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April 2014

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Hope Children’s Home Rescuing the Next Generation

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16 “He is not here: for he is risen, as he said.” – Matthew 28:6 There are many religions in the world today that promise many things. You can travel to the burial sites of their leaders to pay homage and worship. But Easter sets Christianity apart from all the rest. On Easter we celebrate a promise that Jesus made to believers, a promise that He would be raised from the dead and ascend unto God, the Father, to reign with Him. If Jesus would have stayed in the grave, He’d have been just like all the other gods of religions around the world. But He didn’t. What a Savior!

Easter is also a time when the vast majority of people around the world head to church. Dressed in new church attire, they meet together in churches spanning the globe to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The staff and children of Hope Children’s Home do the same thing. The only difference is, we have 70 new outfits to purchase. Normally, we are able to use gift cards donated during the Christmas holidays. However, the past couple of years, the donations have been much lower than normal. Last year, people stepped forward to provide us a last-minute opportunity to take the children and get them a new outfit for Easter.

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Kosher For Passover With A Flare

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Far too often, we are guilty of seeking outside our community for the “excitement” we are looking for. Our local community here in Carrollwood is more exciting then we realize. Take our local Edible Arrangements located here in the heart of Carrollwood at 14308-B N. Dale Mabry Hwy., for example. Edible Arrangements is known for their delicious fruit arrangements, offering a wide variety of ways to share with that special someone what they mean to you, fruit style! From fruit truffle boxes to an arrangement fit to feed an office full of associates. They have anything you could want to spice up an occasion without the calories! In addition to these spectacular fruit designs, Edible Arrangements here in Carrollwood also

Written by C.C. Smalls

goes through a very specific cleansing process of their kitchen. They do this to offer a service to the Jewish community during the holiday of Passover. Passover has strict dietary restrictions. Under the watchful eye of Rabbi Judd of Kol Ami, they cleanse their kitchen according to the laws of kashrut necessary for this holiday. Additionally, they keep a kosher facility year-round. Why is this important? Well if you ever walk into a grocery store around March or April, there is a sparse selection of Kosher for Passover foods available to the Jewish community. Complete with Matzah (unleavened bread), a few sweets, some canned selections, and unleavened cake mixes. The requirements for a Kosher for Passover facility are strict and require a deep cleaning

and removal of anything with leavening from the facility. Our local Edible Arrangements provides an exciting change for their customers celebrating this holiday. One can now enjoy Kosher for Passover fruit arrangements as a centerpiece on your dessert table, including the Kosher for Passover chocolate that they drive all the way to Miami to retrieve for you. Our communities offer the greatest assets of all, the love and care the owners wish to demonstrate to their fellow residents within those communities. Let us take a moment to appreciate the efforts of our local businesses. 14308-B N. Dale Mabry Hwy. (813) 908-1512

Mention code pass0414 to receive $5.00 off your next order!


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Jeremiah Scott • Mat Robertson

A Month of Deep Reflection

Samantha Taylor Pure Health & Fitness Studios April is a good time to reflect on life. Spring has just begun, you are recovered from the rush of the holiday season, and summer is around the corner. Yet it also makes you think about how it’s already April, we are through the first quarter of the year of 2014 and just as quick, it will be 2015. In the midst of the journey from here until Jan of 2015 are days full with choices. We can either be disciplined and get it done or we can be riddled with excuses of why it wasn’t. In the end, we are the only one that will look ourselves in the mirror and really know that either we did it or we didn’t. We either took care of our health or we didn’t. I saw a T-shirt one day that said, “There are two pains in life: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.” Discipline is not always easy, however, it’s much more enjoyable to do what it takes to be more disciplined then it is to live in regret. That is one thing about this life that is wonderful but is also a challenge—we have a free will. We aren’t robots made to just walk out this life blindly doing all the things that are good for us, we have a free will and we can choose whether to do something that is helpful or harmful to our lives. Honestly, I think that so many people are just so busy, so caught up in life and were not really taught to make health a major priority that it just gets shoved under the carpet. Yet the more you shove your health under the carpet and don’t deal with it, the

more it will soon become this giant lump that you start tripping over and will cause harm. I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 21 years and I really can’t believe how blind most Americans are to their health. It saddens me to even walk through the grocery store and see how sick, tired, and out of shape most have become. But you know what? We will never change what we tolerate. We have to choose to not accept that for our lives anymore. We have to choose that it matters to take care of our bodies and what better time than April to do that? It’s also a great month of reflection because of Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter). Personally, it’s the day I experienced really meeting God for the first time almost 19 years ago. This bodybuilder at the gym would not stop talking about Jesus, and my husband didn’t really want to hear it anymore. So the guy said, “If you go to church with me on Easter, I will stop talking about it.” So we went and that day changed our lives. It really is amazing how one decision can change your life so dramatically. Not only did my husband and I surrender our lives to God and accept Christ as our personal savior that day, but it catapulted me into an amazing experience of helping people learn how to walk out the power of God in their lives and how to take what the Bible says can be done in your life and actually experience it. Now I am blessed to have a Christian business where I can serve women in helping them honor their body as the Temple of God and become healthier so they have more energy and stamina to do the things God has called them to do in life. I encourage you to get to church this Easter. Even if you haven’t been in a long time, just go. It can be a great turning point in

your life. And if you are going to church, invite someone else to go with you, you never know who will say, “Yes” just like I did and how many lives their life can impact. I would like to give you a free CD I recorded as I was recently finishing my 3 year Advanced Theology degree. It’s called

April 2014 WINNERS!

