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Dundee Manifesto 2017 1

Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017


FOR THE FUTURE OF DUNDEE “The SNP story of promises that WERE delivered for Dundee almost writes itself. After the years of stagnation under Labour control...the SNP administration froze the Council Tax and improved services.” Daily Record 22/8/14


Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017


Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

Delivering for Dundee’s Future The SNP won control of Dundee City Council in 2009 and since then we have set about injecting new energy into the city and delivering on the promises that we made to the people of Dundee. Working closely with the Scottish Government and other key partners we have invested in the things that matter to you. We promised to improve the city's schools and we did – investing millions of pounds in creating first class learning spaces. We reversed under-investment in our housing stock and kick-started an ambitious new-build programme. We have invested in roads and infrastructure – ploughing resources into fixing roads and improving repair times. We have invested in our communities – providing over £1 million of funding directly to local community groups. We have reinvented Dundee – creating a vibrant, creative, optimistic and exciting city on the cusp of a new beginning. Dundee is a city on the up, there can be no doubt. And whilst we have already made huge progress there is still much more to do. Our manifesto is ambitious for Dundee and for all Dundonians. Only a vote for the SNP on May 4th will enable us to protect the progress that we have made and build upon this to deliver for Dundee's future. 4


Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

Children and Families Positive Destinations In 2009, the number of our young people who went on to positive destinations (college, university, employment or apprenticeships) had plummeted, Dundee languished in the bottom three councils in Scotland. Eight years of the SNP at the helm and Dundee is now recognised as being vastly improved, with more young people going to college, university, apprenticeships and into jobs. Investing in New Schools We have invested £155 million in new builds and refurbishing existing schools. 85% of our schools are now recognised as meeting the Scottish Government’s top tier for quality. We have earmarked the money required to bring the remaining 15% up to the same high standards that parents rightly expect. Despite all of our hard work, too many of our young people face challenges due to poverty and deprivation. Scrapped Music Tuition Fees In order to provide opportunities to all, we have removed music tuition fees and introduced programmes such as the Aspire programme, an innovative arts programme that works in the most deprived communities to help improve attainment.

Aspire is independently assessed and it has already been shown to be making a huge impact on the young people who benefit from it. A number of local authorities are now looking to introduce their own version of the programme — an example of Dundee’s SNP Council, leading the way. Extra Funding to Boost Attainment Our Attainment Challenge programme, financed by the Scottish Government, is targeting not just what goes on in schools but looking at improvements that can be made at home. Through support and targeted work, we aim to turn the lives of children and their families around. Dundee is considered to be leading the way on these challenges by other authorities around the country. Tackling the Attainment Gap The result is that the attainment gap between those living in the most deprived and those living in the least deprived areas has closed. Huge inroads have undoubtedly been made in improving the life chances of Dundee’s young people and with a competent, dedicated and passionate SNP Administration at the helm, that work would continue apace. The SNP is committed to the young people of Dundee.

Opposite: The new Harris Academy, delivered by Dundee's SNP Council working in partnership with the SNP Government to deliver £31 million funding.


Manifesto 2017 Dundee Council Election 7

Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

Education: What has the SNP done for you? Extra Specialist Staff We have employed additional specialist staff to support pupils and their families who require additional help. School Clothing Grants

We put pupils on the project boards of every new school that we are building. We have included our young people at every stage of the development of their new schools.

In administration, we increased the clothing grants available to £100 in order to ensure that those most in need have the funds to provide their children with school clothes.

We made the chair of the Child Protection Committee independent, ensuring proper scrutiny and assessment.

Scrapped Music Tuition Fees

Investing in Sport and Exercise

We removed barriers to the teaching of music by abolishing the £83 tuition fee - a cost which many families couldn‘t afford.

We have increased the number of MUGAs (Multi Use Game Areas) in Dundee and we recognise that there is a demand for more.

Thanks to the SNP, all children can now receive free tuition.

All our schools meet the Scottish Government‘s two hours of PE requirement.

Recognising the Value of School Meals

Increasing Nursery Provision

We have frozen the cost of school meals in the city for 6 years – tackling one of the costs of the school day.

We have increased the number of hours of nursery provision and will continue to work to support Dundee families to receive high quality childcare.

All P1-P3s now get free school meals, providing all of our young people with nutritional meals at no up-front costs.

Tackling Exclusions in Schools

Involving Parents and Pupils in Education

We have significantly reduced exclusions in Dundee, having previously had the highest number of exclusions in the country.

We added parents and a pupil to the Education (now Children and Families) Committee.

