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Friday, 26th January, 2018

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Battle lines drawn as Comeragh District seeks more Councillors By Paul Mooney


Greenway shortlisted for All-Ireland title page 18

60th Anniversary of Ballinameela GAA Club pages 32 & 33 04

A POLITICAL battle looks set to break out in mid-County Waterford as members of Comeragh Municipal District Council strongly voiced their support to increase the number of seats they hold by poaching from either the Dungarvan-Lismore Municipal District in the West or the Metropolitan District in the East, as the Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee examines the configuration of electoral areas before the next local elections in 2019. The Comeragh Municipal District was formed in 2014 after the amalgamation of Waterford County Council and Waterford City Council, to form the new Plenary body of Waterford City and County Council made up of three Districts - Dungarvan-Lismore Municipal District; Comeragh Municipal District; and the Metropolitan District (comprising of the electoral areas of Tramore and Waterford City West; Waterford City East; and Waterford City South). The Comeragh District is the smallest of the three areas with six Councillors. Dungarvan-Lismore has eight Councillors and the Metropolitan area has a total of 18 Councillors. If the Comeragh area is successful in making its argument for more Councillors, it could see the Dungarvan-Lismore area lose a Councillor and drop to seven Councillors in total; and / or the Metropolitan area could drop to 17 Councillors if the Comeragh area is also successful in poaching a seat from the East. Cllr. Michael J. O’Ryan, who led the call for officials to make the submission to the Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee, told the January meeting of Comeragh Municipal District Council that there is one month left for submissions.

He said that the Council “went into the unknown” in 2014 when the Comeragh District was formed, and even though the six Councillors work well together as a Council body, “I think being the smallest Municipal District in the county, we feel the pinch when looking for funding”. “Under the current system, we, in the Comeragh, end up being the poor relation, particularly when we are seeking funding against the bigger Municipal Districts of Dungarvan-Lismore on one side and the Metropolitan District on the other side,” Cllr. O’Ryan said. He said he wanted officials to put a case together and make a submission on behalf of Comeragh for “more balancing of numbers between the city and county”. “If the Comeragh area increases to seven or eight Councillors, the boundaries will increase accordingly and we would have a more sure footing,” said Cllr. O’Ryan. He suggested the boundaries with Dungarvan-Lismore and the Metropolitan area could be redrawn to give Comeragh the extra Councillor(s), “so that we wouldn’t be a Council of just six Councillors”. The argument for an increase in Councillors in the Comeragh area could very much hold water, as figures from the Census (2016) show that certain townlands within the large swathe of rural area which spans mid-County Waterford have actually increased in population. The terms of reference for the Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee is to have regard to the population ascertained in Census 2016. Cllr. John O’Leary supported Cllr. O’Ryan’s call, saying the current boundaries don’t make sense to him. “Take my area for example, the Comeragh District ends near Butlerstown, where the Metropolitan area begins, sweeping out to Tramore and then back across to Ferrybank,” Cllr. O’Leary said. c Continued on page 2



Award-winning housing scheme ‘Ormonde Square’ is officially opened

Official opening of the social housing scheme ‘Ormonde Square’ located on the site of the former Ormonde Cinema, at O’Connell Street, Dungarvan last Thursday afternoon. Pictured at the official opening were, left to right: Senator Paudie Coffey; Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy; and Mayor of Waterford City and County, Cllr. Pat Nugent. SEE PAGE 6 [John Power]



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Yo u r Observer Battle lines drawn as Comeragh District seeks more Councillors S Inside O this week … N DUNGARVA

BSERVER Friday, 26th January,

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Battle lines drawn as Comeragh District seeks more Councillors

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Vol. 105

Friday, 26th January,



g Award-winning housin Square’ scheme ‘Ormonded BALLYMACMAGUE’ S BRIGID is officially opene COFFEY WINS

30th Annual Kiely

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Monumental Colligan







Portlaw 3-9; Ballinameela

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By Paul Mooney


into the Council “went He said that the when the Comeragh 2014 the six unknown” in and even though District was formed, as a Council

on the Square’ located scheme ‘Ormonde Thursday Dungarvan last of the social housing at O’Connell Street, Senator Paudie Coffey; Official opening to right: Ormonde Cinema, Cllr. Pat site of the former at the official opening were, left City and County, Power] [John and Mayor of Waterford afternoon. Pictured Eoghan Murphy; SEE PAGE 6 Housing Minister

Nugent. to Councillors work well together Municipal battle looks set being the smallest the pinch body, “I think A POLITICAL feel mid-County Waterford District in the county, we break out in for funding”. Comeragh Municipal the system, we, in as members of strongly voiced their when looking “Under the current poor relation, District Council the number of Comeragh, end up being the funding from we are seeking support to increase by poaching particularly when Districts of ismore against the bigger Municipal side and the seats they hold Dungarvan-L the the Dungarvan-Lismore on one either Cllr. in the West or the other side,” Municipal District East, as Metropolitan District on District in the a case Metropolitan Area Boundary O’Ryan said. officials to put He said he wantedsubmission on behalf of the Local Electoral the configura make examines and the together of numbers Committee areas before “more balancing Comeragh for ation of electoral in 2019. the city and county”. to seven next local elections

was between area increases Municipal District of “If the Comeragh the boundaries will The Comeragh after the amalgamation or eight Councillors,and we would have a formed in 2014 Council and Waterford accordingly Waterford County the new Plenary body increase footing,” said Cllr. O’Ryan. with form made more sure City Council, to the boundaries and County Council ore He suggested of Waterford City ore and the Metropolitan - Dungarvan-Lism Comeragh the up of three Districts Comeragh Municipal Dungarvan-Lism be redrawn to give wouldn’t be (com- area could that we Municipal District; Metropolitan District and extra Councillor(s), “so District; and the areas of Tramore of just six Councillors”. in prising of the electoral Waterford City East; a Councilargument for an increase West; The area could Waterford City in the Comeragh the City South). smallest of Councillors hold water, as figures from and Waterford District is the very much certain townlands The Comeragh with six Councillors. Census (2016) show that rural area which of the three areas Councillors swathe eight large has ore actually of 18 within the Dungarvan-Lism Waterford have area has a total spans mid-County and the Metropolitan in population. the Local in mak- increased Councillors. reference for to area is successful The terms of Committee is If the Comeragh more Councillors, it Boundary Area for ascertained in ing its argument ore area lose Electoral regard to the population could see the Dungarvan-Lism Councillors have and drop to seven area could Census 2016. supported Cllr. y a Councillor the Metropolitan Cllr. John O’Leary the current boundaries in total; and / or 60th Anniversar Comeragh area saying the call, if from the O’Ryan’s sense to him. drop to 17 Councillors in poaching a seat Comeragh don’t make of Ballinameela is also successful for example, the “Take my area where the led the call East. GAA Club ends near Butlerstown, out to O’Ryan, who to the District Cllr. Michael J. begins, sweeping make the submission Metropolitan area back across to Ferrybank,” for officials to Committee, pages 32 & 33 Area Boundary Tramore and then Local Electoral meeting of Comeragh O’Leary said. 04 told the January Council that there is one Cllr. on page 2 c Continued Municipal District submissions. month left for

Greenway shortlisted for All-Ireland title page 18

SEE PAGES 11, 12

& 13

Overall winner of the 2017 WLR and Granville Hotel GAA Award, Jamie Barron. [Noel Browne]


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c FROM FRONT PAGE “In the interests of balance, an increase in representation for the Comeragh area makes practical sense,” Cllr. O’Leary said. “We are the poorer relation because we don’t have any way of raising independent funding like the other Districts,” he added. Cllr. Liam Brazil also agreed with his colleagues, pointing out that the Comeragh area has more roads, but there are less ways of raising money in the Comeragh area. He said if the Comeragh area had seven Councillors, it might give them more scope to apply and obtain funding, particularly if the Comeragh area was extended in as far in as Abbeyside in the DungarvanLismore Municipal District. Cllr. Brazil said if the Comeragh District was extended on either side (East or West), it might bring in another town or village, which result in a higher population for the Comeragh area, and in turn might lead to more funding for the District. “One street in Waterford

would probably equal representation to half the Comeragh District,” Cllr. Brazil added. Cllr. Ray Murphy also voiced his support for the proposal. “The Comeragh District is a vast area because it has such a rural population and is so widely spread out, that six Councillors to cover the area is probably quite low and there is definitely room to improve,” Cllr. Murphy said. “There might be more funding available to the Comeragh area if the number of Councillors was increased to seven or eight, rather than the six we currently have, which is the smallest of the Municipal authorities.” Cathaoirleach Cllr. Seanie Power said he supported the proposal because an extra Councillor or two for the Comeragh area “would give us more bargaining power”. Director of Services, Fergus Galvin said he would consult with his colleague, Ivan Grimes (Director of Services), on what needs to be completed and any supporting documents needed for a submission to the Local

Electoral Area Boundary Committee. He said from his past experience, it would usually be up to the Municipal area to propose something more concrete, such as an increase to seven or eight Councillors that could be achieved by changing the boundaries to add in ‘x townland’ or ‘y townland’ to the Comeragh area. “A very non-specific request, simply asking the Boundary Committee to give us two or three more seats would need a bit more flesh behind it in terms of what that would look like,” Mr. Galvin pointed out. Cllr. O’Ryan asked that the submission be made as the Comeragh District, rather than involving the Plenary body of Waterford City and County Council - “because obviously, it would stand on the toes of the other Municipal Districts” he pointed out. Meetings Administrator Honor Dunphy pointed out that the matter recently came up at the Dungarvan - Lismore Municipal District Council, where Cllr. James Tobin raised

concerns that the terms of reference of the Boundary Committee indicated that the number of Councillors assigned to a local electoral area shall not be less than five and not more than seven ... sparking fears that the Dungarvan-Lismore area could be reduced from eight Councillors to seven. However, a clarification was later obtained by Mr. Grimes from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, which replied that Dungarvan-Lismore would not automatically have one less Councillor after the next local elections, as was feared by the Dungarvan - Lismore Councillors. The response stated that the main focus of the review is to examine the configuration of local electoral areas and not the Municipal Districts. Ms. Dunphy said DungarvanLismore were still looking to put together a submission in relation to it, and she would speak with Mr. Grimes about the best process for the Comeragh District to follow to also make a submission.

WEATHER OUTLOOK WEDNESDAY will be a bright and blustery day with scattered showers, but good dry periods too. Afternoon temperatures of 8 or 9 degrees in fresh to strong west to southwest winds. Forecast for Thursday/Friday – Largely dry for Thursday with partly cloudy skies and some sunshine and just the slight risk of a passing shower. Afternoon highs of 7 or 8 degrees Celsius in light to moderate west to northwest breezes. Skies will mostly clear on Thursday night with winds veering more to the northwest and falling light, with a slight risk of frost towards dawn. Minimum air temperatures of 3 or 4 degrees Celsius. Friday will begin dry and bright with good spells of sunshine through the morning. Cloud will thicken through the afternoon with patchy drizzle and mist spreading from the west by evening. Light northwesterly breezes will back southwesterly during the afternoon.Top afternoon temperatures of 8 or 9 degrees Celsius. Mostly cloudy and misty with patchy drizzle turning to more persistent rain at times on Friday night in moderate southwesterly breezes. Minimum temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius, occurring before midnight, with temperatures rising to 11 degrees later in the night. Forecast for Saturday/Sunday – Rain will clear eastwards on Saturday morning, but it will remain rather cloudy. Mainly light southwesterly winds will veer to a moderate westerly in the afternoon, which may serve to produce the odd bright spell. Mild with highs of 12 to 13 degrees Celsius. Saturday night will continue mild under mostly cloudy skies with maybe the odd patch of drizzle in moderate southwesterly breezes. Lows of 12 degrees Celsius. Sunday is shaping up to be a largely dry, cloudy and increasingly windy day. Moderate southwesterly winds will increase fresh to strong and gusty through the course of the afternoon. Afternoon highs of 12 or 13 degrees. Patchy rain and drizzle will spread from the west overnight with fresh to strong and gusty southwesterly winds veering to a light to moderate west to northwest by morning. Lows of 9 degrees Celsius. Outlook (Monday/Wednesday) – Turning a little cooler again through the early days of next week with rain at times, though accumulations will be small. West to northwest winds will dominate. Daytime temperatures will range 6 to 8 degrees Celsius.

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Work commences to deliver new water source for Clonea Power WORK has started on the construction of a new water mains for the residents of Clonea Power, Clonea O’Sullivan, Monadiha, Whitestown and Feddans, and they should have a new high quality source of potable drinking water come Autumn, writes Paul Mooney. The residents of Clonea Power and surrounding townlands have suffered over the last 23 years from poor quality water. Work undertaken by the local authority over the years to address the issues have failed. It transpired that the water was contaminated by manganese which caused the discolouration. In November, 2016, Cllr. Seanie Power, Cathaoirleach of Comeragh Municipal District Council, said Irish Water was committed to finding a new water source for Clonea Power and a timescale of works was revealed. At the January meeting of Comeragh Municipal District Council, held last Monday, Cllr. Power said work has now commenced on a new water mains to Clonea Power. The new water mains is approximately nine kilometres in length and will bring water to Clonea Power and other townlands from the Rathgormack water supply. “The workers are on site and it will take around seven months to complete, with a total cost of around €750,000,” Cllr. Power told the meeting. He expressed thanks to the

Council and Irish Water for dealing with the matter. Cllr. Power welcomed the start of the work and said it will be a relief for the people of Clonea Power and surrounding areas, who have suffered for over two decades from poor quality water. “There will be a new water supply, along with the upgrading of the water treatment plant, so hopefully the whole quality of water will be improved for the area by the end of the year,” Cllr. Power added. At a meeting of the Council in 2014, Cllr. Power had brought samples of water from Clonea Power into the meeting, which visibly disgusted other Councillors and Council officials. The water was dark and murky, which was described by Cllr. Liam Brazil as more the colour of coke. Cllr. Brazil told the January meeting of Comeragh District Council that the commencement of the work “is good news”. “For as long as I’ve been here on the Council, we’ve been on about the problems with the water in Clonea Power.” He said former Councillor, Mary Greene, had also given years fighting on behalf of Clonea Power in relation to the water problems. Cllr. Brazil expressed thanks to Cllr. Power “for getting it over the line, because you have pushed this very hard since you became a Councillor”.

Pictured left: A sample of the murky water taken from taps in Clonea Power in 2014, which Cathaoirleach Cllr. Seanie Power (pictured right) produced at a Council meeting. “It is your commitment to the people of Clonea Power that you got them water, not coke,” Cllr. Brazil said. “I saw the samples of water you brought in to us here in the Chamber and it was more like coke than water. So, I hope the people of Clonea Power won’t forget you for the good work you’ve done for them on this,” Cllr. Brazil added. Cllr. Michael J. O’Ryan congratulated Cllr. Power on his work for Clonea Power and surrounding areas. “I would also concur with Cllr. Brazil that former Councillor, Mary Greene, would have been an advocate for the people there as well,” Cllr. O’Ryan said. He pointed out that there

were other Councillors who worked hard on this matter, as well as officials, and paid tribute to Senior Engineer, Gabriel Hynes, and representatives of Irish Water who met Councillors previously at briefings. Cllr. Declan Clune concurred saying that Comeragh Councillors have been active over the years in the Clonea Power area to try and address the water problems. “This is the major issue there, with jet black water, contaminated by manganese, with showers, kettles and washing machines all being destroyed and people not able to use their baths, etc.,” Cllr. Clune said. “It has been going on for 23 years and I’m delighted to see the work starting,” he added.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Planning applications continue to rise By Christy Parker WATERFORD Council is anticipating a 6% increase in planning applications for 2017 over the previous year once all submissions have been processed. The estimate comes as officials collate applications lodged over Christmas, with the festive season being the busiest period as clients seek to commence work in the spring. The final figure for the year is expected to be in the low 900’s. By comparison, the council received 849 planning applications in the year ending December 27th, 2016. December saw 74 applications lodged up to the 27th -nine fewer than December 2016. Of these, 24 were derived from the Dungarvan-Lismore municipal district. In total, 290 applications were submitted in the DungarvanLismore district, up from 273 in 2016. There were 203 planning applications made in the Comeragh district and 411 in the city. WEBSITE SUCCESS In its annual review, the council notes “significant additional visits” to its planning websites

with a total of 183,175 representing an average of 3,500 visits per week. The sun represents a 14% increase from 2016. CONSERVATION REVIEW In its conservation update, Waterford Council notes that “the upturn in the property market” has benefitted historic buildings with several vacant properties purchased and/or being renovated. Grants from the Heritage Council, Dept. of Housing, the Built Heritage Jobs Leverage Scheme and the Georgian Society assisted various properties and projects. Roofs – thatched and otherwise and windows of private dwellings received repairs. Meantime the council had administered over €260,000 through the annual Built Heritage Investment Scheme (BHIS) and the Structures at Risk Fund (SRF).These schemes assisted structural repairs to re-sidential, commercial and community projects. The three main schemes funded by the SRF were the Bishop’s Palace in Waterford city, St. Cartharge’s Cathedral, Lismore and Cappoquin House. The BHIS funded 26 projects. Both schemes will again operate in 2018 and

publicised after the Department announces funding. ON THE NET In other planning matters, the council advises that planning information is now available on Map Alerter and Twitter. Map Alerter signifies a planning alert with a text like ‘bleep’ and can provide detailed information of a planning application in one’s locality. The phone app is available from Google Play or the App Store. Twitter - @watrfordcouncil- carries weekly planning list updates. Finally, as part of a Government initiative, the council’s planning section is currently working on a project to deliver “an e-planning solution”, which will integrate with electronic systems being developed by An Bord Pleanála. This system is expected to provide a better service to the public, including “earlier visibility of planning applications”, will reduce the printing, copying and scanning of documentation and “facilitate electronic interaction between local authorities, An Bord Pleanála and prescribed bodies.” All of which is expected to “go live” in 2018. And you thought Christmas was over.

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Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Serious collisions and DUI offences are up

Huge congratulations to Jason O'Donovan who was the Dungarvan Credit Union January Car Draw winner. Jason opted for the €10,000 Cash … Happy spending! Pictured (l. to r.): Ben, Jason (winner), Jack and Mary O'Donovan and Orla Dawson, DCU.

SERIOUS collisions increased by around 10 percent in the Waterford Division last year, while the offence of driving while under the influence (DUI) of an intoxicant also increased last year. At the recent Joint Policing Committee meeting of Waterford City and County, Superintendent Chris Delaney presented the figures, which showed that fatal collisions remained on a par with last year, while DUI offences increased by nearly three percent. Supt. Delaney said DUI offences includes motorists under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or a combination thereof. “Unfortunately, we’ve seen a rise in DUI offences in the year to date,” Supt. Delaney said. He assured the JPC members that Gardaí will be out in force to tackle drunk / drug driving in the Waterford Division. He warned that people should not take the chance, because it is a huge risk to take and can affect a person’s employment and family life, “just for the sake of one / two / or three drinks”. “People’s lives can be changed because of it,” he said. Supt. Delaney said DUI offences will also have a bearing on the number of serious and fatal collisions. He urged people to never, ever drink and drive, and said nobody should hesitate to lift the phone and report someone they believe is driving while under the influence. “It could prevent something very serious from happening,” Supt. Delaney added.

Public order incidents drop in Dungarvan but increase in Waterford City PUBLIC order incidents are up in the Waterford City area in the year to date, but have fallen slightly in the Dungarvan area. According to figures presented to the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee, public order incidents fell by seven percent in Dungarvan in the year to date and fell by 29 percent in the Tramore area. However, public order incidents actually increased by 12.5 percent in Waterford City, resulting in a three percent increase in public order incidents for the whole Waterford Division in the year to date. Presenting the figures, Superintendent Chris Delaney said the increase in public order incidents in the city area was probably due to improved economic circumstances. “The figures appear to be aligned to our improved economy and it reflects the more social aspect of Waterford City and more people socialising in the city,” he said. “The Gardaí are also more proactive in relation to public order incidents.” He pointed out that the public order figures are where there has been a charge or summons, but does not include the public order offences which were dealt with via a fixed charge penalty notice. “We will try and get those figures for the next meeting, where the person was issued with a fixed charge penalty notice - in order to ensure we capture all those figures,” Supt. Delaney said. PUBLIC ORDER OFFENCES OVER LAST SIX YEARS According to figures spanning the last six years, Supt. Delaney said public order incidents have almost halved. “That is a significant drop and gives us a good picture of what’s going on,” he said.

NEGATIVE PUBLICITY Supt. Delaney hit out at the city-based newspapers which painted the city centre in a very bad light in relation to public order incidents. Supt. Delaney said the figures presented did not back up the city newspapers’ negative reports. He said the exaggerated negative reports “undermines a lot of the really good work that has been done, particularly all the planning which went into the Hallowe’en operation, and there was only one arrest in the city that night,” Supt. Delaney said. He pointed out there was a large number of Gardaí on duty over Hallowe’en and a major amount of preventative work was done in relation to the prevention of bonfires, and acknowledged Cllr. John Hearne’s involvement with the operation. “Cllr. Hearne knows the work we’ve done in estates in relation to the prevention of bonfires. It was an extremely successful operation, but unfortunately, when we opened the newspapers [citybased] the following week, it was really portrayed as ‘Dodge City’, which wasn’t correct,” Supt. Delaney said. “The figures absolutely show what’s real and what was occurring on the ground. “We want people to be safe in the city centre. There have been huge improvements made to the city centre, so it is important when things are reported that we are not putting ourselves down. The reality is that it is not as bad as people make out in the media,” Supt. Delaney said. STRATEGY Supt. Delaney said it is the Garda strategy in the Waterford Division to continue to target public order offences. He said the Purple Flag initiative is a key tenant of the public order strategy in

the city centre and the partnership approach has worked very well. ASK FOR ANGELA Supt. Delaney said a new campaign has launched in Waterford City in association with licensed premises and night clubs, titled ‘Ask for Angela’. He explained that if a person in a bar or night club feels under threat, or is receiving too much unwanted attention from someone, or feels intimidated in some way, that person can approach a member of security or bar staff and ‘Ask for Angela’.That person can then be discreetly taken away into a back office or a safe area without alerting the person they are actually afraid of and the bar staff can call a taxi for the person. Supt. Delaney said this initiative, which is part of Waterford’s Purple Flag initiative, has been successful in other jurisdictions and prevented offences from occurring. Cllr. Cha O’Neill led the praise to the Gardaí “for all the wonderful work you’ve done over Hallowe’en and with the residents’ associations, the fire service and the Council staff ”. IMPORTED THUGS Cllr. Declan Doocey said the problem at Hallowe’en in rural areas of the county was what he termed as ‘imported thugs’. He said youths were being transported into rural towns, like Lismore, and the parents did not know what the youths were up to, such as ‘egging’, fireworks and other mischief and anti-social behaviour. “There was a van which came into Lismore with enough eggs to supply the parish for a month!” Cllr. Doocey said. He asked if the Gardaí could do something to stop this type of behaviour. “Someone had to buy and supply the eggs. Is there something that can be done to get rid of the source and maybe the

Full Irish won’t be short a couple of sunny-side eggs the morning after,” Cllr. Doocey added. Chief Superintendent Padraig Dunne said similar behaviour was going on in the city over Hallowe’en, where parents were dropping under-18s into the city, where pre-drinking had taken place beforehand. “Then the difficulty is faced upon the Gardaí - we are not a babysitting service!” Chief Supt. Dunne said. To those parents who dropped their under-18 year old children into the city, he questioned in what state did those youths come home and how did they get home? “What are they doing while in town and are parents being responsible by allowing the youths to drink alcohol and then dropping them into an open public environment after having consumed alcohol?” Chief Supt. Dunne questioned. He said there are differences between public disorder and anti-social behaviour, “but they won’t be solved by the Gardaí alone”. “There is a lot of work that has to be done with parents and other groups,” he said. “I don’t accept a situation where young people are just being dumped into the city centre or into housing estates on Hallowe’en night where they impinge on other people’s quality of life and parents are not accepting responsibility for it.” Chief Supt. Dunne said a ‘safe socialising’ course was brought in recently for TY students in Kilkenny and he was hoping to have it introduced in Waterford in conjunction with schools and parents. PUBLIC ORDER AND ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR Cllr. Jason Murphy said anti-social

behaviour is having a huge impact on the city centre and said the Gardaí may need to look at an inclusive approach to the problem and include other agencies such as Tusla, youth clubs, sports clubs, etc., to deal with the youths causing the anti-social behaviour. Supt. Delaney said the Gardaí are examining situations where youths congregate in the city, which has been organised through social media over the last number of months. “We want to work on that a bit more before we know exactly where we are going to take our reactive approach to it,” Supt. Delaney said. He said there are extra Gardaí deployed to the city area, along with two full-time business watch officers. Supt. Delaney said the Gardaí are very committed to supporting both the Council and retailers in relation to help make the commercial heart of Waterford to flourish. Cllr. Cha O’Neill warned that public order offences could rise in Waterford City now that the night scene was improving. “They are coming from outside to visit for weekends and it might give us a bigger problem with public order offences,” Cllr. O’Neill said. Chief Supt. Dunne said the economy is improving and people have more money and more disposable income. He said a thesis he wrote on public order offences showed a common denominator across the board, that it is usually a male aged between 18 and 20 years involved in the public order offence and predominant times for such offences ramps up from a Thursday night to a Saturday night. Chief Supt. Dunne assured that Gardaí would be keeping an eye on public order offences going forward.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018




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Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Award-winning housing scheme ‘Ormonde Square’ is officially opened AN award-winning housing scheme in Dungarvan which cost in the region of €2m to develop was officially opened last Thursday. Ormonde Square, which was designed by e-Project Chartered Architects, Lower Main Street, Dungarvan, and was built on the site of the former Ormonde Cinema at O’Connell Street, consists of 15 dwelling units comprising of a mixture of apartments, two storey family homes and single storey units. The scheme won the Most Creative Supply Response award at the recent Irish Council for Social Housing Community Housing Awards 2017. Mayor of Waterford City and County, Cllr. Pat Nugent, said the scheme was fully funded by the Department of Housing through the capital investment programme. “Waterford City and County Council appreciates the considerable financial support that the Minister and his Department

have provided for a large number of social housing projects that the Council is currently involved in,” the Mayor said. “This has enabled us to continue expanding the Council’s housing delivery to meet the need for social housing in the city and the county.” Construction of Ormonde Square began just over two years ago. Mayor Nugent commended all involved in the development of Ormonde Square, including the e-Project team; David Kelly Partnership Chartered Engineers; Nolan Construction Consultants Quantity Surveyors; Gerry Geaney Building Services Consultants Ltd., and the main contractor, S&K Carey Ltd., from Passage East. Mayor Nugent also commended the Council, including Derek Lyons and Chris Meehan of the Council’s housing section. “I wish all the residents of Ormonde Square well in their new community and hope they are happy, content and safe in

their new homes,” Mayor Nugent added. Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy officially opened the new complex with Mayor Nugent, in the presence of residents and local dignitaries. He said fabulous homes had been created in the development and congratulated all involved in bringing the project to conclusion. Minister Murphy said there is a serious challenge in the country to build more houses, “but we have to build them in the right way and in the right places, otherwise we are going to build problems into the future”. He said the project helped to bring the site back to life, as the former Ormonde Cinema and site had been falling into disrepair for several years previously, and helped to bring people and homes back into the community. Minister Murphy also pointed out that the homes were built with the highest of energy saving requirements, meaning that the

Pictured at the opening were Ann Leacy, Sinéad Breathnach and Mary O'Brien of Waterford City and County Council and Garda Superintendent Michael Leacy. ]John Power]

Pictured at the opening were Dr. Tom Higgins and Paul Nolan, Nolan [John Power] Construction Consultants.

Minister Murphy performed the opening of the social housing scheme Ormonde Square at the former Ormonde Cinema Building located in Dungarvan town centre. This project, which comprises 15 units, won the Most Creative Supply Response award at the recent Irish Council for Social Housing Community Housing Awards 2017. Pictured at the opening was Minister Eoghan Murphy and Mayor of Waterford City & County, Cllr. Pat Nugent unveiling aplaque to mark the occasion. [John Power] residents should save on their energy bills. Concluding, Minister Murphy said Waterford City and County Council did a fantastic job at Ordmonde Square and at other locations, in trying to meet the housing needs of local people. Later that afternoon, Mayor

Nugent also brought Minister Murphy to visit a social housing turnkey development that is currently being constructed at Kilrush, Dungarvan. Waterford City and County Council are acquiring the completed development of 39 dwellings from the developer,

Woodfort CFS. The scheme is one of a number of similar approved turnkey schemes currently under construction throughout Waterford City and County which will deliver more than 110 social housing units and most of these will be completed in 2018.

Pictured at the opening were residents Jordan O'Sullivan; Madeline Landers; and Christy Havens.

Pictured at the opening were Colin Brennan, David Kelly Partnership and [John Power] Michael Regan, E Project Architects.

[John Power]

Pictured at the opening were residents Martina O'Sullivan and Elaine Lawton. [John Power]

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018



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Minister Eoghan Murphy, T.D., Minister For Housing, Planning and Local Government, meeting residents Martina O'Sullivan, Elaine Lawton and Anna Tomankiewicz at the opening of Ormonde Pictured at the opening were Cllr. John Carey and Sean [John Power] Square Housing Complex, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. [John Power] Carey, S&K Carey, Building Contractors.

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Pictured at the opening were Minister Eoghan Murphy, Minister For Housing, Planning and Local Government, with resident Pictured at the opening were Kieran Curran, Lanigan & Curran Solrs.; Sean Carey, S&K Christy Havens. [John Power] Carey Building Contractors, and Derek Lyons, WC&CC. [John Power]

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Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Award winners announced at Showcase 2018 WINNERS of the annual Showcase Awards were announced at Showcase – Ireland’s Creative Expo, which takes place at the RDS in Dublin until Wednesday, 24th January. Showcase 2018 was officially opened on Sunday, 21st January, by Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys, T.D. and awards were presented by Karen Hennessy, Chief Executive of the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland. The annual show has established itself as a must-see trade event, attracting buyers from Ireland and more than 20 other countries, including UK, USA, Mainland Europe and the Far East, all keen to see the latest designs from Ireland’s top brands and craft producers. Showcase is an international launch pad for the 450 Irish designers, manufacturers and craftspeople who will be unveiling their new season collections across fashion, jewellery, home and giftware during the four-day event. A particular emphasis is placed on new products to market, providing retailers with opportunities to discover and stock up on the latest design-led products, many of which are unique to the show. Karen Hennessy, Chief Executive of the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland, said: “Since this annual trade show was founded 42 years ago, the continued growth and development of Showcase indicates that there is a strong desire from buyers both in Ireland and internationally to discover and access highquality Irish designed and crafted products. Our annual Showcase awards programme not only shines a light on the excellent craftsmanship, design and presentation of the makers’ work but also highlights the importance of encouraging new product

development, allowing buyers to see the very latest innovations from Irish designers and craftspeople at the fair. With such a wide range of exceptional Irish products to choose from, it is always a tough task for our selectors to pick winners and I would like to congratulate all this year’s award recipients, runners-up and those who were highly commended.” BEST PRODUCT AWARDS Exhibitors selected for the Showcase Best Product Awards 2018 were chosen by specialist curators; Alanna Gallagher (home & gift), Natasha Sherling (jewellery); Catherine Condell (fashion & MADE/Slow) and Emma McGrath (Design Ireland).The curators nominated the ‘Best Product’ in each of their categories and each category produced a Best Product Award and Highly Commended awards. The overall Best Product Award at Showcase 2018 was chosen by the Showcase judging panel. The Overall Winner of the Showcase Best Product Award was Áine Knitwear for its A-Line Woollen Dress. Áine designs and manufactures lady’s and men’s knitwear in Clonlara, Co. Clare on the Wild Atlantic Way. The brand is a fusion of contemporary and traditional design creating a vibrant heritage collection in lambswool, cashmere blends, alpacas and silks. BEST NEW PRODUCT CATEGORY WINNERS FASHION & MADE/Slow: The Showcase Best Product Award in the fashion category was Áine Knitwear for its A-Line Woollen Dress. Highly commended in this category were Bernie Murphy from Buncrana, Co. Donegal for her Turquoise Tweed 3-Piece and Celtic Tweeds from Balbriggan in Dublin for its Men’s Tweed Jacket.

HOME: This year’s Showcase Best Product Award in the home category went to Foxford Woollen Mills from Foxford, Co. Mayo for its Woollen Cushions. Highly commended were Elements of Action from Rathmines in Dublin for its Framed Mirror, and J. HILL’s Standard from Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, for its Decorative Lamp. GIFT: The Showcase Best Product Award in the gift category went to Ballyshane, based in Duckett’s Grove Castle, Co. Carlow, for its Wooden Boards. Highly commended in the gift category were Alanna Plekkenpol from Bray, Co. Wicklow, for her Decorative Tiles, and Caulfield Country Boards from Kells, Co. Meath for its Wooden Egg Cups. JEWELLERY: The Showcase Best Product Award in the jewellery category went to Scribble & Stone, which is based in Rathmines in Dublin, for its Cube Neckpiece. Highly commended in this category were Jennifer Kinnear Jewellery’s Neckpiece, and Miriam Wade Jewellery from Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, also for her Neckpiece. OTHER CATEGORY WINNERS DESIGN IRELAND: The winner of the Design Ireland award was Holden Leathergoods from Dingle, Co. Kerry for its Leather Travel Bag. Highly commended were Dúinn Designs from Carlingford, Co. Louth for its Mixed Linen Scarf, and Jerpoint Glass Studio from Kilkenny for its Decanter. The winner of this award was selected by a panel of independent judges which assessed Design Ireland exhibitors for stand design and display, product quality and overall suitability. INNNOVATION AND

Anike Tyrrell from J. HILL's Standard with Karen Hennessy, Chief Executive of the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland. CRAFTSMANSHIP AWARD: The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s Innovation and Craftsmanship Award, which promotes innovative and creative development in craft, was won by Benefield Spencer Glass from County Antrim. Mourne Textiles from Newry, Co. Down, was highly commended in this

category, while Callan, also from Co. Down, was the runner up. LOCAL ENTERPRISE SHOWCASE: The Local Enterprise Offices selected Soul Engraver from Donaghmede in Dublin as the winner of the Local Enterprise Showcase Award for its Engraved Neckpiece. Highly commended

were Bearded Man Ireland from Navan, Co. Meath, for its Soap Dish and Shaving Brush, and Craftek from Cork for its Platter. Showcase 2018 runs until Wednesday, 24th January, and is for trade attendance only. For further information, please visit


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Boreenarua amongst road issues discussed at Dungarvan-Lismore Municipal Meeting By Christy Parker COUNCILLOR’S concerns over the poor state of a stretch of road known as Boreenarua near Dungarvan were allayed after Senior Executive Engineer Josephine McGrath told January’s Dungarvan-Lismore Municipality meeting that the route is on the 2018 road programme. The issue was raised when Cllr. Damien Geoghegan observed that the surface was lifting. The Councillor said some gullies had been installed on both sides but felt they were a little high and water was remaining on what was a potholed road that was a first option for motorists travelling from Dungarvan to Clonmel. Cllr. John Pratt echoed the sentiments, as did Cllr. Pat Nugent, who added that Mapstown and the verges of the road to Carriglea school were in no great shape either. Announcing that Borrenarua was on the year’s roads programme for “permanent reinstatement”, Ms. McGrath elaborated that the council had conducted drainage work in less

than ideal weather conditions. Temporary resurfacing may yet ensue until the weather facilitates the permanent solution, she said. The engineer said she would investigate Mapstown which had also received drainage improvement without resurfacing, while “side cleaning and lining” for the school road was also on the near horizon. ROCKING HORSE All of this pre-empted Cllr. Declan Doocey informing the meeting that the bog road to Dungarvan from Ballinameela had uneven sections near Laurah Cross. Some resurfacing had been conducted, he continued, but it had been “a bad finish.” So bad had it been that it was “like riding a rocking horse” when driving a lorry or tractor along it, “and probably for a car too!”, he added. TREES AND INLETS Cllr. John Pratt gave the Engineer further cause for thought when he suggested that trees in the centre of Cappoquin might be removed, as they posed a health and safety risk. He’d accept replacing them “with something different”, though he didn’t mention rocking horses. Cllr. Pratt said the footpaths on

Green Street Cappoquin and the inlets on a section of road in Toureen also needed attention. Senior engineer Gabriel Hynes said various roads across Knockanore, Tallow and Dungarvan needed remedial work but much depended on the roads allocation forthcoming from the Department of Local Government at the end of the month. “We will refer back to you with a draft programme for approval”, he said, suggesting the councillors resist nominating any works or area until a workshop following that allocation was held to “divvy out” the proceeds. CANAL ROAD Meanwhile, Cllr. Séamus O’Donnell asked that money be spent on Canal Road between the N25 and Two Mile Bridge. He said repair works had been undertaken on a right hand side section of the road but barriers were needed to stop water coming onto road, which in turn needs raising to prevent water flooding houses. Cathaoirleach Tom Cronin said he had received phone calls on that matter which supported Cllr. O’Donnell’s assertions. Mr. Hynes said it would be added to the list for consideration.

South East Oireachtas members demand urgent action on cardiac care OIREACHTAS members from the South East met recently to discuss cardiac services in the region. The meeting was organised to discuss enhancing cardiac services to ensure equality of access for all patients in the region The 15 Oireachtas members were David Cullinane TD, Kathleen Funchion TD, John Halligan TD, John Paul Phelan TD, Michael D’Arcy TD, James Browne TD, Alan Kelly TD, Bobby Aylward TD, Brendan Howlin TD, Mary Butler TD, Jackie Cahill TD, Mattie McGrath TD, Seamus Healy TD, Senator Paudie Coffey, and Senator Grace O’Sullivan. They agreed the following joint statement: “Today’s meeting was constructive and useful.We are agreed that patients in the region must have safe, assessable and timely access to cardiac services including PPCI (emergency care). Permitting the existing situation to continue amounts to systematic discrimination and will not be tolerated.The Herity Report is flawed and needs to be replaced. “The deployment of a temporary mobile Cath Lab has demonstrated beyond doubt that an additional permanent Cath Lab is necessary to reduce wait times and ensure that patients have timely access to emergency cardiac care. Since deployment wait times for diagnostic assessments have dramatically reduced, wait times for intervention work have, conversely, increased. “We strongly believe that urgent and decisive

action is necessary and that a clear pathway to enhance cardiac services be put in place. We have agreed the following course of action. • That all Oireachtas members in the South East meet with the Minister for Health as soon as is possible. • That all patients in the region have access to the highest quality cardiac care and that this care be provided in a safe, timely and appropriate manner • That provision of a second Cath Lab at University Hospital Waterford is necessary to build on additional services • We note the carrying out of a review by the Acute Coronary Syndrome Programme and ask for its immediate publication • We agree that the time scale for the national review is too long • That interim steps need to be taken by the Minister for Health to immediately enhance services as previously agreed • If the Minister for Health fails to provide sufficient progress to enhance cardiac services in the region, we have committed to tabling an all-party Dáil motion demanding such services. “We will jointly write to the Minister for Health Simon Harris requesting an urgent meeting.We are fully committed to working on a cross party and grouping basis and our priority is to ensure urgent action is taken to enhance cardiac services for patients in the region.”



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Mary Lou to energise Sinn Féin WHILE Mary Lou McDonald may not be appointed as Leader of Sinn Fein just yet, the endorsement which the party gave her last Saturday in Belfast makes her the undisputed leader of Sinn Féin now. As nominations have long since closed, there will be nobody to oppose her There will be a special party conference next month to confirm Ms. McDonald in her new role, but the decision is a foregone conclusion and she will take over leadership of the party before then. Firmly entrenched on the opposition benches for the moment, the Irish people will see a new resurgence in Sinn Féin. Having none of the historical baggage which always seemed to accompany Gerry Adams. Ms. McDonald is set to increase the party membership and perhaps even, increase the party’s representation in Dáil Éireann. Over his thirty-four years as President of the Party, Gerry Adams oversaw its transition from a disliked minority party to the third largest in Dáil Éireann and a potential partner in Government. The change of leadership will help the process considerably and, with a woman at the helm, the party may also garner a larger slice of the female vote. The unhappiness of a large percentage of the electorate who are still bearing the brunt of an unnecessary austerity in regard to hospital waiting lists; patients on trolleys; over six thousand citizens without homes; including well over three thousand children living largely in hotel bedrooms, will influence the public’s vision of this government and its failure to connect with the person on the street. A sense of isolation, allied with a government which is influenced by a policy of increasing privatisation of state services and a perceived lack of sympathy for the less well off and those without employment, will not endear them to the wider public. The loss of seats which the main parties experienced at the last election may not yet have reached its depth, which will further enhance and strengthen the position of the extreme left. With the Labour party in the doldrums and no likelihood of a recovery in their fortunes anytime soon,

Incorp. Munster Industrial Advocate Sinn Féin are set to take even more of the clothes of the party which once boasted over thirty seats. Mary Lou McDonald may be the Leader who will take Sinn Féin further over the line of political respectability, with a much stronger Dail representation. There are many precedents of politicians coming in from the cold. With the strong position which Sinn Féin currently holds, the possibility of further gains is not fanciful. With the vagaries of party strengths, and a stalemate in party numbers, Sinn Féin may well be headed for Government. If circumstances are favourable and with Mary Lou McDonald arriving as a modern party leader not shackled with paramilitary baggage, the stage may be wide open for a whole new political scenario.

A very effective Chamber MANY elements need to come together to make a successful town and community, perhaps the most important of which is leadership. This may come from several sources, indeed it is necessary for it to come from many sources if the initiative is to be successful. For many years Dungarvan, while being adequately served by the Urban and later Town Council, required a catalyst to bring the business community even closer together. Occasionally, the trader / ratepayers and Council did not see eye to eye particularly at the Council’s estimates time. Nearly thirty years ago, the businesses decided to combine their efforts more formally and founded what became the thriving Dungarvan and West Waterford Chamber. From tentative early beginnings, the Chamber grew in expertise and expanded its role in the business community, delivering an effective single voice to speak

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

for its growing membership. Then ten years ago, as Ireland exited the hectic Celtic Tiger years, to enter a very serious depression accompanied by a period of severe austerity, the Chamber acquired a new CEO. With the arrival of Jenny Beresford to the role, the Chamber steadily increased its influence and membership and became an even more effective voice for the business community. Under her leadership and in accordance with her vision for growth, not only for the Chamber itself, but also for the town of Dungarvan, the town made steady upward progress. There was a new sense of the very significant potential of the town and West Waterford generally as a business and tourism destination. The scope and influence of the Chamber’s activities were widened and in 2008 hosted their very first Business Afterhours event, something which proved to be an enormously successful initiative and which is now a regular support for the business community. There followed the expansion of the scope of the Chamber Ball to include the Business Awards, an initiative which quickly merited its own event in the luxury of Lismore Castle which has proved highly successful as well as enjoyable. Much of the success of the Chamber and its benefit to its members has come as a result of the establishment and expansion of a very effective networking and business growth opportunity for its members. Over fifty Business Afterhours events have been successfully hosted with countless business deals and contracts struck within those hours. Co-operation with the Council has resulted in the magnificent Christmas display of Dungarvan Aglow which has attracted the attention of the public around this island and beyond. This is but one example of the successful marriage between the Chamber, business interests and the local authority. This is just the tip of a very successful business iceberg and, in acknowledging the success of the Chamber, the talents, expertise and hard work of CEO, Jenny Beresford and her very effective team, we wish many more years of successful growth under her leadership and her ability to bring together the many positive elements in this magnificent town and district. It has been a successful decade despite the financial setbacks and we can expect even better in the coming years.

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Youghal ‘suffering heavy financial losses’ for want of motorhome facilities By Christy Parker IN a sentiment that might have some application to Dungarvan and other west Waterford urban areas, a leading motorhome representative says Youghal is losing out on “hundreds of thousands of euros” revenue every year because it has not designated a space for motorhomes. Kieran Donovan, who is chairman of the renowned Phoenix Motorhome Club Ireland, says camper van tourists are “literally bypassing” Youghal for places like Cobh, Waterford and Ardmore, where parking and other facilities are more prevalent. Individual camper vans do occasionally stop off in Youghal, usually at Nealon’s Quay where, because they are technically classified as no different to cars, they can park likewise. However, for rallies and other larger excursions they cannot rely on communal parking being available so Youghal is ignored. “It’s a shame for motorhome owners too”, Kevin notes, “because the town has so much to offer.” With over 1.5m motorhomes registered across Europe and 10,500 nationally, it is a rapidly growing sector. “One French club alone brings in about 25 vans through the south coast three or four times a year”, says

Kieran, “and post-Brexit I’d expect further interest from the continent.” When the Munster life-saving championships were held at Claycasle last summer, the spacious car park was choc-a-bloc with motorhomes. Many occupants were first time visitors to the Blackwater region and, hugely impressed, were keen to return. SPENDING POWER The typical motorhome owner is a retired professional, tours up to eight weeks a year and spends an average of €3,000 per month on vacation. It represents serious spending power but across Ireland local authorities and the private business sector alike have been slow to react to motorhome expansion. Nonetheless, Waterford city, like Cobh, is beginning to recognise the potential.With the greenway sparking increased urgency, the city is presently trialling seven new designated parking bays, while Dungarvan is moving in a similar direction. “Generally, Waterford city and county is improving for our members and we greatly appreciate that”, Kieran says while acknowledging that “the success of the greenway has also brought other parking issues to Dungarvan as well.” In some locations parking is free but designated parking averages €10 per night, while serviced sites usually charge about €50. “We

normally welcome a charging regime”, Kieran explains, “as it encourages responsible parking and helps to maintain a good service. Likewise, time restrictions are usually beneficial.” Meanwhile, the Phoenix club’s rally calendar for 2017 also included the likes of Kinsale, Sneem, Tralee, Ardmore, Doolin and Bantry. In some of these locations private enterprises, including the catering division are now extending parking facilities. YOUGHAL’S SLOW PROGRESS Four years ago Youghal Town Council acquired planning for a 20-motorhome complex on a 6.6 acre site near Claycastle. This application was reduced from a 62-bay complex, with 10 coach spaces, all-weather playing pitch, tennis and basketball courts, picnic area and playground, envisaged by town clerk Liam Ryan. Planning has now expired due, says east Cork municipal district officer Helen Mulcahy, to “funding issues.” Nonetheless, she says, “it remains an objective and that site is ideal.” Ms. Mulchay reiterates that “the county council is acutely aware of the need for camper van accommodation” and feels it could be considered within ongoing plans to convert the old Youghal-Midleton railway line into a greenway.

Cautious welcome for government’s new mortgage scheme for first time buyers THE government’s new mortgage scheme for first time buyers was given a cautious welcome at the January meeting of Comeragh Municipal District Council. Cllr. Michael J. O’Ryan noted that the new scheme offered mortgage interest rates of 2% to 2.5% to people who have been knocked back by the banks. “At first glance, it looks good,” Cllr. O’Ryan said. “But I hope it doesn’t push up the prices of houses for other people,” he said. “I also hope it doesn’t give more autonomy for the banks to refuse mortgages to people, where they could say ‘sure they’ll be looked after by the local authority’. “My other fear is that it might put additional strain on local authority personnel to cover this aspect of their remit. The Council won’t get any additional staff with the moratorium in place, so it could increase the workload on

existing staff in our housing section,” Cllr. O’Ryan warned. Administrative Officer with the Council’s Housing Section, Sinead Breathnach described the governmentbacked mortgage scheme as “very positive news”. “It’s hot off the press so we haven’t had time to look at it in detail,” she said. “But we would welcome anything like that which will take those people, who are slightly above the bracket for social housing supports, to enable them to get onto the housing market,” Ms. Breathnach said. “We have no control over the banks or the market, but it’s certainly something we’ll keep an eye on. As for staff resources, it is something we’ll look at, as we do with any new scheme that comes from government. It is something we’ll go back to the Director of Services about, as to how it is resourced,” Ms. Breathnach added.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Large decrease in overall crime figures in Waterford over past six years OVERALL crime in the Waterford Division has dropped by 37 percent in the past six years, which illustrates the work being done by the Gardaí in the area. At the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee, Superintendent Chris Delaney presented the figures which showed the large drop in overall crime between 2011 and 2017. “It is our strategic goal to reduce crime significantly yearon-year,” Supt. Delaney said. “Over the last six years, the reality is that we’ve continually decreased crime. That doesn’t happen unless there is a lot of work put in by the Gardaí, supported by the local community. “These figures are significant and the Gardaí in Waterford have delivered for the last six years and will continue to do so. There are very few divisions and districts in the country which can put up those kinds of figures,” Supt. Delaney added. Cllr. Joe Kelly said the 37 percent drop in overall crime figures in the last six years “is very impressive”. However, he questioned that in light of the controversy surrounding Garda breath tests and the fact that no further disciplinary action will be taken “undermines public confidence in the Gardaí”. “The figures produced here at this JPC are great news,” said Cllr. Kelly. “But a lot of people may take it with a high degree of scepticism because of what’s after

happening [with the breath tests] and that no-one has been held accountable, which I feel is a mistake”. Supt. Delaney said the Garda Síochána in the Waterford Division “are very committed and are great believers in local policing”. “We want to tell the people that our word is our bond. If there was any form of Garda malfeasance or any form of Garda discipline - we’ll deal with it,” Supt. Delaney said. “People should know I’ve no problem dealing with any issues with Garda discipline.” He said the JPC members “are all well aware over the years I’ve had to take very serious sanctions which resulted in most serious outcomes for Garda members that should be an example that we are committed to providing a policing service for the people of Waterford and we will take very close cognisance of anything that is reported to us and we will certainly take it very seriously,” said Supt. Delaney. “So, if anyone has any complaints about Garda member issues, then the door is always open for you to come forward. We are very conscious that trust is the key thing and people have to trust their police.” Chief Superintendent Padraig Dunne said the Garda Síochána carry out police services in conjunction with communities. “We can’t do it otherwise,” Chief Supt. Dunne said. “We have to have the trust of the communities to do that.”

He acknowledged that the Garda force has not featured well over the last couple of years and currently there are at least eight oversight bodies with the Gardaí. “And that’s quite right as well, because in a democracy the police have to be policed,” Chief Supt. Dunne said. “We police in an ethical, open and transparent manner.” He said he was heartened by the figures presented to the JPC meeting and commended the work of his Superintendents, Chris Delaney in Waterford, Michael Leacy in Dungarvan and John Mulligan in Tramore. “They have, year on year, reduced crime, reduced public order and burglaries and have done phenomenal work since 2010,” Chief Supt. Dunne said. He said the Gardaí want to build on their relationship with the communities in 2018 through honest, open and transparent policing. Chief Supt. Dunne acknowledged Cllr. Kelly’s question as “something that had to be raised”. Cllr. John Pratt said everyone was well aware of the negative publicity around the Gardaí and Department of Justice in recent times. “But I think that we in Waterford have to commend the work being done here,” Cllr. Pratt said. “When you see the overall crime figures decreasing [by 37 percent] over the past six years, you have to get a bualadh bos for it,” Cllr. Pratt added.


YOU ARE INVITED TO A PRO-LIFE INFORMATION MEETING in THE PARK HOTEL, Dungarvan next Tuesday, 30th January, at 7.30 p.m. Hear Vicky Wall from EVERY LIFE COUNTS explain why the Pro-Life 8th Amendment protected both her and her baby girl Líadán who was diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome, a life-limiting condition. Niamh Uí Bhriain of the LIFE INSTITUTE will also give 8 reasons to Save the 8th. Come to be informed, ask questions and get involved. With a Referendum expected in May, it’s important to be informed on this crucial issue and to ensure that both mother and baby remain fully protected in Ireland. Hosted by

Dungarvan ProLife

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An average of 7 people a day arrested in Waterford last year AN average of seven people were arrested every day for various offences in the Waterford Division last year. According to figures presented to the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee, there were 2,116 arrests in 2017 in the Waterford Division. Superintendent Chris Delaney, who presented the figures at the JPC meeting, said that Gardaí were also involved in 1,333 searches throughout the year (which averages around four searches a day) which could be carried out under the Firearms Act, the Offensive Weapons Act or the Drugs Act. Supt. Delaney said the Gardaí also seized an average of 12 cars per week in 2017. Meanwhile, there was around 130 crime checkpoints throughout Waterford last year and 500 crime patrols.

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Gardaí ensure they have extra staff during Winter to tackle increase in crime GARDAÍ in the Waterford Division control their budgetary spending throughout the year, so they have enough left at the end of the year to fund extra staff during the Winter period to tackle increased thefts / burglaries. At the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee, Cllr. Joe Kelly said a spike in thefts around the Winter period is to be expected, particlarly during the Christmas period. He questioned if the Gardaí had any strategy to deal with the spike in thefts over Winter. Superintendent Chris Delaney confirmed that extra staff are drafted in during the Winter months. He acknowledged that the increase in thefts are very predictable and it is something the Gardai examine every year. “There is always a spike in crime towards Christmas. We control our budgetary spend-

ing throughout the year so we have a portion left. We bring in extra staff for those four weeks over Christmas,” Supt. Delaney said. He said a Crime Prevention Officer is also given extra duties so get to more premises during the Winter time. “We also look for more courts and more special sitting courts, because we will have more people to charge and get conditions on them at that time,” Supt. Delaney added. CLASSIFICATION OF CRIME Cllr. Kelly queried if a crime can be re-classified and if that would affect the figures presented to the JPC. Supt. Delaney said sometimes when a crime is reported via telephone by a person, it can be described as a robbery, whereas it is actually a theft. “The report comes in through the system and the Gardaí have to go out and assess it. If the incident reported as a robbery was

actually a theft, then it would be recorded as a theft and investigated as a theft,” Supt. Delaney explained. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DETECTION AND CONVICTION RATES Cllr. Kelly also queried if there was a difference between detections made and conviction rates. Supt. Delaney said that some crimes which have been detected have been committed, for example, by a juvenile, and if it is their first offence, they may be entitled to a caution and the matter won’t end up in court. “There is a difference between detection rates and conviction rates, and that applies to every offence, because a person may have been caught once and may be entitled to a caution.” He said this is all clearly sanctioned by the law officers and Garda authorities.

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Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Waterford future business leaders on show The Local Enterprise Office presents the Student Enterprise EXPO at the WIT Arena in Carriganore THE breadth of talent is amazing at the 3rd Waterford Student Enterprise Expo on the morning of Thursday, January 25th, with over one hundred businesses showing their enterprise ideas, products and services. Nearly 1,000 students started the Local Enterprise Office’s Student Enterprise Awards in September of last year and now these students from fifteen secondary schools in Waterford will showcase their business ideas to the public from the W.I.T. Arena in Carriganore. All are welcome to attend, and to meet the students and see the new innovations and business ideas. WLR fm’s Eamon Keane will be broadcasting Deise Today live from the event between 10.00 a.m. and 12 noon. 100 businesses created by transition year students from Ring, Lismore, Dungarvan, Tramore and Waterford City will be represented at this bigger and better Waterford Student Enterprise Expo, hosted by the Waterford Local Enterprise Office. Richie Walsh of the Local Enterprise

Ellen Graham, Lorna Monaghan, Feena O'Leary, Ruth Heery & Mark Dunne, Waterpark College. [Garret Fitzgerald]

More success in recovering stolen mobile phones if people know their IMEI number GARDAÍ have more success in recovering stolen mobile phones / smart phones if the person has recorded the IMEI number of the device. At the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee, Superintendent Chris Delaney said there is a detection rate of 19 percent in the Waterford Division for theft offences (of other property), “but we really could do with more assistance from the public” he said. Theft of ‘other’ property covers a broad range of thefts, which includes petrol station

drive-offs, cash and cheque type offences, stealing of fuel from tanks in rural areas, and theft of electronic equipment, such as smart phones in licensed premises and night clubs. According to the figures presented to the JPC meeting, there was an eight percent decrease in theft ‘other’ for the Waterford Division in the year to date; a nine percent decrease in the crime in the Waterford City area; and a five percent decrease in the crime in the Dungarvan area. The crime remained on a par with last year in the Tramore

area. Supt. Delaney said theft of smart phones are items where there is particular scope for the Gardaí to make a successful detection. He encouraged people to record the IMEI number of their mobile phone device, which could help Gardaí make a more swifter detection. People can find their IMEI number on the back of their phone underneath the battery, or by dialling *#06# on the keypad and tapping the call button.

Gardaí welcome reduction in people carrying offensive weapons GARDAÍ have welcomed a reduction in the number of people carrying offensive weapons in Waterford, after figures presented to the Joint Policing Committee of Waterford City and County showed a reduction in the offence in the year to date. The figures showed that there was a 30 percent reduction in the Waterford Division of people carrying offensive weapons. Superintendent Chris Delaney said that for the first time in a

number of years the number of people carrying offensive weapons is down. “That is very welcome and I’m delighted to see that because it is the first decrease in a number of years,” Supt. Delaney said. He said the type of offence would be people carrying around knives, screwdrivers and other sharp implements. He said the reduction in offensive weapons should help prevent more serious crimes from occurring.

At a previous JPC meeting last year, shocked members were told that offensive weapons offences increased by 44 percent in the year. An appeal was made by Supt. Delaney at the time for people not to carry any weapons, as it usually leads to more serious crimes being committed, such as serious assault (causing harm) or even death. Gardaí in the Waterford Division have a procharge policy in relation to people found carrying offensive weapons.

Comeragh Council praises Gardaí and Text Alert System MEMBERS of Comeragh Municipal District Council commended the Gardaí on their recent work in investigating burglaries which occurred across the county recently and the operation of the Text Alert System. Numerous sports clubs were broken into over the Christmas and New Year period, with some having their copper cylinders and piping ripped out, causing thousands of euro worth of damage. At the January meeting of Comeragh Municipal District Council, Cllr. Declan Clune congratulated the Gardaí on their work in investigating the case and also commended the Text Alert System, which was instrumental in the investigation. Cllr. Clune said he wanted to emphasis how effective the Text Alert System is in tackling rural crime. Cathaoirleach Cllr. Seanie Power concurred, complimenting the Gardaí on their work. He said there are very good Text Alert Systems operating in many rural locations, including one for the Rathgormack area, known as the Comeragh Text Alert System, and includes areas such as Carrickbeg and Clonea Power. “I would encourage people to get involved with the Text Alert System in their area,” Cllr. Power said. “The Text Alert System is a huge help to the Gardaí, like an extra pair of eyes, because the Gardaí are limited and there is only so much ground they can cover,” he said. Cllr. Power urged the public to report any suspicious vehicles / people observed in their area to the Gardaí, as the information could prove crucial to any investigation that might be going on.

Office commented on the importance of the event, “The Expo gives the students a wonderful opportunity to experience interacting with the public and communicating their ideas.” “We at the Local Enterprise Office in Waterford would like to invite everyone along to this FREE event on the morning of Thursday, January 25th, in the W.I.T. Arena. Every corner of the county will be represented, so we hope there will be lots of visitors from all over Waterford.” The students, schools and Local Enterprise Office appeal to the public to visit the Student Enterprise Expo to support the work they have put into their businesses and encourage their efforts. Keep up to date with the students’ progress on the Waterford, Student Enterprise Awards Facebook page or follow the event on Twitter via #WfdStudentExpo. For more information please contact your Local Enterprise Office at 35 The Mall in Waterford City or Civic Offices in Dungarvan. Alternatively you can email

Starlings By Mandy Tompkins DESPITE declining numbers, Starlings remain one of Ireland’s top 20 most widespread garden birds and are familiar in gardens, parks and even town centres, where they spend Winter days in small flocks. When probing for food, an open bill lets the Starling see what it is eating, as its eyes swivel forward. It can also swivel its eyes backwards to look for approaching danger without raising its head. The legs are strong and quite long, but are often hidden in Winter as the Starling fluffs out its feathers to retain warmth. Snow, hard frozen soil and drought make probing for food difficult and kitchen scraps and grains become more important. Water is essential. Flocks will settle for a last-minute feed on their way to roost, enabling them to survive a cold Winter night. A Starling’s bill turns yellow from December onwards. In Spring the male is iridescent and glossy, with a blue base to his beak, the female has a pink patch on the bill, and the legs change from dull brown to orange or reddish. Having built a rough nest from twigs, grass, straw and feathers in a building, wall or tree, he sings with a puffed-out throat and drooped wings to attract a mate. Should a female come close, he will sing in a frenzy of wing-waving, with his back hunched and tail fanned. Sometimes he will sing from the nest itself to attact her in, where she will finish the lining. If there are several pairs of Starlings together, they will synchronise breeding and lay 4 to 6 blue eggs at the same time. Naked chicks need protein and water from caterpillars, worms, slugs, snails and insects. Leatherjackets are a favourite food, but too many can cause health problems.

Food is abundant during Spring and Summer, so Starlings gather in large flocks, where they fly fast and direct, with fast swoops to the ground creating wonderful shapes and patterns in the sky called Murmurings.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


JPC approves six year Strategic Plan for community safety and crime prevention A SIX year Strategic Plan which aims to identify priority areas of need for local areas in relation to community policing, personal, public and road safety, crime prevention and awareness was approved at the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee. Josephine Keating, a consultant in the community and voluntary sector who oversaw the development of the draft Strategic Plan told the recent JPC meeting that she was happy with the amount of inclusivity and consultation which took place. She said the purpose of the six year Strategic Plan was a guide and a road map to identify annual work plans for the JPC. She said some of the findings while developing the plan included the identification of diverse groupings in our community that need to be reached out to and further research is needed in recognising that there may well be specific safety needs, e.g. women groups, travelling communities, LGBTQ, and people with mental health difficulties. “My fondest wish is that any of the work I facilitated results in a plan that is a living document that

is actually useful and can act as a guidance in that road map,” Ms. Keating said. Cllr. Joe Kelly thanked Ms. Keating for her work. “A lot of us were involved in this process to try and pull it all together and make a reasonable working document,” he said. “Josephine’s expertise in the area was very helpful and welcome. We are appreciative to you for your work and it sets us up well for future years,” Cllr. Kelly added. Breda Halligan of the Public Participation Network, said the PPN members “were quite satisfied with the draft plan”. She expressed thanks to Ms. Keating and to all the voluntary and community groups who were involved in the process. Donal Murphy, PPN, said he hoped that the plan is “not just going to be a piece of paper”. “We need to move it on and get it in place,” he said. Mr. Murphy noted that the plan contained elements such as care for the aged and Community Safety Networks, and warned that if funding is not in place for these community groups, then the community-end of the plan “falls flat on its face”.

Don Tuohy, Senior Executive Officer, expressed thanks to Ms. Keating and all involved in putting the Strategic Plan together. He said the plan “will really focus the mind of the JPC very much going forward”. “At every JPC meeting, it will be benchmarked against what is in the Strategic Plan and in the Annual Plan. It is a way of measuring our successes and failures,” Mr. Tuohy said. “We have to work together on this to make it a success.” A Steering and Oversight Strategic Committee was appointed to further develop the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan and work on an annual plan, which will be developed between September and December of every year. Members of the Steering Committee appointed at the meeting were: Cllr. Declan Doocey; Cllr. Eddie Mulligan; Donal Murphy and John Devlin of PPN; and members of An Garda Síochána. Ms. Keating said the Steering and Oversight Strategic Committee will go through the Strategic Plan 2018-2023 and explore what actions they feel should taken in 2018 and

incorporate that into an Annual Plan. Key actions include the setting up of Community Safety Networks, develop a communications strategy for the JPC, as well as crime prevention and awareness through community text alerts and neighbourhood watch schemes and integrating neighbourhood watch schemes across estates. Ms. Keating said she took Mr. Murphy’s point about resources and funding for community groups and advice would be given to groups in terms of resources and funding to operate schemes in the community. Some other key actions include an audit of vulnerable older people in Waterford City and County in order to develop supports. Ms. Keating said it was also a recommendation that the Strategic Plan and Annual work plans be added as an Agenda item for the quarterly meetings of the JPC. The JPC unanimously agreed to adopt the six year Strategic Plan. It is understood the Steering and Oversight Strategic Committee will meet later in January and set the agenda for the Annual work plan.

TWO CLASSES 7–8.15 p.m. or 8.30–10.00 p.m.

Lawlors Hotel DUNGARVAN Thursday 8th February


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Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

John Lawless, President Dungarvan Lions Club with Michael Wright AKA The Mad Hatter at the DLC Monster Raffle Draw.

WLRfm seeks to record JPC meetings A REQUEST has been submitted to Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee to record the quarterly meetings. Currently, under standing orders, the meetings cannot be recorded for broadcast purposes. However, at the recent JPC meeting, Director of Services with Waterford Council, Ivan Grimes said a request has been received from WLR FM to record the meetings. Mr. Grimes said there was no difficulty in principle, but it would have to be placed as an item on the agenda for the next meeting for discussion by the JPC members. Mr. Grimes said there would have to be a consultation with the Department on whether live recordings of the JPC meetings would be appropriate.

RNLB Robert Armstrong with crew Shane Walsh, Liam Harty, Sean Ó Reagain and Paidi Breathnach at the 2016 Helvick Swim with Helvick in the background. [Joan Clancy]

Helvick Lifeboat AGM set Gardaí won’t support for DHSC this Friday vigilante-type behaviour of ‘paedophile hunters’

GARDAÍ are not in favour of the growing vigilante-type behaviour from groups of citizens who style themselves as ‘paedophile hunters’. The matter was discussed at the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee, when Cllr. Jason Murphy said the phenomenon is emerging online and it was featured recently on an RTÉ documentary and reflected locally in a Waterford city-based newspaper. Superintendent Michael Leacy, Dungarvan District, said the Garda Síochána are the statutory body charged with investigating criminal acts. “I couldn’t support the idea of vigilantes,” Supt. Leacy said. He said where people have issues, concerns or evidence to progress a criminal investigation, then it should be passed onto the Gardaí who will investigate it. Cllr. Murphy warned that the phenomenon “will grow with the advent of social media”. “I suppose law enforcement agencies, like An Garda Síochána, are going to have to address that issue, or else a vacuum will appear and people like this will fill that vacuum,” Cllr. Murphy said. Supt. Leacy acknowledged that the phenomenon could grow on social media, but again pointed out the Gardaí “have our own operational systems in place” and reiterated that he couldn’t agree with or support vigilante-type behaviour.

THE Helvick Lifeboat Fundraising Branch AGM is scheduled for 8.00 p.m. this Friday, January 26th in Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club (DHSC) on Davitt’s Quay. “The general public are most welcome to attend” said Hon Fundraising Chairman Kevin Ó Morchoe.

The RNLI Dungarvan & Helvick Fundraising Branch work hard to supplement the latest training and safety equipment required by the brave men and women in the Helvick Lifeboat Crew who are always ready to volunteer to save life at sea in all types of weather 24-7-365.

For further information please contact Anne 087-9704830; Nicky 087-7630062; Dolores 087-1740141; or any of the fundraising committee who will be delighted to hear from you – Facebook: Dungarvan Bay and Helvick Head RNLI Fundraising

Pictured at the 2017 AGM of the Fundraising Branch of the Helvick Lifeboat in Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club are back row: John Quealy; Terence Morrissey; Nicky Hannigan; Kevin Ó Morchoe; Liam Harty; Brian Curtin, RNLI Community Fundraiser, Munster. Front: Oliver Clancy; RoseAnn Foley; Connie Kiersey; Joan Clancy; Anne McCarthy; Deirdre Doocey; Dolores Walsh; Kevin Harty. Absent are FC members Dermot Hickey and Criostoir Ó Faolain. [Trish Brabazon]

Waterford children, aged 6-18, with disabilities, including autism, let down by Government - Butler FIANNA Fáil TD, Mary Butler has said that Waterford children and teenagers with disabilities are being let down by the Government by not having access to psychology services. Deputy Butler was commenting after raising the lack of psychology services for children and teenagers with a disability aged between six years and 18 years with the Minister during a special Dáil debate on the topic last week. “It’s simply not acceptable that for the

past two years these children and teenagers have not been able to access the required and needed services of a consultant psychologist. “Children with disabilities, including children with autism, need to have access to these crucial interventions. “While there are psychologists working in Waterford with children with disabilities, a decision has been made to prioritise children aged less than six years of age for access.