“Overcoming Temptation with the Word of God”. This will help you greatly overcome temptation with food or whatever temptation you deal with. It’s yours for free, just go here to get it. Happy Easter!

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but Have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” — John 3:16-17

April 2014


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Suzan Schonder • Wyndy Olson

Women-N-Charge Join the vibrant ladies of Women-NCharge on Friday, April 4th from 11:30am1pm at Pebble Creek Country Club (10550 Regents Park Dr., Tampa, 33647). The meeting includes lunch, a feature speaker, and time to network. We share our talents, build relationships, and share our resources with other women in business. The cost is $15 for members (Tuesday before the meeting) and $18 for all guests (and members paying Wednesday and after). Please regis-

ter at For more information, please contact Judy at 813-600-9848 or This meeting features guest speaker Lorraine Lane, an executive coach and trainer, and she will be speaking on “How to Create an Irresistible Elevator Speech.” May 2nd guest speaker Kelly Mothershead of A Focus on Fitness and her topic of discussion will be “Healthy, Happy, and Sugar Free!”

The Ceramic Garden The Ceramic Garden’s popular, creative, and fun Summer ART Camps are designed for children ages 5-14 and offer clay, including hand building, pottery on the wheel, and raku (new this year), drawing & painting, glass, mixed, and textile art.

Camps start June 9 and run until August 15 at our studio located at 4920 Newkirk Drive, Tampa 33624. Space is limited. Call 813-265-4644 to register. Save $10 per child with our Early Bird Special when you sign up by April 9.



Rolling Thunder Charity Golf Tournament The Rolling Thunder 5th Annual POW/ MIA Awareness Charity Golf Tournament will be held Saturday, May 3, 2014 at The Eagles, 16101 Nine Eagles Drive, Odessa, FL 33556 to raise public awareness of the POW/MIA issue and assist many local veterans’ causes. Registration will be at 7:30am and breakfast at 8:30am. Shotgun Start/4 Person Scramble. Registration: Single $80.00, Four-

some $300 (Save $20). Awards Lunch included. We need golfers, raffle and auction prizes, and sponsors. All are welcome. Full details and registration for golf and sponsorships are available online at Follow links to golf and sponsorships or contact Frank Nicolosi at 813-600-9847 or

Shoe Recycling Drive Help keep old shoes out of landfills and on the feet of someone in need. All footwear, other than metal cleats, is recyclable at Freedom High School until April 25th. Gather up all of your outgrown, worn out, out of style, or painful pairs of shoes. Secure pairs of shoes together in old grocery

bags and drop the bags into the shoe recycling bin located in the front parking area of Freedom High School at 17410 Commerce Park Dr. Questions about the shoe drive? Contact the Freedom HS PTSA at for answers.


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April 2014

Kim Hosain • Jeanne Leasure • Shantel Meyers

Golfers Don’t Throw in the Towel!

Rick Bradshaw PGA Professional/GM & Food Enthusiast Many years ago, a twelve-time PGA Champions Tour Winner and I were featured on the golf channel to show the secret to power in the golf swing. Jim Dent knows a thing or two about power, as he won the first three world long drive championships back in the early 1970’s and hit a drive 426 yards at age 62 in a Champions Tour event in Atlanta, Georgia. I personally like to demonstrate the secrets to effortless power by driving the ball one-handed and have done so with pretty good success even now at age 64, hitting the golf ball close to 275 yards. One of the favorite segments of the viewers was the sleeping rabbit drill demonstrated by Jim Dent. The concept is to take a long white towel and tie the end in a knot, leaving two white ears. Not only does this knot make one end heavy but makes the towel look like a sleeping rabbit dangling down as a golfer addresses the ball. The drill is executed properly by keeping your elbows close to your side as you start rotating to and fro to get the towel to

sling up and slap you on each side, waking the sleeping rabbit up. This drill gets you to feel how to use resistance of your legs to whip the towel up on the backswing and through on the downswing the same as when swinging a golf club. Another drill used by a high majority of tour players as well as myself is to place a towel under both armpits with the towel resting on your chest and then hit some 7 or 8 iron shots. This drill will get your arms and body working in harmony and together as you pivot. Possibly my favorite towel drill involves wetting the towel and then holding it in front of you as you twist it until the water rings out of it. It is this wringing of the wet towel that I would like golfers to imagine that their midsection or core achieves on the backswing as a result of their full and complete shoulder rotation against the resistance of their spikes grabbing the ground. Finally the towel snap drill, which is well-known in gym class, will show you how the release of energy occurs in the golf swing. Golfers don’t throw in the towel. In fact, use it to enhance your swing with these drills. Rick Bradshaw Award-Winning PGA Teaching Professional Dent/Bradshaw Golf School Heritage Isles Golf & Country Club 813-220-8099


