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MISSION CRITICAL QUALIFICATIONS Firm Background/Profile Mission Critical Experience Value-Added Services Technology Project Profiles


JE DUNN IS UNIQUELY QUALIFIED. • General Construction • Design-Build • National Reach • Innovative Experience • Best Value • Financially Sound • Impeccable Safety Record

JE Dunn Construction has been a leader in the construction industry since its founding in 1924 by John Ernest Dunn. We are one of the largest commercial contractors in the United States, specializing in construction management, program management, and design/build projects of every size throughout the nation. We have played a prominent role in many complex projects for our clients in all parts of the country. We are consistently ranked in the top ten companies nationally by volume of work in construction management, but the one thing that sets JE Dunn Construction apart from other contractors is our dedicated commitment to provide the best possible value to our clients. Value, not money, is the time-tested way to make a lasting impression. It is the only way to build a building or a relationship. It is the JE Dunn way. At JE Dunn, we know how to get projects built while understanding your needs. We are financially sound with a bonding capacity over $4 billion and a EMR rating of .42, far below the national average.

20 offices

With and 3,500 employees throughout the country, we are wellpositioned to service clients with multiple locations and project types.

LARGEST DATA CENTER BUILDER (according to Engineering News Record)

VISION To be an indispensable business partner for our clients by first understanding their purpose, goals and customers and then delivering transformational solutions with certainty of results.

JE Dunn Construction Kansas City, Missouri




MISSION CRITICAL EXPERIENCE Having worked on data centers for more than 30 years, we understand the need for timely and accurate information to maintain aggressive budgets and schedules. The construction of mission critical projects requires the efforts of many people and stellar communication. The JE Dunn approach is to keep our clients informed of the project and the process at each step to avoid surprises. We will document and control the communication and effort focused on building your data center. JE Dunn has an extensive portfolio of data center projects. We understand how to analyze, plan for, and price work associated with these structures. The experience chart below displays the number of related projects:

DATA CENTER EXPERIENCE • Arvest Data Center, Lowell, Arkansas • Ascent Healthcare Solutions IT Server Room, Tempe, AZ • AT&T Processing Center, Kansas City, MO • Bank of America Data Center, Richardson, TX • Birch Telecom Data Center Remodel, Kansas City, MO • Blue Cross Blue Shield Data Center, Kansas City, MO • Cavern Technologies Data Center, Lenexa, KS • Cerner Corporation Headquarters Data Center, Kansas City, MO • ChoicePoint Data Center, Alpharetta, GA • Citicorp Credit Collection Center, Kansas City, MO • Coligix, Kansas City, Missouri • Comcast Stone Mountain Data Center, Stone, Mountain, GA • Commerce Trust Building Data Center, Kansas City, MO • Confidential Client, Northeast, USA • Confidential Client, Northwest, USA • Confidential Client, Southeast, USA • Confidential Client, Southeast, USA • Confidential Client, Santa Clara, CA • Confidential Government Client, Northeast, USA • Corporate Campus Data Center Expansion, Continental, USA • CoSentry Data Center Remodel, Lenexa, KS • CyrusOne Data Center, Chandler, AZ • DST Winchester Data Center, Kansas City, MO • El Paso Energy, Houston, TX • Expedia Operations Center, Springfield, MO • ExxonMobil Data Center, Houston, TX • Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Kansas City, MO • FirstHealth Information Technology, Pinehurst, NC

DATA CENTER EXPERIENCE • Garmin International Data Center, Olathe, KS • Gaston Memorial Hospital Data Center, Gastonia, NC • H&R Block World Headquarters Data Center, Kansas City, MO • Idaho National Laboratory Data Center, Idaho Falls, ID • InfoCrossing Center Center, Omaha, NE • Iron Mountain Data Center, Manassas, VA • Jack Henry & Associates Data Center, Springfield, MO • Lexis Nexis Data Center, Alpharetta, GA • Mercy Hospital Data Center, Rogers, AR • Microsoft Data Center, West Des Moines, IA • NNSA Campus Data Center, Kansas City, MO • NREL Energy Systems Integration Facility, Golden, CO • OneNeck IT Solutions Data Center, Denver, CO • Oregon State Data Center, Salem, OR • QTS Data Center, Santa Clara, CA • QTS Data Center, Jersey City, NJ • QTS Data Center, Suwanee, GA • QTS Metro Data Center, Atlanta, GA • Rice Memorial Hospital Data Center, Willmar, MN • Savvis Data Center, Tampa, FL • Sprint Data Centers, Nationwide • State Street Data Center, Lee’s Summit, MO • Stream Data Center, Chaska, MN • Stream DFW VII, Garland TX • Stream Minneapolis II, Chaska, MN • Stream Chicago, Elk Grove, IL • TOTAL E&P Data Center, Houston, TX • Total Petrochemical Data Center, Houston, TX • Total Site Solutions Data Center, Marietta, GA • University of Colorado Geoscience Data Center, Boulder, CO • University of Oklahoma Four Partners Place Data Center, Norman, OK • US Bank Operations Center, Denver, CO • ViaWest Data Center, Chaska, MN • ViaWest Brookwood Data Center, Hillsboro, OR • ViaWest Cornell III Expansion, Aurora, CO • ViaWest Synergy Park, Richardson, TX • Walmart Data Center, Confidential Location • Wells Fargo, West Des Moines, IA • WW Grainger Data Center, Kansas City, MO


