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The Duo-Gard Difference... What makes Duo-Gard different? Viewpoint. Vision. Versatility. Do you look at the market to see what’s out there? We look to see what’s not out there. What does the market need in systems – not only right now but also for the future? Then we create it. By researching – evaluating – integrating advances in materials, technology and concepts, we take you ahead of the curve with not just the right solution but the best solution for your project. Sure, others make canopies, daylighting systems and outdoor structures. Others say “Here’s our system; you build your project around it.” We say “Here’s your project; we’ll build our solution around it.” Big difference. Others ask “Can we do this?” We ask “How can we do this?” Big difference. This leads to our architecturally aesthetic bus, bike and special-purpose shelters, which help establish and enhance the identity of communities across the country.

We’ve applied our extensive knowledge and experience to develop a variety of standard bike shelter models. Duo-Gard bike shelters are architecturally designed. Custom solutions are not a problem. We’re happy to collaborate with you to create any conceivable shelter size, shape and look you desire. Sustainable & Eco Sensitive. We construct our shelters from recycled materials. These shelters apply to multiple LEED* compliance categories. We proudly manufacture Duo-Gard products in the USA!

Duo-Gard designs and manufactures a full line of standard bus stop shelters and BRT shelters as shown below. With more than 30 years of experience, Duo-Gard can also create a custom transit shelter solution by selecting from our wide range of roof styles, materials, configurations, layouts and sizes. Whether you prefer open on all sides or completely enclosed, we can design the structure to meet your aesthetic and customer protection needs.


Duo-Gard has been designing, manufacturing and installing covered and enclosed walkways for over 30 years. We have worked from developed plans, a simple sketch or even a verbal description to start the process. Our in-house design, engineering, aluminum or steel manufacturing, and installation capabilities give us the ability to provide a turnkey solution for all types of covered walkway projects. Duo-Gard covered walkways can be completely or partially enclosed with side walls to suit your specific requirements.

As smoking bans gained steam in the 1980s, Duo-Gard’s team addressed the needs of smokers and nonsmokers in a smoke-free workplace. We developed our smoking shelters to improve and enhance our customers’ environments across the country. Our shelters are built to last – we created the concept in 1991 and the first shelters we installed are still used every day.

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Duo-Gard Outdoor Structures Look Book  

Duo-Gard Outdoor Structures Look Book  

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