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Dundurn Spring 2011


by Kenneth J. Harvey

978-1554889211 328 pages, paper 5.5 x 8.5, 140 x 216 mm $22.99 Fiction June

As a fatherless girl with a mother who persistently encouraged her daughter’s artistic temperament, Anna Wells is highly sensitive to the life developing in her when she discovers she is pregnant. Anna’s gynecologist boyfriend, Kevin, considers the time just not right to have children, so Anna moves to a 100-year-old house in Bareneed, an abandoned cove in Newfoundland, where she takes comfort in renovating the interior of her new home and working on a series of paintings detailing roses. Paralleling Anna’s own journey is a minutely detailed, day-by-day development of the embryo. All goes well until a car arrives delivering a court summons. Kevin has filed a statement of claim seeking the termination of the embryo as “return of By the same author: property.” One night, while still in Bareneed and upset over the impending legal action, Anna discovers an abandoned little girl almost frozen to death in her front yard. Mysterious circumstances continue to surround the children in Bareneed as prochoice and pro-life factions marshal their forces. Kenneth J. Harvey is the internationally bestselling author of Blackstrap Hawco, Inside, and The Town That Forgot How to Breathe. He has won the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize, the Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award, the Winterset Little White Squaw Award, and Italy’s Libro Del Mare. He lives in an outport in Newfoundland. 978-0888784278 $22.95 £11.50 Canadian rights only


Dundurn Spring 2011


by Mazo de la Roche 978-1554889150 288 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm $24.99 Fiction August


by Mazo de la Roche In Morning at Jalna, it is 1863 and the American Civil War is raging south of 978-1554889181 the border. Still in its early years, the 328 pages, paper Jalna estate seems far away from the 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm despair and destruction. Philip, who will $24.99 grow up to become the master of Jalna, has just come into the world, while Fiction Augusta, Nicholas, and Ernest are children. Life at Jalna is as peaceful as usual August until the Sinclairs come to visit. They arrive with the polished manners and soft accents of Old Carolina and quickly appeal to Adeline’s sense of hospitality. However, as the burden these distant cousins bring grows, the Whiteoaks begin to suspect that the Sinclairs have a deep and dangerous secret.

Centenary at Jalna brings us to 1953 when the Whiteoaks gather to mark the 100th anniversary of their estate. It has now been a century since Captain Philip and Adeline Whiteoak arrived in Canada and built their legacy. While this should be a time of festivity for the clan, tension and discontent surround the forthcoming marriage of a new generation’s Adeline and Philip, grandchildren of the originals. To make matters worse, young Dennis risks tragedy and Wakefield finds himself in a doomed relationship. As the celebrations loom closer, the question remains: Will the Whiteoaks be able to overcome their difficulties one last time?

Mazo de la Roche, in 1927, was an impoverished writer in Toronto when she won a $10,000 prize from The Atlantic Monthly for her novel Jalna. The book became an immediate bestseller and was eventually adapted for stage, screen, and television. In the same series:

The Whiteoak Brothers 978-1554887415 / $24.99

Whiteoak Harvest 978-1554884674 / $24.99

Renny’s Daughter 978-1554887927 / $24.99

Young Renny 978-1554884100 / $24.99

Jalna 978-1894852234 / $24.99

Wakefield’s Course 978-1554884681 / $24.99

Variable Winds at Jalna 978-1554887934 / $24.99

Whiteoak Heritage 978-1554884117 / $24.99

Whiteoaks of Jalna 978-1894852241 / $24.95

Return to Jalna 978-1554887422 / $24.99

Canadian rights only


Dundurn Spring 2011


by d leonard freeston 978-1554889037 424 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm $22.99 £14.99 Fiction September

Of related interest: Jason Conrad, a man with the wealth of Bill Gates, decides to preserve for posterity the seeds of as many animal and plant species as possible in a vast and remote underground facility, taking the world’s legitimate seed banks and “frozen zoos” to a whole new level. Conrad’s secret doomsday complex, though, is staffed by a combination of environmental experts and mercenaries who will stop at nothing to achieve their once-noble ambitions. After a fellow police officer is murdered and his award-winning German shepherd disappears, Montreal Sergeant-Detective Irina Drach and her young partner, Ultimatum 2 Sergeant-Detective Hudson, connect the crime with a seed bank raid in Ardingly, 978-1550025842 England, and the kidnapping of a Triple Crown Thoroughbred named Zarathustra. $21.99 £11.50 Soon it becomes apparent that highly organized, ruthless abduction teams are raiding seed banks around the world, as well as scooping up the finest animal specimens from zoos, nature preserves, and the wild. Despite the global implications and ballooning media interest, however, Irina never forgets that her foremost aim is to solve the murder of a friend and fellow officer. d leonard freeston has travelled extensively from Beijing and Bora Bora to Budapest and Baja. He has worked as a rock and jazz critic, a mycologist, a rock drummer, a recording engineer, a merchant seaman, a carnival barker, a cook on a Nightshade cruise ship, and a zookeeper. He lives in Dorval, Quebec. 978-1554887149 $11.99 £6.99 3

Dundurn Spring 2011


A Jack Taggart Mystery by Don Easton 978-1554888931 424 pages, paper 4.25 x 7, 108 x 178 mm $11.99 £6.99 Mystery August

By the same author: Intrepid Mountie Jack Taggart is hurled into a world where morality, justice, and the legal system are pitted against one another. Taggart investigates the murder of someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wiretap information identifies a shadowy gang member known only as Cocktail as being responsible.

Samurai Code 978-1554886975 $11.99 £6.99

Taggart and his partner go undercover to join one of a coalition of gangs who are at war in British Columbia. Their mission is to identify Cocktail and gain evidence Above Ground to convict him of murder. Taggart soon finds himself knee-deep in drive-by shoot978-1550026818 ings, meth labs, retaliatory murders, and date rapes. $11.99 £6.99 An offer of a truce pact to stop the gang warfare is arranged by Cocktail. Taggart, along with gang bosses, is taken to a remote location to discuss a peace agreement. What they find is that Cocktail has lured them into a trap of torture and murder. Don Easton is the author of four previous Jack Taggart Mysteries and is a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police undercover operative who tells it like it is. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

Angel in the Full Moon Loose Ends 978-1550028133 978-1550025651 $11.99 £6.99 $11.99 £6.99


Dundurn Spring 2011


A Moretti and Falla Mystery by Jill Downie 978-1554888689 328 pages, paper 4.25 x 7, 108 x 178 mm $11.99 £6.99 Mystery June

In the same series: On the English Channel Island of Guernsey, Detective Inspector Ed Moretti and his new partner, Liz Falla, investigate vicious attacks on Epicure Films. The international production company is shooting a movie based on British bad-boy author Gilbert Ensor’s bestselling novel about an Italian aristocratic family at the end of the Second World War, using fortifications from the German occupation of Guernsey as locations, and the manor house belonging to the expatriate Vannonis. When vandalism escalates into murder, Moretti must resist the attractions of Ensor’s glamorous American wife, Sydney, consolidate his working relationship She Demons with Falla, and establish whether the murders on Guernsey go beyond the island. 978-1554887637 $11.99 £6.99 Why is the Marchesa Vannoni in Guernsey? What is the significance of the design that appears on the daggers used as murder weapons, as well as on the Vannoni family crest? And what role does the marchesa’s statuesque niece, Giulia, who runs the family business and is probably bisexual, really play? Jill Downie is the author of the Governor General’s Award–nominated biography A Passionate Pen: The Lives and Times of Faith Fenton. Previously, she published five historical novels and has had plays showcased at several festivals, including the Toronto Fringe. She lives in Ancaster, Ontario.

Free Form Jazz 978-1554886968 $11.99 £6.99 5

Dundurn Spring 2011


A Quin and Morgan Mystery by John Moss 978-1554888566 368 pages, paper 4.25 x 7, 108 x 178 mm $11.99 £6.99 Mystery June

By the same author: Murder casts a long shadow, reaching from fabled Easter Island in the South Pacific to the desolate shores of Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. Detective Miranda Quin of the Toronto Police Service takes time off to write a mystery in the tropics and gets trapped in a sinister plot with global implications. Her partner in homicide, David Morgan, is left alone to resolve the case of a beautiful corpse on a Toronto Island yacht and ends up precariously compromised in the mysterious North.

Grave Doubts 978-1554884056 Their stories converge when they both return to Toronto. They discover themselves $11.99 £6.99 trapped in a labyrinth of deadly complexity, and the only way out is together. Much more than their own survival depends on it. Islands, they learn, are an illusion. Everything connects, especially when murder is involved. John Moss is the author of two previous Quin and Morgan Mysteries: Still Waters and Grave Doubts. He has published numerous books, including the non-fiction works Enduring Dreams: An Exploration of Arctic Landscape and Invisible Among the Ruins: Field Notes of a Canadian in Ireland. Moss lives in Peterborough, Ontario. Still Waters 978-1550027907 $11.99 £6.99


Dundurn Spring 2011


Selected Poetry and Prose by Robert W. Service edited, selected, and introduced by Michael Gnarowski

978-1554889389 272 pages, paper 5.5 x 8.5, 140 x 216 mm 6 b&w illustrations, notes, bibliography $26.99 £17.99 Voyageur Classics Fiction August

In the same series: The writing of Robert W. Service is mostly known through his poems and ballads. Immortalized by his two iconic ballads, The Cremation of Sam McGee and The Shooting of Dan McGrew, he has entered the world’s imagination as the Bard of the Yukon. But Service was much more than a chronicler of the Great North. A traveller and adventurer who tried his hand at many occupations, Service left a fascinating set of impressions: the successful literary life in the course of which he produced everything from poems and ballads to fictional romance to thrillers and The Silence on the Shore how to stave off the dreary process of aging. 978-1554887828 $26.99 £15.99 Robert W. Service is a fresh selection of the most interesting and significant works of the author with a biographical introduction, notes on the various selections, and a bibliography of additional readings. Robert W. Service (1874–1958) was born in Preston, England, and came to Canada in 1895, eventually ending up in Yukon Territory in 1904, six years after the Klondike Gold Rush. His many books include the poetry collection The Songs of a Sourdough, the novel The Trail of Ninety-Eight, and the autobiography Ploughman of the Moon. Service later moved to France, where he died.

The Men of the Last Frontier Michael Gnarowski co-edited The Making of Modern Poetry in Canada, compiled The 978-1554888047 Concise Bibliography of English Canadian Literature, and edited the Critical Views on $26.99 £15.99 Canadian Writers Series for McGraw-Hill Ryerson. He lives in Kemptville, Ontario. 7

Dundurn Spring 2011


by Roger Lemelin introduction by Michael Gnarowski 978-1554888030 392 pages, paper 5.5 x 8.5, 140 x 216 mm $26.99 £15.99 Voyageur Classics Fiction August

In the same series: Originally published in 1944 in French as Au pied de la pente douce, The Town Below takes place in St. Joseph Parish of Quebec City’s Saint-Sauveur suburb. SaintSauveur is a parochial and provincial place where narrow piety and corruption can be found in every corner, and Denis and Lise, two adolescents in love, scandalize the town with their affair. Scheming politicians and clergymen and grasping social climbers mix with salt-of-the-earth citizens in a rough-and-tumble satiric assault on pre–Quiet Revolution Quebec mores and attitudes.