Since our establishment, we have been satisfying our clients by delivering the best value at the best cost. Our successful projects and long standing clientele result from a series of Value-Added Services - programs that have been developed throughout the years to help us provide the best services possible, ultimately saving our clients’ time and money while delivering a building of which they can be proud.

DUNN PLUS ONE Mission Critical facility’s data needs to be available 24/7/365. Dunn+1 strives to maintain a safe construction environment, provide unparalleled service, establish uniform standards of compliance for our work , share means, methods and ideas with the entire team and foster continuous process improvement.

SAFETY No phase of our operations is of greater importance than accident prevention. To accomplish this objective, it is necessary that an effective and understandable Safety & Health policy be defined and enforced, consistent with OSHA regulations and nationally-recognized standards.

In-House MEP Coordination With in-house, MEP staff we have a greater ability to cost-effectively evaluate design options, coordinate MEP bid documents, and ensure bids received are thorough and complete. Once construction starts we follow through with on-site field inspections throughout the process.

Quality Our company-wide Quality Assurance / Quality Control Program, Dunn Right retains the same fundamentals that have provided JE Dunn with great success while adding key enhancements to provide our clients with the highest quality projects.

Lean Construction We have proven that lean principles, which focus on maximizing value, eliminating waste, respecting people and continuously improving are essential and yield higher efficiency on deployment of all resources. Equally important is facilitating a higher level of collaboration amongst all project stakeholders.

Sustainability JE Dunn’s commitment to sustainability and green building provides tangible cost savings. With over $2.4 billion in LEED® certified construction projects and over 450 LEED® accredited professionals on staff, JE Dunn is applying innovative construction practices that positively impact costs and the environment.

On Time Delivery Effective and efficient planning and scheduling are critical to project success. The Dunn On Time planning and scheduling group provides services ranging from proposal development, preconstruction, project scheduling, periodic schedule review verifications and site visits, recovery schedules, and large change orders.

TECHNOLOGY JE Dunn has considerable working knowledge in the use of Building Information Modeling Technology (BIM) and has embraced the use of technology as an integral part of our total project approach and commitment to value and quality. Web-Based Document Sharing The Dunn Dashboard provides web-based collaboration on design documents, BIM, electronic bid submittals, calendars, pay applications, and other project documentation. This advanced level of digital sharing allows real-time access of all critical project information to all project stakeholders.

Collaborative Project Delivery We deliver projects through a highly interactive process, involving all stakeholders, that is focused on driving decisions and actions that reduce waste, increase value, maximize technology usage, and control costs, regardless of contract delivery vehicle.


LASER SCANNING AND BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING When working in congested spaces such as mission critical areas, laser scanning provides a fast, accurate way to verify existing conditions. A laser scanning unit is placed inside the area where spatial data is needed. Within a matter of seconds the scanner compiles a digital model of the room that is easily converted into a solid model and inserted into our Building Information Model. Once the data is added to the model we can use it to plan and sequence the renovation work that is needed. Areas where there is limited space are easily identified and the dimensions are checked to be sure that new pieces of equipment will fit into the existing spaces. Laser scanning can also be used to verify existing conditions in areas that cannot be easily accessed. For example, the exterior dome of a building can be scanned from the ground without placing a worker on the roof. This saves time, reduces cost, and enhances safety because workers are not put in areas where fall protection or other special measures are required. Laser scanning is also sometimes used to scan work in place to ensure the proper fit of new assemblies. For example, before a curtain wall is installed we will scan the underlying concrete structure to verify that it was accurately positioned. We can then verify that curtain wall elements such as connectors or reinforcing brackets are correctly positioned and will precisely match the connection points on the concrete structure. If discrepancies are identified they can be resolved in the shop before the curtain wall units are shipped to the site. Once the units arrive on site they are then easily installed as field modifications aren’t required. The results are fewer delays, higher quality, and lower cost.