Opposite: The new Sidlaw View Primary School and Jessie Porter Nursery, delivered by Dundee's SNP Council working in partnership with the SNP Government to deliver over £8 million funding.


We reduced the number of elected members on the education review group and replaced them with pupils.



Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

Education: Our Plans to Boost Attainment Reviewing the Cost of the School Day

Extra Nursery Provision

We commit to reviewing the cost of the school day so that those children most in need don’t miss out at school because of their families‘ financial situation.

We will work with our partners in Scottish Government to increase the number of hours of nursery provision available to parents. Improving Behaviour in City Schools

Schools for the Future We will continue the refurbishment of our current schools and build new schools so that by the end of the next council term, every pupil in Dundee attends a school which is of the highest building quality. Investing in Our Young People We will invest in modern apprenticeships for our young people, especially our looked after children. Next year alone, we have committed an additional £1/4 million to increase youth employment opportunities.

We will continue to bring the number of exclusions down and focus our resources on positively changing behaviour and raising the educational prospects for our children. Investing in Outdoor Facilities We will commit to investing in areas for young people to play and enjoy their surroundings including a MUGA at Gillies Park. Extra Funding for Schools We are ambitious for our young people and we will help them realise their ambitions.

Investing in Literacy and Numeracy We will continue to invest in our literacy and numeracy programmes to help raise the standards of our young people - closing the attainment gap and giving our young people the best start in life. Empowering Young People

With the support of the Scottish Government, an extra £10 million of funding will be provided to Dundee schools through the Attainment Challenge Fund and the new Pupil Equity Fund in 2017 alone. SNP councillors will always make education their top priority.

We will create a youth-led body with the responsibility and oversight of £25,000 to be invested in areas of importance to Dundee‘s young people. Putting young people at the heart of decision making and leading on issues of importance to them.

Opposite: The new £29 million Baldragon Academy takes shape, thanks to investment by Dundee's SNP Council and SNP Government.



Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

Employment and the Economy Ambitious About Dundee's Future

Transformational Tay Cities Deal

Reinvigorating Dundee, its economy and its reputation both nationally and internationally has been a key priority for our administration.

We have been a key player in driving forward the Tay Cities Deal, potentially worth £1.84 billion to the region‘s economy and which could ultimately deliver 15,000 new jobs over the next 10 years.

Through extensive investment and ambitious developments, we have changed the face of the city forever and created a vibrant, creative hub where people want to invest and to visit. Dundee's Transformation Recognised Dundee‘s on the map like never before. This is illustrated by accolades such as the 'Coolest City‘ in the UK, one of the seven most 'Intelligent Communities‘ in the world and being a member of a select club as a UNESCO City of Design.

This deal has the potential to enhance the skillset of the local workforce with greater employment opportunities in sectors as diverse as hospitality, decommissioning and the digital sector. New Opportunities

Building Growth for the Future

Innovation and investment is leading to real and tangible opportunities throughout the waterfront development with the hospitality and tourism sectors significantly expanding as the V&A nears completion.

Our administration has been at the forefront of ambitious plans to deliver prosperity, growth and jobs.

We are committed to transforming Dundee, creating a world class environment for business, leisure and setting up home.

If re-elected an SNP administration will continue to work with our partners to deliver major infrastructure projects that can help deliver that growth. A Working Port The SNP has been working to ensure that Dundee can become a hub for the offshore industry. The city council has also been actively looking to encourage the renewables sector into the port. We have invested in Dundeecom, a project aimed at championing the Port of Dundee as Scotland‘s Decommissioning capital.


Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

Economy and Jobs: What have we done in power? Transforming Dundee's Waterfront Under our Administration, Dundee secured investment of £63.8 million from the Scottish Government which is designed to stimulate growth, create jobs and support businesses. This includes £13 million for the new railway station concourse, £4.3 million for the wider station development, and £3 million for a digital corridor to assist the city‘s world renowned games industry. The SNP has also invested £20 million to support the development of the V&A and over £25 million to redevelop the public spaces at Discovery Plaza and Waterfront Place.

Our Commitments for the Future Complete the Waterfront‘s £1 billion regeneration, including the new railway station and V&A Museum. Put the city to work, but not on poverty pay. Council staff already earn the Scottish Living Wage or above, and we will encourage every employer in the city to pay the Scottish Living Wage, at least.

Investing in Dundee's Workforce

Drive forward with ambitious plans for £1.84 billion of investment in the Tayside economy through the Tay Cities Deal, delivering up to 15,000 new jobs.

