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Transparent membrane 2013 Innovation

64% lights transmittance

From theory

to REALITY Playing indoor while having a 360 degrees panorama view. With the new transparent membrane from Duol new architectural sport halls concepts are possible. Attractive design from inside and outside: The transparent air domes offer an indoor view while catching views from people outside.

Transparent membranes from Duol allow you to create an environment that feels like the bright outdoors, but provides excellent weather protection.

Innovation tested in practice Duol successfully implemented innovation into practice. Air dome with transparent ceiling offers nice view to outside sky. For full visual effects also entire air dome can be completely made using new, transparent membrane.

Best technical characteristics

DUOL d.o.o. Kapalniška pot 2, 1351 Brezovica, Slovenija +386 1 360 14 00

Recently developed transparent membrane offers, best on the market, 64% lights transmittance. Due to the high transmittance of daylight, lighting costs can be reduced which in turn will contribute to saving energy. Transparent membrane is coated with special PVDF-II film offering perfect UV protection and effectively self-remove any dirt from membrane. Additional Polymers added to membrane improves temperatures range resistance and with double membrane insulation system, transparent air dome is designed for either extremely hot or cold climates areas. Membrane is fire resistant and made according to latest European environment standards.

Duol Transparent membrane: Seeing the Outside when playing Inside  

Duol Transparent membrane: Seeing the Outside when playing Inside