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Company DUOL

Company DUOL has been active on the market since 1992 and throughout this period Duol has successfully attained the position of one of the most significant suppliers of fabric structures. Duol success results from excellent price-quality ratio which is ensured by our in-house team of specialists, our own production facility and certified quality. With our individual care to clients we are experts at finding the most suitable solution and giving our clients best value.

More than 1100 covered sport facilities over the world have been designed, produced and installed under the DUOL trademark. Our objects incorporate the latest innovations in design, fabrics, anchoring, mechanical, electrical and energy saving systems.

We consider it our obligation to continually develop our fabric structures and continuously invest in employees and latest technology in order to continue to be perfect business partner for our clients. Dušan Olaj CEO

During last 20 years Duol has covered over 1100 sport courts and as a clear market leader enjoys the confidence of customers all over the Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Middle Asia, Balkans and Arabic world. The reason for the success of DUOL turnkey projects is its in-house manufacturing, engineering and design department along with its team of experienced project managers and assembling personal who offer unique solutions based on the individual needs of the customers.


We manufacture, install and maintain the products we sell. We are not simply “brokers,� selling components manufactured by others and relying on a disconnected group of vendors to perform the follow up and warranty services demanded by an air, frame or tension structure.

Our manufacturing experiences, best quality materials and ISO 9001 production quality guaranties you best product warranty of its kind.


GENERAL An air-supported (or air dome) structure is any building that derives its structural integrity from the use of internal pressurized air to inflate a pliable material (i.e. structural fabric) envelope, so that air is the main support of the structure, and where access is via airlocks.

Air supported structures are intended to seasonal/permanent covering of sports areas in any dimension and form.

Standard elements of the dome are: 1. Double Membrane System 2. Heating-ventilation System 3. Emergency Back-up System 4. Anchoring system 5. Emergency Door 6. Revolving Door 7. Lighting System

DOUBLE MEMBRANE SYSTEM The main advantage of DUOL air supported structures is fabric covering system, composed from double membrane with welded air pockets. The membrane system includes inner and outer fabric. A membrane is made from polyester fabric, coated by PVC. The weight of outer fabric, standard designed, is 760 1500 g/m2. The weight of inner fabric is in a range between 500 and 700 g/m2. Standard fabric is translucent for daylight; it completely meets physical, technical and fire standards as well regulations. Standard color is white. An air pocket between outer and inner fabric material (approx. 4070 cm) provides to DUOL air supported structures ideal thermal insulation comparable to the insulation of classic built objects.

DUOL DMS PLUS  Long term durability thanks to a superior top coat thickness  Exceptional cleanability - long term dirt resistance  Membrane is UV resistant  All membranes are fire retardant, certificated by following certificates: M2/NFP 92-507, TEST 2/NFPA 701, CSFM T19, B1/DIN 4102-1, BS 7837, B1/0N0RM B 3800-1, M2/UNE 23.727, VKF 5.3/SN 198898  Exceptional luminosity. No artificial lighting is required during daytime hours. When interior lights are used at night, the fabric‘s high gloss interior finish top coating will reflect indirect lightening in all directions  High tearing resistance and tensile strength prolongs the lifespan of the fabric DUOL double membrane system provides industrial best thermal comfort while favouring an optimised transmission of natural light

AIR GENERATORS Air generator works with two functions. Air inflating guarantees the stability of the dome; furthermore it provides the normal living/climate conditions inside the dome by mounted heat exchanger, heating the air before to be inflated into the dome. DUOL heating-ventilation System is completely automatically-controlled. The unit could be designed also in mobile variant.

 Improved modulating system (35% saving approximately)  Smart energy-saving mode  In calm conditions, blower units operate at only 50% capacity, greatly reducing running costs.  Optimized combustion, thanks to condensing chamber  Reduced hot air stratification  Mounted on anti-vibration basis - quiet under 64 dbA (-30%)  Special insulated sandwich panels resistant to extreme low temperatures

EMERGENCY BACK-UP SYSTEM Emergency heating unit provides the stability of the dome in a time of heating unit default or in a case of electricity breakdown. The fan of emergency heating unit is driven by diesel or electrical aggregate for non-stop electrical charging. The unit could be designed also in mobile variant.