Cook Like A Restaurant Chef

Kevin Lacassin Chef/Owner, The Green Hop at Heritage Isles There are many reasons that we love restaurants: convenience, atmosphere, service, and especially because the food tastes great! While I would never steer you away from dining out, below are some “behind the scenes” tips to give your meals at home restaurant flair. It takes many years of experience and practice for most chefs to create great food, so I won’t promise that you can duplicate what they do, but I hope you’ll enjoy turning your weekday dinners into a restaurant-style experience. Vary your cooking techniques. Don’t just stick everything in the oven and wait for it to cook. Try sautéing your steak in a hot pan to develop a crust and then roast it in the oven to finish. Your fresh vegetables can be steamed, but slow roasting them with the right amount of olive oil, salt and fresh cracked black pepper can really help to bring out the natural flavors. Season at every step and taste the food

that you cook. Very few people can judge the amount of seasoning in a dish purely by looking at it. Before adding that additional cayenne pepper to your dish, take a bite of it. Restaurant cooks have a cup of tasting spoons next to their station and you should, too. Inexpensive plastic spoons work great. Use more butter. Unfortunately, it is true: butter makes food taste better. Have you wondered why your fish entree at a restaurant has such a rich flavor while the same dish made at home falls flat? The buttery flavor of that fish didn’t happen by accident. (This article isn’t about healthy cooking.) Don’t forget the acid. One thing you’ll find at top-notch restaurants is balanced flavor, which means there is just enough acid to help brighten the dish and balance out the other components. You can get that acid from a squeeze of citrus, flavored vinegar, or your favorite wine. Just save enough to drink with your meal. Kevin Lacassin, Chef / Owner Good Food Catering Company The Green Hop at Heritage Isles (813) 907-0267

North Tampa Chamber of Commerce

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is tohave plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” — Philippians 4:12-13

4/10 General Meeting, 11:00am at Brunchies Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch & Catering, 14366 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa 33618. Topic/Speaker: TBA. Doors open at 11:00am with informal networking until 11:30am. 4/15 Chamber Chatter Connections “After Hours Mixer,” 5:30-7:00pm, hosted by Dee Woolridge Hypnotherapy and Integrative Health. Meeting will be held at Dee Woolridge Hypnotherapy and Integrative Health, 12000 N. Dale Mabry hwy, Suite 222, Tampa 33618 Refreshments available. 4/17 Chamber Networking Luncheon - Relationship Building With Business

Neighbors, 11:30am, Beef O’ Brady’s, 8810 N. Himes (Himes & Busch), Tampa.33614 Order from lunchtime or regular menu and pay restaurant. 4/24 Chamber Networking Luncheon – Relationship Building with Business Neighbors, 11:30am, at Embassy Suites Tampa/ USF near Busch Gardens, 3705 Spectrum Blvd., Tampa 33612. Please RSVP if you plan to attend these chamber events. For more information about the North Tampa Chamber, visit, call by phone at 813-961-2420, or send an email to

Hillsborough Community College Job Fair WHAT: FREE Job Fair, WHEN: April 15th 9:30am-2pm WHERE: Dale Mabry Campus Gym, 4001 W. Tampa Bay Blvd. Tampa, FL FREE and open to the public. Meet local employers in the area who are currently hiring.

April 2014


Stephen Pearson • Ashley Elia • Mark McDaniel

The Largest Passover Seder in Tampa

In celebration of Passover, hundreds of USF students are expected to join the largest traditional public Passover Seder in Tampa. The Seder will be celebrated with true Bull spirit and we will be eating Matzah and drinking four cups of wine. The Passover Seder will take place on April 14th, 2014 at 8:30pm and April 15th, 2014 at 9:00pm at the Chabad Jewish Student Center. Based on last year’s overwhelming attendance, organizers are expecting well over 100 students this year, making it by far the largest organized Student Passover Seder in Tampa. All students, regardless of affiliation, religious background, or level of observance are invited. The Passover evening and Seder will relive the historical events, replete with the Mah Nish Tanah, traditional handmade Matzah, four cups of wine, lively dialogue, and an exquisite Kosher for Passover meal. This interactive Seder is sure to provide an inviting atmosphere of warmth and acceptance.

