer, Charlize Mackenzie, Zack Mullins, Liam Wellby, Charlie Crooke

Southern Cross Catholic College Gartrell Drive Annandale 4778 3444 www.sctsv.catholic.edu.au

above: L-R: Emma-Lee Verzeletti, Chase Liu, Kolya Henaway right: L-R: Ethan Martin, Slater Abdul-Rahman, Amy Brown, Chase Liu, Jorja Milton

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Lifelong Learners

Lifelong Learners Townsville Catholic Education is implementing high impact teaching strategies across its 29 schools to support student success.


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above: Nicole Beltramelli, Nyree Buchanan, Tony Hytch, Megan Wuersching, Rachael Hood and Katherine Nelson

If you were to visit St Joseph’s Catholic School, The Strand you would find teachers working together as a professional learning community to share collective knowledge to focus on student learning. Their collaborative learning space ‘The BeeHive’ is buzzing with teachers discussing high impact teaching strategies and student learning needs. Nyree Buchanan, who is part of the Learning and Teaching Team at Townsville Catholic Education, explains that part of the high impact teaching strategies the system is supporting is creating more independent learners. “Research has shown that students do better when they assume responsibility for their own learning, which is why all schools in the Diocese are implementing a model of Gradual Release of Responsibility”. Last year Townsville Catholic Education doubled the size of its system Learning and Teaching Team.

below: Sianna Pinto, Nyree Buchanan, Marley Shearman and Xavier Bourke bottom: Students Patrick Kuruyawa and Addison Jenkins with Megan Wuersching

This allows them to provide more support to teachers across 29 schools in the Diocese and implement a consistent teaching framework. ‘‘Our region extends from Townsville to Mount Isa, and to Proserpine and Halifax and out to Palm Island,’’ Nyree explains. ‘‘Our role as the Learning and Teaching Team is to support and develop schools and teachers in the Diocese to achieve consistency in teaching and the best possible outcomes for students. We want our schools to implement high impact teaching strategies.’’ Reciprocal teaching, one of the high impact strategies teachers and students are engaging with, is where students become the teacher in small group reading sessions. Among its many benefits is that it encourages students to ask more questions. Megan Wuersching, who is also part of the Townsville Catholic Education Learning and Teaching Team, says students enjoy this kind of learning. ‘‘The feedback we get from students is that by working together they are able to bounce ideas off each other, and help each other understand the topic,’’ Megan says. ‘‘Students have told us that among peers they are more comfortable discussing what they do and do not know.’’ Another focus for all schools is the opportunity for teachers to engage in constant feedback and evaluation. This is feedback on the learning occurring in the classroom and teachers evaluating the impact of their teaching. Teachers are encouraged to share their success in implementing the high impact strategies through a professional learning community, where they can share learnings with each other, as well as informally through conversations in the corridors and classrooms. One school has even started a podcast for teachers. ‘‘We have almost 1,200 teachers across the Diocese,’’ Megan says. ‘‘That is an enormous amount of collective wisdom, which is why we are encouraging teachers to learn from each other.’’

Townsville Catholic Education Phone 07 4773 0900 www.tsv.catholic.edu.au



YEAR 7 EXPO Wed 4 March 4 – 7pm

OPEN DAY Thurs 5 March 3:30 – 6pm


Sun 8 March 8 – 11am

OPEN DAY Fri 20 March 3:30 – 6pm


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Past - Present - Future








above: College Captain, Jared Mitchell and Vice-Captain, Harrison Keir

Following on from Ignatius Park College’s fiftieth year last year, the 2020 student leaders have developed the theme Past ~ Present ~ Future to encourage the community to remember the past, to grow and develop here in the present, and to use these experiences to conquer the future. Using the design talents of the College’s Dean of Wellbeing, Mr Craig Brown, the students used a very significant icon of the school, the Phoenix, to create a logo for this theme. The Phoenix holds a lantern in its beak – a symbol of the light leading the way for the strong future of Ignatius Park College. “We wanted to show that we haven’t and won’t forget the past 50 years and

that they are important. We also wanted to show that the light of the past will light the way to the future,” College Captain, Jared Mitchell said. “I am honoured to be chosen to be the College Captain for 2020. The Brotherhood of Ignatius Park College is an important bond, and I’m proud to represent my fellow students this year.” “Ignatius Park College is an incredible school that helps develop young men of today into leaders of tomorrow.”


