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Dunning’s Art & Literary Journal

GREETINGS! Welcome to our premier issue of Spark of the Arts, Dunning’s first art and literary journal. It has been a wonderful learning experience for all involved in the creation of this new online e-zine. I would like to thank everyone who gave so generously of their time to make this dream a reality. Thank you to all of the teachers who took the time to share their student’s work with us. Thank you to all of the people who offered a helping hand while we were trying to navigate through the often challenging technological jungle; teachers, students, parents, and of course the always kind and patient Mrs. Wong. It has been a pleasure working with my very capable and enthusiastic staff of nine dedicated editors. Seeing this selection of beautiful, moving artistic accomplishments makes me proud to be affiliated with such a creative population. I hope that you enjoy this journal as much as we enjoyed its production. Thank you, Gabrielle Gura-Gold

Emily, 4th grade

4th grade

Abigail, 3rd grade

Molly, 4th grade

4th grade

Aspen, 5th grade

Aspen, 5th grade

Audrey, 4th grade

Caroline, 5th grade

Daniel, 4th grade

Elizabeth, 4th grade

Emily, 5th grade

Emily, 4th grade

Gray, 4th grade

Graylen, 5th grade

Graylen, 5th grade

4th grade

Jacklin, 4th grade

Jelani, 3rd grade

Jigar, 4th grade

Joey, 4th grade

Daniel, 4th grade

Karen, 4th grade

Kiley, 3rd grade

4th grade

4th grade

3rd grade

5th grade

Patricia, 5th grade

Amelia, 3rd grade

Renata, 5th grade

Ryan, 4th grade

Shelby, Alumni

Sophia, 4th grade

Sophie, 5th grade

Sophie, 5th grade

Patricia, 5th grade

William, 3rd grade

Ben, 3rd grade

Abbie, 5th grade

Sabrina, 1st grade

Halia, 4th grade

Alexis, 4th grade

Richa, 3rd grade

Patricia, 5th grade

Caroline & Pooja, 5th grade

Daniel, 4th grade

Jessica, 3rd grade

Graylen, 5th grade

An, 4th grade

Joey, 3rd grade

Renata, 5th grade

Aspen, 5th grade

Renata, 5th grade

Daniel, 4th grade

Castle Siege

Photographed by Ronin, 3rd grade

In The Summer Time by Natalie, 5th grade Summer is the best season of all, No homework, no school, just swimming and playing ball. Staying up late on those hot summer nights, Watching the fireflies lighting up in their flights. Swimming and splashing and diving and fun, Screaming and laughing in the yard as you run. That slimy sunscreen and that smelly bug spray, Playing outside every second of the day. Hanging out with friends, playing soccer or baseball, Finding ladybugs that are so small. In the summertime there’s so much you can do, Summer is fun, it’s true, It’s true!

Firefly’s Song by Tyler, 3rd grade When the fireflies sing The magical song Of bugs The tidal waves sing The crabs clap and The winds clash.

Longhouse by Joey, Luca & Shane, 3rd grade Longhouse Toasty, warm Comforting, cooking, hunting Sharing tales with the children Fishing, caring loving Strong, long Longhouse

Wetu by Kiley & Maya, 3rd grade Wetu Small, cool Weaving, roasting, doll making Bark, grass, leaves, mud Sewing, planting, cloth making Cozy, nice Wetu

Longhouse by Jessie, Brooke, Gloria & Alyssa, 3rd grade Longhouse Sweltering comfortable Welcoming comforting protecting Tale telling around the fire Talking playing singing Cozy smoky Longhouse

Glorious Clouds by Ben Cotton candy flakes. Clouds soft as new born puppies. Blowing fluff around.

My Special Dog by Ben My dog is black as midnight. His tummy is white as fluffy clouds. A little part of his leg and foot is brown as soil. He is very special, cuddly, cute, and his name is Gus.