Our system of double engine diesel and electric providers a substantial savings – 50% of energy the electric operational system under normal atmospheric conditions windless, snow, heating can maintain the pressure inside the dome instead of the main generators.

ANCHORING SYSTEM It is many possibilities, how to connect the membrane to the concrete beam. The rings with peg crossed by a metal tube or grounding anchor with metal tube are used for temporary assembling – seasonal use of the dome. For permanent assembling the anchoring is done by metal profiles. The anchors are mounted in to the concrete beam in a distance 1m, around the perimeter. The anchoring in some situation could be done also by auger anchors, without any concrete foundation. Auger anchors are grounded directly to the ground in the depth of 2mt.

With DUOL advanced anchorage system air loss around the base perimeter is greatly reduced providing savings on inflation.

ANCHORING SYSTEM ANCHORING SYSTEM – REMOVABLE OPTION Quite often it is profitable to have the air structure in place only for wintertime activities and store the structure during the summer months.

Air structures are the only building method that makes it feasible to remove the structure during summer months or to allow for easy relocation to a new site.

REVOLVING DOOR DUOL revolving doors are the most efficient method of moving people in and out of an air structure. Three-leaf glass revolving doors in standard dimensions Ă˜180cm and Ă˜240cm, as well as with the height 220cm are made from sheet metal construction.

Revolving Doors must be specially built to withstand the building pressure pushing in both directions on the panels without fatigue failure. Brush seals minimize air losses while maintaining smooth operation. The doors include large glass panels to see other users, and the housing is made from maintenance free aluminum.

LIGHTING SYSTEM The inner ambient of the dome is lighted by proper quantity of the halogen lamps in two different modes: directly or indirectly. At direct lighting the lamps are mounted on the membrane to give light on the sports field directly, at indirect lighting the lamps are installed on the metal poles and light up. Illuminating power is calculated according the dome function.

Highly durable, low maintenance Energy efficient Eco-friendly High optical efficiency and precise lighting control  Natural spectrum light  Housing made of steel, dust and moisture resistant    

TRANSPORT TUNNEL Transport tunnel is meant to be an entrance for vehicles, a storage room of the equipment or an auxiliary space of the object. Standard dimensions are 600cm x 360cm x 330cm and 800cm x 460cm x 480cm. The roof of metal construction is covered by polyester fabric coated with PVC foil. Walls of the tunnel are closed by metal sheets. The doors are standard dimensions 300cm x 250cm in 400cm x 400cm. A frame is made by metal construction; the doors are from metal panels. The doors are equipped by manual or electrical lifting device.

ALL WEATHER COMFORT Duol heating units safely and efficiently heat the air structure to the desired temperature. Humidity inside the structure is controlled by DUOL’s innovative heating-ventilation system. DUOL Duol DMS Plus guarantees resistance to harsh climatic conditions and ensures the highest temperature isolation. Air Conditioning is available as well, and will be custom designed for each project’s specific requirements.

DUOL air domes are located around the world in a variety of climates. DUOL air supported structures are designed and engineered to withstand most of unusual weather conditions and natural disasters.

TURN-KEY TURN-KEY Duol can supply all the elements (sport equipment, sport flooring…) necessary to provide a finished product that is truly turnkey in nature.

For different sports, appropriate certified sports flooring along with other facilities - from wardrobes, stands, dividing curtains, fitness… can be provided by Duol.




AFTER SALE SUPPORT After you purchase Duol air dome you relay to most experienced group of professionals in the world. For all of our customers, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of our after sale services: • Seasonal air supported structure installation and takedown • Yearly maintenance • Air supported structure inflation system maintenance and service • Inflation system retrofitting • Heating and/or cooling system maintenance • Fabric retrofitting • Emergency maintenance • Air supported structure relocation & moving