Combat Journal for Place d’Armes 978-1554884575 The Town Below, Lemelin’s first novel, won the Prix David, the Prix de la langue $26.99 £15.99 française, and the Guggenheim Award. A bestseller in Quebec when it originally appeared, it has been called the “pioneer novel of working-class Quebec” and exploded, with great controversy, the smothering social and religious strictures prevalent among post-war Québécois.

Pilgrims of the Wild 978-1554887347 $26.99 £15.99


Roger Lemelin (1919–1992), was born in working-class Quebec City. He published eight novels and numerous short stories and essays, and won several awards for his books. In addition to the awards he won for The Town Below, he also adapted his second novel, Les Plouffe, into the popular CBC-TV show The Plouffe Family, which ran from 1953 to 1959 in French and English.

Dundurn Spring 2011


The Life and Legacy of Sir Isaac Brock by Wesley B. Turner 978-1554887774 304 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 35 b&w illustrations in two 8-page inserts, maps, notes, bibliography, index $35.00 £20.00 Biography July

The War of 1812 revealed many heroes and heroines from both Canada and the United States, and Major-General Sir Isaac Brock (1769–1812) was one of them. This book tells of his life, his career, and his legacy, particularly in the Canadas, and of the context in which he lived. Despite his success in capturing Detroit, Brock was, in some ways, the most unlikely of heroes. He was admired by his American foes almost as much as by his own people and he was revered far and wide. This reputation was furthered by his success in winning Tecumseh’s trust and ensuring that the great Native leader’s formidable army was loyal to the British. Even more striking is how a British general whose military role lasted less than five months became the best-known hero of By the same author: that two-and-a-half-year war. The Astonishing General is Wesley B. Turner’s exploration of this unlikely hero and his astounding legacy. Wesley B. Turner earned his B.A. and M.A. from the University of Toronto and a Ph.D. from Duke University. He taught history in high schools and at Brock University for 31 years before retiring. His previous books include British Generals in the War of 1812 and Album of Upper Canada. He lives in Niagara-on-the-Lake, The War of 1812 Ontario. 978-1550023367 $16.99 £8.99 9

Dundurn Spring 2011


A Professor’s Life by Michael Bliss

978-1554889532 336 pages, hardcover 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm Index $40.00 £22.00 Memoir September

Of related interest: One of Canada’s best-known and most-honoured biographers turns to the raw material of his own life in Writing History. A university professor, prolific scholar, public intellectual, and frank critic of the world he has known, Michael Bliss draws on extensive personal diaries to describe a life that has taken him from small-town Ontario in the 1950s to international recognition for his books in Canadian and medical history. His memoir ranges remarkably widely: it encompasses social history, family tragedy, a critical insider’s view of university life, Canadian national Peter Gzowski politics, and, above all, a rare glimpse into the craftsmanship that goes into the 978-1554887200 research and writing of history in our time. $40.00 £22.00 Whether writing about pigs and millionaires, the discovery of insulin, sleazy Canadian politicians, or the founders of modern medicine and brain surgery, Michael Bliss is noted for the clarity of his prose, the honesty of his opinions, and the breadth of his literary interests.

Victor Feldbrill 978-1554887682 $40.00 £22.00


Michael Bliss, professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, has written numerous books in the fields of Canadian politics, medicine, and business, including the Governor General’s Award–nominated Plague: A Story of Smallpox in Montreal and Sir William Osler: A Life in Medicine. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Dundurn Spring 2011


The Lure of the Far North by Alexis S. Troubetzkoy

978-1554888559 304 pages, hardcover 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 25 b&w illustrations, 8 maps, notes, bibliography, index $35.00 £23.00 History April

Of related interest: More than an account of the human delusion and fortitude in penetrating one of the most inhospitable areas of the world, Arctic Obsession goes beyond the gripping history of northern exploration and the searches for the Northwest and Northeast Passages. From early medieval times to the 21st century, what has been the beguiling attraction of the Far North? What manner of men were they who boldly ventured into those hostile and unpredictable regions, scores never to return home, swallowed up Arctic Naturalist by the merciless elements? 978-1554887460 $29.99 £17.99 Today’s Arctic is developing into tomorrow’s hot spot. Arctic Obsession dwells on contemporary issues besetting the most fragile part of our planet — global warming and environmental, ecological, and geopolitical concerns. The book also provides an overview of the entire Arctic region, from Canada, Russia, and Alaska to Greenland, Iceland, and the North Sea. Alexis S. Troubetzkoy, born in France of a Russian princely family, immigrated at an early age to the United States and then to Canada. A resident of Toronto, he served as headmaster of three Canadian independent schools and has authored Imperial Legend: The Disappearance of Tsar Alexander I and A Brief History of the Pike’s Portage Crimean War. 978-1554884605 $29.99 £17.99 No U.S. rights


Dundurn Spring 2011

REVISITING “OUR FOREST HOME” The Immigrant Letters of Frances Stewart by Jodi Lee Aoki foreword by Bernadine Dodge

978-1554887767 288 pages, hardcover 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 25 b&w illustrations, maps, appendices, notes, bibliography, index $35.00 £20.00 History July Of related interest: Frances Stewart arrived in Upper Canada from Ireland in 1822 with her husband, three children, and two servants. The family settled in Duro Township on the bank of the Ottonabee River in 1823. Spanning three-quarters of a century, her letters represent the immigrant experience of one of the first pioneer women in the Peterborough, Ontario, area. Included are full letters of the extant collection. They chronicle the years of Frances’s childhood in Ireland to her departure for North America, her voyage across the Pearls and Pebbles Atlantic and her life in Upper Canada to her husband’s death in 1847, and the 978-1896219592 period of widowhood until her death in 1872. The chapter summaries, annota$21.95 £14.99 tions, and key passages extracted from letters written by others further the story of Frances’s 19th-century immigrant life. Jodi Lee Aoki is the archivist responsible for Special Collections at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. She is also pursuing her doctorate in the Trent-Carleton Canadian Studies Ph.D. program and is particularly interested in literary representations in 19th-century writings, especially those of women. Jodi lives in Bethany, Ontario. Much to Be Done 978-1550027723 $21.99 £11.99 12

Dundurn Spring 2011


The Decisive Election That Shaped the Country by Patrice Dutil and David MacKenzie 978-1554889471 352 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 20 b&w illustrations, maps, charts, appendices, notes, bibliography, index $29.99 £17.99 History August

Of related interest: One hundred years ago Canadians went to the polls to decide the fate of their country in an election that raised issues vital to Canada’s national independence and its place in the world. This was the election that brought an end to Wilfrid Laurier’s 15 years as prime minister and ushered Robert Borden into office. Canadians faced a clear choice between free trade with the United States and fidelity to the British Empire, and the decisions they made in September 1911 helped shape Canada’s political and economic destiny for the rest of the century.

Dynasties and Interludes Canada 1911 revisits and re-examines this momentous turn in Canadian history, a 978-1554887965 time when Canadians truly found themselves at a parting of the ways. It was Canada’s $35.00 £23.00 first significant modern election and one of the first expressions of a modern Canada. The poet Rudyard Kipling famously wrote at the time that this election was nothing less than a fight for Canada’s soul. Canada 1911 will explain why. Patrice Dutil is an associate professor of politics and public administration at Ryerson University. He is the founder of the Literary Review of Canada and is the president of the Champlain Society. He lives in Toronto. David MacKenzie is an associate professor of history at Ryerson University and the author of several books on Canadian history and international relations. He The Canadian Federal Election of 2008 lives in Toronto. 978-1554884070 $36.99 £21.99


Dundurn Spring 2011


Exposing the New Realities of Espionage and International Terrorism Second Edition edited by Dwight Hamilton 978-1554888917 288 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 16-page b&w insert, appendices, index $26.99 £17.99 History June

Since 9/11, Canada has been on the front lines of a New World Order that few understand. And in today’s world, secret intelligence isn’t just the first line of defence — it may be the only one. Editor Dwight Hamilton has assembled a formidable cast of former intelligence officers and journalists to take you inside the covert and dangerous world of espionage and international terrorism. This revised paperback edition provides a concise exposé of every government organization in the Canadian national security sector, including special operations forces and diplomats. With first-hand accounts and informed analysis, the team behind Inside Canadian Intelligence has the expertise to accurately portray the new By the same author: realities like no one else can. Forget James Bond: this is the real deal. Dwight Hamilton has been an editor at two of Canada’s largest professional journals. He is a former member of Canadian military intelligence and once instructed a program on international terrorism at Humber College in Toronto.

Terror Threat 978-1550027365 $35.00 £17.50 14

Previous edition 978-1550027297

Dundurn Spring 2011


Canada’s Pivotal Battle in Korea by Dan Bjarnason forewords by Adrienne Clarkson and Peter Mansbridge 978-1554888726 232 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 20 b&w illustrations, maps, bibliography, notes, index $28.00 £19.00 History April Of related interest: April 24, 1951, was a lonely, moonlit night in Korea. On a godforsaken hill a few hundred Canadian soldiers waited for the fight of their lives to begin. Soon Chinese communist troops in their thousands swarmed around them, plunging straight toward Seoul, the South Korean capital. These Canadians were all that blocked the way. This is the story of the first battle by Canada’s first soldiers in the Korean War: the 2nd Battalion of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. These volunteers were straight from Central Casting: truck drivers, construction workers, kids just out Cross-Border Warriors of high school, and bored farm boys. Outnumbered and outgunned, this people’s 978-1550022254 $19.99 army of amateurs beat off some of the toughest troops on the planet. The battle that has become a legend takes its name from Kapyong, a nearby peanutsized village. It has become a mythic Canadian story, except this is mythology that is true and real. Dan Bjarnason was a television news and documentary reporter for The National at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for over 35 years. His worldwide assignments, including time as a foreign correspondent, allowed him to indulge his passion for military history and to visit dozens of battlefields from the Little Bighorn The Canadian Way of War to the Falklands. He lives in Toronto. 978-1550026122 $50.00 £28.99 15

Dundurn Spring 2011


The History of The Royal Canadian Regiment, 1953–2008 by Colonel Bernd Horn foreword by Major-General Tom De Faye

978-1554888955 424 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 100 b&w illustrations, maps, timeline, appendices, notes, glossary, bibliography, index $39.95 £20.00 History June By the same author: Canadian regimental histories are war stories that provide testimony to the feats of courage and tenacity of Canadians tested in combat or engaged in the sometimes tedious regimen of peace. These regimental histories speak to the collective military heritage and legacy of the country. They are, in fact, windows on our nation and ourselves. This volume, the companion to Establishing a Legacy, the first volume, provides a detailed account of The Royal Canadian Regiment’s story from 1953 to 2008. The RCR’s history after the Korean War paralleled the growth and evolution of Establishing a Legacy Canada through dangerous and trying times, from the brink of nuclear Armageddon 978-1550028171 to a freefall of global destabilization, economic catastrophe, resurging global ter$39.95 £20.00 rorism, and the birth of transnational terror networks. The RCR contributed to the victory in the Cold War, participated in the bitter stabilization campaigns of the 1990s in the former Yugoslavia, and fought and bled heavily in the reconstruction and counter-insurgency battle in Afghanistan.

