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Title 100% Guaranteed Strategy to Generate Website Traffic! Introduction This article guides you through article marketing, a proven content strategy to generate website traffic. 1.

Article Marketing. a.

Your Goal should be to. (1) Write an article which targets keywords in your identified niche area. (2) Post article on one or more sites that will rank well on Google search on those keywords. (3) Include links in your article to your site.


Writing a Great Article. (1) Write an article of about 500 words. DO NOT write a very long winded article. Your article should have introduction, body and concluding paragraph to remind on the key points. Use point form, whenever possible. It allows easier reading and reduces your word count. (2) Include your keywords in your title. Article directories will often use your title text in their HTML<title><title> tag for the page. Do not worry if you do not understand this technical part. Just ensure that you have your keywords in your title. (3) Include your keywords at least a few times in the article. Remember to include your keywords once in the opening paragraph and once in the closing paragraph. Google will reward that. (4) Put a link to your website in your resource/author box. This is the part where most article directories allow you to include at the end of the article to identify yourself, advertise your website, etc. The link to your site should include your keyword. (5) Do not give all the information in your article. It is much better to tell part of the story, and then direct the reader to your site to get the remaining information. For example, it is much better to just give 3 out of 5 tips, and informing the reader that there are 2 more free tips at your website.

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This article guides you through article marketing, a proven content strategy to generate website traffic.