“This Seder is an opportune time to bring unity to the community, and just get together to enjoy each other’s company,” says Mrs. Chava Backman – Co-Director of the Center. “It’s the Passover Seder that has kept families together for thousands of years as we unite with millions throughout the world in reliving our redemption from slavery. “Passover teaches us to liberate ourselves and look beyond that which restricts us. Every day is a gift from God and the customs of the Seder bring this concept to life. What a great way to relive the Exodus – people walking away focusing on what really matters!” Passover teaches, inspires, empowers, and challenges us to leave “Egypt” each day, from our self-imposed “slavery.” It illuminates our innate desire to subdue the “Pharaoh” within, i.e. the impulse to live a life which does not conform to who we truly are,” said Rabbi Pinny Backman – Director of the Center. “Everyone will make the right decision for themselves.” If you would like to sponsor a student for the Passover Seder or for more info, visit For more info on the Passover Seders: For students and parents around the USF area, please contact Rabbi Pinny Backman Chabad at USF For the Wesley Chapel community, contact Rabbi Mendy Yarmush, Chabad at Wiregrass,

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Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Thousands of volunteers are needed to improve the Tampa Bay area during Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup this spring. Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful is currently recruiting volunteers, Site Captains, Area Managers, and local sponsors to foster unity and strengthen community bonds through beautification and improvement efforts across Hillsborough County. The event will be held on Saturday, April 12, 2014 at over 70 locations throughout Hillsborough County. The theme—Green Starts Here—is a call to action to create more sustainable communities by focusing volunteer efforts on activities surrounding litter removal, beautification, and community greening. Projects include helping disabled Individuals with lawn maintenance, improving community gardens, habitat restoration, Invasive plant removal, litter cleanups (along rivers, roadways, parks, and underwater), landscape maintenance and planting, recy-

cling drives, storm drain marking and community tree plantings. Anyone can coordinate or participate, and volunteers of all ages are welcome. For information on how you can be a part of the 2014 Great American Cleanup and for site locations and pre-registration forms, visit online at or call 813-221-8733. About Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, Inc. (KTBB), a Keep America Beautiful Affiliate, is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide environmental education and volunteer opportunities that develop individual responsibility and environmental stewardship. Since 1989, KTBB has formed partnerships with local governments, corporations, schools, and neighborhood organizations to engage individuals and provide opportunities to enhance the community through volunteer participation. To get involved with KTBB, call (813) 221-8733 or visit

April 2014

What Does The Fox Say?

Article and photo by Jeffrey Neil Fox

It’s April and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been busy in free agent acquisitions. You’ll need a roster to tell who all the new players that have been recruited and signed on during the off-season are. And soon the NFL Draft will be here, and speculation is rampant as to whom the Buccaneers will draft when it comes to their turn to pick unproven NFL rookie football players when it’s their turn on the clock. Coach Lovie Smith has already declared recently recruited seasoned signal caller Josh McCown as his starting quarterback. Last year’s rookie quarterback, Mike Glennon, is listed as the backup on the roster. I’ve followed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since the first day the franchise was awarded, and change has been a major part of the organization. The goal is to field a competitive and winning team, and all the adjustments made are done with this objective in mind. History does tell an empirical tale of the decisions made. We will have to remember to look back ten years from now and determine which decisions were prudent. The Buccaneers’ mission is to assemble players

that will give the team the best chance of winning. It’s easy to look back and see the results of all the changes that have been made over time. I do know that the most critical and crucial player on the team has to be the quarterback. The quarterback has to be the field general on offense and is involved in every play. Whoever ends up being the starting quarterback, their every move is under a microscope. I do know that many other personnel adjustments will be made before the regular NFL season starts back up in September. You will have to refer to the word “new” when referring to the 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A new season, a new coach, new players, and a new logo and uniform change. Fans of the team are hoping that all the change and newness will result in a team that will fight there way to an extended season and a return to the playoffs. The loyal fans of the Buccaneers are restless for the team to return to greatness. The Buccaneers now have three players in the coveted Hall of Fame: Lee Roy Selmon, Warren Sapp, and now Derrick Brooks. All defensive players. You cannot change history. The Buccaneers are positioned for a new era. I’m looking for new marquee players and team leaders to emerge in training camp before the launch of a new season. I do know that winning solves many ills. Many have asked me what I think of the new logo and uniform change. Perception is reality and if the team wins, the fans will embrace the new look. What do YOU think? Jeffrey Neil Fox has followed the Tampa sport scene for many decades. He owns and Next Generation Print and Direct Mail. 813-391-2495

April 2014

Captain Ric’s Fish Tales

FOCUS Missionary Cassie Llano

Reel Simple Fishing Adventures

John Pearse with his “second chance” over slot snook he caught while fishing with Capt. Ric Liles and Reel Simple Fishing Adventures recently.