No Lack of Courage 978-1554887668 $30.00 £18.00 16

Colonel Bernd Horn has filled key command appointments such as deputy commander Canadian Special Operations Forces Command, commanding officer of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, and officer commanding 3 Commando, the Canadian Airborne Regiment. He has authored, co-authored, edited, and coedited more than 30 military books. Colonel Horn lives in Kingston, Ontario. Also available in hardcover 978-1554888962 $45.95 £25.00

Dundurn Spring 2011


by Roger Litwiller

978-1554889297 240 pages, paper 9 x 9, 230 x 230 mm 100 b&w illustrations, maps $28.00 £18.99 History May

Of related interest: This is the story of six of Canada’s warships: HMCS Napanee, Belleville, Hallowell, Trenton, Quinte (I), and Quinte (II). The histories in Warships of the Bay of Quinte provide a unique account of the small vessels that formed the backbone of the Canadian navy during the Second World War and the Cold War, detailing the accomplishments of the men who served on these hard-working ships, as well as their mistakes. This vivid chronicle of an important part of Canada’s navy draws from the records of the ships, interviews with their crews, letters, diaries, newspaper articles, community libraries, and photographs.

Sailing Seven Seas We learn about the HMCS Napanee and how it spent five days in combat against 978-554887651 24 German submarines in one of Canada’s most tragic convoy battles; how the $35.00 £23.00 HMCS Belleville attempted to rescue a torpedoed merchant ship; and how a German submarine sank the HMCS Trentonian late in the war, killing six of its crew. Roger Litwiller’s interest in Canada’s navy began as a sea cadet in his hometown of Kitchener, Ontario. Later he became an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve and the Navy League of Canada. He lives near Trenton, Ontario. Storm Below 978-1554884568 $24.99 £14.99 17

Dundurn Spring 2011


Maces, Chains, and Rods of Office by Corinna A.W. Pike and Christopher McCreery foreword by His Royal Highness The Duke of York 978-1554889013 288 pages, hardcover 7 x 10, 178 x 245 mm 272 colour and b&w illustrations, appendices, notes, glossary, bibliography, index $60.00 £40.00 History July By the same author: The first book to examine the various parliamentary maces, rods, badges, and chains of office used throughout Canada, Canadian Symbols of Authority details how these devices are used at every level of government, emphasizing how, like the Crown itself, they embody continuity in an ever-changing world. Symbols of authority are not only emblems of democracy and authority but they are part of the diverse heraldic and artistic heritage of Canada. From the Great Maces of the Senate and House of Commons to the Chancellor’s Chain of the The Canadian Honours System Order of Canada and Baton of the Chief Herald, the development of Canada’s 978-1550025545 symbols of authority encompasses the past 250 years of Canadian history. Richly $60.00 £30.00 illustrated, this book is the most comprehensive study yet undertaken of the origins, history, and development of parliamentary symbols. Corinna A.W. Pike, the former heritage manager of the royal jewellers Garrard, is an expert in matters pertaining to regalia and ceremonial silver. Pike is currently the bespoke fine jewellery designer for the royal jewellers, Asprey London. She lives in New Malden, Surrey, England.

Christopher McCreery is currently the private secretary to the lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia and is executive director of Government House in Halifax. His The Beginner’s Guide to Canadian Honours previous books include The Canadian Honours System and On Her Majesty’s Service. 978-1550027488 $19.99 £9.99 18

Dundurn Spring 2011


Ghost Rail Lines in Ontario by Ron Brown 978-1554888825 256 pages, paper 8 x 8, 203 x 203 mm 55 b&w illustrations, notes, bibliography, index $24.99 £16.99 History May

By the same author: Explore Ontario’s forgotten rail lines and experience the legacy and lore of the vital railway era of Ontario’s history. At its peak between 1880 and the 1920s, Ontario was spanned by more than 20,000 kilometres of tracks. Trains once hauled everything from strawberries, to grain, to cans of milk, and even eels. Villagers depended on trains to visit friends, to attend weddings, to shop, and to go to school. They gathered on station platforms to await their mail or to greet long-lost relatives. Those on vacation packed their trunks and headed north for an extended summer stay at their favourite resorts.

The Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore Today all of that is a distant memory since most of Ontario’s once-essential trans- 978-1550027945 portation links lie abandoned and largely forgotten. While some are overgrown $29.99 £15.00 and barely visible, others have become rail trails and now transport hikers, cyclists, equestrians, and snowmobilers. Regardless of how these early routes are followed, the traveller will find preserved stations, historic bridges, and railway-era buildings, all of which hearken back to a bygone time. Ron Brown has written extensively on the railway heritage of Ontario and Canada. He has documented in photographs most of Canada’s surviving stations, and all of Ontario’s. He has traversed the rail routes and researched their stories throughout the province. Ron lives in Toronto.

From Queenston to Kingston 978-1554887163 $26.99 £15.99 19

Dundurn Spring 2011


by Phil Edmonston

978-1554889518 536 pages, paper 7.5 x 9.25, 190 x 235 mm 75 b&w illustrations $29.99 £19.99 Transportation May

As Toyota skids into an ocean of problems and uncertainty continues in the U.S. automotive industry, Lemon-Aid Used Cars and Trucks 2011–2012 shows buyers how to pick the cheapest and most reliable vehicles from the past 30 years. Lemon-Aid guides are unlike any other car and truck books on the market. Phil Edmonston, Canada’s automotive “Dr. Phil” for 40 years, pulls no punches. Like five books in one, Lemon-Aid Used Cars and Trucks is an exposé of car scams and gas consumption lies; a do-it-yourself service manual; an independent guide that covers beaters, lemons, and collectibles; an archive of secret service bulletins granting free repairs; and a legal primer that even lawyers can’t beat! Phil delivers In the same series: the goods on free fixes for Chrysler, Ford, and GM engine, transmission, brake, and paint defects; lets you know about Corvette and Mustang tops that fly off; gives the lowdown on Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota engines and transmissions; and provides the latest information on computer module glitches. Phil Edmonston, Canada’s toughest customer, is a former MP and Consumers Union board member. Over the past 40 years, he has written more than 140 Lemon-Aid bestsellers. About three decades ago, Nissan and Honda sued him for $5 million — and lost. Currently, he lives in Panama. Lemon-Aid New Cars and Trucks 2011 978-1554887903 $28.99 £16.99 20

Dundurn Spring 2011


Favourite Stories, 1925 to 1965 by Bill Sherk 978-1554889051 176 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 90 b&w illustrations $19.99 £12.99 Transportation April

By the same author: In this hilarious collection of old car stories, Canada’s very own “Old Car Detective,” Bill Sherk, presents 50 of his favourite tales from 1925 to 1965. In these pages you’ll meet: • The grandmother from England who moved to Canada and drove her Morris Minor on the wrong side of the road. • The father who borrowed his son’s hot-rodded 1953 Monarch with Hollywood mufflers and was pulled over by the police for drag racing. 60 Years Behind the Wheel • The owner of a 1947 Hudson that burned so much oil the owner had to wear 978-1550024654 a snorkel mask while driving. $24.99 £12.99 • The man in New Brunswick who chopped the top off his 1927 Whippet in honour of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Behind every old car, there’s a story waiting to be told. Bill Sherk is a feature writer for Old Autos newspaper and also pens a weekly syndicated “Old Car Detective” column for 30 Canadian publications. He enjoys tracking down old car stories from across Canada. Previously, he published 60 Years Behind the Wheel and the bestselling illustrated book I’ll Never Forget My First Car. He lives in Leamington, Ontario. I’ll Never Forget My First Car 978-1550025507 $24.99 £12.99


Dundurn Spring 2011


Death and Burial in NineteenthCentury Ontario by Susan Smart 978-1554888993 208 pages, paper 5.5 x 8.5, 140 x 216 mm 40 b&w illustrations, notes, timeline, glossary, bibliography $19.00 £12.00 Genealogy April

Of related interest: A Better Place describes the practices around death and burial in 19th-century Ontario. Funeral rituals, strong religious beliefs, and a firm conviction that death was a beginning not an end helped the bereaved through their times of loss in a century where death was always close at hand. The book describes the pioneer funeral in detail as well as the factors that changed this simple funeral into the elaborate etiquette-driven Victorian funeral at the end Time Traveller’s Handbook of the century. It examines the sources of various funeral customs, including the 978-1554887842 origins of embalming that gave rise to the modern-day funeral parlour. The evolu$19.99 £12.00 tion of cemeteries is explained with the beginnings of cemeteries in specific towns given as examples. An understanding of these changing burial rites, many of which might seem strange to us today, is invaluable for the family historian. In addition, the book includes practical suggestions for finding death and burial records throughout the century. Susan Smart worked for many years as a project manager in the information technology field. She is an active volunteer with the Ontario Genealogical Society, was project coordinator and editor of Index to the Upper Canada Land Books, and Education and Ontario Family History is the co-author of Using Forms for Canadian Genealogical Research. Susan lives in 978-1554887477 Markham, Ontario. $19.99 £12.00


Dundurn Spring 2011


Tracking Your Canadian Military Ancestors by Kenneth G. Cox 978-1554888641 192 pages, paper 5.5 x 8.5, 140 x 216 mm 20 b&w illustrations, notes, bibliography, index $19.99 £12.99 Genealogist’s Reference Shelf May In the same series:

Beginning in Canada’s earliest days, our ancestors were required to perform some form of military service, often as militia. The discovery that an ancestor served during one of the major conflicts in our history is exciting. When you find a family name on a Loyalist muster roll, a Canada General Service Medal with an ancestor’s name engraved on it, a set of First World War attestation papers, or a box of Second World War medals, you realize that one of your ancestors faced challenging events beyond the scope of ordinary living. There are ways to trace their journeys and thus Conserving, Preserving, and Restoring Your Heritage flesh out a more complete story of the history of your family. 978-1554884629 A Call to the Colours provides the archival, library, and computer resources that can $19.99 £12.00 be employed to explore your family’s military history, using items such as old photographs, documents, uniforms, medals, and other militaria to guide the search. The book is generously illustrated with examples of the sorts of artifacts and documents you can find. Kenneth G. Cox, a retired high school principal, has published articles in the Canadian Society of Military Medals and Insignia Journal and spent five years working with a team that developed and wrote elementary school curriculum guides in history, geography, and social studies. He lives in Toronto.

Crime and Punishment in Upper Canada 978-1554887705 $19.99 £12.00 23

Dundurn Spring 2011

NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH DUNDURN Dundurn Press welcomes Edgar Kent Inc., Publishing and its wonderful works of classical history, Canadian history, Canadian art, and educational books.