Our new Employability programmes, also part of the Tay Cities Deal, will make sure Dundee people have the skills and abilities to work in our expanding industries.

Work to create a positive business environment by supporting existing businesses, encouraging growth and attracting new industries to Dundee.

We will create a 'Future Skills College‘, simply designed to offer skills for the economy of the future, as well as creating a partnership aimed at developing the next generation of engineers.

Create new offices, infrastructure and opportunities for small start-ups and large multi-nationals to invest in Dundee.

Supporting Small Businesses The Scottish Government has helped over 900 local businesses through the small business bonus scheme. Our administration has supported the local economy through investment and has committed a further £150,000 to support small and new businesses in the city. Business Improvement District As part of improvements to Dundee City Centre, we want to work with partners to fill vacant properties and improve the city scape


through a pragmatic and ambitious Business Improvement District application.

Deliver an ambitious plan for Dundee Port to be at the heart of an offshore revolution with practical and financial support, working in partnership with Forth Ports. Increase the range and number of modern apprenticeships within Dundee City Council. Ensure that the majority of council contracts result in a positive community impact such as apprenticeships or help-in-kind. Work with industry and the education sector to increase the employment opportunities for people in Dundee.



Manifesto 2017 Dundee Council Election

Investing in Health and Social Care Poverty and Health Poverty impacts on health and wellbeing and Dundee has its share of these issues. Our people are living longer, which is a good thing, but an ageing population needs a higher level of health and social care in order to maintain or improve their quality of life.

impacts not only on those in this situation but also on those who are awaiting the care they need.

We also know that more needs to be done to tackle poor mental health and the issue of drug and alcohol abuse.

We have therefore recently created a ÂŁ300,000 fund to help tackle the complex cases that result in delayed discharge from hospital. This means that patients will be able to return home much sooner and regain their independence. It also frees up much-needed beds. We are committed to improving our delayed discharge record.

Health and Social Care Integration

A Focus on Complementary Services

Dundee's new Health and Social Care Partnership is bringing the Council's Social Work department and NHS Tayside together to tackle these issues more effectively.

In some cases visits are made to the GP as a result of stress or depression arising in part from financial or family issues, where people simply don't know where to turn for help.

By working in partnership, we aim to make significant improvements to the delivery of services. We want more people to be treated at home or in their local communities, with fewer needing to go to hospital.

We will continue to roll out complementary services to ensure that, where there are underlying issues such as these, people are able to access the help that they need.

Investing in Care in the Community Older people are telling us quite clearly that they wish to remain in their own homes wherever possible. As a result, we are moving away from more institutionalised care settings towards reinvestment in community services. A substantial number of people will still require more intensive levels of care, and we have therefore committed to a brand new replacement for Craigie House, one of the new partnership's four residential care homes. Tackling Delayed Discharge We know that in too many cases people are having to stay for longer spells in hospital than they either need or would want to. This

Dundee City Council's Welfare Rights Team has an increasing presence in doctors surgeries and we will maintain and expand on this. Autism Friendly Award We want to help better support those with autism. Research shows that over 60% of those with autism, as well as their parents, feel socially isolated as a result of poor public understanding of the condition. In order to make it easier for autistic people and their families to access and enjoy the places that many people take for granted, we will ensure that all Council buildings and spaces increase their accessibility through achieving the Autism Friendly Award. We will also work with our partner organisations across the city to champion this project.



Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

A City of Culture A City on the Ascendance

A European City of Culture

Dundee is receiving national and international attention with its forward thinking, proactive approach to culture, design and hospitality.

We will pursue and support a European City of Culture 2023 bid.

The V&A is a prime example of the SNP administration working in partnership to deliver a project that has the potential to revolutionise Dundee‘s image and attract tourists. An Internationally-Recognised City We are a UNESCO City of Design, but more than that, we are a City bursting with Culture and it is vital that we have people leading the promotion of the City who have its people at their heart - that is the SNP. Culture in Our Communities

We will work with partners to deliver key infrastructure in the city to support the tourist industry and the potential opportunities for the city that this offers. Endorsement from Scotland's First Minister First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has endorsed Dundee's bid for European City of Culture: “Bringing the European Capital of Culture title to Dundee would be a great coup for the city and for Scotland, and I’m happy to give my backing to the bid.

We recognise that our city is not just a place to live and work, there’s more to life than that.

“Dundee is a place on the up, with the kind of vibe and spirit that would make it a fantastic venue for the kind of cultural events this title would bring.

We are encouraging the creative arts in our schools and communities, including rock music, folk music, dance, as well as theatre.