PREFABRICATION Through prefabrication JE Dunn has helped to mitigate construction difficulties including too many parties involved in the process, complexity and duration of the project and the equipment in data centers. Unlike traditional construction where components are installed separately onsite, prefabrication can reduce much of the time and cost risks associated with traditional data center deployment, while also future-proofing the data center investment to meet new demands. By taking advantage of this construction methodology, Owners can trust their data center to run smoothly and efficiently, and to meet the ever-growing demands of our highly functional business environment.


Our areas of building expertise are supported by talented teams with specialized project knowledge and experience. The following project profiles showcase the expertise of our mission critical teams and complexity of these unique projects.


CyrusOne was one of the first companies to locate in Continuum, a 152-acre master-planned science and technology business park located in the Price Corridor in Chandler, Arizona. JE Dunn was involved since conceptual design and assisted CyrusOne with design team selection, schedule management, cost management, and constructability. The data center includes 110 megawatts of power capacity, delivered from a substation built on the property. Along with the construction of the facilities, Phase I included installation and commissioning of the following mechanical and electrical systems: • • • • • • •

Switchgear- (4) 12.47kV 1200A sections Transformers - (8) 2500kVA 480V units Generators - (8) 2.25MW 480V units IDEC AHUs - (32) 60,000 CFM units (4) Air-Cooled Chillers - (8) 500 ton machines with integral pump package UPS Systems - (8) 750kVA units (4) Power Distribution Units - (24) 400kVA units

Unique features included the utilization of Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) to take advantage of the dry Arizona climate. Each IDEC unit was provided with 100% backup chilled water coils for additional redundancy. Air cooled chillers provided redundant chilled water to IDEC units as well as CRAH units for UPS and electrical rooms. 36” tall raised access flooring acted as an air distribution plenum for the Phase I data center area. Equipment on the floor was provided at a 2N capacity via the UPS and PDU distribution systems. All necessary electrical infrastructures were installed so that construction of future facilities would not impact Data Center reliability. JE Dunn’s involvement during preconstruction ensured constructability and repeatability of the Phase I Data Center.

project value


$44.2 million (Phase I)

2.5MW (Phase I)



120,000 SF (Phase I)

December 2012

At nearly 970,000 gross square feet, QTS’ Atlanta Metro data center is one of the ten largest data centers in the world and through adjacent owned land has the capacity for meaningful incremental expansion. The facility supports approximately 235 customers across a diversified mix of industry verticals, 2,000+ cross connects and access to over 150 carriers, networks and cloud service providersW, making it one of the most strategic, interconnected data centers in the Southeast region. The site includes one of the largest pre-positioned, data center-owned substations in the country with 120 megawatts of transformer capacity built directly into Georgia Power’s power grid. This enables QTS to deliver, it believes, the lowest cost of power to its customers in the Atlanta data center market at less than 4 cents per kilowatt hour.


The Quality Technology Services Data Center is a 990,000 SF facility. The facility provides mission critical electrical, mechanical, and high capacity network systems. The building yields approximately 547,000 SF of Data Center Space. The expansive facility is supported by 80 megawatts of N+1 power capacity (3X40 MW Transformers) via an on-site Georgia Power substation and has 19 two-megawatt diesel generators with static UPS systems to provide over 20MW’s of usable backup power. JE Dunn was hired to build-out Phases II and III. We purchased the following equipment to install in the existing Data Center. We installed and commissioned the following: • • • • • • • •

Generators {(16) 2.5MW 13.8kV Units} 2 sets of 15kV 1200A rated paralleling switchgear Cooling towers Chillers {(2) 2600 ton machines} UPS Systems 10.8MW of UPS capacity} Unit Substations {(8) Sets for a total of 30 MVA} Output Distribution Switchboards {(4) at 3000A 575V each} Power Distribution Units {(60) 300kVA units}

We have installed 125,000 SF of 48” tall raised access flooring that will be ultimately built out to 200W/SF. We installed all necessary MEP infrastructure so that addition of future equipment on the raised floor will have no impact to the data center reliability. Other notable details: • JE Dunn has been in a partnership with QTS since 2009 • QTS is a multi-phased project and has completed ten projects at Metro.