Herodotus and the Persian Wars by James Allan Evans 978-0888666529 $105.00 £60.00


A Millennium Portrait by Desmond Morton 978-0888666475 $24.99 £14.99

GETTING TO NORMAL by Sandra Campbell 978-0773732797 $32.99 £18.99

In this deeply moving novel, we see the world through Alice, a troubled child, as she plunges into a painful crisis of loyalty, belonging, and loss.

This collection of the major work of James Allan Evans is an update on the subject for which he is particularly noted: the ancient historian of the Persian Wars, Herodotus of Halicarnassus.

Desmond Morton, one of Canada’s most respected historians, has given us a short celebration of Canada with a depth of insight that truly helps us to know one another and all the regions of the country.




Breaking away from traditional chronological recitals of the Greek experience, this unusual new history relates the important events and personalities to themes of broad interest.

Alan E. Samuel examines core texts of Greek literature to show how they have formed our modern concepts of the nature of humanity and society.

In this fascinating collection of texts, Julius Caesar and his time come alive as ancient writers vividly portray his rise to power, the stunning assassination itself, and the after-effects that changed the Mediterranean world.

by Alan E. Samuel 978-0888666390 $32.99 £18.99


by Alan E. Samuel 978-0888666581 $38.99 £22.99

by Naphtali Lewis 978-888666268 $32.99 £18.99

Dundurn Spring 2011

THE LEGEND OF DION by Lionel Jehuda Sanders 978-0888666574 $105.00 £60.00

This extraordinary study examines how the accounts of a historical figure, the so-called democrat and liberal Dion, have been distorted and reworked by ancient and modern writers alike.


Paintings and Drawings of Historical Sites in the Canadian Arctic by Maurice Haycock 978-0888666550 $50.00 £29.00

Twenty years after travelling to the Arctic, Maurice Haycock began to capture this emerging world through his painting.


Doctor, Patient, and Family in the New Technology by John E. Thomas 978-0888666246 $50.00 £29.00 With new technologies and remarkable breakthroughs, the medical community can create miracles. While we may know that it can be done, this book asks: “Should it be done?”


edited by Robert M. Frakes and Elizabeth DePalma Digeser 978-0888666536 $105.00 £60.00 Explore the different aspects of religious identity as it evolved from the third century onward from multiple contributors and different methodological approaches.

MY GRANDMOTHER’S HAIR by Ann Elizabeth Carson 978-0888666543 $32.99 £18.99

In this alarmingly authentic autobiography, Ann Elizabeth Carson details the psychic split within herself.


by Alan E. Samuel, John de Visser, Peter Maher, and Valerie F. Stevens 978-0888666420 $135.00 £78.00 This tome is an extensive record of Canada’s treasures, including art, architecture, historical sites, and spots of natural beauty.


Dundurn Spring 2011


Wilderness Warrior by Edward Butts

978-1554889495 192 pages, paper 5.5 x 8.5, 140 x 216 mm 12 b&w illustrations, timeline, bibliography, index $19.99 £12.99 Quest Biography September

During the American Revolution and the border conflicts that followed, Simon Girty’s name struck terror into the hearts of U.S. settlers in the Ohio Valley and the territory of Kentucky. Girty (1741–1818) had lived with the Natives most of his life. Scorned by his fellow white frontiersmen as an “Indian lover,” Girty became an Indian agent for the British. He accompanied Native raids against Americans, spied deep into enemy territory, and was influential in convincing the tribes to fight for the British. The Americans declared Girty an outlaw. In U.S. history books he is a villain even By the same author: worse than Benedict Arnold. Yet in Canada, Girty is regarded as a Loyalist hero, and a historic plaque marks the site of his homestead on the Ontario side of the Detroit River. In Native history, Girty stands out as one of the few white men who championed their cause against American expansion. But was he truly the “White Savage” of legend, or a hero whose story was twisted by his foes? Edward Butts is the author of numerous books, including Henry Hudson: New World Voyager, Ghost Stories of Newfoundland and Labrador, Running with Dillinger, Henry Hudson and The Desperate Ones, which was nominated for the Arthur Ellis Award. He lives 978-1554884551 in Guelph, Ontario. $19.99 £11.99


Dundurn Spring 2011


Canada’s Silent Siren, America’s Sweetheart by Peggy Dymond Leavey 978-1554889457 192 pages, paper 5.5 x 8.5, 140 x 216 mm 12 b&w illustrations, timeline, bibliography, index $19.99 £12.99 Quest Biography September

In the same series: Mary Pickford’s ambition, passion, innate talent, and savvy business acumen sent her career into the stratosphere and set the blueprint for the modern movie star. Born Gladys Louise Smith in 1892, Pickford was raised in a house on University Avenue in Toronto and began her acting career on the stage. However, her determination led her to the new world of motion pictures, where she not only revolutionized acting method but negotiated her own terms for the highest salary for any actress and complete creative control over her films — unheard of behaviour for a woman of that period. George Simpson 978-1554887736 Pickford co-founded United Artists in 1919 with Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie $19.99 £11.99 Chaplin, which turned the existing studio system on its head. The actress’s subsequent marriage to Fairbanks incited a fan frenzy comparable to today’s obsession with couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Although Pickford’s star faded with the advent of talking pictures, she was the catalyst for the culture of Hollywood celebrity that enthralls us today. Peggy Dymond Leavey’s previous books include Sky Lake Summer, The Deep End Gang, The Path Through the Trees, and Growing Up Ivy. She has been nominated for many awards, including the Silver Birch Award, the Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award, the Arthur Ellis Award, and the Canadian Library Association Tom Thomson Book of the Year for Children Award. Peggy lives in Trenton, Ontario. 978-1554887729 $19.99 £11.99


Dundurn Spring 2011


An Old Ontario Town by Robert Terence Carter 978-1554888801 320 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 61 b&w illustrations, 9 drawings, 1 map, notes, bibliography $28.99 £19.99 History May

Of related interest: Newmarket, one of the oldest communities in Ontario, was founded on the Upper Canadian frontier in 1801 by Quakers from the United States. Fur traders, entrepreneurs, millers, and many others soon followed, some seeking independence, others searching for wealth, and some even taking refuge from creditors. The community was at the heart of the 1837 Rebellion, discovered prosperity when it became a stop on the colony’s first railway, and has sent military personnel to every war in Canada’s history since the War of 1812. Once a terminal on the street railway from Toronto to Lake Simcoe, Newmarket also bears the remnants of an Belleville aborted 19th-century barge canal. 978-1550028638 $32.99 £18.99 Behind these events, and many others that have shaped Newmarket’s history, are

the people: tradespersons, aspiring or experienced politicians, rebels, war heroes, and even a frontier doctor who lived to the age of 118. Here are their stories, all illuminating the early past of Newmarket. Robert Terence Carter has been writing about Newmarket’s history since the late 1960s when he began a column after becoming editor of The Era, Newmarket’s weekly newspaper (established in 1852). He founded the Newmarket Historical Society and continues as a director. Carter is a long-time resident of Newmarket.

Bowmanville 978-1896219219 $16.95 £11.50 28

Dundurn Spring 2011


Then and Now by Andrew Hind and Maria Da Silva 978-1554888573 256 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 55 b&w illustrations, 1 map, notes, bibliography, index $25.00 £14.00 History May

By the same authors: Since the 1880s, people have travelled to Muskoka in search of solace and relaxation, enjoying the comfortable confines and warm hospitality of resorts while at the same time revelling in the tranquil wilderness and refreshing lakes. Things haven’t really changed all that much over the past century. Vacationers might access Muskoka faster today and upon arrival find the available luxuries much more impressive, but the allure remains the same as when the tourism industry first exploded on the Muskoka scene.

Ghost Towns of Muskoka This northern playground grew in popularity during the 20th century. Hollywood 978-1550027969 stars, business tycoons, and celebrities from all walks of life soaked up everything $24.99 £12.99 the area offered. This storied past of carefree summers and timeless hospitality is the focus of Muskoka Resorts. Twenty classic resorts are explored, some of which are thriving today, such as Windermere House and Deerhurst, while others such as Limberlost and Bigwin Inn are long gone, though fondly remembered. Andrew Hind and Maria Da Silva are freelance writers who live in Bradford, Ontario, and who have long vacationed in Muskoka. Both contribute regularly to regional publications such as The Muskokan, Muskoka Magazine, Muskoka Sun, and Muskoka Sideroads, and have written many travel articles on Muskoka resorts for newspapers and magazines both in Canada and abroad. Ghosts of Niagara-on-the-Lake 978-1554883875 $24.99 £14.99


Dundurn Spring 2011


Our Veterans’ Legacy of Care, a Photographic Journey Through the Decades by Dr. Peeter A. Poldre 978-1554889433 208 pages, hardcover 10 x 10, 250 x 250 mm 10 colour illustrations in an 8-page insert, 145 b&w illustrations $50.00 £33.00 History April Of related interest: When Alice M. Kilgour donated her family farm to the City of Toronto in 1928, intending it for use as a public park, no one could have imagined what lay ahead. Ownership of the land was transferred to the Canadian government in 1943. By 1948, Sunnybrook Hospital opened its doors and became the largest veterans’ hospital in Canada. More than 60 years later, Sunnybrook stands as an important symbol of Canada’s gratitude toward its war veterans. Sunnybrook Hospital is a photographic journey The Maple Leaf and the White Cross through the decades that chronicles the contributions of a dedicated group of 978-1550027402 health professionals and veterans and their tireless efforts to make the hospital $50.00 £25.00 what it has become over the years. Together they have set a remarkable standard in all fields of care, teaching, and research in an effort to honour Canada’s heroes. Dr. Peeter A. Poldre is the vice-president, medical professional practice and education, at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. He has evaluated the competence of health care professionals and has worked in inter-professional education. Dr. Poldre lives in Toronto.

Aging Is Living 978-1550028836 $26.99 £15.99 30

Dundurn Spring 2011


Tales of Life from Art, Science, and History by Doug Larson 978-1554888870 224 pages, paper 7 x 10, 180 x 250 mm 200 b&w illustrations, maps, notes, bibliography, index $39.99 £26.00 Music May

Every object around us contains the history of all the people and places that brought it here. But rarely is that history explored. In this book, instead of breaking an object apart to reveal those stories, they are told by building the object from scratch — in this case a guitar named Storyteller. Upon completion, it took 2.5 billion years, 6 continents, 35 businesses, and 68 people to build the instrument. The text and illustrations reveal the rich lives of the people, places, and projects that breathed life into the guitar. The stories range from people who were pioneers in landscape restoration to those involved with automobile manufacturing. The places include the High Arctic, tropical forests, and the vertical cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment. The projects include stage plays, laser physics, and the establishment By the same author: of the first Canadian diamond mines. By bringing together these disparate stories in one musical instrument, the book makes the argument that art, science, and history are part of everybody’s life Doug Larson is an award-winning scientist, author, lecturer, instrument maker, and musician. Now an emeritus professor at the University of Guelph, he spends his time lecturing about the union of art and science and uses Storyteller as the touchstone to this philosophy. The Last Stand 978-1897045190 $39.95 £19.99 31

Dundurn Spring 2011


by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe 978-1554888542 256 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 40 b&w illustrations, bibliography $24.99 £14.99 Occult March

By the same authors: Satanism has been known around the world by many names over the centuries and has involved the shadowy deities of ancient pagan religions. During Christian times, Satanist sorcerers frequently tried to invoke the Devil to make their black magic work. In Satanism and Demonology, the great central questions behind the legends are explored: does Satan, or Lucifer, really exist, and if he does, what dark, anomalous powers does he wield? Secrets of the World’s Undiscovered Treasures 978-1550029383 $24.99 £14.99

Authors Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe begin with an examination of what Satanism is, then explore its earliest, prehistoric history. They track Satanism from the Middle East and ancient Egypt to the European witches and sorcerers of medieval times, and then on through the Renaissance to our present day. The bizarre, uninhibited, satanic rituals, liturgies, and sexual practices are all examined in detail. Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe have investigated the world’s unsolved mysteries for more than 30 years and are the authors of 15 bestselling books, including Mysteries of the World’s Undiscovered Treasures, Mysteries and Secrets of Voodoo, Santeria, and Obeah, and Mysteries and Secrets of the Masons. They live in Cardiff, Wales.