“Scotland is a European nation, and winning this accolade would underline that status to our friends and neighbours across the continent.”

Supporting Local Culture

The Courier (4th April 2017).

We will continue our support of the excellent Dundee Rep Theatre with its community programmes and the Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre, taking the arts to our communities. Dundee has many festivals, organised by local communities, businesses and voluntary organisations. We want to see Dundee’s festivals expand and thrive, and we pledge the Council’s support for well organised events that bring excitement, visitors, and business to the city and this will continue. 19

Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

A Destination City Showcasing Our City

Supporting New Attractions

The SNP Administration has created a fantastic civic space in Slessor Gardens which has already become a focal point for music and events. Acts such as Little Mix, Olly Murs and UB40 have been confirmed to play at this venue. Our administration will ensure that it remains a vital part of the cityscape for years to come.

The creation of a new and exciting DC Thomson Comic Book Museum and an upgrade, expansion and new permanent exhibition at Dundee Science Centre will add to the vibrancy of the City Centre. It is essential that Dundee City Council works to create the environment where these types of attractions can thrive. We commit to working closely with our partners to ensure that Dundee has the attractions that local people want to see and that visitors want to go to.

What will we do to create a destination city? We will look to support the creation of new festivals whichever form they may take. To this end we have created a ÂŁ120,000 tourism growth fund to help develop and support festivals and events throughout the city. With ambitious plans for new, high quality entertainment facilities including an expanded Dundee Science Centre, improved RRS Discovery visitor centre, and a comic museum, a re-elected SNP administration will play an active part in helping to drive these projects forward. Business tourism already represents over 10% of visitor expenditure in the area. Those attending conferences and events not only will dine out in the city but may bring and recommend Dundee to family and friends. We will seek inward investment to raise the profile of Dundee nationally and internationally, to attract a wide array of visitors from around the world. Supporting the Creative Arts Our artistic institutions, which include Dundee Rep, Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA), and the Whitehall Theatre, all make a valuable contribution to Dundee's 'cultural quarter'. We will continue to support these organisations, and through collaboration, we will assist in their efforts to reach our communities. Successful events in our community centres have resulted in new audiences and have allowed a wider range of Dundonians to access the creative arts. 20

Promoting Dundee's Heritage We know that the new Waterfront is an incredibly important and ambitious project for the city but we also recognise the need to link it to our maritime history. Dundee's historic connection with the iconic 'silvery Tay' will continue to play a pivotal role in its future. We will work to support the enhancement of our historical assets including plans for the Frigate Unicorn and the RRS Discovery. Expanding and improving our visitor attractions will benefit local people and the local economy. Dundee's Natural Environment Dundee's location is, as Stephen Fry once put it, " ideal, ludicrously ideal, as any setting could be". Our natural environment draws people to the city. Visitors have a wide range of areas to visit and enjoy, from the beautiful surroundings of Camperdown Park, the blue flag beach of Broughty Ferry with its historic castle to the vantage point upon the Law. Work to improve these locations and others will continue into the future. To the viewpoint from the Law, over ÂŁ350,000 of funding, from a range of sources, will enhance its historic value and landscape. The Law Herititage Project is another example of where an SNP administration have invested in our history as well as our future.


Investing in Housing A Different Approach to Housing

Tackling Fuel Poverty

On taking control of Dundee City Council in 2009, we made radical changes to Dundee’s housing - we stopped demolishing viable council houses and started investing in them, unlike previous administrations.

We know that fuel poverty is a major issue for people in Dundee and we have invested more than £25 million with the help of Scottish Government and partners to tackle this issue.

We are regenerating whole stretches of the city such as Whitfield and Mill O' Mains and we will see that these projects are delivered. Rejecting the Bedroom Tax Our administration was the first in Scotland to reject the bedroom tax and led the way for the rest of the country to follow. Investing in Council Housing Dundee SNP has consistently prioritised investment in our existing housing stock. Over £160 million of investment has gone into vastly improving the quality of our properties, with new kitchens, bathrooms and energy efficient heating systems. We understand that housing is important to Dundonians and is crucial to the city’s social and economic success. Building New Council Houses In addition to improving our existing stock, we understood that people wanted to see new council properties being built. After over 20 years without a single council house being constructed, we led a revival of social housing in the city and worked with the Scottish Government who have pledged to build 50,000 homes over the life of this Parliament. Our first new Council properties were completed in 2013 in the Hilltown and we have continued to drive forward substantial investment in new build housing, including 33 new Council houses at Alexander Street (pictured opposite). Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017 22