project value


$122 million On-going

990,000 total SF with 125,000 SF RAF

project delivery


design assist



JE Dunn constructed DST’s Winchester Data Center, which contains over 70,000 SF of white space with 2N infrastructure redundancy. This existing Tier IV facility was fully occupied and remained in service throughout construction. The overall scope encompassed upgrades to the existing mechanical infrastructure and complete replacement of the power distribution system. Mechanical and electrical upgrades were phased and sequenced as to not affect current day-to-day operations of the facility. The electrical system upgrades included the complete replacement of the existing generator plant and main switchgear. Mechanical upgrades included modifications to existing equipment and additional chilled water distribution piping necessary to eliminate single points of failure. Oversized distribution piping improved efficiencies as well as accommodated for future equipment layouts on the white space. HVAC controls upgrades encompass the entire facility. Design and installation of DDC control systems were required to properly manage the renovated chilled water plants including chillers, pumps, cooling towers, and heat exchangers. Complete replacement of controllers and instrumentation for all back of house and white space HVAC systems were provided as well. project value


$25 million




70,000 SF (facility total)

October 2015


JE Dunn constructed a 132,214 SF new poured in place hardened data center designed to withstand an F4 tornado on Cerner’s world headquarters campus. This included the installation of 15,450 SF of raised access floor. The project included: • (8) 750kVA UPS Modules in a 2N configuration • (3) 2000 kW diesel generators with underground fuel storage • (12) 225 kVA PDU’s (power distribution units) • (4) 4000A Unit sub-stations • 1,480 Tons of cooling capacity and (28) 30 Ton CRAC units. Nearing completion of the 115,000 SF concrete bunker, JE Dunn broke ground on the 15,000 SF office area, which is a show space for the client. Guests enter on the ground level under a 25’ cantilevered “jetway” into a secured lobby. The emergence of the exposed concrete wall signifies the bunkered areas. There is always a visual juxtaposition between the solid “secure” world of the bunker and the open, light glass and steel of the office and jetway. Finishes include a “security door” that weighs each visitor and allows only one person at a time to pass into the front lobby, metal ceilings from Switzerland, custom curved plaster walls and circular meeting rooms where acoustics were top priority. In some locations, 60” access flooring was installed to showcase systems to potential clients. project value


$26.2 million




17.214 SF

June 2008


JE Dunn completed a 70,000 SF build-out of an existing office building into a co-location data center for QTS. This included the installation of 12,000 SF of 30” tall raised access floor at 150 wsf. The project included: • (4) 750kVA Liebert UPS Modules in an Isolated Redundant configuration • (3) 2000 kW diesel generators • (10) 300 kVA PDU’s (power distribution units) • 1,000 Tons of cooling capacity • (18) 55 Ton CRAC units. QTS relied on JE Dunn to design and construct this project in less than five months. QTS had an agreement with a high profile, overseas client and the completion date was non-negotiable. The design was completed and permitted in less than three months. Construction was completed in two months. Due to the aggressive, fast-tracked nature of the project, JE Dunn utilized its in-house Building Information Modeling team to meet the schedule. Both the interior and exterior of the building were laser scanned collecting over 6 million points of data. This asbuilt information was loaded into the REVIT model where all MEP subcontractors modeled their designs. Underground conduit, chilled water piping, chiller plant piping, ductwork, and pre-action fire sprinkler piping were fabricated. Complete “clash detection” was performed to eliminate re-work in the field systems to potential clients.

project value


$28.1 million

July 2011

size 70,000 SF


JE Dunn has been involved in a phased design build program intended to grow to a total of 52MW over the next five years. This program’s scope includes the conversion of a previous semiconductor fabrication facility into a data center re-utilizing existing spaces and infrastructure. The data hall has a voltage distribution of 416/240V to provide higher efficiencies and reduced construction costs. The program is aimed at high efficiency and high density space utilizing existing fabrication buildings that have been shelled after the fabrication was relocated to other areas of the world. The initial project phase consisted of modular, phased build out to support 5MW connected IT load. Mechanical systems consisted of re-purposed cooling towers, which provide 100% of the cooling capacity of the data hall using closed loop heat exchangers to distribute cooling water directly to the data hall hot aisle fan assisted cooling coils. The current program is built to grow in capacity up to 52MW of total connected IT load. Phase I additional details include: • (10) 600KVA, 480:416V Powersmiths Transformers • (10) 800A Starline busway • (3) 1,000TON Marley Cooling Tower Refurbish Packages • (3) 1,000TON Heat Exchangers

CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES JE Dunn is the contractor of choice for a national data center program. This confidential client selected our team to build a total of seven buildings over five site locations. Four of the seven buildings have been completed and are in full operation by our client. Due to the confidentiality of this client we are only able to release limited information regarding this program. Confidential Data Center Site One, Confidential Location - a ground-up, 40MW enterprise data center. The facility includes buildout of over 300,000 SF of mechanical, electrical and administrative staff support. The project also includes additional utility and communications infrastructure upgrades. Confidential Data Center Site Two, Confidential Location - Building One is a ground-up, 90MW enterprise data center with medium voltage electrical distribution. The facility includes 95KSF data hall buildout of over 630,000 SF of mechanical, electrical, administrative staff support, server hall and a central utility building. Phase II of this project will be complete in 2019. Building Two is 200,000 SF expansion with 30MW medium voltage electrical distribution, central plant and a 70 KSF data hall build out with a planned 30MW voltage electrical distribution, central plant and 70 KSF data hall buildout. This project will be complete in 2019. Confidential Data Center Site Three, Confidential Location - Two (2) enterprise data centers within the Continental United States. Both data centers were built within the same site. Both contain 39MW of capacity. The facilities cover over 275,000 SF of electrical, mechanical, data hall and administrative offices. Our scope also includes providing additional utility provisions for the increased site capacity, as well as communications infrastructure upgrades. Data Center Building 1: • 39MW • 275,000 SF

Data Center Building 2: • 39MW • 283,000 SF

Confidential Data Center Site Four, Confidential Location - JE Dunn is currently the design/builder for a ground up, 30MW enterprise data center. The building footprint is 216,000 SF. JE Dunn is self-performing the 100,000 SF of the internal racking structure.


JE Dunn is currently constructing two modular Tier III facilities on physically separated sites. Each precast and structural steel facility has an identical administration support block, coupled with a tech module. Each tech module consists of 2 MW of IT load distributed within two 5,000 SF data halls.

60,000 SF (site one) 40,000 SF (site two)

The electrical system topology is based on the block redundant system with redundant components serving two modules utilizing 1700kW rotary UPS systems and 2200kW generators.


The mechanical system takes advantage of the Colorado climate and utilizes indirect evaporative cooling units to supply 79 degree air to the data halls to achieve an annual PUE of less than 1.2. Both sites utilize VESDA, pre-action and clean agent systems to protect the facility.

2.2MW (site one) 2.2MW (site two) completed June 2018

Site One, Colorado Springs, Colorado – ground-up, 4MW enterprise data center consisting of over 62,000 SF, five (5) 2.2 MW gens and five (5) 1.7MW RUPS systems. Site Two, Colorado Springs, Colorado – ground-up, 2MW enterprise data center consisting of over 42,000 SF, three (3) 2MW gens and three (3) 1.7MW RUPS systems.


project value confidential size 100,000

JE Dunn is the design-builder of a ground-up data center for a highly secure data center. This project includes a Tier III – Uptime Institute data center that is flexible, scalable, and meet the client’s sustainability requirements. The facility is 100,000 SF with 25,000 SF of data hall space. The facility will operate efficiently (max. peak PUE of 1.3 at full build-out) from a range of critical loads from 1MW to 5.4MW at full load. This project is designed to meet LEED Gold. JE Dunn’s design-build team members include Corgan, Syska Hennessy Group, Parsons Electric and Trautman & Shreve Mechanical.

STREAM DATA CENTER CHASKA, MINNESOTA project value $32 million size 52,000 SF mw 2.4MW completed Decmeber 2017

JE Dunn completed a 52,000 SF data center that sits on a 12-acre development and contains 20,000 SF of data hall space. The tenant of the facility is a top five financial institution. The data center’s total installed power is 4MW with 2.4MW of IT power. Unique features include: tornado debris screening, 1,000 LF of site retaining wall, and an in-ground storm retention system. JE Dunn partnered with the design teams Corgan Architects, Syska Hennesy and Kimley Horn on this project.


JE Dunn constructed a new data center for OneNeck IT Solutions. The facility services as the company’s first data center in Colorado and occupies 11.2 acres of land.

35,000 SF (current buildout) 140,000 (total buildout)

The facility possess many state-of the art features, including a Tier III electrical system with multiple levels of redundancy and backup and an energy saving cooling system that uses evaporative cooling for normal operations and maintains mechanical cooling means in a redundant configuration.