This year, Ignatius Park College Senior Leaders decided upon a College theme for 2020: Past-Present-Future.


E 0S




Integrity | Pride | Commitment

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12-Feb-20 11:55:40 AM


OPEN DAYS Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.

NORTH WARD YEARS 7-12 + BOARDING (CO-ED) Thursday, 12 March | 3:30-6:30pm ANNANDALE & NORTH SHORE EEC +PREP - YEAR 6 (CO-ED) Saturday, 14 March | 9:00-11:00am Townsville Grammar duoma ga zine.com . au



left: Open General Classroom above: Internal Collaborative Space

Team Approach A new Senior Learning Centre is helping Northern Beaches State High School staff make the most of team teaching. With five general classrooms that all open out into each other, Northern Beaches State High School’s new Senior Learning Centre makes it possible to team teach. “Because of the moveable walls, I’m able to merge classes with the teacher beside me,” says Sam Hall, Head of Department for English. “This enhances my skillset, as we can learn from each other, but also allows us to provide more time to select students needing extra support.” The new Senior Learning Centre also has two Flexible Learning Classrooms that can operate as science laboratories, art rooms, early childhood classrooms or a general classroom. And a Robotics Laboratory for STEM is also building excitement. It even includes fixed outdoor seating that doubles as fixtures robots can be programmed to climb. “I’m very excited about the possibilities within this new space, especially the robotics lab,” says Brendan Turner, Head of Department for Digital Technologies, Business & Technology Hardware. above: Northern Beaches State High School Principal, Robin Sprott left: L - R: School Captains Zach Norton, Laura Norton, Emillee Dorron, Aidan Newman


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“The facilities are second-to-none and our students will have opportunities that will be invaluable to them in the future. The front entrance has been designed so it’s big enough for the students to fly drones in there!” With a large internal collaborative space that the classrooms spill out onto, the Senior Learning Centre is proving it’s worth as a space for group work and as a performance area for drama. “No juniors are allowed and the Centre is a little away from the rest of the school, so there are no distractions,” says Year 12 student Tim Millsom. “It’s such a professional environment – I feel like we’re at university already!” The centre’s custom-designed entrance gates reflect the diverse culture of the school’s community and, while it’s air-conditioned, the Centre has been designed to be cool. Extra-high ceilings and automatic louvres catch the breeze, reducing the environmental footprint. “I love having a new space to sit at lunch time that’s just for us,” says Year 11 student Nathan Whalley. And his fellow Year 11 student, Sam Winters adds: “The collaborative space is so good for guest speakers with plenty of room for everyone to fit in. Such a luxury!”

Northern Beaches State High School Northern Beaches State High School Meranti Street, Deeragun 4751 7111 northernbeachesshs.eq.edu.au

Full Steam Ahead With a new Performing Arts Precinct, yet another award for sporting excellence and its steadfast dedication to girls’ education, 2020 is looking bright for St Margaret Mary’s College.

above: St Margaret Mary’s College Principal, Kathy Park left: L-R: Chloe Sellars, Sophie Spencer, Phoebe Cussen, Mackenzie Thom, Tayla Sinclair, Kathy Park, Emily Groves, Olivia Babao, Matise Elliott, Alyssa Gonzales

Soon to open its brand-new Performing Arts Precinct, St Margaret Mary’s College (SMMC) is on track to offer 21st-century learning spaces for Drama and Music. “We’re excited to provide a new performance space for students to showcase their skills and the new music centre will include two classrooms and a number of rehearsal rooms where the girls can practise on their instruments of choice,” says SMMC’s Head of Arts Chris Davis. “In addition, the new theatre will be outfitted with sophisticated sound and lighting facilities as well as prop and costume storage and a make-up prep room.” SMMC students are also enjoying continued sporting success with the College receiving the Division A Melton

Black Shield for girls’ secondary sport four years in a row. “The Melton Black Shield is awarded to the secondary school that performs the best across all three Inter-school Carnivals (Swimming, Cross-Country, and Athletics) in that calendar year,” says SMMC Assistant Principal, and last year’s Sport Coordinator, Ben Luinys. “In 2019, St Margaret Mary’s College students finished first in Swimming, third in Cross-Country, and first in Athletics in the girls’ competition. These Inter-school Carnival results reflect both excellence in individual performance by our students, and also an outstanding team performance and participation by a large number of students in each carnival. Winning the shield truly is a true team effort!”