Over 2,500 council properties have already benefitted from our external insulation programme and we have ambitious plans for the rest of the council‘s housing stock. This investment means that money stays in the pockets of tenants and homes are warmer. An End to Right to Buy As well as increasing the supply of housing, we also needed to stop the sell-off of existing homes. In taking the decision to stop the 'right to buy‘, the Scottish Government has saved hundreds more homes. We will work with the Scottish Government to reverse the declining figures by building many more homes. A Preventative Approach to Homelessness Homelessness is not just a housing problem. People become homeless for many reasons, including poverty and ill health. They need help from housing, Welfare Rights, social services, and also NHS services. We will ensure this happens so that homelessness can be prevented, where possible. Our housing options service and early intervention have resulted in a reduction of over 40% in homeless applications, but we know that there is much more work to do. Creating Better Environments We understand that where you live is not just about the house you live in. We have set aside £840,000 for an Environmental Improvement Fund that has already resulted in new fencing, tree planting, paths being re-laid and new parking being created where residents feel that this would be an enhancement. This money is targeted at the issues that tenants tell us are important.



Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

What will we do to improve your community? Community Infrastructure Fund Our administration has created a Community Infrastructure Fund of £1.2 million that will allow for locally-identified issues to be tackled quickly. This fund will allow local enhancements to take place whether that be creating community spaces, creating parking or repairing footways. Building New Homes We will continue to increase our Council-led house building programme which re-started when the SNP came to power in Dundee in 2009. An SNP council will work with partners to deliver over £60 million of investment in social housing to deliver 667 new, energy efficient homes. Investing in Council Properties An SNP Council will invest in our properties and maintain the Scottish Housing Quality Standard, investing millions of pounds over the next five years. Lowest Rent Increases in History Our SNP Administration has introduced the three lowest rent increases in the history of Dundee to protect and support our tenants. We will strive to continue to keep down the cost of housing in the city. Tackling Fuel Poverty We will commit to tackling fuel poverty, tackling issues with existing stock, as well as helping those in need with support and advice. Our external wall insulation programme will continue over the next term of the council.

available to all areas of the city, the £1.2 million infrastructure fund and the £840,000 neighbourhood improvement fund. The community will lead and identify the areas of the most importance to them. Investing in Tackling Homelessness We will continue to tackle homelessness and will invest more than £5 million in this endeavour. Our services will change to take account of the realities on the ground and we will continue to focus on early intervention. High Standards for Private Sector Housing We will work with the Scottish Government to support good landlords and bring the others up to standard. We will also create a pilot project to hone in and tackle issues within the private sector and would see any successes rolled out across Dundee. Supporting Credit Unions Dundonians on low incomes have to pay high interest rates when they borrow. So we supported the 'people’s bank', the Discovery Credit Union, which helps people save and offers small low interest loans. Supporting Households in Need To support vulnerable households and to mitigate the effects of the UK Government‘s Welfare Reform we have provided additional Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) funding. The UK government, with their benefits sanctions and cuts, has treated people cruelly, particularly people with disabilities. We will support the Scottish Government which is now creating a fairer system of disability benefits.

Community-Led Decision Making We will continue to support local communities taking decisions on our communities, through the £1 million regeneration funding

Opposite: Tenements on Caird Terrace, among many to have received significant investment in external cladding to help reduce fuel poverty.


Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

Investing in Transport Infrastructure Investing in Roads and Pavements

Investing in Cycling

Our administration has put more funding into road repairs within our road network.

We have already committed 5% of our transportation budget to cycling projects. An SNP administration will continue to fund this, increasing it where we can while attempting to secure match funding and grants.

Dundee scores highly in comparison to other Scottish cities and by working in partnership with Tayside Contracts, we keep the costs of repairs down by using innovative techniques and recycled materials. We will continue to improve the standard that we have set to provide a network that is fit for purpose. A Smarter Transport Network Dundee has been leading the pack in transportation for many years with investments in real time information systems, low carbon electric vehicles, smart ticketing but also encouraging and assisting other public sector use of hybrid vehicles. Shifting Towards Low Carbon Transport Our ECO Stars scheme supports low carbon transport through advice and guidance. It also seeks to raise awareness amongst commercial operators of the importance in reducing air pollution through electric or more efficient vehicles. Dundee City Council has led the way, introducing electric vehicles to its fleet and reducing emissions significantly. As part of our campaign to reduce air pollution and encourage electric vehicles, Dundee City Council allows registered electric vehicles to park in council car parks for free. They can also charge their vehicle for free.