It’s very difficult for me not to get excited about fishing this time of year. The excitement usually starts to build when I start hearing talk about spring training and the beginning of another baseball season. I get the same feeling in early fall as the weather starts to cool and football season is the topic of conversation. The weather getting better and the thought of a new season is great, but the thing that trumps both of those is the fact that fishing in our area gets crazy in the spring and fall. Right now, it’s as good as it gets. This, of course, is dependent on the absence of inclement weather. I had a group on the boat this week from Canada and realized that inclement weather is relative to where you are from. I had thoughts of canceling the trip due to high wind and cooler temps but was informed that it was below zero back home with almost two feet of snow on the ground. Since we were not under any kind of a weather alert and the trip could be run safely, we decided to go for it, and it’s a good thing we did. When high winds are prevalent, sometimes you can still fish safely using islands and structure as a wind break. It’s all about wind direction. We stayed in areas that the wind would work for us and kept the trip motto of “patience pays off”. With the wind

at our backs, we were able to make longer casts and keep the boat farther away from the fish we were trying to catch. The day was not a banner day, but we did manage a half dozen fish to take to the cleaning table and a great picture of an overslot snook. The only negative thing that happened that day was that we had to say, “You should have seen the one that got away.” We hooked a snook that was, from the best I could tell, just north of 40” and if you have ever done battle with a snook that size, you know that they are usually in control. Well, this big girl was, and she knew how to play the game. After getting the lines from two rods untangled and the drag tweaked down a little, she barreled into the low-lying mangrove branches, and the rest is history. I said we got a picture. We did, just not of the biggest one. About 20 minutes after the initial train wreck, we were able to hook another overslot fish and get it to the boat for a nice photo and safe release. The second big snook only measured 34 and a half inches. I normally would never have been in that spot for that length of time, but we were catching plenty of small snook, and with the conditions we were experiencing, our options were limited. Patience certainly paid off on that spot. The redfish, trout, and Spanish mackerel bite is great right now, and you most likely will not have to show much patience while fishing for them. With white bait easy to get at the Skyway Bridge, the bite should stay strong for several weeks. It should actually get better as the sardines start to move onto the grass flats. Then it’s going to be game on! Until next time, good luck and be safe on the water. Remember: don’t let your kid be the one that got away, take them fishing. For charter Information, you can call (813) 601-2900, email, or visit online at

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Greetings from Belmont, North Carolina! It is now coming close to the end of the semester and the ministry is booming! I have started two new bible studies since

February, and I am still mentoring three women with one-on-one spiritual guidance and evangelizations training. Before spring break, I planned and hosted a FOCUS Women’s Night event in which we invited all the female students to join for a craft night. From that event, we were able to meet some new girls and invite them to bible studies! I am looking forward to launching the women I am mentoring to lead their own bible studies next semester! To learn more about FOCUS, go to To donate to Cassie’s missionary fund, go to


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April 2014

Liliana Castano • Nancy Smith • J. L. Clayton

By What Authority Do You Do These Things? And Who Gave You This Authority?

This question was asked of Jesus by the religious leaders of His day. He answered this question with a question and required their response before he would answer them. What was Jesus teaching? His question concerning John the Baptist would require them to identify the authority John was acting on. “John’s baptism, was it of man or of God?” Jesus was basically asking, “Was John acting on his own or was he really obeying God?” People today, just as in Jesus’ day, measure their own actions and those of others by some standard of right and wrong. That standard may have been the result of values passed down by parents or teachers or self-determined values simply being the result of how they “feel” about something. I would ask you by what authority do you live your life? Where do you go to find answers and receive direction? Do you look to the evening news or consult Where you receive your information is very important. I am often amazed how people who need financial advice ask someone who is less than successful financially or seek marital advice from someone who has been divorced numerous times. We cannot live day-to-day just by how we

“feel” about something because tomorrow those “feelings” might change. We all need a reliable and sure standard by which we live our lives. An authority that is absolute and time-tested. The psalmist declared, “Forever, O Lord, your word is settled in heaven” (Ps. 119:89). Solomon, the wisest of all the kings, instructed his sons to pay attention to the word of God, for it would bring them life and health. The apostle Paul taught that all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for instruction and direction so we would be complete and fully equipped for every good work. John showed us the will of God for us is to have life and to have it more abundantly. John said, “This life is in Jesus, the Son of God, and whoever has the Son of God has life.” It was John who also described Jesus as the Word of God made flesh. Can we go to the Word of God, the Bible, today for advice and instruction? Some people have claimed they “tried it” and it didn’t work for them. Others believe it to be outdated for our modern world. But Jesus said the measure of value we place on the Word of God would be the measure of power and wisdom and life we receive from the Word of God. The things in this life and the next depend on the eternal authority of God’s word. It is too important for you to rely on someone else or even your “feelings” for the answers. Value the Word of God yourself and it will give you the answers you need. Dr. Dan Coflin and his wife Dianne are Senior Pastors of River of Life Church in Lutz. Sunday service 10:30. 410 E. Chapman Rd. Lutz. (813) 949-9931