The data center uses space efficiently with a 6kW per cabinet average power density (the normal Colorado home uses about 1kW), with maximums at four times that level or 20kW.


4MW completed June 2015

The project includes multiple 1.5MW generators and multiple 180 ton Air Cooled Chillers for power and HVAC redundancy.

VIAWEST SYNERGY PARK RICHARDSON, TEXAS This ViaWest project consists of constructing the main electrical room, emergency generator room, and mechanical room for the 13,500 SF power and cooling facility that is the primary support to the existing data center. Some major electrical components installed during this phase include: • new exterior mV switchgear • new interior mV and 480 VAC switchgear • new UPS system • two new 3 mW generator. Some major mechanical components installed during this phase include: • a new 900 ton centrifugal chiller • 2 cooling towers (installed in mechanical area on roof) • exterior fuel system • exterior diesel fuel storage tanks These MEP improvements increase the existing data center from a 1.2 mW IT load to a 3 mW IT load that is concurrently maintainable during maintenance events or utility outages. JE Dunn utilized laser scanning of the facility to identify existing building conditions since there were no asbuilt drawings available. The existing building was then modeled in-house using Revit and CAD to act as a starting point for MEP coordination. Selected subcontractors modeled all systems in 3D for coordination efforts. Several issues were identified early in the coordination phases and were able to be solved before the install of the systems. We completed an additional design build project for two, 5,000 SF suites includes: • removal of the existing slab • excavation of 3 feet of soil • replacement of the slab at the new elevation • installation of a chilled water loop in each suite tied in from the existing data floor • installation of raised access flooring • running new power feeds from new and existing power rooms to the data suites • and installed two PDU’s in each suite.

project value $6.3 million size 23,200 SF size 1.8MW completed May 2014


COSENTRY DATA CENTER LENEXA, KANSAS project value $9.6 million size 34,075 SF completed July 2011

The CoSentry Data Center Project in Lenexa, KS is a co-location data center facility with 27,000 SF of raised access floor. The project has (3) 2500KVA utility transformers for a total capacity of 5MVA in an N+1 configuration. Each utility service is backed up by its own 2500kW generator. We have coordinated with the utility to provide a closed transition between the generators and utility. The facility includes: • (6) 1.1MVA UPS modules • (6) static transfer switches • (12) 430kVA precision power centers • 150+ 400A Rx panels. • 2) 50kVA UPS modules to support critical controls and office systems • (4) 1200A automatic transfer switches to provide redundant power for all the computer air handling units. The mechanical system includes: • (6) 330 TON high efficiency Air Cooled Chillers with built-in water-side economizer • Tability to add a water-cooled chiller system with cooling towers to provide additional efficiency and redundancy • a complete chilled-water loop around the facility with multiple redundant paths for upmost reliability • floor space is cooled with (24) 181kW CRAH Units, each with humidification • electrical rooms are cooled with (3) built-up 35,000CFM AHU with 100% outside air economizer. High-efficiency VFDs are provided on the chillers, pumps, and AHUs. The data floor includes distributed in-row sensing to allow for large efficiencies. The mechanical control system stands alone providing status and alarm information to a complete Owner Monitoring System (OMS) Package.

“ ESIF is a world-class example of how JE Dunn integrates sustainability and public education about science & technology into the very DNA of its projects , rather than grafting them onto the design as an afterthought. It made all the difference for us as we were developing partnerships. When I brought global leaders and CEOs into the facility, rather than being intimidated or confused, they became part of the ESIF experience. � Joe Verrengia, Former Senior Administration of Public Affairs, NREL


The Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) on the campus of the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) includes a High-Performance Computing and Data Center (HPCDC) that serves the breadth of NREL, expanding the laboratory’s capabilities in modeling and simulation of renewable energy technologies and their integration into the existing energy infrastructure. The petaflop-scale (one petaflop equals one quadrillion floating-point operations per second) high-performance computer enables large-scale modeling and simulation of material properties, processes and fully integrated systems that is too expensive, too dangerous, or even impossible, to study by direct experimentation. Not only is the HPCDC the fastest computing system dedicated to renewable energy efficient and renewable energy technologies in the world, it is one of the most energy efficient data centers in the world operating at a power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.05 annual average. The ESIF data center uses innovative methods of cooling through a combination of air and liquid strategies. The waste heat from the data center is captured utilized as the primary source of heating for the lab and office spaces. Additional ESIF Data Center Details: • LEED Platinum • Design/Build • Phase 1 infrastructure is 2.5MW • 40kW/rack for the HPC • 480V power distribution to PDUs • 480V power to HPC racks to avoid transformation losses in energy transfer • 4 cooling towers provided in Phase 1, each with the capacity to provide up to 1 MW of cooling • 1 ea 2.5 MW energy recovery heat exchanger for the building