Opposite: An electric-charging station on Dock Street, one of many now in place across the city.


Supporting Public Transport Nobody in Dundee should be without reasonable access to public transport. Our administration has provided funding to ensure that a number of bus routes have remained in service. We will continue supporting public transport, whether that be through a subsidised bus route or some form of demand responsive transport system. Smart Bus Ticketing With our transportation partners, we have successfully delivered the ABC ticketing initiative in Dundee. This allows passengers to use the same ticket across different bus operators. We will continue to reduce barriers for the users of public transport to deliver a public transport system fit for the 21st century. Transport Infrastructure for the Future Dundee has easy links by bus, car or train to the other Scottish cities. The Tay Cities Deal provides us with the opportunity to expand our transport options by road, rail and air. This includes; increasing rail links to the rest of Scotland’s cities and further south to London, improving the road infrastructure in and around Dundee, supporting Dundee‘s airport to deliver real connectivity and routes that will be successful, and creating a Dundee Cruise terminal to support this sector.


Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

A Green City Our administration is committed to improving the city's green spaces, its air quality and its environmental credentials. Through proactive engagement and dialogue with other organisations and community groups, we hope to continue to improve the city‘s environment. What have we done in administration? We are spending £200,000 per year on creating new, fun and exciting play areas right across Dundee. But we realise that existing playparks need investment too and have set aside funds to upgrade these facilities.

We have installed solar panels on the roofs of some of our multi storey blocks. The panels not only help to power the internal stair lighting, but generate income which ultimately reduces the costs to tenants. Importantly, they also help to reduce our carbon footprint and set an important example of what can be done with a commitment to greener technologies. Our Strategy to Boost Recycling

We have been spending more than £1 million every year to improve the city‘s open space with improvements to areas such as Caird Park, the Law and the Green Circular cycle path.

As a result of our proactive approach to increasing recycling, Dundee will be one of the first areas in Scotland to meet the Scottish Government‘s Code of Practice. We have invested substantial resources in rolling these extra services out to every part of Dundee and will continue to work with community groups to increase the take-up of recycling.

Investing in Outdoor Sporting Facilities

Progress on Tackling Air Pollution

Dundee SNP know how important our outdoor facilities are to residents and in addition to the above expenditure, we plan to continue to invest in new MUGA‘s (multi-use games areas) and improve the existing tennis facilities. We have already spent nearly £200,000 improving existing tennis facilities including Victoria Park and Dawson Park.

We have made progress with regards to air pollution in Dundee, working with local transport companies to find innovative approaches to reducing emissions. Electric taxis and hybrid buses are now a regular feature on Dundee‘s streets. Through smart planning and effective transport management, we aim to reduce the most harmful instances of emissions but we realise that there is more to do.

Engaging with Environmental Groups Our Councillors felt that a greater degree of dialogue was required with key environmental interest groups. To ensure that effective and meaningful discussion could be had, we created a new environmental forum. Groups such as Friends of Earth have been invited to question, to work collaboratively, and to examine the council‘s plans to create a green and prosperous city.


Investing in Green Energy

Energy-Efficient Street Lighting Our improved city lighting reduces the city‘s carbon footprint and through efficient and sensible positioning, we can also reduce the electricity costs which results in a saving to the taxpayers of Dundee.



Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

Improving the Environment in Dundee Investing in Green Spaces

Encouraging Biodiversity

An SNP administration will continue to invest in our green spaces and parks, delivering tangible improvements, beautiful and relaxing areas to enjoy and ensuring that the city‘s reputation as a green city continues.

Biodiversity continues to be a major priority. We will require all new tree planting to feature an element of fruit trees as a default and will create new wildflower meadows. Environmental Forum

If re-elected, we will spend more than £1.5 million over our term to improve open spaces. Investing in Playparks We would also invest £250,000 improving and refurbishing existing playparks for families in Dundee ensuring all parks are up to the standards families expect.

The SNP created the Environmental Forum and we will ensure that this is an effective group for Dundee. We will commit to ongoing engagement with community groups and environmental groups to identify issues upfront and bring about early solutions Tackling Air Pollution

An SNP administration will spend £1 million on new and improved play park and games areas throughout the city. We realise that this is important for the health and well-being of our children. We propose creating a MUGA at Gillies Park as one example of that.

We will work with our partners, including environmental groups, to address the underlying issues which result in higher air pollution levels. The SNP have led the way with our electric council car fleet and we will continue to install electric charging points too.

