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About Me:

I’m a 21 year-old student JS Immunology from Wexford. I have been actively involved in student life since 1st year. I am running for President because I have seen where the Student’s Union works well and where it is in urgent need of reform . Be it the form of an enhanced careers advisory service, a radicalisation of student run services, or serving you in a more interactive fashion, I believe I can show you what the Student’s Union is capable of doing for you without the nonsense!

Experience: Accommodation advisory service, TCDSU Public Relations OFficer, Trinity VDP Marketing Secretary, DuFC Member, Campus residents committee

KEY POINTS Trinity internships J1/International Internships

student services Support Sports

Dunne for President

Voting Times

Personal development Student hardship fund

Dunne FOR President All for Dunne, Dunne for all!

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Get Trinity-Exclusive Internships from a wide range of industries including Law, Business, Music, the Arts, Science and others! This includes establishing an International Internship Program.

I will endeavour to provide Trinity-Exclusive Internships in all areas including Business, Law, Science, Music and the Arts, in both a domestic and global context. I will build on the strong Alumni network to provide Trinity students with the best possible oppurtunities to experience life in the workplace.

Redirect the Student Union’s focus towards establishing everyday services for students.

I will work with sports clubs and DUCAC to ensure Trinity’s sportsmen and sportswomen have the all the support they need!

Offer Students training in areas outside of your course through CAS in order to encourage Personal Development. I will develop the range of support services to give Trinity graduates a range of employable skills.

Provide students with the student’s union they want - ROry Dunne

Student Directed Services

BookshoP @ Lectures

Reform the second-hand academic book sellling system to improve access

Wifi HelpDesk@Lectures

Student-run clinics acrosss College to help with WI-FI set-up procedure

Student Kitchen


I will find new ways to supplement funding for the Student Hardship Fund. As part of this, I will donate 10% of my salary to the Fund.

Basic cooking facilities for students on campus

REvive Deal of the week

Get the best local lunch deals back for Trinity Students

Personal Development: While it may be a cliché that you should do more than study in college I believe that I can use my time as President to aid student development. In a competitive jobs market at home and abroad, employers are looking for diversified skills beyond your degree. I intend to develop courses in areas such as computer skills, first aid and language courses. Where possible these courses would be run by other students.

Dunne For President - Manifesto  
Dunne For President - Manifesto  

Brief document outlining my beliefs on the role of President of TCDSU