project value



$107 million

181,621 SF

March 2013

project delivery





JE Dunn completed the ViaWest Chaska Data Center in Chaska, Minnesota by retrofitted an existing chip manufacturing warehouse into a data center. The first phase included 42,000 square feet of raised-access floor with expansion for another 40,000 square feet. The installation included a new central plant with an indoor generator and an exterior “Super-CRAH” for high-efficient cooling. Also included in the project was a 20,000 SF sales office remodel which includes the sales lobby, sales offices, operation offices, multiple conferences rooms including an overlook conference room into the data center, cyber café, and secure NOC entrance. The equipment includes: • • • • • • •

(2) 12.47kV GE main switchgear 1) 3125kW 12.47kV MTU generator (1) 2500kW 480V Cummins generator with a step up transformer (2) 750KVA Mitsubishi UPS modules (4) 500KVA transformers(20) RPPs( 1) 15,000 gallon fuel tank with pumping system (2) 200TON super CRAHs including air-cooled chiller, buffer tank, economizer and humidification.

project value


$12 million




102,000 SF

March 2014

IRON MOUNTAIN DATA CENTER MANASSAS, VA In September 2017, JE Dunn completed a 150,000 SF data center for confidential client in Manassas, VA. This data center is located on an 83-acre site and is the first of at least four buildings on this site.

project value

The building is designed to support 10.5MW of critical power. The design is flexible to “meet the exacting requirements of cloud service providers, federal government agencies, systems integrators, financial services firms and healthcare companies,” the company said in a statement.


The campus has high-speed connectivity to nearby Ashburn, which is where the bulk of the region’s data center capacity is.

10.5 (total buildout)

$50 million

600,000 SF (total buildout) mw

completed September 2017

VIA WEST BROOKWOOD DATA CENTER HILLSBORO, OR project value $21.5 million size 100,000 SF completed August 2015

JE Dunn constructed a 100,000 SF multi-tenant data center for ViaWest. JE Dunn served in a CM and design assist role with Corgan and Associates and Swanson Rink. The project includes new office space, 45,000 SF of data hall space and a cooling tower for water side economizer.

• (2) 3.25MW Generators • (2) SuperCRAC Cooling Skids • Cooling Tower for Water Side Economizer

UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA FOUR PARTNERS PLACE DATA CENTER NORMAN, OKLAHOMA This project provides approximately 75,000 square feet of space, including general office space for University research programs are leased to entities wishing to locate near other technology resources on the Research Campus. This data center allowed the University to consolidate high performance and mission critical computing assets into a dedicated and secure facility. The Center houses the equipment for the OU Supercomputing Center for Education and Research (OSCER), Department of Physics and Astronomy high energy physics research, and Information Technology’s Network Operations Center. The facility includes 11,000 SF of Data Center space with 9,500 SF of raised floor. The facility provides mission critical electrical, mechanical, and high capacity network systems. The Four Partners Place Data Center is supported by N+1 power capacity via two 2500KVA utility feeds and three 1.5-megawatt diesel generators with static UPS systems. The Data Center installation included installation and commissioning of the following: • Generators {(3) 1.5MW 480V units with rough-in and provisions for a fourth} • 480V/4,000A rated paralleling switchgear • Air cooled chillers {(3) 230 ton units} • UPS Systems {3750 KVA of UPS capacity} • Output distribution switchboards {(2) at 2500A 480V each} • Power distribution via (8) 300kVA, 480/277-415/240V autotransformers feeding (8) 600A, 415Y/240V distribution panelboards • In-row cooling via Liebert XDO high density overhead units. • 400A enclosed bus installed above equipment racks for rack mounted equipment power