Mysteries and Secrets of the Templars 978-1550025576 $24.99 £14.99 32

Dundurn Spring 2011


by Carol Bennett McCuaig

978-1554888580 224 pages, paper 9 x 9, 230 x 230 mm 45 b&w illustrations, maps, appendices, suggested reading list, index $25.00 £14.00 Nature April

Of related interest: Poison Acres, 250 acres of wilderness in Renfrew County, Ontario, long dedicated to the preservation of natural habitat, has been home to nature writer Carol Bennett McCuaig for many years. Her keen powers of observation, coupled with her insights into wildlife behaviour and her evocative writing style, have produced this captivating collection of stories. Whether noting the courtship rituals of turkey vultures and red foxes or finding a black bear on her roof, an ermine in her bedroom, and a cougar on her lawn, Carol is always surrounded by the delights and challenges of living in a wilderness The Place in the Forest setting. Even night visitors bring joy, including flying squirrels at the bird feeder, a 978-1896219295 whippoorwill peering in a window, and a midnight standoff between a porcupine $16.95 £11.50 and a skunk. Encountering the Wild is a delightful book that will appeal to country lovers in Canada and beyond. Carol Bennett McCuaig is a keen amateur naturalist, a lifelong country dweller, and a much-published author. A former writer of a newspaper column for birdwatchers, she has also written nature articles for a number of magazines in Ontario, the United States, and Britain. She lives within a 250-acre wilderness property in Renfrew Where the Water Lilies Grow County, Ontario. 978-1896219523 $18.95 £12.99 33

Dundurn Spring 2011


A Book of Questions and Answers by John Robert Colombo 978-1554889235 240 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 25 b&w illustrations, index $22.99 £15.99 Trivia June

By the same author: Few people have read as widely in the field of Canadiana as has John Robert Colombo. The curiosity of this renowned Toronto writer, editor, and anthologist knows few if any bounds when it comes to the lore, literature, history, culture, and character of Canada. He has an inquiring mind and seems able to unearth national and even international twists to subjects of interest or importance to satisfy everyone’s inquisitiveness. Even people who think they’re pretty good at answering any and all trivia questions will find Canada’s Mr. Mystery a marvel of minutiae.

1000 Questions About Canada 978-0888822321 Here is a book about Canada’s past, present, and future. The quirky information $22.99 £11.99 in Fascinating Canada will stimulate surprise in the minds of readers who know something about this amazing country … but perhaps not as much as they would like to. Open this book, begin to read, and enjoy the wit, whimsy, and wonder of one of Canada’s premier collectors of all things arcane and Canadian.

The Midnight Hour 978-1550024968 $19.99 £12.99 34

John Robert Colombo, a respected and prolific writer, editor, TV host, and anthologist, is the author of numerous books on the supernatural and the paranormal, including The Big Book of Canadian Hauntings and The Big Book of Canadian Ghost Stories. Colombo is the recipient of the Harbourfront International Literary Award and holds an honorary doctorate from York University. He lives in Toronto.

Dundurn Spring 2011


Secrets from Ontario’s Past Second Edition by Terry Boyle

978-1554889556 288 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 42 b&w illustrations, bibliography, index $22.99 £13.99 History June

Of related interest: Ontario’s towns and cities are filled with the eccentric and bizarre. In Hidden Ontario, Terry Boyle unveils these unconventional and peculiar stories, including the imposter who ran the Rockwood Asylum in Kingston, Ian Fleming’s inspiration for James Bond, the Prince of Wales’s undignified crossing of Rice Lake, the tragic life of Joseph Brant, the man who advertised his wife’s death before poisoning her, and Ontario’s first bullfight. He also answers the all-important question: “Why did so many lumberjacks sport beards?”

The Golden Dream The colourful characters, Native legends, and incredible tales that make up Ontario’s 978-1550028874 mostly unknown yet fascinating past come alive in Boyle’s prose. From Bancroft, $35.00 £20.00 Baldoon, and Brighton to Timmins, Toronto, and Trenton, find out more about the Ontario you thought you knew. Terry Boyle is a Canadian author, lecturer, and teacher who has shared his passion for history and folklore in many books since 1976, including four works on haunted Ontario. He has hosted television’s Creepy Canada and radio’s Discover Ontario on Classical 103.1 FM, and lectures and leads haunted tour walks for pleasure. Currently, he lives in Rosseau, Ontario.

Previous edition ISBN 978-1896757094

The Lake Erie Shore 978-1554883882 $24.99 £14.99


Dundurn Spring 2011


The Trials of Conrad Black Second Edition by Steven Skurka 978-1554889341 328 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm Notes, index $26.99 £16.99 Current Events May

Of related interest: As the only Canadian writer to attend the trials of Conrad Black from start to finish, lawyer Steven Skurka delivers a thorough, in-depth account of the controversial businessman’s legal difficulties. Skurka offers analysis, insights, and personal anecdotes to present the clearest picture of the trials to date, featuring interviews with key members of the prosecution and defence, as well as with Black himself. In the first edition of Tilted, Skurka showed how the prosecution attempted to Unsolved “tilt” the trial in its favour, but he also demonstrated how Black attempted to tilt 978-1554887392 the trial his way. Black lost his appeal to the Court of Appeals and began serving a $24.99 £14.99 six-and-a-half-year prison sentence in Florida. However, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear Black’s appeal and reversed his three mail-fraud convictions. Now Skurka brings the reader up-to-date on all of the recent developments in the Black case, including new interviews.

Under Arrest 978-1550027037 $24.99 £12.99


Steven Skurka is the legal analyst for CTV. A practising defence attorney, he has defended such landmark cases as the Hells Angels anti-gang law case and the Maple Leaf Gardens sex abuse scandal. He is a widely regarded lawyer and frequently quoted legal analyst who attended the Conrad Black trial in Chicago. His legal blog, “The Crime Sheet,” has been widely followed. He lives in Toronto.

Dundurn Spring 2011


Inside Wrongful Convictions in Canada by Hélèna Katz

978-1554888740 248 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 15 b&w illustrations, appendices, bibliography, index $24.99 £14.99 True Crime July

Of related interest: Former bank manager Ronald Dalton never got to watch his three young children grow up. In 1989 he was convicted for a crime that never happened. His wife, Brenda, was later ruled to have choked to death on breakfast cereal — not strangled as a pathologist had initially claimed. Dalton’s daughter, Alison, was in kindergarten when he was charged with second-degree murder in 1988. He attended her high school graduation on June 26, 2000, two days after his conviction was finally overturned. Behind the proud facade of Canada’s criminal justice system lie the shattered lives The Last to Die of the people unjustly caught within its web. Justice Miscarried tells the heart- 978-1550026726 wrenching stories of 12 innocent Canadians, including David Milgaard, Donald $24.99 £12.99 Marshall, Guy Paul Morin, Clayton Johnson, William Mullins-Johnson, and Thomas Sophonow, who were wrongly convicted, and the errors in the nation’s justice system that changed their lives forever. Hélèna Katz is the author of the Canadian bestseller The Mad Trapper: The Incredible Tale of a Famous Canadian Manhunt. Her articles have been published in Canadian Geographic, Canadian Living, Up Here, and other magazines. She has a master’s degree in criminology from Université de Montréal and now lives on an alpaca farm in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.

Murder 978-1554887620 $24.99 £14.99


Dundurn Spring 2011


Vision, Leadership, and Wellness by Gail Voisin 978-1554889365 176 pages, paper 5.5 x 8.5, 140 x 216 mm 16 b&w illustrations $26.99 £17.99 Business April

Of related interest: Achieving outstanding personal and organizational success in our busy, competitive, chaotic world requires a unique, leading-edge set of skills for 21st-century executives and leaders. It is critical to have the knowledge and ability to align the three key areas of vision, leadership, and wellness to measure and sustain high performance levels — the All Together Now Advantage. When executives achieve these skills, not only will they be in great demand in corporations but they will be able to live their dream now.

How Leaders Speak 978-1554887019 In All Together Now, world-class executive coach Gail Voisin demonstrates the $19.99 £12.99 importance of:

• Finding your personal vision and linking it to your organization’s vision. • Getting and staying laser-focused on areas of leadership that matter most to your personal and business success — accomplishing more while at the same time expending less energy. • Staying physically and mentally healthy to enhance the overall quality of your life. Gail Voisin is the CEO of her coaching and consulting practice in Toronto and is a Before You Say Yes ... world-class executive coach and a trusted adviser to corporate executives in Canada 978-1554887033 and the United States. Her compelling brand — the All Together Now Advantage $19.99 £12.99 — is a proven success story. She lives in Thornhill, Ontario.


Dundurn Spring 2011


Grand Tours, Minor Visitations, Miraculous Journeys, and a Few Good Meals by Mark Frutkin 978-1554889327 208 pages, paper 5 x 8, 127 x 203 mm $19.99 £12.99 Travel May

By the same author: From Istanbul to New Delhi to Boulder, Colorado, through Venice, Paris, Rome, and points between … As travellers, we are always “walking backwards,” forever on the verge of stepping into the unknown, never knowing what waits around the next corner. You could be lost, forget your passport, fall ill. You could be served a bowl of food and not know whether it’s animal, vegetable, or mineral. Even flushing the toilet Erratic North can be an adventure. 978-1550027860 You are a child again, innocent and hoping for the best, forced to trust strangers. $24.99 £12.99 Quite often this works out. Not always.

