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Top: A space set aside for claywork and glazing is available to patrons of Moth Wing Art Studio in Chesterton Middle: Emily Hopkins of Moth Wing Studio works on a piece of fused glass art in the studio Bottom: An area specifically outfitted for glasswork is available to patrons of Moth Wing Studio


Another artist studio that is new to town is also a family affair. Moth Wing Studio, located next to Ace Hardware on Calumet, is owned by Emily Hopkins whose parents, Mark and Michelle, opened Ace Hardware in 2005. In 2007 they moved the business to its current location and Moth Wing Studio opened on May 25, 2019. “This was the space connected to Ace,” explains Emily, “and we wanted to offer something that would be good for our community. Moth Wing is a studio where we offer fused glass art and ceramic arts, as well as spin art.” Emily says that fused art is a creative endeavor that she and her family have been enjoying for years, so they are happy to offer it to Duneland. “We always vacation in Door County, Wisconsin and there is a fused-glass studio there. We have been doing that for several years and so we bought a kiln, took a class in Michigan and for the past year we have been doing this at our home. My mom is really into it and we learned about it. With fused glass, you can make dishes, plant stakes, sun catchers, and decorative art. We have different colors of glass to choose from and 10


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you can cut the glass right here. We help you do it. It has been going really well and the place has been packed. All ages are welcome,” she says. Emily adds that she has learned a lot about business from her parents and is excited to be venturing into her own business. “I have lived in Chesterton my whole life. They bought the store when I was in 3rd grade and so I have worked there and helped out there pretty much my whole life. I was lucky to learn so much from them, and it’s so nice to have a relationship with the people that come in there and now come into the studio. My parents have taught me that it’s important to have relationships.”

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Duneland Today Fall 2019  

Duneland Today Fall 2019