“I don’t think it’s fair on the psychologists working in the HSE to have to choose one group of children over another. Of course, early intervention is important, but so too is continuing support and care. “The Minister blames increased referrals and a lack of psychologists nationally but the poor service for children and teenagers with a disability. “Again, this is another example of a Government Minister commenting on

problems in the Irish health service rather than doing something about it. “Parents are trying to fumble their way through their children’s needs and demands, with no input or guidance from professionals once their child reaches the age of six. The only option is a further three year wait for essential intervention. “Is the Minister doing anything to make conditions better in the health service for psychologists? If he isn’t, we

are going to continually see our brightest and our best medical graduates emigrating to work abroad. “Children with disabilities in Waterford need to have access to psychologists from the moment of diagnosis. There shouldn’t be any gaps in services. Minister Harris and the HSE need to get a handle on the recruitment and staff retention challenges in the South East. It’s just not on,” concluded Butler.

MOTORING Toyota Mobility Foundation launches $4m global Mobility Unlimited Challenge THE Toyota Mobility Foundation in partnership with Nesta’s Challenge Prize Centre have launched a life-changing initiative to change the lives of people with lower-limb paralysis. The two have launched a $4 million dollar global Mobility Unlimited Challenge, with the winners announced in a ceremony in Tokyo in 2020. The Challenge is seeking teams of innovators to create game-changing technology that will help radically improve the mobility and independence of those with lower-limb paralysis. The aim of the Challenge is to harness creative thinking from

Contact: EDDIE FITZGERALD 086 3821270 JOHN C. FLOOD 087 6684474 OPEN 6 DAYS Monday – Friday 9.00 a.m. – 5.30 p.m. Saturday 9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.

across the world to accelerate innovation and encourage collaboration with users to find winning devices to transform the world for people with lowerlimb paralysis. The mobility solutions of the future could include anything from exoskeletons, to artificial intelligence and machine learning, from cloud computing to batteries. The Mobility Unlimited Challenge Prize is supported by a number of ambassadors from around the world, all of whom have experience of living with lower-limb paralysis.

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N ew C i t r o e n C 3 A i r c r o s s Co m p a c t SUV wins 2018 Autobest Award THE NEW Citroen C3 Aircross Compact SUV has won the 2018 “Best Buy Car of Europe” award from AUTOBEST, beating five other finalists. Autobest has selected a best buy car every year since 2001, based on the highest number of votes from an international jury. On this occasion, a total of 31 motoring journalists from 31 European countries participated (including Ireland), with the cars being assessed against 13 different criteria, including design, comfort and technology, as well as services and spare parts availability in the distribution networks. New Citroen C3 Aircross is an integral part of the brand’s renewal process and a key element in its international product offensive. New Citroen C3 Aircross has already secured over 30,000 orders in Europe. Customer are attracted by the car’s interior, its spaciousness and its practical design. New C3 Aircross has a unique personality, emphasised by a wide range of personalisation option with 85 exterior colour combinations and five

interior design schemes. Inspired by customer expectations, the people-minded SUV possess unrivalled cabin modularity and opens up the outside world with its panoramic sunroof. Thanks to the Citroen Advanced Comfort® programme, New C3 Aircross offers a true sense of well-bring for all passengers and as extraordinary at-the-wheel experience for the driver. Equally at ease in town and out on the open road, the new model’s athletic abilities are enhanced by the Grip Control® and Hill Descent Assist. Boasting unrivalled comfort and safety, New C3 Aircross is equipped with 12 modern driver assistance systems and four connectivity technologies, and recently earned five stars in the latest Euro NCAP tests. Ilia Seliktar, AUTOBEST’s Jury President, said, “It is my pleasure to congratulate Linda Jackson and her management team for winning the AUTOBEST 2018 award. In front of such competition, New C3 Aircross

proved to be a champion, convincing the jury members that it is the right choice to win this title. It is also a new victory for an SUV, proving once again the jury’s ability not only to follow market developments, but also to detect trends by giving European customer a real guide in buying cars fit for tomorrow.” With 426,000 registrations in Europe in the first half of 2017, Citroen sales have hit a six-year high – up 5.6% in Europe compared to the same period in 2016. A year after the introduction of New C3, which is the best-selling model in the Citroen range with over 230,000 sales since launch. New Citroen C3 Aircross Compact SUV is now accelerating Citroen’s sales performance still further. Bolands Citroen on the Cork Road in Waterford City has a dedicated Showroom to all of the latest Citroen models, including the award winning C3 Aircross Compact SUV. Visit, call 051872122 or call into our Showroom on the Butlerstown Roundabout, Cork Road, Waterford.

The changing face of the motor car By John Foley ( IT’S hard to believe that it’s almost six decades ago since I cycled into Cappoquin as a young teenager on my glorified iron gate of a bicycle to start work as an Apprentice Mechanic at Sargent’s Garage, Cappoquin. At that time, Sargent’s were one of the leading lights in the Motor Trade, operating as a busy BMC dealer. The popular cars at that

time were the Morris Minor 1000 and the Morris Oxford, all cars were rear wheel drive and were powered by either 10 or 12 horse power engines. Radios, heaters or power steering were unheard of, as was diesel. To say cars were bog standard is an understatement, but change was coming in the shape of the first front wheel drive so when the revolutionary Mini arrived it caused great excitement. The life expectancy of the

Morris Minor 1000

engines were between 40,000 and 50,000 miles. Then you had the option of an in-house reconditioned engine, done by Garage Mechanics, or a reconditioned unit supplied by the manufacturers, either way it was a big operation but it meant a new life for your car again. The electrics of those care were pretty straight forward – 4 plugs, contact points, condenser and coil; most had loads of room underneath the bonnet allowing easy access for Mechanics to work on. Drum brakes on all four wheels was the normal with not a mention of disc

brakes for years later with the rear axle crown wheel and pinion playing a vital role. All a far cry from cars of today where the life expectancy is now 200,000 miles plus – all now electronically controlled involving – ECU units, turbo chargers, DPF valves – EGR valves – injectors, etc., the modern Mechanics have become Technicians to deal with the vast changes. With my long association with both the Motor Trade and Petrol Forecourt Retailing, which has spanned six decades, I have witnessed amazing changes in both.

Over the next few weeks, through this newspaper, I will be outlining some of those interesting changes. Also I will be highlighting some interesting tips in the following areas of motoring: • Petrol or diesel • Hybrid or electric • The importance of service history • Car valeting • Car washing • How to increase the value of your car by 10% • Car accessories – cheaper options

Smart Car


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Waterford Greenway shortlisted for All Ireland title in Croke Park GREENWAY SHORTLISTED IN ALL IRELAND COMMUNITY AND COUNCIL TOURISM AWARD WATERFORD’S All Ireland title hopes are very much alive as the county’s stunning Greenway has been shortlisted in the coveted All Ireland Community and Council Awards, to be held in Croke Park next month. As the Waterford Greenway edges towards its 1st birthday on 25th March, Waterford City and County Council has confirmed that the 46km off-road cycling and walking trail has been shortlisted in the ‘Best Tourism Initiative’ section of the IPB Insurance and Local Authorities Members Association (LAMA) event, which will take place on Saturday 3rd February 2018. The awards recognise and celebrate community and councils working together and provide a great opportunity to highlight and celebrate the work done within our communities; to reward our unsung heroes and recognise the phenomenal contribution they’ve made to our lives, the organisers say. While the Waterford Greenway is one of Ireland’s newest tourism offerings, it has already attracted close to 250,000 visitors from all over Ireland and abroad. Winning the ‘Best Tourism Initiative’ category, which is sponsored by Fáilte Ireland, would be a huge boost and a massive coup,Waterford City and County Council Mayor, Cllr. Pat Nugent, said. “We’re very proud of the Waterford Greenway and great credit has to go to the staff who have developed and maintain it, to the surrounding communities who have embraced it and promoted it and to the 247,000 plus

visitors who used it between March and early December of last year. “The competition is formidable and other finalists are drawn from Wicklow, Tipperary, Leitrim, Mid-Ulster and Mayo. But being shortlisted is a huge honour and helps us bring the Waterford Greenway message to an even wider audience through the Awards.” Since it opened in March of last year, 247,545 have enjoyed using it; 105,639 on foot and 141,906 have cycled it. Well over 9 out of 10 (94%) of visitors to the Waterford Greenway rated it as either excellent or good, a comprehensive report published in December showed. Chief Executive with Waterford City and County Council, Michael Walsh, is hopeful that they may scoop the coveted award. “It will be great to fly the Waterford flag in Croke Park for the Awards and we’re hoping it will be a good omen for great things to come for Waterford in 2018. The data we gleaned from the pre-Christmas report on the Greenway was extremely encouraging and it was fantastic to see the Greenway being used for so many purposes and by so many age groups right throughout the year. “Visitors and local people alike take great pride in it. We’re planning further investment and further attractions along the Greenway and are in negotiations with a number of groups regarding same. It’s been a phenomenal boost to Waterford and we’re very proud of what we’ve

An aerial view of the Viaduct at Kilmeaden with the Comeragh Mountains in the backdrop along a section of the stunning Waterford Greenway which stretches 46km from Waterford City all the way to Dungarvan. achieved.” The Tourism Award criteria shows that it is specifically aimed at rewarding an initiative which directly increases visitor numbers to an area or to Ireland overall. It also aims to recognise an initiative or project that has helped improve the way we care for our

Pictured at the Waterford Greenway are Grainne and Sean de Paor with Kevin Dwyer.

[Patrick Browne]

visitors. “The impact this initiative has had, or is having, on visitor numbers and on communities, will be taken into consideration, as will the effect it is having on businesses, both new and existing,” the awards criteria continues. The Waterford Greenway is

Ireland’s longest greenway and the spectacular, 46km off-road cycling and walking trail stretches from the Viking City of Waterford to the picturesque coastal town of Dungarvan, in Ireland’s Ancient East. Visitors are invited to travel the Waterford Greenway from

the City along by the River Suir, past Mount Congreve Gardens, through Kilmacthomas, across eleven bridges, over three impressive viaducts and through a 400m long tunnel; with wonderful views of the Comeragh Mountains, the Copper Coast and Dungarvan Bay.

A family enjoys the scenery at Knock near Clonea, Dungarvan, on the stunning Waterford Greenway which stretches from Waterford City all the way down to Dungarvan.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Man asked to be sent to prison to ‘clear his head’

John C. Flood, Dungarvan Nissan, and Anna Kasprzyk Poborska, Bambini, pictured at the Quick Coffee Catch Up at Eurospar Insomnia in conjunction with Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce. [Dan McGrath]

A 29-YEAR-old Cappoquin man asked a judge in Waterford’s Circuit Criminal Court to send him to prison so that he could “clear his head”. Shane Power, with an address at Davis Mews, Dungarvan, and formerly of Barrack Street, Cappoquin, had been previously sentenced to 20 months imprisonment, for criminal damage – specifically throwing a metal gate through the patio window of a woman’s house – backdated to 4th December, 2016, with the final 12 months suspended.

At the time, Judge Eugene O’Kelly said that it was a “horrific assault on a property of a totally innocent lady”. Power was to appear in the Circuit Court once again in December 2017 and the case was reactivated last week when he failed to do so. “I was afraid back then about going back to jail,” said Shane Power, who is hard of hearing, told Judge O’Kelly. “I was doing brilliantly for a while there but when I wasn’t allowed to see my 15 month old

baby, it broke my heart and I went back on the drink.” He told Judge O’Kelly that maybe now, he needed to go back to jail. “I want to start over, get myself some help and sort my head out,” Power said. “If you offered to release me now I would refuse it ... I need a few months to sort myself out.” Defending, Solicitor Paddy Gordon said his client hadn’t come to any adverse Garda attention recently and if the judge was to consider a custodial sentence,

he asked if it could “be a reduced one”. Judge O’Kelly said that “in view of his responsible attitude” he would sentence Power to six months in prison and leave the remaining six months suspended. The Judge warned that upon his release he would still have six suspended months hanging over him. The accused thanked the Judge and assured him that he would come out a “changed man”.

Guilty plea to two separate terrorist related offences Yoga on offer at Cork ARC in Youghal

A 26-YEAR-old man was remanded in custody by Waterford Circuit Criminal Court recently, after he pleaded guilty to providing funding for Islamic State and attempting to collect or receive funding for the group. Hassan Bal with a former address at O’Connell St., Waterford, pleaded guilty to two separate terrorist related offences. Bal first pleaded guilty to unlawfully trans-

ferring €400 by means of an An Post/Western Union transfer to Stevo Marksimovic in the city of Brako in Bosniia Herzegovinia on October 2nd, 2015. The charge alleges that he did this intending or knowing that the money would be used in whole or in part for the benefit of Islamic State. He also pleaded guilty to a second charge that on October 23rd, 2015,

he communicated by phone with an intermediary in north-west London in an attempt to collect or receive cash for Islamic State. Judge Eugene O’Kelly extended free legal aid for the defence to enable “an expert, independent report on radicalisation”. Bal was remanded in continuing custody to appear in court again on April 10th next.

Action day to Support South East Cardiac Services Three South East cardiac campaign groups combine in ‘Have A Heart’ Day to send a Valentine’s message to Government on the continuing SE cardiac situation CORK ARC Cancer Support House is delighted to announce that its first yoga group programme in Youghal will commence on Wednesday 7th February at its centre on 29 Friar Street in Youghal. This is a relaxation class for those affected by cancer with very gentle yoga movements and breath awareness which enhances relaxation and helps to manage the stress of a cancer diagnosis. Some of the exercises can even be done in a chair. This programme will run for six weeks, and places are limited, booking is essential. You can book your place on this programme by phoning Ellen on 086 1895803 or 024 91654 or e-mailing Cork ARC Cancer Support House is open in Youghal since May of 2017 and all of their services are free of charge for both cancer patients and their relatives, carers and friends. Cork ARC Cancer Support House is a free, community based service for all those who have been affected by cancer.Their service is nurse led, supported by a team of volunteer listeners, therapists and counsellors, all trained and accredited. Cork ARC’s support service is professional and confidential. At 29 Friar Street in Youghal, Cork ARC offer a drop-in service every Wednesday between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. No appointments or referrals are necessary, and the door is open to all those affected by cancer. Telephone support is also available every Wednesday, on 024 91654. By appointment they offer counselling, therapeutic massage and reflexology to visitors, again, free of charge.

THREE cardiac campaign groups in the South East combine to organise "Have a Heart Day" and are calling on the people of the Southeast Region to once again come out on Saturday, 10th February, 2018, to show support for our regions call for 24/7 Cardiac Care – Event begins at 2.15 p.m. – Finishes 3.15 p.m. to mirror the ‘Golden Hour’ The three cardiac campaign groups in the South East - Health Equality for the South East (HEFSE), 24/7 Cardiac Cover for the South East and The South East Patient Advocacy Group (SEPAG) are combining to send a Valentines message to Government on February 10th by organising a "Have a Heart Day" - begins at 2.15 p.m. This initiative is to highlight once again the ongoing medical injustice that continues to be perpetrated on the people of the South East. We are asking people to support the call on government to implement a second Cath Lab and 24/7 cardiac care at UHW forthwith for the people of the south east region. We note the latest capital expenditure proposals to relocate Dublin maternity and paediatric hospital services is now estimated to cost over €1.6 billion – We in the South East region believe we have a right to an expenditure of just €3 million euro to double our regional cardiac service delivery and provide 24/7 cardiac care at UHW for every South East citizen. We are assembling at 2.15 p.m. at the Williamstown Retail Complex and adjacent to WLR Radio Centre and will walk the short distance to UHW where there will be a brief announcement regarding ongoing and future action including taking our campaign to the streets of Dublin. This is a people driven event and we are asking everyone possible

to join in support and claim you and your family’s right to equal access in healthcare. We are calling on all community groups, hospital and healthcare workers, trades unions, voluntary ambulance, business groups, Agri food sector, SMEs and local rescue services to support this demonstration. As this is a non-politically aligned event we ask that that there be no political flags or banners etc.We are urging every single person in the southeast to come out and show your support for the regional cardiac centre and we would welcome all south east region elected representatives to join with the people on the day. This will be a family friendly event and we are calling on families and children in the region to support and design a "Have a Heart" Valentines Card which will be collected at the event and sent to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. We are calling on the Taoiseach and the Minister for Health to fulfil promises they made in the Dail in 2017 to South East citizens to immediately review the south east cardiac service on foot of the deployment of a mobile Cath lab which is soon to cease operating at UHW. We now understand that the resulting data and the growing emergency waiting list demonstrates a clear and unambiguous clinical need to immediately implement a second Cath Lab and 24/7 cardiac care at UHW without further delay. This event offers every person in the South East region the opportunity to defend your right to regional cardiac care, to be treated equally in healthcare and to allow your voice be heard. Your participation will demonstrate to Government that we in the South East region will no longer tolerate this ongoing dangerous and discriminatory regional health service deficit.



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Fixed penalty notice loophole closed as new legislation provides for third payment option Dungarvan District Court

Youth has public order charge struck out A PUBLIC order offence was struck out against an Ardmore youth after he made a donation to the court poor box. Charlie Troy (19) with an address at Curragh, Ardmore, pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct in a public place at nighttime, contrary to Section 5 of the Public Order Act, at Sexton Street, Abbeyside, Dungarvan, on 27th May, 2017. At last week’s Dungarvan District Court, solicitor David Burke said his client went to pay the fixed charge penalty notice online, but could not do so and failed to pay the fine within the time period. He said his client is a student and has no previous convictions and has the funds in court to discharge the matter. A €140 donation was made to the court poor box and Judge Terence Finn struck out the charge.

MOTORISTS can no longer claim that they never received a fixed charge penalty notice in the post in an attempt to avoid paying a fine or receiving penalty points for speeding, after legislation enacted last June closed the loophole. The new legislation (Section 38 of the 2010 Road Traffic Act) allows for a ‘a third payment option’ for people who receive

fixed penalty notices, before it comes to court. Previously, motorists were given 28 days to pay the speeding fine. Failure to pay it in that time meant there was a second option where the fine increased by 50 percent and had to be paid within a further 28 days (56 days in total). Failure to pay it within that

time frame meant it then went to court. Under the new legislation, there is third payment option on service of the summons, where the motorist will be able to pay the fine plus 100 percent, while also receiving the penalty points, but not having to go to court. As part of the new legislation, if the matter does go to court, it allows for evidence to be given

Theft case adjourned for consideration of penalty Case adjourned A WOMAN who admitted stealing an energy drink from a petrol station had her case adjourned for consideration of penalty. Belinda Donovan (35) formerly of Upper King Street, Abbeyside, but now with an address at Convent Lodge, Mitchel Street, Dungarvan, pleaded guilty to theft from

Applegreen, Lemybrien, on 26th January, 2017. At last week’s Dungarvan District Court, Inspector Larry Sheahan told Judge Terence Finn that on the date in question, the accused entered the petrol station and took four cans of Red Bull, valued at €12.00 in total, and left the shop without paying for the

items. “She was identified from CCTV and the accused admitted the offence.The property was not recovered,” Insp. Sheahan said. Judge Finn adjourned the case to 24th January, 2018, for consideration of penalty. Solicitor Niall King acted on behalf of the accused.

Probation report sought on man Road traffic prosecutions found again in possession of cannabis

A MOTORIST who was detected exceeding the national speed limit was fined in court last week. Mandy Delaney, with an address at 5 Springlane, Blackpool, Cork, was fined €350 at last week’s Dungarvan District Court for failing to pay a fixed charge penalty notice, which issued after her vehicle was detected travelling at 109 km/h in a 100 km/h zone on the N25 at Knockyelan, Lemybrien, on 21st June, 2017. The accused, who has no previous convictions, did not appear in court. A FINE was imposed on a motorist in court last week in relation to a speeding offence. Kevin Sheehy, with an address at 7 Danesforth, Corbally, Limerick, was fined €350 at last week’s Dungarvan District Court, for failing to pay a fixed charge penalty notice, which issued after the vehicle he was travelling at 110 km/h in a 100 km/h zone on the N25 at Kilmacthomas, on 31st May, 2017. The accused, who has no previous convictions, did not appear in court. A MOTORIST who failed to deal with a speeding fine before the matter came to court was fined last week. Gary Ferry, with an address at Ardilaun, Greenbridge Street, Kilkenny, was fined €150 at last week’s Dungarvan District Court for failing to pay a fixed charge penalty notice which issued after his vehicle was detected travelling at 109 km/h in a 100 km/h zone on the N25 at Parkeenaglogh, Kilmacthomas, on 12th July, 2017. The accused, who appeared in court, told Judge Terence Finn that he never received the fixed charge penalty notice. However, Judge Finn pointed out that the accused had a third option to pay the fine before the matter came to court. EXCEEDING a special speed limit on a notorious stretch of the N25 resulted in a fine for a Dungarvan motorist. Brendan Dee (50) with an address at Killineen East, the Pike, Dungarvan, was fined €200 at last week’s Dungarvan District Court for failing to pay a fixed charge penalty notice which issued after he was detected driving at 92 km/h in a 60 km/h zone at Cushcam, Dungarvan, on 23rd May, 2017. Solicitor Martin Lavan said his client apologises for the speed and has no previous convictions.

A MOTORIST whose car tax was out of date by five months was fined in court last week.Tom Connors (24) with an address at Chapel, Tomfarney, Clonroche, Enniscorthy, Wexford, was fined €400 at last week’s Dungarvan District Court for failing to pay a fixed charge penalty notice, which issued after Gardaí observed an expired tax disc on display when he was stopped at Windgap, Dungarvan, on 9th March, 2017. The court heard that the vehicle was seized at the time. It was later retrieved by the accused and sold onto another individual. The accused, who did not appear in court, has no previous convictions.

from representatives of An Post (or other post service provider) in challenging the oral evidence where a person claims not to have received the fixed charge penalty notice in the post. The Department of Justice said evidence of postage such as a certificate or receipt of postage / delivery provided by the Gardaí will be sufficient.

A PROBATION Service report was sought on a Waterford man who had ‘a slip’ when he was found in possession of cannabis for a third time. John Maher (26) with an address at 17 The Crescent, John’s Park,Waterford, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis for his own personal use, contrary to Section 3 of the Misuse of Drugs Act, at Garrahylish, Lemybrien, on 26th March, 2016.

At last week’s Dungarvan District Court, Inspector Larry Sheahan told Judge Terence Finn that Gardaí stopped a vehicle on the date in question. “The accused was present and he was searched and a quantity of cannabis, valued at approximately €15 was found,” Insp. Sheahan said. He said the accused has two previous convictions for similar offences under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Solicitor David Burke said his client has an issue with cannabis. “He had a slip when the Gardaí met with him,” Mr. Burke said. “He no longer takes cannabis.” Mr. Burke said his client works at laying pavements and is the father of two children. Judge Finn sought a Probation Service report on the accused and adjourned the case to 11th April, 2018.

Three year ban for Waterford driver A WATERFORD driver was put off the road for three years after he was convicted of drink driving. David O’Leary (35) with an address at 6 Sycamore Avenue, Lacken Wood,Waterford, pleaded guilty to driving while under the influence of an intoxicant at Shandon, Dungarvan, on 9th April, 2017. At last week’s Dungarvan District Court, Inspector Larry Sheahan told Judge Terence Finn that Gardaí attended a collision on the night in question. The accused was arrested and a breath sample

showed a reading of 82 mg alcohol per 100 ml breath. Solicitor Paddy Gordon said his client is a native of Waterford City. “He was attending a function in Dungarvan on the night and there was a minor impact, then Gardaí came on the scene,” Mr. Gordon said. “My client has no previous convictions and is a native of Waterford City. He works in a factory,” Mr. Gordon added. Judge Finn handed down a €500 fine and disqualified the accused from driving for three years.

to monitor accused A DUNGARVAN man who was found in possession of a quantity of cannabis had his case adjourned to monitor his behaviour. Ben Crotty (28) with an address at 7 An Cluain, Youghal Road, Dungarvan, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis for his own personal use, contrary to Section 3 of the Misuse of Drugs Act, at Springfield, Dungarvan, on 25th April, 2017. At last week’s Dungarvan District Court, Inspector Larry Sheahan told Judge Terence Finn that Gardaí stopped the accused on the date in question and searched him. They found a small quantity of cannabis, approximately €20 worth. Solicitor David Burke said his client was co-operative with Gardaí and pleaded guilty to the charge. He said the accused has no previous convictions. “My client is presently working part-time as a labourer. He has a young child and is living locally. He would welcome an opportunity to keep his record clean,” Mr. Burke added. Insp. Sheahan said Gardaí may have some residual concerns and would like “something more concrete” that the accused is no longer involved with drugs. Judge Finn adjourned the case to 14th November, 2018 to monitor the accused and directed the accused to have €400 for the court poor box by that date.

Fine for woman found in possession of cannabis A WOMAN who was found with cannabis herb was fined in court last week. Colette Cleary (24) with an address at Barranastook, Old Parish, Dungarvan, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis herb for her own personal use, contrary to Section 3 of the Misuse of Drugs Act, at her home on 30th May, 2017. At last week’s Dungarvan District Court, Inspector Larry Sheahan told Judge Terence

Finn that Gardaí carried out a search of the accused’s home on the date in question and found approximately €30 worth of cannabis herb. “It was found in her bedroom.The accused was not present at the time, but Gardaí spoke with her at a later date and she admitted the offence,” Insp. Sheahan said. The court heard that the accused has eight previous convictions.

Solicitor David Burke said his client acknowledges her previous convictions. “This incident was a slip,” Mr. Burke said. “It was a very small quantity of cannabis. She was co-operative with the Gardaí. She will gladly submit to any screening and says she is not involved in any drugs,” Mr. Burke said. “It appears she has learned her lesson.” Judge Finn handed down a fine of €300.

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018



Thefts from shops fell by 20 percent in Dungarvan THEFTS from shops fell by 20 percent in Dungarvan in the year to date, according to figures presented to the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee. Superintendent Chris Delaney, Waterford District, presented the figures to the meeting, revealing that there was a two percent increase in the crime in the Waterford Division in the year to date. There was a four percent and 18 percent increase in the crime in Waterford City and Tramore respectively. The rate of detection of these crimes was 73 percent in the year to date. Supt. Delaney said there are three categories of people who steal from shops. He said the first category of people travel from other towns and cities and target particular items to steal, such as perfume, cosmetics, clothing and other luxury items. The second group of people are those in desperate or dire straights from drug / alcohol overuse, or basic poverty, who steal from shops. He said the third group are youths who go out and steal from shops. “We have to be sensitive to the way we deal with those three categories of people. We have youth diversion projects, adult caution schemes and we work closely with the Probation Service,” Supt. Delaney said. Supt. Delaney said the Garda Crime Prevention Officer works closely with the business watch teams. “We try our best to use our Crime Prevention Officers to reduce the number of thefts, because in some cases, and we have to be honest and say that many of the items of property are presented and very tempting to people, particularly such items as perfumes and other cosmetic items,” he added.

Motorists should be fully aware to slow down when entering built-up areas MOTORISTS should be fully aware that when they enter built-up areas they need to slow down and be wary of other road users, the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee was told. Cllr. John Pratt said he had received numerous complaints from people living in small towns and villages about speeding. He said that more Garda presence is needed in certain areas where these speeding issues are occurring. Superintendent John Mulligan, Tramore District, said that speed limits are placed for good reason. While he acknowledged that speed limits are exceeded by some motorists, he said the Gardaí work closely with the Council in relation to it. He noted that one area where the speed limit was reduced recently (outside the village of Kilmeaden) was met with outrage from the public, which led him to comment that “we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t”. Supt. Mulligan agreed that enforcement is the key deterrent to speeding. However, he said that motorists need to be responsible for their own behaviour on the roads and said they should be fully aware when they drive into a built-up area that they need to slow down and be wary of other road users and pedestrians.

Assaults increase in Waterford Division ASSAULTS causing harm are another violent crime which Gardaí have prioritised to tackle going forward, after recent figures showed an increase. At the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee, Superintendent Chris Delaney, Waterford District, presented figures which showed that assaults causing harm in the Waterford Division in the year to date increased by 30 percent, while minor assaults increased by 12 percent. He said currently the detection rate for assaults causing harm is 61 percent; while the detection rate for minor assaults is 55 percent. He said the assault cases are reviewed, but pointed out that figures for minor assaults are not higher due to some people withdrawing complaints. He said minor assaults can include minor pushing / shoving, or where no harm or injury was caused to the victim. “There are a significant number of minor assault cases we can’t proceed with because once the statement is withdrawn, we really have little or no evidence to have power of arrest in relation to them,” Supt. Delaney said. “Assaults is a priority area for us.We are conscious of assault offences and the effects they can have on victims,” Supt. Delaney said. He pointed out that assaults include incidents which occur within the family dwelling / domestic violence-type cases.

Attending the Glanbia Information Meeting in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan were Denis Corcoran, Henry Power, Brendan Hayes, Glanbia and Pascal O'Connell. [Sean Byrne]

Drug dealers the main target of the Gardaí

Robbery offences high on Garda priority list

DRUG dealers and those involved in the sale and supply of drugs are the main target of the Gardaí in the Waterford Division, the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee was told. Figures presented to the JPC meeting showed that there was a 20 percent increase in drugs offences overall in the Waterford Division. For simple possession offences (Section 3 Misuse of Drugs Act), they increased by 21 percent in the year to date in Waterford; while possession for sale and / or supply (Section 15 of Misuse of Drugs Act) increased by 16 percent in the year to date in Waterford.

ROBBERY offences are high on the Garda priority list to detect going forward, as figures reveal there was a 37 percent increase in robbery-type offences in the year to date. At the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee, Superintendent Chris Delaney presented figures which showed that there was a 22 percent increase in robbery of establishments in the Waterford Division in the year to date, while there was a 42 percent increase in robbery of the person. Robbery of the person is where a person is subject to a theft with violence, or threat or violence. He said the detection rates for these crimes are high - with a 73 percent detection rate for robbery of establishments and a 62 percent detection rate for robbery of the person. “A lot of work goes into detecting these crimes, particularly in the urban areas,” he said. “We would like to have those detection rates higher, because it is a priority for us,” Supt. Delaney said. He said there is a speciallyassigned Inspector in charge of crime who goes through each robbery offence and assesses its progress, with the aim of leaving no stone unturned in relation to it. “There are a significant number of young people involved in these offences, both victims and offenders,” Supt. Delaney revealed. He said there have been recent incidents which have resulted in files being sent to the DPP and there are more arrests to be carried out. “We would ask the public to be diligent, because there can be advanced signs. People who commit these robberies are generally the bullying-type characters who try to dominate other people,” Supt. Delaney pointed out. He said that in some cases, the Gardaí have had difficulty with people coming forward to make statements. “We would like to see people coming forward and making their statements,” he said. “With greater convictions in court it should give people the confidence to come forward and make their statements and follow the matter right through to the end,” he added.

Superintendent Chris Delaney, who presented the figures, said the Gardaí are proactive in tackling drugs offences and the priority is catching drug dealers and those that possess drugs for sale and supply. “Those are the people we are after,” Supt. Delaney said. “And I would like to thank the community for the information they’ve provided. There has been some fantastic information provided over the last 12 months. “We need that information to act and we need the public to have trust, faith and confidence in us - and that is clearly reflected in a lot of these figures,” Supt. Delaney said. “The Gardaí are very well

motivated and the communities are very strong, particularly in urban areas, and drug dealers have to be detected and brought before the courts, because they seem to be the root of a lot of problems. “Many crimes come from problems with drug usage and drug abuse.” Supt. Delaney said it was the Garda strategy to target high-end dealing. “It’s been like that for a number of years and we are working with the statutory agencies. Our primary aim is to enforce the law in relation to those drug dealers and bring these people before the courts,” Supt. Delaney added.

Public reminded not to leave their valuable personal belongings on display in unattended vehicles PEOPLE are being asked to help in the reduction of thefts from cars by not leaving their valuable personal items in an unattended vehicle, after figures showed that there was an increase in the crime in the Waterford Division in the year to date. At the recent meeting of Waterford City and County Joint Policing Committee, Superintendent Chris Delaney, Waterford District, presented figures which showed that thefts from MPVs (mechanically propelled vehicles) increased by 13 percent in the Waterford Garda Division; a 27 percent increase in the Waterford City area; and a five percent increase in the Dungarvan area. The Tramore area experienced

a 30 percent drop in the crime in the year to date. Supt. Delaney admitted that the crime has created a difficulty for the Gardaí because it is difficult to find a pattern to it, which means the public’s assistance is crucial in order to catch the criminals. “One of the issues is people leaving their belongings and property on display in the car,” Supt. Delaney said. “Items such as laptops, computer tablets, and smart phones are the number one items which are stolen throughout all thefts from MPVs. You would be amazed at the level of high value items people leave in their cars which are parked and left unattended,” Supt. Delaney said.

He said the crime usually takes place in remote and quiet locations, such as car parks and beaches. Operation Brown Fox, which targeted this crime, operates throughout the year and has had particular success in rural areas during the Summer. He said there are also issues with the crime in the city, where youths are targeting cars at particular locations, such as the hospital and college, but added that the Gardaí have operations ongoing to tackle the matter. The public can assist the Gardaí by not leaving their high value personal belongings on display within their unattended vehicle.



Further Education Now Accepting Application Forms WE will be holding our first round of interviews in May so now is the ideal time to apply for any of the PLC courses in Coláiste Chathail Naofa. The application form is available online on the website at All applicants will be contacted by the end of May with their interview date and time. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Entry to PLC courses is not dependant on CAO points. Every applicant will be interviewed by the Co-ordinator of the course and another teacher. The purpose of the interview is to allow everybody a fair chance at gaining a place on a course regardless of results. Mature applicants are not required to have sat the Leaving Cert and in many cases will have more relevant life skills. Younger applicants need to have sat the Leaving Cert and gained a pass in at least five subjects. This includes subjects taken at Ordinary Level and Leaving Cert Applied. NEW PROSPECTUS AVAILABLE We have a wide variety of courses across a number of areas. From Sports and Business to Beauty and Humanities there is a course to suit everyone.The information is available on our website along with the application form.We are already receiving application forms and some people missed out on a place as some courses were full in May. OPEN DAY We are holding our Open Day on 14th March. This is a great opportunity to talk to teachers and co-ordinators as well as view the facilities. Follow us on facebook at Colaiste Chathail Naofa – College of Further Education for updates. We look forward to meeting you. STUDENT SUPPORTS There are student grants available with Student Universal Support Ireland through their website They will be open for new applications in Spring 2018. There are many other supports available such as Back To Education. All information can be obtained from your local social protection office. Follow us on facebook at Coláiste Chathail Naofa – College of Further Education @ccnplc for the latest updates. Our website address is and has further details of all of our courses as well as the application form.

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Launch of food waste prevention initiative in City Hall COUNCILLOR Pat Nugent officially launched a Food Waste prevention initiative in City Hall on Friday, 12th January. The initiative which is a joint venture between Waterford City and County Council and Wexford County Council aims to raise awareness of food waste, the costs incurred to the average household and ways to prevent it. A short one minute animated clip was produced to engage and introduce families to the subject of food waste prevention. The clip will be shown in cinemas for 10 weeks in County Waterford and County Wexford starting Friday, 19th January. A version for YouTube will be produced in both Irish and English. A competition will be run for both primary and secondary schools to further engage all members of the community in food waste prevention. Councillor Pat Nugent, Mayor of Waterford City and County Council stated that households and businesses waste one million tonnes of food each year…that’s 2½ times Croke Park, filled to the top with food. We waste 1⁄3 of the food we buy. This can cost your household €700 in one year! In Waterford, we have been working to support waste prevention in becoming routine in our everyday lives across our communities. We were delighted to deliver this as part of our programme to reduce food waste. In 2017, funding was applied for and received from the Local Authority Prevention Network through the EPA to develop a short animated video about food waste prevention. We worked in conjunction with Wexford County Council on this project. This video is appearing in cinemas in Dungarvan, Waterford and Wexford since Friday, 19th during the advertisements at every film. This coincides with Stop Food Waste Week which takes place from January 22nd until 29th January. This will be rolled out on social media and YouTube in both, Irish and English after-

Pictured at the launch were Mayor Of Waterford City & County Cllr. Pat Nugent, Cliona Connolly, Environment Awareness Officer, Wexford County Council and Ella Ryan, Environmental Awareness Officer, Waterford City & County. [John Power]

wards, as well as being promoted through schools competitions. The initiative is funded under the Local Authority Prevention Network, through the EPA. The Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) is a key component in the promo-

tion of resource efficiency and waste prevention at a local level. The programme has demonstrated that implementing waste prevention and resource efficiencies can lead to significant savings, in addition to the obvious environmental benefits.

Through this network, Waterford City and County Council and Wexford County Council have been working to support waste prevention in becoming more commonplace in our everyday lives across our communities.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Waterford Women’s Support Network Conference THE Waterford Women’s Support Network Conference which took place recently at the Edmund Rice International Heritage Centre, Barrack Street, titled: A Novel Approach to improving Physical & Emotional Wellbeing. The ladies were thrilled to have three excellent Guest Speakers sharing their knowledge with the audience. It was a most informative Conference and very well received. Dr. Ryan Foley PT, DPT Evolve Physiotherapy & Wellness, (Guest Speaker). Ryan spoke about his integrated treatment model and educational system used to help improve physical and emotional wellness, but also to empower people to learn more about their bodies so they can adapt to their environment. He uses advanced methods including applied functional neurology, neural activation therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, Integrated cranial therapy, and other movement based practices to elicit safety in the body and allow it to selforganise. With our sedentary lifestyle, and the physical/emotional stres-

sors of modern life, our bodies become vulnerable and will create these compensations to seek safety. We are built for survival.These compensations cause changes in our movement capacity, which is unhelpful in the long run as it creates a lack of variability. Our brain craves this variability.This further causes the brain to put the brakes on and restrict movement for our survival. This leads to changes in strength, performance, stiffness, pain, and dysfunction. Ryan showed people how to target the source of these issues, and provided many self-treatment techniques to reduce pain and stress. The beauty of these methods is that they can be taught to our clients to help empower them to continue to improve their own health and wellness throughout their lives. Ryan gave the audience an insight into his new Kinetic Flow class-based system, formerly known as Evolve Stretch. Kinetic Flow is an integrated movement class that combines applied neuroscience to develop stronger, more pain-free bodies. Ryan has created this class to help more clients benefit from the tech-

Part of the audience who attended.

Maria and Brendan Jackman, Patricia White and Aoife Marks-Halligan.

niques he utilizes in clinic, along with specialised movement to develop full body control. Dr. Ryan Foley PT, DPT @evolveWaterford. Evolve Physiotherapy & Wellbeing, 1. St. Andrews Terrace, Newtown, Waterford. Call: 086 173 9970 Registered Dietician Aoife Hearne of Operation Transformation fame gave an excellent and informative presentation explaining: Longevity – what really make us live longer? Weight loss – what is the right approach? Aoife explained what are FODMAPS and how it can dramatically reduce the symptoms of IBS and can help prevent and reverse Type 2 Diabetes symptoms. Aoife is based in Viewmount House, Viewmount, Waterford and offers a comprehensive professional service to people with all conditions such as: Diverticular disease, Peptic Ulcer disease, Crohn’s disease, Nutrition during pregnancy, healthy eating for children, PCOS, Weight Management, Weight gain,

[Noel Browne]

[Noel Browne]

Guest speaker, Dr. Ryan Foley pictured with some of the Waterford Women’s Support Network Committee, Caroline Burke, Jenny Wall, Katherine Peacock, Dr. Ryan Foley, Jo Cregan and Carol Treacy. [Noel Browne] Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Disease, Coeliac disease, Sports nutrition, nutrition before, during and after cancer treatment and increase cholesterol. Michael Kelly from GIY Ireland (Grow it yourself), Williamstown Centre, Ardkeen, Waterford gave an inspirational speech on the Grow movement, how it was developed and has become an incredibly successful website with a growing worldwide audience. He outlined the Classes & Activities available at GIY located opposite University Hospital Waterford and their highly successful Café that sells all fresh produce grown and picked daily at GIY. Michael focused on the importance of food education with the younger generation, promoting and encouraging children to participate in growing their own vegetables, be it lettuce, chilli peppers or tomatoes initially which opens the mind to healthy eating habits with home grown produce they can be proud of, and grow into adulthood with a good knowledge regarding healthy eating. This night was kindly sponsored by John Halligan, Minister of State for Training and Skills who supports the Waterford Women’s Support Network, its Conferences, Information meetings and training programmes.

Dr. Ryan Foley (Guest Speaker).

John expresses a keen interest in promoting positive mental and physical health and encourages promotion of healthy eating to maintain wellbeing. The Waterford Women's Network would like to acknowledge Minister Halligan's interest and support with their ventures in

Waterford City & County and South Kilkenny providing information and free events to the community. Check out our Facebook page for further information about the Waterford Women’s Support Network and 2018 event updates.

Jo Cregan (Waterford Women's Support Network) pictured with Sinead Ramsden. [Noel Browne]

Brenda Ryan and Maria O’Grady from the Waterford Women’s Support [Noel Browne] Network.



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Portrait of an artist … By Donal Buckley

Wishy Martin I NEVER knew Wishy Martin. But I do know some people who did. Many have fond memories of her.To be remembered with fondness is a wonderful quality in itself, however, as a measure of human achievement, its a bit bland. In Wishy's case, it is an inadequate description of someone of great artistic talent whose ability to bring joy and laughter to those around her was immeasurable. Born in 1953, Patricia "Wishy" Martin , was interested in art from a very early age. As a child, she had a unique way of looking at her surroundings. She saw the possibilities in everyday objects and local scenes to be her artistic subjects. In 1970 she moved to Ireland and lived with the family of jockey Charlie Swan where she became a prolific portrait artist, especially of children (it was the young Charlie who found it difficult to pronounce Patricia and gave her the name "Wishy". She married Peter Huskinson in 1972 and they lived at Waterloo Lodge on the shores of Lough Derg, just north of Nenagh, County Tipperary. They had two children. In these surroundings, Wishy found her interest in landscape and its proximity to water was heightened and the contrasts stimulated her creative senses. She continued to paint portraits but now found a new awareness in landscape painting. In the early 1980's, after moving to Wales, she focused more on paintings of the countryside. She developed her skills in this area under the tutelage of Pembrokeshire artist David Tress. 1985 saw Wishy marry for a second time. Her new spouse's name was Julian Martin. They lived at Dromroe, near Cappoquin and had two offspring of their own. She found the beauty of West Waterford to be particularly inspiring and she set about painting landscapes with renewed vigour. She expanded her repertoire to include life drawing, portraits of people in their own surroundings and seascapes. In 1997, she opened the Lismore Arts Centre and organised a variety of art and craft classes.Wishy was aware of Lismore's artistic history and its connection to The Irish Amateur Drawing Society. In a modern revival of that 1870 gathering of artists, Wishy Martin attracted a like minded group of artists around her, from the UK and Ireland. She was a great friend of writer Dervla Murphy. She was also a close personal friend of painter Arthur K Maderson. Her mentor at Crawford College of Art, Jo Allen was a regular visitor to Dromroe. Crawford College was always very close to Wishy's heart. It was an environment in which she thrived and it gave her the opportunities to put on shows, like 1998's "100 years of Watercolours in Lismore" which she co-curated with Susie Wingfield. Back in Dromroe,Wishy Martin curated shows at the Arts Centre, such as "Meetings with Remarkable Trees" which was opened by historian, Thomas Pakenham(8th Earl of Longford).

Wishy Martin

Two Cyclists in France A Watchful Eye

Aldi’s Dungarvan store staff award Dungarvan Care of the Aged €500 grant

This was followed in 2000 by an exhibition "The Rivers of Ireland" presented by writer and environmentalist Dick Warner. As well as organising annual exhibitions and encouraging creativity, Wishy was a people person. In the words of Peter Murray (Director of The Crawford Art Gallery in Cork)" Wishy was a catalyst for friendship and conversation, and showed great tolerance for different points of view." She had no time for any type of negativity and if someone expressed discouragement at their lack of talent, she would quietly and jovially say to them, "I don't like people who are horrible and you are being horrible to yourself". Everybody was encouraged to immerse themselves in art, drawing, theatre or music by Wishy. She believed in the cultivation of art and culture and her enthusiasm was infectious. As well as showing her paintings at The Lismore Arts Centre, Wishy Martins work has been exhibited at The Crawford Art Gallery in Cork,The Joan Clancy Gallery in An Rinn along with solo and group shows in London and Dublin. Her work is in many private collections around the world and is increasingly sought after. Some of her most famous portraits include, "Richard Keane in the Library at Cappoquin House" (2007), "Dervla in her Study"(2008) and "Study of Lovena, Reading"(2000). Her landscapes are atmospheric with an emphasis on light, e.g. "River Blackwater at Fort William" (1995), "Lookout Tower, Ardmore" (2004) and "End of the Day, Ballyquinn Evening" (2007). Wishy Martin died of cancer in 2010. She is more than fondly remembered. I never met Wishy Martin. I wish I had. Nude Study

Andrew and Buster

Monica Walsh of Dungarvan Care of the Aged, Aldi’s Dungarvan store ‘Charity Champion’ John Higgins and Margaret Coffey of Dungarvan Care of the Aged.

ALDI is delighted to announce that Dungarvan Care of the Aged is the latest charity to benefit from Aldi’s Community Grants programme. Aldi’s Dungarvan store staff have awarded Dungarvan Care of the Aged a €500 grant in recognition of its vital work and contribution within the local community and to help support its essential services. John Higgins, Aldi’s Dungarvan store “Charity Champion”, presented the €500 grant to Monica Walsh and Margaret Coffey of Dungarvan Care of the Aged. Commenting, Finbar McCarthy, Group Buying Director, Aldi Ireland, said, “The work and services provided by the Dungarvan Care of the Aged are crucial to the local community. We are delighted our Dungarvan employees have chosen to support the organisation.”

“Giving back to the local communities our stores serve, is something we are passionate about and we are proud to support the vital work done by charities and not-for–profit organisations across Waterford.” Aldi’s Community Grants Programme provides each Aldi employee with the opportunity to nominate a charity, community group or not-for-profit organisation within their local community for support. Nominated charities are assessed according to a defined selection criteria, with the organisation deemed the most worthwhile receiving a €500 donation from Aldi. Each of Aldi’s 130 Irish stores and two Regional Distribution Centres have been allocated an individual annual bursary fund and a “Charity Champion” assigned to co-ordinate the programme.

Niall Byrne's contribution to forging medieval Waterford's historical identity THE Waterford Archaeological and Historical Society’s lecture season for 2017 and 2018 continues on Friday 26th January with a lecture by Waterford-born historian and author Michael Byrne. Niall Byrne (1934-2012) practiced as a veterinary surgeon in Waterford and South Kilkenny in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. In the early years of his retirement he returned to academic study, taking an undergraduate degree in theology as well as a Masters degree and doctorate in history from UCC. He then published four books of original scholarship about medieval Waterford. His major contribution was to translate, annotate and provide a commentary on "The Great Parchment Book of Waterford", a history of the city compiled from original records between the mid-fifteenth and mid-seventeenth centuries. Niall also wrote a history of the Knights Templar and other religious orders in the South-East of Ireland; a history of Waterford's medieval leper hospital and the later County and City Infirmary; and an account of a chantry chapel built in Waterford Cathedral in the 1470s. In this lecture Niall's son,

Michael Byrne, will summarise the work done by his father in these four books and will outline their enduring importance in forging Waterford's historical identity. Michael Byrne was born in Waterford in 1959 and has lived in London for the last thirty years. A former accountant, banker, and managing partner of a number of headhunting companies, he now works in the voluntary sector on a number of environmental and other projects. He studied at Trinity College Dublin and also holds Masters degrees from London and Cambridge universities and a PhD in history from London. A fellow of Birkbeck College London and a former magistrate and university governor, Michael Byrne has published four books of history and historical biography. This lecture will be of interest to anyone interested in Waterford’s medieval history and historiography. Admission to the lecture is €5 (students €2.50), but is free for members of the Waterford Archaeological and Historical Society. The Waterford Archaeological and Historical Society has a full

programme of lectures organised for the coming months on diverse topics including cartoon representations of John Redmond, the development of Dungarvan, the results of recent archaeological excavations in Waterford City Centre and Waterford connections to the American Civil War. Details of the programme can be found on Facebook New members are always welcome, the membership application form can be downloaded from

Lecturer Michael Byrne.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Cystic Fibrosis Ireland launches Malin2Mizen Cycle4CF MAY 10th-13th

WITH Ireland having the highest rates of cystic fibrosis in the world and some of the most severe types of the disease over 1,200 people are living with cystic fibrosis here currently Cystic Fibrosis Ireland (CFI) has launched their Malin2Mizen Cycle4CF 2018 which takes place on Thursday, May 10th Sunday, May 13th ( The aim is to raise awareness and funds to help provide support and services for people with cystic fibrosis nationally. These include support grants for people with cystic fibrosis for exercise, transplant assessment, fertility treatment and counselling, as well as research and new healthcare facilities. The 2018 Malin2Mizen Cycle4CF will be in memory of Lisa Dolan (RIP) from Athlone who sadly passed away earlier this year. Lisa had cystic fibrosis and received a double lung transplant in 2016. She helped to launch the Malin2Mizen Cycle4CF 2017 in Athlone in November 2016. It is a fitting tribute to Lisa that next year’s event will be in her memory, as she encouraged people to sign up and take part in the Malin2Mizen Cycle4CF to support people living with CF in Ireland less than 12 months ago.

This is a great opportunity for cyclists to take in the incredible scenic routes we have in Ireland and to be a part of a great event which will raise much needed funds to help support people with cystic fibrosis. The four day cycle starts in Malin Head, County Donegal and finishes in Mizen Head, County Cork. • Day 1: Malin Head Bundoran (147km) • Day 2: Bundoran Oranmore (172km) • Day 3: Oranmore - Mallow (171km) • Day 4: Mallow - Mizen Head (150km) Speaking about the Malin2Mizen Cycle4CF, Alan Brogan, ambassador for the cycle called for people to register now for the cycle to help support people with Cystic Fibrosis in Ireland: “The Malin2Mizen Cycle for CF takes places on Thursday, May 10th – Sunday, May 13th and to register simply visit I am delighted to support this event which is for such a worthy cause, supporting people with cystic fibrosis in Ireland. Register now, and you will be signing up for the experience of a lifetime whilst raising much needed funds for a great cause”.

Michael Carruth, also an ambassador for the event, speaking about the Malin2Mizen Cycle4CF commented “This is a great event. Exercise is so important for everyone and particularly for people with cystic fibrosis. I am honoured to be an ambassador for such a great cycle so register now as places are limited”. To take part in the Malin2Mizen Cycle4CF, register now at The fundraising target for participation in the cycle is €2,000 which covers your food and accommodation over the 4 day cycle.There are a limited number of places left and registrations close on Friday 26th January, so sign up NOW if you want to take part in this amazing cycle! To support the Malin2Mizen Cycle4CF and help people with Cystic Fibrosis in Ireland you can donate online at or text "HELPCF" to 50300 to donate €2 to Cystic Fibrosis Ireland [€2 HELPCF: Text costs €2. Cystic Fibrosis Ireland will receive a minimum of €1.80. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278].

Pictured at the launch of the cycle in Croke Park are former Olympic gold medallist, Michael Carruth and former Dublin footballer, Alan Brogan, both ambassadors for the cycle.

Green Road could be the Key to Unlocking Greenway to Tramore

65 Local Volunteers needed for Wish Day on 9th March WISHES GRANTED TO 8 SERIOUSLY ILL CHILDREN IN WATERFORD LAST YEAR 65 LOCAL volunteers are needed in County Waterford on Wish Day, which takes place on Friday, 9th March to support Make-A-Wish Ireland’s flagship fundraising day.Volunteers are asked to give just a few hours of their time to sell wristbands in their local supermarket or shopping centre in order to raise much-needed funds for the charity. Last year, in Waterford alone, the charity made wishes come true for eight local children living with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, cystic fibrosis and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Making wishes come true can have a hugely positive impact on a child and their families, giving strength, hope and joy. Research shows children who have wishes granted are more likely to build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight a serious illness. This improves their quality of life and produces better health outcomes. Make-A-Wish does not receive

any government funding and is solely dependent on the generosity of the general public to continue granting wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses in Ireland. Lola Starr Dunne (9) from Waterford City, Waterford is living with a rare chromosome disorder called diploid triploid mosaicism. Make-A-Wish recently made Lola’s wish to swim with dolphins come true when she and her family travelled to Portugal. Her Mum told us, "it was so amazing, she had them all to herself and wasn't a bit afraid... Lola definitely had the time of her life. She swam every day and filled her belly at the best restaurants, played on the beaches and shopped all the stalls." According to Make-A-Wish Ireland, children's wishes can range from being a princess for the day or meeting their hero, to going on a once-in-a-lifetime family holiday. Wherever possible, the child’s family is invited to share in the wish experience, creating lasting memories for all the family, the wider local community and all of those involved in granting the wish.

Make-A-Wish Ireland CEO, Susan O’Dwyer said, “Children with life-threatening illnesses need your help today. Your precious gift of time this Wish Day will enable us to make wishes come true for seriously ill children when they most need strength, hope and joy. We have granted almost 2,200 wishes for Irish children which would not be possible without the support of the Irish public. A few hours from the people of Waterford on Friday, 9th March to help raise valuable funds will make wishes come true for more children in your community.” Wish Day will take place across Ireland on Friday 9th March when Make-A-Wish volunteers will be selling wristbands and transfers, costing €2 each, at locations including Waterford City and Dungarvan. 100% of proceeds collected will support wish granting for children living with lifethreatening illnesses. To sign up to volunteer visit or contact Daragh on (01) 2052011 /

THE Waterford Greenway was one of the great success stories coming out of 2017, with the 46 km off-road cycling trail attracting rave reviews both at home and abroad. Nearly quarter of a million visitors visited the Greenway since its opening in March, resulting in increased economic activity all along its length. Local cycling campaigner and chairperson of the Waterford Greens, Marc Ó Cathasaigh, believes this success can be built upon by connecting the cycle route back out to the coast at Tramore. “I think the Greenway has the potential to do something the train companies never managed to, and that’s to connect the old Dungarvan to Waterford and Waterford-Tramore trainlines.” And he believes the old Green Road could provide the missing link. “We already have some basic cycle infrastructure from the Carriganore entrance to the Greenway along the Outer Ring Road. The Green Road could tie in with that by the Six Cross Roads roundabout, and link

cyclists with the old Tramore line at its far end. This road is now only very lightly used, and could be repurposed to prioritise cyclists at very low cost.” Green Party Senator, Grace O’Sullivan, believes expanding the Greenway network could make Waterford the cycling capital of Ireland. “In our submission to the Strategy of for the Future Development of Greenways, we looked to the New Zealand model where hubs link together cycling paths.We already have the Greenway to Dungarvan, progress in continuing apace to link that with New Ross, and here we see the possibility of connecting with the coast at Tramore, linking the Blueways into the Greenways network. We need to take advantage of the rise of ‘Slow Tourism’ and to encourage cycle tourists to think of Waterford as a great destination not just for one or two days, but for a week or more, and to show them everything our beautiful county has to offer.”



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

The day Manchester United was decimated! By Frank Colbert (South Africa)

“IF you had been a better footballer, you would probably have been killed in the Munich aircrash.” These were the words expressed to me 10 years ago by the ex-Manchester United player of the mid-fifties, Eddie Lewis, when quoting his late wife’s reminders to him on a few occasions. At the time we were both attending the 50th Anniversary of the Munich air disaster which occurred exactly sixty years ago on Tuesday week (6th February). In this terrible tragedy Manchester United’s very popular and hugely impressive team, nicknamed The Busby Babes, was suddenly decimated when its plane crashed during take-off on the snow-covered tarmac of Munich Airport. It was, not only the most tragic disaster involving British soccer players in the history of the game, but also one of the greatest tragedies ever in world sport to this very day. During that commemorative event in February 2008 at the Johannesburg branch of Manchester United Supporters Club, Eddie was again recalling for me how the eight players who died in the crash had been close friends of his, including Geoff Bent who had been his best man at his wedding in the late fifties. With much emotion he recounted not only some memorable games which he played with these players close to the very top of the English First Division, but also the unusual happy team spirit in a club where the players generally felt more like brothers than just teammates. MY FIRST NEWS OF MUNICH For myself as a 12 year old schoolboy in Ardmore, the afternoon of 6th February, 1958, was normal in so many ways. Having returned home from school I soon finished my typical chores around the farm in Crossford. Then, after assisting my parents with hand-milking the cows and

Harry Gregg’s autographed autobiography in 1960 “Wild About Football“.

Frank Colbert and Busby Babe Eddie Lewis during a lighter moment after commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Munich in Johannesburg. feeding the calves as usual, we all sat down to supper about 6.45 p.m. while typically listening to the popular BBC1 programme The Archers on our batteryoperated wireless (radio), in those pre-television days. As usual we were enthralled by the day-today affairs on Dan Archer’s farm in this fascinating serialised programme. Its signature tune still vividly lives in my memory even now at the other side of the world and for decades was the favourite radio programme of my sister Bree. Suddenly the BBC announcer on the 7 o’clock news described for listeners a shocking tragic plane crash earlier that afternoon at Munich Airport, in West Germany, which involved a prominent Manchester soccer team returning home in the snow from a European Cup (Champions League) game in far off Yugoslavia. With huge emotion he stated that 22 passengers, including seven star players from the club, had died instantly during take-off. My limited knowledge of geography at that tender age only informed me that West Germany was located somewhere in the middle of Europe. Also, for my family, the full significance of this tragedy failed to hit home in those far off days in a rural Ireland which was totally GAA orientated. In addition, my very limited knowledge of the game of soccer from newspapers only suggested to me that this hitherto unfamiliar English team had been playing this strange game of football which was in some ways different to the gaelic variety which I was aware of. In those far off days the local Ardmore GAA Club had only recently been founded in Ardmore with a junior football

team only and hurling was the only game which us pupils casually played at lunchtime on the tarmac next to the old National School in front of the Parish Church. As a result, the only encounters which us three Colbert brothers had at that time with gaelic football were casual kick-abouts in Summer evenings and during quiet periods, both in adjacent fields and also, at the end of the driveway against the garage door. Fortunately, the door did not suffer much punishment as my brother John was already starting to show some of the goalkeeping potential which

some 42 years later would win him the award of Waterford Goalkeeper of the Millennium. It was, however, obvious from the BBC announcer’s tone that night in February 1958 that this plane crash at Munich was a tragedy of major proportions. Unfortunately, I was unable to get further clarification from John and Maurice who were now attending the Friary in Dungarvan as boarding students. It would be another eighteen months before all three of us became familiar with what many narrowminded GAA people labelled “the foreign game” of soccer when the Waterford League of Ireland team, under the captaincy of Con Martin, appeared in the FAI Cup final at Dublin’s Dalymount Park. As a result the significance of the Munich crash and the gradually mounting casualty list on the Cork Examiner in subsequent days did not mean much to me at that time. During the following year, while I was also now attending The Friary, I gradually started to become familiar with soccer from some classmates. I soon became a firm Manchester United fan, largely due to the charisma of their legendary manager Matt Busby, who I would have the good fortunate to meet at Old Trafford some 35 years later. Also, at that time, in total contrast to modern days, there were several Irishborn players from both sides of the border starring at the club such as Noel Cantwell, Johnny Giles, Harry Gregg, Tony Dunne and Jimmy Nicholson as well as Shay Brennan who had Irishborn parents.

Twelve months later, after inheriting the goalkeeping position for the Friary junior football team from John, I soon started to adopt United’s goalkeeper Harry Gregg as my role model and shortly afterwards decided to use some 60% of my tuckshop allowance for that particular term to send a postal order to England for his autobiography titled “Wild About Football.” While subsequently reading through this very revealing book, I was soon startled when I discovered that the plane which had crashed at Munich in 1958 contained the Manchester United team, affectionately known as The Busby Babes after their manager, and that Gregg himself, as their newly signed goalkeeper, was fortunate to be one of the survivors. Two years later, while now working in Cork as a Trainee Draughtsman, I bought the autobiography of United’s most prominent player in those days, Bobby Charlton. In this fascinating book the England star, who also was a survivor at Munich, outlined how team-mate Gregg had heroically returned into the smouldering aircraft at great personal risk, immediately after the crash, in order to rescue a mother and her baby. Charlton also explained how the goalkeeper then dragged the lifeless bodies of both himself and team-mate Dennis Viollett about 20 yards along the snow-covered ground away from the terrible wreckage now in flames. Some 37 years later, while Charlton was signing this same book for me here in Johannesburg, I refrained from

asking him about his recollections of the crash in view of the fact that so many of his pals and team-mates had perished in it. In Charlton’s words in this book: “The resulting mental scars (of Munich) are deep, so deep they never go away. Not a day still goes by that I don’t think of Munich .” Instead, after advising him about my County Waterford roots, I allowed him to suddenly reminisce about his great United pal, and ex-Busby Babe, Shay Brennan, who co-incidentally had sadly passed away in Tramore a short while previously. Coincidentally, after scoring two goals during the team’s first game two weeks after Munich, the nineteen year old Brennan had suddenly become a United hero! In the early eighties he was player/manager for a successful Waterford FC team and his pal Charlton agreed to come and play a number of games for his team at Kilcohan Park in order to boost the gate numbers. BIRTH OF THE BUSBY BABES In the words of the RTE pundit Eamonn Dunphy, who spent five years at Manchester United as a junior player, manager Matt Busby was decent, charismatic, paternalistic, congenial, paternal and placed great store on loyalty. His assistant manager Jimmy Murphy, who was a great motivator of players, was also a great judge of young footballers. In the words of his fellow-Welshman, the legendary player John Charles OBE: “Jimmy was passionate, honest, loveable and down to earth.” Continued next week.

The Busby Babes team panel prior to Munich – Front row: Roger Byrne (capt). 2nd row (l. to r.): Coach Tom Curry, Jackie Blanchflower, Tommy Taylor, Freddie Goodwin, Mark Jones, Duncan Edwards, Liam Whelan, Billy Foulkes and Manager Matt Busby. Back row: Eddie Coleman, Wilf McGuinness, Colin Webster, Ray Wood, David Pegg, Dennis Viollett and Johnny Berry. Inset (l. to r.): Jackie Blanchflower, Bobby Charlton, Harry Gregg, Albert Scanlon, Kenny Morgans and Geoff Bent.


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Commission on Future of Policing to host Waterford open evening THE Commission on the Future of Policing will host an Open Evening for people in Waterford this week, and have invited members of the public, local community groups and interested stakeholders in the city and county with views on the future of policing to attend. The Open Evening will take place in City Hall, the Mall,Waterford, on Thursday, 25th January, between 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. The Open Evening is an opportunity for members of the public to drop in and meet with Commission members in an informal setting to discuss the future of policing. The Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland was established by

Government in May 2017 to develop a blueprint for policing in Ireland into the future. The Commission is tasked with undertaking an independent, comprehensive examination of all aspects of policing in Ireland, including all functions currently carried out by An Garda Síochána, as well as the full range of oversight bodies. The Chairperson of the Commission, Kathleen O’Toole said: “I’m delighted that the Commission will be in Waterford as part of our nationwide public engagement programme on our important work. Consultation is central to informing the Commission’s work and we are eager to hear the views of the people in Waterford and the

South East. As we work towards a blueprint for policing in Ireland it is essential that we hear directly from the very communities that a police service seeks to serve and protect. Through these public meetings and our call for submissions, the Commission wants to stimulate a genuine national conversation on the future of policing in Ireland – so we would encourage everyone with an interest in the issue to come to our open evening in Waterford, and send us their views and opinions. All of these perspectives will help to inform our work.” Members of the public are invited to make submissions online at before the deadline of January 31st, 2018.

Residents, businesses and visitors in Carrick-on-Suir to benefit from Irish Water project to replace old water mains RESIDENTS and businesses in the Carrick-on-Suir will benefit from a much more secure and reliable water supply as a result of an Irish Water project to replace 5km of the aging Crotty’s Lake Trunk main. The section of main being replaced provides water to parts of Carrickon-Suir from the Crotty’s Lake supply and has been subject to frequent bursts and a high level of leakage in recent years, leading to regular disruptions to supply for customers. This project will address this problem by replacing the aging mains with modern plastic water mains. Mark O’Duffy, Water Networks Programme Regional Lead with Irish Water, commented: “By replacing this old section of water main we will resolve what has become a regular problem of supply outages due to burst pipes. This will benefit the residents and businesses in Carrick-on-Suir and surrounding areas by providing them with a secure and reliable water supply. “This work will also reduce leakage on the network which will help to reduce the volume of treated water that that is lost unnecessarily and will result in improved water pressure for customers.” Construction work will get underway on the week of 22nd January, 2018 and is expected to take five months to complete. During that time, the project team will work closely with the local community to

minimise any disruption to customers. The work sections will be limited to short sections and traffic management arrangements will be put in place to minimise impact on customers. The works may involve some short-term water shut offs and the project team will ensure that customers are given a minimum of 48 hours prior notice of any planned water shut offs. Customers can contact the Irish Water call centre on 1850 278 278 if they have any queries. This project forms part of Irish Water’s national Leakage Reduction Programme which will see an investment of over €500 million nationally over the next four years to improve the public water supply.These works will ensure that customers have a more reliable service and experience fewer water outages due to burst pipes and leaks.The new pipes will also ensure a clean and safe water supply for all our customers. As part of this programme, work is also scheduled to get underway in 2018 on replacing old water mains and lead service pipes in a number of other parts of Waterford, including Waterford City, Tramore, Tallow, Dungarvan, Portlaw, Lemybrien and Dunmore East. Members of the public can report a leak in public property, such as footpaths, roads and communal areas, by going to

Urgent now means an eleven month wait in the Irish Health Service for Older People – Butler

Solas Cancer Support Centre

FIANNA Fáil Spokesperson on Older People, Mary Butler has said that it is simply disgraceful that a pensioner who has been classed as having an urgent need for a cataract operation is told that they will not be seen for 11 months, let alone treated. Deputy Butler was commenting after receiving a HSE response following a representation she made for an 87 year old pensioner, living alone in Waterford, who was recently triaged as having an urgent need for a procedure. “This is shocking indictment of a health system that has been run into the ground by successive Fine Gael ministers for health. “At what stage has urgent come to mean an 11 month wait just to be seen in this country?” asked Butler? “The Cross Border Health Initiative is a good scheme. It has helped many people up and down the country but it shouldn’t become an across the board alternative to treatment in a person’s local hospital. “My real concern is the upfront cost to citizens How is a frail 87 year old person expected to make the

journey to Belfast or Derry for treatment, and how is she supposed to pay the €2,000 to €3,000 costs when she is only on a State Pension? “Older people have worked all their lives, paid taxes and are now left to languish on unfair, and cruel, waiting lists. “It disgusts me that we are treating our older citizens in such a disrespectful manner. Our health service is simply not working for the vast majority of citizens. “Minister Harris, and the Government, needs to get their act together, and do more for older people. “Many older persons’ quality of life is being destroyed by a failure to provide them with treatment for what are, for all intents and purposes, routine illnesses. “It’s wrong, and it cannot be allowed continue. I will be raising this issue in the Dáil at the next available opportunity to get clarity from the Minister as to his plans to reduce the waiting times for citizens who need assessment and treatment,” concluded Butler.

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The Park Hotel Dungarvan

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27 SITUATIONS VACANT QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN WANTED – For work in Dungarvan and surrounding areas. Please reply by letter, enclosing CV, to Box No. 6063. (26-1) WE ARE A VERY BUSY CHILDCARE FACILITY BASED IN THE DUNGARVAN AREA – We are currently looking for enthusiastic, energetic, fun staff to join our relief panel. Minimum qualification FETAC Level 5 in Childcare. If this sounds like you, please send your C.V. to: Box No. 6065, c/o Dungarvan Observer. (26-1) CHILDMINDER REQUIRED – To mind 3 children in the Touraneena area. Children are of schoolgoing age and younger. Own transport is required. Reply, in writing, to Box No. 6064. (26-1)

Dungarvan Tyre Centre Are looking for a

TYRE FITTER (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY) A full clean driving licence is preferable. Apply to DUNGARVAN TYRE CENTRE Kilrush Business Park, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford 058 41595.