project value


$28.4 million

October 2012

size 75,000 SF

CAVERN TECHNOLOGIES FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA DISASTER RECOVERY DATA CENTER LENEXA, KS This project includes 19,000 SF of Co-Location Data Suites for First National Bank of Omaha. This project consists of additional build out under their current 1500 kVA capacity including the addition of (2) 600 amp panels for distribution to data suites. N+1 power is distributed to dedicated power panels in each tenant data suite. The tenant space for the First National Bank of Omaha Data Center includes the installation of (2) dedicated 280 kW Emergency Generators. 2N power is distributed to the data center floor via 150 kVA UPS and PDU equipment. The mechanical system includes (6) 25 Ton DX air handling units (AHUs). The indoor AHUs deliver N+1 conditioned air via a looped sheet metal distribution system and VAV terminal units. The data center is conditioned through pressurized raised access flooring. 20 Ton CRAC units deliver N+1 conditioned air to cold aisles on the data suite floor. Condenser heat for both systems is rejected to underground shafts. Installation of a complete DDC control system integrates all HVAC equipment in the data center. Integration of new and existing equipment allows for remote setpoint control, monitoring, scheduling, alarming, and trending. The implementation of advanced interactive graphics with floor plan representation assists Cavern Technologies with system monitoring. Data Suites are protected through a single interlocked pre-action fire sprinkler system. The data center includes a VESDA system for additional protection.

project value $2 million size 19,000 SF completed August 2012

CAVERN TECHNOLOGIES SISTERS OF CHARITY HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS - DISASTER RECOVERY DATA CENTER LENEXA, KANSAS This 9,500 SF expansion includes 3,300 SF of raised access data center floor with an additional 3,000 SF for future expansion. The electrical system is derived from the installation of a new 500 kVA utility transformer and (2) 500 kW emergency generators. The installation of (2) 800A automatic transfer switches ensures N+1 power to the 800A main distribution switchboard. 2N power is delivered to the data center floor through (2) 160 kVA UPS and (2) 150 kVA PDU systems. An additional service entrance breaker and switchboard tie breaker has been installed to allow for future expansion. The mechanical system includes (3) 30 Ton DX CRAC units providing conditioned air to pressurized raised access floor. UPS and battery rooms are conditioned through (2) additional 10 Ton DX CRAC units. The CRAC units are networked together to operate in an N+1 configuration and can be monitored remotely through the building automation system. The data center includes a double interlocked pre-action fire sprinkler system. A VESDA has also been installed for additional protection.


Cavern Technologies Buildout Phase II - 5,500 SF Data Center Phased Tenant Finish Buildout Cavern Technologies Data Center Phase III - a subsurface facility located in the Meritex Underground Development. This project includes 19,000 SF of Co-Location Data Suites and 3,000 SF of Raised Access Flooring for First National Bank of Omaha. Electrical - Phase III consists of additional build out under their current 1500 kVA capacity. This includes the addition of (2) 600 amp panels for distribution to data suites. N+1 power is distributed to dedicated power panels in each tenant data suite. The tenant space for the First National Bank of Omaha Data Center includes installation of (2) dedicated 280 kW Emergency Generators. 2N power will be distributed to the data center floor via 150 kVA UPS and PDU equipment. Mechanical - The mechanical system includes (6) 25 Ton DX Air Handling Units (AHUs). The indoor AHUs deliver N+1 conditioned air via a looped sheet metal distribution system and VAV terminal units. The First National Bank of Omaha Data Center is conditioned through pressurized raised access flooring. 20 Ton CRAC units deliver N+1 conditioned air to cold aisles on the data suite floor. Condenser heat for both systems is rejected to underground shafts.

Controls - Installation of a complete DDC Control System integrates all HVAC equipment in the Cavern Technologies Data Center. Integration of new and existing equipment allows for remote set point control, monitoring, scheduling, alarming, and trending. The implementation of advanced interactive graphics with floor plan representation assists Cavern Technologies with system monitoring. Fire Protection - Data Suites are protected through a single interlocked pre-action fire sprinkler system. The First National of Omaha Data Center includes a VESDA system for additional protection. Cavern Technologies Phase 4A - 55,000 SF underground data center project that included installation of raised access floors, individual suites for colocation, Liebert CRAC units, 3 generators, new electrical service, switchgear, all of which was installed underground inside the limestone quarry cave structure.


project value $2 million size 13,200 SF completed August 2013

JE Dunn was selected for construction management services for an expansion of a live data center in Tampa, FL. The project involved reclaiming approximately 6,000 SF of existing storage space and creating an additional 6,000 SF of raised access floor. The upgrades included mechanical and electrical systems to support the new loads and improve portions of the existing loads. The project was completed without any interruptions to the clients existing operations including fully integrating the new systems. Details include: • 8 new CRAH units • 6 new PDU’s • Reconfiguration of existing one-line to achieve N+1 on distribution to cooling equipment • Simulated power failure testing of new work integrated with existing systems • Dual interlock pre action fire protection system