Walking Backwards is a return to 10 cities and what happened there. Whether inadvertently smuggling “cloth” into Istanbul, reading poetry in New Delhi to a crowd expecting a world-famous pianist, or wandering endlessly through Mantua searching for a non-existent hotel on a street that’s fallen off the map, Mark Frutkin is a master at rediscovering the magic at the heart of all travel. Mark Frutkin is an award-winning fiction author whose most recent novel, Fabrizio’s Return, won the Trillium and Sunburst Awards and was a finalist for the Commonwealth The Lion of Venice Writers’ Prize for Best Book (Canada/Caribbean Region). In 2008 he published a mem- 978-0888783783 oir, Erratic North: A Vietnam Draft Resister’s Life in the Canadian Bush. He lives in Ottawa. $18.99 £10.99 39

Dundurn Spring 2011


The Magic and Mystery of Hotel Living by Christopher Heard 978-1554888627 312 pages, paper 5.5 x 8.5, 140 x 216 mm 40 b&w illustrations $24.99 £14.99 Travel April

Of related interest: Hotel living has always seemed exotic. Why did Claude Monet, Greta Garbo, Coco Chanel, Vladimir Nabokov, Howard Hughes, and many other mercurial individuals desire such a life? Besides answering that question, The Suite Life features interviews with high-profile celebrities who have also chosen hotel living, such as Johnny Depp, Warren Beatty, Keanu Reeves, and Criss Angel. Author Christopher Heard was conceived in the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto Saris on Scooters and now lives there as the writer-in-residence. The Suite Life is the culmination of a 978-1554887224 lifelong fascination with iconic hotels and those who have opted to reside in them. $29.99 £17.99 It tells of the enchantment of being exposed to many varied energies at the same time and describes the uniqueness of life lived in a place where people can let their inhibitions relax. Living in a hotel is many things, but first and foremost it is magical. Christopher Heard has published biographies of Kiefer Sutherland, Britney Spears, and Johnny Depp, among others, during his 13 years as a TV interviewer and film reviewer for the shows Gilmour on the Arts and Reel to Real. Heard currently co-hosts the radio travel show Planes, Trains and Automobiles and contributes To Timbuktu for a Haircut weekly pop culture commentary to the radio show Toronto Weekend. He lives in 978-1550028058 Toronto. $26.99 £14.99


Dundurn Spring 2011


by Bob Dhillon with Fred Langan

978-1554889570 152 pages, paper 5 x 8, 127 x 203 mm 15 charts and tables, map, sidebars, appendix, bibliography, index $19.99 £13.99 Personal Finance June

Belize is an English-speaking tropical paradise with an azure Caribbean coast, accessible rainforest, lost jungle cities, and a cost of living that makes it affordable for Canadians, Americans, and Europeans, as well as for the emerging middle class of Mexico and Central America. It’s one of the world’s most undiscovered secrets, a retirement haven, and a safe place to park money. Business and Retirement Guide to Belize is an introduction to living, working, and retiring in Belize, and also provides tips on owning property there. Bob Dhillon familiarizes the reader with the country’s beauty, its friendly people, and its economic attractions. Belize is a movable feast — the better one gets to know it, the Of related interest: more one will enjoy it. Bob Dhillon graduated from university in India and went on to complete his M.B.A. at the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario. He started selling homes from the back of his car at the age of 19 and was a millionaire by 21. Now the owner of more than 6,000 rental properties across Canada in addition to his 2,700-acre island in Belize, he lives in Calgary when he’s not in the Caribbean Fred Langan is a business reporter for CBC-TV News in Toronto, as well as on CBC Radio and For 12 years he hosted CBC News Business, the most popular daily business program in Canada. Langan worked for The Economist, In Your Best Interest BusinessWeek, and The Christian Science Monitor for many years, and writes personal 978-1550028768 $26.99 £15.99 finance columns for the National Post. He lives in Toronto.. 41

Dundurn Spring 2011


Chronicles of Canada’s Naval Reserve, 1910–2010 edited by Richard H. Gimblett and Michael L. Hadley 978-1554888672 272 pages, hardcover 9.75 x 12, 244 x 300 mm 120 colour and b&w illustrations $39.95 £24.00 History Now Available By the same editor:

This commemorative volume, produced on the occasion of the centennial of the Canadian Navy, records a special kind of dual citizenship: Canadians exercising the profession of the sea in their nation’s service, while also living out the demands of their civilian occupations in their home communities. The perspectives of the parttime citizen-sailors who have made up Canada’s Naval Reserve over the past century The Naval Service of Canada, 1910–2010 provide an interesting, valuable, and timely alternative history of the Canadian Navy. 978-1-55488-470-4 $39.95 £24.00 Most of the contributors to this volume have served in Canada’s Naval Reserve, and all are respected authorities in their fields. Whether read on its own, or as the Also available in French: intended companion to The Naval Service of Canada, 1910–2010: The Centennial Story, readers will find much to delight and inform in this lavish combination of text, photos, and illustrations of the people, ships, and aircraft that have formed a proud national institution. Richard H. Gimblett is command historian of the Canadian Navy and past president of the Canadian Nautical Research Society. A former serving officer, he edited and contributed to The Naval Service of Canada, 1910-2010: The Centennial Story. He lives in Ottawa. Le Service naval du Canada, 1910–2010 Michael L. Hadley is a member of the editorial board of the Canadian Nautical 978-1554884728 Research Society, and a former officer in the Naval Reserve. He edited and contrib$39.95 £24.00 uted to A Nation’s Navy: In Quest of Canadian Naval Identity. He lives in Victoria. Also Available in French


Le marin-citoyen: Chroniques de la Réserve navale du Canada 1910–2010


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The Official History of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1867–1939, Volume I by William Johnston, William G.P. Rawling, Richard H. Gimblett, and John MacFarlane 978-1554889075 1,038 pages, hardcover 7 x 9.25, 175 x 231 mm 157 colour and b&w illustrations, maps, diagrams, notes, glossary, bibliography, index $70.00 £40.00 History Now Available From its creation in 1910, the Royal Canadian Navy was marked by political debate over the country’s need for a naval service. The Seabound Coast, Volume I of a threevolume official history of the RCN, traces the story of the navy’s beginnings as Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s “tinpot” navy of two obsolescent British cruisers to the force of six modern destroyers and four minesweepers with which it began the Second World War. The previously published Volume II of this history, Part 1, No Higher Purpose, and Part 2, A Blue Water Navy, has already told the story of the RCN during the 1939–1945 conflict. Based on extensive archival research, The Seabound Coast recounts the acrimonious debates that eventually led to the RCN’s establishment in 1910, its tenuous existence following the Laurier government’s sudden replacement by that of Robert Borden, and the navy’s struggles during the First World War when it was forced to defend Canadian waters with very few resources. The volume examines how the RCN’s task was made more difficult by the often inconsistent advice received from the British Admiralty in London. In its final section, this well-illustrated history relates the RCN’s experience during the interwar years when anti-war sentiment and an economic depression threatened the service’s very survival. William Johnston, William G.P. Rawling, Richard H. Gimblett, and John MacFarlane are historians with the Department of National Defence in Ottawa. Also Available in French

Du littoral à la mer : Histoire officielle de la Marine royale du Canada, 1867–1939, Volume I



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Fifth Edition by Tony Ruprecht

978-1554888856 448 pages, paper 5.5 x 9, 140 x 230 mm 90 b+w illustrations, 9 maps, bibliography, index $34.99 £23.99 Travel Now Available

Of related interest: Toronto is truly a city of communities. Designed for tourists and for residents, Toronto’s Many Faces is the one and only guide to the multicultural character of the city, featuring profiles of more than 60 ethnic communities, including local histories, festivals, food, and art. The book identifies each community — where its people come from, why, when, and where they settled in Toronto. The contribution of each community is also traced, with biographical notes on prominent people whose achievements have been extraordinary. Monuments, memorials, theatres, museums, cultural centres, and restaurants are identified, while detailed maps and Toronto photographs of festival events help bring the city’s varied communities to life. 978-1550028423 $45.00 £26.00 Toronto’s Many Faces is a guide for tourists, a sourcebook for newcomers, a directory for businesses and organizations, and a passport for Torontonians to the many cultures that exist at their doorsteps. MPP Tony Ruprecht has an intimate knowledge of Toronto’s multicultural communities. He holds the distinction of being the longest-serving Ontario MPP from Toronto, was the Ontario minister of citizenship with special responsibilities for multiculturalism from 1985 to 1987, and has received a number of awards for his work from the governments of Portugal, Poland, the Philippines, and Estonia. Toronto Sketches 10 978-1554887804 $19.99 £12.99 44

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African Canadians in Hamilton by Adrienne Shadd foreword by the Hamilton Black History Committee

978-1554883943 368 pages, paper 6 x 9, 150 x 230 mm 69 b&w illustrations, appendices, notes, bibliography, index $35.00 £23.00 History Now Available

When the Lincoln Alexander Parkway was named, it was a triumph not only for this distinguished Canadian but for all African Canadians. It had indeed been a long journey from the days in the 1880s when a black woman named Julia Berry operated one of the tollgates leading up to Hamilton Mountain. The Journey from Tollgate to Parkway examines the history of blacks in the Hamilton-Wentworth area, from their status as slaves in Upper Canada to their settlement and development of community, their struggle for justice and equality, and their achievements, presented in a fascinating and meticulously researched historical narrative. Adrienne Shadd’s original research offers new insights into urban black history, filling in gaps on the background of families and individuals, while also exploding By the same author: stereotypes of poverty and underachievement of early black Hamiltonians. For the very first time, their contributions to the building and expansion of the city are heralded and take centre stage. Adrienne Shadd is the co-author of We’re Rooted Here and They Can’t Pull Us Up: Essays in African-Canadian Women’s History and The Underground Railroad: Next Stop, Toronto! She was the curator for exhibits on African-Canadian history in Toronto, Hamilton, Chatham, and Dresden, and recently worked on the travelling exhibit “Enslaved Africans in Canada” with the Archives of Ontario and the Ministry of The Underground Railroad Citizenship and Culture. She lives in Toronto. 978-1554884292 $16.99 £9.99 45

Fall 2010 Adult Roundup A DAY WITH MR. JULES by Diane Broeckhoven translated by Liedewy Hawke Fiction | 80 pages | paper | $12.99, £7.99 | 978-1554887613 When Alice, an elderly woman, smells the coffee her husband, Jules, has just made, she gets up. This ritual repeats itself every day until one morning she finds him lifeless on the sofa before the coffee is ready. While Jules slowly turns into a statue, Alice reminisces about earlier days, telling him things she hasn’t dared express before.

THE ACTOR’S SURVIVAL KIT Fifth Edition by Miriam Newhouse and Peter Messaline Performing Arts | 272 pages | paper | resources, glossary, bibliography | $24.99, £14.99 | 978-1554887835 This new edition of required reading in Canadian theatre schools addresses a range of new issues such as performer websites, video self-production, and networking on the Internet, while also looking at timeless issues like agents, self-promotion, and work opportunities for women and minorities.