Part-time Book-keeper / Administrator Our client, providing specialist services to the construction sector, currently has a vacancy for a part time book-keeper / administrator (currently 3-days per week). The position is based in Dungarvan town. The successful candidate will be organized and have strong communication skills. The candidate should have working experience of Sage, and be proficient in MS Word, MS Excel. Applications in writing only including CV by 2nd February to: JBW Accountants, 3 Church Street, Dungarvan. Email:

PLANNING PERMISSION WATERFORD CITY AND COUNTY COUNCIL – I, Donal Fitzgerald, intend to apply to Waterford City and County Council for planning permission to upgrade and improve an existing agricultural entrance and to construct a new farm road at Bawnacommera, Kinsalebeg, County Waterford. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Section, Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford, during its public opening hours (9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.), and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. WATERFORD CITY & COUNTY COUNCIL – John and Bridget Fletcher intend to apply for planning permission for a storey and ½ type dwelling house, domestic garage, new entrance, wastewater treatment system and percolation area, borewell and all other associated site works at Ballylemon, Cappagh, Co. Waterford. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority (Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford), during its public opening hours (9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee (€20) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application. WATERFORD CITY AND COUNTY COUNCIL – Michael Walsh intends to apply for permission for construction of a garage and associated site works at Knockatouk, Ballyduff Upper, Co. Waterford. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority at Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford during its public opening hours, i.e.9.30am to 1pm and 2.00pm to 4pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application, and such submissions and observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. WATERFORD CITY & COUNTY COUNCIL – We,Sarah Fitzgerald and Darren Rockett, wish to apply to the above authority for planning permission to remove a existing dwelling and existing septic tank, and the construction of a new dwelling house, septic tank , percolation area, bore hole, and associated site works at Lahardan ,Portlaw, Co.Waterford. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority (Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford), during its public opening hours (9.30 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee (€20) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the appli-

IN MEMORIAM † ALLEN (3rd anniversary) – In loving memory of Peggy Allen, late of Crushea, Ardmore, whose 3rd Anniversary occurs on 24th January, 2018. R.I.P.

CURRAN (1st anniversary) – In loving memory of Hannah Curran, late of Shanakill, Two-Mile-Bridge, Dungarvan, who died on 28th January, 2017.

Memory is a lovely lane, Where hearts are ever true, A lane we often travel down, Because it leads to you. Mother – as each new day dawns, We think of you, As each night falls, We pray for you. And throughout our lives, No matter where, In our hearts, You are always there.

REMEMBERING HANNAH We miss you from your fireside chair, Your loving smile and gentle air, Your vacant place no one can fill, We miss you Mother and always will.

–Sadly missed by her loving son, daughters, sons-in-law, grandchildren and great grandchildren and extended families.

–Always remembered by your family at home and in Australia. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated in St. Mary’s Parish Church, Dungarvan, on Saturday, 3rd February, at 7.30 p.m.

GOODE (20th and 30th anniversaries) – In loving memory of Declan and Kathleen Goode, late of 17 Church Street, Dungarvan, and their sons Eoin and Paul, whose Anniversaries occur at this time. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 28th January, at 11.00 a.m., in St. Augustine’s Church, Dungarvan. Loving parents and grandparents too, Each one thought the world of you, Just a prayer from the family who loved you, Just a memory fond and true, In our hearts you will live forever, God grant you Dad and Mam eternal rest. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanamacha.

LAWLOR (12th anniversary) – Pray for the soul of Patrick Lawlor, late of 8 Hillside Crescent, Kilmacthomas, who died on 26th January, 2006. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated in All Saints Church, Newtown, Kilmacthomas, at 11.30 a.m. on Sunday, 28th January, 2018. Like falling leaves, The years roll by, But memories of you, Will never die. Sunshine passes, Shadows fall, But memories of you, Outlast them all.

O’SHEA (1st and 12th anniversaries) – In loving memory of Kathleen and Anthony O’Shea, late of Carrigeen, Glendine, Youghal. Kathleen’s 1st Anniversary and Anthony’s 12th Anniversary occur at this time. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 28th January, at 11.15 a.m. in the Church of the Sacred Heart, Knockanore. In God’s care you rest above, In my heart you rest with love, Never more than a thought away, Loved and missed every day. Of all the gifts in life, However great or small, To have you as my parents, Was the greatest gift of all.

–Always remembered and loved by your loving daughter Marion; son-in-law Jimmy; grandchildren Katherine, Maria, Aoife; great grandchildren Kaytlyn, A.J., Leah and Emily.

–Sadly missed by all the family.

–Always remembered by their loving family.

WALSH (1st and 15th anniversaries) – In loving memory of David Walsh and Mary Walsh, late of Emmet Street, Dungarvan, whose Anniversaries occur on 10th and 12th February.

COONEY (14th anniversary and birthday remebrance) – In loving memory of a dear husband, father and grandfather Michael Cooney, late of O’Connell Street, Dungarvan, who died on 25th January, 2004. Mass offered. Will those who think of him today, A little prayer to Jesus say.

–Sadly missed by your wife Mary; daughter Anne; son-inlaw Noel and grandchildren Amy and Hannah.

CUMMINS (8th anniversary) – In loving memory of Joe Cummins, late of Ballyvooney, Stradbally, who died on 25th January, 2010. R.I.P. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Saturday, 27th January, at 7.30 p.m. in Stradbally Church. On his soul sweet Jesus have mercy, Just a thought of sweet remembrance, Just a memory fond and true, Just a token of affection, And a heartache still for you. Always in our thoughts and prayers.

–Sadly missed by your brother Matt; sisters Mary, Majella and Noirin, and their families.

The person who doesn’t advertise knows what they’re doing – but no one else does! Call … 058-41205/42042 e-mail:

FENNELL (21st anniversary) – In loving memory of dear Jamie, late of Cloncoskraine, Dungarvan, whose Anniversary occurs on 3rd February. R.I.P. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 28th January, at 10.00 a.m. in Ballinroad Church. Precious people are very few, That’s why there was only one of you, Nothing on earth could ever replace, The sound of your voice, the smile on your face. Memories we treasure one by one, Things you have said, things you have done, They bring a smile, sometimes a tear, But always a wish that you were still here. Rest in peace dear loved one.

MASON (4th anniversary) – In loving memory of Maureen Mason, late of Youghal, Co. Cork, and Ballycurrane, Clashmore, Co. Waterford, who died on 26th January, 2014. R.I.P. HALLAHAN (6th anniversary) – In loving memory of Philomena Hallahan, late of Bohadoon, Dungarvan, whose Anniversary occurred on 18th January. God has taken you away from us, And taken you to rest, It’s not for us to understand, He only takes the best.

–Always loved and remembered by Breda, Rita, Phil, James, Willie, Carmel and their families.

–Always remembered and sadly missed by your loving daughters Mairead, Carmel and Fiona; son-in-law Mike; grandchildren Ryan, Dylan, Ellie, Dale, Leah and Amy.

–Lovingly remembered and missed so much by your loving wife Mary; son John Paul and daughters Sharon, Siobhán and Sarah-Jane.

The Samaritans Beau Street, Waterford Tel. (051) 872114. Freephone 116 123. Lonely – Suicidal – Despairing? Talk to us any time, any day in complete confidence Phone – write – visit

Although we cannot hear her voice, Or see her smile no more, Our mother walks beside us still, Just as she did before. She listens to our stories, And she wipes away our tears, She wraps her arms around us, And understands our fears. It’s just she isn’t visible, To see with human eye, But talk to her in silence, And her spirit will reply. We feel the love she had for us, We hear her in our hearts, She’s left her human body, But our souls will never part.

KEOGH (10th anniversary) – 19th January. In loving memory of our wonderful mother Rita Keogh, Shanacoole, Kinsalebeg. We think of you so often, Your name is mentioned every day, The best mother we could have, Is never far away.

–Forever in our hearts, Brendan, Ann and Georgina, son-in-law Marco, XXXX. Loved and missed by your grandchildren and great grandchildren, XXX.

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Will those who think of David and Mary today, A little prayer to Jesus say.

–Always remembered by their brother Tom; sister-in-law Monica; nephews Michael, Dan and David. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 4th February, at 10.00 a.m. in St. Mary’s Parish Church, Dungarvan.

MURRAY (14th anniversary) – In loving memory of Patsy Murray, late of Mweelnahorna, Ring, who died on 16th January, 2004. We’ve shared the joy, We’ve shared the tears, We’ve shared each other, Through the years, Thank you for being, Such a special husband and father. Will those who think of him today, A little prayer to Jesus say.

–Loved and remembered every day by your wife Mairead; sons Eoin, Daithi, Eanna and Colin; daughters Yvonne, Fiona, Orla and Aoife, and grandchildren at home and away.

Dungarvan Observer

O’GRADY (12th anniversary) – In loving memory of our dear son and brother Thomas O’Grady, late of West Street, Lismore, Co. Waterford, who died on 28th January, 2006. R.I.P. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated in St. Carthage’s Church, Lismore, on Sunday, 28th January, at 11.00 a.m. You never miss the sunshine, ‘Til the evening shadows fall, You never miss loved ones, ‘Til they are gone beyond recall. So be forever with him Lord, Hear him should he call, And light a star above his grave, When evening shadows fall. Will those who think of Thomas today, A little prayer to Jesus say. No length of time will heal our grief, Our love for you is far too deep, With broken hearts we whisper low, God bless you Thomas, we miss you so.

–Lovingly remembered by your Mam, Dad, Elaine, Kieran, Sean and Michelle, Mairead, Peter, nieces EllenBeth, Madeleine and Noah Thomas.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018




Ballyheeney, Clashmore, Co. Waterford

Robertstown, Leamybrien, Co. Waterford Died: 31st January, 2017

On the 1st Anniversary of Mary’s death, her family wish to thank most sincerely all those who sympathised with us on Mary’s death; those who sent Mass cards, messages of sympathy and all those who attended her funeral. We want to thank the staff at St. Vincent’s Ward, Dungarvan Community Hospital, for their kindness to Mary in her final days. We wish to thank Ardmore Medical Centre, Fr. Kelly, P.P., the Sacristan at Clashmore Church and Egan Funeral Directors. We wish to thank Mary’s very kind neighbours and friends. As it would be impossible to thank everybody individually, we hope this acknowledgement will be accepted as a token of our appreciation. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for your intentions. First Anniversary Mass will be celebrated in Clashmore Church on Sunday, 28th January, at 9.00 a.m.

† MARY BUTLER (nee Horan) O’Connell Street, Dungarvan, and Colligan Who died on 30th January, 2017 Acknowledgement and First Anniversary On the First Anniversary of the death of Mary Butler, her sons Michael, John and Maurice and daughters-in-law Olivia and Fiona, nephews and nieces, would like to acknowledge and express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended the Funeral Mass and sent Mass cards and messages of sympathy. We would like to sincerely thank the Nurses and Carers at St. Joesph’s Hospital, especially in the Sacred Heart Unit where our mother was cared for with the upmost care and respect. We will be always indebted to the staff of the Hospital. We would especially like to also thank Fr. Kennedy, P.P. (Colligan), who came to our mother’s side as she was joining God, this was so important to Mary. We would like to thank Fr. Ryan, P.P., and Fr. Geoghegan who assisted in the Mass and Fr. Ryan for attenting to the graveside. As it’s not possible to thank everyone individually we hope this acknowledgment will be accepted as a token of our appreciation. The Holy Sacrifice of Mass will be offered for your intentions. Mary’s First Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Saturday, 27th January, at 7.30 p.m. in St. Ann’s Church, Colligan.

† RICHARD (Dick) JAMES Abbeyside, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford Died: 27th January, 2017 Acknowledgement and First Anniversary Richard’s wife June; daughter Nicky; son Sean; son-in-law Noel; daughter-in-law Paula; grandchildren Aidan, Ciara, Cathal and Lizzie, would like to thank most sincerely all those who sympathised with us on our recent sad bereavement. Thanks to all those who attended the removal, Funeral Mass and cremation, sent letters of sympathy and Mass cards. The generosity and kindness of our wonderful relatives, friends and neighbours at this difficult time was very much appreciated. Sincere thanks to the Rev. Fr. Kelly for celebrating Richard’s Funeral Mass and to Kiely’s Funeral Home for their kindness, guidance and compassion. As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, we trust that this acknowledgement will be accepted by all as a token of our appreciation and gratitude.


ROCHE (5th anniversary) – In loving memory of Jimmy Roche, late of Clashmore, who died on 28th January, 2013.

SCANLAN (5th anniversary) – In loving memory of John Joe Scanlan, late of Ballinwillin, Lismore, who died on 29th January, 2013. R.I.P.

We miss you from your fireside chair, Your loving smile and gentle air, Your vacant place no one can fill, We miss you Jimmy and always will.

Your name is often mentioned, Our thoughts are with you still, You haven’t been forgotten, You know you never will. Always stay beside us Dad, It helps to know you’re there, And thank you for the memories, And the times we loved and shared.

–Always remembered by your family and friends. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 4th February, at 9.00 a.m. in Clashmore Church.

The person who doesn’t advertise knows what they’re doing – but no one else does! Call … 058-41205/42042 e-mail:

–Sadly missed and never forgotten by your sons Eamonn, John, Charlie, Stephen, Peter and Brendan; daughters-inlaw Orla, Claire and Liza; and grandchildren Conor, Aaron, Cody, Ollie, Robbie and Ellen. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 4th February, 2018, in St. Mary’s Church, Cappoquin, at 11.30 a.m.

The family of the late James (Jimmy) Power; his wife Margaret, daughter Maria, sons Gerard, Roger and Noel, daughters-in-law Claire and Colette and grandchildren Eoin, Emma, Adam, Chloe and Matthew, would like to thank most sincerely all those who sympathised with us on our recent sad bereavement. Thanks to all those who attended the removal, Funeral Mass and burial, sent letters of sympathy, Mass cards and floral tributes. The generosity and kindness of our wonderful relatives, friends and neighbours at this difficult time was very much appreciated. Sincere thanks to Rev. Fr. John Delaney for reciting the Rosary prior to Jimmy’s removal and to Fr. Michael Collender and Fr. Finbarr Lucey who assisted celebrating Jimmy’s Funeral Mass and burial along with Rev. Fr. Delaney the following day. Thanks to Dinah Walsh for her beautiful singing during the ceremony. To Breda, the Sacristan; Altar servers and gravediggers Noel and Benny – we extend our thanks. Our thanks too, to the Doctors and Medical staff that helped Jimmy during his short illness. To Sean Lennon for delivering a very fitting and emotional eulogy. To Kilrossanty GAA Club for all they did for the family during that time and to members of An Garda Siochana for their assistance – we appreciated it greatly. To Tom Drohan, Funeral Undertakers, thank you for your kindness, guidance and compassion at this difficult time and the attention to detail and professionalism which we greatly appreciated. As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually we trust that this acknowledgment will be accepted by all as a token of our appreciation and gratitude. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been offered for all your intentions. Jimmy’s First Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 28th January, in St. Brigid’s Church, Kilrossanty, at 10.30 a.m.

† JAMES RYAN Lauragh, Cappagh Acknowledgement and 1st Anniversary On the 1st Anniversary of the death of James Ryan, his wife Theresa and family Michael, Raymond, Patrick, Margaret, Brendan and Thérése, would like to acknowledge and express our warmest appreciation to family, friends and neighbours; to all who visited our home; attended the Rosary, removal, Requiem Mass and burial and all who provided support to us at this difficult time. Heartfelt thanks also to those who telephoned, sent Mass cards and letters of sympathy; to those who travelled long distances to be with us and those who made charitable donations; to all we are truly grateful. A special word of thanks to the Doctors, Nurses and Carers who looked after James so well during his illness; to the Doctors and staff at High Street Medical Centre, Dungarvan Community Hospital, the Alzheimer Society of Ireland, University Hospital Waterford and especially St. Patrick’s Hospital, Waterford, who looked after James so caringly for the last years of his life. We would also like to give special thanks to our good friend Gerald Foley who helped James and us in so many ways. To all a sincere thank you. A special word of thanks also to James’ brother Very Rev. M.J. Ryan, the members of the Clergy who attended the Funeral Ceremonies and the Requiem Mass presided over by Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan and our own Parish Priest, Very Rev. Gerard O’Connor, who was so helpful to us in every way. Special thanks also to Kiely Funeral Directors for their compassion and professionalism. Thanks to Dina Walshe for her beautiful music and singing and to the Sacristan, Altar servers and gravediggers. Thanks to you who helped in so many different ways, your support made our loss more bearable. As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, we trust that this acknowledgement will be accepted by all as a token of our sincere appreciation and gratitude. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been offered for all your intentions. First Anniversary Mass for James will be celebrated on Saturday, 3rd February, at 7.30 p.m. in St. James’ Church, Ballinameela.

James Kiely & Sons


Prop. DAVID KIELY David & Margaret, ‘Garrán Mhuire,’ Kiladangan (058) 42200 / (086) 2525663 (Est. 1919) Irish Association of Funeral Directors


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PRESERVATION NOTICE TAKE NOTICE that the lands in my possession at Dromore, Aglish, and Coolbagh, Clashmore, are strictly preserved, fur and feather. No trespassing of any form. Also take notice that the lands in my possession at Dromore, Aglish, adjoining the River Blackwater at Portnaglough Quay, known as Barron’s Hill, is strictly preserved, fur and feather. No boats placed on or moored from, no fishing nets placed on or moored from, no parking or obstructing of gaps allowed. Furthermore, there is no access allowed to the River Blackwater through Barron’s Hill. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Signed: Denis Barron.



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TREE FELLING HEALY TREE FELLING AND LANDSCAPING – Fully insured and certified. Specialising in tree felling, tree pruning and reducing, chipping and removal, landscaping and garden construction including grass and hedge cutting, lawn laying, gravel gardens, paving, decking and fencing. Contact: Eamonn (085) 7784335. (ind.)

MURRAY’S ROOFING DUNGARVAN – Re-roofing specialists. Slate/Tile • flat roofs • guttering/downpipes • chimney work • chimney cowls • ridge tiles • lead flashing lead valleys • supply/fit roof velux windows • UPVC fascias/soffits • insurance work undertaken • all work holds a full written guarantee • all areas covered • For a free written quotation and emergency work call Paul on (058) 43992, mobile (086) 2109547. (ind.)

IS TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEALTH A NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION? – Start the ball rolling by including Massage Therapy as part of your healthy lifestyle. Appointment only. Call: Niamh on (083) 1418246. Relaxation or Sports Massage, €40 for 60 mins. or €25 for 30 mins. The Greenway Health Clinic, Abbeyside. (2-2)

REVAMP YOUR OLD KITCHEN – High Gloss • Traditional • Painted • Fitted • Wardrobes & Slide Robes • New Doors • Handles • Worktops • Radiator Covers made to order (samples can be seen) • 30 years experience with a leading Irish kitchen company • For a free quotation and design contact (087) 9082927.

MATHS AND ACCOUNTING GRINDS WANTED – For 5th Year male student. Pass level. Contact: (087) 2576354. (19-1)



WORRIED? DISTRESSED? SUICIDAL? – Whatever you're going through, we're here to listen and help, 24 hours a day, every day. Call SAMARITANS in confidence Freephone 116 123, or e-mail us

STONEWORK, BUILDING AND RESTORATION – Patio, block an bricklaying, construction works. Polish professional with years of experience. References available on request. Mobile 087-7916261, text please.




BRENNAN (née O’Gorman) (Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin and formerly of Dungarvan, Co. Waterford) – January 20th, 2018 (peacefully), at St. Vincent’s University Hospital. Angela; dearly beloved wife of the late Patrick (Pat), much loved mother of Orla and Paul. Sadly missed by her loving daughter, son, daughter-in-law Sally, son-in-law Ken, grandchildren Stephen, Chris, Lorcan, Lauren, Seán, Jake and Tilly, sister-in-law Mary, brother-in-law Séamus, nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. May she rest in peace. Reposing at Patrick O’Donovan and Son, Funeral Home, Sallynoggin (opp. Sallynoggin Church). Removal on Wednesday morning to St. Brigid’s Church, Cabinteely, arriving at 9.50 a.m. Funeral immediately after 10.00 a.m. Requiem Mass to Mount Jerome, Crematorium, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6W. House Private. Donations in lieu to the Blackrock Hospice. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h-Anam Dílis. The person who doesn’t advertise knows what they’re doing – but no one else does! Call … 058-41205/42042 e-mail:




HAYLAGE FOR SALE – 4x4 Bales. Must be collected. Aglish area. Tel. (087) 2226046. (2-2)

SHERRY FITZGERALD REYNOLDS LETTINGS – Urgently require Houses and Apartments TO LET in all areas of Dungarvan and West Waterford. Please contact Gerardine Reynolds on 087 2458848 / 058 23444. (ind.)

LOW PRICED GALVANISED SHEETING FOR SALE – Box profile and corrugated, 12’ 14” and 16’ lengths; .6 gauge and 1 metre cover. €1.60 per foot. Can be delivered. Contact: John on (087) 3160356. (9-2) GOOD QUALITY ROUND BALES OF HAY AND SILAGE FOR SALE – Delivery can be arranged. Grass also available. Carrickon-Suir. Tel. (086) 1893077.

Chainsaws from €200

VEHICLES FOR SALE 2008 TOYOTA YARIS 1.3 – Petrol, 85,000 miles, NCT’d until 12/’19, taxed until 03/’18, full service history. Tel. (087) 2164420.


FIREWOOD FOR SALE – 5 bags of logs and 3 bags of kindling €20. Free delivery locally. Call: Mike (087) 1681096. (16-2)

Leafblowers from €275


NOVENA THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER – Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I’ve asked for many favours. This time I ask you this very special one (mention favour). Take it, Dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then, in his merciful eyes, it will become your favour, not mine. Amen. (Say this prayer for 3 days, promise publication, and favour will be granted). Never known to fail. J.W. THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER – Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I’ve asked for many favours. This time I ask you this very special one (mention favour). Take it, Dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then, in his merciful eyes, it will become your favour, not mine. Amen. (Say this prayer for 3 days, promise publication, and favour will be granted). Never known to fail. U.

ROUND BALES OF STRAW FOR SALE – 4x4. All in shed. Clonmel area. Tel. (086) 8252784. (2-2) ELEPHANT ELECTRIC FENCE WITH TESTER FOR SALE – Tel. (087) 7794320. POINT OF LAY PULLETS FOR SALE – Outside Dungarvan Mart on Monday next, 29th January, from 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Tel. (026) 41905 / (087) 2208061.

For Quick Results Use the Small Adverts. Section Call our Office or use your Credit or Debit Card by Phone Dungarvan Observer, Shandon, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. Tel. (058) 41205 / 42042. Fax: (058) 41559.

BRIDGE KILMACTHOMAS BRIDGE CLUB (17/1/2018) – 1st Shane Prendergast & Anne Marie Brown; 2nd Anna Harney & Betty Murphy; 3rd Catherine Power & Olga Carroll; 4th Tess Cusack & Maeve Coghlan; 5th Grace Kiersey & Claire Cummins. AFFANE BRIDGE CLUB (4/12/2017) – 1st Claire Meaney & Eileen O’Driscoll; 2nd Mary Fletcher & Una Mason; 3rd Laboure Cliffe & Andrew McGrath. (8/1/2018) – 1st Pat Murphy & Monica O’Sullivan; 2nd Claire Meaney & Valerie Coughlan; 3rd Andrew McGrath & Margaret Clancy; 4th Ber Flynn & Maureen Arrigan. DUNGARVAN BRIDGE CLUB (18/1/2018) – 1st Justin Spratt & Margret Curran; 2nd Kay Kirwan & Maureen Power; 3rd Moira Ormonde & Marianne Mulcahy; 4th Ann Heffernan & Catherine Tuohy; 5th Mary Casey & Maureen O'Neill. DEISE BRIDGE CLUB (Comerford Trophy: 22/1/2018) – 1st Maureen O'Neill & Helen Russell; 2nd Kathleen Phelan & Paddy Lannen; 3rd Justin Spratt & Mary Casey; 4th Eileen & Nuala Harty.

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018



Lucia Quealy, Terra Nua Building Contractors; Derek Downes, Eurospar, and Joe Kelly, Kelly's Pharmacy, pictured at the Quick Coffee Catch Up at Eurospar Insomnia in conjunction with Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce. [Dan McGrath]

Orla Dawson, Dungarvan Credit Union; Mary Phelan, Moore Independent, and Joe Roche, Joe Roche Windows & Doors, pictured at the Quick Coffee Catch Up at Eurospar Insomnia in conjunction with Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce. [Dan McGrath]

Samantha Cambell, Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce; Geri Garvey, Bank of Ireland, Dungarvan, and Karen Darcy, Bank of Ireland, Dungarvan, pictured at the Quick Coffee Catch Up at Eurospar Insomnia in conjunction with Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce. [Dan McGrath]

Declan Enright, Eurospar; John Joyce, West Waterford Golf Club, and Eugene Tobin, SGC Cinema, pictured at the Quick Coffee Catch Up at Eurospar Insomnia in conjunction with Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce. [Dan McGrath]

Pat Whyte, Printmaster; Rachel Power, Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce; Jenny Beresford, CEO Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce, and Declan Enright, Eurospar, pictured at the Quick Coffee Catch Up at Eurospar Insomnia in conjunction with Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce. [Dan McGrath]

Ann Butler, Printmaster; Jenny Beresford, CEO Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce, and Linda Hogan, Dan McCarthy Home Interiors, pictured at the Quick Coffee Catch Up at Eurospar Insomnia in conjunction with Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce. [Dan McGrath]

Jenny Beresford, CEO Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce; Kelley Moroney, Eurospar, and Derek Downes, Eurospar, pictured at the Quick Coffee Catch Up at Eurospar Insomnia in conjunction with Dungarvan & [Dan McGrath] West Waterford Chamber of Commerce.

Kate Connors, L&K Furniture; Cabrini De Barra, Glor na nGael, and Deirdre Daly, FDC Accountants, pictured at the Quick Coffee Catch Up at Eurospar Insomnia in conjunction with Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of [Dan McGrath] Commerce.

32 & 33


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Huge turnout for 60th celebrations of Ballinameela GAA Club SIXTY years of Ballinameela GAA Club was celebrated at a commemorative dinner held at the Park Hotel, Dungarvan, last Saturday night. The ballroom was packed to capacity as up to 250 people from near and far (and some from further afield) crowded in to enjoy a night of conversation, memories and stories (magnificent triumphs and some bitter defeats), reflection, celebration and reminiscence, as well as a browse through archives and memorabilia on display, which stretched back to the foundation of the club in 1957. The formation of Ballinameela GAA Club provided a sense of identity for the small rural parish, which is sandwiched in between the

Geraldines on the Western flank, the Brickeys to the East and Modeligo to the North. To reflect on the formative years from 1957 to 2018, seven guests were invited on stage to talk about the club and how it has evolved over the past six decades:  Michael O’Brien, who has been a member of the club since its foundation, and held the post of secretary of the club;  Tom Ahearne, another long time member, whose recall of details, matches and events is unerringly sharp;  Jim Power, an officer of the club (chairman) for 17 years and a player when the club made the breakthrough in football in the late

’70s and junior hurling in the early ’80s;  Patsy O’Keeffe, who also represented UCC in the Fitzgibbon Cup and was a member of the Waterford U21 hurling team in 1974 that won a Munster title beating Clare;  Deckie Glavin, who had a distinguished playing career with Ballinameela GAA Club and served in many officer capacities within the club for fourteen years, as well as holding the positions of selector and a manager for numerous teams as well as a successful stint as a referee;  Terry McCarthy, who made his debut for the club in 1996 and scored the winning point in the 1999 Junior Football Western final

against Kilgobinet breaching a gap of fourteen years since Ballinameela last won a title in Junior Hurling in ’85.  Dave Phelan, who made his debut for the club in 2005 against the Brickeys in a Western Junior Hurling Final, and who especially flew home from Abu Dhabi to be present at the commemorative dinner. Dave is the coach / trainer for the club going into 2018. MC for the night, Michael Culloo, led the proceedings by reminiscing about events of 1957 when the club was formed - Eamon DeValera was Taoiseach after a General Election that year; Elvis Presley was riding high in the charts with ‘Jailhouse Rock’ with ‘Great

Balls of Fire’ from Jerry Lee Lewis; while more locally, Waterford shocked the football world by defeating Kerry, but losing to Cork in the Munster Final; while Waterford lost to Kilkenny in the All-Ireland Hurling Final. Tributes were paid to the three men who were behind the establishment of Ballinameela GAA Club, Harry Conway, Patrick Tobin and David McGrath, three surnames that are still synonymous with the small rural parish to this day. James Maher, current Chairman of the Club, welcomed everyone to the celebrations, noting that some of those attending had travelled from as far abroad as America and

England. Mr. Maher said there is a list of Club officers and photographs since 1957, but there were also blanks, which he encouraged people to fill in, to help update the record. It is onwards and upwards for Ballinameela GAA Club, as there is great optimism for the Club going into the 2018 season, with hopes to be the best at Junior Hurling and Intermediate Football, according to new coach / trainer, Dave Phelan. He said he was “very excited for the season”, and promised it should “be interesting”, before adding: “We are looking forward to it and it will be different”.

The panel of guests: Michael O’Brien, Tom Ahearne, Jim Power, Patsy O’Keeffe, Deckie Glavin, Terry McCarthy and Davey Phelan.

Phil O’Brien, Mary McCarthy and Geraldine Power. Karen Stack, Ken Stack, Padraig Scanlon, John Fletcher, John Stack and Cyril Stack. Michael and Noreen Stack and Ann Scally.

John Longan, Tommy Reynolds and Sean Fitzgerald.

Phyll Reynolds, Davey and Peggy Reynolds and Kitty Longan.

Declan and Una Morrissey, Sean Cronin, John Tobin, Eamon and Jean Walsh.

Celia Walsh, Anna Barrett, Sarah Maher, Olivia Maher and Nonie Maher.

Lisa Walsh Horwood, Anna McDonagh, Michael McDonagh and John Radley.

Eamon and Lyndsey Walsh.

Micheál Shine, Niamh O’Gorman and Mikey Phelan.

Mary and Tom Cahill.

James McGrath, Elaine Blaney (hidden), Ciara Hennessey, Stephen McGrath, Conor Buckley (behind candles), Anna Earley, Jim Curran and Jane Butler.

Eamon and Emma Toal.

COUNTY NEWS NEWSREEL … Anxious or Depressed?

COME to our Support Group Meeting in Dungarvan.Venue: Deise Day Care, Dungarvan, Community Centre, Mitchel Street. Date: Every Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Helpline: 1800 804 848. You are not alone! Please note change in time.

St. Michael’s Hall Ballyduff Upper Card Results 1st Aaron & Mary Pratt; 2nd Mary Byrnes & Helen Walsh; 3rd Delia Cashell & Sean Higgins. Lucky Tables: Bill Leddy, Helen O’Keeffe, Pat Ryan, Sheila Lonergan. Raffle: Pat Kirby, Sheila Lonergan, Rita Leamy, Sean Higgins, Mary Fennessey x 2, Nellie Devine, John Conway, Bill Leddy.

Poetry night in Waterford IMBOLG Spokes poetry night, upstairs in Phil Grimes pub, Waterford City, on Friday, 2nd February, 2018. Featuring very special guest poet: Simon Lewis. Guest musicians: Crowe and Keye. Doors 8.00 p.m. Admission: €5. The Imbolg Spokes poetry night marks the turn towards Spring with very special guest poet Simon Lewis who is a winner of the Hennessy Emerging Poetry Prize and runner-up in the Patrick Kavanagh Award 2015. His first collection of poetry ‘Jewtown’ is published by Doire Press and focuses on the area in Cork city which came to be known as Jewtown and which was once home to a thriving community of Lithuanian Jews. Our featured musicians are Dublin husband and wife team Crowe and Keye who will play a few songs through the night of open mic and guest poetry. New voices are always welcome for the open mic section which kicks off the night. The ‘Spokes’ series of poetry nights mark the major points on the Wheel of the Year which correspond to the turning points of the solar cycle. Forthcoming dates for Spokes are the Spring Equinox on Friday, 23rd March, which will be an open mic special and on the 4th May we are really delighted to have Dublin spoken word artist and poet Colm Keegan returning to Waterford for a reading. For further details please contact Colette Colfer on 0860269161.

Villierstown National School VILLIERSTOWN National School Parents Association will host a Music Table Quiz on Friday, 16th February, 2018 in An Cruiscin Lan,Villierstown. Table of 4 €20. Registration on the night 8.30 p.m. to begin 9.00 p.m. sharp. So if you fancy something different on a Friday night come along for a trip down Music Memory Lane. All are welcome and it's sure to be a very entertaining night. Great prizes raffle on the night. Looking forward to a great night. Note for Diaries – The Annual Villierstown National School Quiz dates are 17th April and 24th April. More details will follow.

CITIZENS INFORMATION - INTERESTED? In volunteering with Dungarvan Citizens Information. We offer you: • a rewarding and worthwhile experience • the chance to learn new skills • induction, training and ongoing support We ask you to: • share your time and skills • attend training as required Contact Dungarvan CIC, Scanlon’s Yard, Friary St., Dungarvan. Tel. 0761 07 6550. Closing date 2/2/2018.

ARDMORE Ardmore Tidy Towns DR. TONY HUMPHRIES IN ST. DECLAN’S HALL On Monday night next Ardmore National School will present a lecture by celebrated Psychologist, Dr. Tony Humphries in St Declan’s Hall Ardmore on the benefits of positive parenting.The lecture commences at 7.30 p.m. and admission is €10. Well worth a visit. NAVAN DAMP SQUIP Soaking wet rather than damp squip is probably more accurate. Dozens of Ardmore hurling supporters went to Navan on Saturday evening ahead of our All Ireland semi-final date with Setanta of Donegal. Everyone else, including the team, were either on the way or ready to roll when word came through that the match had been postponed owing to a water logged pitch. So we had to put up with and stay home for the day. Worse for the Donegal boys as their team spent Saturday in Dublin and attended the other semi-final where Fethard of

Wexford qualified for the final with a comprehensive victory over the Galway representatives. The Setanta boys overnighted in Navan and had to make their way home on Sunday. As we go to press we don’t have the rescheduling but we assume it will be either next Saturday or Sunday. 45 AT KEEVERS Tessie Mansfield & Terri McGrath won the 45 last week with Michael & Anne Keane sharing 2nd with Mary & Pat Prendergast. Best of the last 5 were Des Fitzgerald & Gerry O’Brien and Pegy Keevers & Marie Stilwell won the last game. POKER AT ROUND TOWER HOTEL Tony Mansfield was our winner last week with Jerome Curran in 2nd & Trish Fitzgerald in 3rd with James Bryan winning at the runners up table. This caused further tightening at the top of the league with just 2 Wednesdays remaining, Redmond Foley still leads on 197 from Ger Cronin on 180

with Jerome on 179 and Billy back in 4th on 178. James Bryan (170) Mary Ann Troy on 168 with Trish Fitzgerald 164 now very much in the reckoning. With 25 points to the winner each night and 20 for 2nd, 15 for 3rd and 10 to beaten finalists, it’s all to play for. SYMPATHY Ardmore Tidy Towns offers sincere sympathy to the family of the late David Coyne of Glenlickey who died last week and to the family of Mai Allen who also died recently, so soon after her late husband Patrick. Ar dheis Dé go raibh said. ARDMORE PATTERN FESTIVAL NEWS Operation Transformation: A huge congratulations to all those who have joined up for this year’s operation transformation. Weekly weigh-in takes place each Monday in the ICA Hall in Ardmore. It is great to see new people joining us each week. Healthy Eating: This Wednesday Evening at 8.15 p.m., Rob for Blasta Wholefoods in

Dungarvan will give a talk on healthy eating.This is a free event and is sure to provide us all with some healthy tips in our lives. Pattern Week: We have had many enquires in relation to the date of the Pattern Festival. This year Pattern week will run from the 23rd July to 29th July. We are currently working night and day to bring a fun filled festival to all. We hope to bring further details to you in the coming weeks. The 2 Johnnies: The committee are delighted to announce their first show of the year.The 2 Johnnies will be in Halla Deuglán, Ardmore on Monday, 23rd July. The duo come from Tipperary and are also known as Johnny B and Johnny Smacks. They have a huge following on social media and in 2017, they released 2 hit songs. Tickets are priced at €15 each and are available from committee members, Grange and Ardmore Post Offices, through our Facebook page and from 087-6592573. Don’t delay in getting your ticket as it is sure to be a sell out show.

Letters to the Editor … Address Letters to: The Editor, Dungarvan Observer, Shandon, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. Fax: 058 41559. e-mail: ALL letters MUST include your name, address and telephone number for authenticity purposes.

Concern co-founder Protection of the Unborn John O’Loughlin Kennedy appealing for reunion after 50 years Dear Editor, Fifty years ago my late wife, Kay, and I called a meeting to talk about the developing famine behind a military blockade in Biafra. Unexpectedly, 40 people crowded into our apartment at 82 Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, on March 19th, 1968. Those present were deeply moved by first-hand accounts of the situation from Biafran Chief Robert Olisa and Chief Jerome Udoji who, quite providentially, had turned up in Dublin on that very day. At this unforgettable meeting we decided to DO SOMETHING to help, although at that point it was very unclear as to what or how. Thus 'Africa Concern' was born. Later, when it broadened its horizons, it became Concern.Your readers know what an extraordinary organisation it has become. The 50th anniversary is a time to recognise the phenomenal work of Concern throughout the years in the world’s poorest and most underdeveloped countries and to 'give thanks', especially to those very early day supporters.We have no record of the 40 people who attended that meeting, but they or their family members will remember.Through the courtesy of this newspaper, we would like to make contact with them or their representatives and would ask them to write to me at Concern (address below), or email Yours Sincerely, John O'Loughlin Kennedy Co-founder, Concern Worldwide 52-55 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2

Dear Sir, As widely reported, the Taoiseach and his colleagues are reflecting this week on the recommendations of the Oireachtas Committee, for a referendum on the 8th Amendment, which if repealed will remove all meaningful protections from unborn babies and ultimately lead to wide ranging abortion. I wonder are they discussing the nitty gritty of abortion, such as what happens when babies are born alive after abortions? In Canada, an openly hostile environment for unborn babies where 1 in 5 babies are aborted, official figures have shown that over a ten year period starting in 2000, 491 babies who survived botched abortions were abandoned by medical staff and left to die alone in the corners of hospitals. Similarly, a recent report in the UK found that the bodies of aborted babies were being incinerated and used to heat NHS hospitals. This lack of respect for human life is seen in other ways too, such as the fact that 90% of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the womb are aborted in the UK. Does our Taoiseach and Minister for Health think that babies in Irish hospitals and clinics should be treated in a similar manner. Has Irish society reduced itself to permitting the most defenseless of human beings to be killed off and disposed of in such a contemptuous way? Yours, ANNA LUSZCZYNSKA Dunmore East, Co. Waterford.

@DungarvanObserv WE’RE SOCIAL! Join us... @DungarvanObserv and keep up to date with all our tweets about Dungarvan and County Waterford.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


KILL MICHAEL POWER MEMORIAL CHRISTMAS DAY SWIM Okay everyone, the hard work is over, you've done the swim, stood at the checkouts for the bagpacks, door collections another year, and the sponsor cards are rounded up, well, maybe not all of them yet, so please get them back before this coming Monday, 29th January to make sure Touching Hearts will receive all the funds raised! On Saturday, 3rd February, come along to Dunphy's Pub in Kill for the presentation of the proceeds to Touching Hearts. A night of chat, finger food, and Louise Jones playing good music and singing great songs.This is as always a great night to meet some of the people you met on Christmas morning at the swim, old friends to meet and new friends to make. A night of celebration, you deserve it. See you all there! CALLING ALL SPRING CLEANERS It's that time of again folks, New Year's resolutions - get fit, do more in the community, de-clutter, etc. etc. And we all know the most likely successful one is the old Spring clean - get de-cluttering your wardrobes, drawers, chests, hotpresses, attics and bag up all your old clothes, coats, belts, shoes, bags, bedlinen, curtains, etc. - and you'll kill a few birds with one stone with all that lugging about (weight-lifting!): help Kill National School raise funds and celebrate your all your new found space with a smoothie of your choice!!! Please hold your bags for the Parents Association of Kill National School's next collection in early February - date to be confirmed. If you have any problem holding onto them, please contact Grace Colbert at 086-3289212 and watch this space for more information. Unfortunately, mobile telephones are no longer collected by most textile collection companies so we will no longer be looking for them. Our last collection in October saved 2,436kg of your old clothes and textiles from landfill. Yes, you read that correctly. Our three collections in the 2015 school year raised €1,100; over the last school year, 3 collections raised €2,100 and this school year our first collection alone raised, wait for it, €1,200! Thank you so much for all your support. Please be patient until our next date. KILL ACTION & ALERT GROUP Last Christmas has to have been one of the most memorable in Kill for every age group thanks to this amazing community, so well done everybody! It is however not all

about the "Fun" events (although who can forget their Rodeo BBQ!) but the village also will begin to blossom and bloom soon again thanks to the planting of shrubbery and flowers and to the constant maintenance by our local TUS worker Monica Weldon who also does a fantastic job keeping the school playground free from wet leaves and litter. We have also, according to Sgt Alan Kissane, a practically 0 rate of crime thanks to the Alert service. Help them keep all this work by just giving one hour of your time their next meeting is on Tuesday, 23rd January at 8.00 p.m. in Kill Community Centre -come along and play your part for 2018! Thank you all for your ongoing support, together we can make our community the best it can be! ENROLMENT FOR KILL NATIONAL SCHOOL Parents wishing to enrol their child in Kill N.S. for September 2018 must ensure that their child is 4 years old by the 1st May of the year of enrolment. Application forms are available on request from the school on 051-292349 or email Closing Date for applications is Friday, 23rd March, 2018. FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER There's something for all age groups going on folks - indoor hurling in Kill Community Centre with St. Mary's every Friday night: U-6s train from 5.00 p.m. to 5.50 p.m., U-7s are up from 5.50 p.m. to 6.45 p.m. and U-8s from 6.45 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. All indoor hurleys are provided, just bring your helmet and water (the younger ones may wear shinguards) and €2 per head to cover cost of the hall. YOUTH CLUB Your 8-12 year olds have their fun catered for at Seaview Youth Club in Annestown - no need to be a member of the Soccer Club come along and try out their new Karaoke Machine, PS4, board games, Lego Room, Table Tennis/Pool challenges, the most amazing Scalextric setup ever seen, and if weather permits, outdoor soccer on the AstroTurf, and lots more. This is a great social occasion for this age group with a contribution of just €4 each, and all supervisors are Garda Vetted. Go give it a whirl! CALLING ALL THOSE BORN IN 2008 Check out Seaview Celtic Soccer Club in Annestown on Tuesday nights, 6.30 p.m. -7.30 p.m. Call Paul Clooney 0863122504 for more information! ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The Annual General and Public

Meeting of Boatstrand Sea Safety Centre Committee takes place on Monday, 29th January at 7.30 p.m. in Sea View Celtic Clubhouse, Annestown. We urge people with an interest in the future of the Sea Safety Centre and harbour to come along. Your support would be greatly appreciated. KILL GAA LOTTO At last week's Lotto draw in Dunphy's Bar, there was no winner of the €10,000 Lotto Jackpot. On the night we had two match 3 winners who were Jessie Torpey and a combined ticket of Heather & Michael Power. The numbers drawn were 9, 13, 25 and 30. The Lotto draw was sponsored by Dungarvan Nissan, South East Car & Van Hire. KILL COMMUNITY CENTRE Now that we are well into the new year, our schedule offers once again something for everybody: Mondays: Drama Classes in Gealach Gorm Theatre 6.15 p.m. 7.30 p.m. for 6 to 12 year olds. For further information, please contact Angela at 086-8569358. Zumba/Piloxing with Adriana takes place every Monday from 7.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. The cost is €8 per class and no bookings are necessary, just come along and give it a try! Tuesdays: Social dancing is back, now on a different day, every Tuesday from 10.45 a.m. under the direction of Helen Kealy who can be contacted on 086-8541081 for further information. Wednesdays: Kids' Irish dancing classes provide lots of fun for all levels from 6.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. For enquiries, please contact Catriona on 085-1434698. Saturdays: Guitar lessons have now re-commenced and take place every Saturday from 10.00 a.m. New students are most welcome, please contact Michael on 0879050190 for information. Kill Community Centre is delighted to announce that the Bingo Nights will be held in collaboration with Kill National School: The Big Bingo Bonanza takes place this Thursday, 25th January at 8.00 p.m. in Kill Community Centre. A Jackpot of €360 is up for grabs and refreshments will be served. All are welcome for this super social event! Our next Teenage Disco takes place this Friday, 26th January at the changed times of 9.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. To say a mega THANKS for supporting Kill Discos throughout the year, there will be no cover charge this week. DJ Tyrone and the organising committee say thank you for all your support!

Matt Kelly, Marian Malone, Barry Flack, Dick Clancy, Ger Dalton and Oliver during filming for TG4 Nuacht 7.15 ish next Wednesday.

Dungarvan Men’s Shed

TG4 NUACHT WILL FEATURE OUR SHED ON THIS WEDNESDAY 24th JANUARY We had a major surprise last week when a crew visited the Shed to film our activities for a new item on Wednesday 24th at the end of An Nuacht on TG4 at 7.00 p.m. All the activities were filmed including the Ciorcal Comhrá Gaeilge in the Bothan na bhfear. Sean Mac Aoire from Stradbally will explain what we do in the Shed and his own experience ‘as Gaeilge’ while Eddie Curran of Ring will tell us about himself and his experience of the Shed. It was a wonderful and enjoyable morning with the husband and wife crew of Matt and Marian who really understood and acknowledged the good work being done in the Shed. Don’t forget to watch us on Wednesday evening at 7.15ish TG4. RECALLING THEIR DAYS WORKING IN ENGLAND Last week, four men sat around the table for a cuppa and fondly recalled their experiences

working in England for most of their working life. It was a pleasure to hear these elders speak in positive terms of their careers across the water. Terry Lomax worked as an aircraft engineer with the British Navy and followed on by joining the Ministry for Defence for a few years where he tells us he loaded an atom bomb weighing 1000lbs in 1968 which was called Red Beard and later as a postman. Terry Rogers was in the British Army as metalsmith for ten years and because of his visits to Germany is able to read and write German. Terry is a naturalised Irishman who became an Irish Citizen in the past six months. He tells us gleefully that he is now known in England as a ‘Plastic Paddy’. Sean Cullinane worked in the

Merchant Navy and was 50 years at sea starting as a seaman and finished up as a Chief Navigation Officer navigating the ship from the bridge. Jim Power gave a lifetime helping people using his vast skills. Their story and many of our members would make a great book and hopefully this social history will be documented before the evidence goes. ABOUT THE SHED You are very welcome to call in to the Shed at Wolfe Tone Road to see what we are about. We are open from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Monday-Friday or contact Oliver Whelan Chairman at (087) 1856067 for further information. Follow us on Facebook at Dungarvan Men’s Shed.

Poem Where's he gone my little dog? I've searched and searched through rain and fog. Where's he gone? Do you know? Tears of sadness on my cheek's now show. Please find for me my little friend. Please bring my heartache to an end. For miles and miles we walk each day. Side by side we love to stray. Where did he go did you see? Please bring him back home to me. Please, please to this task attend. Please find for me my little friend. I ask you kindly your search to start. And find the friend that holds my heart. Ger Dalton

BONMAHON BONMAHON COMMUNITY SOCIETY LOTTO The numbers drawn at the recent Lotto night were 25, 32, 1 and 31. We had no jackpot or match 3 winners. Our 2 lucky dip prizes for €50 went to John Dwan and Richard O'Farrell. Join us again for a jackpot now at €9,750. COPPER COAST VISITOR CENTRE Some places are still available for the Copper Coast Geopark Skills Taster Day! Sample a selection of needle

craft in the comfort of our historic visitor centre here in Bunmahon. Saturday, February 3rd, 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Cost is €65 per person and a group discount is available. All materials and a light lunch are included. Crafts will include naalbinding, fingerloop braiding, spinning, needle craft, and St. Bridget cross weaving. As an added bonus we are delighted to confirm that The Wool Shop will offer a 30% discount on the day to all attending (T&C's will apply). Please email for more details or to book.

Sean Cullinane, Terry Lomax, Jim Power and Terry Rogers enjoy the chat around the table.



MEMBER’S DINNER The museum Member’s Dinner will take place on Sunday 28th January 7pm at the Interlude Restaurant, Dungarvan. The dinner will be 3 courses and there will be prizes on the night. The cost for the dinner is €28 and must be paid at the museum no later than Thursday 25th January. ÁINE UÍ FHOGHLÚ TALK Philip Barron, Man of mystery by Áine Uí Fhoghlú attracted a nice crowd to the wonderful sailing club venue overlooking Dungarvan harbour. The talk which was delivered with great gusto was most informative and shed quite a bit of light on the mystery man. The talk was followed by a very interesting question and answer session. Áine was at pains to inform all that Philip Barron continues to remain a man of mystery and she intends to continue her research into his past. Refreshingly she thanked all the people who had helped her and quoted all her sources prior to her delivery. RECENT PUBLICATIONS The Museum supplied photographs to two recently launched publications. ‘A History of the Dungarvan GAA Club from 1885-2017’ by Tony Ryan, and ‘Dunmore East A Living History’ by Maria Walsh. Both books come highly recommended and are available in local outlets. DVDS FOR SALE IN THE MUSEUM Dungarvan’s Hospitals - A Walking History and Grattan

Square – Social History Documentary of Dungarvan – Dungarvan’s Hospitals - A Walking History’ is a wonderful documentary film made by Eddie Cantwell and Fionn Mac Giolla Chuda, starring Michael Brennan for the Christmas Market. This was shown to two packed houses at the SGC Cinema in Dungarvan, and for all those people who requested copies a DVD is now on sale for €12 at Waterford County Museum in Friary Street. Eddie has decided to use the income from the sales to advance further research at Gallows Hill. Apart from dealing with St. Joseph’s, the documentary which was produced by Eddie and filmed and edited by Fionn, also deals with St.Vincent’s which was standing at the time of filming. Michael Brennan, who Eddie says ‘is the real star of this documentary’, was born at the Gate Lodge back in the 1930s, and his memories of growing up there have now been recorded for prosperity. Eddie continued ‘Michael is clinical, humorous and displays an almost photographic memory about life there. I hardly had to ask him a question he just took off with me in tow. Fionn and I spent some four hours filming and I don’t even want to think about the number of hours that I sat and watched Fionn edit it with clinical precision’. Also ‘Grattan Square - Social History Documentary of Dungarvan’ is available on DVD for €10 at the Museum. This is an extremely popular film which was also shown to full houses at

the SGC Cinema in Dungarvan. Along with the DVDs we also have a great selection of books for sale with local connections. AN EXHIBITION OF WATERFORD INTEREST An Exhibition which is of a County Waterford interest is currently running at Crawford Art Gallery in Cork until 24th February 2018. It is called ‘Stones, Slabs and Seascapes George Victor Du Noyer’s Images of Ireland’. Du Noyer was employed by the Geological Society of Ireland which was established in 1845 to map all of Ireland, documenting geological, archaeological and historical sites. While his main work involved recording geological features, he also sketched anything of interest he saw, people, ruined churches, castles and towns. He was not a trained artist but produced drawing of a very high standard. While in County Waterford Du Noyer sketched and mapped areas of the Copper Coast and beyond, the Comeragh Mountains etc. A number of his Waterford drawings are included in the exhibition. This is an impressive exhibition which should not be missed. There is also an attractive hardback book available on the exhibition. YOUR CHANCE TO SUPPORT THE MUSEUM Museum membership is available for an annual fee of €15 if you would like to support the work of the Museum. The Museum relies heavily on membership fees, donations and fund raising activities, so we would be delighted if you would join us as a member. As a member you will


Carroll's 'Mick McQuaid' tobacco tin c.1920s PATRICK James Carroll opened the first tobacco shop in Dundalk in 1824. In 1864 his son joined and modernised the firm. In 1889 the company introduced the Mick McQuaid brand. Mick first appeared as a character in The Shamrock magazine in the 1880s. In the 1920s the company introduced a drawing of Mick on their tins and adverts. The Mick McQuaid brand was discontinued in 2016.

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

11th Waterford (Dungarvan) Scout Group benefit from knowing that you are supporting the important work of the Museum in County Waterford, plus being informed of various talks, new exhibitions and activities taking place throughout the year. There is also a member’s annual trip and Christmas meal. Please do consider joining us as a member. You can see the very varied and interesting work of the Museum on our website including volunteers taking part in local archaeological digs. Call in to see us in Friary Street, or ring us on 058 45960 for more information. DONATION OF OBJECTS AND OLD PHOTOGRAPHS The Museum relies on donations of objects from members of the public. We do not have funds to purchase objects, so we would be very grateful for any objects of local historic interest which you may have in your possession which you would be willing to kindly donate to us. Also if you have any old photographs of people, places, ships, sports events etc. with a County Waterford connection we are very happy to accept them. We can scan them to add to our extensive photographic archive and give you back the originals. By donating items to us you will be playing your part in helping to preserve local history for future generations. You can drop items into us in Friary Street, or call us on 058 45960 to discuss any items you are thinking of donating. VISITING THE MUSEUM We welcome visits from schools, community groups, and local history societies. Please contact us at 058 45960 to arrange a visit. Let us know if you are interested in a particular subject and we will focus on that during the visit. OPENING HOURS Monday to Friday 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. Admission is free.


First Name William Thomas William

Age 20 30

Service No. Rank 7874 Pr. 4357 Sgt. 7874 Pr.

Service Army R.F.C. Army

Unit R.I. Reg. 5Bn. 22 Squadron R.I. Reg. 5Bn.

Where Born Fourmilewater/Ballinamult Lismore Chapel St. Fourmilewater

Death Category At sea Injuries At sea

Date of Death 1/24/18 1/24/18 1/24/18

WELL, it was a wild and windy Sunday when the group arranged to meet up at the hall for 8.30 p.m. and after lifts we sorted we had 24 Scouts that headed to Mahon Falls to join up with the members of Waterford Scout County for or Mountain pursuit challenge. All in all we had 150 scouts + Leaders. And boy was it a challenge. We had fog, wind, and rain for most of the hike. The hike stated off from the top car park and we headed up Comeragh mountain and from there we took a bearing that followed the ridge line on Coum Tay.Viability was poor 70-100m so the bearings and pacing was relied upon big time. The ground condition was boggy and some fun was had in the leftover snow drifts of stuck in the mud. We hiked down to Ned Curran’s cottage and had a well earned bite to eat. We then crossed the stream and headed back for the car park. Hikes like this can show real character.When the going gets tough, it time to dig in find that drive to push on. And far play to all the Scouts that took part.You all earned your strips that's for sure so well done. Next up - Scout Fun weekend 9-11th February.

Abbeyside Scouts WE started of as usual with the scout prayer and subs. After a few reminders, the scouts staying in their patrols, got down to gadget making. Our new scouts learning from the more experienced. They were then judged on their finished work - the patrol who came 1st, helped judge on who was to come 2nd and 3rd. By the time clean up was done there was only a short time for a game, which will have to be completed next week. The scout section is going to open a waiting list as we are full, with 24 members we cannot take on any more members unless we get new scout leaders in to support growth. If any parent or other adult with an interest in joining us would like to get in touch the best way is through our Facebook page at or by email at Or, of course by personal contact with any of the leaders in the group.We now have 70 youth members and 25 adult scouters, so the chances are someone will know someone. Annual camp update - we will be needing copies of passports for those who are travelling, we getting very close to finalising bookings now. Dates are 2nd-9th July, flying out and back from Dublin Airport. Also note that annual registration is going to be paid at the end of January (which includes the annual insurance payment to Scouting Ireland) so that needs to be sorted also please.

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018



STRADBALLY STRADBALLY SOCIAL One of the most talked about social events of the New Year is the Stradbally GAA Social which is planned to take place on Saturday, 10th February at the Park Hotel, Dungarvan. The senior footballers will be presented with their County medals during the event. Music on the night is by “Fuse” and tickets cost €30. This social promises to be a great celebration for the whole community, so book your tickets on time and enjoy a great night out with your club neighbours and friends. STRADBALLY MARKET The Stradbally Market goes from strength to strength each week with all producers coming up with new ideas and interesting products on sale, such as “Crafty Cards” by Agnes - a beautiful range of hand-made cards for all occasions, birthdays, engagements, Valentine’s day, new baby, St. Patrick’s Day. Cards can be personalised at your request! There is also a new line of knitted headbands, a must have fashion accessory for all the young ladies. The “Candy Corner” too is very popular with sweets of every shape and hue. The local scenes photographed by Colette both in cards and framed pictures make lovely presents both at home and abroad. Of course, it goes without saying the home-baking and fresh fruit and vegetables are on every shoppers list. Do drop into the Cove Bar any Saturday from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and see the local produce on offer. WISH UPON A TREE The organisers of the Christmas Fundraiser Wish Upon A Tree will present the €600 raised to the representatives of “Make A Wish” Children’s Charity on next Saturday, 27th January at the Stradbally Market in the Cove Bar, Stradbally. STRADBALLY TIDY TOWNS Strdbally Tidy Towns Committee are pleased to see the new Greenway directional sign at the Five Crosses following our representation of the CEO some months ago.We also look forward to the new sign at the Greenway Car-park at Durrow, Stradbally, and a matching sign at the village green in Stradbally. RACES POSTPONED Local racehorse owners will have to wait another week to see their horses run as a water-logged course forced Dungarvan postponement for another week.The Dungarvan Point-to-Point races takes place at Kilossera at 12.30 p.m. on Sunday, 28th January. Best of luck to all involved. BARRON HALL INFINITE TAI CHI Interested in improving well being on all levels. Class starting Tuesday, 30th January at 7.00 p.m. in the Barron Hall

Stradbally. 10 weeks €100. All welcome. Contact Josephine Hickey 051-293219. It's wonderful to see so many people and groups using the Barron Hall facility. TRAVEL DIARY Cont., and final part of the "Travel Diary of Alice and Minnie Crotty in 1897 on a visit to Durrow House home of their grandfather John Cleary". Tuesday, August 31st 1897. "Arose early prepared to start for Dungarvan and Lismore. On the way to the station met Thos J. Power who went with us to the Chapel yard and showed us the Cleary Graves. From there to the station at Durrow where Mr. Mullaney was waiting to have a chat. Our time was very short. Both men were much disappointed that they had not seen more of us, Mr. Mullaney was quite affected. “Went on to Dungarvan through fine country, saw Ballyvoyle Cove, the lighthouse and old castle. At the station left our luggage in storage and then went around the town.Went to a little park overlooking the bay. Inquired about Cody's store and went into the one without knowing it. It is the best store in the town as far as we could see. Visited the church, saw some familiar names on stations by windows. Called to the pastor's residence but he had gone away on his vacation. Crossed the bridge to Abbeyside, walked around the old ruins of the Abbey, went into the church waited for a shower to pass. Returned to depot in time for the evening train to Lismore. Arrived there in time for supper at the Black Vale Water Hotel. After supper took a walk around the town. Lismore a very pretty place.

Wednesday, September 1st. A very stormy day.Waited for some time to get out to go to the Convent, finally hired a car and went. Saw Mother Patrick and many more of the Nuns. Had a delightful visit. Could not go to the Castle on account of the rain. Left for evening train and watched for Mrs Kelly before buying tickets. Saw them as soon as the train came in the depot. Got our tickets and went in the same car as them, glad to see them and them us. They had a long wet trip. At the Waterford Friary they met Mr. Hanley who helped them with their luggage and was of great assistance to them. We had to change cars in Mallow. Mrs. Hall and Miss Selvage went to have a cup of tea. Suddenly a call aboard for Cork made us run for our train. Sent for Mrs. and Miss .. but before they came the train started leaving them behind. We calmed Mrs Kelly by saying they could come on the next train.When we reached the Cork Station we waited until they came. Hired a car and drove to an address which we had but could not get accommodation.Went to Victoria Hotel for the night. In the morning went......" (Crotty girls were returning from their trip from Stradbally hotel to America, the Chapel yard visited on the 31st was the Old medieval Graveyard where there is a family grave.The photo is of Clonea Castle, long disappeared. In 1897 would have seen this building travelling on the train from Durrow to Dungarvan. We are thankful to Chris Hines (descendant) who visited Durrow House in August 2017 and presented a copy of the "Travel Diary" and more.). Any queries to 087-9386209 or

Clonea Castle circa 1910, thanks to Marie O’Shea, from the Keohan Collection. Gentleman in picture believed to be a member of Keohan family.

Attending the Park Hotel Waterford Sports Stars Awards Banquet 2017 were Mayor of Waterford City and County, Cllr. Pat Nugent with his wife Eileen and Des Cahill. [Sean Byrne]

TOURANEENA SYMPATHY We extend our sincere sympathy to the Hannon and Keane family on the recent death of Kathleen Hannon (nee Keane), Leitrim, Kilworth, Co. Cork, and formerly of Touraneena. Kathleen was predeceased by her sister Joan and brothers Michael and Bob Keane. We extend our sincere sympathy to her husband John, son Michael, daughter Mary, son in law Denis Coleman, grandchildren Kevin and Seamus Coleman, brothers in law, sisters in law, nephews, nieces, relatives, neighbours and many friends. Funeral Mass was in St. Martin's Church, Kilworth, followed by burial in St. Michael's cemetery, Ballyduff Upper. May Kathleen rest in peace. COMMUNITY ALERT A reminder to all that the Touraneena Community Alert committee will hold their 2018 AGM in Touraneena Community Centre this Wednesday night, 24th January at 8.00 p.m. Should you wish to remain on our Text Alert Scheme, the annual €10 subscription can be paid on the night. Any subscription not renewed before January 31st will be deleted from our system. Monies can also be paid to Richie Hickey or Mush Keane. The Text Alert Scheme proved hugely successful in 2017 and we would urge everyone to continue to use the Scheme that is in liason with An Garda Siochana. The aim of the Community Alert Scheme is to foster the process of community development, reduce the opportunities for crimes to occur, unite communities in a spirit of neighbourliness and community service and to devise programmes to improve the quality of life for all in rural areas. We would be grateful of your support at the AGM, where we can share and promote new ideas

for 2018. All are welcome. BIRTHDAY GREETINGS We wish a very happy birthday to Brian Thompson, Avondale, Waterford. Brian will celebrate his 50th birthday this Wednesday 24th January. Brian is son of Danny and Anna Thompson, Touraneena, and we take this opportunity to wish Brian and family all the best for the coming years. ENGAGEMENT Many congratulations to Stephen Cliffe and Emma Wall who celebrated their engagement with family and friends recently. Stephen is son of Maurice and Marie Cliffe, Touraneena and Emma is daughter of Eamonn and Geraldine Wall, Colligan. Best wishes to Stephen and Emma for the future. VOICE OF THE CELTS 2018 Talented violinist Nicole Lonergan is currently touring Germany with Voice of the Celts 2018. Nicole is daughter of David and Rose Lonergan, Knockmeal. Nicole's grandmother Biddy Nugent was a renowned violinist who was a lifelong member of the Sliabh gCua Trio. It is fabulous to see Nicole carrying on the family tradition. We look forward to following Nicole's career in the future. SLIABH gCUA / ST. MARY'S G.A.A. CLUB The club will have some new players this year,Willie Power has returned from Perth, Australia. The players who have transferred are Aidan Kearney from Tallow, David Doyle from Tullamore, Gavin Power from Fourmilewater and John O'Shea is back from Perth, Australia, formerly from Portlaw. We welcome back the returning players and the new players to the club. RETIREMENT We wish many happy years of retirement to Mossie Cliffe, Touraneena. Mossie is well

known and much liked within our community and beyond. We wish Mossie, Teresa and family many years of good health and happiness. TOURANEENA RUNNERS Conditions were tough last weekend for the Newcastle 5K. Congratulations to all who participated and to Colm Ryan, West Waterford A.C who claimed 3rd spot. VICTORY SOCIAL Don't forget Na Déise Ladies Football club are holding a Victory Social in Lawlors Hotel, Dungarvan on Saturday night, 3rd February. Dinner will be at 7.30 p.m. followed by a D.J. Tickets cost €20 each and if you would like to purchase tickets, please contact either Clodagh at 087-7618916, John at 0872834600 or Maria at 0876704895. Please note that all tickets will need to be purchased in advance as there will be no tickets available at the door on the night. All are welcome. SLIABH gCUA LOTTO With no winner of the jackpot last Sunday night, the jackpot is getting close to the €3,000 maximum. The winning numbers drawn in Hanrahan's Bar were 10, 17 and 29. The winners of the 5 x €20 were T. J. c/o Dunne’s, Tom Halley, Abbie Fitzpatrick, Mick O'Mahoney, Mon Condon. The Promoters prize of €20 was won by Marion Cliffe. Next week’s draw is in Dunne's Bar on Sunday night 28th January for a lotto jackpot of €2,900. HILL WALKING It’s not too late to sign up for the Colligan Walk on Thursday, 25th January. It is a 'C' style walk. If you are interested please contact Alice at 087-7519317. Walkers are to meet outside the Park Hotel at 1.30 pm. Remember to bring your boots, no boots no walk.



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

KILMACTHOMAS BINGO Helping Kilmacthomas Primary School – Our next bingo will be Tuesday, 6th February in the Rainbow Community Hall with a chance of winning €1,200. New prize money with profits of this bingo being split between the GAA Club and our local Primary School. Its a great way for both groups to raise some much needed funds and we ask that you all support us. Eyes down 8.00 p.m. MEMBERSHIP We are inviting everyone to renew or join membership with your local GAA Club. We ask that people remember the club

who looked after them last year with All Ireland tickets.To be able to avail of this and more this year we want you to be a part and member of your local club and have your say. Membership for the coming year: Non players €25, couples €40, OAP's €10. Please contact Tyrone on 087-1234110 or visit our facebook page at Kilmacthomas GAA club juvenile and adults. BUGGY BUDDIES Waterford Sport Partnership invite you to join Buggy Buddies programme again this year, starting on Wednesday, 24th January. Meet at Workhouse Greenway Car Park at 10.00 a.m. Cost €20

for 6 week programme. If you would like to join call Eadaoin on 0761-102199 or email Mums, dads, grannies, granddads, childminders all welcome. LOTTO DRAW Kilmac AFC lotto draw results for Saturday, 20th January – Letters drawn were I, M, R and V. No Jackpot winner. Five winners of €20 each to Anthony Mulhearne, Mahonbridge; Damien Carey, Craughaun View; Bill & Murt c/o PPI; John Crowley, Ballydwan and Mikey Daly, Mahonbridge. Next week’s jackpot €550, be in to win.

KILROSSANTY ASTRO TURF PITCH Astro Turf Pitch in Stradbally is now available to hire, newly installed LED floodlights ensures an even better viewing. For time slot availability talk to Tadhg on 087-2306841. BINGO Bingo this Friday night in Crotty’s Inn at 8.30 p.m. sharp. Come early and get your seat. Prizemoney €1,200, plus Jackpot of €2,100, raffle for cash prizes. The proceeds will go to Kilrossanty/Fews Parish funds this month. ICA The ladies of Kilorossanty ICA

plus non members will have their dinner in Kiersey’s Restaurant Kilmacthomas this year on 2nd February. Time is 7.30 p.m. Please give your name to Kay Veale or Molly Casey by this weekend. DEISE DRAW The new series of the Deise Draw will begin again in May and will go on until October. 6 draws at €15 a month. The top prize is €12,000 plus other good prizes. More details later. HALL Hall AGM this Wednesday night at 8.30 p.m. sharp. ST. BRIGID 1st February St. Brigid’s Day is

remembered every year in the Parish of Kilrossanty. People visit the three wells in the old graveyard. The children of Kilrossanty will have the day off in honour of St. Brigid and will also be making St. Brigid’s crosses in the school. St. Brigid is the Patron Saint of Kilrossanty. SYMPATHY Sympathy is extended to Rosaleen Gourley, Lyre on the receny death of her mother Stella Quinn. Sympathy also to her other daughter Sharon Foster, Kilmeaden and all other immediate relatives on their sad loss. May she rest in peace.

