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Dundurn Spring 2012


The Story of the Lost Peace by John Wilson 96 pages, 8.25 x 9.5 36 b&w illustrations, maps, bibliography, index paper $18.99, £12.99 9781459703452 pdf $18.99, £12.99 9781459703476 epub $9.99, £6.99 9781459703476 Stories of Canada History Ages 12+ August Peace after the First World War inspires hope for a better life that's crushed by the advent of the Second World War. Beginning with the Treaty of Versailles and the hope for the birth of a better world, Failed Hope follows the postwar rise of fascism, social unrest, Prohibition, the Great Depression, Adolf Hitler's rise to power, and the wars in Abyssinia, Spain, In the same series: and China. The general strike in Winnipeg provides a Canadian perspective to the Bitter Ashes global labour turmoil of the period. The book ends with the failure of appeasement paper $20.95, £13.99 and the outbreak of the Second World War. 9781894917902

The information is presented in easily digestible segments, accompanied by photographs. Informative sidebars provide background information or connect world events to activities in Canada. Failed Hope links with John Wilson's two previous books, Desperate Glory and Bitter Ashes, covering the history of the 20th century from 1914 to 1945 and the effects of its world wars. John Wilson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the author of numerous books for young people. He has written other Stories of Canada titles, including Righting Wrongs and Discovering the Arctic, both of which were shortlisted for the Norma Fleck Award for children's non-fiction. He lives in Lantzville, British Columbia.

Desperate Glory paper $20.95, £13.99 9781894917421


Dundurn Spring 2012

LITTLE JANE AND THE NAMELESS ISLE A Little Jane Silver Adventure by Adira Rotstein 272 pages, 5 x 8 paper $12.99, £8.99 9781459704206 pdf $12.99, £8.99 9781459704213 epub $8.99, £5.99 9781459704220 Fiction Ages 12+ September

Little Jane encounters treachery and adventure on her voyage to the Nameless Isle in search of her parents' buried treasure. Only two people have ever survived the trip to the Nameless Isle: Long John Silver and Bonnie Mary Bright, the parents of aspiring pirate girl Little Jane. They thought the volcanic caves would be great places to store their treasure. They thought wrong. Now the pirate hunter Fetzcaro Madsea and his crew are forcing Long John and Bonnie Mary to guide them across the island to the treasure. Hoping to use their secret knowledge of the island's dangers to thin out their foes, Long John and Bonnie Mary take a deadly risk. Meanwhile, Little Jane and her friends rush to beat them to the treasure by taking In the same series: a secret route. Do they have what it takes to brave the terrors of the island? Will they get to her parents in time to save them from the vengeful Madsea? And what strange horror lies in wait for them all in the peculiar orange birds' lair? Hold fast to your courage and read on! Adira Rotstein has studied literature and film at the University of Toronto and screenwriting at the University of Southern California. She has lived in many locations throughout England, the United States, and Canada. Her creative output includes novels, screenplays, films, paintings, comic books, and illustrations. Her first book in this series, Little Jane Silver, was published in 2011. She lives in Toronto.


Little Jane Silver paper $12.99, £8.99 9781554888788 pdf $12.99, £8.99 9781459703605 epub $8.99, £5.99 9781554888795

Dundurn Spring 2012

CHERRY BLOSSOM WINTER A Cherry Blossom Book by Jennifer Maruno 136 pages, 5 x 8 paper $9.99, £6.99 9781459702110 pdf $9.99, £6.99 9781459702134 epub $9.99, £6.99 9781459702127 Fiction Ages 10+ September

After being outcast to a small community, 10-year-old Michiko's life gets better when a former baseball star becomes her teacher. Ten-year-old Michiko wants to be proud of her Japanese heritage but can't be. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, her family's possessions are confiscated and they are forced into deprivation in a small, insular community. The men are sent to work on the railway, so the women and children are left to make the trip on their own. After a former Asahi baseball star becomes her new teacher, life gets better. Baseball fever hits town, and when Michiko challenges the adults to a game with her class, the whole town turns out. Then the government announces that they must move once again. But they can't In the same series: think of relocating with a new baby coming, even with the offer of free passage to When the Cherry Japan. Michiko pretends to be her mother and writes to get a job for her father on Blossoms Fell a farm in Ontario. When he is accepted, they again pack their belongings and head paper $9.95, £6.99 to a new life in Ontario. 9781894917834 Jennifer Maruno is a long-time educator and writer of award-winning educaFINALIST tional materials. Her debut novel, When the Cherry Blossoms Fell, was shortlisted Hackmatack for the 2011 Hackmatack Award and the 2012 Pacific Northwest Young Readers Award 2011 Choice Award. Her second historical novel, Warbird, followed in 2010. She lives in Burlington, Ontario.