ARCTIC NATURALIST The Life of J. Dewey Soper by Anthony Dalton Biography | 320 pages | paper | 60 b&w illustrations, maps, bibliography, notes, index | $29.99, £17.99 | 978-1554887460 J. Dewey Soper was the last of the great pioneer naturalists in Canada, spending many years in the Arctic where he discovered the breeding grounds of the blue goose and charted the final unknown region of Baffin Island’s coastline. BAD GIRLS AND OTHER PERILS by Mike Strobel Humour | 280 pages | paper | 11 b&w images | $19.99, £11.99 | 978-1554887866 Come and walk the offbeat world of Mike Strobel’s popular column in the Toronto Sun. Meet legendary panhandler Shaky Lady, the secretive swinger Sexy Boots, and the notorious Bicycle Bandit. Each column in this collection is a mini-world, tight and bright.


Dundurn Spring 2011 THE BIG BOOK OF MYSTERIES by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe Paranormal | 384 pages | paper | 60 b&w illustrations, sidebars | $19.99, £11.99 | 978-1554887798 From Atlantis to Nostradamus, Masons to Templars, Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe have explored some of the greatest mysteries in this world and beyond. Now they attempt to answer even more questions about vampires, Sasquatch, and the Pyramids. No element of the unknown is safe from the Fanthorpes’ scrutinizing eyes.

THE BIG BOOK OF UFOS by Chris A. Rutkowski Paranormal | 392 pages | paper | 40 b&w illustrations, sidebars | $19.99, £11.99 | 978-1554887606 Chris Rutkowski’s name is synonymous with UFO research the world over, and this book captures his most breathtaking research, along with new and exciting accounts that will have you questioning “are we alone?”

CHILDREN COME FIRST Mediation, Not Litigation When Marriage Ends by Howard H. Irving, Ph.D. Parenting | 224 pages | paper | tables, charts, notes, bibliography, index | $24.99, £14.99 | 978-1554887958 For three decades Dr. Howard H. Irving has championed the use of divorce mediation outside the adversarial court system to save couples and their children the bitterness of winner-takes-all custody battles. Here, he calls on his vast experience of mediating more than 2,000 cases to help couples contemplating divorce.

COMPASSIONATE MESSENGER True Stories from a Psychic Medium by Carolyn Molnar with Benjamin Gleisser Body, Mind, and Spirit | 184 pages | paper | $19.99, £14.99 | 978-1554887910 For more than 30 years, Toronto psychic medium Carolyn Molnar has been helping people whose friends and loved ones have crossed over. By bringing these people proof of spirit, she has comforted thousands of clients. In this book she shares some of these powerful stories.


Dundurn Spring 2011 CRIME AND PUNISHMENT IN UPPER CANADA A Researcher’s Guide by Janice Nickerson Genealogist’s Reference Shelf | 248 pages | paper | 50 b&w illustrations, maps, charts, documents, appendices, notes, bibliography, index | $19.99, £12.00 | 978-1554887705 Crime and Punishment provides genealogists and social historians with context and tools to locate sources on criminal activity and its consequences during the Upper Canada period of Ontario’s history through engravings, maps, charts, documents, and case studies.

DOING THE CONTINENTAL A New Canadian-American Relationship by David Dyment foreword by Bob Rae Current Events | 176 pages | paper | Appendix, notes, bibliography, index | $19.99, £12.99 | 978-1554887583 Canada’s relations with the United States are broad and deep, and with Obama in the White House, the two countries are about to enter what could be a new era of hope and renewal. Dyment analyzes the past, present, and future continental dance between the two countries, on everything from water and energy to defence and environmental strategy. DYNASTIES AND INTERLUDES Past and Present in Canadian Electoral Politics by Lawrence LeDuc, Jon H. Pammett, Judith I. McKenzie, and André Turcotte Politics | 584 pages | 28 b&w illustrations, notes, bibliography, index paper 978-1554887965 $35.00 £23.00 hardcover 978-1554888863 $80.00, £53.00 A comprehensive and unique overview of elections and voting in Canada from Confederation to the recent spate of minority governments, this book examines changes in the composition of the electorate, as well as the technology and professionalization of election campaigns. EARLY VOICES Portraits of Canada by Women Writers, 1639–1914 by Mary Alice Downie and Barbara Robertson with Elizabeth Jane Errington History | 320 pages | paper | 56 b&w illustrations, maps, bibliography | $28.99, £16.99 | 978-1554887699 This selection of writings by 29 Canadian women presents a unique portrait of Canada through time and space, and a range of voices from high-born wives of governors general to a fisherman’s wife in Labrador. All of which demonstrate how women’s experiences helped shape this country.


Dundurn Spring 2011 EDUCATION AND ONTARIO FAMILY HISTORY A Guide to Resources for Genealogists and Historians by Marian Press Genealogist’s Reference Shelf | 144 pages | paper | 20 b&w illustrations, notes, bibliography, index | $19.99, £12.00 | 978-1554887477 This book outlines the resources available for education from about 1785 to the early 20th century. Many historical resources are currently being digitized, and Ontario and education are no exception. These electronic repositories are examined here, along with traditional paper and archival sources.

FEASTING AND FASTING Canada’s Heritage Celebration by Dorothy Duncan Cooking | 352 pages | hardcover | index | $26.99, £15.99 | 978-1554887576 Feasting and Fasting is an introduction to the foods and beverages that were a central part of how our ancestors celebrated important events. This is a sampling of their events and what was on their tables at births, weddings, funerals, religious holidays, garden parties, and more. GEORGE SIMPSON Blaze of Glory by D.T. Lahey Quest Biography | 192 pages | paper | 12 b&w illustrations, timeline, bibliography, index | $19.99, £11.99 | 978-1554887736 Born in Scotland and trained as a sugar broker in England, Sir George Simpson was appointed as governor of Rupert’s Land and the Indian territories in 1820. By his friendliness, strict discipline, and vigorous and constant travel, he brought peace and prosperity to the vast empire under his control. He stands with Sir John A. Macdonald as one of the greatest Makers of Canada. GHOST STORIES OF NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR by Edward Butts Paranormal | 224 pages | paper | 19 b&w illustrations | $22.99, £11.99 | 978-1554887859 Newfoundland and Labrador have tales of the supernatural that date back centuries, and Edward Butts has collected some of their spookiest tales. Here the ghosts lurk in old houses and forlorn cemeteries, but they also come out of the sea and walk the decks of ships.


Dundurn Spring 2011 HELL IN FLANDERS FIELDS Canadians at the Second Battle of Ypres by George H. Cassar History | 400 pages | hardcover | 50 b&w illustrations, maps, notes, bibliography, index | $36.00, £20.00 | 978-1554887286 On April 22, 1915, Canadians fought almost continuously for five days, clinging stubbornly against overwhelming odds to a vital part of the Allied line and saved 50,000 troops. In this new, deeply researched account, George H. Cassar skillfully blends the history of the battle with the graphic and moving words of the men on the front line. JAMES FITZJAMES The Mystery Man of the Franklin Expedition by William Battersby History | 224 pages | hardcover | 32 b&w illustrations, index | $35.00, £20.00 | 978-1554887811 A lively man with a wicked sense of humour, James Fitzjames joined the Franklin Expedition at the age of 32. While he never returned, he left behind a legacy of misinformation, half-truths, and adventures that the author wades through to create a great portrait of this brave Royal Navy hero.

LEMON-AID NEW CARS AND TRUCKS 2011 by Phil Edmonston Transportation | 576 pages | paper | 75 b&w illustrations | $28.99, £16.99 | 978-1554887903 As U.S. and Canadian automakers and dealers deal with financial problems and Toyota battles unprecedented quality-control problems, Lemon-Aid guides steer the confused and anxious buyer through the economic meltdown unlike any other car-and-truck book on the market.

LIFTING THE SILENCE A World War II RCAF Bomber Pilot Reunites with His Past by Sydney Percival Smith with David Scott Smith Biography | 256 pages | paper | 40 b&w photos | $27.99, £16.99 | 978-1554887743 At a time of great sacrifice in Canadian history, we are welcomed into the homes, the hearts, and the minds of mothers, sons, fathers, and friends as we follow Syd Smith and his high-school brotherhood of 13 when they answer the call to duty in 1941.


Dundurn Spring 2011 THE MEN OF THE LAST FRONTIER by Grey Owl introduction by James Polk Voyageur Classics Biography | 264 pages | paper | $26.99, £15.99 | 978-1554888047 Part memoir, part history of the vanishing wilderness, and part compendium of animal and First Nations tales and lore, Grey Owl’s first book was published in 1931. It is a passionate, compelling appeal for the protection and preservation of the natural environment.

MURDER Twelve True Stories of Homicide in Canada by Edward Butts True Crime | 240 pages | paper | 20 b&w illustrations, bibliography | $24.99, £14.99 | 978-1554887620 In Murder, the keenly researched chapters tell the stories behind some of Canada’s most fascinating murder cases, from colonial times to the 20th century, and from the Atlantic provinces to the West Coast and up to the Arctic.

NO LACK OF COURAGE Operation Medusa, Afghanistan by Colonel Bernd Horn History | 208 pages | paper | 32 colour illustrations in two 8-page inserts, maps, notes, glossary, index | $30.00, £18.00 | 978-1554887668 This is the story of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s first battle. It is a revealing account of the largely Canadian action from September 1 to 17, 2006, to dislodge a heavily entrenched Taliban force in the Pashmul district of Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province. NOW YOU KNOW THE BIBLE by Doug Lennox Trivia | 192 pages | paper | sidebars | $19.99, £10.99 | 978-1554887989 Doug Lennox, the vicar of Q&A, serves up an entertaining but informative slice of biblical lore, literature, and history, including who the only left-handed person in the Bible is, and who was taken up to heaven in a “chariot of fire.” You’ll “eat, drink, and be merry” with this collection of minutiae!


Dundurn Spring 2011 PETER GZOWSKI A Biography by R.B. Fleming Biography | 512 pages | hardcover | 30 b&w photos, notes, bibliography, index | $40.00, £22.00 | 978-1554887200 This first definitive biography of Peter Gzowski probes his childhood and follows him through his career, beginning with his days at the University of Toronto’s The Varsity in the mid-1950s through to his tremendous success on CBC Radio’s Morningside and his time at the Globe and Mail. Here was a man who was proud to call himself Canadian and who brought the story of Canada to millions of Canadians. PLANTERS, PAUPERS, AND PIONEERS English Settlers in Atlantic Canada by Lucille H. Campey The English in Canada | History | 472 pages | paper | 66 b&w illustrations, maps, tables, appendices, notes, bibliography, index | $35.00, £20.00 | 978-1554887484 The first in a series of three titles on “The English in Canada,” this book focuses on factors that brought the English to Canada, tracing the English arrivals to the various settlements. Drawing on wide-raging documentary resources, including passenger lists, this book is essential reading for individuals wishing to trace English and Canadian family links. PROVIDENCE ISLAND by Gregor Robinson Fiction | 216 pages | paper | $21.99, £12.99 | 978-1554887712 Returning to Ontario’s northern lake region to bury his father, Ray Carrier is taken back to the woods and swamps that haunted his teenage dreams. He’d been enchanted by the grace and privilege of the Miller family, especially Quentin Miller, a beautiful girl a bit older than himself. But something happened near the abandoned railway tracks that must be settled before Ray can finally achieve peace.