Shriners Hospitals for Children and cleft lip and palate. With 22 hospitals in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, Shriners Hospitals for Children is committed to providing expert, family-centered care regardless of the patients’ ability to pay and relies on the generosity of donors to deliver this mission every day. To support Shriners Hospitals for Children, call 1.800.241.GIFT or go to Find us on Facebook: Hospitals for Children® is a sforChildren one-of-a-kind pediatric hospital system to improving the lives of chil- tional dren through innovative research, educaFollow us on Twitter: tion, and specialized treatment of dic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries,

Cooking Smart Debby De Graaf Want to eat cleaner, smarter, & healthier? Come to my FREE vegetarian Cooking Classes: April 5th & 12th at 11:00am Nutrition Smart , Bruce B. Downs Blvd. Wesley Chapel April 19th & 26th at 11:00am Nutrition Smart, N. Dale Mabry Carrollwood April 22nd at 7:00pm Abby’s Health & Nutrition, N. Dale Mabry, Carrollwood Come hungry!!!!

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Hope Children’s Home Continued from Page 1

We are praying for another miracle this year. Easter is on Sunday, April 20th. If you’d like to help us get the children a new Easter outfit, you can donate in the following ways: • Online at www.hopechildrenshome. org (type Easter Outfits in the comments section) • Send check to 11415 Hope International Drive; Tampa, FL 33625 • Stop by our Welcome Center between

9:00am-5:00pm (M, T, Th, F) or 9:00am4:00pm (Wed) • Donate gift cards to JC Penney, Sears, Target or Wal-Mart We pray God’s richest blessings on you and your families during the Easter season. And if you haven’t experienced God’s grace in your life, feel free to speak to one of our staff at 813-961-1214 and let them share what God can do for you through His risen Son.

April 2014


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EDUCATION Let Classifieds Work For You!

Dunndeal Publications

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Victoria Hamilton • George Csanadi • Shirley Ulozas

Fictitious Name Notice Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, desiring to engage in business under the fictitious name of Zoble.Photography intends to register said name with the Secretary of State, State of Florida in compliance with Section 865.09 EMPLOYMENT (chapter 90-267) Florida Statutes. Dated ELECTRICAL COMPANY Hiring Elec- in Lutz, Hillsborough County, Florida, tricians & Helpers for Hialeah, Boynton April 2014. Robert Zoble, Owner.

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Give your baby a loving, financially secure family. Living expenses paid. Call Attorney Charlotte Danciu 28 years experience. 1-800-3955449 or www.adoption-surrogacy. com. FL Bar # 307084. SURROGATE MOTHER NEEDED Please help us have our baby! Generous compensation paid. Call Attorney Charlotte Danciu at 1-800395-5449 or visit FL Bar # 307084.

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April 2014

Amy Robertson • Brian Williams


Add Beauty to Your Home



Anne Childers, Staff Writer

In Florida, the growing cycle never stops in spite of heat, cold, wet and dry seasons, insects, and weeds! Maintaining a lush landscape in this state is a full-time job. Protect your investment in all things green and growing, and call in a pro— ALLPRO Tree and Landscaping, Inc. ALLPRO Tree and Landscaping is locally owned and operated by Certified Arborist Pete Spiridis. His company is fully licensed and insured, and his uniformed staff is regularly educated in both safety and industry techniques provided by the International Society of Arboriculture. Properly pruned trees can add value to your home, but trees may also have many unseen risks and hazards. Have your trees inspected by our certified arborist at no charge before hurricane season, and always have your trees trimmed by a certified arborist. The experienced professionals at ALLPRO can provide a free estimate on everything from maintenance and service to landscape design and installation. You may even view a computer generated image of your proposed landscape design. Contact the professionals at ALLPRO at 814-244-9234 or at and schedule peace of mind!











See Spring Clearly

Spring, as a season, is brief in Florida. Don’t spend all those golden days on DIY projects! Call in a pro for the big jobs like semi-annual window cleaning. Sunshine State Window Washing is a fully insured, licensed, and bonded locally owned, veteran-operated company. Owner M. Lewis Briggs provides expert service with respect for your home and privacy. Multi-level homes and offices are no problem for this expert. Sunshine State caters to individuals and business professionals by providing VIP service and guaranteed satisfaction using only environmentally safe products. Extras such

Anne Childers, Staff Writer as cobweb removal, screen shampooing, window sill, track, and channel cleaning are always included. Additional services such as mirror, chandelier, and coach light cleaning, ceiling fans, light bulb and smoke detector maintenance are available upon request. Let the competent staff at Sunshine Windows enhance the beauty and value of your home or office. Call Sunshine State Window Washing at 813-949-1392, ask about Spring Cleaning Specials, and schedule your complimentary estimate today. Be sure to ask about regularly repeated service so you can relax and your home will always sparkle.