BALLYSAGGART Ballysaggart Community Development Ltd. CAKE SALE REMINDER On Sunday January 28th a fundraising Cake Sale for the Baby Emily Byrne Fund will take place in Meagher's Bar after 9.30 a.m. Mass. There will also be a raffle on the day with amazing Hampers and a few extra treats up for prizes. Tickets for the raffle are currently on sale in both shops in Ballysaggart and will also be on sale at the Cake Sale. Anyone wishing to donate some home baking are more than welcome and can bring it along on the morning and drop it into the bar any

time after 8:45 a.m. All help and donations will be greatly appreciated. COMMUNITY COUNCIL 45 CARDS RESULTS 1st:Tess Hale and Nellie Devine, Sheila Lonergan and Pat Ryan, Delia Cashell and Stephen Cunningham. Lucky Tables: Helen O'Keeffe and Joan Hannon, Dan Howard and Fionuala Hynes. Tickets: Dan Howard, Delia Cashell, Liz McCarthy and Tess Hale.

Abbeyside/Ballinacourty Community Games TEAM events must be entered before Sunday 28th for registration, anyone interested in any of the teams listed below please contact Yvonne for more information. Congratulations to all our swimmers that headed to Waterford last Wednesday to compete in the County Finals. A fantastic night with swimmers from U-12 up to U16, boys and girls. Amazing preformances from all swimmers. We returned with 29 medals - 23 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze with 23 swimmers qualifying for the National Finals in UL Limerick in May. TEAM Badminton - U-15. Basketball - U-11, U-13, U-16. Camogie - U-14. Chess - U-13, U-16. Choir - U-13, U-16. Culture Corner - U-15. Draughts - U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16.

Futsal - U-13, U-15. Gaelic Football - U-10, U-12, U-14. Group Comedy/Drama - U-12, U-16. Group Dance - Irish Contemporary - U-12, U-16. Group Dance - Modern Disco - U-12, U-16. Group Music - U-12, U-16. Group Singing - U-12, U-16. Handball - U-13, U-16. Hurling - U-11. Pitch and Putt - U-16. Project - U-11, U-13, U-16. Rounders - U-13. Rugby Tag and Mini - U-11, U-14. Skittles - U-12, U-14, U-16. Soccer Outdoor - U-12, U-15. Soccer 7 a Side - U-12. Indoor Soccer - U-10, U-13. Spikeball - U-14. Table Tennis - U-13, U-16. Quiz - U-14.

Carriglea National School – Infants from Carriglea NS proudly display their Food Dudes sticker charts for eating all their fruit and vegetables.

Island of Ireland Peace Choir to feature in a special RTE Nationwide programme THIRTY-six (36) members of the Island of Ireland Peace Choir will feature in a one-off special edition of RTE’s Nationwide, on this Friday, 26th January. The evening prior to International Holocaust Day. Hi-Lite Television productions for RTE and Damien Tiernan, South East Correspondent, followed the Choir to Krakow, Poland in July of 2017. Where, amongst other places, they visited and sang at the infamous WWII Nazi concentration camp in AuschwitzBirkenau, the Wieliczka Salt Mines, Oscar Schindler’s factory and Holy Cross Cistercian Abbey in Krakow. Members of the Choir were drawn from all over the island of Ireland and further afield in the UK. The pilgrimage to Poland saw performers travelling from Waterford, Omagh, Belfast, Edinburgh, Gorey, Kilkenny, Tullow, Dublin and Midleton. Arriving in Krakow on the 4th July and departing a few days later on the 9th July. Key highlights in the programme will show the Choir visiting and singing at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the “Nazi death camp” of WWII. It was here that Hitler’s “Final solution to the Jewish question” was ruthlessly carried out. Conservative estimates are that circa 1,100,000 Jews, men, women and children were killed, executed and exterminated in the horror of the gas chambers, using Zyklon B, in Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Choir pay a very poignant and moving tribute to ALL those who suffered unimaginable horrors, we know now were perpetrated, at this Nazi “Death Camp”. The song

chosen was M.L.K. by U2. In keeping with the theme of WWII Remembrance, the Choir were honoured to be allowed to perform, in the courtyard, of Oscar Schindler’s factory, in Krakow. Schindler was a Nazi industrialist, who is credited with saving around 1,200 Jews from the “Death Camps”, by employing them directly in his Polish occupied enamelware factory. This story is perhaps better known and told through the 1993 Academy Award winning, Steven Spielberg film “Schindler’s List”, starring Liam Neeson and Ben Kingsley. From Krakow the Choir travelled to the salt mines at Wieliczka. There has been mining here for over 700 years and this historical site now features as a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list. Integrated into the mines are literally hundreds of kilometres of tunnels, rooms, performance spaces and religious chambers. 110 metres underground, the Choir performed in one of the many cathedrals/chapels, which would have been hand carved out of the rock face, by local miners. These performance spaces have unique acoustics that blended seamlessly with the harmonies of the Choir. The final concert was performed, on the final night of the visit, in The Sanctuary of the Holy Cross Cistercian Abbey, in Krakow. Founded 10 years ago, the Island of Ireland Peace Choir, formerly known as the Waterford Omagh Peace Choir, was born from the shattered lives that were left from the 1998 Omagh bombing. Claire Bowes (nee Gallagher),

who was blinded in the Omagh tragedy, asked Phil Brennan to create the music for her wedding day. During the evening Claire enquired if Phil could keep the group of assembled singers and musicians together. The rest is history. Claire has gone on to open the Omagh Music Academy and complete her Master in Music Therapy. The Choir, under its two names, has performed, amongst other places, at the RTE televised opening of the 1916 Commemorations in the Garden of Remembrance, giving a haunting rendition of “The Parting Glass”, singing the National Anthem at the Aviva Stadium, visited and singing at the Messines Gate in 2014 marking the 100th anniversary of the WWI Christmas Peace Truce and visited Sri Lanka in 2008 to sing in Irish orphanages, members of the Choir raised funds to build. Based at the Edmund Rice Centre, in Waterford City, the Choir meet and sing in the Chapel, on the first Friday of every month, for a Taize Vigil. They visit places synonymous with persecution and deliver a message of hope, through song and music. The Choir could not operate without the support of a huge backroom team and they would like to thank Damien Tiernan of RTE, Brian and Suzanne of Hi-Lite Television productions, The Packaging Hub, Causeway Properties, Harvey Travel, Comeragh Coaches, Cracovia Travel in Krakow, Edmund Rice Centre and the wonderfully committed members of the Island of Ireland Peace Choir.

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AGLISH OPERATION TRANSFORMATION Aglish Operation Transformation will commence on Tuesday 6th February. Weighin at 6.30 p.m. which is private and confidential. Walk will commence at 7.00 p.m. Operation Transformation Weigh In cards will be avaliable on the night. Hi viz jacket required for walk. More details next week. BODY CONDITIONING AND CIRCUIT TRAINING CLASSES Body Conditioning and Circuit Training Classes on in Ballinameela Community Centre ever Monday night between 7.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. Classes cost €5. All levels of fitness catered for. Enquiries text or call 0878229762. LADIES INDOOR SOCCER Ladies Indoor Soccer on every Tuesday night at 7.00 p.m. in the Community Centre. Contact Noirin Kelly on (086) 8362695 if interested.

BALLINAMEELA ADULT & TODDLER GROUP The Ballinameela Toddler Group meet every Thursday from 9.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. in the Halla of Whitechurch National School. New parents, childminders, grandparents with toddlers very welcome. For more information contact Janice on 0879718945. FINISK VALLEY AC NOTES Any children in our community who are interested in running, jumping or throwing and would like to get involved in athletics, call down to Ballinameela Community pitch/hall, training times are Monday & Wednesday evenings from 7.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m., Minimum age limit is 5 years old (Child needs to be School going). Full programme of events can be obtained at our training session. BADMINTON If you fancy a sociable game of badminton come along to Ballinameela Community Centre on Tuesday nights from 8.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. Contact Mairead

Rocket Man

"Fire and Fury" caused the White House to roar, They should have kept the Wolff from their door. They're sorry now they silenced their loose cannon, Nothing is denied by Breitbart's Steve Bannon In the political field, as in all other walks of life, The way to avoid getting in to trouble and strife History taught us the answer to this crucial poser, Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer With environmental issues causing a rise in the seas And Floridian lizards falling frozen from trees Parents shackling starved children to their beds A Congress shutdown as disillusionment spreads Putin's electoral influence is still being investigated While "s***hole countries" become more agitated American problems couldn't be more specific The threats are more local than the western Pacific Ballinameela Creatives are chasing rainbows on the backs of Unicorns with ribbons in their hair. Ukrainian Businessman Victor Pinchuk said, "Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics".

hall for you and please take away your own rubbish. If you are borrowing anything from the hall, contact Alison Curran also. Matthew Fogarty is responsible for the month of January for opening and closing the Community Centre and can be contacted on 086-0644811. LOTTO RESULTS 22/1/’17 – Numbers drawn were 1, 14 and 29. There was no Jackpot winner. €20 winners were Rena Cotter, Aglish; Mary Daly, Barnastook; Bernie Troy, Modeligo;Tammy O’Shea, Aglish and Mick Beston, Aglish. Next week’s Jackpot is €6,100 and the draw will take place in the Welcome Inn. NOTES FOR INCLUSION If you have something you would like included in the Ballinameela notes you can email Brigid Byrne on or phone 0879194287. You can also Follow and like us on our Facebook Page Ballinameela Community Centre.

St. Mary’s Parish Church, Dungarvan

So, the balloon went up on the Hawaiian Isles A Korean threat? From five thousand miles? Paranoia and suspicion between two nations, Xenophobia and prejudice equal panic stations. "Everything's ok", said the powers that be, "It was all a mistake, sending that text to ye" A lowly minion put his hand up and cried, "I pressed the wrong button, it can't be denied" A slap on the wrist for the patsy pen pusher Saving his management an embarrassing blusher All this had Kim Jong in a most jovial mood His people held their sides, though from lack of food. But now American bean counters check their statistics. They've formulated a plan to deal with real ballistics. Because in a world of international sabotage and spies Every country has its repertoire of complicated lies Sherlock Holmes was doubtless our best known sleuth. Even he would be prevented from finding the truth

on 087-7681975 if interested. COMMUNITY ALERT There is a Community Alert text system in place - text your name and mobile number to this number: 087-3538347. It works in two ways. Firstly, a message regarding any suspicious activity is sent to your phone so you can be on the lookout. Secondly, you can send details of suspicious activity to this number where it will be re-sent around to the community and to the Gardai who treat it as serious and act immediately. Follow on facebook BOOKING THE HALL If you would like to start your own indoor soccer game for the Winter or other activity you can book the hall through our booking officer Alison Curran on 087-8289147. The Centre is also a great place for kids parties etc and can be rented for €30. Anyone renting the hall, please pay the person who opens up the

Dungarvan Christian Fellowship BIBLE VERSE OF THE MONTH “Since we are receiving our rights to an unshakeable kingdom we should be extremely thankful, and offer God the purest worship that delights his heart, as we lay down our lives in absolute surrender, filled with awe.” Heb 12:28 WELCOME TO DCF This week - 21st January 2018 Tuesday 7.00 p.m. bible study John 8 in the church. Wednesday 11.00 a.m. prayer in the church. Wednesday 7.30 p.m. bible study at Adam & Monika’s. Friday morning Tea Coffee & Fellowship 10.00 a.m. at Euroroute. Friday 7.30 p.m. bible study 1 Timothy chapter 3 at Tomek & Asia’s Saturday, 27th January 6.00 p.m. onwards an evening of open Worship & Prayer. Sunday 28th service starts at 11.00 a.m., with Kids church for young ones up to 12 years. Lorita Hamer will be preaching in Dungarvan, whilst Pastor Steve is ministering in Bandon

UPCOMING EVENTS Wednesday 31st - Friday 2nd we are hosting Horizon Leaders gathering (Finding Rest in Ministry) at Gold Coast & DCF. Open meeting on Thursday night, to which the church is invited. NEWS On Saturday some of us were privileged to stand alongside our local Dungarvan ProLife Group, in canvassing for the continued Right to Life for both mother and unborn child as secured in the present 8th Amendment. This is a matter very close to our heart. On Sunday, Pastor Steve started his series on "Lessons in Leadership" from the bible. Looking closely at Moses encountering God at the burning bush, we see that the conflict Moses is experiences is not from God. But it arises out of Moses' response to God's calling. The response of God towards Moses' conflict however, is always to offer solutions! Eventually it takes Moses surrendering, not to his own doubts, but to God's will. God sees the potential in each one of us, even when we don't.

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Deuteronomy 18:15-20 - I will raise up a prophet and I will put my words into his mouth. 1 Corinthians 7:32-35 - An unmarried women can devote herself to the Lord’s affairs; all she need worry about is being holy. Mark 1:21-28 - He taught them with authority. Missionaries for the Cause of Life – ‘Despite the strong pressures to remain silent, do not be afraid to witness to the equality of all life in private conversations and public discussions in the coming months. As citizens committed to the Common Good, you have a democratic right to make your views known, respectfully, to your public representatives.’ Archbishop Eamon Martin, 7/1/2018. Catholic Schools Week. 28th January - 4th February 2018 – Catholic Schools Week invites us to reflect on and celebrate the relationship which exists between home, school, parish and world. Theme: Catholic Schools called to be a Family of Families and Catholic Schools: Families of Faith. Monday: Our Family at Home. Tuesday: Our School Family. Wednesday: Grandparents: A Special Part of Our Family. Thursday: Our Parish Family. Friday: Our World Family. 2018 Parish Calendars – These calendars are available in the church and in the porches. On the back of each calendar is an article entitled ‘The Gospel of Family’, which includes the aims of the WMOF. Let’s Talk Family – An important part of the preparation for the WMOF next August will take place this Spring in Parishes throughout Ireland when people will be invited to come together to talk about family, using a programme called: Let’s Talk family. Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. 18th – 25th January 2108 – Prayers for Every Day. Making the Sign of the Cross with Children. While touching my forehead, I pray ‘In the name of the Father’ who speaks to me in my mind. While touching my chest, I pray ‘In the name of the Son’ who touches my heart. While touching my shoulders, I pray ‘In the name of the Holy Spirit’ who gives me strength. May God be in my mind and in my heart and give me strength each day. Every life counts: from the beginning to the end, from conception to natural death. Pope Francis Tweet, 19th January, 2018. Parish Office – Located in St. Mary’s Church and is open Monday to Friday office hours. If you want to book Masses or Baptisms call during these times. Phone 058-42374. Daily Mass broadcast on 98.5 FM. Phone No: Fr. Ryan 42374, Fr. Harris 42384, Fr. Cooney 41136. Emergency Phone No: To contact Priest on duty: 086-2334282. St. Vincent de Paul Helpline No.: 087-7747870 .



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Barron’s Bakery and Coffee House raise €2,410 for three worthy local causes

Community Centre opening 2007 - Anthony Prendergast, Joan Cahillane and the late Bob Troy.

CAPPOQUIN Cappoquin Community Centre Phone (058) 52746 – email – Facebook – Cappoquin Community Centre CAPPOQUIN CHILDCARE FACILITY Did you know you may now avail of up to two years free Preschool? Now taking enrolments for free Preschool starting in January 2018. To avail of the free Preschool placement in this enrolment children must be three years of age by Sunday, 31st December, 2017. Please contact Maria on 058-52746 for further details. HALL BOOKINGS With 2018 here, all users of the Community Centre individuals, clubs, groups are reminded to book their preferred time for using our facilities. Demand this year is higher than ever with the great success of the Waterford/Wexford ETB classes. GYM The new Table Cross Multifunctional Machine is proving very popular. Fancy doing your training session before you go to Work/School or College well now you can as our ultramodern Gym. Our Gym is equipped with Irelands most ultra-modern equipment which can cater from all Cardiovascular equipment to all Resistance training machines and loose weights.You can pay as you go or join up as a member. Our prices are most competitive with yearly membership is €200, 6 months €100, 3 months €60 and monthly €25. WEEKLY EVENTS IN HALL Gym opening times are 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m., Gym Instructor Conor Prendergast available to offer every assistance on (087) 1247025. Ladies Exercise Classes 10.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. with Paul

Murray, Monday Affane Bridge. Quiddlers from 10.00 a.m. 12.00 noon on Wednesdays Thursday morning 10.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Ladies Exercises with Paul Murray, Community Soccer 8.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. Friday evenings Gymnastics 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. MARY BUTLER TD Mrs. Mary Butler TD Fianna Fail will hold a Clinic on the first Saturday of every month at 12.30 p.m. in the Community Centre. All are welcome. COMMUNITY CENTRE LOTTO JACKPOT HITS €5,100 Lotto Draw 22nd January, 2018 - Jackpot €5,000 – Numbers drawn were 1, 7, 15 and 20. No Winner. Consolation Prize winners: Geraldine

O’Rourke, Mill Street; Elaine Singleton, Affane; Tom O’Feerick, Canty; Hallahan Family, Lackenrae; Danny Coughlan, Lacken. Next week’s draw is on the 29th January, 2018, with a jackpot of €5,100. Remember anyone looking to buy our Lotto tickets, call to any of the local shops in Cappoquin, the Community Centre, Miriam Coughlan or Carmel Prendergast will look after you. If you wish you can also buy the popular annual tickets, if you’re not in you can’t win! WATERFORD WEXFORD ETB Just a reminder anyone interested in doing a wide range of courses contact Edel Walsh (058) 52570 First Floor of the Community Centre.

Cappoquin Primary School Shared Reading Programme: The pupils in Senior Infants and 6th Class, under the direction of their teachers Mrs. Price and Ms. Feeney, have begun taking part in a Shared Reading Programme. It is hoped that through participation in the programme the children will develop a deep and lifelong interest in reading.

THE Annual Barron’s Bakery and Coffee House Christmas hamper raffle took place in the Coffee House, Cappoquin on Saturday, December 23rd. Congratulations to Peg Murray, winner of the hamper. Helen Cunningham and Barron’s Coffee House were proud to present the proceeds of this year’s raffle to three very worthy local causes. €1,500 was given to Cappoquin Day Care Centre, €710 to the Emily Byrne Fund and €200 to the Cappoquin St.Vincent de Paul. We would like to extend our gratitude to all Barron’s customers for their outstanding generosity through the purchase of raffle tickets. A big thank you to local woman Helen Cunningham who spent the full month of December selling tickets in the coffee shop. Without Helen’s commitment the raffle would not be the suc-

The winning hamper being presented to Peg Murray (winner) by Helen Cunningham (Ticket Sales Manager) and Aoife Hallahan (Barron’s Coffee House). cess that it is today. Special thanks also to Brendan Kiely who drew the winning ticket in memory of his late mother Alice who attended the draw every year. She

was an exceptional lady and a dear friend of Barron’s Bakery and Coffee House and is sadly missed.Thanks again to everyone involved.

LISMORE Lismore Tidy Towns WITH the poor weather of the past week, it has been difficult to get much outdoor work done. However, our two CES workers Gordon and Jim have worked at the palm tree bed, digging out and raking as well as keeping litter under control with their daily litter pick up. Stop Food Waste Week started on Monday 22nd January and ends on Sunday 28th. To learn more about this issue go to the website which launched a brand new section - the A to Z of Foods with loads of helpful tips. The community litter pick up will start again in early March.

If your area is not included and residents there would like to get involved please email us at ECO TIP OF THE WEEK: Linked to last week's tips re the feeding of birds below is a list of food items that you should and should not feed to birds. GOOD FOR BIRDS • Black sunflower seeds • Dried fruits such as raisins and sultanas • Chopped raw peanuts - NOT salted or dry roasted • Fresh mealworms

• Uncooked oats and cereals • Saturated fat such as lard or suet • Muesli • Cooked brown or white rice • Mild grated cheese • Pastry- cooked and uncooked BAD FOR BIRDS • Dessicated coconut • Cooked oats • Fat which has been used for cooking • Dried dog biscuits • Milk • Mouldy or stale bread • Anything containing salt • Too much white processed bread

Parish of Lismore & Ballysaggart WE want to salute all our teachers in our Catholic schools in our Parish who see to the education of approximately eleven hundred young people from Junior Infants to Leaving Certificate.We are equally mindful of all who give voluntary of their time to the orderly managing of the schools. There are also many dedicated ancillary staff involved in the day to day running of the schools. These schools cater for a wide range of religious traditions in a supportive inclusive way. There are no barriers to any student seeking a place in these schools. Of course each school has an appropriate code of discipline that all uphold for the good of every member of school. Long may the Catholic ethos of our schools flourish. This means that the dignity of worth of each comes from God, not from the state. Each has an eternal destiny, each is called to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, called the be filled with the Spirit and to call God Father. We know who we are through the revelation in Jesus Christ, a revelation that through the traditions of the Church is developed and appreciated through life, through prayer, through liturgy. On Sunday 28th the children of the Confirmation Class along with their families will actively participate in the Mass. Among the involvement will be a listing out of all the subjects and activities the school offers as those out-

side of the school community may not appreciate. We are all on the call to Christian discipleship.We want to live a good life, a life that does good and acts in a just and truthful way. We are for ever learning what the good life means. This week we name some outstanding Church teachers. With the 24th, the day the paper comes on sale we have St. Francis de Sales through whom we have the De La Salle teaching community. 25th We meet St. Paul, the Teacher of the Nations and all his letters in the New Testament. 26th St. Timothy and Titus are present to us, the next generation of teachers. 27th St. Angela Merici, the founder of the Ursuline Teaching Order. St. Thomas Acquinas, the theologian who reflected in his many books on the Faith. St Aidan arose from among the Irish Church. Then on 31st we have St. John Bosco and the founder of the Salesians. Create a positive inviting and creative learning space for the young. MASS TIMETABLE Weekday Mass at 10.00 a.m. Saturday, 27th January - Vigil Mass in Lismore at 6.15 p.m. Sunday, 28th - January - Morning Mass in Ballysaggart at 9.30 a.m. Sunday Mass in Lismore at 11.00 a.m. PRO(E) Pastoral Council Parish Radio Link 103.9FM

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TALLOW TALLOW ENTERPRISE CENTRE It has been a busy few weeks at Tallow Enterprise Centre, with the Spring classes filling up fast. Both children’s sewing and French classes are now full, with waiting lists, it’s great to see children interested in the old skills and learning new languages. Art class commenced on Monday 22nd, the ladies were all delighted to be back painting again. With the pre-leaving and junior cert coming up the student study evenings are very busy, however there are still places available Monday-Thursday 4.30-7.00 pm, contact the Centre for further details. Calling all book worms! – For all the readers in the locality Tallow Enterprise Centre are holding a “Bring a book, take a book” or just come for a look afternoon on Thursday, 15th February. This initiative is to encourage people who may have unwanted books to come and swap them, and take home a

book they haven’t read also to have a cup of tea and a chat. Further details on this in the coming weeks; see posters in local shops also. TALLOW COMMUNITY CENTRE Bingo: Bingo continues every Sunday night at 8.30 p.m. with the current jackpot standing at €1,200. Social Dancing this coming Friday night to Pat Dennehy. A fundraising dance will take place on Friday February 6th for baby Emily Byrne dancing to Finbarr Dennehy, so come along for a great night of dancing and support this very worthy cause. BRIDEVIEW DRAMA Brideview drama will stage their first performance of “Stolen child” on Saturday January 27th in Tallow Community Centre. They have a very busy season ahead with their opening performance in the All-Ireland Circuit taking place in Tubbercurry on March 3rd.

VILLIERSTOWN JACK THE JOKER Jack the Joker Draw took place last Wednesday night and the winner was Margaret Poyner with Card Number 53 who wins €50. Congratulations Margaret. Next week’s Jackpot is €4,200. Draw will take place on Wednesday night at An Cruiscin Lan. YOGA FOR BEGINNERS Beginners yoga commencing: Monday nights 7.30 p.m. 8.30 p.m. Aglish Hall. Tuesday mornings 12th 10.00 a.m. - 11.00 a.m. VECP Room, Villerstown. For more info or to book your place contact Bláthnaid on 0872076189. STUDY GROUP Our new term for the Study Group started back last week, if anyone wishes to join or knows of any student who could benefit please contact Zoe on 0876168303. We have a couple of spaces available for Junior Cert up to Leaving Cert. €20 per term. Looking forward to meeting you. VILLIERSTOWN NATIONAL SCHOOL Villierstown National School Parents Association will host a Music Table Quiz on Friday, 16th February, 2018 in An Cruiscin Lan,Villierstown. Table of 4 €20.

Registration on the night 8.30 p.m. to begin 9.00 p.m. sharp. So if you fancy something different on a Friday night come along for a trip down Music Memory Lane. All are welcome and it's sure to be a very entertaining night. Great prizes raffle on the night. Looking forward to a great night. Note for Diaries – The Annual Villierstown National School Quiz dates are 17th April and 24th April. More details will follow. BLACKWATER ECO TOURS Fancy a trip down the river? Get to explore the fantastic scenery we have to offer Then why not get in touch to plan your family fun day out or a team bonding day. Phone 0892538699 for more information. VECP VECP Villierstown (Main Street) have a conference/training room for hire (complete with access to the internet).This venue is also an ideal location for social and childrens party events. Contact: 089-2538699. I NEED YOUR HELP! If I don't no it's happening I can't put it in the news please contact the email address below for any upcoming events or local news you want advertised on here

NEWS ITEMS All news items and notes are to be forwarded to the following email address:

The Alms Houses in Tallow (Boyce’s Cottages).

KNOCKANORE CHECK us out on our Facebook pages (Knockanore Area KGK Community Council) and (Knockanore Heritage and History). Luckily we appear to have escaped the worst of the weather so far this Winter. The usual colds and some flue are commonplace, but longer days and a bit of sun should see an improvement. KNOCKANORE GLENDINE KILWATERMOY MUINTIR COMMUNITY COUNCIL Looking back at 2017 and beyond. Some of the activities in the past years as shown in the photographs. Don’t forget that there are still some copies of the 2017 Parish Magazine available at Keniry’s and Forde’s of Tallow; Lombard’s Bar and Crowley’s of Youghal. If you are sending copies abroad, please ask the recipients to take a photograph holding the magazine and send it back for use in next year’s issue.

Glendine Grotto.

Jenny and Mary with The McCarthy Cup at Keniry’s in 2017.

Knockanore group on the Blackwater during the 2013 Gathering.

2011 Dungarvan Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

MODELIGO LOTTO RESULTS - 20th JANUARY Numbers drawn were 11, 18 and 26. No winner. €25 winners - Sandra Reddy, Dolores Reddy, Madge Collender, Paul & Sheila Condon. Next week’s Jackpot €800. MODELIGO GAA Congratulations to local lads Gavin Dalton, Keith Hickey, Cian O’Byrne, Rian Reddy, Richie McGrath, Nicky O’Donovan, Nicky Walsh and selector Johnny O’Byrne who were part of the Comeragh Gaels team who won the U-21B Western hurling final last Saturday in WIT where they beat Fourmilewater.

NA DEISE LADIES FOOTBALL CLUB VICTORY SOCIAL Na Deise Ladies Football Club are holding a Victory Social in Lawlors Hotel on Saturday, 3rd February. Tickets can be obtained from John Power, Clodagh Ryan or Maria O’Donovan. CIRCUIT TRAINING Start the New Year the right way. Circuit training Modeligo Community Centre Mondays and Thursdays 7.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. Come along and join in. Great way to get fit, have fun and get through those Winter

months. Classes instructed by qualified strength and conditioning instructor. For more info contact Shane Coughlan on 0871345574. NOTES Anyone wishing to include items in the Parish notes, please contact Monica before 8.00 p.m. on Mondays on 087-4112798 or email them to BOOKINGS Anyone looking to book the Astro-turf or Hall please contact John Power on 0872834600.



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Niocláis Tóibín 2018 NOTAI NA GAELTACHTA Tionól 9 - 11 Feabhra, Rinn Ua gCuanach DEIREADH SEACHTAINE DO THEAGHLAIGH I nGAELTACHT NA NDÉISE Beidh dhá deirí seachtaine do theaghlaigh á eagrú ag Coláiste na Rinne i gcómhair le Ghlór na nGael i rith Feabhra 2018, ceann do theaghlaigh le Ghaeilge agus ceann do theaghlaigh gur foghlaimeoirí iad. Beidh deis iontach do theaghlaigh le Gaeilge fanacht i nGaeltacht na nDéise le haghaidh deireadh seachtaine spraoiúil ón Aoine, 9 Feabhra go dtí an Domhnach, 11 Feabhra, 2018. Beidh deireadh seachtaine trí Ghaeilge do theaghlaigh gur foghlaimeoirí Gaeilge iad ón 16ú go dtí an 18ú Feabhra. Tá na deirí seachtaine á eagrú ag Coláiste na Rinne i bpáirt le Glór na nGael chun deis a thabhairt do theaghlaigh saoire a bheith acu i gceantar Gaeltachta. Beidh lóistín, béilí agus imeachtaí ar fad eagraithe don deireadh seachtaine ar chostas ag tosnú ó €140 an duine fásta & €80 an páiste. Páistí faoi 3 saor in aisce. Is gá áirithint a dhéanamh go luath tríd ríomhphoist a sheoladh go Tá gach eolas faoin deireadh seachtaine ar fáil ó Cabríní de Barra, Glór na nGael ar 083 445 5914 nó Coláiste na Rinne ar 058 46 128. COISTE TUISMITHEOIRÍ MHEÁNSCOIL SAN NIOCLÁS Tá áthas ar Choiste na dTuismitheoirí a fhógairt go bhfuil dífhibrileoir ceannaithe anois don Meánscoil. Mar chuid den bhfeachtas bailithe airgid don dífhibrileoir, d'éirigh go maith le hAmhránaíocht na Nollag, a reachtálamar in Ionad Siopadóireachta Dhún Garbhán ar an 17 Nollaig. Beidh an dífhibrileoir curtha isteach sa scoil i gceann chúpla seachtain agus beidh sé ar fhalla tosaigh na scoile, ionas go mbeidh daoine in ann teacht air. Reachtálfar cúrsa oiliúna maidir le conas an dífhibrileoir a chur ag obair an tseachtain seo chugainn agus tá Coiste na dTuismitheoirí an-shásta anois go bhfuil an áis seo ar fáil do phobal na scoile agus an cheantair mhórthimpeall. Ba mhaith linn buíochas a ghabháilt le gach aoinne a chabhraigh linn agus a thug

tacaíocht dúinn agus an t-airgead á bhailiú againn agus gabhaimd buíochas faoi leith le Darren Ó Droma, a stiúraigh, agus na baill de Chór Fear na nDéise a ghlac páirt, sa chór a chan in Ionad Siopadóireachta Dhún Garbhán roimh Nollag. Táimid an-bhuíoch díobh go léir. COISTE LOURDES - AN RINN AGUS AN SEAN PHOBAL Táimid ag glacadh le ainmneacha don turas go dtí Lourdes i mí an Mheitheamh 2018. Is féidir ainm a thabhairt go dtí an tAthair Ó Ceallaigh, nó déan teagmháil le Siobhán De Faoite 058 46191 nó Seosaimhthín Uí Mhuiríosa 058 46262. We are taking names of sick people in our Parish who would like to travel on the Waterford & Lismore Dioceson Pilgrimage to Lourdes in June, 2018. Please give your name to An tAth. Ó Ceallaigh, or contact Siobhán De Faoite 058 46191 or Seosaimhthín Uí Mhuiríosa 058 46262. AN GHAELTACHT CLG TREALLAMH DARA LÁIMHE Tá An Ghaeltacht ag lorg treallamh CLG dara láimhe atá agat sa mbaile! Camáin, clogaid, buataisí, láimhíní srl. Is féidir linn an treallamh seo a úsáid sna scoileanna agus bheadh sé thar a bheith úsáideach. Labhair le coach do pháiste má tá aon rud agat. Is féidir treallamh a fhágaint leis na coaches ag Halla Pobail Na Rinne aon oíche Aoine. SPRAOI – GRÚPA SÚGARTHA NA RINNE Tiocfaidh Spraoi, Grúpa Súgartha do thuismitheoirí agus páistí, le chéile i Halla Pobail na Rinne ar an Aoine beag seo ón 10 r.n. go 12 i.n. Beidh comhrá deas agus cupán tae/caifé ar fáil.Tuilleadh eolais: tar i dteagmháil le Bríd: 087 7470428. GRÚPA SÚGARTHA I nDÚN GARBHÁN Beidh grúpa súgartha do leanaí agus tuismitheoirí ag teacht le chéile Dé Máirt i nDún Garbhán. Tá an grúpa lonnaithe i Leabharlann Dhún Garbhán gach Máirt ón 10.30 r.n. go 12 i.n. Beidh scéalaíocht, rannta, ealaíon agus cluichí. Tuilleadh eolais: téigh i

What a wonderful opportunity and experience for this young man, Cian Young, from Ring who has been chosen to take part in The Crean Challenge Expedition 2018 in Iceland with Scouting Ireland. Cian has been busy partaking in many Training Camps over the last few months in preparation for his unique expedition... Picture includes Cian receiving a contribution towards his costs from Hallahans Pharmacy. We wish him the very best on this amazing adventure... We look forward to hearing all about it on his return....Maithú Cian.

dteagmháil le Cabríní 083-4455914 nó cuir r-phost ag An Irish language playgroup will meet in Dungarvan Library from 10.30 a.m. to 12.00 noon on Tuesday. Further information: contact Cabríní on 083-4455914 or email SCÉIM TÚS An bhfaigheann tú an Liúntas Cuardaitheora Poist? An bhfuil tú dífhostaithe agus ag iarraidh obair a dhéanamh ar tograí pobail? Bíonn deiseanna ar fáil faoin scéim TÚS do dhaoine dífhostaithe sa Rinn agus sa Sean Phobal. Más rud é go bhfuil tú faoi 25 bliain d’aois, tá buntáiste mór ar fáil. Déan teagmháil le cigire TÚS Cian O hAileasa ag 087 3770256 nó Bainisteoir Comhlacht Forbartha na nDéise, Críostóir Ó Faoláin ag 058 46664 nó Are you on job seekers allowance? Are you Unemployed and interested in working in Local Community Projects? Tús provides work opportunities for all unemployed people in the An Rinn/An Sean Phobal area. If you are less than 25 years of age there will be a major financial incentive for participating. Contact the Tús supervisor Cian O hAileasa at 087 3770256 or the manager of Comhlacht Forbartha na nDeise, Críostóir Ó Faoláin 058 46664. CAIRDE NA GAELTACHTA Buaileann Cairde na Gaeltachta, Cumann Gníomhaíochta Lucht Scoir i nGaeltacht na nDéise, le chéile an céad Máirt den mhí ag 3i.n. in Ionad Pobail na Rinne. Tá fáilte is fiche roimh cách. SEIRBHÍS DOCHTÚRA Bíonn an Dr Gráinne Ní Fhoghlú ar fáil i gcomhair coinne in Ionad Pobail na Rinne, Dé Máirt agus Déardaoin ach é a chur in áirithe roimh ré. Déan teagmháil le Strandside Medical i gcomhair tuilleadh eolais, 058 41227. Dr Gráinne Ní Fhoghlú is available on appointment in the Health Centre in Ionad Pobail na Rinne on Tuesday and Thursday. Contact Strandside Medical for further information, 058 41227. CUMANN NAOMH UINSEANN DE PÓL Má theastaíonn ó éinne teagmháil a dhéanamh le Cumann Naomh Uinseann de Pól sa cheantar, is féidir teacht orthu ag (058) 46125 nó 085-1422902. The contact numbers for the An Rinn / An tSean Phobail branch of St Vincent de Paul are (058) 46125 or 085-1422902. SCÉIM FOLÁIREAMH DO SHEANÓIRÍ Más maith leat cnaipe práinne agus siogairlín a fháil faoin Scéim Foláireamh do Sheanóirí, tar i dteagmháil linn – 058 46664, If you think you could benefit from a panic button and pendant under the Seniors Alert Scheme, contact us on 058 46664, MEÁIN SHÓISIALTA / TEAGMHÁIL / CONTACT Is féidir an nuacht is déanaí agus eolas faoi imeachtaí a bheidh ar siúl sa Rinn agus sa Seanphobal a fháil ar an leathanach Facebook atá ag an gComhlucht Forbartha agus táimid ar fáil ar Twitter anois chomh maith – @cfdeise. If anybody has events / news to be included in Nótaí na Gaeltachta, send them to or 058-46664.

IS ar an Aoine, 9 Feabhra a thosnóidh Tionól Niocláis Tóibín na bliana seo leis an oscailt oifigiúil ar siúl i dTigh an Cheoil an oíche sin. Bronnfar Gradam Niocláis Tóibín ar John Dwyer i mbliana ag an ócáid seo. Irish music and song will be celebrated at Tionól Niocláis Tóibín which will take place in An Rinn beginning Friday February with the official opening in Tigh an Cheoil at 9.00 p.m. The well know musician John Dwyer will be presented with the Gradam Niocláis Tóibín this year. Saturday morning will see some of the best musicians and singers taking part in workshops in Meánscoil San Nioclás & Scoil Náisiúnta na Rinne offering participants the chance to learn from the best of musicians and singers. Buacphointe na deireadh seachtaine i gcónaí ná an ceolchoirm a bheidh ar siúl arís i mbliana i Halla Pobail na Rinne oíche Dé Sathairn. Tá slua anmhór d’amhránaithe agus de cheoltóirí bailithe le chéile don cheolchoirm agus oíche iontach ar fad geallta. Is i dTigh Uí Mhaonaigh a bheidh club an Tionóil oíche Dé Sathairn. Craolfar an tAifreann beo ar RnaG ó Shéipéal San Nioclás maidin Domhnaigh ag 11.30 agus beidh deis ag daoine cuairt a thabhairt ar uaigh Niocláis ina dhiaidh. Críochnóidh an deiredh seachtaine i dTigh Mhuirithe le seoladh dlúthdhiosca agus ceol is amhráin den scoth. ACCORDION WORKSHOP – BRYAN O’LEARY Bryan O'Leary - Bryan is twenty four years of age and comes from Tureencahill, a townland halfway between Ballydesmond and Gneeveguillia, in the heart of Sliabh Luachra. He has completed a BA in Irish Music and Dance and a MA in Ethnomusicology, at the University of Limerick. Shortly after his grandfather, the great accordionist Johnny O’Leary, (a TG4 Gradam Ceoil Lifetime Achievement recipient in 2003) passed away, young Bryan, aged 10, started to learn the accordion at his local national school from Henry Cronin. Through his teens, he attended

classes with the respected teacher and multi-instrumentalist Nicky McAuliffe from Castleisland. He also took a great interest in his grandfather Johnny’s music, learning it by ear and researching various old recordings. Not surprisingly, he quickly became aware of and was influenced by the music of other Sliabh Luachra stalwarts such as Denis Murphy, Julia Clifford, Pádraig O’Keeffe and Paddy Cronin (a TG4 Gradam Ceoil Lifetime Achievement recipient in 2007 ). In the past few years, he has also enjoyed sharing and playing music with Billy Clifford thus extending into another generation the musical links between the O’Leary and Murphy/Clifford families. Other strong musical influences on this very talented young player include legendary accordion player Jimmy Doyle from Maulykaevane, Gneeveguilla along with his two musical partners Joe O’Sullivan (flute) and Paudie Gleeson (fiddle). Kerry accordion players Brendan Begley, John Brosnan, Danny O’Mahony, and the late Stephen Carroll have also influenced and helped shape Bryan’s style over the years. He has played at various festivals including Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy, Scoil Cheoil an Earraigh, The Pádraig O’Keeffe Festival, The Gathering Festival, The Con Curtin Music Festival, along with many more. He has also featured and performed on many TV and radio programmes thus far in his musical career. In 2014, Bryan won the prestigious TG4 Young Musician of the year award, which has been the highlight of his musical career to date. CONCERTINA WORKSHOP – JOHN McMAHON John McMahon - John plays concertina, tin whistle, accordion, and uilleann pipes. He has taught at the Scoil Samhraidh Willy Clancy, and at the AllIreland Fleadh / Scoil Eigse, He has toured extensively abroad and has taught concertina in America, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Scotland. He is a member of the group FisherStreet.

SINGING WORKSHOP / CEARDLANN AMHRÁNAÍOCHTA LE ANN MULQUEEN, SORCHA & ÓDÍ NÍ CHÉILLEACHAIR Is as Caisleán Uí Chonaing, Co. Luimnigh, d’Ann Mulqueen agus is óna seanmháthair, Bridget Mulqueen, a thóg sí na chéad amhráin a bhí aici. Faoin am a bhí sí cúig bliana déag d’aois, bhí trí chraobh uile-Éireann buaite aici agus í tosnaithe ag canadh leis an Gallowglass Céilí Band. Bhog sí go dtí Gaeltacht na Rinne i 1969 agus is sa tigh tábhairne cáiliúil, Tigh an Cheoil, a cheannaigh sí féin agus a fear,Tomás Ó Céilleachair, a d’fhoghlaim sí an Ghaelainn agus amhráintí an cheantair ó mhuintir na háite. Bhí an-tuiscint agus meas i gcónaí aici ar amhránaithe agus ar thraidisiún amhránaíochta na nDéise agus is cúis bhróid di gur thug a hiníonacha, Sorcha agus Odí, leo bua na hamhránaíochta. T á sí an-bhródúil chomh maith as clann a clainne a bhfuil dúchas na hamhránaíochta briste amach tríothu. Is óna máthair agus ó na hamhránaithe a bhíodh i dTigh an Cheoil a d’airigh Odí agus Sorcha amhráin na nDéise chéaduair. Bhí, agus tá, sé d’ádh ar pháistí na Rinne go gcuirtí béim mhór ar thraidisiún na hamhránaíochta sna scoileanna agus is ó na múinteoirí a fuaireadar an-chuid amhrán. Is amhránaithe aitheanta iad beirt a chuireann stíl shainiúil na nDéise chun cinn le bród agus le croí.Tá cónaí ar an mbeirt acu anois i nGaeltacht Chonamara mar a bhfuil Sorcha ina clár reachtaire le RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta agus Odí ina feidhmeannach teanga le hAcadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh. Táimid fíor bhuíoch don tacaíocht ón Oifig Ealaíon, Comhairle Contae agus Cathrach Phort Láirge, Ealaín na Gaeltachta agus Údarás na Gaeltachta. Tuilleadh eolais ó Mac Dara Mac Donncha 086 8565569. For further information and details on this year’s Tionól check out our facebook page – Tionól Niocláis Tóibín. Cífimíd ann sibh.

Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann Port Lairge AT a recent meeting of the above committee the following events were decided on. Fundraiser: A Table Quiz will take place this Saturday night, January 27th at 8.30 p.m. in Lawlors Hotel. Tables of 4 €20 per table. (Max 4 per table). A session will take place after the Quiz so bring along your instruments. Please note that this is not just open to Comhaltas, bring your friends, neighbours etc. County Session: This is a concert made up of Musicians from all branches in the County which will take place in March. Further information later. Fleadh Cheoil nDeise 2018: will be held in Ballyduff Upper. COUNTY BOARD OFFICERS 2017/2018 Uachtarán Oinigh / Honorary President:

Micháel Ó Maranáin. Cathaoirleach / Chairman: Tomas O’Haolain. Leas-Cathaoirleach / Vice-Chairman: Becky O’Keeffee. Rúnaí / Secretary:Valerie O’Gorman. Cisteoir / Treasurer: Máiread Veale. Oifigeach Cairdimh Poiblí / PRO: Moll Shields. Iniúchóirí / Auditor: Sheamus Hyland and Deirdre Clancy. Toscairí go dtí an Comhairle Chúige / Delegates to Provincial Council: Tomas O’Haolain and Ber Nugent. Treoraí na Gaeilge / Irish Language Officer: Tomas Ó Gealbháin. Oifigeach na nÓg / Youth Officer: Niamh Fennell.

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018



Abbeyside Ballinroad Garranbane Senior Citizens Group Photographs by John Pelham

ON Sunday, 7th January, our Annual Christmas Dinner took place in The Park Hotel. A record number of people attended and enjoyed a beautiful meal served by the staff. We wish to thank The Park Hotel for their hospitality. Spot Light a musical trio from Waterford provided the afternoon entertainment and kept everyone on the floor for the afternoon. Everybody received a present kindly sponsored

by the pubs and shops from Abbeyside, Dungarvan and surrounding area.The evening was rounded off with tea and sandwiches, and happy and contented people left for home. Overall a resounding success. Committee wish to thank John Pelham for the wonderful photographs and, of course, our sponsors - Shaws, Glanbia, Paul Duggan Motors, Lord Maguires, Merry’s Bistro, Noel Devereux, Jimmy O’Donnell, Monica’s, Liam Rossiter Meats, Rossiters Cleaners, Tom Curran’s, Josh’s Barbers,

Square Grill, Step Above, The Park Hotel, Mossie Joyce, SGC Cinema, O’Brien’s Cafe, Sam McCauley’s, Dunne’s Stores, Lloyd’s Pharmacy,The Beauty Parlour, Butchers Block, The Shopping Centre, Richard Kiely, Carrig Donn, Esther Whelan, Ned Whelan, Murray’s Pharmacy, Hallahan’s Pharmacy, Jitter Beans, Toymaster, Jane Casey, Lavinia Lavin, David Walshe, Dan McCarthy, The Barber Shop, Ruffles, Haven Pharmacy, SuperValu, Nina’s Nails, Signet, Dalton Jewellers,

Joyce Coffey-Wall Make-up; Carry Out, Anchor, Interlude, Moorings, Downeys, Gin Bar, O’Murchus, Wine Buff, The Local, Shamrock, Enterprise, Lady Belle, Paddy Foleys, Nagles, Minnies, Alice O’Connors, Bridgie Terries. Committee members are Betty Tutty, Dearbhla Morrissey, Rose-Ann Kiely, Bernie Butler, Kathleen Kiely, Ann O’Connor, Barbara Dwyer, Marie O’Mahoney. Huge thanks to Stephen and Elia Tutty for all their help on the day.



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

WEST WATERFORD GREG BLAKE BLUEGRASS BAND We're delighted to announce our first Clashmore concert of 2018, and this will most certainly be a fantastic gig.The Greg Blake Bluegrass Band will play in the Old School House, Clashmore on Sunday, 28th January. Doors open at 7 pm, and the concert commences at 8 pm and tickets are just €15. Greg is an award winning bluegrass singer/guitarist who will be joined by five of the top bluegrass musicians in the USA, including two Grammy winners! Joining Greg will be Blaine Sprouse on fiddle, Mark Schatz on double bass, John Reischman on mandolin, Sally van Meter on dobro and Keith Reed on banjo. Tickets can be pre-booked from the Old Still or from Liz at 087141 8651 or they are available at the door on the night. NATIONAL SCHOOL QUIZ A date for your diaries - the Annual Villierstown National School Quiz dates are 17th April and 24th April. More details will follow in the coming weeks. ARDMORE PATTERN FESTIVAL NEWS Operation Transformation: A huge congratulations to all those who have joined up for this year’s Operation Transformation. Weekly weigh-ins takes place each Monday in the ICA Hall in Ardmore. It is great to see new people joining us each week. Healthy Eating: This Wednesday evening at 8.15 p.m., Rob for Blasta Wholefoods in Dungarvan will give a talk on

healthy eating.This is a free event and is sure to provide us all with some healthy tips in our lives. Pattern Week: We have had many enquiries in relation to the date of the Pattern Festival. This year’s Pattern week will run from the 23rd July to 29th July. We are currently working night and day to bring a fun filled festival to all. We hope to bring further details to you in the coming weeks. The Two Johnnies: The committee are delighted to announce their first show of the year. The Two Johnnies will be in Halla Deuglán, Ardmore on Monday, 23rd July. The duo come from Tipperary and are also known as Johnny B and Johnny Smacks. They have a huge following on social media and in 2017, they released two hit songs.Tickets are priced at €15 each and are available from committee members, Grange and Ardmore Post Offices, through our Facebook page and from 0876592573. Don’t delay in getting your ticket as it is sure to be a sell out show. CLASHMORE & KINSALEBEG - CPR TRAINING A morning CPR Training session for anyone who wishes to avail of it will take place in Clashmore GAA Hall on Saturday, January 27th at 9.30 am. This is free to all participants however, it would be appreciated if you give a donation to First Responders. This will be followed by an afternoon session of CPR training in Kinsalebeg Hall at 2.00 p.m. on Saturday, 27th January, again it is open to public. No charge but a donation to First

Responders appreciated. Groups or individuals please come along and take advantage of this course. OPERATION TRANSFORMATION AGLISH Aglish Operation Transformation will commence on Tuesday, 6th February. Weigh-in at 6.30 p.m., which is private and confidential. Walk will commence at 7 p.m. Operation Transformation Weigh Care search will be available on the night. Hi viz jacket required for walk. More details in next week's notes. CLASHMORE RAMBLERS Our weekly Clashmore Ramblers Alpha Lotto draw took place on Sunday night last, January 21st. Our letters drawn were R, J, B, C. We had no winner of our Jackpot so next week it will be €3,700. The following were our lucky weekly prizewinners of €20 each: Tom Kelly, Jobber, Aiden O’Rourke. Well done to all our winners and thanks for all your support. CLASHMORE/ KINSALEBEG COMMUNITY COUNCIL Operation Transformation: Weigh-ins continue every Monday in the GAA Hall with a walk afterwards and also evening walks in Piltown at the church on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. This Sunday, 28th there is a family walk from the Carpark at Whiting Bay at 2.30 p.m. Come along and get some fresh air. (The tide is out) Community GYM: The first classes are starting this week -

Circuit Training Wednesdays at 7.00 p.m. Getting men moving Thursdays 10.00 a.m. Getting Women Moving Thursdays 11.00 a.m. Memberships of the gym are still available at €60 for the year. CLASHMORE / KINSALEBEG GAA LOTTO Our Clashmore/Kinsalebeg GAA club weekly lotto draw took place last Monday night, January 22nd and the following were the numbers out of the drum 6, 7, 11, 21. We had no jackpot winner. Our weekly lucky draw ticket winners of €20 each were: Padraig Brogan, Aidan O’Rourke, Caoimhe Bourke, Shane Dalton, Jim Flavin.Thanks to everyone for supporting our draw. VILLIERSTOWN NATIONAL SCHOOL Villierstown National School Parents’ Association will host a Music Table Quiz on Friday, 16th February 2018 in An Cruiscin Lán,Villierstown. Table of 4 €20. Registration on the night 8:30 pm to begin 9 pm sharp. So if you fancy something different on Friday night come along for a trip down music memory lane. All are welcome and it's sure to be a very great prizes raffle on the night. Looking forward to a great night. DRIVING TEST SUCCESS Congratulations to Jess T. Fitzgerald, Clashmore on passing her driving test last week. Jess is one of the star players of

Clashmore/Kinsalebeg Ladies football, well done Jess we wish you many years of safe and enjoyable driving. CLASHMORE 45 DRIVE At our Clashmore 45 Drive on Monday night, January 22nd at the Decies Bar we had Una Kenneally and Margaret Leahy winning the top prize this week on ten games. In joint second on eight games we had Martin

Lynch and Mike Hunt, Gabriel Hynes and Tony Keane, Roger Hynes and Eugene O’Halloran. Best of the last five were Terri McGrath and Mary Foley, Tom Osborne and John Motherway, Mary O’Donovan and Tommy Osborne. Our lucky last game winners were Liam Curran and Thomas Power. Well done to all our winners and thanks to everyone for your support.

Parish of Aglish, Ballinameela and Mount Stuart CHURCH UNITY WEEK To mark Church Unity week we will have the celebration of a special Christian Unity service here in Aglish Church tonight, Wednesday, January 24th at 7.15 p.m. Dean Paul Draper will be in attendance to preach for us

Clashmore & Piltown Parish MASS TIMES Thursday: Mass in Clashmore at 10.00 a.m. Friday: Mass in Piltown at 10.00 a.m. Vigil Mass of Sunday in Piltown at 6.00 p.m. Sunday: Mass in Clashmore at 9.00 a.m. 60th DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE 2018 is a very special time in Lourdes history, as it marks the 160th anniversary of the apparition of our lady in that beautiful place. It also marks a very special time in our diocese of Waterford & Lismore, as this is the 60th anniversary of the first pilgrimage from this diocese to Lourdes. This year the Waterford & Lismore pilgrimage will travel to Lourdes from June 6th to 11th. Bookings are now being taken for those who wish to travel. Forms are now available from Bridget in our parish office at the Parochial House, Clashmore on Tuesday or Thursday mornings or by contacting Warren directly at St. John’s Pastoral Centre in Waterford 051-878900.

Kinsalebeg Community Group - Thank You ON Sunday, January 14th we celebrated the New Year here in Kinsalebeg. It was a great day and we had a lovely crowd. It was great to see the parish and surrounding parishes coming together, people moving around the room meeting and greeting one another and having a chat. We are very lucky to have such a strong community here, let’s keep it together. We had a very special guest drop in during the day, Cllr. Pat Nugent, Mayor of Waterford City & County; we were delighted to see him. We wish to acknowledge a lot of people who supported our New Year Party – Fr. Kelly and the Clashmore & Piltown Parish Finance Council for their contribution to the dinner; Supervalu Youghal; Roger O’Halloran, The Point Bar Youghal; John Quinn, Ardmore; Kinsalebeg Fuels Applegreen Kinsalebeg; Pat Collins, Collins & Town and Country; Michael O’Connell; Frank Cummins; Lidl Youghal; Tesco Youghal; Billy O’Halloran; The Latch Restaurant; Pat Daly. Also the many people who handed in things for the raffle on the day – it really was appreciated. The Latch Restaurant, Tallow for the fine dinner; Kay Ledingham for the notes and photographs; Pat Daly for the music and, of course, our very own Michael Hickey, they kept people on their toes and some very fine singers as well. Darren Peter and James O’Donoghue of the Deise Link who are there for us every week. Maura for the extra time and Izobella for the entire extra work in the hall during the year. The HSE support us also. Our members who are with us throughout the year and our great committee Helen Collins, Karen Byrne, Colette Foley, May Murphy, Mary Trihy, Gabrielle Power, Peg Wickham, Catherine Foley, Willie and Joan Curtin. Wishing you all the best in 2018, looking forward to 2019 when we get to do it all again.

Margaret Leahy and Ka Kelly.

Nora and Michael Hickey

Peig Wickham and Anne Foley.

Therese Cliffe and Linda Baker

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018



Dungarvan Encore Stage Academy going from strength to strength

DUNGARVAN Encore Stage Academy was founded 8 years ago, by Aileen Hogan. Aileen is a fully qualified teacher with The ‘London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art’ (L.A.M.D.A) & ‘The Leinster School Of Music’. Aileen specialises in Speech & Drama / Public Speaking / Elocution / Acting & Shakespearean examinations. For the last 16 years, Aileen has been employed full time as a Drama & Elocution teacher in Primary & Secondary schools all over Counties Waterford, Cork & Tipperary. Aileen facilitates Drama, Theatre and Public Speaking workshops in Secondary Schools and offers Drama/Choral Speaking and Elocution in Primary schools. Aileen also offers group and

individual teaching in Speech & Drama, Poetry, Acting, Public Speaking & Elocution exams. She has a wonderful success rate putting many students & adults through Theatrical examinations. Dungarvan Encore Strage Academy, was a long term dream as she was inspired to rejuvenate the appreciation of theatre,

poetry and performance in Dungarvan. As the academy has expanded year after year, Aileen built The Rehearsal Hub in Westgate Business park. A state of the art purpose built Stage School with three Rooms catering for all aspects of Performing Arts. With two studios full mirrored walls, Ballet barres, profes-

sional flooring, reception waiting area, stress free parking, and an Art & costume room. The Rehearsal Hub is a hive of activity catering for many Yoga, Pilates, Art & Craft summer camps, Monthly workshops, & fitness classes. Dungarvan Encore Stage Academy offers a fantastic array

Anna Whelan pictured with her London Academy Elocution & Acting Examination Certificate (Teacher Aileen Hogan). [Dan McGrath]

Emma Power pictured with her London Academy Elocution & Acting Examination Certificate (Teacher Aileen Hogan). [Dan McGrath]

Meadhbh Keating pictured with her London Academy Elocution & Acting Examination Certificate (Teacher Aileen Hogan). [Dan McGrath]

of classes for all ages! Theatre Tots, Elocution & Acting / Musical Theatre Examinations, and “Broadway Starz” Summer Camps.We are now taking bookings for our new term and LAMDA examination classes. The next big event for Encore is our End of Year show “The Wizard Of Oz” This show is for

Aileen Hogan Encore Pupils only from Junior Infants to 3rd Year Teenagers. Aileen would like to thank all her Elocution pupils for their sheer dedication and hard work, on receiving top class results for an array of examinations. To book your child into any of our classes please ring 0876299508.

Ella and Holly Hayes pictured with their London Academy Elocution & Acting Examination Certificates (Teacher Aileen Hogan). [Dan McGrath]

Kate O'Mahoney pictured with her London Academy Elocution & Acting Examination Certificate (Teacher Aileen Hogan). [Dan McGrath]

Sarah O'Shea pictured with her London Academy Elocution & Acting Examination Certificate (Teacher Aileen Hogan). [Dan McGrath]

Emily Foran

Kate, Fiona and Brid Fogarty

Neela Ryan pictured with her London Academy Elocution & Acting Examination Certificate (Teacher Aileen Hogan). [Dan McGrath]

Emily O'Connor pictured with her London Academy Elocution & Acting Examination Certificate (Teacher Aileen Hogan). [Dan McGrath]

Megan and Kellie Mulcahy

Eliah Tutty

Ella and Jeanne Harrington

SCHOOL NEWS Meanscoil San Nioclas teacher awarded a bursary from the Teaching Council • Teaching Council awards 33 research bursaries totalling €100,000 to teachers • Chairperson announces the John Coolahan Research Support Framework THE Teaching Council has awarded 33 bursaries, totalling €100,000, to teachers and others engaging in and with educational research. The funding is being awarded under the first cycle of the Council’s Research Support Framework. The framework is a key element of the Council’s CROÍ Research Series (Collaboration and Research for Ongoing Innovation). This framework fosters and promotes learning by supporting a range of approaches, including practitioner research, and the application of an enquirybased approach to practice. It places a strong emphasis on research activities which will strengthen the links between research, policy and practice, and on collaboration among teachers, and between teachers and other stakeholders in education. The Council also decided to recognise the contribution of Professor John Coolahan for his work in the education field both at home and abroad by announcing the framework will now be designated as the John Coolahan Research Support Framework. An awards ceremony for the recipients was held in the Clayton Hotel, Liffey Valley, on the evening of Thursday, January 18th. Speaking at the event, the Chairperson of the Teaching Council, Ms. Noelle Moran, said: “The response to the research support framework has been overwhelming in terms of both the quantity and variety of the 100 research applications submit-

ted. As Chair of the Teaching Council I must commend all the applicants for their enthusiasm for educational research which inevitably will benefit pupils in Ireland’s schools. I am also delighted to name the Research Support Framework in honour of Professor John Coolahan. His contribution to education, both at home and abroad, has been immense and I am delighted that he was able to attend the awards ceremony.” The Director of the Teaching Council, Mr.Tomás Ó Ruairc said: “Supporting teachers’ engagement with and in research is a key function of the Council. Teachers know that research lies at the very heart of teaching and learning and it is important for the Council to acknowledge this. Teachers always want to know that they are making a difference. Enhanced engagement with research, by their peers and others, will continue to help them answer that question. I look forward to teachers and their fellow researchers sharing their learning with us, and more broadly, so that it can have a breadth and depth of impact at individual, local and national level”. A comparative investigation into the extent and integration of ICT and new media practice while promoting creativity in Irish secondary schools – Maria O Donovan – Maria is currently undertaking her PhD at LIT – Limerick School of Art and Design and is an art teacher in Meánscoil San Nioclás, An Rinn in the Waterford Gaeltacht.

Teaching Council 'John Coolahan Research Support Framework' Sward – Pictured is Noelle Moran Chair of the Teaching Council with teacher, Maria O'Donovan from Meanscoil San Nioclas, An Rinn, Co. Waterford. [Chris Bellew /Fennell Photography Copyright 2018]

Waterford Primary Schools now invited to apply for free GIY & innocent BIG GROW Pack The Big Grow aims to get 43,000 Primary school pupils growing their own food

GIY and innocent drinks team up to launch the seventh annual food growing initiative, a project that will enable 43,000 primary school children across the country to learn how to grow their own food this spring with ‘The innocent Big Grow'. Primary schools across the

country can apply now for a free Big Grow pack to be delivered to their school via This year the pupils will learn how to grow peas, cress and spinach. Each Big Grow pack includes enough soil, growing pots, seeds for a class of thirty along with an

Helping to launch the national Big Grow initiative at St. Sylvester’s Infant School in Malahide, Dublin is Mary Kate Kelly (5). The GIY and innocent Drinks Big Grow project enables school children across Ireland to grow their own food in the classroom this spring using free growing packs which will be distributed by GIY and innocent, to register for a free pack see [Mark Stedman]

expert food growing kit devised by GIY plus details on how to cook and eat the produce that each child has grown. Over the last six years, innocent and GIY have enabled more than 125,000 school children in Ireland to have their first growing experience in classrooms through the supply of seeds, grow pots, compost and expert growing advice and tips. Studies show that children who grow their own food are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables and show higher levels of knowledge about nutrition. The children not only learn the science of growing, they also experience the joy of growing and eating their own food. GIY calls this ‘Food Empathy', which is a deeper connection with food, and is proven to lead to a healthier life long-term. This initiative has been so impactful that GIY and innocent are also rolling the project out across a quarter of all primary schools in the UK too. Speaking at the launch GIY

founder Michael Kelly said, "It's a fact that food growers have a better understanding of nutrition and eat more fruit and vegetables. Over the years we have repeatedly seen how even the simplest food growing experience can make children passionate about what they eat, and help them to develop a greater understanding and ‘food empathy'. innocent and GIY have created the big grow to encourage school kids to get outside, stick their hands in some mud and learn about the benefits of healthy eating. We want everyone to have those all-important memories of growing their own food and we know that these are lessons that they continue to benefit them throughout life. We have also worked closely with teachers and educational specialists to develop a series of detailed lesson plans that provided credible and engaging content for teachers to use in the classroom." Brand and Communities Specialist at innocent drinks Ireland, Matthew Gavin, said:

“At innocent, we make drinks that not only taste good but also do good too. This growing initiative with GIY has allowed us to create a movement among schools that really does good. We have gotten 125,000 kids to grow their own food over the last six years and now in our seventh year, we will have nearly half of all schools in Ireland growing and learning about the importance of healthy food. When we meet the schools you hear from the kids everything they have learned about growing and how tasty their vegetables were in their dinner. Getting kids to enjoy eating their vegetables, now that’s something a business can be proud of. The innocent Big Grow will encourage a knowledge of where food comes from, teaching children through a fun, free, learning experience just how easy it is to grow their own greens and enjoy the taste of their own food. It will also drive a series of learning as once schools are registered they can

keep a growing blog online and for every school that does, they receive a Big Grow certificate but the most engaged or the ‘Best' Big Grow school will win a trip to Bloom for their class, a trip to Dublin Zoo and €500 worth of gardening equipment for the school; the winning school will be presented with their prizes at Bloom 2018 hopefully by the President. Two runners up prizes of a €300 and a €200 GIY voucher are also up for grabs. Visit to register for a free innocent & GIY Big Grow pack which includes everything a class of 30 needs to get growing, this includes seeds for Peas, Cress and Spinach, sowing cups, compost, a teacher's resource booklet which includes lots of fun and educational activities which complement the school curriculum, a wallchart to map weekly growing successes, veggie stickers and a Star Grower Badge for those top growers #TheBigGrow @innocentireland @giyireland


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Teachers, parents and children urged to re-connect with Nature through Eco Rangers • 21 schools in Waterford already signed up • Over 600 Schools across Ireland are taking part already and creating their very own Eco Safari • Bord na Móna are looking to double that number in 2018 and are calling for more schools and families to get involved, take part in nature walks and publish it on our site. ARE your kids struggling to identify a Puffin but can name all the Pokemon? Able to spot a minion but not a magpie? Willing to explore with Dora through a screen without stepping outside your front door? Well not anymore as Bord na Móna is today calling for more schools, more teachers and more school-kids to get involved in Eco Rangers, a primary schools programme which attempts to overcome the growing nature deficit amongst children by re-connecting them with nature in a fun and interactive way. Speaking at the launch of Eco Rangers for 2018, Sara Byrne, Bord na Móna said: “Unfortunately, more and more we are seeing young kids spending too much time on Ipads and Playstations. All research indicates that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of children. Our schools programme, Eco Rangers, aims to address just that, and with over 600 schools signed up across the Country, we are calling for more schools to get involved.While the emphasis is on schools to participate, the programme can also be used by the children with their families in their local communities around Ireland. Families can log on to and take a look at the many eco safaris that have already been uploaded to the site.” What is Eco Rangers? - Eco Rangers is a programme by Bord na Móna which sets out to reconnect children with nature and learn about biodiversity through a series of educational and fun elements. Teachers are provided with all the tools they need such as teachers’ packs, lesson plans and games. How does it address the growing nature deficit amongst children? It enables classes to embark on Eco Safaris, nature walks, where they

can map out nature trails, look at and investigate flora and fauna, take photos or draw pictures and document what they see. Children are encouraged to creatively connect with nature, with each school developing their own bespoke nature table. How can a class upload an Eco Safari so other people can use it? Once a teacher has registered for the programme, each teacher will get a personalised log in for our site where they can upload all the information gathered from the nature walk to create an online gallery. Sara Byrne continued:“Young kids that learn and play outside get direct experience of weather, the seasons, wildlife, flora and fauna – things that are only possible outdoors – and they get to assess risks, solve problems and develop creativity. The benefits may seem obvious, but in reality many children don’t get to be outdoors in a natural environment in any regular or meaningful way. Eco Rangers addresses this and is suitable for all primary school classes from junior infants through to sixth class. Waterford Schools taking part: Christ Church NS, Lower Newtown; Kilbrien NS, Ballinamult; Scoil Lorcain, St. John’s Park; Killea Boys NS, Killea; Fenor NS, Fenor; Gaelscoil Philib Barun, Crobally Upper; SN Naomh Mhuire, Baile Mhic Gonair; St. Declan’s NS, Ardmore; Whitechurch NS, Clonkerdon, Cappagh; Our Lady of Mercy NS, Stradbally; SN An Baile Nua, Newtown, Kilmacthomas; Lismore Mochuda NS, Lismore; St. Mary’s Boys NS, Ferrybank; St. John of God School, Passage Road; Ballymacarbry NS, Via Clonmel; Gaelscoil na nDeise, Gracedieu; Bun Scoil Bhothar Na Naomh, Lismore; Bunscoil Gleann Sidheain, Cappoquin; Kilmacthomas Primary School, Kilmacthomas; Newburn Junior School, Lower Newburn; Tramore Educate Together National School, Tramore.

Ciarán Walsh, age 5 (left) with Harry Heffernan, age 6 and Isabelle Geraghty, age 7, pictured launching the Bord na Móna Eco Rangers 2018. Eco Rangers is a programme by Bord na Móna which sets out to reconnect children with nature and learn about biodiversity through a series of educational and fun elements. Teachers are provided with all the tools they need such as teachers’ packs, lesson plans and games. Families can log on to and take a look at the many eco safaris that have already been uploaded to the site. [Robbie Reynolds]

Minister Cannon calls on all Waterford primary schools to enter the 2018 Our World Irish Aid Awards Award seeks to help children in Ireland learn about development issues including Ireland’s role in fighting poverty and promoting quality education

MINISTER of State for the Diaspora and International Development, Ciarán Cannon, TD, is calling on all Waterford primary schools pupils to take part in this year’s Our World Irish Aid

Awards. The Awards, which are now in their 13th year, invite children across Ireland to create projects about the challenges facing children in developing countries and

the role played by Ireland, through Irish Aid, the Government’s programme for overseas development. Speaking at the launch, Minister Cannon said: “Since the year 2000, countries all over the world, including Ireland, have been working hard together to fight poverty and protect the environment, through the United Nations. "The Our World Irish Aid Awards give pupils from across the island of Ireland a great opportunity to gain insight into the lives of children in developing countries and to convey their understanding through projects which are both creative and educational. It enables pupils and teachers to learn about the challenges facing people in developing countries and understand that, while we may live thousands of miles away from Mozambique and our other partner countries, the way we live our lives makes a difference to theirs.