The transition to the new Queensland Certificate of Education and the new Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance system was also smooth and well-received, with the first-ever cohort to exit in 2020 with an ATAR. And the College’s commitment to education tailored to the way girls learn best remains firm. “St Margaret Mary’s College exemplifies the benefits and strength of a girls-only setting,” says SMMC Principal Kathy Park. “The College strives to offer positive role models and strong female mentors and the result is that girls thrive. Our teachers are mindful of the specific needs of girls, particularly the awareness of social and emotional learning. And we believe in involving parents as learning partners – a concept that’s well and truly embedded in our community life.” St Margaret Mary’s College 1-9 Crowle Street Hyde Park 4726 4900 smmc.catholic.edu.au

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OPEN DAYS Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.

NORTH WARD YEARS 7-12 + BOARDING (CO-ED) Thursday, 12 March | 3:30-6:30pm ANNANDALE & NORTH SHORE EEC +PREP - YEAR 6 (CO-ED) Saturday, 14 March | 9:00-11:00am Townsville Grammar


Customised Learning Helping students develop their study skills and confidence with Maths and English, the Kumon program aims to develop a student’s academic ability to the point where they can learn material ahead of their class. left: Kumon Instructor Ashley Chown with students at Kumon Pimlico below top: Kumon Instructors Ashley Chown and Peta Bird below bottom: Kumon Instructor Peta Bird from Kumon Kirwan

With a focus on independent learning, students in the Kumon program make progress based on their ability rather than their age. Every student is given an initial assessment and an individualised study plan is created for them. Students then practise worksheets until they have demonstrated a sound understanding of the material before progressing to a new topic. In doing so, students eventually reach a point in the program where they are learning material that is ahead of their school grade level. Townsville-based Kumon instructors Peta Bird and Ashley Chown are longtime devotees of the program. “I was introduced to this amazing program for our daughters by my good friend Sue Le Feuvre (Ashley’s mother),” says Kirwan centre instructor Peta Bird, who was previously a Physical Education teacher. “I was attracted to the focus Kumon gave to independent learning, the wide reading and comprehension exposure and work skills development.” Ashley Chown’s mum, Sue, enrolled her in the Kumon program when she was in Year 8. “Not long after that Mum was presented the opportunity to open

her own centre and I became her first staff member, marking and recording worksheets,” says Ashley, who is now a mother of six herself. “Through training and development I began assisting alongside my mother. Having witnessed the great benefits Kumon offers not only with Maths and English, but also developing capable, well-rounded students, it was a natural progression for me to step into the role of instructor.” Kumon develops transferable skills such as a strong concentration ability; a daily study and reading habit; confidence and the ability to learn independently. The worksheets are designed in a manner that enables students to master new concepts without being directly taught. “While there are many ‘job well done’ moments, one that comes to mind is a student who after studying the English program for approximately six months, brought their grade for English up to a consistent pass (after failing for many years),” Ashley says. “What makes this student stand out, even more, is that, due to improved study habits, concentration and endurance there were noticeable improvements across all of her subjects.”

Kumon Kirwan Education Centre Unit 7, 15-17 Castlemaine Street Kirwan 0417 070 826 Kumon Pimlico Education Centre Unit 2, 55 Fulham Road Pimlico 0424 155 171

