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Community buiness owners learn from family tradition You may have noticed a few new businesses in Duneland lately and wondering what was in store for the community. Many of these businesses are inspired by family roots, while others are springing to life for the first time.

Rebecca Riley-Vargas has transformed the building at 4th Street and Porter Avenue into a weaver's paradise. Clockwise from top left:


Three Moons Fiberworks just opened on June 8, 2019 on the corner of 4th Street and Broadway in the old post office facility, and owner Rebecca Riley-Vargas says her father, Richard Riley of Riley’s Railhouse, inspired her to bring her art to Duneland. She says, “I have been involved in fiber arts since I was very young. Both of my grandmothers were involved in fiber arts and I’ve shifted to weaving in the past 10 years. I will never get board in weaving with the combination of colors, patterns, and fibers—it’s endless. There’s always something new to try. My dad has been essential to the renovation of his building, both from a practical standpoint, and from a design standpoint. I’ve always loved his vision when it comes to designing spaces. He has been a guiding force in the direction and requirements, introducing us to individuals that have been extraordinarily important in the community.” Rebecca and her husband and their daughter moved to Duneland in 2012 and after her father purchased the building; redesigning it for a studio was a labor of love. “My husband was involved in the gutting phase of the build-

ing and I walked in to visit him and was really struck by how wonderful the space was for a studio. We started to put plans together and it took us awhile. I felt I needed a large area because looms are not necessarily small. I wanted an area that would be visible and has excellent lighting. Lighting is important. I wanted to replace the

metal panels on 4th street with windows which let in a lot of natural light. We have yarn and finished fiber products for sale, classes in weaving, spinning, dying, fiber processing, and felting. Our equipment and studio space is available for lease if people have their own individual projects they want to work on,” she says. DUNELAND TODAY

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