Funding for Local Communities

A Focus on Renewable Energy

As part of our commitment to community involvement, will continue to provide all of our communities with £1 million of regeneration funding. The SNP introduced this level of funding and we will continue with this. An element of funding will go towards environmental and infrastructure improvements in our communities.

An SNP administration would seek funding to expand the array of renewable energy sources used in the city, both within and outwith the Council.

Community Gardens

Improved Recycling Rates

The creation of community gardens, allotments and other natural areas of beauty will continue to feature in our administration. We have recently started work on a new community garden at Fairmuir Park, for example. We will secure funding of £100,000 in our first year to take this forward.

We will deliver improved recycling facilities to every single household in Dundee and will rapidly increase our recycling rates over our term to reduce landfill and waste generally.

All of our new buildings will be energy efficient – reducing carbon emissions, saving money and creating better quality buildings.


A Safe City Dundee is a safe place to live with both crime rates and the 'perception of safety' in the city much improved. Crime in Dundee is reducing year on year, as it has been across Scotland since the SNP Government took office in 2007. Local Policing Your SNP council has worked closely with colleagues in the police to revitalise local policing, helping to ensure that the police are more visible on our streets. We will continue to work with Police Scotland to ensure that locality policing is effective and meaningful. As part of the early work of the new committee, we worked with colleagues to help develop a city centre policing team. This team will help to tackle issues within our city centre and will be a proactive force for good in Dundee. We will continue to support this work. Reducing Crime and Fires We will work with partners in Police Scotland and Scottish Fire & Rescue to continue to reduce crime and fires in the city. Dundee secured £3.75 million of investment through the creation of the new Asset Resource Centre by Scottish Fire & Rescue. These enhanced facilities will result in a tangible benefit to local fire operations but moreover, will see Dundee play a major part in the national service as things move forward. Community Safety Hub There are many agencies in the city that exist to keep us safe, including the Police, Fire and Rescue, Anti-Social Behaviour Team, Night Noise Nuisance Team, Trading Standards, and Environmental Health. Our administration created the Community Safety Hub, which brings these teams together in one place. Individually they make a great contribution to keeping the city safe, but through collaborative working they can do so much more. We will provide the resources to ensure that the new Community Safety Hub is able to deal 32

quickly and effectively with emerging issues, anti-social behaviour and crime generally, ensuring that Dundee remains a safe and vibrant place to live, work and play. We also created a new Community Safety Committee which actively scrutinises the work of the agencies tasked with keeping us safe. Improved CCTV Network We will continue to invest in the council‘s CCTV network to provide security, protection and confidence to local communities. We have committed to spending £1 million on improving CCTV coverage around multis. Internet Safety Training Our Community Safety Teams work closely with vulnerable groups including school aged children and the elderly. We will continue to support that work, including providing internet training and information sessions at all schools in the city, to help ensure that those who are most vulnerable to internet based scams or exploitation are given the knowledge and support to protect themselves. Safety in the Community If re-elected, we will work with our local residents and community safety groups to provide them with information and contact throughout our term. This will include providing them with funding to obtain security equipment, such as safety alarms to disperse to vulnerable and elderly residents. Protecting People in Dundee We will work under our multi-agency ‘Protecting People in Dundee‘ banner to help those affected by domestic violence, to protect our children and young people from abuse and to work with vulnerable adults. Our Dundee Violence Against Woman Partnership and Child Care Protection Committee are just two elements of this. Using our combined resources to protect and help those in need will be a priority for an SNP administration.

Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017 33

Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

A Fair and Equal City Dundee Fairness Commission

A Dedicated Equality Spokesperson

Eradicating poverty in Dundee is the SNP administration's primary focus. We established a year-long Fairness Commission to identify how to tackle poverty across the city.

We have appointed the Council‘s first Equality Spokesperson. We have also taken steps to ensure that the rights and needs of all citizens are considered when we take decisions by insisting that all Council Committee Reports are subject to an Equalities Impact Assessment.

The Fairness Commission was tasked with making recommendations to Dundee Partnership, comprising the Council and partner organisations across the city, that will lead to real change and that will make the well-established strategy for tackling poverty in Dundee much more successful. Among the recommendations made by the commission were that all children in Dundee must enjoy the same life chances, recognising that good quality education is the essential first step towards a future with hopes and aspirations. The commission also found that because of the cost and sometimes limited availability of child care, as well as part-time working and low incomes, poverty is having a bigger impact on women, especially single parents. A re-elected SNP administration will take forward the work of the Fairness Commission. We will invest in our schools and young people, as well as invest in childcare. We will ensure that the Council plays a lead role in regularly reviewing the progress being made towards the objectives set out by the Fairness Commission, ensuring that there is an ongoing commitment to deliver improvement. Poverty is neither inevitable nor acceptable and a re-elected SNP administration will work with partner organisations with the aim of eradicating poverty in Dundee.