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duoma ga zine.com. au

Photo: The Raw Photographer, Jason Van’t Padje


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Kate & Josh

Kate Tracey & Joshua Parker Tell us about The Proposal? For Josh’s 30th birthday, my gift was a surprise trip to Derby Day and Melbourne Cup. At the Spring Carnival Josh proposed. Tell us about your dress? I had initially flown down to Sydney to purchase a dress from the Rachel Gilbert bridal showcase, but afterwards, I felt like the dress I had bought was not the one for me. I spent my Bachelorette weekend down in the Gold Coast/ Byron Bay, and I secured an appointment at the Grace Loves Lace showroom in Burleigh Heads. The dress I fell in love with was the Coco dress. The stunning off the shoulder bodice dress was handmade in Australia and featured tiers of luxurious laces and exotic trims. Where did you hold your ceremony and reception? Our ceremony was at the Alamanda Great Barrier Reef Chapel, Palm Cove. Our reception was at the award-winning Nu Nu Restaurant on the beachfront of Palm Cove. Both venues provided a beautiful location for our wedding day. What was a funny thing that happened at your wedding? Not so funny on the wedding day but we both had gastro in the 24 hours leading up to the wedding. Tell us about your most memorable moment? One of our most special memories was having both of our grandmother’s present us with our weddings rings to exchange at the altar. Where did you go for your honeymoon and why? As we had a short ten-month engagement and work commitments, we had to postpone our honeymoon. In April we are off on a six-week honeymoon in Europe. We picked Europe as we share a passion for food and wine. Photographer: The Raw Photographer

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DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER When Paul Stewart and Samantha Gill were planning their USA trip last year, Paul had one exceptional surprise in store. Paul asked Samantha to spend the rest of her life with him as they were strolling through Miami’s breathtaking Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. “We were walking along the waterfront, and Paul started saying that he could never imagine doing life with anyone else,” recalls Samantha. “Then he got down on one knee and popped the question.” Paul did so with a beautiful oval cut diamond set in rose gold; a custom-designed ring that he’d worked closely with the team at Jewellery By Design to create especially for Samantha. “The inspiration for the design all came from Sam,” Paul says. “Knowing Sam, knowing what she loves and knowing what she wants. “The JBD team helped me find the right diamond for my budget and suggested a few design tweaks. Then they designed digital renders so I could see how the finished product would look. “With every step being done instore, I was able to pop into JBD when the diamond arrived and again when the casting was complete, which made it really easy.” Samantha says Paul’s design is perfect. “I’ve deliberately never looked at engagement rings, but when I received this one, I knew it was the one.” While Samantha’s ring was originally a little too small, the JBD team was able to resize it for her. “I hated parting with my beautiful ring, but the very next day they called to say it was done. It took less than 24 hours, and it’s totally flawless, you can’t even tell.” While Paul and Samantha are yet to decide on a date or venue for their wedding, they do know one thing for sure: “We’ll definitely get the wedding bands done at JBD,” says Paul. “The service is amazing, we’ll always come back.”


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RENAE CATALANO IS THE SALES MANAGER AT JBD TOWNSVILLE AND LOVES HELPING COUPLES FIND THE PERFECT PIECE TO CELEBRATE THEIR LOVE. “It’s the most beautiful journey to watch someone come in with little love hearts in their eyes and be able to help them as they create a dream ring that their partner is going to look at every day,” says Renae. “It’s a very special process and the fact that we can create that in Townsville is amazing.” All of JBD Townsville’s designers and jewellers are onsite in their Castletown store, which means that all of JBD’s jewellery designs, creations, repairs and restorations are conducted in Townsville. “For engagement rings, that’s especially important because the recipient is going to wear this ring for the rest of their life; and because we’re going to build on it with wedding bands and possibly an eternity ring.” That ongoing connection between JBD and their clients means Renae and the team get to forge a close bond with their customers. “They become part of the JBD family, and we’re part of theirs.”

Castletown www.jbd.net.au

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duoma ga zine.com. au

Lauren & Jeffrey

Lauren & Jeffrey Pace Tell us about The Proposal? Yungaburra on the Atherton Tablelands. It’s one of our favourite places to visit for a weekend away. Tell us about your dress? It’s a Mia Solano classic Mikado satin gown with a full train, V neckline and thin beaded belt. It was so comfy to wear, and it even had pockets! Where did you hold your ceremony and reception? We held the ceremony at Lauren’s family’s sugar cane farm under a secluded pocket of trees beside a lake. We set up a marquee in the beautiful gardens of Jeffrey’s family’s home for the reception. What was a funny thing that happened at your wedding? We decided to include some pineapples in the group photos taken around the farm. The groom and groomsmen came back puffed after running around three paddocks in their suits to find the perfect pineapples to be featured. Tell us about your most memorable moment? Walking back down the aisle after the ceremony as husband and wife with our friends and family showering us in confetti. Where did you go for your honeymoon and why? Bedarra Island off Mission Beach. It was an amazing island getaway that was only a few hours from home. Photographer: Renee Liddle Photography