“This is an imaginative and creative way of introducing our young people to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development which aim to eradicate poverty, climate change, and build a more peaceful, fair and sustainable world by 2030, not least because we all have a role to play in creating a better world and better future for all. “I encourage schools to get involved in the 2018 Our World Irish Aid Awards and look forward to seeing their projects later this year.” The Minister of Education and Skills, Richard Bruton, TD, added his endorsement to the Awards saying: “The Our World Irish Aid Awards is an exciting educational initiative which brings current global issues into the primary classroom, in a child friendly way. Taking part can support teachers’ delivery of the curriculum across a range of subject areas, and allows pupils to communicate their own

knowledge and ideas in many creative and innovative ways.” Registered primary schools nationwide receive online and print curriculum-linked teaching and learning materials to help teachers and pupils discover more about the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development, agreed by 193 countries including Ireland, to address the root causes of poverty and to protect the planet. Schools can communicate their ideas and understanding of the issues in writing, song, film, artwork or any medium they choose. This year’s theme ‘Transforming our World’ relates to all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals while highlighting the role that education can play in making a positive difference to the lives of people in developing countries as well as here at home. In particular, pupils will be learning about life in Mozambique which is one of Irish Aid’s eight partner coun-

tries and an innovative project aimed at helping Mozambican children to benefit from a primary school education. All entries will be assessed on their creativity, understanding of the theme and their impact. Sixty projects that illustrate strengths across these three areas will receive an ‘Our World Irish Aid Award’ plaque at regional awards ceremonies in May, and twelve top entries will win a place at the final awards ceremony in June, where the overall winner will be presented with an ‘Our World Irish Aid Awards’ trophy. There will be additional awards for Teacher of the Year, Special Distinction Award and Best Newcomer School. Over 1,300 primary schools participated in the Our World Irish Aid Awards 2017. Registration for the programme is now open and the deadline for entries is Friday 23rd March 2018.



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Dogs Trust visit Liosmór Mochuda National School Carriglea National School – Well done to our senior pupils who participated in the Community Games swimming competition recently in the Waterford Crystal Sports Centre.

Heather from Dogs Trust who visited Lismór Mochuda National School recently. HEATHER from Dogs Trust came to visit us on before rubbing them and the X-Factor position Monday January 8th. She told us all about the work when you want them to leave you alone. Her dog also came from Dogs Trust. that Dogs Trust does. It was very informative and fun. We each got a She told us that lost, abandoned or stray dogs are firstly taken to the pound, if no one claims them in certificate. ENROLMENTS 2018 5 days then they are either taken by a group like Liosmór Mochuda National School is a mixed Dogs Trust or put to sleep. She told us all about McGyver. His owners did two-teacher school in Lismore under the Patronage not have the 3 E’s – Enough space, time or money. of the Church of Ireland. It is nestled at the top of He was taken to Dogs Trust and taken care of by North Mall between the historic St. Carthage’s Ciara, his canine carer. He was checked over by vets, Cathedral and the Deanery. We are currently taking enrolments for chipped, cleaned, vaccinated and given a bed. He was fed and walked twice a day and Ciara also September 2018. For more details please contact the school via played with him. He got new owners who found (058 54848) or e-mail him when they walked along the re-homing corri- phone ( or our school website dor. Heather showed us how to greet a dog and ( which not emphasised the need to be safe around dogs – you only gives you a glimpse at our school, our ethos shouldn’t approach a dog without its owner present. and the activities that our pupils engage in but also She showed us the special sniff fist you show dogs has enrolment applications.

Carriglea National School – Pupils from Carriglea National School proudly display their new school jerseys.

Ballyduff Upper National School Clothes Collection 2018 There will be a clothing recycling drive in aid of Ballyduff National School on Friday, 2nd February, 2018, at Millennium Sports Hall. Please drop off all items before 9.30 a.m. Collection will also take place at 9.30 p.m. on Thursday evening, 1st February, 2018. Please donate all your clean unwanted clothes also bed linen, towels, curtains, shoes, bags, belts, boots, wellingtons, work boots and soft toys. Wearable clothes will be recycled and re-used

and other items will be recycled for items such as industrial wipes and soundproofing. Laptops (must be intact with power lead) and mobile phones are accepted but please separate. To make arrangements for collection of items please contact: Noreen Geary 086-0781326; Louise McGuinness 086-1859727. Thank you for your support and taking the time and effort to support our fundraising drive.

Carriglea National School – Infants at Carriglea National School are investigating how do polar bears stay nice and warm in the Arctic.

Villierstown National School Parents’ Association to host Music Table Quiz VILLIERSTOWN National School Parents Association will host a Music Table Quiz on Friday, 16th February, 2018 in An Cruiscin Lan, Villierstown. Table of 4 €20. Registration on the night 8.30 p.m. to begin 9.00 p.m. sharp. So if you fancy something different on a Friday night come along for a trip down Music Memory

Lane. All are welcome and it's sure to be a very entertaining night. Great prizes raffle on the night. Looking forward to a great night. Note for Diaries – The Annual Villierstown National School Quiz dates are 17th April and 24th April. More details will follow.

Carriglea National School – Infants from Carriglea NS proudly display their Food Dudes sticker charts for eating all their fruit and vegetables.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Scoil Mhuire Parents’ Association Quiz Night THE Scoil Mhuire, Abbeyside Parent’s Association held its 5th/6th class quiz on Wednesday night….but this time with a difference as a large group of 3rd/4th class students from a number of schools unexpectedly arrived to join in the fun. As ever everyone is welcome to our quizzes – so it swiftly became a bumper quiz night with 60 teams from a large number of local schools competing for prizes in now 3 categories – 6th class, 5th class and 3rd/4th

class. All the students did themselves proud – with some fantastic quizzing amid a great atmosphere between all the teams. Angela O’Donovan, our quizmaster, did a really good job of keeping order, and a special thanks on this occasion must go to Tony Crowe for preparing the Halla – and most importantly ensuring there were enough chairs to go around! After all of this – a team from Scoil An Bhaile Nua, Newtown

emerged victorious in the 6th class category, closely followed by teams from Ballyduff Upper in 2nd, and Rathgormack in 3rd. In the 5th class, Glenbeg NS were the winners with S.N. Na Rinne (2nd) and St Joseph’s (3rd) close behind. Finally a team from Scoil Mhuire were the winners in the 3rd/4th class quiz. A noted thanks to our very generous sponsors of the wining prizes, Activate in Waterford and Venture in Dungarvan. Well done to all – a great end to the

Scoil Mhuire quiz season, and with that in mind, we would also like to thank our kind sponsors of all our events Eurospar, Centra, Supervalu, James

Brrennan Electrical, Liam Rossiters Butchers, UGC Dungarvan, O’Briens, The Park Hotel, Toymaster, Clonea Strand Hotel & Leisure Centre and the

Gold Coast Hotel & Leisure Centre, and as mentioned Activate and Venture - all your support is very much appreciated.

6th class – 1st place - Scoil An Bhaile Nua, Newtown pictured with Quizmaster Angela O’Donovan.

3rd/4th class – 1st place – Scoil Mhuire, Abbeyside pictured with Quizmaster Angela O’Donovan. 5th class: 1st place – Glenbeg NS pictured with Quizmaster Angela O’Donovan.

5th Class – 3rd place – St. Joseph’s Primary School. 6th class: 2nd place – Ballyduff Upper NS pictured with Quizmaster Angela O’Donovan.

5th Class – 2nd place – SN na Rinne pictured with Quizmaster Angela O’Donovan.

6th class: 3rd place– Rathgormack NS pictured with Quizmaster Angela O’Donovan.



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Whole School Christmas Presentation IN the run-up to the Christmas holidays, the walls of the corridors and classrooms at Bunscoil Gleann Sídheáin were adorned with Christmas scenes and decorations. The rooms were filled with the sounds of tin whistles and children’s voices practising Christmas songs and carols. The hours and days of rehearsal culminated in a whole school Christmas celebration which took place in St. Mary’s Church, Cappoquin on Thursday, 21st December, 2017 at 7.00 p.m. In front of an enthusiastic

audience, the children of all classes performed an eclectic repertoire of familiar and new Christmas carols and songs. The children in the Junior classes were dressed as characters from the Nativity story and the altar abounded with shepherds, angels, innkeepers, wise men and of course Mary and Joseph. The students in the Middle and Senior Classes looked smart in their festive Santa hats. This Christmas celebration was both a fitting closure to the school term and an atmospheric beginning to

the Christmas season. SUPER TROOPERS From Monday 22nd January 2018, the pupils of Bunscoil Gleann Sídheáin will embark upon a healthy homework programme entitled ‘Super Troopers’. Super Troopers focuses on increasing physical activity levels among children, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and improving wellbeing and food habits at a young age. We look forward to having as much fun as possible while getting fit and active. Best of luck, everyone! INFANT CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES As part of the Aistear programme which has been running in the Junior and Senior Infant classrooms over the past months, the Junior Infants participated in a bespoke workshop, none other than that of Santa! The workshop incorporated a role play station, an art station, a playdough station and a Small World station. Meanwhile the Senior Infants went on a trip to the local post office where they posted handmade Christmas cards to the school principal Mrs. Duggan.

Christmas Nativity

What a wonderful surprise for her when the cards arrived! THE BLUE STAR FLAG PROGRAMME The Blue Star Programme is about to be launched at Bunscoil Gleann Sídheáin. This programme will involve studying life in different member states of the European Union, learning some of the songs and dances of these countries and compiling and presenting project work. Plans are afoot to celebrate Europe Day, 9th May in a special way. 3rd CLASS VISIT TO CAPPOQUIN DAY CARE CENTRE During the week before Christmas, the pupils of 3rd Class, accompanied by their teacher Mrs.Scanlan, paid a visit to Cappoquin Day Care Centre. There, they entertained the residents with a medley of Christmas carols and seasonal tunes on the tin whistle. They distributed Christmas cards which they had designed and crafted. A wonderful afternoon was enjoyed by all. SHARED READING PROGRAMME The pupils in Senior Infants and 6th Class, under the direction of their teachers Mrs. Price and Ms. Feeney, have begun taking part in a Shared Reading Programme. It is hoped that through participation in the programme the children will develop a deep and lifelong interest in reading. LIONS’ CLUB APPEAL Bunscoil Gleann Sídheáin participated in the Red to Work day on Friday, 15th December, 2017.This formed part of the Lions’ Club Christmas Appeal.A sincere thank you to all the pupils and staff for their donations on the day. In tandem with this project and an intrinsic aspect of the Active Schools initiative, pupils and staff walked a ‘Mile in Red’ on our ‘Slí na Sláinte.

Shared Reading Programme


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Under 14 Football Champions with mentors, Mr. William Kelly (left) and Mr. Kieran O'Sullivan (right).


St. Augustine’s College U-14 Football Champions A CHILLY January 18th night in the WIT Arena, Carriganore, proved fruitful for an ambitious and enthusiastic Under 14 St Augustine’s football team. The Team prepared well in damp conditions with a cold wind for a 7.30 p.m. throw-in. The Friary were under no illusions that this was going to be an easy game by any means, having already faced St. Declan’s, Kilmacthomas, earlier in the school year and winning by a narrow margin on that occasion. The team prepared well for 20 minutes before the match ensuring they had optimum focus going into the game. There was no waiting around from the throw-in with the first score going to St. Declan’s with a well taken point.The Friary were quick to respond by moving the ball at pace up the pitch with quick hand and kick passing.The first Friary score was a goal by corner forward, Gavin Christopher, who capitalised on a clear-cut goal chance. St. Declan’s responded well with another well taken point. The first 20 minutes saw both teams trading points with Rory Fennell, Seanie Callaghan, and Charlie Treen contributing points for the Friary. Just before half-time St. Declan’s got a goal which really pulled the game close between the teams. The Frairy held on to take a one point lead of 1-06 to 1-05 at the interval. From the throw-in for the second half it was clear that St. Declan’s meant business. Their intent was to win as they claimed two quick goals and a point early in the second half. Suddenly the Frairy trailed by 6 points. The Friary’s excellent defence stood up again and kept St. Declan’s scoreless for the remainder of the game with Edmund Spratt,

Brayden Dee Carter and RoryTyrrell taking heavy knocks to keep out a strong St. Declan’s team. The exceptionally strong defensive input from the entire full back and centre back line, as well as the energetic midfield duo of Brayden and Marc, built up confidence again for The Friary in the last 10 minutes. The Friary launched a quick attack with the Fennell twins linking up well.The pressure paid off with Charlie Treen getting a fantastic goal into the top corner. Two substitutions by the Friary with John Gleeson and Leon Cummins coming on increased the tempo again for the team. The adrenaline had kicked in and chants of ‘come on Friary’ coming from the stand really boosted the team. Another surging attack found Marc Mahony getting a great goal, which really capped a fantastic display from midfield by him. This goal drew the teams level.The final and winning score was from the Friary’s Rory Fennell with a superb point from a very tight angle. St. Declan’s tried to respond but some great defensive marking and blocking kept them at bay. The final whistle went and St. Augustine’s had won by a score line of 3-07 to 3-06. The Friary put in an exceptional display and it paid off. The team from 1 to 27 capped a hard season with a well deserved victory. Even those who did not play on the night have contributed massively to this success in matches leading up to this. This is a strong and a great team effort. We will be seeing much more of these fine young footballers. Three cheers for team mentors, Mr William Kelly and Mr Kieran O'Sullivan. Starting 15: Edmond Spratt, Eddie Flavin,T.J.Wright, Andrew Norris, Aidan Higgins, Rory Tyrrell, Cian Gleeson, Charlie

Treen (1-02), Marc Mahony (100), Rory Fennell (0-03), Seanie Callaghan (0-01), Tommy Fennell, Brayden Dee Carter, Eoin Kiely, Gavin Christopher (1-01). Subs: Ferghal Slevin, Eoin Veale, Cathal Sweeney, Conn Willans, Jamie Coonan, Sean Spratt, John Gleeson, Cameron Ashraf, Leon Cummins, Tom Nee, Kieran Power, Joe Cotter. SENIOR HURLING NEWS St. Augustine's College 1-16; CBS Carrick-on-Suir 0-15. Last Wednesday, January 10th our Senior Hurlers lined out in a Munster Hurling quarter final against CBS Carrick-on-Suir at Carriganore, Waterford. Both teams met at semi final stage last year in a tight encounter and this year's match was no different. At half time we were 8-7 down in what was a

very closely contested game. It was all square with ten minutes to go and it was anyone’s game. Luckily the Friary boys drove on in the last ten minutes of the games in which they scored a critical goal. We won by 1:16 to 15 points. We move onto semifinal stage in the hurling while the boys must contest a football Munster quarter final in the meanwhile! Well done to all, congrats to mentors Ms. Lisa Hanrick and Mr. Jason Forrestal. COMÓRTAS DÍOSPÓIREACHTA AN PHIARSAIGH Bhí an dara babhta den chomórtas seo ar siúl ar an 11ú d’Eanair i bPobalscoil Eoin Baiste, An tOspidéal, Co. Luimnigh. An rúin a bhí againn ná ’Tuigeann tuismitheoirí an lae inniu fadhbanna na hóige’. Ghlac Elizabeth Power, Roisín

Ní Chadhla, Aimee Keating páirt ar an bhfoireann. Bhí an-cuid argóintí iontacha acu ar an oíche ach faraor ní raibh an bua againn ar an oíche. D’fhoghlaim siad scileanna nua agus bhain siad taithneamh agus tairbhe as an deis. PRE LEAVING AND JUNIOR CERT. EXAMS Pre Junior Cert exams begin on Thursday followed by Pre Leaving Cert exams next week. The very best of luck to all our exam students. Go n'éirí libh go léir. GAA ROUND-UP WATERFORD GAA AWARDS It was with great pride that we accepted the Waterford GAA School of the Year Award in Lawlors hotel last Friday week. This title was awarded on the back of a great 2016/17 on the

GAA fields for the Friary. Munster and All Ireland hurling honours were claimed in senior hurling while we also won the Munster senior football title. Past pupils Darragh McGrath, Neil Montgomery and Tom Looby were on hand to collect the prize on the night. SENIOR FOOTBALL We relinquished our Munster title on Thursday last in Carriganore when we came up second best to our near neighbours St. Declan’s, Kilmacthomas. On a bitterly cold day we were left to regret some missed chances and missing some key players it proved not to be our day. Best of luck to St. Declan’s in the semi-final. UNDER 15 HURLING We were due to play St. Anne’s Killaloe this week but it has been postponed until further notice.

Debating Team with Ms. Aoife Walsh, from left, Jenny McCloskey, Róisín Ní Chadhla, Aimée Keating and Elizabeth Power.



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Light Bellied Brent Geese in flight

Light Bellied Brent Goose

Light Bellied Brent Geese feeding


Lightbellied Brent Geese are back EVERY year, these light-bellied brent geese fly over 2,600 km from Greenland to the pitches of Dungarvan CBS to spend some time with us. They initially land on the coast to feed on the eelgrass and when that becomes scarce they come to feed on the grass of our pitches. They are a small dark goose, with a black head, neck and breast, and darkbrown upperparts and pale underparts. They will leave in March/April to return to their breeding grounds of Greenland but we are guaranteed to see them again next year. Thanks to Wiktor Czeczotka and Tomas Flavin for the photographs. TY PANCAKE MAKING As part of the TY Ag Science class focusing on milk, the students put their knowledge to the test and made pancakes using buttermilk and butter, which they made themselves. The proof was in the eating and the students thoroughly enjoyed their pancake making with Mark McGuire in particular proving himself a fine chef.

Under 15 hurling team that played the Friary in a very competitive game last week.

Mark McGuire, Joe Lenane, Igor Westfal, Sean Walsh and Kacper Biernacki.

Tomas McGrath, Tristan Norman, David Lenane, Sean Walsh.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Ard Scoil na nDeise Junior Camogie Team before their match against Blarney.


Ard Scoil na nDéise Annual Trip to the Pantomime ON Friday, 12th January, we kicked off the New Year with a great start.We attended the annual pantomime in the Cork Opera House. This year it was the story of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” We were very proud to see a local Dungarvan girl, Phoebe Dipple, playing the lead role of Snow White.The trip was kindly organised by our teacher Mr. Collins. Sixty students from Ard Scoil na nDéise attended the event, accompanied by seven teachers, including retirees. We had plenty of time for shopping in Cork city before the show started at seven o’clock. It was a spectacular production, which showcased amazing acting and musical talents. Much to our delight, Mr. Collins was invited up on stage to kiss the frog! Overall, it was a fun packed evening with plenty of jellies and laughs along the way. We are already looking forward to attending next year’s panto! Written by Katelyn Horsom, Ellen O’Connor, and Tara Fitzgerald SCHOOLS CAMOGIE SHIELD QUARTER-FINAL On Wednesday, January 10th, the Ard Scoil junior camogie team travelled to Ballinameela to play their long awaited Munster Shield quarter-final.The girls set off in high hopes after narrowly missing out in a cup semi-final. On Wednesday they were put up against a strong Blarney side from Cork. Conditions were very cold and slippery for the girls but that didn’t take from their determination. Blarney opened the game with a 1-2 lead in the first 15 minutes. Despite the slow start Ard Scoil soon narrowed the gap leaving the two teams well matched at half-time. Soon into the second half the teams were level as Sarah Lacey, the centre forward, scored a terrific goal from a free. From then on the Ard Scoil bench played a vital role and contributed a lot to the match. The game ended in an exchange of points from both teams. In the end Ard Scoil were unlucky on the day but well done to the girls who held up a great battle right up until the final whistle. They couldn’t be faulted for their strong team effort throughout. Not an ideal ending for the girls’ camogie year but they did tremendously well to get this far in the competition. Each girl showed great commitment at training since September with Ms. McCarthy, Ms. Pickering and Ms. Kiely and furthermore showed ongoing encouragement towards one another. The girls will build on this as a team for next year and hopefully get a more deserved outcome.

Written by Aoife Dee, TYB CHRISTMAS CONCERT AT ARD SCOIL NA nDÉISE On Friday, December 22nd we had our annual Ard Scoil Christmas Concert.This is a great opportunity for staff and students alike to showcase their many talents! It is always an exciting event with a truly festive theme as the Christmas holidays approach. Last year, we were thrilled to have numerous acts from every year group so our line up was comprehensive and varied. We literally had everything from martial arts, to singing, to dancing, to pantomime................... something to appeal to everyone! We had whole classes performing singing and dancing routines as well as smaller groups of students and solo performances. It made us so proud to see the girls up on the stage performing confidently in front of their peers. We would like to say a special thank you to Mr. Collins for organising the concert and prizes and for making a very special guest appearance in one of the acts!!! We are already looking forward to next year’s Christmas concert.

Some of the Ard Scoil students that attended Snow White in Cork Opera House.

Third Year students treated us to a wonderful dance performance.

Mr. Collins getting into the swing of things as the pantomime dame.

A rousing performance from our Traditional Music Group.



OBITUARY ANNE (Nancy) CROWE-FITZGERALD Pinewood Lawn, Abbeyside

JOAN BUCKLEY (nee Hayes) Osborne Terrace, Bunmahon, and formerly of Kildwan

It is with sadness and regret we record the passing of Anne CroweFitzgerald which sad event occurred on Friday, 19th January. Removal was from Drohan’s Funeral Home on Monday morning to St. Augustine’s Church, Abbeyside, for Funeral Mass on arrival. Funeral Mass was celebrated by Fr. Hassett, P.P., and burial took place in the adjoining cemetery. To her husband Tom; daughters Mary-Rose and Clare; family, relatives and friends, we extend our deepest sympathy. Full obituary next issue.

With sadness and regret we record the passing of Joan Buckley (née Hayes, Kildwan) of Osborne Terrace, Bunmahon, on January 2nd, 2018. Joan died peacefully after a short illness in the loving care of staff in Waterford Regional Hospital Intensive Care Unit. She was predeceased by her husband Ted, brother Tom and baby daughter who died at birth. Loving mother to Elaine, Denis, Finbarr and Deirdre and sister of Eileen (Walsh), she will be sorely missed by her grandchildren Tadhg, Ciaran, Fionn, Grainne, Niamh, Diarmuid and Ciara and by her daughters-in-law Kate and Mary, son-in-law Noel and Elaine's partner Seamus. She will be fondly remembered by her nephews, nieces, relations, neighbours and friends. Joan lay in repose at her home on Wednesday, January 3rd, from 68 p.m., and a large crowd of people came to pay their respects and to console her bereaved family. On the following morning, her body was taken by procession from her home to St. Mary's Church, Saleen, where Funeral Mass was concelebrated at 11.00 a.m. After Mass the cortège moved to Kill, where Joan was buried in the cemetery adjoining the church. Joan had a great love of gardening and music. She particularly loved flowers and her rose garden was her pride and joy.When her children were in their teens she returned to work and was employed by Nolan, Farrell & Goff Solicitors in Waterford until her retirement. Joan's Month's Mind Mass will be held on Saturday, February 3rd, in St Mary's Church, Saleen, at 11.00 a.m. At dheis De go raibh sí.

(Funeral arrangements were by Tom Drohan, Funeral Director, Dungarvan).

REV. DEANA ROSINA MERCY DOHERTY Chapel Street, Lismore It is with much sadness and deep regret that we record the death of Rev. Deana Rosina Mercy Doherty whose peaceful passing occurred on Sunday, 7th January, 2018, in the loving care of the staff of Strawhall Nursing Home, Fermoy. Reception was into St. Carthage’s Cathedral, Lismore, on Monday, 15th January. Dean Paul Draper led all present in service on Thursday morning after which cremation took place at The Island Crematorium, Ringaskiddy. To her loving sons John and Paul and all her extended family and many friends, we extend our sincere sympathy. (Funeral arrangements were by Ryan’s Funeral Directors, Lismore).

MICHAEL DOHERTY Devonshire Cottages, Lismore It is with sincere sadness and deep regret that we record the passing of Michael Doherty which sad event occurred on Monday, 15th January, 2018, at University Hospital Waterford. Reposing at Ryan’s Funeral Home, Lismore, removal took place on Thursday evening to St. Carthage’s Church, Lismore. Following Funeral Mass on Friday morning, burial took place in St. Carthage’s Cemetery, Lismore. May his gentle soul rest in peace. To his loving nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews, relatives, neighbours and friends, we extend our sincere sympathy. (Funeral arrangements were by Ryan’s Funeral Directors, Lismore).

Just think of it! FROM January 18th to January 25th we celebrate what is known as Church Unity Week. It is a week of prayer for the special intention that all Christians, that is all who believe in Christ and who try to follow his teaching, will overcome their differences and join in one united body of believers and worshippers. Only God’s grace can heal the multitude of hurts and prejudices which contribute to our present state of disunity. What form of organisation would emerge if the day ever comes that all Christians are united – well, only God knows, and it’s futile for any of us to be speculating about it. In our own country there are some special obstacles to be overcome on the road to any real and effective unity between the different groups of people who describe themselves as Christians. History has left us with a significant legacy of bitter memories. Catholic Emancipation came into force in 1829, but such events as the Tithe War and the Land War have left bitter memories which are not easily erased. And the recent history of Northern Ireland shows that it can take many generations to overcome bitter memories and prejudices. It is just 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his list of ninety five theses or assertions on the church door in Wittenberg in Germany, thereby lighting the flame that led to the Protestant rebellion or Reformation. It seems that in many European countries Christians are making a conscious effort to encourage harmony between various ecclesiastical communities by concentrating on what they now have in common rather than playing over and over again the record of what happened in the past. But the mills of God grind slowly! Fr. Robert Arthure, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford.

MAUREEN POWER (nee Scanlan) Aglish, Cappoquin With sincere sadness and regret we record the passing of Maureen Power (nee Scanlan), Publican E. Cotter, Aglish, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford, loving wife of the late Michael Power (Castletownbere, Co. Cork), which sad event occurred peacefully on 21st January, 2018, surrounded by her loving family at Bandon Community Hospital, Co. Cork. Lying in repose at Aidan Walsh & Sons, Funeral Home, Cappoquin, Rosary was recited on Sunday evening by Rev. Fr. G. O’Connor, P.P., in the presence of her loving family, relatives and friends. Rev. Fr. G. O’Connor, P.P., recited Funeral Prayers on Monday evening in the presence of her loving family before removal took place to the Church of the Assumption, Aglish. On arrival her remains were received and blessed by Rev. Fr. G. O’Connor, P.P. Funeral Mass was celebrated on Tuesday morning. Followed by burial in the adjoining cemetery. May we extend our deepest sympathy to her loving sons John and Michael; sisters Birdie Conway and Eileen Meskill; daughters-in-law Bernie and Mary; brother-in-law Joe Conway; sisters-in-law Lal Scanlan, Mary Lordan and Kathleen Power (Castletownbere); nephews, nieces, grandchildren, great-grandchild, relatives, neighbours and friends. May she rest in peace.

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

MICHAEL (Mike) HALLAHAN Aglish, Cappoquin With sincere sadness and regret we record the passing Michael (Mike) Hallahan, Aglish, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford, loving son of the late Ellen and James, brother of the late Billy and James (Hal), which sad event occurred peacefully on 12th December, 2017, at Dungarvan Community Hospital. Michael was son to the late Ellen and James Hallahan. He was one of four in family. Michael went to school in Aglish National School. As farming was in his blood he later went working on the family farm, and also worked in their Pub and shop. Michael worked hard all his life but he always found time to enjoy himself and had a great interest in GAA, who was a regular player for the Geraldines, Aglish and played for many years. Michael was very knowledgeable person and always kept up with news and had a keen interest in all sports. He was a hard worker, had a great love for all animals, especially dogs and always and ever kept a dog. A man of deep religious faith who was always willing to lend a helping hand. All who knew Michael will have their own special memories of him. His passing is much regretted by his loving family. May he rest in peace. Lying in repose at Aidan Walsh & Sons, Funeral Home, Cappoquin, on Wednesday evening where Funeral Prayers were recited by Rev. Fr. G. O’Connor, P.P., in the presence of his loving family, neighbours and friends. On Thursday morning funeral prayers were recited by Rev. Fr. G. O’Connor, P.P., in the presence of his loving family before removal took place to the Church of the Assumption, Aglish. On arrival his remains were received and blessed by Rev. Fr. G. O’Connor, P.P. Followed by Funeral Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. G. O'Connor, P.P., and assisted by Rev. Fr. J. Kiely, P.E. Readings during the Mass were recited by cousin Sr. Nora Hickey and niece Evelyn Godsil. Prayers of the Faithful were read by cousin Bridget Hickey and niece Paula Kennelly. A lovely selection of music and hymns were provided by soloist Andrea Cunningham and organist Dina Walshe.The Offertory Gifts were presented to the Altar by sister Eileen Godsil and niece Caroline Godsil. Following Funeral Mass burial took place in the adjoining cemetery. Rev. Fr. G. O’Connor, P.P., officiated the graveside prayers where Mike was laid to rest in the presence of his loving family, relatives, neighbours and friends. May we extend our deepest sympathy to his loving sister Eileen Godsil; sister-in-law Kathleen Hallahan; nephews, nieces, grandnephews, grandnieces, relatives, neighbours and friends. Month’s Mind Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 28th January, 2018, in The Church of the Assumption, Aglish, at 11.15 a.m. (Funeral arrangements by Aidan Walsh & Sons, Funeral Directors, Cappoquin & Tallow).

(Funeral arrangements by Aidan Walsh & Sons, Funeral Directors, Cappoquin & Tallow).

EILEEN CARRIE (nee Moynihan) Kilclogher, Cappagh

DECLAN (Sonny) BRANSFIELD East Main Street, Lismore

With sadness and deep regret we record the passing of Eileen Carrie (nee Moynihan), Kilclogher, Cappagh, Co. Waterford, loving wife of the late Patrick (Paddy), sister of the late Joan Walsh and Phyllis Brannigan, which sad event occurred peacefully on the 18th January, 2018, surrounded by her loving family in the tender and loving care of the Nursing staff at CareChoice Nursing Home, Dungarvan. Reposing at St. Carthage’s Mortuary, Lismore, on Saturday evening, Funeral Prayers were recited by Rev. Fr. M. Cullinan, P.P., in the presence of her loving family, relatives, neighbours and friends. On Sunday afternoon Funeral Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. M. Cullinan, P.P. Readings were recited by nephew Florence McCarthy and niece Cathriona Walsh; the Psalm was sung by Annette McCarthy. Organist Donal Kennefick provided a lovely selection of music throughout the Mass. Prayers of the Faithful were read by grandniece Kate Flynn, nephew Mitchel Moynihan, sister-in-law Katherine Moynihan and sister Mary McCallion. The Offertory Gifts were presented to the Altar by grandnephews, Florence and Fergal Flynn. Following Funeral Mass burial took place in St. Carthage’s Cemetery, Lismore. Rev. Fr. M. Cullinan, P.P., officiated the graveside prayers, where Eileen was laid to rest in the presence of her loving family, relatives, neighbours and friends. May we extend our deepest sympathy to her loving brother Shaun Moynihan; sisters Margaret Kerin, Ann McCarthy and Mary McCallion; brother-in-law Bill McCallion; sister-in-law Catherine; nephews, nieces, grandnephews, grandnieces, relatives, neighbours and friends. May she rest in peace.

It is with profound sorrow and deep regret we record the passing of Declan (Sonny) Bransfield, East Main Street, Lismore, Co. Waterford, loving son of the late Declan and Alice Bransfield, brother of the late John, Jimmy, Michael and Tony, which sad event occurred peacefully on the 18th January, 2018, in the tender and loving care of the Nursing staff at Conna Nursing Home. Reposing at St. Carthage’s Mortuary, Lismore, on Friday evening, Rosary was recited in the presence of his loving family by Rosary Committee member Michael Houlihan. On Saturday evening Rev. Fr. M. Cullinan, P.P., recited Funeral Prayers in the presence of his loving family, relatives, neighbours and friends before removal took place to St. Carthage’s Church, Lismore. A guard of honour was provided by Lismore GAA Club. On arrival his remains were received and blessed by Rev. Fr. M. Cullinan, P.P. On Sunday morning Funeral Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. M. Cullinan, P.P. Readings and Prayers of the Faithful were recited by friends of the Bransfield family. Organist Donal Kennefick and the Lismore Parish Choir provided a lovely selection of hymns throughout the Mass. Following Funeral Mass burial took place in St. Carthage’s Cemetery, Lismore. Rev. Fr. M. Cullinan, P.P., officiated the graveside prayers, where Sonny was laid to rest in the presence of his loving family, relatives, neighbours and friends. May we extend our deepest sympathy to his loving sister Mary; nephew Declan; nieces Margaret, Patricia and Alison; grandnephews, grandnieces, relatives, neighbours and friends. May he rest in peace.

(Funeral arrangements by Aidan Walsh & Sons, Funeral Directors, Cappoquin & Tallow).

(Funeral arrangements by Aidan Walsh & Sons, Funeral Directors, Cappoquin & Tallow).

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

ANN KEATING (nee Power) Ballinabanogue, Kilmacthomas, and formerly of Coolnasmear, Dungarvan Ann Keating passed away peacefully after a long illness borne with much courage and strength on Sunday, 7th January, 2018, in the tender care of the Doctors, Nurses and staff at the Bon Secours Hospital, Cork, evoking feelings of deep sorrow and regret throughout County Waterford. Born on the 31st January, 1939, Ann was daughter of the late Patrick and Margaret Power (nee Tobin) of Coolnasmear, Dungarvan. In recent times Ann had carried the heavy cross of bereavement when her beloved husband Seán passed away on the 19th May, 2014. The youngest of five children, she is also predeceased by her brother John, sisters Peggy and Kathleen. Having grown up in Coolnasmear, Ann married Seán on 4th June, 1969, and moved to Ballinabanogue, Kilmacthomas, thereafter. They went on to have five children and they farmed together at Ballinabanogue for many years. Ann was a gentle, kind, genuine and hard working lady who always wore a beautiful smile and had time for everyone she met. She and Seán were widely known for their great hospitality, there was always a warm welcome at their home. Ann loved to chat, especially about family, relations and dear neighbours and friends from years gone by from her home parish of ColliganKilgobinet-Kilbrien, a place of which she was so fond. She was also a great listener and in essence a wonderful friend to many, possessing a great sense of humour at all times. She never complained or gave up, her drive and perseverance helped her throughout her life and especially throughout her illness. Ann loved the company of her dear friends and neighbours who were so kind to her following Seán’s passing. In her youth Ann was a very talented and much respected camogie player. She was a key member of the St. Patrick’s Club and played at both club and county level securing a Munster medal in 1959 for the Déise. Ann loved to watch all types of sport on the television in more recent years, but she especially followed the fortunes of the various Waterford teams and longed for the day when the Liam McCarthy Cup would return to the Déise once more. Versatile and multi-talented, she was very mechanically minded and had a great love of machinery and tractors, she could turn her hand to anything with great competence and ability. A lady of deep faith, Ann was devoted to the Mass and the Sacraments. She truly lived the Christian message in word and deed. Family was the cornerstone of Ann’s life, she loved her family dearly and her passing has left a huge void that cannot be filled. She was a devoted and much loved Mother to her five children and a cherished and much loved Granny to her fourteen grandchildren. The huge numbers of people who attended Ann’s funeral obsequies is a fitting testament to the huge respect and esteem in which she was held. Her life will be an inspiration to her loving family, neighbours and friends, she will always be remembered and her light will continue to shine. May Ann be reunited with loved ones in their Heavenly Home. On Sunday evening, 7th January, Ann’s family and friends gathered at her residence in Ballinabanogue where Fr. J. Condon, P.P., led all in praying the Rosary. On Monday, 8th January, large numbers of people came to Ann’s residence to console the bereaved and bid farewell to a highly respected member of the community. Later the removal took place to Ann’s beloved St. Anne’s Church, Ballylaneen. Requiem Mass was celebrated on Tuesday, 9th January, by Fr. Jerry Condon, P.P., assisted by Fr. Michael Enright, P.E.; Fr. Michael Kennedy, P.P., and Fr. Pat Scanlan, P.P. The Liturgy of the Word was shared with the congregation by Margaret O’Connell (daughter) and Helen Fraher (niece). In his homily, Fr. Condon spoke of Ann’s life, recalling the essence of her goodness and kindness.The Prayers of the Faithful were read by Ann’s grandchildren Odhrán, Emma, Sadhbh, Annie and Róisín.The Offertory Gifts of Bread and Wine, along with Ann’s Rosary Beads, were presented at the Altar by grandchildren Fionn, Conor and John.Throughout the Mass a beautiful selection of hymns and music were provided by Mala Raggett and Tony Egan. After Mass Ann was laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery, Fr. Condon, P.P., imparted the graveside blessing and led the Rite of Committal in the presence of a huge concourse of mourners. Suaimhneas síoraí dá hanam uasal. We express our deepest sympathy to Ann’s children John, Pat, Michael, Larry and Margaret (O’Connell); sister Mary Fraher (Bleantis, Ballinamult); daughters-in-law Madge, Orla, Sandra and Martina; son-in-law Mossie; grandchildren Seán, Oisín, Odhrán, Fionn, Emma, Conor, Róisín, Sadhbh, Annie, Eoghan, Donncha, John, Grace and Diarmuid; niece Helen Fraher; nephew John Kinahan; extended family, neighbours and friends. Month’s Mind Mass for Ann will be celebrated in St. Anne’s Church, Ballylaneen, on Saturday, 10th February, at 5.00 p.m. (Funeral arrangements by James Kiely & Sons, Funeral Directors, Dungarvan).

OBITUARY ROSIE CARROLL Lacken Lodge, Dungarvan On Saturday night, December 23rd, Rosie Carroll, Lacken Lodge, died peacefully in CareChoice. Rosie was pre-deceased by her parents Tom and Mary, her brothers John (Don), Charles and Tom and by her sisters Bridie (Dwane), Sr. Lelia (Sis), Sr. Helena and Maureen (Beresford). Born in April, 1924, Rosie lived all her life in Lacken Lodge. She was very involved in the day-to-day running of the farm with Don and Kathleen. Rosie was an active member of Dungarvan Macra and was a valued member of Dungarvan Show. Rosie was one of the founding members of the Country Markets and regularly supplied eggs, flowers, jams and baking produce for the weekly market. Rosie loved horses, she kept a few broodmares and also enjoyed going racing and, in later years, watching racing on television. Rosie loved to garden and took great pride in the garden. She was a great believer in colour in the garden. No visitor ever left Lacken without a bunch of flowers, referred to in family circles as the “Lacken Bunch”. There are many gardens in the locality that have benefitted from Rosie’s “Slips” from various shrubs in the garden. As well as being artistic in the garden, Rosie was also a very good photographer. She loved to take “Snaps”. Whether it was family members or visitors, photographs would be taken either in the house or out in the garden. Lacken Lodge was a very hospitable house and being part of a large family it was a busy place. Neighbours and friends were very important to Rosie. She loved to have the chat and enjoyed and appreciated the wonderful support they provided. Rosie liked to drive and she and her sister Kathleen would be seen regularly driving to town or down to Clonea for their daily swim. Longer jaunts would have included going to House Auctions. Rosie always came home with some little piece of glass or furniture. On St. Stephen’s Day, December 26th, Rosie was laid to rest in Ballinroad. Fr. Hassett celebrated a lovely Mass and Dina Walshe provided beautiful music. On behalf of the family, Rosie’s niece Frances Carroll thanked the Matron and staff in CareChoice, the staff of High Street Medical Centre, especially Dr. Maurice O’Sullivan and Dr. Tom Nyhan. Special mention was given to Rosie’s wonderful carers Caroline, Orla and Eileen. Also thanks were expressed to Kiely Funeral Undertakers. Rosie is survived by her sister Kathleen; her nephews Henry, Tom and Willie Beresford; John Dwane, Michael, Owen and David Carroll; her nieces Catherine and Charlotte Beresford, Loretto (Dwane) Morgan, Marie (Dwane) Duffy, Allana (Dwane) Cleary, Rosarie (Dwane) Shanahan, Mary Lou Carroll and Frances Carroll; her grand nephews and nieces and her great grand nephews and nieces.

55 JOHN CONNERY Camphire, Cappoquin With sadness and regret we record the passing John Connery, Camphire, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford, which sad event occurred peacefully on 18th January, 2018, surrounded by his loving family at University Hospital Waterford. Reposing at his home in Camphire on Thursday evening, Rev. Fr. Arthure, P.E., recited Rosary in the presence of his loving family, neighbours and friends. Lying in repose at Walsh’s Funeral Home, Cappoquin, on Friday evening, Funeral Prayers were recited in the presence of his loving family and friends by Rev. Fr. P. Gear, P.P., before removal took place to St. Mary’s Church, Cappoquin. On arrival his remains were received and blessed by Rev. Fr. P. Gear, P.P. Funeral Mass was celebrated on Saturday morning by Rev. Fr. Arthure, P.E. Symbols representing his life were presented to the Altar by niece Catherine O’Rourke (graveyard book); niece Kit O’Shea (rake); Rebecca (grandniece) a photograph; Susie O’Shea (niece) a Bible; Susan Sheehy (niece) and grandniece Stephanie a radio; Liz Connors (niece) a Bible; which were narrated by Emma Tobin (grandniece). Readings during the Mass were recited by grandniece Jenny Moore and Carmel Murray. Prayers of the Faithful were read by nieces Betty Keating and Claire Feeney and grandnieces Mag Tobin and Karen Keating. Margaret, John and Celia Cullinane provided a lovely selection of music and hymns throughout the Mass. The Offertory Gifts were presented to the Altar by Helen Connery (niece) and John Connors (nephew). Following Funeral Mass burial took place in St. Declan’s Cemetery, Cappoquin. Rev. Fr. Arthure, P.E., officiated the graveside prayers where John was laid to rest in the presence of his loving family, relatives and friends. May we extend our deepest sympathy to his loving nieces Susan Sheehy, Liz Connors, Betty Keating, Helen Connery, Catherine O’Rourke, Claire Feeney, Caroline Connery, Maura Carr, Susie, Kitty, Liza and Mag O’Shea; nephews John Connors, Sean and Jimmy O’Shea; grandnieces, grandnephews, relatives, neighbours and friends. May he rest in peace. (Funeral arrangements by Aidan Walsh & Sons, Funeral Directors, Cappoquin & Tallow).

KATHLEEN HANNON (nee Keane) Leitrim, Kilworth, Co. Cork, and formerly of Touraneena, Co. Waterford

With sincere sadness and regret we record the passing of Mary Hynes (nee Meade), Castlemiles,Youghal, Co.Waterford, and formerly of Grange, Castlelyons, Co. Cork, loving wife of the late Patrick, which sad event occurred on 15th January, 2018, peacefully at her home in the presence of her daughters. Lying in repose at her home Castlemiles, Youghal, on Wednesday afternoon. Funeral Prayers were recited by V. Rev. Canon Tom Browne, P.E., in the presence of her loving family, neighbours and friends before removal took place to St. Bartholomew’s Church, Piltown. On arrival Mary’s remains were received and blessed by V. Rev. Canon Tom Browne, P.E. Funeral Mass was celebrated on Thursday afternoon by V. Rev. Canon Tom Browne, P.E., and assisted by Rev. Fr. J. Flynn, P.E.; Rev. Fr. T. Flynn, P.E., and Rev. Fr. C. Kelly, P.P. During the Mass readings were recited by daughter Kate and nephew Oliver McGrath and daughter Mairead sung the Psalm. Soloist Dina Walshe and daughter Mairead provided a lovely selection of music and hymns throughout the Mass. Prayers of the Faithful were read by daughter Teresa and niece Maura Meade. The Offertory Gifts were presented to the Altar by daughter Kate and grandson Ocean. Following Funeral Mass burial took place in the adjoining cemetery. Rev. Fr. C. Kelly, P.P., officiated the graveside prayers and was assisted by Rev. Fr. J. Flynn, P.E., and Rev. Fr.T. Flynn, P.E., where Mary’s was laid to rest in the presence of her loving family, neighbours and friends. May she rest in peace. May we extend our deepest sympathy to her loving daughters Kate, Mairead and Teresa; son-in-law John; grandchildren Molly, Ocean and Tuan; brother-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, relatives, neighbours and friends.

With sadness and regret we record the passing Kathleen Hannon (nee Keane), Leitrim, Kilworth, Co. Cork, and formerly of Touraneena, Co. Waterford, loving sister of the late Joan, Michael and Bob Keane, which sad event occurred peacefully on 14th January, 2018, surrounded by her loving family at Mallow General Hospital. Lying in repose at Aidan Walsh & Sons, Funeral Home, Tallow, Rosary was recited on Tuesday evening by Rev. Fr. D. Leahy, P.P., in the presence of her loving family, relatives, neighbours and friends. Reposing on Wednesday evening, Funeral Prayers were recited by Rev. Fr. D. Leahy, P.P., in the presence of her loving family, relatives, neighbours and friends, before removal took place to St. Martin’s Church, Kilworth. On arrival her remains were received and blessed by Rev. Fr. D. Leahy, P.P. Funeral Mass was celebrated on Thursday by Rev. Fr. D. Leahy, P.P., and assisted by Rev. Fr. M. Knight, P.P.; Rev. Fr. E. Roche, C.C., and Rev. Canon Fr. M. Fitzgerald, P.P. During the Mass symbols representing Kathleen’s life were presented to the Altar by Mush (Keane family photograph); son Michael (Hannon family photograph); Anthony (bowl);Tom (Pioneer pin and magazine);Vivienne (St. Anthony statue) and Margaret (prayer book). The significance of these symbols was narrated by daughter Mary. Readings during the Mass were recited by son-in-law Denis Coleman and grandson Séamus Coleman. A lovely selection of music and hymns was provided throughout the Mass by soloist Eamonn Walsh. Prayers of the Faithful were read by grandson Kevin Coleman, Pat Keane, Maura,Thomas Keane, Rose and Dan.The Offertory Gifts were presented to the Altar by Vincent and Eileen. Following Communion daughter Mary acknowledged thanks to everyone for their kind help and support that their family received from the local community during this difficult time. Following Funeral Mass burial took place in St. Michael’s Cemetery, Ballyduff Upper. Rev. Fr. D. Leahy, P.P., officiated the graveside prayers where Kathleen was laid to rest in the presence of her loving family, neighbours and friends. May she rest in peace. We extend our deepest sympathy to her loving husband John; son Michael; daughter Mary; son-in-law Denis Coleman; grandchildren Kevin and Seamus Coleman; brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, relatives, neighbours and friends.

(Funeral arrangements by Aidan Walsh & Sons, Funeral Directors, Cappoquin & Tallow).

(Funeral arrangements by Aidan Walsh & Sons, Funeral Directors, Cappoquin & Tallow).

(Funeral arrangements by James Kiely & Sons, Funeral Directors, Dungarvan).

MARY HYNES (nee Meade) Castlemiles, Youghal, and formerly of Grange, Castlelyons, Co. Cork

FARMING Round-up … Fodder transport subsidy must be rolled out quickly MORE detail on the fodder transport subsidy scheme announced by Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed at the recent IFA AGM is urgently required, and the scheme needs to be implemented quickly, IFA Connacht Regional Chairman Padraic Joyce has said. The Connacht Chairman welcomed the Minister’s intention to introduce a subsidy but he said the scheme must be progressed without delay. IFA has sought a meeting with the Department of Agriculture to discuss the details of the scheme and to ensure that it meets the needs of farmers affected. Padraic Joyce said the IFA believes a meal voucher system would have been the best and most efficient means of providing support but in the absence of such a scheme, it is vital that the transport subsidy is meaningful and its implementation is fasttracked as farmers are under extreme stress and are in dire need of feed for animals. In response to the fodder crisis, IFA has mobilised its national county and branch network to support those farmers in most difficulty. Counties have been twinned to identify farmers who are in a position to contribute feed that can be transported to areas in need and provided at a reasonable cost.

Wexford man elected chair of IFA Grain Committee MARK Browne from Wexford has been elected Chairman of the IFA Grain Committee, taking over from Liam Dunne following his four year term. Mark is a tillage farmer from Enniscorthy, farming over 300ha of cereals, oilseeds and protein crops in conjunction with his brother. Prior to the closure of Irish Sugar, Mark was a significant sugar beet grower. He dries and stores much of his own grain but also produces significant quantities of premium crops such as malting barley, milling wheat and oats. Mark previously chaired the Boortmalt Malting Barley Steering Group and was key to the development of the fledgling distilling malting barley supply chain a number of years ago. Mark and his brother have pioneered the use of min and strip till techniques on their farm over the last number of years.

IFA to commission report on the importance of the suckler cow beef herd SPEAKING at the IFA AGM in Dublin recently, President Joe Healy said the suckler cow herd is a vital national asset. He said to underline the importance of the national herd, IFA will commission a new study to quantify its contribution to the rural economy. He said this will form an important element of an intensified IFA campaign on sucklers over the coming months in the lead up to the next Budget and also feed into the CAP 2020 debate. Joe Healy said instead of implementing policies to reduce the suckler herd, we need initiatives, including increased direct payments, to maintain and enhance it. He said “I’m re-stating here today IFA’s demand for a payment of €200 per suckler cow”. Also speaking at the IFA AGM, Agriculture Minister Michael Creed said he is supporting the herd by €300m in the BDGP scheme. He said he was committed to doing everything possible to support the suckler herd. In addition, he said he was open to considering how to better deliver for sucklers, particularly in the context of CAP 2020. IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said the suckler cow herd is under intense pressure and it is abundantly clear that the sector needs additional supports. He said both suckler farmers and the quality beef cow herd are very resilient. He said over the last 10 years suckler numbers have remained reasonably stable. The facts show that for 2016 suckler registrations were at 963,775 head, up 15,304 on the 2007 figures, from 10 years ago. Preliminary figures suggest suckler registrations are down 14,000 in 2017.

Attending the Glanbia Information Meeting in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan were Sean Osbourne, Pat Nugent, Glanbia; Laurence Curran and Richard Fitzgerald. [Sean Byrne]

New IFA Sheep Chairman spells out key priorities for the sector IN response to a proposal from newly elected IFA National Sheep Chairman Sean Dennehy, the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed said he was favourably disposed to looking at how to better reward sheep farmers for the environmental benefits the sector delivers in the context of CAP 2020. The Minister was speaking at the IFA AGM in Dublin last week. Sean Dennehy said IFA is proposing increased targeted direct payments for sheep and an additional environmental payment in both hill and lowland areas. Minister Creed said he is favourably disposed to engaging with the IFA on the issue of rewarding sheep farmers for the environmental benefits they deliver. He said the €20m sheep welfare scheme is a positive success. Addressing the IFA AGM, the IFA National Sheep Chairman Sean Dennehy set out his main priorities for the sheep sector over the next number of years. He said the key issues are improving sheep farm incomes, ensuring strong viable lamb prices and increased direct supports for the country’s 34,000 sheep farmers. He pointed out that the sheep sector is extremely important in every county across the country. On lamb prices, Sean Dennehy said IFA will campaign

strongly to maximise strong viable lamb prices to producers in 2018, working with the meat factories, retailers, marts, producer groups and live exporters as well as the Department of Agriculture and Bord Bia to fully exploit all market outlets and returns to the Irish sheep sector. He said farmers deserve a much greater share of the final retail price, “Working with the Department of Agriculture, Bord Bia and exporters, IFA will encouraged and assist the live trade to drive competition in the trade particularly in the lead up to the Muslim festivals of Ramadan on May 15th and Eid commencing on August 21st 2018.” Sean Dennehy said working with Bord Bia, IFA will insist on strong lamb promotions on the domestic and export markets and push to develop new markets as well as securing market access. In addition, he said through the implementation of a new protocol negotiated with Bord Bia on farm audits, IFA will insist quality assurance is more farmer friendly. Sean Dennehy said the IFA and the former National Sheep Chairman John Lynskey worked very hard and delivered real benefits to sheep farmers through the new €10 per ewe Sheep Welfare Scheme. He said IFA will ensure that the scheme continues to operate

smoothly for farmers with payments delivered as per the deadlines set down in the Charter of Farmers Rights. To date, 20,986 farmers have been paid €15.9m, which represents an 80% advance payment. On the new CAP 2020 proposals Sean Dennehy said IFA will lobby for increased targeted support for the sheep sector favouring active farmers and an additional environmental payment to reflect the positive deliverables from sheep to the management of the rural environment, in line with the recommendations of the EU Sheep Forum. Sean Dennehy said IFA is fully committed to defending the important hill sheep sector. He said the IFA has already delivered €10 per ewe for 9,500 hill sheep farmers who applied under the scheme. He said IFA will continue to work on seeking new and improved market outlets for hill lamb and will work closely with the IFA Hill Committee on all issues that impact on hill farmers. On Brexit, IFA will insist that the sheep sector does not lose out in the Brexit negotiations in terms of market access or the allocation of TRQ’s. He said how the New Zealand lamb quota for 228,000t of access to the EU market is handled in Brexit is

critical to the sheep sector. Sean Dennehy said the factories and the Department of Agriculture must adopt a more sensible and practical approach on the Clean Sheep Policy. He said farmers will do their best to have sheep as clean as possible but in the current weather conditions, realism will have to operate. He said IFA will push the EU, Department of Agriculture and processors to change the scrapie rules and reduce charges on ewe slaughterings. On EID and Sheep tagging, Sean Dennehy said IFA will continue to support the current Department of Agriculture sheep identification system, insisting that there are no additional costs on producers from EID. On market access to new markets like the USA and Japan, he said TSE or scrapie is the real issue, not EID. On marauding dogs attacking sheep flocks, Sean Dennehy said IFA will continue to highlight dog attacks on sheep flocks and work to ensure responsible dog ownership and increased participation in micro-chipping. Sean Dennehy said, “In the IFA Budget 2019 campaign we will campaign to maximise scheme supports to sheep farmers and to ensure that payments are delivered on time to farmers under BPS, ANC, Sheep Welfare Scheme, TAMS, KT, and GLAS.”

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018



Waterford farmers can avail of CCTV tax clawbacks - Deasy WATERFORD TD John Deasy has been informed that farmers who wish to install CCTV to deter criminals targeting rural communities can avail of either of two tax reliefs. The Fine Gael deputy had put down a Dáil question asking the Minister for Finance if consideration has been given to an incentive or clawback scheme for farmers seeking to put in cameras or similar security equipment. Minister Paschal Donohoe told the Fine Gael deputy: “I am advised by Revenue that a farmer would be entitled to write off the cost of installing a CCTV system against her or his farming income

as a CCTV system would qualify for capital allowances. The cost may be written off over eight years.” He added that where a farmer does not have an entitlement to capital allowances (he or she may be retired and no longer trading for example), relief may be available under the Home Renovation Incentive scheme. The HRI scheme provides income tax relief of 13.5% of the cost of certain repairs, renovations and improvements carried out on a person's main residence. The installation of security equipment (such as CCTV cameras) comes within the terms of

the incentive. It should be noted that, as relief under HRI is restricted to works carried out on a residence, the installation of a CCTV camera to protect an out-building, or other non-residential part of a farm, would not qualify. “The relief is granted by way of a credit against income tax over the two years following the year in which the works are paid for. Half of the relief is given in each year,” John Deasy says. The key features of the scheme are that works must be carried out by a tax compliant contractor, and prior to 31st December, 2018. Also, Local

Property Tax payments must be up to date in respect of the property; and the cost of the works must be greater than €4,405 and not more than €30,000 (both figures exclusive of VAT). The cost of multiple works by different contractors may be aggregated in a claim.

Jim Bergin, CEO Glanbia Ireland, Henry Corbally, Chairman Glanbia and Siobhan Talbot, Glanbia Group Managing Director at the Glanbia Information Meeting in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan. [Sean Byrne] Attending the Glanbia Information Meeting in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan were Tim and Kevin Looby with George Howard. [Sean Byrne]

Attending the Glanbia Information Meeting in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan were Donnacha Enright, Nial Trainor, Glanbia and Anthony Ryan. [Sean Byrne]

Attending the Glanbia Information Meeting in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan were John Murphy and Pat Coady, Glanbia with John P Nugent. [Sean Byrne]

READER’S QUERIES Question: I am a GLAS participant. As part of my tasks I was to take soil tests over the winter months. I am farming 40 hectares or thereabouts. My planner told me I had to take a minimum of five samples. I went out early in the New Year and took the samples. The results came back this week and I posted them on to the planner. He rang me today to tell me that the rules have changed and I must go and take at least three more. How can this be? Can you please advise? Answer: Farmers who are generally masters at being “pennywise” can surprise you by being totally “pound-foolish” when it really matters. Your planner told you a minimum of five soil tests. That was the heads up to go out and take as many as you felt was necessary but no less than five at the same time as a sample could not exceed eight hectares. However to just go out and take five samples to satisfy the GLAS man was a pointless exercise.You should have taken a few more of them for yourself and got some value. The rules have changed for all samples taken since 1st of January 2018 and the minimum number of hectares permitted per sample has been reduced from eight hectares to five hectares. In your case, that’s where the extra three samples are coming from. You should also note that all samples taken since January 1st are only valid for a period of four years as opposed to five years for those taken to the end of 2017.You might have saved a few bob to have stretched the legs after the Christmas dinner! I trust this will clear things up for you. Tip of the Week: Make safety the number one priority on your farm for 2018. One farm death already this year is one too many!


TERENCE MORRISSEY Attending the Glanbia Information Meeting in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan [Sean Byrne] were Billy O'Halloran with Nicholas and James Power.

Attending the Glanbia Information Meeting in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan [Sean Byrne] were Paul Power, Tom Corcoran and Pat Nugent, Glanbia.

Send your queries to: Dungarvan Observer, Shandon, Dungarvan,Co. Waterford, or to Morrissey & Associates, Mweelnahorna, Ring, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.



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Teagasc LABOUR EFFICIENT CALVING AND CALF MANAGEMENT The large attendance at a recent Teagasc/AHI/Glanbia calf care event on the farm of Fergal and Kenneth O’Brien, Grange, Co. Waterford saw excellent calf rearing facilities and were updated on the key practices for a successful, labour efficient calf rearing season. The facilities Prepare an adequate calving area. A 100 cow herd with 90% six week calving rate will have a median calving date 15/16 days after the start of calving. This is 50 calvings in 15 days, which equates to an average of four calvings / day. The number of spaces required is then determined by how frequently cows are drafted out and how long they spend in the calving area. The recommended area available for cows in calving areas is 10m2/head (both lying and feeding area). An allowance of 15 places is the minimum recommended for such a calving profile or the equivalent of 150 m2 for the 100 cow herd. Group calving pens are useful for larger herds: - They are easier for feeding and cleaning out. - Can draft out every 2/3 days rather than daily. - They still require some individual pens and a restraining area. - If these calving areas are used as Winter accommodation, they need to be cleaned and disinfected in advance of calving. • Camera - has its advantages and disadvantages. It can interfere with a night’s sleep. • Night watch person - for large herds this is an option. Farmer/employee could be the night watchperson, may be easier to get relief worker for the day shift. Also, a night calver could be shared between two farms.

• Each calving area / pen should be serviced with restraining facilities. • Having an efficient farm layout is becoming more and more crucial as herd size increases and calving becomes more compact. Supervision / colostrum • It is easier to supervise calving with a reduced rate of night time calving. Once calves are born, they should be removed from the calving area and the navel disinfected immediately. The calf should be fed 3 litres of its own dam’s colostrum as soon as possible and tagged. Teat feeding is recommended because it helps to train the calf to artificial teats for the second and subsequent feeds. • Night-time feeding of cows is recommended as it reduces the rate of night time calving (from approximately 25% to 15%). This needs to begin approximately 3 weeks before the cows are due. In a compactly calved herd half the herd will commence night-time feeding from early January and while cows are housed in the calving area prior to calving. Practical guidelines • Need adequate silage feeding space (0.6 metres per cow) • Put silage at feed barrier during the day (avoids machinery work at night). Use fence wire to keep cows back from this silage, lift fence at designated time in the evening. Alternatively, have a feed barrier in the group pen which is lockable The calf Once a day feeding (OAD) before calves are four weeks old can create health concerns by overloading the abomasum. In a Moorepark experiment, calves fed 15% of their birth weight (6 litres) in milk replacer from 4 weeks of age, either once daily or in two equally divided feeds, did not have

an increased likelihood of developing diarrhoea. No differences in calf performance or health were observed between calves fed once or twice a day. This provides valuable information to farmers as it means labour input per calf may be reduced by utilizing a once a day feeding regime in the knowledge that it has no unfavourable repercussions on the growth and health of calves. However, if feeding milk once a day calves still need to be checked thoroughly twice a day. Overall 36% savings in total calf care time could be achieved if calves were fed milk once daily. In a survey of 1,000 farmers participating in discussion groups, only 27% are practicing OAD feeding of calves. Average turnout date of calves in groups is April 11th. There is potential to reduce the labour associated with calf rearing by adopting OAD feeding and earlier turnout to grass. Experiments at Moorepark determined that calves turned out at 4-5 weeks old could be reared without compromising weight gain and vitality compared to calves reared indoors during the milk feeding period. However, it was deemed necessary to provide overhead shelter from wind and rain for all calves outdoors. Three housing systems were compared at Moorepark: i) indoors in conventional housing ii) outdoors with low cost roofed shelters iii) outdoors with straw bale shelters in a cross or ‘X’ shape. Calves went to grass at approximately 3 weeks old – if however, calves became ill or were showing signs of ill-thrift outdoors they were brought back in and treated, they were returned outdoors post recovery. Daily weight gain from birth to weaning was higher for the group of calves reared outdoors (0.54 kg/calf/day) compared to those reared

indoors (0.48 kg/calf/day). Interestingly, it was clear from this experiment that pre-weaning treatment affected post-weaning weight gain: weight of the outdoor reared calves tended to be higher (+9 kg) 72 days after mean weaning date. Practical guidelines for outdoor rearing: • Use a sheltered paddock near farmyard. • Field must be dry. • Turnout calves on dry, preferably sunny days. • Provide a temporary shelter, ideally portable. E.g. pallets with a simple roof, straw bales or a purpose built shelter. • Have a suitable method of feeding calves and transporting feed to the paddock. • Provide a trough for concentrate and fresh water at all times. • Try not to use the same field each year to minimise parasite build-up. • Ideally give calves a new section of grass every 4/5 days – preferably grass covers less than 900 kg DM/ha. • Create a second group for younger calves to ensure they get sufficient milk and there is no mixing of young and old calves. IMPORTANT EVENT Teagasc PastureBase Ireland Meeting A Teagasc PastureBase Ireland meeting will take place in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan on Thursday, January 25th at 11.00 a.m. PastureBase Ireland and Agrinet Grass have joined forces and will operate under the PastureBase Ireland banner into the future. This meeting will explain the implications for anyone currently using Agrinet and will also provide information and assistance to anyone using PastureBase or wishing to use it in 2018. PastureBase is available free of charge to all users. All are welcome.

The Dairy Edge, Teagasc’s new dairy podcast for farmers THE Dairy Edge is Teagasc’s new weekly dairy podcast for farmers. Presented by Emma-Louise Coffey,Teagasc Dairy Specialist, it will cover the latest information, insights and opinions to improve your dairy farm performance. On our first show we’re focusing on Spring fertiliser and fodder. David Wall, Research Officer from Teagasc Johnstown Castle, talks about best practice fertilizer application during the Spring period. He debates the best fertilizer type to spread in the first few months of the year. Additionally, he quantifies the value of slurry in terms of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium content. John Leahy, Dairy Farmer from Athea, Co. Limerick, explains what he is doing to prepare for the busy Spring calving period. John’s farm is classified as heavy and grazing conditions are difficult in February. Consequently, John begins calving on February 10th and from there 90% of cows will calve within six weeks. Fodder supplies are in short supply on some dairy farms this January, resulting from failure to make second cut silage and/or early housing due to deteriorating weather and soil conditions in the Autumn of 2017.

Brian Garry, Teagasc Ruminant Nutrition Specialist, Moorepark, gave us some tips on how to stretch forage between now and turnout to grass. The Dairy Edge, podcast will be broadcast every Thursday. There are three ways to listen to the podcast: 1. If you’re an iPhone user you can listen to the show by subscribing on Apple Podcasts by this link and listening via your Podcasts app on your iPhone: c a s t / t h e - d a i r y edge/id1334107842?mt=2 2. If you have an Android phone, you can listen to the show by this link: m/feeds/thedairyedge.xml 3. Or you can listen on the Teagasc website

Attending the Glanbia Information Meeting in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan were John O'Riordan, Roger Shanahan with Michael Keane and Pat Coady, Glanbia. [Sean Byrne]

Attending the Glanbia Information Meeting in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan were Felim Power, Mickey Ahearne, Henry Corbally, Chairman Glanbia, David [Sean Byrne] Cullinane and Patsy Coffey.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


ICSA encourages all dog owners to be mindful of sheep following another spate of attacks ICSA sheep chairman John Brooks has said he is appalled to hear of yet another spate of dog attacks on sheep. “At this time of year, sheep flocks are at their most vulnerable with a lot of heavily pregnant ewes and some already lambing. It is absolutely vital that we all do what we can to protect these defenceless animals from such attacks.” Mr Brooks made his comments following a series of recent attacks on the farm of ICSA member Sean McNamara

of Lismacaffrey, Mullingar on the Westmeath/Longford border. Over the last six weeks Mr McNamara has lost 40 ewes as a result of dog attacks occurring in the middle of the night. Describing the incidents Mr McNamara said, “The situation is getting worse. Unfortunately, we lose some every year, but this year has been the worst by far. Locally, we encourage all dog owners to keep their pets under control but the message doesn’t seem to be getting

through to everyone. It’s very distressing to come down in the morning and see the destruction and injury that these attacks can cause.” “We have also had a lot of ewes abort as result, which only adds to the stress and the financial losses. I would encourage people to be mindful of where their dogs are at all times and to keep them under control. These awful incidents can be prevented with the help of local communities.”

Threat of CPOS never far away in rural Ireland ICSA Rural Development Chairman Seamus Sherlock has said farmers across many counties are continuing to operate under the constant threat of CPOs. “Right around the country, non-essential infrastructure projects are being discussed at length above the heads of landowners, leaving many in fear that sections of their farms could be bought out from under them.” “ICSA has long held the position that any projects intending to use private farmland in any way should involve proper consultation with landowners from the outset. In practice however this is rarely the case and speculation of Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) usually comes first.”

“We need to see a process of careful consultation and dialogue in advance of any project getting the green light around a boardroom table. Many family farms are built up over generations of hard work and their future viability may be at risk if part of the farm is removed from agricultural use. CPOs generate immense fear in rural communities and rarely engender goodwill, certainly not the goodwill necessary for projects to be successful locally.” “ICSA is in favour of development in rural Ireland but not at any cost. We will stand firmly with our members who believe they are under threat of CPOs and feel they have no option but to agree to them.”

Concluding Mr Brooks said, “Procedures regarding the microchipping of dogs also need to be urgently reviewed. Even when dogs are caught or in some instances shot following an attack, identifying the owner remains problematic. The issue arises when dogs are sold and the details are not being updated with the microchipping agencies. As a result, farmers have no way of identifying the true owner and getting to the bottom of the incident.”

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TO LEASE FOR FIVE YEARS 46 Acres of Good Grassland for Grass or Tillage CAPPOQUIN AREA Box No. 6066

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ISTA promoting excellence seminars 2018

Dungarvan Mart Prices

THE Irish Seed Trade Association’s (ISTA) 2018 Promoting Excellence Seminars were held in three locations around the county last week, attracting over 140 representatives at each event from every aspect of cereal production including crop consultants, Department of Ag. personnel, Teagasc tillage specialists, seed suppliers, cereal growers, agro chemical and animal feed suppliers and the malting industry. Speaking at the seminars Clodagh Whelan from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine gave attendees a valuable insight into crop and variety options for 2018 sowings as well as highlighting the importance of the Dept. of Agriculture trialling and evaluation system and advantages of certified seed testing, ‘it’s so important when choosing a variety to consider a variety from the Irish Recommended List that has undergone intensive trialling under our unique Irish growing conditions.’