Dundurn Spring 2012

SECOND CHANCES by Brenda Chapman 240 pages, 5 x 8 paper $12.99, £8.99 9781459702042 pdf $12.99, £8.99 9781459702066 epub $8.99, £5.99 9781459702059 Fiction Ages 12+ September

A coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of "peace, love, rock and roll," By the same author: and the Vietnam War. One summer can change everything.… It's the summer of 1971, and 15-year-old Darlene travels with her mother to cottage country. This year her wild cousin, Elizabeth, is staying with them in the hopes that time away from Toronto will straighten her out — but Elizabeth has other plans. She makes it her summer mission to torment Darlene by manipulating her friends and seducing every eligible male in her path. Meanwhile, Darlene is captivated by the mysterious strangers who rent the cottage down the road, particularly free-spirited Candy, who tells stories of traipsing across the United States with rock stars. Darlene also befriends a reclusive journalist who will stop at nothing to pen the anti-war story that wins a Nobel Prize. She, too, secretly dreams of becoming a writer, but knows that her controlling father will never allow it. Brenda Chapman began her children's fiction career with Running Scared, the first in the Jennifer Bannon series. Hiding in Hawk's Creek was shortlisted for the CLA Book of the Year for Children. Where Trouble Leads and Trail of Secrets followed. Her first mystery for adults, In Winter's Grip, was published in 2010. She lives in Ottawa.


In Winter's Grip paper $16.95, £11.99 9781926607054 pdf $16.95, £11.99 9781459703827 epub $8.99, £5.99 9781926607191

Trail of Secrets paper $9.95, £6.99 9781894917766

Dundurn Spring 2012

YOU'RE SO SWEET by Charis Marsh 224 pages, 5 x 8 paper $12.99, £8.99 9781459704176 pdf $12.99, £8.99 9781459704183 epub $8.99, £5.99 9781459704190 Ballet School Confidential Fiction Ages 12+ July

As the second semester at the Vancouver International Ballet Academy approaches, how will four maturing dancers face the new challenges that await them? The Vancouver International Ballet Academy has opened its doors after the winter break, and everyone is back! Julian is finding it difficult to concentrate on dance because of his family; his teachers think he could be great if he could just focus. Kaitlyn believes she's the best dancer, but her body type is getting in the way of her (and her mother's) dance ambitions, tempting her to lie. Alexandra is as focused as usual, but others don't seem to understand how much time and energy she has to give to ballet if she In the same series: wants to be the best. While Taylor is still criticized at VIBA, she's getting a lot of Love You, Hate You positive attention from outside — especially from a recently retired Canadian balpaper $12.99, £7.99 lerina who's taken an interest in her and Julian. 9781554889617 Who will get noticed in competition and the spring seminar? Whatever happens, someone's going to lose and someone's going to win. Charis Marsh has been dancing for as long as she can remember and loves the people she meets in the dance world almost as much as the dancing. She has performed in many productions, including The Nutcracker. Her previous novel in the Ballet School Confidential series is Love You, Hate You. She lives in Vancouver.

pdf $12.99, £7.99 9781459700659 epub $9.99, £4.99 9781554889624


Dundurn Spring 2012


160 pages, 5 x 8 paper $9.99, £6.99 9781459701359 pdf $9.99, £6.99 9781459701373 epub $9.99, £6.99 9781459701366 Fiction Ages 12+ June

When 14-year-old-Johanna learns that her orphanage is experimenting on Of related interest: babies, she kidnaps one of them and sets off for Amsterdam. Picturing Alyssa Johanna is a 14-year-old Jewish girl who lives in Hamburg, Germany, in the early 18th century. She feels stifled by the daily drudgery of her life and dreams of seeing what lies outside the confines of the Jewish quarter. Johanna lies about her identity and gets a job as a caregiver at an orphanage. Until it's too late, she doesn't realize a secret experiment is taking place that results in the deaths of babies. Deciding to kidnap one of the orphanage's babies, Johanna sets off for Amsterdam. She faces many dangers on her journey, including plague, bandits, storms and, not least of all, anti-Semitism. Johanna has a lot of courage and determination, but will it be enough to save the baby and reach her destination? Will she finally find a place where she can be free? Anne Dublin is an award-winning author of historical fiction and biographies for young people. Her books include Bobbie Rosenfeld: The Olympian Who Could Do Everything, winner of the IODE Violet Downey Book Award and the Canadian Jewish Book Award, and The Orphan Rescue, finalist for the U.S. National Jewish Book Award. She lives in Toronto.


paper $12.99, £7.99 9781554889259 pdf $12.99, £7.99 9781554889266 epub $8.99, £5.99 9781459703612

