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DUOL Company DUOL has been active on the market since 1992 and throughout this period Duol has successfully attained the position of one of the most significant suppliers of fabric structures. Duol success results from excellent price-quality ratio which is ensured by our in-house team of specialists, our own production facility and certified quality. With our individual care to clients we are experts at finding the most suitable solution and giving our clients best value.

More than 1100 covered sport facilities over the world have been designed, produced and installed under the DUOL trademark. Our objects incorporate the latest innovations in design, fabrics, anchoring, mechanical, electrical and energy saving systems. We consider it our obligation to continually develop our fabric structures and continuously invest in employees and latest technology in order to continue to be perfect business partner for our clients. Dušan Olaj CEO

AIR DOMES Changing climate it is no longer guarantee for non-stop seasons, that’s why many of investors ask to dome their sports areas. Air supported structures are perfect cover to keep sports facilities active despite the weather conditions whatever they are. With Duol air-supported structures a variety of professional and recreational sports and recreational activities can be played year-round, in any kind of weather. DUOL Air Domes offer the advantage of quick erection and the possibility of permanent or seasonal use. They are always cost effective! This is possible due the fact that air supported structures do not require concrete, steel or wooden supporting construction. Air is only supporting system provide the amount of clear span space needed for. The short investment cycle involved and their long durability ensure high profitability. The special design of DUOL domes gives consumers the same level of comfort they are used to with traditional sports buildings.




DUOL air supported structures are revolutionary structures offering unparalleled cost benefits over conventional construction methods. Cost of design, manufacture, site preparation and installation are all a mere fraction of those of conventional construction. DUOL own production facility enables us to offer you most attractive prices on market together with best quality. Ongoing maintenance and operating expenses are also far less than those of traditional structures. Unlike traditional structures, Duol structures also require less paper work.

AIR DOMES SEASONAL STRUCTURES Quite often it is profitable to have the air structure in place only for wintertime activities and store the structure during the summer months.

Air structures are the only building method that makes it feasible to remove the structure during summer months or to allow for easy relocation to a new site.

Year 2012 is a special milestone for company DUOL. A company marks its 20 years of successful launching DUOL brand of air domes to markets worldwide.

During last 20 years Duol has covered over 1100 sport courts and as a clear market leader enjoys the confidence of customers all over the Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Middle Asia, Balkans and Arabic world. The reason for the success of DUOL turnkey projects is its in-house manufacturing, engineering and design department along with its team of experienced project managers and assembling personal who offer unique solutions based on the individual needs of the customers.

FC Lokomotiv Moscow

Rosenborg BK


FC Lokomotiv Moscow

Rosenborg BK

FC Tromso

Zheskazgan – 15000m2 big


FC Olimpija

Stadion Yantar - Moscow




Dinamo Volgograd

FC Kontu

Hockey arena Sochi

FC Turku






Duol designs, projects and manufactures fabric structures in Duol own production facility and we supply products directly to client. Our own production facility and direct delivery guarantees clients high quality and custom made air dome with short delivery time and low prices due to operating without intermediaries.


We manufacture, install and maintain the products we sell. We are not simply “brokers,� selling components manufactured by others and relying on a disconnected group of vendors to perform the follow up and warranty services demanded by an air, frame or tension structure.

Our manufacturing experiences, best quality materials and ISO 9001 production quality guaranties you best product warranty of its kind.

DIRECT SUPPLIER Duol directly provides you with plan of foundation, all manuals, tecnical characteristics, sketches, certificates and with all structural drawings and calculations sealed by a professional engineers for the owner’s use in obtaining all necessary documents.

In early stage Duol design team can calculate an approximate total energy usage for heating, air conditioning, lighting, and inflating an air structure on an annual basis. The estimate takes into account the weather data for the jobsite location, desired space temperature in both summer and winter months, the number of projected occupants and their activities in the dome, and the utility costs for a project.



Duol provides you with all structural drawings and calculations.

AFTER SALE SUPPORT After you purchase Duol air dome you relay to most experienced group of professionals in the world. For all of our customers, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of our after sale services: • Seasonal air supported structure installation and takedown • Yearly maintenance • Air supported structure inflation system maintenance and service • Inflation system retrofitting • Heating and/or cooling system maintenance • Fabric retrofitting • Emergency maintenance • Air supported structure relocation & moving

WeCare WeCare At DUOL, we strive to reach the highest level of quality in our business and we aim to make sure that your decision in choosing an air dome would be easier as possible. WE CARE ABOUT OUR CLIENTS.

WeCare is a concept specially developed with our clients in mind. Quite simply, our goal is to make to more transparent to choose correct solution of air supported structure – even if you will not buy it from DUOL. Responsibility beyond the doors of DUOL Company – the WeCare concept is also caring about what goes on beyond our company doors. We invest a lot of time and resources in developing new technical innovation, as well as finding future green oriented, client-friendly solutions for all levels of our operations.

WeCare is our promise to you, that you will get from us best product, designed to your need exclusively

About Duol  

About Duol

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