DRY COWS 1 A.A. 610 kgs. made €1,190. 1 Ch. 705 kgs. made €1,100. 1 Fr. 615 kgs made €935. BULLOCKS 6 Fr. 530 kgs. made €890 each. 3 A.A.. 271 kgs. made €560 each. 8 Fr. 280 kgs. made €445 each. HEIFERS 2 Lim. 297 kgs. made €600 each. 2 Her. 317 kgs. made €580 each. 4 A.A. 215 kgs. made €425 each.

Andy Doyle, Tillage Editor at the Irish Farmers Journal presented best practices for maximising crop potential and emphasised ‘margins are small, therefore costs need to be tightly managed. Farmers should focus on putting the power in the ground, getting their land in better order to ensure crop and yield protection.’ In addition, ISTA members Donal Fitzgerald and Tim O’Donovan discussed the topic of certified seed standards, and how the certification scheme is helping to deliver new varieties. ISTA President, Jim Gibbons closed proceedings by reiterating the importance of certified seed to Irish growers and the tillage industry. Jim said ‘Ireland has one of the most robust certification systems in Europe, if not the world and is run by the Dept. of Agriculture.The Irish Seed Trade Association is committed to ensuring this scheme continues to produce new and leading varieties, suitable for Irish growers and Irish growing conditions’.


Contact the Dungarvan Observer for the best advertising rates Pictured at the Irish Seed Trade Association (ISTA) Promoting Excellence seminar in Tullow, Co Carlow are Ned Conway, Waterford Distillery, Tom Bryan, Boortmalt & Henry Deacon, Boortmalt. [O'Gorman Photography]

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Dungarvan Lions Club watch out for March 24th OUR big news this week is that the date has been set for our ever popular fun fundraiser “Jigs and Reels Freestyle”. This will be held on Saturday March 24th at the Cappoquin Community Centre. A full team of dancers and partners have been recruited and between now and then many a floor will be at the receiving end of fledgling taps, steps and rhythms as the hopeful contestants begin their practices. Next month we will give details of each of the teams but in the meantime, please reserve March 24th in your diaries.

The Annual Mass which is a follow up to the “Remembrance Tree” was celebrated recently by Fr. Tony Egan OSA in the Friary Church. At the end of the ceremony, Dungarvan Lions made a presentation to Peter Hayes on the occasion of his retirement having given well over 30 years’ service as Musical Director of the Friary Choir. At the presentation John Lawless, President of Dungarvan Lions, thanked the Friary Choir and Peter in particular for all his assistance to the Lions Club over all these years.

Friary Choir WITH the Christmas Ceremonies over, we are now launching into a New Year and a new era for the choir. Retirement comes but once in someone’s lifetime, and this year it came to our choir master Peter who directed us on Wednesday night for the Lions Club Mass in his final performance. No choir would function properly without someone strong at the helm, and so we say a big thank you to Peter, who always made sure everything was shipshape before any performance, whether it was an RTE production, a concert or just Sunday Mass – the ritual was the same, PERFECTION!! The choir is in existence for 40 years, and during Peter’s tenure as choir leader for more than 30 of those years we have evolved from being a Folk Choir to a group who can take on any challenge, be it big or small!! We were lucky to have some great musicians during that time that wrote original music and composed Masses in both Irish and English which were performed for special occasions. Micheal O’Halloran composed some beautiful Masses in Irish which we sang for successive Feile na nDeise Festival events, and then Michael Casey took to composing some stunning material, with the penulti-

mate Mass being aired on RTE. This was a memorable occasion for our choir, and indeed for any choir to sing totally original music live to the nation!! Our latest performance which was recorded for WLR was when we took part in the Christmas Community Concert from the Friary Church along with other local choirs and Dungarvan Brass Band. We are a very diverse group, as many of our members are involved in other choirs and musical groups which showcase the abundance of talent within the choir. We are now in a position where we need musicians and a choir leader, if you feel that you can commit to a Thursday night practice and 11.00 a.m. Mass on Sunday plus Christmas and Easter Festivities – we would love to hear from you. We are looking forward to some new people and new talent to enhance the abilities within the group. Please contact Fr. Tony Egan 086 8506927 or Breda Conway 086 2665659. Fr. Tony, the Community and the choir wish to thank Peter for his immense input over the years and wish him a long and happy Retirement – Thank You for the Music!! Contact Numbers – Fr. Tony Egan 086 8506927, Breda Conway 086 2665659.

Yew Wood Venues welcomes back the Blackwater Valley Fit-Up Theatre Festival BLOOD in the Alley Theatre Company in association with Cork County Council and the Arts Council are delighted to welcome you to the 2018 Blackwater Valley Fit-Up Theatre Festival. This is the third year of the Festival and we hope that you enjoy the programme as much as previous years. Fishamble present: SILENT in The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal on Saturday, January 27th at 8.00 p.m. Tickets – 087-9593276 or or at the door. Written and performed by: Pat Kinevane. Directed by: Jim Culleton. Produced by: Eva Scanlan. Homeless McGoldrig has lost it all - including his mind. Dare to laugh at despair and gasp at redemption in this brave, bleak, beautiful production for which Fishamble and Pat Kinevane won an Olivier Award last year. Age Suitability: 15+ Running Time: 60min No Interval. Fishamble is an internationally acclaimed Irish theatre company, dedicated to the discovery, development and production of new work. For more information on upcoming events please visit our website or like our facebook page Yew Wood Venues

Open Call 2018: First Cut! Youth Film Festival FIRST Cut! Youth Film Festival is thrilled to announce that submissions for the 2018 festival are now being accepted! If you are between the ages of 12 and 24 and have made a short film, we’d love to see it! Whether you are an individual filmmaker or part of a school, college or youth group, visit to find out how to submit your film free of charge. Every type of film is welcome, including fiction, documentary, animation and music video. The festival runs April 25th-28th 2018. The deadline for entries is Wednesday, February 28th 2018. Based at the Mall Arts Centre in Youghal, Co. Cork, this annual festival is dedicated to showcasing new films by young filmmakers. Now in its ninth

year, it offers screenings, workshops and talks by film industry professionals in a friendly atmosphere where young filmmakers can meet and mingle with their peers. First Cut! Youth Film Festival is facilitated by Cork Film Centre, with core funding from the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon and Cork County Council Arts Office. And are you a talented young filmmaker looking for a break in the exciting world of music video? First Cut! in conjunction with Feel Good Lost will shortly announce details for the Youth Music Video Competition 2018. For more information, please visit:

 Movie Reviews  In association with SGC Dungarvan

Coco By Bill Tubbritt COCO is the latest animated adventure produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney. The idea for this movie comes from the Mexican holiday Day of the dead. The film's voice cast stars Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal and Benjamin Bratt who really do an excellent job making this one a gripping, emotion and very entertaining movie that also has a feel good sound track that will go down well with audiences both young and old alike. Coco is the tale of a young Mexican child named Miguel who has grown up in a family who have banned him from music as they want Miguel to continue in the family business of shoe making. Coco has always dreamed of following in the footsteps of his musical hero Ernesto de la Cruz. After stealing the guitar of his hero Coco becomes invisible to everyone in the village. The only people that can see Coco are his dead relatives. Coco quickly finds out that he has been cursed for stealing the guitar and must find his way out of the land of the dead before sunrise or remain there forever. Movie goers will be treated to a wide spectrum of emotions in this one as it is both funny

and sad and everything in between. Pixar really did do a good job putting this all together and have ended up with a well-polished finished product that is sure to entertain. Rating 4/5.

The Commuter By Bill Tubbritt LIAM Neeson is back in yet another action movie which seems perfect for his “particular set of skills”. Many might think at 60 years of age he may be getting a little bit old to be beating up guys half his age in all out action movies, but few will disagree that Neeson always shines in these types of roles.The Commuter is an action thriller film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and written by Byron Willinger. Along with Liam Neeson the cast also includes Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Jonathan Banks and Sam Neill. Despite this healthy cast it feels a little like they were all under used as most of them do not command major screen time throughout the movie. The plot can be summed up very quickly as it’s really not that complicated which is not always a bad thing for this genre of movie. Neeson’s character Michael MacCauley’s commute to his job as an Insurance Manager every day is always the same as he boards the same train and meets the same people almost every day. This day, of course, turns out to be a little different as Michael meets a woman on the train who promises to pay him $100,000 if he can find someone on the train for her before it makes its final stop at Cold Springs.Things, of course, do not stay that simple

for Michael as his family’s safety quickly becomes involved as he enters in a race against time. This movie entertains without being brilliant, it’s fast moving with plenty of action which is what we have come to expect from Liam Neeson movies lately. The plot itself is a little hollow in places but not enough to make this a movie bad, it just lacks any real surprises. Rating 3.5/5.

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Two Weeks to Some Girl(s) THE lines are off… the scripts are gone… and with just two weeks to go to opening night of Curtain Call Productions Dungarvan’s spring production, Neil Labute’s “Some Girl(s),” on Thursday, 8th February, the set is about to go in. So it’s all go around Dungarvan Town Hall Theatre for the next two weeks… What would you think if an ex-boyfriend called you up after however many years and asked to meet you? What if he had walked out on you all those years ago… while you had been making plans in your head for your future together? Now’s your chance, right? “Guy” has breezed through life and his romantic relationships, leaving a trail of emotional destruction in his wake. Now, he’s about to get married… and he contacts some of his ex-girlfriends, women he unceremoniously left many years before, and asks them to meet him to discuss their “problems.” Directed by Fidelma Meaney, we see “Guy,” played by Kris Cowming, as he travels to Seattle to meet with his highschool sweetheart Sam, played by Catherine Whelan. Then it’s on to Chicago for an encounter with Tyler, played by Megan Marriott, with whom he had a sexually liberating entanglement. Next we see him in Boston, where he reconnects with Lindsey, the older woman, played by Vanessa Hyde, with whom he had an intense affair during his first year teaching. And finally, LA, where he reunites with Bobbi, his college girlfriend, played by Emma Walsh, and opens up about his reasons for abandoning her all those years ago… But why would he do this just before marrying his fiancé? Does he want to get back with one of his exes? If so, which one? Or does he have an ulterior motive? Neil LaBute’s Some Girl(s) will be staged in Dungarvan Town Hall Theatre for three nights from Thursday, 8th February to Saturday, 10th February (8 pm nightly), before taking to the road for the Amateur Drama Council of Ireland’s drama festival circuit in February/March. This is Curtain Call’s third consecutive year competing on the circuit since we were founded in 2014. We competed in 2016 with The Graduate, and in 2017 with Closer. Hopefully Some Girl(s) will see us secure a spot in the All-Ireland Finals in April! So come see Some Girls(s) in Dungarvan Town Hall Theatre from Thursday, 8th – Saturday, 10th February (3 nights only) before it takes to the road! Tickets (€15) are now on sale in The Wine Buff (05824523) and Kelly’s Pharmacy, Abbeyside (058-44433).



Young musicians from Comeragh’s Comhaltas playing a selection of traditional Irish music at Dungarvan Shopping Centre, raising funds for Dungarvan Lions Club.

Brideview Drama Tallow to perform “Stolen Child” this weekend IT’S showtime in Tallow this weekend as Brideview Drama will perform their festival play, ‘Stolen Child’, for the first time. The play, which is written by Bairbre Ni Chaoimh and Yvonne Quinn, tells the story of Angela Tiernan who begins the emotional search for her birth mother and ends up finding out more than she bargained for. Mick Treacy, a private detective, helps Angela uncover the secrets of her past while a handsome doctor, Chris Harris, makes an impact on her future.

Under the experienced eye of Jack Aherne, the quartet of talented actors have been guided through every line, every movement and every feeling. The tight-knit team consists of Emer Peet, Helen Aherne, Liam Roche and Sean Ahern. The play is tinged with a deep sadness throughout but has plenty moments of humour, suspense and romance intertwined. Exposing the horrific truths about institutions in Ireland, this plays deals with many sensitive issues which have been swept

under the carpet for generations. Come to Tallow Community Centre, this Saturday night January 27th at 8.15 p.m. to see this moving play which

Brideview will take around the country as part of the Three-Act All Ireland Drama Festival Circuit in March. Not suitable for children.

Emer Peet and Liam Roche.

Helen Aherne

Emer Peet and Sean Ahern.

Dungarvan Junior Musical Stage School THE Stage School's production of the musical Annie is running all this week from Wednesday to Saturday at the Sports Centre at 7.30 p.m. nightly and there are still tickets available for the Wednesday and Thursday performance's from The Wine Buff and Kelly's Pharmacy, Abbeyside, but don't delay and book today to avoid disappointment. There will be limited tickets available at the door for both nights. NEW TERM Our new term will commence on Monday, 5th February, and runs until June.We are now taking names for all our groups. If you like to sing, dance, act and perform live

on stage or you just like to have fun and make new friends, then Dungarvan and West Waterford's premier stage school is the place for you. We cater for students aged 4 to 6, 7 to 9, 10 to 12 and 13 to 18 in our classes that take place every Monday and Wednesday in St. Joseph's School, Dungarvan. We have a strong emphasis on confidence building and having fun while learning all the skills of the performing arts from the industries most talented, experienced and in demand professionals. The stage school is now in its ninth year and growing with each passing term. So why not see for yourself why so many happy

students can’t be wrong. We will hold an Open / Registration evening on Friday, 2nd February, in St. Joseph’s from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. for new students to enrol for the new term. Our next End of Term production will be the sensational musical Legally Blonde and we are sure it will prove to be hugely popular with all our students. New students are always more than welcome and no experience is required to join the stage school. For more information or to secure your place you can contact David or Brian on 087-2360330 and we will happily answer any questions you might have. Let the fun begin.





Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Twelfth Night (Live from The Royal Shakespeare Company) Wednesday, 14th February, at 7.00 p.m. 'I am all the daughters of my father's house, And all the brothers too.' Twelfth Night is a tale of unrequited love – hilarious and heartbreaking. Two twins are separated in a shipwreck, and forced to fend for themselves in a strange land. The first twin, Viola, falls in love with Orsino, who dotes on OIivia, who falls for Viola but is idolised by Malvolio. Enter Sebastian, who is the spitting image of his twin sister... Christopher Luscombe, Director of the ‘glorious’ (Daily Telegraph) Love’s Labour’s Lost and Much Ado About Nothing (2014 and 2016), returns to the Royal Shakespeare Company to tackle Shakespeare’s greatest comedy, a brilliantly bittersweet account of "the whirligig of time". The Dungarvan Observer, in association with SGC Dungarvan, has a pair of tickets to give away to the lucky winner of our competition. All you have to do is answer the following question and post your entries into Twelfth Night Competition, Dungarvan Observer, Shandon, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, on or before 12 noon on Tuesday, 30th January. Editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Dungarvan Rugby Football Club has invited a Welsh Choir to Dungarvan the weekend of the 6 Nations Championship IRELAND v. WALES rugby internationals on the 24th February, 2018. THE NAME OF THE CHOIR IS

‘Côr Clwb Rygbi Castell Newydd Emlyn’

✄ Question: Twelfth Night is screened at SGC on what date?

Answer: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………... Name: …………………………………………………………………………………………..………………… Address: ……………………………………………………………..……………………………………………

WHICH TRANSLATED MEANS NEWCASTLE EMLYN RUGBY CLUB MALE VOICE CHOIR. The Rugby Club is hosting a concert with the Welsh Choir and our own all Ladies Dungarvan choir VoiceOver; in addition we will have a Welsh/Irish (Teifi/Clancy) family as guests. This family is stepped in Irish tradition and music, coming from Ring and the Clancy connection and Ryland Teifi’s dad is in the Welsh choir. In ST. MARY’S CHURCH OF IRELAND, Dungarvan, on the FRIDAY NIGHT BEFORE THE MATCH on the 23rd FEBRUARY at 7.30 p.m. Doors will open at 7.00 p.m. Tickets will be on sale at €12.00 each from (Joe) Kelly’s Pharmacy, Abbeyside, and The Wine Buff, 17 Grattan Square, Dungarvan. All proceeds from the event will go to the St. Vincent De Paul. Also please see DRFC Facebook page.

………………………………………………………………………...………………………..………………... …………………………………………………………… Tel. No. ………………………...….………………...





The Dungarvan Observer, in conjunction with Curtain Call Productions Dungarvan, are pleased to offer ONE LUCKY WINNER the opportunity to WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS to attend the Opening Night of Neil LaBute’s Some Girl(s) on Thursday, 8th February, in Dungarvan Town Hall Theatre. Just answer the following question and return your entries to: Curtain Call Competition, Dungarvan Observer, Shandon, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, on or before 12 noon on Tuesday, 6th February. Editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

✄ Question: Who wrote Some Girl(s)?

Answer: ………………………………………………………… Name: ………………………………………………………….. Address: ……………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………… Tel. No. ………………………...….……………………………

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Friday, 26th January


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INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY (16) 103 mins. D I G I TA L ! DAILY 6.35

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Tosca @ SGC Dungarvan KATHLEEN PALMER, Moneygorm, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford. Winner can collect prize at SGC Dungarvan.

Holiday World Show REENIE PALMER, Moneygorm, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford. SARAH LENNON, 47 Glendine Drive, Seapark, Abbeyside, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. MAURICE KEARNEY, Knockaun, Cappagh, Co. Waterford. GEOFF PALMER, Moneygorm, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford. Winners can collect tickets at Dungarvan Observer offices, Shandon, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

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Déise Newsround Young HOPE volunteers head for India

THERE is nothing more heartwarming or uplifting than seeing young people dedicate some of their leisure hours for the benefit of the less well off. Sometimes this is for good Irish causes, other efforts are on behalf of people in less well off countries whose hardships in their all too short lives are difficult to imagine. One of the Irish registered charities whose work benefits those in underdeveloped countries is the HOPE Foundation and currently there are Transition Year students dedicating their energies to raising money for their excellent work in India. Among them are Katie Halpin-Hill from An Rinn and Laoise Keevers from Ardmore, Transition Students of Mean Scoil San Nioclás. They are two energetic girls whom I encountered on a visit to the Ardmore Pattern last July. They were on one of their many fundraising missions selling Butlers HOPE Chocolate Bars to raise the €2,400 necessary to take part in their working / support trip to Kolkata (formerly Calcutta).

“We have already raised a considerable sum – through busking, selling the HOPE chocolate bars, having a street collection in Dungarvan and Waterford city,” says Katie. “We hosted a very successful Table Quiz in Ardmore and organised a concert with the Island of Ireland Peace Choir in St. Patrick's Gateway Centre in Waterford before Christmas.” “Katie and Laoise have organised one final fundraising event to reach their target of €2,400,” says Katie’s mother Anne Halpin. “As both girls have a special grá for Irish traditional music (they both play fiddle), they decided to host a concert of traditional music, song and dance in the Town Hall Theatre in Dungarvan on Sunday, February 25th. The concert will include young and old, and will take place in the afternoon commencing at 3.00 p.m. All are very welcome to come along – there will be no charge at the door, but all donations will be very gratefully received by the girls on behalf of the HOPE

We welcome positive, good news stories for this page!

Foundation. ALL proceeds will go directly to HOPE.” Katie and Laoise will travel to Kolkata in April, to spend a week working with the HOPE Foundation, and see first-hand how their fundraising monies will be spent. Katie points out that their money will go, whole and

entire, straight to the HOPE effort and the girls had to find other funds among family, friends and by means of summer work to pay their fares and pick up their other expenses. “While the visitors were in Ardmore and the Car Boot Sale was running during the Summer, we busked in the sun-

Katie Halpin-Hill and Laoise Keevers busking in Ardmore during the Summer.

Where the news is always good!

shine,” says Laoise. “We did lots of odd jobs where we could to add to our own fund to defray expenses.” Their effort is an ongoing one. Looking at their Facebook page with the unlikely title of ‘Raising Money for the Hope Foundation and Travelling to India’ they were out on at least one wet Sunday morning offering their chocolate bars for sale outside of St. Declan’s Parish Church.They are thankful to the Parish Priest, Fr. Guiry for his support too. Two other Transition Students from the area are also travelling. Kate O’Mahony and Carla O’Brien from St. Augustine’s College will also have the challenge of raising the necessary funds. The Hope Foundation is a registered Irish charity working with street and slum children in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India. “We work to free children and poor families from lives of pain, abuse, poverty and darkness,” says founder, Maureen Forrest. “Living on the streets,

children are exposed to horrendous physical and sexual abuse. Those who survive are left to fend for themselves, with no promise of a safe future.They are forced to work from as young as five years of age to earn money for food and so cannot go to school. HOPE works to free them from child labour. Our organisation funds and operates over 60 projects.” While they may be a little apprehensive about what they will meet there, Katie and Laoise are committed to making their contribution to help fellow young people in Kolkata for whom the future holds very little. About forty volunteers from around Munster go out on each trip and last year there were three trips which saw 120 willing volunteers arrive in the worst area of the city to work among the poor and deprived and make their contribution. There, they will assist the HOPE effort and learn what life is like in one of the most deprived areas of the world and what the HOPE volunteers are doing to help.

A n h i s to r i c D é i s e v i c to r y THE defeat of the Cork Senior Hurling Team by lowly Kerry last Sunday week sent shock-waves through the hurling faithful, not least those in the Rebel County who were at least stung, if not stunned, by being beaten in Senior Hurling by one of the lowliest counties in the game. While neither side was in contention for the Co-op Superstores Munster Hurling League title, there is always honour at stake in any competitive match. Kerry hurlers strolled away with a comfortable 1-23 to 1-13 win at Austin Stack Park, much to the astonishment of all present. It brought to mind a more famous victory for the Deise when they took on the footballing might of Kerry in the first round of the Senior Championship in Waterford Gaelic (now Walsh) Park on Sunday, 2nd June, 1957 and shocked the football world who watched perennial AllIreland favourites, Kerry exit from the competition in the very first round. Being the days before the so-called back-door system,

there was to be no Summer football for the men – or the supporters - of The Kingdom. The Deise victory took everyone by surprise and it is reasonable to believe that the population of Kerry, renowned for their support of their teams, were stunned. Writing in the immediate aftermath of the match, the Dungarvan Observer recorded that: “Waterford Senior Footballers – mighty battlers and right enthusiastic ball-players all – must have accomplished the greatest feat in the history of the Decies when they sensationally humbled the might of storied Kerry in the opening round of the Munster Championship at the sundrenched Waterford Gaelic Field on Sunday last. “Every man on the team, from towering goalman, Jer McCarthy to wee Tommy Power at top of the left, was a hero. They pulled out all the stops and in the process, hammered out a victory that will redound to the county’s everlasting credit. Make no mistake about it, posterity will set ‘the day we beat Kerry’ apart as the

criterion by which all future achievements of our football men will be measured. “The sparse attendance, estimated at 8,000 odd, got little inkling of what was to come during a dull first half. At the interval, Kerry led by six points to two and appeared to be playing well within themselves, or so we thought as we basked in the brilliant sunshine and waited the inevitable Kingdom second half effort. “Fourteen minutes after the resumption, by which time Kerry had tagged on two further minors, Noel Power crashed home a goal that was to be the fore-runner of an additional 1-3. That score worked wonders on the crowd, who, as distinct from the footballers, had been resigned to a kingdom victory before a ball was kicked. “Now, despondency gave way to elation among the Deise folk. Timmons cut the lead still further with a point and, after another exchange of minors, the Kilrossanty man was there to bundle Tim Barret over the line for the equaliser. “In vain, the Kingdom men

fought to regain the initiative. Waterford had applied the green light; this was their game and their game it was, when Tom Cunningham ranged up field to shoot the winner from thirty yards out.” Writing in the Examiner on Saturday, May 20th 2006, John Murphy recalled ‘an afternoon when Waterford rocked football’s greatest superpower, mighty Kerry’. “On, Sunday June 2nd, 1957,” he wrote, “Kerry, provincial champions and aristocrats of the game, were beaten 2-5 to 0-10 by Waterford in Walsh Park. Older staff at the switchboard of the then Cork Examiner remember being inundated with disbelieving callers on the evening of the match, as word of the result went over the airwaves. “Surely there was some mistake, some cruel joke. And the pleasant Cork switchboard operators answered every call, and with more than a hint of glee, confirmed that, yes, the Kingdom had been toppled. “Thousands were greeted by the headline the next morning ‘Waterford foot-

ballers shock for Kerry’. Indeed, Wexford’s 7-15 to 5-5 victory over Cork in an exhibition game before 28,000 at the Polo Grounds, New York, a repeat of the 1956 AllIreland hurling final, was downgraded by the happenings.” Recalling that winning point near the stroke of full time, Johnny wrote: “With the sides level and a replay looming, Waterford’s dual hurling and football star Tom Cunningham gained possession, far from his centre back domain. Off he charged on a solo run, and from 40 metres rifled over the winning point.” Speaking with Tom Cunningham almost half a century later, Tom told Johnny that he didn’t remember too much about the day or the game. “What I remember most is that it was scorching hot and the terraces were nearly empty, with only a small crowd bothering to turn up. Only those most committed to the cause of Waterford football were there, and it was extra special that we managed the sensational

result in their presence,” he said. He went on to win an AllIreland SHC title in 1959, three Munster Medals and a National League Medal as well as county honours. The Team was: J. McCarthy, M. Prendergast, M. Lonergan, C. Crowley, (Capt), M. O’Connor, T. Cunningham, J. Power, S. Power, S. Forde, G. Whyte N. Power, W. Kirwan, J. Timmons, J. White, T. Power. Subs: W. Daniels for Forde; S. Roche for Daniels.

Tom Cunningham


Vol. 105

Friday, 26th January, 2018



30th Annual Kiely Monumental Colligan Cup


Portlaw 3-9; Ballinameela 0-8


Page 3

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SEE PAGES 11, 12 & 13 Overall winner of the 2017 WLR and Granville Hotel GAA Award, Jamie Barron. [Noel Browne]





Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Long course runners brave elements IT'S been quite a while since we experienced the weather so rough for a Winter League night as it was last Wednesday evening but none the less the brave souls were out battling away pounding the wet streets of the town, special thank you to our stewards also who had to stand out in it making sure we all got around the two courses safely. First home on the night was Dylan Kennedy in 34.07 excellent running there from Dylan. Next across the line was John Woods. John was running his first night of the current league and he covered the course no bother in a time of 52.23. Next home and in 3rd place was Nicky Donovan 45.30. Nicky is getting in some early some early season GAA training for Modeligo. Geraldine Sinnott was our first lady home last week and she recorded a time of 51.46. Next was Onra Power in a time of 44.52 and 3rd lady across the line was Debra Doherty 39.49, breaking the 40 minute barrier there despite the inclement weather. LONG ROUTE OVERALL The tables are now taking shape with just 3 weeks remaining on the long course and the current leader is Alice Fitzgerald on 1,665 with Paul McGrath second on 1,597 and Michelle Finnigan 3rd on 1,586. Cathal Gleeson is fourth on 1,544 with Debra Doherty fifth on 1,543. Division 2 - Molly Fitzgerald 1,391 Division 3 - Dennis Ryan 1,295 Division 4 - Orla Bannon 1,194 Division 5 - Sean Dwyer 1,131 Division 6 - Michael Deegan 1,055 Division 7 - Lorena Mooney 1,008 Division 8 - Yevgeniy Chizhikov 919 Division 9 - Brian Ormonde 861 Division 10 -Carol Walsh 762

LONG ROUTE TEAM COMPETITION The team continue that is part of the Forde’s Daybreak Winter League continues. On the Long route, the leaders still are "Here we go again" (Linda Bradfield, Onra Power and Michelle Finnegan) on 359 points. They have extended their league having been the lowest scoring team last week with just 28 pts. Moving up to 2nd are Whatever" (Kevin Casey, Cathal Gleeson and David McNally on 516. Dropping to third "Bobs Angels" (Eamon Curran, Sinead Moore and Denise Nugent) on 594. In Fourth place are "Happy Feet" (Catriona Lee, Carol Pope and Geraldine Barry) on 682 and fifth place goes to "What about us" (Helene Hayes, Irene Dee and Deirdre Hahessy) on a total of 817 TOUGH CONDITIONS FOR THE RUNNERS ON THE SHORT ROUTE Conditions were far from Ideal running for the runner for week 10 of the Fordes Daybreak Winter League. It was very blustery and wet and it really tested the runners. Well done to all that took part. and despite the conditions, there was a great number out again last Wednesday when 50 runners completed the course, and once again despite the weather, it was great to see some new faces. This section of the league specifically has first timers and beginners in mind and is a manageable distance for most as it covers 2.5 miles in total. After registering make sure to check you off time on the sheets posted on the wall. First on the night was Mark Nugent in 17.18 followed by

Karen Coleman winner of the "TOPOIL" voucher on the short course for week 3. Making presentation is Kevin Casey sponsor.

Ted O’Leary winner of the "TOPOIL" voucher on the long course for week 3. Making presentation is Kevin Casey sponsor.

Mairead Murphy (20.55) with Johnny O'Connor next in 16.20 with Tracy Grant 4th on the night in 19.43 with Linda Foley 5th in 21.21. Roisin Feeney and Catherine Hickey both knocked off 10 seconds when finishing in 20.28 and 21.54. Kelly Cantwell knocked off 8 seconds when running 18.36. Lorna Murphy had a super run when knocking off nearly 2 minutes to finish in 27.20 as had Mary Hogan who improved by 50 seconds when finishing in 30.08. On a night like last Wednesday, we really thank our stewards who stand out in all weathers to allow us to run. SHORT ROUTE OVERALL The tables are now taking shape on the short course and the current leader is Kelly Shalloe on 886 with Kelly Cantwell second on 865 and

279. In third place are "The Crockers" (Jennifer O'Riordan, Fiona O'Riordan and Jason O'Riordan) on 305. "TOP OIL" ASSOCIATE WINTER LEAGUE SPONSORS For the 2017/’18 Forde's Daybreak Winter League we have been fortunate enough to have received associate sponsorship from our friends in Top Oil, our own Kevin Casey and James O’Sullivan have come on board to generously sponsor 2 €20 vouchers, one for the short route and one for the long route each week. We decided the best way to allocate the vouchers was to pick the 50th finisher in each route every week and to date we have 6 winners and they are:

Criostior Kenneally 3rd on 841. Jonathan Regan moves up to fourth on 796 with Michael Coakley fifth on 779. The current top 5 is: Kelly Shalloe Kelly Cantwell Criostoir Kenneally Jonathan Regan Michael Coakley Division 2 - Linda Foley Division 3 - Eoin O'Brien Division 4 - Emma Power Division 5 - Michael Connolly

886 865 841 796 779 752 648 562 458

SHORT ROUTE TEAM COMPETITION The best scoring team for the second week in a row was "The Shalloes" (Kelly Shalloe, Tracy Grant and Mary Whyte) on 19 points. This has seen them move into the lead overall on 242 Dropping to second are "the Road Liners" (Michael Coakley, Conor O'Neill and Martin Sandford) on

Week 1 winners were: Short route Sinead O'Rourke; Long route David

Traynor. Week 2 winners were: Short route Brid Whyte; Long route - Denis Ryan. Week 3 winners were: Short route Karen Coleman; Long route - Ted O’Leary. Week 4 winners were: Short route Eoghan O'Neill; Long route - Jack Ahearn. Week 5 winners were: short route Collette Whyte Veale; Long route Michael Dee. Week 6 winners were: Short route Cheyenne Tobin; Long route - Colm Bennett. Week 7 winners were: Short route Michael Power; Long Route - Sean Ryan. Week 8 winners were: Short route Mary Morrissey; Long Route - Pat Morrissey. Week 9 winners were: Short route Patrick Ryan; Long route - Catriona Kiely. Week 10 winners were: Short route Aisling Hourigan; Long route - Linda Foley.

Michael Roche Carpets race series 16TH ANNUAL KILMACTHOMAS 5 The penultimate race in the Michael Roche carpets series will be on Sunday, February 25th at 11 a.m. the 16th Annual Kilmacthomas 5. Entries will be taken at the community hall Kilmacthomas at the top of the town with the entry fee being €8. Shower facilities will also be available in this hall after the event for both men and women. With the help of the very generous sponsorship very kindly given by Bausch and Lomb a very attractive prize fund will be on offer for the top competitors and plenty of spots for down the field finishers also. Sandwiches and refreshments

will be available to all after the event. 36TH ANNUAL DEISE COLLEGE DUNGARVAN 10K The final race in the Michael Roche carpets series, the Déise College Dungarvan 10K will take place on Sunday March 11th at 11.00 a.m. Now in its 36th year and one of the oldest races on the local road running calendar, the Déise College Dungarvan 10k is always one of the more popular races. The club is delighted that Déise College and its proprietors Caroline and Alan Ryan are continuing their sponsorship for this race. The race will also see a number of perpetual

trophies being presented. We have the Seamus Power Memorial Trophy to the first male finisher and the Mikey Roche Memorial Trophy for the first local female finisher. We will be using the fast canal circuit as we have used now for the past couple of years for this race with the race headquarters at the Dungarvann GAA club pavilion which is where the presentation of prizes for the race and for the overall series will also take place. The race will start and finish in the same place as always at the Industrial Estate just off the N25, with just a short jog to and from the Dungarvan GAA club grounds for the runners.

John Treacy Dungarvan 10 - Elite entries notice ELITE entries will be accepted up to Friday, 26th January, 2018. The standards set down are Men 55 minutes and Ladies 60 minutes. These times must have been posted within the last two years. Proof of these qualifying times may be required. For Elite entry, please contact us directly using the details below: Ann Dunford: 086 0619711 or James Veale 086 8184762 or Email:

Marathon Duty TED O’Leary and Mick Concannon were on marathon duty once again last Saturday when they took part in the East of Ireland Marathon on a cold, wet and murky day in Staplestown, Co. Kildare. Ted ran a time of 3.22 and Mick completed the course in 3.57.

Running Quote WHEN I run, I'm just a person among people. A runner among runners. And we all experience the same challenge of get up and go - regardless of ability.

Sympathy WEST Waterford athletic club extend sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Anne Crowe Fitzgerald, Pinewood Lawn, Abbeyside, who passed to eternal reward last weekend. May she rest in peace.

Pictured out enjoying the 30th Annual Kiely Monumental Colligan Cup last Sunday were members of the O Droma family, An Rinn, Seamus and Mary Rose along with grandchildren Conal, Aisling, Tomás and Daire.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018




Ballymacmague’s Brigid Coffey wins Colligan Cup THE weather man gave us a bad weather report for Sunday’s Colligan cup and boy was he right, however this didn't deter a great turn out for the staging of the 30th annual Kiely Monumental Colligan cup, the race where all participants have exactly the same chance of winning as the next runner. It was indeed a very special occasion in Colligan last Sunday despite the inclement weather as we celebrated 30 years of the one everyone would like to win the Kiely Monumental Colligan Cup. The uniqueness of this race which was won for the first time in 1989 by Lismore's Willie Henry is what has helped it stand the test of time and from the large turnout once again at last Sunday’s race it will be around for another 30 years we hope. The countdown clock was started at 60 minutes by Ray Burke and Victor Mullins our timing scrutinisers at the stroke of 12 noon. It was then up to the runners themselves to start when they wanted with the aim being to be the first person to finish when the clock hits 0. At the end of the 31⁄2 laps covering a total distance of 5 miles the runners were well and truly grouped together with a huge group heading down the wood for the final time on the last lap. As the field of runners got closer and closer to the finishing line it was a toss-up as to who would be deemed the winner for the 30th time, and after the clock struck 00 it was a lady only a stone's throw from the finish line Ballymacmague's Brigid Coffey. Brigid is an avid runner and hardly a race is held by the club without her participating, she has in the past won numerous prizes at leagues and races etc and of course some years ago was a winner of one of our big events the Winter league. So after the cup resting in Cork last year when Youghal's Patricia Daly was the winner and Kerry the year before with John Paul Curtin, Brigid has brought it back home literally as it will reset on her mantle a few hundred metres up the road from the race course itself in Colligan. A huge well done to her on becoming the 30th winner of this prestigious race on the local athletics calendar. Well done also to our other prizewinners who were ever so close on the day, Conor Murray and Kelly Shalloe were both just 1

second off winning this year when they finished 2nd and 3rd, Michelle Dowley 6 seconds out and Johnny Burkin was 7 seconds off the target time and Bernie Prendergast was 8 seconds on the right side of the clock. Those who were unfortunate to be just on the fast side of the clock included Eamonn Curran 1 second, Micheal O'Callaghan 2 seconds and David McNally 3 seconds, Angeline Drennan 4 seconds and Diana Chizhikova 5 seconds. So it's well done to all and very well done to Brigid. Here's to the 31st year next year PG. FIRST FIVE: Brigid Coffey Conor Murray Kelly Shalloe Michelle Dowley Johnny Burkin Bernie Prendergast FOR THE 4TH TIME A LADY TAKES THE DOUBLE For the 4th time in the 30 year history of the race we have had a lady winner of both the Colligan Cup and Shield at the same time, we have to go back to 1998, 2002 and the it happened again last year 2017 to find the last time and indeed only other three time's that we ever had a ladies overall race winner. The three previous lady winners being Midleton's Kathleen O'Connell in 1998, Carrick's Ann Cronin 2002 and, of course, Patricia Daly from Youghal last year. This feat was replicated once again for the 4th time last Sunday when Brigid Coffey took the cup and also the shield which is presented to the lady nearest the clock when it strikes zero. An interesting fact about this year's race was that from the 104 participants and as far as I can remember for it's the first time it has happened in the 30 years of the event that we had a split down the middle in relation to runner too fast or two slow as 52 runners where on the wrong side of the clock and 52 were on the right side of the clock. How close can you get to winning without actually winning this race well 1 second is the answer and that what befell Kelly Shalloe 1 second out with Michelle Downey 6 seconds out and Bernie Prendergast as 8 seconds off the target 00. Patricia Daly last year's winner came close also when she finished just 12 seconds off. Angeline Drennan was just 4 seconds on the

David Kiely sponsor presents the Colligan shield to winner Brigid Coffey at the 30th Annual Kiely Monumental Collligan Cup last Sunday. Included are ladies prize winners Bernie Prendergast, Kelly Shalloe and Sharon Higgins.

Brigid Coffey receives the Colligan Cup from David Kiely sponsor at the 30th Annual Kiely Monumental Colligan Cup last Sunday. Included are men's prize winners: Micheál Gee, John Foley, Cathal Dwane and Conor Murray. fast side of the clock as was Diana Chizhikova only 5 seconds too fast. FIRST TWO WOMEN Brigid Coffey Kelly Shalloe Michelle Dowley Bernie Prendergast Patricia Daly VICTOR MULLINS CUP GOES TO DAVID TRAYNOR Victor Mullins was the creator of this style of time handicap race as it was he who came up with the handicap timing system which has been used now for the past 30 years in this event. Each year Victor presents the Victor Mullins Cup and a prize to the first person on the right side of the clock that has never ran the Colligan Cup be-

Victor Mullins presents his cup to winner David Traynor. Included are Paul Higgins of JDI Youghal, nephew of Victor who sponsored the prize for this competition at the 30th Annual Kiely Monumental Collligan Cup last Sunday.

fore. This year’s winner was David Traynor who could have also won the overall also as he was just 15 seconds out on this occasion, David was presented with a very nice cheese and wine hamper courtesy of Paul and Maxine Hickey of JDI in Youghal, Paul is a nephew of Victor and was kind enough to donated this beautiful prize to the winner of this competition which we sincerely thank him for. Our thanks go to Victor for his help and sponsorship of this element of the race and for his ongoing involvement with this race each year. SPECIAL 30th ANNIVERSARY PRIZE WON BY VINCENT O’DONOVAN A cash prize courtesy of our sponsor Kiely Monumental to celebrate the 30th year of this prestigious event was raffled among all participants at last Sunday race and the luck winner here was Vincent O'Donovan. MANY THANKS Our thanks to all who helped in any way to make last Sunday’s 30th Annual Kiely Monumental Colligan Cup the success it was and to David and Margaret Kiely a huge thank you. It’s worth mentioning also that for the 30 years of the event a member of the Kiely family more so David himself has been available to present the winners with the famed Colligan Cup and Shield. Our thanks also to Victor Mullins for all his practical help on the day

and he also was on hand to present his cup the Victor Mullins trophy to this year's winner. Victor of course was the man singly responsible for the running handicap timing system in operation for this race and indeed over time is now used by practically every club in the country in one way or another through leagues and running group runs etc. Thanks to Paul Hickey of JDI Youghal for donating a beautiful hamper to the race this year. To the numerous people who looked after the entries and results especially Brid, Tony, Shirly, Sharon,Tom and Ann and thanks to Tony for looking

after the timing and results. Thanks to Ann Dunford for looking after the prizes for the race and her efforts with securing the use of Colligan wood for the event. Our club administrator Ray Burke for all his help on the day also. Thanks to John McGrath and Jim Fleming and all for who helped with the stewarding. Thanks to Jamie Mills for all there help also. Many thanks to Coillte for the use of Colligan, without their help we couldn’t have staged the event at all. Here's to next year and the 31st year of the event P.G.

Winner of the special prize to celebrate 30 years of the Colligan event was Vincent O'Donovan. Making presentation is David Kiely sponsor at the 30th Annual Kiely Monumental Collligan Cup last Sunday.



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

GOLD COAST GOLF CLUB You can contact us by phoning 058-44055 Our email address is: MASS FOR DECEASED MEMBERS Our annual mass for deceased members took place in the Gold Coast on Friday last. Reverend Father Gerry Condon remembered all of our deceased members in his prayers. Our thanks to Father Gerry and to everyone who turned up on the night. 10 HOLES COMPETITION FOR LEGS OF LAMB Easter wouldn’t be the same without the customary Leg of Lamb for dinner on Easter Sunday. Now is your chance to win one as from now until the week before Easter we will be giving Legs of Lamb as prizes for the 10 holes competition.

ANNUAL GOLF CLASSIC The dates for this year’s classic is Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd April. A special sub-committee has been set up and already they have procured some fantastic prizes. More details as we go along but for now just mark the dates in your diaries. OTHER DATES FOR YOUR DIARIES Sunday, 25th February: Last day of Winter League Qualifying Stages. Saturday, 3rd March: Winter League Quarter Final. Saturday, 10th March: Winter League Semi-Finals. Sunday, 18th March: Captain’s

DUNGARVAN GOLF CLUB Tel. Office 058-43310, Fax. 058-44113, Pro Shop 058-44707. Bar/Restaurant Tom Daly Catering 087 2680597 Timesheets online at Email: VALENTINES DINNER The Social Committee have been busy planning for this event which we will celebrate on Friday, 9th February with a special 3 course dinner followed by music and dancing. Numbers are limited so book your table now. Tickets priced €35 are available from Tom, Irene or the Vice Captains David and Maria. Don't miss out on what promises to be a great night out. LADIES HOME ALLIANCE Due to the inclement weather the next Home alliance is scheduled for January 27th. Hopefully the weather will improve by then. The final of the home alliance will take place on Saturday, April 21st. We would also like to remind everyone of the Valentine dinner on

February 9th keep the night free, everyone welcome. Tickets will be available from the bar and office. MICHAEL (CLAGGA) CLANCY RIP The recent untimely passing of the club’s former long serving Bar Manager, Michael (Clagga) Clancy came as a great shock to his family and the many club members who knew him well. Clagga started working in Dungarvan Golf Club in or about 1984, when the club was based in Ballinacourty. There is no doubt that Clagga could have told many stories about some of the late nights he was forced to spend serving members in the old clubhouse but he was a man who chose his trusted friends carefully, so discre-

LISMORE GOLF CLUB Phone 058-54026.

Drive In. Saturday, 24th March: Winter League Final. Please note that in the event of inclement weather on any of the Saturdays of winter league matches they will then take place on the following day. GENTS MEMBERSHIP RATES FOR 2018 The following are the rates for 2018 and the GUI levies are included: Full: €550 Husband and Wife: €800 Distance: (Over 40 Miles) €415 Country: €220 Senior Citizen: €415 Student Under 25: €140 Junior: €85 WINTER RATES ARE NOW OPERATING IN THE GOLD COAST Monday to Friday: Golf €15, Golf and Carvery Lunch €25 Saturday/Sunday: Golf €20, Golf and Carvery Lunch €30 PREMIER BUTCHER AT DAWN MEATS WINTER LEAGUE 2017/2018 48 players have now completed their 10 rounds and these players can now only improve on their scores. While most players still have 5 weeks to complete their rounds there is no doubt but that one or two will struggle to get the required 10 games. It is still to close

to call as to which teams will qualify for the play-offs. Despite the bad weather the numbers playing each week is very encouraging and so far there has been about 1000 games played in the league. All the scores up to week twelve are on the website: WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER Here in the Gold Coast we have some great facilities, such as a topclass golf course with superb greens, playable all the year round, a leisure centre and gym and a hotel which is renowned for its excellent food. We offer very competitive membership rates in the golf club, the lowest full membership rate in the area and we can provide dual memberships to both the golf club and the leisure centre at reduced rates. Now is the time to talk to us if you are thinking of joining as we can offer some very attractive packages at the moment. Members can avail of significant saving on carvery lunch in the Gold Coast by purchasing vouchers in the golf club. We can offer really attractive family packages tailored to suit all requests. For more information contact 058 44055 and talk to Bob or Mark. FIXTURES Mon., 22nd Jan. – Fri., 26th Jan: Winter League Week 13 Tuesday, 23rd Jan: Open

Seniors, Ladies & Gents 50+ Friday, 26th Jan: Open Singles. Sat., 27th/Sunday, 28th Jan: Winter League Week 13 Tuesday, 30th Jan: Open Seniors, Ladies & Gents 50+ RESULTS Friday, 19th Jan: CSS 39 pts. 1st: Joe Curran (24) 41 pts Sat., 20th/Sunday, 21st Jan: WL Week 12, CSS 38 pts. 1st: Tom Moore (15) 42 pts. Cat 0-9: Brian Fahey (9) 41 pts. Cat 10-14: Conor Clancy (10) 41 pts. Cat 15-18: Darren Power (15) 37 pts. Cat 19+: Joe Meade (20) 39 pts. LADIES NOTES Fixtures: 10 Hole Ongoing Competition: Winter League sponsored by The Moorings Bar & Restaurant. Our Winter league kindly sponsored by The Moorings Bar and Restaurant over 13 holes has just resumed, round 5 commenced on Jan. 6th and will continue to Sunday, 21st Jan., weather permitting. With all to play for, remember to get your team valuable points by entering each round. E.G.M.: An important date for your diaries, ladies, is Thursday, Feb. 8th, when Jennifer Hickey (ILGU) will speak to all our members on increasing our member-

ship, which as we all know is the lifeblood of any club. Please attend this meeting in the Gold Coast at 8 p.m., and show your support. Portugal in October: The trip to Portugal takes place from October 2nd -6th this year, details will be posted in the kiosk. Last year's formula was hugely successful. Expressions of interest to Gillian Cashman. Membership Offers: If you are contemplating a new activity and making new friends for 2018 we have the answer, why not join us here at the Gold Coast!! There are many good reasons for joining us; firstly we are a friendly bunch who are always delighted to welcome new members and visitors alike, secondly our course is open all year round due to its natural drainage and last but not least the scenery is intoxicating!! We here at the Gold Coast are very proud of our course and it’s natural beauty, if you would like to sample same, please contact Bob or Mark on 058-44055 for some very tantalizing deals on offer at the moment for new members. There are always ladies available to take out new beginners and group lessons are arranged with a professional when the golfing season starts.

tion was always assured. I think it’s fair to say that the most dramatic event in Clagga’s time in Dungarvan Golf Club was when the old clubhouse burned down in September, 1989. Michael was central to getting people to safety on that fateful evening and if I recall rightly, his own car was damaged either by the fire itself or by debris falling from the roof of the building. Michael continued to serve the members in his own inimitable style in both the temporary accommodation used in Ballinacourty from 1989 to 1993 and thereafter in the new clubhouse in Knocknagranagh until his retirement in 2012. There was a great mutual respect between Clagga and his faithful bar staff and work colleagues, and he maintained contact and a genuine friendship with all. And indeed if ever you asked, his sound advice was always available such was his helpful nature. We were privileged with his occasional visits to the Club for a coffee and a catch up and inevitable banter with the members. And whilst good humoured, he always gave as good as he got and undoubtedly enjoyed it! Michael Clancy served Dungarvan Golf Club with great integrity and commitment for close on 30 years. One always knew where they stood with Clagga and while a little grumpiness may have been observed on occasion, it was

little wonder given some of the characters he had to deal with over the years! To Michael’s wife, Pat, his daughters Michelle, Sandra and Laura and to all his extended family, we offer our sincerest condolences. Rest in peace, Clagga. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS The Club thanks members for making subscription payments, thank you for your continued support. FUN FRIDAY FOURSOMES Our next Fun Friday Foursomes is Friday, 26th January. Assemble at 9.30 am ready to play at 10 a.m. GENTS RESULTS Mon. 15th Seniors 16H S/F: 1 Craig Susdorf (16) 30. 17th-20th January Deise Golf World 14H S/F: 1 Denis Ryan (19) 33, Mossie McNamara (20) 33, Gross Daniel Raher (3) 28. FIXTURES Mon. 22nd Open Gents/Ladies Seniors (50+) 16H Singles S/F Tues. 23rd Ladies 11H Singles S/F Wed. 24th Open Gents 14H Singles S/F Deise Golf World Winter League Thurs. 25th Open Gents 14H Singles S/F. Deise Golf World Winter League Fri. 26th Gents/Ladies 14H Singles S/F Deise Golf World Winter League, Fun Friday Foursomes

Sat. 27th Gents Deise Golf World Winter League /Ladies 14H Singles S/F+ LADIES HOME ALLIANCE Sun. 28th Gents 14H Singles S/F Deise Golf World Winter League SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP OFFER & INTRODUCTORY RATE FOR U-35’S All of us who play know that Golf offers so much more. Not only is it a hobby for life, it offers a social outlet as well as a healthy lifestyle option. It can be therapeutic as well as fun. New members can avail of a special Introductory Offer of just €300 including one complimentary lesson from our resident Professional David Hayes. Dungarvan Golf Club is the only members club in the town and our facilities include a Championship course and practice facilities, Bar, Restaurant, Snooker Room, a resident PGA professional and fully stocked Pro-Shop. Also now the Club are introducing a very attractive joining rate for new U-35 members. Contact Irene Lynch Secretary/Manager on 058-43310 or for further details. Offers are for a limited time only. SIXTY.COM The weather was against us last week and we had to cancel our competition. Hopefully we will all be back on the fairways in the coming weeks.

If you are not a member of the 60.Com we would be delighted to see you. Just come along and join us any Wednesday. YOUNGONES Next competition Wednesday 24th at 12 noon. PROGRESSIVE 45 Results 18th Tom Osbourne and Percy Hallahan, Tomas Carroll and Sheila Morrissey, Last 5 Nuala Harty and Joesphine Melody, Lucky Table Paddy Boland and Mary Ann Mulcahy. Progressive 45 Thursday nights all are welcome. SOCIAL BRIDGE Social Bridge Friday mornings at 11 a.m., all are welcome. PRO SHOP NEWS The cold weather is upon us but Dave has you covered. From wooly hats, skins, thermal gloves, thermal trousers and midlayers everything is in the ProShop to keep your warm this Winter. This week’s special offer is a free sleeve of golfballs of your choice when you purchase a midlayer garment. You can follow David’s special offers on his website at www.davidhayes Professional advice is guaranteed. JUNIOR NEWS Any enquiries relating to junior activities at Dungarvan can be directed to Junior Convenor, David Hayes. David can be contacted at 058-44707 or email at

MEN’S RESULTS AND FIXTURES Results - Monday, 15th January – Sunday, 21st January - 12 Hole singles s/ford, 1st John Kenneally (13) 27pts B6; 2nd Ml. McGrath (6) 27pts B6. Fixtures - Monday 22nd Sunday, 28th January - 12 hole singles s/ford. SPRING LEAGUE The Tallow Area Credit Union sponsored Spring League started last Monday, 22nd January. We have 12 teams divided into two

sections, 6 teams in each section with the top two teams qualifying for the semi finals. The remaining 8 teams will all qualify for the plate. The teams and rules are displayed on the notice board. Entry is €10. As in previous years the first round will be run over two weeks. Make sure to play every week and get the best score possible for your team. A point lost or gained can make a huge difference to a team. MEMBERSHIP Membership is now due for

2018, please contact registrar John McGrath. Please support the club by paying immediately. SYMPATHY The club wishes to express sincere sympathy to Shaun Moynihan and Ann McCarthy on the death of their sister Eileen Carrie. LISMORE LADIES GOLF CLUB Ladie, there is an on-going 9 hole aggregate competition running to the 31st Jan 2018. Remember the Spring League is starting on 4th Feb - get your name

down for a team and get your year off to a flying start. Fixtures: Ongoing 9 hole aggregate competition - please see notice board for more details All Competitions are subject to change so please check the notice board regularly for any changes. As the golfing year started on the 1st October you should have all received your renewal notices by now - your prompt payment would be much appreciated. Please contact our Registrar Mr. John McGrath with any queries.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


West Waterford Athletic Club Juveniles

Good turnout for McGrath’s Colligan Cup

Antoinette O'Brien, Chairperson West Waterford Athletic Club Juvenile Committee presents winning shield to Kevin Butler, Clodagh Lattimore 2nd, Lucy Holmes 3rd, Sinead O'Brien 4th, Ian Holmes 5th, Jack McCarthy 6th. Included are Lola Holmes, Mary Ashe, Juvenile committee. FORTY nine athletes took to the road and woodland track to compete in last Sunday’s Colligan Cup sponsored again this year by McGraths Newsagents. The predicted times varied from 14 mins 10 secs to 8.00 mins. Nineteen athletes ran faster than their predicted times. Some like Sean Hogan and William McNally were much faster than they thought both coming in about two and a half minutes ahead of their predicted time. Some were much closer with Paddy McCarthy just six seconds too fast and his sister Niamh even closer just two seconds outside her time. Victor Mullins and Tony Shalloe were watching the clock closely and as it struck zero Kevin Butler crossed the line to become the second member of his family to win the race. His brother David won it in 2016. Next home was Clodagh Lattimore who was competing for the first time and was just 4 secs

outside her time. She was followed by Lucy Holmes and hot on her heels was Sinead O’Brien. Next home was Ian Holmes who was once again among the prizes followed by newcomer Jack McCarthy. Well done to all the young athletes who completed the course. Our thanks to Albert McGrath for his continued sponsorship of this event. Thanks also to all our stewards and officials who helped to run the event and to Victor Mullins who is on hand each year to pick the winner. SCHOOLS CROSS COUNTRY NEXT FRIDAY, JAN 26th The Waterford Schools Cross Country will take place in St Augustine’s College on Friday next, Jan 26th with the first race at 11 am sharp. West Waterford athletes will represent all the local schools in this event. Good luck to all taking part.

WEST WATERFORD GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Telephone: 058-43216. Fax: 058-44343. GENTS RESULTS Club Competition 16 Hole Stableford Jan 15th – 21st: Category 1 Jimmy Murphy (8) 37pts Category 2 Richard O’Gorman (14) 34pts. Category 3 Michael St Ledger (18) 38pts, Category 4 Fintan Gee (19) 32pts. CSS: 35. FIXTURES Monday, 22nd January – Sunday, 27th January – 16 Hole Stableford in conjunction with round 3 Comeragh Oil Winter league. COMERAGH OIL WINTER LEAGUE Despite the weather we finally managed to complete round 2 on Sunday, 14th January. Conditions may not have been perfect but we are most grateful to all the team members who braved the

elements to keep their respective teams in contention. A big thank you to the course staff for keeping the course playable. Carrigtwohill hold on to top spot in the table, while Glenbeg and Carriglea move into the top ten displacing Carrigaline and Kinsalebeg. In fact after 2 rounds Coolcormack and Carriglea are tied for the final qualifying spot on 264 points. But it’s only half time in the qualifiers and with only 8 points separating the bottom six teams we could see a lot of changes over the next two rounds. The top 8 teams will qualify for the matchplay stages. Round 3 is now underway and continues up to Sunday, 28th January. The competition is played over 16 holes with holes 2

Jack McCarthy and Gearoid Coffey cross the wooden bridge in Colligan last Sunday at the McGrath Newsagents Colligan Shield for Juveniles.

and 3 remaining out of play. Whereas we would like to vary the two holes out of play we are sticking with the present course due to the likelihood of frost. Remember you can play any day with your best score counting for the team. Please do remember to put your team name on the card as it is essential for the scorekeepers when sorting cards. COMERAGH OIL WINTER LEAGUE TABLE AFTER TWO ROUNDS Carrigtwohill 291, Helvick 279, An Ghaeltacht 277, Ardmore 273, An Rinn 270, Tivoli 270, Glenbeg 268, Coolcormack 264, Carriglea 264, Blackwater 261, Aglish 260, Kinsalebeg 259, Canty 258, Carrigaline 257, Glenmore 253. Full individual and team details are available on SEAMUS POWER TURNS UP THE HEAT IN CALIFORNIA No prizes for guessing this week’s headline at West Waterford Golf Club, 8 degrees. It may have been quieter and cooler than usual on the golf course due to the prevailing weather conditions but our PGA Tour professional Seamus Power certainly raised the temperature with a sterling performance at The Career Builder Challenge in sunny California, 68 degrees. This event is played over 3

courses with the cut coming when each player has completed a round on each course. Seamus played his first round on Thursday at the Stadium Course, regarded as the most difficult of the three, and finished on 2 under par for the day. At La Quinta on Friday, he birdied 5 holes in a row before closing with a par to post a second round 66 to climb up 54 places on the leaderboard and move to within eight shots of the lead. On Saturday Seamus moved on to the Nicklaus Tournament Course. Out in three under 33 after birdies on the second, fourth and seventh, he made 5 more on the back nine. His only bogey came on the par-3 17th and he finished the round in a superb 7 under par. Following three rounds of ever– improving play, notably in his putting statistics, Seamus is tied for 9th on 15 under par as he heads into the final round at the Stadium Course on Sunday. Once again Seamus produced a clinical putting performance to record his fourth consecutive subpar round in the competition and finish tied 11th in his best PGA Tour finish for six months. He collects a cheque for $135,700 and moves up to 90th in the FedexCup rankings. “It would be nice to get 400 Fedex Cup points by the Summer” Seamus said at the start of 2018. Knowing that he can produce four rounds under par in a weekend will

COLLIGAN CUP 2018 RESULTS Predicted Plus/ Actual Time Time Minus Run Sean Hogan 14.00 -2.32 11.28 William McNally 14.00 -2.31 11.29 Ami Flavin 14.00 -2 12.00 Eoin Morrissey 12.30 -1.31 10.59 Conor McCarthy 14.00 -1.26 13.34 Aoibheann Ryan 14.00 -1.05 12.55 Mikey Barry 14.00 -1.04 12.56 Ava Kiely 14.00 -1.03 12.57 Aimee Ryan 14.00 -46 13.16 Angelina Chizhikova 10.40 -29 10.11 David Gaffney 9.45 -26 9.18 Liam Broderick 9.45 -25 9.19 Isabelle Gaffney 12.00 -24 11.36 Grainne Moore 10.30 -20 10.10 Cian Whelan 10.50 -16 10.34 Aoife O'Brien 10.20 -7 10.13 Mark Blackwell 10.45 -6 10.39 Paddy McCarthy 10.30 -5 10.25 Niamh McCarthy 12.00 -2 11.58 Winner: Kevin Butler 11.00 0 11.00 Clodagh Lattimore 14.10 4 14.14 Lucy Holmes 9.05 6 9.11 Sinead O'Brien 9.10 9 9.19 Ian Holmes 9.24 14 9.38 Jack McCarthy 11.40 17 11.57 Gearóid Coffey 11.40 28 12.08 Eoin McGrath 8.30 31 9.01 Conor Keane 10.30 33 11.03 Cal Tutty 10.00 42 10.42 Cillian Towey 11.00 46 11.46 Riona Towey 13.00 47 13.47 Aedán O Raghallaigh 11.00 47 11.47 Helana Barry 11.33 48 12.21 Oisin Whelan 11.20 49 12.09 Eoin Prendergast 8.30 50 9.20 David Nyhan 9.00 50 9.50 Conor Ahearne 8.00 1.10 9.10 Natalie Barry 14.00 1.11 15.11 Colm Barry 9.50 1.17 11.07 Sophie Landers 9.00 1.26 10.26 Caoimhe Prendergast 8.00 1.31 9.31 Sarah Gaffney 9.20 1.40 11.00 Aoife Lattimore 9.20 1.49 11.09 Alannah Willans 9.12 2.06 11.18 Sean Nyhan 9.30 2.23 11.53 Jordan O'Rourke 12.10 2.24 14.34 Clarissa Willans 10.49 2.34 13.23 Isobel McCann 11.40 2.53 14.33 Fionn Travers 14.00 4.31 18.31

strengthen that resolve. Seamus will join fellow Olympian Padraig Harrington, along with Tiger Woods and Shane Lowry at the Farmers Open in Tory Pines this weekend. TEAM CAPTAINS 2018 Following on a very successful year in inter club competitions in 2017 we are glad to announce that most of last year’s managers are willing to give it another go in 2018. Justin Spratt retains his position as general Manager and has appointed the following panel. Senior Cup – Ray Spratt, Barton Shield – Ray Spratt, Junior Cup – Sean Wade, Jimmy Bruen Shield – Stephen Spillane, Pierce Purcell Shield – Stephen Spillane, Mixed Foursomes – Sean Wade, JB Carr Trophy – Terry O’Callaghan, Belvedere Trophy – Edward Hickey. We appreciate the efforts of all team managers and wish them the very best of luck in the coming year. PLEASE BOOK YOUR TEE TIMES Due to the large numbers playing in the league, Timesheet Booking is essential and players on the timesheet have priority on the course at all times. By booking your tee time you are guaranteeing your place and you may also be giving someone who has no playing partner the opportunity to get a game. Tee times can be booked online or by ringing 058 43216. Please check the notice board for

rules regarding the Winter league and any local rules regarding the course. Alternatively you can log on to for all the information on the Winter league. NEW MEMBERS WELCOME West Waterford can offer a variety of packages to anyone wishing to take up the game of golf. Renowned for its friendly atmosphere as well as being home to two professional golfers we at West Waterford would like you to sample what we have on offer. We pride ourselves on dealing with our members on a first name basis and involving all members in events at the club. Why not call along and talk to Gillian or Austin and discover for yourself an experience which you only get at West Waterford. SUNDAY LUNCH AT WEST WATERFORD Thinking of somewhere new to go for Sunday lunch, then go no further than West Waterford Golf and Country Club. Located in the splendid setting of the Brickey Valley this is the ideal venue for the family lunch on Sunday. The kids will enjoy the spacious surrounds within and outside the clubhouse. Our chef John offers a wide and varied menu to suit all tastes and you are assured of a hearty welcome and personal attention at West Waterford Golf Club. We look forward to serving you.



Caithriona Doyle of Inka Design presents her Sponsorship to Lismore Camogie Committee and team mebers for the upcoming AIB All Ireland semi-final.

Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Lismore GAA Chairman Joe Pollard presents sponsorship to Lismore Camogie Chairman Jim Russell and Camogie Committee for upcoming AIB All Ireland Club semi-final.

Kathleen Russell presents a set of gearbags to the Lismore Senior camogie team from proceeds of the recent Jim Russell Memorial 45 Card drive.

Gary McInerney of The Classroom Bar presents his sponsorship to Lismore Camogie for upcoming AIB All Ireland Club semi-final.

Pa Lyons from Foleys on the Mall, Lismore presents cheque to Lismore player Shauna Kiernan as sponsorship for the upcoming AIB Club semi-final.

Marie Ahearne from the Vault Cafe presents her sponsorship to members of Lismore Camogie Committee and team for the upcoming AIB All Ireland semi-final.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


It’s all systems go for the upcoming AIB All-Ireland Club semi-final THE excitement is building in Lismore as the Senior Camogie girls prepare for the upcoming AIB All Ireland Club Semi-Final which is due to take place on Sunday next, January 28th in McDonagh Park, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary at 2.00 p.m. The town of Lismore is behind the girls as they showed up in numbers for the launch of this match on Friday night last in Lismore Community Centre with sponsor-

ship for this amazing bunch of girls. The List of sponsors who sponsored these girls and the club leading up to the County final and there afterwards are: Lismore GAA, The Red House, The Vault Cafe, Inka Design, Foleys on the Mall, FDC, The Classroom Bar, Roses West End Bar, Ormonde Kitchens Lower Main St. Dungarvan, John Fuller Tiling and Timber Flooring, Mace Ballyrafter, Chopstix

Chinese Takeaway, Neil Twoomey Solicitor, Lismore Post Office, Roches Centra, Tony Glavin Accountants, Paul Lennihan of Vee Construction, John Heneghan, GSK Dungarvan, Dave Landers meats, Doctor Noreen Barry, McGraths Butchers, East Cork Oil and Club Deise. Lismore Camogie is very grateful for the generosity of the local businesses for their

support of the girls. We would like to wish our girls and their management team and backroom staff the best of luck in the Club semi Final next Sunday. CHURCH GATE COLLECTION All in Lismore Camogie would like to thank all those who donated and helped them out in their annual church gate collection last weekend

GRANVILLE HOTEL/ WLR SPORTS STAR AWARDS Well done to our senior Camogie Player Caithriona McGlone on representing the Club with pride in last Saturday nights Granville Hotel/Wlr Sports star awards, eventhough Caithriona won the public vote was unfortunately unsuccessful on capturing the overall award but can be proud of her achievements.

Lismore Senior Camogie team who will play Athenry of Galway in the AIB All Ireland Club Semi-Final on Sunday next, January 28th.

Pa Lyons from East Cork Oil presents sponsorship to Lismore Camogie Club’s Vice Chair Eilish McGlone and committee members for up coming AIB Club semi-final.

Michael O’Leary of the Red House Lismore presenting his sponsorship to Lismore camogie members for upcoming AIB All Ireland Club semi-final.

Michael McGrath and Theresa McGrath of McGraths Butchers, Main St. Lismore presents cheque to members of Lismore Camogie Committee for the upcoming AIB Club semi-final.

Pat Williams of FDC presents a set of socks to Lismore Senior Captain Nicola Morrissey and club members for the upcoming AIB Club All Ireland semi-final.