RENNY’S DAUGHTER by Mazo de la Roche Fiction | 376 pages | paper | $24.99, £14.99 | 978-1554887927 It is 1948, and Adeline Whiteoak is voyaging overseas with her Uncle Finch and cousin Maurice. Onboard she meets a charming Irishman and falls in love, which leads to scandal. Back in Canada, death and destruction plague the Jalna household.


Dundurn Spring 2011 ROYAL TOURS 1786–2010 Home to Canada by Arthur Bousfield and Garry Toffoli History | 184 pages | paper | 175 b&w illustrations | $24.99, £16.99 | 978-1554888009 Royal Tours explores the visitations of 11 royals who were or would be monarchs, viceroys, and commandersin-chief of Canada. This full-colour volume is a captivating look at how these tours shaped Canada and the royals themselves. SAILING SEVEN SEAS A History of the Canadian Pacific Line by Peter Pigott History | 232 pages | hardcover | 34 b&w and colour illustrations in two 8-page inserts, tables, bibliography, index | $35.00, £23.00 | 978-1554887651 With a witty and informative style, Pigott evokes not only the nostalgic heyday of ocean travel but reveals a slice of almost-forgotten Canadiana in this study of the Canadian Pacific Line. From the stifling steerage quarters to the elegant drawing rooms, shore dwellers and old salts alike will be delighted.


A Mister Jinnah Mystery by Donald J. Hauka

Castle Street Mystery | 360 pages | paper | $11.99, £6.99 | 978-1554887637 Fast-paced, funny, and suspenseful, this is the second Mister Jinnah novel featuring the larger-than-life crime reporter. The flirtatious and always resourceful Jinnah has to use every ounce of his investigative genius to solve a crime … and make a few extra dollars on the side.

THE SILENCE ON THE SHORE by Hugh Garner introduction by George Fetherling Voyageur Classics Fiction | 488 pages | paper | $26.99, £15.99 | 978-1554887828 Originally published in 1962, Hugh Garner’s ambitious novel tells the tale of Grace Hill, the landlady of a Toronto boarding house. She is a middle-aged snoop and an overweight nudist, and is surrounded by various boarders with their own troubles and secrets.


Dundurn Spring 2011 SIX METRES OF PAVEMENT by Farzana Doctor Fiction | 384 pages | paper | $22.99, £13.99 | 978-1554887675 Ismail Boxwala made the worst mistake of his life one summer morning 20 years ago: he forgot his baby daughter in the back seat of his car. After her tragic death, he struggles to continue living through a divorce, years of heavy drinking, and sex with strangers. But his story begins to change after he reluctantly befriends two women, each of whom make complicated demands of him.

SO FEW ON EARTH A Labrador Métis Woman Remembers by Josie Penny Biography | 328 pages | paper | 10 b&w illustrations, map | $26.99, £15.99 | 978-1554887095 Set against the beauty and ruggedness of the Labrador coast, So Few on Earth is the story of Josie Penny’s perseverance after suffering atrocious punishments, merciless teasing, and the humiliation of two rapes while at Lockwood School. Escaping into reading, Josie saw the possibility of starting life anew from these shattered beginnings. STANLEY BARRACKS Toronto’s Military Legacy by Aldona Sendzikas foreword by Desmond Morton History | 352 pages | paper | 60 b&w illustrations, maps, appendix, bibliography, notes, index | $29.99, £17.99 | 978-1554887880 Beginning with the construction in 1840–41 of the new facility that would replace the decaying Fort York Barracks, this book recounts the background of the last facility operated by the British military in Toronto and how Canada’s own Permanent Force developed. TIME TRAVELLER’S HANDBOOK A Guide to the Past by Althea Douglas Genealogy | 232 pages | paper | 15 b&w illustrations, tables, bibliography, index | $19.99, £12.00 | 978-1554887842 This book considers documents and how to look at papers and artifacts that have survived over the years, as well as those family legends and “mythinformation” handed down by word of mouth, and how to avoid wasting time wading through this sort of information.


Dundurn Spring 2011 TO BE A FRIEND The Key to Friendship in Our Lives by David E. Hunt Self-Help | 248 pages | paper | diagrams, bibliography | $14.99, £8.99 | 978-1554887514 In today’s busy world, we may fail to realize how important our need for friendship is. This book shows readers how to open the flow of friendship in their lives through activities and exercises that allow readers to discover what it is to be a friend.

TOM THOMSON Artist of the North by Wayne Larsen Quest Biography | 192 pages | paper | 12 b&w illustrations, timeline, bibliography, index | $19.99, £11.99 | 978-1554887729 Tom Thomson occupies a prominent position in Canada’s national culture and has become a celebrated icon for his magnificent landscapes, as well as for his brief life and mysterious death. Dividing his time between his beloved wilderness and a shack behind the Studio Building near downtown Toronto, Thomson was a major inspiration to his painter friends who eventually formed the Group of Seven. TORONTO SKETCHES 10 “The Way We Were” by Mike Filey History | 248 pages | paper | 150 b&w illustrations | $19.99, £12.99 | 978-1554887804 The 10th volume of Toronto Sketches highlights some of Toronto’s greatest landmarks and steps back in time to revisit the Avrocar, Miss Toronto of 1926, and The Hollywood, the city’s first “talkie” theatre.

TRUST ME Frauds, Schemes, and Scams and How to Avoid Them by Gordon G. Leek Personal Finance | 168 pages | paper | appendix of useful information, glossary, bibliography | $24.99, £14.99 | 978-1554887057 The worldwide growth of criminal fraud has mushroomed to such a degree that traditional law-enforcement techniques have been unable to cope effectively with the fallout. Former Calgary police detective and fraud expert Gordon G. Leek illustrates how a variety of frauds work and how to protect yourself from them, including simple cheque scams, elaborate telemarketing schemes, Internet swindles, and identity theft.


Dundurn Spring 2011 TWENTY GREATEST HOCKEY GOALS by Eric Zweig Sports | 200 pages | paper | 70 b&w and colour illustrations, | $24.99, £14.99 | 978-1554887897 Every hockey fan remembers certain goals scored that stand out from all others. But if one had to name just 20 as the greatest ever, what would they be? Eric Zweig serves up a slice of exceptional hockey moments that includes Paul Henderson’s game-winning goal in the 1972 Summit Series and Sidney Crosby’s “golden goal” in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. VARIABLE WINDS AT JALNA by Mazo de la Roche Fiction | 296 pages | paper | $24.99, £14.99 | 978-1554887934 Maitland Fitzturgis and his sister, Sylvia, travel from Ireland for his official acceptance by the family as Adeline’s husband. Finch and Maurice also return, and Maurice brings with him his own problematic affairs of the heart.

VICTOR FELDBRILL Canadian Conductor Extraordinaire by Walter Pitman Biography | 436 pages | hardcover | 40 b&w and colour illustrations in two 16-page inserts, notes, index | $40.00, £22.00 | 978-1554887682 This is an account of the life and cultural contribution of one of Canada’s most talented conductors. He was known for his limitless enthusiasm and support of Canadian music and young musicians, as well as for his insistence on playing music by Canadian composers.

WAITING FOR RICKY TANTRUM by Jules Lewis Fiction | 184 pages | paper | $17.99, £10.99 | 978-1554887408 Jim Myers is a painfully shy kid living in Toronto’s Bloorcourt Village. On the first day of junior high, Jim crosses paths with Charlie Crouse, a brash, mouthy boy full of wild stories about his past and present. Charlie takes Jim under his wing, and as their friendship grows, the realities of looming adulthood seep into their lives with surprising consequences.


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Aoki, Jodi Lee 12 Battersby, William 50 Bjarnason, Dan 15 Bliss, Michael 10 Bousfield, Arthur 53 Boyle, Terry 35 Broeckhoven, Diane 46 Brown, Ron 19 Butts, Edward 26, 49, 51 Campbell, Sandra 24 Campey, Lucille H. 52 Carson, Ann Elizabeth 25 Carter, Robert Terence 28 Cassar, George H. 50 Colombo, John Robert 34 Cox, Kenneth G. 23 Da Silva, Maria 29 Dalton, Anthony 46 de la Roche, Mazo 2, 52, 56 de Visser, John 25 Dhillon, Bob 41 Digeser, Elizabeth DePalma 25 Doctor, Farzana 54 Douglas, Althea 54 Downie, Jill 5 Downie, Mary Alice 48 Duncan, Dorothy 49 Dutil, Patrice 13 Dyment, David 48 Easton, Don 4 Edmonston, Phil 20, 50 Errington, Elizabeth Jane 48 Evans, James Allan 24 Fanthorpe, Lionel 32, 47 Fanthorpe, Patricia 32, 47 Filey, Mike 55 Fleming, R.B. 52 Frakes, Robert M. 25 freeston, d leonard 3


AUTHOR Frutkin, Mark Garner, Hugh Gimblett, Richard H. Gleisser, Benjamin Grey Owl Hadley, Michael L. Hamilton, Dwight Harvey, Kenneth J. Hauka, Donald J. Haycock, Maurice Heard, Christopher Hind, Andrew Horn, Colonel Bernd Hunt, David E. Irving, Howard H. Johnston, William Katz, Hélèna Lahey, D.T. Langan, Fred Larsen, Wayne Larson, Doug Leavey, Peggy Dymond LeDuc, Lawrence Leek, Gordon G. Lemelin, Roger Lennox, Doug Lewis, Jules Lewis, Naphtali Litwiller, Roger MacFarlane, John MacKenzie, David Maher, Peter McCreery, Christopher McCuaig, Carol Bennett McKenzie, Judith I. Messaline, Peter Molnar, Carolyn Morton, Desmond Moss, John

PAGE 39 53 42, 43 47 51 42 14 1 53 25 40 29 16, 51 55 47 43 37 49 41 55 31 27 48 55 8 51 56 24 17 43 13 25 18 33 48 46 47 24 6



Newhouse, Miriam 46 Nickerson, Janice 48 Pammett, Jon H. 48 Penny, Josie 54 Pigott, Peter 53 Pike, Corinna A.W. 18 Pitman, Walter 56 Poldre, Dr. Peeter A. 30 Press, Marian 49 Rawling, William G.P. 43 Robertson, Barbara 48 Robinson, Gregor 52 Ruprecht, Tony 44 Rutkowski, Chris A. 47 Samuel, Alan E. 24, 25 Sanders, Lionel Jehuda 25 Sendzikas, Aldona 54 Service, Robert W. 7 Shadd, Adrienne 45 Sherk, Bill 21 Skurka, Steven 36 Smart, Susan 22 Smith, David Scott 50 Smith, Sydney Percival Smith 50 Stevens, Valerie F. 25 Strobel, Mike 46 Thomas, John E. 25 Toffoli, Garry 53 Troubetzkoy, Alexis S. 11 Turcotte, André 48 Turner, Wesley B. 9 Voisin, Gail 38 Zweig, Eric 56

Dundurn Spring 2011

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Dundurn Catalogue Spring 2011  

Dundurn's spring 2011 catalogue. Great fiction, history, biography and more available in your favourite bookstore and online from Spring 201...

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