My Bio-Poem by Massimo Friendly, Happy, Athletic, Strong Marco Pasta, Pizza Family Yellow

The Four Seasons By Jessica Spring The April showers have brought new flowers now we feed them tears of joy. Summer The flowers loath the sweltering sun like they do the scheming slugs. Fall Nature falls into an earthly slumber. Winter Steam awakens For the cold weather.

Come to the amazing art room, We will give you some yarn for a loom. We can do clay or painting, That is really worth fainting, You could stay after school, Which is kind of cool. Maybe you will draw a seal Or a brown and yellow banana peal, Art is so wonderful, Just come for a adventurous ride, You will definitely feel so much pride!

Liquid Marbles by Zen, 3rd grade Rolls faster than the other marbles Indefensive Really easy to break like made in china toys. Bouncy and fragile like water bouncing all over the place. If it’s broken it looks like diamond or a clear clam pearl. Diamonds are inside the mines inside volcanoes. The more dangerous it is the more precious it is.

Moon Light by Kiley, 3rd grade The shiny glow Brightens on your face Like a beautiful stream shimmering on Your bed when you’re asleep.

These are my hands, My hands will do a 1000 loving things for you. And you will remember when I am tall that once my hands were just this small. Do you ever imagine

Like you are in a different world Someone is talking to you You are not even listening. The speaker gets mad. My friend asks me a question. I was hungry. I pictured myself in a different world, Surrounded by food. My friend calls my name. “What, what?” and he talked. I said, “Yeah cool.” My friend really got mad at me. I wonder what he said.

Spring by Brooke, 3rd grade Flowers blooming Bees zooming Warm weather Colorful feathers Fresh air Wake bears Cool breeze Makes me sneeze!

Spring by Sindhu, 3rd grade Small buds begin to form After their long exile, And the sun shows its radiance Once again, After what seemed an Everlasting sleep, The bear comes out of His cave, But most importantly, This means a new Season has begun

Spring Spring looks like flowers blooming Spring feels like rain falling Spring sounds like wind blowing Spring tastes like nectar from the flowers Spring smells like cherry blossoms

Books by Sindhu, 3rd grade Books Fun, interesting, Learn, imagine, devour, Full of wonderful things, Bounded words

Red Third Grade Student Red is the color of apples hanging on the top of a shiny tree. Red is the color of the inside of a watermelon when someone takes a bite on a hot summer day. Red sounds like a volcano erupting. Red sounds like crackling wood of a fireplace. Red smells/ tastes like a piece of pepperoni on a steamy pizza. Red tastes like a big round juicy cherry. Red feels like anger, when somebody gets very upset. Red feels like embarrassment when a person does something wrong. Red makes me feel very very lucky!

The Flowers of Spring by Rachel, 5th grade The Flowers are about to grow With all the flowers in a row It’s similar to the new small house That’s behind the flowers as quiet as a mouse, With the blooming flowers they seem to say, winter will go. The wet, silky petals shine in the light On a perfect day, of flying a kite The time has come. Spring has begun, Hopefully with no more white!!

Erika V. Hi my name is Erika V. I am 10 years old and go to Dunning Elementary. My favorite animal is a monkey and koalas. I used to play softball and now I want to be an artist. I am a very active and energetic person to be with. I get really emotional but fun to be with. I always love to go to the park and go on the swings. I love to read a lot of books, the type I read is fiction or non fiction.

SPARK IN THE SKY A dark sky With a bright light A spark in the sky It goes from left to right Its so bright Your eyes Are blind when you see the bright light!!!

Hannah Hi my name is Hannah, I live in Framingham MA with my Mom, Dad, sister and my dog sandy. I am also 11 years old. I am an editor at the spark of the arts along with my friends Abbie, Bella, Sophie, Tommy, Graylen, Aspen, Cassie and Erika. Who are also editors. I first got interested in doing the Spark of the Arts from my friends Abbie and Tommy who mentioned it to me. I also love art and that really got me interested because I love art and I thought that this idea was very interesting and that it would be a great way to show other people’s work.