Trouble on the Voyage paper $10.95, £7.99 9781926607108

Dundurn Spring 2012

TRANSMIGRATION by Nicholas Maes 288 pages, 5 x 8 paper $12.99, £8.99 9781459702318 pdf $12.99, £8.99 9781459702332 epub $8.99, £5.99 9781459702325 Fiction Ages 12+ August

What do you do when you're being watched at every turn by creatures plot- By the same author: ting to take over the world? Simon Carpenter is a normal 16-year-old living in Vancouver. Or is he normal? Any type of music drives him crazy. When walking by a homeless person, he can see the world through the drunken man's eyes. And when visiting a pet shop he hears a rabbit speaking to him. To solve these mysteries, he takes the rabbit home, only to discover that a foreign "presence" lives inside it. To make matters worse, this "presence" belongs to an army of souls that has plans to supplant the human race.

FINALIST Snow Willow Award 2010

Who are these creatures? How do they plan to accomplish their goal? How is Simon connected to them? And if they can watch his every step, how can he stop them? These are questions he must answer … quickly. Nothing is what it seems to be and failure will lead to worldwide disaster.

Laughing Wolf paper $12.99, £7.99 9781554883851 pdf $12.99, £7.99 9781770703872 epub $8.99, £4.49 9781770706026

Locksmith paper $11.99, £6.99 9781550027914 pdf $11.99, £6.99 9781770703162

Nicholas Maes is a high school history teacher and teaches classics at the University of Waterloo. His previous novels for young people are Crescent Star, Locksmith, and Laughing Wolf, which was nominated for the Snow Willow Award. Maes is also the author of Robertson Davies: Magician of Words. He lives in Toronto. CCBC Best Books 2009


Dundurn Spring 2012

OAK ISLAND FAMILY The Restall Hunt for Buried Treasure by Lee Lamb 120 pages, 8 x 8 50 b&w illustrations paper $19.99, £12.99 9781459703421 pdf $19.99, £12.99 9781459703438 epub $8.99, £5.99 9781459703445 History Ages 12+ June For 200 years people have sought the treasure buried on Oak Island on CanaOf related interest: da's East Coast. Bob Restall got his chance, but it ended in tragedy. A fabulous treasure lies buried deep within an island on Canada's East Coast. Or so they say. For more than 200 years treasure hunters have come to Oak Island seeking its cache. They worked long and hard, spent fortunes, and left empty-handed.

Betrayed paper $10.95, £7.99 9781894917919

But when Bob Restall and his family got their chance to search for treasure on Oak Island, they knew this time would be different. For nearly six years the Restalls lived and worked on the island, driven by their quest for riches and fame, encouraged by small successes, toughened by minor frustrations and major setbacks, but continuing to press on — until their quest suddenly ended in tragedy. Oak Island Family, written by Bob Restall's daughter, describes the family's adventure through personal anecdotes and numerous, never-before-published photographs. Those who love history or a good human interest story shouldn't miss this book. Lee Lamb was born in Somerset, England, and came to Canada when she was two years old. She has been a secretary, a project coordinator, a hospital social worker, and a high school teacher. Her previous book was Oak Island Obsession. She lives in Burlington, Ontario.


Minerva's Voyage paper $12.99, £7.99 9781554884391 epub $8.99, £4.49 9781770705586 CCBC Best Books 2011

Dundurn Spring 2012


296 pages, 5 x 8 paper $12.99, £8.99 9781459702288 pdf $12.99, £8.99 9781459702301 epub $8.99, £5.99 9781459702295 History Ages 12+ August

Angus and his family are sent from Scotland in 1813 on a voyage to start a By the same author: new life in the strange and cruel new land of western Canada. In 1813, cleared out from their beloved Scottish Highlands, 15-year-old Angus, his mother, father, small brother Rabbie, and 100 others sail for Canada to seek a better life with assistance from Lord Selkirk. Angus, his family, and their friends the O'Hares, with their aloof, unsmiling daughter Maggie, share the hardships and terror of the sea voyage only to be dumped onto the shore of a forbidding land. There they spend a brutal winter. With bitter determination and help from the Native population, the settlers manage to reach the Red River. They are eager to finally begin their new life but meet obstacles even more dangerous when they are caught up in a struggle between the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company, powerful fur-trading rivals. Despite this hard transition, Angus falls in love with this new land and takes his place beside the brave men who risk their lives to protect it. B.J. Bayle's Battle Cry at Batoche was a Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice, while Perilous Passage, about explorer and mapmaker David Thompson, was nominated for a Red Maple Award. Also the author of Shadow Riders, about the RCMP's early history, she lives in Cochrane, Alberta.