The aim is to avoid discrimination on grounds of gender, race, disability and poverty and we will always work to ensure fairness in our decision making. We will overhaul the Council's equalities procedures to ensure that they are completely representative. Supporting Equality in Schools We work with our schools to support pupils throughout their time at school and ensure that they recognise and work to fulfil the LGBT Schools Charter. Recognising Equality We have worked to highlight issues related to race, religion, gender and sexual orientation and seek to tackle these and will continue to do so. We recognise the importance of International Day Against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and LGBT month which is why we fly our rainbow flag high from Dundee City Chambers. Supporting Families We recognise that the council needs to ensure that it is family friendly and our administration will seek to ensure that we back up our words with actions. We want to support staff with families, wherever they may work, and we will seek to change council processes and policies where possible to enhance our family friendly principles.


Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

Investing in Democracy A Commitment to Open Government

Recording Council Meetings

We believe in open government. We want to encourage participation and support members of our communities to get involved in local democracy whichever form that may take.

Recording council meetings is important, so that constituents know not only how their Councillor voted, but what they said. We commit to delivering that record and making it publicly available online.

With a wide array of residents and tenants groups, neighbourhood representative bodies, local environmental groups, community councils and other associations, there has never been a better time to get involved. Empowering Our Communities The Scottish Government has delivered the Community Empowerment Act, which makes it possible for citizens in Dundee to get more involved in the work of the council too. Our administration will continue to encourage local people to take more responsibility for services and buildings in their areas. We also want our citizens to be at the heart of the decision making process by ensuring that they understand the work of Dundee City Council and of their councillors. Improving the Council Website We will commit to creating a user friendly, accessible website which allows citizens to access information easier and faster. This will include online facilities to make payments, complaints, report repairs but will not remove existing methods of contact. Transparent Decision Making We will review the council‘s procedures so that our practices meet the expectations of citizens and work efficiently. We want our citizens to be able to understand the decision making process and will examine the best method with which to do that.


Working in Partnership We believe in, and are committed to, partnership working. We work closely with local businesses, voluntary organisations, the Universities and College and the NHS. Together we make up the Dundee Partnership, co-ordinating action to face challenges and improve services. We share the governance of the new Health & Social Care Partnership with the NHS. We set up Leisure and Culture Dundee to run our Libraries, Sports Centres and Cultural Services. We invited Dundee people with sound business experience to sit on the Board. For many years we have worked closely with Angus and Perth & Kinross Councils to run Tayside Contracts, maintaining roads, making school dinners and clearing snow. Where appropriate and where this benefits Dundonians, we will continue to work in partnership with neighbouring Councils. Scrutiny Our administration believes in dialogue and in holding officials to account. We created the Scrutiny Committee, chaired by the leader of the opposition and on which we don‘t have a majority, to ensure that oversight is provided. We are not driven by power but rather, what is best for Dundee and its citizens.


Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017


Dundee SNP Manifesto Council Election 2017

Re-Elect Your SNP Council The Tay Cities Deal, the Waterfront, digital industries and health and social care promise new jobs and prosperity. Our close relationship with the Scottish Government helps ensure that we can continue to deliver a fair deal for Dundee. Our city is on the way up and your SNP Councillors have been driving the change. Our investment in our schools and young people has seen educational standards improve. Council houses are being built in Dundee again after two decades of stagnation under Labour. The last eight years under the SNP have seen transformational change. We are proud of what we have achieved, but we have much more to do. We respectfully ask you, a citizen of Dundee, to help us create a safer, smarter, well-run, democratic and prosperous city. Maximise your SNP representation on Dundee City Council and re-elect the SNP Council. Please vote 1 & 2 for both of your local SNP candidates. 39


Manifesto 2017 Dundee Council Election


Promoted by Kate Young on behalf of Dundee SNP, 8 Old Glamis Road, Dundee, DD3 8HP. Printed by Let’s Talk, Macadam Place, Dryburgh Industrial Estate, Dundee, DD2 3QR.


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Dundee SNP Council Manifesto 2017  

Dundee SNP's manifesto for the Council election on Thursday 4th May 2017

Dundee SNP Council Manifesto 2017  

Dundee SNP's manifesto for the Council election on Thursday 4th May 2017

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