April 2014


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Scott Shellabarger • Joan Kruger

The Caregiver Corner

Home Health vs. Home Care Home Health Care involves the delivery of some type of skilled care (delivery of medications, wound care, home infusions, catheter care, ostomy care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehab). These “skilled” services are tied to specific medical diagnosis associated with health care insurance reimbursable procedures. They are provided by Registered Nurses, LPN’s, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, etc. While providing these skilled ser-

By Arthur Moseley, Griswold Home Care

vices, the provider may authorize one or two bath visits a week (provided by a CNA). Typically these are authorized after a hospital and/ or rehab stay. However, your health insurance provider (Medicare, etc.) may pay for in-home nurse visits and/or physical therapy to help you recuperate from an injury after a fall or to provide strengthening exercises/balancing programs to proactively prevent one, even if you haven’t been admitted to the hospital. Home Care is day-to-day custodial care.

West Central Florida Area Agency on Aging The Elder Helpline provides information for older adults and their caregivers by helping callers make informed decisions about available assistance. It is the starting point in getting connected with programs or services that can meet the needs of the older adult or caregiver. For more information, please contact by phone (800) 96Elder, (800) 963-5337, or The West Central Florida Area Agency on Aging, Inc., is a not-for-profit corporation which administers public funds from



the Florida Department of Elder Affairs as well as private grants and donations for senior services in Hillsborough, Polk, Manatee, Highlands, and Hardee Counties. The Agency, mandated by the Federal Older Americans Act, exists to promote the independence, dignity, health, and wellbeing of our elder citizens; to plan, fund, and administer a coordinated continuum of services; to facilitate and enhance service delivery; and to advocate for the needs of older Americans.

Services usually fall into three categories: homemaking, companionship, and personal care. The latter includes assistance with activities of daily living (ADL’s) like bathing, toileting, eating, dressing, etc. These services are usually provided by a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Home Health Aide. 99% of the time, medical insurance does not pay for these types of services. This is usually an out-of-pocket expense. Cost can range from $15.50 to $20.00 an hour.

See next month’s Caregiver Corner for alternate ways of paying for Home Care. The Caregiver Corner is coordinated by Arthur Moseley. Arthur and his wife Frieda are the owners of the Tampa and Pasco offices of Griswold Home Care, one of the area’s leading providers of non-medical private pay home care services. The caregivers they refer provide companionship, homemaking services, and personal care. Call 813-344-2653 for more information.

Elder Affairs SHINE Program The Florida Department of Elder Affairs, along with the West Central Florida Area Agency on Aging, invites you to join the award-winning SHINE team of volunteers. This program helps elders make informed decisions about Medicare, health insurance, and prescription drug plans. SHINE volunteers provide individual counseling and assistance to elders and their caregivers about Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare plan choices, long-term care planning, and prescription discount

drug programs. Volunteers may also make educational presentations to community groups and participate in local health fairs, senior fairs, and other outreach and educational events. If you would like additional information about this exciting opportunity and would like to become a SHINE volunteer in Hillsborough, Hardee, Highlands, Manatee, and Polk Counties, please call the West Central Florida Area Agency on Aging by phone at 813-740-3888, ext. 5593.

Pick up a FREE copy of our Gazettes at any of these operation partners! Westchase Gazette 9202 Anderson Rd. 9212 Anderson Rd. 5709 Gunn Hwy. 6560 Gunn Hwy. 7925 Gunn Hwy. 8568 Gunn Hwy. 8745 Gunn Hwy. 8538 Gunn Hwy. 17633 Gunn Hwy. 11203 Sheldon Rd.

Green Iguana* Vallarta’s Mexican Grill* Walgreens Quick Lane & Auto* Walgreens Beef “O” Brady’s* G. Peppers* Ace Hardware* The UPS Store* Shell Gas Station

12950 W.Linebaugh Ave. 12157 W.Linebaugh Ave. 10706 Countryway Blvd. 11211 Countryway Blvd. 13911 Nine Eagles Rd.

Chase Club & Liquor The UPS Store McDivot’s Wings Upper Tampa Bay Reg. Library Walgreens

12008 Race Track Rd. 12950 Race Track Rd. 13006 Race Track Rd.

Ellie’s Restaurant The Slug Tire Choice*

Carrollwood Gazette 15602 N. Dale Mabry 15784 W. Dale Mabry 13130 N. Dale Mabry 13014 N. Dale Mabry 12705 N. Dale Mabry 11302 N. Dale Mabry 10802 N. Dale Mabry 14874 N. Dale Mabry 14374 N. Dale Mabry 4522 W. Village Dr. 2902 W.Bearss Ave. 5360 Ehrlich Rd. 4441 Gunn Hwy. 4802 Gunn Hwy.