Shadow Riders paper $12.99, £7.99 9781554887248 pdf $12.99, £7.99 9781459704831 epub $8.99, £4.49 9781770705968

Battle Cry at Batoche paper $11.99, £6.99 9781550027174 pdf $11.99, £6.99 9781459703018 epub $8.99, £5.99 9781554884964 CCBC Our Choice 2001


Dundurn Spring 2012

Fall 2011 Teen Roundup THE BOY FROM LEFT FIELD by Tom Henighan Fiction | Ages 12+ | 216 pages | paper $12.99, £7.99, 9781459700604 | pdf $12.99, £7.99, 9781459700628 | epub $8.99, £4.49, 9781459700611 Hawk, a poor, half-Native boy who lives on the street in Toronto, is eager to go back to school and to please both his divorced parents. When Mr. Rizzuto, his baseball coach, tells him how Babe Ruth, playing on nearby Toronto Island, hit his first professional home run, the question arises: what happened to the baseball?

CAPTAIN FITZ FitzGibbon, Green Tiger of the War of 1812 by Enid Mallory Canadians at War | Ages 12+ | 176 pages | 30 b&w illustrations, 2 maps, bibliography, index | paper $19.99, £13.99, 9781459701182 | pdf $19.99, £13.99, 9781459701205 | epub $9.99, £4.99, 9781459701199 The name James FitzGibbon struck terror in the hearts of U.S. soldiers crossing the border to attack Canada during the War of 1812. This is the dramatic story of his life and that of the daring exploits of his Green Tigers, his 50 specially trained, hand-picked men from the 49th Regiment of the British Army in Upper Canada. CHASING THE WHITE WITCH by Marina Cohen Fiction | Ages 10+ | 160 pages | paper $12.99, £7.99, 9781554889648 | pdf $12.99, £7.99, 9781459700710 | epub $8.99, £4.49, 9781554889655 Teased by her older brother, bullied by popular girls at school, and plagued by an unsightly pimple on her nose, 12-year-old Claire Murphy finds a mysterious book of spells that may soon

HOWL by Karen Hood-Caddy Fiction | Ages 12+ | 256 pages | paper $9.99, £6.99, 9781926607252 | pdf $9.99, £6.99, 9781459701038 | epub $8.99, £4.49, 9781459701021 Can a 12-year-old make a difference for animals? After moving to a rural town, Robin is depressed. But when her pregnant dog plunges into the frozen lake, she saves the dog and hence the puppies, then begins rescuing wild animals. Soon she's running an illegal animal shelter. When she's found out, she mounts a campaign to save her shelter. 10

Dundurn Spring 2012

LEGEND OF THE PAYMASTER'S GOLD by Jo Shawyer Fiction | Ages 12+ | 136 pages | 6 maps | paper $12.99, £8.99, 9781554889907 | pdf $12.99, £8.99, 9781554889969 | epub $8.99, £4.49, 9781554889914 Legend has it that a paymaster lost his gold on Commissioners Road near London, Ontario, during the War of 1812, and Sam, Eadie, and Ben are determined to find it. Even though it's been 200 years, the trio makes some progress, only to discover the mystery may be harder to solve than they anticipated.

LOVE YOU, HATE YOU by Charis Marsh Fiction | Ages 12+ | 224 pages | paper $12.99, £7.99, 9781554889617 | pdf $12.99, £7.99, 9781459700659 | epub $9.99, £4.99, 9781554889624 Love You, Hate You follows four young dancers in their first semester at the Vancouver International Ballet Academy, showing the highs and lows of working toward careers as professional ballet dancers.

TALKING ABOUT FREEDDOM Celebrating Emancipation Day in Canada by Natasha L. Henry History | Ages 12+ | 208 pages | 30 b&w illustrations, 1 map | paper $19.99, £9.99, 9781459700482 | pdf $19.99, £9.99, 9781459700505 | epub $9.99, £4.99, 9781459700499 Talking About Freedom explores the history and significance of emancipation festivals in Canada. Discover the main features of Emancipation Day celebrations, learn about the people of African ancestry's struggle for freedom, and the victories achieved in the push for equality into the 21st century. THE TIME THIEF by Angela Dorsey Fiction | Ages 10+ | 144 pages | paper $9.99, £6.99, 9781926607276 | pdf $9.99, £6.99, 9781459701106 | epub $8.99, £4.49, 9781459701090 Twelve-year-old Mika hears a cat yowl and goes to rescue it. With the cat Mika calls Angel safe at her home, strange things begin to happen. Someone seems to be watching the house, and a dark presence stalks her in the woods. Does Mika have the courage to take on Angel's darkly gifted, cruel owner? 11

Dundurn Spring 2012

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Established in 1972 by Kirk Howard, Dundurn Press Limited started primarily as a small publisher of Canadian history, military history, poli...