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Why Invest in Gold And Silver

The following are some of the reasons why you should invest in Gold and Silver: 1. Gold and silver are an excellent hedge against both inflation and deflation. - During inflation, all investments appear to rise, but many actually fall in value. In such a situation, the best investments would be precious metals, because their prices will rise as the dollar is inflated, and debt leveraged investments such as real estate. - During deflation, it meant is that investors will begin sellling their dollar and begin moving into precious metals (especially gold and silver) investments. By pure supply and demand, the gold and silver prices will skyrocket.

2. Precious metals provide protection against a “dollar crisis.� - U.S. Dollar are falling. There will be a dollar crisis soon. When that happens, the only real money, gold and silver will prevail and their demand and prices will skyrocket. 3. Central Banks around the world are now buying gold and silver. - Big central banks from China and India are buying more gold and silver than ever before. With demand going up and suppy remain constant, gold and silver prices will skyrocket. 4. Countries like China are now using gold to diversify out of the U.S. Dollar. - Similar to above, the high demand will drive gold and silver prices upwards.

5. Physical gold and silver are the most private investment available. - Physical gold and silver are tangible items, unlike equities and funds. 6. Gold and silver offer no counterparty risk – No reliance on a company, the economy, management, etc. - The value of gold and silver is determined purely by supply and demand. 7. Gold and silver have been utilized as “money� for over 5000 years. - Check back the history. Gold and silver are the only money that have withstood the time. Currency are paper money and their value are inherantly zero.

8. Gold and silver inventories and mining capacities are limited. - The gold and silver supply will not increase over time. With demand ever rising, especially silver, which is an industrial metal, the prices of gold and silver will skyrocket in no time. 9. As a fiat currency, the U.S. Dollar will continue to decline in value. - As mentioned, the only true money that had withstood the test of time are gold and silver. U.S. Dollars are paper money from the printing press, and will eventually go to their original value, which is zero.

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Why invest in gold and silver  

This presentation states the reasons why you should invest in gold and silver