Cassie Hi I am Cassie. I am 11 years old. My school is Charlotte A. Dunning. I am in a special literary arts journal. I love panda’s, art, the color purple, and sports. I play soccer, basketball, and cheerleading. I like to bike, read, and draw during my spare time.

Spark A spark, A spark of light, A spark of light in the night, I see it here, I see it there, I see it mostly everywhere. Can you find it? Sure I can. A spark of light is anywhere.

Sophie My name is Sophie B. and I am one of the editors of the “Spark of the Arts” Literary arts journal. In my free time I enjoy reading and writing poetry and love ducks.

A Spark A spark A flicker A flame A fire A spark

Untitled Can anyone hear my shouts, my cries Can anyone hear me screaming They’re gone, leaving my whimpers silent

Aspen My name is Aspen P. I am 11 years old at Dunning Elementary School and I love to play sports!! I chose to be in the Literacy Art Journal (Spark!) because I always have loved art and liked to try new and different things such as an on-line magazine!!!

SPARK A spark of light fly’s through the air lasting over the silent ocean and then, plunges. Brightly falling downward, lighting up the dark sky. And everybody stares, and then, it’s gone. - Aspen Pierson

Isabella My name is Isabella. I am 10 years old at Dunning Elementary School! I chose to be in the Literary Arts Journal (Spark of the Arts) because I like art, writing etc. and being with my art teacher Mrs. Gold. The Spark of Arts is a great adventure designed by kids. So hold on to your hats and sit tight because you are looking at the Spark of Arts.

Spark A spark of light A spark of joy A spark that I can enjoy. I watch it fly through the air for a place that people can laugh and share.

Graylen C. Guten tag! Hey ya’ll, my howdy-da name is Graylen. I love to do anything art related. In fact I have an art-room all to myself. I have an odd obsession with Edgar Allan Poe, Sherlock Holmes, and mustaches. I am an editor of Spark of the Arts, best journal on earth. I spend my time playing soccer, doing artwork, watching the NBA (Go Celtics) and baseball (Red Sox), thinking how awesome Sherlock Holmes is, listening to bands like the Beatles.

Spark Sparks flying in air Soaring to the stars at night Falling back to earth

Survival of the Magenta Man The Magenta Man stands still In an ocean of feelings. His offspring at his side, He protects him with value. Anger is creeping up on him, But what should he do? Should he run, screaming and crying? No, he will stand his ground and do what he mus. It is okay. The Magenta Man stands still. He will face his anger, excitement, and do what he must. He may wet his. He may be so nervous he will faint. But, the Magenta stands still. He will not describe himself as a coward, Though he is scared. He will face his feelings. Though he will not fight them, Unless he must The Magenta Man stands still. He has survived The Magenta Man has survived. He has won. His offspring has survived. He will live on. He will die eventually. He does not let this stand in his way. He continues on. He has survived. He walks on. He will be calm, when needed, Cry, when needed, And live on to his dying point. He has survived. m here by Graylen

Abbie H. Hi, My name is Abbie. I am 11 years old and I am one of the many editors in “Spark of the Arts.” I first got interested in “Spark of the Arts” because I wanted to express my feelings in art and I also wanted to show people that I was actually somewhat good at art. I’m Abbie and I’m an editor in “Spark of the Arts”!!!!!

Art Has A spark Art has a spark of light at night, Art is sad glad and also mad, Art dances off your paper, Art is a show Art makes you want to know.

Tommy D. My name is Tommy D. and I am 11 years old. I love art and animals. Sometimes I will collide these two and make my own animal artsy picture. I go to Dunning and I am part of Spark of the Arts, the first Dunning literary and art journal.

A Forever Lasting Spark of Art A spark can make art A beautiful spark of art A spark of the art

We hope you enjoyed this as much we enjoyed producing this online journal. We look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Spark of the Arts, Vol.1 Summer 2010  

First edition of Dunning Elementary's art and literary journal.

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