Walgreens Beef “O”Brady’s* Walgreens* The UPS Store* Tire Choice* Radiant Gas Einstein Bros. Bagels Nutrition Smart Abby’s Pak Mail Jimmie B. Keel Library Gator Fred’s* Natural Market Life’s Treasures

8810 8870 8830 4550 4029

Beef “O” Brady’s The UPS Store PannArano Pizzeria Carrollwood Market Y.M.C.A.

N. Himes Ave. W. Himes Ave. W. Himes Ave. W. Village Dr. Northdale

Lutz Gazette 218 E. Bearss Ave. 801 E. Bearss Ave. 15001 N. Nebraska Ave. 1911 E. Bearss Ave. 1913 E. Bearss Ave. 1913 E. Bearss Ave. 2802 E. Bearss Ave. 410 Chapman Rd. 1927 Brinson Rd. 18801 N. Dale Mabry 18905 N. Dale Mabry 18469 U.S. Hwy 41 18421 U.S. Hwy 41 18511 U.S. Hwy 41 18315 U.S. Hwy 41. 101 Flagship Drive 101 Lutz-Lake Fern Rd. 3850 Van Dyke Rd. 3959 Van Dyke Rd. 5524 Van Dyke Rd.

The UPS Store Sparta Crossfit Feed Depot Pita Express Bobalouie’s Grill $1.99 Cleaners Big Papa’s Pit River Of Life Church* Royal Lanes* Lutz Mail Depot Al’s Lawn Care ACE Hardware* Beef “O”Brady’s* Walgreens Bay Cities Bank Richard’s Cafe Lutz Library Walgreens The UPS Store Shell Station

New Tampa Gazette

Pasco Gazette

3119 Cove Bend Dr. Chick-Fil-A* 14529 Bruce B. Downs Compass Self-Storage 14943 Bruce B. Downs Land & Sea Market 14919 Bruce B. Downs J Spot Liquor 17004 Palm Pointe Dr. Ciccio -CALI16221 Compton Dr. Y.M.C.A. 17022 Palm Pointe Dr. Pizzazzone 17511 Bruce B. Downs Walgreens 17513 Bruce B. Downs Chick-Fil-A 16019 Tampa Palms Blvd. Cappy’s 10001 Cross Creek Blvd. New Tampa Library 10359 Cross Creek Blvd. Biagio’s Pizza 10853 Cross Creek Blvd. Star Cleaners* 10861 Cross Creek Blvd. Post Office 10960 Cross Creek Blvd. Shell Gas Station* 6431 County Line Rd. Pita Republic 20323 Bruce B. Downs Kabab House 20331 Bruce B. Downs Firestone Auto Care 20701 Bruce B. Downs Central Bank 20741 Bruce B. Downs Walgreens 2653 Bruce B. Downs Nutrition Smart

21033 St.Rd.54&Hwy. 41 TIBBETTS, Lumber

Wesley Chapel Gazette

1708 Bruce B. Downs 1944 Bruce B. Downs 2810 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. Central Pasco Chamber* 2022 Bruce B. Downs 2653 Bruce B. Downs 3036 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. Holloway’s Farm* 2653 Bruce B. Downs 4005 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. ABC Pizza* 2653 Bruce B. Downs 4028 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. Tax Appraisal* 28152 Paseo Drive 4526 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. Larry’s Deli 28211 Paseo Drive 4422 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. Mosquito Grill 28230 Paseo Drive 4805 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. Ukulele Brand’s 2626 Cypress Ridge Blvd. 7040 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. Beef “O” Brady’s 2029 Arrowgrass Drive 7804 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. Eatery 41 27221 S.R. 56 7827 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. Walgreens 26699 S.R. 56 5371 Village Market 22826 St.Rd.54 & Collier Radiant Gas 5429 Village Market 2205 Collier Pkwy. Greenland Grill 5450 County Road 581 2818 Collier Pkwy. Pasco Library 25195 State Rd. 54 3032 Collier Pkwy. LOL Rec. Center* 25201 State Rd. 54 23110 State Rd. 54 The UPS Store* 24929 State Rd. 54 22829 State Rd. 54 Walgreens 27616 State Rd. 54 23830 State Rd. 54 54 U-Store 28115 State Rd. 54

Don Pan Int’l Bakery Taste of Boston Fifth Third Bank Hungry Greek O.T.B. Latin Twist Cafe Woodfire Pizza Re-Device Pretzel Twister Strive Athletic Club Sports + Fields Going Postal Gate Gas Station Ace Hardware City Grill The UPS Shore Tailgate Station Walgreens On The Run Mobile Gas Station Walgreens


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April 2014

Carrollwood Gazette - April 2014  
Carrollwood Gazette - April 2014