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Picture your wedding in the cool, natural bushland of Hervey Range. Our beautiful heritage-listed tea rooms and surrounds offer you a unique ambience and a stunning backdrop for your ceremony, reception and photographs.

Contact us for a wedding package today. Email scones@heritagetearooms.com.au Phone 4778 0199 37 Thornton Gap Road, Hervey Range heritagetearooms.com.au


Images by Leonie Winks Photography



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Lunch | Friday and Saturday

Dinner | Monday to Saturday

Wedding + Reception | By Appointment

2/2 Dibbs Street South Townsville 4420 4000 bridgewaterq.com.au

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Shine a light on your personality and style at your wedding with neon signage! Whether illuminating your ceremony or providing the perfect backdrop for everyone’s #weddingselfies at your reception, this modern-meets-vintage decor is guaranteed to receive glowing reviews from your guests. www.littlepineapple.com.au

Relax and get ready in the new and exclusive Gemstone Rose collection from Le Rose. The signature satin robes with detailed lace trim are available in four colours. Customise with embroidery for that extra special touch. They are delivered in a gift bag, beautifully packaged with ribbon. www.lerose.com.au

WEDDING JACKETS MAGNETIC CONNECTION Custom wood magnets are a fun and unique way to give your guests plenty of notice about the date of your big day. Another great idea is to remind your guests of your wedding with this Thank You magnet for them to take home. www.etsy.com/au


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Bridal jackets are trending on Instagram feeds everywhere! Pairing a leather jacket with your wedding dress makes for an unforgettably bold contrast between sweet and edgy. Get creative with this emerging trend, and customise your jacket with various designs, hand-painted florals, custom calligraphy, metal studs – there is unlimited potential for this completely customisable trend. www.winstonwolfe.com.au


weddings INTIMATE | PERSONAL | STYLE CITY LANE 373 Flinders Street, Townsville Phone 07 4771 2245


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say I do

Castaways Resort & Spa is your ultimate beachfront escape for your perfect day. Positioned absolutely beachfront with direct access to the 14km-long, beautiful, white sandy beach, you have found your own tropical little paradise right here. Let us take the stress out of arranging your wedding day. Our dedicated Wedding Co-ordinator can arrange as much or as little as you like, ensuring every detail is taken care of. Located between Cairns and Townsville, Castaways offers the ultimate wedding experience. From the ceremony, to post ceremony options, the reception and a wide range of accommodation to suit all your guests. Contact our Wedding Co-ordinator today to start planning your unique and unforgettable celebration.

2 Pacific Parade, Mission Beach 07 4068 7444 weddings@castaways.com.au www.castaways.com.au /castawaysresortandspa Image courtesy of Focus Imagery.


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Casey & Hayden

Casey & Hayden Smith Tell us about The Proposal? Hayden planned a picnic on the beach with our fur-baby at Saunders Beach. He was so nervous/excited I barely had time to sit down before he popped the question! He then surprised me on our way home with a bouquet of red roses and lilies. We are high school sweethearts, so it was a long time coming! Tell us about your dress? My dress is from Curve Bridal Boutique in Brisbane. It has a beautiful hand-sewn beaded bodice for some sparkle, illusion straps, buttons down the back and a layered organza ruffle skirt. I did a reveal of my dress on the day to everyone, as no-one had seen it but my mum! Where did you hold your ceremony and reception? Our whole day was at The Farm Plumeria Road, an award-winning farm and country venue. All the months of planning, DIY and setup was SO worth it! What was a funny thing that happened at your wedding? The best man couldn’t fit into his pants two days before the wedding, and there was only one pair left Australia wide, so Marion’s Sewing Room turned a size 40 into a 34! He got up on the table during the speeches to show them off. Tell us about your most memorable moment? Obviously, nothing beats the ceremony, BUT the speeches! There were laughs and tears from start to finish. We heard stories we forgot about, stories we wish we could forget and beautiful words about our loved ones no longer with us. Where did you go for your honeymoon and why? We spent a week exploring Singapore and a week at the beach sipping cocktails in Phuket. Both countries were the perfect mix of activities and relaxation. A lovely surprise from my new husband were business class tickets! Photographer: Vicki Miller Photography