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

PORTLAW AVOIDS DOUBLE RELEGATION J. J. Kavanagh & Sons S.F.C. Relegation Play-off Ballinameela's Eamonn Walsh in possession against Portlaw's Niall Fitzgerald and Luke Woods during the J. J. Kavanagh & Sons Co. Senior Football relegation play-off final in the Gold Coast pitch. [Sean Byrne//Deise Sport]

Portlaw ……………………….3-9; Ballinameela ……………...…0-8. HAVING surrendered big half-time leads to lose and draw their two meetings with Ballinameela in this championship season, Portlaw made no mistake in this third meeting in the Gold Coast Resort last Saturday where a two goal salvo midway through the second half left a battling Ballinameela side with just too much to do and ensured that the Tannery Town men would avoid the doubtful distinction of being the only club to suffer relegation from both senior championships in the same year. The conditions at The Gold Coast were in sharp contrast to the Spring like weather that prevailed for the drawn tie a week earlier with a bitterly cold wind blowing strongly from end to end and set to play a major part in deciding the issue. Portlaw had first call on the breeze and it was clear that, given the way the previous meetings between the teams panned out, they would need to take full advantage of it going into the second half. Ballinameela set up in defensive mode with Eamonn Walsh dropping back to the role of sweeper

and ball carrier as they sought to retain possession in the opening minutes. It was in the third minute that Portlaw found a way through with Michael Donnelly sending over his first point from a free and two minutes later he added a second after Frank Galvin was fouled on a run. Ballinameela were holding their own in terms of retaining possession outfield but were unable to seriously threaten going forward as Portlaw’s intensive work rate forced turnovers. Another Donnelly effort from a free was just wide but Frank Galvin broke through for a point from play in the 9th minute before Ballinameela’s first real chance of a crucial score came with Eamonn Walsh’s free from some thirty metres, into the breeze, found the range but drifted just wide. Between the 9th and 19th minutes there was to be no further score with D. J. Foran, Michael Donnelly and Niall Fitzgerald all off target for Portlaw and at that stage Ballinameela would have been satisfied to have been just three points down. A brilliantly kicked point from play by Michael Donnelly from an acute angle lifted his side

West Intermediate Hurling Championship/ League proposal CUMANN Rodaithe Na Brice have submitted the following proposal in relation to the Western Intermediate Hurling Championship / League Championship for 2018. Arising from discussions at a meeting of all Western Intermediate Hurling Clubs in November ’17, concerns were highlighted with regards to the proposed Structure of the Championship going forward for 2018. 1. Assuming 2 groups of 4 and 2 games played in April there is the chance of teams being virtually eliminated after these two round games. 2. Lack of Competitive games for club players during the main playing months of May, June and July which would inevitably lead to a severe difficultly for clubs in retaining players during these months. The following suggestions are proposed: 1) A group of 8 would be welcomed to ensure more matches but due to availability on the Season Calendar we are aware this would be ruled out. 2) In the event of 2 groups of 4 in the Intermediate Western Championship a crossover game would be included to provide an extra game ie 1 × 4 and 2 × 3. This would ensure teams would get a minimum of 4 games. 3) All County Intermediate Hurling League (Self Financing) Depending on entry 2 / 3 groups. Entry Fee €200. Winning team €2,000 (this would ensure Competitive Games and add an incentive for participation for players and clubs. Games to be played on weekends that Waterford are playing round robin games (5 weekends). The feedback received in discussion with the Intermediate Clubs in the East was very positive with 10 clubs out of 12 in favour of an all County League, overall the view was that changes were needed and these suggestions may be a way forward.

in the 19th minute and with the same player adding another from a difficult free a minute later the scene changed further with Shane Power’s strike giving his side a six point lead. Ballinameela needed a score badly and it came in the 24th minute from a Rob Shine free. Portlaw hit back with another point from a Donnelly free to give his side a 0-7 to 0-1 halftime lead but given the strength of the breeze and previous history between the teams there was reasonable doubt as to Portlaw’s capacity to stay in front up to the final whistle Portlaw made one change going in to the second half with John Power replacing Noel Mackey in defence and they quickly settled to look more threatening going forward than their opponents had in the first half. It took Ballinameela six minutes to score with Jim Curran sending over from play and three minutes later Cian Culloo’s strike left four between the teams with over twenty minutes left to play. With Michael Donnelly dropping deep, Portlaw always looked the more comfortable side in possession and likely to conjure up scores

against the breeze. Following some good passing around midfield the Ballinameela defence was opened up with Frank Galvin crashing through the centre to set up Jordi O’Sullivan for a great goal in the 42nd minute. Before Ballinameela could regroup the ball was in the net again a couple of minutes later with Michael Donnelly again setting up the move that saw O’Sullivan lay off to D. J. Foran to finish to the net from close range. A foul on Shane Foran in the 47th minute left Ballinameela with an eleven point deficit that for all their gallant efforts was never going to be reeled in. The closing ten minutes saw Ballinameela throwing everything forward with three points from Rob Shine and one from Michael Shine cutting the deficit to seven points but the goal they needed never looked likely against a strong Portlaw defence well marshalled by fullback Chris Mackey, Niall Fitzgerald and Darren Rockett with Donnelly always available to cover. Any lingering hope of an unlikely comeback was effectively dashed in the 59th minute with Donnelly and Mark Morahan setting up a

Portlaw break that ended with defender John Power crashing the ball to the net for a third goal. With the game in added time Ballinameela were awarded a penalty and the chance to put a better look on the scoreboard but their day was summed up with Michael Shine’s effort striking the outside of the upright and going wide. A minute later Donnelly capped a magnificent personal performance with the last point of the game before the final whistle saw Portlaw into the draw for this year’s senior football championship. This was Portlaw’s best performance of the championship and if they can reproduce the intensity shown here in the coming year they will not be battling relegation at the end of the championship. Michael Donnelly was in inspirational form while others to stand out in what was a great team performance were Chris Mackey, Darren Rockett, Niall Fitzgerald, Frank Galvin, D. J. Foran and Jordan O’Sullivan. In fairness to Ballinameela, they battled on to the bitter end but were crushed by those two goals midway through the second half de-

spite the best efforts of Eamonn Walsh, David Phelan, Jim Curran and Rob Shine. Scorers – Portlaw: Michael Donnelly 0-7 (5Fs), D. J. Foran, Jordi O’Sullivan and John Power 1-0 each, Frank Galvin and Shane Power 0-1 each. Ballinameela: Rob Shine 0-4 (2Fs), Jim Curran, Cian Culloo, Conor Buckley and Michael Shine 0-1 each. Portlaw: Tom Walsh; James Rooney, Chris Mackey, Gary Morahan; Niall Fitzgerald, Darren Rockett, Noel Mackey; D. J. Foran, Frank Galvin; Shane Foran, Luke Woods, Jordi O’Sullivan; Marl Morahan, Michael Donnelly, Shane Power. Subs: John Power, Paul Shankey. Ballinameela: James McGrath; Shane McGovern, Keelan Looby, James Ryan; Shane Flavin, David Phelan, Kevin Phelan; Eamonn Walsh, Lorcan Looby; Jim Curran, Michael Shine, Cian Culloo; Rob Shine, Mikey Phelan, Donagh Looby. Subs: Conor Buckley, Caimin Radley. Referee: Nicky O’Toole (Naomh Pól).

S.H. Challenge …

Hurlers prepare for National League with win over Offaly Waterford ………………………………0-22; Offaly ……………………………………0-13. WATERFORD had their final game in preparation for next Sunday’s Allianz League opener against Wexford in Carraiganore on Friday evening last where the home side came away with a nine point win at the end of a contest in which there was no holding back by either side. Lining out without any of the panellists involved in the Fitzgibbon Cup on Sunday, Waterford still fielded a very strong side with fourteen of the players that saw action in last year’s All Ireland Final getting game time. Offaly arrived with a spring in their step following their strong showing the previous weekend in coming within a point of Kilkenny in the Walsh Cup. They did however cause some upset when coming without their traditional green white and gold strip and instead produced a white strip with a narrow yellow band. That oversight resulted in Waterford lining out with blue training bibs over their white jerseys without numbers.

This was taken as a very serious workout by both sides with the hits going in hard and exchanges becoming a bit feisty at times. It was, in fact, an ideal warm up game with next week in mind with the first half being keenly contested as Offaly proceeded to match the intensity of their more highly rated opponents before two late points from Maurice Shanahan and Pauric Mahony frees gave their side a 0-10 to 0-8 interval lead. A feature of the Waterford line up was the seven man defence which saw the fullback line consisting of Shane Fives, Barry Coughlan and Shane McNulty fronted by Austin Gleeson, Darragh Fives and Philip Mahony with Tadhg De Burca in his customary role between both lines. What was notable, however, was the manner in which Darragh Fives, and Austin Gleeson in particular were taking every opportunity to break forward at speed to take on the opposing defence. Half-time saw Shane McNulty, Stephen Roche, Jake Dillon, Tadhg De Burca and Maurice Shanahan making way for Ian

Kenny, Michael Walsh, Jamie Barron, Brian O’Halloran and Jack Prendergast. Waterford moved up a gear in the second period with their athleticism and fitness proving far superior to that of Offaly as they moved into a 0-19 to 0-8 lead before the visitors came back with five late points before the final whistle. It was an ideal work-out prior to the Wexford clash with Waterford looking like a side with a real appetite for what is to come. Waterford scorers:- Pauric Mahony 0-7 (4Fs), Stephen Bennett, Tommy Ryan and Austin Gleeson (1F) 0-3 each, Kevin Moran 0-2, Maurice Shanahan (F), Darragh Fives, Jamie Barron and Michael Walsh 0-1 each. Waterford: Ian O’Regan, Shane Fives, Barry Coughlan, Shane McNulty, Tadhg De Burca, Darragh Fives, Austin Gleeson, Philip Mahony, Kevin Moran, Stephen Roche, Jake Dillon, Pauric Mahony, Stephen Bennett, Tommy Ryan, Maurice Shanahan. Second half subs: Ian Kenny, Michael Walsh, Jamie Barron, Brian O’Halloran and Jack Prendergast.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Comeragh Gaels one step away from County double Morrissey Family Western Under 21 ‘B’ 2017 Hurling Championship Final Patricia Walsh, Western Board Secretary, presents the cup to Mike Kearns, Comeragh Gaels captain, after his team beat Fourmilewater in the Morrisssey Family Western Under 21 B Hurling title last Saturday at the WIT Arena, Carriganore; also included is Pat Grant, Western Board Chairman. [Dan McGrath]

Comeragh Gaels ………… 1-10; Fourmilewater …………..…. 0-6. CARRIGANORE was the venue for last Saturday’s 2017 Western Under 21 ‘B’ Hurling final where Comeragh Gaels justified their pre match favouritism with a convincing seven point win over Fourmilewater. The Gaels have already won the Western and County football titles and their focus will now be on completing the County double in hurling when they play Portlaw/ Ballyduff shortly. The word was that Fourmile had little preparation for this game and indeed this was their first championship match and it showed from the off when a wind assisted Comeragh Gaels dominated the first half in general play and on the scoreboard. The winners were 0-4 to 0-0 to the good via scored by Mike Kearns 0-3 (2f, 1’65’) and a point from play per Gavin Dalton before Tom Barron opened Fourmilewater’s account from play. Shortly afterwards Fourmile didn’t avail of a goal scoring opportunity as the Gaels drove on with further what proved to be match winning scores. The key score came after a third Mike Kearns pointed free when Gavin Dalton’s wind assisted drive from play in the 23rd minute deceived Fourmile keeper Cian Boyle, giving Comeragh Gaels a commanding 1-5 to 0-1 advantage. Jack Skehan and Gavin Dalton worked the scoreboard either side of Fourmile’s second and last first

half score per a Dylan Guiry pointed free to give the winners a 0-8 lead at the break, 1-7 to 0-2. Fourmile enjoyed more of the play with the wind at their backs on the restart but despite winning this moiety by 0-4 to 0-3, the scores did not flow as readily for them as they did for their opposition in the first half and the goal they badly required never materialised. Third quarter points by Conor Gleeson and Dylan Guiry left 0-6 the difference at 1-7 to 0-4 before Mike Kearns, not for the first time in this championship, came to Comeragh Gaels aid at the opportune time with three pointed frees surrounding a Dylan Guiry similar type score leaving the winners comfortably ahead at 1-10 to 0-5. The last puck of the match was a second Dylan Guiry point from play and Fourmile’s low second half tally was a credit to a resolute winner’s defence superbly led by Dan Boooth at number 6, Cillian Tobin at full back and Ronan Gleeson, Richie McGrath, Gearoid Hallinan and Keith Hickey. Between the posts Cian O’Byrne’s pin point puck-outs to his forwards were a feature of the hour’s play. Rian Reddy and Jason Dunford worked hard in the middle of the field while as well as Mike Kearns, Sam Murphy Nix, Gavin Dalton and Jack Skehan impressed up front. Fourmile didn’t possess their opponents balance and the absence of some regulars compounded this. Their best performers on the day included full back

Jake Mulcahy, Dylan Guiry, Tom Barron and Ciaran Walsh. PRESENTATION Secretary of the Western Board Tricia Walsh presented the Tony Morrissey Memorial Cup to Comeragh Gaels captain Mike Kearns and Board chairman Pat Grant wished the new Western champions all the best in the forthcoming County final. Comeragh Gaels Top Three: Mike Kearns, Dan Booth, Cillian Tobin. Fourmilewater’s Top Three: Dylan Guiry, Tom Barron, Jake Mulcahy. Observer’s Man of the Match: Mike Kearns. Number of Scorers: Comeragh Gaels 4. Fourmilewater 3. Scores From Play: Comeragh Gaels 1-3. Fourmilewater 0-3. Frees For: Comeragh Gaels 17. Fourmilewater 16. Wides: Comeragh Gaels 16. Fourmilewater 6. Score of the Match: Mike Kearns 54th minute pointed free into the wind for Comeragh Gaels. Scorers – Comeragh Gaels: 0-7 (6f, 1’65’), Gavin Dalton 1-1, Sam Murphy Nix and Jack Skehan 0-1 each. Fourmilewater: Dylan Guiry 0-4 (3f), Tom Barron and Conor Gleeson 0-1 each. Comeragh Gaels: Cian O’Byrne; Ronan Gleeson, Killian Tobin, Richie McGrath; Gearoid Hallinan, Dan Booth, Keith Hickey; Rian Reddy, Jason Dunford; Gavin

The Comeragh Gaels team who won the Morrisssey Family Western Under 21 B Hurling title last Saturday at the WIT Arena, Carriganore. [Dan McGrath]

Dalton, Mike Kearns, Sam Murphy Nix; Jack Skehan, Nicky O’Donovan, Reece Stringer. Subs: Jack Cullinan, James Walsh, Nicky Walsh.

Fourmilewater: Cian Boyle; Dylan Phelan, Jake Mulcahy, Liam Cooney; Tholum Guiry, Conor Gleeson, Gearoid Hearne; Tom Barron, Ciaran Walsh; Glen

Mike Kearns, Comeragh Gaels captain, raises the cup after his team beat Fourmilewater in the Morrisssey Family Western Under 21 B Hurling title last Saturday at the WIT Arena, Carriganore. [Dan McGrath]

Cullinane, Dylan Guiry, Jordan Ryan; Ciaran Ryan, Shane Mullins, Darragh O’Flynn. Referee: Timmy Organ (Abbeyside/ Ballinacourty).



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

County GAA Board Meeting

Abbeyside/Ballinacourty proposal for Waterford Championships gets the green light THE big news coming out of last Monday night’s three hour County Board meeting at Lawlors Hotel was that there will be a new format in both codes in the senior championships in 2018 following the success of an Abbeyside/Ballinacourty proposal that was very well received by the vast majority of the clubs. Gone are the two groups of six and the football championship system of 2017 and in their place comes three Groups of four for hurling and football. Introduction of proposal: By reducing both Championships to groups of 4 it will make it easier on the board to: 1. Get the Championships finished in time for Munster Club. 2. Give dual clubs (Not just dual Senior Clubs) adequate time to prepare for Championship matches. 3. Allow time for under 21 Championships to be played without dragging the playing season into December or indeed the following year. This is important so as to allow players have some time off before returning to training in January which most clubs will now do due to Club Championship commencing in early April. GROUP STRUCTURE (FOOTBALL) Championship to be made up of 3 groups of 4 teams. Groupings to be made up on the following criteria. Group 1: Stradbally (County Champions). Group 2: The Nire (Runners Up). Group 3: An Rinn and Kilrossanty (Beaten SemiFinalists). The following four teams would then be placed in a pot, Ardmore, Ballinacourty, Clashmore and Rathgormack. The first drawn team assigned to group 1, second drawn team to group 2. The remaining two teams would then be assigned to one of the three groups by a draw. After this stage two groups will have 3 teams and one group will have 2 teams. The remaining four teams will then be assigned to a group by draw, with the first team joining whichever group has only two teams in it. KNOCK-OUT STAGES Top team in each group goes straight to quarter final joined by the best placed 2nd placed team. Best 2nd placed team decided on following criteria: 1. Total points won in the group. 2. Best scoring difference. 3. Total score for. 4. Total

goals scored.Where teams are still level a draw would take place. No play offs to be used. The remaining eight teams would then be broken into two pots. Pot A to consist of remaining 2nd placed teams plus the two best 3rd placed teams. Best 3rd placed teams to be decided on the same criteria as outlined above. Pot B to consist of the remaining 4 teams. A draw will take place to give four matches with no repeat of group matches allowed. The four winners will advance to quarter finals to play the four teams already qualified in a seeded draw. The four losers to play relegation play-off. Delivered to the meeting by Abbeyside/Ballinacourty secretary, Tomas O Cadhla, the proposal quickly found favour with the delegates and when Rathgormack, Stradbally and the CCCC withdrew their proposals, the new championship structures were soon a reality for 2018. 2018 SENIOR FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GROUPS AND DRAWS Group 1: 1. Stradbally. 2. Ardmore. 3. Dungarvan. 4. Portlaw. Group 2: 1. Nire. 2. Clashmore/Kinsalebeg. 3. Ballinacourty. 4. Brickeys. Group 3: 1. An Rinn. 2. Kilrossanty. 3. Rathgormack. 4. Gaultier. GAMES: Round 1: Stradbally v Ardmore. Dungarvan v Portlaw. 3. Nire v Clashmore/ Kinsalebeg. Ballinacourty v Brickeys. An Rinn v Kilrossanty. Rathgormack v Gaultier. Round 2: Stradbally v Portlaw. Ardmore v Dungarvan. Nire v Brickeys. Clashmore/ Kinsalebeg v Ballinacourty. An Rinn v Gaultier. Kilrossanty v Rathgormack. Round 3: Stradbally v Dungarvan. Ardmore v Portlaw. Nire v Ballinacourty. Clashmore/ Kinsalebeg v Brickeys. An Rinn v Rathgormack. Kilrossanty v Gaultier. OPPOSITION TO HURLING PROPOSAL The same type structure for the senior hurling championship went to a vote before it was accepted. The Tallow club wanted to retain the tried and tested two Groups of six teams but with the majority of County Board and Western Board officers backing the Abbeyside proposal, the Tallow proposal was

beaten by 29 votes to 13, the clubs themselves being divided fairly evenly in their views. 2018 SENIOR HURLING CHAMPIONSHIP GROUPS AND DRAWS Group 1: 1. Ballygunner. 2. Abbeyside. 3. Ballyduff Upper. 4. An Rinn. Group 2: 1. De La Salle. 2. Fourmilewater. 3. Dungarvan. 4.Tallow. Group 3: 1. Pasage. 2. Lismore. 3. Mt. Sion. 4. Roanmore. GAMES Round 1. Ballygunner v Abbeyside. Ballyduff v An Rinn. DLS v Fourmilewater. Dungarvan v Tallow. Lismore v Passage. Mt. Sion v Roanmore. Round 2: Ballygunner v An Rinn. Abbeyside v Ballyduff. DLS v Tallow. Fourmilewater v Dungarvan. Lismore v Roanmore. Passage v Mt. Sion. Round 3: Ballygunner v Ballyduff. Abbeyside v An Rinn. DLS V Dungarvan. Fourmilewater v Tallow. Lismore v Mt. Sion. Passage v Roanmore. Both championships will start in April. COUNTY BOARD SNIPPETS The under 21 football championship will be played on an all County basis and the hurling will be organised by the Divisional Boards. The proposed Groups for the Minor football championships will be reviewed by the CCCC following requests by a number of clubs to be graded in different divisions. The championships are scheduled to start on the weekend of March 4th. The Munster Convention will be held in Lawlors Hotel this Saturday, January 27th. It was announced that the Strictly Come Dancing Fundraiser at the end of 2017 raised €71,858. The Munster Minor Hurling Championship will be played on a Round Robin system with our first game against Clare on April 11th in Pairc Ui Rinn. The Minor football championship will remain the same as last year. Board Officers have met with Munster and Central Councils regarding plans and financing for the development of Walsh Park for a 17/18,000 capacity venue. A number of clubs voiced opposition to the deal with Sky television for 2018 because many GAA people haven’t this channel.

WATERFORD GAA RESULTS JJ Kavanagh & Sons Co. Senior Football Championship: Portlaw 3-10 Ballinameela 0-9 The Morrissey Family The Morrissey Family Western Under 21 (B) Hurling Championship: Comeragh Gaels 1-10; Fourmilewater 0-6

PP U-14 F Roinn A County Final: St Augustines 3-7; St Declans Kilmacthomas 3-6 PP U-14 F Roinn B County Final: St Pauls Community College Waterford 6-4; De La Salle College Waterford 1-0

Tom O'Brien Post Primary Officer, presents the cup to St. Augustine’s captain Charlie Treen after they defeated St. Declan's Kilmacthomas in their Post Primary U-14 A Football County Final played in Carriganore. [Maurice Hennebry]


Ardmore game refixed for this weekend ARDMORE V SETANTA, Saturday, January 27th in Navan at 2.00 p.m. THE All-Ireland Junior hurling semi-final between Ardmore and Setanta of Donegal which was postponed last Sunday due to a waterlogged pitch in Navan has been rescheduled by Croke Park Officials for this Saturday, January 27th in Navan with a starting

time of 2 p.m. The inconvenience suffered by both clubs last weekend will have been put behind them his week as they focus once more on the most important game in their history with the winners being rewarded with an All- Ireland final appearance in Croke Park scheduled for the following week Sunday, February 4th. All local Gaels wish Ardmore the best of luck in their winning ambitions this Saturday.

Two separate seasons proposed for hurling and football AT Thursday’s Western Board meeting and again at Monday night’s County Board’s meeting, Clashmore Kinsalebeg’s Tim O’Keeffe made a radical proposal in relation to the format and running of fixtures in the county. He stated that it is time for both Divisional Boards and the County Board to consider having two separate seasons for Hurling and Football. Specifically he proposed that all adult football competitions should be played off in the period from February to the end of May with the Senior, Intermediate and Junior football County Finals being played over (or not later than) the June Bank Holiday weekend. His idea would be that club football league games (e.g. Phelan Cup / County Football League, Divisional Board Leagues etc.) would be played in February and March and that the championship would commence the week after the National Football League ended on 25th March. With the new GAA National Fixtures plan, the following five weekends are effectively free from Inter County fixtures and the club football championship could be played on consecutive weeks over those five weeks. That should / could get you down to the county semi-finals which could be played over one weekend in May with the County Finals played over the June Bank holiday weekend.

Clubs would then switch over to Hurling with the Hurling Leagues (Sargent Cup / County Hurling League, Divisional Board Leagues etc.) played in June & July with the Championship starting in August after the County team exited the All-Ireland Championship. It is worth noting that this year’s All Ireland Hurling final is on 19th August so were Waterford to make the final again in 2018 the club championships could commence the following weekend. That would give us nine (9) clear weekends prior to the Munster Club championship which starts on 28th October. Were Waterford to exit the All-Ireland series at the semi-final stage, in 2018 they are on the last weekend in July, therefore our Club championships could commence in early August. ‘’While I accept that this a very radical proposal and that it may be too late to consider it for the 2018 season it is something that is well worth considering for the future’’ stated the former County Board Secretary. ‘’The current structure where we play a couple of rounds of championship in both codes in April and then nothing again until the late summer is illogical and causes conflict between codes with hurling held up because of football and football held up because of hurling. And a major fixtures pile-up for a lot of clubs. Under a two season scenario this could not happen. It’s time to look at a major change in the way we plan our playing season’’.

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Jamie Barron chosen as WLR Granville Hotel GAA award winner WATERFORD Senior Hurler Jamie Barron has been chosen as the overall winner of the WLR Granville Hotel GAA awards 2018. Tipperary hurling legend Brendan Cummins was the special guest on Saturday night at the gala banquet in the Granville Hotel.

Judges Liam Cusack, Stephen Frampton, Tomas McCarthy and Michael Drislane had the difficult task of choosing the overall winner from the eleven monthly nominees. The Nire/Fourmilewater clubman beat off stiff competition to claim the

grand prize. Jamie enjoyed a brilliant All Ireland championship campaign, which included a stunning Man of the Match performance that saw him score 2-1 from play, in the semi-final win over Cork. He was also instrumental in se-

curing Waterford's first win over Kilkenny in 60 years last year. This year saw the introduction of the inaugural Kevin Casey Emerging Young GAA Player Award, in memory of WLR’s colleague and sports broadcaster. The winner, Annie Fitzgerald, cap-

tured a litany of underage titles across both codes last year, including u-16 ladies football All Ireland B final, U-16 and minor championships with Gaultier and was also a part of the St. Angela's Ursuline side that won All Ireland junior camogie and ladies football titles.

WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Awards Gala Dinner - Granville Hotel – Saturday, 20th January 2018. The Mayor of Waterford City & County Council, Cllr. Pat Nugent, Waterford County GAA Board Chairman, Paddy Joe Ryan, special guest, Brendan Cummins, Jackie Cusack, Granville Hotel, Neil Gough, WLR, MC Gavin Whelan, WLR are pictured with the overall winner of the WLR & Granville Hotel Award for 2017, Jamie Barron and all the monthly winners, seated from left, Caoimhe McGrath, Beth Carton, Michael Walsh, standing from left, Caithriona McGlone, Pat Prendergast representing his son, Seamus Prendergast, Kevin Moran, Philip Mahony, Dan Shanahan, Donie Breathnach and Stephen Bennett. [Noel Browne]

The first winner of The Kevin Casey Emerging Young GAA Player Award was Gaultier camogie player Annie Fitzgerald and she is pictured with her parents, Gail O’Sullivan and Anthony Fitzgerald. [Noel Browne]

Overall winner of the 2017 WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Award Jamie Barron is pictured receiving his award from [Noel Browne] Jackie Cusack, Granville Hotel, MC Gavin Whelan and special guest Brendan Cummins.

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WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Award March winner Stephen Bennett pictured with Pat and Ryan Bennett and Melanie O’Connor. [Noel Browne]

4. The first winner of The Kevin Casey Emerging Young GAA Player Award was Gailltír camogie player Annie Fitzgerald and she is pictured receiving her award from Marguerite Casey, wife of the late Kevin Casey and Des Whelan, Managing Director, WLR. [Noel Browne]

Michael and Mary Flynn pictured at the WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Awards Gala Dinner. [Noel Browne]

WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Award April winner Dan Shanahan pictured with Mary, Brian and Chloe Shanahan, Tony Barry and Collette Whelan.

[Noel Browne]

WLR’s Liz Reddy pictured with John, Mary and Pat Prendergast, father of WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Award November winner Seamus Prendergast. [Noel Browne]

February winner, De La Salle and Waterford’s Beth Carton pictured with her parents, Joey and Ita Carton and Aine Dunphy. [Noel Browne]

WLR’s Des Whelan chatting with the April winner Dan Shanahan. [Noel Browne]

Overall winner of the 2017 WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Award was Jamie Barron and he is pictured with Helen and David Nixon, Jim Barron and Catherine Kiely. [Noel Browne]

Neil Gough, WLR and Cllr. Liam Brazil pictured with the WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Award July winner, Michael Walsh. [Noel Browne]

WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Award May winner, An Rinn clubman, Donie Breathnach pictured with his parents, Sadie and Padraig Breathnach and Leanne Garvey. [Noel Browne]

Overall winner of the 2017 WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Award Jamie Barron is pictured with Liz Reddy and Laura Holmes, WLR and members of the judging [Noel Browne] panel, Tomás McCarthy, Michael Drislane and Stephen Frampton.

Overall winner of the 2017 WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Award, Jamie Barron is pictured with Mayor of Waterford City & County Council, Cllr. Pat Nugent, special guest, Brendan Cummins, Jackie Cusack, Granville Hotel and MC Gavin Whelan. [Noel Browne]

Ann and Martin Freyne.

Waterford senior football manager Tom McGlinchey pictured with WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Award May winner, [Noel Browne] Donie Breathnach and Leanne Garvey.

Sheila and Padraig Dunne pictured at the WLR & Granville Hotel GAA Awards [Noel Browne] Gala Dinner.

[Noel Browne]



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Gaelic Jottings Navan non event THE weather clerk was the only winner in Navan last Sunday when Pairc Tailteann was deemed unplayable due to a waterlogged pitch for the All Ireland Junior hurling semi-final between Ardmore and Setanta of Donegal. There was much disappointment in both camps because of the postponement and the late call on it which resulted in a loss of finance by many who had either made the trip up on Saturday or who were on their way Sunday morning. However, all concerned will have to make the journey again.

Three Other club semi-finals fall victim to weather SIX clubs who were looking forward to playing in All-Ireland semi-finals last Sunday have been left disappointed after their games were postponed. Heavy rainfall overnight resulted in the postponement of the All-Ireland club IHC semi-final between Kanturk and Middletown in Newbridge, the All-Ireland club IFC semifinal between Michael Glavey's and Kilanerin in Tullamore and the All-Ireland club IFC semi-final between An Ghaeltacht and Moy in Portlaoise, which was due to be part of a double-header with the O'Byrne Cup final, which was also called off. The All-Ireland club SFC quarter-final between Fulham Irish and Corofin which was postponed before Christmas due to a snow-covered pitch in Ruislip was the only All-Ireland club fixture that went ahead with the Galway champions progressing to the semi- finals. Again, the postponements greatly inconvenienced the competing clubs, some of whom had already started their journeys to the respective venues.

TG4 at our service once again TG4 have announced details of their schedule of GAA coverage for the springtime. Between now and April 1st there will be at least 35 games shown in full, either live or deferred. In a new departure for the channel, GAA BEO will now show three Allianz League games in full every Sunday, beginning on the 4th February, as well as extensive highlights of a number of other games each week. The channel's highlights show, GAA 2018, also returns for another season, broadcasting exclusive highlights every Monday evening at 8 pm. This weekend sees the beginning of the Allianz Hurling and Football Leagues and on Sunday, 28th January GAA Beo will provide live coverage of Clare v Tipperary from Cusack Park and deferred coverage of Kerry v Donegal from Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney. The full line-up of matches on TG4 for the coming months are as follows: Sunday, 28 January 12:40pm GAA Beo Coverage begins Live match: Clare v Tipperary, Live from Cusack Park, Ennis (Allianz Hurling League, Round 1) 2pm throw-in Deferred match: Kerry v Donegal from Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney Sunday, 4 February 1:30pm GAA Beo Coverage begins Live: Wexford v Cork, Live from Innovate Wexford Park Deferred: Donegal v Galway from Letterkenny Deferred: Kilkenny v Clare from Nowlan Park Saturday 10 February

1:30pm GAA Beo Coverage begins Live coverage from the AIB All-Ireland Senior Club Hurling Championship semifinals Na Piarsaigh v Slaughtneil from Parnell Park (2.00 p.m. throw-in) Cuala v Liam Mellows from Semple Stadium (4.00 p.m. throw-in) Sunday 11 February 11:50am GAA Beo coverage begins Live: Lidl Ladies National Football League Division 1 - Galway v Mayo, Live from Pearse Stadium (12.00 noon throw-in) Live: Galway v Mayo, Allianz Football League, Round 3, Live from Pearse Stadium (2.00 p.m. throw-in) Deferred: Monaghan v Kerry from Iniskeen Deferred: Kildare v Tyrone from Newbridge Saturday, 17 February AIB All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship Semi-Final Live: Moorefield v Corofin or Fulham Gaels Sunday, 18 February Live and deferred coverage of three matches from the third round of the Allianz Hurling League Clare v Cork, Waterford v Kilkenny and Galway v Offaly. Saturday, 24 February 4.00 p.m. Coverage begins on GAA Beo AIB All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship Semi-Final Live: Slaughtneil v Nemo Rangers, Live from O'Moore Park, Portlaoise (4.30 p.m. throw-in) Sunday, 25 February Live and deferred coverage of three matches: Allianz Hurling League Round 4 Allianz Football League Round 4 Sunday, 4 March Live and deferred coverage of three matches: Allianz Football League, Round 5 Allianz Hurling League, Round 5 Sunday, 11 March Live and deferred coverage of three matches: Allianz Hurling League Quarter-Finals (Division 1) Saturday, 17 March AIB All-Ireland Senior Club Football and Hurling Finals, Live from Croke Park Sunday, 18 March Live and deferred coverage of three matches: Allianz Football League, Round 6 Allianz Hurling League Semi-Finals (Division 1) Saturday 24 March Allianz Hurling League Final (Division 1) Sunday, 25 March Live and deferred coverage of three matches: Allianz Football League Round 7 Saturday, 31 March Allianz Football League Finals (Division 3 & 4) Sunday 1 April Allianz Football League Finals (Division 1 & 2)

Most watched in 2017 Last year's All-Ireland SFC final between Dublin and Mayo was the most watched event in Irish sport in 2017. The official TAM Ireland/Nielsen figures for 2017 were released recently and showed that the Dubs' three-in-a-row success over Mayo in September drew an audience of 1.14 million, making it second behind December's Late Late Toy Show (1.35 million viewers) as the most watched television programme in the country last year. In third was the second leg of the Republic of Ireland's World Cup Play-off against Denmark, which drew just over one million viewers, while Galway's AllIreland SHC final victory over Waterford was in fourth with 915,000 viewers.

St. Olivers Juvenile and Ladies Football presentation Night. Presentation to Emma Stubbs, Caoimhe Ahearne and Ailbhe McCann who were members of the Waterford All Ireland Winning U-16 Ladies Football team with Special Guest, Waterford Senior Hurler Shane Bennett and Noeleen Osborne, Chairperson Ladies Football Club. [Sean Byrne]

League games broadcast on Eir Sport DOUBLE-HEADERS in Croke Park and Páirc Uí Chaoimh will commence the 17 games that eir sport will broadcast from this year’s Allianz football and hurling leagues. Dublin’s clashes against Offaly and Kildare in hurling and football respectively will both be broadcast from Croke Park on 27 January as will the ties in Páirc Uí Chaoimh that see Cork meet Tipperary in football and take on Kilkenny in hurling. In total All-Ireland football champions Dublin will have four games televised live this spring with last September’s finalists Mayo covered twice. In hurling 2016 AllIreland champions Tipperary will feature twice as will Pat Gilroy’s Dublin hurling side. 27 January: Dublin v Offaly (H) – eir sport 1 – 5pm. Cork v Tipperary (F) - eir sport 2 – 5pm. Dublin v Kildare (F) - eir sport 2 – 7pm. Cork v Kilkenny (H) - eir sport 1 – 7pm. 3 February: Mayo v Kerry (F) - eir sport 1 – 7pm. Tyrone v Dublin (F) - eir sport 2 – Deferred. Tipperary v Waterford (H) - eir sport 1 – 7pm. 10 February: Dublin v Donegal (F) - eir sport 2 – 7pm. Cavan v Meath (F) - eir sport 1 – 7pm. 17 February: Tipperary v Wexford (H) eir sport 2 – 7pm. Limerick v Dublin (H) - eir sport 1 – 7pm. 24 February: Mayo v Dublin (F) - eir sport 2 – 7pm. Monaghan v Tyrone (F) - eir sport 1 – 7pm. 3 March: Dublin v Kerry (F) - eir sport 2 – 7pm. Tyrone v Donegal (F) - eir sport 1 – 7pm. 17 March: Kerry v Kildare (F) - eir sport 2 – 7pm: Cork v Clare (F) - eir sport 1 – 7pm.

Wexford skin Cats Wexford 1-24; Kilkenny 1-24. (Wexford win 3-2 on frees AET) MARK Fanning hit the winning free for Wexford in hurling’s first ever free-taking competition after a cracking Walsh Cup final at Nowlan Park. Kilkenny manager Brian Cody was sent to the stand and Richie Reid was sent off as Wexford battled back to force extra time, and despite misses from Paul Morris and Lee Chin, Wexford scored their next three frees to take the historic win. Cody was handed his marching orders seven minutes into the second-half,

shortly after Reid’s straight red card for an off-the-ball incident which was spotted by the linesman. A spirited fightback from Davy Fitzgerald’s side, meanwhile, saw them reach parity at the death despite having trailed by eight points on three different occasions in the first half. Wexford had not won the Walsh Cup in the last 16 years, and had been beaten in their last five appearances in the final, but were deserving winners in the end. Alan Murphy was outstanding up front for Kilkenny, landing 1-11 in normal time, but ultimately missed one of the deciding frees – as did Lester Ryan and John Walsh.

Gavin’s final whistle BRIAN Gavin, who refereed four AllIreland hurling finals, has opted to hang up his whistle. At the age of 40, the Clara native feels the physical demands of the game and feels that now is the right time to call it a day. Speaking to, Gavin said: "I'll definitely miss it, there's no doubt, but I just feel I've come to the right decision. "It's getting harder every year. Even though I'm only 40, I'm still 20 years older than some of the players, so it's getting tougher and tougher. "I really enjoyed my time, I had four AllIreland finals and four Munster finals. I'd probably say now I would have liked to get five All-Irelands, but when I started off I would have been thrilled with even one, never mind four. So, I definitely have no regrets."

Successful start for Staunton CORA Staunton admitted she found her Aussie Rules debut "tough but enjoyable" as she hit two goals for the Greater Western Sydney Giants in a practice match. The Mayo football legend became the first international sportswoman to be drafted to play in the Australian league and got her first taste of a match environment as the Giants eased to a 50-point win over the Brisbane Lions in temperatures reaching 32 degrees. Staunton was one of the standout performers with two well taken goals and speaking afterwards, the four-time AllIreland winner says it was more challeng-

ing than she had anticipated. "It was very tough. It’s a lot different to what I expected. It’s more physical and I probably wouldn’t be as used to that at home," she said. "There are plenty of things to work on, plenty of mistakes, but I enjoyed it."

Waterford GAA Sport Stars receive LIT Sports Scholarship WATERFORD GAA stars, hurler Kieran Bennett and footballer Dylan Guiry, were were among 57 athletes to receive the Limerick Institute of Technology Sports Scholarship this academic year. Sports stars including Joe Canning and Jackie Tyrrell have previously received the scholarship from LIT, while current lecturers include Marcus Horan (formerly of Ireland and Munster) and Michael Fennelly (Kilkenny).

Scór Na Seachtaine MIKE Kearns 53rd minute pointed free into the wind for Comeragh Gaels in the Western ‘B’ Under 21 hurling final in Carriganore last Saturday afternoon.

Fraher Field Classics THIS week’s Fraher Field Classics, courtesy of the editor of the Dungarvan Observer and from the pen of John A. Murphy features the Affane Club Social on Thursday, February 22nd, 1968.

Sympathy THE Observer extends its sincere sympathy to former County Board chairman Tom Cunningham and family, Stradbally on the recent death of his brother Pat. Sympathy is also extended to the family of Jack Curran, Kilrush, a former Dungarvan player and winner of a Dean Ryan Cup hurling medals with the CBS in 1951 and '53 and whose grandchildren currently play with the Brickeys. Sympathy is also extended to Carole Ronayne of the Brickey club on the death of her father in Wexford recently and to the Power family, Aglish on the death of Maureen on Sunday last.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Allianz National Hurling and Football Leagues commence Hurling: WATERFORD V WEXFORD in Walsh Park Sunday, January 28th at 2 p.m. Football: WICKLOW V WATERFORD in Aughrim Sunday, January 28th at 2.00 p.m. 2018 MARKS the 26th season that Allianz has sponsored the Allianz Hurling Leagues, making it one of the longest sponsorships in Irish sport. Allianz and the GAA have announced the renewal of Allianz’s partnership with GAAGO which will make over 50 live Allianz League matches available to global audiences. It’s an earlier start and finish than usual for this year’s Allianz Hurling League, guaranteeing eight weeks of high-powered action across six Divisions between the first round next weekend and the Allianz Hurling League Division 1 final which will have a Saturday evening setting on March 24th. Galway head into the new season as Allianz League (Division 1) and All-Ireland champions after an outstanding 2017, during which they lost only one game (to Wexford). That defeat cost them promotion so the Tribesmen will again be in Division 1B, the group that produced the outright winners in 2015 (Waterford) and 2016 (Clare). It leaves Kilkenny in 2014 as the last winners to emerge from Division 1A. Galway begin their 1B campaign in Pearse Stadium on Sunday against Antrim, who have come up from Division 2A. The distinction of launching the new season falls to Dublin and Offaly, who meet in a 1B clash in Croke Park on Saturday (5pm), after which Dublin and Kildare footballers begin their 1A campaign (7pm). Both Dublin and Offaly will be under new management, with former football manager, Pat Gilroy taking over the Dubs, while Kevin Martin, who won All-Ireland medals in 1994 and 1998, begins his stint in Offaly. John Meyler (Cork) is the only other new manager in Division 1. The Leesiders, who last won the Allianz Hurling League Division 1 title twenty years ago, will also be in action on Saturday, playing Kilkenny in Pairc Ui Chaoimh (7.0). Tipperary, runners-up to Galway in last year’s Allianz League, travel to Ennis for their opening game on

Sunday while Wexford take on Waterford in Walsh Park. There have been four different winners of the Allianz Hurling Division 1 title over the four last seasons: Galway 2017; Clare 2016; Waterford 2015; Kilkenny 2014. Waterford have been busy preparing for their first round clash with Wexford in Walsh park this Sunday since they arrived home from foreign shores a few weeks ago. Derek McGrath’s charges played the customary preparatory few challenge games of late against Dublin, Na Piarsaigh of Limerick and then Offaly last Friday in Carriganore, The Deise won all three games and the team that lined out in the last game minus Fitzgibbon Cup players looked very sharp in their 0-9 win over the Faithful County. Certainly the team selectors have a fine array of talented players to chose from for their opener against Wexford and mindful that the second game is a difficult away fixture to Tipperary the following Saturday, the strongest outfit possible should be on view in Walsh Park this Sunday. Waterford manager Derek McGrath has confirmed that Stephen O'Keeffe and Tom Devine will miss Sunday's Allianz Hurling League Division One opener against Wexford. Devine suffered an injury in the Electric Ireland Fitzgibbon Cup last Thursday when lining out for UCC. "Tom Devine tore his hamstring playing for UCC last Thursday against CIT," McGrath remarked at the launch of the Allianz Hurling League on Monday. "Stephen O’Keeffe has a hamstring concern - probably will keep him out of the first game, maybe the first two games – he has it since the Na Piarsaigh match. "Noel (Connors) has been very sick with the flu. It could keep him out of Sunday. He only came back training with us Sunday morning, he’s been very sick. He had that flu that everyone has been talking about. "Other than that, we are rela-

tively clear. Michael Walsh has only been back with us since after Christmas as well so we are okay other than that." Devine is expected to miss a significant portion of the competition. "He will probably be a month out," McGrath admits. "He’s having a scan so depending on the severity of the tear or the pull. "He went off early, about 16 minutes into the UCC match. I went into him at half time, I thought it was an ankle injury. "The language he used himself was felt he had done ‘a right job’ on it subsequent to that, it’s not as bad, but certainly will be a couple of weeks. He’ll probably miss the bones of UCC’s Fitzgibbon campaign now as well which is a pity for him." Waterford must also plan without Shane Bennett, who is currently not involved with the panel. "I met Shane last Monday, he’s just taking a break for the minute, but we are hopeful he will be back at some stage," McGrath says. "He started a new electrical apprenticeship, he played a bit of soccer for the winter and things like that. "So just a bit of time off and we’re hopeful – we’re not going to leave it go easy in terms of, not persuasion, I think Shane needs hurling and we certainly need him." McGrath acknowledges the importance of affording Bennett space. "Yeah, leave him alone a while, you’re conscious of other fellas mucking in for the winter as well," McGrath adds. "The type of approach over the years has allowed us to encourage fellas to do what they want, when they want within a certain timespace where you actually make a decision on it. "The League could be over March 10, or you could go to March 25 depending on how you’re going and there is probably an eightweek gap then, even a 12-week gap before you play – we’ve a bye in the first round to May 27. "There’s an opportunity there to change up things in advance of the championship which we would look depending on how things are or how the mood is in the camp." Meanwhile, there were unusual scenes at Nowlan Park last Saturday, as hurling’s first ever free-taking competition decided an entertaining Walsh Cup final. With the scores at 1-24 apiece after extra-time, Wexford beat Kilkenny 3-2 in the shootout to claim the trophy for the first time in 16 years. Mark Fanning hit the winning free and this game will have stood to Wexford ahead of

2018 marks the 26th season that Allianz has sponsored the Allianz Hurling Leagues, making it one of the longest sponsorships in Irish sport. Allianz and the GAA today announced the renewal of Allianz's partnership with GAAGO which will make over 50 live Allianz League matches available to global audiences. In attendance at the Allianz Hurling League 2018 launch at Croke Park in Dublin, from left, Waterford manager Derek McGrath, Uachtarán Chumann Lúthchleas Gael Aogán Ó Fearghail, Galway goalkeeper Colm Callanan, Sean McGrath, CEO, Allianz Ireland and Cork manager John Meyler. [Brendan Moran/Sportsfile] Sunday’s league clash. The Model County lined out as follows. WEXFORD: Mark Fanning; Simon Donohoe, Liam Ryan, Shaun Murphy; Kevin Foley; Eanna Martin, Aaron Maddock, Eoin Moore; Joe O’Connor, Aidan Nolan; Harry Kehoe, Jack Guiney, Cathal Dunbar; Paul Morris, David Dunne. Subs used: Damien Reck, Paudie Foley, Matthew O’Hanlon,

Diarmuid O’Keeffe, Lee Chin, Conor McDonald, Jake Firman, Jack O’Connor. Scorers: Paul Morris 0-9 (6f); Jack Guiney 0-5 (3f); Kevin Foley 1-0; Harry Kehoe 0-3; Mark Fanning 0-1f; Cathal Dunbar, Eoin Moore, David Dunne, Lee Chin, Conor McDonald, Jack O’Connor all 0-1. The first round hurling games are as follows:

January 27th – Saturday Div 1A: Cork v Kilkenny, Pairc Ui Chaoimh at 7pm. Div 1B: Dublin v Offaly, Croke Park at 5pm. January 28th – Sunday at 2 pm. Div 1A: Clare v Tipperary; Cusack Park; Waterford v Wexford, Walsh Park. Div 1B: Galway v Antrim, Pearse Stadium; Limerick v Laois, Gaelic Grounds.

Footballers head to Aughrim AN away game is always a difficult assignement in the first round of the league and Sunday should be no different when the County’s footballers head to Aughrim to take on the home side. In the corresponding fixture last year Tom McGlinchey’s charges recorded an impressive 1-17 to 1-9 win in Carriganore whilst the previous year in Aughrim the home side came out on top by the minimum of margins. Former Wicklow footballer Kevin O Brien is in the Waterford camp this year as a selector and this may be of some advantage for Sunday’s encounter. In 2017 Waterford began the league very promising with two wins in a row before losing the next five games and finishing sixth in the table. Our results in 2017 were as follows: Round 1. Waterford 2-16 London 1-8. Round 2: Waterford 1-17 Wicklow 1-9. Round 3:

Wexford 1-9 Waterford 0-10. Round 4: Westmeath 3-13 Waterford 2-11. Round 5: Carlow 2-10 Waterford 0-7. Round 6: Limerick 0-14 Waterford 0-8. Round 7: Leitrim 1-13 Waterford 2-8. With the 2017 club championship in the County running late, the team were not in collective training until the start of the new year and this showed against a well prepared Cork team in the McGrath Cup in the Gold Coast. All concerned have a further three weeks preparation behind them including a game among themselves again at the Gold Coast last Sunday but ideally further time would be more ideal heading into the first fixture in the league. Be that as it is, everybody just have to get on with it in the knowledge that if we perform well we can take the two league points home out of Aughrim. Our line out on Sunday should

resemble in kind that which fielded against Cork in the McGrath Cup which was as follows : David Whitty (Gaultier). 18. Brian Looby (Ballinacourty). 3. Thomas O’Gorman (The Nire). 7. Dylan Guiry (The Nire). 5. James McGrath (The Nire). 6. Shane Ryan (The Nire). 9. Caoimhín Maguire (Gaultier). 8. Michael Curry (Rathgormack). 22. Tommy Prendergast (Kilrossanty). 10. Gavin Crotty (Dungarvan). 11. Joey Veale (Kilrossanty). 12. Michael O’Halloran (Ballinacourty). 13. Conor Murray (Rathgormack). 25. Paul Whyte (Kilrossanty). 15. Jason Curry (Rathgormack). Subs;. 17. JJ Hutchinson (Gaultier) for Guiry (45). 23. Martin Scurry (Clonea) for Maguire (45). 2. Gary Cullinan (Gaultier) for McGrath (68, black card). Also Eoin O’Brien, Martin Scurry, Aidan Trihy, Paul Walsh, Stephen Enright, Conor McCarthy, Kieran Murphy and Adam Walsh.

Waterford Hurlers in action in Fitzgibbon Cup A NUMBER of the County’s top young hurlers figured in the Fitzgibbon Cup hurling games for their respective seats of learning over the past week and showed that they are well up to the standard at this level. Tallow’s Jordan Henley came on as a sub for UL in their game with DIT while Ross Browne, Colin Dunford, Micheal Harney and Jack Fagan all figured on the Carlow IT team that edged out reigning champions Mary Immaculate by a point with Lismore’s David Prendergast playing for the Limerick side. In the Cork city derby, Conor Gleeson, Tom Devine and Ferrybank’s Mark O’Brien were on the UCC team that proved too strong for CIT who had the game’s top scorer Mikey Kearney and Abbeyside’s Conor Prunty on board. In the final game of the round, Patrick Curran fired over the winning point for DCU against LIT who had Ballysaggart’s Kieran Bennett playing at full forward.

Tom O'Brien, Post Primary Officer, presents the cup to St. Augustine’s captain Charlie Treen after they defeated St. Declan's Kilmacthomas in their Post Primary U-14 A Football County Final played in Carriganore. [Maurice Hennebry]



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Ursuline Waterford who defeated Ursuline Thurles at WIT Campus, Carriganore on Saturday last.

[Noel Browne]

Waterford County Camogie Munster Junior A Final

Historic win for Ursuline Waterford Ursuline Waterford ……… 3-16; Ursuline Thurles…………… 3-7. ON Saturday last a historical meeting of Ursuline Thurles and Ursuline Waterford took place in WIT Campus, Carriganore. This was Ursuline Waterford’s third year playing in the Junior competition. Waterford won the toss and opted to play against a very stiff breeze. The visitors threatened an upset with a bright start. Thurles were first off the block with a goal in the first minute of the game from Eimear Heffernan. Thurles continued their scoring spree and made use of the strong breeze that supported them in the first half. Waterford battled hard but found it hard to find accurary with a number of wides. On the fifteenth minutes Thurles were two goals ahead on a scoreline of 2-01 to Waterford only point coming from full forward Aleisha Flynn. Up to this point Thurles were very dominant. However, the Waterford defence grew in strength as the half progressed and refused to give up.

Ursuline Waterford staged a recovery with some fine points from Aoife Fitzgerald, Clodagh Carroll, and Abby Flynn in the last ten minutes of the first half. The Waterford defence battled hard and made Thurles work very hard for every score. Elena Gallagher was simply outstanding on goal and pulled off some great saves and kept Waterford very much in the game at half-time. Half-time score was 2-05 to 0-07. Two green flags from Ursuline Waterford Clodagh Curham and Clodagh Carroll in the first three minutes of the second half steadied Waterford putting them two points up. Ursuline Waterford continued to push on with scores from Abby Flynn, Aoife Fitzgerald, Clodagh Curham. On the 20th minute Ursuline Waterford were ahead by eleven points on a scoreline of 3-13 to 2-6. However the Ursuline Thurles refused to give up and really battled

hard and their hard work found the net on the twenty fifth minute. However, it was a little too late with Ursuline Waterford running out winners on a scoreline of 3-16 to 2-07. This was an overall team performance with a particular mention to Elena Gallagher on goal, Lucy Hogan, Sorcha Cantwell and Sarah Maher in defence. The midfield pairing Clodagh Carroll and Holly Ryan dominated through the game. The forwards were simply on fire with Aoife Fitzgerald, Abby Flynn, Aleisha Flynn and Clodagh Curham all outstanding. This was a fantastic win for Ursuline Waterford. They are the first Waterford School ever to win the Junior A title. Ursuline Waterford entered their first Junior competition in 2016. They were beaten by the narrowest of margins in the Junior C Munster Final in WIT Carrignore. In 2017 Waterford Ursuline won the All Ireland B competition. In 2018 they were promoted to the A competition.

Ursuline Waterford now go on to play an All-Ireland semi-final on February 17th against the Ulster champions. Massive congratulations to all involved with a particular mention to the teachers Conor O’Toole and Emilie Darmody who have put in a massive effort with this team and the senior team Ursuline Waterford: Elena Gallagher (Gaultier), Hannah Leamy (Tramore), Lucy Hogan (De La Salle), Sorcha Cantwell (Gaultier), Shauna Farrell (Butlerstown), Sarah Maher (Gaultier), Jodie Tuohy (Gaultier), Clodagh Carroll (Gaultier), Holly Ryan (De La Salle), Rachael Walsh (Butlerstown), Abby Flynn (De La Salle), Laoise McLoughlin (Gaultier), Aleisha Flynn (Gaultier), Aoife Fitzgerald (Gaultier), Clodagh Curham (Gaultier), Shauna Gaffney Hayes (Portlaw), Clodagh Hoctor (Gaultier), Vicky O’Sullivan (Gaultier), Alannah O’Sullivan Gaultier), Caoimhe Mulvaney (De la Salle), Alannah McNulty (De la Salle), Lauren Cullen (Gaultier),

Amy Kehoe (Gaultier), Aoife Dunphy (Tramore), Sarah Power (Gaultier), Anna Cullinane (Gaultier), Molly Comerford (Gaultier), Ciara Berry (Gaultier), Melanie Buck (St. Annes), Roisin Sweeney (Gaultier), Lina Sadiki Llodra, Emer McGlynn (De la Salle), Sinead Dunphy (Tramore), Grainne Kavanagh (St. Annes) Deanna O’Brien. SCORE PREDICTOR FUNDRAISER Our senior team is running a Score Predictor Fundraiser- Last man/women standing competition. If you are interested in sport this competition is for you. The cost of the tickets are €10. Simply predict the winner of a number of sporting competitions that will take place over the next ten months. Great prizes on offer. Top prize €700. All you need to do is predict the winners. Our senior team and county board will be selling tickets this Saturday in City square in Waterford and we will be selling them in a Dungarvan venue.

Tickets can also be purchase from any senior players or the county board. All support is greatly appreciated. LITTLEWOODS NATIONAL LEAGUE Our game against Clare was postponed last Sunday due to an unplayable field in Clare. The game is due to be rescheduled. There is a possibility that the game will be played next weekend. As soon as details come to hand we will post up on facebook and Twitter. CLUB DEISE Our Senior and Minor Camogie players are currently selling club deise membership. All proceeds from memberships sold by Waterford camogie goes back directly into Waterford camogie. Join Club Deise 2018 for €30 and become part of the team behind the teams. If you would like to join Club Deise and support Waterford Camogie please contact Majella Pollard on 087 9369075 or John Flood on 087 6684474.

Proposed Groupings for Minor Football Championship 2018 Division 1 Ballinacourty De La Salle Gaultier An Ghaeltacht St. Olivers

St. Olivers Juvenile and Ladies Football presentation night. U-16 Man of the Match Awards, Edward Walsh, Hurling and Ben Kavanagh, Football with Special Guest, Waterford Senior Hurler Shane Bennett. [Sean Byrne]

Top Team to Final 2 v 3 in Semi-Final

Division 2 Group A Tramore Clan na nGael St. Marys Portlaw/Ballyduff Rathgormack Top Team to Semi Final 2 & 3 Cross over in Q/F

Group B St Patricks Dungarvan Kilrossanty Ardmore Cois Bhride Top Team to Semi Final 2 & 3 Cross over in Q/F

13 a side Group A St. Mollerans St. Saviours Mount Sion Ferrybank

Division 3 13 a side Group B Ballyduff Upper Brickey Rangers Clashmore/Kinsalebeg Stradbally The Nire

Top Team to Semi Final Top Team to Semi Final 2 & 3 Cross over in Q/F 2 & 3 Cross over in Q/F


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


Abbeyside/Ballinacourty Abbeyside/Ballinacourty JACK THE JOKER Our ever popular Jack the Joker fundraiser continues this Sunday night in Alice O’Connor’s Bar where the jackpot is €7,200 as on Sunday night Fr. Cooney was drawn out of the drum and chose card number 12 which when turned was not the joker but he did win €50. Bernice Keane and Edel Keane won €25 each. As well as our group of ticket seller’s tickets can be purchased from Village Flowers, Spar, Mousies Takeaway, Minnies Bar, Abbeyside Post Office and Crotty’s. MEMBERSHIP Please note membership fees are now due for 2018 and can be paid to Pat Keane or Kevin Tobin. Kevin will be in the clubhouse this Saturday from 2 pm to 3 p.m. HEADING TO THE MIDDLE EAST On behalf of all in the club we would like to wish our own Timmy Organ the very best of luck as he heads off to Al Ain this week to referee a series of games in the latest round in of the Middle Eastern GAA Games. This is a deserved reward for one of the busiest referees in the division and we hope Timmy and Sean Kiely enjoy their visit to the Emirates!! BOOKING OF PITCHES As our teams begin returning to training we would like to remind all our coaches to please ensure that they book the pitches with Michael Donovan before training. CLUB BINGO Our club bingo session continues in the CBS Hall this Friday night with a jackpot of €1,500. CAMOGIE NOTES We are working hard behind the scenes getting everything up and running for the new season ahead. With the camogie club numbers growing every year, we are in urgent need of new coaches and helpers to keep the club running. If you think you might be interested in helping out or know someone who might please contact Richie on 087 9931579 or send us a PMon our Facebook page ABBEYSIDE camogie.


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ACADEMY Dungarvan GAA Club training Academy for boys and girls aged 5/12 years - Football, Hurling Monday Evenings - time 5-6 p.m. for 8, 9 and 10s and 6-7 p.m. for 10, 11 and 12 year old in the Sport Centre. The small people will be on Friday at 5-6 p.m. Parents and guardians of the children are fundamental to the successful running of the Academy. Each year we invite parents to volunteer to become coaches/helpers in the Academy. No previous experience is required as the club provides resources, training courses and support through its (Games Promotions Officer). All the coaches and kids have been very busy with the past few weeks with training and games. U-13/14 now train in the Sports Centre on Monday at 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Our u-14s started training back in Clogherane last Sunday in what could only be called unhealthy conditions, hopefully success will follow for all the hard work done by their coach Chris McGovern. REGISTRATION Everyone who wants to play for the club has to be a member, membership is now being taken by Mary and Eileen, the closing date for registration is 31st March. Membership for an adult player is €50, minor €30, juvenile €20 for the first child, €15 for the second child, and €10 for the 3rd. An adult is €20 and a couple is €30. MANAGEMENT The club is actively seeking Managers for the Minor and u-21 teams for 2018. Anyone interested in these positions should contact the club Secretary Tony Ryan. FIRST AID The club is actively looking for volunteers to take first aid courses for 2018, this is a vital roll for all our teams with an emphasis on the juvenile section of our club. QUIZ ANSWERS 1. What team are McGrath Cup Champions for 2018? CORK 2. Where was the final of the Munster Senior Hurling League played? LIMERICK 3. Who refereed the Walsh Cup Semi-Final between Kilkenny and Offaly? GEAROID McGRATH 4. What county is the above Referee from? DUBLIN 5. Who is the Cork Senior Football Captain for 2018? JAMIE O’SULLIVAN. QUIZ 1. Can you name the Clubs Magnificent Seven who were the first club members to win an All-Ireland Minor Medal in 1929? 2. Also in 1929 how many players did the club have in the Munster Junior football Final? 3. Why was 1987 a historic year for the club? 4. Name the GAA President who came to open the Club Grounds in 1994? 5. When the Club won a Western Intermediate Hurling in 2007 who trained the team? DUNGARVAN LADIES FOOTBALL AGM The club's AGM was on last Saturday in the

Shamrocks Ladies GFC U-8s & U-10s medal presentation with Cork Ladies Senior Star Jess O'Shea and Waterford Senior Selector Eoin Murphy. clubhouse. Coaches and club officers were elected, but there are a few spaces left to fill. If anyone is interested in taking up a position either on the committe or as a coach, please contact 087-2620287. Elected Coaches and Mentors: U8/10: Laura Tutty and Aisling Hayes U12: Sean Tobin and TBC U13: TBC U14/15: Seamus Hayes and Willie Fraher U16: Catherine Cliffe Minor: TBC Adult: TBC Elected Club Officers: Chairperson: Anne Curran Secretary: Michael Gildea Treasurer: TBC Child Welfare Officer: Sandra Curran Registrar: Sean Tobin Public Relations Officer: Aisling Hayes Club President: Margaret Cunningham We appreciate all of the help we can get, and will hopefully fill these empty spaces soon. Thanks to everyone who attended and helped to elect and nominate our coaches and club officers. PLAYER OF THE WEEK This week's Player of the Week is Gabriella Connelly. Gabriella became a member of our U-8 squad last year and is now on our U-10 team. She is hard working, supportive towards her team mates, and helpful towards her coaches. Gabriella shows great skill on the field and doesn't give up. She sets a great example for her team mates and younger players also. Well done Gabriella! U-8/10 TRAINING There will be no training this Friday as there is a show on in the Sports Centre; "Annie". Best of luck to our girls who are involved! We will be back training next week at 7. New and old faces are always welcome.

Brickey Rangers LOTTO Numbers drawn 17-25-26-27. No winner of €5,700. Jackpot €25 to each of the following: Jason Queally, Pat + Anne Marie Brown, Michael Gill & Pat Morrissey. Next week’s draw takes place in the Local Bar with a Jackpot of €5,800. WALKING Organised walking groups will resume on Wednesday at 7.00 p.m. from the Parish Church and will continue each Wednesday and Friday evening for the New Year. Walks are open to male or female and all are welcome to come along. NATIONAL DRAW This year’s national GAA club draw will take place on Thursday, March 8th 2018, as in past tickets are €10 each and available from club officers, but they have to be bought before Monday,

5th February. The club retains all the money for the tickets sold so it is important for you to buy ticket from your own club. 20 fantastic prizes on offer with the first prize being a Renault Dynamique Car. More details from Mary McGrath Club Treasurer. BRICKEY RANGERS CAMOGIE Registration Morning: We will be having a registration morning on Saturday, 27th January in Bushy Park, we would ask that all players come along on this morning as need to look at the teams that we plan on entering this year. We have had a number of girls/ladies approach us about have a Junior team this year and if the interest is there we would ask that you come along to our registration morning on Saturday between 11 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. If we do not have the numbers present on the morning or if you have not made contact with either Brona or Pat C then we will be left with no option and will not be registering a team for the 2018 season. This year we hope to have teams from 10 years up, as in previous years the younger players will train with the boys on Saturday morning unless, of course, we have the numbers to facilitate them separately. Camogie AGM: Our AGM took place on Thursday night last, a small attendance was recorded however we did have a productive meeting, the outgoing committee were return unopposed. It was agreed that a registration morning would be organised as we needed to look at numbers available if we were to register a junior team. We had reports from the Chairperson, Secretary & treasurer, all of whom spoke of the great commitment that the girls gave on the field, while we have small numbers involved in the club we are grateful for the energy that both the players and mentors bring to the club. Officers for 2018 Chairperson: Pat Connaughton. Secretary: Brona O’Neill. Treasurer: Pat Murphy. PRO: Siobhan Kirwan. Registrar: Joanie McGrath. Managers: Under 12, Dermot Dwyer/Darina Shanley. Under 14: Brona O’Neill/Ken Gardner. Under 16 & Minor: Pat Connaughton/ Brona O’Neill/Pat Murphy.

Kilrossanty CLOTTO SPONSORED BY KILL AGRICULTURAL LTD. CLOTTO RESULTS No winner of a Jackpot of €5,300 held in Micilin’s Bar, Kilrossanty on Sunday night 21/01/2018. Numbers were 02, 07, 24, 26. €30 won by the following people: Gerry Crotty, Kilrossanty; Mary Ryan, Modeligo. €30 Seller’s Prize Marie Keating, Comeragh. Next Clotto to be held in Crotty's Inn, Leamybrien, on Sunday night 28/01/2018 for a jackpot of €5,400. On duty on the night Liam Brazil and Pierce Whyte. AGM 2018 We held our AGM on Friday evening last, 19th January in St. Bridget’s Hall Kilrossanty and the following positions were appointed or reinstated: President: Michael Prendergast; Honorary Presidents: Fr. John Delaney, Jimmy Doocey, Tom Walsh, Jim Timmins, Johnny Kirwan, Dinny O’Brien.

Chairman: Kenny Houlihan Vice Chairman: John Jackson Kiely Treasurer: Liam Brazil, Secretary: Jason Dee PRO and Health & Well Being: Jimmy Curran Membership: Darren Mulhearne County Board Delegate: Kevin Lonergan Deise Draw Co-ordinator: Mairead Coffey Field Officers: Sean Veale and Jason Dee Senior Football Manger: Emmet Doherty, Assistant Manager: Pierce Connel; Selectors: Noel P. Walsh, Pat Whyte Junior Football: P. J. Houlihan Junior Hurling: Emmet Doherty and Pierce Connel; Selectors: Noel P. Walsh, Pat Whyte Under 21 Football: Benny Whyte Minor Football: Roger Power Minor Hurling: Ronan Power MONSTER BINGO Our next Monster Bingo will take place will take place this coming Friday evening, 26th January, 2018 in Crotty’s Inn, Leamybrien at 8:30 p.m. sharp. The money raised will go towards Kilrossanty and Fews Parish Funds. Prizemoney €1,200, Jackpot €2,100. There will also be a raffle for cash prizes. Please come along and support. RECYCLED CLOTHES We are still collecting old clothes, shoes, curtains, sheets etc. So, if you are doing a clear out please bring them to the GAA club and put them in the recycling bin. NATIONAL SENIOR LEAGUE TICKETS Tickets for the upcoming National Senior Hurling and Senior Football Leagues 2018 are now on sale.Tickets are available in selected SuperValu and Centra stores Pricing Information: Pre-Purchase Price: Adult: €12.00 (Pre-Purchase discount ends midnight on the day before the fixture) Student / Senior Citizen: €12.00 Match-Day Price: Adult: €15.00 Student / Senior Citizen: €12.00 Juveniles (Under 16 Years of Age): €5.00– Croke Park only. KILROSSANTY GAA CLUB JUVENILES Juvenile Club Annual General Meeting: The AGM will take place this Thursday night, January 25th. at 7.30 pm in the GAA Clubhouse. Please note that only paid up members of the club can vote at or participate in this upcoming AGM. Bingo: The next night out at the bingo will be this Friday, January 26th. in Crotty's with an 8.30 start. The jackpot will be €2,100 on 49 calls in addition to the usual cash prizes amounting to €1,200. Proceeds from this night will go towards parish funds instead of to the juvenile club.

Modeligo WESTERN U21 CHAMPIONS! Comeragh Gaels 1-10; Fourmilewater 0-5 Congratulations to all the lads who lined out with Comeragh Gaels u-21 hurlers who won the Western "B" Final on Saturday last against Fourmilewater in a game played at the WIT Arena. The lads now advance to the County Final where they will play Eastern Champions, PortlawBallyduff.

GOOD LUCK ARDMORE! Best of luck to Ardmore GAA Club as they line out in their rescheduled All-Ireland Club’s Junior Hurling semi-final on Saturday next against Setanta of Donegal at 2 p.m. in Navan. Good luck lads, from everyone here in Modeligo! NA DÉISE LADIES VICTORY SOCIAL!!! The Na Deise Ladies will be having a Victory Social which will take place on Saturday, February 3rd in Lawlors Hotel at 7:30 pm. Music on The night will be from Mike O'Rourke. The girls had an outstanding year and deserve to celebrate their victory along with their family and friends. Tickets are on sale from John Power, Maria O'Donovan & Clodagh Ryan. Keep an eye out on both the Na Déise & Modeligo GAA Facebook pages for more info regarding tickets going on sale. Please note there will be no tickets at the door on the night, so make sure to purchase your tickets in advance.