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Weddings & Ceremonies Whether you’re looking for an affordable and stylish venue to host your wedding reception, or a beautiful place to hold your ceremony, our dedicated team will guide you right up to your big day. Woolcock Street 4759 4900 www.mercuretownsville.com.au WINNER: 2019 Best Hotel Reception Venue in Australia (ABIA Awards) WINNER: 2019 Brides Choice Awards - Wedding Venue 4-4.5 Star Hotel Tropical North Queensland

A breathtaking, waterfront park, ideal for your wedding or function To find out more:

tmml.org.au (07) 4721 5251 info@tmml.org.au #tsvmaritimemuseum


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Townsville’s most unique waterfront venue Host an intimate ceremony right through to an extravagant reception Creative freedom, flexibility through a ‘dry hire’ system Hire options include Full Terminal, Breezeway or Garden Ceremony For bookings and enquiries:

the Quay to your perfect wedding

quaysideterminal.com.au (07) 4781 1653 info@quaysideterminal.com.au


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Photo: Aaron Ashley

above: 2015 Groovin the Moo Artist After Party with Chris Webber from Hilltop Hoods’ band.

It took a chronic illness and life-changing diagnosis for Girl at a Rock Show’s Jade Kennedy to take the leap and follow her lifelong dream of working in the music business. After more than 10 years of freelance journalism, stage management, artist liaison, photography, promotions and event work on top of her ‘day jobs’ Jade was stricken with an illness that left her mostly bedridden. “I was in pain all the time, but it was weird pain – some days my eyelashes hurt; I was getting migraines all the time; I had brain fog; I had anxiety attacks over nothing; I was constantly exhausted, but I couldn’t sleep,” she said. “I was tested for everything from Glandular and Ross River Fever to Chronic Fatigue and cancer. I was black and blue from blood tests, and they still had no idea what was wrong with me.” Jade grew up with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, the connective tissue disorder Lena Dunham recently revealed she has. But this was different. “I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in early 2013,” she said. “Having a diagnosis started making life easier – I began making adjustments to accommodate my ‘new normal’.”

right: Jade worked with The Living End at the Dalrymple Hotel


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One such adjustment was starting a home-based business – something that had previously been a pipe dream.

we’re also all women in the music industry, and it can still be a tough nut to crack,” she said.

“I began a blog just as something positive to focus on and to get me out of the house occasionally,” she said.

“One of my girls is in a wheelchair and covers festivals like Laneway and Good Things and Download in Melbourne – she sends me photos of the blisters on her hands after shows, and I cringe, but she loves it.

“I quickly realised the camera was now essential at shows because of my anxiety. “Once I had the website, I started getting approached to write for other publications. Then people were asking about promotions or publicity or management or bookings, and the business kind of built itself. “I focus mostly on journalism, photography, publicity and merch management now, and unlike a regular job, most of that can be worked around pain flares or brain fog. “Obviously I couldn’t sell Peking Duk’s tour merch from bed; I travel between Cairns and Mackay selling merch. I did some of Xavier Rudd’s tour publicity from bed though. That was a really successful campaign, too.” Jade also mentors young women in music media. “Currently, the core Girl team all have a chronic illness, mental illness or physical disabilities – unintentionally, but it’s a fact I’m proud of. Because

“Seeing my passion for music reflected in the girls is literally what gets me out of bed some days.” CONNECT NOW www.girlatarockshow.com

below: Jade Kennedy with MC Suffa (Matt Lambert) from Hilltop Hoods on their 2014 Cosby Sweater Tour in Townsville.

Obviously I couldn’t sell Peking Duk’s tour merch from bed… I did some of Xavier Rudd’s tour publicity from bed though. JADE KENNEDY


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