Shamrocks (Kindly sponsored by Allen Engineering & Agri Sales Ltd.) CLUB LOTTO Winning numbers from Saturday, 20th January, 2-8-10-15, and there was no winner. €20 winners were Michael Murphy, Catherine Baldwin, Tom & Eileen Cody, Mary (Edmond) Murphy, and Sean Twomey. Next week's jackpot will be €2,550. CORRECTION It seems that I may have had a 'senior moment' in my reporting of the Shamrocks AGM a couple of weeks ago. For the record the Intermediate Hurling selectors for 2018 are Padraig Tobin, John O'Donovan, and Michael Leahy. And the Junior Football selectors are Dan Casey, Declan Butler, and Seamie Tobin. Apologies to all concerned. ALLIANZ LEAGUES BEGIN Next week sees the new Hurling League begin with Waterford playing neighbours Wexford in Walsh Park. Wexford will be buoyed by their Walsh Cup win over Kilkenny last week following sudden death and 65 metre frees to decide it. Waterford have so far refrained from playing any Munster League games which can be really tough this time of the year especially given the poor weather conditions. So I expect a tough day for the Deise with a win for Davy Fitzgerald's yellowbellies certainly not out of the question. It's important to stay in the higher division of the League, but perhaps not essential considering how Galway fared out last year, and they are still in Div. 2. EMILY BYRNE FUND Listen out for baby Emily Byrne's mother Ann Marie this Thursday on WLR around 10.30 a.m. Among the issues she will be discussing are the landline problems rural areas like Knockanore have to put up with. As you can imagine the lack of a reliable landline can be a serious problem if you are waiting for news of a donor, and unfortunately our mobile coverage is not very reliable either. As for Broadband, well the kindest thing I could say about the so-called National Broadband Rollout is that it's a joke. Please listen to the programme and text in your support afterwards.



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Fourmilewater OPERATION TRANSFORMATION Fourmilewater/Nire and Juvenile clubs in conjunction with Ballymacarbry Ladies football would like to announce its participation in the Ireland Lights up/Operation Transformation walk 2018. OPERATION TRANSFORMATION AND THE GAA Ireland Lights Up with the GAA is a national initiative to improve the health of the country through GAA clubs and communities across Ireland. GAA Clubs across Ireland will be coming on board with Operation Transformation and turning on their floodlights/lighting systems between 7.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m. each Monday for a six-week period (22nd January – 26th February, 2018) as Operation Transformation returns to our screens for 2018. Do you want to get moving and active this New Year, but you have nowhere to go? Do you find it hard to find a safe and well-lit area to go for a walk during the dark winter months? Well, your local GAA Club has the answer! We’re coming on board with the Operation Transformation and the GAA for Ireland Lights Up. Every Monday from the 22nd January – 26th February 2018 our club will be open and lit up for you, your family and friends to come and walk from 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. Please be advised that the playing surfaces of the mill field are strictly closed until further notice. There will be a route marked out to guide walkers for this event. Registration each Monday night will take place from 19:00-19:15 at the dressing rooms. Walks will finish at 20:40. Entrants must wear: • Hi vis Jacket. • Appropriate footwear (grassy wet/clay surface). • Head or hand light. We want everyone to come and join for Ireland Lights Up 2018! Due to restrictions in the mill field, this event unfortunately has to be limited to adults and children over the age of 13 years of age and over. All children must be under the strict supervision of an adult at all times. FOURMILEWATER LOTTO RESULTS Fourmilewater Weekly Lotto - January 20th, 2018. No Winner. Five by €30 winners - Sophie Walsh, Wei Becker’s, Lar Beresford, James Kiely and Mary Murphy. Next Week Jackpot €2,700. Numbers Drawn: 8, 13 and 32. FOURMILEWATER 45 CARD RESULTS 19/1/2018 - 1st Ger Hennebry and Jimmy Quinn; 2nd Mem Murphy and John Mangan. Lucky Tables - Tom Brazil and Alice Ryan; Catherine Walsh and Helen Ryan WESTERN U-21B HURLING FINAL The Western 2017 U-21B Hurling Final took place last Saturday in Carriganore. Unfortunately, our lads lost out to our neighbours Comeragh Gaels 1-10 to 0-5. JAMIE BARRON Congratulations once again to Jamie Barron on being named the Granville Hotel overall sportsperson of the year for 2017. We are all running out of superlatives. Just to say once again that we are all very proud of Jamie. MILLFIELD JOBS Thanks to everyone who helped out last Saturday morning with the Millfield jobs day. It was a big effort by everyone to get the Millfield cleaned up for the long year ahead. BALLYMACARBRY LADIES FOOTBALL Congratulations to Mairéad Wall, Abby Dalton and Sadhbh Hallinan who have been named captains of the Waterford Senior, Minor and U-16 football teams for 2018. It’s a huge honour for our club and community. We know that they will all be fantastic captains and leaders of their respective teams.

Ballyduff Upper MEMBERSHIP Membership is now due for renewal with Eugene Flynn, our Membership Officer. There are student and adult rates on offer as always along with packages for membership and yearlong subscription to the Club Lotto draw, or membership, year-long subscription to Club Lotto draw and subscription to the Déise Development Draw. Please get in touch with Eugene or any club officer for further information. CLUB LOTTO Club Lotto tickets are available in St. Michael’s Hall from 9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. on weekdays. Tickets are also on sale before Sunday Mass and available in both the Log Cabin and An Síbín. NATIONAL CLUB DRAW Tickets are now available for the National Club Draw from club members at a price of €10 per ticket. All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to our club and there are some fantastic prizes on offer in the draw. Contact any club member or officer for more information or if you would like to purchase a ticket. Tickets stubs are to be returned to Olive before Thursday, February 1st. SYMPATHY Sincere sympathy is extended to the Murphy

Shamrocks Ladies GFC U-14s medal presentation with Cork Ladies Football Star Jess O'Shea and Waterford Senior Hurling Selector Eoin Murphy.

family on the passing of Marian Murphy. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam dílis. BALLYDUFF UPPER JUVENILES PRESENTATION NIGHT On Saturday night we will have a presentation of medals in St. Michael’s Hall at 7.00 for our minor hurlers with their medals for winning the county championship late last year, our Under 11’s will also be presented with their medals that they won during the year. Please come along and support our players of the future.

Tourin TRAINING Training will be commencing in the coming weeks so see club texts for information regarding this. SYMPATHY The club would like express their sympathy to the Connery family, Camphire on the recent death of John. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam. DATES TO NOTE: TABLE QUIZ We will be holding a fundraising table quiz at Rose’s West End Bar on Saturday, 10th February at 9 p.m. We hope that we get another great crowd. CLUB TEXT If anyone wants to be added to the club text please contact Cathal Wilkinson 08689045 TOURIN BADMINTON NOTES All teams are playing in their respective knockout cup competitions. Please see next week’s notes for a break down of results Kilmacthomas BC Competition: Kilmac well be holding their annual Kiersey Cup this coming weekend. All grades welcome so please enter ASAP. We hope that all members can make an effort to attend. Tourin BC Competition: Once again we will be holding our annual tournament on the 18th February, We hope all past and present members will attend. Please see notes in the coming weeks for more details Congratulations: Congratulations to Mike Scanlan and Fiona Geaney on their recent engagement. We wish them all the best and hopefully they will settle in Tourin some day.

St. Pat's Pat's Juvenile & St. Juvenile Ladies Football & Ladies Football COMERAGH GAELS 1-10; FOURMILEWATER 0-5. Congrats to St. Pat's boys playing with Comeragh Gaels in the West Waterford Under 21'B' Hurling Final 2017. A great win, roll on the County Final. UNDER 16 FOOTBALL The under 16's commenced training on the AstroTurf last Saturday for the coming campaign. The coaches and players were delighted to be back out in the fresh air again after the winter break. NEW MENTORS & COACHES All new St. Pat's mentors need to have completed a GAA Foundation Course prior to commencing their coaching duties. The Foundation

Award is the introductory award for coaches of Gaelic Games. The course is aimed at beginner coaches and will enable participants to assist a coach in the organisation of activities to develop hurling or football. The Foundation Course will be run in February at Coláiste Chathail Naofa, Dungarvan and also in Cappoquin some time in March. Prior to doing the Foundation Course you must be Garda vetted by your club. Contact the Secretaries of Colligan or Kilgobinet GAA club to initiate the vetting process. Vetting takes some time, so anyone doing the February or March courses needs to start the vetting process as soon as possible. For more information please contact Mary on 087 2813935 MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR 2018 €40 per person; €50 for adults & girls over 15; €120 family membership. "SPLIT THE POT" The next draw is on Sunday, 28th January, 2018 in Queally's Bar (Garry’s), Bohadoon. Tickets are available from Mentors, Parents, Committee, Healy's Daybreak, The Pike Service Station, Tomas O'Hallanan's Pub & Queally's Bar. Tickets €2 each or 3 for €5. PROGRESSIVE 45 The Progressive 45 cards in aid of St. Pat's are on every Thursday at 8.15 pm in Coolnasmear Hall. ZUMBA TONE LADIES FITNESS CLASS This fitness class is back on at Bohadoon Sports Centre every Tuesday at 7.30pm. The class fee is €8. For more information please contact Mary on 087 2813935

Lismore LISMORE GAA Club would like to express sincere sympathies to the following families: the Doocey family, Kilnacarraiga, and the Spillane family, Ballynoe, on the death of the Eily Doocey; to the Moynihan and extended family on the death of Eileen Carrie, nee Moynihan, and to Gerry Walsh of Waterford, brother to the late Eamonn Walsh, (Eamonn's Place, Lismore) on the death of his wife Geraldine. Ar dheis Dé go raibh siad a anam. It is with deep regret death and sadness that we record the death of former player and club official Declan (Sonny) Bransfield, RIP, a member of one of the oldest and highly respected families in the town. Having followed in his family's tradition of local tradesmen, Sonny excelled in that field and perfected those skills to a very high standard. As a young lad, Sonny also showed great promise as a hurler but unfortunately, as happened to many men of his time, due to the lack of employment, Sonny emigrated to London, taking his hurley with him. One of Sonny's biggest days on the playing field was being a member of the London team that played a very fancied Kilkenny in the Junior All-Ireland Hurling Final of 1956, beaten on the score 5-2 to London's 2-8. Sonny also helped his local club Lismore to reach the Junior Hurling Final in 1957 and on his return to Lismore permanently, he became very actively involved in his home club and was Club Treasurer for many years. At both his removal and burial, the coffin was draped in his beloved Club colours, while past and present members formed a very impressive guard of Honor on both

occasions. Ar Dheis de go raibh a anam. The Club would like to extend best wishes to former Club and County player Michael McGrath following surgery recently. Hope to see you out and about soon Michael and behind the counter cutting those prime steaks! Best wishes are also extended to Lismore Camogie Club in the All-Ireland semi-final on Sunday at 2.00 p.m. in Nenagh against Athenry of Galway. No doubt that this dedicated and talented group of players will do their Club and County proud. NATIONAL DRAW 2018 These tickets are currently on sale from Club members and are priced at €10 with all monies raised going directly back to the Club. SPEEDY RECOVERY The Club would like to extend best wishes to former Club and County player Michael McGrath following surgery recently. Hope to see you out and about soon Michael and behind the counter cutting those prime steaks! BEST WISHES Best wishes are also extended to Lismore Camogie Club in the All Ireland Semi-Final on Sunday at 2 pm in Nenagh against Athenry of Galway. No doubt that this dedicated and talented group of players will do their Club and County proud.

Kilmacthomas Kilmacthomas KILMACTHOMAS GAA AGM Our AGM took place on January 12th, a very sucessful night was had. We are pleased to announce that there has been no change in officers within the club. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors and members and we look forward to a great year ahead. For anybody wishing to be a member please contact the club, through a member or social media. BINGO FEBRUARY 6th A family fun Bingo night will run February 6th in the Rainbow Hall in Kilmacthomas. This night is in aid of the Kilmacthomas Primary School. Bingo starts at 8 p.m. sharp, raffle on the night and kids single books only €5.

Cois Bhride Bhride Cois (Kindly sponsored by Cunningham's Hardware Tallow) AGM Our AGM was held recently at the clubhouse in Tallow and was well supported. Thank you to all who were able to attend. A full review of last year’s activities took place including the treasurer’s report. The achievements of the various underage teams were highlighted and we now look forward to the 2018 season. Both our chairman David Henley and our secretary Sinead Lenehan stepped down after three years at the helm and have been ably replaced by Declan Butler who takes over from David as our new chairman and Colin Cunningham who takes up the role of secretary. Thank you sincerely to both David and Sinead for your time and commitment.

CLUB MEMBERSHIP It was decided that the annual membership will remain the same €15 for one child and €25 for a family. CLUB OFFICERS The officers elected for the coming year were: Chairman - Declan Butler Assistant Chairman - Gabriel Hynes Secretary - Colin Cunningham Treasure - Aidan Ryan Child Welfare Officer - Dyane Whelan Coaching Officer - Tim Lenehan Membership Officer - Nuala Good PRO - Colette Spillane

Kill Kill LOTTO At last week’s lotto draw in Dunphy’s Bar there was no winner of the €10,000 lotto jackpot. On the night we had two match 3 winning tickets who were Jessie Torpey and a combined ticket of Heather and Michael Power. The numbers drawn were 9, 13, 25 & 30. MEMBERSHIP Membership for 2018 is now due costing €50 for all adult members and €20 for students. Membership must be paid before the 30th April, 2018 and can be paid to our membership officer Neil Mulcahy. NATIONAL DRAW National Draw tickets are currently on sale from club members costing €10.

Rathgormack MEMBERSHIP Club membership is now being taken by Paul Drohan (087) 1264720. There will also be club membership night held in Rathgormack Community Centre on Friday, 26th January between 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. where both adult and juvenile members can pay their 2018 club membership. Please note personnel that are fully paid up members and Deise draw ticket holders will receive preference when tickets for county games are being distributed. Membership costs are adult - €60, Under 21 - €30, non-playing member - €30 and Under 18’s - €10 NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE Best of luck to Waterford, especially to Conor, Michael and Jason, who begin their Division 4 campaign this Sunday away to Wicklow.

Marys Sliabh Sliabh gCua/St. Mary's COMERAGH GAELS U-21 WESTERN COUNTY CHAMPIONS 2017 Congratulations to Comeragh Gaels u-21 team who won the Western county final vs Fourmilewater in WIT. Final score: Comeragh Gaels 1-10; Fourmilewater 0-5. SLIABH gCUA JUNIOR A FOOTBALL VICTORY SOCIAL Sliabh gCua/St Mary's will hold a victory social on 24th February to celebrate winning the Junior A Football county final in 2017. More details to follow.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Ballinameela Ballinameela ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS We celebrated the 60th year anniversary of Ballinameela GAA club on Saturday last. People affiliated with the club travelled from near and far to attend and a fantastic night was had by all. Michael Culloo chaired a Q&A session with a panel who had represented the club from its founding in 1957, through the decades, to the present day. The exchanging of stories, music, dancing and merriment continued into the small hours. Thanks to the Park Hotel for hosting the event, thanks to everyone who attended and a special thanks to those involved in the organising and running of a wonderful night. Here's to another 60. SENIOR FOOTBALL The replay of the relegation final against Portlaw went ahead at the Gold Coast on Saturday last. Portlaw, assisted by a strong wind, were faster out of the traps again and entered the break with a 0-7 to 0-1 lead. A resurgent Ballinameela side mounted a fightback in the second half with Rob Shine kicking some glorious points. Alas the concession of three second half goals killed off hopes of playing senior football for the coming year. It finished 3-9 to 0-8.

CappoquinCamogie Camogie Cappoquin INDOOR CAMOGIE Under 6, 8 and 10's. €3 per child / €5 per family, starting Thursday, 25th January, 5.45 p.m. 6.45 p.m. in Cappoquin Community Centre. All children who attend all training sessions will receive a Cappoquin Camogie T-Shirt. New Players always welcome. Contact 087-9906619. SPARE HELMETS We are looking for your old spare or old unused kids helmets to be donated to the club for new players to use and try the sport. All your help is greatly appreciated AGM Cappoquin Camogie Club AGM will take place February 9th at 7.30 p.m. in the Affane/Cappoquin GAA Clubhouse. All members are asked to attend. New or interested people are always welcome.

Clashmore/ Clashmore/ Kinsalebeg Kinsalebeg FIRST RESPONSE FIRST AID TRAINING SATURDAY NEXT, JANUARY 27th The Community Council in conjunction with Clashmore/Kinsalebeg GAA club will hold a First Response Training Day in the GAA Clubhouse. This course, run by the Youghal First Responders, will show you how to deal with heart attacks, strokes, resuscitating, what to do if someone collapses on the field, using the defibrillator, to name just a few, effectively dealing with a crisis that could happen at any time. It’s a must for all players and trainers. This course is certified and completely free of charge. All we ask is a contribution to the Youghal First Responders at the end of the session. It will be run on Saturday, 27th January from 9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m., only 4 hours that could help you save a life! To book your place, call Jazz on 086 1904593. REMINDER: ANNUAL LOTTO SUBSCRIPTION. The Annual Lotto Subscription is now due for renewal. The annual subscription costs €100 which is excellent value. For further details please contact any committee member. SCRAP METAL COLLECTION A Scrap Metal collection will be organised in a month's time approximately. Please support this fundraising venture by having your scrap metal ready for collection in the near future. CLASHMORE/KINSALEBEG JUVENILES Juvenile Club Planning Meeting: The Juvenile Club will have a Planning Meeting for 2018 this week ahead of our AGM in a few weeks. This meeting will take place this Thursday, Jan. 25th at 7:30 p.m. and covers upcoming competitions, recruitment of coaches and volunteers and creating a coaching plan. We are asking all interested parents, supporters, coaches and volunteers to come along and help shape the future of the juvenile club for 2018 and beyond. Hope to see you there. Indoor Every Week and Upcoming Blitzes: Indoor hurling and football continues in Youghal GAA Hall every Wednesday evening and our young players have been having great fun at it. We have the U-7/8 indoor blitzes to look forward to in February and they are always very popular. In March then we have the U-10 football to look forward to. So lots to look forward to in the coming weeks. New Players Welcome: New players are always welcome in the club and there are teams for every child from 5 to 16 in hurling and football. A text list with details on training and matches is up and running with a year or two do if you want


to be added to this list, please contact Catherine Keogh or Siobhán Daly. Club Forum in Páirc Uí Chaoimh: There was a great attendance at the Munster GAA Club Forum in Cork last Saturday where clubs from all over Munster gathered to hear a range of speakers. The event was well worth making the trip for and it was great to see five members from Clashmore/Kinsalebeg in attendance on the day.

Naomh Naomh Chartaigh Chartaigh (Lismore/Ballysaggert Juveniles) JUVENILE AGM The Juvenile AGM is taking place at 7.30 p.m. this Friday, January 26th in the Lismore GAA field Clubhouse. We would welcome and encourage and all parents to attend. We have a busy year ahead and this is a good opportunity for parents to have an input and find out what is going on. The club would also like to extend our condolences to the Bransfield family on the sad passing of Sonny.

Kilgobinet Kilgobinet VICTORY SOCIAL The club held their victory social in the Park Hotel on Friday night last, (January 19th). A great crowd attended, to celebrate a very successful 2017 for our footballers. Chairman Matty Fahey welcomed the crowd, especially our beloved P.P. Very Rev Michael Kennedy. Guest of honour on the night was Stradbally and Waterford legend, 4 time All Star Michael "Brick" Walsh. The club wishes to thank Brick for joining us for our celebration and presenting the lads with their Western and County medals. The crowd was delighted to have Brick among us. A word of thanks also to Pierce and his staff at the Park Hotel for looking after us so well. And, of course, thanks go to Spotlight, who kept us entertained and kept the dance floor busy! Well done to our club committee who planned and organised a very memorable and enjoyable night. MEMBERSHIP Membership is now due, please contact Membership Officer Eamonn Curran ASAP. All amounts remain unchanged from 2017.

An Coilligean/Na h-Emmetigh CLUB LOTTO There was no winner of the “Black & Amber” club lotto held in Shalloe’s Bar on Monday, 15th January. The numbers drawn were 3, 9, 13 and 22. The €20 lucky ticket winners were as follows: Tom Kiely, Gillian & Anne Whelan, Paddy Fraher and Michael McKenna The seller’s prize went to The Pike Service Station. Last Monday (22nd of January) night’s jackpot was worth €2,300. National Club Draw tickets are now available from any member of the committee.

CLG CLG na Na Rinne Rinne LOTTO Torthaí lotto 15/1/18. Uimhreacha: 4, 9, 24, 26. Ní raibh aon buaiteoir den pota óir an tseachtain seo chaite. Bhuaigh na daoine seo a leanas €25: Tomás Breathnach, Tomás Ó Céilleachair, Caoimhín Ó Cuirrín. Beidh €10,000 sa pota óir an tseachtain seo chugainn agus is I dTigh an Cheoil a bheidh an tarraingt. OÍCHE CÉILIÚRADH Beidh Oíche Céiliúradh CLG Na Rinne agus Cumann Camógaíochta na Rinne ar siúl ar an 23/2/18 istigh in Ostán Lálor. Bhuaigh fir na Rinne chluiche ceannais an iarthar agus an chondae in’s an iomáint Idirmheánach agus bhuaigh cailíní Na Rinne chluiche ceannais Idirmheánach an chondae chomh maith. Tá oíche den scoth geallta. Beidh an banna ceoil na Loungeroom Lizards againn ar an oíche. €30 an costas ar ticéid agus tá siad ar fáil ó baill an chlub. Bígí linn. CRANNCHUR NÁISIÚNTA Tá na ticéidí seo le bheith istigh le Catherine Uí Dhúnaigh roimh deireadh na seachtaine seo. Déan cinnte teagmháil a dhéanamh léi.

Affane/Cappoquin LAST MAN STANDING With 250 entrants going to post for Week 1 of Last Man Standing there were 50 fallers at the first obstacle. As we approach Week 2 again a big thanks to our sponsors Bookmaker Noel Cummins and Jacinta Uniacke of Munster Signs and Print for coming up trumps again. Please get your selections into Last Man Standing co-ordinator Eamonn Costin 087-9591651 for Week 2 as soon as possible. THREE TO ANSWER 1, Who captained St. Finbarrs (Cork) when they last won the All Ireland club senior football title in 1987?

Shamrocks Ladies GFC U-12s medal presentation with Cork Ladies Senior Star Jess O'Shea and Waterford Senior Selector Eoin Murphy.

2, How many All Star awards did Pat Spillane receive? 3, Billy Tobin held the All Ireland Poc Fada title from 1969 to 1981, who won the title in ‘81? LAST WEEK’S ANSWERS 1, Roscommon are the current Connacht senior football champions. 2, 2010 was the only time a Munster senior hurling final went to extra time. 3, Waterford have been Munster senior hurling champions on nine occasions. INTER-COUNTY SEASON TICKETS The 2018 GAA Season tickets are now available to be purchased. This ticket grants holders access to all Allianz League matches including play-offs, semi-finals and finals. The price of this ticket for adults is €120 and for u-16’s is €30. There is also a second option of Club+ available where the holder will be granted access to all Club Championship games in your county. The cost of this ticket for adults is €200. They would make a great gift for all GAA mad family members. See for more information. CLUB LOTTO MONDAY 22nd JANUARY Jackpot €7,200. Numbers drawn out were: 4, 8, 11, 22. No winner. Consolation €20 winners: Lar/Esther Denn, Lacken; Keith O’Sullivan, Monygorm; Maura Greene, Abbeyglen; Sandra Burke, Monygorm and Dave Cahillane, Lacken. JUVENILE CLUB AWARDS NIGHT Thanks to everybody who attended or helped in anyway to make our Juvenile club awards night on Saturday last such tremendous success and congratulations to all our players on their achievements full report next week

Stradbally Please like and share these notes to help us grow our reach CLUB SOCIAL The first planned social activity of 2018 is our Club Social which will take place in the Park Hotel on Saturday, 10th February where we our Senior footballers will be presented with their county medals by a special guest. This is a social event not just for players but for the whole community so why not come along and enjoy a night out with neighbours and friends. Music on the night will be provided by Fuse. Tickets cost €30. CONGRATULATIONS The Club would like to congratulate Club players Robert Ahearne who recently got engaged to Caris Jones; Kevin Lawlor who got engaged to Tara Lee and Kevin Coffey who got engaged to Sinead Whelan over the new year. JUVENILE NEWS WINTER LEAGUE 2018 The Winter league will commence on Thursday, 15th February and in the coming weeks the club will visit all the local schools to promote this year’s event. A registration night for those taking part will be announced next week. TRAINING Training for the majority of our underage won’t commence for a few weeks yet but we have some groups commencing in the coming days. 3 & 4-YEAR-OLD PLAY GROUP IN SALLYFORT FARM Next Thursday evening at 6 pm sees the return of the popular 3 and 4-year-old play group in Sallyfort Farm. UNDER 7’s Our Under 7’s (Trevor and Richie’s group) will be participating in a 7 aside blitz on the following Saturday mornings. 3rd and 10th February Hurling; 3rd and 10th March Football. Venues are

yet to be confirmed. NEW CLUB PHONE NUMBER Stradbally GAA has a new phone number which is 087 1165549 and if anyone wishes to make contact with the club regarding club matter can do so at this number. MEMBERSHIP Membership is now due and this year we are asking all our players past and present, supporters and parents of our juveniles to consider becoming members of our club in 2018. Money from membership helps us to meet a lot of the cost associated with running the club. Now more than ever we need the support of our community so we can build and develop our club for our children and future generations. It is easier than ever to pay your membership, you just have to log onto our website and pay your membership online from your phone or any computer. Membership rates for 2018 are: Adult Member; €70; OAP; €50; Student / Underage; €40, 2nd Child in family €30, and every subsequent child €20. We have a number of membership packages which we are encouraging our members to support as they go a long way to achieving our development goals. People can purchase these pack on line or can pay by direct debit, direct debit forms can forwarded to people upon request to any committee member or by email to our club secretary at secretary.stradbally.waterford@gaa. Adult Package - Membership €70, Déise Draw €90, 50/50draw €130, National Ticket €10. Total €300 or €25 per month. Couple Package - Membership €120, Déise Draw €90, 50/50 Draw €130, National Ticket x 2 €20. Total €360 or €30 per month. OAP Package - Membership €50, Déise Draw €90, 50/50 Draw €130, National Draw Ticket €10. Total €280 or €23.23 per Month.

If people wish to pay their membership in person they can contact membership officer John Halpin (087-9776018) or any member of the club committee for a membership form, alternatively you can email the club secretary at for a form. John Halpin will be collecting membership every Sunday night at the GAA Social Centre between 9.30 pm and 10.30 pm. LADIES NOTES MEDAL PRESENTATION The medal presentation will take place on Friday, 9th February at 7:30 in the clubhouse. The All Ireland U-16 ladies medal presentation takes place on Friday, 2nd February in the Gold Coast Hotel at 7:30. Stradbally will be well represented on the night. Congratulations: To Marian Carroll who won the last 50:50 draw of €280, the next draw takes place on Sunday, 28th January 2018. Best of Luck: All associated with Stradbally GAA club would like to wish the best of luck to Ardmore GAA Club as they get ready for battle against Setanta of Donegal in the All Ireland Semi-Final next Saturday in Navan.

Geraldines Geraldines MEMBERSHIP Please note the annual membership for the club is due in by March. If you have not done so please contact membership officer Ricki Fitzgerald to arrange payment. CROKE PARK TICKETS All players who have Croke Park tickets, if you wish to purchase them please do now as time is running out, with some exceptional prizes to be won such as a new car, holidays and much much more.

Presentation from Shamrocks Ladies GFC to their U-14 County Panellists Rachel Roche and Catherine Hynes with Cork Ladies star Jess O'Shea.



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018


(058) 45590

Club Focus From the Files of the Dungarvan Observer Wednesday, 4th February, 1998 WATERFORD GLASS SENIOR HURLING S.E.L.

Deserved win for Déise hurlers St. Olivers Juvenile and Ladies Football presentation night. Members of the U-10 Community Games Football team who were Waterford Champions and Munster Finalists with Mentors Conor Mulhall and Rob Flynn and Special Guest, Waterford Senior Hurler Shane Bennett. [Sean Byrne]

St. Olivers Juvenile and Ladies Football presentation night. U-11 Hurling Community Games team, All-Ireland Finalists with Mentors Conor Mulhall and Pat O'Donovan and Special Guest, Waterford Senior Hurler Shane Bennett.

Waterford 0-14; Cork 0-13. WATERFORD hurlers turned in a much more committed performance at the Fraher Field on Sunday afternoon last when they recorded a fully deserved win over Cork in the Waterford Glass South Eastern League, even if the margin was but a single point. In truth the Deise side, who shot a total of 12 wides here, would not have been flattered to have been four points ahead at the final whistle. Waterford were short the services of team captain Stephen Frampton and Fergal Hartley, while Tony Browne continues to be listed among the substitutes. Waterford showed their intent from the throw-in as they generally went in hard on the ball and while Cork, playing into the country goal, led 0-4 to 0-2 with 11 minutes played, Waterford gradually settled in with the return of Billy O’Sullivan up front adding more variety to their play. He pointed in the 10th minute after Ken McGrath had pointed a free in the 4th minute. Paul Flynn (free) and Ger Harris (16th and 23rd minutes) levelled up the scoring at 0-5 each. Paul Flynn and Mark Landers exchanged points from frees. Earlier Alan Browne, Mark Daly (0-2), Kevin Murray and Fergal McCormack had been on target for Cork. J. J. Ronayne placed by B. O’Sullivan pointed in the 26th minute. Paul Flynn (free), Barry Egan (free) replied. Before Peter Quea lly (who opted to play for the hurlers rather than the footballers) ranged up field to give the home side a two point lead at the break, 0-9 to 0-7. It was obvious at that stage that if Waterford could maintain their commitment levels in the second half that this was a game most definitely there to be won by the home side.

Cork were back in front by the 39th minute with points from Kevin Murray and Barry Egan, twice from placed balls, 0-10 to 0-9. Waterford, for their part missed several gilt-edged chances with Ken McGrath (34th minute), Dan Shanahan (40th minute) and K. McGrath (from a free) putting Waterford two points clear in the 42nd minute, 0-12 to 0-10 and they were never headed thereafter. Substitute M. O’Connell pointed a free with Billy O’Sullivan replying in the 54th minute. O’Connell was again on target in the 58th minute, 0-13 to 0-12. B. O’Sullivan was fouled with Paul Flynn on target from the resultant free. S. Brenner saved from Barry Egan. With O’Connell pointing another free in the 60th minute to level the minimum margin between the teams, 0-4 to 0-13. Waterford’s full-back line were well on top throughout. Sean Cullinane impressed at full-back. Likewise former Tipperary player Brian Flannery did well at right full-back and should become a regular on the team. While Mark O’Sullivan displayed a welcome return to top form in the left corner with Steve Brenner effecting four important saves between the posts. James O’Connor was solid at right half-back, with Peter Queally hurling well on the left wing. While Tom Feeney had close encounters with Fergal McCormack. Gary Gater made a welcome return at centre-field while Dan Shanahan, Derek McGrath and Ger Harris all worked hard up front where Ken McGrath was best if somewhat off target on occasions. While Paul Flynn improved on his showing against Kilkenny. Waterford Scorers: P. Flynn 0-4, K. McGrath 0-3, B. O’Sullivan and G. Harris 0-2 each. J. J. Ronayne, P. Queally and D. Shanahan 0-1 each. Cork Scorers: B. Egan and M. O’Connell 0-3 each, M. Daly and K. Murray 0-2 each, A. Browne, F. McCormack and M. Landers 0-1 each. Waterford: S. Brenner; B. Flannery, S. Cullinane, M. O’Sullivan; J. O’Connor, T. Feeney, P. Queally; G. Gater, J. J. Ronayne; D. Shanahan, G. Harris, K. McGrath; B. O’Sullivan, P. Flynn, D. McGrath. Sub: J. Meaney for J. J. Ronayne. Cork: D. Cusack; J. Browne, S. Barrett, F. Ryan; M. Landers, M. Cahill, D. Murphy; A. Walsh, M. Daly; A. Cummins, F. McCormack, R. Dwane; K. Murray, A. Browne, B. Egan. Subs: M. O’Connell for A. Cummins; P. Ryan for M. Cahill; J. Deane for K. Murray. Referee: S. Walsh (Kilkenny).

[Sean Byrne]

McGrath’s Newsagents MITCHEL STREET, DUNGARVAN 058-41661 Newspapers • Sweets • General Grocery

TEAMS OF TIMES GONE BY MUNSTER SENIOR FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Championship: Munster Senior Football Championship. Venue: Rathgormack. Date: Thursday, 29th January, 1998. Half-time score: St. Declan’s College Kilmacthomas 1-5; Fethard 0-4. Full-time score: St. Declan’s 3-8; Fethard 1-7. St. Declan’s College team: N. Barry; G. Prendergast, D. Power, K. O’Reilly; J. O’Leary (1-0), P. Mulhearne, D. Meares; M. Ahern (0-1), G. Power (0-1); B. O’Leary (0-2), T. Curran (capt. 0-1), N. Power; L. Barry (1-2), M. Leary (1-0), D. O’Reilly (0-1).


Youghal Road, Dungarvan, Co Waterford. 087 2674890

FORDE’S DAYBREAK FORECAST CORNER St. Olivers Juvenile and Ladies Football presentation night. U-13 Finals Man of the Match Awards Ronan Mansfield, [Sean Byrne] Hurling and Kieran Sheridan, Football with Special Guest, Waterford Senior Hurler Shane Bennett.

Last Week’s Forecasts: 2 Forecasts. 1 Correct. 1 Incorrect. Success Rate: 50% This Week’s Forecasts: All Ireland JHC Semi Final: Ardmore v (Setanta). NHL: Waterford v (Wexford). NFL: Waterford v (Wicklow). County Under 21’B’ Hurling Final: Comeragh Gaels v (Portlaw/Ballyduff). To Date: 5 Forecasts. 2 Correct. 3 Incorrect. Success Rate: 40%.


Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Dungarvan United FC PREMIER DIVISION PREVIEW St. Saviour’s v Dungarvan United, 11 a.m. kick-off, Sunday, 28th January, Ballybeg In the midst of all the excitement of Dungarvan’s run to the last sixteen of the FAI Junior Cup, another important game comes up on the fixture list, this time in the league against St. Saviour’s. Just a few short weeks ago, Saviour’s looked doomed to relegation, sitting at the bottom of the ten team Premier Division on a paltry four points, with all of those points coming in the opening three games of the season. They then went on a dreadful run of league form, not picking up another point for an astonishing four months. This miserable run came to an end two weeks ago, with an excellent 2-1 win away at Bohs. This win had been coming, as although they hadn’t picked up any league victories, they had had some good wins in cup competitions, including the prize scalp of reigning champions and double

winners, Hibs in the Munster Junior Cup. They also very unluckily lost 1-0 away against Hibs in the league in December, which showed they were improving significantly in recent games. Whilst Saviour’s still sit at the bottom of the table, their record now reads P10 W2 D1 L7 F10 A23 GD-13 Pts 7, and they are within touching distance of several clubs above them, with only three points separating bottom from the next four sides. Relegation is now no longer a seeming certainty for them, and recent results suggest they are a team that have turned the corner, and the teams directly above them are now beginning to look nervously over their shoulder. Dungarvan come into the game on the back of some outstanding recent results, including wins against Booth Road Celtic (Dublin) and Greencastle (Donegal) in the FAI Junior Cup. The Blues sit sixth in the table, and are three points clear of Saviour’s, with a record of P8 W3 D1 L4 F22 A25 GD-3 Pts 10.

As well as a three point advantage, the Blues also have two games in hand over their city opponents. When the sides met in the reverse fixture in Kilrush back in September, Dungarvan won a tight encounter 3-2. The records of the two teams suggest that Dungarvan have greater firepower than Saviours, but it would be foolish to think that this will be anything other than a very close and difficult game, notwithstanding the excellent form of many players in Blue. Dungarvan will be keen to keep their good run going, whilst Saviours will want to bridge the gap to the teams above, and finally get themselves off the bottom. CONGRATULATIONS WATERFORD U-15 TEAM Congratulations to Waterford U-15 who won the SFAI Subway Munster Plate Final on Sunday with a 4-2 win over the Kerry Schoolboys/Schoolgirls League. Well done to all involved especially our own club player in the team Alan Dunwoody.

Youths host Pike Rovers MUNSTER YOUTHS CUP LAST SIXTEEN Sunday, 28th January 2 p.m. My memory says the Kingpins of Munster and Irish Soccer have not visited Kilrush Park in a competitive capacity in their successful history, however, we now have the pleasure of their company twice in a week. First up is the visit of their U-18 team on Sunday in the last 16 of Munster Youths Cup, where manager Kevin Walsh’s team is the last remaining Waterford team in the competition. The following weekend sees our Premier team play Pike Rovers again in the last 16 of the FAI Junior Cup, the most prestigious junior football competition in the country. Pike Rovers F.C. was founded in 1938 in the

Mulgrave Street/Blackboy Pike district of Limerick. The club colours are a variation of green and white hooped shirts, green or white shorts and green/white socks and were initially inspired by the colours of Celtic FC. This Youths side boasts International team members and are currently top of the Competitive Limerick Youths A League. Dungarvan Utd AFC too has a fine Youths team and lie 3rd in their own league, whilst also getting out of the area in the FAI Youths Cup this season. This bunch of lads deserve your support for what will be a difficult game on Sunday, where the winners on the day, know that a home tie awaits the victors in the Quarter-Finals. C’mon the Blues.

WATERFORD SCHOOLBOYS FOOTBALL LEAGUE (WSFL) FIXTURES RESULTS WSFL Under 15 Leagues: Tramore A 3; Southend Utd 0 Under 14 SFAI Skechers Cups – Round of 32: Aisling Annacotty 4; Ferrybank 1. Villa 0; St. Brendans 2 FIXTURES Saturday, January 27th WSFL U11 Leagues (Kick off 10.30 a.m. unless otherwise stated) Red Park Rangers A v Bohemians A (Home / Away) Southend Utd A v Carrick Utd A (Home / Away) Tramore A v Dungarvan Utd (Home / Away) 12.00 noon Villa A v Ferrybank A (Home / Away) Green: Piltown A v Ballinroad (Home / Away) 12.00 noon Stradbally v De La Salle A (Home / Away) Blue: St. Pauls v Ballyduff (Home / Away) Seaview Celtic v Ferrybank B (Home / Away) Tramore C v Kilmacthomas (Home / Away) Villa B v Mooncoin Celtic A (Home / Away) 12.00 noon Purple: Johnville v Carrick Utd B (Home / Away) Portlaw Utd v Kilmacow (Home / Away) St. Saviours v Railway Athletic (Home / Away)

Orange: Ferrybank C v Abbeyside (Home / Away) Park Rangers B v Dungarvan Utd B (Home / Away) 12.00 noon Mooncoin Celtic B v Bohemians B (Home / Away) W. Crystal v Piltown B (Home / Away) Saturday, January 27th WSFL Under 13 Leagues (Kick off 12.30 p.m. unless otherwise stated) U13A Bohemians A v Tramore A (Bolton) 12.00 noon Carrick Utd A v Ferrybank A (Piltown) Southend Utd A v Dungarvan Utd A (St. Pauls) U13B: De La Salle A v Carrick B (Southend Utd.) Kilmacthomas v Ballinroad (Seaview Celtic) Seaview Celtic v Park Rangers A (Kilmacthomas) Tramore B v Piltown A (Park Rangers) 1.30 pm U13C: Ballyduff v Tramore C (Park Rangers) Bohemians B v St. Saviours (De La Salle) 10.30 am Bohemians C v St. Pauls (Villa) 2.30 pm Bolton v Railway Athletic (W. Crystal) De La Salle B v Portlaw Utd (Southend Utd.) 10.30 am Kilmacow v Park Rangers B (Ferrybank) Villa B v Mooncoin Celtic (Tramore) 2.00 pm

Saturday, January 27th WSFL Under 15 Leagues (Kick off 2.30 p.m. unless otherwise stated) U15A: Ballinroad A v Southend Utd A (Dungarvan Utd.) 12.30 pm Carrick Utd A v Tramore A (Piltown) U15B Ballinroad B v Tramore B (Abbeyside) Bohemians A v Villa B (Johnville) 4.15 pm Kilmacthomas v Dungarvan Utd (Stradbally) Southend Utd B v Johnville (Tramore) U15C Kilmacow v Abbeyside (Ferrybank) Ferrybank B v Bohemians B (Kilmacow) Railway Ath. v Carrick Utd B (Ballinroad) Stradbally v Park Rangers B (Ballyduff) Portlaw Utd v Tramore C (Carrick Utd.) Saturday, January 27th Under 15 SFAI Skechers Cup (Kick off 3.00 p.m. unless otherwise stated) Villa v Swords Celtc (St. Saviours) Saturday January 27th Under 16 SFAI Skechers Cup (Kick off 2.00 p.m. unless otherwise stated) Piltown v Regional Utd (Portlaw Utd.) 2.30 pm Salthill Devon v Ferrybank


Blues travel to Ballybeg

LAST 16 FAI JUNIOR CUP DRAW – Pictured is Dungarvan United FC club secretary David Walsh being interviewed by The Herald Striker at the New Balance Offices in Dublin where the draw for the next round took place last Friday afternoon. Dungarvan United FC Premier team drew a home game V Pike Rovers in the last 16 of the FAI Junior Cup, the most prestigious junior football competition in the country. A home fixture is a great advantage, the game will be played weekend of 3rd/4th February (tbc) and we hope the people of Dungarvan come out to support Tommy, Stan, Anslem and the team. Full preview next week. ACADEMY UPDATE U-8's Saturday 12 30-1.30 p.m. U-9's Thursday 4.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m. / Saturday 1.30-2.30 p.m. U-10 Wednesday 5-6 pm & Saturday league game away to Park Rangers players have been notified. Note to all parents: 2nd Term Subs €50 due by 5th Feb., anyone wishing to pay in installments can start to do so now. If weather is bad please check our Facebook page Dungarvan United Academy for

updates of whether we are going ahead with training as it isn't always possible to text at short notice. FIXTURES Saturday, 27th January 12.00 noon U-11 Red Away to Tramore 12.00 noon U-11 Orange Away to Park Rangers 12.30 p.m. U-13A Away to Southend 2.30 p.m. U-15B Away to Kilmac 2.00 p.m. 4th Div Home ot Dunmore East (Ballinameela)

Sunday, 28th January 11.00 a.m. Premier Away to St. Saviours 11.00 a.m. 3rd Div Away to Kilmacow 2.00 p.m. Youths Home to Pike Rovers in Munster Youths Cup LOTTO LOTTO LOTTO Numbers: 22, 28, 32. No Jackpot winner so next week we play for €3,400 €50.00 winner Denis McGrath. €25.00 Gary Crotty and Jimmy Harty.

Stradbally FC THE WEATHER Once more the weather proved a spoilsport, causing all games to be cancelled. COMMITTEE MEETING Monthly Club Committee Meeting takes place on Friday night, January 26th at 8 p.m. ACADEMY & LITTLE DRIBBLERS Academy and Little Dribblers continues each Saturday morning at 10.30 a.m. Fun and football for the Small Ones in a safe and welcoming environment. If you have any questions, come along any Saturday morning and talk to the group mentors. LOTTO There were no Jackpot winners in the Lotto Draw on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were: 1 - 9 - 16 21. €25 winners: Ava Terry, Mike Fennell, Caroline Casey. Promoters Prize: Tadgh Crowley. Next draw takes place in the Cove Bar on February 4th with a Jackpot Prize on offer of €1,400. Thank you to all who continue to support our Lotto. LAST MAN STANDING A mixed bag of results with almost 80% of contestants surviving until Game 2. Southampton’s draw with Spurs scuppered quite a number of players, with the inability of Everton and West Ham to garner 3 points took

down most of the rest. It's FA Cup games this weekend, but there is a full EPL programme the following midweek. Here's the games and dates: Tuesday 30th: Swansea v Arsenal West Ham v Crystal Palace Huddersfield v Liverpool Wednesday 31st: Chelsea v Bournemouth Everton v Leicester Newcastle v Burnley Southampton v Brighton Man City v West Brom Tottenham v Man Utd Stoke v Watford All those eligible for Game 2 will be contacted at the weekend. CHRISTMAS DAY SWIM The Christmas Day Swim proceeds will be presented to the representatives of the Irish Wheelchair Association on Saturday night, February 3rd in Whelans. This is always a great night and all are welcome to come along. WATERFORD SPORTS PARTNERSHIPS The following courses are being organised by the WSP: Safeguarding One Dungarvan Enterprise Centre. February 12th 6-9 p.m. Emergency First Aid March. Sat., 10th 9 -5 p.m. Park Hotel Dungarvan GO to

FAI COURSES Kick Start 1 March 4th Cappoquin FC Safeguarding 1 January 29th RSC GO to for full details. ASTRO-TURF Astro Turf Pitch is now available to hire. The new LED Floodlighting spreads a great glow. For time slot availability talk to Tadhg (087 6306841) or Gerry (087 2245712). ON-LINE CLUB SHOP Our on-line club shop is now open for business. Wide range of playing and leisure gear available. For details go to www.o'neills. STRADBALLY MARKET Stradbally Country Market is back in action for 2018 every Saturday morning in the Cove Bar. Call in and get your fresh fruit, local veg and home baking for the week. Stay and enjoy freshly made brown bread or scones and a cup of tea / coffee in the 'Cove Cafe' for €2.50 - where else would you get it!! A perfect place to meet a friend for a Saturday morning catch up..... FIXTURES Saturday, January 27th Waterford Junior League Div One: Hibernians v Stradbally 2 p.m. Under 11 Schoolboys League: Stradbally v De La Salle 10.30 a.m. Under 15 Schoolboys League: Stradbally v Park Rangers 2.30 p.m.



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Cappoquin Rowing Club THE Annual General Meeting of Cappoquin Rowing Club will be held on Saturday, February 10th, 2018 at 11:30 am in the Boathouse. We welcome all members, intending members and parents who wish to volunteer to attend. As we come into the regatta season of 2018 Cappoquin Rowing Club has much to look forward to. Training has continued indoors and when the weather permits on the water. With continued commitment it is our hope that crews will be heading out for Heads of the River in the coming weeks. A reminder that the coaching and mentoring at the rowing club is on a voluntary basis that facilitates our members to develop into skilled rowers. With this in mind we would appreciate if all could contribute throughout the regatta season in areas such as transport. Not only does this help the full time volunteers but it is a

chance for family members and friends of the rowers to see the fruits of their labours over the winter and regattas generally prove to be an enjoyable day out. The winter has proven to be a long one and conditions have been challenging at the best of times. Continued good wishes to members with their training. Most weekends have seen a variety of boats on the water from the eight, to quads, doubles and skulls, suffice to say CRC is continually a hive of activity. Quote of the week: “Sports is a metaphor for overcoming obstacles and achieving against great odds. Athletes in times of difficulty, can be important role models.” Bill Bradley Contact: Club Captain Stephan Landers: (085) 1330736 or Club Secretary Paul McGrath: (086) 8328719. Or find us on Facebook – Cappoquin Rowing Club

Dungarvan Ladies Hockey Club

Dungarvan ladies grind out a great win Dungarvan .................................. 1; Belvedere .................................... 0. THE Dungarvan Ladies Division 6 team played at home on Sunday last against Cork opposition Belvedere. The Ballincollig based team always provide a stiff test and our ladies knew that it would be a difficult match. The team lined-out as follows: in goal was Chloe Shanahan, with Alex Hally sweeping and in front again at centre back older sister Andrea Hally. The left and right back positions were covered by Ellen Maye and Lucy Shanahan. In centre midfield for Dungarvan was Mairead Maye flanked by Judith Cambpell and Megan Mulcahy. Up front at centre forward was Ailbhe Shanley, and on the left and right wing was Ciara Murphy and Elia Tutty. The game got underway with Belvedere fast out of the box launching a flurry of attacks on the Dungarvan goal. A short corner was soon awarded in which the Dungarvan defence was equal to snuffing out any chances for the

Cork side. This set the tone for the match as Chloe in goal had a peaceful game in which the Dungarvan defence was on top of everything. Both teams were evenly matched as player on player everyone gave their all, neither side wanting to lose. The teams went in at half-time 0-0. Dungarvan Coach Mary Ronayne urged her players at halftime to keep up the good work and keep the pressure on Belvedere. This encouragement paid off as Dungarvan had the edge in the second half. With 15 minutes remaining on the clock, Andrea Hally intercepted a Belvedere pass and ran the length of the pitch as she showed her skill getting past each player with ease. She then placed a lovely pass goalward where several players were looking to get their chance. The ball fell to Megan who buried it in the back of the net! Euphoric scenes as Dungarvan snatched victory from Belvedere, and well deserved it! Player of the Match: Megan Mulcahy.

SPAR FAI Primary School 5s Programme is coming to Waterford FORMER Republic of Ireland International Keith Andrews and current Republic of Ireland Women’s International Megan Campbell were on hand to launch the SPAR FAI Primary School 5s Programme with a pop up training session at Keith’s former primary school, Scoil Mhuire CBS, Dublin. The five-a-side school blitzes are open to boys and girls from 4th, 5th and 6th class, and puts emphasis on fun and inclusivity. SPAR and the FAI are encouraging Waterford schools to sign up as they look to surpass 2017 participation figures, which saw 1,495 schools and 28,576 children lace up their boots to take to pitches around the country. Registration for the programme will close on February 9th, and county blitzes will kick off at the end of February. Winning schools progress from county level to regional then provincial finals, with the lucky few making it all the way to the National Finals, which will be held on the hallowed turf of Aviva Stadium on May 30th. Register for the SPAR FAI Primary School 5s Programme by February 9th at

Garranbane who beat Scoil Mhuire Abbeyside in the Devereux Cup Handball Final.

[Sean Byrne]

DUNGARVAN RUGBY CLUB MUNSTER V CASTRES Unfortunately, due to the Munster game in Thomond being delayed by three hours, our U-11s didn’t get a chance to play at halftime. However, Munster had a great win and will host Toulon at home in the quarter finals on the weekend of 30/31/01 March/April. U-16S V KILFEACLE The combined Dungarvan/ Carrick team played Kilfeacle in Carrick last Sunday in the East Munster Cup competition. We saw a good effort put in by all our players, who are improving all the time, especially in defence.

Good tackling and quick line defence forced the opposition backwards and we were unfortunate not to get a draw. The final score was Dungarvan/Carrick 7; Kilfeacle 14. Squad: Philip Coleman, Eoin Flynn, Ronan Foley, Hugo Harty, Tomas Flavin, Peter Finnegan, David Hickey, Conor Mullany, Ronan Bohane and Sean Mullarkey. The U-16 team is still in contention for silverware and they play Cork Constitution next Sunday in the Munster Plate. ADULT FRIENDLIES Our men played a friendly

Dungarvan RFC Under 11s in Thomond Park last Sunday.

Dungarvan RFC Under 11s in Thomond Park last Sunday.

against Youghal on Friday night, who had a mixture of 1st and 2nd team players. Dungarvan won 350. They play Waterford City at home this Sunday at 2 pm and would welcome all support. CHOIR CONCERT We will hosting a concert in the Church of Ireland on Friday, 23rd February. An all-male Welsh choir made up of ex-rugby players and a local all-female choir will perform, along with a family from Ring who will play music and sing too. Tickets are available from the Wine Buff and Kelly’s Pharmacy, Abbeyside.

CLUB LOTTO There was no winner of Sunday’s lotto draw so the money rolls over to the next draw on 4th Feb. Buy your tickets at or click “play now” our Facebook page. CLUB GEAR Blaine Healy is taking orders for club gear. Contact him on 085 8302583. We’ve a few hats to keep the heads warm in the cold weather – €15 each. To sign up to our newsletter mailing list, please email


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Members at Mini-Camp February 2017.

West Waterford Pony Club Table Quiz & Annual Awards Night WEST Waterford Pony Club is holding their Annual Table Quiz and Awards Night at the Ballyrafter House Hotel on this Saturday, 27th Jan. Start time 8 p.m. Great Family night out, questions suitable for all ages, lots of spot prizes on the night. Everyone welcome! Presentations will also be made to our members for their achievements during the 2017 year.

We have three perpetual awards up for grabs – The West Waterford Cup is awarded to the member who has achieved the highest award in a National Competition 2017, The Jeremy Wingfield Cup is awarded to the most inspiring member and the Michael Budds Memorial Trophy is awarded to the person who has achieved the highest test in the year. See you all on the night!

CUNNIGAR PITCH & PUTT CLUB NEW MEMBERS WELCOME Thinking of taking up a New Sport well why not try your hand at Pitch and Putt our course is set in seven acres of Parkland and will cost you less than €2 a week to play as often as you like. There are even great deals for Family membership throughout 2018 and beyond and for those that have taken a break we would ask you to dust down the clubs and get back swinging, your missed. MEMBERSHIP 2018 The Clubhouse will be open during the week for New or for any member that wishes to renew their membership from 2 to 4 Monday to Friday. Reminder to Members that have not paid up by February 1st will have their Fob turned off and for those that have paid their membership thank you.

CONTACTS Anyone wishing to contact the Club can contact the Secretary on 086 3781969 Chairman on 0871611664 or Pro on 087 9667472 if you have any queries. THOMAS FROSTY MAHER TROPHY This much-valued trophy will be played once the weather settles over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for the date. ONE FOR THE DIARY The committee are looking to play St. Stephens at the end of the month all those that are interested look out for the notes next week for further info. TEAM BUILDING EVENT If your Company are considering Team Building Events and a spot of light competition amongst your employees v managers why not give

this a go we can cater for all events and is in the centre of town. ENTRIES FOR ALL COMPETITIONS Any member wishing to compete in this year’s Munster and National Events must have their entry paid before closing dates as non-payment means non entry. SUB COMMITTEE If you have a couple of Hours to spare from time to time and you would like to Volunteer some time to the club at various tasks this would be most appreciated by the committee and your fellow members to keep the course in Tip Top condition. COURSE TO REOPEN TO GREEN FEES The course will reopen to Green Fees over the next few weeks so keep an eye out in the notes for further communications.

Lismore Badminton Club

Dungarvan Cycling Club Group 5 at their coffee stop. ON the third weekend of the never ending month numbers were depleted somewhat as the flu season and weather conditions took their toll. There was no Saturday spin as our road Captain continues with his warm weather training down under. On a damp and very dreary Sunday nearly all groups managed to have enough to proceed with their planned routes. Here's how we rolled…. NOTES FROM THE ROAD G3: Eleven group 3 cyclists set off towards Cappoquin on a very grey morning but despite the forecast they did not meet any rain. Travelling along by the Blackwater towards Camphire the river was very muddy and swollen from all of the recent rain, or maybe it was just reflecting the muddy faces of group 3 as they passed by. The route to Camphire bridge is quite flat and all were feeling good at this stage, however this soon changed as they tackled the 6 km Knockanore drag. Some fared better than others but all got there. It was then on to foggy Ardmore and Old Parish where everyone looked forward to reaching the top of the hill before they could relax on the long descent to Dungarvan. 81k, 692 m elevation gain at 27.5 kph was a good mornings work. G4: As recent turbulent weather settled and air temperatures rose 9 G4 Cyclists left town with the re-

turning Spider deciding to test her legs with G23 for 1st day back. Damp muddy conditions was the order of the day and plenty faces had beauty enhancing mud packs applied. With wind abating a good roll up saw Tallow approach fast where a quick coffee went down well before hitting home through Camphire dodging the many swimming holes and spirits were good. Group continued along Military Road and before hitting home through Ballinroad for a spin of near 80K at 26K average. 11 riders from the Back road group on Sunday morning set off for Ring before veering off on twisty and winding roads to Ardmore. A lovely drop into Ferry Point with beautiful views of the sea made the suffering on the way over worthwhile. Onto the garden center for coffee where a closed til February sign brought groans from those who made an effort to the hill on the way up. So a change of plan and coffee in Clashmore before remounting and more new roads as they headed in the direction of Strikes Hill. The spin finished with a descent down from The Seanachai towards Ring before crossing the main road and a nice steady finish coming in from 2 milebridge. 50 miles and 3,000 ft of climbing. An enjoyable spin despite the showers. God only knows where next week’s adventure will bring them.

Mary Pratt Memorial Tournament 2017 IT was a fantastic day for our 10th annual Mary Pratt tournament held on 5th November. We had a record entry and a fantastic total for the Waterford Hospice. The cheque was presented to Una Dowd on Monday, 22nd January and Una thanked everyone who was involved and explained that the funds are much needed in the locality. Thanks so much to our entrants and our ticket buyers and sellers. It really is a great cause. We would like to thank the following people for prizes generously donated: Lismore Heritage Centre, Mari Mina Pharmacy and Giftshop Lismore, Maurice Dunne Motors, Roche's Centra, Foley's on the Mall, Lizzie Briens, Dalton Jewellers, Jason and Joe Tobin,

Phyl's Hair Salon, Flynns Hardware, Kelpex Displays, The Classroom Bar, Ballyrafter Service Station, Country Life Co-Op, East Cork Oil, DINAN timber. Thanks to everyone who cooked, baked and donated goods for the shop. All our shop workers Mag, Nicola, Lorraine, Tanya, Maeve and anyone who stood in. Paul Casey for taking entries and running the competition as effectively as possible with Gary. Thanks to Mary Pratt's son Gavin for kindly presenting the prizes. During the day there were games of badminton that wouldn't have been out of place in a much higher grade and everyone played so well in some tight games. We would like to congratulate our winners and runners up: Plate Runners-Up: Liz Martin,

Ballyduff and Sean Kearney, Modeligo. Plate Winners: Lily Collins. Ballyduff and Chris Troy. Bartlemy Cup Runners-Up: Lisa Lenihan, Tourin and Fergus Hickey. Ballyduff. The 10th anniversary winners were Molly Kenny, Ballyduff and Dylan Browne. Bartlemy. See you all again next year for our 11th Tournament. OPEN NIGHT On Thursday, February 1st, Lismore Badminton Club will hold an Open Night in Lismore Community Centre at 8.00 p.m. This is a great night for old and new members to come up, bring a friend and try out a great indoor sport. Badminton is a great game to get fit so put your New Year’s resolution to work and come along to have a go!

Dungarvan Cycling Club members out and about.

G23k: The group consisted of G4 and G23k cyclists for the Sunday spin The route took the group along the N72 to Lismore turning right in the town and headed onto the Tallow road. On reaching Hornibrooks the group turned right and headed for Ballyduff. When the group reach Ballyduff they turned right and head back to Lismore for coffee at the garage. The group then headed for home Dis 68 km avg 23 kph. Group 5 had 5 out on Sunday where they headed out the Cappoquin Road turning at the Welcome Inn where they had their first puncture of the day, and the lovely lady of the house brought out wipes to clean off the oil, country people are great. Then on to Kilmolash, Cappoquin, Deerpark where a pothole gave them their next puncture and for safety sake it was a call home for collection. The remaining four headed to the Vault in Lismore. It was great to see Ann and Mike arrive safely to join them for coffee. Then they headed out in the rain for the spin home. A good 58km spin with an average of 20 km. So that's it folks for another weekend, everyone home safe and sound thankfully. As always if you have anything you would like published email Follow us on facebook for regular updates.



Dungarvan Observer | Friday, 26 January, 2018

Talking Horses Gordon Elliott on top at Thurles on Sunday

Cheltenham legend Spot Thedifference dies at the age of 25 SPOT Thedifference, a star performer in cross-country races at Cheltenham, has died at owner JP McManus's Martinstown Stud in County Limerick at the age of 25. Trained throughout his career by Enda Bolger, Spot Thedifference will always be associated with the late John Thomas McNamara, who rode him to 11 of his 14 wins during a 51-race career. McNamara rode him to all seven of his cross-country wins at Cheltenham, which included a victory at the festival in 2005, and was also on board for Spot Thedifference's two wins in the La Touche Cup at Punchestown in 2004 and 2007. He also rode him in his final race, when he won at Cheltenham in November 2007 at the age of 14. The other riders who won races on Spot Thedifference are Ruby Walsh, who rode him to handicap chase wins at Roscommon and Kilbeggan in the summer of 2001, and Mark Grant, who rode him to his first racecourse win in a hunter chase at Clonmel in 1999.

Dundalk doubles for trainers Joseph O’Brien and Pat Martin JOSEPH O’Brien’s career as a trainer is flying and he notched up two more winners on the all-weather at Dundalk on Friday night. He combined with his brother Donnacha to land the opening 12f maiden with 9/4 favourite Uncle Henry and followed up later on the card with the Wayne Lordan-ridden Boragh Steps, a 7/4 chance, in the 6f conditions’ race. Lordan was winning his second race of the night as he had earlier combined with in-form Pat Martin to take the 10f handicap with 8/1 shot Adieux. And Navan-based Martin got a second winner when 7/1 chance Ishebayorgrey readily won the 7f handicap under Killian Leonard. Kildare jockey Gary Carroll won the 8f handicap on 20/1 outsider Prove The Point for Michael Mulvaney. Sean Corby was in the saddle as the Liam Cusacktrained Bog War, a 7/2 joint-favourite, won the opening division of the 12f handicap while the second leg of the same race went to Ben Coen on the Pat Murphy-trained 5/1 chance Carvelas. Ado McGuinness and Robbie Downey prevailed in the finale as 7/1 shot Master Speaker got up in the dying strides to win from the gambled-on Bien Chase.

Sumos Novios set to carry colours of Gowran Race Club in Thyestes LIAM Burke knows what it takes to win the Goffs Thyestes Handicap Chase and will be bidding to followup on the 2016 success of My Murphy with Sumos Novios, who tackles the €100,000 Gowran Park showpiece on Thursday. To add an extra dimension, Sumos Novios is set to carry the colours of the Gowran Park Racing Club as part of the Experience It campaign, which was launched by Horse Racing Ireland last summer. It means Burke, who also owns Sumos Novios, will lease out the ten-year-old for the day, offering the club a chance to experience the buzz of watching their own horse compete in one of the most lucrative handicap chases in the calendar. The Cork trainer said, “I've been thinking about this for a while now and I spoke to Amber Byrne [at Horse Racing Ireland] and Eddie Scally [Gowran Park manager] and we got everything together. Hopefully the horse will run well and everybody involved will have a good day out.”

Upcoming Fixtures Gowran Park - Thursday, January 25 (First Race 12.50). Dundalk - Friday, January 26 (First Race 5.30). Fairyhouse - Saturday, January 27 (First Race 1.05). Naas - Sunday, January 28 (First Race 1.20).

Pat Fahy's Morning Assembly, who will be a big attraction on the day.

Dungarvan Point-to-Point rescheduled for this Sunday THE annual Dungarvan Point-to-Point races at Kilossera was forced to postpone on Sunday last, and will now take place this coming Sunday, January 28th. While the track was passed fit to race on Friday, it was decided that the committee and Turf Club officials would take another look on Saturday morning. With the overnight rain from Friday night and a forecast of more to come it was decided the best course of action was to take an early decision to postpone to allow patrons, trainers and jockeys plenty of notice. With a warm week and no excessive rain forecast it is envisaged the course will be in very good shape this coming Sunday. Entries will stand as per the initial meeting where a very healthy 79 horses were due to line up. With only one of those horses having run over the weekend it is envisaged bumper fields will be in place at the Kilossera venue. One very eye-catching entry is Pat Fahy’s stable star Morning Assembly in The Country Store Open.

Harrington has Our Duke primed for Unibet Irish Gold Cup OUR Duke had connections predicting a lordly performance at Leopardstown next month after the Irish Grand National winner headlined the entries for the Unibet Irish Gold Cup, highlight of the second day of the inaugural Dublin Racing Festival. Entries for the two-day festival were unveiled last Tuesday and featured a plethora of Ireland's most exciting horses, including Getabird, Samcro and Footpad. Trainer Jessica Harrington has leading claims in the Unibet Irish Gold Cup with Our Duke which has not been seen since finishing last on his seasonal debut at Down Royal's Champion Chase in November, after which he received treatment for a kissing spine. Harrington said, “He's run well fresh in the past and if we can have him in the same sort of form he was in when he won the Irish National then he should run a big race in the Unibet Irish Gold Cup.”

A former grade one winner at the Punchestown festival his last run was when finishing a very respectable 8th in the 2016 Aintree National and the strapping son of Shantou will be a huge attraction among a stellar field including last year’s winner Minella For Value and recent winners Rue Hill and Sydney Paget. Another notable aspect to the meeting will be the innovative use of a second camera to provide side-on views of four of the five fences on the circuit. With side-on shots being so popular at UK racetracks, this terrific idea should greatly improve the punters views of the action on the big screen as it will capture the distinct beauty of horses jumping big obstacles at speed. Racegoers should note that given the soft ground in the usual parking areas above the hill, committee members request as many patrons as possible park on the main road and make the short five minute walk to the track.

GORDON Elliott was very much the man to follow at a wet Thurles on Sunday where he ended the day with four winners for owners Gigginstown House Stud. He won both feature races on the card with 6/4 chance A Toi Phil impressing under Jack Kennedy in the Grade 3 Horse & Jockey Hotel Kinloch Brae Chase and Dinaria Des Obeaux winning the Grade 2 Coolmore National Hunt Sires Irish EBF Mares Novice Chase in similar fashion under the same rider at odds of 11/10 favourite. Kennedy had initiated a treble for himself when taking the 2m maiden hurdle on Elliott’s 7/1 chance Pete So High and Davy Russell got in on the winning act when taking the conditions’ hurdle with 12/1 shot Dortmund Park for the Cullentra trainer. Adrian Maguire and his son Finny landed the 2m handicap hurdle with 10/1 chance Knockraha Pylon while Kopookris was left in front to win the handicap chase for Liam Cusack and Denis O'Regan by the final fence falls of rivals Teacher’s Pet and Positive Approach. Gilgamboa will be aimed at the bigger hunter chases at home after his 10-length success over Foxrock in the finale. He is not eligible for either the Cheltenham and Aintree festivals this year.

New date set FOLLOWING the cancellation of the Fairyhouse meeting which was scheduled for last Wednesday, Horse Racing Ireland has announced that this meeting will now be held at Fairyhouse on Wednesday February 14th. Entries for this meeting will close by 12 noon on Thursday, February 8th with declarations to run to be made by 10 am on Tuesday, February 13.

Yorkhill among Mullins' stars in line to run at the Dublin Racing Festival YORKHILL will be one of Willie Mullins' stars to line out at the Dublin Racing Festival, the champion trainer revealed at the launch of the inaugural weekend Leopardstown fixture at his Closutton stables early last week. Mullins also revealed that if all continues to go well with Faugheen, the former Champion Hurdle winner could reappear in the BHP Insurance Irish Champion Hurdle, a race he also won two years ago. Like Faugheen, Yorkhill disappointed at the Leopardstown Christmas festival and the Andrea and Graham Wylie-owned eight-year-old is set for a dramatic

drop in distance. Yorkhill was the yard's number one Timico Cheltenham Gold Cup hope before Christmas, according to the betting, but his first attempt at three miles could be his last, with Mullins believing it is time to concentrate on his speed rather than trying to stretch his stamina. Mullins said, “If we think he's Champion Hurdle class we could have a potential Champion Chase horse. We'll go down the two-mile chase route and if that doesn't work we'll go back to hurdling. I'm happy enough for him to run in the Grade 2 Coral Dublin Chase at the Dublin Racing Festival early next month.”

Un De Sceaux wins third Clarence House Chase UN De Sceaux got the job done like the ultimate professional he always is as the Willie Mullins-trained 10-year-old made it a third straight win in the Clarence House at Ascot, scoring comfortably at odds of 4-9. Paul Townend was once again deputising for the injured Ruby Walsh and he took it up on the home turn.

Brain Power was challenging but looked held when coming down two from home. Un De Sceaux is now 5-2 favourite to retain his Ryanair Chase crown at the Cheltenham Festival. He is now the winner of eight Grade 1 races and has brought his total prize-money to Stg£1m.

2018 Irish Thoroughbred Marketing Irish Stallion Trail a tremendous success THE 2018 Irish Thoroughbred Marketing Irish Stallion Trail was declared a tremendous success after large crowds turned out on Friday January 12 and Saturday January 13, visiting a record 29 stud farms, many

of whom experienced increased numbers on the 2017 high of over 2,000 visitors, with a rise in the number of breeders in attendance. An additional 12 Group 1 winners joining the Irish stallion ranks in 2018

was undoubtedly a huge draw for the breeders that travelled from all over the country, as well as from France, Germany and Britain. A group of 40 owners and breeders also travelled over from the Czech Republic.

Dungarvan observer 26 1 2018 edition  
Dungarvan observer 26 1 2018 edition